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00:01 Hello! How are you today?
00:08 I'm doing fine, I'm working on a puzzle, do you like puzzles?
00:12 I do too, on this puzzle I saved the pink flowers until last
00:16 because I thought they would be the easiest.
00:19 You know all of the pieces of the puzzle have different shapes
00:22 and so you have to really pay attention to figure out
00:25 where they go. Let's see I think this one goes...
00:27 must go right here, then this one will go... must go
00:32 right here, so I just have one more piece.
00:34 I'm missing a piece, right there.
00:39 Do you see it anywhere?
00:43 I wonder what happened to it, huh! maybe in a minute you can
00:51 help me look some more, and I'll keep looking too ok.
01:46 I don't know where it is! It's right under the table
01:51 I didn't look on that side, and it will fit right there.
01:56 Now my puzzle is done doesn't that look nice.
02:00 You know every piece in this puzzle was important,
02:03 even a piece over there in the middle is important,
02:05 there all different shapes but they are all important.
02:08 That reminds me of you and me, we're each different
02:11 but we are each important, we have different talents
02:15 we look different, we talk different. But we are each
02:18 important, and there is a verse in the Bible that tells us about
02:21 how important we are to God and is says, and it says
02:24 are not two sparrows sold for one little penny, and yet
02:30 not one of them can fall to the ground without God seeing it,
02:37 because you are worth more than many sparrows.
02:41 God really loves us and you're very important to Him.
03:40 That's my bell basket, let's go see what it is,
03:46 Ohhh! Hello! It's Dr. Neblet he wants us to meet him in the
03:52 kitchen right away so come quick let's go!
03:58 Hi Dr. Neblet! - Hello Janice!
03:59 I would like you to meet my friends.
04:01 - Hi! How are you? - And do you know Dr. Neblet has
04:03 some very interesting things to tell us about today and
04:07 to show us, can you do that now? - I most certainly would like to
04:10 but I need a helper, Shanti come on up here.
04:13 I want to show you some special things that God has made
04:17 and Shanti is going to help us by reaching into this bag
04:20 and she is going to feel one of them and describe it to us.
04:23 - So it will be kind of like a game won't it?
04:25 - It certainly would, don't look inside though Shanti,
04:27 just reach inside and tell us what you are feeling.
04:30 - I wonder what she is feeling? - It feels round.
04:36 - What do you think it is? - An orange.
04:41 - Pull it out, let's take a look, she's right!
04:44 That's right, oranges are one of the special fruits that God
04:47 made for us, it really helps to make us nice and strong.
04:51 It has something inside of it that we call vitamins.
04:54 - Vitamins! - Vitamins are some of those
04:56 special things that are in foods that helps us to grow
04:58 to be nice and strong. Vitamin C is what we have inside of
05:03 oranges, they help our skin to be nice and strong.
05:06 - Vitamin C helps our skin. - It certainly does.
05:09 - Well that's interesting! - Let's try another one!
05:11 Shanti! I wonder what she is seeing
05:16 and feeling. - It feels long.
05:20 - What do you think it is? - A carrot!
05:24 - Let's take a look. - Oh! She was right!
05:28 - It's a carrot, this is one of the yellow, or some say an
05:31 orange vegetable. - Looks orange to me.
05:33 - Yes it does, carrots are another great food that God
05:37 and vegetable that God made, in here we have something called
05:40 vitamin A, it helps us with our eyes, it helps us to see
05:43 real well at night for example.
05:45 - So if you want to see well eat carrots.
05:47 - That's right! Carrots are really good for us.
05:51 Let's try another one.- - I like carrots!
05:52 - It feels long. - Is it straight or curvy?
06:04 - Curvy! - What do you think it is?
06:09 - A banana! - Let's take a look at it
06:12 - It's a banana. - She was right!
06:15 - It's one of those yummy fruits that we really like,
06:18 this one right here, this banana has another mineral
06:22 we call this one potassium. - Potassium!
06:25 - Potassium! - Let's say that together!
06:27 - Potassium! - This one is really important
06:31 to help our muscles grow properly, really important
06:35 potassium, also it tastes real good.
06:38 Oh! I like bananas. - Let's try one more.
06:41 I think this one is, well I won't say.
06:45 What does it feel like? - It feels round.
06:53 - Round! - What do you think it is?
06:55 - A potato! - Let's take a look.
07:00 - Oh! She's right again! - She's right!
07:02 - This potato is one of God's starchy foods, has lots of
07:06 protein in it, and protein helps our muscles to be
07:09 nice and strong. - Ohhh!
07:10 - Real important, you know something Janice, bring those
07:14 fruits right back over here. - Let's look at them together.
07:16 - You'll notice something about these, they are all different
07:18 colors. - They are!
07:20 And different shapes too. - They certainly are, you know
07:23 kids, there's a real good way to know if you are getting a
07:25 good variety of fruits and vegetables.
07:27 - How's that? - Pick them with different
07:30 colors, pick your fruit with different colors,
07:32 bananas are real good but you wouldn't want to eat only
07:35 bananas, you'd want to eat some strawberries, they are red,
07:39 you would want to eat some tomatoes, you would want to eat
07:42 some green things like celery and like lettuce, a rich variety
07:47 of fruits and vegetables to really help us to grow
07:49 real big and strong, and that's the way God wants us to be.
07:53 - So to eat lot's of different colors and shapes,
07:56 that's what you are telling us. - That's exactly right.
07:58 - That's an easy way to remember isn't it Shanti?
08:01 - Yeah! - I think so!
08:03 Well, to you have anything else to show us?
08:06 - I think that's about how much time we got, so I would love
08:09 to come back again and show you some more though.
08:11 - Well I'd really like that and you know we need to go now
08:14 because I'd like you to meet me outside I have something
08:16 real interesting to show you and thank you Dr. Neblin.
08:20 - Thank you! - And come again ok!
08:22 - I certainly will.
08:23 - You come with me.
08:30 There you are I was wondering
08:32 when you would find me, what do you think of this tree?
08:35 Do you like it? I sure do, I'm having a nice
08:38 time sitting on the branches.
08:39 Do you climbing like trees? I do too, and tree forts are
08:43 fun too aren't they, and another thing that's nice about
08:46 big trees like this is on a hot day you can sit under it
08:50 and feel cool in the shade, and that sure is nice.
08:53 Do you know what this big tree came from?
08:55 Are you ready to see? Have you guessed?
08:59 It came from this little tiny acorn, isn't that hard to
09:03 believe, but that's how God made it.
09:06 But you know even though this tree is so big and it looks like
09:11 it stands all by itself, it needs helpers, and if you meet
09:15 me in my jungle forest, I'll introduce you to some of them,
09:18 see you there.
09:23 Are you ready to meet one of God's tree planters?
09:26 He's right here,
09:28 he's not very big is he, just a little tiny squirrel.
09:32 In the fall the squirrel knows that if he doesn't start
09:36 gathering food and storing it away, he'll go hungry in
09:39 the winter time, and so he scurries around all over the
09:42 place and he finds nuts or seeds or berries and then he
09:47 carries them and he finds nice little places to bury them
09:50 and gets them covered over with dirt and stuff, and he scurries
09:54 around and he gathers more, and sometimes he just puts them
09:57 in little holes in the log. He just finds lots of places
10:01 to bury his nuts and seeds.
10:02 And then that way when winter time comes he has food to eat,
10:06 isn't that neat how God teaches the squirrel how to take care
10:09 of himself? That's what He does
10:11 but do you know what the problem is, sometimes
10:13 Mr. Squirrel forgets where he buries his nuts and seeds
10:17 and other times he's eaten so many that his tummy get so full
10:20 that he can't even eat all the ones that he buried and
10:23 saved, and guess what happens, then those ones very often
10:28 end up sprouting and growing.
10:30 The sunshine and the rain help them grow and they become trees
10:35 but do you know that the tree just doesn't take from the
10:38 things around it like the sunshine and the rain,
10:41 the tree also shares, I bet you are wondering how a tree
10:44 shares, aren't you?
10:45 How about if I show you some ways that a tree can share.
10:48 The tree shares so that birds can live inside of it,
10:52 you've seen lots of birds building their nests
10:54 in the trees, and don't you just love listening to the birds
10:58 sitting in the trees happily singing their songs?
11:00 I do, and there is even bigger kinds of birds that live in
11:04 trees, like owls, and in the evening you can hear the owl
11:08 going Who! Who! That sounds neat doesn't it.
11:13 What bout another kind of animal that very often lives
11:17 around the tree, can you think of what it might be
11:20 I've seen bears climbing trees before and lots of times
11:25 bears like to curl up and make their home in a hollow log
11:28 underneath a tree. Isn't it neat how God makes
11:32 all of the animals and the birds and the trees and
11:35 everything all work together so that they all make nature
11:39 work out well.
11:41 You know I think that's neat all the things in nature are
11:45 important and God made it that way, He needs all the
11:49 parts to work together, and just think, in many ways it all
11:55 started with Mr. Squirrel burying his little seed
11:59 in the fall and then that started to grow into a tree.
12:33 We'll be right back ok!
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13:50 Excuse me! Hi my name is Janice and my television friends and I
13:56 have just been talking about people, and how people are
14:00 important and how everybody is important.
14:01 - That's right! - You think so?
14:03 - Right! - What about your group,
14:06 who's instrument is most important, who plays the best
14:10 part in your group? - Everybody's important
14:13 there's not just one person. - Really!
14:16 So would it matter if someone was missing, would you sound
14:20 as nice? - We could show you,
14:21 when we have the bass trombone play the bass part,
14:25 " BASS trombone!" - Bass, real low, so bass means
14:28 real low right? - Right!
14:30 - Ok! A bass trombone, let's hear your part.
14:44 It sounded real nice but, did you know what song
14:48 he was playing? I didn't, and I don't think my
14:52 friends do either. - That's a very famous song
14:55 we can play another part maybe and give you another clue.
14:57 - Ok!
15:12 - It's real nice too and it's higher, I could tell it was
15:16 higher but I still can't tell what song these guys were
15:19 playing. - Let me play the tenor parts
15:20 see if that helps. - Ok
15:34 I still don't know what song you are playing.
15:38 - What if we played all together, how would that be?
15:41 - Ok! - Without that first part
15:43 then we'll add the other part see if that will make a
15:46 difference. - Ok! It will be neat to hear
15:48 you all together! Ok, you listen too.
16:04 - You play real nice together but!
16:07 - Thank you! - You're welcome, but,
16:10 I still don't know what song you are playing,
16:12 do you know what song they are playing?
16:13 - Well we could put the first part or the soprano part
16:18 in and that's played by the trumpet and maybe that will
16:24 complete the whole idea of what we are trying to do.
16:26 - Ok! We'll listen. - Let's try that!
16:42 You're playing Jesus Loves Me right?
16:45 - Right! - I know that song!
16:47 My you sound really nice together,
16:50 I think you all are important, are there any important things
16:56 when you play together that help keep you together,
16:59 so you sound nice?
17:00 - Well we listen to each other, that's probably the most
17:03 important thing. - What would it sound like
17:05 if you didn't listen to each other?
17:07 - Well we could show you, why don't you play faster and slower
17:10 and we'll just try. - We'll listen!
17:23 - Oh I didn't like that at all, it sounded much better
17:26 when you stayed together, don't you think so?
17:30 So listening is important, and you are all important
17:34 to make the good sound, well I really appreciated you guys
17:38 letting me watch you practice tonight, and my friends and I
17:41 have more things to do now so we're going to say goodbye
17:44 and you can keep on with your practicing.
17:46 - Let's go all the way. - And keep working together
17:48 that's great.
17:55 Did you like seeing those men playing their instruments?
17:58 I sure did, they were each important weren't they.
18:01 Let's look at some other ways that people are different
18:04 but they all are important, are you ready?
18:06 Let's look, you know some people play the piano, that's a good
18:12 talent isn't it, and other people play a trumpet
18:14 they are both important, some people have dark hair,
18:17 that looks pretty, but light hair looks pretty too.
18:20 Now sewing is a nice thing to do but it would be pretty boring
18:24 if people only knew how to sew. We need carpenters to build
18:27 houses too don't we, and gardening is a very important
18:31 thing to do, but if everybody gardened then who would do the
18:35 secretary work in the offices?
18:36 And we need doctors, that's for sure. But we also need people
18:41 to keep our houses clean, so we're all important.
19:20 Oops! That's better.
19:25 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a
19:29 good friend of Jesus is by spending personal time with Him
19:32 every day, well adults do that by praying and by reading their
19:36 Bibles but if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
19:40 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes, well here is a fun way
19:44 to have your very own devotions every morning when you get up
19:47 Janice has made these Morning Time Devotions for her kids
19:51 and for you complete with:
19:54 for more information have your parents write to:
20:31 We got such a busy day I'm almost tired, but we've learned
20:34 so many good things, I just love evening time when I can come
20:38 up to the story corner and read stories, would you like to
20:42 hear a story, I'm ready for one.
20:44 The bell had just rung when Bernice timidly entered the
20:50 classroom. Oh my my whispered Myrtle to her friend
20:54 look at the new girl, she is so plain looking,
20:59 Elizabeth nodded her head and two or three others exchanged
21:03 knowing glances. Meanwhile Bernice sat very still,
21:07 her great black eyes fixed on the teachers face, her family
21:11 just moved to this town and she felt so shy and alone.
21:16 When class was dismissed the pupils filed out of the
21:19 classroom with only a rude stare or unfriendly glance
21:24 at Bernice, it's because I'm so homely she thought.
21:28 Bernice worked diligently at her studies and tried to be
21:32 kind to the other children, but it seemed that somehow
21:35 they all ignored her. Ever since she could remember she had
21:39 been called homely, ugly, plain, and other unkind things.
21:45 Whenever she talked to her mother about it, her mom would
21:48 remind her that God looked at her heart and not at her face
21:52 and that beauty is only skin deep, and that true beauty is
21:56 shown by being loving and kind to others, so Bernice tried to
22:01 watch for chances to be kind to other kids, and amazingly
22:05 enough every day there seemed to be something that she could
22:08 do to help someone.
22:10 Sometimes it was something little like picking up a dropped
22:13 eraser and returning it to the owner, other times it was
22:17 something bigger like sharing her lunch with someone who
22:20 forgot theirs. But still she was lonely, no one seemed
22:24 to even notice her thoughtfulness much less
22:27 say thank you, and she was seldom invited to join
22:30 in the games with the other children.
22:32 One day Elizabeth Weston was planning a party,
22:36 are you inviting Bernice asked Myrtle, well actually
22:41 said Elizabeth I have been thinking about it.
22:44 Ms. Somers said that she has the best lessons of anyone
22:47 in our class, and then remember how she was so nice to
22:51 Jim Flanders that day that he sprained his arm.
22:54 I think I might just invite Bernice to my party.
22:58 Bernice was pleasantly surprised to be invited to Elizabeth's
23:02 party but when she told her mother about it, she said
23:05 doubtfully I don't think I want to go mom, but Bernice
23:10 why not said her mother. It won't do you any good to
23:13 stay away and if you go it will help you to make friends with
23:17 the other kids and so it happened that Bernice
23:20 joined in the fun of Elizabeth's party enjoying herself
23:23 immensely.
23:25 When everyone was quietly listening to a girl singing
23:27 a beautiful solo. Bernice was startled to hear Elizabeth's
23:31 beautiful cousin Helen sigh and say, I wish I could sing,
23:37 oh I always wanted to sing. Bernice turned to her and said
23:42 well can't you sing? Helen smiled and said nope I can't
23:48 sing at all, once when I tried singing with my niece,
23:51 she said Aunt Helen I can't sing when you are making
23:54 such a noise and I haven't tried much since.
23:57 Well said Bernice with a chuckle, I'm sure you're good
24:01 at something, everyone doesn't have to sing. We need variety.
24:05 Well I guess you are right replied Helen,
24:07 I like wood carving. I just love using hammers and nails
24:12 and saws. My mom says I ought to be a carpenter.
24:14 You sure don't look like one said Bernice, but that's a great
24:18 talent. Both girls had a good laugh and then they went on
24:21 talking of other things.
24:23 Later that evening after all the guests had gone home,
24:27 Elizabeth sat up talking with her cousin Helen.
24:30 Well, how did you like Bernice she asked?
24:33 Like her replied Helen, I've never liked anyone better.
24:38 She is so interesting to talk to,
24:41 she seems so kind too. I thought you said that
24:44 the kids at your school find her to be boring, um! well! err!
24:49 stammered Elizabeth, I guess we don't really know her that
24:52 well. Long after Helen had gone to sleep Elizabeth lay thinking,
24:58 one by one she began to remember the many times
25:03 that she had seen Bernice quietly do a kind deed for
25:07 someone, soon she had used up all ten of her fingers,
25:12 and the list went on and on. She was amazed at all the
25:16 little things she had seen Bernice do. Strange enough
25:19 she had never thought about them before.
25:21 She had just taken for granted that Bernice was always kind to
25:25 people. Then she began to imagine how lonely Bernice
25:30 must be and how awful it must feel, to always do kind things
25:35 for people, and never get thanked.
25:37 Finally she fell asleep, but not before she resolved
25:43 never again to let the way someone looks on the outside
25:48 stop her from getting to know them on the inside, and let me
25:53 whisper just a little secret to you boys and girls.
25:56 You'll find that you are happiest if you always try to
26:01 look for the good things in other people.
26:03 Remember everybody looks different, dresses different
26:07 and everybody has different talents and skills,
26:10 but everybody's important, and you will be happiest and
26:16 you will make everyone around you happiest if you will
26:19 practice looking for the good in other people.
26:22 So don't forget, God made you special!
26:27 I really do need to go now, but I want to see you again ok.
26:32 Bye! Bye!


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