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00:06 Hello and welcome to ISITE program number 15,
00:09 we're Greg & Jill Morikone and this is sadly
00:13 the last ISITE because we're at the end of
00:15 The Campaign Pathway To Life here in Phoenix, Arizona
00:18 and we're basically ending where we started which is
00:21 outside the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:24 It's hard to believe that our time here in Phoenix is almost
00:26 done. It is, it's been an incredible journey just to see
00:29 God work in people's lives, to see people make decisions for
00:32 Jesus. That's what evangelism is all about and we want to
00:36 give a quick shout out to those of you who shared last night's
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00:52 So these are the ones from last night,
00:55 this is Timothy, David, Daniel, Shirley, Amy, Keith, Cora,
00:59 Devin, Edwina, Ariella, Gerlin, Penny, Thomas,
01:03 Deborah, Kawisi, Claudio, and Tweet Timothy and others,
01:07 so thank you so much for sharing these programs.
01:09 And we are here with Pastor C.A. Murray and you've been at
01:13 Desert Cove Church.
01:14 Desert Cove Church in El Mirage just north/northwest of Phoenix,
01:18 wonderful church right in the glide path of the
01:22 Luke Airforce Base, so we get to hear the jets take off and...
01:27 Oh yeah, that's right. Well you know they built the
01:28 church with that in mind, so there is double insulated
01:30 so unless you are really listening for it you really can
01:33 kind of ignore it, it's not that intrusive.
01:34 But what a wonderful group of people to pastor
01:37 is Pr. Steve Gibson, his wife Angela who has the best smile
01:42 in Phoenix we always say. She was at the door every night
01:44 or most nights and just a bright bubbly person.
01:47 My main contact, of course you know Elder Randy and Kathleen
01:52 Fields, wonderful people, she's been feeding us yeah to death.
01:56 She may be the best soup maker and makes her own bread.
02:00 That's wonderful. She is a wonderful person.
02:03 You're getting fresh bread every day aren't you?
02:04 Pretty much every day, yeah pretty much every day.
02:07 That's great. And we don't even mind if it's day old because
02:10 it tastes a little better on the second day we're told,
02:13 so we are having a wonderful time. Wonderful church.
02:15 Wonderful people, great experiences, many many lives
02:20 being changed. The church is comfortably full each night
02:24 and it's been a...we've had fun here, had some health
02:29 challenges and you can still hear my voice.
02:31 Yes we can hear it. I've passed this on to my wife,
02:33 I've shared it with Irma and so she's home.
02:36 Uh, I think I got it, got healed, gave it to her
02:38 and then she gave it back to me. Yes.
02:40 Because this seems to be the second time but it's been a
02:42 blessing Greg & Jill, we started this last September.
02:47 This one came together rather quickly on the heels of
02:50 the Pathway To Health meetings, it occurred to me that maybe
02:56 the town will be ready for a little something else,
02:58 a little more direct evangelism so I called Dr. Ludle who
03:03 you know is a bundle of energy. She is. Never heard an idea
03:05 for the Lord that she didn't like.
03:07 And this is her church here at Paradise.
03:08 Um hum, um hum, she, and it was late Friday evening when we were
03:13 talking and the next thing I know is she's got Jose Mayer,
03:16 the Conference Secretary of Ministerial Director on the phone
03:18 and it's late and he says you know we'll talk on Monday
03:22 it's kind of late but that began the wheels turning
03:25 and of course Danny approved of it and off we went
03:29 the conference approved of it, they liked the idea,
03:32 that they were very much for the idea and um,
03:35 things progressed very quickly once I made the initial contact
03:39 to pass it over to Pr. Lomacang who is the Director of World
03:41 Evangelism. He took it from there and then you came in
03:43 and did all of the logistics and all of the contacts
03:46 and just about everything else.
03:47 Just some coordination that's it.
03:49 But that's how it worked and before you know it,
03:52 we are here, the meetings began and the Devil began to oppose
03:56 and we've had a lot of colds and flu and respiratory stuff
04:00 going on and I don't know if it's from the cold to the warm
04:03 or the change or just the attack of the enemy but the crew
04:06 has been sick and as you well know.
04:07 Greg you have seem to be able to avoid...
04:09 Well by God's grace I'm still trying to stay well,
04:12 what a blessing.
04:14 That's the difference... But pastors think about
04:16 evangelism, you know, that's pretty quick to pull a campaign
04:18 together when you are thinking about it because that was
04:20 late last fall. Yep.
04:21 And then here we start in February and you can just
04:24 really see the Lord is blessing for all of the support
04:27 for how it fit in 3ABN's schedule, the conference,
04:30 the local churches, it's pretty amazing isn't it?
04:32 As you well know, you have so many logistical pieces
04:37 of the puzzle to fit. You got the evangelism which is why
04:39 we are here. You have five speakers and five churches
04:42 So churches must be prepared, sermons must be prepared,
04:45 graphics must be prepared, literature must be prepared,
04:48 people must be prepared, pre broadcast must be done,
04:50 and that's just the pure evangelism side.
04:53 Then put on top of that, production, a whole nother
04:58 layer, trucks have to come, things have to happen,
05:01 you know, a bunch of things have to happen to make
05:04 something like this go on and we got a good size crew here
05:07 and from what I can see, cause I'm at my church in...
05:10 You know we got the crew working, everybody's working
05:12 together well and one of the great things that you of course
05:16 well know about 3ABN is that this feeling of comradery is
05:19 everybody is pulling in the same direction.
05:20 And this stuff can be stressful because you've got deadlines
05:25 every night, you got, it's show time, you got to be there and be
05:27 ready to go.
05:29 And yet when you are focused on the work of the Lord,
05:31 there's a blessing that comes from the Lord. Amen.
05:32 Amen. So we felt that all along. Yeah. Amen.
05:35 Well Pastor, we thank you for your leadership,
05:37 for making those initial contacts starting this whole
05:40 ball rolling in this direction for Phoenix and I know that
05:43 God is blessing us and will continue to bless
05:45 because success is not always by numbers that we may see
05:48 right now but the churches are excited about continuing on
05:51 with more things following up so, yeah, thank you again,
05:54 thank you for your leadership.
05:55 My pleasure, it's just part of the team.
05:56 Amen! It's a joy. And we are going to the
05:59 Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church, Kenny & Chris Shelton
06:01 are there and Chris had the opportunity to do a couple
06:04 interviews with some people there, let's listen to that now.
06:11 I have Brother Derwin with me and Brother Derwin came up
06:14 and he says that he has something that he wants to share
06:18 with those of you who are watching.
06:20 Well thanks and what a blessing it has been to be a part
06:26 of these evangelistic meetings and in these times we just
06:32 need them and I was grateful to be able to spend as much
06:35 time as I have throughout this series and I just have a
06:40 testimony today that just, really just expands upon how
06:47 great a God we serve.
06:50 In 2007 I was not actively involved in the church
06:55 and I prayed for the Lord for deliverance
06:59 and I didn't know how that deliverance was going to come.
07:02 But ultimately I had a severe asthma attack,
07:07 I almost died, I was in a coma for nine days
07:11 and they were going to give me a trachea on Sunday and
07:15 that's the day that the Lord revealed himself to wake me up
07:18 and give me a second chance.
07:20 So with that second chance there is no turning back
07:24 and there is a fire to share this message with people
07:28 that we come in contact with on a daily and God has even
07:33 remembered a commitment that we had for when I was a youth
07:38 to do Country Living Ministries here in Show Low, AZ
07:42 and He is blessing with that, so I just ask for prayers for
07:46 myself and everyone and that we truly don't want to miss out
07:50 on this opportunity that God has for us.
07:54 I came up for prayer and I must say in the last two, three days
07:59 it has been such a relief to have the Lord answer prayers
08:04 to see them and to feel them. Amen. Amen.
08:09 But when I was younger, I was born with an illness
08:12 and they told mother I would only live till 21 or younger.
08:17 Uh hum. And my grandmother was an Adventist,
08:21 a new Adventist, she helped found the Nasana SDA Church
08:27 in New Jersey. Ok. In Trenton and she just wrapped her arms
08:33 around me, the family got around me and prayed and
08:36 just prayed and prayed and prayed.
08:38 I am 54. Amen! We had, can you hear me now.
08:44 We had an evening of prayer, you knew about prayer didn't you
08:48 because you wouldn't be here without prayer.
08:50 We love our grandma's, we love our mamma's, I'm one,
08:54 I'm praying for my kids and grandkids every day.
08:56 Every day I have two beautiful daughters, they suggested I do
09:00 not have kids, I had them late in life, 36 and 38 and God
09:05 has been there the whole entire time.
09:07 I have come from a praying family, I pray every day
09:10 about everything and it's just a wonderful
09:13 um, relationship that we have.
09:15 So when you have opportunities like we did here to come out
09:20 for evangelistic series, what would you tell the folks
09:24 at home? Should they stay at home and just watch on TV
09:27 or should they come out maybe?
09:29 I suggest that everyone come out it's an experience,
09:32 it's totally different than watching on TV.
09:36 You get the feel the Holy Spirit walking through, you get to feel
09:39 the people talking to you, you get to feel His anointing
09:43 grace everywhere when you come out
09:46 instead of sitting down, you know, you are kind of just
09:49 a one way, here it's like a cross, it's both ways,
09:53 up and down, side to side.
09:55 Amen! Most people are rejoicing with you.
09:58 Yes, yes and I've often said even during these meetings,
10:01 there's no better place than where God wants us to be.
10:07 Thank you sister Chris, what a great report coming from the
10:10 Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church.
10:12 It's always neat to hear what is going on at the churches
10:14 and the different stories and testimonies and how God is
10:17 working in each of their lives there and I want to say
10:20 that we have a very special guest with us and you are not
10:23 a guest Brad Walker. He is actually part of our 3ABN
10:27 production crew and Brad you have been here for many
10:29 years and this man, it's hard to get him in front of the
10:32 camera, works long long hours.
10:35 Basically everything that you have seen with these ISITES
10:38 he's been a part of whether... If he's not behind the camera,
10:41 he's behind the camera in the fact giving directions.
10:42 He's like a producer carrying equipment up mountains
10:45 around churches, all the creativity and the stuff
10:48 that you see on these programs is thanks to Brad and of course
10:51 the crew as well.
10:53 But we appreciate you Brad, you've been at 3ABN
10:55 how many years? All my adult life I guess,
10:58 right out of High School.
10:59 He started as a teenager. That's it.
11:01 And Brad Walker for those of you that have followed 3ABN
11:05 and the ISITE we did from London, Brad and his daughter
11:08 Tierra went to London. That's right.
11:10 And now it's nice to have who else with you on this trip?
11:12 My son Tyler is with me. And where is he at right now?
11:15 He's running all three of these cameras behind us here.
11:18 So I should probably get back there and help him out.
11:21 No Brad you stay right here. No, you are good here.
11:23 But we appreciate you Brad. Thank you.
11:25 And what you bring to 3ABN and all the skills and talents
11:29 that you are using for the Lord and I think the full impact Brad
11:32 will be realized in heaven for all the tireless hours
11:34 and this man came from Florida just before this trip.
11:38 The interview that you saw with that tragedy down there Brad
11:42 with the shooting, you went and covered that story.
11:45 Me and my son went with Pr. Lomacang and what a powerful
11:50 testimony that Samantha is going to tell the world about.
11:54 Yeah. And then from there, came to here.
11:57 So tell us how your experience been?
12:00 It's been amazing that the crew here at 3ABN is just
12:04 by far the best, I think we are looking at 100 hours
12:08 of finished product that this crew has put together.
12:12 That's incredible. Yep.
12:13 And a we worked long hours but it's been well worth it,
12:16 we are seeing people come to the Lord that it's priceless
12:20 to see what has happened here. I mean when we didn't have
12:23 strength to continue on, the crew is just going down and
12:26 speakers are going down, God gave us all strength to
12:29 pull this through. All glory goes to God,
12:32 not to any crew member but God's given us a great
12:36 team to work with for sure.
12:38 Amen. I agree because you are right, there are long hours.
12:40 Sometimes two to three in the morning to pull some of these
12:42 programs off and edit it.
12:44 Some people worked all night. Yeah that's true.
12:45 But then they got some rest the next night
12:47 but some people have worked really hard.
12:48 Well thank you Brad, you are just an integral part
12:50 of the team as Director and he is so great, even gifted.
12:54 It's a joy to work with you. Right now you were speaking
12:56 about the joy of watching people come to know Jesus
12:59 and that's what it's really all about.
13:00 And right now we are going to the Phoenix Central SDA Church
13:04 and there was a woman who was praying two weeks ago,
13:07 she was praying God, I want to find Jesus and she got home
13:11 and there was a flyer in her mailbox inviting her to the
13:15 meetings. So let's listen to her testimony.
13:22 Angela and I are here at Phoenix Central Church and Angela
13:26 loves Jesus. Angela have you been here nearly every night,
13:29 have you not? I have, yes.
13:31 Why are you coming? Well, about a week and a half
13:36 two weeks ago I was driving home from work, praying to the Lord.
13:39 Well, I wanted to find somewhere and just find Jesus really
13:44 and I looked into my mailbox for the first time
13:46 into my new apartment and there was a flier and it had
13:50 all the days and so I came.
13:53 Here I am, I have been here ever since.
13:55 Amen. Yes.
13:56 And it's eager cause I always sat oh I don't four or five rows
13:59 behind Angela and it's so fun just to watch as she's
14:02 connecting with what is coming directly out of the Bible.
14:05 I mean this is...I know that Jesus is touching your heart,
14:10 the Holy Spirit is working in your life but also
14:14 just kind of being a people watcher as well as
14:17 listen to the word, it's inspiring me.
14:20 And I guess everything in your life has been perfect.
14:24 No sir. Ok. So in other words you might have gone left
14:30 and you should have gone right maybe a time or two
14:32 like all of us.
14:33 Sometimes. And you are sick and tired of being sick
14:36 and tired, yeah.
14:37 And so consequently we're trying to find the true meaning
14:40 of life and obviously if you are sitting here and as you said
14:44 earlier that I want to know who Jesus is.
14:49 Someplace in your past there was a seed that was sown
14:53 and now we are trying to find our way back and find out
14:56 what is life all about and where do I start.
15:00 Correct, so yeah, it's been about 26 years.
15:05 I grew up with my mom and she still teaches a two year old
15:09 but she has been going to church pretty much all her life so
15:12 that seed was planted, but by the age 13 I kind of veered off
15:16 and I have been kinda lost since then and here I am
15:20 and it's my time and it is so my time.
15:22 Amen. Amen. Yeah and amen too. Well I know that you are going
15:26 to make a positive difference in many people's lives
15:28 you just got that intelligence, that understanding,
15:32 and you are going to allow Jesus to lead you.
15:35 In other words the Bible is very clear, He will be a lamp
15:38 unto your feet. So as we keep our eyes focused on that lamp,
15:42 well then we are no longer in that dark. So anyway.
15:45 Well, how do you like this particular church?
15:48 I love it, it's small, it's intimate, everybody,
15:50 it's like family, it's like home, you come in,
15:53 and everybody seems to know everybody, you hug and greet
15:55 each other, I love it.
15:56 Amen. Yeah.
15:57 And what do you think about Shelley's teaching?
16:01 I love it, she has a way of just putting things to where
16:06 I understand it, I get it, I go home so revived and a
16:09 I don't know, I don't want you guys to leave.
16:11 {Laughter} She's great. She's great.
16:13 It's amazing, she's a blessing.
16:16 What a gift this is because I've been talking to Felicia
16:20 for probably ten years at 3ABN and we never put a face to a
16:24 name and so when she came in and told me who she was,
16:27 it just put joy in my heart cause I love this lady.
16:32 And I love her even more now that I know who she is.
16:36 Felicia is out there on the front line in Phoenix, AZ
16:40 fighting daily battles, tell us kind of what you do Felicia.
16:44 Ok. Well I am a Bible worker for Phoenix South Mountain
16:48 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
16:49 I've been doing that for four years now and so basically
16:54 we're out on the mission field, knocking on doors and trying to
16:58 bring people closer to Christ, to let them know that Jesus
17:03 loves them and the good news about the Jesus Christ and
17:08 Him coming back soon.
17:10 Amen. And what I have learned, we all need to be fed
17:17 and there are many times when- ever we are out there on the
17:19 front line fighting the battles but yet we feel like we just
17:23 need to have a shot of adrenalin ourselves and I think that
17:27 that's whenever you call 3ABN so that you'll have someone
17:31 there that understands but more than anything,
17:35 has a relationship with God that you both share
17:37 and you can share that private time together in inviting
17:42 the Lord to give us that strength that we need.
17:44 So as these days you are out there battling,
17:47 what might be an ordinary experience that you might have?
17:51 For a lot of people would probably just throw their
17:54 hands up and say, I just can't do this.
17:56 But there is something about you Felicia, that you have this
17:59 determination that you are going to fight the good fight because
18:04 you know that one of these days God is coming back for
18:08 the remnant people.
18:10 Hmm. Yes. Definitely. Well I am the first Adventist
18:14 in my family and so how I became a Seventh-day Adventist
18:18 was through Bible work so you know I thought wow,
18:23 Lord, this was the best thing that ever happened to me.
18:25 And so, once I accepted Christ, there was just a fire in my
18:31 heart to just go and tell others because one of my models is,
18:36 one of my favorite hymns is When We All Get To Heaven,
18:39 you know and it's that "ALL" part that excites me.
18:43 You know, not just when I get to heaven, but when we all get
18:46 to heaven, you know, oh what a wonderful place that will be.
18:50 Amen. Right.
18:51 We all see Jesus and so my desire is just to go out and
18:57 just tell people about the love of Christ because um,
19:02 again, I didn't grow up in church at all.
19:05 When someone came to me and asked me
19:08 "do you know who God is", ok, I said God who,
19:14 I'd never seen Him.
19:15 You know but then they made me realize there is a God out there
19:19 so I just have a desire for the lost, just like Jesus did.
19:27 Let me ask, how does 3ABN fit into all this?
19:32 Well you know 3ABN, when you think about how it all started,
19:38 it's just so awesome, Danny Shelton and the vision that God
19:44 has given him and how far this whole ministry has come
19:49 it's amazing in how it is touching so many people
19:52 all over the world is amazing and just calling in on the
19:57 prayer line knowing that there are people there that can
20:01 get your prayer through. Amen.
20:04 That is awesome too, and then wanting to take time just to
20:08 pray, it's just such a blessing.
20:11 Amen. Well I think that we could go on and talk probably
20:15 for hours on this right here but to me it has really been
20:18 a blessing because you are such a child of God
20:22 and I just want you and the whole world to know
20:24 how much I love you as a sister in Christ.
20:26 And thank you for coming over here and taking the time
20:31 out of your daily activities cause you could choose to be
20:33 anywhere you wanted to be tonight, but you are here.
20:36 And so, from Felicia and I both, we just want to say
20:41 God bless each and every one of you.
20:43 Amen. God bless you all.
20:46 What great testimonies from the Phoenix Central Seventh-day
20:50 Adventist Church.
20:52 And to think that Felicia had been calling our prayer line
20:54 for ten years and then she got the chance to meet J.D.
20:58 to share some of her testimony.
20:59 Right now we are going to go to the church behind us
21:02 Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.
21:04 A couple nights ago Pr. John and Angie Lomacang had the
21:08 opportunity to visit with this precious Romanian couple
21:12 who have been coming to the meetings and let's listen
21:14 to their story.
21:18 Here we are at the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist
21:20 Church, just finished a wonderful meeting and we have
21:23 Stefan & Ana who we met, they have been coming night to night.
21:27 Tell us, how did you hear about the meetings.
21:30 Well we have been here in the church before the start
21:34 but we missed the first night but then we come,
21:36 we see a lot of the television with you and we were impressed
21:42 every time we hear and then we have the opportunity to come
21:45 over here to listen to the Word of God and we been
21:48 impressed about the speech that you have and relation
21:54 with God and that was a very good example for me
21:58 and my family, my wife and my kids.
22:00 The way I see you live the Word of God, you and your wife, very
22:06 connected and very good example for us, we try to step the same
22:14 way you do.
22:15 We try to help each other me and my wife and it was amazing,
22:20 it was a very very good example and we hope every night
22:25 to watch your preach on Good News, we see that and we try to
22:34 be connected, we try to take more dates and whatever
22:40 we can have to see. It was a very very wonderful
22:44 example for us.
22:46 Yes. Tonight was about prayer wasn't it?
22:48 Yes. Did you learn anything about prayer?
22:50 I see I need to pray more, so after this night I will pray more
23:02 and I'll sit on my knees every time I prayer and I know God
23:08 is going to answer. We are blessed to meet you
23:11 and as I said earlier, you not just talk the talk,
23:17 you walk the walk, so we want to live like that.
23:23 What a great interview with Pr. John and Angie with
23:26 Stepan & Ana and something I really liked at the end of that
23:29 was Ana said that we met a pastor and his wife who
23:32 walk the walk, not just talk it, but walk it.
23:35 And we are standing here with Pr. John Lomacang and
23:38 that must be incredible PR John to hear people who see
23:41 that you and Angie are real genuine Christians.
23:43 You know these meeting have been such a blessing to get
23:46 not only the chance to share the Word of God each night
23:49 but we sense in a very real way God's Holy Spirit working
23:52 through the lives of people and it was amazing as Ana
23:55 so she said in my country they say, don't do what the pastor
23:59 does, do what he says.
24:01 And then she said but we have seen the relationship,
24:03 the connection between your wife and you which has been
24:06 an encouragement now to us as a husband and wife and
24:09 that's just been one of the small nuggets of meeting people
24:12 from night to night people that have walked in,
24:14 people that have come back after 30 years, we've seen that.
24:18 And what I've committed myself to and my wife also is every
24:21 day we pray, we have our own devotions still.
24:24 We begin in the morning with our devotions,
24:26 we end by reading the Bible in the day, we don't allow
24:29 even all this intense work and the word intense is an
24:31 understatement. {Laughter} Yeah.
24:33 To push out the Lord from our own lives because feeding people
24:37 the Word of God and not eating yourself...
24:39 If you could be the best cook in a gorgeous restaurant
24:42 but you're dying of hunger so we have our own personal
24:45 commitment to feeding ourselves.
24:48 We've spoken to people who have said the Lord is getting their
24:52 attention particularly.
24:53 I won't mention names but there are some people who
24:56 said...One lady one night said the Lord has been calling her
25:00 out all sermon long and not even knowing any of the details
25:03 of her private life, she disclosed how God had spoken
25:07 to her directly and it was a praise the Lord because
25:09 she says, maybe the Lord is giving me this final chance.
25:13 And we have communicated to the God of mercy as well as the
25:17 God of truth so it's been exciting.
25:18 Amen. So pastor as Director of World of Evangelism for 3ABN,
25:22 give us just a little flavor of the whole series here
25:25 cause we're now... Put a little cap on this
25:27 it's hard to believe we are actually down to the end,
25:28 isn't it tonight will be the last meeting here in this
25:31 Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church
25:32 but other series have been going on or other Pr. C.A,
25:35 Shelley Quinn, Pr. Kenny, Pr. John Dinzey.
25:37 That's right and Elder Marion too.
25:39 From the Apache Junction Church.
25:41 Yes so give us a little flavor of what you thought of this
25:43 whole event here.
25:44 It has been a battle, you know with the health issues
25:47 and the challenge of the colds and the flu, but each of these
25:51 soldiers have endured hardship as a good soldier
25:54 and what evangelism really is is not the ease because we are
25:58 in a battle. We are.
25:59 We're in a battle between light and dark, good and evil
26:01 but I've seen the dedication when we talked to Shelley and
26:05 J.D. and J.D. said but we're down but we are not out,
26:08 we're committed and we are going to go all the way
26:10 and that was encouraging, I said are you sure you can make it.
26:12 He said God gives me the strength when I step into that
26:15 pulpit.
26:16 And I've seen Pr. Kenny and Chris endure through the
26:19 difficulty and Pr. C.A. came through his challenge
26:21 and I said to Pr. John Dinzey, I said is there something about
26:24 having the name John for what- ever reason God has blessed us
26:29 both. The two John's have blessed us with good health
26:31 and we praise God for that, none of us has gotten ill but
26:34 Evangelism is the thing that re-energizes your batteries,
26:39 gives you hope and says that regardless of where we
26:42 come from, we all have one goal and evangelism propels us
26:46 to that goal and that is to live like Christ here
26:49 and look forward to the kingdom to come.
26:51 And I know we thank the conference, the local churches
26:53 for their support as well.
26:55 The conference has been amazing, I sat down with pastor,
26:57 well the conference president who is Elder Keys who's from
27:01 the tristate area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,
27:03 and also Pr. Marin, we sat down and had a wonderful time
27:06 of talking together...
27:07 And they said, they were not sure how this was going to
27:09 work out, but they were so thankful that now they see
27:14 3ABN, and I like the way he says, "we are real people."
27:17 And we are spirit filled people and that was so encouraging.
27:21 Amen! Amen! Well thank you so much Pr. John
27:24 for your leadership here and for the meetings night to night.
27:28 I know you have been following at home and seeing what God
27:31 is doing in these meetings and we just to encourage you,
27:33 this is our final meeting, baptisms will be taking place
27:36 after this.
27:37 And there will be some people who will be followed up with.
27:39 Maybe several weeks later a few more baptisms taking place.
27:42 But what an incredible experience to be here.
27:45 We want to give a special thanks to the Arizona Conference
27:48 Elder Ed Keyes and the leadership.
27:49 A special thanks to the Paradise Valley church and
27:52 Pr. Jim Hakes and his team and each one of the
27:55 participating churches.
27:56 What God has done here is amazing and praise the Lord
27:59 that we had a small part and opportunity to bring that
28:02 to you at home.
28:03 And on behalf of Danny Shelton our founder and CEO of 3ABN
28:07 and the entire staff, we thank you for your prayers and
28:11 support for the ministry of 3ABN.
28:12 Continue to lift up the series because the work continues
28:16 forward.
28:17 Thank you again. God Bless you.
28:18 We will see you next time.


Revised 2018-05-15