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00:06 Hello and welcome to iSITE Review.
00:09 We are here in Phoenix, AZ, at the Paradise SDA church.
00:13 And it's hard to believe we're already in program #3.
00:16 The time's already flying by
00:18 and we're inside of the fellowship hall I believe
00:21 of the Paradise SDA church.
00:22 And it's been a great time already here at this church.
00:25 It's neat to see how God is working; we're hearing great
00:27 reports. Hopefully you've been following along with the iSITEs
00:30 and hear reports from all the churches and the evangelistic
00:33 series that is taking place here: Pathway to Life.
00:35 And we have with us Dr. Lela Lewis.
00:38 Nice to be with you guys. And this is YOUR church!
00:41 This IS my church. And you're not a stranger to those that
00:43 view 3ABN because you're in- volved in a very important work.
00:46 And I'll have my wife ask you a couple of questions about
00:49 what's going on here and how God has been blessing.
00:51 OK. Tell us, Dr. Lela, about Pathway to Health.
00:54 because I know you're president and CEO of Pathway to Health.
00:56 But tell us what took place here at Christmas
00:58 and then we'll talk about the follow-up.
01:00 You are so right, Jill. Pathway to Health over Christmas
01:03 December 25, 26, and 27 we saw 6,770 patients
01:09 in 2-1/2 days. Amen? Praise the Lord!
01:11 It was such a miracle!
01:13 And it was $40 million in free health care.
01:16 Unbelievable! It was the most amazing Christmas gift,
01:19 not just to the patients but to us individually.
01:22 What a wonderful blessing. So Dr. Lela, those are
01:25 amazing numbers that you actually just said.
01:26 How many people were processed? 6,770 patients!
01:30 It was a lot! And you said 40 million dollars' worth of...
01:33 over $40 million in free health care.
01:35 Praise the Lord! Yes... amen... absolutely!
01:38 Incredible! So when we help people physically
01:41 then sometimes they're more open to help in other areas.
01:44 Maybe something with a marriage or something spiritually.
01:48 So what is some follow-up taking place after that
01:50 Pathway to Health in preparation for the Pathway to Life
01:53 evangelistic series? You know, we have what's called the Health
01:56 Information Centers which are our SDA churches.
01:59 The patients are assigned to those locations
02:02 and that's where they pick up their lab results, their Pap
02:04 smear results, their glasses... AND they're offered health
02:08 courses. It's been unbelievable. This has been going on
02:10 for the last couple months, so the patient have really had
02:13 a wonderful exciting adventure in whole-person care.
02:16 Wow! So I'll put you on the spot here:
02:18 how many churches are involved in these HICs? These Health
02:21 Information Centers? Twenty-five different churches
02:24 throughout the Phoenix area! What a blessing!
02:26 What an amazing blessing! Right here at my home church -
02:29 Paradise Valley SDA church -
02:31 we had over 90 people coming four times a week
02:36 as follow-up to that event: Pathway to Health.
02:40 So it was a very exciting adventure.
02:42 Praise the Lord! So I know going on behind us right now...
02:45 What's going on behind us now?
02:46 So right over here you'll see those are actually my parents
02:50 George and Linda Gilbert. My mother is a physician.
02:52 And they're actually providing free cholesterol and glucose
02:55 screening for the patients that are now coming to the
02:57 Pathway to Life series, a continuation of the
03:00 Pathway to Health. You know, I think what's really incredible
03:03 as I see we're getting ready to start this evening's meeting
03:05 with Pastor Lomacang, and here you're again bringing the public
03:10 that have been served - absolutely - several months ago
03:12 here to the church. What a great segue into the series!
03:15 What is so exciting is that the patients that came
03:18 into the health information courses... some of them came to
03:21 the Diabetes Undone, the Natural Lifestyle Cooking School.
03:24 They got their cholesterol checked the beginning;
03:26 they're getting it checked again now to show the demonstration
03:30 of a healthy lifestyle. And at the end of Pr. Lomacang's series
03:33 they have the opportunity once again to see
03:36 God work in action. So it's really an exciting opportunity.
03:39 Do you have any stories?
03:41 Any stories that have come out of Pathway to Health
03:43 or these health information centers or this local church?
03:45 What's going on in people's lives?
03:47 So many many stories. You know, just yesterday
03:50 a man said... You know, he has been unable to afford
03:52 getting glasses - he's been essentially unable to see -
03:55 and he's been praying and praying that those glasses
03:57 would come in. He got the robocall yesterday
04:00 to come and pick up his glasses, and just yesterday
04:03 he put his glasses on and for the first time he was able
04:05 to see, right here at the Paradise Valley SDA church.
04:08 What an incredible ministry! Did I meet him?
04:11 Was he the gentlemen I met going out? He was!
04:12 He is planning to come tonight to Pr. Lomacang's series
04:16 so we're very excited about that.
04:18 Praise the Lord! What an incredible ministry!
04:20 How do you see the health message being... I know we say
04:23 it's the right arm of the gospel but how do you see the health
04:25 message and the truth in God's Word working hand in hand?
04:30 They're inseparable. You know, what I see over and over again
04:33 just like Jesus did when He was on earth:
04:35 first He met their physical needs
04:37 and then He told them: "Come follow Me.
04:40 Come learn more about your mental, your emotional,
04:43 and most importantly your spiritual healing
04:44 that I offer you. "
04:46 And that's exactly what we see happening here.
04:48 Amen. And we also appreciate because you don't get to see
04:51 this at home but there's also a little pre-program
04:53 that goes on here at this Paradise SDA church,
04:56 at the other churches. But here locally you're giving
04:58 a health talk each evening for those that are coming
05:01 to the meetings here on site.
05:02 And I can see your enthusiasm for the message
05:05 that you have to share. What a blessing!
05:07 It is an awesome opportunity to work with all of us.
05:10 All of us working together for one common goal
05:12 and that's really to share Jesus with those in need.
05:14 Um-hnn. What are some of the topics you're covering
05:17 prior to Pr. Lomacang's meeting every night?
05:20 And I know you're bringing in other doctors from your church
05:21 as well. Yes... that's correct. We're bringing in other
05:23 doctors every night. I'm serving kind of as the moderator,
05:26 but we're looking at God's doctors, God's perfect doctors,
05:29 those 8 doctors that you're not going to want to miss out on.
05:32 I'm sure 3ABN has touched on those many many times.
05:37 Those eight doctors are so important. They really are!
05:40 The health message is so important 'cause when my mind
05:42 is clear I can better hear the voice of God.
05:44 And that foundational principle doctor: trust in God.
05:48 The most important of all of them. Everything else builds on
05:50 that. Amen! Thank you so much Dr. Lela.
05:53 Know that at 3ABN we love you.
05:55 I love you, too. We so appreciate the work -
05:57 that's right - that you are doing with Pathway to Health
06:00 and then these health information seminars.
06:02 What we want to do right now is go to the Phoenix Central
06:05 SDA church and hear what they have to say.
06:10 We've been busy working about this church getting ready for
06:13 some exciting meetings. Let me back up for just a moment.
06:17 You may know that we've had Pathways to Health
06:20 over Christmas time down at the Phoenix Convention Center.
06:24 Free services of all areas of health.
06:28 We followed that up with 2 sets of meetings here in this church.
06:32 We had Diabetes Undone
06:35 and Depression Recovery.
06:38 Well received by the community people.
06:41 Now we're getting ready for a very special set of meetings
06:45 with J.D. and Shelley Quinn from 3ABN.
06:51 Hi, I'm Pam Howerton. I'm a member of the Phoenix Central
06:55 SDA church. I'm the treasurer here,
06:59 and my husband and I have been members here since 1981.
07:03 And we have really loved our church because it's
07:07 a community-minded church.
07:09 We love helping people and it can make
07:13 a big difference in a person's life.
07:15 And we are very fortunate that our conference and our church
07:19 and 3ABN have partnered together
07:23 and we now have Shelley Quinn here, one of my favorite
07:26 teachers from 3ABN. I love her; I've got her books.
07:30 And if you don't know her you will find that she's a great
07:34 teacher and she can really help us cut through some of
07:38 this stuff and learn how to live a better life.
07:40 Wow, what a great report from the Phoenix Central SDA church!
07:44 That's Shelley and J.D. Quinn's church.
07:46 And it's just great to hear the reports of how people have
07:48 been preparing for this evangelistic series
07:50 in Phoenix, Arizona. Even they told us a little bit
07:53 about the follow-up from Pathway to Health.
07:55 And it's just great to see how everyone works together.
07:58 You know, we all have the talents and abilities that God
08:01 has given us, but together as a team
08:03 we can make something happen for the cause of God.
08:06 I have in my hand here several stones.
08:08 And you can see... well, they'll get a camera shot of it
08:11 I know... but we're standing on a whole lot of what they call
08:14 gravel here. And as you see these stones
08:16 each one has its own unique shape, its own unique look.
08:20 And you say: "Oh, that's just one stone. "
08:21 Well if I toss these down here along with these thousands of
08:24 other pieces of gravel it makes a wonderful rock bed
08:28 to walk on. So together we can make something happen
08:30 for the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
08:32 You know, we started inside the church.
08:33 Now we're outside the church here at Paradise Valley
08:36 SDA church, and you can see the 3ABN production truck
08:39 behind us. That brown thing behind Jill and myself -
08:42 is a palm tree. That's right... it's beautiful!
08:45 We are in Phoenix, Arizona, and you have a palm tree.
08:46 It's really neat; right between the two doorways
08:49 going into the truck. That's right.
08:51 You can hear the little generator that's supplying
08:52 the power for the trucks just off to my right.
08:55 And anyway it's a blessing to be here.
08:57 It is... absolutely. And right now we want to go to the
08:59 Chandler SDA church. That's a little south, southeast
09:04 of Phoenix. And we want to go to that church.
09:06 Chris Shelton had a chance to catch up with a couple people
09:10 there, and we want to go to those interviews now.
09:15 Hi, I'm Chris Shelton and we are in Chandler, AZ,
09:19 getting ready for a big evangelistic series.
09:22 And we are so excited, and I have the brains behind the
09:25 Chandler church. I can say that because she's the secretary
09:30 and we know that secretaries are the ones that know everything.
09:33 So Sr. Lolitha Holcombe, what do you think?
09:36 I mean a few weeks ago I spoke to your pastor
09:39 and about the second time I found out he was not going to
09:42 be here. He was moving to? Hawaii.
09:46 Hawaii.
09:47 And you guys didn't even know for sure we were going to come.
09:50 But I know that since you have found out
09:53 you guys have been on a roll and moving.
09:55 You want to tell us a little bit about it?
09:57 Well, we have called our elder board together
10:01 along with deaconess, head deacon
10:04 and a bunch of people that met weekly.
10:08 And so we just looked at what we needed to do.
10:11 The different e-mails... we pulled all of them in.
10:14 I set everything up, and we just started working together
10:18 to try to pull everything, get our flyers done.
10:20 We have done all of this in I think it was a little under
10:23 a month. It was a little under a month.
10:27 You sent out what? Like 20,000 flyers?
10:30 20 or 30 thousand. OK.
10:34 Plus we had our Pathfinders hand deliver 1,000.
10:38 And then we made available another 1,500 for the members to
10:42 distribute to friends, family, co-workers.
10:44 And you know what I've been doing is I've been praying
10:47 over those and I hope that you guys have been praying
10:50 over those 'cause we know that God has people in this area:
10:54 people that need to get these flyers, need to see
10:57 all of this advertisement and come out!
11:01 Jesus is calling his people out of spiritual confusion
11:04 and into the marvelous light of truth.
11:07 And I am looking forward to these meetings...
11:09 how about you? I am as well.
11:11 We asked each speaker for the month of February to focus on
11:16 evangelism. So we asked all of them to bring a sermon
11:19 talking about evangelism as well as promoting this program,
11:24 this evangelistic series that's starting.
11:27 So we have been praying. More prayer more power.
11:31 I love that! More prayer more power.
11:34 Pastor Kenny and I before we left the hotel
11:36 to come here tonight that's what we said.
11:38 We are just broken vessels
11:41 and we are absolutely nothing without the Spirit of God.
11:44 So folks, you at home: please pray for the Chandler...
11:47 I know that there's churches all around our area
11:50 that are holding these evangelistic series for 3ABN.
11:53 Pray for us all. Remember Pastor Kenny and I.
11:55 Remember Lolitha and the Chandler SDA church.
11:59 Hi, I'm Chris Shelton and I'm here in Chandler, Arizona,
12:03 with my husband, Pastor Kenny Shelton.
12:05 We're getting ready, in fact this is going to be
12:07 our first night of an evangelistic series
12:10 here in Chandler. Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix.
12:14 You guys have heard all the advertisements
12:16 for this movement in Phoenix, Arizona.
12:18 We're just in a little suburb called Chandler
12:21 and we're looking forward to it. I have a behind-the-scenes guy
12:25 Curtis Hite from 3ABN.
12:28 If it wasn't for Curtis, none of you would be able to see
12:31 what we're going to do here.
12:33 And hopefully it's going to be a blessing, Curtis. Yes.
12:37 And he's actually going to try to operate two cameras
12:40 single-handedly. So we hope that this turns out really well.
12:44 Curtis, tell us where they can watch these programs.
12:48 So I think you can watch them on YouTube
12:50 and they'll be also on the Phoenix2018 website.
12:56 Yeah, that should be where you can get 'em.
12:59 OK... a man of few words but you know what?
13:03 It's people like Curtis that keep us going,
13:06 that actually are behind the cameras doing the work
13:11 so that all of the programs that you are blessed to watch
13:14 can be seen. Curtis, we thank you very, very much
13:16 for being brave enough to step on this side of the camera.
13:20 Keep us in your prayers.
13:22 Amen. Thank you so much. What a blessing to hear the reports
13:25 from the different churches. How exciting to see
13:27 the preparation that they've been doing for the campaign,
13:30 the thousands of pamphlets, flyers, that they've mailed out
13:35 there at Chandler for advertising purposes.
13:37 You know, it really takes an entire church
13:40 to put on an evangelistic series.
13:42 It's not just the speakers or those of us from 3ABN
13:45 coming in... it is the local church leadership
13:47 and the members joining hands together
13:50 to help spread the gospel message around the world.
13:53 And what an incredible privilege to partner with each one of
13:55 those churches. And that was pretty fun to get to see Curtis.
13:58 He's always behind the camera...
13:59 and to get to see him and what he's doing there at the Chandler
14:03 church. Very true. You can probably hear the traffic
14:05 going by. Jill and I are actually at a different spot
14:08 here outside of Paradise SDA church.
14:11 We're standing right by the front sign.
14:13 You can see the sign probably over our shoulder.
14:15 There's a main thoroughfare of vehicles.
14:16 3ABN's truck is perpendicular to the road so it's good
14:19 advertising there. But I think about all these people going by.
14:22 Each person is going somewhere.
14:24 They all have a story in life.
14:26 They... all of us... have that "God-sized hole"
14:31 that's right - where we all need the Lord Jesus Christ.
14:33 And we pray that these people here that are going by that
14:35 may be tuning in to 3ABN flip- ping channels. We don't know.
14:38 We pray for them.
14:39 We pray for those that we may never meet
14:42 but in heaven someday. So we just again want to thank you
14:45 for your support and prayers for the ministry of 3ABN
14:47 for the campaign here in Phoenix: Pathway to Life.
14:50 What a privilege it is to team up with you
14:52 in spreading the gospel around the world. Amen!
14:54 And right now we're going to go to the Desert Cove SDA church.
14:57 C. A. Murray had the chance to sit down with the head elder
15:00 and his wife, so let's have a listen to that interview.
15:03 Hi, I'm C.A. Murray and we are at the Desert Cove
15:07 Seventh-day Adventist church. We just concluded our 1st night
15:10 and I'm here with first elder Randy Fields and his lovely wife
15:14 Cathy... who have done much in the set-up and preparation
15:17 for these meetings and I want you to give me just a feel
15:21 of the energy in the church in advance of the meetings
15:26 and what you observed from the meeting tonight.
15:30 I think everybody was pretty excited about even just the idea
15:35 of having these meetings here and what this was going to bring
15:38 the opportunity to the area to the people here.
15:41 And I think that showed through tonight, too.
15:45 They were all very happy with what they saw and heard
15:48 and it sounds like everybody's coming back.
15:51 So I think it's very successful so far.
15:57 Praise the Lord for which we are very thankful.
15:59 Cathy, you're kind of the behind-the-scenes person here.
16:02 You make may I say on camera a wonderful soup
16:06 and you bake your own bread for which we praise the Lord.
16:09 But just some the things that you've been doing as far
16:12 as operations and behind-the-scenes work.
16:14 Well, I helped put all the special music together
16:21 and get all the pianists for each night.
16:24 I did a lot of the advertising.
16:28 Hopefully more people will come tomorrow night.
16:33 Just kind of getting the schedule, putting everything
16:35 together, making sure everybody's going to be here
16:37 like they're supposed to be. Um-hmm.
16:40 And praise the Lord. Now 3ABN has a viewership
16:44 of around they say half a billion, so you're going to have
16:47 to make more soup. Oh... OK... I can do that.
16:53 Elder Randy, you mentioned to me yesterday when we were talking
16:57 that this church is a miracle church.
17:00 Give us just a little bit of the flavor of that...
17:03 that history that got this church to this spot
17:06 at this time.
17:08 This church - this building - has been in existence
17:12 for four years but that dream was started over, close to
17:16 thirty years ago by a group... they did a church plant
17:21 from the Paradise Valley church actually.
17:24 And the idea was to have a church of their own.
17:27 And the process that that took, took that many years
17:31 just trying to get to where they could have it.
17:34 Buying a piece of property that didn't work out.
17:36 But God blessed that. They were able to not only
17:40 sell that property for much more than it was worth -
17:43 literally more than it was worth -
17:45 buy this piece of property, be in a position to build
17:48 yet had to wait. And then merging with another church
17:52 that was in the same position: they wanted to have their own
17:55 place to worship, wasn't able to do it on their own.
17:58 We merged the two churches and were able to
18:01 build this facility, this first phase of this facility.
18:05 And without those pieces this would have never happened.
18:08 Um-hmm. So I just believe that
18:10 through those series of miracles even the building of the church,
18:14 the cost, some of the things we were able to accomplish,
18:18 we just didn't have... there was just no way to predict it.
18:22 They came together at the right time and the right place.
18:26 And that's why we're here today being able to have these
18:29 meetings in this place and this community
18:31 is because of all of those miracles
18:33 that God started working nearly 30 years ago. Amen; amen!
18:38 Praise the Lord! So this is a church that
18:41 expects miracles and has seen many many miracles
18:44 in its past, and we are expecting many more miracles
18:48 in the future and through these meetings
18:50 Pathway to Life.
18:53 Music is such a vital part of my life
18:55 and I am always attracted to other musicians, people
18:58 who... music plays a big role in their life.
19:01 And today I'm with Claudio Marsollier.
19:04 Marsollier? Marsollier. OK... I'll go with that one.
19:07 He is the music minister here at Paradise Valley SDA church.
19:11 And we're standing right here in the front of the platform
19:14 where you lead worship here at the church. That's right.
19:17 How long have you been here in the service?
19:18 I've been here for sixteen years now.
19:20 Sixteen years. I understand that you have a very musical family.
19:25 The family is very musical. I did take a few lessons
19:27 but I myself don't consider myself musical.
19:30 OK. Do you play an instrument?
19:32 I do play the trumpet and I can get in trouble with the piano.
19:35 But other than that I just lead out and direct the choir
19:38 and the orchestra. Great. I was going to ask you
19:40 your roles here as far as... You do have the choir.
19:43 Yeah. A choir is such a vital part of ministry - yes -
19:46 in my estimation. Kind of a dying thing actually
19:50 in a lot of churches. Right. But I'm glad to hear about
19:52 the choir. Yeah we organized the Paradise Valley sanctuary choir
19:55 in 2001... actually right after September 11 it came together
20:00 and we've been doing this ever since.
20:02 So do you sing every Sabbath? Once a month at least.
20:06 We also have a bell choir that plays so we kind of take turns.
20:09 And then the rest of the time we let our guests,
20:12 visitors, musicians be here as well.
20:15 Wonderful. And I understand that this is a volunteer...
20:18 you do this. Volunteer. I'm not a musician... I'm an architect
20:21 so I design buildings but I do enjoy music.
20:23 So we do this on a volunteer basis.
20:26 Wonderful. The people that you have...
20:30 You've made a family... I know, in my experience
20:33 being a part of the family of music it's like having
20:38 your own little subculture in a church.
20:40 And you have an opportunity to probably speak into their lives
20:44 and kind of be a mentor to a lot of the choir members.
20:50 Well you know, this church is a very flexible church.
20:53 They have also made me an elder
20:55 and they allow me to be the elder of the choir members.
20:58 Nice. So that's a way that my wife and I... we work
21:00 together on this and we can minister to people,
21:03 talk to them. We have prayer time, 1/2 hour prayer time,
21:06 before every choir practice on Friday nights.
21:08 Wonderful! It's a wonderful way to bring in the Sabbath Day.
21:10 Right! So... yeah. Thank you very much for again your
21:13 service here in this church; thanks for leading worship.
21:16 And we encourage everyone to sing in the choir;
21:21 sing out; sing unto the Lord.
21:22 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.
21:24 Thank you, Claudio... God bless you.
21:27 I've been here... I'm new here
21:29 so I've been here since December,
21:32 yeah, and we're just excited to be here
21:35 and be part of this energy. You can see, you can hear
21:38 what's going on and it's exciting!
21:40 You know, earlier on we talked with Mr. Dave Nelson,
21:44 right? who's playing the guitar right now. Correct.
21:46 And your wife is there leading the song service with him.
21:48 Yes. So there's a lot of excitement with the young people
21:50 and I'm excited to see how the Paradise Valley church -
21:52 I know the other churches are, too -
21:54 are investing in the young people because they're a very
21:56 important part of this series as well.
21:58 Yeah, this is a great church to be a part of
22:00 because they do... they support our youth program
22:03 and not only with finances but with effort, too.
22:08 They come out and help us all the time.
22:09 So, yeah, it's exciting.
22:11 So tell us... what's the plan for the children's meetings?
22:14 During the entire series when the adults are being fed
22:17 spiritually from the Word of God by Pastor John Lomacang
22:20 you and your wife and the team are working here with the
22:23 children. So what's the nightly plan for the children's
22:25 meetings? The nightly plan is that we're doing what's called
22:28 The Creation Case. And so we're taking the kids
22:31 through creation, teaching them about creation
22:34 but also bringing them to have a relationship with Jesus
22:38 which we feel is important.
22:40 Creation Case with Aguilera. Yes, with Rich Aguilera.
22:44 We love him on 3ABN! It's a great program.
22:47 And you've been working to develop a cave as well.
22:50 Yes, we built a cave and so we're going to go there
22:52 in a little bit and see the cave.
22:55 Wonderful! Thank you so much.
22:57 Well if you want to go get your wife
22:58 we want to talk to her for a minute, too.
23:00 Its' incredible to see what God is doing - Oh, it is! -
23:02 with the young people because we always say
23:05 they're the future of the church but they ARE the church.
23:08 Amen. Yeah... absolutely.
23:10 Now we have with us Pastor Hugh's wife.
23:13 You're doing a good job. Alyssa Barton. Praise the Lord!
23:16 How are you guys doing? Oh, we're doing well.
23:19 So tell us your role with the kid's meetings here.
23:21 Yeah, well, we wanted to do something special for the kids
23:25 so that they can know how much God loves them.
23:27 So we are teaching about creation.
23:31 I don't know how much Hugh described already.
23:33 He said you're going through Creation Case with Aguilera -
23:36 that program - but that was it.
23:38 And so we want them to know that God created them.
23:42 You know, it's not evolution but it's creation.
23:45 And so we've been trying you know - at a kid's level -
23:48 to be able to explain it to them.
23:50 So we decorated in dinosaurs
23:52 and animals and we're singing songs.
23:56 And they're happy and we're happy.
23:58 Yeah, I see the beautiful murals on the wall. Right.
24:02 And you put them together for the kids showcasing creation.
24:06 Right... right... showcasing creation
24:08 and actually go through... Did he tell you about the rock cave?
24:12 Yeah, we're getting ready to go see that...
24:13 We want to go look at that cave. Oh, right now?
24:15 Well, shortly. Oh, OK, cool!
24:17 Yeah... let's see... we did all the different animals.
24:21 We talked about rocks and creation... like
24:24 as evidence. We talked about evidence
24:26 to prove that God created the world
24:28 because we have so much evidence that they show evolution
24:32 so we kind of need evidence to show that God created us.
24:36 Yeah... so that's what he does.
24:38 So... yeah... Well thank you so much.
24:40 You're welcome! And right now we're going to go
24:43 over to the cave 'cause we want to take a look
24:45 at what's going on at the cave. That's right.
24:47 Do I get to go? Yeah! Yeah! Let's go... all right.
24:54 Wow! We're actually now inside this beautiful cave.
24:58 It actually, Pastor Hugh, almost seems like I can see
25:00 a bat hanging from the ceiling and like a little drip of water
25:03 coming down. This is so realistic
25:05 but yet we're... Oh yeah, no bats.
25:07 But we're actually inside of a classroom
25:10 and this is phenomenal. What is this cave made of?
25:12 It's made of... We made the structure out of 1 by 2's.
25:15 And then on the inside we covered it with
25:18 basically it's like craft paper and we crinkled it up
25:21 and stapled it to the frame.
25:23 Wow! And we're actually by a little fire.
25:24 You can almost feel this warmth.
25:26 What a great job! Why a cave?
25:27 And why would you do this for the young people?
25:29 'Cause there's a lot of work went into this.
25:31 Well... it's for the youth and so anything we can do
25:34 to bring them a sense of who Jesus is
25:38 that's what we're all about. And so we wanted to make a cave
25:41 because we're talking about creation and dinosaurs
25:44 and things like that. So we talked about it
25:47 and we just thought: "Hey, a cave would be kind of cool. "
25:49 So we went on the Internet and looked up some information
25:52 on how to do it. And we didn't know how it would turn out
25:55 but wow! It turned out better than we thought.
25:58 You know, it's incredible. It really looks like a cave,
26:01 especially when you're in here and you don't have all the big
26:03 lights on and just a little fire and it's incredible!
26:05 You know, what a special thing for the young people
26:08 to be able to feel like they can come and they can learn
26:10 about Jesus but have a good time as well.
26:12 Right... definitely... yeah.
26:14 I really love young people
26:16 because they're so energetic and they're always smiling.
26:20 And they're so happy to just be a part of a program
26:23 you know. So we go in there and we start singing and I just
26:27 see all their smiling faces... makes me so happy.
26:29 Amen! Yeah. Well, thank you so much Pastor Hugh
26:32 and Alyssa Barton. They're just an incredible
26:35 pastoral couple here at the church.
26:37 Welcomed us with open arms and we're just so grateful to be
26:40 here and what they're doing with the young people.
26:42 We're going to see a little bit with the kids I think
26:45 and then we need to get ready and go in and hear the meeting
26:48 tonight with Pastor John Lomacang.
26:50 So right after you see some of the kids
26:52 stay tuned because the next program will be
26:54 Pastor Lomacang.


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