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00:03 I'm really looking forward to mail man Kenny coming today
00:06 because he's going to have a package in the mail for me.
00:09 So, I'm eager to see when he'll get here.
00:12 It's 10.30 now, and he usually gets here any time between
00:16 10.30, or closer to 11, so I shouldn't be concerned
00:20 because he's always on time, and he's always dependable,
00:23 rain or shine, but I just really want my package to come.
00:29 Well, I'm sure he'll be here any minute.
00:33 Have you ever really looked forward to something coming,
00:36 like I'm right now?
00:39 You really just can't wait for it to happen, right?
00:42 I think I'll look again.
00:45 He's there, and I think he's actually a little bit
00:47 earlier than usual, so I'm going to check if he can
00:50 have time to come in for a little visit.
00:55 [Music for Credits]
01:01 It's so good to see you again.
01:05 Come up for a visit my friend.
01:10 There's so much to do, I have so many things
01:13 planned for you.
01:18 We'll laugh and we'll play,
01:21 we'll sing and we'll pray.
01:23 I'll tell you a story or 2
01:27 and we'll be friends, you and I,
01:32 yes, you and I and Jesus.
01:40 I'm happy you're here once again.
01:44 It's so nice to have you as my friend.
01:52 Before I introduce you to mail man Kenny, I want to
01:54 remind you about the mystery word, Ok?
01:56 Remember the keywords that I say will come up on this side,
02:00 and then the important letter will be bigger and brighter,
02:03 and it'll jump out and come right over into the
02:06 correct spot in the mystery word.
02:08 It looks like today's mystery word has 8 letters.
02:11 So, are you ready to start? Pay real close attention.
02:14 Well, mailman Kenny, I'd like to introduce you to my friends.
02:17 Hi there.
02:19 And it looks like you've brought my package for me.
02:21 You been looking for this?
02:22 Oh, have I ever. Oh, and a letter too.
02:25 Yeah, you've got a letter there also.
02:27 I didn't expect that letter, that's great.
02:29 Well, I've been wondering. When do you start working?
02:32 When do you finish each day?
02:35 Well, we start about 7 o'clock in the morning.
02:37 Early.
02:38 I spend about 3 hours in office, casing mail, before I ever
02:44 get ready to go out on the route.
02:45 We finish about 3.30 in the afternoon, something like that.
02:50 Now, what's "casing mail"?
02:52 Well, that's when we get the mail, it comes in trays,
02:56 and it's set on our case, and in our case we have partitions
03:03 and all the house numbers, street numbers,
03:06 are printed on that. When I pick up the mail
03:09 I take my mail and look at it, and I'll look at the street
03:12 address and then I find that spot on my case
03:16 and put it in there, and then I have to do all my letters
03:19 and magazines like that too.
03:22 When I get this all done, then I pull it out in delivery
03:26 sequence and put it in trays and put it in my truck
03:30 and away I go.
03:31 So it's like it's in order, to make it easier for you.
03:34 Right.
03:35 Well, that makes sense. I wondered how you did that.
03:38 Do you go to the same houses every day?
03:41 Just about. I've been on the route now 29 years.
03:45 - Really? - Yes.
03:48 Now you said first you spend your 3 hours in the office
03:50 and then once you get out you get going.
03:52 What about if you got tired along the way
03:54 and you just, say it was a hot day, you just wanted to take
03:57 a nap in the shade of a nice tree for an hour or so,
04:00 can you do that?
04:01 I'm afraid that'd be out of the question because we've
04:03 got just so much time to deliver the mail
04:05 and we have to be on time.
04:06 People expect us, about the same time, like you probably
04:10 did today.
04:11 Yeah, I was expecting you about the same time
04:13 because you seem to always get here about the same time.
04:16 I've had people tell me they can set their clock by me.
04:18 Really?
04:19 So that's what people are counting, dependability,
04:21 they entrust us with their mail and we like to give them
04:25 the service because they deserve it.
04:28 What's the most important kind of mail that you deliver?
04:31 Probably the most important would be registered mail
04:35 where someone is sending cash or bonds, something like that,
04:38 jewelry through the mail, but to me it's all important,
04:42 whether it's a post card, or registered mail,
04:44 or any kind of mail because people have entrusted it,
04:48 whether it's a child or a grown up, they give it to us
04:51 and they depend upon us to get it there to the destination.
04:54 I like to give my people good service.
04:57 I've become more of a friend and part of their lives,
05:01 I like it to be that way.
05:04 Well, I don't want to keep you if someone's setting their
05:06 clock by you, so thank you for coming day.
05:10 It's quite alright.
05:11 Don't get too hot out there.
05:13 I won't, thank you.
05:15 - Ok, bye-bye. - Bye.
05:17 Well, I'm not going to wait any longer to open this up.
05:21 I can hardly wait to see what it looks like.
05:25 You know what it is that I ordered, did I tell you?
05:28 Do you want to guess? It's a book.
05:31 And it's an appointment book. It's just the blue
05:34 that I wanted, good. I wasn't sure what the blue
05:37 would look like. Oh, this book is going to be
05:40 so great, it'll help me to be so much more organized
05:44 because it has a page with each day so you can keep track
05:48 of what you need to do that day.
05:50 Back here is where you can put people's addresses
05:54 and phone numbers, and then here you can keep track of any
05:57 specific projects you need to do, this is great.
06:01 Then this is just a little scratch pad, oh, there's even
06:05 a little zip lock that I can put receipts, or something in.
06:09 It's so nice to be organized. Do you know what I want to do?
06:13 I think that God talks about being dependable,
06:18 and I know there's a text in Luke somewhere, and I'm
06:21 just thinking that if I look it up and read it to you.
06:25 It's Luke 16:10, this is wonderful:
06:29 "Whoever can be trusted with very little"
06:32 "can also be trusted with much", and that's what I'm hoping
06:36 this book will help me do, to be more dependable.
06:40 That's neat, trustworthiness, that's important, isn't it?
06:44 You know what I want to do? I'm going to write down
06:46 right here, Luke 16:10, and then later on
06:51 I'm going to remember to print it somewhere nice in this book.
06:57 Oh, my letter! I almost forgot about my letter.
07:03 Dear Janice. I have a surprise for you.
07:06 I will arrive at 4 o'clock, see you soon.
07:11 I'm not going to tell you who it's from.
07:13 Shall we see if this person is dependable
07:16 and if they arrive right on time?
07:26 Ranger Connie, I'd like you to meet my friends.
07:28 Hi.
07:29 What can you tell us about the tides, and how the tides work?
07:32 Well, the tides work because of the gravity of the Moon
07:35 and the rotation of the Earth. As the Earth rotates around,
07:38 the Moon pulls on the Earth, and whatever side of the Earth
07:41 that's closest to the Moon, the Moon pulls all the water
07:44 to that side and creates a high tide, and the low tides
07:47 are on the opposite side.
07:48 Ok, so then, how many times a day or a week,
07:52 will the tide come in and go out?
07:54 There's 2 high tides and 2 low tides in a 24 hour period.
07:58 - Every day? - Every day.
08:01 Can you be sure that will happen always?
08:03 Yes, that happens every single day,
08:06 and it's predictable, the phases of the Moon,
08:08 so we can predict it years in advance.
08:11 Years in advance? So you can pretty well know
08:13 what time the time will come in next week on a certain day?
08:16 Yeah. The tide books are available, and you can get those
08:19 at book stores or bait shops, that sort of thing.
08:22 I bet fishermen and boaters study the tide.
08:24 Definitely need to know those.
08:27 What do the tides effect little animals that live around
08:30 in the ocean.
08:32 All the critters that like right in this area here,
08:35 you have a good example here of the barnacles
08:37 and some muscles and limpets.
08:40 Which are the barnacles?
08:41 The barnacles are these little guys.
08:43 They're called "Buckshot Barnacles", and then you have
08:47 these here, are limpets, and these dark ones in here
08:51 are muscles, they're little baby muscles.
08:54 Okay.
08:55 These guys depend on the tides too because right now there's no
08:59 water around them, but as the tide comes in,
09:02 they're going to get wet, and the water will bring in food
09:05 for them to feed on, and also bring in more moisture,
09:09 although with the rain they don't need it.
09:11 But maybe the rain is the wrong kind of water, perhaps?
09:13 Exactly.
09:15 They need to have salt water, and when the fresh water
09:17 comes in, they need to have the salt levels higher than this.
09:23 So even the rain washes the salt off them.
09:25 Oh yeah.
09:27 And you said the salt water has little bits of food in it
09:29 - for them. - Right, little microorganisms.
09:32 How does food get into a barnacle?
09:35 These are little guys here, the animal's actually
09:39 down inside of that and they are shaped like a triangle,
09:44 a cone, and they open up a little bit and they have
09:47 a feeder, they have an arm that comes out and sweeps
09:50 at the water, it looks like a big feather,
09:52 and it'll sweep out all of the nutrients and the microorganisms
09:56 to feed on.
09:57 And then take it into it's house and eat it?
09:58 Yep.
10:00 Well I think that's neat that tomorrow
10:02 God's going to bring the tide in again
10:03 for those barnacles and all those little creatures.
10:10 The tide comes in, the tide goes out.
10:14 Tomorrow God will do it again.
10:18 The geese come in, the geese go out,
10:22 next year God will do it again.
10:27 They know where to go, and the route to take,
10:31 just like the ocean with it's big big waves.
10:35 Things grow up, things grow out,
10:39 tomorrow God will do it again.
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11:03 Let's take a look inside. The scripture on this page says:
11:06 [text on screen]
11:11 Now, let's circle the pictures that are the same.
11:14 That's right, you've got the idea.
11:17 There are many more fun filled activities in this book,
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11:46 - Hi, Doctor Neblett. - Hi Janice.
11:48 - I'm sure you're dependable. - I'm delighted to be here.
11:51 You know what? We just came from the ocean,
11:53 and Ranger Connie was there, and she was explaining
11:56 the tides to us, and how they work: fascinating!
11:59 They just come in and out every day, like clockwork.
12:02 You mean, it's very dependable.
12:03 - Exactly. - There's something else
12:05 that's very dependable, it's about as big as your fist.
12:08 - As my fist or your fist? - My fist and your fist?
12:11 - Well, what about their fist? - There's too.
12:14 What do you think it would be?
12:15 - You tell me. - It's your heart.
12:18 Neat. Tell me about it.
12:19 Your heart is in the center of your chest,
12:21 let's use Frank as our model here, let me take this
12:24 off very quickly, and this is just like what my body is like
12:27 - inside. - That's right.
12:29 And here, in the center of your chest, is your heart.
12:32 Everyone's heart is about as big as their fist.
12:36 Your heart is made up of a muscle.
12:38 Let me show you right here, there are 4 chambers
12:40 to your heart, let me open them up,
12:43 All of this inside the size of their fist?
12:47 That's right, and what's really important are these valves
12:50 right here, because they allow the blood to only move
12:53 in 1 direction as the heart is pumping the blood in your body.
12:57 Why does the heart need to pump the blood?
12:59 Well, it if didn't work, we wouldn't work at all.
13:04 Now, let me show you how dependable this pump is.
13:07 Right here I have a model in front of me.
13:12 It has a valve in it, just like the heart does.
13:15 It only allows the, in this case, red fluid,
13:18 it looks like blood, to move only in 1 direction.
13:21 I'm going to hold this end down to make sure it works.
13:23 Let's see what happens when I pump.
13:26 Oh, it comes out, sure enough.
13:28 That's exactly the way our heart works.
13:30 It pumps blood from one end to the other, and the valves
13:34 don't allow it to go back, it's very important.
13:36 So they're kind of like those doors in shopping centers
13:39 - that only open one way. - Like a trap door, exactly.
13:42 Now, there's something very important, we have to remember
13:45 to keep this heart healthy and strong.
13:47 I'll say, if it's that important.
13:48 That's right, we do that with exercise, and we do that
13:51 with eating the right foods.
13:52 Very important. Why do we need blood
13:55 to be pumped throughout our bodies?
13:57 Why is that important?
13:59 Well, this heart is very important to pump the blood
14:02 that caries oxygen out into our tissues and it brings
14:05 back carbon dioxide that we breathe out into the air.
14:09 That's what our heart does, and it makes sure
14:11 that all of our organs work beautifully.
14:15 If it weren't for the blood, we wouldn't have oxygen
14:17 and we wouldn't live.
14:18 That's why it's so important that it be dependable,
14:21 and it is, it beats 60-80 times every minute,
14:24 as long as you live.
14:27 And you never have to think about it.
14:29 You don't, God made is very dependable.
14:30 Well, I think we better take good care
14:32 - of our heart pumps then. - I think we should.
14:36 Now, there's something that I do when I take care
14:39 of patients; I use this.
14:41 - Oh, what's this called? - This is called a stethoscope.
14:44 I put this end in my ears, and you put that end
14:47 over your heart, remember where it is.
14:50 - Right over here? - That's right.
14:53 Can you hear anything?
14:54 I sure can.
14:55 I can hear your heart beat. [Sound of heart beating]
15:01 If you use a stethoscope you can hear your heart beat:
15:04 pump pump pump pump.
15:07 The valves open up and close with the back beat:
15:11 pump pump pump pump.
15:13 From toes to tummy, and heart to head,
15:16 when you're playing outside, when you're sleeping in bed,
15:19 that heart keeps pumping your blood so red.
15:22 It's so dependable God has said.
15:29 Pump pump, God has said.
15:32 So dependable, pump pump pump.
15:40 Well Mr. Molder, I just love coming and seeing God's animals,
15:43 and the LA Zoo is a wonderful place to come, isn't it?
15:46 - What are those ones? - Those are ring tailed lemurs
15:49 from Madagascar.
15:50 They're so beautiful. It almost seems like they
15:53 depend on each other and stay together.
15:55 - They do. - Are there any other animals
15:57 that you can tell me about that depend on one another?
16:00 There's the meerkat, and that's right here.
16:04 You see him watching the sky there?
16:08 He's watching for predators and all the rest of them
16:12 can go around their business and he's the look out.
16:16 So you're saying that one of them stands guard so the others
16:20 can play and have a nice, relaxing time?
16:22 Well, it keeps the all of them safe.
16:25 That's wonderful.
16:27 Tell me, what do meerkats eat?
16:29 They eat lizards and snakes and insects.
16:33 They don't seem to be vegetarians,
16:36 but they seem to like those animals.
16:38 What kind of danger is the little meerkat watching for
16:41 right now?
16:42 These would be hawk-like birds that would swoop
16:46 down on them, and these have been watching here at the zoo
16:51 for the red tailed hawk.
16:54 You don't see the red tailed hawk in view,
16:56 but when he's near, they certainly are on guard.
17:01 Well, Mr. Molder, what advice could you give to people,
17:05 to children, about what they can learn from how dependable
17:08 the little meerkat is?
17:10 Well, if you can be trustworthy, not just to look out
17:14 after yourself, but to look out after each other,
17:19 not only your friends, but everyone.
17:21 Well that's a neat lesson, I think I'd like to try
17:24 and do that myself, and I think that my friends would too.
17:27 We appreciate you coming, we have so many more things
17:31 to do now, so don't go away, because there's something
17:34 exciting coming up.
17:37 I have something I want you to think about with me.
17:40 Think about how the mail man must have felt when he brought
17:44 me my package right on time, what do you think he felt like?
17:49 I think so too. I think he must have felt
17:51 so proud of himself for arriving just at the right time
17:55 with my package. It's good feeling to be
17:58 dependable, isn't it?
18:00 Have you ever been dependable? How did you feel?
18:04 Maybe you started the dishes without being reminded
18:07 that they needed to be done. I bet you were proud of yourself
18:10 when someone came in and said "Thanks for doing"
18:13 "those dishes". I bet you felt good, didn't you?
18:16 Or maybe you made your bed real smooth,
18:19 without any wrinkles, that's a good feeling too, isn't it?
18:23 It's a good feeling to do a job well and to be dependable
18:27 about doing it. Now don't go away
18:30 because when we come back, we're going to have
18:33 a guessing game about some people and things
18:36 that are dependable, see you then.
18:41 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a good
18:43 friend of Jesus is by spending personal time with Him
18:46 every day. Well, adults do that by praying
18:49 and by reading their Bibles, but if you can't read
18:52 it's kind of hard, isn't it? Or maybe you just like
18:56 listening to tapes, well here's a fun way to have your very own
18:59 devotions every morning when you get up.
19:02 Janice has made these morning time devotions for her kids
19:05 and for you: complete with songs, prayers and stories.
19:10 For more information have your parents write to or call:
19:12 [information on screen]
19:44 This looks like fun, there's a lot of things in my basket today
19:53 Okay, get it all the way up here.
19:56 You know what? I think we should have a guessing game.
20:02 As I look at these things, I think they are all things
20:06 that are dependable. Ok, that's your first hint,
20:09 and the first one that I want to tell you about
20:13 is shaped like this, do you know what it is?
20:17 I'll give you another clue: it's very light.
20:21 Okay, shall I show you? A light bulb.
20:27 We need lights, don't we? Lights need to be dependable.
20:30 This one I'm not going to say anything, I'm just going to pull
20:33 it out slowly and you start looking at it from the top.
20:38 Do you know yet what it is?
20:45 Do you have anything like this?
20:48 You need glue to be dependable, if you want to glue something
20:51 together, you need it to be dependable and hold together,
20:54 don't you?
20:59 Oh, this one, boy, people sure depend on this:
21:03 look at it, I'm just going to show part of it at first.
21:07 Do you know what that is?
21:10 A little bit more.
21:15 Have you guessed? A faucet.
21:19 You sure like it when you turn on that faucet,
21:21 you're sure glad if the water comes out, aren't you?
21:25 We really depend on faucets to give us water.
21:28 You know, we depend on a lot of things
21:30 and a lot of people, don't we?
21:35 Wouldn't you like to be someone that people can depend on?
21:39 I want to be that way.
21:46 The bed gets made, the clothes picked up,
21:50 tomorrow we will do it again.
21:54 The toys put back, the table set,
21:58 tomorrow we will do it again.
22:03 Doing your best with nothing hid,
22:06 that's what God wants from dependable kids.
22:11 Kids grow up, kids go out,
22:15 tomorrow God will help us again.
22:23 Are you ready for a story? [Kids] Yeah.
22:25 Remember, last week we found out that the villagers
22:28 couldn't figure out why there were noises in the cave,
22:32 and then a boat disappeared all on its own,
22:34 and then came back. They didn't know what had
22:37 happened, and the very next day, a horse, belonging
22:41 to one of the villagers just disappeared.
22:45 Well, they were all about to plan a search to go looking
22:48 for the horse when it appeared back in the barn,
22:52 in its stall, with the gate latched and shut,
22:55 and furthermore, the horse was tied up properly.
22:58 Now, horses can't open doors to barns.
23:01 Horses can't latch the stall, horses can't tie themselves up.
23:05 Everybody was curious, and they were just getting over that
23:09 when one of the poor widows in the village
23:12 who had been very sick, became so surprised
23:14 because one morning when she woke up, on the table
23:17 beside her bed was a little box of crackers,
23:21 3 little herring fish and 2 little loafs of bread.
23:26 She didn't know who had put them there, it had just come
23:29 there during the night when she had been sound asleep.
23:32 Everybody was saying "Who did all of this?"
23:34 "Is it something to do with the cave and the noises"
23:37 "in the cave?" Nobody could figure it out.
23:40 Well, in Longview Village, one of the excitements each week
23:44 was when the steamer came from Glasgow, and that brought
23:47 the mail, and packages, and sometimes people.
23:51 This particular week, when the steamer came,
23:54 all the villagers were on the beach watching,
23:56 because it was an exciting thing to have it come,
23:59 and as they were watching, one man had a telescope.
24:04 He was looking through the telescope and he said:
24:08 "There's some people getting off that I've never seen before."
24:11 Everybody was wondering who it was.
24:13 They got off the boat, and into a little row boat
24:16 and then rowed into the shore.
24:18 Well, it turned out "those people" was a boy and a man.
24:23 Roy was the boy, and Mr. Wallace was the man.
24:26 They were coming to spend Roy's summer vacation
24:30 visiting Roy's uncle, and his uncle was the store keeper.
24:34 Well, as you can imagine, very quickly after Roy
24:38 arrived in the little town, everybody started to tell
24:41 about the stories of all the interesting things that had
24:45 been happening. Mr. Wallace, Roy's dad,
24:48 he wasn't all that interested, but Roy's ears were flapping
24:52 in the breeze, because this was so interesting to hear
24:56 all these mysterious things. He would listen to this one,
24:59 and listen to that one, and then one evening
25:02 one of the villagers said: "you should go visit"
25:05 "Oscar and Bruce. They're boys about your age."
25:07 So Roy tried to visit them, but they weren't home.
25:10 So he went back, and then the next day
25:13 someone said: "you should go for a swim."
25:16 "The water in the bay is wonderful for swimming."
25:19 So, Roy went out for a swim. He would swim from this rock,
25:23 and then he would swim over to another rock
25:25 because you get tired when you go swimming for a long time,
25:29 but he was having a lovely time swimming.
25:33 Everything was really nice, and that night,
25:36 something else happened.
25:39 One of the villagers had just bought a brand new,
25:43 very expensive, lovely life jacket.
25:47 He was so proud of it, when he wore his life jacket
25:50 he would strut his shoulders back because he was so proud
25:53 of his jacket, and it disappeared during the night.
25:58 You can imagine that he was very upset about that.
26:02 Well then, it had only been gone for maybe a day or so,
26:09 and the next morning when he got up, he opened his door
26:13 at 5.30 in the morning when he always got up,
26:16 and there, hanging from a nail, right by his front door
26:20 was his life jacket. Now, how did it come back?
26:26 And how did it go away? And did that have anything to do
26:29 with the widows crackers, and did that have anything
26:32 to do with the horse that tied itself up in the stall?
26:35 And did that have anything to do with the noises in the cave?
26:40 Roy was wondering, and so was everyone else in the village.
26:45 Are you wondering who's doing all those things?
26:48 [Kids] Yes.
26:49 Next week we'll find out some more, okay?
26:53 Now did you write down our mystery word yet for today?
26:57 What is it? Reliable, you're right.
27:00 Reliable is like being dependable.
27:04 If you're a reliable person, I know that I can count on you
27:07 for something. And I'm glad that you watched
27:10 again today, that was good, and I'm looking forward
27:13 to seeing you next week. Bye for now.
27:17 [Music for Credits]


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