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00:01 Hello! I'm just making a birthday card for one of my
00:04 friends. Do you like making your very own cards?
00:07 It's fun! You just need scissors and glue and markers and
00:11 colored paper. I'll tell you what, I'll show you how to make
00:15 one in just a minute ok?
01:03 For these kind of cards you really only need to have
01:07 colored paper and scissors and the first thing to do is
01:10 choose a color of paper. Now I think I will use light pink
01:12 and purple, do you think that they will look ok together?
01:15 I think so, so make a nice fold going this was,
01:18 rub your fingers good on the fold and then make a good nice
01:24 tight fold going this way, again rub your fingers, now this one
01:27 is a little bit harder because you have to line up this long
01:29 side with the shorter side and make it into a V shape.
01:33 See how that's the shape of a V, and then if you have
01:38 scissors that are nice and sharp do it again,
01:41 because the more folds you have the more designs you will be
01:44 able to get in the end, ok, and then you start cutting.
01:48 And you can make little triangle cuts and you can make little
01:53 curvy cuts, and over on this side you could make bunch
02:00 of little zig zaggy kind of cuts, really you can make
02:03 any kind of cuts that you want because anything that you make
02:07 will end up having a really pretty design in the end
02:10 once you open it up like those other ones, and remember
02:13 when you are making cards you don't just have to wait until
02:16 someone's birthday or something, you can make a card for
02:20 somebody any time you want.
02:22 It can be just a card to tell them that you love them
02:25 and that they are your good friend, or it can be a
02:28 thank you card, I think I will make this a get well card,
02:31 and it will be for my friend grandma G, she hasn't been
02:34 feeling very well, there!
02:36 Then when you have your design made, open it up
02:40 isn't that pretty, all the little designs, just brush your
02:44 paper aside and then it's time to glue it down to your
02:48 other color, it's nice to use two different colors so they
02:51 could contrast.
02:54 I like using a glue stick because it is less messy
02:57 and it's a little bit easier to use than some of the other
03:00 kinds of glue, but you can use whatever kind of glue that
03:03 you have or even scotch tape will work if you don't
03:05 have glue.
03:06 Remember the idea is that it's just fun to make it and
03:10 give it to people because then you can make other people happy,
03:13 then you turn it over and flatten it down centered
03:20 on the paper and then flatten it down, isn't that nice?
03:23 and then fold it over like this real carefully,
03:28 and then make a nice firm crease and then it's nice
03:33 to write a message on the inside of it.
03:35 You know I think that I would like to write her favorite
03:39 Bible verse into this one, and one of her favorite
03:42 Bible verses is in I Thessalonians 5:18
03:47 and it says: "In everything give thanks because that's God's will
03:52 for you." In everything give thanks because that's God's
04:09 will... It's important to give thanks, it's important to have
04:14 a happy attitude, did you know that by having a happy cheerful
04:17 attitude you make other people happy?
04:19 Did you know that when you have Jesus' love in your heart
04:22 it can't help but shine right out on your face.
04:55 Hey! There's my bell basket I better go see what's there.
04:58 Oh! It's mailman Kenny, ok, can you come up
05:05 so I can sign it? Great!
05:07 He's coming up with an express mail for me, I'm glad you will
05:11 get to meet him because he has become good friends with me
05:14 all the people on our street, come on in mailman Kenny.
05:16 - Good morning Janice, I've got this Express mail that you have
05:20 been looking for. - Oh great!
05:22 - I need you to sign for it please.
05:23 - Ok! I'd like you to meet my friends.
05:25 - Good morning! - Do you have time to visit us
05:29 for a minute? - Oh maybe a couple of minutes
05:32 I'm running just a little bit ahead.
05:33 - Ok! Here is your pen so I won't forget
05:35 to give it back to you.
05:36 - Ok! - Tell me something mailman
05:39 Kenny, every day I see you carrying these elastic bands.
05:42 Do you collect elastic bands or something?
05:44 No, not hardly, these I keep around my mail to kind of hold
05:48 them together and that keeps it organized in case there's
05:52 something, or I might fall well this kind of keeps it from
05:55 going in all four different directions.
05:57 Have you ever fallen down when you have been delivering
05:59 our mail? - Oh yes!
06:01 Yes, many times. - Just to deliver our mail,
06:04 can you imagine that?
06:05 Tell me something, every day I'm watching you go down the
06:09 street with the mail, do you think people like getting mail?
06:12 - Well sometimes around check day, yes, but you know when
06:16 they're looking for a check, but when I'm bringing bills
06:18 they don't like to see me sometimes.
06:20 - Don't want to get bills, what about letters from friends?
06:21 - Oh yes! Yeah! Everybody likes them.
06:23 - I think this is what this is so I'm happy to get it.
06:27 Do you think any of the kids watching are to young to
06:31 send a letter through the mail? Can anyone do it?
06:34 - Any one can sometimes you have the groups come through
06:37 the post office and they take a tour and show them how to
06:39 address a letter and how to put a stamp on it,
06:42 even sometimes they will put their name and address on there
06:45 and mail it to themselves. - Mail a letter to themselves!
06:48 - Right! - That would be kind of fun.
06:49 - They get it the next day. - That would be really fun!
06:51 - Right! So the important thing is just to get the address put
06:54 in the right place and the stamp up in the right place.
06:56 - Right! - Well that's great!
06:58 - What's your favorite part of being a mailman?
07:00 - Well I think most of the time being friends with the people
07:05 you deliver the mail to, you kind of get to be part of their
07:07 family. - How long have you been
07:10 doing it? - Almost 29 years.
07:12 - Twenty nine years, so I bet you've made some good friends
07:15 over the years. - Right! Yep!
07:17 - Wow that's great, you must have to hurry on right.
07:20 - Yeah! I'm going to have to go. - Well thanks for stopping by
07:24 I'm sure that there might be some kids that want to be
07:26 a mailman or a mail-lady when they grow up and maybe
07:28 you've been an inspiration to them.
07:30 - It would be a good job for them!
07:31 - Well great! Well thanks for stopping by!
07:33 - Ok! I'll see you tomorrow!
07:34 - Have a good day and thanks for my mail!
07:36 - You too! - Ok! Bye Bye!
07:38 I wonder what this will be! Oh! It is a letter from
07:44 my friend! Listen, I'm going to open this
07:47 and then when we come back we're going to go meet another
07:51 friend of mine who's really had to learn a lot about being
07:54 thankful in everything, so meet you there.
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09:23 Hi! I'm glad you made it here with us, I'd like you to meet
09:26 my friend Melissa! - Hello!
09:28 and my friend Thad. - Hi!
09:30 You know we saw you working on the computer Thad
09:33 and that was real interesting, you can type pretty fast!
09:36 Is it hard? - It's not hard, No!
09:39 - You know Thad, you showed us some paintings that you had done
09:43 and I would like to be able to show them to our viewers,
09:47 would you like to see them?
09:48 They are real nice! This one I think is really
09:52 pretty, I really like the way the fence shows and the blue
09:57 and the bird in it! Would you like to look at it
10:00 Melissa? And then there is this one
10:04 with the little clown, I really like that one!
10:06 How old were you when you learned how to paint?
10:09 That was probably a long time ago, I was probably nine!
10:15 - Nine! How old are you now? - I'm 14!
10:19 - Fourteen! Wow! So I understand you are a
10:22 Christian right? - Yes!
10:24 - How so you think that has helped you with being a
10:27 quadriplegic? - Well I think reading
10:30 Bible verses and praying encourages me a lot and
10:34 helps me get along in every day life.
10:38 - And if you had some advice to give to Melissa and to give me
10:42 and our television friends what might be the advice
10:45 that you would give us? - Probably to do your best
10:51 and pray and ask God to help you and He'll do it!
10:59 - Yeah! I think you are right! What other kinds of things
11:02 do you like to do? - Well I like sports a lot
11:05 I like to watch sports! - Do you like to go out and
11:09 be with your friends at school doing that?
11:11 - Yeah! - Do you mostly watch them,
11:13 or how does that work? - Yeah!
11:14 I watch them! - Well do you ever play sports
11:17 yourself Thad? - Yeah! I can use a mouth stick,
11:21 like I used on the computer and I can use a Nurf ball
11:25 or a ball like that and shoot at a basket.
11:29 - And you can actually get it in the basket ?
11:31 - Yes! Sometimes! - Sometimes, I bet you do it
11:34 pretty often. I think it would be fun to watch you do that.
11:37 - Would you mind showing it to Melissa and I and my
11:40 television friends? Ok!
11:42 Well I think that would be fun, do you want to come outside
11:44 and watch him too? Let's go!
11:46 Well here we are, I'm wondering how you are going to do this
11:52 Thad, I'm glad Allison is here to help with this!
11:56 Are you ready to help Allison? Well let's see what Thad does.
12:00 Can you give him his mouth piece?
12:02 That was super! Well this has been lots of fun
12:26 and we really enjoyed meeting you Thad, and now if you guys
12:30 come with me, we're going to go see a doctor in his office.
12:33 Let's go!
12:35 - Slip your hand through there Becky, and your thumb through
12:39 the hole, that's good. - Hello Dr. Lowe!
12:47 - Hello! - I'd like you to meet
12:49 my friends! - Hi!
12:51 - I see you are putting something on Becky's arm,
12:54 she doesn't really have a broken arm does she?
12:56 - No! That's correct! - What are you doing to her arm?
13:00 - We are putting a cast on her arm before we do that
13:05 we put some soft padding inside so that the cast will
13:09 feel comfortable, the cast is very hard on the outside
13:13 and to hold the bones straight so they will heal nice and
13:17 straight and to keep the bones from moving so that she won't
13:20 have any pain. - So this soft stuff on the
13:23 inside is to make her comfortable?
13:25 - That's right! - Even though the outside is
13:26 hard. Well what are you doing now
13:30 Dr. Lowe? - Well we're getting ready to
13:33 put on the outer shell, and it a soft kind of wet roll
13:42 right now.
13:43 - It does, you've dipped it in water I see.
13:46 What's it called that you are using?
13:50 - This is some fiberglass material.
13:52 - Well how does it feel Becky? - It's going to get a little bit
14:01 warm inside Becky, as it dries.
14:05 - Will this dry up and get hard?
14:10 - This will dry up and get hard! Want to move you arm back
14:15 a little bit? That's perfect!
14:16 - Then when it gets hard that's what holds the bones
14:20 in place right? - That's what holds the bones
14:21 together. Nice and straight!
14:24 Well Becky even though this is a nice and hard waterproof
14:31 type of covering, you are going to need to try to keep from
14:35 getting wet, ok, because the inside of this cast is still
14:39 soft and can get wet quite a bit and then get really sticky
14:44 and uncomfortable when it gets wet, now we're going to need to
14:47 let this dry a little bit more so you just hold your arm still
14:51 like that, while we let that harden up some more.
14:54 Ok! - Well thank you Dr. Lowe!
14:59 Well you know sometimes kids are frightened to come to a
15:04 doctor's office and they might think that getting a cast
15:06 would be scary, and I'm wondering Becky,
15:09 can you tell the kids what it was like to get the cast on,
15:11 was it scary for you?
15:12 Not at all, did it hurt? - No!
15:18 - No! Well that's good news to hear isn't it,
15:20 that it doesn't hurt.
15:21 What did the doctor say you couldn't do when you
15:24 got this cast on? - Go swimming!
15:26 - Go swimming! Boy we all like swimming don't we!
15:30 That will be sad to miss out on swimming won't it Becky?
15:34 But you know what I think will be fun for Becky,
15:37 she can practice being cheerful even though she has a cast on
15:41 she can be cheerful and try to have a happy attitude
15:44 about it. I think I would like to sign my name on her cast,
15:47 would you like to watch?
15:48 May I do it Becky? Can I sign my name?
15:50 First signature on your cast! - Yeah!
15:52 - Ok! Here goes! J- Oh I'm making it so big
15:57 aren't I? J- A-N-I-C-E-
16:02 There's my name! There all done!
16:05 - Well, it's time to get your cast off now Becky!
16:09 - Well how are you going to do that Dr. Lowe?
16:12 - Well we are going to use a machine called a cast cutter.
16:15 - Ohhh! - And it looks rather scary
16:18 and sounds very scary, but it's very safe.
16:22 - Oh good! - There you go!
16:47 Becky we are just about ready to finish cutting the soft
16:50 inside and let you out and be free you've been a really
16:54 good patient and holding nice and still even though it was
16:57 so scary sounding. - Well thank you Dr. Lowe
17:02 Becky and I have both really learned a lot and I know that
17:04 my friends at home have too, thank you.
17:06 - You're welcome!
17:07 Oops! That's better!
17:13 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a
17:17 good friend of Jesus is by spending personal time with Him
17:20 every day? Well adults do that by praying
17:23 and by reading their Bibles, but if you can't read
17:27 it's kind of hard isn't it? Or maybe you just like
17:30 listening to tapes, well here is a fun way to have your
17:33 very own devotions every morning when you get up.
17:36 Janice has made these Morning- Time Devotions for her kids
17:39 and for you complete with:
17:43 for more information have your parents write to:
18:13 You know I was just sitting here looking at this card
18:17 that I got today, it says Have a Happy Day!
18:20 It sure brightened my day to get that card,
18:23 Jesus likes it when we do things to brighten one another's day.
18:26 We've had a busy day haven't we, going to see my friend
18:30 Dr. Lowe and my friend Thad and learning all that we've
18:34 learned about how we want to be thankful and contented in
18:37 everything that happens to us.
18:39 You know, I have a story about that, and I was just thinking
18:43 this is such a cozy evening up here in the attic,
18:46 would you like to get a pillow and just sit down and listen
18:49 to the story? I'd like it if you would!
18:52 Are you ready?
18:53 Let's see!
18:56 It was recess at the little village school,
19:00 and all the pupils were outside in the bright sunshine playing,
19:05 that is except Mary Gray. Mary was sitting at her desk
19:10 carefully working on a difficult math problem,
19:12 after awhile Miss Martin kindly said Mary you weren't
19:17 here yesterday, were you sick? I wasn't sick said Mary,
19:21 but I stayed home and sister Nellie came to school.
19:24 Well said Miss Martin, I didn't know Nellie Gray was your
19:28 sister, yesterday was her first day here
19:31 but why didn't you come? Mary looked sad and almost
19:35 embarrassed as she said, it wasn't because I didn't want to
19:39 but you see mother can't spare both of us conveniently,
19:43 and so we're taking turns coming to school.
19:45 I see said Miss Martin as she patted Mary on the shoulder.
19:49 Well you better run outside Mary and get some fresh air,
19:52 you've studied so hard today. Oh, said Mary I think I will
19:58 stay inside and watch the others from the window
20:00 I might tear my dress if I go outside.
20:03 It was then that Miss Martin realized that Mary had worn
20:08 the same dress every day for two weeks, it was just a simple
20:13 cotton one, it wasn't fancy or expensive, but it was carefully
20:17 made, what a thoughtful little girl she said to herself.
20:22 She doesn't want to make any trouble for her mother
20:25 and that's why she's being so careful with her dress.
20:28 I wish there were more contented children like her.
20:32 The next morning Mary was absent but sure enough her
20:36 sister Nellie sat in her desk and Nellie stayed indoors
20:40 during recess just like Mary did.
20:42 When Miss Martin gently suggested to Nellie that some
20:45 fresh air would be good for her, she received the
20:48 same answer that Mary had given. I might tear my dress.
20:53 That made Miss Martin look at Nellie's dress and right away
20:58 she saw that it looked just like Mary's dress, it had the same
21:03 pretty pink flowers on it. But she noticed that Nellie's
21:07 dress fit as well as Mary's, why Nellie's was to long.
21:11 Suddenly it occurred to her that maybe it was the
21:16 very same dress, imagine that she thought to herself,
21:23 they are so poor that they have to share a dress,
21:26 and yet I have never heard either of them complain.
21:30 They always act so contented and thankful just to be able
21:36 to come to school. In those days school teachers didn't
21:40 get paid very much and Miss Martin really needed
21:44 a new pair of gloves, but as she thought about those two
21:48 girls sharing one dress, she decided to try to mend her
21:52 old gloves and buy some material for another dress for the girls.
21:56 She hurried to the only store in the village and bought some
22:00 cotton exactly like their shared dress, then she asked
22:05 the store keeper to deliver it to their home
22:07 without telling them who it was from.
22:10 Friday morning Mary bounced into school a little early
22:16 she placed her books in her desk and then hurried up to
22:19 Miss Martin's desk and excitedly whispered in her ear,
22:23 Next week Nellie is coming to school with me and I'm so glad.
22:28 Well that's good news replied the teacher kindly,
22:32 something happened that mother didn't expect and now we are
22:36 all so glad that we both can come said Mary.
22:39 She hesitated for a minute but then she was so happy that
22:43 she decided to tell the teacher this little story.
22:46 Their mother was a very poor sickly widow and all winter
22:51 they had to stay out of school because they had no suitable
22:55 clothes to wear, but they had saved their pennies from doing
22:58 chores for the neighbors, and they were hoping to buy
23:01 each of them a new dress in the spring so they could come
23:04 to school. Finally they earned enough money to get a dress
23:09 for Mary and then when they had nearly earned enough money
23:13 to get a dress for Nellie, she got sick and the money that
23:18 was meant for Nellie's dress had to be used to buy medicine.
23:23 Oh said Mary, I felt so bad that I told mother I wouldn't
23:30 even go to school unless Nellie could come too.
23:34 But mother said that I had to because then I could teach
23:37 Nellie what I learned and that would be better than neither
23:39 of us going to school. Finally after two weeks I thought of
23:45 a way that we both could go. I told mother that I would
23:48 come one day and the next day I'd lend my dress to Nellie
23:52 and then she could come. So this week we took turns coming
23:56 and we're both so happy, but do you know what happened,
24:00 and at this Mary's little face just glowed as she continued,
24:05 last night the storekeeper dropped off a package of
24:08 material at our house, and now mother can make a dress
24:12 for Nellie, and we're all so happy. If only I knew who it was
24:16 that sent the material, I'd thank them for it, but I don't
24:21 and so I've done all I can. We got on our knees and we
24:25 thanked Jesus for it, and oh Miss Martin
24:28 we're all so glad now.
24:31 The following Monday little Nellie and the new pink dress
24:36 entered the school room with her sister Mary, her face was
24:40 beaming like sunshine, and she exclaimed, "I'm coming to school
24:45 everyday and oh I'm so glad!" The teacher was happy too,
24:51 and do you know every day when she put on her mended gloves
24:56 she though about the two little girls who cheerfully shared
25:01 one dress, and then she felt thankful to be able to help
25:06 Nellie and Mary both come to school in their
25:11 simple cotton dresses. And you know that's how
25:17 Jesus wants us all to be, is happy and cheerful with
25:22 everything that happens to us, and that's a fun way to be
25:25 because when we have Jesus love in our hearts, His love
25:28 just shines out on our face, and I love seeing His love
25:32 shine on your face. I better go now,
25:36 keep shining for Jesus. Bye! Bye!


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