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00:06 Hello, and welcome to iSITE number eight.
00:08 We are coming to you from Phoenix, Arizona
00:10 for the evangelistic series, Pathway to Life.
00:13 I'm Greg and my wife Jill
00:14 and we have Brother Tim Parton with us.
00:16 We're in the lobby of the Paradise Valley
00:18 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:20 And this is a very busy church, Tim.
00:21 I know that when Jill and I have come over here
00:23 and I'm sure you have too even during the week days.
00:26 Before the meetings start,
00:27 there's always usually a car here
00:29 or something going on in some of these fellowship rooms
00:31 or there's somebody in the office
00:32 and it's neat to see an active church, isn't it?
00:34 Things going on. That's right.
00:36 Yeah, it's always great.
00:37 God's people ought to be at work all the time, right?
00:38 That's true. Good point.
00:40 So it's good,
00:41 and church is a good foundation,
00:43 good place to be working from, so.
00:45 Amen. Very good point.
00:47 And we want to give a shout-out to those who are watching
00:49 on Facebook,
00:51 we're getting comments,
00:52 we got a comment from Gregory and for Dwight.
00:55 And that Gregory is not me...
00:56 That's right, a different Gregory.
00:58 And then these are some people who have shared
01:00 and I'll read through this list quickly.
01:02 Devon, Edvanda, Tom, Cora, Ada, Alisia, John, Debby, Genevieve,
01:08 Loreena, Clayton, Amy, Kim, Moe Anna, Marsha, Sandra,
01:13 Emery, Amy, Marilyn, Haleena,
01:15 Arielle, Anna, Oscar, Rudy, Carolyn, Ode,
01:18 Renee, Garneth, and the list goes on and on.
01:22 So thank you so much for watching here on Facebook,
01:26 for giving us a shout-out.
01:27 We're streaming on YouTube.
01:28 That's right.
01:30 You can go watch them anytime on YouTube, or on Facebook,
01:32 or any of the other avenues.
01:34 And it's a blessing how the technology changes,
01:36 and you can communicate with us
01:38 even as we're communicating with you.
01:39 Right.
01:41 You know, and before we usually start
01:42 each one of these iSITES, or any program,
01:44 we always like to start with prayer.
01:45 And before we went on the air here,
01:47 Brother Tim prayed.
01:48 And I like what you said in your prayer.
01:50 You said,
01:51 "Father, we have so many things to be grateful for."
01:53 You're right.
01:54 And, Tim, there are, aren't there in life?
01:56 You know, we can take so many things for granted.
01:57 I know you've had a tremendous, what do we say,
02:01 it's encouraging on the...
02:02 You did a little appeal.
02:04 So nice to know what God has done.
02:05 So something... Tell us about that miracle.
02:07 On the Thursday Live, I believe,
02:08 it's what we call it
02:10 that you would ask for people to give us.
02:14 You had mentioned, help me here,
02:16 the prayer requests for each pastor
02:18 that each one that's speaking
02:20 and when it came my turn,
02:22 I know that there had been a need for some equipment.
02:24 Absolutely.
02:26 We had a breakdown in equipment here.
02:27 And I just made the plea
02:29 and if you were watching, there's still a need.
02:34 But that Friday morning,
02:35 I've received a call from California.
02:37 A dear lady called,
02:39 and nearly a third of what we needed,
02:44 the Lord had impressed her
02:46 to provide that, to supply that,
02:49 to help meet with the need.
02:50 And she mentioned to me, she said,
02:52 "I really am praying that it's not just an impulse",
02:56 that because she said,
02:57 "Now my personality is very impulsive
02:58 but I want it to be spirit-led,
03:00 I want God to really have spoken to me."
03:03 It's nice to know that there are generous people,
03:06 but generosity that is not directed,
03:09 you know, by God,
03:12 I would say, we'll take the funds either way.
03:15 But, you know, when the Lord speaks to you
03:18 and for you to be sensitive to that,
03:20 that's just important.
03:23 And there are some other answers to prayer.
03:26 I know you had mentioned Shelley.
03:27 Oh, I know that's amazing there.
03:29 Before we leave that,
03:30 I do want to mention that the need still is great
03:34 for the equipment,
03:36 but I don't know how many other people
03:38 may have called in that don't call me personally
03:41 to give the funds too. Amen.
03:43 So yeah, the need is still there,
03:45 but God is faithful to answer and supply.
03:48 So we just want to say that, go God.
03:50 Amen. Go God. That's right.
03:52 You know, what's exciting to me, Tim,
03:53 is that God, to me, it works in both ways.
03:56 You made the need know.
03:57 You know, you said, "Hey, wait a minute,
03:59 there's a need here about the equipment
04:01 and we really could use that."
04:02 And what happened,
04:04 God rewarded your faith in stepping out
04:06 and, you know, you get to see that,
04:07 "Wow, I said that and look at what God's people did."
04:10 That's a good point.
04:11 And then on the other, the flipside,
04:13 this precious woman from California
04:14 who heard your appeal for funds,
04:17 she stepped out by faith
04:19 in doing what God had called her to do.
04:21 So I mean, to me, it works both ways
04:23 and we get to see what God is doing
04:25 and that's incredible.
04:26 And you're right about Shelley
04:27 because we mentioned that on the Thursday Night Live,
04:29 she's struggling with her health
04:31 and I know last night at the meeting
04:33 she could hardly talk. Yeah.
04:35 And then she stood up to preach
04:37 and her voice got stronger, and stronger,
04:40 and the Lord sustained her.
04:41 And then as soon as the message was over,
04:44 here it went again, you know.
04:45 I mean, you just see those answers to prayer
04:47 that we see taking place here.
04:48 Absolutely. Amen. Yeah.
04:50 And we're getting ready to actually go to the church,
04:51 aren't we?
04:52 There's some great testimonies actually that are taking place
04:54 there on what God is doing.
04:55 So let's go to those roles right now.
04:59 We are here at
05:00 the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church,
05:02 and sitting next to me is Kirsten
05:05 who as JD said is
05:07 we've got a lot in common,
05:08 she's a seeker of the truth
05:10 and that's where I found myself
05:12 in that position so many years ago
05:15 and still.
05:16 Keersten, tell us just a little bit
05:18 about your background.
05:20 How did you grow up?
05:21 I grew up as a Catholic.
05:24 And in searching through time many years,
05:27 actually about 10,
05:30 looking online, reading different books and sources,
05:32 I was able to gather enough information
05:35 and, kind of, hop around church to church.
05:38 And then eventually,
05:39 I came across a revelation seminar
05:41 by David Asscherick
05:43 which led me to the online source
05:47 of the Adventist group.
05:50 And then I was able to find more information,
05:52 more study guides,
05:53 and more information to be able to ask questions
05:56 and then, eventually, finding out
05:57 that I'm only about
05:59 not even a quarter of a mile within walking distance
06:02 from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
06:03 Praise God.
06:05 So you actually joined the church how long ago?
06:08 It's been about nine months, almost ten.
06:10 And you're already very active, you're a Bible teacher?
06:13 Yes, that's correct. Okay.
06:15 So here's the question I have for you,
06:18 are you learning anything at this series?
06:21 Oh, yes, most definitely. I was really excited.
06:24 I'm especially growing up
06:26 in a specific church in background,
06:28 there wasn't a lot of women
06:30 who empowered the conviction of Christ.
06:33 They weren't speaking,
06:34 I couldn't see anything at least from what I saw.
06:37 They were always shadows,
06:38 they were always in the background,
06:40 and it made me feel misplaced.
06:41 And being here and then your series,
06:44 having seen you online before, also was just like, wow,
06:48 it's really nice to be in a place
06:50 that's not polluted with all these different ideas
06:54 but allows multiple people
06:56 not just, you know, women in general
06:59 but just multiple people to be able to experience
07:03 and be able to be a part of something.
07:04 Amen.
07:06 And I know God's going to be using you
07:07 in an ever-greater way to spread His truth.
07:11 What did you think about tonight
07:13 as we looked at God's progressive revelation
07:17 of unfolding through His covenants?
07:20 What really got me was when you explained.
07:23 I've always loved the sanctuary
07:24 and always tried to understand it better.
07:27 And when I speak to people about the Ten Commandments
07:29 in which they tried to say other things about
07:32 in which since regards to,
07:34 it's beautiful the way you described it
07:36 to where it's in the Ark of the Covenant
07:39 and upon it is His mercy seat of sweet judgment
07:44 and ultimately, it's the foundation
07:46 on which He rests upon
07:49 and it helps people put it in a better light,
07:52 in a better picture
07:53 to be able to understand
07:54 that it's something that's unchangeable.
07:56 Amen.
07:58 Well, we are just so excited that Keersten's been coming
08:00 to the meetings faithfully
08:01 and just want you to pray for Keersten
08:04 'cause I believe that God has a great plan for your life.
08:08 He's going to use you to be a minister of His grace.
08:12 She is a seeker of truth.
08:14 She has truly invested a lot of time in that.
08:20 And we just want to invite you, if you're seeing this,
08:22 in time to come on out.
08:24 We will be meeting here through March the 10th
08:28 except for Thursday nights.
08:30 So thank you so much for joining us.
08:34 Hi, this is Lynn Harris.
08:35 And I'm here in the Arizona conference.
08:39 You know, personally we have our own ministry,
08:41 we know what it takes to put on evangelistic meetings
08:45 and to all the work involved
08:46 and here in Arizona, right now,
08:49 you can be part of Pathways to Life.
08:52 It is a beautiful ministry going on throughout Arizona
08:55 at several churches.
08:56 I am at the Central Church here in the Phoenix, Arizona.
09:00 It's the most loving church.
09:02 I mean, when you walk in here,
09:03 you just feel God's love around you.
09:05 The people come from quite a ways away many times
09:08 just to be a member here
09:10 because of that love and the love for evangelism.
09:12 And here we have Shelley Quinn and JD Quinn
09:16 just the most wonderful loving people to be with.
09:18 And Shelley is going through the Bible
09:20 like you never heard.
09:23 It is so inspiring, every night I'm moved to tears
09:26 because of reminding myself of the Word of God.
09:30 The Word of God is breathing life into us.
09:32 Shelley's giving us so many wonderful words of life
09:36 and just like it says pathway to life.
09:39 Many people don't know what tomorrow holds,
09:41 they don't even know how to get up and face today
09:44 and you can get that inspiration
09:46 if you come here, be part of it.
09:48 It's every night except Thursday.
09:50 with music and prayer,
09:53 and then we go into the Word of God,
09:55 and there's people here to pray with you,
09:57 to encourage you,
09:58 you have inspirational things to take home.
10:02 So please come out
10:03 and don't miss out on one meeting,
10:06 every night except Thursday.
10:08 Shelley and JD Quinn are here
10:10 and we are just grateful to have them in Arizona.
10:13 We are so...
10:15 Our world is hungry for the word of God.
10:17 So please don't miss out.
10:18 And thank you so much
10:20 for making it possible for 3ABN to be here.
10:25 Michael, you're one of these people
10:27 that it's just so easy to like.
10:30 You're just, I hear this about myself,
10:31 just a big teddy bear.
10:33 You're a big teddy bear.
10:34 Well, I'm not like this all the time.
10:36 Well, then we're catching you at a good time then.
10:40 But I do know that you are truly a minister of music.
10:43 Yes.
10:45 I listen to your CD all day long to date nearly.
10:47 And every time that I listen to,
10:49 it just touched my heart, a true minister of music.
10:52 How long have you been singing?
10:54 I've been singing now for about 30 years in the ministry,
10:57 and it's such a great opportunity
11:00 to share the good news of the Gospel
11:02 through music with God's people.
11:04 Amen. Yes.
11:05 And what is the name of your ministry?
11:07 Restoration in the Son, s-o-n,
11:12 and we've been in existence for about 30 years or so.
11:15 Yeah.
11:16 And I know that you and your wife, Lynn,
11:18 shall travel a lot,
11:21 preaching the Word of God.
11:22 We actually go into different churches,
11:25 all denominations.
11:26 In fact, I've gone to a few Catholic churches.
11:28 We go into prisons, we go to schools,
11:30 hospitals,
11:31 and there's something special about music
11:33 that reaches the heart of those
11:35 who are not even interested in hearing the Gospel
11:37 but they just want to hear
11:38 a nice song that will move their hearts.
11:40 And the Holy Spirit just takes hold to a song
11:43 and just does wonderful things with it,
11:44 just like it does with Shelley Quinn
11:46 as she speaks.
11:47 Amen.
11:48 And so you truly
11:50 because of where you grew growing up,
11:53 we all have a past
11:55 but you really grew up with a tough past.
11:57 So you certainly understand evangelism
12:00 because that is what your ministry is about.
12:03 And 3ABN is partnering up
12:08 with the Arizona Conference
12:10 and because of that we...
12:13 Shelley she's at teaching here at the Central Church,
12:18 the Phoenix Central Church.
12:20 And so I know that...
12:23 What is your take on evangelism?
12:25 Well, I think that there's so many people
12:28 who are searching for something special,
12:33 and I think evangelism is a special opportunity
12:36 for people to know Christ.
12:38 And I believe that
12:39 when Shelley Quinn came into contact with our guests
12:44 with 3ABN and you guys came out here,
12:46 I knew that it was going be an awesome time in Christ Jesus
12:49 because Shelley is an outstanding speaker.
12:52 And I've been listening to her on 3ABN for several years now,
12:55 and I really enjoy what God is doing through her
12:58 and through you too, JD.
12:59 Amen. Yeah. Yeah.
13:01 Well, thank you. I appreciate that.
13:02 Yeah.
13:04 But anyway, we're coming from the Central Church
13:07 and we're just inviting each one of you
13:10 to come visit with us.
13:12 I know that this is a loving church,
13:14 that their priority is evangelism.
13:16 And so please, please come and see us.
13:18 We'll hug your neck. God bless. Bye-bye.
13:21 Bye.
13:23 Thank you so much for those great interviews
13:25 from the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.
13:27 We heard from Michael and Lynn Harris
13:28 who have been there doing some music and visiting,
13:31 as well as Keersten, what an incredible testimony,
13:35 growing up Catholic,
13:36 hearing a revelation seminar by David Asscherick
13:39 and then coming into the truth,
13:40 and she's a brand-new baptized member there.
13:43 Amen.
13:44 Well, we're standing here sweetheart
13:46 with somebody special.
13:47 We are, Chris Fishell.
13:48 And we're actually...
13:50 When we started the program, we were in the lobby
13:51 of the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church,
13:53 and we're here in the beautiful walk,
13:54 leading up to the church doors here
13:55 where the evangelistic series is taking place
13:58 each evening with Pastor John Lomacang.
14:00 What a blessing it's been.
14:01 Now Chris Fishell has helped us in a tremendous way
14:04 leading up to this series.
14:06 You've worked with him quite a bit too on the planning
14:08 but also while this evangelistic series
14:10 is going on,
14:11 your official title here is Head Deacon.
14:13 Yes.
14:14 But I would say you wear multiple hats, Chris.
14:16 And he helps hold the church together.
14:17 Yeah.
14:18 Right now, I'm the temporary church secretary
14:20 and pretty much all around, whatever needs to be done,
14:24 Deacon's keep the house moving, so that's what I do.
14:27 Well, we just want to thank you for your hard work.
14:29 That's right.
14:30 I mean, we mentioned earlier about somebody being here
14:32 at the church almost all the time,
14:33 that's pretty much Chris and then few other people...
14:35 Yeah, there are a few of us
14:37 and, you know,
14:38 we're happy to be here to help facilitate this.
14:40 You guys are wonderful,
14:41 and it's been a pleasure to work with 3ABN on this.
14:44 We appreciate working with this church here
14:46 and the conference has been a real blessing.
14:48 Now this church,
14:49 the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church
14:50 was established when, Chris?
14:52 1972.
14:53 So we've been here 46 years and...
14:56 And you've been here 46 years?
14:57 I haven't. I've been back about 12.
15:01 I grew up at another local church
15:02 but my grandparents were in the congregation
15:04 that built this church,
15:05 as well as some of the other members
15:07 are still charter members
15:08 or the children of charter members here, so.
15:10 The original of all those years ago,
15:12 your grandparents were part of that?
15:13 Yes. That's amazing.
15:15 Amen. That's wonderful.
15:16 So why do you, and your wife, and your family,
15:19 why do you come to this church?
15:21 What draws you to this church here?
15:22 You know, we came in here one Sabbath on a whim
15:26 many years ago,
15:27 and came in the side-door,
15:29 and took our kid into the kindergarten room,
15:32 and everybody was so friendly.
15:35 It was such a family place,
15:37 and we felt right at home right away,
15:39 and we just never considered leaving again,
15:41 eventually transferred our membership, so.
15:44 You know, Chris, I have a question for you.
15:45 When we did site survey,
15:47 we met with you and the pastor and when we first came here,
15:50 when was that November of last year?
15:51 November. Something. Yeah.
15:52 There was a calendar in the office that you work from
15:55 that didn't have many blank spaces on it.
15:57 And so, Chris, why is it important
15:59 for a church to be busy
16:00 because on the calendar were evangelistic series
16:02 like this one,
16:03 other events taking place during the week,
16:05 things that are planned for the end of this year.
16:07 Why is it important for a church to keep busy?
16:09 You know, can I use an analogy
16:12 from when I was in youth ministry?
16:13 Please.
16:14 We go camping with pathfinders,
16:16 if you didn't have every minute scheduled out,
16:18 guess what would happen, people wander off,
16:19 somebody take a rock to the skull,
16:21 something like that which can actually happened with.
16:23 It's not that we have to have something going all the time
16:26 but this is family,
16:27 and if you're not together with your family often,
16:29 you're going to lose touch with them
16:30 and you're going to wander away.
16:32 And so we want to stay busy
16:33 and we want the family to be here.
16:35 Yeah, excellent. Amen.
16:36 Praise the Lord. We appreciate you, Chris.
16:37 Thank you again for all that you do.
16:39 Thank you.
16:40 Lord be praised and be glorified.
16:42 We are happy you are here.
16:43 It is such a blessing to work with
16:44 the Paradise Valley Church and with Chris.
16:46 He has great humor and just keeps us laughing.
16:49 He's a man of action
16:51 and helps coordinate so many things
16:52 and it's been a privilege to work with you.
16:54 Right now, we're going to a testimony,
16:56 Chris Shelton is at...
16:57 She and Pastor Kenny are at the Chandler,
16:59 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
17:00 And there's an interview there with Michelle and Don.
17:03 Let's listen to that now.
17:05 Hi, I'm Chris Shelton and we're coming to you again
17:08 from Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church
17:10 in Chandler, Arizona.
17:11 And I have two very special, they are new friends
17:14 but oh, wow have they been a blessing to me.
17:17 Michelle, who is also a nurse practitioner
17:21 and she and I have a love for natural things.
17:25 And I've been presenting the health message here.
17:27 And so it has just fit so well though.
17:30 May be the first night after I'd seen you,
17:32 probably the second night we were here,
17:34 we sat and talked for maybe an hour,
17:36 I'm not really sure but quite a while, wasn't it?
17:39 And she has brought me some things
17:41 and let me tell you it's been a blessing
17:43 but it's just been a tremendous blessing
17:44 being here with you
17:46 and along with Michelle is her husband Don.
17:49 So I would like to know, guys,
17:51 what do you think about the meetings?
17:54 Well, I think the meetings have been fantastic
17:57 for Chandler, Arizona.
17:59 And I would like to see
18:03 more of the same in other areas.
18:06 Amen.
18:07 Well, we have several going on in the Phoenix area right now.
18:10 Around the West, besides just the Phoenix area?
18:15 I'd like to have you stay a while
18:17 and do some more.
18:19 Oh, wow.
18:20 Get down in to Tucson
18:23 you know, get over into New Mexico,
18:25 maybe touch California a little bit.
18:28 Well, you never know where the Lord leads,
18:31 that's where we want to follow, right?
18:33 How about you, Sister Michelle? What do you think?
18:35 I've been very blessed.
18:37 Pastor Kenny just has a way
18:39 to teach the truth out of the lessons.
18:42 And it's so beautiful
18:44 that it touches my heart, it softens me,
18:46 and impresses me,
18:48 and I'm very, very grateful for them,
18:50 and it's definitely life changing.
18:52 Yeah. Amen. Well, wonderful.
18:53 Well, it's been good to have you here.
18:55 And tonight, we were so blessed,
18:57 so many decisions.
18:59 I think, nearly, everybody were on their feet
19:01 and they were wanting to be connected
19:04 'cause tonight's message was get connected
19:06 and we want to be connected to Christ
19:08 and stay connected with Him.
19:10 So folks at home, thank you so much for tuning in
19:13 and keep praying for Chandler.
19:14 God bless you.
19:18 Thank you so much, Chris.
19:19 What a blessing to hear testimonies
19:21 from each one of the different churches.
19:23 Now we're standing here
19:24 outside the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church
19:27 with another integral part of the team.
19:30 This is elder Dick Lewis
19:31 and you're the head elder of the church here.
19:33 Yes, I am.
19:35 And you've been head elder, how many years?
19:37 Because when we asked you, like about nine years?
19:38 About nine years.
19:40 But you've actually held that position
19:41 'cause you've been at this church how many years?
19:43 Thirty-three. Wow.
19:45 That's a long time,
19:46 and you've held that head elder position
19:47 off and on throughout that time period.
19:49 Why did you and your wife first come to the church here?
19:53 Well, actually, we took our kids around
19:55 to four different churches that we're here at that time.
19:58 We say, "Which one do you really like?"
20:00 And they chose this one.
20:01 And that way when I'd wake them up
20:03 in the morning and say,
20:04 "Come on, it's time to go to church."
20:06 "I want to sleep in." "No, you picked it."
20:09 That's pretty good. Take that as a tip, parents.
20:11 I like that.
20:13 They are the ones who picked it.
20:15 Well, I just want to say thank you
20:16 from 3ABN side
20:18 that we really appreciate your support
20:20 as a leader in this church,
20:21 for your support of this series
20:23 but this gentleman is faithfully here.
20:26 He's early, he stays late,
20:28 and he is an integral part as Jill mentioned to the church
20:30 and to the series.
20:32 And his wife, I just have to throw this in,
20:33 is a great cook
20:35 because we're being fed every evening at five o'clock,
20:38 the crew we come in
20:39 and we get to eat before the meeting.
20:41 And your wife has been one of the cooks
20:42 and she does a great job.
20:44 Yes, she has. Yeah.
20:46 That's why I married her.
20:48 Actually, my wife
20:50 and I've known each other 60 years.
20:51 We met each other
20:53 our freshman year in the academy.
20:54 Wow. What academy? Campion.
20:56 And you've been married how many years then?
20:58 Fifty-two. Wow, congratulations.
21:00 That's a lifetime together, that's precious.
21:02 So just a quick question then for you regarding evangelism,
21:05 obviously you feel that evangelism is important
21:07 but why is it important?
21:10 Well, we're told to spread the message.
21:12 Yeah.
21:13 And with Pathways to Health being here this year,
21:17 we've tried to take as many Adventists
21:19 as we can to incorporate it into our church
21:23 and into our ministry here.
21:25 Amen.
21:26 And I believe when evangelism takes place too,
21:28 the church grows, you know, not only
21:29 because souls are coming in but people are encouraged
21:32 when they're out sharing God's Word with others
21:34 that makes your own personal experience
21:36 grow and blossom.
21:37 Yes, it does. Amen.
21:39 We just want to say thank you
21:41 again for your support of this evangelistic series,
21:43 for your hard work.
21:44 And we just appreciate your leadership here
21:46 in this local church.
21:47 It's a real blessing.
21:48 We just love you and your wife
21:50 and we're so blessed to be here.
21:52 We're going now to an interview.
21:53 Angie Lomacang sat down with Mark and Peggy
21:55 who are members of the church here,
21:57 helping with some of that follow up
21:59 with Pathway to Health.
22:01 And let's listen to that interview now.
22:03 Hello, I'm at the Paradise Valley
22:05 Seventh-day Adventist Church here in Phoenix, Arizona
22:08 where the meetings are being held every night.
22:11 And we have two wonderful people,
22:14 Mark and Peggy Medhus,
22:17 and they are members here at this church.
22:20 Now have you both been enjoying the meetings?
22:23 How is it going?
22:24 Have you been, I know you're Adventist,
22:26 but how has it been for you learning or relearning?
22:31 I came to do the eyeglasses,
22:33 but then the meetings had all these stories
22:35 and all these good examples in there
22:37 and I just stayed afterwards 'cause they were so good.
22:39 Amen.
22:41 I just feel like
22:42 it's a good reminder of what we've learned,
22:45 it refreshes your spirit and just makes things
22:48 alive again to have Jesus all over again.
22:51 Amen. It's beautiful.
22:53 Now also, I'm noticing people
22:55 from the community are coming in here
22:58 and they're lining up.
22:59 And there are tables here and they are receiving glasses,
23:03 and glucose, and tell us about that, please?
23:07 Around Christmas time,
23:09 the Pathway to Health people set up a mobile hospital
23:12 in the Phoenix Convention Center.
23:14 And they gave away
23:15 dental services, and medical services,
23:17 and eyeglasses services where they took a prescription
23:21 and they let the people choose their frames.
23:23 These prescriptions were sent off
23:27 to Texas where they were made
23:29 and they came back about a week ago.
23:31 And we have 600 here that we are making.
23:35 So we have 600 visitors coming to our church,
23:38 and that is an outreach.
23:40 And when they pick out their glasses,
23:42 we invite them to stay for the meetings.
23:43 Amen.
23:44 Many of them have stayed and it's great.
23:46 And it's a lot of fun 'cause when we down almost 600,
23:48 they were all disheveled
23:50 and we had our whole house spread out
23:51 with like boxes all over surrounding in here.
23:53 Now we've put them in the boxes in there behind us in
23:56 and we have people come in,
23:58 we can find service a person a minute.
24:00 Wow. And it's really fast.
24:02 And it's the most fun
24:03 I've had just passing out glasses to people
24:05 that really need them and appreciate them.
24:06 Wow.
24:08 What joy must be
24:09 when they put on their new pair of glasses.
24:10 They smile.
24:12 You can see like they put them on,
24:13 and they are like pausing in they're looking around,
24:15 and suddenly there face glows, and they can see.
24:18 And then I make them sign for the glasses.
24:22 And then they come in to hear the Word of God.
24:24 It's just beautiful.
24:26 Anyway, thank you so much for what you're doing
24:28 for the work of the Lord.
24:30 And God bless you
24:31 as you reach out to people in this community.
24:35 Thank you.
24:36 What a great interview
24:38 with Angie, and Mark, and Peggy.
24:39 And praise the Lord, 600 pairs of glasses
24:41 they're giving out to people who come in.
24:43 Well, we're down to the end of the program
24:45 and as you can see behind us,
24:46 people coming in for the evening meeting.
24:48 And, Tim, this is our last evening with you
24:51 because you have another project
24:53 to get going with.
24:54 I'm going to be working on the new project
24:55 that we've talked at Three Angels Message Project
24:59 for camp meeting.
25:00 Exactly. I'm looking forward to that.
25:02 So I'm going to go meet with Chris Wilkinson,
25:04 and we're going to try to get some things finalized
25:07 and get ready for that.
25:09 So it's been a wonderful time here at Phoenix.
25:11 I've had a great time.
25:12 What a privilege to work with these people
25:14 and the time has flown by.
25:16 I've been working in my room a lot on this music,
25:18 but I'm so honored to be a part of anything
25:22 that I can be a part of
25:24 but God has gifted me for with music.
25:25 I encourage any of you
25:27 who have a gift, no matter what it is,
25:31 be involved, get tied in,
25:33 get connected with your church and the family of God.
25:36 We all need each other, right? That's true.
25:40 And, Tim, I just want to say thank you.
25:42 We love you as a brother in Christ.
25:43 Thank you for your friendship
25:44 and for all the tireless hours that he puts in.
25:46 You talk about people working around the clock,
25:48 it's almost important
25:50 and the whole team works very hard.
25:51 Absolutely.
25:52 We appreciate your ministry and music.
25:54 God has given you a talent
25:55 and thank you for using it for Him.
25:56 You've ministered to Jill, and myself as well,
25:58 I know to the local audience here
25:59 and I know you at home.
26:01 So in closing, here
26:03 because this is the close as people are coming in.
26:04 Tim, would you mind to grace us
26:06 with a song here as we close out?
26:07 One more song. I would love to.
26:08 And we'll go to credits with that.
26:10 So God bless you. We'll see you tomorrow night.


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