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00:01 Do you know what this is?
00:03 This is an earthenware jug.
00:04 And this is an earthenware jar.
00:06 And in Bible times these are the kind of containers
00:08 that they used to put their food in.
00:10 Now those days they couldn't just march down to
00:13 the grocery store and buy flour could they?
00:15 Instead they had to grow it,
00:17 but you can't grow flour can you?
00:19 You have to grow wheat and so they would get it
00:24 growing in the fields and it would turn green.
00:26 Then would come fall and it would
00:27 turn a nice golden yellow.
00:28 They would want with their big knives and harvested it.
00:31 Then they would bring it inside and hang it up to dry.
00:35 This part is where all the little kernels of wheat are.
00:38 Then after it was all dry then they could bring it
00:42 into their house, or sometimes they did outside,
00:45 very often in fact.
00:46 They had to get the little tiny
00:48 grains of wheat out of the husk.
00:51 You know considering how big this whole stock is,
00:55 the little grain of wheat is not very big at all.
00:58 Then when they wanted to make flour they could pour
01:01 some other kernels of wheat into a little bowl called
01:04 a mortar, and they would use the pistol to grind it.
01:07 I want to take the story of about some of these
01:09 things so don't go away okay.
02:09 Make sure you pay close attention because we are
02:11 going to have a mystery word today that you will
02:14 want to figure out by the end of this program.
02:16 Now I will be talking along and certain words
02:18 that I say will be called Key words.
02:21 When a key word comes up it will show right on
02:24 this side of the screen at the bottom.
02:26 One of the letters in it will be bigger
02:27 and a bright color.
02:29 Then that letter from the key word will come over
02:33 into the right slot of the mystery word.
02:37 Then you will have to figure out as those spaces
02:39 get filled up what the mystery word is.
02:42 Are you ready for our story?
02:43 Prophet Elisha lived in Israel and there was
02:46 a terrible famine happening.
02:48 He was so hungry and he was getting hungrier and
02:53 hungrier and God said to him go to the village of
02:57 Zarephath and there will be a widow there
02:59 who I have commanded to give you food to eat.
03:02 So he went there and sure enough outside the gate
03:06 the widow and her little boy were collecting
03:08 sticks to build a fire.
03:10 He walked up to her and he said, " would you please
03:13 give me a drink of water and a loaf of bread?"
03:16 She looked at him and she said, "Sir I can't do that,
03:19 why I only have enough flour and enough oil to make
03:22 a little loaf of bread for my boy and I and after
03:25 we eat it we'll just die. "
03:27 Well then prophet Elisha said to her, "you know God
03:32 has promised that if you will make a loaf of bread
03:35 for me that the jar of flour will not be used up and
03:39 the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the
03:43 Lord gives rain on the land. "
03:45 And that promise is in 1 Kings Chapter seventeen.
03:48 She looked at him and she thought and then she decided
03:53 to trust God and share what she had.
03:55 So she went in the house and her little boy followed.
03:58 They looked in the flour pot and sure enough there
04:02 wasn't much flour there.
04:04 So she started to scrape it out and get flour to make it
04:08 and her little boy was he just watching.
04:12 I'm sure he was so curious as she had to kind of
04:15 shake it to get just the last little bit out.
04:19 Then she made a little dent in it
04:22 and got her jug of oil.
04:25 She had to pour as it was just starting to get the
04:30 very last drop, there wasn't just any more left.
04:35 She kept mixing, and have you smelled when someone
04:40 is baking bread, the smell of the flour
04:43 and everything going together?
04:45 It smells so good and that's just how the little boy was
04:51 thinking and so was the mom.
04:53 It just smelled so good and they wanted to have some
04:56 of that bread so bad, and yet they knew that
05:00 this loaf wasn't for them.
05:02 She kept kneading it together and she shaped it
05:06 into the nicest little loaf and she put it over
05:09 on her little fire.
05:11 Of course I don't have a real fire there but
05:16 that is how she baked it on her little fire.
05:18 And oh it smelled so good a she was baking it.
05:21 When the little boy smelt the good smell I think
05:25 he probably thought to himself,
05:26 I wonder if there's more flour in the barrel?
05:29 And so he went over and looked, and sure enough
05:32 there was more flour.
05:35 Then he thought to himself,
05:37 I wonder if there is more oil?
05:39 And he looked and there was more oil, so she got
05:42 the jug of flour out again and scooped lots of flour.
05:48 And all was going to be so good to have a loaf
05:53 of bread for them too.
05:56 And there was plenty of oil to make it,
06:00 and she started to mix it up, loaf for them.
06:03 In fact the Bible says, that the "jar of flour and the jug of oil
06:09 did not run dry in keeping with the word of the
06:12 Lord spoken by Elisha. "
06:14 I think I shall wash my hands and then let's go
06:16 to the Wonder Room okay?
06:26 You know it's good to find out what
06:27 things mean, isn't it?
06:29 Let's look up thoughtful.
06:30 We can look it up in the dictionary or on the computer.
06:33 Let's use the computer.
06:35 Now you need to know how to spell to do this, don't you?
06:37 Help me spell it okay?
06:38 T- h-o-u-g-h-t, that's thought, this is thoughtful
06:45 so we have to add f-u-I.
06:48 Thoughtful, showing concern for others.
06:52 You know God has made it so that animals are thoughtful
06:55 also, shall we go see some?
06:57 Come on!
07:01 Do you like my elephants?
07:03 I like elephants, I love their long trunks.
07:06 I think one of the reasons that God gave elephants
07:09 trunks is because they use them to help each other
07:12 when one of them is hurt.
07:13 If one of them is injured they use their trunk to lift
07:16 them up and help take them where they need to go.
07:18 You know I read a story once about some elephants
07:21 who were very sick.
07:23 They had parasites inside of them that were eating
07:26 nutrients and so they weren't getting any nourishment.
07:29 They were getting thinner and thinner,
07:30 this whole herd of elephants.
07:32 So one of the healthy females realized the problem
07:34 and she led all the other elephants over
07:38 to the edge of a cliff.
07:39 There was limestone rocks on the cliff and she had
07:42 them hack out big pieces of the lime in the stone
07:45 rocks and then they told them to mix it with gravel.
07:48 Using their trunks they feed each other this mixture
07:53 of limestone rock and gravel.
07:55 They just feed pounds and pounds of it to each other.
07:59 Then within 24 hours they were healthy and
08:03 they were getting strong again.
08:05 I think that is so incredible.
08:07 You know when a baby elephant calf is born
08:10 there is no doctor or hospital.
08:12 So the different elephant mothers come by and they help.
08:16 When one mother has a calf the other one takes care
08:19 of the newborn calf until the mother is
08:21 healthy enough to do it herself.
08:23 Another animal that is called a calf,
08:25 when it is a baby, is a giraffe.
08:27 I like giraffes, don't you?
08:29 Do you know that giraffes have day care centers?
08:32 They do, just a few of the mothers will gather
08:35 together all the babies and the other mothers
08:38 will go off and eat and relax while just a few
08:41 are taking care of the babies.
08:43 Once those ones had eaten then they come back
08:46 and they take care of the babies and the other
08:48 ones go off and take a break.
08:50 So they all help each other to get a break
08:51 and get some rest.
08:52 I think that is neat, they have to be so careful when
08:55 they are the ones running the day care center because
08:58 there are very fierce enemies that would just love to
09:00 eat at tasty giraffe for dinner.
09:02 There are leopards and hyenas and lions around that
09:06 would make a quick meal out of a giraffe.
09:09 But even the Lions, who are fierce enemies of the
09:12 giraffe within their own group, or pride
09:15 is what a lion group is called.
09:17 They are very gentle and loving of one another.
09:20 The lion mothers are so gentle with their babies.
09:24 They just take good care of them.
09:26 Even the lion adults spend a lot of time licking each
09:31 other and just being kind and gentle with one another.
09:34 In fact, if one lion is hurt or injured the other lions
09:40 will go off and get food and bring it back and feed it
09:45 to the one who has been hurt.
09:47 I think it is so incredible that God could give
09:50 animals instinct like that.
09:53 To take care of one another and be thoughtful.
09:56 I think I want to too!
09:58 If elephants can help their hurt friends up
10:05 if the Lions give each other food
10:10 if young giraffes are cared for all day long
10:14 then I can be more thoughtful too!
10:18 I can be more thoughtful I can be more thoughtful
10:22 just like the animals do.
10:26 If creatures of the wild can show they care
10:30 then I can be more thoughtful too!
10:38 Hey kids if you love all the fun things you can do
10:41 with Janice and her friends you'll flip over this.
10:44 It's Janice's activity book loaded with fun this book
10:48 teaches Scripture through mazes, puzzles, dot to dot
10:51 games, coloring and more.
10:53 And the best part is, it's free!
10:56 Let's take a look inside.
10:58 The Scripture on this page says, "Jesus Christ is
11:01 the same yesterday, today and forever. "
11:04 Now let's circle pictures that are the same,
11:07 that's right you got the idea.
11:10 There are many more fun filled activities in this book
11:13 just waiting for you.
11:14 By the way did I mention, it's free!
11:45 Oh this is lots of fun.
11:47 You know my friends and I have been talking about doing
11:49 thoughtful things and that's what you are doing here.
11:54 Thank you for letting us come.
11:57 Thank you dear heart your are so thoughtful.
12:01 Tell me something Edith, do you like it when these
12:04 children come and sing?
12:05 Come and see me, I should say so.
12:08 I'm very fond of children.
12:10 All that's wonderful and they brought
12:13 you flowers and everything.
12:14 Yes I should say so.
12:17 But how does it make you feel when they come?
12:19 Well it gives us a lot of happiness because
12:23 they are always so happy.
12:24 The children are always happy.
12:25 You know making other people feel good sure does
12:28 make you feel good too.
12:30 That's what it's children have said.
12:32 And speaking of that, Dr. Neblett is going to tell us
12:34 about some other things that make us feel so good.
12:37 So let's go okay?
12:41 Hello Dr. Neblett, hello Janice!
12:42 We just got back from visiting some shut in friends.
12:44 That must've been like a ray of sunshine for them.
12:47 It was and you know what, it also brighten
12:49 my day to be able to do it.
12:51 You know that reminds me of what sunshine does for us.
12:53 How is that?
12:55 Well a couple of things.
12:56 You know that sunshine makes us warm.
12:58 It also helps to kill germs which is important to me
13:01 as a doctor, I'll say!
13:02 But also helps us to grow.
13:04 Because the sun comes to our skin and our skin turns
13:07 it into vitamin D which makes their bones grow.
13:09 Not only us but also plants.
13:13 Why are you bringing up plants?
13:14 The reason why I am bringing up plants is because the
13:17 sun gets on the leaves and the leaves make oxygen.
13:20 The oxygen is what is important for us.
13:22 So believes must give the oxygen off,
13:25 because I don't, is that how we get it?
13:27 That's exactly right, as a matter of fact let me
13:29 show you on Frank, our model right here.
13:31 When we breathe in oxygen it goes to our lungs,
13:34 which are right here.
13:35 And then it goes out to our body.
13:37 As a matter of fact I would like to show you
13:39 how this works.
13:40 We can live a while without food, you've probably know
13:43 that, we can also live not as long without water.
13:46 But without oxygen we can only live a few minutes.
13:48 So which you like to try an experiment with me,
13:51 maybe the kids at home can try it too.
13:52 Alright here we go.
13:54 What I want you to do is take a big breath, let your
13:58 lungs expand, and I want you to hold it.
14:00 Okay can you do that? Okay!
14:02 Right now? Okay lets go.
14:04 Now what you just did was to breathe in oxygen through
14:08 the lungs which I call my station.
14:09 Our heart which is like the engine takes that oxygen up
14:13 into the tissue.
14:14 When it gets out here we picked up a carbon.
14:17 It's called carbon dioxide, and it comes back around,
14:20 how are you doing?
14:21 Okay wait a minute I'm almost there, wait,
14:24 wait almost there, and it comes back to the
14:26 station and now you can breathe.
14:29 That was hard, wasn't it?
14:31 Okay now what you just breathed out was carbon dioxide.
14:35 CO2, Oh is this CO2 like a name for carbon dioxide?
14:41 You are exactly right.
14:43 And this carbon dioxide goes over to our plants, and with
14:46 the sunlight and carbon dioxide it makes oxygen.
14:50 That oxygen comes right back over to us, we breathe it
14:54 into our lungs and breathe out the carbon dioxide and
14:57 around the circle goes.
14:59 So we need the plants to make oxygen, and the plants
15:03 need us to make carbon dioxide.
15:05 That is exactly correct!
15:06 What a lot of thought God must've put into making this
15:11 world work like that.
15:12 I think it's marvelous, without us making carbon dioxide
15:16 the plants would not grow.
15:17 Without the plants making oxygen, we couldn't live.
15:21 That's wonderful you know why really think you're right.
15:23 Fresh air and sunshine are important because it must
15:27 keep us healthy, what I feel good that I love doing nice
15:31 things for other people.
15:32 I agree!
15:36 Fresh air and sunshine, fresh air and sunshine.
15:42 Keep you healthy along your way
15:47 fresh air and sunshine, fresh air and sunshine
15:53 brighten your day to day
15:58 just like a breath of fresh air,
16:01 just like a ray of sunshine
16:04 you can chase those clouds away.
16:09 Fresh air and sunshine, fresh air and sunshine.
16:15 Brighten your day today
16:20 brighten your world today.
16:32 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a
16:36 good friend of Jesus is by spending personal time
16:38 with Him every day?
16:39 Well adults do that by praying and by reading
16:42 their Bibles, but if you can't read it's
16:45 kind of hard isn't it?
16:46 Or maybe you were just like listening to tapes.
16:49 Well here's a fun way to have your very own devotions
16:52 every morning when you get up.
16:54 Janice has made these morning time devotions for her
16:57 kids and for you.
16:58 Complete with songs, prayers and stories.
17:01 For more information have your parents write to:
17:33 Can you see air?
17:35 You can't can you?
17:37 But you can feel it, take a big deep breath.
17:40 Couldn't you feel it going into your mouth?
17:43 I could, you can't see it but even though you can't see
17:47 it, it's nearly everywhere.
17:49 Here is an experiment you can try at home
17:51 in order to prove that.
17:52 You need a bowl, and you need to put water in your bowl.
17:55 Then you need a cup, and if you want you can do what
17:59 I've done, you can put a piece around the
18:01 inside of the cup.
18:02 Now let's try something to see if there's air
18:05 inside this cup, can you see the air?
18:07 You can't can you?
18:09 When you put it into the water pushed it straight down.
18:14 Right down to the bottom, now let's pull it up and see
18:20 if there's water in it.
18:21 Pull it straight up again, did the paper get wet?
18:25 No, because the air inside the cup made it so that the
18:31 water couldn't go in there, there was no room for it.
18:33 Now let's do it again, push it straight down.
18:36 Now tilt the cup like this, and what is happening?
18:41 Bubbles, the air from the inside of the cup is
18:45 bubbling out and letting water go in.
18:49 So now look at the paper, it is all wet.
18:53 You know air kind of reminds me of love,
18:56 you can't see can you?
18:57 And just like love you, can't see love either.
19:00 But when God puts love inside of your heart, it makes
19:04 you do things for other people that you can see.
19:07 I think that is neat.
19:15 Thoughtfulness and selfishness they are hard to learn.
19:20 But God has promised He will help me every day.
19:25 He will help me see a way a make your work so light,
19:30 he'll help me find a way to make your day so bright.
19:35 With people around me I can share,
19:41 for people around me I can care.
19:46 The people around me need my love,
19:51 the people around me need to know about God above.
20:02 The Bible says that love is the most powerful thing
20:05 there is, I wonder how that can be
20:07 when we can't see love?
20:09 Well let's think about it, remember we talked before
20:11 about how air and love are about the same.
20:13 You can't see air either, but it is strong too!
20:16 Here's an experiment you can try as long as you have an
20:19 adult or parent to help you and will show that to you.
20:22 Take like a pop bottle, a good strong plastic bottle.
20:26 Take the lid and make all little hole in the top to
20:29 stick a straw through.
20:30 Then take modeling clay and sealed up on each side,
20:34 because you want it to be airtight.
20:36 Then in your bottle, put some ice cubes in the bottom
20:40 of the bottle and it's fun to put in some food coloring
20:42 to have it make a color.
20:44 Then put cold water in, I'll will put just
20:47 a little bit more.
20:48 And you want to fill the bottle may be about
20:50 1/3 full, and then you put the lid on.
20:54 Get the lid nice and straight that it will make a nice
20:59 tight seal.
21:02 This is the part where you will want to roll up your
21:05 sleeves and have on an apron, then lowered into a nice
21:10 hot pot of water.
21:12 Then see what happens.
21:15 Do you want to know why this is happening?
21:17 The air inside the bottle is being warmed by the
21:22 hot water, and when air gets warm it gets bigger.
21:26 Then when it gets bigger it pushes on the water
21:29 that was in the bottle and pushes the water up
21:32 and out of the straw.
21:34 That's kind of what God's love is like isn't it?
21:37 When He warms us with His love we just bubble out with
21:41 nice things we want to do for people.
21:43 Let's go have a story, Okay?
21:58 Are you ready for a story, Yeah!
22:01 You know this book when I was a little girl,
22:03 Secret Of The Cave was my favorite book.
22:06 I want to share this story with you now.
22:08 It was the talk of the village, everybody was
22:12 wondering who is in McCollum's cave last night.
22:16 Old Peter McDonnell had been going home very late.
22:20 He had an old gray beard, and walked with a cane,
22:22 and he was going home with his sheep.
22:25 As he was walking along in front of the Cave,
22:29 he had heard banging noises with hammers,
22:31 and nails, and boards.
22:33 Of course he didn't get afraid because Scottish shepherds
22:36 don't get afraid or anything.
22:38 But he did walk home just a little
22:40 bit faster that night.
22:41 They couldn't figure it out because all of them
22:44 had explored that cave so many times and they knew
22:47 that it had little alleyways, you know all different
22:51 ways you can go inside the cave.
22:54 They knew that nobody was inside the cave and so
22:57 everybody was talking about it.
22:59 Over at the store they were talking about it.
23:01 On the street corners they were talking about it.
23:03 One person would say I think it's spies and another
23:06 person would say on no its smugglers.
23:08 And someone else would say it couldn't be spies and
23:12 it couldn't be smugglers because what would spies
23:14 want to see in our village in Longview?
23:17 We are just a sleepy little village
23:18 there's is nothing to see.
23:19 And someone else would say and what would
23:23 smugglers want I mean why would they want
23:25 to be hiding things way out here?
23:27 This isn't it near any big city or anything.
23:29 So nobody could figure it out.
23:31 Finally some of the people just said we think Peter McDonnell is
23:36 hearing things, he is getting old and his hearing
23:38 is going funny that's what it is.
23:40 But there were two boys that were very interested in
23:44 the story and that was Oscar and Bruce McLaren.
23:49 They were the sons of the game keeper who lived just a little
23:52 bit out on the outskirts of the village.
23:54 They would run from this group and listen to those
23:57 details and then they go listen to these details
23:59 from another group because they were so curious
24:03 to find out who it could be.
24:04 Now, their mom and dad were away because their mother
24:08 had gotten very, very sick.
24:10 So their father had taken their mother to a hospital
24:14 way over in Glasco.
24:16 So they were home all alone, so this was
24:19 very exciting for them.
24:21 Well the next day some of the villagers decided
24:25 that they should really go out to the cave and
24:28 just look through the cave because then at least they would
24:32 be able to figure out whether Peter McDonnell was
24:34 really hearing things or not.
24:36 You can imagine when the villagers decided to go,
24:39 guess who wanted to go with them?
24:42 Oh Bruce and Oscar wanted to go so bad, but the
24:48 villagers told them they could not.
24:49 They said Bruce and Oscar we let you go, what if you
24:54 got shot your parents would be so upset when
24:57 they came back and found two dead boys.
24:59 We cannot let you go, but Bruce and Oscar begged to
25:03 be able to go so finally they decided to let them.
25:06 Well it was evening when they headed out toward the
25:09 cave, quite a big group of men plus the two boys.
25:12 They walked and they walked and finally they got there.
25:16 The tide was out so they could start climbing up
25:20 to the cave, and a whole bunch of the men said
25:22 well, we will wait down here at the entrance.
25:24 We won't go inside so only six men were
25:27 brave enough to go in.
25:28 And Oscar and Bruce wanted to go inside so bad and the
25:33 other men said no you need to stay down here with us.
25:35 But Oscar and Bruce just begged to go inside so finally
25:39 they let them go in.
25:40 They came up to the entrance of the cave and
25:43 it was all dark and black inside.
25:47 And woo, they would make a sound like that and the
25:50 voice echoed and everybody was kind of nervous and
25:53 their hearts were patting, patting, patting.
25:55 They flipped on their flashlights and in they went.
25:59 They started going down this alley and came out of
26:03 that one because it was nothing there.
26:05 So they would go down this alley and finally they
26:08 came to a place where there was some rocks falling
26:10 down and people started looking at that.
26:13 Oscar said old look up here there is marks on the
26:16 walls let's look up here.
26:18 But there was nothing there either so they all
26:21 came out and they went home.
26:22 The next day everybody said Peter McDonnell he's
26:26 just hearing things it's not really true.
26:28 But that very night there was a huge storm and a boat
26:35 just disappeared from the beach during the storm.
26:38 And nobody could figure it out because Scottish
26:42 fishermen always tie up their boats perfectly.
26:45 They don't leave their boats loose,
26:47 they tie them up really well.
26:49 So everybody thought someone had stolen the boat.
26:52 Well you can imagine their surprise when just a few
26:56 days later the boat appeared back on the beach,
27:00 it was tied up and it had a patch over a little
27:05 hole it had gotten somehow while it was gone.
27:07 You can imagine everybody in that village was
27:11 wondering and talking.
27:13 Next week we will find out more.
27:16 Do you remember our mystery word?
27:19 Did you catch it?
27:20 You're right it was sunshine.
27:22 Sunshine is kind of like thoughtfulness isn't it?
27:25 Because sunshine makes us happy and being thoughtful
27:28 makes people happy.
27:29 You know you have made me happy today and I would like
27:32 to see you again next time okay?
27:34 Bye-bye!


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