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00:06 Hello, and welcome to iSITE program number 12,
00:08 and we're outside in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.
00:12 Now when we first started iSITE number one,
00:14 it was so cold, do you remember that?
00:15 It was. We were literally freezing.
00:17 We should've had a hat on our head
00:18 and something to cover my ears.
00:20 It is definitely warmed up.
00:21 I shouldn't have, probably, these long sleeves on.
00:24 But we're outside at a very famous landmark
00:27 here in Phoenix, Arizona, and that is Camelback Mountain.
00:31 Now when you see it up close, I'm sure on the wide shot,
00:33 you can see some of this behind us,
00:34 this is part of Camelback Mountain.
00:36 And I understand
00:37 that the vertical elevation difference
00:39 is as high as the Empire State Building.
00:41 It's actually a little bit higher, maybe a few feet.
00:44 Yes.
00:45 A little bit higher than the Empire State Building.
00:48 The actual elevation of Camelback Mountain
00:50 is 2,700 feet.
00:51 It's the highest peak here in the Phoenix area.
00:54 But the vertical climb, like,
00:56 from the beginning of the Echo Canyon Trail
00:58 that we're taking all the way to the top
01:00 is just over 1,200 feet.
01:02 And, I think we're ready to take a hike today.
01:04 Well, we're going to try
01:05 and see how far we get up there.
01:07 I think the next spot somewhere up here
01:08 is called what they say the saddle.
01:10 So we've never been there before,
01:11 so this is something new for us.
01:13 They say that over 700,000 people visit
01:16 this landmark here in Phoenix each year.
01:18 And that's a lot of people.
01:19 It is, absolutely.
01:21 It's beautiful being on God's nature too though.
01:22 I tell you, it's neat to see...
01:24 I saw a cactus, where is he at?
01:25 He's over there, and there's one up here too.
01:27 That's growing, and looks like, on bare rock.
01:29 It's amazing.
01:30 It reminds of trees that are clinging to rocks as well.
01:31 I know.
01:33 And you think, it's harsh, it's desert conditions,
01:34 they said in the summer to be really careful hiking this
01:37 'cause it gets so warm, and yet in spite of all that,
01:39 you see life, you see plants growing,
01:42 and that's just amazing, in the midst of that,
01:45 arid conditions, how God can bring abundant life.
01:48 And we want to give a special shout-out,
01:49 if I can get my phone working,
01:51 to those of you watching on Facebook,
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02:21 But we have a wonderful testimony.
02:23 I know we're going to
02:24 the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church,
02:27 and this is an incredible testimony,
02:30 someone who got a flyer in the mail,
02:33 invited them to come to the meetings
02:36 and made a decision to give their life to Jesus.
02:38 So let's look at that now.
02:43 I'm here with my precious new friend,
02:45 and he has become a dear friend throughout the evenings.
02:49 And, George,
02:50 tell us how did you find out about these meetings?
02:53 I received a flyer in the mail the same day
02:56 that you had your first lesson.
02:58 So I couldn't go to the first one
03:00 but I went to the second one on.
03:01 And you have been very faithful.
03:04 Yeah, I've been coming every time I can.
03:06 Yeah. Doing what I can to get here.
03:08 Well, you know what, it is really exciting for me
03:10 because the first time I saw you,
03:12 we talked and, I know you're in a lot of pain
03:15 and yet God is bringing you out every night.
03:19 What is appealing to you about these messages?
03:22 Well, you give me a lot of clarification on the Bible.
03:25 I had some mixed emotions
03:28 and not understanding certain things,
03:31 and you have brought out things in the Bible that made it
03:35 very clear where I need to go and where I'm coming from.
03:39 Praise the Lord.
03:40 Now, George, you have such a great smile.
03:42 The first night I saw you, there wasn't much of a smile,
03:45 but I've noticed from night to night,
03:47 you're smiling a whole lot more.
03:49 Yeah. It is true.
03:51 I've seen some changes during the time I've been coming here.
03:55 At home, certain things falling in place that never did before,
04:00 but more important lesson that I learned on television
04:05 was a story about the seed, being you the seed,
04:10 being planted in a nutritious soil,
04:14 you yield everything you need to be.
04:17 Yes. Seed is what the Lord made you.
04:20 But if you're planted in the areas
04:21 where there are weeds and rocks and stuff, what happens?
04:26 You become that.
04:28 And that's what happened over the years.
04:30 I was running around with negative people,
04:32 started thinking negative,
04:34 very hateful toward people that burned me
04:37 and took advantage of me, and since last week now,
04:41 I have forgiven everybody
04:43 and asked the Lord to be my Savior.
04:45 Praise God. Hallelujah.
04:47 You know what, George,
04:48 you are the reason we're here in Phoenix
04:51 because God has a plan for your life
04:54 and he has been bringing you,
04:55 and it's so exciting to see what the Lord is doing.
04:58 He has you, especially.
05:02 Well, we're glad.
05:03 How long has it been since you've been to church, George?
05:06 About 27 years now.
05:10 Well, and I hope that now that you're learning the truth,
05:14 this will become your home.
05:18 You know, this is a special time at Sabbath,
05:20 it's a Friday evening.
05:22 We're able...
05:24 We just got through having
05:25 a wonderful, wonderful message by Shelley.
05:27 But it's always fun to sit down with Clayton.
05:30 Clayton runs all the IT stuff right here.
05:32 I don't know, he tells me that you just learned this
05:35 10.5 years ago,
05:36 and he's been putting the pieces together,
05:38 and without you, this would be a train wreck.
05:43 Oh, not necessarily. This is, you know...
05:46 Yeah, I did start doing this about 10.5 years ago.
05:49 But it was... It is a God-given gift.
05:52 Yeah.
05:53 I have never been trained on any of this stuff.
05:55 It was just one of those type of things that
05:57 God has moved in me to be able to put this stuff together.
06:01 Another thing that really amazes me
06:03 is that you live in Mesa, and how far is that from here?
06:08 It's about 40-45 miles from my house to here.
06:12 Yeah, and you have made a covenant with this church,
06:16 but more than anything,
06:18 with God that you will be here every night.
06:21 Oh, yeah, definitely.
06:22 Wow. He put me in this church.
06:27 He said, "This is where I want you to be."
06:30 He's given me all the talents,
06:33 everything, anything I needed for this church
06:36 to be able to do the stuff we do, it's always there.
06:39 Yeah.
06:41 You know, the funds to be able to do what we do, everything,
06:46 it's like, when He tells us to do this, it's done.
06:51 I know that you certainly cooperate with 3ABN
06:54 because there's a lot of pieces to this puzzle
06:57 in order to get all this with five different churches.
07:00 Well, I guess we got more than five
07:02 because I know that the Apache Junction,
07:04 I know that Pastor Jose Marin,
07:06 he's over there, so with all these churches
07:09 and all the pieces of this puzzle,
07:11 it takes someone that's dedicated,
07:12 that someone that has said,
07:15 "Hey, I'll make this work on my end here at Central."
07:18 Oh, definitely.
07:19 I mean, but that's,
07:21 you know, this is what we kind of do here.
07:24 You know, the video end of it,
07:26 you know, it's even like when I came to this church,
07:29 they didn't have a whole lot of video stuff here.
07:31 I slowly built a system together for us.
07:34 And in my first time, I was doing this, I'm like,
07:37 "What am I going to do with this?
07:38 I've got all the equipment now, what do I do with this?"
07:42 And so I started doing the YouTube thing.
07:44 And it's blown up crazy
07:47 to where we've been out of this little church here.
07:49 We've been viewed in 180 countries around the world.
07:51 That's just absolutely amazing.
07:53 What a minister in itself.
07:55 Yeah, you know, it definitely is.
07:57 And, you know, like I said, all glory goes to God.
08:00 Because, you know, when I first started the YouTube thing,
08:03 even I couldn't go on and find any of the sermons
08:06 but yet they were being viewed in other countries.
08:08 So it was like
08:10 He's given me a gift to be able to put this out there,
08:12 and we've actually got enough viewers
08:15 on that watches on a normally basis,
08:19 we have a separate church just on the internet.
08:21 That's amazing.
08:22 I know that we had Pathway to Health,
08:27 you were here whenever that was going on,
08:29 and now we've transcended into Pathway of Life,
08:32 what did you all do here to prepare for this
08:35 so that we are where we are today?
08:38 It was for us, you know, preparing for...
08:42 I mean, we had the diabetes classes,
08:45 we had the depression classes,
08:47 and then they did bridging gap which was the Daniel,
08:51 and basically, the gapping for that.
08:53 Yeah.
08:55 And I know every night seems like
08:57 we have new people that are coming in.
08:59 Yep. And it's just amazing.
09:01 All we know that it's our responsibility to sow the seed.
09:04 True, true, and you know, that's again back to my thing,
09:08 that's when He says, "Go."
09:10 Amen.
09:11 And we don't ask where, we just go.
09:14 Amen. When he guides, we go.
09:16 Amen.
09:20 Amen. Great rolls.
09:22 And we do appreciate Clayton
09:23 and all his work on the AV team.
09:25 And we appreciate all the other churches as well
09:27 that each one has their own AV team
09:28 that have been participating with this series,
09:31 and a good interview by JD and with Clayton.
09:33 Absolutely, it's a blessing, you know,
09:35 you think about each one of the churches
09:36 and their local team pulling together
09:39 and recording the series so that each one can be
09:41 uploaded on
09:43 Yeah.
09:44 We have made it a little bit further up the trail here.
09:47 I'm trying not to look like I'm sweating.
09:49 Well, here's a little dry in Phoenix,
09:51 so it's a little hard to sweat, but anyway, it's hot.
09:53 But it's beautiful, you can see some of the,
09:56 I guess the city below us, there are some of the houses,
09:59 and like Jill said, we're little further up,
10:01 there's a sheer rock cliff actually in front of us,
10:03 but we're going to continue up this trail.
10:05 Now there's interesting...
10:06 It's hard for me to kind of see it here but they say,
10:08 that's supposed to be the praying monk.
10:10 So I know that with
10:12 some of the early Native Americans here,
10:14 this was actually a holy spot here at Camelback Mountain.
10:17 And I see a little cactus or actually,
10:20 it's probably a big cactus growing right on top of
10:22 what they say is the praying monk, up there.
10:24 That's right, and it looks little
10:26 just because it's a long ways from us.
10:27 But hopefully, we'll be making it up there.
10:30 As I think about the people behind us, you know,
10:32 the houses and everything that's behind us here,
10:35 you think about the people in this world
10:36 who don't know Jesus,
10:38 people who maybe... they heard about Him
10:40 but He doesn't connect with them,
10:42 or they just think,
10:44 "I don't know where is God when I'm hurting right now."
10:46 So that's the important of this series,
10:49 it's that people can come to a knowledge of Jesus,
10:52 people can find out who He is, and that God is love
10:55 and that He wants each one
10:57 to accept Him and to follow Him.
10:59 That's right. And that's really incredible.
11:01 We have an exciting roll that we're going to go to too.
11:03 This is again a song that is been our theme song
11:07 of the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Church,
11:09 and that is "Wonderful Words of Life".
11:11 And the crew again have gotten some footage,
11:13 and even on this hike,
11:14 they're getting some footage to go along with this song.
11:17 So let's go to that roll right now.
15:24 What a beautiful song, "Wonderful Words of Life."
15:27 Didn't you enjoy the scenery?
15:29 It's so beautiful out here in the desert.
15:31 It has its own beauty,
15:32 and just great shots from our crew.
15:35 We have an incredible production crew here
15:37 and the music underneath that roll was Tim Parton.
15:41 So he sat in his hotel room with a keyboard
15:43 and put that together for us.
15:44 So that was really beautiful.
15:46 You know, I know you saw some pictures of cactus
15:48 and I don't know much about the southwest.
15:50 So there's a little cactus, it's about this big,
15:53 and I thought it was baby saguaro cactus, it's not.
15:55 It's called barrel cactus.
15:57 And the ones with the arms are the saguaro cactus.
15:59 So we're starting to learn
16:00 some of the cactus here in this area.
16:03 Now just off to my left is the Piestewa Peak
16:08 which we climbed on an earlier, well not quite to the top.
16:11 We got quite close.
16:12 Yes. We had to switch bags.
16:15 Piestewa Peak on earlier eyesight
16:16 and then in front of me is what they call,
16:18 I think, Four Peaks, and that is about 7,000 feet.
16:21 I know those mountains are way off in the distance.
16:23 But it's a beautiful scenery
16:25 because we have made it to Echo,
16:27 the saddleback, is that right?
16:29 Echo Saddle, I think, it's what they call it.
16:30 Oh, saddle, thank you. Yes.
16:31 And it's, I guess,
16:33 the saddle that the camel would have, right?
16:34 I'm not sure.
16:35 If you're riding the camel, you've got the head sitting
16:37 over here and then the saddle, and then you've got the hump.
16:38 So, I think, there's two separate peaks
16:40 here with Camelback.
16:41 We've made it.
16:43 We have made it to the saddle here,
16:44 and so what a blessing, and you know,
16:45 as we were coming up, I looked just over there,
16:48 and there is a house, literally, on top of the rock.
16:51 It's built on a rock.
16:52 It's built right on top of the rock.
16:53 It reminds me, Jesus says,
16:55 "Wise man built his house upon a rock."
16:58 And what happened?
17:00 The rain came tumbling down and the house stood solid
17:03 because it was built on the rock.
17:04 And we want our lives to be centered
17:07 on the Lord Jesus Christ because He is the rock.
17:10 Amen, yeah, that's for sure,
17:12 and there's again just beautiful nature here,
17:13 so much to learn from our creation
17:15 and where God has provided for us to learn from.
17:18 I know. What a blessing. Where are we going to next?
17:20 We're going to the Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church.
17:22 Chris Shelton had the opportunity
17:24 to talk to a woman there who's a member of the church,
17:26 but she's been learning some really neat things
17:29 during the series.
17:31 So let's listen to that now.
17:35 Hi, I'm Chris Shelton,
17:37 and we're coming to you again from Chandler,
17:39 Arizona at Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church.
17:42 And I have Sister Shari here with me.
17:45 And, Sister Shari, you've been here
17:47 every night except for two.
17:49 Yes, ma'am.
17:50 And I think you've got something on your heart
17:51 you want to share with the folks at home
17:53 about these meetings, don't you?
17:55 Yes, ma'am.
17:56 Well, I've been very blessed to be able to come
17:58 to these meetings and get to meet the Shelton family.
18:00 We watch you guys me and my mom on 3ABN pretty much every day.
18:04 So it's nice to actually meet you guys and see.
18:06 I'm really thankful for this meeting today,
18:09 talking about health message 'cause I've been struggling
18:11 with like dairy products, I'm trying to eat cleaner
18:13 and having more vegetarian based diet.
18:16 This meeting today really helped me
18:18 to solidify that that something
18:19 I need to change in my life and bring me closer to God.
18:22 That's been really helpful for me.
18:24 Bless your heart.
18:26 The Holy Spirit was speaking to you, wasn't He?
18:28 I know He spoke to many of us.
18:31 And I heard a pastor say not long ago
18:33 that a lot of people have stuff.
18:35 And you might have heard me say that in my prayer
18:37 because we all have stuff,
18:38 and sometimes this stuff separates us from God,
18:41 and the Holy Spirit begins to convict
18:44 and to speak to our hearts, and He wants us to be healthy,
18:48 He wants to be happy Christians.
18:50 But the beautiful thing that we learned tonight is
18:52 we are never left alone.
18:54 He promises to give us that power
18:57 to be sons and daughters of God.
18:59 Does that encourage you? Yes, ma'am.
19:01 That encourages me very much like knowing
19:02 my God is going to take care of me and help me
19:05 with the cravings and like the desires for dairy products.
19:09 I know that He'll be able to hold my hand
19:11 and keep me from temptation when those do it right
19:14 and lead me to the healthier options.
19:16 You know, we read tonight that He is our Son,
19:19 He's our lifegiver, He's our shield,
19:21 He's our protector, He will sustain, He will bless.
19:25 And I am so glad to get to know you a little better too
19:29 'cause when we're talking,
19:30 when we're talking to people through 3ABN,
19:33 we're talking to you and to others who are watching.
19:37 And we're talking to you here tonight.
19:39 God bless each and every one of you,
19:41 and thank you so much for tuning in.
19:44 Thank you so much for that wonderful testimony there,
19:47 Chris and Shari, from the Chandler SDA Church.
19:50 We are still in the Echo Saddle,
19:51 but we're in a little different spot.
19:53 We are. Yeah. Sitting on some rocks and...
19:55 I feel a little precarious. No, it's safe.
19:58 There's a little hole here between us
19:59 but you won't go too far.
20:01 But anyway, I think you have a better view now of
20:02 Piestewa Peak back in the background behind us,
20:05 and again, just a beautiful view here overlooking Phoenix.
20:09 And we're getting ready to go to next is Shelley Quinn.
20:11 She actually did a little report.
20:13 We've been talking about Shelley and her sickness,
20:15 and she's actually in the hospital actually
20:17 when she gave us this report.
20:19 Something in the city of Phoenix behind us here,
20:21 she was in one of these hospitals back here.
20:24 But, I think, what's interesting is that
20:25 you can see downtown.
20:27 And, I think, about where GYC started out here
20:29 several months ago,
20:31 and the evangelism that the young people did here
20:33 in this area and then Pathway to Health
20:36 with all of the free medical care.
20:38 I believe they said it was over $40 million,
20:40 I believe, is that right?
20:41 A free medical care was given here in the Phoenix area...
20:43 A lot, I may be wrong in those figures.
20:45 But it's neat to see then the Pathway to Life
20:48 that's following up,
20:49 and how God is blessing this event
20:51 and how lives are being touched
20:53 not just temporarily but for eternity.
20:54 Amen. Amen.
20:56 It's exciting to me to see
20:57 the whole city coming together as it were.
21:00 You know, you just see the teamwork with GYC
21:02 in the young people.
21:03 You'll see the doctors, and the nurses,
21:05 and the people who came in for a Pathway to Health
21:07 and other volunteers who were non-medical
21:10 who came in to help.
21:12 You'll see the laity, you see leadership with the conference,
21:15 evangelistic trust, everybody working together
21:19 to help save people's lives,
21:21 to help them bring the knowledge of Jesus
21:23 to other people.
21:25 That is really exciting. Yeah.
21:26 So, I think, what we would do right now is actually
21:28 go to Shelley Quinn there
21:29 and get a little report from the hospital and,
21:31 again, we do thank you for your prayers for her
21:33 and for the rest of the team here in Phoenix.
21:40 Well, JD and I are here at
21:41 one of the lesser known tourist spots in Phoenix
21:46 at the HonorHealth Shea emergency room.
21:50 I'm just here to make sure that I don't have pneumonia.
21:53 And it's a wonderful hospital, lovely people.
21:58 But I just wanted to thank everybody
22:00 for all of your prayers because it has been miraculous
22:04 how as sick as I've been,
22:07 the Lord stands me up every night,
22:09 and we've been delivering, and I give Him all the glory.
22:15 Thank you so much for praying for us.
22:17 When we're on the front lines,
22:18 you know that the devil is on the attack.
22:20 So God bless you and thank you once again.
22:26 Hello, my name is Rodney Machokoto.
22:29 And my name is Daphine Machokoto.
22:31 Now we're with our sons Rodney here and Michael.
22:35 We're at Phoenix Central SDA Church, we're members here.
22:38 We're excited about evangelism.
22:40 We are both Pathfinder Directors here
22:43 and we also work in the Finance Committee.
22:45 My wife here works as well with the little children
22:49 at cradle roll,
22:51 and so we're excited with Shelley
22:52 that who has come here.
22:53 We're excited with the work she's doing as she's continuing
22:57 the work that we're working in Pathfinders.
23:00 I myself am a current PhD student
23:02 at Arizona State University here,
23:04 studying the history of how Adventists have gone
23:06 in different communities around the country
23:09 using different organizations
23:10 and how they have sustained this work.
23:13 And my wife here is tag teaming with me,
23:15 and she actually helps us with our children.
23:19 Yes, my job is stay-at-home mom,
23:22 and taking care of the boys, and homeschooling them
23:26 because it's important to teach them Jesus first
23:30 and then there on they will be able to go
23:32 into the world and teach everyone about Jesus.
23:36 All right, as we've been here in Arizona, especially Phoenix,
23:40 we have noticed that Phoenix is the fourth largest city now,
23:44 and there's a lot of evangelism that needs to be done.
23:48 At different levels, there's quite still have
23:50 some of the wealthiest people in the country,
23:52 and we have some of the most
23:55 poor people as well in the country,
23:57 there's a lot of challenges with drug addictions here,
24:00 there's a lot of refugees
24:02 that are coming from different parts of the world,
24:04 and so it's an exciting place to be bringing evangelism.
24:08 So Shelly, what she's doing, she's actually helping
24:11 to enrich the efforts that are happening here
24:13 at Arizona conference.
24:14 We appreciate what she's doing and we're excited about that.
24:18 Some of the things that we're doing with the children,
24:20 she is actually adding to that and we appreciate
24:24 what her and JD have done for us.
24:27 They have brought excitement.
24:28 This church already is, as people have seen,
24:31 it's a very diverse church with different people from
24:34 different parts of the world, we have different races,
24:36 we have people who are Native Americans,
24:39 we have blacks, we have whites, we have the Hispanics,
24:42 and other different types of groups.
24:44 We have Asians that are also part of this group.
24:46 And so what she's doing is her work is not only impacting
24:51 one group of people from one country
24:53 but we know her impact will actually
24:55 travel around the world because of what she's doing.
24:59 My wife has already bought a couple CDs
25:01 that she was sending to her sisters
25:03 some who are actually in Zimbabwe,
25:05 some who are in South Africa, and some who are actually
25:08 recently in China might be going back.
25:10 So we appreciate what they're doing,
25:12 and we appreciate what 3ABN is doing.
25:15 Well, we've hiked up the path a little bit more,
25:18 and we're here against this rock.
25:20 But this path almost starts to get a little dangerous
25:23 as we start to get up a little more.
25:24 I don't know if you can see behind us...
25:26 Oh, yeah, it gets really steep.
25:27 It's pretty steep going up there.
25:28 Oh, very steep. Yeah. Oh, yeah.
25:30 And you see this fence here through, there's fence,
25:32 and there's actually hand rail here above us as well.
25:35 And a great spiritual lesson we can give from this
25:37 because we're all in the Path of Life,
25:39 and there are safeguards to keep us from falling off
25:42 on the wrong side of the path and that would be God's Word
25:45 to stay in communion with Christ always,
25:48 and just like these here are to protect us
25:49 from falling over the edge,
25:51 God's Word's there to help us and protect us.
25:52 Amen, you know, sometimes we think of God's Word
25:54 as something that is difficult, like,
25:57 "Okay, I have to do this.
25:59 I can't do that."
26:00 Well, I want to go off the path and go over here,
26:02 but this fence is not meant to hurt people,
26:04 this fence is protection.
26:06 That's true.
26:08 Because if you're hiking up this trail
26:09 and all of a sudden you slip,
26:10 you don't want to fall, you don't want to break a leg,
26:12 you don't want to hurt yourself,
26:13 you don't want to die.
26:14 So I think that's the power in God's Word,
26:17 it's to protect us, and it's to keep us safe.
26:20 And you think about that path and those handrails,
26:22 praise the Lord for that.
26:23 You know, I think, God sends people along our path,
26:26 who can give us a hand as a rail
26:28 and help us along that path,
26:30 That's true.
26:31 And we want to encourage you to pray for Shelley.
26:33 I know we came out of that room that she is in the hospital,
26:37 was just in the ER to get tested, and they released her.
26:41 Praise the Lord.
26:43 And so praise the Lord for that.
26:44 She is on the mend, and I'm thankful for that.
26:47 And we also heard from a precious couple,
26:49 he's a PhD student here studying
26:52 and he's doing his post-graduate work,
26:54 and he was talking about the drug issue here
26:59 as there would be in any large city.
27:01 And there's a lot of influx of refugee,
27:03 and specifically studying how we can evangelistically
27:08 help people who are dealing with those kinds of issues.
27:11 Yes, true.
27:12 You know, I was thinking that was a great testimony too.
27:14 You know, we all go through storms in life,
27:15 and thing about Shelley too, the health issues
27:17 she's been dealing, and with us we're hiking here,
27:18 see this walk this behind,
27:20 the side that's going up over our heads.
27:22 And you come around the corner, it's like,
27:24 "Whoa, look at that behind us.
27:25 That's like almost insurmountable."
27:27 You know, but the nice thing is in Isaiah,
27:28 God talks about being with us through a storm
27:30 or any challenge that we face in life.
27:32 So you can come around the corner in life and like,
27:33 "Whoa, what is this?"
27:35 But God is there to be with us through those storms
27:37 and to provide the strength that we need.
27:40 We've been bringing a lot of water
27:41 and drinking the water along the hike.
27:43 Of course, Christ is the fountain of life
27:45 force and the source,
27:47 yeah, of our water in life here spiritually.
27:49 Amen, absolutely.
27:51 Well, we are going to try to get up that hill.
27:53 Are we? We are.
27:54 Let's do it. No problem. Absolutely.
27:55 And then we have to get back to the meeting.
27:57 We got to change our clothes,
27:58 and get back for the meeting tonight
28:00 with Pastor John Lomacang,
28:02 and I'm looking forward to that.
28:03 I know every night God has a powerful message through him.
28:07 So make sure you stay by and be blessed by that message.


Revised 2018-06-28