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00:01 Hi! I was just looking through my trunk and I found some
00:09 pajamas that are just like some that I had when I was
00:11 a little girl, they wouldn't fit me now would they,
00:14 but they fit me back then.
00:15 Do you know what, I'll tell you a story about one day
00:18 when I was sick, now I wasn't really really sick,
00:22 but I was just sick enough, that my mom made me stay home
00:25 from school, and she made me stay in bed, and I started
00:28 to get so bored, because I had read all of my books
00:30 and I colored all the pictures I felt like coloring,
00:33 and I was just getting so bored and so all of a sudden
00:36 between the corner of my bedroom I spied something on my
00:40 little shelf, and do you know I hopped up off my bed
00:45 and I went over there and I picked up my little scissors,
00:49 now don't go away because in just a minute I'm going to
00:53 tell you what I did with my scissors.
01:54 Well do you know for a little while I sat on my bed and I
01:58 cut some shapes out of paper and stuff but even that
02:02 got boring after awhile, and next thing I knew
02:05 I had put all the paper down and I was just sitting there
02:09 and I was just fiddling with them and before I knew it
02:14 I had cut a big hole in my pajamas.
02:20 It wasn't just a little hole it was a big one,
02:24 and as soon as I did it, I started to feel horrible
02:30 because I knew that you are not supposed to cut holes in
02:33 your pajamas.
02:34 And I was just sitting there just feeling so miserable
02:38 and right as I was feeling so miserable I heard footsteps,
02:42 I was quick, I was trying to shove everything under me,
02:45 it was my mom, she came in and right away she saw me and
02:51 she looked at me and she said Janice what have you been doing?
02:53 Then she looked down and she could see the scissors
02:56 poking out from under my leg and she could see the hole
03:01 in my pajamas, and she said how did that happen?
03:04 And before I knew it, I told a lie, I said mom Brad flew home
03:12 from school and did it, well that wasn't true.
03:14 My brother couldn't fly and I knew it.
03:17 Then I felt even more horrible, worse than cutting the pajamas
03:22 because I knew told a lie and I knew I shouldn't lie,
03:24 and oh I just felt so miserable and she said Janice
03:27 that's not true, please tell me the truth, and I said nope
03:30 it's the truth mom, it wasn't me I don't know anything about it.
03:32 Well I was feeling more and more miserable by the minute
03:37 and she said Janice, she said you need to pray and ask Jesus
03:40 to help you tell the truth because you are not
03:42 feeling healthy when you tell lies, and I said I don't want
03:45 to pray, and she said well I'll pray for you.
03:47 And so she sat on the bed beside me and she started to pray
03:51 and first I was feeling all mean and mad and everything,
03:55 but then I started to feel kind of sad, and I started to
04:00 feel like that I just didn't feel good and I would feel
04:04 so much better if I told the truth, and you know
04:05 I know that was Jesus speaking to my thinking place
04:09 and I just started to feel soft and that I would feel better
04:13 if I told the truth, and so by the time that she said Amen
04:15 I looked and I said mom I'm sorry that I told you a lie,
04:20 I said will you forgive me, and I started to cry and
04:24 of course she forgave me and she said it was ok and then
04:26 she said that she would still have to discipline me
04:29 because I had done a very naughty thing by cutting a hole
04:32 in my pajamas, but she was more concerned about the fact
04:35 that I didn't tell the truth.
04:36 But you know even though she disciplined me I felt so GOOD
04:41 for telling the truth, it's just like a big weight had
04:44 fallen off my shoulders, and you know the Bible
04:48 talks about that in Proverbs 12:19.
04:52 It says that Truthful lips endure forever,
04:56 but a lying tongue lasts only a moment
05:00 and that's so true, because when you tell the truth
05:03 it feels so much better.
05:38 Did you hear that, that's my bell basket,
05:44 let's go see what is in the basket today.
05:47 Let's see!
05:51 It's black whatever it is.
05:54 It's not to heavy and it's not to big either,
06:02 I wonder what it could be, why it looks like just a box
06:09 doesn't it.
06:10 Ohhh! I'll tell you I know what it is, I've seen these in
06:15 museums before, it's a very old camera.
06:19 Maybe your grandparents had one like it, very old,
06:25 here is the hole you look through, let me see,
06:28 and here is the shutter switch, it works I can tell,
06:34 I can see that it let light in, you know cameras look much
06:37 different now days don't they, but even these old cameras
06:41 do good pictures and the way that they work is they have a
06:45 lens and this is the lens out here at the front and then
06:49 when you press on the shutter switch it lets light through
06:52 and when the light comes through into the lens then that's what
06:55 makes the picture happen, and so whatever you point your
06:59 camera at that's what you get a picture of.
07:01 Would you like to see how the light comes through, I don't
07:03 think you could see from that way, I think if I open it up
07:06 I should be able to show it to you and then you should be able
07:11 to get a good idea of how the... Can you see that?
07:14 See how the light comes through.
07:17 When that light comes through that's what makes it so that
07:22 a picture gets taken.
07:23 Pictures are neat aren't they because what ever you point
07:28 your camera at that means that you get a picture of that.
07:31 You know my husband has a modern camera it's much fancier
07:35 and I like sometimes trying to take pictures of it,
07:38 I'm not real good at using those kind of cameras.
07:40 But you know pictures are fun because they show whatever
07:44 is there and they tell an honest description of what is
07:48 there and that's how God wants us to be in our lives,
07:52 is to be picture perfect always telling the truth and that makes
07:57 us happy and makes us to be a beautiful picture.
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09:01 Well hi, I'm glad you found me over here in my jungle forest
09:06 I just love being outdoors in nature don't you?
09:10 There are so many pretty things to see, to say nothing of all
09:14 the things there are to smell, it's so nice, you know God likes
09:18 it when we spend time out in nature, because He has so many
09:21 lesson's for us to learn out here, He has made so many
09:24 wonderful things for us to look at and to experience,
09:27 and He wants us to look care- fully to see what we can learn.
09:30 I would like to tell you a little bit about rabbits
09:32 right now, do you like rabbits?
09:34 I do they are so soft and they are so pretty with their
09:37 big ears and their eyes, do you know there is something
09:40 about rabbits that you might not know, because it's something
09:43 you can't see to well.
09:44 What it is- is rabbits have two very- very sharp front teeth,
09:50 you've seen those, but in behind those two front teeth
09:53 you can see there's two other smaller ones,
09:56 they are kind of like a pair of scissors because they are
09:59 smaller and they are back in there and they are just very
10:02 very sharp, and so when the rabbit gets hungry and wants
10:05 to eat something for lunch he can come over to where
10:09 there is a little bush with branches and stuff,
10:12 and those sharp front teeth just help him snip off
10:16 any kind of a twig or anything just as easy as anything,
10:20 and then just gobble it up.
10:21 You see if he didn't have that extra pair of teeth behind the
10:26 big front teeth, he wouldn't be able to snip off twigs and
10:28 branches so easily, so God has provided
10:31 a way to help the rabbits get their food easier.
10:34 Another thing God has taught rabbits to do is He has given
10:37 the mothers a wonderful way of taking care of their babies.
10:41 They know how to build just the perfect little nest to put their
10:44 babies in, first of all they find a little place
10:47 in the ground where it's a little bit hollow and then
10:51 they put nice soft bits of grasses and dried leaves and
10:56 stuff in the bottom of it, and then you know what else they do
10:58 they pull out fur from their tummy they pull out little bits
11:04 of fur and also put those little bits of fur down into the nest
11:08 and that makes the nest just cozy warm and it makes it
11:12 soft for the babies too, and then they lay the babies
11:16 in their nest.
11:17 Now you might think well why doesn't the mommy stay
11:19 with the babies, well the mother has a good reason,
11:22 because she knows that enemy animals can smell her body
11:26 and she knows that if she stays in the nest with the babies
11:29 they would smell her body and then those enemy animals
11:32 would come and eat the babies up and that wouldn't be good
11:36 would it, so she stays off to the side but she is always
11:39 watching, and then when it's time to come feed her babies
11:42 or something, she zig zags over this way, hops this way and then
11:46 she hops back over this way and right down through the
11:49 branch and then she hops over here and then she hops back over
11:53 this way and she hops down this way a bit, and then she looks
11:57 around and then quick jumps into the nest, and do you know
12:01 she takes good care of her babies and then when she is
12:05 all done caring for them, she gets grasses and leaves
12:09 and covers them up and then says bye bye to her babies.
12:13 Then she hops out and then goes this way and then
12:18 over this way and then over this way and then just hides
12:22 is a little cozy place where she can keep a good track
12:25 of her babies.
12:26 Isn't that neat how God taught the rabbits and given the
12:29 rabbits it's just the right things that they need in order
12:32 to live and survive.
12:33 You know what there's a rabbit in my kitchen
12:37 that I think you would like to meet.
12:38 Meet me over in my kitchen and I will introduce you to him
12:41 ok, see you there.
12:43 I told you we would find a rabbit in my kitchen,
12:48 I call him honest Harvey, and he is so handsome isn't he
12:53 would you like me to teach you how to make your own?
12:55 I will! First thing that you want to start with are good
13:00 healthy ingredients, now I have two slices of bread here
13:04 now which one do you think is the healthy one,
13:06 the whole wheat one, or the white one?
13:09 You're right! The whole wheat one is better for you because
13:12 it's full of vitamins and minerals and fiber, things that
13:15 your body machine needs, and you need a pair of scissors
13:18 and you cut your bread into a circle,
13:21 so the first thing you need to make honest Harvey
13:24 is two slices of nice whole wheat bread,
13:27 and then you cut a smaller circle,
13:31 and you cut a larger circle, and when you have the smaller
13:34 circle cut you cut it in half and those are his ears.
13:38 And then to make his face use the larger circle
13:42 and I will turn it this way so you can see it real well
13:45 and you take peanut butter and you spread peanut butter
13:49 on his face, now peanut butter is full of protein and your
13:52 spreading the peanut butter on his face so that the other parts
13:55 of his face, like his eyes and his nose and the hair on his
14:00 face will stick nice to his face.
14:02 So this honest Harvey is going to be made of good ingredients
14:07 that are good for you to make your body machine run smoothly,
14:10 so after you've put the peanut butter on, then you tuck
14:14 the ears underneath the top of his head like so,
14:17 isn't he starting to look handsome, and then you take
14:23 banana, and you move two slices of banana carefully
14:28 cut your banana, and these are his nice fat cheeks,
14:33 then you take coconut and you sprinkle the coconut anywhere
14:37 where you want honest Harvey to have hair.
14:40 On his ears, and up around up above his cheeks
14:43 and all underneath and just anywhere you want him to
14:47 have hair and if you get a bit on the plate that's ok
14:50 because the coconut will be fun to eat later on.
14:53 Then for his eyes you use two nice fat juicy raisins
14:58 and just put a little tiny bit of peanut butter on them
15:01 and then pop them on to his face, oh! he's starting to look
15:07 handsome isn't he, now raisins have lots of iron in them and
15:10 iron is good for your body.
15:12 Remember we talked about rabbits having two sets of teeth
15:16 didn't we, we talked about the little set that's underneath
15:18 his big front teeth, so for his little tiny set we are
15:22 going to use carrot, and so you slice your carrot
15:26 and you just want to make a little tiny tiny slice
15:30 and so you just don't need to cut a very big piece at all
15:31 and you just take that little piece that you've cut
15:37 and then you put that right there, and these are those
15:42 little sharp teeth that God has given the rabbit behind his
15:45 big front teeth, so that he can chew off all the twigs
15:49 and branches so easily.
15:51 Then we will use almonds for his big top front teeth that
15:54 you see so well, and so the carrots are his teeth that are
15:59 in behind and they are hidden just like his teeth are hidden
16:01 but you'll know they are there won't you.
16:03 Let's see is he starting to look like honest Harvey?
16:06 What do you think he needs, you are right, he needs whiskers,
16:09 let's use good celery for whiskers, celery is like a
16:12 toothbrush it's so good for you, if you end your meal
16:16 by eating celery you'll be just like brushing your teeth.
16:18 He's starting to look real handsome isn't he
16:23 now you know honest Harvey is going to be fun for you to eat
16:27 because he had good healthy ingredients in him, he's made of
16:33 whole wheat bread that's good for you, and he's got bananas
16:37 on him and bananas are full of potassium and that's
16:39 good for you and he's got nice almonds for his teeth
16:43 they have protein and the peanut butter has protein
16:45 and raisins for his eyes, do you remember what raisins have
16:48 in them? You're right iron!
16:51 Good! Iron is good because it helps your blood cells work
16:55 well, so honest Harvey is going to be a treat that tastes good
17:00 and that looks good, do you know what else is fun about
17:03 honest Harvey, when you make him for someone and when you
17:06 serve him, you be sure and tell them about his teeth,
17:10 in fact you could even lift off the top tooth and show
17:13 the person the little sharp teeth underneath.
17:16 And you tell them how God has given those two set of teeth
17:20 to rabbits special so that they can bite off twigs and branches
17:24 so you remember that and have fun eating honest Harvey.
17:27 Oops! Ah that is better!
17:36 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a good
17:39 friend of Jesus is by spending personal time with Him
17:42 every day? Well adults do that by praying
17:45 and by reading their Bibles, but if you can't read it is kind of
17:49 hard isn't it?
17:50 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes, well here's a fun way
17:54 to have your very own devotions every morning when you get up
17:57 Janice has made these Morning Time Devotions for her kids
18:01 and for you complete with:
18:05 For more information have your parents write to:
18:35 This story was one of my favorite stories when I was
18:42 a little girl, I think you will like it too,
18:45 are you ready to listen?
18:46 Henry lived in a big farm with his family, there were always
18:52 lots of chores to do, but his favorite job was taking the corn
18:56 to the gristmill to get ground into flour.
18:59 On this particular morning he loaded the sack of corn
19:02 and the lunch on to his horse very early, even before the
19:06 sun was up and then he was on his way. When he arrived at the
19:11 mill, he saw that there were lots of farmers ahead of him
19:14 and soon he found that the line up was so long that
19:18 he would have to sleep overnight in Mr. Sanders
19:21 big barn. He was glad his mom had sent an extra big basket of
19:25 food. That night in the big barn he met a new boy just about
19:30 his age named Charlie Allen, he was friendly and Henry
19:33 enjoyed visiting him. When bed time came Henry was busy rolling
19:37 out his blanket and getting settled, when suddenly he heard
19:41 a rude fellow exclaim in a loud voice hey Dave we got a preacher
19:46 here, Henry looked and there was Charlie kneeling by the
19:52 oat bin praying. Henry saw that even though the farmers laughed,
19:57 many of them must have been touched by Charlie's courage
20:03 to say his prayers, because many of them had tears in their eyes.
20:08 Henry prayed at home, but he had always been to shy to pray
20:13 in public as he laid awake that night in the old barn thinking
20:17 of Charlie Allen's courage and what an effect it had on himself
20:21 and also on the other men. He resolved that he would always
20:25 try to do right, and right then he prayed a little prayer
20:29 that God would help him, little did he know that soon he would
20:34 be tested. The next morning dawned bright and clear and
20:39 finally after lunch Henry's corn was ground into flour and
20:42 he was ready to start riding home, when he arrived at the
20:46 turnoff at Squire Albright's Gate, he saw that the Squire
20:51 Albright was waiting for him, and right away he knew that
20:56 something was wrong. This man was the richest man in the
21:00 neighborhood and Henry had always been in a great awe of
21:04 him, his heart began to beat very fast and as soon as Henry
21:08 got close to enough the Squire said did you go through this
21:11 gate yesterday?
21:13 Henry could easily have denied it, as it was before daylight
21:18 when he went through, and he quite often went the other way,
21:21 but the picture of Charlie Allen kneeling in the barn
21:25 came to his mind like a flash and before he had time to listen
21:29 to the tempter he replied, yes sir I did.
21:36 Are you sure that you shut and locked the gate he asked?
21:40 Henry remembered distinctly that he had carelessly ridden
21:44 away leaving the gate open, and he started to stutter
21:48 ah, ah, I, then he remembered his resolve to always do right.
21:56 I left it open he said abruptly, well you let in the cattle
22:02 and they have destroyed all of my early potatoes,
22:04 a terrible piece of business. I'm very sorry I, talking won't
22:09 help matters now, but remember boy, remember that sorrow
22:12 doesn't make potatoes, Henry felt very bad and he really
22:18 was sorry that the old gentleman lost his potatoes.
22:21 He expected to be severely reproved at home,
22:24 but when he arrived home no one said anything, and after
22:29 several days passed he began to think that his parents didn't
22:33 even know about his mistake and he relaxed.
22:36 But alas for his hopes because one rainy afternoon
22:41 Henry saw Squire Albright coming down his lane,
22:46 he raced off to the barn ashamed to face him, and he was afraid
22:50 to meet his father too.
22:51 Then he saw his father and Squire Albright sitting
22:55 on the porch and talking for a long time, at last Henry
23:01 became so curious that he snuck into the house through the
23:05 back door and crept quietly up the stairs to a bedroom
23:10 to see if he could hear what they were saying.
23:12 He leaned his head out the window just as far as possible
23:18 without being seen. and then he heard his father say
23:23 well I think we could spare Henry but Henry doesn't even
23:29 know anything about your business, at that the Squire
23:33 replied, there's one thing he does know, he knows how to
23:38 tell the truth, and what I need is a boy that I can trust
23:43 no matter what, and then the Squire told the story about
23:48 Henry leaving the gate open the potato crop getting spoiled
23:52 and Henry telling the truth about his mistake,
23:56 and he ended up by saying that he wanted an honest boy
24:01 to work in his store. After the Squire had gone Henry's father
24:07 had called him and told him that the Squire was going to start a
24:10 store in the village and that he would like Henry to work
24:14 for him, of course Henry was very excited about that.
24:18 You know later on people always said that Henry got his
24:22 start in life when he entered the Albright Store,
24:25 but Henry always told people that it was when he decided
24:30 to always do what was right, and even when Henry was a
24:35 very old man he never ever tired telling boys and girls
24:40 how important it is to be honest and to always do
24:45 what is right.
24:46 You know I think it is almost time for me to go now,
24:51 I'm glad you were with me today, and I'm really glad we could
24:56 learn all the things we learned about telling the truth
24:59 let's practice them ok, and I'll see you again ok,
25:02 Bye Bye!


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