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00:06 Hello, and welcome to iSITE program number 11.
00:09 Again, we're coming to you from Phoenix, Arizona.
00:11 And we're here at the Central Valley
00:13 Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church,
00:15 and we're here with none other but Pastor John Dinzey.
00:20 Thank you, again, for joining us,
00:21 and what a great church here that you have.
00:22 Thank you.
00:24 It's a wonderful church,
00:25 and it's been a blessing to be here.
00:26 Amen. Amen.
00:28 We're so excited to come to this church
00:29 because we've been hearing reports.
00:31 Brother Johnny brings back to the hotel,
00:33 we hear what goes on,
00:34 but we have not had the chance to be here,
00:35 so it's a privilege to be here in the church
00:38 and to see what God is doing.
00:39 And one of the miracles just right off the back
00:42 is something to do with the light.
00:43 So talk to us about that.
00:45 Yeah, because I just want to say something,
00:46 you may see the lights going up, and down,
00:48 and bright, and dark that's not your TV.
00:51 It's actually happening,
00:52 but it's actually part of a miracle,
00:53 Pastor Johnny, so tell us about that because it's amazing.
00:56 Well, the very first day we got here,
00:58 the lights started flickering,
01:00 and I thought, they were having trouble with the equipment.
01:02 Of course, yeah.
01:04 And, of course, they're trying to figure out what is going on,
01:05 and they're looking at this, looking at that.
01:08 And eventually, they came to the conclusion
01:11 that it was an AM radio station,
01:17 somewhere between half a mile to a mile away
01:20 that somehow it's interfering with the lights.
01:23 And so God's blessings are that when the...
01:27 By the time we start, all the flickering stops.
01:31 And we are blessed to have no problems with the lights.
01:35 So the lights flicker during the day
01:37 and right up almost to the time
01:39 when the program begins and then it stops.
01:41 Yes. Yes. Wow. That's a miracle.
01:43 You just saw the lights dim and then they came back up.
01:46 And the meeting is getting ready to start soon.
01:48 Yes, yes. Wow.
01:49 You have people practicing behind us,
01:50 and they're getting ready for the song service.
01:53 Amen.
01:54 Yeah, I think that's really amazing because, you know,
01:56 it could be those little simple things you say,
01:57 "Oh, well, that's just a coincidence."
01:58 About 6:30 when the preprogram starts and everything begins,
02:02 that everything clears up, but that's a God thing.
02:04 You know, I believe, the Satan can only go so far,
02:06 and then God says, "All right, that's it.
02:09 No more." Praise God.
02:10 And things smooth out.
02:11 So yeah, praise the Lord. Amen.
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02:25 But this is CB, Chevana, Sherley, Patrick, Terry, Shawn,
02:29 Glenn, Genevieve, Marien, Brent, Deborah, Sandy,
02:32 David, Esial, Aerial, Dolores, Rob, and Pauline,
02:36 that's just some of the names,
02:38 some of you who have shared the program.
02:39 So thank you so much for that. Yeah, amen.
02:41 It's always encouraging to hear from you,
02:43 so continue to send in those comments via Facebook, YouTube,
02:45 like Jill is mentioned, in 3ABN.
02:47 So, Pastor Johnny,
02:49 give us a little flavor of how things are going.
02:50 We're a little more than two-thirds into the series,
02:53 and I know, that God is blessing,
02:55 give us some miracles or how things are going?
02:57 Well, one of the blessings that I noticed is that
03:01 the Arizona Conference has been renting TV channels here
03:07 for several years,
03:08 and one of them in English and one of them in Spanish.
03:11 They literally cover over about 90% of the whole Arizona.
03:14 Oh, that's incredible. It's amazing.
03:16 You mean, the whole state? Wow! The whole state.
03:18 So in Phoenix, of course, there are channels in English,
03:22 channels in Spanish and they...
03:23 In the majority of the program,
03:25 they tell us is 3ABN and 3ABN Latino.
03:28 Yes, this is with Good News TV.
03:30 With Good News TV, yes.
03:32 And we've had people just walk in.
03:35 They saw the announcement that we were going to be here,
03:37 and some people...
03:39 Well, praise the Lord, you know,
03:40 there's a thing about being on TV,
03:42 and I said to Lord, "If being on TV
03:44 will bring people to Christ, then I'm okay with that.
03:47 I'm willing to go and do these things."
03:49 And some people have said,
03:50 "I want to meet you and your wife."
03:52 Unfortunately, my wife couldn't come.
03:54 But they've been asking about her.
03:55 But they have come to meet us and also to hear the messages.
04:01 And so we've had a...
04:02 The first lady that came,
04:03 sat about the third row from the front,
04:06 and she said that she's been wanting to come
04:13 and this was the day and she came.
04:15 And when the altar call was made,
04:17 she was among the crowd that stood up.
04:19 Praise the Lord.
04:21 So, you know, we praise the Lord for that.
04:22 Thank you, Jesus.
04:23 Last night,
04:25 a few of the people that have come in visiting,
04:31 they were telling us about the blessing
04:33 that 3ABN Latino is to them.
04:34 Amen.
04:35 And what was interesting to me is that one of the ladies...
04:39 This church has...
04:40 they provide meals at 5:30 when the people come.
04:42 Very nice.
04:44 And in case you didn't make it to the meal, they say,
04:46 "We have some more food."
04:48 Praise the Lord.
04:50 "This service is over for the night.
04:52 If you're going home and you're going to go cook,
04:53 stay here and eat."
04:54 They say, "Stay here and eat."
04:56 So food before and food after.
04:57 So some people stay,
04:58 and I was walking out last night,
05:00 one lady said, "Well, you know, I am glad I came last night.
05:04 It cleared up some doubts I had about this topic."
05:07 So I said, "Well praise the Lord.
05:08 Praise the Lord." She said, "This is my sister.
05:12 I told her, I invited her to come with me."
05:13 So this is her first time here.
05:15 And I said, "Well, praise the Lord."
05:18 So these are visitors that are coming in
05:20 and they're being blessed by the messages.
05:21 We're praying a lot for God to bless the people.
05:24 And I think that's really what's making this happen,
05:27 prayer and God's blessing
05:30 because we're preaching God's Word.
05:32 Amen. That' right.
05:33 And we need to also say a big thank you
05:34 to Good News TV.
05:36 Yes. Yes.
05:37 For their production here in making this happen.
05:38 I'm sure you have a few words for them.
05:40 But we just appreciate Luke and his team Susan
05:42 for what they're doing in the Phoenix area
05:44 and in Arizona but also here for this church
05:46 and the production they're doing here.
05:47 Yes, absolutely. We are very grateful.
05:50 The team works hard and, you know, we say the team,
05:54 there is literally here in this church in particular,
05:58 there's Luke Skelton, the director,
06:01 and then they have one employee that's fulltime.
06:04 The rest are volunteers,
06:05 the camera operators are all volunteers.
06:07 So I've seen different camera operators here
06:09 different nights, and they're here,
06:12 and they're doing the best they can
06:13 to work together to bring the gospel to other people.
06:16 Amen.
06:17 It's a tremendous blessing to be here at your church
06:19 and to see the miracles and what God is doing.
06:22 Right now, we're going to go do an interview Angie Lomacang
06:25 did at the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.
06:28 And this is with Lupe.
06:29 We actually met Lupe just a couple nights ago.
06:32 She came in.
06:34 She's been watching 3ABN Latino.
06:36 Praise the Lord.
06:37 And joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
06:38 Yeah. Praise the Lord.
06:40 And so praise the Lord for that,
06:41 and let's go to that interview right now.
06:45 Hi, my name is Angela Lomacang.
06:47 We're coming to you from
06:49 Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church
06:51 in Phoenix, Arizona.
06:52 And I have Lupe?
06:54 Yeah. Yes. Yes.
06:56 Now, Lupe, you've been coming to the meetings,
06:58 how have you been enjoying the meetings?
07:00 Well, good.
07:03 Yes. Yeah, yeah. Good. Yes.
07:05 Now how did you learn about the Seventh-day Adventist message?
07:09 I have seven, like,
07:12 sever years here in 3ABN but that's a Spanish.
07:17 And I hear, you know, and my husband
07:20 and at that time he was alive, you know.
07:24 And I called my husband and I was, you know,
07:26 moving in the channels.
07:28 And I don't see the channels.
07:30 It never...
07:31 any channels, you know,
07:33 they are speak like Revelation
07:36 that the apocalypse is coming.
07:39 And when I see, you know, you know,
07:42 some of the pastors speaking in,
07:45 you know, the Revelation, I call my husband and I say,
07:48 "You come over here to look at this church."
07:52 And that time we don't go, you know, any church.
07:56 Because at that time, I was recovering from cancer
08:01 because I'm a cancer survivor.
08:03 Oh, praise God.
08:05 Now you will go into...
08:06 You were not going to church but you're watching,
08:08 what's the name of this channel?
08:10 Good News TV? Good News TV.
08:12 Yeah, but that's in Spanish.
08:14 Yeah, that's in Spanish. 3ABN Latino.
08:16 Yeah. I see in Latino. Oh, very good.
08:19 And I call my husband
08:21 and I says, "Look at this channel.
08:22 They speak..."
08:24 The pastor is speak, you know, like,
08:27 I never hear the Revelation book,
08:29 you know, that apocalypses.
08:31 Yes.
08:32 And I call my husband
08:34 and he says, "What church is that?"
08:36 And I said, "I don't know.
08:37 I have to, you know, search what is the address."
08:40 And I saw the address and we go over there,
08:42 and we're still going and going.
08:45 And then we baptized.
08:46 Then you got baptized? Yeah.
08:48 Praise the Lord.
08:50 But unfortunately, she lost her husband a few years ago.
08:52 Yeah.
08:55 You know, that time, I didn't go to any church
08:59 because I was already with cancer then I was sitting
09:02 and I just saw the channel
09:04 and I was like, "God, they speak in Latino."
09:07 You know, beautiful. Amen.
09:09 And so she learned about the Seventh-day Adventist
09:12 and the truth about the Sabbath in this message.
09:15 And she and her husband got baptized.
09:17 But a few years after, he was hit by a car,
09:21 I believe, about three years ago.
09:24 Yeah.
09:25 And so now he's resting and awaiting the Lifegiver.
09:29 Well, you will spend eternity with...
09:31 Yeah. God bless you, my Sister.
09:33 Thank you. Thank you.
09:34 Thank you. All right, thank you.
09:37 Hi, my name is Angela Lomacang, and we're coming to you
09:40 from Paradise Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church,
09:42 and we have Telma and...
09:45 Chris. Chris.
09:46 And they are members here at this church.
09:49 We're members of the Clearview Seventh-day Adventist Church.
09:50 Of the Clearview Seventh-day Adventist Church,
09:52 but they all Seventh-day Adventists.
09:54 Yes.
09:55 And now you were not...
09:56 both were not raised in the message, Advent message.
09:59 Were you? No. Not at all.
10:00 And you have such an interesting story.
10:03 We talked to your mom not too long ago.
10:04 So let's share with us, your husband was what? Baptist?
10:07 Southern Baptist. Southern Baptist.
10:09 Southern Baptist.
10:10 And you both, how do you...
10:12 You started reading the Bible, right?
10:14 Yes, I started reading the Bible.
10:16 I got a Bible and just started reading it cover to cover.
10:20 So when I noticed that
10:22 it started saying that the seventh day
10:25 and it clearly pointed to the seventh day.
10:26 So I asked my husband, I asked him,
10:30 "Why do you go to church on Sunday?"
10:32 And so he said, "Well, that's the Lord's day."
10:36 And I said, "Okay, well, can you please show me
10:39 in the Bible where it says that
10:40 we are supposed to be going the first day or Sunday?"
10:44 And he said, "Sure.
10:45 Give me a couple weeks and I'll show you."
10:48 So he did, he started studying, and a couple weeks later,
10:52 he came and said,
10:53 "Well, I can't find anything to assess that."
10:58 So I told him, "Well, I think we should look for a church
11:01 that goes to church on Saturday."
11:03 So we googled it and found
11:07 a Seventh-day Baptist Church in Kingman.
11:10 And so we went over there.
11:12 Which is quite a ways away you said?
11:14 Yes. From where you live.
11:15 Yeah, we're four-hour drive away.
11:16 Wow. Just to keep the Sabbath.
11:19 Yeah.
11:20 So we started going there once a month,
11:22 and the pastor from there was coming over here once a month.
11:24 But then we started noticing that
11:26 the other two Saturdays weren't...
11:28 We were missing something.
11:30 So we looked for a church here locally.
11:32 And we found Clearview Seventh-day Adventist Church
11:35 close to our home.
11:37 So we started going there.
11:38 The people and the pastor, they were so welcoming.
11:42 And when we started,
11:43 they told us about the Sabbath School.
11:45 So we started going to Sabbath School
11:47 and we started learning so much.
11:49 So we both talked, and we said,
11:52 "I don't think that we need to be going somewhere else."
11:54 So we started going there.
11:56 Found your home church? Yes, absolutely.
11:59 And how do you feel to be a part of the remnant church?
12:02 You're both active members, correct?
12:04 Yes, we're members.
12:05 When the pastor calls us for people to get baptized,
12:08 my husband held my hand,
12:10 and we decided to get baptized.
12:13 So it was wonderful.
12:14 We feel so blessed.
12:16 And now he's an elder.
12:18 Amen.
12:20 And we're teaching Sabbath School.
12:22 Amen. Amen. And I like that.
12:23 He took his wife by the hand, the priest of the home.
12:26 Yes. Amen.
12:28 So have you been enjoying the meetings?
12:30 Absolutely, wonderful.
12:31 It's extremely blessing to come to these meetings.
12:34 We've been going to the one at Upper Ranch.
12:37 Yes. Well, praise the Lord.
12:39 Thank you so much
12:41 and welcome to the worldwide family of God.
12:43 Thank you very, very much.
12:45 It's a large, large worldwide movement.
12:46 And yes. Anyway, thank you so much.
12:51 Thank you so much, Telma and Chris.
12:53 What a great interview to hear the way God is working
12:56 in their lives and studying the Word of God,
12:58 and now they're active within their church,
13:00 so that's incredible.
13:02 Greg and I are standing here in the foyer here
13:04 of the Central Valley Spanish SDA Church
13:07 with a two very special integral people,
13:10 integral parts of the church here, Pastor Espinoza...
13:13 Mucho gusto.
13:16 And Moses. How you doing?
13:19 Glad to have both of you here.
13:20 I know that you're definitely a part of this church
13:22 because you're in-charge of the music.
13:24 Is that right at the church? Yes, I am.
13:25 And I'm very happy to be here and...
13:41 He's very happy to have you guys here
13:43 as well as 3ABN being part of the conferences tonight.
13:47 We thank you, pastor, for your support of this series
13:50 and for Pastor John Dinzey being at your church.
14:03 We came several months ago to do a site survey,
14:07 I think it was in November, and you, with open arms said,
14:11 "Whatever is needed, I'm here to support."
14:13 We appreciate that a lot.
14:21 That's when you guys gave him the news that you will be
14:24 attending here, so you guys are very welcome.
14:26 That's wonderful.
14:28 How long have you been the pastor at the church here?
14:41 Two years of being a pastor for this wonderful church,
14:44 and he's very happy.
14:47 He has a beautiful wife.
14:49 He and she were opening up the evening meeting here
14:52 for Pastor John Dinzey.
14:53 And tell us about the impact
14:55 of the meetings here in your local community.
15:16 These events are being broadcasted
15:18 on the local channels of Good News TV.
15:22 It's 22.2,
15:24 and we have people coming from the community
15:28 and telling to Pastor,
15:29 "I've been watching these events on TV."
15:32 So we have several people here tonight as well.
15:36 That's huge, praise the Lord.
15:38 Yes, amen.
15:40 Tell me about evangelism
15:42 because I know that evangelism is important to you,
15:44 otherwise you wouldn't even be interested in the series.
15:46 So why is evangelism important?
16:05 It's part of the church.
16:07 It's part of every member
16:08 in this church to bring one with you,
16:12 and that's what mainly brings this church alive.
16:17 You know, I think, but also as in Matthew,
16:19 "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel."
16:22 That is the commission.
16:41 This is one of the oldest Hispanic churches,
16:44 and it's very centric, so a lot of people
16:47 come to this church because of its location.
16:50 When was it established? What year?
16:52 You said one of the oldest here in Phoenix?
16:54 Yes.
17:03 I've only been here for a little bit,
17:05 so I have no idea.
17:06 I think it's been here a long time.
17:08 Praise the Lord.
17:09 I think about this church being a light to the community,
17:13 a light to Phoenix.
17:28 The people in the church, they're very nice people.
17:31 Every time they see somebody walking in,
17:33 they go there and shake the hand,
17:35 and just to make you guys feel very welcome here, so.
17:39 Praise the Lord. We have just a moment left.
17:41 But tell us about people who have been making decisions.
17:44 I know John Dinzey has been making altar calls.
17:47 Have there been people
17:48 making decisions night by night with this series?
18:04 Every time Pastor Dinzey is talking
18:07 and he calls to the people, there's a few people,
18:10 three, two, they get up and they want to get baptized
18:14 or they want to keep learning about the Word of God.
18:16 That's an incredible blessing.
18:18 Thank you so much, pastor. And thank you, Moses.
18:21 We appreciate both of you and again...
18:22 Thank you.
18:24 The Lord blesses, and we pray,
18:25 continue to pray for this evangelistic series.
18:27 We are getting ready to start the service,
18:29 aren't we, shortly?
18:30 That's right. Yes.
18:32 We have one more roll. We do.
18:33 We're going to the Chandler SDA Church,
18:34 and Chris Shelton had the opportunity to talk
18:37 to a young man, he's only 14 years old,
18:40 he's a pathfinder.
18:41 He's been helping with this series,
18:43 but yet he shared
18:45 how the series has impacted his life.
18:47 I think he said something about sitting in the meeting
18:49 and getting goosebumps and sensing the anointing,
18:52 the presence of the Holy Spirit there in that room.
18:57 So let's go to that roll, right now.
19:02 Hi, I'm Chris Shelton.
19:03 We're coming to you again
19:05 from the Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church,
19:06 here in Chandler, Arizona.
19:08 And I have a very special young man with me.
19:11 He is quite tall, he probably looks older than what he is.
19:16 But his name is Samisoni,
19:17 and Samisoni has been helping me
19:19 from night to night
19:21 when we collect the decision cards,
19:23 he's up here helping me.
19:25 He's telling me which gift we're going to give away,
19:27 and he has just been a special, special person
19:30 to have around and to have at these meetings
19:32 that we have been at.
19:34 And I have been so blessed to get to know Samisoni.
19:37 And Samisoni, I asked you last night,
19:39 it maybe you might have a testimony
19:41 of what these meetings mean to you.
19:44 So do you, tonight?
19:46 Yes.
19:48 These meetings have been a very great blessing.
19:52 I hope we're on in the back, but whenever I come in,
19:55 I feel like there's something else
19:58 with this room than any other room.
20:01 And well, tonight, they're talking about a story
20:05 about how this man prayed about the Sabbath
20:09 and the rain went over his house.
20:11 I felt goosebumps crawl all over my arms and up my neck,
20:17 and I could feel the Holy Spirit in this room.
20:20 And I've just been really learning from these meetings,
20:24 and I hope more people can come so they can learn as well.
20:28 And I hope that this doesn't stop at these meetings
20:32 but people will constantly come to church,
20:35 and not just study at church but read their Bible
20:38 and spend more time with God
20:40 because we know that he's going to come soon
20:42 and we can feel it.
20:43 Amen.
20:45 Thank you, Samisoni.
20:46 It was powerful when we tell that story,
20:49 the Holy Spirit did bless.
20:51 Samisoni, how old are you?
20:53 Fourteen. Fourteen.
20:55 I'm not going to say how old Sister Chris is,
20:57 but I was never that tall when I was 14.
21:01 But you know what,
21:02 not only are you tall in stature
21:04 but I think you're tall in the grace of God,
21:07 and you have the love of Jesus in your heart.
21:09 Thank you for that testimony, Samson.
21:12 And folks, you at home,
21:13 please continue to pray for these meetings.
21:15 We thank you and we love you.
21:17 God bless you. Have a good evening.
21:22 Hi, my name is Joy Gibson.
21:25 I'm a member of Phoenix Central Church,
21:28 here in Phoenix, Arizona.
21:30 We are blessed to be a very evangelical church.
21:36 I came into the church almost three years ago
21:40 through a Revelation seminar.
21:44 And I've been blessed ever since.
21:48 I had participated in the Pathways to Health
21:54 here at Phoenix Central.
21:56 I work with the health ministry,
21:59 and I'm also a deaconess.
22:01 And we are absolutely blessed to have
22:05 the 3ABN evangelistic series going on right now,
22:10 and it's just incredible.
22:14 I also, after coming into the church in 2015,
22:19 I participated and went to the general conference
22:23 and saw all the talent our church has.
22:28 And I haven't seen a lot of female teachers in the church,
22:34 but we are absolutely blessed to have
22:39 a special, a very special woman here that is a teacher,
22:45 and she's anointed by God.
22:47 Last night, the service was just,
22:51 I don't know, in the worldly term, we'd say,
22:53 she hit the ball out of the park.
22:56 But she's incredibly gifted in terms of...
23:01 Shelley Quinn, she has these thoughts that are so organized
23:06 and she has such a blessing, almost a mantle over her.
23:12 So all I could say is if you're not here in Phoenix,
23:18 you're in Phoenix and you're not here,
23:20 you need to get down to Phoenix Central Church
23:23 and enjoy and be blessed by the services
23:27 that are going on here over the next 10 days.
23:33 One other thing I might add,
23:37 when I first looked at the program in the setup,
23:40 there were a total of five different choices,
23:43 and I want to tell you that
23:45 the subjects that are being presented
23:52 are incredible.
23:55 And when we left last night,
23:57 we were given a complete summary
24:00 of what was taught with scripture.
24:03 So if it's time for you to move into a new level
24:07 and be transformed in Jesus,
24:10 come on out to the seminar
24:15 and be blessed.
24:18 Thank you so much for that great report
24:19 from the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.
24:22 And Joy Gibson, she's been doing the nightly health talks,
24:25 and that's really important, the nightly talks.
24:27 Who have you been having at your nightly health talks here?
24:30 We've been blessed to have Dr Andres Ramirez from Mexico.
24:34 And every night,
24:35 he's presenting about 14-minute topic,
24:38 and it's really, really interesting.
24:40 You can see the people's faces riveted
24:43 hearing what he's got to say as well and so really impacted
24:47 and made a great contribution to what's going on here.
24:53 You know, it's hard to believe, we're actually now coming down
24:55 toward the end of another iSITE, and Pastor,
24:57 we're standing outside your church, actually,
24:59 where you're doing the evangelistic series,
25:01 the Central Valley Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church.
25:04 And there's a very busy thoroughfare out here.
25:06 You can probably hear the traffic in our mikes.
25:08 And, I know, evangelism, pastor, is on your heart.
25:10 You've been at 3ABN like almost 30 years, you know.
25:13 And so it's all about evangelism, but I mean,
25:15 as these people go by, pastor, they all have a story.
25:17 Yes. They all have a need.
25:19 And tell us a little bit about evangelism here in closing.
25:22 Well, one of the things that
25:25 we know God is doing is transforming lives.
25:28 Amen.
25:29 And we meant Manuel, one of the people
25:32 that have been impacted by the continuous evangelistic tool
25:37 that God has given, and that is to be 3ABN Latino, of course,
25:41 working together with Good News TV Latino here,
25:45 Manuel found the local channel
25:47 and was broadcasting 3ABN Latino,
25:49 he kept watching and so Pastor Stephen Bhor,
25:52 Pastor Andres Portes, and Robert Costa,
25:55 the different speakers we have on 3ABN, he said,
25:57 I also saw you.
25:59 And so, he said, for four years he watched
26:04 and kept notes and said, "I have to make my decision."
26:08 So Manuel was baptized and I met him,
26:11 he's rejoicing in the Lord.
26:13 He said, he takes a peek at 3ABN English sometimes
26:15 'cause he speaks a little bit of English.
26:17 And the interesting thing is that he also volunteers
26:22 with Good News TV from time to time
26:24 helping out in what he can,
26:26 so and that's a just tremendous blessing.
26:28 Amen. How long ago was he baptized?
26:31 About four years ago.
26:32 Wow. Okay, okay. Amen.
26:34 What an incredible testimony to here.
26:36 Doesn't that warm your heart to hear people
26:38 coming to knowledge of Jesus through the ministry of 3ABN,
26:41 through the evangelistic series,
26:42 in evangelism in general?
26:44 Yes, and we want to ask prayer
26:46 because there are several people,
26:48 they're asking for baptism.
26:52 And they've already said,
26:54 "Yes, I want to be baptized sometimes."
26:56 You know, they stood up and we made those all to calls.
26:58 And one of the things,
27:00 I like to do it evangelistic campaign
27:01 is ask people to drop in their prayer request in a box.
27:03 Oh, that's great,
27:05 And again, you know,
27:07 I've seen it in other evangelistic campaign,
27:09 somebody said,
27:11 "Please pray that I will give my heart to Jesus."
27:14 He's asking for prayer
27:16 so that he will give his heart to Jesus.
27:17 So I know God is going to work in his heart,
27:19 and I am praying that he will be baptized
27:21 during this evangelistic campaign.
27:22 Amen. Wow.
27:24 Thank you so much, Brother Johnny.
27:25 I know you need to go in
27:26 and begin his own evangelistic meeting here tonight.
27:29 But just want to encourage you to pray for the people
27:31 who are making decisions for Jesus.
27:35 In just a few moments,
27:36 you will see the live program
27:37 come on with Pastor Lomacang or if you're watching,
27:39 if you switch to Latino,
27:41 you can watch Brother John Dinzey.
27:43 We will see you again tomorrow night.


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