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00:05 Hello and welcome to iSITE program number 13.
00:08 We're Greg and Jill Morikone.
00:09 And we're coming to you
00:11 from the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:13 Here on the stage where Pastor John Lomacang
00:16 is bringing the evening meetings,
00:17 and what a blessing this series has been,
00:19 Pathway to Life.
00:20 Thank you again for joining us as you have been
00:23 for the entire series. That's right.
00:24 For iSITE, we're almost done.
00:26 It's hard to believe how time has flown by,
00:28 but God has blessed,
00:30 souls are being touched for eternity.
00:32 We're getting tremendous reports
00:34 from all the churches here in the area.
00:37 People accepting Jesus Christ, sometimes for the first time,
00:40 others, rededicating their lives to Jesus Christ.
00:42 So we want to thank you
00:44 for your prayers for the series,
00:46 for your financial support of the series,
00:48 and to 3ABN because this gospel is being proclaimed
00:51 around the world.
00:53 What a privilege it is? It is, indeed. It's exciting.
00:55 You know, just to see people come into the church,
00:57 to see people make decisions for Jesus.
01:00 I know when we had the meeting on baptism,
01:02 we already had a few people who had already been studying
01:06 and who were ready and who were baptized.
01:08 And then I know there is more
01:09 at the culmination of the series,
01:11 but just to see people making those decision,
01:14 you know, in that valley of decisions,
01:16 do I want to follow Jesus?
01:18 Do I want to follow the truths in His Word or not?
01:20 So it's very exciting to see that.
01:22 And we want to give a special shout out
01:24 to those of you, and I know nightly,
01:26 we give shout outs to those who watch on Facebook.
01:30 So what does that mean, a shout out?
01:32 You know, a lot of times, we hear shout out,
01:34 what does that mean actually?
01:35 It just means we're saying hi to you at home.
01:36 Exactly, we're not shouting at you.
01:38 And so, this though, I thought tonight,
01:41 we would talk to those of you who are watching on YouTube.
01:44 Here's a comment on YouTube.
01:46 It says, this is from Patrick, "I'm praying for this ministry.
01:50 It's so good to see something like this taking place."
01:53 Excellent. And I'll read one more.
01:55 This is from Alexi, and we know Alexi.
01:58 He is from Russia.
01:59 This says, "May the Lord bless you
02:00 in proclaiming these evangelistic meetings."
02:04 So we just...
02:05 A special thank you to each one of you.
02:07 Keep watching on Facebook, keep sending us comments
02:11 or sharing the feed, keep liking it on YouTube.
02:15 And, of course, you can always watch any of the other ways,
02:18 traditional ways, we would say,
02:19 that you can watch 3ABN as well.
02:21 But we have a special roll
02:23 that we're going to go to today,
02:24 don't we, sweetheart?
02:25 Yeah, we do, you know, a lot of flyers were passed out
02:27 in the local Phoenix area here in the city of Phoenix.
02:31 And one of these flyers got into the hands of the interview
02:34 we're getting ready to hear from Shelley and JD's church,
02:37 the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church,
02:39 and his name is Johnnie Cook,
02:41 and what a tremendous testimony we're going to hear.
02:43 So let's go to that roll right now.
02:46 I'm Shelley Quinn.
02:48 I'm sitting here with my new friend, Johnnie Cook.
02:50 Johnnie, how did you find out about this series?
02:54 Well, I came home one day, and I hadn't been affiliated
02:57 with any Adventist church, and then I went to my mailbox,
03:00 and I found a flyer saying that there was going to be
03:02 a seminar, two-week seminar, and I was just so excited
03:06 because I've been praying to the Lord as to,
03:08 "Lord, where would You have me to affiliate?"
03:11 So when I got the flyer, I'm like,
03:13 "I'm willing to see where the church is at,
03:15 located, you know,
03:17 what kind of seminar it was going to be."
03:19 Well, praise God.
03:20 How are you enjoying this seminar?
03:22 What have you...
03:23 What has impacted you the most so far?
03:25 Well, first of all, when I walked in the door,
03:27 just to love the experience then,
03:29 I hadn't experienced that before.
03:31 So it really just kind of knocked me
03:33 off my feet and stuff.
03:35 And then coming here and just hearing
03:36 night after night the different messages
03:38 that the Lord would have us to hear,
03:40 and they just... The many people that were here,
03:43 they were just showing their love.
03:46 And that really took me by surprise.
03:48 Amen.
03:49 So tell us a little bit about your backyard.
03:51 Did you grow up in a Christian home?
03:54 Yes, I did.
03:55 As a matter of fact, I grew up as a Methodist.
03:57 Mom and dad were Methodist, and so that kind of like
04:00 trained me up in the way I should go, but, you know,
04:03 I really didn't get that much lesson study from them,
04:08 but I believe that God had it all in His by will in this time
04:13 that I'll learn about the truth.
04:15 And then, the gentleman when I was on my work,
04:18 on my job, he came by with a Great Controversy
04:20 and the Desire of Ages, of course,
04:22 I didn't know what they were.
04:24 I just thought they were just books.
04:25 But when I came home and started reading them,
04:28 it was like that just had such an impact on my life
04:31 was that's all I wanted to read and study.
04:34 And have you found the messages here,
04:36 it should be scripturally based?
04:39 You know, and that's why I come because every time I hear them,
04:42 it just builds up that resolve in my mind.
04:45 That is the truth because I studied this Word,
04:47 you know, and I pray myself when just knowing
04:50 what God is saying, not what man is saying,
04:53 but what God is saying,
04:54 so when I hear the message being preached, I'm like,
04:57 "That's right on it."
04:58 Amen. Amen.
04:59 And, you know, that's what we try to do always
05:02 and all the speakers at all five locations,
05:04 they're doing the same is that every message,
05:07 it doesn't matter what the speaker says.
05:09 It matters what the Bible says, so we teach the lesson
05:15 each night with much, much scripture.
05:18 Are you enjoying the handouts?
05:20 Oh, yes. Yes.
05:22 It's just wonderful, like just the whole atmosphere,
05:25 and that's why I've been so excited.
05:27 When I leave here, I go home and get into the Word,
05:30 and the material that's available at the desk,
05:33 you know, I've taken that home.
05:34 And Shelton, and I'm like, "Wow!
05:38 These vigilantes, Christian," it's like, "Whoa!"
05:42 You know, I just never thought about it like that.
05:44 I feel like we're in the stage now
05:46 that we really need to be preparing for the final crisis.
05:49 And since I've been here,
05:51 it's like, "Johnnie, it's time,"
05:52 and I feel like, "God through the Holy Spirit let me know,
05:55 you need to make preparations
05:56 for the final crisis day by day."
05:59 And one more other thing that he showed me that,
06:02 you need to come up about
06:03 that Laodicean condition you're into.
06:05 So this has been quite an experience
06:07 for me to come here, night after night,
06:09 and like I said, I get so excited.
06:12 I'm like, "Oh, you know what I'm going to do
06:13 later in this evening," so I try to make sure
06:15 that I have enough time to study the Word
06:18 and prepare myself to come here
06:20 because I know it's going to be exciting what I've been taught,
06:23 you know, so give God the glory for all.
06:25 Amen.
06:26 We do give God all the glory,
06:27 and we just want to thank you Johnnie.
06:30 We're so glad that God brought you here
06:32 and that you're being faithful in attending,
06:34 and I know that God is teaching you...
06:37 The Holy Spirit's teaching all of us in this series.
06:41 So if you see this,
06:44 and we still have another week left,
06:47 come out and join us,
06:48 we are at the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church
06:53 or join one of the other locations, God bless.
06:57 Amen. Amen.
06:59 Wow!
07:00 What an incredible testimony that is, you know, just, I was,
07:03 as he was talking, I was thinking of the many ways
07:05 that the Holy Spirit speaks to our heart
07:08 and the many avenues that he uses to reach us,
07:11 not only did he receive the flyer in the mail,
07:14 but someone shared the Great Controversy with him,
07:16 and just to see him opening up his heart to the truth
07:20 from the Word of God
07:21 and being excited about the material,
07:23 he's even picking up at the booth.
07:25 That's true, and also another thing
07:26 that stuck out to me is that
07:28 he mentioned the church, right here,
07:29 he's at the Phoenix Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.
07:31 He said there's so much love here,
07:33 and I think that's a great lesson
07:34 for all of us to learn is that it's building relationships
07:36 obviously with Jesus Christ but then with each other
07:39 because there's people come into our churches,
07:41 our local churches, your church,
07:43 it's important that we actually reach out a hand of fellowship
07:46 to them and provide God's love to them.
07:48 I think that's so important. Amen.
07:50 What a blessing.
07:51 What a testimony to the church to say,
07:53 you can walk in and there'd be so much love in that church.
07:56 And speaking of love, there is someone
07:58 that Greg and I love very much.
08:00 We call her grandma because we've...
08:03 You could say, adopted her or maybe she adopted us,
08:05 I'm not sure, but we want to Skype in with her right now.
08:09 She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
08:11 This is Tena Baehm,
08:13 and she is really a part of the 3ABN family.
08:16 And, Grandma Tena, are you there right now?
08:19 Yes, I'm here.
08:21 Yay! It's good to see you.
08:23 How are you? Oh, I'm wonderful.
08:26 I have been so glad watching Pathways to Life.
08:31 Amen. You've been... Can you hear me?
08:32 Yes, we sure can.
08:33 So you've been tuning in and being able to watch,
08:36 I think the iSITE's and actual Pastor John sermons?
08:40 Yeah, actually... Oh, it's been...
08:42 Oh, last night was such a blessing
08:43 to hear about the resurrection and the state of the dead.
08:47 It just made me so clear, it's just wonderful to know
08:51 that Jesus gonna come and resurrect us to full life,
08:56 and we're going to have new bodies.
08:57 Amen.
08:59 Why did that message in particular
09:01 really speak to your heart?
09:02 Why did that minister to you in a special way?
09:04 I lost my sweetheart almost a year ago,
09:08 and I'm just looking forward to see being united with him.
09:12 But mainly both of us, we want to see Jesus.
09:16 And so much that He's done for us,
09:18 to see Him and to live with Him for eternity.
09:22 Amen.
09:23 I know that you're a true ambassador
09:25 for the gospel message, you and, we call him,
09:28 Grandpa George, your husband who passed away here recently,
09:32 but you were just always, I believe,
09:35 evangelistically minded to help spread God's Word,
09:39 and we at 3ABN, of course, we appreciate you,
09:42 and, of course, Grandpa George as well.
09:43 We're glad that he's resting now,
09:45 but we're sad about the loss, but at the same time,
09:49 we're looking forward to the resurrection,
09:50 but thank you, we just want to say thank you
09:51 for your evangelism
09:53 and for being willing to share God's Word around the world.
09:57 And that's what I want to do.
09:58 And as long as I'm here, I wake up every morning,
10:01 and I say, "Lord, send me somebody,
10:03 what's Your plan for my life today?"
10:05 And just watching all that wonderful testimonies
10:09 that are going there in Pathways to Life,
10:12 and to think that we were there few months
10:14 doing Pathways to Health.
10:17 And so it was just very exciting just to know
10:21 that you're back there again, and reaching more souls,
10:24 then I just pray for each one of those
10:26 that are in the different circles that are there.
10:30 And it was so wonderful to see John
10:32 and John singing together with Lela,
10:36 Dr. Lela Lewis, and it's just so many...
10:41 I'm just really filled with the Holy Spirit.
10:44 Amen.
10:45 And I still want to support evangelism 100%.
10:49 I know you do.
10:51 And I was thinking that, grandma,
10:52 that's really precious actually because she was involved
10:55 in Pathway to Health.
10:57 She came a couple months ago, and so really you had a part
11:00 in laying the groundwork
11:02 as it were for this evangelistic campaign.
11:04 That's wonderful. Thank you.
11:08 And I was so glad that they could follow up
11:10 on something like that because there were
11:12 so many precious souls there that I got a chance to meet.
11:15 You know, it was just wonderful,
11:18 and I feel so proud and so thankful
11:21 that you're both carrying on this,
11:23 and I just hope that many souls will be accepting
11:26 this wonderful message that we have, the truth.
11:29 Bye. Amen.
11:32 Yeah, amen, grandma.
11:33 I think, it is a blessing to be part of this Path to Health
11:36 that you were involved with earlier,
11:38 and now you're seeing the follow up here,
11:40 and there are actually people
11:41 coming to this church still pick up
11:43 like their eyeglasses and such here so.
11:46 Yeah, it's just really neat to see the churches here
11:49 locally still following up.
11:51 Amen.
11:52 Yeah, and I think it's so wonderful
11:53 that you're having a little part of a health,
11:56 going along with your series of meetings as well.
11:59 That's right.
12:00 Well, thank you so much, grandma,
12:02 know that Greg and I love you, but the whole 3ABN team
12:05 considers you part of the family
12:06 and thank you for taking time to Skype in
12:09 with us this morning.
12:11 Thank you. I love doing it.
12:13 God bless you. Okay.
12:14 All right, we love you, all right.
12:16 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
12:18 Well, we thank Grandma Tena.
12:19 That's for sure for all of her years of service
12:23 and then, of course, Grandpa George,
12:25 before he passed was, of course,
12:26 very involved with 3ABN and other ministries as well.
12:30 And praise the Lord for the hope, you know,
12:31 I was thinking about that message Pastor John
12:33 preached on the state of the dead
12:36 and that the dead do not go to heaven,
12:38 but they're resting in Jesus, and how that brings her comfort
12:42 knowing that she has the hope of seeing him again
12:44 and he will be resurrected.
12:46 Right now, we want to go to, I think,
12:48 a picture of some of the people who have been cooking for us.
12:53 We've had incredible meals here every single evening.
12:56 Now this is not just Pastor John and Angie
12:59 eating here at the Paradise Valley Church
13:01 or Greg and I, the entire crew, our whole team,
13:04 there's probably 20 of us
13:07 that they feed every single night.
13:11 And they've done a great job. And the food's been wonderful.
13:13 Oh, yeah, it's not just been like something simple.
13:16 These have been, to me, complicated meals.
13:18 I'm not a cook, but they're complicated to me.
13:20 I mean, we're getting like full meals,
13:23 and here's a picture of the team.
13:25 They've been... I guess splitting it up
13:27 through the different evenings to feed us,
13:29 and we just want to say a big thank you
13:31 to the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church
13:33 cooking team.
13:35 Can we say that?
13:36 And what they're doing for us...
13:38 We're being fed spiritually, but to be fed physically
13:40 is a tremendous blessing,
13:41 and we would thank each of them,
13:43 but I know there's cooks at other churches as well
13:45 feeding the speakers and stuff there,
13:47 so we do thank them a lot.
13:48 Amen.
13:49 It's a blessing because we need to be
13:51 fed physically in order to do the work,
13:53 you know, that God's called us to do.
13:55 So that is truly the ministry of Jesus.
13:58 We want to go to another roll right now I think.
14:00 This is at the Desert Cove Seventh-day Adventist Church
14:04 with Pastor CA Murray, and he had the opportunity
14:07 to talk with the woman
14:09 who has an interesting testimony.
14:12 I think her sister or brother-in-law
14:15 heard Pastor CA on 3ABN with His Harvest is Ready,
14:19 so let's look at that interview here.
14:22 We're here in the Desert Cove Seventh-day Adventist Church,
14:25 and I'm visiting with Maria Dugger,
14:27 who is a snowbird, which means you spend some time
14:30 in the warm when it's cold and sometimes in the cold
14:32 when it's warm, how does that go?
14:34 We come down here about the 1st of November,
14:37 and we go back to Idaho.
14:40 We live in a little town called Homedale, Idaho.
14:43 We go about the April 1st.
14:46 Now what is it about the Desert Cove Church
14:48 that attracts you so very much of all the churches
14:50 here in the Phoenix area?
14:52 You know, we just moved this year over to this area,
14:55 so we live about 30 miles west and...
14:59 So I was looking for a new church,
15:01 or a church closer to home, and I came here looking for you
15:08 because my brother-in-law had said that 3ABN
15:11 and CA Murray was going to be in Phoenix.
15:14 So I googled it,
15:16 and you were going to be at this church,
15:18 so I came that day, which was a month early
15:21 'cause I was mixed up on the dates so.
15:24 But I've loved it. I loved the people here.
15:26 They're so genuine. They're so friendly.
15:30 I've just felt at home ever since I came.
15:32 Praise the Lord.
15:34 Now you're originally from Spain, I understand?
15:36 My parents were from the Basque Countries in Spain.
15:39 I'm Basque, yes. Praise the Lord.
15:41 Good to hear you. Yes. Yes.
15:43 Now, you've got a interesting testimony
15:45 because part of your family became connected
15:48 with the Adventist church through 3ABN
15:50 and through a series that I'm kind of familiar with.
15:53 It's called His Harvest is Ready,
15:55 tell me about that? Yes.
15:58 My brother-in-law and sister, they are the ones that
16:03 led me to the Adventist church, but my brother-in-law
16:07 was listening to a talk radio show
16:10 on the radio driving home from work.
16:14 I believe that was Doug Batchelor,
16:16 but that led him to 3ABN.
16:19 And so he started watching it and watching CA Murray,
16:22 and he said he loved it.
16:24 And he just kept learning more and more truth
16:27 in the things he had learned out of the Bible.
16:29 It was all just making sense to him.
16:33 And at that exact same time,
16:34 my sister who is an aesthetician.
16:37 She does facials for people.
16:39 She had a little 90-year-old lady
16:41 come in to visit her for a facial,
16:43 which is a God thing because 90-year-old ladies
16:46 don't usually go out to get facials.
16:50 And she asked Francis, my sister,
16:53 if she would like to start doing Bible study with her.
16:57 So she said, "Yes."
16:59 She said she was just drawn to do that.
17:01 She started meeting with this little lady
17:03 named Eleanor on Mondays at 1 o'clock,
17:05 and that was where CA Murray was on TV.
17:08 And they would watch your show, and she said,
17:10 "It was the Harvest something."
17:12 So it was that show that you're talking about.
17:15 And they would listen to you, and listen to 3ABN,
17:19 and then they would read the Bible and talk.
17:21 She did that for four years until Eleanor passed away.
17:26 And that led both of them to the Adventist church,
17:29 to finding truth and peace in the Bible.
17:35 So they were so excited that I could come and see you,
17:37 and it's been a huge blessing.
17:39 Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
17:40 Give me, before we're done, just your sense of the flavor
17:43 of these particular meetings that we've been having here?
17:46 The attendance has been good.
17:48 We've had a good time in Lord,
17:49 just your feeling about the meetings?
17:51 You know, my feeling is it you've made everything
17:57 so easy to understand.
18:01 The stories that you've told, it's just helped me
18:05 to just draw closer to the Lord,
18:08 and to just once again realize that it's not that hard,
18:12 we make it so hard.
18:14 And just to...
18:16 Everything, go back to scripture,
18:18 find it in there, and it's just so easy.
18:25 Wow! That's incredible.
18:27 Thank you, Pastor CA and Maria.
18:30 What a great testimony and it's neat to see
18:32 the impact again of 3ABN,
18:34 and that's thanks to you at home
18:36 for your support of the ministry here at 3ABN
18:38 because you're touching lives for eternity,
18:40 and it won't be until heaven till we know the full impact.
18:43 And that's neat too, you know, God can use us at any age.
18:47 And I think that was neat too as far as the impact of that
18:49 90-year-old lady.
18:50 You know, going in, you know, that's just the...
18:52 I think... Getting a facial.
18:53 Yeah, that's right.
18:55 But I think that none of us should ever feel useless
18:58 and that we can't do something for God,
19:01 even if you're home and are homebound,
19:04 there's something that God has for you to do,
19:06 maybe it's writing a card or a letter to someone,
19:09 I don't know.
19:11 Yeah, God will lay that on your heart,
19:12 but I think all of us have something
19:14 that we can do for Jesus Christ.
19:15 He's given us talents.
19:17 But anyway, great interview,
19:18 and we just, again, appreciate Pastor CA
19:20 and what's going on there at that church
19:23 along with the other churches here in Phoenix.
19:25 That's right, I was thinking as you were talking,
19:28 if people feel like, "Hey, I can't get out
19:30 or I can't do something."
19:32 I was thinking of one person who's a member
19:33 of the Blessing is on the Go evangelistic team
19:36 and part of that team, we mail out monthly tools,
19:40 monthly evangelism tools that people can use.
19:43 And I remember one person writing in,
19:44 and they said that...
19:46 The woman said her husband is in the bed,
19:49 he's not able to get out and really function.
19:53 He can't walk and stuff,
19:55 but yet people come to visit him,
19:57 and when people come to visit him,
19:59 he whips out his evangelistic tool,
20:01 which is not the phone, I'm just...
20:03 An example.
20:04 He whips out his DVD or the book
20:06 or whatever 3ABN sent him that month,
20:08 and he hands it to the person who came to visit and says,
20:12 "Here's something you should watch.
20:13 Here's something that will bless your life."
20:15 And the next time, that person comes to visit him,
20:18 they return it, and he passes it along to someone else.
20:22 So that's an example.
20:23 Every single one of us have a part in evangelism.
20:26 You may be at home and saying, "I'm watching these meetings
20:29 with Pastor John Lomacang, and I can't get up and preach."
20:32 But God can use you in your community
20:35 with the people within your sphere of influence.
20:39 God uses each one of us to be a witness for Him.
20:43 One of my favorite scriptures in Isaiah, it says,
20:46 "Therefore, you are My witnesses,"
20:48 says the Lord, "That I am God."
20:50 And so, God calls us to be His witness,
20:52 to be His ambassador as it were.
20:55 And praise the Lord, what God did in Maria's life
20:57 and her sister and brother-in-law,
20:59 and now they can pass that along to someone else.
21:02 And I think it goes back too, we've been talking about
21:03 in some of the previous iSITE's about the ripple effect
21:06 whereby one of the oasis,
21:07 I think did the hole in the rock,
21:09 and if you throw something into water, you know,
21:11 there's a ripple that goes out,
21:12 it continues to effect more and more people.
21:15 So I think sometimes you can lay a track down somewhere,
21:18 and you don't know who's going to pick it up,
21:19 but someone reads it, and that person
21:21 has an influence with somebody else
21:22 and who knows how far that ripple goes,
21:24 I know, what a blessing. Amen.
21:25 We have another roll to go to before we close out here.
21:27 We do, we're going to the Phoenix Central
21:29 Seventh-day Adventist Church, Shelley and JD's church,
21:32 and I think JD sat down with this precious woman.
21:34 And she's a member of the church,
21:36 but somehow, in the meetings, she was led to a desire,
21:40 a closer walk with Jesus and made a decision
21:43 actually to be re-baptized.
21:46 And I think that's so exciting because people
21:49 who never heard the name of Jesus
21:51 or haven't accepted Jesus for themselves,
21:53 they're coming to Him for the first time.
21:55 But there's other people who are saying,
21:57 "I have walked with Jesus, and maybe I fell away
22:00 or maybe that relationship has grown a bit distant,
22:05 and I want to come back
22:06 and rekindle that relationship."
22:08 So let's look at that interview here.
22:11 We're coming from the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church,
22:14 and I'm here with my precious Sister Gene.
22:17 She spells it G-E-N-E which kind of surprised me
22:20 because that's a little bit different,
22:22 but she's always got this smile on her face,
22:24 at least, as long as I've known Gene.
22:26 She's got this pretty smile on her face
22:28 and a gleam in her eye, and as Gene and I
22:30 have a chance to visit, we find out
22:32 that she has a servant's heart.
22:34 She loves being able to... Be able to assist others.
22:38 Now I understand, Gene, that you've gone through
22:40 some different issues, health issues,
22:42 lately and because of that,
22:45 you had to kind of slow down a little bit,
22:47 but now we're getting back in the groove, is that right?
22:49 Yes.
22:50 Exactly, and it's been a wonderful experience.
22:53 And no matter how sick I got, I kept praising to God,
22:57 and I realized that,
23:00 everything that I was praying for,
23:01 God is answering it by having me to slowdown
23:05 through my illness, so I can pray more, study more,
23:09 and get my relationship with God right.
23:11 Wow!
23:13 I think that's something that we're all challenged with.
23:15 Sometimes we just need to slow down some
23:19 and let God be God.
23:21 We're going through this evangelistic series right now,
23:24 Shelley Quinn's leading out,
23:25 what are you gleaning from this?
23:28 Well, actually, I was baptized in 1991,
23:31 and I realized that even though I thought I was walking
23:36 the Christian walk, I'm realizing that
23:38 there's a lot of things I was missing.
23:40 There's a lot of things that I was doing
23:42 I was not supposed to be doing.
23:44 And what I'm getting out of this is that
23:46 I would like to be re-baptized again.
23:48 Amen. Yes.
23:50 Amen.
23:51 And there's a lot of people
23:52 I think that want to rededicate their life,
23:54 be re-baptized, perhaps the first time,
23:57 you might have given your heart to the Lord,
23:58 you might have been baptized
24:00 for a reason that's different today.
24:02 So this is just a challenge for a lot of people, Gene,
24:05 that just I want a closer walk with You.
24:08 Gene, I thank you for this time.
24:10 You're just a lovely, lovely person.
24:12 And I know that it puts joy in God's heart
24:14 when He hears His children say,
24:16 "Lord, I want to be closer to You."
24:18 Well, life is so much easier and loving
24:22 when I have God in my life.
24:24 I mean, everything that used to be stress or upsetting,
24:28 it doesn't matter anymore.
24:29 It's just so wonderful having God truly in your life
24:33 and you truly be obedient
24:35 and walking to God's path, you really...
24:40 Life is so much easier, life is so much loving,
24:44 and there's so much pleasure into it,
24:46 and I feel so much less stressed, it's amazing.
24:50 It's so beautiful.
24:51 Life is beautiful. Amen.
24:53 And I think that that's what we've learned tonight
24:55 that the Garden of Eden was a garden of pleasure, so.
24:58 And that's a place that we all are searching
25:01 for is that being united with Christ,
25:04 spending eternity with Him.
25:06 Again, from Gene and JD, we thank you.
25:09 God bless you.
25:12 Amen. That's great.
25:13 You know, I liked what she said there, of course,
25:15 I appreciate the whole testimony,
25:16 but I liked what she said, "Life is so much less stressful
25:19 as we give our lives to Jesus Christ,"
25:21 and that's a great testimony.
25:22 You know, 'cause even in the busyness of good things,
25:25 you can get kind of stressed out.
25:26 So it's just a great reminder to all of us about, again,
25:29 re-surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ.
25:31 Amen.
25:32 You know, the Psalm tells us, David tells us in Psalm,
25:35 "At thy right hand are pleasures for evermore
25:38 and your presence is fullness of joy."
25:40 And I just think when we enter into God's presence,
25:44 when we experience Him, for her,
25:46 it's experiencing Him anew, again.
25:48 When we experience Him anew, what happens to our lives,
25:51 we experience that joy,
25:53 that peace that only God can give.
25:56 The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace,
25:59 long-suffering, gentleness, goodness,
26:01 and those fruit develop when we make a choice
26:04 to surrender our lives to the control
26:07 of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
26:08 So what an incredible testimony to see what God is doing
26:12 in Gene's life, and what He wants to do
26:14 in your life at home.
26:15 I just want to make an appeal to you at home,
26:18 maybe you've been watching the meetings
26:20 and you're trying to make a decision,
26:22 "Do I want to follow God?
26:23 Do I want to walk this way or not?"
26:27 Make a choice for Jesus, you will never regret it.
26:31 And the peace and the joy that comes
26:33 as a result of that is really out of this world.
26:36 Yeah, you're right.
26:38 And also every time I see the testimonies
26:40 coming from Elder JD
26:42 and Shelley Quinn's church, I think of Shelley,
26:44 and we just appreciate your prayers
26:45 because she's been a little under the weather.
26:47 I know in iSITE 12, you know,
26:50 she had a little report there from the hospital,
26:53 but I'm just thinking what God is doing in her life
26:55 and the other speakers here too,
26:57 there's a little bit of a cold going around,
26:58 but God is providing the strength.
27:01 And it's just every time I see Elder JD,
27:04 and I know Shelley Quinn's been preaching
27:05 that night is that, "What God is doing?"
27:08 And He's working miracles here. We're seeing it every day.
27:12 And it's a blessing to be a part
27:13 of this evangelistic series
27:15 and again, seeing lives change for eternity.
27:18 That's right, absolutely.
27:19 You know, I think it's a spiritual battle
27:21 that we're involved in.
27:22 We know wrestle against flesh and blood,
27:23 but again spiritual powers and high places and so,
27:26 as we preach the Word of God
27:29 and go forth against the kingdom of darkness,
27:31 Satan may not be so happy, but guess what?
27:34 We know the back of the book and God wins.
27:36 We know that He is stronger than Satan.
27:38 We see the miracles every night.
27:40 What God is doing with the speaker,
27:42 standing them up and for each one
27:45 who come to the meeting, so praise God
27:46 that He is much stronger, and He is winning.
27:49 Yeah. Amen.
27:50 Again, our time is almost gone here for this iSITE.
27:53 We want to encourage you to stay tuned
27:55 because Pastor John Lomacang
27:56 will be bringing this evening's message to you.
27:59 Again, we encourage you to open God's Word to study it
28:02 because in it are treasures that you cannot exhaust.
28:05 Thank you for joining us.
28:06 We'll see you again tomorrow evening.


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