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00:06 Hello and welcome to iSITE Review.
00:08 We're here in Phoenix, Arizona!
00:10 And Arizona's supposed to be warm, and Jill and I are trying
00:13 not to shiver and shake. It's a little cool.
00:16 It is actually, but we're so happy to be joining you here.
00:19 This is actually the very first iSITE Review
00:22 as we're talking about the exciting Pathway to Life
00:26 here in Phoenix, Arizona... the evangelistic series 3ABN
00:29 is so excited to be partnering with the Arizona conference.
00:33 We are. iSITE Review we always want to bring you
00:36 stories and testimonies and what goes on not only
00:38 behind the scenes with each one of the evangelistic series
00:42 but also testimonies from the people at the local sites.
00:46 And we are so excited. This is our kick-off evening
00:49 but we are actually... We came in a few days early
00:51 and we're just getting ready here. We had a group prayer
00:55 just now and just joining together.
00:57 There are five simultaneous evangelistic meetings going on
01:00 here in the greater Phoenix area.
01:02 And where we are standing we are actually in the church
01:04 parking lot of the Paradise Valley SDA church.
01:08 And Pr. John Lomacang is going to be doing this series here
01:11 with Pr. Jim Hakes and his won- derful team here at this church.
01:15 It's been just incredible. Jill and I were around earlier
01:18 this week looking at some of the children's meetings
01:20 that they're prepping for. There's like this really neat
01:22 cave that they're building inside of a Sabbath School room!
01:25 It's incredible! They're talking about
01:26 I think they said creation. They have some dinosaurs
01:28 and different things in another classroom.
01:30 It's really exciting to see the participation
01:32 of the local churches - amen - and the conference here in
01:35 Arizona. And speaking of the conference, we have
01:37 the conference secretary here with us this evening:
01:40 Elder Jose Marin is right over here. You want to come join us
01:43 Elder Marin. Hello Greg and Jill. We've very excited that
01:46 3ABN is here with us in this beautiful state of Arizona
01:49 here in Phoenix to be able to partner together
01:52 and to reach beautiful people here
01:54 who are thirsty like a desert for the Living Water
01:58 that is our God. You know, we were talking about
02:00 cold just a little bit earlier.
02:02 I said: "Make you want to shiver just a little bit. "
02:04 This is not normal! This is not normal weather. It isn't?
02:05 No. Usually around this time we are like in the 70's
02:09 so hopefully... I think we brought Illinois weather
02:11 to Arizona maybe 'cause I'm telling you, we're looking
02:13 at a cactus right over here
02:15 and you might be able to see this palm tree
02:17 that's right behind us... so it's supposed to be warm.
02:19 But we're talking about evangelism and you know,
02:21 people's hearts can be cold
02:23 just because they don't know the Lord Jesus Christ.
02:25 Correct. So what a blessing that we can actually warm
02:27 their hearts with the gospel. Yes, and I think... You know,
02:30 God has a timing for everything. True.
02:32 You know, I think that 3ABN coming here to Phoenix
02:36 this was the best time to come.
02:38 We have a lot of people who come from up north.
02:41 And we just finished a major initiative to reach out
02:45 in a medical clinic at the con- vention center back in December.
02:49 Yes. And powerful stories of people who were touched
02:52 and they said: "I love this church already" - amen -
02:56 "because of what you're doing. " So we're hoping that some of
02:58 these beautiful people who came out to Pathways
03:01 will come out to the meetings as well.
03:03 Yes. We're excited about that
03:05 because you already almost as it were "laid some groundwork. "
03:08 People came through to get free medical care.
03:12 Free healthcare. And then now that groundwork is laid.
03:15 What else are you doing as far as laying groundwork
03:17 for the upcoming evangelistic series?
03:18 Well one of the things that happened: after we finished
03:20 the Pathway we served close to 7,000 people.
03:24 Close to 7,000 people.
03:25 That's an incredible number when you think about it!
03:27 Just a few days' time, too!
03:29 Over 500 people said: "I want to study the Bible. "
03:32 And so basically... Wait... say that one more time.
03:34 How many? Over 500 people said... Isn't that incredible?
03:37 "We want to study the Bible. " That is amazing!
03:39 Yeah, that's people that actually said "I want to! "
03:41 These we're giving five meetings.
03:44 Actually the five meetings for 3ABN is 300 meetings.
03:47 These were the churches that were also part of the...
03:49 as medical information where people came to pick up their
03:53 lab results and things like that.
03:55 So they had... Some of the churches had
03:57 Diabetes Undone. Something on depression
04:01 and medical clinics. And so then in April
04:06 we're having another event which is for families
04:08 with Faith for Today. So we're just blessed
04:11 to have your team here, be part... Together
04:15 to be able to preach the gospel.
04:16 Yes. Yeah, I tell you: what a blessing it is
04:19 to be participating, to work together.
04:21 I think that's what God wants all of us to do
04:23 is to work together as a team. Yes.
04:24 You know, and so we have these live events
04:27 here, 3ABN working with the conference, the local churches.
04:30 Do you have a work for someone at home? Because they could be
04:32 at their local church and say: "You know what?
04:34 In my area there's cold... there's nothing going on. "
04:36 What would you say to them at home how they can participate
04:39 in their local area with just evangelism?
04:41 What would you do to encourage them?
04:42 Well first of all I'm sure that some of the churches
04:45 that maybe some people who are not here at Phoenix
04:48 but are going to be watching through the television
04:50 we want to ask you: you invite friends
04:53 to come over to your house - there you go - or to your church
04:55 and watch these meetings. And at the same time
04:58 we want to ask you for your prayers. Amen.
05:01 Because I believe that your prayers will make a difference
05:03 in these meetings. So I think even though they're wherever
05:06 they are: in Chicago or around the world
05:08 you can still participate. Invite a friend.
05:11 You'll be amazed. If you invite people,
05:13 somebody will say "Yes. "
05:15 Amen. I love that about the Arizona conference:
05:17 your passion for evangelism. You know, passion to spread
05:20 the gospel of Jesus Christ in your community.
05:23 And you know, we have a 3ABN you could say "affiliate"
05:26 with Good News TV and the Skeltons and their team.
05:30 And they've been doing adver- tising leading up for it too.
05:32 Yes, and that's another beautiful thing
05:34 that we have through our Good News Television in English
05:37 and Spanish. We have it now throughout the major cities of
05:41 our state. And so 3ABN is one of the channels that we
05:45 get to partner with you to be able... So there's a lot
05:48 of people who maybe have not come to the churches
05:51 but already see the ministry of 3ABN.
05:53 And we have come... Sabbath after Sabbath
05:56 people come and walk into the churches
05:58 and they say: "I'm here because of 3ABN
06:02 or Good News Television. I want to be part of the church. "
06:04 Amen! We've had those stories, story after story.
06:08 So we just want to thank you at home because we
06:11 know your prayers and support of the ministry of 3ABN
06:13 some I know Good News... it's changing souls
06:17 for eternity. It's not temporal but it's for eternity.
06:20 What a blessing! And pray for the series
06:21 as we just get ready to launch here. Pray for the people
06:24 who will come to a knowledge of Jesus.
06:26 Before we go we just had this group time of prayer
06:30 and I know that we have the speakers - the 5 different
06:33 speakers who are here. That would be Shelley Quinn,
06:35 Pastor John Lomacang, Pastor. C. A. Murray,
06:38 Pastor Kenny Shelton, and John Dinzey is preaching
06:41 in Spanish. So each one of them will be speaking with
06:44 their pastor and you'll have a chance to meet them.
06:47 But before we go to them would you have a prayer for us
06:49 Elder Marin as we kick off this evangelistic series?
06:52 Sure. Let me... let's pray.
06:55 Gracious heavenly Father, at this time
07:00 we ask that You would give Your Spirit in an unmeasurable way
07:04 for the residents of the city of Phoenix
07:09 and throughout the world. You are eager to come back.
07:12 You want to come back for Your children.
07:15 But we realize, God, that we are partnering with You
07:18 in this mission to save people.
07:20 So in a very special way we have done our human part
07:24 and we're going to trust You to do the impossible
07:27 and to change people's lives. Amen!
07:29 We pray for each one of the sites.
07:31 We pray for all the different people who are watching 3ABN
07:34 through their television. We ask a special blessing
07:36 for them as well. And Lord, when You come back again
07:39 in the clouds of heaven
07:41 and we have a reunion with You
07:43 may we meet all the people that came to You - yes -
07:47 because of these meetings.
07:49 We pray this and we thank you for what You are doing already
07:52 in Jesus' name, Amen. Amen!
07:54 Thank you so much Elder Marin. We appreciate again your
07:57 support. Thank you... thank you for coming.
07:58 What a blessing. Probably next week will be better weather.
08:02 Over our shoulder you've probably just seen some groups
08:05 of people. That's been the pastors with their pastors,
08:07 the leadership in their churches getting some interviews.
08:09 So we're going to go to those right now.
08:13 I'm here with Pastor Jim Hakes
08:14 of the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist church
08:17 as we begin to kick off fifteen nights
08:22 of Bible-centered, Christ-centered preaching.
08:25 Pastor, it's so good to be able to have you
08:27 as one of our host churches. And thank you so much
08:29 for opening your doors and your heart
08:31 to invite 3ABN to come in.
08:32 Tell us a little bit about the Paradise Valley SDA church.
08:36 Ah, Paradise Valley church is a church that's right here
08:39 in central Phoenix. We're happy to be trying
08:42 to represent the Word, the message of God, here
08:45 in our valley and to be active in the community.
08:49 The Paradise Valley church is just thrilled
08:52 and has been praying for this fifteen nights
08:56 coming up for several months.
08:57 And we are looking forward to inviting the community
09:00 and to having a good meeting and sharing the love of Jesus
09:04 Christ with the people that come to hear you present
09:07 the message each night. Praise the Lord!
09:08 Tell us how important evangelism is to the closing work
09:11 of the kingdom message.
09:14 Well I believe evangelism is not only
09:18 important but it is essential. It is THE work.
09:20 Evangelism is sharing the message of Jesus Christ.
09:23 It is sharing who Jesus Christ is
09:26 in a last-day setting
09:28 and it is trying to share with our community -
09:32 people in the community - that Jesus Christ is coming
09:35 soon and that there is good news because
09:38 the pain and suffering and the difficulties that people have
09:42 in a world of sin is coming to an end
09:43 when Jesus steps in to make a perfect world
09:48 and to re-make us perfect as well.
09:51 And we think that's what church is for
09:53 is to be sharing that message.
09:54 What can we expect for the next 15 nights?
09:57 Well, we look forward to expecting truth-filled message
10:01 about what Jesus is like each night.
10:03 We're looking forward to that from you.
10:05 We can look forward to a bunch of friendly people -
10:10 that's right - that will say "Hello and welcome" each night.
10:13 And we'll be looking forward to sitting by people each night.
10:16 Praying with them if they have a prayer request.
10:20 We look forward to being in a position whereas
10:23 people are hearing this message maybe for the first time
10:26 that the people in the pew can be sharing with them.
10:30 "Well, here's how we do that" or what that means
10:32 or "Yes, you can do that. " So our hope is
10:35 that as you are the evangelist speaking the message
10:38 in the front that the members of the church
10:40 can be evangelists in the pew right by the folks that come in.
10:43 Amen. And what kind of feeling did you get from the
10:47 members when you said: "Well 3ABN is coming
10:50 to Phoenix to partner with the Arizona conference
10:52 and our church is one of the host churches? "
10:55 I think it was basically unanimous
10:58 our people saying: "Praise God and what can we do to partner
11:02 and to help make this a blessing
11:04 in our community and make it a memorable occasion
11:07 after these 15 nights are finished? " Amen!
11:10 And you know here at 3ABN we believe that
11:13 evangelism is the only reason why we are here.
11:16 To tell people not only about the trues of God's Word
11:19 but about Christ Himself.
11:21 Each of the messages, pastor - Amen - we have taken the time
11:24 to design them by God's Word to be Christ centered.
11:28 Because I believe firmly that if Jesus is not a part
11:30 of the message then the message is intellectual.
11:33 But when Jesus is the center of the message
11:36 it is transformational.
11:37 And so pray for us here in Phoenix
11:40 and for Pastor Jim Hakes
11:41 and his church, the Paradise Valley SDA church.
11:44 And we will give you updates periodically through the
11:47 meetings as to how the Lord is doing His work
11:50 through us as willing vessels, the pastor here
11:52 and also me, John Lomacang,
11:55 the preacher for the series of meetings.
11:57 And we know that when the work is done
11:59 the kingdom will be furnished with precious lives.
12:02 Lives that are not only people that received the message
12:06 and received Christ but people that will get ready
12:09 and share the message with others
12:11 getting them ready for Jesus' soon coming.
12:12 Amen! That's what we're here for.
12:14 Thank you so much Pr. Jim.
12:16 Yes, we're here in Phoenix, AZ. We're excited.
12:19 We've landed and we are here to preach the everlasting gospel.
12:24 We praise the Lord for the opportunity to work
12:27 with the Phoenix... Not the Phoenix, the Arizona conference.
12:32 And we're praising the Lord for the enthusiasm that we found
12:34 here. This is Pastor Antulio Espinoza.
12:37 And Pastor Antulio, can you please tell us
12:40 a little bit about the church,
12:43 the Central Valley Spanish Church
12:44 and where it's located.
12:52 Sure, the Central Valley Spanish church is located
12:56 in the west side of the city.
12:59 And can you please tell us about the church?
13:03 What kind of preparation has the church done
13:05 for this evangelistic campaign?
13:49 Well... he said a lot! I'm going to try to give you
13:51 a summary of what he said.
13:53 He said the church is a very enthusiastic church.
13:55 They're very excited about the evangelistic campaign.
13:57 And as a matter of fact, they have small groups in the church
14:00 that are working very well. And this church is visited
14:03 by many people, and they just finished doing a health seminar
14:07 that has brought in a lot of people.
14:09 The church is a church that is very active in the community.
14:14 Finally, pastor, I would like to ask you
14:16 what... what would you ask our viewers...
14:20 What type of prayer request do you have for our viewers
14:23 for this evangelistic campaign?
15:05 Well, he said that this church
15:10 is a very active church but we really need your prayers
15:13 because already the Holy Spirit is working.
15:16 He received a call this morning from somebody
15:18 that had been watching the announcements and they are
15:23 asking information about the evangelistic campaign.
15:26 So we really need your prayers, he said,
15:28 because we want the Lord to bless in a mighty way.
15:30 And we really thank you.
15:32 And so this is all we can share with you for now.
15:35 Please remember to pray for each and every evangelist.
15:38 We are asking God to do a great and mighty thing
15:40 to His honor and glory.
15:43 What a blessing to get to meet some of the leadership team.
15:46 Some of the pastors and elders - yes - who are leading out
15:49 in these local churches... so I loved hearing that.
15:51 And right now we're going to go to a couple more
15:54 pastors and the speakers and learn just a little bit
15:56 about their church and their preparation for this
15:59 evangelistic series.
16:03 I'm here with Pr. Steve Gibson who is the pastor of my host
16:07 church which is the Desert Cove SDA Church.
16:11 Pastor, it's good to be in your city.
16:13 We welcome you; we're thankful you were willing to come.
16:17 We are very very excited about the meetings,
16:19 the prospect of souls being added to the kingdom of God.
16:23 Your right-hand man is Elder Randy Fields.
16:26 He and Cathy have worked very very hard.
16:28 You're fairly new to this church, aren't you?
16:30 Yes, I've just been at Desert Cove Church about 8 months
16:34 but the church has been there for about 3-1/2 years.
16:37 And we praise the Lord for the work that the church is doing
16:40 in the community. Tell us a little bit about the
16:42 preparations that have been going on
16:44 in preparation for the meetings.
16:46 Well, since Pathway to Health was held over the holiday season
16:51 we've had a Diabetes Undone program.
16:54 And after the Diabetes Undone seminar
16:58 then we had a bridging event: a series from the book of Daniel.
17:02 And now we're looking forward to continuing
17:05 with the series that starts this Friday.
17:07 We are so very very excited!
17:09 All five churches are excited and all five speakers
17:12 from 3ABN I know are very very excited.
17:14 Your church is in what part of the city?
17:19 We're on the west side of the city in the area of El Mirage
17:24 south of Surprise. I think we've got the city
17:27 covered north, south, east, and west. I think we're
17:29 just about pretty much encompassing the entire town.
17:32 We are happy to work with the Arizona Conference,
17:34 pastors like Pastor Steve, and the members of the church.
17:38 What is the general feeing in the church as you assess
17:40 the church in readiness and the general mood of the church?
17:44 Desert Cove Church is an evangelistic church.
17:46 They're excited to have meetings.
17:49 They're in the habit of having meetings,
17:51 and we're thankful you're willing to come
17:53 and share in that spirit.
17:55 We are indeed willing, ready, and more than able
17:59 under the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
18:01 We're going to have a good time at Desert Cove
18:03 and I dare say that all five churches will be blessed of the
18:06 Lord during these meetings over the next several days.
18:11 Amen! It's always exciting, isn't it? to get to learn more
18:14 about the pastors and the local churches, what's going on here.
18:17 I also want to say before we head to a couple of more
18:19 introductions - if you want to say that -
18:22 a thank you to the 3ABN crew: those that drove out here.
18:24 There were some long hours, many miles.
18:26 Those that flew out here. There's a lot of behind
18:28 the scenes stuff of course that goes on.
18:30 So I thank the 3ABN crew.
18:31 But let's right now go to a couple of more
18:34 interviews/introductions of our churches and their
18:37 pastors and our pastors that have come out here
18:38 for this evangelistic series.
18:41 And we are so excited to be here in Phoenix
18:44 for the Pathway to Life evangelism series.
18:48 And I have with me the pastor of the Phoenix Central SDA church
18:54 Pastor Myles Reiner. Pastor, it is so good to be here
18:58 and at your church. It's good to have you here with us!
19:01 You all have done quite a bit in the Phoenix area
19:05 the Arizona Conference. Tell us a little about
19:08 all the preparation and the different things that you've
19:12 been doing. It was an exciting... an exciting year.
19:15 In December 25 for Christmas, 26 and 27 we held
19:19 a Pathway to Health at the civic center.
19:21 Free medical care for anyone who came.
19:24 And it was awesome! We had a lot of people
19:27 and touched a lot of lives.
19:31 And following the Pathway to Health we held at our church
19:35 Depression Recovery by Nedley and Diabetes Undone
19:39 all of January.
19:41 And have met a lot of wonderful people, interacted with them
19:44 and they've come to be, a couple of them,
19:47 part of our church family.
19:49 Wonderful! Wonderful! Well what we're going to do now
19:52 you've had all this emphasis on health.
19:54 But now we're turning to the scriptures to understand
19:59 the love of God, the grace of God,
20:02 and to talk about Jesus and His second coming.
20:07 And I'm very excited to get this opportunity.
20:10 I always love to teach from the Bible.
20:13 Tell me a little about your church,
20:16 the personality of the Phoenix Central SDA church.
20:21 We are quite eclectic. We have great diversity.
20:24 We have black, white, Hispanic.
20:28 We have people from the Congo and we have Karen refugees
20:32 from the Laotian border/ Burma area.
20:37 So we are quite unique.
20:39 And is this an active church?
20:42 It is... it is. It's an older church
20:44 but we are active and growing.
20:47 I've heard from one of your members that this
20:50 church was kind of the mother church in the area
20:53 and you've spawned off many others.
20:55 Yes it was for... In the 80's, 90's it was
21:00 probably the premier church in the valley for a lot
21:03 of years and they've done a lot of good things.
21:06 And how many years have you been pastoring?
21:08 I've been the pastor at Central for two years now.
21:11 OK. Well we're just really excited
21:14 and we hope that you will come join us.
21:16 We are going to learn so much
21:20 letting the scriptures talk to us to know
21:23 of the grace of God. Please come see us.
21:28 Hi, I'm Kenny Shelton. We're here in the Chandler
21:31 Phoenix, Arizona area here having a series of meetings
21:34 and we're very grateful and thankful for what God has
21:37 been doing. You know, God works through people.
21:39 People just like you and this couple of gentlemen that we
21:42 have here and the whole church.
21:44 So we're behind the scenes to get acquainted
21:47 with these gentlemen and some of the work that's been going on.
21:50 And so I'm glad to have here with me here at this time
21:52 is Bro. Danny. We're glad you're here. Elder Danny.
21:55 And also we have Pastor Ingram with us.
21:58 And so we'll start with Pastor Ingram.
22:00 What have you folks been doing in preparation
22:02 for these meetings? So we're really excited
22:06 at the Chandler Seventh-day Adventist church.
22:08 We've been doing a whole lot of work behind the scenes.
22:11 We've definitely been advertising. We had a 3-pronged
22:15 advertising campaign. We've sent out 20,000 flyers
22:20 to the Chandler downtown area.
22:22 And we've also mobilized our Pathfinder Club
22:25 to also pass out 1,000 flyers in the community.
22:28 And of course we've also mobilized our membership
22:31 as well to pass out flyers in the area.
22:34 But most importantly probably is that we have mobilized
22:38 our prayer ministry team to make sure that
22:40 this evangelistic effort is baptized and bathed with
22:44 prayer every single day.
22:46 Amen! How wonderful that was when you were telling us.
22:50 He said: "While the meetings are going on... "
22:52 This is something for all of us...
22:54 "there'll be a group that will be praying for these meetings. "
22:56 This is where the power is at in meetings is the power
22:59 of prayer. We know you've been busy too.
23:01 We know you've been praying; we know you've been thinking
23:03 about these meetings. Is there a little something
23:04 you have on your heart that you just want to share?
23:07 I'm just very thankful at the time right now because
23:09 of the time we're living in and I'm so grateful for
23:11 3ABN to come in at this time in this earth's history
23:15 that you've come and help shine a light to those that
23:18 are in dark corners of Chandler, Arizona,
23:20 and bring light to them through our pastor here
23:24 and being able to come and help us
23:29 enlighten the Word of God thru the love of Jesus Christ.
23:32 Amen! How about an address?
23:34 We have an address because we want to make sure the people
23:36 will know where these meetings are being held
23:38 and so on. The address is:
23:47 So we're looking forward to a wonderful set of meetings.
23:50 Several weeks together.
23:51 And we know that God is going to bless in a mighty special way
23:54 because preparation. You know, we need to be prepared.
23:57 As we have prepared by reading and studying the Word,
24:00 making the phone calls inviting people to come,
24:02 I believe that God will bring whom He will.
24:05 So we're praying. The church is going to be ready,
24:07 I mean really ready and on fire
24:09 because we know that Jesus is coming
24:11 and we need to be ready for that day.
24:12 Is there anything else that we can think about
24:14 that we need to be doing?
24:16 Praying and studying - isn't that right? and inviting:
24:19 and doing all that we can for the cause of Christ.
24:22 God bless each and every one. Keep praying for these meetings.
24:26 You know, the 3ABN production crew has been working so very
24:29 hard and it's - man - so encouraging to see them
24:31 working as they do with a heart for Jesus Christ,
24:34 a smile on their face because some of the hours
24:36 are very long. So we wanted to show you
24:38 a little of what we say a montage of some of the set-up.
24:40 It's going to be a little fun. But we also have a special guest
24:43 that's come from 3ABN as well
24:44 and they're really fast with their fingers.
24:46 We do! That would be Tim Parton.
24:49 He flew over with us here to Phoenix. He did.
24:51 We just love Tim. He's a wonderful brother in the Lord
24:53 and general manager of our Praise Him! network.
24:56 And he's here to do music for the series.
24:58 And we'll have him do a little music underneath this upcoming
25:01 montage. So I just want to say we have the best crew
25:03 in the world - I agree - so take a look at them in action.
27:09 We're just so thankful for our wonderful crew
27:11 and for what they do for the Lord Jesus Christ.
27:14 And because of your support this evangelistic series
27:16 is possible. So right now Greg and I are so ready to go
27:19 inside and get warm. This series is just about ready to start.
27:23 You can see the people in there. So let's go in and hear the
27:26 message from Pr. John Lomacang the first night.
27:29 Amen!


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