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00:06 Well friends, welcome to another iSITE REVIEW.
00:09 Jill and I are here again in London.
00:12 And we're at the beautiful Saint James Park on what they
00:15 call the Blue Bridge.
00:18 Now right behind us you can see what they call Horse Guards.
00:22 And then right in front of us is Buckingham Palace.
00:25 A lot of beautiful sites here.
00:27 It's early in the morning and our travel here by the subway,
00:31 we would call it, they call the tube here in the underground.
00:34 We took the underground.
00:36 We took the underground, and it was packed.
00:37 Oh, very crowded, that's for sure.
00:39 And, again, the evangelistic series here in
00:43 London is going well.
00:44 We're more than halfway through already.
00:46 It's hard to believe, but God is blessing in a mighty way.
00:49 And it's just really neat to see how God is working in people's
00:53 personal lives, and they're listening to the Holy Spirit,
00:56 and heeding His call and His bidding.
00:59 Amen. That's right.
01:00 It's incredible to be standing here.
01:01 It's beautiful! You know, it's morning.
01:04 We can hear the birds and the airplanes overhead.
01:06 And just to be out in nature, and to be spending time with you
01:12 at home, and to be sharing these incredible testimonies.
01:15 We just had a mid campaign meeting, we called it.
01:19 Kind of half way through the campaign we wanted to bring
01:22 everyone together: all the speakers, the host pastors,
01:26 as well as the acting conference president, Elder Emmanuel Osei.
01:30 And we just got together for a time of prayer,
01:32 a time of fellowship.
01:34 And we took a little bit of footage of that time together,
01:36 and we want to go to that just now.
01:43 So our group meeting took place at the Advent Center,
01:46 which is the Central London Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:48 And right there is Acting President Elder Emmanuel Osei
01:51 addressing each one.
01:52 Yeah, and it was a great time to get together,
01:54 because Pastor John also addressed everyone.
01:56 And they were able to...
01:57 You know, there's always some concerns or some issues
01:59 you're dealing with.
02:01 They also shared a lot of positive things that are
02:02 going on in each church.
02:03 That's Pastor John Dinzey and his wife Idalia.
02:05 They were at the Walthamstow church.
02:06 And that's their pastor there at the Walthamstow church.
02:09 That's Pastor Cory Jackson.
02:11 He's at London Ghana church.
02:12 Shelley and J. D. Quinn.
02:14 They're at Stoke Newington.
02:15 There's a blessing just to share what God's doing.
02:18 Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton were at Hampstead.
02:20 They're sharing testimonies.
02:22 Pastor Kevin and his wife Tara Hart.
02:25 They're at Chiswick church.
02:27 And, of course, that's Pastor C. A. Murray,
02:29 and then his wife Irma.
02:30 They're at Tottenham.
02:32 And he had a great story, too, to share of what's
02:36 going on in his church.
02:38 Those two gentlemen in the front,
02:40 they're from the conference.
02:41 That person there is Dr. Chitty with Shelley Quinn.
02:43 He's doing all the health segments.
02:45 And he's doing a great job. Yes, he is.
02:47 They're a blessing, those health segments.
02:49 Pastor Gamal Alexander, he's at the Brixton church preaching.
02:52 And that's Pastor Phillip Wesley,
02:53 and he's at North Wimbley.
02:55 And each one got to share testimonies of what God is doing
02:59 in their lives, and the people, the decisions
03:01 being made for baptism.
03:03 That's right. And Elder Osei at the end called for a group
03:06 prayer, which was really special because you have not only the
03:09 3ABN team that's here, but also the conference team,
03:12 and several prayed.
03:14 And it was just a very positive, uplifting, not necessarily
03:18 midweek, but mideveangelistic campaign meeting.
03:21 It was. It was a time of encouragement,
03:22 and a time of prayer, a time of asking for the outpouring of the
03:25 Holy Spirit, and God to finish the work that He has begun.
03:31 This is Pastor John Lomacang with the president,
03:33 Emmanuel Osei standing in front of the Advent Center here
03:36 in London; a beautiful center for the Adventist church,
03:40 where much outreach and media and events are held.
03:44 And I'm privileged to be with the president of the
03:47 South England Conference, Elder Emmanuel Osei.
03:49 Thank you so much for spending this afternoon with us.
03:52 We've had a wonderful meeting this morning.
03:53 But as the acting president here in the South England Conference,
03:57 just give us the overall feel of what you have experienced this
04:00 far in going to the different venues where the pastors have
04:03 been preaching for these last, for this last week.
04:06 It's been a joy, and a great experience as we have gone
04:11 from venue to venue, and just talked with the membership,
04:16 talked with the visitors, and with the pastors themselves
04:20 how the meetings are going.
04:22 I must say that as we have talked together there seems to
04:25 be an excitement. That's right.
04:27 Members actually watch 3ABN, and so they're excited to meet
04:32 the 3ABN speakers in person, and to hear as the 3ABN speakers
04:37 are preaching the word of God.
04:39 Among the membership there's an excitement because not only do
04:45 they get to hear the 3ABN speakers preaching live,
04:48 but because everything is streamed
04:51 they're able to say, You know, today I want to
04:54 listen to Pastor Murray.
04:56 They're in Tottenham, and they're able to log on and to tune
05:00 in to Pastor Murray.
05:01 They're able to listen to you just by going on their
05:05 computers or their laptops.
05:07 And it's just been a wonderful experience as
05:10 I've traveled around.
05:11 So it's been a multiple link.
05:13 There's a single link where people can go.
05:16 Maybe you might want to remind those who are watching this
05:19 expose where that link can be found.
05:21 Yeah, it's www. one life. all. UK
05:26 That's where you can log on to tuning to any one of these
05:31 evangelistic series.
05:33 And, as you know, we have nine different locations,
05:35 nine different speakers in communities.
05:38 And we've heard some very, very good news.
05:40 A lot of decisions have been made for people giving
05:43 their lives to Jesus.
05:45 Some people decided for baptism.
05:46 You were privileged to be with us on Friday evening
05:49 at the Croydon church.
05:50 Tell us about your experience there.
05:51 That experience was a beautiful experience.
05:54 As I walked into the Croydon church itself I was just so
05:58 overwhelmed to see the church packed to capacity.
06:02 I saw there a number of visitors as they had come to listen
06:06 to the word of God.
06:08 As I talked with them they said they have been coming
06:10 night after night, which is a good thing.
06:13 Because when a visitor comes something ought to be there
06:18 for them to return again. That's right.
06:20 And to think that they have continued to come tells me that
06:23 they are being fed spiritually.
06:26 The whole experience there on that Friday night was a lovely
06:29 one, because they spoke about the topic of prayer,
06:32 and how prayer has impacted their lives.
06:34 And it was just a blessing to be able to talk with some of the
06:37 members, and visitors after those meetings.
06:40 Wow! And along with also the Pastors here in the
06:42 South England Conference, what is your anticipated
06:45 end for this series?
06:46 You were planning a large meetingtogether.
06:48 Let's talk about that, that grand finale.
06:50 Yes, that's right, that's right.
06:52 Of course, God has blessed the preaching of the word in those
06:56 nine different venues.
06:58 And we're going to be having baptisms this coming
07:02 Sabbath in those venues.
07:04 However, the whole meetings, these two weeks meetings
07:08 is going to culminate on the 17th at the Ruach City church
07:13 there in North West Kilburn, where we are going to have
07:17 a day of fellowship.
07:18 It's at that time that all our 3ABN guest
07:23 speakers will be with us.
07:24 We're going to have those singers from 3ABN
07:28 going to be there also.
07:29 It's just going to be a time where we celebrate
07:32 what God has done for us.
07:34 We're going to experience those who have been baptized.
07:37 There will be testimonies interspersed with music.
07:41 It's just going to be a tremendous time.
07:43 And I just want to invite everyone to be with
07:46 us there on the 17th.
07:48 That's right. And Elder Osei, we're also looking for...
07:51 Danny Shelton will be arriving this week,
07:54 Melody Shelton Firestone.
07:56 We have some wonderful musicians: Tim Parton,
07:58 and right now Reggie and Ladye Love Smith are with us.
08:01 Also Yolanda Innocent Palmer has been here. Right.
08:05 And I understand that Charles Haugabrooks,
08:07 and also Neville Peters are going to be here for the end.
08:09 So we have had such a spiritual fellowship with music,
08:13 as well as with the message every night.
08:15 And all the pastors have said that they can see that the
08:19 Spirit of God is working in a tremendous way.
08:20 And what I also heard, and this is my own experience,
08:23 I personally said this has revived my love for evangelism.
08:27 And when I go back to my own home church there in
08:30 Thompsonville things won't be the same.
08:32 So on behalf of 3ABN and the South England Conference,
08:37 we know that evangelism, and winning souls to Christ
08:39 is alive and well today.
08:41 May the Lord inspire your heart to become a part of
08:45 this One Life movement.
08:47 Is that One Life it's called?
08:48 That's correct, One Life, One Life.
08:50 And the theme is Evangelism, Everyone, Everywhere.
08:54 God bless you. Amen, Amen.
08:56 Thank you so much Pastor Lomacang and
08:58 Elder Emmanuel Osei.
09:00 It's a blessing to come together.
09:02 You know, just to spend time in prayer,
09:04 to gain encouragement.
09:05 We shared testimonies, incredible testimonies from each
09:08 one of the sites of people making decisions for Jesus,
09:11 stepping forward in baptism.
09:13 And that is a wonderful blessing.
09:14 We've been privileged to partner the South England Conference
09:17 with 3ABN in this incredible evangelistic effort.
09:21 And it has been a blessing to work together.
09:22 It has, yeah, it sure has.
09:24 And we've just basically, if you saw the beginning of this
09:27 program, we're on the Blue Bridge in Saint James Park.
09:31 And we've just basically turned around on the bridge,
09:33 and now we have Buckingham Palace that's behind us.
09:36 Now this park was purchased by Henry VIII in 1532,
09:42 I believe is right, and it was marshlands at that point.
09:45 And it's turned into this beautiful Oasis in the
09:47 middle of Central London.
09:49 It's beautiful to see the nature.
09:50 We were earlier this morning, we were watching the little
09:52 ducks feeding here in this pond, or lake,
09:54 and to just enjoy nature.
09:56 It's nice to have a little getaway, isn't it from the
09:58 busyness of the city?
09:59 That's right. I would imagine there's a lot of people here in
10:01 London, and they have several royal parks, where I'm sure it's
10:04 nice for people to come and to be.
10:06 It's 57 acres, so it's a pretty good sized park.
10:08 Right now we want to go to another interview.
10:11 This actually took place outside the Advent Center as well
10:14 when we had our mid-campaign meeting.
10:17 We have not been hearing from the Walthamstow church
10:20 very much, if you've been following iSITE every night.
10:23 Because John and Idalia Dinzey are there at the Walthamstow
10:27 church, and they were having problems uploading these
10:30 cell phone interviews to us to share on iSITE.
10:33 So we took a chance to just sit down with them and to hear
10:36 what's going on at their church.
10:38 So let's go to John and Idalia Dinzey at this time.
10:44 Hello, this is John Dinzey along with my wife Idalia.
10:47 And we're here to tell you about what God is doing in the
10:50 Walthamstow Seventh-day Adventist Church.
10:53 We're working together with Pastor Mohan Abbadasari.
10:55 And it's been quite a blessing working with this church.
10:58 Idalia, as you know, we've had, the people are very caring,
11:03 and kind, and very enthusiastic.
11:06 And I think you've mentioned something about the prayer
11:08 group that impacted you.
11:09 Oh, most certainly.
11:11 Praise the Lord for the prayer groups that have gotten together
11:14 before we arrived at every location.
11:18 So these ladies and gentlemen just get together and pray
11:21 on behalf of all the visitors, all the members of the church
11:25 that are attending, and the speaker.
11:27 And it's impressive how Godly, and so consecrated that these
11:32 groups of people are.
11:33 They're so important.
11:34 They're behind the scenes. Yes.
11:36 They're people that you don't see, or you don't hear. Yes.
11:38 But once you get there they just kindly invite
11:42 you to the upper room.
11:44 So we have a season of prayer.
11:46 And it's a blessing to do it before and after
11:48 the meeting as well.
11:50 That's right. Amen.
11:51 I am blessed by the prayers.
11:52 And I praise the Lord because we have seen the beginning,
11:58 opening night, when many people.
12:00 And then it drops, but then it's picking up.
12:02 Every night it seems like more people are coming.
12:04 That's right, including new visitors.
12:06 New visitors, and we praise the Lord that the people are
12:08 inviting other people.
12:10 And the pastor said that he's seen more visitors than he's
12:11 seen in past events, evangelistic campaigns.
12:14 So we're praising the Lord, but we also need your prayers.
12:17 We're at the mid part of the evangelistic campaign,
12:19 and we really need God's people to pray for a blessing.
12:23 And we encourage you to pray for every evangelist that's here
12:27 from 3ABN, and there are some evangelists local that are
12:31 preaching in other churches.
12:32 So we ask for your prayers, and we are asking for the Lord
12:36 to pour out a great blessing.
12:37 I see the people, Idalia, looking intently,
12:40 and some taking notes, and it's such a blessing.
12:41 That's right. I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge
12:44 the influence and the commitment of the music department leaders.
12:51 They have been so amazing.
12:54 They're anointed. Yes.
12:55 And different praise groups have come from different
12:58 churches with our theme song, Sharing Love With Everyone
13:04 Everywhere, Everywhere.
13:06 We need to share the hope and love of Jesus.
13:08 So praise the Lord for their praise groups, and musicians who
13:11 have contributed to this campaign series.
13:14 Yes. And I'm just reminded by a thought that came to my mind
13:17 that we need to pray for the people that are there,
13:19 but we've been told by the people streaming
13:22 that there are people online also watching,
13:25 and even from other countries.
13:26 So we praise the Lord.
13:28 Please continue to pray for this evangelistic campaign. Amen.
13:31 Thank you to the Dinzey's, and the wonderful report from the
13:34 Walthamstow Seventh-day Adventist Church,
13:36 and how the campaign is going there.
13:37 Again we're at another angle on the Blue Bridge,
13:40 and it's amazing. We hear so many different languages,
13:42 because there's a number of tour groups going by
13:44 from all over the world.
13:45 And this is definitely a well visited spot.
13:48 Now just behind us you can see what they call the Eye,
13:52 which is the London Eye.
13:54 The London Eye, thank you.
13:55 It's a huge Ferris wheel.
13:57 I think it's over four hundred feet, and it's huge.
14:00 Now on one of our... Well, we've had one day off, and during the
14:05 evening some of the crew actually had a chance to go up
14:07 in the Eye and to get some of the shots of the city at night,
14:11 which is absolutely phenomenal, very, very beautiful.
14:14 They have a lot of nice lights, and the Ferris
14:16 wheel moves very slowly.
14:18 We were trying to look at it now it goes so slowly.
14:20 But I don't think it's running yet.
14:22 It must start later in the day, and then go through the
14:24 evening so people can see shots of the city at night.
14:26 And it just reminds us, Greg was talking about just the
14:29 metropolis, the people, and the different languages,
14:31 and cultures, and how God wants us to spread the gospel to every
14:35 nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
14:37 Right now we're going back to the Advent Center there.
14:40 This is our meeting we had yesterday;
14:41 our big campaign meeting.
14:43 And I had a chance just to catch up with Mike Johnson
14:46 for just a moment, so let's go to that now.
14:51 I'm standing here right outside the Central London Seventh-day
14:54 Adventist Church with Brother Mike Johnson, and he has been
14:58 critical, or crucial you could say, to the success of the
15:01 campaign here with the South England Conference.
15:04 What is your role and position here at the
15:06 South England Conference?
15:07 Well, it's really to link with you.
15:08 So I'm not sure what we're going to do now when this is finished.
15:12 It's really I own the relationship between 3ABN
15:14 and the South England Conference.
15:16 So all the logistical things.
15:18 That's where I come into play: making sure the materials
15:22 are in place, pastors are picked up and transferred,
15:25 musicians are looked after, and so on and so forth.
15:27 Well, you've done an incredible job.
15:29 I know we've worked with Brother Mike for several months
15:32 leading up to the campaign.
15:33 You've done a wonderful job organizing.
15:36 And how has been... Have you been to any of the churches,
15:38 or received any feedback?
15:40 How has been the response from this site here.
15:42 I've been to two churches.
15:43 I was at the Brixton church yesterday with Pastor Alexander,
15:47 and thoroughly blessed by his message and the response,
15:50 and the fact that several people, about 8 or 9 people
15:53 gave their lives to Christ as well,
15:55 as a result of that message.
15:57 I've been also to the Lewisham church.
15:58 So during this next week, now that most of the logistic work
16:01 is out of the way, I can actually get a chance to go
16:04 and see what's going on in the churches as well.
16:07 So you'll be seeing me more and more in the local
16:10 churches this coming week.
16:11 That's wonderful. Well, I know you've got to run, Brother Mike,
16:13 but thank you so much for your work, and your dedication,
16:15 and coordinating, and putting all this together.
16:18 My pleasure. Alright, I look forward to this again.
16:20 Alright. Take care.
16:22 Thank you so much Brother Mike Johnson.
16:24 He's done an incredible job.
16:26 He's been our liaison here with the South England Conference;
16:29 organizing, coordinating.
16:31 We've done a lot of emails back and forth,
16:33 and he's done a great job.
16:34 So a special thanks to Mike and the team with the
16:37 South England Conference for helping to
16:38 coordinate the campaign.
16:40 Oh yeah, he's done a great job.
16:41 He has. We just came off the bridge, and we're kind of
16:44 heading north toward the Mall.
16:45 And behind us they have some really neat signs up here.
16:48 Yeah, they do. You know, it tells different directions,
16:50 like it says: Horse Guards Parade,
16:53 the Household Cavalry Museum.
16:55 Buckingham Palace is that way.
16:56 You know, you think about the direction in life.
16:59 You know, sometimes there can be confusion as,
17:01 Well, which direction do we go?
17:02 But God's word will lead us in the right direction.
17:06 And that's what's exciting about this campaign, London 2016,
17:09 is that the word of God is being broken down, and that souls are
17:13 being won for God's kingdom.
17:15 And it's neat. All these evangelists, and the hosts,
17:18 pastors, they're all very strong in the word of God.
17:21 And they're leading people in the right direction actually.
17:23 You know like this sign is giving us different directions;
17:25 how long, how far it is to each point, we know by following
17:28 God's word that it will never lead us astray.
17:31 So continue to pray for these people that have stepped out
17:34 in faith in accepting Jesus Christ.
17:36 And we know that they won't go wrong, because you can't.
17:40 Because God's word will never fail.
17:42 Amen. That's right.
17:43 We have time for a couple of testimonies. We do.
17:44 We're going to go to Shelley and J. D. Quinn's church;
17:47 this is Stoke Newington.
17:48 And after that we want to hear from the Hampstead church.
17:51 And Chris Shelton has an interview for us there.
17:57 I have the privilege of attending the Stoke Newington
18:01 Seventh-day Adventist Church, and also attending this One Life
18:07 series throughout the past week.
18:10 It's been a great privilege to come out each night.
18:15 I've only missed one night.
18:17 But I've learned a lot.
18:18 And so for each and every one of us this series,
18:22 with Shelley Quinn, giving us the power, empowering us how to
18:29 be effective witnesses for God.
18:31 It's very interesting.
18:34 It also teaches us the power of prayer.
18:37 And I'm just overwhelmed with what I've learned
18:42 throughout this series.
18:43 And that is my desire, to be an effective witness,
18:47 not only to the people at work, but also to my
18:51 family and friends.
18:53 And so I hope that even after this series I'm more empowered
18:57 to even get my prayers answered, from even this mornings
19:03 program that was on prayer.
19:06 So I do enjoy it, and I'm even going to study my Bible even
19:11 more from what I've learned throughout this program.
19:15 I've really enjoyed it and I look forward to having them
19:19 come back again with us.
19:20 They're lovely and warm, the couple, wife and husband.
19:24 And I just love how humble and how down to earth and, you know,
19:31 that you could tell she's a woman of God.
19:34 She studies her word, and she knows her word,
19:36 and she has the passion.
19:38 And I want to have that passion when I'm telling
19:40 someone about Jesus.
19:42 I'm a member of the Stoke Newington Seventh-day Adventist
19:46 Church. I've been here from birth until now.
19:49 I'm so glad to be here and part of the One Life 3ABN network
19:57 production that's taking place here in London.
19:59 And I'm glad that we have evangelist Shelley Quinn
20:02 and her husband J. D. traveling with her.
20:05 We've been having a good time here.
20:08 And the fact that she's here is good, because we know that
20:11 they're all over London and in various different places.
20:14 And where they've been spreading the gospel with various
20:16 ministers from 3ABN.
20:18 And I'm glad to know that the gospel is being proclaimed live
20:22 here, and live streamed, and also to the American's,
20:27 which is a lot of my good friends are in America.
20:30 Because I studied in Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama.
20:33 And I want to say Hi if anybody who's out there who knows me,
20:36 and see's my face, I'm saying Hi to you all because
20:39 you're family to me.
20:40 I'm glad to have been over there in your country,
20:43 and studied theology and leadership.
20:46 And I'm so glad to have graduated and
20:48 returned home to my people.
20:50 We're so glad that the gospel is being proclaimed, as I said.
20:53 And the reason why we're so glad, and I'm so glad in
20:55 particular myself, is because the gospel which we preach from
21:00 the Bible is the gospel for everyone.
21:02 It's not exclusive, it's inclusive, which means it's
21:06 for black and white, male and female, young and old,
21:09 every nation, kindred, and tongue.
21:12 And we know that the Bible teaches us that when the gospel
21:14 is preached to every nation, kindred, and tongue and people
21:17 then the end shall come.
21:18 And that end is very near.
21:20 Thank you. And I'll say Christian greetings to you all
21:24 once again, for we're just so happy to have you watching
21:29 and beaming in live.
21:30 Greetings from London, England to all,
21:32 everyone out there who sees it.
21:38 Okay, we are here at the Hampstead church once again.
21:41 And I have Brother Kendol with us.
21:43 Brother Kendol, what have you been doing from night to night
21:46 during these meetings?
21:47 I've been playing the music at a piano from night to night.
21:50 It has been a blessing.
21:52 God has given you a talent.
21:53 You've been playing for our praise team.
21:56 You've been playing for improtu music once in a while.
22:01 What have these meetings... Have they done anything
22:05 special in your heart?
22:06 What have you been sensing?
22:07 Alright, this is my fifth time in London doing this sort of
22:11 thing; playing for campaigns.
22:13 I don't actually live here.
22:14 And it's quite a tough place to get people in to meetings.
22:17 But I've been out there myself trying to get a few people in.
22:21 And I'm happy to say I've had a few visitors
22:24 come that I've invited.
22:25 And we've had a pretty good attendance I think.
22:29 Thinking about how London can be, we've had pretty good
22:32 attendance consistently nightly this past week.
22:35 So that's a real blessing.
22:36 It is a real blessing.
22:37 Plus I know that the Holy Spirit has been really calling,
22:41 really working on the hearts of the people
22:44 that have been coming.
22:45 We've had a lot of people come forward and take a stand.
22:48 Many are saying that they want to be baptized already,
22:51 and some are just recommitting to the Lord.
22:54 So have you had anyone speak to you?
22:56 Have you had that sense in your heart that God is saying,
22:59 You know, we need a closer walk with Him?
23:01 Anything that He has done through these meetings?
23:04 Sure, last Wednesday I was on a bus on the way here,
23:07 and I met a young lady.
23:09 And she and I got to talking, and I said,
23:13 I'm on my way to prayer meeting.
23:14 Actually it was at another church not far from here.
23:18 And I said, Are you free?
23:20 And I said, Why don't you come with me?
23:21 She actually came with me to prayer meeting,
23:23 and that was Wednesday night.
23:25 And that was my chance to invite her to
23:27 Hampstead to the meetings.
23:28 She has been here every night except one night,
23:31 and she spent last Sabbath with us as well.
23:34 She should be here tonight, and she should be coming tomorrow.
23:37 Praise the Lord! Was she one, possibly,
23:39 that took a stand for the Lord?
23:41 She has been responding to the appeals, I have to say that.
23:45 And she's been asking quite a few questions.
23:48 Last Sabbath after the morning meeting we had a mini
23:51 Bible study, and we discussed some things pertaining to the
23:54 Sabbath, and some other issues.
23:56 I was joined by Elder Sadler as well, and the Bible worker
24:00 here who is from Poland.
24:01 Well, praise God! 3ABN family, keep praying, because I know
24:06 that the enemy does not like what's happening here in London.
24:10 We realize that the Holy Spirit is really working on the hearts
24:14 of God's children here, so we encourage you to continue to
24:17 support, and continue to pray each and every evening.
24:20 Thank you, and God bless.
24:23 Wow! Praise the Lord!
24:25 Thank you Stoke Newingham and the Hampstead churches.
24:27 Again, powerful testimonies coming in from these different
24:30 sites that are participating with the London 2016
24:34 evangelistic campaign.
24:35 We appreciate, of course, the praise teams.
24:37 That was at the Hampstead church.
24:39 I'm thinking of the Croydon church.
24:41 Of course, we're kind of biased to this one because we're here
24:44 every night enjoying this praise team,
24:45 and the music that's going on.
24:47 What a ministry! It is, music is an incredible ministry.
24:49 And it touches people's lives, and in a special way prepares
24:52 the heart for the gospel message that is to follow.
24:55 And I know that Sister Chris Shelton there at the Hampstead
24:58 church interviewed the pianist, and he's not even the
25:00 pianist at their church.
25:02 He came in special to play for this campaign.
25:06 And not only is he a visitor, you could say, himself coming
25:09 in, he was inviting other people to come.
25:11 And so praise the Lord for that.
25:12 You know, one thing that struck me though is that he seemed
25:14 to be having a great time, didn't he?
25:16 And he was blessed.
25:17 And we're noticing that here, too.
25:18 You know, as the 3ABN crew, we're participating in this
25:21 sort of behind the scenes, but I know that we're also being
25:23 blessed by just having a behind the scenes
25:25 part in this campaign.
25:27 You know, all of us should never say that our job is not
25:30 important, because God can use any of us, including you,
25:33 and your prayers for this campaign.
25:35 So we were in what park earlier this morning?
25:37 Saint James' Park; one of the royal parks.
25:40 I like that. You know London has a lot of city,
25:42 and a lot of traffic...
25:44 I'm a country boy.
25:45 Yes, we're kind of country people, so being in St. James'
25:48 Park was kind of like going home; just beautiful, peaceful,
25:51 the birds and the nature.
25:52 It was wonderful. And we made it on the train back here
25:56 to the Croydon church.
25:58 And we're on the steps getting ready for the meeting tonight.
26:00 Yeah, we are. And we need to continue to pray because the
26:03 people here in a few moments will be coming up these steps
26:07 and, again, God's word will be opened here at this location
26:10 by Pastor John Lomacang.
26:12 Now there's a special family that tends to come every night.
26:15 They come every night, or almost every night.
26:17 Almost every night they have been here at the campaign.
26:20 And it's been just a special joy for me.
26:23 They have...The Mom has four kids.
26:25 So she has four little kids, and she brings them in.
26:28 And the other night they were downstairs in the
26:31 basement of the church hall.
26:34 We have the main sanctuary upstairs, and then downstairs
26:37 is like overflow seating.
26:38 And the Mom said, Well, I thought I'd bring
26:40 the kids down here.
26:41 They can color, they can talk a bit, walk around a bit,
26:44 and maybe not disrupt.
26:45 Although I didn't think they were disruptive.
26:47 But she said she wanted them downstairs.
26:49 And so I came up to the little girl and I said,
26:51 What are you coloring?
26:53 The church gave out these special bags, and one of them
26:56 was a special coloring book about Jesus.
26:59 And she looked at it and flipped to the very last picture.
27:02 And it was Jesus on the cross.
27:05 And she said, Why did He have to die?
27:08 Wow! That's the essence of the gospel right there.
27:13 That is why this campaign exists.
27:16 Because little girls, like the precious girl I talked to last
27:19 night, want to know about Jesus, want to know the way
27:23 of salvation, and how they can choose to accept Him as their
27:28 Savior, and know that His blood will cover them from all sins.
27:32 So thank you for your prayers for this campaign.
27:36 We ask that you continue to pray nightly for the decisions that
27:41 are made that many more people would choose to accept Jesus.
27:45 We will see you tomorrow night.


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