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00:01 Don't you just love pop belly stoves and fireplaces?
00:03 I do, there is nothing so cozy as to sit in front of
00:06 them and hear the crackling of the fire, but you know
00:10 they can be dangerous too.
00:11 And that is why when you work with them you need to
00:14 use things to protect you and that is why I have a
00:17 glove on for picking up the logs, you don't have to
00:20 do that but I like to just in case I get slivers.
00:22 And also the other reason that the glove is good is
00:25 for opening the door, because you see the door
00:28 is made of cast iron and the heat travels on it
00:30 and it's very hot.
00:31 Let's see, oh I don't actually need to put any more in.
00:34 There is already enough in there so I won't, but
00:37 sometimes you do need to check your fire and maybe
00:39 jiggle the logs around so they get down to the
00:41 hot coals so they burn better.
00:43 So when you do it you should always use something
00:46 like cast iron rod because otherwise using other
00:49 logs or stick, they can actually start to burn and
00:52 then the sparks can come out and catch your furniture
00:55 or your carpet on fire.
00:57 So it is very important to use your head and also use
01:01 special tools to protect yourself.
02:01 Do you have your pencil and paper ready for
02:03 our mystery word game?
02:04 Good, okay now remember when I am talking certain
02:07 words that I say are keywords.
02:10 And a keyword will come up on the side of the screen
02:13 right here and then the letter that is important from the
02:15 keyword will come across the screen and come over
02:19 this side into the right space of the mystery word.
02:22 It looks like today's mystery word has 5 letters.
02:26 So play close attention okay?
02:27 Now remember we were talking about protection
02:30 when we were in the attic?
02:31 Let's look that up in my computer dictionary.
02:34 Protection, let's see what would be the
02:37 root word of that?
02:38 I think it is protect, right?
02:40 So we will type that in P-R-O-T-E-C-T,
02:46 protect and then we want it to be protection
02:49 so we go I-O-N.
02:52 And let's find out what it means.
02:55 The condition of being kept from harm.
02:58 Do you like to be kept from harm? I do!
03:01 I think that protection must be important,
03:04 it is so important that God talks a lot about it
03:07 because God cares about us.
03:09 I just want to take a minute to read you a
03:12 special verse in Proverbs 2:8 and it says,
03:16 "God protects the way of His faithful ones. "
03:20 Isn't that a nice promise?
03:21 Not only that He has given us brains so that we
03:25 can think of things to make, and we can make them well,
03:28 that will protect us.
03:30 Let's go to my attic and play a guessing game
03:33 and just find some ordinary,
03:35 every day things that protect us.
03:37 Let's go!
03:41 You know what this is don't you?
03:42 A seatbelt, do you always remember to buckle-up?
03:46 I do, very important.
03:48 Let's have a guessing game, look around my attic
03:51 and see if you can find something that
03:54 won't protect your feet.
03:56 Okay, just kind of look around in all the corners.
03:59 It won't protect your feet, have you found it?
04:02 I think you did, it's a helmet isn't it?
04:05 Do you remember to put a helmet on when
04:09 you go bike riding?
04:10 How about when you go roller skating or
04:12 skateboarding, or rollerblading.
04:14 I will try it on, it doesn't fit me so this one
04:17 would not protect me very well.
04:19 It is important to get the right size
04:21 of a helmet for yourself.
04:23 Okay, let's guess on another one,
04:25 it's something that won't protect your head.
04:28 Okay, look around, just look in all the corners.
04:32 I will give you another clue, also it will help
04:36 you not to catch a cold.
04:38 Look around have you found them?
04:40 Boots, very important.
04:44 In the winter time when it is snowing or when it
04:46 is raining they are very important.
04:48 And these are nice and tall so they protect your
04:50 legs and keep you warm.
04:51 Okay this time it's something that has to be open
04:56 in order to work.
04:58 Okay, we'll look in each corner, it has to be open
05:01 in order to work.
05:03 Have you found it yet?
05:05 You are right it is an umbrella.
05:09 You know most people think of umbrellas for rainy days,
05:13 but umbrellas are also good for sunny days.
05:15 I've seen lots of people at the beach with the
05:17 umbrellas up to protect their faces and their
05:19 bodies from getting a sunburn.
05:20 Is it nice to have so many things to protect us
05:24 and keep us safe?
05:25 But remember they don't work for us a less we use them.
05:31 What keeps us safe.
05:33 What keeps us well.
05:34 What keeps us warm.
05:36 What keeps us healthy,
05:38 umbrellas, and boots, and glasses and shoes,
05:41 and coats, and mittens, and cars and trucks,
05:44 and hats and pencils, sun screen, and schools.
05:47 Protection, God's protection
05:50 What keeps us safe.
05:52 What keeps us well.
05:53 What keeps us warm.
05:55 What keeps us healthy.
05:57 Carrots, and cabbage, and vitamins too,
06:00 and parents and firemen, doctors, nurses
06:03 laws and rules, policeman at roads
06:06 Protection, God's protection
06:10 What keeps us safe.
06:11 What keeps us well.
06:13 What keeps us warm.
06:14 What keeps us healthy.
06:16 Protection, God's protection for me and you.
06:23 Come with me okay?
06:35 Hi! I'm Janice, what's been happening here?
06:37 Well my name is Dave and this is John, well hi John!
06:42 It looks as though kids have been playing with matches.
06:46 Oh, Ohhhhhh! You know my friends and I are just walking
06:51 on our way to the fire department and I would
06:52 like you to meet them.
06:53 How do you do!
06:55 Are you a real fireman?
06:56 Yes I've been a firefighter for about 15 years.
06:59 I have to keep my protective equipment in the back of
07:02 my car as well as an extinguisher.
07:03 You never know what's going to happen.
07:05 You can help with an emergency alongside the road,
07:07 or a fire, you never know.
07:09 Well you know we have been talking about protection
07:11 and safety today, so it sounds like you really
07:14 believe in being safe by carrying those things
07:16 with you all the time. - Absolutely!
07:18 Tell me about the extinguisher,
07:20 can anybody have one of those?
07:21 Certainly, you will probably find this in your kitchen
07:25 or a lot of people carry them in their car.
07:27 You can buy them anywhere around town, and what you
07:31 want to do is when you put a fire out, aim at the base
07:34 of the fire in a sweeping motion, put out the fire.
07:37 It has chemicals in it to put out the fire.
07:39 Yes it does.
07:40 So kids should tell their moms and dads
07:42 to get one of those?
07:43 Yes they should, they should at least keep one in their
07:47 kitchen and maybe keep one in their car or boat too.
07:50 Oh those are good ideas.
07:52 What can you tell us about your suit and
07:54 what you are wearing?
07:55 These are my boots and with these boots, they protect
08:00 you from nails or any type of hot ashes.
08:03 These are my turnout pants, my coat, my gloves,
08:07 my goggles and helmet.
08:08 Right and that helmet looks pretty tough.
08:11 Can John try it on?
08:13 Absolutely - I know kids like to try on fire helmets.
08:20 Tell us a little bit more about, I see these flaps
08:22 hanging down - yes that flap in the back protect your ears from
08:27 heat, and your neck.
08:28 If any hot ambers fall onto the helmet this
08:31 bill back here will cause it to fall and roll off the back
08:34 instead of down your collar and burning you.
08:36 So that is an important protective thing! - Absolutely!
08:39 Well what kind of safety rules could
08:42 tell my friends.
08:43 I would say number one, never ever
08:46 play with matches or lighters.
08:47 And if you see any other children playing with matches or
08:50 lighters, go tell an adult or parent right away.
08:54 That sounds like an important rule.
08:55 John tell me something, have you ever played with
08:58 matches or lighters?
08:59 Nope I always follow my dad's rules.
09:01 That's great I hope my friends will do that too.
09:04 He's wise you take note of that.
09:07 Are there any other safety rules you can tell us?
09:10 Absolutely, in the kitchen if you ever see anything
09:13 on fire on the stove what you want to do is to turn
09:16 the gas off right way and put a lid on top of it,
09:20 which will smother it.
09:21 And of course number one call the fire department
09:23 right away - because they are there to help us
09:26 aren't they - exactly.
09:27 Well thank you very much Dave and John for sharing
09:30 these safety rules with us.
09:31 We really appreciate you taking the time to do that.
09:33 It was a pleasure - thank you we will see you.
09:36 Let's go!
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10:42 God has given Loons a special instinct to know how to
10:45 protect their babies.
10:46 When it comes time to choose a nest they often choose to
10:50 make a nest right near the water's edge.
10:52 So they gathered together bits of weeds and grasses and
10:57 leaves and form a little nest and then they lay eggs.
11:01 They always lay 2 eggs and the eggs are kind of a
11:05 brownish, greenish, speckled color.
11:07 And they lay them into the nest and cover them over with
11:11 the grasses and weeds and then it comes time to sit on
11:14 the eggs and keep them warm.
11:16 They sit there for 30 days.
11:18 The mother and the father Loon take turns sitting there.
11:21 While they are sitting there they have to be constantly
11:24 on the alert for dangers because raccoons are an enemy
11:28 that would love to eat some tasty Loon and eggs for dinner.
11:32 Otters are another enemy, and another enemy is Mr. skunk.
11:35 If the Loons see one of these enemies coming near the
11:38 nest, right away they jumped into the water and swim
11:42 just as far away as possible so the enemy animals,
11:46 like skunk or the raccoon, won't know where the nest
11:48 is and it will distract them away from the nest.
11:52 Well pretty soon it comes time for Hatch Day,
11:55 after 30 days it's hatch day.
11:57 Do you have a Hatch Day?
11:58 No you don't you have a birthday.
12:01 Well on Hatch Day those little Loons just peck their way
12:05 out of the eggs and once they have pecked out they are
12:10 all wet and sticky, but within maybe an hour or so their
12:14 wings are all fluffy and their feathers are all fluffy.
12:19 They are just the cutest little ball of fluff
12:21 you could ever imagine.
12:22 Believe it or not they can swim within just a few hours
12:26 after their birth they can swim.
12:28 Now I know you couldn't do that, but they sure can.
12:30 But even though they can swim,
12:32 they do get tired quite quickly.
12:34 So then the mother and father will come very close and
12:38 let them hop onto their back and go for piggyback ride.
12:41 And the mother will swim for a long ways
12:44 with her babies up on top of her back.
12:47 Now you know God has given the Loons another thing
12:50 that really makes it easy for them to swim and
12:53 stay in the water well.
12:55 It's a special tool, their feathers are so close
12:59 together that it makes them waterproof so the water
13:04 can't get in and drag them down.
13:06 But you know sometimes when they are out there floating
13:09 along, swimming along looking for food and so forth
13:12 they may see an enemy animal out on the water.
13:15 So God has given them a special trick to protect
13:18 themselves, they squish their feathers together,
13:21 tighter than ever and it's squishes out all the extra
13:24 air because the air that was trapped up in the feathers
13:27 made it so that they floated better.
13:30 So they squish the feathers together to squish out the
13:33 air and that makes them lower down into the water.
13:36 Then they push all the extra air out of their lungs and
13:39 that makes them less buoyant and they go down, down,
13:43 down under the water so just a little bit of the head
13:46 is showing and that way they are hidden from the enemy.
13:49 I think God is so wonderful to give the Loons,
13:53 and all the animals the ways that He does
13:56 for protecting themselves.
14:00 The animals know, the animals know
14:06 how to protect their children.
14:12 The animals know, the animals know,
14:18 God taught them to love and care.
14:24 There is danger around, and food must be found.
14:31 Who will keep them safe and sound.
14:37 They need to be warm, secure in the storm
14:43 Who will keep them safe and sound.
14:49 The animals know, the animals know
14:55 how to protect their children.
15:02 The animals know, the animals know,
15:08 God taught them to love and care.
15:24 Well Officer Hiller I would like you to meet my friends.
15:26 Hi - can you show the kids your badge first off?
15:29 Sure! - Isn't that neat?
15:31 It says Conservation Police, tell us what a
15:35 Conservation Police Officer does?
15:37 Janice mainly what I do is that I protect the
15:40 lands and the waters.
15:42 I make sure that people do not harm them or abuse
15:45 the lands and waters so that when kids get older
15:48 they'll have lands and waters to enjoy themselves.
15:51 Sometimes people catch too many fish, or they may shoot
15:54 too many animals, and that is where I get involved.
15:58 Or sometimes people may chop down trees, they may drive
16:01 spikes in a tree, so I deal with a little bit of both
16:05 the animals and the forest and so forth.
16:08 What about baby animals in the springtime?
16:11 Well unfortunately everybody it's hard for people
16:14 to pass a cute baby animal.
16:17 The best thing they can do so is to leave it
16:20 in its natural state.
16:21 Just leave it alone, enjoy it, watch it,
16:24 but leave it out in nature.
16:27 What about if you find an animal that
16:30 is injured or something?
16:32 Best thing to do is not to mess with it your self,
16:36 because number one there could be something,
16:38 it may be carrying some kind of a disease that
16:40 you do not want to be exposed to.
16:42 Best thing they can do is to get a
16:44 hold of their local authorities.
16:45 And they will either pick the animal up themselves,
16:48 or they will contact somebody who is trained in
16:51 handling the animal, and also is trained
16:53 how to feed it, and take care of it,
16:55 and raise it up until it is strong enough
16:58 to be released into the wild.
16:59 Have you ever had to take an animal away from anybody?
17:02 One time it was really interesting.
17:04 I had to take a raccoon that an individual had,
17:08 he wanted to make a pet out of,
17:11 and unfortunately I had to go ahead and
17:13 take it from him.
17:14 The raccoon was already pretty good sized and
17:18 I put him in a box, securely taped the box up.
17:22 I'm driving in my truck to the Federal Natural Refuge
17:27 where animals are protected.
17:29 I was going to release him there, but while I was
17:31 driving down the road, all of a sudden I looked
17:34 on my shoulder and here was this raccoon sitting
17:36 right on my shoulder.
17:38 He kind of sat on my shoulder and purred a little bit.
17:41 I was driving along and people were coming by and see
17:44 that raccoon on my shoulder and probably thought he's
17:47 really serious about his job.
17:48 Anyway I got him to the Refuge and let him go
17:51 and he climbed right up a tree so I would say
17:54 he's in good shape.
17:55 So you took him to a proper refuge where he will
17:58 be safe and taken care of - yes.
18:00 Well I just thank you for being here.
18:03 I'm sure you have to get to work but
18:05 we all thank you for coming - thank you!
18:09 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
18:12 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal time
18:14 with Him every day?
18:15 Well adults do that by praying and by
18:18 reading their Bibles.
18:19 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
18:22 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
18:25 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
18:27 devotions every morning when you get up.
18:29 Janice has made morning time devotions for her kids,
18:33 and for you, complete with songs, prayers and stories.
18:37 For more information have your parents write to:
19:10 Hello Dr. Neblett - Hello Janice!
19:11 We've just been studying about the animals and how God
19:14 has given them an instinct to protect their young.
19:17 And we also learned that we have a responsibility to
19:20 protect the environment around them.
19:22 Sounds like we have better take good care of it.
19:24 You are precisely right!
19:26 While there is something else we should take care of,
19:27 well what is that?
19:29 It happens to be the largest organ on your body,
19:31 what do you think it is?
19:32 Your legs because then you can run away.
19:34 No, no it is not! - it's not?
19:35 Nope, try again - um!
19:37 Your hair because you have so much of it.
19:39 People have a lot to of hair but that's not it.
19:42 Do you want me to tell you what it is?
19:43 Yeah - it's your skin - my skin?
19:48 Your skin - oh well it is everywhere.
19:50 Did you know your skin was an organ?
19:53 No, I never knew that!
19:54 It is very important too, let me show you.
19:57 If you didn't have skin you would look like
20:00 Frank over here - oooh!
20:03 Your muscles would be exposed and you would
20:06 be in a lot of trouble.
20:08 I would probably be uncomfortable - not only
20:10 that the skin does something very important.
20:13 Let me show you with an orange right here.
20:15 This is the skin of the Orange and I am going to
20:18 take it off - um hum!
20:20 Okay what do you see?
20:21 The bare orange underneath the real orange.
20:24 Well what to you think would happen if it did
20:26 not have the skin?
20:27 Well it would get all dried out and probably
20:31 go moldy really fast.
20:32 Would you want even an orange that look like that?
20:34 No - I don't think so!
20:35 What about bugs, do you think bugs would have an
20:38 easier time getting in if the skin was on top of it,
20:41 or if the skin was off? - oh this way for sure they
20:44 would gobble it up right away.
20:46 That tells us a couple of important things about our skin.
20:49 My skin just isn't a big, big bag.
20:56 I'm not walking around in a big, big bag.
21:03 Protects me from the weather,
21:05 helps control my temperature,
21:08 it keeps me altogether, this is no ordinary bag.
21:15 My skin just isn't a big, big bag.
21:19 I'm not walking around in a big, big bag.
21:26 It senses things around me, fingers prints gives identity.
21:33 It feeds me vitamin D, this is no ordinary bag.
21:38 My skin just isn't a big, big bag.
21:44 I'm not walking a round in a big, big bag.
21:50 My skin isn't just a big, big bag.
21:57 God made my skin more than a big, big bag.
22:11 Are you ready for another story?
22:12 Yes - now remember in Longview Village lots of
22:16 mysterious things have been happening.
22:19 There were the noises in the cave, and then the things
22:22 like the boat and the horse disappearing, and the old
22:26 widow who got the food given to her and she didn't
22:29 know who it came from.
22:30 So many things and now old Peter McDonald is mystified
22:37 over who has cleaned his house.
22:39 Roy and his father and uncle are still standing there,
22:43 but they are getting so tired and they want to stay and
22:47 visit Peter more, because Peter was so excited.
22:49 But they decide to go because they are just so tired
22:52 they needed to go.
22:53 As Roy drug himself home to bed that night,
22:57 all of a sudden he said to himself, why didn't I ask
23:02 Peter McDonald what they made him for supper?
23:06 Why didn't I ask?
23:09 Because remember he had sniffed something in the air,
23:12 but he couldn't figured out what it was he had sniffed.
23:16 Ahhh, I should have asked.
23:18 Well the next morning they all got up late, because
23:21 remember they went to bed really late after their hike.
23:24 They all got up late and they were eating their
23:27 breakfast slow and all of a sudden in burst through
23:31 the door spinster McKay.
23:33 She was 70 years old, and she just come flying in that
23:37 door, Mr. Rash Mr. Rash you just will never believe
23:39 what happened, I'm so blub blub blub blub blub blub!
23:42 She was just as mad as an old hen,
23:44 someone had stolen her Peat.
23:47 Now in Scotland Peat is very important because it is what
23:51 you use to heat your houses with.
23:53 You cut it, and let it dry, and then you can use it
23:56 to burn for heating your little houses.
23:59 Well of course an old woman like her would be very
24:02 upset if someone stole her Peat.
24:04 I guess she had went out into the fields,
24:06 she had cut it, and had it out to dry and had gone
24:11 back to get it that very morning.
24:13 When she got there it was gone, 6 baskets full of it.
24:21 She was upset, why Roy which just,
24:25 his ears were just flapping.
24:26 He was trying to imagine who had done it.
24:29 He finished his breakfast just as fast as he could and
24:33 he was going to get out there and find out who did it.
24:36 On his way, while he was walking out to the Peat fields,
24:39 he met Oscar and Bruce.
24:41 So they helped him, they searched everywhere but do you
24:44 think they could find any Peat?
24:47 Not even any of it, none of it.
24:49 So they were very discouraged,
24:52 but what else could you do.
24:55 Roy said to them do you think it has anything to do
24:57 with the people in the cave?
24:58 An Oscar and Bruce just laughed and said Roy,
25:02 do you think people in a cave would want Peat?
25:06 And besides that Roy there is nobody in that cave we searched.
25:11 So Roy went back to his uncle's store and would you
25:15 believe he just gets in the door of the store and
25:19 there is his uncle with another story.
25:21 The Peat was at Miss McKay's house all neatly
25:27 stacked right behind her house.
25:31 Who could have done it?
25:33 Who would have done it was the question
25:37 that everybody was asking?
25:39 Well Roy was just stumped, who did it?.
25:46 So he decided to go for a walk.
25:48 Well he went out walking and he got down to the beach
25:51 and there was Old Corky.
25:53 Old Corky but actually his real name,
25:56 was John McCorkindale.
25:59 That is a long name isn't it?
26:00 So they all called him Old Corky.
26:03 Well Old Corky was just the best one to talk to,
26:08 he had so many stories, and he was out working on his
26:11 boat trying to tar it, to make it waterproof.
26:14 So Roy went and started talking to him and listening
26:18 to his stories, and he even started to help Old Corky
26:22 because he thought he should help him.
26:24 Well by and by as the afternoon went on Old Corky's
26:28 back started to get sore and he said,
26:31 I'm going to have to quit.
26:32 I'm going to finish it tomorrow Roy thank you for
26:34 helping me but I got to go home I'm not feeling good.
26:37 His Rheumatics were getting to him, as he called them.
26:42 So poor Old Corky felt so bad that Roy had to help him
26:47 hobble home, he had to lean on Roy's shoulder.
26:49 Well the next morning Roy woke up early, about 5 o'clock
26:53 and all of a sudden he had a good idea.
26:56 He thought I know what I will do, I'll go down to the
26:59 beach and I will finish putting the tar on Corky's boat
27:02 for him and then it will be a surprise for him.
27:05 So he jumped out of bed, he had never woken up so early
27:08 before, and he threw on his clothes.
27:10 He was so excited and went racing down to the beach.
27:15 He pinched himself and rubbed his eyes and he looked,
27:19 there was the boat finished.
27:24 Are you wondering who did it?
27:28 So was he, next time we will find out more.
27:35 Have you been paying attention to our mystery word?
27:37 It was an easy one today, wasn't it?
27:39 Safety, I'm so glad that you are safe and that
27:45 you were able to watch today, and I am looking forward
27:48 to seeing you next week.


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