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00:07 Hello and welcome to iSITE. This is program #2.
00:11 It's hard to believe that we're already into this series
00:13 and hopefully you were blessed.
00:15 I KNOW you were blessed
00:16 with the sermon that Pr. John Lomacang brought to us
00:19 last night. And I think what's exciting about evangelism
00:22 is that it's bringing souls to Jesus Christ.
00:25 And what a privilege it is for us to be participating
00:27 but most importantly for you. Thank you for your prayers
00:30 and support for the ministry of 3ABN.
00:32 Now you may say "Where in the world are Greg and Jill? "
00:36 And you see some activities, you see some computers.
00:38 You see some people sitting behind us.
00:40 We are actually at the hotel where the majority of the crew
00:43 are staying - all of the crew are staying -
00:44 but the majority of the speakers are at.
00:47 And because we got so many rooms at the hotel
00:50 the hotel said: "Hey, we will give you a conference room
00:53 free of charge. "
00:54 Isn't that a blessing? Praise the Lord for that.
00:56 You know, I didn't even know that till this very moment.
00:57 Yes they did. Thank the Lord... free of charge!
01:00 What this room is is where...
01:02 boy, I don't know... command central.
01:03 So we have somebody actually sitting with us,
01:05 and we have Gary Will with us. And you are
01:09 one of our lead editors at 3ABN.
01:11 We brought Gary in along with, oh, I don't know,
01:14 there's probably what? Twenty crew members
01:16 along with the speakers here.
01:18 Now Gary... you play an important part
01:19 at 3ABN but also here. Tell us a little bit
01:22 about what's going on in this room where there's like
01:24 all this stuff going on and computer screens.
01:26 And there's a counter over here with like lenses and headphones
01:31 and microphones and batteries and stuff
01:34 I don't even know what it's called.
01:35 It is very well organized. I just want to interject that.
01:37 When I walked over there and looked at that
01:39 we've got like the masking tape and OK, this fits in this box
01:43 and this fits here. Yeah. Everything's organized!
01:45 Our crew does an incredible job.
01:47 Yes. So tell us what goes on in this room, Gary.
01:50 Well, I'm going to back up and say this is my first time
01:52 with the crew on the road - that's true -
01:54 so I'm privileged and excited to be here.
01:57 It's fun, isn't it? A lot of stuff goes on behind the scenes
01:59 that many people don't have a clue what happens.
02:01 Exactly. You miss out on so much
02:03 when you're not actually behind the scenes. Yeah, but it's fun!
02:05 It's actually a lot of fun. We have about 8 work stations
02:09 where we're actually... and crews that go out - um-hmm -
02:14 and are filming locations, interviews.
02:17 We have pastors actually doing interviews as well.
02:20 They bring those to us. All that media has to be brought in
02:24 to the system. We have ingestation
02:27 where they have to be identified.
02:30 Where they are location from; who shot them.
02:33 And then all that goes into what we call
02:36 a Jellyfish... it's a new storage system that we have.
02:38 Jellyfish! That sounds like... well that sounds like
02:40 a sea creature. So Gary, what is it?
02:42 We don't have an aquarium here... a salt-water aquarium.
02:45 Not an aquarium, no. OK. It's a server that actually
02:47 allows for multiple editors to be working at the same time.
02:51 Hmm... so that all the footage is being brought in,
02:53 so that all the footage is being brought in, put on there,
02:55 and then the editors are taking that shared storage
02:58 and creating all the production that you're seeing
03:01 that you're watching now. You go ahead. You know, I just want to
03:04 say when we did iSITE Review from London
03:06 which was a couple years ago - it was just incredible -
03:09 we heard the word Jellyfish quite a bit.
03:12 I remember someone would be editing and some else need to do
03:15 audio to it or needed for fix something
03:17 or add the name "supers" and we couldn't do it
03:20 because we'd say "Jellyfish. " You have to wait till the
03:22 first person finishes till the second person can do it.
03:25 But here we can have multiple editors working simultaneously
03:28 on the same project. Absolutely! We can have
03:31 an editor actually cutting and an editor doing color correction
03:35 and then an audio engineer coming and doing the audio
03:38 all at the same time simultaneously.
03:40 That saves a lot of time. A lot of time, yes!
03:43 So in other words what he's saying is that
03:44 so you're going to see - and you have seen - some of the
03:47 cell phone footage that the pastors did last night.
03:50 So all that footage has to go somewhere.
03:53 So that comes here to this edit suite, this conference room
03:56 at the hotel. Goes to Gary and others that are here
03:58 to the Jellyfish like we mentioned.
04:00 There's a lot of media manage- ment which Ralph is in charge of
04:03 that. Gary: you're working right with him along those lines.
04:06 Yeah, we're developing a work flow and a naming convention
04:08 because a lot of the editing work is finding the footage.
04:12 That's true. And so it has to be labeled correctly.
04:15 And so we're working on work flow for that
04:17 so the editors can quickly get what they want...
04:20 and what they need.
04:21 And I know earlier this week you and others were
04:23 working on some of the backgrounds,
04:25 working on tweaking some of the opens.
04:28 We're getting some drone footage.
04:30 You hear about those little... helicopters is what they are.
04:34 Most people know them as quad copters, yeah.
04:37 So a lot goes on here in this room.
04:39 Absolutely, It's neat, I think, Gary, to be actually
04:43 a part of this, isn't it? You know, the whole ministry
04:46 of 3ABN. I know you and your family have moved to Illinois
04:50 and then like you said this is your first trip
04:51 to be out on the road. But I think there's something exciting
04:54 about being a part of God's work. Amen.
04:57 It does something... there's a purpose in life.
05:00 Yeah, coming into this team is actually almost like joining
05:03 a family. Everyone here: God has brought together -
05:07 that's right - persons of talent. We all seem to blend
05:11 together; we complement each other. True!
05:13 What one person doesn't know the other one seems to
05:15 be able to know. And what the amazing thing about it is
05:18 it's not about the individual.
05:21 And what's so cool about that is that's actually refreshing
05:24 because then when something good happens
05:27 it's not me who did it... it's God in us.
05:30 Each of us collectively to make this happen.
05:33 Amen; yeah. That's really true. It's an incredible thing.
05:36 And we have ourselves a great team.
05:37 You know, I just think about Brad, and Arody, and Tyler.
05:41 And Dalton's right here behind the camera I'm looking at
05:43 right now. Each one doing the filming and working with that
05:47 and then our incredible crew here editing and putting it
05:50 together and so forth. Thank the Lord!
05:52 It takes a lot of technical knowledge, creativity - Yes!
05:54 organization, and they were talking about the table
05:58 over here with all the tape and everything.
05:59 Yes. One of our guys took the initiative -
06:02 that's the magic - and just put it all together.
06:04 And you can't miss, you know, where things go
06:07 and how it was organized. It's just a beautiful set-up.
06:11 Yeah, I think what's neat, too: there's so much talent
06:13 in this room and then of course the crew that's working at the
06:17 church. But it's just... I don't know, for me it's
06:20 just incredible how God has brought each person here,
06:22 Gary, to 3ABN to do the work for Him
06:25 and to help spread the gospel around the world.
06:27 But it's fun, too, because a lot of long hours go into
06:31 all these productions.
06:32 And you know, I can't think really of anybody except maybe
06:35 early in the morning I might say: "How're you doing? "
06:36 They're like: "Well... it's morning. "
06:38 But you know, there's still a smile right behind that as well.
06:40 And I just appreciate the attitude that each one of the
06:42 crew members - that's right - bring to this team.
06:44 And it's fun to work for the Lord Jesus Christ.
06:46 Amen! And thank you so much for your work here, Gary,
06:49 and for each one. And right now I know
06:52 the crew had a chance to go talk to Larry McLucas.
06:55 We had mentioned on last night's program
06:58 how that some of the crew members drove out.
07:00 And I know that Larry had a flat tire on the way
07:02 and I think... Do we still have that tire?
07:05 We DO have the tire, and we're going to go to that interview
07:08 with J. D. Quinn and Larry McLucas,
07:11 And he's going to tell us an ex- citing story about what happened
07:14 to him on his trip here to Phoenix, Arizona.
07:18 And you and I are going to go... We're going to grab Tim Parton.
07:21 He's in the hotel here and we're going to go and
07:23 we might even get to hear him play the piano.
07:26 Oh, I think we will. And we might get to see him play
07:28 the piano. So let's go to the interview right now
07:30 with J. D. and Larry McLucas.
07:34 Good morning from Phoenix, Arizona.
07:37 Many ask if God is still in the miracle-working business.
07:40 Boy, what a story Larry's going to tell us!
07:42 Larry's known as the cowboy around here even though
07:45 he's from Maine... but that's all right.
07:47 But Larry's been volunteering here at 3ABN for 17-1/2 years
07:51 so he knows his way around the block.
07:53 But he's going from southern Illinois to Phoenix.
07:56 Tell us something miraculous that happened that God
07:58 indeed was in charge. He certainly was!
08:01 I was coming up route 60 and I got into these mountains -
08:03 and really steep mountains -
08:06 two-way traffic, very like a snake... the road.
08:09 And I come around the corner. There's a snow blizzard going on
08:12 and these rocks come down off the side of the mountain.
08:14 I try to swerve around it.
08:16 Missed it with the van which was heavily loaded.
08:19 I was towing a car behind which was also heavily loaded.
08:22 But it caught the tire on the dolly.
08:25 And as you can see right down here
08:27 it just barely caught the tire and then hit the rim.
08:30 And there was a big explosion like and it made the whole thing
08:33 jump sideways. God provided a place right around the corner
08:37 for me to change the tire. So in a snow blizzard
08:39 I changed that tire and then headed on down.
08:41 Let me ask you a question: I guess all the equipment
08:44 worked perfectly? Well, everything but the jack.
08:46 The jack was made for a car; it wouldn't work on the dolly.
08:49 So I jacked it up part way.
08:51 Had to stick a rock underneath... let it down...
08:53 then move the jack in another position
08:54 because the jack kept popping out.
08:56 Move in another position: do the same thing.
08:58 And on the third time I got it high enough
09:00 to get the spare tire on.
09:01 So God provided everything I needed;
09:03 He kept me safe; and I just praise God.
09:06 Semi-truck behind me, these kind of things scared me.
09:09 And I was just going down the mountain praising the Lord.
09:12 But the good thing is the good news is
09:14 if you live long enough God gives you the skills
09:16 to be able to assist us whenever we need.
09:19 But this is indeed a miracle.
09:20 It certainly is. Because I mean if you'd have been
09:22 one minute earlier you'd have probably missed this
09:25 or one minute later, but everything just happened
09:28 so that we could share this testimony of the power and the
09:31 greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ.
09:33 And the thing: when I had to swerve out
09:35 I had to swerve out into oncoming traffic
09:38 and I couldn't see around the corner.
09:39 So I'm trying to get back before I have a head-on
09:42 with somebody coming down the mountain.
09:44 So yes, God was with me every step of the way.
09:46 Wow! Well, all I know
09:49 Larry is that you certainly are a blessed man.
09:51 And as you can tell Larry's quite a talker.
09:55 And so the Lord's going to keep you around so that you
09:59 can keep sharing the good message. Amen.
10:01 I just want to take a short minute here
10:04 and I just want to thank God.
10:06 Before we ever started this project we've been praying
10:09 for the last six months that this will be a success.
10:12 And not only from an evangelistic standpoint
10:14 but that everybody would get here safely.
10:17 I mean, this is a lot of people that's involved.
10:19 This is really a big project.
10:22 But God is a mighty, mighty, mighty... the biggest God
10:25 that there is. And so I just want to take another
10:29 opportunity, Larry, if it's all right with you
10:31 that we'll just say a prayer of thanksgiving.
10:33 All right? Father, as we take this time
10:37 we just come to You in the name of Jesus
10:39 and we just want to thank you for Your being with us,
10:42 dear Father. Not only in the tiny, tiny things, Lord,
10:44 but the big things like a big stone coming down
10:47 a mountain that was never expected.
10:49 And here the highways are slick... they're not just dry
10:52 so that we can just go along.
10:54 But Father, You were there and Father, You equipped Larry
10:57 so that he could take care of this situation.
10:59 That he wasn't hurt; that someone else wasn't hurt.
11:02 That he was able to - by himself -
11:05 put all this stuff back together
11:07 and Father, then find his way into Phoenix
11:10 so that we could start this project on time.
11:13 Again, Father, we just want to thank you.
11:15 We want to thank you, Lord, for being with each one of us.
11:17 And I just ask, Lord, as it comes upon people's hearts
11:21 that they allow the Holy Spirit to work in them
11:23 and that they will lift us up in prayer
11:25 because, Father, this is about You and it's not about us. Amen!
11:28 We just love You and we thank you
11:30 and we ask this in the precious name of Jesus,
11:32 Amen. Amen!
11:34 I might say one more time
11:36 from Phoenix, Arizona, this is Cowboy McLucas
11:40 and Little Jimmy Quinn. God bless. Bye-bye.
11:48 Here we are standing in front of the Paradise Valley SDA church
11:53 with one of the members of the church, and I'll have him
11:56 introduce himself. I got to know him as Dave Nelson,
11:59 but they have made wonderful preparation... not just for the
12:02 adults of the community but for the children that come
12:06 to this evangelistic series.
12:07 Dave, so good to have you here.
12:09 Oh, it's good to be here.
12:10 Matter of fact, it's good to be here with you I should say.
12:13 Tell us what impact or what part you're going to
12:16 fulfill in this upcoming evangelistic series.
12:19 We have a program set up for the children
12:23 that is focused on creation.
12:25 OK. And we have several of our Sabbath School rooms
12:28 decorated to follow the days of creation.
12:34 We'll do some activities related to that.
12:36 We also have constructed a cave
12:39 wherein the children will enter into this cave.
12:42 They're really fascinated by something like a cave
12:46 where there's a video that will talk more about creation.
12:49 OK. So there is an ample program for them to
12:54 fill their curiosity and their ideas about what our
13:00 God has done for them. OK.
13:01 And so while the adults are being
13:03 furnished with the Word of God
13:05 Dave Nelson and a team of workers -
13:07 a team of workers, yes -
13:09 are going to be sharing with the young people
13:12 those things that God has prepared for them.
13:14 Because the gospel is not just for adults.
13:16 No... no. You know, the Bible says: "Allow the children
13:18 to come to Me for of such is the kingdom of heaven. "
13:21 And, you know, we have done many things
13:23 for the children here at Paradise Valley.
13:25 And we are just thrilled when we see the children
13:29 respond to worship experiences for them.
13:33 The opportunity to participate in
13:36 the adult worship service and to have programs that
13:39 are really oriented to their understanding
13:42 and their development of what they know God to be.
13:47 Amen. Well Dave, thank you so much.
13:49 We're looking forward to not only bringing adults to the
13:52 knowledge of God's saving grace
13:54 but also sharing with the children... who are not just
13:56 the church of the future but in many cases
13:58 the church of today. That's... amen! Amen!
14:02 So for those of you who are tuning in from night to night
14:05 this is Pastor John Lomacang, director of world evangelism
14:08 for 3ABN. Pray for us as we go forth
14:11 humbly under the power of the Almighty God
14:13 to do the work that He has called us to do.
14:16 Amen.
14:18 Thank you Pastor John and Dave Nelson.
14:21 We appreciate the work that the Paradise Valley church is
14:23 doing with the young people for the whole event
14:25 as a whole, but also the other churches as well.
14:28 Each one is working so very hard to make this campaign
14:32 a success for Jesus Christ.
14:34 And children are an important part to an evangelistic campaign
14:38 so we appreciate their hard work. I like the little cave
14:40 also. Hopefully some time we'll get a shot of that
14:42 that they made for these young people to go inside.
14:44 It's like a little cave and they have like a little fake fire
14:47 on the inside. One has a creation scene.
14:49 It's really exciting.
14:50 And then before that we had J. D. Quinn
14:53 and Larry McLucas - Cowboy McLucas and Little Jimmy Quinn.
14:56 That was cute. I thought that was kind of cute. Yeah, that's
14:58 true. And his safety coming out here. One thing that Larry
15:01 didn't mention is that actually it was in the middle of the
15:04 night... well, not quite the middle of the night.
15:06 It was dark, so he was there changing the tire
15:07 in the snow beside the freeway
15:09 in the dark. But praise the Lord for his protection.
15:12 And he's a full-time volunteer, Larry is. He is!
15:14 So we just praise the Lord for him.
15:15 So we're outside, aren't we? The hotel, and we have Tim Parton.
15:18 Yes! We just ran into you, Tim. You did! I stepped outside
15:21 to get some fresh air and here you were. So I thought
15:24 "Well put me in there. " Beautiful outside, isn't it?
15:27 It is beautiful, and you know I've been sleeping with my
15:29 window open and getting some of that fresh air.
15:32 And it's just really nice. I hear a lot of the traffic
15:35 all night. I don't know where people are going all night
15:38 but they're going somewhere. That's right. So it's important
15:41 to get a good night's rest so we can be refreshed
15:43 spiritually for these meetings.
15:45 I remember at a time when I was calling out song numbers
15:50 when I was leading worship - yes - and I was calling them out
15:53 wrong and the pastor mentioned that I must not have gotten
15:57 a good night's rest... So rest is important, isn't it Tim?
15:59 Rest is very important. That's right. So we're excited about
16:01 getting good sleep so we can have good services. Amen.
16:03 Amen... absolutely. It's a blessing.
16:05 Most of us are all in the same hotel here.
16:07 And just to be able to pray together, to be able to eat
16:09 breakfast together and share together before splitting
16:12 off and going to our different churches: that's a wonderful
16:14 blessing. Well right now we mentioned before that
16:18 we're hoping maybe you can play the piano.
16:20 Well... sure. There's no piano here yet. No.
16:22 There's no piano here so we thought maybe...
16:24 Oh, you think we can find a piano? Oh I'm sure, look:
16:27 I know we will. We're in Phoenix; we're going to
16:29 go find a piano and hopefully you can play for us.
16:31 Right now we're going to hear from John Dinzey.
16:38 We're standing here with Luke Skelton,
16:41 managing director for Good News TV,
16:43 and we're in the Central Valley Spanish church
16:46 where God is blessing in a mighty way.
16:48 A church that has two church services every Saturday.
16:52 It's amazing what God is doing!
16:53 And you are the managing director for Good News TV.
16:57 Tell us briefly about Good News TV
16:59 and what area it covers.
17:01 OK. Well, John, it's great to share with you a little bit
17:04 about Good News TV. We broadcast 24 hours a day
17:07 seven days a week just like 3ABN. Praise God!
17:10 And we have both an English and a Spanish channel
17:13 which we praise the Lord for.
17:14 And it's been broadcasting in the Phoenix area since 2009.
17:20 Praise God! And so about nine years
17:21 both English and Spanish. And we have expanded since then
17:25 into about 90% of the state of Arizona
17:28 including Prescott, Payson, Flagstaff, Yuma,
17:31 Tucson, and the Verde Valley area.
17:34 So covering about 90% of the population.
17:37 So that's basically in a nut- shell what Good News TV is.
17:41 We broadcast about... the majority content
17:45 is coming from 3ABN and then we have content
17:48 coming from other sources and it's been a blessing
17:52 to actually have this local ministry and to be partnering
17:55 with 3ABN in so many different ways.
17:57 Well praise the Lord. It's amazing what God is doing
18:01 since 2009, and more channels have been added because
18:05 God is using Good News TV to bring people into His kingdom.
18:08 Praise God! Now, here in the Central Valley Spanish church
18:13 you have your truck here and camera and equipment.
18:17 What's going on? What's going on with the recording here
18:19 because we are broadcasting one day delay.
18:21 What happens to that recording?
18:23 Well basically we have... As we talked to you before
18:28 this whole thing started we had this vision that
18:31 we knew that 3ABN was coming here -
18:34 you know - with five different locations:
18:36 four of them being English, one of them being this site
18:39 where we are right here with yourself.
18:41 And the idea was that: "Well, we're going to be broadcasting
18:44 on Good News TV throughout Arizona on the English channel
18:47 for all these programs we would love to be able to
18:50 do that on a Spanish channel as well. " Praise God!
18:52 And that's basically been our vision.
18:55 And so we're excited to be standing here together.
18:59 We're excited to be working together.
19:00 And we have all of our lights in here... cameras.
19:04 And our staff and our volunteers have been working tirelessly
19:07 in preparation for this.
19:09 And now we're excited that we're actually in the midst
19:12 of inviting our viewers to come
19:15 and actually producing this to be able to broadcast on both
19:18 3ABN Latino, Good News TV Latino... simultaneously.
19:23 Well, amen. And TV is in a good place
19:26 because we know people need the Lord.
19:28 How do we know that? Because some equipment has been stolen
19:30 in the past. And so every night as a precaution
19:34 you take the cameras down and put them away.
19:37 Also there is somebody that stays in the church
19:40 during the night. So we need to preach the gospel
19:43 to these people so they can stop doing things like that.
19:45 And we praise the Lord for what He is doing.
19:47 Do you have any particular needs for Good News TV
19:50 that you would like to bring to our viewers
19:52 and the local people to see if they can support
19:54 Good News TV to keep going, keep preaching the gospel?
19:57 Well, I really appreciate you asking, John.
20:00 And I do want to before I mention that
20:02 just say that, you know, we are so thankful to be
20:05 partnering and thankful for the viewers of 3ABN
20:09 that have been supportive to bring the whole 3ABN crew
20:13 out here to Phoenix, Arizona. We are honored
20:16 to have you here as the Pathway to Life series
20:20 is going on. And what we need here is prayer.
20:25 And, you know, we have one full-time staff person;
20:29 we always need more funding to help in this whole process.
20:34 And so between prayers and financial support
20:38 that really is a huge blessing.
20:41 Amen and praise the Lord. And I myself as
20:44 one of the speakers here in the Central Valley Spanish church
20:46 I need your prayers so that the Lord will continue to use me
20:49 and also the other speakers. You talk about Pr. C. A. Murray,
20:53 Shelley Quinn, Pastor Kenny Shelton,
20:56 Pr. John Lomacang. All preach- ing; all need your prayers.
20:59 Thank you so much. God continue to bless you.
21:05 Thank you so much John Dinzey. What a great report
21:07 from the Phoenix Central Spanish SDA church - Amen!
21:10 there with Luke Skelton. We're so thankful for Luke Skelton -
21:13 We are! and the partnership with Good News TV.
21:16 They air a great deal of 3ABN programming
21:18 and in addition they are broad- casting John Dinzey's series
21:21 in Spanish. Well... we're ob- viously not there at the church;
21:24 we're not at the hotel. We have come northeast
21:27 out of Phoenix here with Tim Parton.
21:29 That's where you found me, right? I was out wandering
21:32 through the desert. We had a great van ride here.
21:34 We did! That was a lot of fun.
21:37 We're at... where are we, sweetheart?
21:39 We're at a really special place because it involves music, Tim.
21:41 And it's MIM which stands for Musical Instrument Museum.
21:46 I got it right! MIM here in Phoenix.
21:48 It's a great place. It really is. I'm ready to go inside.
21:49 I can't wait; I'm excited about doing that.
21:51 But first of all, I've noticed we're standing here
21:53 in the sun. I hope you all wore your sunscreen
21:55 because I hear that Phoenix... I haven't.
21:58 Well, you might want to check into that. Am I turning red?
22:00 Not yet. OK. You may want to pace yourself out here.
22:03 I hear Phoenix actually like 85% of the daylight
22:08 is sunshine here. It has more sun than any major metropolitan
22:13 area in the United States. I didn't know that. So... yeah.
22:16 So that's very interesting. So you may want to
22:18 douse yourself. Don't want to mess up your pretty complexion.
22:23 So in other words, if we continue to stay in the sun
22:25 by the time this evangelistic series is done
22:27 which is in about 2-1/2 weeks
22:29 we'll be what? A shade darker, a little more tan.
22:31 You might be... yes. Or red and peeling.
22:32 Right! That'd be more my case: red and peeling.
22:35 But anyway it's beautiful sun and it's a wonderful place
22:39 if you love nature. If you love cactus, cacti,
22:42 it's a great place to be.
22:45 Beautiful... even in the desert. I love it.
22:48 It is. I love it, and we're standing in front of this museum
22:50 which is music. What an incredible gift, Tim: music is.
22:54 You know, I think it's a gift from God.
22:55 And music reaches the heart in a way that the spoken word cannot.
22:59 Right. Music has been supremely influential in my life.
23:02 I grew up in a singing family.
23:04 We had a piano... When I was born there was a piano
23:07 that my parents had purchased for my sister
23:09 and she didn't take a liking to it.
23:11 And I felt obligated so I just climbed up on the bench
23:14 and started playing. My dad played the guitar.
23:16 My mom played the bass guitar.
23:19 And so instruments have just been around the house.
23:22 So I'm excited to go in here and check out what they've got.
23:25 I hear great things about it. What is it? Like 15,000
23:28 instruments? That's right, I think over 15,000
23:31 instruments from over 200 countries in the world.
23:34 Right. That's really incredible.
23:35 So let's go inside. We know that there's a piano inside 'cause
23:38 we met a nice lady named Heidi that oversees the marketing here
23:40 at this facility, this museum. So there's a piano you can play,
23:43 Tim. Let's go inside - let's do it - and play a song.
23:45 I'm ready! OK. Great place to be, isn't it?
23:48 It really is! This is an amazing facility.
23:50 What a great building here in the beautiful atmosphere
23:53 of the desert all of a sudden there's this big building
23:55 I know - full of musical instruments - with over
23:57 15,000 instruments here. Isn't it amazing? From over
23:59 200 countries they brought in. This museum was founded in 2010
24:04 so it's fairly new, but you think about all the countries
24:07 represented in all the musical instruments.
24:09 And Tim, I know last night over the montage
24:11 you played The Flight of the Bumble Bee.
24:14 Yeah! This is pretty incredible! And there's a piano here
24:16 that they would let us play. What? Where did that come from?
24:18 And would you be willing to play? Well yeah... I'd be glad
24:20 to play. All right! How about you get your fingers
24:22 moving on the keys? OK... well this is great.
24:24 Music is universal and this is a fun, fun song. All right!
26:19 Oh my goodness! Thank you, Tim!
26:25 I want to say a special thanks to the Musical Instrument Museum
26:30 of Phoenix. Their piano... what a blessing!
26:32 Yes... Steinway: what a great instrument!
26:34 Amen! Yeah. And what a great opportunity music provides.
26:38 You know? A way of ministering to others. Right.
26:41 Music is vital. That's right. In our services we use music
26:44 to welcome in the Holy Spirit and to prepare
26:48 our hearts for the message
26:49 which is what we're doing during this Camp Meeting time,
26:53 this time of services. The service here is incredible,
26:55 isn't it? Yeah! And music... I remember
26:58 in church as a kid - yes -
26:59 when music was just the fun part to me.
27:03 It was exciting... nothing like that to get our hearts
27:06 excited about the Word. So excited to be a part of that.
27:10 Amen! So how's the preparation going?
27:12 I know we're almost ready to close and go to the meeting,
27:14 but how is the preparation going with all the different musical
27:17 artists? You know, it's a delight to work with the
27:19 different churches, the dif- ferent musicians in the church.
27:21 God blesses our churches with people who love to sing,
27:25 who are gifted, and Phoenix is no different.
27:28 We have a wonderful opportunity to work with the music ministers
27:33 and the singers from the church, so I include us all.
27:36 We put us all in to sing, and we're even going to have
27:39 a choir - yes - and I believe Stephanie Dawn.
27:42 And then the gentleman from California.
27:44 And then several of the people from the churches themselves
27:48 will be singing. That's right. Mary Norman and Jackie Battistone
27:51 and there's others... so... You're so good with names.
27:54 Yes, she does a good job, that's for sure.
27:56 I don't even know my own... but anyway, this is good.
27:59 We're excited. Amen. Thank you so much, Tim.
28:01 Right now we've got to get ready and we've got to head back
28:03 down to the church 'cause they're just about
28:05 ready to begin the second night here, second series
28:08 with Pastor John Lomacang, so we're going to jump in the car
28:11 and head back and we'll see you there. Amen.


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