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00:07 Hello and welcome to iSITE program number 10.
00:10 It's hard to believe that we are two-thirds
00:12 through this evangelistic series called Pathway to Life.
00:15 And we are not outside, we are not on the mountaintop,
00:18 we are not out at hole in the rock,
00:20 we're actually here on the stage
00:21 at Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:24 Obviously, this is a little bit earlier
00:25 than the series to start
00:26 because this would be getting ready for Pastor John.
00:29 So we did a little transformation
00:30 of the stage for a reason,
00:31 something really special we're gonna try today.
00:33 We are.
00:34 We're so excited to share from people all over the world
00:38 who have been involved somehow in this evangelistic series.
00:42 Before we do that, I just want to give a shout-out
00:45 to those of you who are watching on Facebook.
00:48 We had a comment here coming last night,
00:50 from the iSITE last night.
00:51 This is from Marsha.
00:52 She says, "Excellent reporting.
00:54 It sounds like meetings are going very well.
00:56 Wish you all could come to Colorado."
00:58 And we wish too.
00:59 Praise the Lord. Oh, that would be fun.
01:01 3ABN can go all over the world.
01:04 And here is some people
01:05 who have shared the iSITE from last night.
01:08 This is Marona, Terry, Tivana, Christopher,
01:10 Dona, Genevieve brent area.
01:13 Azel, Elvina, Pat, Edwina, Marsha,
01:16 Joey, Estelle, Garnet, Jimmar, Tom.
01:19 Rodney, Gerlynbev, Clayton, Richard, Marsha, Henry,
01:23 and the list goes on and on.
01:24 So thank you so much
01:26 for connecting with us here at 3ABN.
01:28 Yeah, it's always encouraging to hear from you
01:31 because a lot of times, as we've mentioned before,
01:33 we're just looking into a camera lens here,
01:35 but we get names in this,
01:36 sometimes pictures, it's always a blessing
01:37 because it makes a little more personal.
01:39 And as we're mentioning,
01:40 we actually are gonna try something special
01:42 for this iSITE.
01:43 And we're gonna try
01:45 and Skype with some of our dear friends from around the world.
01:47 And we have Julia and Alexey from 3ABN Russia.
01:53 We're gonna try and Skype in with them.
01:54 Are you there, Julia and Alexey?
01:59 Yes, we are here. Hello, Jill.
02:03 Hello, Greg, and the 3ABN viewers in the United States.
02:08 Alexey said before the program, before our meeting starts,
02:12 I mean before our Skype conversation started,
02:14 he said, "I'm going to say
02:16 and hello to our 3ABN viewers in United States."
02:20 Of course, we have so many viewers in Russia.
02:24 Absolutely. Amen.
02:25 Amen. Great job.
02:26 Where Julia Outkina
02:28 is executive director of 3ABN Russia,
02:30 and Alexey Britov is general manager.
02:32 And they are precious friends to us
02:35 and just dear to our heart,
02:36 but you all in Russia have been praying
02:39 for the meetings here in Phoenix, is that right?
02:41 Yes. Yes, that's amazing.
02:44 You know, Alexey is more technical
02:47 and he keeps corresponding on different things with Jill,
02:51 and then Jill mentioned to Alexey
02:54 that you were getting ready to go
02:56 to this special evangelistic series in Phoenix.
03:01 And, you know, it is so good to be a worldwide family
03:06 because Jill mentioned to Alexey,
03:08 "Please pray for the health over certain speaker problem,
03:12 he has some health problems or something."
03:15 And, you know, he's halfway around the world.
03:18 We started praying for your series.
03:20 I know that we were so encouraged
03:22 because you had sent an email saying that you were praying
03:25 so we are able to share that,
03:26 and it's encouraging to know like you're mentioning, Julia,
03:28 that all the way around the world,
03:30 there are people praying for this series.
03:32 And I believe that evangelism is very important,
03:35 especially for the last days that we're living in.
03:37 Why is it important to you, Julia?
03:40 Alexey was talking to me
03:43 and please we apologize for our Russian,.
03:46 but we have to exchange in Russian..
03:49 That's good. That's fine.
03:50 That it's not only 3ABN Russia
03:54 that is praying for this beautiful series
03:58 that you are holding in Phoenix, Arizona,
04:00 but it is also the churches from Nizhny Novgorod...
04:06 About 10 churches in Nizhny Novgorod
04:08 are praying about these evangelistic outreaches.
04:12 Amen.
04:13 And they are doing it in their special prayer groups
04:17 because church services here start
04:20 with the meeting of a prayer group.
04:21 So it has been announced in the churches
04:24 to pray for your meetings,
04:25 and in 10 churches in their prayer groups
04:29 that are praying for your meetings.
04:31 We are so proud of US 3ABN, our mother organization,
04:36 our parent organization because, you know, to be...
04:41 we are all about evangelism, media evangelism, television,
04:45 radio, internet, but to do it face to face,
04:49 to do it personally,
04:51 how proud we are of you that you are doing this.
04:54 Amen.
04:55 I know that Jill and I are really blessed
04:56 because we have the opportunity
04:58 with some of the crew to go to 3ABN Russia
05:00 back last year in 2017, and we were so encouraged.
05:03 That is our first time to be there
05:05 and to see the evangelism
05:06 and the effort that you all have put forward,
05:07 and also to our viewers at home for your support of 3ABN Russia
05:11 for 3ABN parent as we say here in the United States
05:14 because it's evangelism,
05:16 that's why we're doing the series here,
05:17 that's why Pastor John Carter in Russia
05:20 has done such a great job with evangelism.
05:22 But we know evangelism is very important.
05:25 Oh, yes, yes, definitely.
05:26 So, you know, most of the churches in Russia
05:32 had started in 1992,
05:36 when over 2,500 people were baptized
05:39 for the first evangelistic series
05:41 of Pastor John Carter held in Nizhny Novgorod.
05:45 And 3ABN started because of that,
05:48 you know, 90% of the workers of the 3ABN Russia
05:51 are the converts from Pastor John Carter's
05:53 evangelistic meetings.
05:55 Alexey calls Pastor John Carter,
05:57 he is Godfather if this is an appropriate term
06:01 because he was baptized at his meetings...
06:03 In 1993. In 1993.
06:06 And so how special, you know, personal evangelistic,
06:13 I don't know what you're holding
06:14 is called personal evangelism
06:16 but it is I mean it is face to face evangelism.
06:19 When they can, you know, see you,
06:22 when they can see the preacher.
06:23 So it's been very, very important to Russia,
06:26 just outstanding and amazingly important.
06:29 Amen.
06:30 What a privilege to talk to both of you.
06:33 We love you there
06:34 and the entire team at 3ABN Russia.
06:36 And please pass along to the workers
06:38 and to the church members who are praying
06:41 that God is here in your prayers,
06:43 that I think specifically of Shelley Quinn
06:46 has been sick during the series,
06:48 we mentioned that before and some other people.
06:51 And yet, when they stand up to speak,
06:54 the Lord gives them voice
06:55 and they can speak the entire meeting
06:58 and tell it's time to quit
06:59 and then they can't speak anymore.
07:01 It's a miracle.
07:02 So the Lord is working miracles here
07:04 and I believe that's due to your prayers,
07:06 so thank you so much for taking this time
07:09 to spend with us and thank you for your prayers.
07:10 Absolutely.
07:12 What church we're going to go to next for roll?
07:14 We're going to go to the Phoenix Central.
07:16 This is Shelley and JD's church,
07:18 and they had an opportunity to sit down
07:20 with the few people there.
07:21 So let's listen to that now.
07:25 My name is Terri Rodriguez.
07:27 I'm a member here at Central Seventh-day Adventist Church
07:29 in Phoenix, Arizona.
07:30 I am the Personal Ministry's leader,
07:32 and I do believe in evangelism.
07:34 I have come from a broken home,
07:36 my husband also have come from a broken home.
07:39 And to see what God has done in our life through evangelism,
07:44 we are very thankful to God
07:46 what He has done to our families
07:48 and I know from experience,
07:51 I know from the blessings He had showed us
07:53 that it is possible for everyone takes
07:57 to experience what we have experienced
08:00 and what we have learned from the truth of the Bible,
08:03 from all these evangelists series that happened.
08:06 We pray for those families that are also having trouble
08:10 to find the love of God in these Bible studies.
08:14 And I pray that it is your goal for yourself
08:18 or your family members
08:19 that they find the love of the truth
08:22 and the love of Jesus in the Bible studies
08:25 that gets into our heart.
08:27 We are thankful as a church for 3ABN,
08:30 coming here and helping us to reach the ends of the city
08:35 because it is in the city that we need it the most.
08:38 And we're very grateful
08:39 and thankful that 3ABN has had this evangelistic series
08:42 because this is the heart of Central church
08:44 and this is what it is that we would like
08:47 for the city to know, the love of Jesus.
08:51 Here once again,
08:53 we're at the Central SDA Church in Phoenix.
08:56 And I have the privilege
08:57 of standing beside Dr. Stephen Neal.
09:00 Now, Dr. Neal, I think that
09:02 you might have heard the name earlier Stephen Neal,
09:05 that's because this is two, this is Junior, is that right?
09:10 Yes, sir. This is the Junior.
09:12 And then we had the privilege tonight of having Stephen three
09:16 has special music for us.
09:18 But anyway, Dr. Stephen and I were talking,
09:21 he's been a member of this church for how long now?
09:24 Thirty nine years.
09:26 I started when I was eight years old.
09:27 Last year's absolutely amazing.
09:30 And you had a big smile on your face
09:32 and today you have even a bigger smile.
09:34 Tell us a little bit about this journey.
09:36 It's been an interesting journey.
09:38 I've actually had my trials and tribulations
09:41 of going up and down
09:42 but the one thing that has been solid is my faith in God
09:46 and staying inside the church.
09:48 My mother Savannah Neal and my father
09:51 has been very inspirational of me being member
09:55 of the Central Phoenix Seventh-day Adventist Church.
09:57 And I know that your father's...
10:01 Just a little recalling,
10:03 your father's one that has been in wheelchair
10:05 for the last 40 years
10:07 and to me what an inspiration
10:08 because he's the first one here,
10:11 he always look sharp, he loves Jesus,
10:13 he's an elder of the church, and where do we go from there,
10:17 I mean I know that you had to really getting
10:21 a lot of life lessons along the way.
10:24 It was a lesson and never giving up.
10:26 And you never give up, you always keep your faith in God
10:29 because no matter how hard life may knock you down
10:33 but if you have faith in God, you can continue get up
10:35 and that's one of things my father has always taught me.
10:39 I can remember from the day of the accident
10:42 to where I was afraid of my dad
10:44 because I didn't believe it was my dad
10:47 'cause the last time I saw him he was walking to seeing him
10:51 being basically a vegetable laying there,
10:55 but God blessed our family, my mom kept us strong,
10:58 and just seen him fight
11:01 and continue to get up and down every single day,
11:04 and the struggles he went to from learning,
11:06 from being a strong powerful man of 6'2", 225,
11:10 ripped about to go in the NFL,
11:12 to now laying on his back
11:14 and everyone having to do everything,
11:16 that was very hard to take,
11:18 but we stayed close together as a family.
11:20 My mom was a very strong woman
11:22 who continued to pray with us each and every night.
11:25 And one of the things she always said,
11:27 "This is our family, God has put us together,
11:29 and we're not going anybody break us up."
11:31 And just that belief in that love
11:34 and the foundation that she continued to teach us
11:37 about God each and every day, kept us together.
11:39 What a testimony.
11:42 Also, I know that you've got a doctrine
11:44 in clinical psychology.
11:45 How do you use
11:47 being a Seventh-day Adventist Christian?
11:49 How do you adapt the message
11:52 of being a doctor of clinical psychology into their lives?
11:56 Oh, I love it 'cause right now
11:57 I'm working as a special education director
12:00 and also the lead school psychologist,
12:02 but I'm working my way back into the hospital
12:04 'cause I used to do that all the time.
12:06 But it's nice because even though they try to say
12:09 you can't put religious inside the school,
12:11 there's a lot of times, you can quote God's Word
12:14 and people never know,
12:15 they think it's your words of wisdom
12:17 and then later on when they start asking,
12:18 "Are you a Christian?
12:20 Do you believe in God?"
12:21 And then that's when you have that door,
12:23 opportunity to open up your faith,
12:24 but there's a lot of presentations that I give,
12:27 I have one that's possibly coming up,
12:29 Fatherhood summit coming up,
12:31 and I have a parent classes that's built on scripture.
12:34 And I'll slide a little scripture
12:37 and sometimes members in the audience are like,
12:39 "That's a Christian,"
12:41 and he'll come talk to me
12:42 or when I'm at work doing professional development,
12:44 I'll slide a little something of God's Word in there
12:47 and I'll see people smiling,
12:48 and then they'll come talk to me.
12:49 So it's a way to always let people know
12:52 that God is true in your life.
12:54 And I'll give another testimony.
12:57 The other day at work I had one of my supervisors
13:01 asked me about some things,
13:02 and I told them, I prayed,
13:04 God gives me wisdom and knowledge,
13:05 and I go with it.
13:06 And he asked, "Do you pray for me?"
13:08 And I said, "I'll pray for you every morning at 7 o'clock,
13:10 we're on the prayer line,
13:11 my mom and I and some other members from other churches,
13:14 but we're in a prayer line
13:15 every morning at 7 o'clock praying for everyone
13:17 and doing a devotion,"
13:18 and that's how I start my day off to make it solid
13:22 that no matter what
13:24 I'm starting my day off with God
13:25 and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me.
13:27 And I think that that would be a challenge to us all
13:30 to start every morning off at least 7am
13:33 by inviting the Holy Spirit into our heart.
13:35 And just to give him permission to be a lamp to our feet.
13:39 Would you agree to that, doctor?
13:41 I would agree.
13:42 Amen. Amen.
13:43 And we also agree that here at Central Church
13:45 is a loving church.
13:47 Please come see us.
13:48 We love you. God bless.
13:50 Bye-bye. Praise the lord.
13:52 What great reports
13:53 from the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.
13:55 And I especially liked we ended there with Dr. Stephen Neal.
13:58 And to see his testimony growing up as a young man
14:02 with the accident that his dad had,
14:03 but to watch his dad say, "Never give up,"
14:07 to watch him walk out his faith,
14:09 what an incredible testimony.
14:10 Absolutely, it's very encouraging
14:11 to hear, you know,
14:13 because sometimes when a tragedy strikes a family,
14:14 you can go one way or the other,
14:15 you can either take you away from Christ or draw you closer.
14:17 And it's neat to see that they took it for the positive
14:19 and learnt from it.
14:21 Now we've been talking about getting comments from you,
14:23 from what we've been hearing from people
14:25 from around the world,
14:27 and we talked to Julia and Alexey from Russia.
14:31 And now we're headed to Trinidad and Tobago
14:33 with Rodney Reynold.
14:34 Are you there, Rodney?
14:37 Yes, I am here, Jill and Greg.
14:39 We have been getting some of your comments.
14:41 Hello. Hello.
14:42 Thank you so much for your encouraging comments,
14:43 and thank you for your prayers
14:45 for this evangelistic series here in Phoenix.
14:47 It's my joy.
14:49 Presentations are really amazing.
14:50 And it's directly impacting my country
14:54 reaching people every day,
14:56 and I found the website, we're going to be continuing
14:59 and sharing the website with all the Bible studies
15:03 and all the presentations,
15:05 we're going to keep sharing on the WhatsApp media.
15:08 We have a 3ABN WhatsApp group.
15:10 We're going to share there, keep on sharing on Facebook,
15:14 as many social platforms as possible and everything,
15:20 and all the available means
15:23 and ways of sharing the mission of what we're doing.
15:26 Amen.
15:27 Rodney is 3ABN Trinidad and Tobago volunteer.
15:30 He does an incredible job mobilizing...
15:32 Oh, yeah.
15:33 There in his country and spreading the Gospel.
15:35 He is an ambassador.
15:36 Now, Rodney,
15:38 I also know that you've just got recently a shipment
15:41 of quite a few thousand Spiritual Vigilantes.
15:43 Tell us how that's going.
15:45 Oh, that's really going well, in our country, on April 12,
15:50 our government is looking to pass the same sex law,
15:55 and the books, 50,000 books,
15:57 Spiritual Vigilantes books that we have,
16:00 we have distributed them in every single possible means
16:03 to reach a lot of people.
16:05 This week we're going to give
16:07 to the members in the parliament,
16:09 the law association, many people.
16:12 So throughout Trinidad and Tobago,
16:13 we're going to be doing that.
16:15 Tobago already have 20,000
16:17 and they did an amazing job there
16:19 with Brother Diamond Andrews,
16:21 and also here in Trinidad,
16:24 we're going to be doing much more work again,
16:27 especially this one.
16:28 Amen. Amen.
16:30 Yeah, Rodney, we appreciate just your tenacity,
16:33 if that's the word we could use,
16:34 being an ambassador for 3ABN,
16:36 your excitement for evangelism.
16:38 This man will take tracks by the thousands
16:41 and pass them out.
16:42 So thank you, Rodney, again for your prayers,
16:44 for this evangelistic series,
16:46 for mobilizing the team there in Trinidad and Tobago.
16:49 And again, we just want to encourage you at home
16:52 to continue to pray for this series.
16:53 But, Rodney, we're going to say goodbye to you.
16:55 Thank you again.
16:56 And we are going to go to what church, the Chandler?
16:59 Thank you.
17:00 We're going to the Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church,
17:02 and Chris Shelton had a chance to sit down
17:04 or stand up interview here with...
17:07 The church clerk and let's look at that now.
17:13 Hello, I'm Chris Shelton, and we're here at Chandler.
17:16 This evening we just had an awesome message
17:18 about the Ten Commandments, God's perfect law.
17:21 Antoinette.
17:22 Antoinette is our guest this evening.
17:25 Antoinette, I've seen you few nights,
17:27 you kind of come in a little late.
17:28 I assume you're working somewhere, is that right?
17:30 Definitely, yes. Definitely.
17:32 And, Antoinette, where are you from originally?
17:35 I'm Jamaican.
17:36 So I came here couple of years ago, and yeah.
17:40 And you attend this church?
17:42 Is this your home church? Yes, it is my home church.
17:44 In fact, as I said before, I serve as a clerk here.
17:48 So evangelism is very dear to me.
17:51 Amen.
17:52 Amen. Amen.
17:53 Well, you know, one thing I like about Antoinette
17:55 when she is here you know she is here.
17:58 Because she is praising the Lord,
18:00 and she is our amen corner.
18:03 So, Antoinette, I wanna ask you a personal question,
18:05 don't be afraid of this mike,
18:07 you've got to talk into this so they can hear us.
18:09 But what has been special about these meetings for you...
18:14 Have you...
18:15 Has the Holy Spirit impressed you with anything,
18:17 touched your heart?
18:19 What do you think about the meetings?
18:20 I just like the way how pastor delivers...
18:23 Has he mentioned, it was so much of me
18:27 in the structure of his services,
18:30 the way he goes in details with the scriptures
18:34 one after the other, I can follow that.
18:36 So I really love that.
18:38 You know, the old time kind of question, where you get the...
18:44 Amen. Value of what is there.
18:46 He doesn't like sugar-coated, he gifts it to you.
18:51 I love the way he give those examples,
18:53 making them a little more personal,
18:56 so that's the thing I like about it.
18:58 Amen.
18:59 It's interesting that she said sugar-coated
19:02 'cause that's one thing that a lot of people
19:04 will say about Pastor Kenny, he does not sugar-coat it.
19:07 But, you know, we need men,
19:09 we need women that will stand up for truth.
19:11 God is looking for men and women
19:13 that will be firm as steel
19:15 so that they don't blow around with any wind of doctrine.
19:19 So I'm so thankful to get to meet you
19:21 and to know you a little bit,
19:23 and I want to thank you for being for our amen corner.
19:25 What would you like to say the folks
19:27 that are watching at home?
19:28 I just want to say, you know, continue to praise God,
19:31 continue to trust in the Holy Spirit,
19:33 continue to get connected,
19:35 continue to read your Bible
19:36 because we never know what will happen.
19:38 And Pastor Kenny said, you know,
19:40 "You might go out there and there's an accident,
19:43 where will you spend eternity?"
19:44 So, you know, just keep connected,
19:47 keep growing.
19:49 You know, sanctification is a lifetime,
19:51 and just continue reading your Bible, studying God work
19:55 because the more you study, the more you have to share.
19:59 And trust me that devil is out there and he's coming in some,
20:03 you know, strong ways.
20:05 So we have to use this, you know, the Word of God,
20:09 so if you don't know the Word of God,
20:10 you know, you have people out there
20:12 that will hammer you.
20:14 So we just got to stay, you know, stay in Christ,
20:17 stay connected and, you know, just remember
20:20 that this is not our home, it's not our eternal,
20:24 I know He'll be coming back,
20:26 but this is not our eternal home.
20:27 And if we miss heaven, we miss everything,
20:30 so it's going to be good, it's going to be awesome.
20:34 So I'm just encouraging you all just to choose Christ today.
20:39 It might look perfect on the outside,
20:42 but you'll never get a better life
20:45 until you meet Jesus.
20:46 So that's how... Amen.
20:48 And do continue to pray for us here.
20:51 She said it all, you will not have a better life.
20:54 We've been singing it at the end of every message,
20:56 "This world is not my home, we're just passing through it."
21:00 God bless each and every one of you.
21:04 Thank you so much, Sister Chris,
21:05 and of course, for coming.
21:06 That came from the Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church.
21:08 And it's always neat to get reports
21:10 from all the churches here in the area
21:11 and to see how the evangelistic series is going.
21:13 It takes many people to make this event happen
21:16 and that includes you at home.
21:17 So thank you again.
21:18 Again, like I said earlier,
21:20 for your support of the ministry of 3ABN.
21:22 We have someone else tuning us by Skype.
21:24 We went from Trinidad, now we've all the way
21:27 to Southern Illinois 3ABN headquarters.
21:29 And we have Mollie Steenson, our vice president there.
21:33 Mollie, are you there? I'm here.
21:37 Good to talk with you, guys. Good to see you.
21:40 We miss you at home. I agree.
21:42 Each one of the team at home.
21:44 So tell us, Mollie, have you been following the iSITE
21:47 and the evangelistic series from home,
21:48 from there in Illinois.
21:50 Absolutely.
21:51 And it has just been incredible to be...
21:53 To have feeling of being a part of that
21:56 we're back here at home.
21:57 But let me tell you what you do here at home,
21:59 here at 3ABN,
22:01 we were holding all of you up in prayer
22:03 because we know that as we pray
22:06 and lift your hands up in prayer
22:08 that God is there to touch the needs of those
22:11 that come to those meetings,
22:13 and it's so encouraging to us to watch iSITE
22:17 and just have a feel for what is going on
22:20 in each one of the services.
22:22 I know that you and Sister Shelley
22:25 are really good friends,
22:26 and I know it's a miracle, isn't it, Mollie,
22:28 because I know you're talking to her
22:29 on the telephone of what God
22:30 is doing of standing her up at her church
22:32 while she has this cold.
22:34 You know, I tell with her almost every day.
22:37 And when I'm talking with her,
22:39 she's coughing, her voice is very weak.
22:42 And I have been so concerned for her and praying for her.
22:47 But then I see her on iSITE and her voice is strong,
22:51 and she looks absolutely gorgeous.
22:53 I emailed her and told her,
22:55 "Shelley, your hair looks so good."
22:56 And she told me,
22:57 "It's because there's no humidity here in Phoenix."
23:00 So she and I are communicating,
23:02 but she is totally convinced that every night,
23:05 God worked miracle on her behalf.
23:07 And I'm sure that He does. Amen.
23:10 It's a blessing to see what God is doing.
23:12 Mollie, 3ABN has always had...
23:15 The heartbeat of 3ABN has been evangelism
23:17 from the very beginning, isn't that right?
23:19 Yes, it is.
23:20 And, you know, that's also the heartbeat of our Lord
23:24 and Savior Jesus Christ to go into all the world
23:27 to touch the needs
23:29 and to draw people into right relationship with God.
23:32 And so to hear the testimonies that are coming out of Phoenix,
23:35 we know that we are cupped in the palm of God's hands
23:38 and doing His perfect will.
23:41 Yeah. Amen.
23:42 Yeah, it's always encouraging to hear
23:43 that the family back at 3ABN of course
23:45 is praying for the team that's out on the road
23:47 because many things can happen.
23:49 But God is providing His safety and the Lord is blessing.
23:51 The attendance is still strong...
23:53 Yes. Here.
23:54 And it's encouraging to see people coming forward
23:56 accepting the call on their heart,
23:58 to accept Jesus Christ for the first time.
24:00 And I think, Mollie, that's what is so encouraging as,
24:02 you see, lives being changed for eternity,
24:05 this is not just temple work that we're doing,
24:06 it's eternal work.
24:08 And that's encouraging. Thank you so much, Mollie.
24:10 We have to go to another church,
24:11 but we love you at home and thank you so much.
24:15 God bless you all. Thank you.
24:18 Right now, we're going to back to the Phoenix Central Church.
24:21 And JD sat down with a woman
24:23 who's been attending the meetings.
24:24 So let's listen.
24:26 This is an exciting time.
24:27 My name is JD, JD Quinn.
24:29 And, of course, I'm with Mary Beck.
24:31 And Mary Beck is a work in progress
24:33 just like all of us are.
24:35 Mary is going through this series right now,
24:38 and she is learning about Jesus.
24:40 Learning about some of the different ways
24:44 of which we can have a closer walk with you,
24:47 closer walk with Jesus.
24:49 And so, Mary, I know that you love coming
24:51 to this Central Seventh-day Adventist Church
24:54 because I see you here every night.
24:57 Yes, I've been every night.
24:59 Every night? Mm-hm.
25:00 And kind of tell us where you are.
25:02 I know that I was asking you what church you belong to,
25:05 and you said, "Well, I'm a work in progress."
25:06 Yeah.
25:07 "Right now, I'm trying to get rid
25:09 some of the nasty little habits that I have..."
25:11 Yeah. "That I'm working hard on."
25:13 And even today, you made progress.
25:16 And so as we just...
25:18 As we're all on this journey,
25:20 but I know that we've partnered up
25:23 with the Arizona Conference here at 3ABN.
25:25 Shelley Queen is here, she is teaching.
25:27 Are you learning a lot of stuff,
25:29 that maybe new stuff that you didn't know before?
25:32 Oh, yes.
25:33 Yes, I'm learning a lot about resurrection and...
25:38 Yes. Yeah. Of the dead.
25:41 And the stage of the dead. Yes.
25:43 And also that we can't work ourselves in the heaven
25:46 that is by His grace.
25:48 Man, what a relief that must be,
25:50 otherwise if we were sitting here doing things
25:53 that might not be pleasing to Him,
25:55 but yeah, we think that we're working,
25:56 we're getting closer to Him,
25:58 that is because of His love, His mercy.
26:02 Yes, I keep my eyes on Philippians 3:14.
26:08 "I press toward the mark
26:10 for the high calling in Christ Jesus."
26:12 Amen. Amen.
26:15 Mary is just one those people that's easy to love.
26:17 You know, she's always got a smile on her face
26:19 and gleam in her eye.
26:21 And I didn't know till tonight
26:22 that you are still making in the process
26:25 of making decisions.
26:27 And I know that we all make a decision daily,
26:30 but anyway just...
26:32 Would you recommend people coming
26:34 to this Central Seventh-day Adventist Church?
26:35 Oh, yeah.
26:37 They make it easy to make your decisions
26:38 to commit as they're very loving, it's a family here.
26:41 Amen. Amen. It's so is.
26:45 When I first started coming here the compassion,
26:48 they just hugged, and loved and I got a family.
26:54 I'm looking for a family, and I think I found them.
26:56 Amen. Amen.
26:57 Well, you heard it here from Mary.
27:00 So anyway, I just want to you know that we love you,
27:02 you're always welcome to come
27:04 to Central Seventh-day Adventist Church
27:05 here in Phoenix, Arizona.
27:07 God bless.
27:09 Amen. Great report.
27:11 What a great report from the Phoenix Central Church.
27:14 And to think that Mary
27:16 is not a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
27:17 but yet she is coming to the meetings
27:19 and learning Bible truth.
27:21 I want to encourage you to pray for people like Mary,
27:23 pray for Mary, pray for the others
27:25 who are learning truths in the Word of God
27:27 for the very first time.
27:29 Praise God brings them out of darkness
27:31 into His marvelous light, people who are accepting Jesus.
27:35 Thank you for joining us for another iSITE.
27:37 Thank you for your prayers,
27:38 and we pray for you at home as you hear these meetings.
27:41 Right now, we're going to go to Pastor John Lomacang,
27:44 but we will see you again tomorrow night.


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