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00:01 I borrowed this machine from a friend and I am hoping
00:03 that we can get put together, because later on we want
00:06 to make something with it.
00:07 Have you ever seen a machine like this before?
00:10 They make some really good things.
00:12 Let's see, this is the cord out here.
00:14 And these are all the parts so we just got to get it
00:17 put together, you see if you can help okay?
00:19 Okay lets see, well this probably goes on there.
00:29 Let's see okay, oh, that goes like that.
00:36 Humm that doesn't go inside, um well maybe I will just.
00:47 You know my friend uses this but this is that looking
00:52 quite the same way that she does it.
00:57 I don't know, it doesn't seem to go this way.
01:02 Oh I hear somebody coming,
01:05 let me just go see who it is.
01:07 Oh Doctor Neblett - hi Janice how are you?
01:11 I'm fine but I'm having a problem.
01:13 Would you be able to take some time and come and help?
01:15 Sure I can come on up.
01:16 Okay thanks - be there in a second.
01:18 Okay come on up.
01:19 It's Dr. Neblett and I think he might
01:21 be able to help me.
02:20 Dr. Neblett do you mind if I just take a minute and
02:22 explain the mystery Word first?
02:24 Sure go ahead - okay
02:25 When I am talking, and sometimes when you are talking,
02:27 we say words that are key words and they come up on
02:29 the screen right over down there.
02:31 Then the letter that is important in the key word
02:34 jumps up and comes into the correct space of the
02:37 mystery Word or words as it is today.
02:40 And the kids often follow along with
02:41 their pencil and paper.
02:43 Is today your day off?
02:45 It is in fact I was going to
02:47 help a friend fix a tractor.
02:48 What is going on over here, you have things
02:50 all over the place.
02:52 Well if you're fixing things this is what I need help with
02:53 I cannot figure out how to put this together.
02:55 I have no idea to you have
02:58 an instruction book or something?
02:59 I should look, oh she did.
03:01 She sent the instruction books.
03:03 Oh, hey this will help us.
03:05 You know, I did this, I got that right.
03:09 But then you need that one and this one goes on there.
03:13 Okay right like this right?
03:14 Okay, and then that piece - this one okay.
03:17 Like this? - and then it kind of goes on there.
03:21 Oh okay - yeah, and then that thing goes on the top.
03:28 Okay - oh - perfect - hey!
03:31 Okay the instruction book helped us.
03:33 Oh too bad I didn't get it out sooner.
03:35 We are going to make something really good with this.
03:37 Could you stay and taste it?
03:39 I can't stay right now but I can come back later.
03:41 Okay that would be great, if you are coming back would
03:43 you mind picking me up a package vanilla ice cream?
03:46 Please - vanilla ice cream? - yeah!
03:47 Please - okay sure I would be happy too.
03:49 Thanks Dr. Neblett - see you later - See you.
03:54 Oh, hi Kim come on up.
03:56 It is my good friend Kim.
03:59 She has Laces with her now you, never have met Laces
04:01 but you're going to enjoy this.
04:03 Well Kim I'm sure glad you stopped by and
04:07 I would like you to meet my friends.
04:08 Hello - a Laces were just so glad you are here too.
04:11 How long have you had Laces now?
04:14 Well about 2 and a 1/2 years - that's a long time
04:17 and she was just a little puppy wasn't she?
04:19 Yeah - what kind of a dog is she again?
04:22 She's a Lhasa apso, a Lhasa apso?
04:27 Well you fit your name I think.
04:28 You know sometimes I know sometimes people are
04:31 nervous about getting a dog or something because
04:33 they think that the dog will be a problem.
04:35 Have you been able to teach her to do what you
04:39 want her to do around your home?
04:40 Yeah pretty much she listens a lot better than
04:43 when we first got her.
04:44 So like if you want her to stay somewhere you can
04:48 tell her to do that or whatever? - um-Humm!
04:51 When you are first teaching her to do that,
04:53 how did you accomplish that?
04:55 Um, when she would do what we asked her to
04:59 we would give her a doggy treat and if she didn't
05:02 then we would tell her no.
05:03 And she knew what no meant and everything.
05:05 And if you were giving me advice, maybe even some of
05:09 my friends advice, for how they should train a puppy.
05:11 If they get a puppy, what would be your biggest advice?
05:14 To be gentle, not to scold the dog,
05:18 or kick the dog, or abuse her.
05:20 Make sure she knows you care - oh so being gentle
05:23 and kind, I guess in a way treating a dog the way
05:26 you want to be treated - exactly.
05:28 Well do you think Laces would shows us the things
05:31 she knows to do?
05:33 Oh, she just might, let's see.
05:34 Sit down - oh good girl!
05:37 Stay there - yeah you knew what to do didn't you?
05:45 You know Kim I was thinking that, I think that
05:49 people can learn a lot of things from dogs and
05:52 how they learn to obey.
05:53 I was thinking that if you could teach dogs to obey,
05:56 then we should be able to obey too!
06:01 Jack throws a bone tells the dog to sit.
06:04 He snaps his fingers and says go for it.
06:07 The dog runs out as fast as he can.
06:10 And brings back the bone just as Jack had planned.
06:13 If you ask him to, a dog will do.
06:16 If a dog can I can too!
06:21 Jack says quiet tells the dog to lie.
06:24 The dog scratches his ears and wonders why.
06:28 Lights go out now he understands.
06:31 And he goes to sleep just as Jack had planned.
06:34 If you ask him to, a dog will do
06:37 if a dog can I can too!
06:42 If you ask him to a dog will do
06:46 if a dog can I can too!
06:50 Do you see anything hiding in the bushes?
06:54 Look really carefully, do you see it?
06:58 It is a baby fawn.
07:01 You know God has given fawn, and deer incredible
07:05 instinct to know how protect each other.
07:07 Mother deer instructs the fawn to lay very,
07:11 very still and because of all the spots on
07:13 his back he can't be seen.
07:15 And as long as he obeys and lays perfectly still,
07:19 no scent will come off of him and his enemy animals
07:22 won't be able to smell him.
07:24 Eagles, dogs, cougar, are the worst enemies for a deer.
07:30 A dog can come so close and not even smell that little
07:34 fawn, or even little bunny rabbits hopping by won't
07:38 even smell the fawn as long as the fawn obeys
07:41 and sits perfectly still.
07:43 By the way, fawns have 300 spots on their back.
07:47 Did you know that?
07:48 and that camouflages them or hides them from danger.
07:51 You know there is another animal that has to obey too.
07:55 And that animal gets a spanking if he doesn't obey.
07:58 And that is a Cub.
07:59 When danger comes by the mother tells the cub to
08:03 climb up the tree as quick as can be.
08:05 But to you know that sometimes little cubs are
08:07 disobedient, and if they are disobedient then
08:11 mommy takes cub and turns him over.
08:13 And he gets walloping from his mother.
08:17 Usually cubs obey, and usually once they get up
08:20 that tree and see the danger passed by on the ground,
08:24 they are glad that they climbed the tree.
08:28 If the mom tells cub to climb the tree,
08:32 the cub climbs up as quick as can be,
08:34 sees the danger passed by where she's been,
08:38 the cub is glad for the tree she's in.
08:41 If the mom will ask the cub will do,
08:44 if the cub can I can too!
08:47 If the mom will ask the cub will do,
08:50 if the cub can I can too!
08:57 Hey kids if you love all the fun things you get to do
09:00 with Janice and her friends you will flip over this.
09:02 It's Janice's activity book loaded with fun.
09:06 This book teaches scripture through mazes, puzzles,
09:09 dot to dot games, coloring and more.
09:12 And the best part is, it's free!
09:14 Let's take a look inside.
09:16 The scripture on this page says:
09:23 Now let's circle the pictures that are the same.
09:25 That is right you have the idea.
09:28 There are many more fun filled activities in
09:31 this book just waiting for you.
09:33 By the way, did I mention it's free!
09:36 To get your very own copy have your mom or dad write to:
09:57 Are you ready to make banana smoothies?
09:59 How about you Shanta are you?
10:00 Yes - I wonder if you have ever had banana smoothies?
10:04 Have you ever had one Shanta? - No!
10:06 I bet some are our friends haven't either, because not
10:10 everybody has a machine like this.
10:11 Why don't I show you both how to do it, okay?
10:14 First I took a regular banana and peeled it got the
10:18 peeling all the way off, all the little strings off
10:21 and throw them in the trash.
10:22 Then you put the peeled bananas into a plastic bag
10:26 and you seal the bag really nice and tight.
10:29 Then you take the bag and put it into the freezer
10:31 for at least overnight so the bananas can get really
10:36 frozen hard and then you are ready to go.
10:38 But, one thing that is important if you do have a
10:42 machine like this, it's always important that you
10:45 have an adult do it with you.
10:46 Your great because you are with me, I'm an adult.
10:49 Because there are little parts that you can get
10:51 your fingers caught in, that could be dangerous.
10:53 Are you ready to start? - yeah!
10:55 Okay I will to you what your job is.
10:57 You'll be pushing them through with that pusher and
11:00 I will set the frozen bananas in for you
11:02 and then you can push.
11:03 Are you ready for me to turn it on?
11:05 Noisy, okay.
11:16 Well Hi Dr. Neblett.
11:17 Hi, I brought you your ice cream.
11:20 Yeah you are looking like you're wondering
11:22 why you brought it.
11:23 Yes I am sense this looks pretty good.
11:25 Yes it does, it's call banana smoothies.
11:27 Oh this is the smoothie you were telling me about.
11:29 Hey that is really sweet - do you like it?
11:35 Well I think my wife and kids will like it.
11:39 You don't like it?
11:41 Well I don't like bananas by themselves all that much.
11:46 Is there something else you can put in this?
11:49 Oh yes, yes - to make a little more interesting.
11:51 In fact I have right here blueberries,
11:52 did you like it Shanta?
11:53 Oh now I like blueberries, what do I do, do I just
11:57 put them on top of my ice cream here?
11:59 No, I will show you, Shanta will you push again?
12:02 I'll put some blueberries in and you watch,
12:04 I think you will like it this way.
12:08 Well you want to taste it that way and see
12:11 if you like it?
12:12 Well now that looks interesting, this is very creative.
12:15 Oh you know I think using natural foods is so fun
12:19 because they are pretty and they taste so good.
12:23 I think this is a lot better than that ice cream
12:26 that you had me bring.
12:27 I know I was hoping you could tell me about it.
12:28 Very good, try it Shanta!
12:31 Can I read for you very quickly?
12:33 It says milk fat and sugar, whey, they get that
12:37 from milk, stabilized and emulsified by Mono and
12:42 triglycerides, that fat, that's what that is.
12:44 Cellulose gum, carob bean gum, Gar gum, that must
12:50 be the stuff they make it gummy with,
12:51 so it will stick together.
12:53 And polysorbate 80 and I can't even read that!
12:58 That word is so long - oh I can't even remember
13:01 all those things you listed can you?
13:03 And you imagine in eating all this stuff, preservatives?
13:05 This is supposed to be a good desert right?
13:07 You know what is in this let me show you.
13:08 Ta Daah! - just a banana and I just saw you put those
13:13 blueberries in there.
13:14 You know this is the way to tell what's
13:17 is a good thing to eat.
13:19 Let me ask Shanta, have you ever seen
13:22 vanilla ice cream growing on a tree?
13:24 No - how about a banana growing on a tree? - yes.
13:28 That is the way you can tell what is good for you,
13:31 if it grows on a tree or it grows out of the ground
13:34 then it's good for you.
13:36 Those things that I just read on the vanilla ice cream
13:39 package, none of those - they are not natural.
13:43 No they wasn't.
13:44 I think we're better off eating what God made for
13:47 us because we know it's good for us, and good for
13:50 our insides, then eating something that is man-made.
13:53 You know I was thinking about how we had trouble
13:56 putting the machine together - yes we did, didn't we!
13:59 But when we read the instructions we figured
14:01 out just what to do.
14:03 It's like when we follow the instructions God gives us,
14:07 and we eat the right foods God gives us, we are much
14:11 better off then when we don't follow the instructions.
14:14 I agree.
14:19 Why I sure enjoyed watching the movements and jumps
14:21 you did with your horse.
14:23 That was great, how long have you been training horses?
14:26 Well I graduated from college in 72 and I have been
14:30 working at this even before that time.
14:34 I have been at this 36 years now.
14:36 Wow that is great, as a riding instructor, you are
14:40 not only training the horses but instructing
14:42 the people how to work with horses right?
14:44 That is correct, we have got students as young as
14:49 18 months out here riding, I think that is a little too
14:53 young, and a lot of students come in between 3, 4, 5.
14:57 I think that 5-7 is a good age to start at.
15:00 This last year, about 5 years ago I was fortunate
15:04 to have a lady, a young lady that was 89 years old.
15:07 Oh wow so you never stop learning it sounds like.
15:09 No I don't believe that you ever stop learning,
15:12 I think that in any profession you are going to
15:15 continue to learn all the way through life.
15:17 Every day that goes by I am learning something
15:19 new about behavior in animals and it has been
15:22 a very interesting job.
15:23 So even yourself as a riding instructor you
15:26 said that you keep learning?
15:27 Every day, every day there is something new
15:30 that I have learned.
15:31 So what are some of the principles that are important
15:34 to apply to training horses and working with horses?
15:38 I think in any profession trying to be clear and making
15:42 sure you communicate concisely as to what you need from
15:46 the animals and get them to understand their job.
15:48 You find the same thing in a workplace, it's hard
15:51 sometimes for employers to communicate to their
15:56 employees exactly what it is
15:58 they are supposed to be doing.
15:59 With the horses we are trying to do the same thing
16:01 by rewarding them when they are real clear.
16:03 For example let's stop right here, and as soon as
16:08 your animals stops than rewarding him by a
16:09 loosening the reins and make it clear that
16:11 he is done the right thing.
16:12 So loosening the reins is his reward - it's his reward.
16:15 Is making it real clear to him so that he understands
16:18 that he can relax just like we relax.
16:20 And it sounds like you used talking and body movements.
16:25 We use body language a lot to communicate,
16:27 we use our voice, and when we are
16:30 on the ground we use body language.
16:32 We are always using as much as we can to
16:33 communicate to make the process real clear.
16:36 What can you tell me about some of the movements
16:39 you instruct the horses to do?
16:41 Well earlier when we were working in the upper field,
16:45 we demonstrated a leg yield and a shoulder in.
16:47 Some lateral movements, we use for stretching, we accelerated
16:51 and collected our gaits, at the same time we did some
16:54 jumping again to show how you move a horse up and take
16:57 the horse back to get him through the jumps correctly.
16:59 And it is just the little things like that we use
17:01 through our communication, body language, voice to get
17:05 our animals to respond to us.
17:07 We could have been chasing cows, we could have been
17:09 doing what ever but it is all communication.
17:11 Getting them to relax and understand their job and
17:14 then leaving them alone and let them do it.
17:16 Wow that is great, I have had such a nice time
17:19 riding Scout, is just the nicest, nicest of horses.
17:22 I've learned a lot and I think there will be lots
17:24 of children that will be more interested
17:26 in working with horses now.
17:28 So I think you for that and I guess
17:30 we can keep going hey?
17:31 Let's continue riding - okay!
17:36 If you say to your horse hay whoa,
17:38 your horse will stop and will not go.
17:42 Until you say giddy up my friend,
17:45 then your horse will go on its way again.
17:48 A horse will do what you tell him to,
17:51 if a horse can I can too.
17:54 A horse will do what you tell him to
17:57 if a horse can I can too.
18:02 Well Scout I've got to go now, but why don't you
18:04 meet me in the Jungle Forest okay?
18:08 God has made each animal different.
18:10 Tell me what a mother beaver does to warn
18:13 her family of danger?
18:14 That is right, she smacks her tail and those
18:18 little kits just dive under the water, because if they
18:21 don't dive under the water they would be in danger.
18:23 Even bears, cougars are terrible enemies for beavers.
18:28 Okay now what about the grouse, they don't have tails
18:32 to smack like beavers do, so what do the grouse do?
18:35 The mother makes a certain high, high call, and when
18:39 she makes that call the little chicks just freeze.
18:43 Then she has another call to make and when she
18:46 makes that call it's a little different
18:48 from the first one, they all come running to her.
18:50 God has made each animal have their own way of teaching
18:53 their babies to obey.
18:55 Even the chicks you see in a barnyard,
18:57 they know to obey when mother hen calls,
19:00 those chicks just come running because if
19:02 they don't get under her wings they would make
19:05 a tasty meal for some hawk or something and
19:07 that wouldn't be good.
19:08 Isn't it neat how God has given each animal the
19:11 instinct to know to obey?
19:15 If a mother hen cackles loud and clear,
19:17 the chicks come running just to be near.
19:21 The farmer spreads the food around
19:23 and the chicks were glad for their mothers sound.
19:27 If a hen well ask, the chick will do
19:30 if a chick can I can too!
19:33 If a hen well ask, the chick will do
19:36 if a chick can I can too!
19:43 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
19:45 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal
19:47 time with Him every day.
19:49 Well adults do that by praying and by
19:51 reading their Bibles.
19:52 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
19:55 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
19:58 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
20:01 devotions every morning when you get up.
20:03 Janice has made morning time devotions for her kids
20:07 and for you complete with songs, prayers and stories.
20:10 For more information have your parents right to:
20:46 Obedience, obedience keeps us well and happy,
20:51 obedience, obedience makes the world go round.
20:58 Keeps us safe and sound.
21:01 You better look both ways on a busy street,
21:05 stay with your parents don't over eat.
21:07 Lots of rules we must obey,
21:10 they lead us all to a better way.
21:13 Obedience, obedience keeps us well and happy,
21:19 obedience, obedience makes the world go round.
21:26 Keeps us safe and sound.
21:29 Makes the world go round, keeps us safe and sound.
21:53 Are you ready for another story? - yeah!
21:56 Now remember there have been lots of unusual things
21:59 happening in Longview Village haven't there?
22:01 First it was the cave and then there were things
22:06 like the boat disappearing, and the horse, and the
22:11 crackers, and stuff being given to the widow.
22:15 Then remember the life jacket, the guy who
22:18 lost his nice life jacket, then it came back
22:20 on a nail by his door.
22:22 Then remember Roy falling in the water when
22:25 he saw the figure in front of the cave?
22:27 Well now was timed go fishing because
22:31 Oscar and Bruce invited Roy to go fishing.
22:34 Now Oscar and Bruce were really good fishermen
22:36 because they went fishing all the time.
22:38 And they were just catching all these nice fish,
22:41 and poor Roy, he wasn't catching hardly any
22:45 because he had never really been fishing before.
22:47 But Oscar and Bruce were really nice and sometimes
22:49 they would catch them and put them in Roy's pile
22:52 and said that these can be your fish this time.
22:54 And while they were fishing, as boys do, they had nice
22:57 chances to talk and stuff and of course Roy being
23:01 the detective, he kept asking them for any ideas.
23:06 But they never could come up with any ideas as
23:09 to how these things were happening.
23:11 By the time they were done fishing it was time
23:14 to go home for lunch.
23:15 Oscar and Bruce said to Roy would you like
23:19 to go fishing again tomorrow?
23:21 And Roy said I would really love to but my
23:24 uncle wants to take my dad and I sightseeing
23:27 the next couple of days so I won't be able to.
23:29 So they said okay maybe we can go fishing again
23:32 after you get back of your sightseeing.
23:35 So Roy went home to his uncle store.
23:37 He was so proud he had these little fish that
23:39 he had caught, and some of the ones that
23:41 Oscar and Bruce had given him.
23:42 He was so proud of himself, he went in there and
23:46 he hardly even got inside the door when his uncle
23:49 looked at him and said have you heard the news?
23:51 And Roy said know no what?
23:54 And if you can imagine this old Sandy,
23:57 he was one of the fishermen, and some time ago,
24:00 this was long before Roy had even arrived,
24:04 he had lost a brand-new oar that he had.
24:07 Now this oar was very special, because right on the
24:10 handle he had carved his name, S-A-N-D-Y.
24:14 He carved it right out of the wood and so
24:17 he knew it was his oar, it was his favorite oar
24:20 and he really liked it.
24:21 I guess he had been out in a storm or something
24:24 and he had lost it.
24:25 Well the night before old Sandy had been sound asleep
24:29 and thud, right on his chest.
24:38 His oar had come dropping through the window
24:43 and the handle, where his name was, had gone
24:46 thud right on his chest.
24:49 Well that woke him up with a start.
24:54 As you can imagine that Roy was just as curious
24:58 about that as anything, everybody was.
25:00 Well they didn't have much time to talk about it
25:03 because they had to get ready to go on a hike.
25:05 And they went on a beautiful hike and they went high
25:09 up into the mountains and could see all the views.
25:13 Scotland is such a beautiful country.
25:16 The ocean was this way and the valleys were this way.
25:19 It was lovely but I will tell you on the hike
25:22 home they were tired.
25:24 They decided to take a shorter way on the way home.
25:27 It was really late in the evening probably close
25:30 to eleven o'clock.
25:32 It was pitch dark out when they were coming
25:34 back to the village.
25:35 They came by old Peter McDonald's House.
25:41 There was a light under his door as soon as he heard
25:44 the footsteps coming by he flung open the door
25:47 and said, you people your never going to believe what happened.
25:52 He had tear marks down his old wrinkled face and Roy
25:58 thought he looks happy but he has tears on his face.
26:00 Then he started to tell them, he said you know since
26:04 Mary died I haven't been able to keep
26:06 my house very neat.
26:08 I kept meaning to have a regular cleanup day
26:12 and sweep everything and put everything away,
26:14 but I just never got around to it.
26:16 And do you know when I came home tonight all
26:19 tired and everything.
26:21 When I came home my house was spic and span and
26:27 there was a delicious supper on the table.
26:31 Roy's eyes got bigger because he thought,
26:35 who could have done that?
26:37 Poor Mr. Donald he just kept right on talking,
26:40 and Mr. Wallace it was such a good supper.
26:43 I have just never seen the likes of it.
26:46 Roy thought he smelt something, but he couldn't
26:50 quite put his finger on it.
26:52 And next week we will find out more.
26:57 Did you get the mystery words?
27:01 A better way!
27:05 You know we'll play the little rules and the big
27:08 rules that people have made and God have made,
27:11 we will find a better way won't we?
27:14 Let's see, you promise and I will promise too, until we
27:18 meet again, we will work towards making things better.
27:22 Okay? bye for now!


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