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00:01 Hello, today's my day to get my dusting done.
00:03 Do you like helping with dusting?
00:05 I like keeping things clean, but I should have,
00:08 what are you looking at anyway?
00:09 I should have put these papers away sooner.
00:11 Humm! Because if you keep papers all put away then it
00:17 makes your work later on easier.
00:18 I will take those and put them where they belong later.
00:20 What are you looking at anyway?
00:24 Oh Dr. Neblett's out there, I'd better go tell him
00:30 to be careful he probably doesn't know
00:31 how dangerous tall ladders are.
01:34 Dr. Neblett what are you doing?
01:35 Hi Janice, I'm your washing in your windows.
01:38 Well we knew that but what we want to know is why?
01:41 Well the last time I was here I saw they were a little
01:44 bit dirty so I thought I would wash them for you.
01:45 Yeah they were dirty but don't you get
01:47 afraid of that latter?
01:48 You know Janice to be honest with you I do.
01:50 That is why I'm kind of careful with it.
01:52 If I weren't I might fall down and that wouldn't
01:54 feel very good at all.
01:55 Actually that is why I haven't gotten
01:56 around to washing them.
01:57 You are a doctor and you like washing windows?
02:00 Well you know washing windows is an important job as
02:03 long as you do it well.
02:04 It is just as important as being a doctor so
02:06 I think it is just as fine.
02:08 Why do you like washing windows?
02:11 Well I like things to be clean and so I thought I
02:15 would do this job for you because it is fun doing
02:18 things that keep things clean.
02:19 Well I appreciate you doing it, tell me what are you
02:22 using to do it?
02:23 Well I am using a window washing fluid right here.
02:25 What I do is if your windows are a little too dirty
02:30 I kind of scrub it at the back here like this.
02:33 Then I turn it over and I use a squeegee.
02:36 And that does the trick - Uh Ha, real smooth straight
02:41 lines - sure does.
02:42 You know you mentioned things being clean.
02:44 Do you have time to come inside and talk to us
02:47 more about keeping things clean?
02:49 I would like to do that, as a matter of fact why
02:50 don't you go finish up doing what you are doing
02:51 and I will finish up here and join you
02:53 inside at the Wonder Room.
02:54 And maybe we can look at where window washing
02:56 is going right now.
02:58 That will be terrific - okay that is great.
02:59 Make sure you play real close attention because
03:03 as usual we are going to have
03:05 some mystery words today.
03:06 Did you notice I said words?
03:08 It's two words today.
03:10 I will be talking along and when ever
03:12 I say key word it will come up on the bottom
03:15 of the screen right down here.
03:17 The letter that is important out of it will be
03:20 either bright color and it will be bigger and it will come
03:24 over and go into the right space in the mystery word.
03:28 Count the letters, each word has five letters for today.
03:33 So pay close attention.
03:35 Let's go see where window washers go okay?
03:51 Well now that my windows are clean what can
03:54 you tell us about our bodies?
03:55 Water is really important on the outside and
03:57 inside of our bodies so the first thing a want
03:59 to show you is an experiment.
04:01 I will take a clear bowl and put in 32 ounces of water.
04:07 See I marked it here with the red sticker.
04:10 Oh okay!
04:11 I will pour this in
04:12 So right up to the sticker is 32 ounces?
04:14 That is right and we are going to pretend our
04:17 bodies are like the sponge and put it
04:20 in the water and see what happens.
04:21 We put that in there I will set it off to
04:27 the side for a moment.
04:28 Water is really important, first of all outside of
04:32 our bodies we have a lot of germs everywhere.
04:36 On the ground, on doorknobs places
04:39 that you would not imagine.
04:41 And it is very important for us to get germs off
04:43 of our hands, especially before we are going to eat.
04:46 I did something that even the kids can do it home.
04:49 First we get some powdered potatoes and we add
04:53 a little bit of hot water and a pinch of sugar and
04:56 we make mashed potatoes.
04:58 Just like this - just like the regular kind you eat.
05:00 That's right and then you take a fingernail
05:02 clipper and we cleaned out our fingernails right
05:06 on top of the mashed potatoes.
05:07 Everybody gets dirty fingernails sometimes.
05:10 That is right and then we put this into a plastic bag
05:12 and tie it and put it in some place warm.
05:15 Like on top of your refrigerator for a few days.
05:18 Kind of out of the way - that's right.
05:19 Do you want to see what happens - yeah!
05:21 I would like to.
05:22 Are you really sure that you want to see what happens?
05:25 Um hum, yeah - it is kind of gross.
05:27 I don't know this looks fine.
05:29 Okay here it is - oh that's horrible.
05:35 This is what grew on our potatoes after a few days
05:39 of cleaning out our fingernails.
05:41 Those germs grew - can you see why it is important
05:44 to wash our hands before we eat?
05:46 I'll say - now and not only should we wash our
05:50 hands on the outside, but we should wash
05:52 our bodies on the inside too.
05:53 We need to drink a lot of water.
05:57 Now suppose I told you Janice that you had to wash
06:00 your dishes, and I only gave you a little
06:03 bit of water to wash them with.
06:05 You wouldn't be able to get them clean we all know that.
06:07 That is right, that means if I give you a bucket full of
06:10 water you would have an easier time washing your dishes.
06:13 As long as it was clean water - that's correct!
06:15 We must start with clean water.
06:17 As a matter of fact our bodies need 6
06:22 of these glasses every day.
06:25 I could never drink that much water all at one time.
06:28 Do you think you could?
06:30 You may not be able to all at one time, as a matter
06:32 of fact I don't recommend it.
06:34 But if you take one glass in the morning, maybe two of
06:37 them mid morning, mid afternoon and the early evening,
06:40 you would get in your 6 glasses very easily.
06:43 So like when you first get up,
06:44 and then on throughout the day.
06:46 This helps your body to wash itself very clean and take
06:50 care, eliminate all those wastes your body makes when it
06:54 takes all those foods.
06:55 Do you remember our experiment we started with early on?
06:58 Well our bodies are made up of about 60% water as we
07:03 get older, and I want to squeeze out and see how much
07:07 water was left after we finished.
07:11 I will put this in here, and let's pour out the water
07:15 that we have left.
07:17 Oh look at that, that sponge just gobbled up water.
07:25 It certainly did - that much!
07:28 our bodies are made up of about 60 % water.
07:31 If you were to take out all the water there would
07:33 not be very much of us left.
07:35 We really need a lot of it.
07:36 We get water in our food and we get water by drinking
07:40 clear water.
07:41 What about like, can you get water from other places?
07:45 You sure could, so would you like to wash your dishes
07:48 in brown water, brown soda water?
07:51 No way, that's sticky, the dishes would get sticky.
07:54 Think about what it does to your body as well.
07:56 You know I have a way for people to kind of remember
07:59 what kind you should drink.
08:00 Have you ever seen a river or a stream of brown soda
08:04 water like root beer?
08:06 No! - God provided water for us, natural water and
08:10 that is the stuff that He wants us to use.
08:13 In the rivers, and streams, and wells.
08:15 That's right!
08:16 How did God make water anyways?
08:18 Well God did something very interesting, he took 2
08:27 And he made water, H2o.
08:30 That's water - H. for hydrogen and there is 2 of
08:32 those - in 1 o is oxygen, H2o that's water.
08:36 I think what God has made us amazing.
08:39 I agree!
08:43 What keeps your body running clean,
08:46 Water, Water
08:49 What keeps your body fit and lean,
08:52 Water, Water, too!
08:55 What keeps the germs from off your face,
08:58 and chases that old dirt away,
09:01 cleans your clothes after you play,
09:04 Water, Water, too!
09:08 I should be drinking it every way
09:11 Water, Water
09:13 6 to 8 cups every day,
09:17 Water, Water, too!
09:20 It keeps my insides running clean
09:23 Like a well-oiled tough machine
09:26 You know I won't be feeling green
09:29 With water, water too!
09:32 Good ole H2o
09:35 Water, water too!
09:38 Good old H2o.
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10:46 People are not the only creatures that need water.
10:49 Animals do too!
10:50 And I want you to guess what animal it is that people
10:54 always think washes his hands before he eats?
10:57 Have you guessed?
10:59 The raccoon, but do you know what it is not always true.
11:04 You see what raccoons put their paws in water, it makes
11:07 the end of their fingers and their hands more sensitive.
11:10 So it just feels fun for them to roll the food around
11:13 their hands and they just enjoy doing it.
11:16 It is a way of playing.
11:17 Sometimes they are actually washing their food though.
11:19 And that is like with frogs and toads.
11:22 Sometimes they have horrible tasting substance on
11:24 their skin that the raccoons don't like.
11:26 So they do get them in the water and then
11:29 when they are washing those it is not for fun,
11:31 it is for cleaning them.
11:33 Guess, this is an animal you might have at home,
11:37 and it does not like water, usually.
11:40 Have you guessed?
11:41 The cats, you are right!
11:44 Have you ever given your little kitty cat a bath?
11:46 Kitty cats are fun to play with, but they usually
11:49 do not like water.
11:50 But there is one member of the cat family, and it is the
11:55 biggest member of the cat family that does like water.
11:58 Can you guess?
12:00 The Tigers, did you know that Tigers like water?
12:03 Oh they do, they love to get in the water and
12:07 just lay in it because where they live it is very hot
12:10 so that cools them down.
12:12 Also, Tiger is lots of times get bugs and parasites
12:15 in their fur that make them all itchy and
12:17 it is not very comfortable.
12:19 So they get under the water and those little
12:22 bugs drown, because they do not like water,
12:24 so it protects them that way.
12:26 And Tigers are very strong swimmers and they learn to
12:29 swim when they are very young.
12:30 A tiger cubs swims the cat paddle.
12:33 You have heard of the dog paddle,
12:36 well tiger cubs do the cat paddle.
12:38 There is another animal that loves water and I bet
12:42 you can guess, because he drinks a lot of it.
12:45 Have you guessed?
12:46 He drinks more than you can imagine.
12:49 The elephant, do you know how much water
12:52 he drinks every day?
12:54 He drinks the equivalent of a whole bathtub
12:59 full of water every day.
13:01 How long would it take you to drink a bathtub
13:04 full of water?
13:05 A long time!
13:07 But he just will swoops it up his truck and sprays
13:10 it into his mouth and others times he is busy
13:13 swooping it up to take a shower.
13:15 Do you take a shower everywhere you go?
13:18 Elephants do.
13:19 And they love to swim underwater, and when they go
13:23 down under the water they can go way down deep
13:25 because they use their trunks like a snorkel.
13:28 Their trunk just stays up giving them air.
13:30 Sometimes they like to keep the tips of
13:32 their ears above water too!
13:33 Isn't it neat how God has given the animals just
13:36 what they need to enjoy and be happy.
13:42 Tell me what an Elephant thinks
13:44 Water, Water.
13:47 A bathtub full is what he drinks,
13:50 Water, Water too.
13:53 Chimpanzee and Kangaroo,
13:57 Cats and Dogs and Cockatoos,
14:00 Lions, Tigers and even you!
14:03 Drink Water, Water too!
14:06 Tell me where a Hippo sleeps,
14:09 Water, Water
14:12 A Moose will find some food to eat,
14:15 in Water, Water too.
14:18 The Minnows swimming in a school,
14:22 Salmon, Otters and Whales too,
14:25 all declare what God can do.
14:28 With Water, Water too!
14:31 I'd like a drink with you.
14:34 With Water, Water too!
14:36 I do like a drink with you.
14:49 Did you know that there is water in the air?
14:51 Kimberly can you see water in the air?
14:53 No, - no you can't can you?
14:55 But here is an experiment that you can do
14:57 at home to show that.
14:58 Feel this plate, what is it like?
15:01 Cold, - it's cold.
15:03 I had it in the freezer, now feel this bowl.
15:05 It's hot, - it's hot because we have hot water and it.
15:10 In fact I will pour in just a little bit more.
15:12 Then you take your cold plate that you put in
15:15 the freezer for maybe an hour.
15:18 Then put it over top of it.
15:19 Water rises up above the earth and evaporates.
15:22 Then when it hits something cold,
15:24 it comes down as rain.
15:26 This hot water that is in this bowl is rising up as
15:31 steam, or vapor and when it hits this plate it is
15:36 going to form something called condensation.
15:39 You will see in little drops, shall we look and see?
15:42 Can you see that - yes!
15:44 Can you see that?
15:47 That is condensation, you keep your eyes open
15:51 because you can see condensation in lots of places.
15:54 You know God has made laws for how our world works.
15:57 He wants us to cool operate with Him in
15:59 making our world work properly.
16:01 Let's go see how we can help the animal that
16:04 lives near the water okay?
16:06 Well Mr. Moulder I just love coming to the Los Angeles
16:12 zoo and seeing the Sea Lions, they are such playful
16:16 creatures - yes they are.
16:17 And so streamline - yes they are they can't just
16:19 zip through the water.
16:20 I wish I could swim like that - that's right!
16:21 Tell me about where they live
16:24 when they are not in a zoo.
16:25 Well we have them all along our coast.
16:27 Along the rocky shores, and there are some islands,
16:32 offshore islands and they live there and raise their young.
16:35 So if kids are out at the ocean they might possibly
16:40 see a Sea Lion?
16:41 yeah they will see a Sea Lion or
16:42 a Harbor Seals coming up.
16:44 And what, if I was out at the ocean, could I do and
16:49 my friends do to keep the ocean clean for the little
16:53 animals that live there?
16:55 Well certainly you can take the pop lids off the pop
16:58 cans and make sure they are put in the trash.
17:02 Of course the cans and any plastic materials, lids,
17:05 or the tops of the pop cans where there is maybe 6 rings.
17:12 Of course those are very dangerous and they can get
17:15 themselves caught in those.
17:17 Oil spills are dangerous to them because it could
17:23 change their fur and make it possible for them
17:27 to get cold and die that way.
17:29 I'm thinking specifically of the Sea otter
17:33 we have along our coast.
17:34 They have a very thick, beautiful lush fur and
17:39 the hairs are so close together that water
17:43 cannot penetrate through them.
17:45 But somehow the oil seems to change that and make it
17:50 possible for the water to get through.
17:52 If there is an oil spill and they get oil on their fur,
17:54 they are in grave danger.
17:57 They get so cold I guess - yes - because the ocean
17:59 water is very cold - yes.
18:00 God has made such provisions for them to live and I
18:03 guess it is important for all of us to do our best to
18:07 cooperate with God and keep where they live clean.
18:09 That's right - so they can enjoy it and then we can
18:12 enjoy watching them.
18:13 Well I just really appreciate you taking the time
18:16 to share this bit of information with us and we have
18:20 lots to do so we need to be running and I will let
18:22 you keep enjoying your friends.
18:24 We will see you.
18:27 Why you think that Mr. Moulder mentioned these
18:29 tops from the six packs of pop cans are bad?
18:32 Let me show you why.
18:33 Think about this loom, if she got her beak caught
18:38 inside of that, that would be death for her because
18:42 she would not be able to get her beat back open.
18:44 How would she feed herself.
18:45 That happens every year to many birds and animals.
18:49 Or what about if she was pecking along and she ate
18:53 one of the taps from the top of a pop can?
18:56 It could cut her up inside and
18:57 it wouldn't digest either.
18:59 Or even these kind of plastic lids, or papers,
19:03 what ever is we have.
19:04 Make sure that when you are out in God's nature that
19:09 when you are done you pick up all your trash,
19:12 all your garbage, put it in a sack and either put it
19:15 in the local liter barrel or carry it home with you if
19:17 there isn't a barrel nearby.
19:19 We want to take care of God's world.
19:26 Rainbows, mountain streams waves upon the shore,
19:35 blue sky, peaceful lakes, all of this and more.
19:44 Starfish in the sand, porpoises at play,
19:53 the octopi are hiding, while the minnows dance away.
20:01 It's all to us to keep it clean,
20:07 it is up to us to care.
20:11 To live as God intended us,
20:15 to love the water and the air.
20:22 It's up to us to keep it clean,
20:29 it's up to us to care.
20:34 To live as God intended us
20:40 to love the water and the air.
20:56 Did you know that one of the best ways to become a
20:58 good friend of Jesus is by spending personal time
21:00 with Him every day.
21:02 Well adults do that by praying and
21:04 by reading their Bibles.
21:06 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
21:08 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
21:11 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
21:14 devotions every morning when you get up Janice
21:17 has made morning time devotions for her kids and
21:20 for you complete with songs, prayers and stories.
21:24 For more information have your parents write to:
22:00 Are you ready for a story?
22:01 Yeah! - okay now remember so far in our story there
22:05 were mysterious noises in the cave and nobody
22:08 knew what they were.
22:09 And then the boat and the horse both disappeared and
22:12 both came back, the widow got crackers and nobody
22:16 knew who gave her the crackers, and then the
22:18 lifejacket disappeared and came back.
22:21 Well, Roy as you can imagine by now was
22:24 feeling like regular detective.
22:26 He just wanted to figure out what was happening,
22:29 but he couldn't figure it out.
22:31 One afternoon he thought to himself you know
22:34 I'm just going to forget about all this stuff
22:37 because I can't even figure it out and he decided
22:39 to go for another swim.
22:41 So he dove into the water, and pretty soon he got
22:45 tired so he came to one of those big rocks, and he
22:48 climbed up on the big rock and he rested.
22:50 He dove in again and he's swam to a another rock
22:53 because this bay was full of different rocks here
22:57 and there that you can swim in between.
22:58 And you know he went swimming for a long time and he
23:02 didn't realize how far he had gone because there
23:04 were so many rocks that he kept resting on.
23:07 All of a sudden he realized he was kind of getting
23:10 late into the afternoon, and he was looking around to
23:15 see where the sun was to figure out what time it was.
23:18 When he was doing that he noticed that he was right
23:23 across from the entrance to the cave.
23:26 Now it was several hundred feet away but it was there.
23:30 And he looked over and it was dark hole,
23:34 and a shiver went down to his back because
23:37 he was out all alone you know.
23:39 He thought to himself you know this is really
23:43 interesting and all of a sudden as he was just sort
23:47 of looking he thought he saw a person standing in
23:52 front of the hole of the cave.
23:53 So he started to stand up on the rock, because he
23:57 couldn't see very good he was squatting, and when he
24:00 stood up the rock was slippery and so were his feet,
24:05 and splash he fell into the water.
24:10 Rats, he couldn't see and blub, blub, blub, blub, blub,
24:13 he got back up above the water and wipe the out of his
24:17 face and climbed back up all the rock.
24:19 Do you think the person was still there?
24:21 Nope, he was sure that he had seen somebody though,
24:26 but now they were gone.
24:29 Well, he swim home and you can imagine he was very
24:33 disappointed because he was so sure he had seen somebody.
24:38 He decided, because now he was feeling like a good
24:41 detective, he decided he was not going to tell anybody
24:45 about what he has seen.
24:47 He was going to keep it a secret.
24:48 He went home, he had a good supper and he really wanted
24:52 to meet those boys Oscar and Bruce.
24:55 So he decided he would go again and try to visit them.
24:58 So after he had a good supper, good Scottish oat cakes,
25:02 and milk he's set out to hike to their house.
25:05 Now they didn't live right in the village,
25:06 that lived off a ways and so it was quite
25:10 a little hike to get there.
25:11 Pretty soon he was coming around the corner and up to
25:15 what looked like it might be their house, and sure
25:18 enough out in the yard was the house of these two boys.
25:22 They were throwing rocks at glass jars
25:25 they had set up on a wall.
25:26 So he didn't want to scare them, cause when someone
25:29 comes up unawares it could scare them, so while he
25:31 was a little ways off, he said hello.
25:33 They kind of jumped and turned around and said oh
25:38 welcome! and he introduced himself and
25:41 they introduced themselves.
25:42 Then you know how boys are, they just started having
25:45 a grand old time taking turns aiming and throwing
25:48 rocks at the jars.
25:49 And soon Roy could not contain his curiosity any
25:55 longer and he say what you think about all these
25:58 things that are happening?
26:00 You know the horse, and the cave,
26:02 and the boat and everything?
26:03 They said Ahhh, how are we supposed to know.
26:08 He said well aren't you curious?
26:10 They said ahhh, we were curious, but you know what we
26:14 went with a group of men and we went through that cave
26:18 our self and we saw there is nobody in that cave.
26:21 And as far as all these other things that have been
26:23 happening, Ahhh who could even know.
26:26 And then he thought to himself, man I wish these boys
26:31 would be more curious, but then they didn't seem like
26:34 they were so the conversation went on.
26:36 Then he said don't you guys get scared staying up
26:40 here all by yourself, what about nighttime,
26:42 don't you get lonely?
26:44 They said Ahhh we sleep like tops,
26:47 nah not at all worth worried.
26:50 Then they said to them Roy have you ever been
26:53 fishing out here before?
26:55 And he said no.
26:56 They said how would you like to go fishing with us tomorrow?
26:59 And Roy thought that would be a great idea so he said
27:02 sure I would love that.
27:03 So they planned where to meet and everything and then
27:05 Roy went home.
27:07 Next time we'll find out some more okay?
27:09 Did you catch the mystery word yet?
27:12 Actually it is two words isn't it?
27:13 What are they?
27:14 Drink water right!
27:17 I want you to make me a promise and that is that
27:20 for the rest of today and tomorrow and so on you'll
27:23 drink lots of water.
27:25 Good clean pure water okay?
27:27 I promise I will too. See you next time!


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