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00:01 Hello, I'm watering my violets.
00:03 Do you like violets?
00:05 I sure do! Whenever I water my violets, I always put the
00:09 water into the little dish.
00:10 Then put the pot into the water and the roots and dirt
00:15 can soak it up from the bottom.
00:16 The reason for that because if you pour it into the top
00:21 it is really easy to accidentally get the water
00:24 on the leaves and it burns the leaves
00:25 and that doesn't make the plant look pretty.
00:28 Don't need to water violets all that often.
00:30 Maybe once a week.
00:32 They don't need lots of water.
00:33 You know when ever I water my violets,
00:36 it reminds me of a story.
00:37 Would you like me to tell it to you?
00:40 Okay, I will.
00:50 So good to see you again.
00:53 Come up for a visit my friend.
00:59 There is so much to do
01:00 I have so many things planned for you
01:07 we'll laugh and we'll play
01:09 we'll sing and we'll pray
01:11 I'll tell you a story or two
01:15 and we'll be friends you and I
01:20 Yes you and I and Jesus!
01:29 I'm happy you're here once again
01:32 It's so nice to have you as my friend!
01:42 Are you ready for the mystery word game?
01:44 Remember the key word comes on this side
01:46 be important letter jumps out
01:49 is over into the correct spot
01:51 of the mystery word
01:52 and it looks like today's word
01:53 has 9 letters and see how quickly you can figure it out!
01:58 Our story!
02:00 Priscilla grew up in a rich family
02:02 she had so many clothes, toys, dolls, shoes she just couldn't
02:07 even keep track of it all.
02:09 but in spite of how much she had
02:11 she was often very unhappy.
02:14 And she was often not too nice to be around.
02:17 She hated sharing, she didn't like helping,
02:20 and with her friends, if one
02:22 person said, oh I like your
02:24 hair, to someone else.
02:25 then Priscilla would get all jealous
02:28 they did not say it to her, and that made her not nice to
02:32 to be around.
02:33 As parents often do
02:34 her parents started to notice that.
02:36 It made them concerned.
02:38 So one day her mom said, Priscilla come with me into
02:40 the dining room, so they went
02:41 into the dining room and her
02:43 mom said, see these flowers Priscilla?
02:45 And coarse Priscilla had seen
02:46 these flowers every day, they
02:48 always had gorgeous arrangements
02:50 on their table and her mom said,
02:52 look at them carefully.
02:53 Priscilla looked, she wondered what
02:55 her mom was up to.
02:56 Then her mom said, smell them!
02:58 so she smelled them and her mom said,
03:02 Priscilla, put on your walking shoes
03:03 and let's go for a walk.
03:05 right down on her knees and she looked
03:09 and looked again
03:11 and said; mom, they are violets.
03:14 And they are beautiful.
03:16 You ought to see the petals
03:20 They are almost like velvet.
03:23 And they even sparkle.
03:24 Then she got right down and smelled them.
03:27 Oh, they smell so sweet.
03:30 and then her mom said Priscilla, don't you think it's just a
03:35 waste that they are down under that tree?
03:37 and Priscilla said why no, that's the way God made it.
03:42 That's where they belong.
03:44 Her mom said but nobody ever sees them Priscilla.
03:47 What good do they do down there?
03:49 She said I saw them and they made me happy.
03:53 Then her mom said, what about the flowers on the dining table?
03:59 Weren't day much more beautiful than these ones?
04:02 Priscilla said, well mom I think these ones are just as pretty
04:06 as those ones.
04:07 Her mom said, old but those were in a beautiful vase
04:12 and so perfectly arranged, these ones are just out in the
04:16 midst of twigs and the rocks and stuff.
04:18 Priscilla said, mom these ones are just as beautiful.
04:23 This is the way God made it.
04:25 Then Priscilla's mom said, okay Priscilla I believe you.
04:29 but I want you to tell me what lessons you can learn from that?
04:35 Priscilla thought for a minute, then she said, well maybe that
04:40 it's okay to be pretty when people see you on the dining
04:45 room table or whether they don't see you down under a tree.
04:48 Then Priscilla's mom said, well that's a good thing.
04:51 Do you think Priscilla that it can also apply to things
04:54 that we do?
04:56 Priscilla thought for a moment and then she said
04:58 yeah mom I think it could.
05:01 Then Priscilla looked at her mom and said, mom are you trying to
05:06 teach me something from these little violets?
05:09 Her mom said, well Priscilla maybe you to but I think
05:13 we can all learn lessons from little violets.
05:18 Pretty little violets you do your best all of the time
05:28 quiet little violets you live the Christ like way.
05:37 You brighten every day,
05:41 living the Christ like way
05:58 I think we can learn some important lessons
06:01 from those little violets, can't we?
06:02 The lesson of humility is a good one for all of us to learn.
06:06 Shall we look that up?
06:07 Well, um, I think I'll use the computer today.
06:10 Let's see, humility comes from the root word humble.
06:14 That is spelled H.U.M.B.L.E humble.
06:22 It means not proud.
06:25 Modest, boy some one who is not proud sounds like
06:28 the nice kind of friend to have, doesn't it?
06:31 You know the Bible talks about that to and it tells us
06:34 the results of being proud, or the results of being humble.
06:37 In Proverbs 18:12, it says "before his downfall
06:43 a man's heart is proud. "
06:45 So if you are proud, you'll have a downfall.
06:48 But humility comes before honor
06:52 So if you want to honor, let's be humble.
06:55 Shall we look at some ways of showing humility?
06:57 There's lots of ways are you ready?
06:59 Helping someone in the play ground is sure a nice thing
07:02 to do for them.
07:03 If you let someone else have the best doll to play with
07:06 That is another way to show humility.
07:08 or how about doing up your little sister's buttons?
07:11 it keeps her happy and helps lighten your mom or dad's load.
07:15 Picking up litter might seem like a boring job,
07:18 but it sure makes the world look nicer.
07:21 By holding a ladder steady for someone
07:23 you helped them to get the job done safely and well.
07:26 Speaking of important jobs, meet me in the jungle forest
07:30 because I have something to show you.
07:35 Come here because I have something I want to show you.
07:36 Do know what scientists call the most humble and
07:40 unappreciated creature?
07:42 Are you ready to see?
07:43 I will show you.
07:45 Here he is!
07:47 Mr. earthworm, you know some people do not like earthworms.
07:52 It sure is too bad because earthworms are very important.
07:56 They wiggle through the soil gobbling it up as they go.
07:59 They keep part of it for themselves to live on,
08:02 and the rest of it, there is a special enzyme in their stomach
08:05 any changes the rest of the dirt and they give it off
08:09 in what's called "earthworm castings"
08:11 That it is very important for plants.
08:14 earthworm castings are up to 5 times richer in nutrients
08:19 then regular soil.
08:20 Mr. Worm, you can go down there.
08:23 Plants, of course, need those nutrients.
08:26 I had this little vitamin bottle here and I'm going
08:30 to get some out.
08:33 They are not coming out are they?
08:35 I need to open the bottle and then I can get some out.
08:40 There we go, and that is what
08:43 earthworms due to the nutrients
08:45 that are locked up inside the soil.
08:47 You see it's like coming along and opening up the bottle.
08:52 Plants can get at the vitamins.
08:54 Earthworms do lots of other things too, but I don't
08:56 have time to tell you about them today.
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09:30 Now let's circle the pictures that are the same.
09:33 That is right you have the idea.
09:35 There are many more fun filled activities in
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10:01 Don't wait order yours today.
10:04 You know sometimes it's the littlest things
10:07 that make people happy.
10:08 I thought today that I would like to show you
10:10 a real simple flower that you can make at home.
10:12 I'm using tissue paper, but you can use any kind of paper.
10:16 Cut two pieces the same size in a square or rectangle
10:20 and then fold it in half
10:22 and fold it in half again.
10:26 Then fold it over this way, to make a triangle shape.
10:32 A triangle shape at the bottom and if you want you can fold
10:37 it even one more time.
10:39 Then you use your scissors, and like I said you can use
10:45 any kind of paper, but this thin kind of paper
10:47 makes it extra fluffy.
10:49 Take your scissors and make a half circle.
10:53 you just want to make a nice piece for the petals.
10:55 Nice pointy pedals.
10:57 then open it up, like this.
11:04 Then you want to turn it like this, so your petals are
11:10 opposite and hold it like this and stick your finger
11:14 down in the middle like that.
11:15 Then twist it down here at the bottom.
11:19 You know people like to get little surprises.
11:23 Maybe you can't always go buy flowers at a store,
11:27 maybe you live in an apartment and don't have flowers growing
11:29 in your garden, so these are simple flowers that you can
11:33 make as a little surprise.
11:35 Now we need a stem for flowers don't we?
11:37 Let's poof them out kind of.
11:39 You need a stem, you can use practically anything making stem
11:44 you can use a straw, a stick, wire, I just happen to have
11:49 some straws around.
11:50 So I'll use a straw and cover it with green masking tape.
11:55 Just regular green masking tape.
11:57 If you didn't have green
11:58 you could color the tape green
12:00 after you wind it around the straw.
12:01 So I wound the tape around the straw.
12:04 Pipe cleaners make a really good thing to use for a stem too
12:09 because they are like wires and you can bend them
12:12 into the shape you want
12:13 and then I cut off a little piece of masking tape
12:17 to attach the flower at the top.
12:20 Get it all attached, and then we need to make a leaf.
12:25 Flowers have leaves.
12:32 Again it just made some leaves
12:34 out of some wires.
12:35 Put the masking tape on them, to make it wide
12:39 and cut it into shape, but you can make a leaf
12:41 out of paper, you could make it just about out of anything.
12:45 I think I'll put in about this high and wind the tape
12:48 around so it will stick.
12:49 You know the important thing is just try doing it, because
12:53 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out a way
12:54 This one is blue and I think I'll put it there,
13:00 and my pink one in here.
13:04 I just put some Styrofoam in a pot
13:06 and poked them into it, but you can put them in a paper cup
13:08 practically anything.
13:10 Just the little things make people happy.
13:12 I think that is why God gave us hands and why He
13:15 gave us minds
13:16 to think of little things we can do for people.
13:18 He gave us eyes to notice little things people need
13:21 done for them.
13:24 God gave me eyes God gave me hands
13:27 to make this simple treasure
13:30 God help my heart to understand the love of simple pleasure's
13:36 It's the little things we do each day
13:40 that help us love each other.
13:43 It's The little things that show the way
13:46 to make somebody glad.
13:50 Let's make somebody glad.
14:00 That makes a kind of natural and finished like it came from
14:03 a garden, Hi Janice, how are you doing?
14:05 I'm fine, Hi Stephanie!
14:07 Well thanks for inviting us to come.
14:10 I'm so happy you came.
14:11 I heard she telling Stephanie, as I was coming,
14:14 you put green at the bottom, and put it in oasis
14:18 and soak that in water.
14:19 It takes up a lot of water.
14:21 I can put the flowers in it and he keeps them fresh.
14:23 he keeps them in place, where I put them.
14:25 It's like a sponge, it works like a sponge.
14:28 always cut the flowers and a diagonal, it helps them
14:32 to take more water.
14:34 Oh. cutting them diagonally across?
14:40 They're called Stock, did you smell them?
14:42 Oh, that's so nice!
14:47 And those are tulips, and that's and Iris.
14:51 It is not quite open so it it's hard to tell.
14:52 In your work as a florist, what does it seem to you
14:58 that people usually get flowers.
15:00 for what occasions?
15:01 You know the heaviest sale of flowers
15:04 is Mother's Day.
15:05 Really? And the next is Valentines Day.
15:08 So this must be a girl thing
15:10 but we do flowers for all occasions, anniversaries,
15:14 and birthdays, and Christmas and Thanksgiving
15:16 I think it's nice to give flowers for no occasion.
15:21 I think you are right.
15:23 .Just out of the clear blue, right!
15:25 Just because!
15:27 Just to say I love you! Right!
15:29 flowers are such a nice way to do that.
15:31 So beautiful, what are these ones?
15:33 Those are called Chrysanthemums white chrysanthemums,
15:37 So you did your tall ones and now looks like you're
15:42 doing a lower layer. We're doing the lower layer.
15:43 Is eighty important to fill in all the different areas?
15:47 Well you kind of do, there is a way, you have a line
15:50 and then you do a filler.
15:52 This happens to be an informal design.
15:55 So it is anything goes, but there are formal arrangements
15:59 where you put in the top one and then the side ones
16:02 it makes it very special arrangement.
16:06 Are you going to be a florist when you grow up Stephanie?
16:07 Yes I am.
16:09 it looks like a fun work, do you enjoy your work?
16:11 Oh, I do, I love flowers and I love arranging them.
16:14 God has made it so beautiful.
16:16 Hasn't He though?
16:17 we were wondering do you have to wait until you grown up
16:20 to make flower arrangements?
16:21 Oh no, in fact many times when I do a wedding, and my
16:25 grandchildren come around they make little arrangements
16:28 with me and one is 2 years old.
16:30 That's wonderful to know.
16:32 They have a wonderful time doing it.
16:34 Well we really need to be going, we need to meet Dr. Neblett.
16:38 Oh, let me give you some flowers perhaps you can take
16:41 it and arrange yourself.
16:42 Oh, we'll have fun with these won't we?
16:46 Do you have any idea what it will look like?
16:50 Well here I have already finished it, it looks like this.
16:53 Oh, it's beautiful.
16:55 well thanks for having us Darlene, bye Stephanie!
17:00 Let's go see Dr. Neblett okay?
17:11 Hi everybody! Hi! Hi Janice.
17:13 Those look like beautiful flowers you have there!
17:15 Aren't they gorgeous, I was just visiting Darlene
17:18 and she gave them to me.
17:19 She had made a nice arrangement
17:21 and these are the leftovers.
17:22 Those flowers look pretty all by themselves
17:24 but to put them together in an arrangement like that
17:26 That's even prettier?
17:27 I'll say, well what are you guys up to anyway?
17:29 Well we are making an arrangement to with some fruit.
17:31 A fruit arrangement. That's right!
17:33 It's beautiful don't you think?
17:36 Sean Tae right now is working on the bananas, and
17:38 Jana is over there working on the oranges,
17:39 Now if you think that this is a good choice
17:45 what would you think of this choice here?
17:47 Well, it looks kind of good.
17:51 Are you telling me it might not be a good choice though?
17:54 I don't think so, you know the way that God made
17:58 something He put here flavor which is sweet, but this has
18:03 sugar which is not good for our teeth.
18:04 Actually it doesn't help us to keep strong either.
18:07 God made apples that have a lot of fiber in them.
18:10 See I can squeeze that hard and can't get anywhere, you try it!
18:13 Oh, yeah its firm.
18:16 But take a look at what it do over here!
18:17 Oh, my! That's just practically air,
18:22 Practically air and a lot of oil and grease that's in there.
18:26 It's not very good for us at all.
18:28 You have the sugar, and you have the oil,
18:31 and you even have preservatives.
18:32 That helps these to keep looking fresh all the time,
18:35 when they really have been fresh for a while.
18:37 Oh, not very pleasant.
18:39 I think that there is a good way for us remember
18:41 how to figure out what things are good for us.
18:44 What that! I like easy rules, will it be easy?
18:47 It will be an easy rule.
18:48 First of all we have already seen that there are a lot
18:50 of colors, that's good.
18:51 the other thing is that, it grows.
18:54 It grows on trees, or it grows on the ground.
18:58 Okay, that is a good way to remember.
19:00 Now if you will look back here you will notice that
19:01 we have something growing on our tree.
19:03 Donuts, Yeah!
19:05 What do you think about that?
19:06 They grow, or do they?
19:08 Well Dr. Neblett, the only problem with that
19:11 is that it is not a real tree, that is a pretend tree
19:16 I have there for decoration.
19:17 You are right, you are exactly right.
19:19 These don't grow on trees as a matter of fact,
19:20 we put them there.
19:22 I noticed they were man-made. They are man-made.
19:25 I would rather eat something that God made,
19:28 because what God makes it's much better for me,
19:31 than what man makes.
19:34 Oh, these simple fruits, and each one is simple by itself.
19:37 They are so important.
19:40 Added together they make a beautiful arrangement.
19:44 That's wonderful, I appreciate you telling us about that.
19:49 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
19:51 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal time
19:54 with Him every day?
19:55 Well adults do that by praying and by
19:58 reading their Bibles.
19:59 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
20:02 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
20:05 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
20:07 devotions every morning when you get up.
20:09 Janice has made Morning Time Devotions for her kids,
20:13 and for you, complete with songs, prayers and stories.
20:18 For more information have your parents write to:
20:51 God gave me eyes, God gave me ears,
20:54 to see the life I'm living.
20:57 God help my heart to understand and share the love You've given.
21:03 to the young and old the black-and-white
21:07 moms and daddies too!
21:10 my neighbors and my friends at school,
21:14 to love somebody new.
21:16 to share God's love with you.
21:23 God give me eyes, God give me ears,
21:25 see the life I'm living.
21:28 Please help my heart to understand,
21:31 and share the love You've given.
21:34 To share the love You've given.
21:48 Are you ready for another story?
21:49 Yes! Now remember all these mysterious things
21:53 have been happening.
21:55 Everybody from the noises in the cave, to horses, and boats,
21:58 disappearing and coming back.
22:00 Now the most recent thing was Roy had planned to surprise
22:05 old Corky by finishing tarring his boat and would you
22:09 believe, when Roy got there to do it,
22:11 at 5:30 a. m., it was already done.
22:16 Roy pinched himself, he slapped his cheeks, and he
22:22 rubbed his eyes, because he couldn't figure out
22:24 who had done it.
22:25 So he went racing, pell-mell, down the beach, and
22:29 he went to old Corky's house.
22:32 Well old Corky was still sound to sleep.
22:35 Roy waited around and finally old Corky got up.
22:39 He said old Corky did you get up in the night
22:41 and finish your boat?
22:43 Corky said, no I didn't.
22:44 Nobody could figure out who had done it.
22:48 While they were still trying to figure out that,
22:51 something else happened.
22:53 A fisherman's wife, had been out on the fields gathering
22:57 peat, and when she came home from gathering peat,
23:01 her own only clock had disappeared.
23:04 Now she was very upset because you need a clock, don't you?
23:08 Now it was true that the clock hadn't been working very well.
23:13 But nonetheless, she still didn't want her clock to be
23:16 gone because she could have gotten it fixed.
23:19 Now Roy figured that it had to be one person who
23:23 was doing all these things.
23:26 Somehow he thought that all these things were connected.
23:29 But many people in the village said it can't be people,
23:33 it's got to be angels, but Roy was sure it was one person.
23:37 Furthermore, he was starting to suspect a boy by
23:43 the name of Pete.
23:44 Pete Malcolm was a quiet boy who didn't mix with the other
23:49 village kids very much, he stayed by himself a lot.
23:52 So Roy was suspicious it might be him.
23:55 Well he had seen him on the peat fields the same day
23:59 that the fishermen's clock had been stolen
24:02 and that's why he thought it might be him.
24:04 So Roy decided to go hiking, looking for clues.
24:08 Do you know, when he was out hiking, he was up
24:14 all one of the fields which was in behind and above
24:19 where the cave was and he was walking along
24:21 and he tripped on something.
24:25 He looked down and low and behold, at his feet
24:29 was a rusty clock spring from a clock, now
24:37 being the detective that he was feeling like he was,
24:41 he put it in his pocket and he decided not to tell
24:47 anybody about it.
24:48 Well, he went back home and he was just thinking
24:52 everything over and planned the next day that he was going
24:56 to do some really serious searching.
24:58 But the next day there as a terrible storm
25:02 and he couldn't even go out.
25:05 Well, he decided to take some time and spend some time
25:09 in his Uncle's store, because he had been so busy
25:12 since he came to Longview village, that he had hardly
25:14 even been in his Uncle's store much at all.
25:17 So he went into the store in the morning and started
25:20 to look around and it was so interesting, that was the
25:25 kind of store that you sold everything in one store.
25:27 It was called, a General Store.
25:29 There were brooms, there were dishes, there were big old Kegs
25:33 full of nails and screws, and nuts and bolts.
25:36 There were ladders, there was a clock, there was food
25:40 and big barrels with pickles in them, and different things.
25:44 There was another shelf that had jars of candy on them.
25:48 everything you could imagine was sold in that one store.
25:52 Big, old overhauls for men to wear, raincoats.
25:55 Well off in one corner of the store, was a pot belly stove.
25:59 kind of like mine.
26:01 You can imagine that on this rainy, windy day,
26:04 a stormy day, many people when they would come into
26:08 the store, do you think that they felt like going back out
26:11 of the store afterwards?
26:13 No! They didn't and so they would end up just finding
26:18 a chair and cozying up next to the pop belly stove.
26:21 Do you know they all started talking, and what do you think
26:27 they talked about?
26:29 The things that have been happening, and one
26:32 old lady would say, well I think it's got to be angels.
26:36 and another old man would say, huh, I think it some spy
26:41 that is out in the cave or something.
26:43 And someone else would say, the cave doesn't have
26:47 anything to do with it, well we just don't know what it is.
26:50 And they were all just chatting back-and-forth and everybody
26:53 was, some person would say, I think I heard this about it.
26:56 And someone else would say, but I saw so-and-so over there.
26:59 And someone else would say, and they were just all chatting,
27:02 back and forth and Roy was having the time of his life.
27:05 going from this group of people to this group of people
27:07 and asking this question and asking that question
27:08 because he was getting so much information when all of a sudden
27:13 the door to the store blew open and in burst none other
27:21 than Dr. Samuel McGreggor.
27:25 Are you wondering who he is?
27:28 Next time I'll tell you.
27:33 Did you get your mystery word yet?
27:35 It's earthworm, that's and
27:38 interesting one isn't it?
27:39 Remember we talked about the earthworms being so important
27:44 and yet most people don't think they are.
27:47 I hope that you do your jobs this week just like an earthworm
27:52 does, do then even if people don't notice.
27:55 Just do them well!
27:57 I'm looking forward to seeing you next time, Okay!


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