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00:01 Hi! Do you know what I've been doing?
00:05 Can you guess?
00:07 I've been cleaning my attic today and right now I'm finally
00:11 on the cupboard, just about done the rest of it.
00:13 I'm trying to get everything real organized so that I'll be
00:16 able to find everything when I need it.
00:17 It's important you know!
00:19 Like this basket for example!
00:21 I had pens and screwdrivers in the same basket!
00:25 That will never do, will it?
00:26 So I'm going to take all the pens out and...
00:30 The screwdrivers over here, another one.
00:33 They are all over the place!
00:36 Anymore?
00:38 Here's one on the floor!
00:39 There!
00:41 I'll put these down here...
00:43 Maybe you can help me do some more organizing in a minute.
00:45 Welcome to
01:00 It's so good to see you again, come up for a visit my friend.
01:02 There's so much to do, I have so many things planned
01:07 for you...
01:09 We'll laugh and we'll play, we'll sing and we'll pray...
01:15 I'll tell you a story or two.
01:19 And we'll be friends, you and I,
01:24 yes, you and I and Jesus.
01:33 Well, what do you think?
01:35 All these pencils, I think I should put them in one place,
01:38 shouldn't I?
01:39 Maybe I'll put them in this basket...
01:42 What do you think would go with pencil crayons?
01:45 Maybe felt pens? They are kind of the same,
01:48 aren't they?
01:50 I wonder... Do you think I have room to
01:52 set my little paint package right on the top?
01:56 I think so.
01:57 Can you think of anything else?
01:59 I think this is probably a good amount.
02:01 I'll set them right down here on top of the tools.
02:04 Now let's see. I've got scissors and tape
02:07 in this basket...
02:08 Kind of things for making crafts, right?
02:11 Why don't I put the glue with that?
02:15 Maybe this tape should go with it too. What do you think?
02:19 I think that would be a good idea.
02:20 Then we'd have tape and scissors and glue in this one.
02:23 I think that's good.
02:24 Maybe this stapler should go in here too cause it's for holding
02:27 things together like the tape and the glue is.
02:30 That's a good idea.
02:31 I should put the thing that pulls the staplers out,
02:34 shouldn't I?
02:36 Okay! So we can put this basket
02:38 in there...
02:39 That looks so much better, doesn't it?
02:41 Now I think, with all these little tags and paper clips
02:47 I think I should put them with the other tags and paper clips.
02:50 Don't you think so?
02:52 Okay!
02:53 Let's get them all in there!
02:55 It's nice to have everything together, the things that
02:58 are the same together, because then you can always find things
03:01 easier and it just looks so much nicer and everything.
03:06 I think I'll put the last bends into one of these containers.
03:11 It would be a good idea.
03:13 And this pencil holder, maybe I can put my cards
03:16 in that too.
03:18 I can put that right on this shelf.
03:21 That's a very good idea.
03:23 My things for making crafts, my rope and my big ball.
03:30 Maybe they can go here too.
03:32 Do you thing things are starting to look better?
03:34 I do.
03:35 Right with that.
03:37 Get my last bends in there. They are important to have.
03:40 Things are coming together. Okay!
03:44 There's a Bible verse that talks about making everything neat
03:48 and orderly and that's found in the first Corinthians,
03:52 chapter 14, verse 40.
03:55 And would you like me to read it to you?
03:57 I will.
03:59 It says:
04:00 'Everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way'
04:04 That's important, isn't it?
04:06 I think I should write that down.
04:09 And maybe if I write it down, I could hang it in my cupboard,
04:13 and then every time I open my cupboard, I would be reminded.
04:17 I think that it's a good idea.
04:18 I need a pencil...
04:19 I know where they are cause I organized my cupboard!
04:23 I'll use a marker, maybe blue! That's a good color, isn't it?
04:27 Okay!
04:29 Let's see: Everything should be done in
04:48 an orderly way.
04:56 And I'll put the Bible verse: I Corinthians, 14. 40.
05:01 And I put my pen back, where it belongs with the
05:05 other pens.
05:08 I'm going to put it up here.
05:10 I'll need tape, won't I?
05:12 Good thing I knew where it was!
05:14 Right where it belonged.
05:15 With the other tape and glue and scissors. There!
05:20 I'll put it right up here...
05:29 Everything has a place in my house.
05:33 It sits on its shelf, just so.
05:37 It helps to keep my house in order, to know where
05:42 everything goes.
05:45 I know where everything goes, I know where everything goes.
05:52 It helps to keep my attic in order, to know where
05:57 everything goes.
06:04 Speaking of being neat and orderly, did you know that
06:07 bees keep their beehive neat and orderly?
06:10 They do!
06:11 And I made one so that you could look at it.
06:13 And I'll show you how you can make your own beehive.
06:16 You need a ball from a craft store, or from a
06:19 hardware store and then get an adult to cut the end
06:23 of the ball off so that it's flat on the bottom.
06:26 You need glue and you need rope.
06:29 Always make sure that when you buy the rope, buy a
06:32 kind of rope that is a natural fiber. Don't buy something like
06:37 a nylon rope. You have to buy a rope that's natural.
06:40 You can buy that just at a regular hardware store.
06:43 You start, get your rope, put your glue around the bottom
06:49 first and then lay rope right on top of the first layer of glue.
06:54 Then it could be easier for you.
06:56 Put as pin in to hold the rope in place.
06:59 Then just start turning the ball like this.
07:03 Just keep pressing the rope on and then you get around that
07:08 part, start putting more glue on.
07:11 All the way round...
07:18 So that it'll stick the rest of the way round.
07:26 And then just hold your ball in a place and just keep turning
07:31 up and keep pressing your rope on as you turn it.
07:41 Just keep turning it all the way round...
07:45 As you go up, you may need to add more glue.
07:50 Remember to keep pressing on it as you go.
08:01 I know... bees are very neat and orderly...
08:06 Did you know, that one of the bee's job is to be a house
08:08 cleaner, to keep the hive neat and tidy?
08:12 One bee does this job.
08:17 I think it's time to put more.
08:19 More glue on...
08:28 Just keep going up and down with your glue.
08:39 Then just keep turning.
08:40 Always remember. When you make a craft, put some paper on the
08:44 table so that you won't make your table dirty.
08:49 Cause it can wreck furniture it you get glue and stuff on it.
08:53 When you get to this point, you need to start putting glue
08:57 on the top layer.
08:59 So that it would stick to each other.
09:07 Remember! Don't pull it too tight because if you pull it
09:11 too tight, then the rope will kind of roll up and it won't
09:16 sit so nicely like the beehive you want to sit nice.
09:19 You want to look just like a real beehive.
09:24 See the little bees that are put on my beehive?
09:26 I drew those ahead but you can get little fuzzy bees from
09:32 a craft store or from a department store.
09:36 Sometimes they have wires on them and then you can put them
09:39 on the hive.
09:43 And so you just keep coming to the top like this.
09:45 If you have trembled on the way, getting you rope to stand
09:49 place, you can take anytime a pin and put it anywhere you
09:52 need to get it stand place.
09:55 At the end just put in some more glue...
09:58 You have plenty of glue there on the top.
10:02 Get your scissors, carefully cut the rope off.
10:08 Sometimes it's hard to cut. You might need someone to
10:11 help you a little bit.
10:12 And then just to end it, take a pin to hold it in place.
10:16 Don't pull it because otherwise the glue won't dry.
10:21 Then you can take a black pen and you can draw
10:26 a little hole, this little door on the front of the bee's house.
10:30 And then put your little bees on and then your beehive is done.
10:34 In just a minute we're going to see a real bee keeper and his
10:39 real bees.
10:40 I'm going to be wearing something funny so I won't
10:42 get stung.
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11:45 Welcome back
11:47 Here we are!
11:49 Hi Mr. Carry!
11:51 - Hi Janice!
11:52 - Thanks for letting us come and watch your honeybees today.
11:55 Welcome! Looking forward to it!
11:57 - I'd like you to meet my friends!
11:59 Friends, I'd like you to meet Mr. Carry and his sons.
12:04 Would you like to introduce your boys, Mr. Carry?
12:06 - Yes, this is Nathaniel. He is almost 7 years old.
12:09 He is gonna be helping me smoke the bees today.
12:12 And this is Mattie, my youngest. He is almost 5 years old.
12:17 - There's someone the same age as you are!
12:20 Mr. Carry, you had me dress up like this and I'm wondering if
12:24 you can tell us a little bit about what I'm wearing.
12:26 Look how I look!
12:27 I look kind of funny, don't I?
12:29 Well, this here is the hat that we use and then a bee veil.
12:36 We put over top the face. And then this is some bee gloves
12:42 that we use to put over our hands.
12:46 - Aha!
12:47 - We have a little veil because it's very hot during the summer
12:50 time and that kind of keeps us cooler.
12:53 And then we have a pair of covers on.
12:56 And then we put either boots or tennis shoes or something
12:58 like that.
12:59 - So all the time wearing this hat and veil will keep me safe
13:02 from the bee stings.
13:04 - That's correct!
13:05 - So I'm safe out here with all these bees.
13:08 What do you think kids, do you think you'd like to see
13:11 some bees right up close, maybe a queen bee or something?
13:14 I think I would.
13:15 Would you be able to show that to us?
13:16 - Sure I would!
13:18 Okay Nathan, let's open up this beehive and see it we can
13:21 find some honeybees inside.
13:23 Look at the frames where the bees live!
13:28 - Listen to them. Just humming.
13:36 - Okay! I'm gonna pull a frame out full of honey...
13:44 - Look at that!
13:45 - That looks good!
13:46 All those little cells are made right from the bee's. The bees
13:51 make them themselves!
13:52 - Right here is the honey...
13:54 Right here is the fresh honey.
13:57 - That looks delicious. Don't you like that?
14:01 I bet you'd like to have some on your toast for breakfast.
14:04 - What is interesting is that worker bees when hatch from
14:07 the cell, they have 6 different stages that they do.
14:12 They start with making house cleaning, feeding the babies,
14:18 defending the hive, and then the last duty is going out and
14:24 gathering nectar and pollen.
14:26 The nectar is which they are making the honey.
14:28 Bees are very orderly and clean and neat, they are just amazing
14:31 housekeepers.
14:32 - God has put all that instinct in them!
14:35 I think I could learn a lot of lesson from the bees.
14:38 What about you? Do you think you could?
14:40 - Look Janice! There is the queen bee!
14:42 - She is the one that is longer than all the other ones?
14:45 - Aha! She is at least 50% longer.
14:47 - Can you see it?
14:49 - Did you know that she can lay up to 2000 eggs a day?
14:54 - A day? - A day!
14:55 That's twice her weight. Every day!
14:58 -2000! She is a busy bees, isn't she?
15:01 - She put her head down inside.
15:04 - To check the cell first?
15:05 Like to see it it's empty.
15:07 - That's empty. She will lay an egg.
15:09 She just put her body down inside the cell.
15:12 She just laid an egg. Now she is coming back out.
15:14 - Isn't that interesting? Just think what God is putting
15:18 in her mind, so that she'll know how to do the right things.
15:23 Have you enjoyed this?
15:25 I know I sure have! I learned a lot about how bees
15:28 are orderly and neat, and how they work hard and they keep
15:31 their hives so clean...
15:33 I think we should tell Mr. Carry thank you!
15:36 - You sure welcome Janice! I really enjoyed it!
15:38 - Well, we have too!
15:42 - Do you know some things about how God created the world?
15:45 Everything lives at the right place and God has just the right
15:49 things at just the right time.
15:50 Think about the fuzzy little caterpillars that you sometimes
15:54 let fall off your arm.
15:55 They have those little legs.
15:57 You know, caterpillars aren't always all that beautiful.
16:01 At just the right time, they turn into the most beautiful,
16:05 beautiful butterflies with a delicately formed wings that
16:08 flip from flower to flower...
16:11 They are kind of fun to catch!
16:13 Have you caught a butterfly? I have!
16:15 It takes patience, isn't it?
16:17 Butterflies are beautiful!
16:20 Have you seen those tiny little caterpillars that swim around
16:23 in ponds?
16:24 - Sometimes it's hard to see because they are so tiny.
16:27 This type is quite big but none the less, he has that fins like
16:31 those little ones that just swim around.
16:33 At just the right time, when everything is right,
16:37 just what those funny little brown caterpillars turn into!
16:40 A crazy, tiny but adorable looking little frog!
16:46 That lives in the pond!
16:48 Just how God made it to be!
16:50 Imagine what would happen if the frog tried to live in the
16:52 desert? It wouldn't work, would it?
16:56 God knows! He did everything right!
17:00 Everything has a place in the wild.
17:03 God gave it a part, all its soul...
17:07 He watches nature's perfect balance, God knows where
17:13 everything goes...
17:15 He knows where everything goes, God knows where everything goes.
17:22 He watches nature's perfect balance, God knows where
17:27 everything goes...
17:30 Well little guy, what are you doing down there?
17:33 Are you on your way to the pond?
17:36 Don't let me frighten you!
17:39 I'll get you in!
17:41 You'll be right where you belong to.
17:44 Be right back
17:51 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a good
17:53 friend of Jesus is by spending personal time with Him
17:56 every day?
17:57 Adults do that by praying and by reading their Bibles.
18:01 If you can't read, it's kind of hard, isn't it?
18:04 Maybe you just like listening to tapes.
18:07 Here's a fun way to have your very own devotions,
18:10 every morning when you get up.
18:12 Janice has made this Morning-Time Devotions,
18:14 for her kids and for you!
18:16 Complete with songs, prayers, and stories!
18:19 For more information, have your parents write to
18:22 Morning Time Ministries, Box 208-A,
18:27 Kitwanga, B.C. VOj 2AO Canada,
18:37 or call 1-800-263-7671.
18:43 Here's the number again: 1-800-263-7671.
18:52 My bell just rang and I'm pulling up the basket.
18:55 I wonder what's inside of it...
18:57 Let's see! Oh, look at this!
19:00 This is an old-fashioned pocket watch.
19:05 Just like the kind my grandpa had when I was a little girl.
19:09 Looks just like it...
19:11 Watches are really important, aren't they?
19:14 Because if you didn't have a watch or a clock on the wall,
19:18 you wouldn't know what time it was.
19:19 If you didn't know what time it was, you may be late for
19:22 school, you might be late for appointments, you might be late
19:25 for dinner, you might even miss your meal.
19:28 Watches are important!
19:29 It's important that clocks and watches work right too.
19:33 I guess everything would have to be all in order, inside
19:36 of them.
19:37 All working together, all the pieces have to work together
19:40 just right...
19:41 I wonder if I can open this up!
19:43 Let's see!
19:46 There! Okay...
19:48 Oh, this is really interesting.
19:50 Would you like to see the inside of it?
19:52 See if you can look real carefully...
19:54 This is how you wind the watch, with this winder up here.
19:59 Listen...
20:01 It's how you wind it. When you wind it, you can feel
20:04 it getting tighter because it's putting tension on this spring.
20:07 This is the main spring of the watch.
20:10 Now you know, tension it's probably a word you
20:13 heard before.
20:14 That is what makes when you pull an elastic band.
20:17 It makes it real tight and then when it comes back together,
20:21 you see when you wind this, then it puts the tension on the
20:25 main spring and then as it's coming back together,
20:29 it's making the balance wheel turn back and forth.
20:32 See back and forth?
20:34 And then the balance wheel is putting tension in all the
20:37 little gears inside there that are ticking and turning.
20:40 As they slowly turn at just the right speed, then those little
20:44 gears are what make the hands of the clock go around in just
20:48 the precise speed and precise time they should go around.
20:52 I think clocks and watches are pretty important, and the way
20:57 that they work together and the way that everything is
21:00 inside of them in an orderly way is important too.
21:03 We can learn a lot from the things around us about how
21:06 God wants us to be, can't we?
21:08 I've got a story and I think you'll enjoy it, so why don't
21:11 we come over to the story corner, okay?
21:17 Watches are good because they can help us remember to do
21:20 things at just the right time and this story is a very
21:24 interesting story about a little girl who didn't always
21:27 get her things done at the right time, and what she learned.
21:32 Grace and Norma were sisters. Grace was 14 and Norma was 12.
21:36 But even though they were sisters, they were as different
21:39 as lemons and strawberries.
21:42 Norma was very orderly and Grace was just the opposite.
21:47 Grace's mother was always trying to figure out some way of
21:51 helping her to be more tidy, but nothing seemed to work.
21:56 Often she would say in a despairing tone:
21:58 'Grace, I don't know how you can even think while your things
22:04 always so messy!'
22:06 Grace made all sorts of excuses for her untidiness, but her poor
22:10 mother would just shake her head and say:
22:13 'Dearest child, there is no excuse for your unkept clothes
22:17 and messy room! You have plenty of time to keep things neat
22:21 and orderly, and you should use your time wisely.
22:25 Do your job the right and when it needs to be done. '
22:29 In the meantime, Norma would be scurrying about tiding her
22:31 bedroom and mending a fallen down and lost button.
22:36 She was such a cheerfully busy little miss, that made Grace's
22:40 laziness all more noticeable.
22:43 One warm summer afternoon Grace was out in the yard,
22:47 lazily laying in the hammock.
22:49 When Norma came into the yard and excitedly told Grace that
22:54 Mrs. Jackson just called and invited them to go with their
22:58 family on a drive.
23:00 Norma said: 'Even though mom is not home, I accepted for both
23:05 of us because I know she won't mind. We better hurry now,
23:09 it's 2 o'clock, mom should be home by 3 and they are picking
23:12 us up at 4 o'clock sharp. '
23:16 Grace yawned and she said: 'That sounds nice. Do we have
23:21 to bring anything for the picnic this afternoon?'
23:24 - 'Yes, I almost forgot to tell you sister Norma, what would
23:27 you rather do? Bake cookies or prepare
23:29 carrot sticks?'
23:31 'I think I'll choose the carrot sticks. They sound easier.'
23:36 said Grace.
23:37 - 'Okay, said Norma, then I'll better hurry if I'm going to get
23:40 the cookies baked in time. ' And away she ran.
23:43 But Grace wasn't quite so energetic. She left the hammock
23:48 and wondered upstairs, into her bedroom.
23:51 The problem was that her closet was in such a mess,
23:56 that she couldn't even seem to find anything decent to wear.
24:00 Anything that she did find had some sort of a problem.
24:04 The blue dress was missing buttons, the green dress'
24:07 hand was down and the pink one needed to be washed.
24:11 Finally she chose her yellow dress because it was missing
24:14 the least buttons and only had one small tear.
24:18 In the meantime, mother had just gotten home and was listening to
24:23 Norma's excited explanation of the good time in store for
24:27 the girls. She smiled and she listened to Norma's story
24:31 and then she said: 'I'm happy that you can go with
24:34 them. You'll have a splendid time I know. How about your
24:37 picnic lunch? Do you have everything ready?'
24:40 Said Norma: 'I have already taken one batch of cookies out
24:43 of the oven and the second will be out any minute.
24:46 There will be plenty to take, plus enough to fill the cookie
24:49 jar. 'Oh', said mother laughing,
24:52 'your father won't mind that one bit, Norma!'
24:55 Right then Grace came strolling into the room with her dress
25:00 over her arm and said:
25:01 'Oh mom, I'm wondering if you would be able to mend my dress.
25:05 I have to fix carrots sticks and finish getting my hair done. '
25:10 Mother looked at the dress and Grace's hair and said:
25:13 - 'Grace, is that the only dress you can find?'
25:17 - 'Well!' Said Grace and she began to make
25:21 excuses but mother just said:
25:24 - 'Grace, you must learn your lessons sometime and maybe today
25:31 is the day. You will have to fix your own dress, my dear.
25:34 I have told you over and over to keep your clothes
25:39 neatly mended but you don't even listen.
25:43 And instead you choose to let your things get untidy
25:46 and now you must suffer the consequences. '
25:50 Grace slowly turned and started upstairs, her face in flame
25:56 with embarrassment and shame.
26:00 But then her mother called her back.
26:01 - 'Grace, come to think of it, you better prepare those
26:06 carrot sticks before you mend your dress because Norma
26:09 will need to take the carrot sticks on the picnic,
26:13 even if you aren't ready to go.'
26:15 Grace began to beg her mother not to make her do them first
26:19 but her mother firmly replied:
26:22 - 'Do as I say Grace, you must do your share of the picnic
26:27 preparation. It wouldn't be fair for Norma to have to do it all,
26:31 just because you have been irresponsible and lazy. '
26:36 Grace reluctantly began to head into the kitchen and started to
26:40 fix the carrot sticks. She tried to hurry but by the time she
26:45 was done, it was almost 3:30.
26:48 She dashed upstairs to mend her dress. She felt very
26:52 frustrated and she tried to hurry but as she worked on
26:56 her dress, she did have time to think and deep down inside
27:01 she knew that it was her own fault that she was in this
27:05 pickle now.
27:06 At exactly 4 o'clock, the Jacksons drove up and Norma
27:10 rushed out to the car with the lunch basket in hand.
27:14 Mother came out and explained what it happened, to make Grace
27:18 unable to go along.
27:20 Everyone was sad that Grace couldn't come, but they realized
27:24 that it was best.
27:26 While they drove away, Grace wore tears in her eyes
27:31 looking through the window.
27:33 In her heart she knew it was her own fault that she wasn't
27:37 going with them and she made a little promise to herself
27:42 that she would start right then to be more orderly and careful
27:47 with her things.
27:48 Then she dried her tears and went back to her mending...
27:53 She knew she had a lot to catch up on...
27:57 Did you like that story?
27:59 I did. There's lots to learn.
28:02 I think God has a special place for you in his great universe...
28:06 And he knows just where you belong and what you have to do.
28:11 Everyone has a place in this world, God gave you a part,
28:16 all your all, God helps you live in harmony,
28:21 God knows where everyone goes.
28:26 He knows where you go and where I go too.
28:29 I think I'll see you next week, okay!
28:31 Bye, bye!


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