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00:01 There you are, do you like my lion?
00:04 Here I am, did you know that kitty cats and lions
00:08 are related?
00:09 It's hard to believe, isn't it, because kitties are so soft
00:14 and they purr so nice, and lions are so fierce looking.
00:18 I wouldn't want to have a lion sitting on my lap would you?
00:22 Lions are actually very beautiful aren't they?
00:25 With their big bushy manes maybe that's why they are
00:30 called king of the beasts, because their manes make them
00:33 look very kingly don't they. You know what in just a minute
00:37 I'm going to tell you a story about a man who had to tangle
00:41 with a very very powerful human king and also with a whole
00:46 den full of the kings of the beast.
01:49 You know the Bible is just filled with such interesting
01:52 exciting stories, and the story I want to tell you about now
01:56 is found in the chapter of Daniel, and it's about a man
01:59 named Daniel. You know Daniel had been taken as a prisoner
02:03 to a land called Babylon, and the king there wanted to treat
02:07 Daniel very well and so when it came time to eat, he served
02:11 the most fancy richest food that he had, and the food
02:16 looked very wonderful, but as Daniel looked at it, he knew
02:20 that it wasn't the best food for his body, and he knew that
02:24 God had said in order to be healthy and strong,
02:27 he shouldn't eat that way. And so he went to the other
02:31 prisoners, his other friends and he said, you know fellows
02:35 we shouldn't eat this food because it isn't food that
02:38 will make us strong and healthy and God says not to eat that way
02:41 and many of them just said ahh!
02:44 we don't want to tell the king we won't eat it, why if we
02:47 do that he would get angry at us, it doesn't matter, we'll
02:50 just eat a little bit of it. But finally three of the fellows
02:54 said to Daniel, we'll be brave and we'll go with you to talk.
02:58 So they went to the overseer who is in charge of them
03:01 and they said you know sir we really appreciate the king
03:06 giving us this wonderful food but we've learned that God says
03:10 that it isn't the best for us to eat this way because it won't
03:13 make us strong and healthy and we were wondering
03:17 if you could just serve us some simple food,
03:19 like whole grains and vegetables and fruits and water to drink
03:24 instead of the wine?
03:25 Well the man said, I can't do that, why the king might even
03:32 chop my head off if you start looking sick and unhealthy
03:36 no I can't do that, but Daniel's friends said please sir just
03:40 try us for ten days, so finally the overseer said ok
03:46 I'll try you for ten days but this better not
03:50 make a fool out of me, and so during those ten days
03:53 Daniel and his friends did their part too, they ate the
03:57 good food, they went out exercising, they got lots of
04:00 rest and they also prayed that God would especially bless
04:04 this little test. The Bible says in Daniel 1:15
04:09 It says that at the end of the ten days they looked healthier
04:13 and better nourished than any of the young men who ate
04:17 the royal food.
05:21 But you know the years went by and Daniel every day he kept
05:27 making good choices and he kept learning to do his work well
05:32 finally a new king came into power and he had heard
05:36 such good reports about Daniel, and as he watched Daniel work
05:41 he made Daniel to be put into a very important position.
05:48 In fact he was made a ruler over many of the other princes in the
05:53 kingdom. Well you can imagine that that made them jealous
05:57 and they didn't want Daniel to be in charge of them,
06:01 they had been princes before and now someone else was
06:04 in charge of them and so they started thinking what can we do
06:07 to get this guy out of power. But when they would watch him
06:12 he was always on time for work, he was always honest,
06:15 he always did his job clear through, right to the beginning
06:18 and he never shirked his responsibility, they couldn't
06:21 find anything wrong with him but finally they thought
06:25 of a way, they were going to trick the king and so they went
06:28 to the king and they flattered him, they said you know king
06:31 you are so important and so good you should make a rule
06:36 that everybody has to pray for you for 30 days and that if they
06:40 don't they will get thrown into the lion's den.
06:43 That made the king feel good so he got out his big fancy ring
06:47 and he put his stamp down on the rule and then the messengers
06:51 went out and started reading the rule in all the market
06:54 places and all the city corners of the streets,
06:57 and Daniel heard the rule. Right away and he knew
07:02 that that rule was meant to trick him,
07:05 he had a choice to make.
07:07 Do you think He wanted to be thrown into the lion's den?
07:09 I wouldn't, he didn't either. He thought about all the times
07:15 in the past that God had helped him, about the time when he had
07:19 made the good choice about the food and God had been with them
07:21 and then protected him, and he decided to do what God wanted
07:26 him to do. So the Bible says in Daniel it says that
07:31 three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed
07:35 giving thanks to his God, just as he has always done before.
07:40 It says that he did that in his upstairs room where the
07:44 window was open wide. So those guys saw it, and they
07:48 went running to the palace as fast as they could and they said
07:51 Oh king, someone has broken your rule,
07:53 and the king said "WHO?" And he said it was Daniel king,
07:57 and he just slumped into his chair, he liked Daniel,
08:03 he didn't want Daniel to have to be thrown into the
08:06 lion's den, in fact the Bible says when the king heard this
08:10 he was greatly distressed and he determined to rescue Daniel
08:15 and he made every effort until sundown to save him,
08:18 but do you know what, he couldn't think of any way
08:22 because he made the rule, he couldn't change the rule.
08:25 So Daniel got thrown into that den of roaring lions,
08:30 not just one lion, it was a whole big den of them.
08:34 The king didn't sleep that night he was so worried about
08:37 his friend Daniel, and the Bible says that as the first
08:42 light of dawn came the king got up and hurried to the
08:45 lion's den, and when he came near the den he called to Daniel
08:49 in a worried voice, and he said Daniel, servant of the
08:52 living God, has your God who you always serve been able to
08:56 rescue you from the lions?
08:58 and Daniel answered, Oh king live forever, my God sent His
09:07 angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions and they haven't
09:13 hurt me.
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10:44 Hi Dr. Neblet! - Hello Janice!
10:47 - We're glad you are here. - I'm happy to be here.
10:49 - And he has some interesting things to show us, and are you
10:52 ready to start? - I certainly am!
10:54 Kimberly I need a helper, come on in, and she is going to
10:58 show up how to choose between some good foods.
11:00 You know if we're going to be strong like Daniel we need to
11:02 know how to choose some good foods.
11:04 - That's sure true. - I'm going to start off with
11:06 something to drink, Kimberly why don't you choose one of
11:10 these, what would be a favorite of yours?
11:11 This one, this is a juice, juice is very important because
11:16 it has lots of mineral and vitamins that help us to be
11:19 nice and strong, this one here is a soda as in water,
11:23 we do need water but it also has a lot of sugar in it
11:27 that's not very good at all.
11:28 Let's try another one for you Kimberly, let's see, we all need
11:32 some cereal to eat, what would be your favorite cereal?
11:37 This one right here, this is a good cereal, cereal is really
11:41 important for us to eat for breakfast isn't it?
11:44 It certainly is but this cereal here has a lot of sugar in it,
11:48 that's the second time we talked about sugar,
11:50 and you know when we eat a lot of sugar we get holes in our
11:54 teeth don't we, get cavities, those hurt, but something else
11:58 happens too, sugar when we eat a lot of it, it doesn't help us
12:03 to fight infections, it affects our immune system.
12:07 - Our immune system, can we say that after you?
12:10 - Absolutely! Our immune system! - Immune system!
12:14 - Um hum! We know that when we eat a lot of sugar our
12:18 immune system doesn't work very well and we can't fight
12:21 infections very well, we get sick a lot, that's not good.
12:24 - That's not good, we want to have a healthy immune system.
12:27 - That's right! Let's pick something else over here
12:30 let's see, let's bring this one closer to Kimberly.
12:34 Kimberly would you pick one of your favorite foods in here?
12:37 Ah Yeah! I know lot's of kids like these, this is yummy
12:43 chocolate, yummy chocolate has lot's of sugar inside of it
12:47 and there is something else that it also has, it has a lot
12:50 of fat in it too, but you know when we eat some of the fruits
12:54 that God gave us, it doesn't have any fat in it at all
12:57 and it has lots of God's sugar inside of it, and that's really
13:02 good for us. - God's sugar is good sugar.
13:04 - You bet it is, and when we eat this other stuff it has a lot of
13:09 sugar and that's not to good for us.
13:11 - Not good for us no! - Now let's see what else
13:14 we can find, let's bring these in closer, here we go!
13:19 What do you think Kimberly? What's a favorite of yours here?
13:24 Oh! She likes this one here, these are both made out of
13:28 potatoes aren't they? They certainly are,
13:30 But this one here, you can bake it or you can cut it open
13:36 and do all sorts of neat things with it, I have to tell you
13:39 potatoes are really good food that God made,
13:41 but when you eat them like this they have a lot of fat
13:45 in them and that's not very good at all,
13:48 and also quite a bit of salt to. - Do you know what I am noticing
13:51 Dr. Neblet, seems like lots of times you choose foods
13:55 that look natural to me, like just the way God made them
13:59 in the first place. - That's right! When we eat
14:01 foods that are like this, the way that God made them,
14:04 we can hardly go wrong,
14:05 but when you sort of eat them like this,
14:09 that doesn't do as much good for us.
14:12 Well let's try one more over here, what do you think Kimberly
14:19 what's a favorite of yours, I've got two kinds of bread here
14:21 Ah! She's picking this kind of bread, you notice there's a
14:25 difference kid's with this bread one of them is kind of brown
14:29 and one is kind of white, well the difference is that this one
14:32 has a lot more grains inside of it, things that are good
14:36 for us to eat like oats and barley, it sure is,
14:40 and these things help us to grow real nice and strong,
14:43 there is hardly anything in this one, as a matter of fact
14:45 you can crumple it up into a little ball, there is hardly
14:49 anything in this one, not very good for us.
14:52 - But this one is packed with grains and minerals.
14:55 - This one is a lot better for us to eat.
14:57 - That would be a good choice. - You know what is really
15:00 special about all of these foods, if you eat foods
15:03 the way God made them you'll be real healthy and strong
15:07 just like Daniel. We want to be that way!
15:10 - If you eat some of the other foods you get lots of this stuff
15:13 this is the sugar, now if you eat this one over here
15:16 you will get almost 6 teaspoons of sugar in this one,
15:20 that's a lot of sugar, and you know who can eat only
15:25 one of these. - Most people want two or three.
15:29 - You bet and when you eat those you get almost 8 cubes of sugar
15:33 in this one, that's a lot of sugar, and not very good
15:38 for you at all. But when you eat that one over there,
15:41 oh, this one could you eat more than this cereal?
15:46 I know we could eat almost two times this cereal,
15:49 we've got a lot of big eaters out there, and of that one
15:52 you are going to get almost four teaspoons of sugar
15:55 every time you have a serving, oh it's really a lot.
15:59 - That would be hard on our immune system wouldn't it?
16:01 - Not good at all and not to mention our teeth.
16:03 - You're right! - But when you eat some of these
16:06 God's sugar, how much sugar do you think is in these?
16:09 Not any at all. - It's just God's kind of sugar.
16:14 Wouldn't that be great to eat food the way that God
16:17 wanted us to eat? - Yeah!
16:19 Yeah! You grow up to be strong like Daniel.
16:21 - Yes! Well Dr. Neblet do you have anything that you can
16:26 show us how to make with some of God's good kind of food?
16:29 - I certainly do! - That would be fun, you know
16:32 I think we should go sing a song first and maybe you can
16:35 get ready for them ok.
16:37 Ok! Let's go!
16:38 Dr. Neblet told us some interesting things didn't he?
17:35 We better hurry and see what he is making us.
17:39 Well Dr. Neblet is this something that will help my
17:43 body machine to run well?
17:45 - Absolutely this is something that I think Daniel and his
17:48 friends would really enjoy.
17:49 - It must be good then. - Well I'll tell you what we are
17:52 going to do Kid's, we are going to take some bananas.
17:55 - Oh! Yum! Are these bananas frozen, they look
17:58 a little bit different? - They are, that's the secret
18:00 of them get some frozen bananas and some frozen strawberries.
18:03 - Yum yum! - Add whatever frozen fruit
18:06 you like, it really does work, experiment sure, we've got some
18:10 blueberries here. - And this is just natural fruit
18:13 that's been frozen, right? - Absolutely and some peaches.
18:17 - Oh, this looks so good! - And then get a juice,
18:20 we like pineapple juice, and you only need about two cups
18:25 of pineapple juice, so I'm going to pour some in here.
18:27 And so this won't have any added sugar in it will it?
18:31 - No it won't! - It will just have God's kind
18:33 of sugar right? - Absolutely!
18:35 - Oh! That will be good! - I think we've got enough
18:37 in there right now. - Doesn't that look good?
18:40 - And we are going to cover it up carefully and then
18:42 we are going to turn it on. - I might plug my ears for
18:44 this one. Ohh! that looks so good.
18:53 - It certainly does, shall we try a taste test?
18:56 - Oh I think that would be fun don't you?
18:57 - Let's get a taster in here, Sean, come on in here.
19:00 - This is all natural good ingredients that will make
19:07 Sean's body machine run well, right?
19:09 - That's right! What do you think Sean?
19:15 - Yummy! - Do you know what's inside
19:18 of it? - Peaches!
19:20 - Peaches, that's right and we put in some other fruit as well
19:24 like bananas and oh great stuff including juice.
19:28 You can have some at home to so try making some Ok!
19:31 - I'd like to taste it too, do you think I can?
19:35 May I taste it Sean? Thank you, and we'll be
19:38 right back.
19:40 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a
19:42 good friend of Jesus is by spending personal time
19:45 with Him every day, well adults do that by praying,
19:48 and by reading their Bibles, but if you can't read
19:52 it's kind of hard isn't it, or maybe you just like listening
19:55 to tapes, well here is a fun way to have your very own devotions
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20:00 Janice has made these Morning Time Devotions for her kids
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20:38 Have you ever thought about where some of the things that
20:42 you eat come from?
20:43 A lot of the good things that we eat come from little tiny
20:47 seeds, can you see this seed?
20:48 Do you know what it is?
20:50 Maybe you've grown some in your garden, tomatoes,
20:55 do you like tomato sandwiches? I love tomato sandwiches!
20:59 Imagine this little tiny seed growing up to be a tomato plant
21:05 and then all the yummy tomatoes that we get from it.
21:08 Seeds are kind of interesting aren't they, here is a
21:11 bigger seed, do you know what kind of seed this is?
21:15 Pretty big isn't it? It also tastes good on a
21:19 sandwich when it grows into a plant, it grows up to be
21:23 an avocado tree, and then we get all those luscious avocados
21:27 from it. Seeds are interesting,
21:31 You know I have another seed here that I think probably
21:35 all of you at one time or other tasted what grows from it.
21:39 Can you see it?
21:40 It's an apple seed, don't you just love biting into a
21:46 juicy crunchy apple, they are so good.
21:50 You know and to think that one little tiny seed like that
21:55 an apple tree grows, and each year an apple tree a small
21:59 apple tree can give up to 150 pounds of luscious apples,
22:04 and then think of all the apple juice and apple pie and
22:10 apple sauce and all the yummy things that get made from those
22:13 apples that grew on that apple tree because of that little
22:17 tiny seed growing, you know when you think about it
22:21 little seeds are kind of like little choices.
22:57 Meet me in the story corner ok!
22:59 We've talked about everything from lions to apples today
23:06 it's been busy but I've learned a lot, I'm just so glad to be
23:10 back up in my attic again, story time is my favorite time
23:14 of day, are you ready for one?
23:16 Ok, here it comes, this is a real good one.
23:20 Daddy, daddy will you give me the northwest corner
23:24 of the garden Bertha hollered as she ran into the barn
23:27 where her dad was working. The what child?
23:30 The northwest corner of the garden, it's bounded on the
23:33 north by the old apple tree, east by the walk and south
23:35 by the black berry bushes and west by the sweet corn field.
23:38 Just then mother came walking into the barn and she and father
23:43 both chuckled at her precise description of the place.
23:46 You needn't make fun of me said Bertha, I tried to be
23:49 particular so I could save you the trouble of going to
23:51 see the spot. Mr. Dickenson turned to his wife
23:54 and very seriously said, mother Bertha wants me to deed her
23:59 the northwest corner of the garden, are you ready to sign
24:01 the papers, well said mother it's fine with me if she wants
24:05 that part of the garden. But I'm curious,
24:09 what do you want it for Bertha? Are you going to build a
24:12 doll house, I want it for a grave yard mother.
24:15 A grave yard explained father what are you going to bury dear?
24:20 Quick as a flash of light, Bertha picked up her father's
24:23 pipe which lay on the wooden bench right by the door.
24:26 This first she said as she raced off, she was so quick
24:29 that no one saw what she had done, but that evening after
24:33 supper when Mr. Dickenson was ready to smoke his pipe
24:36 he couldn't find it anywhere. Where's my pipe, who has seen
24:41 my pipe he shouted in a not to pleasant tones.
24:45 I buried it daddy in my new grave yard answered Bertha
24:49 sweetly, come and see. You did what?
24:52 Yes! in a shocked voice. I buried it in my new grave yard
24:57 do you want to come and see?
24:58 He was to shocked to answer so he just followed Bertha
25:02 down to the northwest corner of the garden, and there she
25:07 pointed to a neat little mound, at the head of it was placed a
25:11 broken piece of shingle with these words neatly written
25:15 on it, Here Lies My Father's Pipe, Rest Forever.
25:19 Bertha's father was at a loss for words, he didn't know
25:24 whether to laugh or to be angry finally he decided to do neither
25:28 but to try to get to her meaning in all of this.
25:30 So sitting down in an over turned wheel barrow
25:33 he took Bertha on his knees and began to question her,
25:37 why did you do this child? Because I didn't want you to die
25:42 as Mr. Thurston did, it's a fact daddy, I heard Dr. Bell
25:45 say so when we were coming home from the funeral.
25:48 Miss Stevens asked, and what was wrong with Mr. Thurston?
25:51 And Dr. Bell said pipe Miss Stevens pipe, he smoked
25:54 himself to death, so daddy after hearing how bad smoking
25:59 is for your health I thought I would dig a grave and bury
26:02 the old pipe, you won't dig it up will you?
26:06 Mr. Dickenson was quiet for a few minutes then he said
26:10 slowly but firmly, no Bertha your father is not a
26:14 grave robber, I'll miss the old pipe but I do know that
26:18 it's not good for my health, it's just been hard for me to
26:22 quit, but I guess that I have no choice but to quit now.
26:25 That's good said Bertha with a hug and a kiss,
26:27 is that what you wanted this great grave yard for
26:31 asked father smiling again, only to bury my own pipe?
26:35 Oh no indeed answered Bertha, I'm going to bury other things
26:40 here, I expect I'll have a funeral almost every day,
26:44 I'm going to bury Joe's cigarettes next and Uncle Ned's
26:48 cigars and... How will you get them my dear
26:51 asked daddy, oh I'll manage daddy, I have ideas,
26:54 Bertha answered sweetly. Bertha proved to be a busy
26:58 little undertaker and by the end of the week more than a
27:01 dozen items were buried in her new cemetery.
27:04 The graves were all made evenly side by side, exactly
27:08 the same size nicely rounded and turfed. At the head of each
27:12 was a tiny board telling what was buried there and who it
27:14 used to belong to. These head boards took Bertha a great deal
27:18 of time and patience to make but she did her best
27:22 to print neatly on them. On one was:
27:29 on the next was:
27:35 By that fall the northwest corner lot was finally full
27:39 more than 60 neat little graves were there in rows,
27:43 the apple tree spread a friendly shade over the spot
27:47 the blackberries ripened beside them and many many a visitor
27:52 was taken slyly down the garden walk to see Bertha's graveyard
27:56 and each person who saw Bertha's unusual graveyard thought
28:01 the best part was that everyone of those neat little graves
28:06 represented a man or a woman who had stopped an evil habit.
28:11 Now those men and women would be healthier and happier
28:15 because of the courage, faithfulness, and perseverance
28:19 of a little girl who loved purity and good health.
28:24 And do you know what I am happy about?
28:27 I'm so happy that Jesus can give you the courage to make
28:32 good choices and plant good seeds in your life,
28:36 you'll be beautiful because of it too.
28:39 See you next time! Bye Bye!


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