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00:06 Hello and welcome to iSITE Review.
00:08 We are so happy that you've joined us again.
00:10 It's already program #4. We're coming to you here from
00:12 Phoenix, AZ, for the Pathway to Life evangelistic series.
00:16 And you may say: "Where in the world are Greg and Jill
00:18 and Elder J. D. Quinn? " We're actually in our hotel!
00:21 And the hotel has been very kind to let us use, of course,
00:24 the conference room that is just off to my right.
00:25 We're here in the breakfast area.
00:27 Obviously it's not breakfast time, otherwise there'd be
00:29 lots of people here.
00:30 But what a privilege it is to be part of this evangelistic series
00:33 and see how God is leading. Amen! We have Elder J. D.
00:36 with us because we have an amaz- ing story that has come from
00:38 your church, so we're going to play that in just a few minutes.
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02:19 Technology has changed a great deal, hasn't it?
02:21 Huh... I just can't believe. I remember talking to my
02:23 grandfather just like yesterday. He came over in a covered wagon.
02:26 He came over in a covered wagon. A covered wagon!
02:28 And it just doesn't seem like that long ago
02:30 and here we're talking about these fancy words.
02:33 Yeah. And I mean I try to fit in here...
02:36 I mean, I'm anxious to see what my story's going to be.
02:39 I remember when I started and heaven. I just hope
02:42 that it's whenever I see Jesus coming, you know.
02:44 But time goes by so fast.
02:47 Exciting time we're living in. It is! That's true.
02:50 How is it going? You and Shelley are at the Phoenix Central
02:52 Seventh-day Adventist church. And I know we have a testimony
02:55 but how's it going at your church?
02:56 Oh, we just love each and every person that's there.
02:59 You know, it's just a couple times and you're just hugging
03:01 everybody's neck. But there's a lot of hurting people.
03:04 And we want to talk about Rosemary here in a few minutes
03:06 whenever you're ready, but this is a special, special lady.
03:10 A lady that you just fall in love with. Um-hmm.
03:12 And very seldom do you see excitement one second and
03:15 tears the next, but that's the life that some people
03:19 are caught up in. Yeah. Well, you had the opportunity
03:22 to sit down with Rosemary just a short while ago -
03:25 maybe a day or two ago - and we have it on the iPad.
03:29 This is technology again.
03:30 So let's listen to that. Yeah.
03:34 I'll start it here. OK. Hit the little play button.
03:37 Hi, my name is Rosemary Gortarez
03:39 and I am a member of Central SDA church
03:43 for seven years now.
03:46 Unfortunately I have been "missing in action"
03:50 for the last year and a half.
03:52 My heart has been very heavy
03:55 and I want to find my way back here. Amen!
03:58 I've been wanting to find my way.
04:01 A lot of battles in my life
04:03 which I'm sure we all go through.
04:06 And it is just too much to go into that,
04:09 but what I you to know
04:11 is that I received an e-mail
04:16 of an event that was going to go on.
04:18 And it was from 3ABN
04:21 with Shelley Quinn.
04:24 And I knew in my heart that God was...
04:28 me asking God every night to help me, to give me the desire
04:31 to come back to where I knew I wanted to be,
04:35 where I knew my heart was happy,
04:37 where I knew that this was where I belonged.
04:42 So I believe that that was a calling
04:44 that God was sending me.
04:46 And if anyone could do it, it was going to be Shelley Quinn.
04:50 I've heard her speak, read her books,
04:56 and a lot of it I could relate to with my own difficulties
05:01 in my life. But I know that I am here still today
05:05 and being able to go through the difficulties because
05:09 my faith in the Lord... I've never let go.
05:12 I'm still fighting the battle, but I'm here for a 2nd day now.
05:16 And I was here this morning for church
05:19 and it's a blessing for me.
05:22 I love the Lord, and I also want to show my grandkids.
05:27 They were here with me as well.
05:30 And I want to bring my family back
05:34 to church as well with me.
05:36 So if any of you out there are fighting these battles
05:39 like we all do and we're all going to constantly go through
05:42 them, just keep in your heart that you know
05:48 where you want to be and take that action.
05:51 Take that step forward and do it
05:55 because this is where we need to be.
05:59 With God's love and grace, you will be back in church as well
06:03 just like me.
06:05 I love my Lord.
06:08 Wow! The thing that really caught my attention is
06:11 whenever she was sharing this with me
06:13 boy just quickly: "God hears... God sees all of our requests. "
06:20 This precious lady because of difficulties
06:23 outside her control got caught into a mess
06:26 that a year and a half kept her from being with the people
06:28 that she loved. And they never gave up on her either.
06:32 And then just as I heard her testimony
06:36 and after actually getting to see this
06:39 Shelley walked into the room. What a special time.
06:43 It was just a direct affinity kind of like they were drawn
06:46 together. And they went over and they hugged each other.
06:48 And my heart was touched.
06:51 A lot of people's hearts were touched, but the main thing is
06:53 God hears your prayers.
06:57 Amen! And I appreciated her appeal, too. Amen.
07:00 You know when you feel the Holy Spirit
07:02 "pricking at your heart" so to speak
07:04 she said: "Just do it. " Yeah. Basically: "Just listen;
07:07 just obey. " And that's very important
07:08 because we do not know about tomorrow, the next moment
07:11 that we have. When the Holy Spirit - Jesus - is speaking
07:13 to us we need to listen and obey.
07:14 Powerful; powerful. It's neat to be used of the Lord,
07:16 isn't it? Most certainly!
07:18 And again, it's absolutely fantastic to see one person
07:21 all these different emotions in a short time.
07:24 Wow! Just to think, she had walked away from God,
07:27 away from the church for that time and had made the decision
07:30 to come back. And one thing that really touched me in that
07:33 testimony, J. D., was the fact that she received an e-mail
07:36 from 3ABN. So even though she was out of the church
07:39 and away from God at that moment
07:41 somehow she was still connected to 3ABN
07:44 and had gotten that e-mail.
07:45 Yeah, she was just try... I think she was looking for
07:49 an excuse and then God provided just the right
07:52 climate at the right time and she bit into it.
07:55 Amen. And then here she came back the second time.
07:58 Praise the Lord! Thank you so much.
08:00 What an incredible testimony!
08:01 I think we're heading out to the mountains. Is that right?
08:04 We're going to change our clothes and start heading out
08:06 into nature at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.
08:44 We are in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve
08:47 right here. It's incredible, sweetheart, this beauty here!
08:50 It is! It's a whole range of mountains here right around
08:52 the city of Phoenix. We're attempting... I don't even
08:54 know if we're going to accomplish it... but we're
08:56 attempting to scale I think they call it Piestewa Peak
09:00 which is the 2nd highest peak. It's somewhere way up there.
09:04 I see people hiking up there and I don't know...
09:06 I'm a little out of breath and we're just beginning.
09:08 You know, you and I both enjoy nature
09:11 and it's a blessing being out- side in God's beautiful nature.
09:13 It's a little bit different than southern Illinois.
09:15 In southern Illinois there are corn, soybeans, wheat.
09:18 And... corn, soybeans, wheat.
09:21 Wheat... yeah... that's for sure.
09:23 But here you saw in the opening shot you can see
09:25 I think you say this correctly sagauro cactus.
09:28 Totally different from what we have in southern Illinois
09:31 but it's beautiful to be out in God's nature.
09:33 I understand now that these cactus, they have little arms
09:35 that come out on the sides of them.
09:37 They have to be 75 years old in order to put out a little arm.
09:40 Isn't that amazing? So the one in front of us
09:42 must be just over 75 'cause it's got just little stubby arms
09:45 coming out. Yeah... little baby arms.
09:47 Yeah, that's for sure. But it's really neat to be out
09:49 in nature and to see all these people actually.
09:51 We're out here on a beautiful day.
09:53 Sunshine. Um-hmm. We're talking about the city of Phoenix.
09:55 You can see it off to our... Almost in front of us actually.
09:58 And here we are up on the beautiful mountains
10:01 just outside of Phoenix. But what a blessing it is
10:03 to be in God's beautiful creation. Absolutely!
10:06 And right now we're going to go to Desert Cove
10:09 which is Pastor C.A. Murray's church
10:11 where he is there. And he had a chance to sit down
10:14 with the Arizona Conference president.
10:16 He came to his church. This is Elder Ed Keyes.
10:19 And we're so blessed, sweetheart, to partner. Yes!
10:21 3ABN with the Arizona Con- ference - boy, that's for sure -
10:24 in the proclamation of the gos- pel here in the greater Phoenix
10:28 area. So what we want to do right now is
10:30 to hear the interview that Pastor C.A. did with
10:33 Elder Ed Keyes. And we're going to hike up a little bit more
10:36 on the mountain. We'll see how far we can make it.
10:38 Let's go to that interview now.
10:41 We're at the Desert Cove Seventh-day Adventist church
10:43 and it is my privilege to be with Pastor Ed Keyes
10:46 who is the president of the Arizona Conference
10:50 but I have found out that he is a "home boy. "
10:52 He is from Jersey City, New Jersey:
10:55 my old stomping grounds.
10:57 So, Ed, it's so good to be with you.
10:58 I want to talk a little bit about the conference.
11:00 Give me the general membership of the conference,
11:02 the number of churches that you have.
11:04 The SDA church in Arizona has 21,000 members.
11:08 We're growing... the Lord is blessing.
11:11 We have 106 churches; we have 11 schools...
11:15 well, 10 schools and an academy...
11:17 and community service centers and all kinds of programs
11:20 around the conference. Praise the Lord!
11:22 You mentioned to me that in addition to the five 3ABN
11:26 meetings that there are some other meetings that are going on
11:28 at this time. Yeah, we were excited
11:30 to partner with Pathways to Health when they came in
11:33 at Christmas time, and they were the ones that
11:36 told us we could have 3ABN come and share meetings.
11:39 We were excited, so we jumped on board with that.
11:41 But we had already had 3 meetings already scheduled.
11:44 We have Elder Richard Halvorsen holding a meeting in Sedona.
11:48 We have Elder Jim Stephens who is holding a meeting in
11:51 Cottonwood. That one hasn't started yet.
11:53 And I forget the third one right now, but we have a third one
11:57 going as well. It appears, though, as though
12:00 evangelism is a very important part, a very integral part,
12:03 of the work of the Arizona Conference.
12:05 It is indeed. You know, we have five things that we're really
12:08 actively promoting. One is retention,
12:10 keeping the people that we have 'cause a lot of times
12:12 you know the back door is wide open and we lose them.
12:15 We'd like to keep people. The second one -
12:17 number two - is evangelism.
12:18 We want to continue bringing people into the fellowship
12:23 of the church. And youth is a third one.
12:25 Education is the fourth and stewardship is the fifth.
12:28 But we believe evangelism feeds all of them.
12:31 It is really a key component to our vision for the Adventist
12:35 church in Arizona. Praise the Lord!
12:37 Now you let it sort of leak out that this church is one
12:40 of your favorite churches to visit
12:42 so I hope I'm not talking out of school.
12:43 You're right... you're right.
12:45 But I have found... We just began last night
12:48 but the flavor here, the feeling,
12:52 for evangelism is very very high here.
12:53 Very strong. Yeah, the Desert Cove church
12:56 has had a long history in caring for their community
13:00 and wanting to see people in the community
13:02 know the same Jesus that we know
13:05 and fall in love with Him.
13:06 Praise the Lord! Give us some sense of
13:09 your feeling, this cooperation with 3ABN,
13:12 the Arizona Conference, and these five churches...
13:15 just some sense of your feeling for us in that union.
13:18 Well we are so excited. When we heard that 3ABN was able
13:21 to send evangelists here we said: "Well, fantastic! "
13:25 I mean, we can't go wrong with that.
13:26 We believe in soul winning and we know 3ABN does
13:29 so to tie the two together I mean it's just a happy
13:32 happy marriage.
13:35 Thank you Pastor Ed Keyes. I don't want to keep him.
13:37 He's the conference president and he has miles to go
13:39 before he sleeps and much to do.
13:41 But thank you for spending just a little time with us today.
13:43 God bless you; thank you.
13:45 Thank you Pastor C.A. and Elder Keyes.
13:48 What a blessing to have the support of the Arizona
13:50 Conference here with this evangelistic series that's
13:53 going on in Phoenix, Arizona.
13:55 Jill and I have hiked up higher along with the crew.
13:58 Appreciate Arody and Brad.
13:59 We're higher up on the mountain in the Phoenix Mt. Preserve.
14:03 And we paused for a moment. That would explain why we're
14:05 no longer out of breath. Yeah... that's true.
14:08 And to be honest with you we paused a few times
14:10 on our way up the mountain.
14:11 I don't even know how far we are,
14:12 but there's quite a ways to go yet.
14:14 But I see the airplanes and they seem a little closer
14:16 than they were at the bottom. That's right.
14:18 So I know we're getting higher up, that's for sure.
14:20 But you know, this trail here as you can see
14:23 actually has quite a few switchbacks.
14:24 Back and forth, back and forth and it's getting steeper
14:27 and steeper and actually quite narrow in some spots.
14:31 And the way this trail is there's actually some pretty big
14:34 steps. It's kind of cute. We saw this little kid -
14:36 her mom and the little girl - and the step was huge for her.
14:39 And instead of just like step- ping down she stood at the edge
14:42 and then she went "Whee! " and jumped off the edge
14:44 to the next step. She was quite proud of herself.
14:46 Was she the one I said "Good job" to?
14:48 Yes, that's right. And then she told her mom
14:50 "That lady said good job to me. "
14:53 I think what's a neat thing, 'cause there's a spiritual
14:55 lesson we can learn from this path because we're all on
14:57 a journey and we're all on a path of life actually.
15:00 And I see a lot of people on this path -
15:02 because it's steep and narrow and has some ruggedness to it -
15:05 helping each other out.
15:06 I think what's encouraging about this series that we're
15:08 doing here in Phoenix is that we're able to spread
15:11 the gospel and we're lending a hand to them to say: "Here,
15:14 here's a step... let's show you the way. "
15:16 And we can lead and guide. So we appreciate again
15:19 your support financially and prayerfully of this event.
15:21 Amen! I'm reminded of Psalm 16:11.
15:24 Oh, that's a good text. David says: "He will show me
15:26 the path of life. At your right hand are pleasures
15:29 forever more. " And so you just think God has a path
15:32 for each one of us. That's true. You know, a path that
15:34 He wants us to walk on and to follow.
15:37 And just as this path, you know, it's kind of hemmed in
15:40 by those rocks as we go up, but the same thing.
15:42 You know, God has His Word, the Bible, that gives us
15:46 as it were landmarks and says: "OK, you're going in
15:49 the right direction here. " "OK, maybe you need to turn
15:52 a left turn here and go this way. "
15:54 And I think that's the whole purpose of the evangelistic
15:56 series: to point us back to the Word of God.
15:59 Because in the Word of God is where we find
16:02 the path of life and that leads to life everlasting.
16:04 What an incredible blessing! Yeah, you know, you're right.
16:06 And I think, too... You know, we talked earlier about the
16:08 city of Phoenix which you see behind us.
16:10 And, man, there are millions... Well, what? 1.6 or 7 million
16:15 or maybe almost 2 million people. It's the fifth largest
16:17 city in the United States. Yeah, that's for sure.
16:19 There's a lot of people here. There's a lot of people that are
16:22 in these homes, in these businesses that are behind us.
16:25 And we just want to pray for each one of them - yes -
16:27 that God will lead them in the way everlasting.
16:30 And what an opportunity we have through 3ABN,
16:32 through other mediums, even where you are in your
16:33 community. You know, it's easy to say: "Well, they're
16:36 doing that in an evangelistic series. I can't do anything. "
16:38 But you know, we all have a part that we can play.
16:40 Even someone that you may meet at the grocery store...
16:43 at Wal-Mart we say or the gas station or something
16:47 like that. We always have the opportunity of sharing
16:49 Jesus and leading someone on the path everlasting.
16:51 Amen! Well, we're going to go hike up the trail -
16:53 the path here - a little bit more. All right, let's do it!
16:56 But while we do that, we're going to go to the Chandler
16:58 Seventh-day Adventist church. And Christ Shelton had a chance
17:00 to talk with the lady who's actually been cooking the meals
17:03 for them there. All right! So let's see what she has to say.
17:05 Hi, this is Chris Shelton coming to you again from
17:08 Chandler, Arizona. Beautiful blue sky!
17:12 Back in Illinois we haven't had very many blue skies
17:15 this winter. It's been pretty cold.
17:17 It's cool here for Arizona right now
17:20 but you know, it's still lovely... it's beautiful.
17:22 And I have with me Judy. Judy is a special lady 'cause
17:26 this lady is cooking our food for us every day.
17:29 And she's got quite a task, don't you, with non-GMO,
17:33 no soy, and she's even trying to do some gluten free for us.
17:37 Isn't that wonderful?
17:38 But Judy, you were at our first meeting last night.
17:41 What did? Did you have an experience with the Holy Spirit?
17:44 What did you think about the first meeting?
17:46 I enjoyed it very much and it brought home
17:51 that it's time to shake up people.
17:56 And I have family members I've got to try to shake up
18:00 because I want them to come home.
18:03 Amen! In fact, we prayed for our family members.
18:06 And then after we had our group prayer you and I had a special
18:09 prayer just right in the door, didn't we? Yes.
18:12 We were praying for certain important family members
18:15 in your life. But what would you like to see happen
18:19 during this evangelistic series?
18:21 I'd like to see people come out more.
18:27 Enjoy the message, realize, and put it into practice.
18:32 And that includes me... putting it into practice.
18:37 You know, I have been through these messages many many times.
18:40 And it never fails: each time you learn something new
18:44 or you think: "Oh wow! I forgot that. "
18:46 And it does help to motivate, to stir our hearts
18:49 to put these messages into practice. What good is it
18:52 if we don't pick up our Bible and if we don't obey and follow
18:56 and accept the love of Jesus, right?
18:59 That's right. OK. You have any closing words for us?
19:03 God bless everyone. That's right!
19:05 And if you are watching this and you're in the Chandler area,
19:08 please come and see us. We want to meet you in person.
19:10 OK? God bless you.
19:13 A great report from the Chandler SDA church.
19:15 We thank Sister Chris. And of course, Pr. Kenny Shelton
19:17 is doing the evangelistic series he and his wife there together.
19:20 And we thank Judy, too, because food is important!
19:22 And that's just great. Appreci- ate all of her cooking skills.
19:26 And we're out here even higher yet
19:28 on the trail in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve
19:32 and I don't think I can say the name of this trail.
19:35 Piestewa Peak, which is the second highest peak
19:39 in this area. I think it's 2,600 feet.
19:42 I think the first would be Camelback Mountain
19:44 but this is the second. We have not summited
19:46 but we're a good deal higher than we were. Yes!
19:48 Yes, I agree with that. We got out of breath a few times
19:51 but that's OK... exercise is good.
19:53 You know, if we look around this is really desert.
19:56 And coming from southern IL a lot of things are green.
19:59 We have trees; we have green fields.
20:01 When I look here around at the desert
20:04 it looks dry, it looks barren. There's cacti,
20:08 there's a lot of rocks. And it seems like the promise
20:12 in God's Word couldn't even come true.
20:14 You know, Isaiah 35 says: "The desert shall rejoice
20:18 and blossom as the rose. " And you think: "How could life
20:22 come out of something that looks so barren? " Yes...
20:24 very good point! So empty, so desolate almost as it were.
20:29 But on the way up we saw... Of course, this is the beginning
20:31 of springtime in Phoenix... we saw the cacti and other
20:36 plants beginning to blossom. They've got orange flowers.
20:38 Um-hmm. And you see that and you see that new life
20:41 beginning to spring forth. One of my favorite promises
20:44 is Isaiah 43. It says: "Behold I will do a new thing.
20:49 Now it shall spring forth. Shall you not know it?
20:51 I will even make a way in the wilderness. "
20:53 And you could say this is like wilderness... desert.
20:55 Yes... that's true. "And springs in the desert. "
20:57 So no matter where you feel your life is today
21:01 God can bring abundance; God can bring fruitfulness.
21:05 God can bring beauty out of the barrenness in the desert
21:09 of your life. You know, that's true because several months ago
21:12 we came up here hiking when GYC was in the Phoenix area
21:15 just several months ago. And as we hiked up these trails
21:17 in this beautiful preserve it's amazing now the difference
21:20 in two months. It still had a little bit of green then
21:23 but now it's incredible. All those little cacti
21:26 that looked so dead have these little bitty green leaves
21:29 and we saw the orange flowers.
21:31 You know, even right here in front of us is this little -
21:33 I don't know - is it a shrub?
21:35 I'm not too familiar with the southwest. A little tree...
21:37 I don't think it's cactus but a little shrub.
21:39 You can see the little leaves coming out on it.
21:40 You know, in an area that looks so desolate
21:43 and maybe barren there's life.
21:45 And we saw a little, I think it's a ground squirrel.
21:48 Actually there's one right here. Yeah, he's just hopping down
21:50 kind of hard to see. He's getting pretty close to us.
21:52 He is! Little ground squirrel hopping along
21:54 finding something to eat.
21:55 I know it's hard for us to get those shots
21:57 a little ways away from us, but we saw a hummingbird even
22:00 at one of the orange flowers getting a little bit of nectar.
22:03 It's incredible like you were saying - yes -
22:05 how life can come from something that looks so dead.
22:08 And I think even in our own souls, our own lives
22:10 we say: "Boy, I just don't seem to have that
22:13 desire for Jesus Christ. "
22:15 But you know, if we ask Christ and say: "God,
22:17 create in me a clean heart; give me life;
22:21 give me that wellspring inside of me. "
22:23 And only Jesus is the One that can give that to us.
22:25 How encouraging that is - it's incredible -
22:28 that life can come from something that looks so dead.
22:29 Amen! That's what Jesus does.
22:31 You know that new birth experience? You see that
22:33 in the desert in the springtime. And I'm sure if we came
22:35 in a couple more weeks it'd be even more beautiful
22:38 with the flowers. But God does that in our hearts
22:40 and lives as well. Right now we're going to go to the
22:42 Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist church.
22:44 J.D. Quinn had the opportunity to interview
22:47 a couple of people. One of them actually our
22:50 first iSITE we did the group shot with all of the...
22:53 with all the people, and the open for the program
22:55 for Pastor Lomacang has that group shot.
22:58 And we had a picture taken
23:01 who is a gentleman from the Phoenix Central church
23:04 who made a sign, and it said: "Welcome 3ABN. "
23:07 That's right. He's a street preacher I think. He is.
23:09 So let's go to that right now.
23:12 I am a deacon here at that Phoenix Central SDA church,
23:16 and I've been blessed and called to do street preaching.
23:20 I've been a member at this church for 8 years,
23:22 going on 9 years. And I love the lessons
23:26 and the teachings of the Bible that are presented through
23:29 the Seventh-day Adventist movement.
23:31 And recently we had the opportunity to have the
23:33 Pathways to Health here in Phoenix, Arizona,
23:36 that ministered all type of medical needs
23:38 to everyone that was in need that couldn't afford otherwise.
23:42 And now we have the opportunity to have Pathway to Life
23:46 that will bring people closer to Jesus Christ
23:49 in our walk with Him on a daily basis.
23:51 We have teaching and Central SDA church Sr. Shelley Quinn.
23:56 She has an astronomical beautiful knowledge
23:59 of how she expresses the Word of God.
24:02 Come out and join us here at the Phoenix Central SDA church
24:06 for this extraordinary seminar that will prepare you
24:10 for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
24:14 Good evening. Coming to you from Phoenix Central church.
24:19 A series of meetings that 3ABN has come to town
24:21 to deliver a message that is sorely needed for this time
24:25 that we're in. Shelley Quinn is delivering a powerful message
24:28 tonight. And I just want to express
24:33 the gratitude and appreci- ation that I have for 3ABN.
24:37 In 2013 I had a series of events that happened in my life.
24:41 I come from a very rough and tumble world,
24:44 and I knew that something wasn't right.
24:46 I didn't have the proper direction in my life
24:49 and something was lacking.
24:50 And you know, I happened to meet an elder
24:54 and he talked to me. And my head's a little hard,
24:59 so the first time it didn't take.
25:00 But eventually it did take, and through watching the
25:03 programming that 3ABN provides
25:06 I was able to understand that there's more to life
25:10 than what Dan wanted.
25:12 It's what the Lord has planned for us.
25:15 And through a series of events
25:17 I was able this past year to attend the Amazing Facts
25:21 Center of Evangelism for four months.
25:24 And now I've taken that.
25:28 We did a mission trip into Mexico.
25:31 We came back here to Phoenix and now we're here at 3ABN
25:37 series and we're doing Bible working for Central church
25:41 for this event. And I just would like to say
25:45 anybody who's sitting at home who's feeling that
25:49 they need to do something or they have a burning desire
25:53 that the Lord is speaking to them
25:55 or they just need somebody to pray with them
25:57 or speak to them just take that step.
26:00 Take that initial step of action
26:01 and get out and just do it.
26:03 Come to one of the meetings.
26:05 There's five different locations around the valley.
26:07 And you'll be so blessed by it I can guarantee you.
26:13 What a great report from the Phoenix Central SDA church!
26:16 Shelley and J.D. are at that church.
26:18 And we had met the first night when we had our first group
26:21 meeting we met the Bible worker Daniel.
26:23 And he and his wife are just a precious couple.
26:26 And just to hear the impact 3ABN has made in his life!
26:30 And then to hear he went to AFCOE
26:32 and now is doing Bible work. They hired him to do
26:35 Bible work for this evangelistic series.
26:38 I'm sure more in addition to that, but he's doing it
26:40 specifically for the series. So praise God for what
26:43 He's doing in the ministry of 3ABN and how it impacts
26:47 people all over the world.
26:48 Well I think that's kind of neat because really it's
26:50 really spread. It's like that ripple effect.
26:51 You know, 3ABN made an impact on his life. Praise the Lord!
26:53 And now he's make an impact on others
26:55 and that ripple just continues to spread like
26:57 when you throw a little stone into a pond.
26:59 I don't see really any ponds out here in the desert.
27:01 No! But you can see that ripple effect continues to go.
27:04 It's really neat. So again, we do thank you
27:06 for making an impact in other people's lives.
27:08 Now that say that what goes up must come down.
27:12 And I know that we've had a great time out here on the
27:16 mountain, but we're still high up.
27:18 We must go down. We have to get ready for this evening's
27:20 meeting and they say: "All good things must come to an end" too.
27:23 We've had a great time out here in nature - yes -
27:25 but there's something even better coming,
27:27 and that's the message, of course, of Pastor Lomacang
27:28 here in just a few more minutes.
27:30 Amen! Absolutely! Now going down you know
27:32 don't have the cardio so much going down - that's true - which
27:34 is a really good thing. But you also... it's a little more
27:38 work I think on the legs going down. That's true.
27:39 But it's such a blessing to be up here and to show you
27:42 at home some of the nature, the beauty of God's nature
27:47 here in Phoenix. And we just want to encourage you
27:51 to comment. You know we're streaming live on Facebook
27:54 every night - that's a good point, yes - 6:30. That's true.
27:56 And please send us your comments. We want to give you
27:58 a shout out and thank you for sending them in
28:01 or you can obviously watch on Youtube
28:03 or send us an e-mail, too. That's great.
28:05 That's true. The e-mail, yeah, on our website:
28:09 Anyway, Jill and I are going to head back to the hotel,
28:11 change our clothes, and get ready for the evening
28:13 meeting. God bless you. Thank you again for joining us
28:15 here for iSITE Review.


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