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00:02 I'm glad you made it up just in time!
00:03 I'd just love being up for this!
00:05 So many fun things to do and right now I'm looking
00:08 for something!
00:09 Oh Bunny, how can you help me with your ears and whinny!
00:11 Ricky, you've all fallen over and over again!
00:13 Let's see! They have wheels and... I've found them already!
00:18 They have wheels and you put them on with straps and
00:22 they are really fun! Can you guess?
00:25 I'll show them to you!
00:27 They're roller-skates just like what I had when
00:32 I was a little girl and in just a minute I'll tell you
00:35 a story about them. OK?
00:45 It's so good to see you again!
00:48 Come up for a visit, my friend!
00:52 There's so much to do, I have so many things planned for you!
01:00 We'll laugh and we'll play,
01:03 we'll sing and we'll pray,
01:05 I'll tell you a story I took and
01:08 we'll be friends you and I,
01:15 yes, you and I
01:16 and J e s u s!
01:22 You know, these skates are very fancy compared to the
01:25 roller-skates that people have nowadays, but
01:27 they surely were fancy when I was a little girl!
01:30 And I wanted a pair so bad so I begged my folks
01:34 to get me a pair!
01:35 But they said, "Janice, number 1 we don't have enough money,
01:39 and number 2 you don't have a place to ride them anyway,
01:42 because there're so many rocks on the driveway."
01:44 So I went and I thought about that.
01:47 And I came up with an idea.
01:49 I went back to my dad and I said
01:50 "Dad, I've got a good idea!
01:52 How about if I sweep all the rocks off the driveway,
01:55 then I'll have a place to skate!"
01:57 And he said, "That'll be a good idea!"
01:59 And I said, "And you could pay me for sweeping them off and
02:01 then I'll have money to buy the skates with."
02:03 My dad laughed at me, but after he'd done laughing, he said,
02:06 "OK. You've come up with a plan. Let's do it."
02:09 So the very next day after school, I started sweeping
02:12 and I swept and I swept and I swept...
02:14 And I was so tired when I went to bed that day and
02:16 the next day I swept and I swept and I swept and again
02:19 I was so tired when I went to bed that day and
02:20 that went on for day after day after day and
02:23 my arms would get sore, my back would get sore and
02:27 I started to think to myself,
02:29 "I'm never going to get these rocks swept off this driveway
02:33 and I started to think,
02:34 Maybe I don't want a pair of skates anyways.
02:36 But then I was thinking, No, I do want a pair!
02:39 So I'd go back and work some more.
02:41 Well, finally after many days, I had the day came when I was
02:45 able to go to my dad and say,
02:48 "I've got all the rocks off the driveway." And he got all his
02:52 wallet and... he paid me.
02:55 And then we went down to the store and we bought my skates.
02:59 That was such a happy day because I now had skates!
03:04 And I remember it was so much fun to skate on those skates
03:08 and every time when I skated on those skates on that driveway
03:11 without any rocks, I thought to myself, "I earned these skates
03:15 all by myself and they made me feel so good about myself!"
03:18 You know, that's all work is all about!
03:21 It makes you feel good, you accomplished something useful
03:24 and there's lots of things you can do.
03:26 There're jobs for everybody!
03:28 Let's go meet carpenter Don and his helpers now!
03:31 Come on!
03:34 We need to make this shelf, make sure it's the correct size
03:37 guys!
03:39 Hello, carpenter Don!
03:41 Hello, Janice!
03:42 I'd like you to meet my friends!
03:44 Hi!
03:45 And I'd like you to meet carpenter Don!
03:47 It's a pleasure!
03:48 And I also have two friends that are helping me today,
03:50 Nathan and Matthew!
03:51 We're glad to meet them, aren't we?
03:53 Do you mind if we stay and watch you for a few minutes?
03:56 It's fine.
03:59 If you goanna watch, you'd have to watch it with safety glasses.
04:02 I'll put these on.
04:03 These are safety glasses?
04:05 Oh my, how do I look?
04:07 They look different when I look through them.
04:11 Yes, they do, but they protect your eyes so that wood chips
04:14 won't fall into your eyes and hurt your eyes.
04:16 That's a good idea!
04:18 Because they're very important to save your eyes.
04:20 And everybody has to have them on I see!
04:23 So what are you making?
04:25 Well, we're making a set of book shelves.
04:28 The guys and I are having a good time making these shelves
04:31 for the house and we had to follow our blueprints,
04:36 the plans that we have so that everything will fit together,
04:39 when we go to put it together.
04:41 Right now, we're checking out the measurements on that print,
04:44 we need to be very precise.
04:46 Let's see if Matthew and Nathan must get a really measurement
04:51 on here.
04:52 Nathan, hold the end there.
04:54 Yes, it's got to be exact when you do that.
04:58 26 and 3/8, that's correct!
05:01 I see it's important that they hold it at the right place.
05:05 Right. To be dependable.
05:07 Very, very dependable.
05:09 Because if he'd let it go,
05:10 I feel all your measurements are off, wouldn't it?
05:12 Yes, it would and then everything wouldn't fit.
05:14 What do we have here?
05:15 Matthew, have 14, that's correct.
05:19 So this the correct size of shelf.
05:21 We have a little problem.
05:25 We're making another shelf and
05:27 the shelf, I believe this is the correct one,
05:34 here's our broken one, right here.
05:37 Aha, it wasn't broken, it was miscut.
05:40 We weren't being precise with our square ness!
05:43 I'll show you how to square this.
05:46 Let's see. Line that up. Exactly.
05:48 So this is called the square!
05:51 Yes, the framing square.
05:53 And we put a line here and yes,
05:56 it does show we're out of square by 3 quarters of an inch.
05:59 So that just will not do.
06:01 It wouldn't fit, would it? It wouldn't fit.
06:03 So someone wasn't precise when they did that.
06:06 So you can see that being careful in how you measure
06:08 things is really important.
06:10 Very important.
06:11 And making your lines straight on everything.
06:13 Right.
06:14 And dependability when you're helping each other and
06:16 watching out and being very, very careful and
06:19 safety-conscious as you're working.
06:21 It looks that you have some dependable helpers here.
06:23 I do. I have two good ones.
06:25 That's great.
06:26 Thank you for letting us work with you, carpenter Don.
06:28 It's our pleasure to have you with us.
06:31 You'll need this and my friends and I are going to go and
06:34 see another carpenter now.
06:38 Our next carpenter spends most of his time working under water
06:41 Can you guess who he is?
06:42 You're right. He's Mr. Beaver.
06:45 And he's a very, very busy carpenter.
06:49 Did you know that every year beavers cut down over 200 trees?
06:55 That's a lot of trees to cut down, isn't it?
06:57 What do you think they use?
06:58 A saw, an axe? No! They use their teeth.
07:02 And God has given beavers some very special teeth.
07:06 Their teeth are like your finger nails.
07:08 They never, ever stop growing.
07:10 In fact, the harder a beaver works, the more trees
07:13 he cuts down, the sharper his teeth get.
07:16 Isn't that amazing?
07:18 And if he became a lazy beaver and just didn't bother going out
07:21 and cutting down trees, then his teeth would just get too long
07:24 and they'll get in and he could die.
07:27 So, for Mr. Beaver it's a good thing to work hard.
07:30 And he just keeps busy all the time, cutting down trees
07:34 and branches and building up his den to be just the right size
07:39 and he uses mud and plants, anything he can use to make it
07:43 large and damp, just the right size.
07:47 Would you like to see a real tree that the beaver cut down?
07:51 A beaver near my home cut this log down and if you look
07:55 real closely you'll be able to see the actual marks that
07:58 his teeth made.
08:00 And when he cut it down, these were some of the pieces that
08:04 he bit off with his teeth.
08:08 I don't think I'd want to be a beaver,
08:10 but God has made beavers with just the right tools so that
08:14 they can work hard and do just the right job
08:18 that they need to do.
08:25 Busy, busy, beaver?
08:28 You work from dawn till dusk,
08:30 You have no degree behind your name,
08:36 and yet you are many things just the same.
08:40 Engineer, architect, carpenter in a bustling
08:45 little ball of fur.
08:47 Busy as a beaver, busy as a beaver, I'll be busy today.
08:56 You are God's teacher from the wild, showing how to be
09:02 God's little child: careful, thorough, dear with
09:07 a great big toothy smile.
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10:15 This busy worker is one that's found in most every
10:19 part of the world.
10:20 In fact, you may have even found this worker
10:22 right inside your house!
10:25 Can you imagine that?
10:26 Have you guessed what he is?
10:27 You're right. He's an ant.
10:30 You know, ants are very, very small,
10:33 but they are very strong.
10:35 An ant can carry 27 times its own weight.
10:40 Charles, can you come here?
10:42 That means that if Charles was a little ant,
10:45 he'd be able to carry a small car.
10:48 Isn't that amazing?
10:49 It sure is.
10:51 I'll tell you ants are very amazing creatures.
10:54 You know these ants are so busy!
10:58 Maybe you've looked at an ant hill and on the outside
11:01 of an ant hill, you've just seen them all scurrying around.
11:03 It looks like the ants aren't doing anything,
11:05 but they are...
11:06 They are busy working,
11:08 they are carrying food and storing it away.
11:11 They're cleaning tunnels, they're building new tunnels.
11:14 They're taking care of the little baby ant eggs.
11:17 They're very busy working.
11:19 So I'll tell you what!
11:20 The next time you're walking down the road or wherever
11:23 you are and if you see a little ant crawling on the ground or
11:26 maybe crawling up on your shoe, you just bend right down and
11:30 you look at that little ant straight in the eye and you say,
11:33 "Mr. Ant, thank you for teaching me how to be persevering
11:36 and hard-working! In fact, I think I'll tell the ant
11:40 'Thank you' right now.
11:49 Oh, little ant, I'm bigger than you,
11:53 but I have lots to learn from you.
11:57 Oh, little ant, I need to work like you!
12:01 The upper, rounder, larger road you still come through.
12:04 Oh, little ant, I'm bigger than you,
12:09 but I can work so hard like you!
12:19 Hi, you know, what do you think about learning how to work?
12:22 Is it that you can work in the kitchen and you'll be able to
12:25 help your mom and dad? That's really good because when
12:28 you learn how to do things in the kitchen, you can learn
12:32 to make some healthy things and I'd like to show you
12:34 how to make something that's good for you and they
12:37 taste really good, it's a good dessert.
12:38 But I'll need the helper and Jana
12:40 I'm wondering if you can come and help.
12:42 Would you like to come?
12:44 We're going to make something really delicious, Jana and
12:46 it's called peanut butter cookies.
12:49 Did you wash your hands before you came?
12:51 Yes.
12:52 Good.
12:53 You always want to wash your hands before you start
12:54 working in the kitchen.
12:55 That's really important.
12:57 The first thing you put in peanut butter cookies is...
12:59 peanut butter!
13:02 That's right! And you measure a half a cup!
13:04 And you take your spatula and you scrape it up, really up,
13:08 because you don't want to waste!
13:09 When I was a little girl, my mom had a saying,
13:12 "Waste not, want not!"
13:15 So I'm going to scrape well so that you won't waste any.
13:18 You put in your peanut butter.
13:21 The next thing you put in is a quarter cup of honey.
13:29 It's not very much, but it makes it sweet enough
13:32 but we don't want them too sweet because honey is a sugar and
13:33 then we want to put in two tablespoons of oil.
13:37 See how big the tablespoon looks! It's nice and big!
13:41 And we put two of those!
13:43 And the next thing that we're putting in is
13:45 half a teaspoon of vanilla!
13:48 That's one that's this size!
13:50 And then we're going to put in a quarter of teaspoon of salt.
13:54 That's not very big, is it?
13:55 So we put that in and then we want to start
13:58 getting all stirred well.
14:00 Would you like to stir that for me, Jana?
14:02 You can stir that really well.
14:04 While Jana's stirring that, I'd like to show you the flour
14:07 that we're going to put in.
14:09 You look at these two flours and you tell me which one
14:11 do you think is whole-wheat flour?
14:14 Can you guess? You're right.
14:17 It's this one because it's darker and the reason it is
14:19 darker is because it hasn't gone through the refining process.
14:23 You see, white flour they've refined it
14:25 and when they refined it, they took out
14:27 most of the good vitamins and minerals and the fiber and
14:30 whole-wheat flour is much better for you because it still has
14:35 all the fiber and has everything in it that God put in the wheat
14:39 to begin with it, that's very good for us.
14:42 And we want to put in
14:44 a whole cup of whole-wheat flour
14:46 So, I'll fill this cup just a little more.
14:51 And we'll put it in like this!
14:54 Jenny, you just keep right on stirring!
14:58 And you want to get all the ingredients all stirred
15:01 around real carefully so that you have a nice even consistency
15:05 in your cookies because you wouldn't want your cookies
15:09 to have a lump of peanut butter in one place or
15:11 a lump of honey in another place. You want it all evenly
15:14 mixed together and while Janna's stirring well,
15:16 I'll spray some shortening unto here. It's nice to use
15:20 a spray shortening because then it's not as high a fat content
15:24 for your cookies.
15:25 Would you like me to help you finish that for a minute, Jana?
15:28 Stirring together is a little bit hard, isn't it?
15:30 In fact, sometimes you can even mix your fingers and your hands,
15:33 at the very end because at peanut butter cookie,
15:35 that's sometimes what you need to do.
15:38 That's good to scrape off the spatula.
15:45 And then we can start rolling them into balls.
15:49 And you can just set the spatula down to the side there.
15:53 That's great.
15:54 And then we can start rolling them into the nice little balls
15:57 and shaping them into the cookies.
16:01 And line them up neatly unto the tray.
16:05 I'll move this spatula out of the way.
16:10 You can roll a few more and
16:13 I'll start squashing them down with a fork.
16:17 Well, you know, Jana and I are
16:20 going to finish working on these cookies now and
16:27 while we're doing that
16:28 why don't you look at some other ways that kids can be helpful
16:33 and the kids can do work.
16:34 And you look right now while Jana and I are finishing
16:37 with the cookies. Are you ready?
16:38 Start looking!
16:41 Washing dishes is a great way.
16:44 We wouldn't want to eat of dirty dishes, would we?
16:46 Whew, stacking wood that gives you B I G muscles!
16:53 And folding clothes!
16:54 That's the only way to keep your drawers organized!
16:59 Gardening is a good way to get exercise and it's fun too!
17:05 Picking up the litter helps keep the playground neat and tidy!
17:11 And mowing the lawn makes your yard look BEAUTIFUL!
17:17 Well, we let our cookies baked for 8 minutes and we baked them
17:20 at 350 for 8 minutes.
17:22 And Jana, you're tasting one, right now.
17:24 What do you think of it?
17:25 Really, really good.
17:28 Oh, I think I'd like to taste one too.
17:30 And remember this is something you can make at home,
17:34 because they're easy and they're good for you too.
17:37 I'm going to taste one too!
17:38 And we're going away for a minute, but we'll be back
17:41 and I think we have a friend waiting for us outside.
17:44 See you there!
17:47 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a good
17:49 friend of Jesus is by spending
17:51 personal time with Him every day?
17:53 Well, adults do it by praying and by reading their Bibles.
17:56 But if you can't read it, it's kind of hard, isn't it?
18:00 Or maybe you dislike listening to tapes.
18:02 Well, here's a fun way to have your very own devotions
18:06 every morning when you get up.
18:07 Janice has made this morning-time devotions
18:09 for kids and for you,
18:12 complete with songs, prayers and stories!
18:14 For more information, have your parents write to...
18:33 or call...
18:46 "Hi, Doctor Nevis!" "Hello, Janice!"
18:49 Can you tell our friends what we're doing outside here?
18:52 We're out here because we want to talk about EXERCISE!
18:54 E X E R C I S E!
18:56 Exercise is really important to help,
18:58 to build strong bones and muscles!
19:01 Tell me why is exercise important to do that?
19:04 We know that when we don't exercise something,
19:08 your muscles get to be really weak and flabby and
19:12 your bones don't stay strong at all!
19:15 It's really important to exercise!
19:18 When you exercise your muscles get nice and big and
19:20 your bones get great and strong!
19:23 I know there're kids out there that want to have strong muscles
19:27 Oh yes!
19:28 What can they do to get exercise in order to be strong?
19:31 Well, you know, the games that we play outside give us
19:35 a lots of great exercise because we strengthen our muscles and
19:39 our arms and our legs too.
19:42 And when we're indoors, we can get exercise when we're helping
19:45 mommy or daddy!
19:46 Helping is giving exercise?
19:48 You know how we can do that?
19:50 How? Tell me!
19:51 When we're going up and down the stairs,
19:52 when we're helping to carry things for mom or carrying
19:54 things for dad, we get our exercise.
19:57 Good point.
19:59 What about if we're shopping and we can have a choice between
20:01 an elevator or stairs?
20:03 How should we convince our mom which way?
20:05 We'll get much more exercise
20:07 when we go up and down the stairs!
20:09 A very good thing for us to do!
20:12 Remember that when you're outside or when you're inside
20:15 doing your exercise, you're helping to build
20:18 a healthy mind and a real strong body.
20:21 That's the way God wants it for us.
20:23 And you're saying
20:24 we can get exercise in lots of the little things
20:26 we do around the house.
20:28 That's right.
20:29 It's a lot more fun doing them, sitting down and looking at TV!
20:32 I think so. Those kids look that they're having fun!
20:34 They surely are! They surely are!
20:36 I'll tell you what. We need to go to our story corner now.
20:39 Then after story corner's over, you can go out and play.
20:41 You come with me and thank you Dr.Nevis
20:44 for telling us about exercise.
20:46 You're welcome.
20:47 OK. Let's go.
20:50 It feels good to relax after a busy day of work, doesn't it?
20:54 And I just like sitting here by my stove, up in my attic.
20:58 I really love reading stories. How about you?
21:00 Have you got all comfortable?
21:01 I sure am.
21:05 Father placed an affectionate arm around 14-year old Bill as
21:08 he started talking to him.
21:09 "Our country is in very difficult financial times and
21:13 the 55 dollars that I earn each month isn't enough any more.
21:17 Your mother and I are having a very hard time
21:20 making the ends meet.
21:21 We all love each other lots, but with eleven in our family,
21:25 there just isn't enough money to go around.
21:28 You know Bill we had several offers to put some of the
21:31 younger children into other homes.
21:33 And I've been thinking, maybe we should accept one of the offers.
21:36 What do you think?"
21:38 Bill gave his father an anxious look as he
21:41 emphatically answered,
21:43 "No, never, father, we won't let any of the children get put
21:47 in different homes!
21:48 I'm the oldest and I can go find a job!
21:50 We must all stay together!"
21:53 "I knew I could count on you, son!"
21:56 Father looked relieved as he patted Bill on the shoulder.
21:59 "But listen, before you go looking for a job,
22:02 I want to give you a secret key.
22:06 Remember it, son, because it will bring you great success!
22:10 He carefully took a small package out of his pocket
22:14 and handed it to Bill.
22:16 Bill was very curious as he began opening the package.
22:19 Inside was a key.
22:22 He wondered what his father
22:24 meant by giving him an ordinary key.
22:26 But then he turned it over and on the back, he read:
22:31 "Do more than is expected of you."
22:35 Bill thought about those words as he started out
22:38 in search of a job.
22:40 "Do more than is expected of you."
22:43 The words rang in his ears. They became a part of him.
22:47 He went from place to place, applying for work.
22:50 When he applied for a job at the Union Pacific Railroad,
22:54 the foreman liked what he saw.
22:55 So he gave Bill his first job.
22:57 Bill's job was to work in the railroad shops where mechanics
23:01 repair the locomotives.
23:02 He had to sweep all the rooms in the building.
23:05 He would be working in night shift from 7 in the evening
23:08 until 7 in the morning.
23:11 And his wages would be 15 dollars a month.
23:15 He put his father's secret into action.
23:18 He always did more than was expected of him.
23:21 After all his sweeping jobs were done,
23:24 he'd go help the telegraph agent.
23:26 This was more than he was expected to do.
23:28 The agent said he was a right, promising boy and taught him
23:31 how to send messages along the telegraph wires.
23:35 Two years passed.
23:37 The day came when a new clerk was needed
23:40 in the maintenance department.
23:42 The foreman in charge of sweeping and the telegraph
23:45 agent both gave a good recommendation about Bill.
23:48 They said, "He was a right, promising boy who always
23:51 did more than was expected of him."
23:55 So he got the job.
23:56 He kept the same habits in his new job as
23:59 clerk of maintenance department.
24:01 He always did more than he was paid for.
24:04 When he'd finished all the work the clerk was expected to do,
24:07 he went and helped the time keeper.
24:10 After a few years, the time keeper retired.
24:13 And Bill became the time keeper.
24:15 He was rising higher and higher in the business.
24:18 In his new job, Bill used his secret again.
24:21 He was always willing to do more than he was paid for.
24:25 Soon, he was moved up to
24:27 very responsible position of train dispatcher.
24:30 He had to make sure that some of the trains running through
24:34 his state run on schedule.
24:36 After a while, he was promoted
24:38 to the position of the chief train dispatcher.
24:41 Now, he was responsible for keeping all the trains
24:45 running through his state on time.
24:47 And his salary was 120 dollars a month.
24:52 Quite an improvement over what he had been paid for
24:55 his first sweeping job and that was even more than
24:58 his dad was earning now!
25:00 Because he'd developed good habits in all his other jobs,
25:03 he continued to use his magic secret.
25:06 The Union Pacific Railroad Company needed a train master.
25:10 The local railroad officials searched for a responsible
25:14 person to fill the position.
25:15 And guess who is chosen?
25:18 You guessed it! Bill!
25:21 The young man who did more than he was paid for.
25:24 Soon a train master was needed in a larger city and
25:28 Bill was hired and higher paid.
25:31 All the train masters before him had examined the railroad tracks
25:35 while they sat in the back of
25:37 their comfortable private railroad cars,
25:40 but Bill was in the habit of doing every job better,
25:42 so he walked over every mile of the main line,
25:46 carefully inspecting the tracks
25:48 for any damaged or dangerous spots.
25:51 Now let's think of the beginning of our story.
25:55 The reason that Bill got a job
25:57 was to help his family stay together.
25:59 Do you remember what his first job was?
26:01 That's right. Sweeping floors
26:03 for the Union Pacific Railroad Company.
26:06 Well, he always did every job better than was expected of him.
26:10 So he kept getting better paying jobs.
26:14 And during the war practically every person
26:16 in the United States had heard of him
26:20 because he had become so wealthy and famous.
26:22 His full name was William M. Jeffers.
26:25 Later on, he even became the president of the
26:28 Union Pacific Railroad, which was one of the largest railroad
26:32 companies in the whole world.
26:34 Do you remember what his magic key was?
26:37 That's right.
26:39 Do more than is expected of you.
26:43 Let's say that together.
26:45 Do more than is expected of you!
26:48 Good.
26:50 When Bill was a boy, he got in the habit of doing more
26:52 than was expected of him.
26:54 And THAT was his key to success!
26:57 He used it in the little jobs,
26:59 the boring jobs and the difficult jobs.
27:02 And let me tell you a little secret.
27:05 That's a key that will make
27:09 you a happy, good worker too!
27:12 Whatever you do, do it all, whatever you do, do it all,
27:20 it may not be easy, it may not be hard,
27:25 but whatever you do, do it all!
27:31 Whatever you do, do your best!
27:34 Whatever you do, do your best!
27:39 It may not be easy, it may not be hard,
27:43 But whatever you do, do your best!
27:47 Whatever you do, do it all!
27:51 Whatever you do, do your best!
27:55 Let's both promise to do that, OK?!
27:58 See you next time.
28:00 Bye!


Revised 2014-12-17