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00:06 Hello and welcome to iSITE number seven.
00:08 We are Greg and Jill Morikone,
00:10 and again, we are here in Phoenix, Arizona
00:12 for the evangelistic series,
00:13 "Pathway to Life," and it is going well.
00:16 Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.
00:17 Now in iSITE number six,
00:19 we were at a park called Hole in the Rock.
00:21 Now that's just that direction just off to my left.
00:24 We are here by really special garden, aren't we?
00:26 We are.
00:27 This is the Desert Botanical Garden,
00:29 and I love flowers of any kind.
00:31 And in this Desert Botanical Garden,
00:33 they have all these arid plants,
00:35 plants that grow in the desert.
00:37 There's over 50,000 plants there
00:39 and that's incredible.
00:41 And right behind us, you can see another rock.
00:43 It sort of looks like Hole in the Rock.
00:45 This whole section of the country,
00:47 the Sonoran Desert with the cacti
00:49 and the plants is beautiful.
00:50 It is.
00:51 In this rock that's behind us,
00:53 it's may be hard to see in the camera shot.
00:54 But it's interesting because the Hole in the Rock
00:56 that we saw in iSITE six is very interesting.
00:58 It reminds me of something almost man-made.
01:00 It looks like red concrete
01:02 with like stones embedded in it.
01:04 It's just really incredible
01:05 but it has been here since creation.
01:06 Well, I guess since the flood
01:08 when all of the earth was upheaval,
01:09 there's a lot of upheaval and stuff but just incredible,
01:11 like Jill has mentioned, to see this life.
01:13 We've had some rain recently
01:14 and you can just see the green leaves
01:16 from day to day.
01:17 There's yellow flowers here right behind the crew
01:19 and I should mention the crew.
01:21 Our crew today, we have Brad Walker here,
01:22 we have Summer Boyd, and we have Danae Babb,
01:25 and they are doing a great job plus our crew that's out
01:27 in the Botanical Garden right now.
01:29 They're filming there right now.
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01:59 Wow.
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02:04 and many others.
02:05 So thank you so much.
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02:11 Yeah, because we like hearing from you
02:12 because we again appreciate your prayers
02:14 and financial support for the ministry of 3ABN.
02:16 Because of your support of this ministry,
02:18 we are able to go to events like this in Phoenix
02:20 where souls are being changed for eternity.
02:22 And again in this iSITE,
02:24 we are going to hear some incredible testimonies.
02:25 We will indeed.
02:27 But first, we are going to go, I know Greg mentioned,
02:28 the crew is in the botanical gardens
02:30 now filming,
02:31 and they are going to put together
02:33 a beautiful montage, aren't they?
02:34 Yes, they are.
02:35 And they are getting some shots of the beautiful cacti
02:37 from southern Illinois.
02:39 We don't see this on a day to day basis.
02:40 So for us, this is pretty neat,
02:41 pretty cool as you hear some people say
02:43 and we have Tim Parton who is just so talented.
02:46 He is.
02:47 God has given him so many gifts with music
02:49 and he's played a beautiful song.
02:51 He has.
02:52 All Things Bright and Beautiful.
02:53 He put together the music for it,
02:55 and let's go to that right now.
06:59 All Things Bright and Beautiful.
07:00 The Lord God made them all.
07:02 Thank you, Tim Parton, for that piano rendition
07:04 and also for the crew for the beautiful footage
07:06 that they got from the botanical gardens.
07:08 When Jill and I started, we were down,
07:10 we are up high here overlooking part of Phoenix,
07:12 but we were down there
07:14 and we've not necessarily climbed our way up here.
07:16 We drove to a little parking lot
07:18 and then hiked the rest of the way up here.
07:19 But what a beautiful spot here,
07:21 overlooking almost a 360 view of Phoenix
07:23 and the mountain ranges around us,
07:24 but where are we?
07:26 We are here at Governor Hunt's tomb.
07:27 He was the first governor of Arizona.
07:29 That was back in 1912 when it became a state.
07:34 But they said in the late 1800s,
07:36 he was from Missouri,
07:38 and he and a friend came out here to Arizona
07:40 and they lived in a cave.
07:41 In a cave?
07:43 All he had was clothes on his back
07:44 and they lived in a cave with a little tin
07:46 that leaned to in the front.
07:48 But he became a successful businessman
07:49 and then the first governor,
07:51 and he served several terms as governor.
07:53 I believe.
07:54 Well, we met a tour guide actually up here on top
07:55 just before we started this and I think he said
07:57 seven out of the first nine terms,
07:59 he served as governor.
08:00 Wow. Popular governor.
08:02 Absolutely.
08:03 And he went, he spent some time overseas
08:05 and he enjoyed the architecture in Egypt.
08:07 So when his wife passed away,
08:09 he had this pyramid right here
08:11 designed for her and then when he passed away,
08:14 he was buried there as well.
08:15 Wow. Yes, pretty incredible.
08:17 It's quite an amazing view from up here.
08:19 And you may hear in our microphones
08:20 that sound like airplanes.
08:22 Well, they are because the Phoenix airport
08:23 is just off in the distance and we seem to be close
08:25 to a flight pattern here.
08:27 But I like the wildlife too. I enjoy nature.
08:30 And on our way up here,
08:31 I saw I guess a western roadrunner,
08:33 maybe there's only one type of roadrunner out here,
08:35 I don't know.
08:37 And then I saw I think is a western quail,
08:38 the little quail, it has a little doodad
08:39 that sticks out on the top of his head like that.
08:41 Really cute.
08:43 But it's really neat to see the nature,
08:44 even with the city and stuff around us.
08:46 It's just neat how God has created
08:48 so much for us to enjoy.
08:49 The Lord God made them all,
08:51 all things bright and beautiful.
08:52 We are going to Chandler Church right now.
08:55 Chris Shelton had the chance to talk with the gentleman
08:57 who is Catholic for 57 years.
09:00 He has been attending the church just a short while
09:03 and he said how he fell in love with Jesus
09:05 and he never knew Jesus like he did.
09:08 Right now, he has devotions.
09:10 He spends time watching 3ABN
09:13 and let's listen to that interview now.
09:16 Hi, I am Chris Shelton.
09:17 Welcome again from the Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church
09:20 here in Chandler, Arizona.
09:22 And I have with me Brother Frank.
09:24 And Brother Frank has been...
09:25 I think you've been at every single meeting,
09:27 haven't you?
09:28 Yes, I have so far
09:30 and I tend to come to all of them.
09:31 Okay.
09:32 And you know, I noticed last night
09:34 when we were talking about getting connected
09:37 and Pastor Kenny was saying,
09:39 you know that some of us,
09:40 we might have had a loose connection
09:42 and we want to come back,
09:44 we want to take a stand and really tighten up
09:46 our relationship with Jesus
09:48 and you were the first one to stand
09:51 and it just really touched our heart.
09:53 Frank, tell us about your experience.
09:55 Where are you from?
09:57 What's brought you to this church?
09:58 And where do you think God is leading?
10:00 Okay.
10:01 Well, my name is Frank Melita,
10:03 and I've been coming here about six months
10:04 to the Chandler's Church right here,
10:06 Seventh-day Adventist church.
10:08 And I was formerly a Catholic for 57 years,
10:13 and I am coming here, and I love it.
10:17 I'm feeling I'm getting connected with God
10:20 and trying to have a close relationship.
10:22 And the best part is that Jesus is my friend
10:27 and I never had that before, and it feels great,
10:31 and I'm really getting closer to the Lord
10:34 and I appreciate everything that is coming to me
10:39 and my family.
10:40 Amen.
10:41 And what about this evangelistic series?
10:44 Has the Lord spoke to you in any way?
10:47 Has it just maybe bonded you closer to Him
10:50 than where you thought you were?
10:53 I am, most definite. It really has.
10:56 I love it.
10:58 We love coming here, me and my wife, and tonight,
11:00 one of my sons came and that was really nice.
11:02 And it's definitely, you know, I am getting definitely bonded
11:05 and I'm starting to feel more connected
11:08 and I'm definitely feeling closer to the Lord,
11:10 you know, every night I come here.
11:12 Do you think that the connection
11:13 has anything to do with the truth
11:14 that's being presented?
11:16 Most definite.
11:18 When you go with the Bible, you just can't go wrong.
11:21 The scriptures that Pastor Danny has given
11:24 is beautiful
11:25 and it's just a beautiful experience
11:27 I would have and I'm really enjoying it.
11:30 You know that the Bible says
11:32 that the truth shall set you free.
11:34 And we've been learning that sin separates us from God
11:38 and we need to build our life upon the truth.
11:41 And the truth is what separates us
11:43 from all the confusion in the world.
11:45 You mentioned you were Catholic for a long, long time.
11:48 So there must have been something and I assume
11:51 it was the truth that has brought you
11:53 from Catholic,
11:55 the Catholic Church and now attending,
11:58 you haven't been baptized yet but you are attending
12:01 a Seventh-day Adventist church.
12:02 Am I right or wrong or close?
12:03 You are absolutely right, Chris.
12:05 I am learning the truth now
12:07 and I am trying to walk with the Lord
12:09 and by knowing the Bible and following the Bible
12:12 and the commandments,
12:13 that's how you get closer to the Lord I feel
12:15 and it just feels, I feel great, I really feel,
12:19 I feel great about everything.
12:21 You know, Frank, I think
12:22 that you're not a once-a-week Christian.
12:25 I think you're probably one that opens the Bible every day.
12:28 Am I right?
12:29 No, I have been.
12:31 I have been actually reading the Bible in the mornings.
12:33 My wife, first thing in the morning,
12:34 we read the Bible and I never did that before,
12:38 didn't really read the Bible that much at all.
12:40 So I'm learning it and with these type of series
12:44 and prophecies that we do watch,
12:47 and 3ABN, we watch,
12:49 you know, we listen, we watch that,
12:51 me and my wife and I'm learning more and more.
12:54 Praise God.
12:55 You know, that's what makes a difference.
12:58 I remember years ago,
12:59 that's when my life began to change
13:01 is when I began to eat of the Word first.
13:04 In fact, when I was teaching
13:06 and during the lot of the sermon,
13:08 evangelistic series that my husband and I give,
13:11 we always encourage people to eat
13:13 of the spiritual food first
13:14 before you ever take a bite of anything physical
13:17 because it's a spiritual that we need.
13:20 And I'm so glad to have gotten to meet you and your wife
13:24 and I didn't see your child here tonight.
13:27 But I know that that was on her heart.
13:28 So that's an answer to prayer. Thank you folks at home.
13:32 Is there anything that you'd like to say
13:34 before we end this little short interview?
13:37 I like to say that
13:38 I just wish everybody to come down
13:40 because you really learn a lot here
13:43 and you feel great when you leave
13:45 and the Lord is definitely with you
13:46 when you leave this church.
13:48 That is definitely the Holy Spirit.
13:50 Thank you guys for watching. See you next time.
13:54 What a great testimony
13:56 from the Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church?
13:58 How encouraging to hear Frank's testimony
14:00 and how God brought him out of darkness
14:02 into this marvelous light or into more of the truth
14:06 in God's Word and how he's growing
14:08 in his walk with Jesus?
14:09 You know, that's just so encouraging
14:11 and I just want to encourage you at home
14:12 to pray for the people,
14:14 pray for those who are making decisions,
14:16 pray for Frank,
14:17 pray for the other's testimonies
14:19 that we share here on iSITE.
14:22 And what God is doing here in the Greater Phoenix area?
14:24 Yeah, very true and I think,
14:26 you know, maybe you're someone that has accepted Jesus Christ
14:28 for the first time.
14:30 Maybe rededicated your life to Jesus Christ
14:32 and I think we want to lift you up in prayer
14:34 and you at home, lift them up in prayer
14:35 because we know
14:37 that the series is making an impact.
14:38 As we were mentioning earlier,
14:39 we're getting a lot of comments back
14:41 through either Facebook, YouTube, our 3ABN website,
14:44 and
14:47 It's encouraging to see how God is working
14:49 in all of our lives and I think Christ,
14:51 the Holy Spirit talks to each one of us each day
14:54 and we need to listen and obey.
14:56 So we're here.
14:58 I know may be a little confusing
14:59 as to where in the world are Greg and Jill.
15:01 So the Hole in the Rock is just to my left,
15:05 the Hunt's tomb is just to my right,
15:07 and we are down by the little oasis
15:09 that we talked about earlier
15:10 I think on iSITE six and we could look down
15:12 on the beautiful palm trees
15:14 and this lake and we think of the ripple effect, don't we,
15:17 when we think of water and the pond
15:19 and how we all can have an influence
15:21 on those around us,
15:22 when you throw that little pebble in,
15:24 that ripple continues to grow and grow and grow
15:26 and get bigger and bigger.
15:28 And I've seen some little ducks out here.
15:29 Again, I like the wildlife,
15:31 seen some ducks bobbing around on the water.
15:33 They were having a fight just a moment ago.
15:34 Yeah, they were.
15:37 And right over to my left, there're some neat little birds
15:39 with a little red head beak, and looks like some green legs.
15:42 I'll have to look them up in my bird book.
15:45 But anyways, it's a blessing to be here in nature
15:47 and here in Phoenix, Arizona
15:49 helping to spread the gospel around the world.
15:50 Amen.
15:51 And we were talking about people making decisions
15:53 for Jesus.
15:54 I just want to encourage you,
15:55 if you have made a decision for Jesus
15:57 during these meetings, let us know about it.
15:59 If you've rededicated your life to Christ,
16:02 if you've accepted Him for the first time,
16:04 send us an email, just and send us an email there.
16:09 Let us know,
16:10 and we want to pray for you in a special way.
16:13 Right now, we're going to the Phoenix
16:14 Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.
16:16 Shelley and JD Quinn are ministering there,
16:19 and there's a couple of great testimonies
16:21 we'll hear just now.
16:23 Hello.
16:24 We're coming to you from the Central SDA Church
16:26 here in Phoenix.
16:27 I'm so excited because I'm introducing you
16:30 to Stephen Neal.
16:31 And, boy, what a testimony this is.
16:34 How long have you been in this wheelchair, Stephen?
16:37 Yeah, 40 years.
16:38 How long? Forty years.
16:40 Forty years.
16:41 And I'll guarantee you, when the doors are open
16:43 at this church, Stephen is here.
16:46 And then whenever the door is closed,
16:48 then he leaves.
16:49 But I want you to look and look how good Stephen looks.
16:52 Now Stephen, he's always looking,
16:55 every night, he's dressed for the occasion.
16:58 And, Stephen, do you really,
17:00 how long have you been coming to this church?
17:03 I've been coming to this church about 25 years.
17:06 Twenty five years,
17:07 you've been a member of the Central
17:09 Seventh-day Adventist church
17:10 which is I understand the mother church in this area,
17:11 is that right?
17:13 That's right.
17:14 This is the mother church and been 25 years.
17:16 Twenty five years, and of course, Stephen,
17:20 he has a lovely wife, and your lovely wife's name is.
17:23 Savannah Neal. Savannah.
17:26 Savannah leads out here every night
17:28 during our 6:30 to 7:00
17:30 and so she has a leadership position here,
17:35 is that right?
17:36 Yes, she's the leader here in Vacation Bible School
17:40 and she's the head over the young adult children.
17:46 What all do you do here, Stephen?
17:48 I know that you show up.
17:49 What all do you do besides being an inspiration
17:52 that you're always here.
17:54 I'm one of the elders of the church,
17:57 and I'm also with the music committee.
17:59 Amen.
18:01 And of course, I think a night or two ago,
18:03 you got to hear some music from Albert.
18:06 Albert, he gave a piano testimony
18:09 which is a little unusual
18:11 but we were all certainly blessed.
18:14 Okay.
18:17 I know that evangelism plays a big part.
18:19 Evangelism and love
18:21 are the two basic pillars of this church.
18:25 And what does it mean that 3ABN has come in,
18:28 that Shelley Quinn has come in
18:29 and will have this evangelism time?
18:32 What is our goal?
18:34 Our goal here is to follow Jesus
18:37 and do as Jesus tell us to do,
18:40 and one of the main things that with me
18:45 is it takes a long time for me to get dressed
18:49 and my wife had to dress me.
18:51 And so we were going to,
18:54 well, I was going to not come the first night.
18:58 But anyway the Lord had put it on my heart.
19:02 I had to be here.
19:03 And we got dressed and got here.
19:06 Well, I can just speak for myself,
19:08 Stephen, that you certainly have been an inspiration to me
19:12 and I just think,
19:14 I know that there are many people out there
19:16 that probably, they'll sit back in their easy chair
19:19 and here,
19:23 you've got to actually
19:24 go to all these effort to get here,
19:26 and to be in a leadership position.
19:28 I just want to just tell you how much Jesus loves you
19:31 and how much I love you.
19:33 God bless from the Central Church.
19:36 We're coming from the Central SDA Church,
19:39 and I have the opportunity to spend a few minutes here
19:41 with Vertis Rogers.
19:43 Vertis is a man of God.
19:44 He leads out in our music every night.
19:46 I know that his mother comes to church.
19:48 I know that his daughter comes to church.
19:50 But this is a tough time in Vertis's life right now
19:55 because he lost his wife just in the last week.
19:58 Is that right, Vertis?
19:59 Yes. Yeah.
20:00 Kind of a surprise, went in for a surgery
20:02 and something went wrong.
20:05 Yes.
20:06 She had prior, had surgery a month and a half ago
20:09 and in one morning, she was found struggling
20:14 and from that point on, it just kind of went downhill.
20:18 But it has been a rough transition
20:21 because she was very much loved and it surprised us all.
20:26 I mean there's times when there are no words
20:29 for a situation like this.
20:31 But the thing about it is is that Vertis,
20:34 as his walk progresses in life,
20:37 he is a warrior for the kingdom.
20:39 So how long have you been coming here, Vertis?
20:41 I've been coming here at Phoenix Central
20:43 for seven years.
20:45 How long have you had a love affair with Jesus?
20:47 All my life.
20:48 All of his life. So good to see this.
20:50 I know that your mother Gloria, she attends here.
20:53 Yes, she does.
20:54 She was the one who brought me here.
20:58 And when I came here, there was so much love,
21:00 I just had to stay,
21:01 and I haven't gone anyplace else.
21:02 You know, that's one thing
21:04 that I've experienced each night
21:06 that Shelley and I attend.
21:08 We're just loved all over the place.
21:09 I mean this is indeed a church of love.
21:12 And it's also a church that believes in evangelism.
21:15 So with 3ABN coming in to participate,
21:19 partner with the Arizona Conference
21:21 with Shelley leading out,
21:22 what do we hope to gain from this?
21:26 We hope to gain
21:28 some more souls to win for the Lord.
21:31 That is the whole purpose.
21:32 We want to see more people get the opportunity.
21:35 With the times in the way they are today,
21:38 you can see that God is moving and that he wants us to do
21:42 what he asked us to do,
21:44 and that is to spread the gospel.
21:46 So with that being said,
21:47 that's my hope in Jesus for more people to be saved.
21:51 Amen.
21:53 So anyway, we're just glad that we have this opportunity
21:56 to spend with each other.
21:58 We come each and every night.
21:59 I know that your daughter was here also a couple of,
22:02 well, last Sabbath, as a matter of fact,
22:04 and so you know this is a family affair,
22:07 and I don't guess there's anything
22:08 that makes anybody happier than to see three generations,
22:12 mama, daddy, and daughter all coming to the same church.
22:18 Wow. Thank You J.D. Quinn.
22:20 Two incredible testimonies.
22:21 Think about the gentleman that was in the wheelchair,
22:24 has been in the wheelchair for 40 years.
22:27 And then Vertis, he just lost his wife.
22:29 I mean how tragic.
22:31 His support for these meetings is just amazing.
22:33 And his walk with God.
22:34 And his walk with God too and how he's coping with this,
22:38 oh, man, loss in his life.
22:41 Yeah, just tremendous. So thank you so much for that.
22:43 Thank you J.D.
22:44 and of course, Shelley Quinn that's their church,
22:46 the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.
22:49 Jill and I are here by...
22:52 Oh, I don't know, there's probably what,
22:53 100 palm trees around us right now?
22:55 A little stream is running to my right,
22:59 and the pond that we are at, the little oasis
23:01 that we were just at is up here off to my left.
23:04 Beautiful spot. It is.
23:06 And the palm trees behind us are Robusta palm trees.
23:08 And the guide we met just a bit earlier,
23:11 he said that they're not native,
23:12 they're not native in this area,
23:14 they were transplanted here or brought here,
23:18 and then they took root, and they grew.
23:20 And it reminds me in Jeremiah 29.
23:23 You know Jeremiah 29:11 is the verse that we all know.
23:26 "I know the plans I have for you,"
23:27 says the Lord.
23:29 But in that chapter,
23:30 God is speaking through Jeremiah to the people
23:32 who are in captivity.
23:33 They are as it were not in their homeland,
23:36 and there are two plant gardens,
23:38 and eat the fruit of them.
23:40 They're too have families.
23:41 There're too, I wrote in the margin of my Bible,
23:44 bloom where you're planted.
23:45 So these palm trees
23:47 might not be where they were originally
23:49 intended to be but they are fertile,
23:52 they are blooming,
23:53 they are growing here in the desert.
23:57 And no matter where God has us placed,
24:00 we're called to grow, we're called to bloom for him.
24:03 Very true.
24:04 And then I'm thinking of this stream
24:06 that we mentioned because we have that pond
24:07 that's just up here, the little lake,
24:09 and it's flowing down the stream
24:10 from the overflow of that pond down
24:12 to another little lake or pond
24:14 one on either side of us over here.
24:16 And I think about the Dead Sea.
24:18 There's no outlet for it.
24:19 All the water flows in, there's no outlet.
24:21 And I think for us,
24:22 it's important for us to have an outlet
24:24 because if stuff's just poured into us,
24:26 we learn these new truths, we are encouraged again
24:28 by the messages of Pastor Lomacang,
24:30 and we do nothing with it.
24:32 Well, that's not good
24:33 because then we become stagnant.
24:35 So I think that this beautiful little stream
24:36 is flowing into another
24:37 and I'm sure that pond has an outlet as well.
24:40 So I want to encourage you to have an outlet,
24:42 to share what you've learned,
24:43 to share with others because as we share,
24:45 we in turn are encouraged and grow as well.
24:47 We are.
24:49 We have one more testimony for you this iSITE.
24:51 And this is at the Paradise Valley
24:53 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
24:54 Angela Lomacang is there,
24:56 and she interviewed Dr. Lela Lewis.
24:58 So let's listen to that right now.
25:01 Welcome to Pathway to Life.
25:02 My name is Angela Lomacang,
25:04 and today, we have Dr. Lela with us.
25:07 Dr. Lela, welcome.
25:09 Thank you so much.
25:10 It's such a pleasure to be with you.
25:12 I tell you, she has been a blessing every night,
25:15 speaking on health,
25:16 and giving us wonderful health nuggets.
25:19 How has these meetings been to you?
25:21 Has it been an eye-opener?
25:23 I know you've been an Adventist for all your life.
25:26 It's been an absolute blessing.
25:28 I've come personally,
25:29 not just to give the presentations
25:31 but personally to get a blessing
25:33 from Pastor Lomacang's presentations
25:35 and I have been blessed.
25:36 I've gone home and thought and it's actually transforming
25:40 my own personal walk with Jesus.
25:41 So for me, it's an amazing blessing.
25:44 Amen, amen.
25:46 And she has been a blessing to us
25:48 as I mentioned every night with the health nuggets.
25:49 By God's grace. Amen.
25:51 And you're the one that started
25:53 the wonderful Pathway to Health.
25:54 Yes, by God's grace, again, yes,
25:57 I was the founder and the CEO of Pathway to Health.
26:00 So, yes.
26:01 Wow. Amen.
26:02 And we've been having quite a bit of visitors.
26:05 Every night.
26:06 What's so exciting...
26:07 I mean normally, in an evangelistic series,
26:09 you see the numbers drop off.
26:11 But it's just the opposite happen here.
26:13 They're bringing their friends. It's amazing.
26:15 It's really exciting to see people.
26:17 It's the Holy Spirit, let's just face it.
26:18 It is. It is. Yes.
26:20 And every night, it's like more and more people.
26:22 Yes. I mean I drove in.
26:24 I had to come a little bit late because of work today.
26:27 The parking lots are full.
26:28 It's such a blessing. Very exciting.
26:31 Amen, amen. Okay.
26:33 So anyway, we are so glad to have our viewers
26:37 and listeners watching and listening to 3ABN,
26:40 and we thank you, and we thank Dr. Lela
26:42 for their wonderful health nuggets every night.
26:45 Thank you.
26:48 Thank you so much, Dr. Lela, and Angela Lomacang.
26:51 What a blessing Dr. Lela is to the church.
26:54 I know that she's the one
26:56 who coordinated Pathway to Health,
26:58 because of her so many people in the Phoenix area,
27:01 because of her and her team, and the blessing of the Lord.
27:03 Incredible.
27:05 So many people in the Phoenix area
27:06 received free medical care, dental care, eye care.
27:09 And then the follow up took place,
27:10 and she was a lot of the coordination
27:12 with the conference initially for the evangelistic meetings,
27:15 and she's doing an incredible job.
27:18 For the evening meetings,
27:19 she and the team of the doctors there at the church,
27:22 they call it date night with the doctors,
27:24 and it's really precious just going through
27:28 the eight laws of health each evening
27:29 and such a blessing.
27:31 So we're so thankful for her. Amen.
27:32 You know it's just a team effort for sure.
27:34 The 3ABN crew, the conference,
27:35 the local churches, and like Jill said,
27:37 we appreciate each one of them
27:39 and you for joining us for iSITE,
27:41 we just pray that you take God at His Word,
27:44 that you open the Word of God, that you study along here.
27:47 In just a few minutes, we're going to be joining
27:49 Pastor Lomacang on the stage at the Paradise Valley
27:51 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
27:53 But we want to encourage you
27:54 on a daily basis to search God's Word,
27:56 for in it are treasures that you can't exhaust
27:59 because God is a great God,
28:01 and what a wonderful Lord that we serve.
28:03 Thank you again for joining us for iSITE.
28:05 We thank you again for your prayers and support
28:07 for the ministry of 3ABN.
28:08 We'll see you again tomorrow night.


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