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00:06 Hello, and welcome to iSITE program number nine.
00:09 We are well past halfway
00:11 through the evangelistic series here in Phoenix, Arizona.
00:14 Pathway to Life has been a great event so far.
00:17 Souls have been won for eternity.
00:19 We've been seeing over for the altar calls,
00:21 people coming forward and rededicating,
00:23 or even may be a first time accepting Jesus Christ
00:25 as their savior.
00:27 Now we are here,
00:28 Jill and I are in a place at the hotel
00:30 where we are staying at called the conference room,
00:32 the added suite, control room central,
00:34 and as you can see, look at all these computers.
00:37 Not every one of them has someone at them right now
00:39 but I guarantee you,
00:40 sometime this room is totally full with staff.
00:42 It's packed,
00:43 they are all working and editing.
00:44 That's right.
00:46 Yeah, this is an amazing room to be a part of,
00:47 and Jill and I have with us Jorge Jaque,
00:50 who we worked together in production.
00:53 Jorge, what a blessing you are.
00:55 And you were the producer of this Pathway to Life series
00:58 at the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist church.
01:00 Kind of give us your flavor of what's going on?
01:02 That's right, and actually it's been a blessing
01:05 and a privilege to be working with you,
01:09 both of you,
01:10 but also with this great team that we have here,
01:13 as you showed all the equipment.
01:16 But it's not so much about equipment,
01:18 it's the human's element
01:20 is just an amazing group of people
01:23 dedicated working day and night...
01:25 That's true.
01:26 In providing this information if you will,
01:31 and also the programs at night has been such a blessing.
01:35 And it's been a privilege to work with the church to,
01:36 hasn't it, Jorge?
01:38 Absolutely, yes.
01:39 They have such a great spirit and it's been a blessing.
01:41 Was an instant bonding really.
01:43 Actually we...
01:45 It's, I don't know,
01:47 I don't have words to describe it
01:48 because it's true, really, there have been such a nice,
01:51 nice welcoming group of people and it's been...
01:54 That has made the producing aspect
01:56 of this whole thing very, very easy, yeah.
02:01 Now we want to do something
02:03 little unique today here in a few minutes.
02:04 Tell us little about that? We do.
02:06 We are going to talk behind the scenes
02:08 to each one of the crew,
02:09 I think we are gonna get to talk to your wife too.
02:11 Amen.
02:13 But each one of the crew behind the scenes
02:15 because they run camera or they're in the truck,
02:17 they are pushing buttons,
02:18 and you at home don't get to meet them
02:20 and don't get to see them.
02:21 True. So that's really special.
02:23 But first we want to give a shout out to those of you
02:25 who have been sharing or commenting on Facebook
02:29 because we are streaming on Facebook
02:31 as well as YouTube, and of course,
02:34 you can watch it on
02:37 or, of course, the old-fashioned way
02:39 on television.
02:40 That's not really old-fashioned.
02:42 Did you say old-fashioned way?
02:43 That's not really old-fashioned.
02:45 It still works, doesn't it? All right.
02:46 Yes.
02:47 So here's some people who have commented.
02:49 This is Jamar, and Cathy, and Chris.
02:51 Claudio Norman, Maranatha Gordon,
02:53 Meryl, Antwi, Gazelle,
02:55 Alana, Oscar, Rudy, Caroline, Ode, Renee, Garnith,
02:59 Lorena Clayton, Amy, Melanie, Jensa, Multz, Kim, Billy,
03:03 Joey, David, Ackley and the list goes on and on.
03:06 So thank you so much for that.
03:07 You did well reading all those names.
03:09 I don't know if I pronounced them all right.
03:10 But Jorge is the blessing
03:12 as your assistant production manager right now.
03:13 Oh, my. Yeah, I'm so blessed, Jorge.
03:15 Thank you so much for what you bring
03:16 to the team and you just, man, what a blessing.
03:19 You worked for 3ABN now for number of years,
03:21 you came back, it was the 1980s or the 1990s?
03:24 1990, the first time when 3ABN was still,
03:29 like, in the early stages.
03:32 But then, after a number of years
03:35 I came back and that was such a revelation,
03:38 now a totally different game in the industry
03:42 and also 3ABN has grown so much.
03:44 True.
03:46 Blessed by our wonderful God
03:49 and being able then to reach the world
03:53 and now through the social media
03:55 as you said, television is still there
03:58 but so many avenues and outlets
04:01 and so many, the diversity and the ways
04:05 that we can bring the message to the people,
04:07 it's just amazing.
04:09 Amen. Thank you, Jorge.
04:10 I just want to say thank you to you and your family.
04:12 You last year moved
04:13 into production role to help me,
04:15 and what a blessing you are.
04:16 Yes. Amen.
04:17 As we mentioned, we're gonna go to this roll.
04:19 Hope you enjoy as we are actually talking
04:20 to the crew members at the Paradise Valley
04:22 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
04:23 Let's go to that roll right now.
04:26 Now we are standing here
04:27 in the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church,
04:30 getting ready for the meeting to go on,
04:31 and I'm with Jorge's other half,
04:34 I could say better half.
04:35 This is Lynette Jaque, and, Lynette,
04:37 you are such a blessing to the ministry at 3ABN.
04:40 How long have you and your husband been at 3ABN?
04:42 We've been blessed
04:43 with being here for 10 years now.
04:45 We have been here through the thick and thin
04:47 and through our children growing up.
04:49 And tell me about, I know on a previous iSITE,
04:51 we got to see Sebastian and Noelia,
04:53 but how old are they?
04:55 Sebastian will be 10 this month,
04:57 as a matter of fact, and Noelia will be 13 in April.
05:01 It's hard to believe.
05:02 Yes, Sebastian was just a baby when we came here.
05:06 When we first came to 3ABN, he was one month old.
05:09 Wow, it's hard to believe and we talked,
05:11 Greg talked to Sethello earlier,
05:13 and Seth is your son as well.
05:14 Yes, he is.
05:15 I've got all my kids working at 3ABN,
05:17 both as volunteers and as employees.
05:19 Our older son Mark is home editing,
05:21 as fast as he can, for 3ABN.
05:24 It's a blessing.
05:25 One thing about 3ABN is we are a family atmosphere
05:27 and many families come together and work here together as well.
05:31 So, Lynette, we are here at...
05:33 We call it the 3ABN booth here.
05:35 So tell me what you are doing here?
05:37 Well, here at the booth
05:38 we have all sorts of free materials,
05:40 Jill, as you can see over there and we also have paid materials
05:44 to be sold after Sabbath and during the week,
05:47 and we have been able to meet
05:48 a wide variety of people from Arizona,
05:52 wonderful, wonderful people, all of them.
05:54 Oh, that's wonderful.
05:56 I know we told you on a previous iSITE
05:57 how people come in to get glasses,
05:59 or they come in for cholesterol follow up
06:02 or something like that, and some of those people
06:03 are taking material too, is that correct?
06:05 That is correct.
06:06 My table has been emptied several times
06:08 in a very blessed fashion.
06:09 It's been a wonderful thing to come in
06:11 and see an empty table
06:12 and see people walking out with their hands full
06:14 and looking through the materials.
06:17 We've even had, some people come for glasses,
06:19 or cholesterol check and stay for the meetings,
06:21 which has been really fantastic.
06:23 It's wonderful outreach,
06:25 and you are doing a great job here.
06:26 Now, tell me what you are holding
06:28 because I know in addition to work in the booth,
06:30 she kind of greets people when they come in too.
06:32 Yes, I am an accidental greeter and what we have here...
06:35 Actually I'm gonna come up in front of you there.
06:37 We have the nightly notes for the pastors' meetings
06:40 and also we have available with each one,
06:44 the health notes from Dr. Lela Lewis,
06:46 who has been with us
06:48 every night giving us wonderful,
06:49 wonderful health talks.
06:51 And then tell me, I have something here.
06:54 People who are brand new come, and they fill this out
06:56 and there's some sort of technical gadget
06:58 in there too.
07:00 Tell me about that?
07:01 In this simple unassuming envelope,
07:04 we have a pencil and we have a barcode keychain,
07:08 and what they can do is fill out the front of this
07:11 and they can put the barcode keychain
07:13 on their keychain and they come in every night
07:15 that they are able to come and we can find out
07:17 who has been able to come back to us,
07:19 which has been wonderful.
07:20 We've been seeing people come from all over the Arizona area,
07:23 the Phoenix area rather, coming back again and again.
07:26 It's been wonderful. Amen.
07:28 It's a wonderful way to track people
07:29 when they come in,
07:31 and do the follow up with them as well.
07:33 And finally, last but not least,
07:35 every night Pastor Lomacang does the decision,
07:37 he does an appeal.
07:38 Sometimes that takes place on air,
07:40 sometimes it's just after we go off air.
07:42 You don't always see it
07:43 but talk to us about the decision card here?
07:45 Well, we have our decision card obviously here
07:47 and it asks things like
07:49 I would like a visit to discuss my decision,
07:52 my intention to accept Christ's invitation,
07:54 which is a wonderful one to see checked.
07:56 Additional information
07:58 and whether the topic was clear or not,
08:00 which has been always checked yes.
08:02 Yes.
08:03 Pastor Lomacang does a blessed and wonderful job on this,
08:05 and this just goes back in our box too,
08:07 with our handy-dandy envelope
08:09 and we are able to be in contact with people
08:12 and keep the blessing going.
08:14 Amen, it's incredible.
08:16 I know Pastor Lomacang looks over those decision cards,
08:18 then they are returned into the church here,
08:19 so that the pastor
08:21 and the elders can follow up on those leads.
08:23 Well, thank you so much, Lynette.
08:24 You are welcome.
08:25 You do a great job here
08:27 and we are so blessed that Jorge and his family
08:29 could come this time and right now
08:31 we're gonna go into the church,
08:32 and I think Greg's gonna talk to some of the crew.
08:35 Thank you, Jill.
08:37 We have a really hard working crew here
08:39 at the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church
08:41 and we thought we start here,
08:42 toward the back, Jose in the lobby area,
08:44 and we are in the back where the audio is
08:45 and we're just gonna go around
08:47 to some of the camera operators as well,
08:48 out into the truck is our plan.
08:51 And Terrence doesn't look like he is just pretending,
08:53 he is actually doing some work right now
08:54 because you can hear the music in the background.
08:56 We are doing a sound check
08:57 in preparation for tonight's meeting here
08:59 with Pastor John.
09:00 We have Terrence Marshall.
09:01 I'm gonna ask Terrence here,
09:03 hopefully I don't distract him too much.
09:04 But, Terrence, how long you have been here at 3ABN?
09:06 I've been at 3ABN for four years full time,
09:09 two and a half part-time.
09:12 Wow, that sounds like quite a few years.
09:13 He doesn't look very old either.
09:16 We appreciate Terrence and all of his hard work
09:18 and all of his skill.
09:19 Now, Terrence, tell me little bit about
09:21 what you do at 3ABN,
09:22 because I know you do multiple tasks,
09:23 but what are you doing right here for this event?
09:25 For this event, I am doing house audio.
09:27 Normally, I will do mike wrangling, staging,
09:32 stage manager, audio in the truck,
09:37 anything and everything.
09:40 And you can find this about
09:41 most everyone here on this crew,
09:42 they are multi-talented and wear multiple hats.
09:44 So when he means by house audio,
09:46 he's got this board here
09:47 and he is bringing up the audio in the house
09:49 for what the house audience here.
09:50 And you mentioned truck audio,
09:52 we're gonna introduce you to that person here surely.
09:54 And we have Michael Younkin on the other side of the board.
09:57 Now, Michael Younkin also wears multiple hats.
09:59 I'm gonna ask him how many years
10:00 he has been at 3ABN?
10:02 Let's see, it's almost 12 years now.
10:07 That's a long time and we appreciate Michael.
10:09 You started out running cameras, is that right?
10:12 I started out as a camera operator, yeah.
10:14 Do you remember what event? My very first one was an ASI.
10:18 Well, number of years ago and we appreciate Michael.
10:19 You basically, on this trip your responsibility,
10:21 I'm gonna say is an engineer.
10:23 He does a lot of work behind the scenes,
10:26 he does audio.
10:27 What other things do you do, Michael?
10:29 Little bit of lighting, rigging.
10:32 LED walls are a new thing that I am involved in,
10:35 and lots of other little things.
10:37 Yeah, he also hangs out in the truck
10:39 with the assembly issues and stuff.
10:40 So we mentioned the rigging,
10:42 that's the truss that's up above us
10:44 and then we have the LEDs which are the panels
10:46 behind Pastor John on the stage
10:48 which is really cool technology.
10:50 And you also do a little driving, Michael?
10:53 Yeah, I drive one of the semis,
10:55 with all of our equipment in it, so anywhere we go.
10:58 I'm gonna say this to you, you hear his voice?
11:00 If you talk to him on a normal basis,
11:02 that's not how he normally sounds.
11:03 He's caught a little cold but he takes zero time off.
11:06 So we've been...
11:07 I'll reach over here,
11:09 not advertising anybody's water
11:10 but we are trying to drink lots of water for him
11:11 so that he can get over his cold
11:13 and other so he stay well.
11:14 But anyways, let's go over. Thank you, Michael.
11:16 Thank you, Terrence for your service for the Lord.
11:17 Appreciate it very much.
11:18 Going over to the camera operators over here,
11:21 and they wear multiple hats as well.
11:22 This is Seth Davis.
11:24 Seth, how long have you been here with 3ABN?
11:26 I've been with production full time
11:29 since November of 2013.
11:30 You know, that's a good point
11:32 because you started out at some other areas at 3ABN
11:33 but then you joined the production team
11:35 and we really appreciate Seth.
11:36 Seth, what do you do here and at 3ABN?
11:40 Here I'm lighting, camera.
11:42 I've been assigned one of the churches to edit
11:45 and get up on stream.
11:47 As far as 3ABN, I'm lighting director.
11:51 Yeah, it's a lot of things that,
11:52 lot of responsibilities that he has.
11:54 Now let me ask you this, Seth,
11:55 what is one of your favorite cameras to run?
11:58 My camera to run is audience.
12:01 Hands down, that's the only camera
12:02 that I want to run if I'm on camera.
12:04 So tell me why you like to run audience camera?
12:07 Let's me walk, I'm not stationary for an hour,
12:09 an hour and a half, two hours.
12:12 I get to move around,
12:13 I get to see people picking their noses,
12:15 and messing with their hair,
12:16 so if you are out there in the audience,
12:18 I'm watching you.
12:19 And so just, you know that we don't take those shots
12:21 but he gets to see a lot of interesting things,
12:23 that's for sure.
12:24 But, Seth, we appreciate you and your service for the Lord
12:27 and coming on these trips
12:28 because none of this crew that we have here complain,
12:31 and there are some long hours
12:32 that are put in and so, Seth, thank you so much.
12:34 The lighting that we have here,
12:35 there's some creative lighting up on the, above the LEDs,
12:38 that are the orange lights
12:40 and there's some light behind the piano
12:42 and so, Seth, let me ask you this.
12:43 These lights are really, really high
12:45 and I've seen you at like an ASI event,
12:47 climb something to get all the way up there.
12:49 How high is our ladder?
12:52 Oh, I don't know how high our ladder is
12:53 but I know I've gone upwards of 30 feet
12:55 in the air to get to truss.
12:59 I'm thankful it's him and not me.
13:00 Thank you, Seth.
13:02 We have next to Seth, we have Dalton Swan.
13:04 Now, Dalton, how many years have you been here at 3ABN?
13:07 Just about two years now. Okay.
13:09 And full time, when did you join?
13:11 It's about six months ago.
13:13 Yeah. All right.
13:14 And we appreciate Dalton and all his skills too.
13:17 And I forgot to mention too,
13:18 Seth does a lot of, what we call it ENG work,
13:20 which is like the remote cameras as well.
13:22 So what are some of things that you do at 3ABN?
13:25 I run camera, I help Seth a little bit with lighting.
13:29 I'm engineer of the GH5s apparently.
13:32 I just kind of got thrown into that.
13:33 So what is the GH5?
13:35 GH5 is one of our remote cameras
13:37 and they are pretty good.
13:42 They do a good job when we do stuff.
13:44 Oh, yeah.
13:45 And I know that you enjoy going out
13:47 and getting like B-roll footage and stuff like that.
13:48 Yeah, very good.
13:50 We appreciate you, Dalton, and for your time here at 3ABN.
13:52 It's great to have this whole crew
13:54 because we are really a family,
13:55 and so we appreciate you, Dalton,
13:56 and all that you bring to 3ABN.
13:58 We move over here, and we have someone
14:00 that's not a stranger to those that watch 3ABN,
14:03 this is...?
14:05 Good job, Larry McLucas. I heard someone say it.
14:07 Oh.
14:09 Larry, how many years you have been working for 3ABN?
14:10 Seventeen years, three months.
14:12 He has it down to the month.
14:13 I'm surprised you didn't mention
14:15 the days, Larry.
14:16 Well, I haven't quite counted them up yet,
14:17 but it's getting close.
14:19 He is a full time volunteer and I appreciate Larry.
14:20 Larry and I actually, before we were in production,
14:23 I was in production years ago, then I went to the call center,
14:25 was in the printer shop and we worked together there.
14:27 That's right, yeah.
14:28 And what are your responsibilities here, Larry?
14:30 Well, here at this event I run camera,
14:32 assist a little bit with floor directing,
14:34 set up cameras.
14:35 I'll be tearing them down when we're done,
14:37 and whatever else is needed.
14:38 Drive the truck back and forth.
14:40 You know, Larry, you've been around 3ABN for many years,
14:42 but it definitely is a family, isn't it,
14:44 you know, in production, especially on the road crew,
14:45 it's important
14:47 to actually work together, isn't it?
14:48 It's very important.
14:49 You got to make sure everybody has got each other's back.
14:51 Yup.
14:52 And, you know, I can almost say one word,
14:53 and Larry will jump out with a song, multitalented.
14:55 Larry, we appreciate you and your years of volunteering
14:58 and service for the ministry of 3ABN.
15:00 And I believe, Larry, only in eternity
15:02 will we know the full impact of you
15:03 and all the others
15:04 that we have met and are going to meet.
15:07 That's been a fantastic ride.
15:08 It's a win-win situation and I think I'm getting
15:10 the better end of the deal.
15:11 Amen.
15:13 And I also want to mention this too.
15:14 They are just right over to my right
15:15 but we have the church AV team,
15:17 we have Julie, and we have Milton.
15:19 I know there are others
15:21 but we appreciate them and their help as well.
15:23 What I am going to do right now is actually head
15:25 toward the front of the church, we'll meet a few more people.
15:27 But Jill and...
15:30 Well, I'm not going to say who she is with,
15:31 but she is with a couple of other special
15:32 crew members here.
15:34 We're gonna go to that right now.
15:36 Thank you so much, Greg.
15:38 Now I'm here in the elder's room,
15:39 is what the church normally uses it for
15:41 but 3ABN's kind of taken it over
15:43 with equipment and stuff.
15:45 This is our makeshift greenroom.
15:47 We come in before the meetings
15:48 and have a group prayer with everyone
15:50 who is going on the platform and some are here.
15:53 You are doing makeup right now on Pastor Heggs,
15:55 I know he is getting ready to go on the platform.
15:57 So tell me how long you have been at 3ABN, Summer?
15:59 Close to ten years. Wow.
16:02 Now she must have started when she was two or five?
16:06 Ten. So ten years, that's amazing.
16:10 So tell me what do you do with 3ABN?
16:12 I work in production and office.
16:16 Now I have to say in the office she does a great job.
16:19 She does a good deal with the interviews
16:21 and the people who come in and assists me as well,
16:23 and you are such a blessing, Summer.
16:25 She pays attention to detail
16:26 and has just a great heart for God and for people.
16:30 What do you do in production? Makeup and run camera.
16:35 What type of cameras? The jib and camera two.
16:40 Now the jib has the great big,
16:41 long arm and it gets really nice shots here at the series.
16:46 Yes, we have a great jib shot this time, it's so fun.
16:51 That's wonderful, now what is camera two?
16:53 At home you might be saying,
16:55 I don't know what camera two is,
16:56 what's camera two?
16:57 It's the close-up camera
16:59 and so you really have to pay attention
17:01 and just like be on it.
17:04 Today I can tell you more about that.
17:06 We will do that.
17:08 Thank you so much, Summer,
17:09 you are such a blessing to 3ABN and the ministry here
17:12 and she's almost Greg
17:13 and our neighbor back at home in Illinois.
17:15 And on this side of Pastor Heggs
17:16 is Dene Babb and, Dene,
17:18 how long have you been at 3ABN?
17:20 Well, I have been working for about three years.
17:22 But I have moved to the area about when I was seven,
17:25 and my family,
17:27 my whole family works there and, yeah.
17:30 That's right, the Babbs are such a blessing
17:33 to the ministry of 3ABN and have been there since.
17:35 You really grew up at 3ABN,
17:37 going to our church school, right?
17:39 Yes.
17:40 And then you went away to academy?
17:41 Yes, in Missouri. It was interesting.
17:47 And then she did some college
17:48 and then started working at 3ABN.
17:49 So what is your role at 3ABN here, what do you do?
17:53 I am also in production, so I run camera two,
17:57 and I do makeup and I work some in the office.
18:00 That's right, and she does an incredible job.
18:02 So tell me why do you like camera two?
18:04 I know Summer just told us, it's kind of the close-up shot,
18:07 but why do you like camera two?
18:08 Because it is active all the time.
18:11 I never have to worry about what shot I am getting,
18:15 I always know what I'm supposed to get
18:17 and I don't have to worry about,
18:19 like, falling asleep.
18:21 It probably be the hardest camera
18:23 or one of the hardest cameras to run,
18:24 because the speaker move so much.
18:26 So thank you so much, ladies,
18:27 we'll let you get back to work and we'll go now,
18:30 and I think Greg's gonna catch up
18:31 with some more people on the way end of the truck.
18:38 Thank you, Jill. Wait, wait, Ben.
18:39 I'm just...
18:41 I'm on my way out of the side church exit
18:43 to the truck and I saw Ben Lingle here.
18:45 Ben, you look like
18:47 you are in a hurry going somewhere.
18:48 We are getting ready to start the program this evening here
18:49 with Pastor Lomacang.
18:51 But tell me how many years you've been here at 3ABN, Ben?
18:53 Well, I've been at 3ABN...
18:55 I've lived in the area all my life.
18:57 But I've been working at 3ABN
18:59 for, like, two or three years now.
19:00 Oh, yeah. Yeah.
19:02 And tell me your responsibilities at 3ABN
19:03 but also here for this event.
19:05 So let's start here, what are you doing here?
19:07 So here I am doing what they call mike wrangling,
19:08 which is basically I take the mikes,
19:11 get the people ready and make sure
19:13 that when it's time to send them out,
19:15 that they are out on time
19:16 and they do what they need to do
19:17 to get the program going.
19:19 And what that's also called is stage managing,
19:20 so you're stage managing and mike wrangling.
19:22 So that's pretty important
19:24 because you got to send people on,
19:25 you are coordinating with the director
19:26 who is inside of the truck.
19:28 So what do you do at 3ABN?
19:29 So my main responsibility at 3ABN is to run audio,
19:32 but occasionally I'll do some camera work as well,
19:34 but primarily it's running audio.
19:36 You know, Ben, and I appreciate also your creativity
19:38 because he is a great photographer as well
19:40 and he does some ENG work
19:42 and which is like the remote cameras and things.
19:44 Ben, we appreciate you being here with us.
19:46 I know you are getting ready to head in
19:47 to get Pastor Lomacang and the crew on the stage.
19:48 That's right.
19:50 But thank you again, we appreciate you.
19:51 Thank you, Greg. All right.
19:53 So I'm gonna head into the truck
19:54 where we'll meet the crew inside of the truck.
19:55 Let's go.
19:57 All right, so I am walking in the back of the truck.
19:58 This is our production truck and this is the video area,
20:01 little bit of cramped quarters.
20:02 I actually used to work back here
20:04 when I was in production traveling
20:05 on the road.
20:07 But I'm back here with Tyler Walker,
20:08 and Tyler again is one of our just main key members
20:11 of our production team.
20:13 Tyler, how long you have been with 3ABN full time?
20:16 Just under three years. Wow, now that's quite a while.
20:19 But you are not,
20:21 this is not new to you, production, is it?
20:23 No, I've sort of grown up around 3ABN my entire life.
20:25 So I've been around production
20:29 for may be ten years or so.
20:33 Almost your whole life, probably, Tyler?
20:34 Almost my entire life, yeah.
20:36 For those of you that have watched,
20:37 like, was it Kids' Time, or Tiny Tots
20:38 that you used to sing, like, years and years ago.
20:40 Yeah, I was on Tiny Tots
20:42 but I also sang on Kids' Time, yeah.
20:43 So if you see Tyler Walker,
20:46 who works for us in this part of our team.
20:48 What are you doing here for this event, Tyler,
20:49 what is this area?
20:51 Yeah, back here I shade the cameras
20:53 so that all the cameras match the iris
20:55 or the brightness of the angles match.
20:58 I take notes as the director calls out
21:01 if he takes a wrong shot
21:02 or something he needs to change in the program.
21:04 I'll mark the time code
21:06 and editors will change that and post.
21:08 I press record button, that's a little bit important.
21:10 I was gonna say that's really important
21:12 otherwise you won't have it recorded.
21:13 Yeah.
21:15 So back at 3ABN, what do you do there?
21:16 I know multiple or basically you find out
21:18 lot of people wear multiple hats here,
21:19 what do you do back home?
21:21 Right, yeah, at home
21:22 I primarily direct out of studio A,
21:25 the Today program,
21:26 Today Live, Voice, things like that.
21:29 And you also did video before Robert Stotts moved on
21:31 to other ministry but you ran video
21:33 which is this
21:34 but in the control room back home.
21:36 Thank you so much, Tyler,
21:37 we appreciate what you do here and back home at 3ABN.
21:40 I'll tell you, this is a great team member
21:41 we have here along with everybody else.
21:43 Let's go down toward audio
21:44 and toward the front of the truck.
21:45 All right, let's do it.
21:47 So I'm moving toward
21:48 the middle of the production truck
21:50 and this is the broadcast audio,
21:51 I'm gonna get down on one knee here,
21:52 next to Randy Bermejo,
21:54 this is a little cramped quarters
21:55 in here too, so I'll get down here.
21:56 We are actually in the pre-show
21:58 before Pastor Lomacang goes on the stage.
21:59 But I just said what you do here,
22:00 but tell me how you enjoy running broadcast audio.
22:03 Oh, it's a great privilege to be working with 3ABN
22:07 and doing broadcast audio for this show
22:10 and others that we have done.
22:11 Now what does that mean,
22:12 broadcast audio for people at home?
22:14 We run two types of mixes,
22:16 the mix that goes on television that comes from this board,
22:19 and the mixes that come to the house,
22:23 to the church come from another board
22:25 which is in house,
22:27 and those are the two different,
22:28 completely separate, everyone does their own.
22:32 We appreciate what you do, Randy,
22:33 and I want to ask you this.
22:34 How long have you been a part of 3ABN
22:36 because I know, you come and help us
22:37 in many of these events?
22:39 This is my eighth year with 3ABN.
22:44 And right now, we are actually...
22:45 This is not a stage,
22:47 he is actually just doing a little mix here
22:48 of a little quartet that's on the stage.
22:49 But we appreciate you, Randy,
22:51 and for you and your family is a part of this ministry
22:56 and what you have.
22:57 Thank you.
22:58 I just want to...
23:00 I'm almost at a loss of words,
23:01 the impact that you are making for eternity for others,
23:02 it's a blessing to be part of the team, isn't it?
23:05 It's a real blessing,
23:06 it's a real privilege to be with the team in 3ABN
23:10 and put our little grain of salt in evangelism.
23:15 Amen, we appreciate your team,
23:17 how you are just such a great team member
23:19 and part of this team, Randy, and I'll tell you,
23:20 you are a blessing.
23:21 I appreciate his spirit,
23:23 he has just a great spirit, he loves the Lord.
23:24 Let's move toward the front of the truck
23:26 where the director and the graphics person is.
23:27 Let's do that now.
23:29 So coming toward the front of the truck,
23:31 this is where the producer will sit,
23:32 will be right here, and I'm with VG person
23:36 or the graphics person, then of course the director
23:38 who I'll talk to in just a moment.
23:39 But this is Will Worf.
23:41 And, Will, how many years have you been here at 3ABN?
23:44 This is my 18th year.
23:46 So Will and I started out about together
23:49 and we've spent many an hour inside of this truck,
23:51 haven't we, Will?
23:52 Second home, yeah.
23:54 I like how he said that, second home.
23:56 That's a good description.
23:57 Now, Will, what are you doing for this event?
23:59 Right now, I put up the graphics, pictures, words,
24:03 whatever that Pastor Lomacang needs for the program,
24:07 and then the director will either put it on air
24:09 or not at his discretion.
24:11 And you also take care of the clock
24:12 which is very important.
24:14 Yeah, as soon as they get done with the song,
24:16 I got to put clock up for the doctor's talking.
24:20 Yeah, this is not a stage,
24:21 we're actually in the pre-program here
24:23 at Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.
24:25 So I think he is getting ready to punch the clock.
24:29 He is just punching in the time and that's very important
24:32 because that's the clock that people see
24:34 from the stage and that's important
24:35 because they need to know
24:36 when to or how long their segment is
24:38 and things like that.
24:39 We appreciate you, Will, and your wife April,
24:42 and for all of the years that you have spent
24:45 being part of the production team.
24:47 You started out in production and that's where you stayed.
24:49 I was in production,
24:50 left for a little bit and I came back.
24:52 But it's a blessing, hasn't it, being a part of 3ABN?
24:54 Yeah, we have fun. We've seen lot of roads.
24:57 I was just gonna mention that,
24:59 this man here does something else,
25:00 you grab hold of the steering wheel.
25:01 I drive the truck, yeah.
25:03 So wherever the truck goes, I'm the one in steering wheel.
25:06 That's right, and many a gallon of fuel
25:08 you've pumped into these trucks.
25:10 Yeah, sometimes we pumped it out, too.
25:13 Yes.
25:14 When we go to a convention center,
25:15 we had to take all the fuel out to go in the building.
25:17 Yeah, that's true. Yeah, that's very true.
25:19 But we appreciate Will and his years of work here
25:21 for the ministry
25:23 and it's a blessing working with you.
25:25 Will, and for your team, boy,
25:27 your team leadership, we appreciate that a lot,
25:28 thank you.
25:29 Thank you.
25:31 So I'm heading over here to Arody,
25:33 and I don't want to interrupt him,
25:34 may I'd be kind of quite because he's actually directing
25:36 which I'm gonna ask Arody what directing is.
25:39 What is directing?
25:40 Well, we at directing,
25:42 we coach the cameras to what we need shot wise
25:45 and then pick
25:46 the right moment to put the camera,
25:48 or the graphic,
25:49 or whatever happens to be needed during the show.
25:51 So this is the light, the last section.
25:55 This is where the show actually comes together
25:57 at the very end after all of the stations.
25:59 So let me ask you this thing, Arody.
26:00 So what the buttons that you are pushing,
26:01 here is actually
26:03 what people will see over the air.
26:04 Yes, so one, we will control a couple of several things.
26:07 We got what people see over the air,
26:09 what people see in the church and specialty stuff.
26:12 It's all controlled over this board right here.
26:14 So we were just talking to Will and so he actually gives you,
26:16 like a slip with a person's name
26:18 but you are actually the one that says yes,
26:19 I want to pick it.
26:21 Yes, I will, you know, adjust my camera
26:22 so that the graphic aligns to what he's saying,
26:25 he gets it ready,
26:26 we chose it and then it comes up on air
26:28 and I decide when to take it off.
26:30 So this looks really complicated to me.
26:32 This almost looks like he is getting ready
26:33 to fly an airplane.
26:34 Look at all these color buttons,
26:36 is it overwhelming ever?
26:37 Well, at the beginning when you are,
26:39 when you see it the first time it is,
26:40 but then you get,
26:41 you figure out that, no, it's not quite
26:43 that bad unless you get over to that side,
26:44 that gets very complicated.
26:45 So let me ask you, Arody,
26:47 how many years have you been a part of 3ABN?
26:49 I have been working with 3ABN for over seven years.
26:51 I started off in Latino on the Road,
26:53 and I've mostly done on the road work, yes.
26:56 We appreciate you, Arody.
26:57 You always have just a happy attitude
26:58 and I appreciate the team.
27:00 You know, we have been going along,
27:01 meeting all the team members,
27:02 and it's very important to have a team
27:04 that works together and is in harmony
27:05 and really because the hours are kind of crazy sometimes,
27:08 but I appreciate you, Arody,
27:09 and what you bring to this team.
27:10 Yeah, definitely the team
27:12 is what makes this work worth it
27:15 and what makes it work,
27:17 like me being here with all the buttons
27:18 means nothing if my team doesn't support
27:21 and does their job correctly.
27:23 So I have an easy job because I got a great team.
27:28 Right.
27:29 And as Arody was saying,
27:32 it takes a team to make this work.
27:34 But without God's blessing
27:37 none of this will be reality.
27:41 So we praise the Lord for His help
27:44 and for what we are able to do here.
27:46 It's a great team, isn't it? Amen.
27:47 It's fun, Jorge, isn't it, working at production?
27:49 It's fun.
27:50 It's fun working with you, Greg.
27:51 Hey, same here.
27:53 I have to say it on here and with you, Jill,
27:54 of course, but it's been a blessing.
27:56 It is, it's a privilege to work for the Lord Jesus Christ
27:58 and we consider you at home part of the 3ABN family.
28:01 So it's fun to work together with you.
28:03 That's all the time we have for tonight,
28:05 but we will see you again tomorrow night,
28:08 and stay tuned to watch the program coming now
28:10 from Pastor John Lomacang.


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