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00:05 Hello and welcome to iSITE program #5.
00:09 We're standing outside the Arizona Conference
00:12 office of SDA's, and it's a beautiful day here in Phoenix,
00:15 Arizona. It is! The sun is shining.
00:17 It's a little bit warmer than it has been.
00:19 And we're thankful. Yes we are.
00:22 In the past we've been actually almost wanting to wear a little
00:23 hat and coat, but we're so happy to have Pastor C.A. Murray
00:26 and his wife Irma with us to open this iSITE program.
00:30 And we had some great meetings, pastor, haven't we
00:32 here this morning at the conference office.
00:34 Very good spirit. The president was warm and inviting.
00:37 All of the conference officers and the staff
00:39 very very friendly... very beautiful spirit.
00:42 It was incredible. You know what I like about this conference
00:45 is their focus on evangelism.
00:48 You know, you can really see that.
00:50 And we just had a great meeting, a beautiful spirit,
00:52 a time of prayer, didn't we Irma?
00:53 Oh, beautiful! That was very nice.
00:55 Yeah... very, very touching. It was.
00:58 And Stephanie Dawn was here and we got to hear from Stephanie!
01:01 And she sang a precious song: The Love of God.
01:04 That was wonderful! Yeah, brought tears to my eyes.
01:07 It was beautiful. I think it's a blessing to have
01:10 open worship together... you know, at the conference
01:13 with us joining as the evangelistic team here with 3ABN
01:16 with the conference and being around that table
01:18 singing songs, opening in prayer.
01:20 Having a worship talk by Pastor Lomacang.
01:22 From our earliest contacts with this conference there's
01:25 been this spirit of open- ness, willingness to cooperate.
01:28 And it's in the churches also.
01:30 You feel it in the churches with the pastors. Yes.
01:32 With the church elders, with the church members there is
01:34 a very very sweet Christian spirit here in this conference.
01:38 Amen! I also noticed in our churches people are so sweet.
01:43 Very nice and they're very enthusiastic about the meetings.
01:48 Amen! Yeah, give us a flavor. What is it like at your church
01:51 at Desert Cove? Our attendance has been consistent
01:55 throughout the first several nights.
01:58 Members... there's a good feeling.
02:01 Last night I think we had some faces that I have not seen
02:04 before. And Irma's made friends with this one lady
02:08 who has been coming to the church for quite a while,
02:10 she said, but she has not joined.
02:12 Hopefully we can get her across the line during this time
02:14 or we'll plant the seed that will result in a baptism.
02:18 But there is this spirit... The first elder -
02:22 very, very loving Christian fellow -
02:25 his wife is behind the scenes putting together the music.
02:27 That's the Fields! That's Randy and Cathy.
02:30 We had them at a previous iSITE - yeah -
02:33 and we interviewed them so you at home know who they are.
02:36 Yeah. I was teasing Cathy 'cause when we met them...
02:39 She's just about Irma's height so I said: "You've got somebody
02:42 who can look eye to eye with my wife. "
02:44 And she said: "Yes! "
02:47 But very very loving... very very helpful.
02:51 Love the Lord and you can feel that in everything that happens
02:53 in that church. So nice, these people: so wonderful.
02:58 And yes, it was a privilege for me to talk to this lady
03:03 and her husband who is not yet "sold" on Christianity.
03:08 But with God's Spirit and God's love
03:12 she will come. Amen!
03:15 Yeah... praise the Lord. Well we need to pray for them.
03:17 You know, we want to encourage you at home to pray for each one
03:20 of the people who attend the meetings
03:23 because as you think about it, pastor, souls are in the balance
03:26 right now. People are making decisions for Jesus
03:28 or they're making a decision against that.
03:31 So we need to really be in prayer for what's going on
03:33 with these meetings. Very much so, Jill.
03:35 Last night we had a quartet that played the special music.
03:38 A pianist, a cellist, a flutist, and a violinist.
03:42 And the flutist or "flautist" depending on what part of the
03:46 country you're from I thought was Adventist.
03:50 But she was not, and she had just a "ton" of questions.
03:53 I guess 21, 22... very, very young.
03:56 Very very innocent. Struggling
03:58 with taking a step out of one world
04:00 and into a new one. A lot of questions.
04:02 "How do I know the voice of God? "
04:04 "How do I know what God wants me to do with my life? "
04:06 "How do I know when God is calling me and is not? "
04:08 You know, just those kinds of questions
04:09 that say that something is going on her heart.
04:12 And she wanted to know: "What does it mean
04:14 to give your heart to the Lord?
04:15 Is it against your heart? Is it my heart? "
04:18 I told her when the Bible means your heart it means your head
04:21 and your heart and your soul. And she liked that. Everything!
04:24 Um-hmm... everything. Yeah.
04:26 That's encouraging, and we will be praying for her.
04:29 I want to give a shout out right now.
04:31 I know we're streaming on Facebook
04:32 and many of you have liked and have shared.
04:35 So this is to Claudio and Anne Marie,
04:37 Brad, Amy, Ken, Pam, Genevieve, Carol, Robert,
04:41 Rumi, Frank, Elvina, Irena, Mara,
04:45 Felicity, Patrick, and others.
04:48 So thank you so much. Keep sharing.
04:50 Keep liking and keep watching on Facebook
04:53 and Youtube and each one of the other avenues we have.
04:56 You know, I liked Elder Lomacang's message
05:00 for the devotional this morning with the conference.
05:02 I thought it was good. He was talking about the River Jordan
05:04 and about how it just needs to flow.
05:06 And you know, success isn't always determined by numbers
05:08 is it Pastor C.A.? You can have one person
05:10 that's baptized or accepts Jesus Christ
05:12 and that's huge. It doesn't have to be thousands and thousands.
05:14 Indeed... indeed. I think, if I recall,
05:17 H.M.S. Richards was a solo baptism
05:20 and what a baptism that was for the church!
05:22 Incredible! Wow! And even Mark Finley, I'm not sure.
05:24 But you know, you look at the numbers
05:27 and the numbers are nice... but it's also the lives changed
05:30 and how one person in the hand of God can
05:33 do such a great work for the Lord. Yes!
05:35 Amen! Sometimes we worry about the fact that we only see
05:38 Adventists coming but Adventists also need the Holy Spirit.
05:43 They need a conversion sometimes and walk further
05:48 in our walk.
05:49 That's right. Thank you so much Pastor and Mrs. Murray.
05:53 We're praying for Desert Cove and what's going on there.
05:56 And just a few moments ago Pastor John Lomacang
05:59 had a chance to talk with Elder Ed Keyes,
06:01 the conference president, and we want to go to that interview
06:04 now.
06:06 I'm here at the Arizona Confer- ence of SDA's with the president
06:09 Ed Keyes. So good to see you, Ed.
06:12 Good to see you, John. Not only as the conference president
06:15 but as a former tristate resident.
06:17 I'm from New York; you're from New Jersey.
06:19 Right. And here we are meeting together in Arizona.
06:22 So good to have you here with us on 3ABN today.
06:25 Well thank you; I'm glad to be here.
06:26 It's amazing how God works. Take us from the big city
06:30 out to the desert to do evangelism for God.
06:33 Well tell us a little bit about your journey
06:34 because I know you started in New York City. You moved around
06:38 but tell us how the Lord led you here to the Arizona conference.
06:41 Well... it's kind of amazing. That's how God works:
06:43 in mysterious ways. I had a friend that came out before me.
06:46 He said: "Ed, I need an evangelist. "
06:48 I came out to do evangelism and then worked with the ministers
06:52 of this conference in Arizona. And then before you know it
06:55 I worked in different areas and started doing administration
06:59 with the conference. OK! So I'm really thankful.
07:01 Long journey though. Went to Oregon; back to New Jersey
07:04 and THEN out to Arizona.
07:06 OK... and here we are. Yes. Now the fun thing about it
07:09 is we're partnering with you. 3ABN is partnering with the
07:11 Arizona Conference in evangelism.
07:13 Tell us about your approach to evangelism.
07:16 Well, it's one of the most important things we can do.
07:18 Yeah, we might as well put a lock on the church
07:21 if we're not doing outreach. And I am really impressed
07:25 with our pastors, our leaders, our conference staff.
07:28 They all have a heart and soul for reaching people for Christ.
07:31 We know that Jesus is coming soon -
07:33 that's right - so we want people to be ready to meet Him
07:35 when He comes. And that's our responsibility here
07:37 and we take that as first priority.
07:39 Now Arizona is a unique place. It's not far from California;
07:43 it's kind of that desert land, Phoenix. Yes.
07:46 But tell us about some of the challenges here
07:48 in Arizona as it relates to evangelism
07:51 because we know there are obstacles everywhere.
07:53 Sure... and we have some... I guess our main challenge
07:56 you would say might be the geography
07:59 because in the summer it's hot here.
08:01 I can't hide that at all, and so it's hard to reach anyone
08:05 during those months. People have their air conditioners on.
08:08 And then in the nice times of year
08:11 people are going to events and other things: ball games,
08:14 spring training, all this other stuff.
08:16 So there are people who are very highly occupied here
08:19 and it's challenging to get them out. However,
08:23 we're never going to stop. And we know that people who are
08:25 seeking for God are going to respond when they have
08:28 an opportunity. And so now evangelism
08:31 is happening at first of all about five churches
08:33 where we have 3ABN speakers but it's broader than that.
08:36 Talk about that. Yeah, we have the five 3ABN
08:39 and we are truly thankful for the partnership there.
08:41 We have the five 3ABN meetings but we also have my executive
08:44 secretary Jose Marin is holding a meeting in Apache Junction.
08:48 There is another series going on in Glendale
08:50 which is the west side of the valley.
08:52 We have a series going on with a fellow named Richard Halvorsen
08:55 who's been doing outreach for many years up in Sedona.
08:59 And we have meetings like that going on all over the state.
09:01 We're going to keep doing it till the Lord comes.
09:04 Now let's talk about the urgency of the hour.
09:06 What drives the evangelism?
09:08 We know that we are living in a very challenging world.
09:10 Tell me why you believe evan- gelism is so vitally important.
09:13 Well, to think what evangelism is:
09:16 it's preaching the good news. Bringing the good news to people
09:19 who... Some have heard it and turned their back on it.
09:21 Some have never heard it, and we want them to have
09:24 an opportunity to make a decision for Christ.
09:26 'Cause we believe, look- ing at the signs of the times,
09:28 that Jesus is coming soon. That's right!
09:31 We don't want them to miss that "train to heaven"
09:33 if you will. Now evangelism is not only for
09:36 one demographic group. Talk about the different types
09:38 of evangelism you have here. Ah... good point.
09:41 Yeah, we have... The state of Arizona is about 30% Hispanic
09:44 so we have a Hispanic meeting going on.
09:46 One of the 3ABN meetings is Hispanic.
09:48 John Dinzey. Absolutely! And it's fantastic that we have
09:52 outreach to the Hispanic... We also have Native American
09:55 is real big here: Navajo and other groups.
09:58 We're thankful for opportunities to reach out to them as well.
10:01 But you're right: the demographic is broad.
10:03 That's true. Now evangelism often has a beginning
10:06 and an end, but how is evangelism a never-ending
10:10 process? Oh, that's a good point. We have a life cycle
10:13 of evangelism... it never stops.
10:15 We're doing Bible studies; pastors are giving out
10:17 Bible studies and reaching into peoples' homes.
10:20 Worship services tend to be more evangelistic
10:24 than in some places where it's just "get together
10:26 and feel good. " We want to reach people for Christ.
10:28 And, of course, public meetings on a regular basis.
10:32 And when evangelism as our meetings are going to be ending
10:36 on March 10th, when that is over what are you forecasting
10:40 for your conference? Good point! There's follow-up.
10:43 You know, we have Daniel seminars that are taking place
10:46 in different places around the state.
10:48 We have follow-up in other areas where people are dealing with
10:52 issues, habits, and so forth
10:54 to try to help them to overcome those habits.
10:56 There's a lot of follow-up that will take place
10:59 and then other things that we can do to help them to know
11:02 Christ better. That's right. And so the greatest joy
11:05 in evangelism is when it's all done
11:07 we hear: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant. "
11:09 Oh, yes! Well, Elder Ed Keyes,
11:11 so good to have you here. It's a pleasure!
11:13 And as a fellow tristate area - all right -
11:14 God bless you. God bless you too.
11:15 And on behalf of 3ABN we thank you for your support.
11:18 How you have not only prayed for us
11:20 but you support the outreach of not only our church -
11:23 the world church - but also the evangelism
11:25 of 3ABN. This is John Lomacang.
11:29 Thank you so much. Pastor John Lomacang
11:31 and Elder Ed Keyes. What a privilege to partner together
11:35 3ABN with the Arizona Conference of SDA's.
11:38 And we're so blessed by their leadership team,
11:39 and I'm standing next to a woman who kind of helps hold it all
11:43 together here at the Arizona Conference
11:45 as well as our local church, the Paradise Valley
11:48 SDA church where we do the broadcast.
11:50 This is Jacque Battistone. And Jackie, we're so glad
11:53 to have you here. Thank you so much.
11:55 It's been a privilege to have 3ABN at the Arizona
11:58 Conference. What a blessing! And also at PV church
12:01 and all the other churches that 3ABN has been taking part of.
12:05 It's a huge blessing for Phoenix, Arizona.
12:08 And we are just so appreciate of all the team effort from 3ABN.
12:12 God bless. Amen! Now you are the president's secretary here?
12:16 Correct. I'm the admin. assistant to Elder Keyes.
12:19 I've been working - or I should say serving - at this conference
12:23 for about close to ten years.
12:25 And it's a privilege having the leadership of Elder Keyes.
12:29 You know, I look after the administrative part
12:32 and very heavily involved when it comes to Camp Meeting in June
12:35 which is about to come.
12:37 So any event or activity that takes place
12:40 I'm just so honored to serve.
12:43 And because I'm bilingual I can also help
12:45 our Hispanic pastors and the Hispanic-speaking church members
12:50 too. So it's just a blessing all over.
12:53 Amen! I know we've been echang- ing some e-mails back and forth
12:57 in preparation for this event.
12:59 Now Jacque, you were born in Chile but you were raised in?
13:01 I was born in Chile, correct. I was born in Australia.
13:05 Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Born in Australia or raised in?
13:07 Raised. OK. Born in Chile; raised in Australia.
13:11 And now I moved here as I got married.
13:14 My husband is from here, so I've been living in Phoenix
13:17 Arizona. And now you're a Phoenix girl.
13:19 That's precious. Now Jacque also sings.
13:22 We have the privilege nightly 'cause we get to hear her
13:25 leading us in the music or doing special music.
13:28 You will hear her on an upcoming song as well.
13:30 And thank you for using the gift that God's given you.
13:33 Not only organization but with the music
13:35 for God's honor and glory.
13:37 You know, it's a privilege to sing.
13:39 And I do a lot of prayer before singing
13:42 because it's not just singing but it's praising God
13:45 and delivering a message first of all to me
13:48 and to others all about God's love
13:51 and how wonderful He has been and is in my life.
13:54 Amen! Thank you so much, Jacque.
13:56 We call her the angel at the Paradise Valley SDA church.
13:59 I'm just so thankful that we can introduce you at home
14:02 to our Sr. Jacque here. Right now we're going to go to
14:05 to a tremendous testimony that Angie Lomacang was able
14:08 to get. Their names are Jack and Josie.
14:11 They've been watching 3ABN for six months and they just
14:15 showed up at the doors of the Paradise Valley SDA church.
14:19 So let's have a listen to that interview.
14:22 Hello! My name is Angela Lomacang
14:25 and I am coming to you from Paradise Valley SDA church
14:29 in Phoenix, Arizona,
14:31 where the meetings are being held: Pathway to Life.
14:36 And we have two guests that are here with us
14:39 and Jack and... Is it Jack and Josie? Jack and Josie. Yes.
14:44 They walked in the door and they are 3ABN viewers.
14:48 Welcome Jack and Josie. Thank you; we're very glad to be here.
14:51 Thank you. How long have you been watching 3ABN?
14:54 I'd say approximately about six months now.
14:56 Ah! Have you been enjoying it? Absolutely! It's been a
14:59 wonderful blessing to our lives, to our hearts,
15:01 to our minds. We love it. Wow! Now Josie,
15:05 now you've been also watching 3ABN? That's right.
15:09 Wow! And it's been a blessing to you too, huh? Absolutely.
15:12 Well is there anything you want to share with us?
15:14 How did you hear about the meeting tonight?
15:17 Well, we heard it from the 3ABN TV program.
15:22 And then we "Googled" it, naturally, and saw all the...
15:25 all the programs that were going to be televised through
15:29 Phoenix. And we've been to a few of the other churches.
15:33 A few of the other pastors, yes.
15:35 Wow! C.A. Murray... we saw him.
15:38 And then we saw Shelley Quinn last night.
15:40 And we're here tonight to see John.
15:43 Ah... So we're very excited about it. It's been a wonderful
15:45 blessing. Amen! Amen! We're so glad that you've come tonight!
15:50 And tonight is your first night at this church?
15:53 Our very first time stepping in here. It feels wonderful.
15:57 Praise the Lord! I know you're going to be blessed.
15:59 And thank you for coming. Tonight's topic is about
16:01 the book that breathes, and so it's going to be exciting.
16:05 We know that the Holy Spirit led you here. Absolutely.
16:08 Absolutely! We're breathing in every word.
16:10 Amen! Amen! All right... well welcome
16:13 and we thank you for joining us.
16:18 Thank you Angie. What a powerful testimony!
16:20 I tell you, it's just stories like that that just does
16:23 something to your heart, doesn't it Ralph? To hear how
16:24 someone's life is being changed.
16:26 How they're encouraged about coming back to church
16:28 and everything. Right. I tell you: what a blessing!
16:30 Thank you so much. Great report there from the church
16:32 here at Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist church.
16:35 And Ralph, it's good to have you here.
16:38 I want to just tell you something about Ralph.
16:39 I don't get the opportunity to sit down - oh-oh - with Ralph
16:42 too often but we go back a long time.
16:45 We both came to 3ABN... I came in 1999
16:48 and you came just thereafter not long.
16:50 And we did contract work. About a year later, 2 years later.
16:52 And Ralph, where we're at right now
16:54 is the truck that's parked outside the Paradise Valley
16:58 SDA church. Same truck I think.
17:00 Exactly. I was going to say this is the truck that you and I
17:02 started out with years ago. This truck is basically
17:04 twenty years old. Yeah. And we traveled around with this truck
17:07 together. So Ralph's not only a co-worker but he's
17:10 a great friend. Thank you. And I appreciate him.
17:12 And man, we have lots of great memories together, but
17:15 we're not here to talk about all those memories right now.
17:17 Well we're in the truck, Ralph, and you do... I don't know,
17:19 you wear so many hats at 3ABN. You're talented in many areas.
17:22 But I also see you as an engineer, too,
17:26 in a sense. And there is some equipment that we're...
17:29 that we have here in the truck that is just incredible.
17:33 I'm going to have Ralph explain that to us.
17:35 But we've been having some problems with it this week.
17:37 So we thought that we'd bring it to your attention -
17:40 right - that you can bring it up in prayer.
17:42 Because we're able to ob- viously to get the broadcast out.
17:45 You've been able to watch it and see the signal
17:48 and see the programming, but we're struggling with this
17:50 a little bit. So we thought... Ralph gave us a little report.
17:53 We can pray for this equipment because it will speed things up.
17:56 So Ralph, tell us about Softron. We throw around the word
17:59 Softron. And explain to people at home what that means
18:02 and how it has sped up the process.
18:04 I've been talking so much here, but we've been in this truck
18:07 for 20 years. The equipment has obviously changed.
18:09 We started out SD: standard def. We're high definition.
18:12 We've upgraded the truck on the inside with the equipment.
18:14 But explain what Softron is and how it's a blessing to us
18:16 when it works. Well Greg, that's a great question.
18:19 And you know, you said a lot of the equipment has changed.
18:22 It's amazing. Some of it hasn't, so I think
18:25 3ABN has a great track record for using - making good use -
18:29 and being accountable in all the best ways
18:32 for every dollar that's spent on equipment
18:34 and making sure that we put it to good use
18:38 for our purposes here.
18:39 God's very faithful. Amen!
18:41 Well Softron allows us to do something that
18:44 kind of is hard to conceive of.
18:46 But literally it allows us to begin editing a program
18:49 before we finish recording it.
18:52 That doesn't even seem possible, does it?
18:54 Isn't that amazing? Yeah, it does take a bit of a pause.
18:56 And even those of us who are very technical
18:59 when we first heard of this technology we didn't really
19:03 understand what we were hearing.
19:06 But that's what we've been doing and actually we've been using
19:09 those types of workflows here at 3ABN on the road -
19:12 more recently on the road - and for several years already,
19:15 hard to believe, back at 3ABN studios.
19:18 And so that allows us... One to three editors
19:22 can potentially begin to cut or edit a program
19:26 as the program is being recorded
19:28 and specifically within five or six minutes after
19:31 we start airing a program. So think of this:
19:33 when the director says: "Three, two, one, zero...
19:37 we're recording. " About four or five minutes later
19:40 an editor can sit down and start fixing that program.
19:43 What's incredible, too, Ralph, is that it's recording
19:45 all of the cameras at the same time.
19:47 It's not just recording one and then the director punches
19:49 a button and goes to the next camera.
19:50 It's recording all 6, 7, 8 cameras at once.
19:53 It's really incredible software. That's amazing!
19:54 We call those isodes where each camera has its own
19:58 dedicated channel, and then of course we get what the director
20:00 is cutting. Yeah... no... that's true.
20:02 So we've been having some troubles with it here, Ralph.
20:04 We've got just a few seconds left here in this segment
20:06 but we've been having some troubles with it.
20:08 It's been kind of recording, not kind of recording.
20:10 So that's something that we really want to bring to you
20:12 at home to please pray for this. Yes!
20:15 Because it's an incredible piece of equipment
20:17 that we've been using for a year or two. Right.
20:19 And it's not quite working right here,
20:21 so please lift that up in prayer.
20:23 And by faith, Ralph, the Lord's going to make that thing work.
20:26 Amen. I agree with that.
20:27 What we want to do right now is actually go to an incredible
20:30 interview at the Phoenix Central SDA church
20:32 where Shelley and J.D. are at with Norm Johnson,
20:35 their head elder there. And he's also a great
20:37 family friend of my parents and myself.
20:39 So let's go to that interview right now.
20:44 Share with people how important is evangelism
20:48 to the Central church.
20:50 Evangelism is very important to the Central church.
20:53 For the last 6 years or so we have had some type of
20:57 evangelistic effort like Daniel Seminar,
21:02 a Revelation Seminar. We keep that ongoing all the time.
21:06 And it has been fruitful. We have brought in
21:10 a few people this way.
21:13 We have had evangelism in some of the hotels around here
21:19 and we have been successful in bringing in some
21:24 people through our efforts.
21:28 Amen! We try to keep it going.
21:31 And we try also to keep prayer meeting going
21:37 as well and Bible study and things like that
21:41 so our people will be students of the Word.
21:46 Amen. Amen!
21:48 So I know... it's obvious being around you and Dolly
21:51 that you're in love with Jesus.
21:52 You've "sold out" to Jesus
21:54 and that you're always willing to do whatever it takes
21:57 to help make a difference. To help someone
22:00 to take the next step entering to His kingdom
22:05 on that wonderful day that He comes.
22:07 Yeah... we're committed. We are both committed
22:09 to doing whatever is necessary
22:13 you know to further the gospel in this area.
22:17 And whatever job it might be.
22:20 My... I'm like this: when someone said
22:25 "I don't care..." I mean if I'm doing something...
22:27 "I don't care who gets the credit... "
22:30 you know, "as long as we get the job done. "
22:33 And I think that that IS the right attitude.
22:36 Some people. they're responsible for sowing.
22:38 Some are responsible for watering.
22:40 And then there's some that are responsible for reaping.
22:43 But it's really through the aid of the Holy Spirit
22:45 that any of this takes place.
22:47 And here again, I just know how much you love Jesus.
22:50 I feel I'm just the instrument in His hands.
22:52 And I'm committed to Him because you know
22:57 I make sure I have my devotion in the morning.
23:01 And if I don't have His word...
23:03 I have to read something in His Word before I eat.
23:09 Amen! So I'm committed to that. You know what I mean?
23:10 You've gotta have... I have to have my physical food
23:14 and I feel I have to have my spiritual food as well.
23:17 Amen... and I totally agree with that.
23:20 In closing is there something particular that
23:24 I guess that we always would want to invite anybody
23:27 that's in the area. And what is the address here?
23:31 777 W. Montecito Drive
23:38 Yes! And it's a wonderful wonderful auditorium
23:42 and the leadership here "sold out" to Jesus.
23:47 And I'll guarantee you if you want lots of hugs
23:50 this is the place to come. Would you agree?
23:53 Amen! Amen! We are a hugging church.
23:57 Well here again, this is Norm, this is J.D.
23:59 And we just want to thank you for taking a few minutes
24:03 to just get an idea of where our hearts are.
24:09 Thank you J.D. Quinn and Elder Norm Johnson.
24:11 What a great report coming from the Phoenix Central SDA church.
24:15 Now where you see Jill and I standing
24:17 probably looks familiar to you.
24:19 And it should, because we're standing on the stage of the
24:21 Paradise Valley SDA church.
24:24 Just in a few more minutes we're going to start here with
24:26 Pastor John Lomacang on the stage.
24:28 But we have someone else here with us, don't we?
24:30 We do. We've had a great day visiting with the conference.
24:33 Such a blessing! Such a warm welcome that we've had
24:36 hearing the reports of what God is doing in the churches
24:39 all around this area. And now as Greg mentioned
24:42 we're back here at the church with Bro. Tim Parton.
24:44 Amen! Just a joy to have you here.
24:47 And we're getting ready for the music here tonight. We are!
24:49 You know, one of the things I've enjoyed about the past few days
24:53 is the trip actually from where we're staying
24:56 to the church. And we don't take the Interstate.
24:59 We take a lot of the side streets.
25:01 And we see a lot of people.
25:02 I've noticed people on the sides... on the sidewalks.
25:05 And we see people from all walks of life.
25:08 And just this afternoon when we were coming here
25:11 we noticed some people that looked like their day may not
25:15 have been going very well. Yeah, very true. That's true.
25:17 And, you know, the world is full of people like that.
25:20 We ourselves have days that we don't
25:24 exactly maybe wake up on the right side of the bed.
25:27 But we're blessed to wake up on the right side of the dust.
25:32 But I feel a little song because of some situations
25:37 that have gone on like with the equipment...
25:38 Yes... we're really praying. God put His hand over that safely.
25:43 Yeah. God doesn't promise that life will always go
25:47 exactly our way... the way we want it to.
25:50 But I just... I know that without Him
25:53 I would be lost, and the situations that I go through
25:57 that are frustrating and calamitous to me...
26:01 where would I be without Him?
26:03 You know, I think, Tim, it's in Isaiah that it talks about
26:05 Christ doesn't necessarily keep us from the storm
26:07 but He's with us through the storm.
26:09 And that is the important part. Yeah! Amen!
26:11 Through it all we can trust in Jesus.
26:13 You want to play that song and sing that song for us?
26:16 So we're actually going to say goodbye to you.
26:18 We're going to let Tim take us out
26:20 and then we're going to look for Pastor John Lomacang
26:22 here on this stage in just a couple of moments.
26:24 God bless you.
26:28 I've had many tears and sorrows,
26:32 I've had questions for tomorrow,
26:35 there've been times when I didn't know
26:38 right from wrong.
26:42 But in every situation
26:46 God gave me blessed consolation
26:50 that my trials come to only make me strong.
26:57 So I sing: through it all,
27:02 through it all,
27:05 I've learned to trust in Jesus,
27:09 I've learned to trust in God.
27:13 Through it all,
27:17 through it all,
27:20 I've learned to depend upon His Word.
27:27 So I thank God for the mountains
27:31 and I thank Him for the valleys
27:34 and I thank Him
27:36 for the storms He's brought me through.
27:41 For if I never had a problem
27:45 I wouldn't know that God could solve them;
27:49 I wouldn't know what faith in God would do.


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