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00:02 Oh, Hello! I'm just working on a song.
00:04 I really like this song.
00:06 Because it talks about... Oooh, did you see that?
00:10 It's windy and lightning.
00:14 I don't want the power to go out because I want to be able
00:18 to use my keyboard, because I'm trying to figure out
00:20 the notes to get the tune just right.
00:22 Anyway, you try and help me, alright?
00:24 It goes, even when things don't turn out right,
00:28 And then I want to say, I want to be glad
00:30 but I am trying to think, I'll try this.
00:33 I'll be glad. But I didn't like that.
00:35 So I thought maybe something higher, maybe I'll be glad
00:39 No! No! I don't like that either.
00:41 Even when things don't turn out right,
00:45 Oh, that's nice isn't it? I'll be glad.
00:49 Do you like that?
00:50 I do, and then you could echo and go
00:52 I'll be glad, Oh that's nice and you could do the echo.
00:57 Let's try that okay?
00:58 Even when things... I'll see if I can get a lantern.
01:12 So good to see you again
01:15 Come up for a visit my friend
01:19 There's so much to do
01:21 I have so many things planned for you.
01:28 We'll laugh and we'll play
01:30 We'll sing and we'll pray
01:32 I'll tell you a story or two.
01:37 and we'll be friends, you and I.
01:41 Yes, you and I and Jesus.
01:51 I'm happy you're here once again.
01:54 It's so nice to have you as my friend.
02:06 Do you like my lamp?
02:08 I do! They are pretty, aren't they?
02:11 Let's not let the storm stop us from having our mystery word.
02:14 The key word comes here as usual and the letter
02:17 will jump out of the key word and come into the correct place
02:21 in the mystery word.
02:22 But it is 3 words today, isn't it?
02:23 See how quick you can get it figured out, Okay?
02:25 Now, when I went to get these lamps I put away the keyboard
02:31 on account of the storm.
02:32 I wanted to bring you some other things to show you
02:36 because I got thinking about what is happening,
02:37 and we are having to adapt today, we're having to make do
02:42 to things are changing on us, aren't they?
02:43 I had a choice, I could have used this lantern,
02:46 But I like this lantern real well, for some reason
02:49 I thought that these ones would be real pretty
02:51 to use today, but it works the same way.
02:53 It has a wick and you light it and everything.
02:58 And I got to thinking I would just like to take a minute
03:00 to show you that like with a radio you can use it with a
03:04 plug or you can put in batteries.
03:06 You know sometimes it is good to be ready for things.
03:10 Like having batteries on hand just in case you need them.
03:13 Another good thing to have on hand because it's easier to
03:16 be content and happy if you are ready for circumstances
03:20 that might not be quiet right.
03:21 Flashlights are good to have on hand, can you see that?
03:25 It's not too bright with these lanterns on, it's hard to notice
03:28 that's it's on isn't it?
03:29 This is something I wanted to tell you about.
03:31 Do you know what this is?
03:33 I'll show it to you.
03:34 Can you see what that does?
03:36 Can you see this end? Okay?
03:38 Now what you do is you plug this in, and you plug this into
03:45 the wall, my finger will be the wall, and then look what
03:49 you have here, you still have two more places where you can
03:52 plug things in.
03:53 Do you know what this is called?
03:54 It's called an adapter plug.
03:58 An adapter plug, you know that word adapt is pretty
04:02 important and speaking of that word, I think I should get back
04:06 to my song because that is what my song is about.
04:08 It is about being happy even when things don't go right.
04:13 Adapting to your situations.
04:15 I am on the second verse.
04:18 Thanks for helping me with the tune on the first verse.
04:20 I'm on the second verse and this is what I have.
04:24 You see if you can help me figure it out.
04:25 I have, even when I'm feeling hurt, I'll be glad.
04:29 Then I want to say something else, and then I will
04:32 be glad again.
04:33 I was trying to think what made you feel hurt?
04:36 Um, well that's a good idea, like falling down, Okay
04:41 That would make you hurt.
04:42 So you could say, Like falling down, but it has
04:46 to rhyme with hurt so I was thinking if you fall on
04:49 the road, like falling down on the road, but
04:51 road doesn't rhyme with hurt, does it?
04:53 Um, sand, rocks, you know what I sometimes do?
04:57 Let's try it. Sometimes I just picture the alphabet in my head
05:01 and then I just start with the first letter and try and
05:03 think of letters that start with that, A, well you couldn't
05:06 thyme hurt, starting with A.
05:07 B. you could. Hurt, Burt, like falling down into Burt.
05:11 Well, I really don't like that do you?
05:14 Um, ABC, Curt, like falling down into Curt.
05:19 That's a name again, that doesn't work.
05:21 ABCD, Like falling down into the, you've got it, dirt.
05:27 Now listen to this whole verse, that is perfect, dirt.
05:32 Even when I'm feeling hurt
05:34 I'll be glad like falling down into the dirt.
05:36 I'll be glad. I like that!
05:38 When my tears begin to flow Jesus is with me.
05:42 That is one of my favorite parts.
05:43 It makes my heart so glad to know that Jesus is with me.
05:48 Do you know why I wrote this song?
05:49 Because I had been reading about Paul in the Bible.
05:52 In Philippians Chapter 4 he tells us a little
05:56 bit about his life.
05:57 He says he had all sorts of problems and sometimes he had
06:00 happiness, but then he said, I have learned a secret
06:05 of being content in any and every situation.
06:14 Even when things don't turn out right.
06:17 I'll be glad. I'll be glad.
06:19 Even in the darkest night. I'll be glad. I'll be glad.
06:26 When my life can't be controlled
06:30 Jesus is with me.
06:33 I could be scared until I'm old, but Jesus is with me.
06:39 Even when I'm feeling hurt, I'll be glad. I'll be glad.
06:46 Like falling down into the dirt.
06:49 I'll be glad. I'll be glad.
06:52 When my tears begin to flow.
06:56 Jesus is with me.
06:58 It makes my heart so glad to know that Jesus is with me.
07:05 Even when things don't turn out right.
07:09 I'll be glad. I'll be glad.
07:12 Even in the darkest night.
07:15 I'll be glad. I'll be glad.
07:22 Hello, Janice!
07:25 Dr. Neblett, come on up out of the rain.
07:29 It's Dr. Neblett and he has
07:32 little boys with him.
07:33 Because of the rain I didn't expect that you would come.
07:37 We said we were going to exercise, so here we are.
07:40 You are, Oh is this why you were yelled?
07:43 That's why, it's broken.
07:44 I will have to figure out a way to fix it.
07:46 But how can we exercise? We can do it right here.
07:50 You know if we just move this table off to the side,
07:52 and get the chairs out of the way, we can
07:54 exercise right here on the rug.
07:55 Okay, why don't I take your coats and you guys can move
07:58 the table why I go hang them up so they can dry.
08:00 Okay, let's do that.
08:04 We are ready to get started. Okay!
08:05 Let's see what you are going to do.
08:07 The first thing we must do is to make sure we're dressed
08:09 comfortably so we can be flexible as we are doing
08:12 our exercises.
08:13 We don't want tight belts and things. Right!
08:14 We don't want things that are to tight and constrict
08:16 to make it harder for us.
08:17 We are going to do a couple exercises
08:19 and we should warm up to begin with.
08:22 I just want to show you a few things.
08:24 We are going to do jumping jacks first of all.
08:27 Charles and Shawn my helpers, are going to show us two
08:30 different ways to do it.
08:32 You know if you don't want to jump a lot,
08:34 you just want to keep your feet on the floor.
08:36 You can do it the way that Charles is going to do it.
08:37 If you want a little more active jump, you can do it like Shawn.
08:41 Maybe in an apartment, people might not want you to jump.
08:43 That's right, there may be a pretty good thumping when you
08:46 are hitting the floor.
08:47 So let's try 6 of them, shall we?
08:49 You guys ready?
08:51 Here we go. 1-2-3-4-5-6!
08:58 I'll tell you that is pretty good stuff.
09:00 You could work up a pretty good heart rate doing that.
09:03 Even just moving my arms I felt I was getting exercise.
09:06 That's right, because when we use our upper extremities
09:09 our arms, we really help our heart muscles a lot better.
09:12 Well the next two I want to show you are
09:14 going to get on the floor for these and I am going
09:16 to show you the good way and the not so good way of doing
09:19 them too, okay?
09:21 Alright boys, let's get down on the floor.
09:23 Alright, we are going to do some sit-ups first of all.
09:27 It helps to strengthen your stomach muscles.
09:30 Stomach muscles also help you to get a good back too.
09:32 Believe it or not.
09:33 You will notice that Charles has his feet nice and bent
09:38 like this and Shawn has his straight.
09:39 We don't want to do sit-ups
09:41 with our feet straight.
09:42 Because that is not the right
09:43 way to do it.
09:44 Shawn, let's have you bend your knees,
09:46 there you go.
09:47 We'll do maybe 2 of these, shall we? Yes! Alright!
09:49 Because we want to see some others too!
09:51 Here we go.
09:52 Are you ready?
09:53 1, 2, Boy I can almost feel it.
09:57 Just watching you guys.
09:59 Are you doing it?
10:00 2 more, 3, Alright, 4. Very good. Very good!
10:06 I see you have to practice those a lot if you wanted to do
10:09 more and more. That's right!
10:10 They give you nice strong stomach muscles.
10:12 You can get on the floor and do it too.
10:14 Just move whatever you need to move out of the way.
10:17 Now you know when you finish with your exercise, you want
10:20 to cool down a little bit.
10:21 You want to make sure the muscles you have been working
10:23 are now tight, and since we want to be flexible,
10:27 remember that we want to make sure that we stretch them.
10:30 So put your feet straight out like that.
10:33 Or you can put them closer, that is alright.
10:36 You can lean forward and try to stretch a little bit.
10:39 Hold it there, not very much, if it hurts, you should back off
10:45 You don't want to say, Oh that hurts.
10:48 You don't want to do that.
10:49 Are you stretching the muscles on the top of your legs,
10:51 or underneath your legs?
10:53 You can feel them stretching back here, when you go forward.
10:57 You feel it pulling a little bit?
10:58 Just pull back a little bit and hold it there for a few seconds.
11:01 Then you stretch up.
11:03 You know what, excuse me Dr. Neblett, you folks are
11:06 welcome to stay here and do a little bit more, but I need
11:09 to skedaddle because we have an appointment, Okay?
11:11 We will see you later. Thanks for coming.
11:12 You guys come with me, Okay?
11:14 Alright let's do some more stretching, there we go.
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11:45 Now let's circle the pictures that are the same.
11:48 That is right you have the idea.
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12:18 So you have two children.
12:20 Yes I do Janice.
12:21 That must keep you so busy.
12:23 Yes, it sure does.
12:24 Tell us what you do each day.
12:26 Well I get up in the morning and get the children
12:28 ready for school.
12:29 Make their sack lunches,
12:31 make my husband's lunch.
12:32 Mom, peanut butter and jelly
12:36 sandwiches again!
12:37 I want tomatoes.
12:39 Well Heidi, tomorrow we can have tomato.
12:41 Today we can have peanut butter that way everybody
12:43 gets their favorite food.
12:45 Oh, Okay!
12:47 Are you by chance trying to teach your kids to be adaptable?
12:51 I sure am.
12:52 I figured you must be because...
12:55 I need help tying my shoes. Okay!
12:57 Jonathan just sit there.
12:58 Okay! Debbie it sounds to me like maybe you have to be
13:02 adaptable too!
13:04 Well it seems it is part of life.
13:06 I even try to prepare for it.
13:08 I have the dish cloth here and in case I get interrupted
13:11 while I am making lunches.
13:13 You can wipe your hands off when you are done.
13:15 Yeah, it makes it a little nicer
13:16 I need help combing my hair.
13:18 Okay! Sure!
13:20 Do you get a lot of interruptions during the day?
13:23 Well, I usually do, especially when the family is home.
13:27 They want something. Do you mind that?
13:29 Well I have gotten use to it because I think it is
13:34 Do you think kids get interruptions?
13:37 Oh, I am sure they do, mine do, I interrupt them myself.
13:41 Mom, what does that say?
13:44 Adjectives, and adjective describes a noun.
13:47 The blue sky, blue is an adjective. Oh I see, thank you.
13:51 You are welcome.
13:53 You know it seems like you try to teach your kids to be
13:56 adaptable and you seem to try and be cheerful when you
13:59 get interrupted, what helps you do that?
14:00 Well, when I get up in the morning, I spend some time
14:04 with God and I ask Him to come into my life and lead me
14:08 moment by moment, day by day, and my days go much better.
14:13 It doesn't mean I don't get interruptions, it helps me
14:17 deal with them.
14:18 That's neat.
14:19 Do you think that would work for kids?
14:21 Oh, absolutely, Boy that is good news isn't it?
14:25 Oh, excuse me, I have to answer the phone.
14:27 We have to go, she is busy.
14:29 Hello Margaret, Yes, Bye!
14:39 Do you like doing puzzles?
14:40 I do, they are fun and it is a nice thing to do since it
14:43 is rainy and I can't go outside so much.
14:46 I've just about done this puzzle and I really like the
14:49 chicks, don't you?
14:50 This piece goes there and I just have two more pieces.
14:54 But I only have one more piece.
14:56 It must go here.
14:58 Umm, I don't think I am going to find it this time.
15:01 But have you ever made a piece for a puzzle?
15:04 You take this cardboard and slid it under here,
15:08 we are talking about being adaptable anyway.
15:11 Aren't we?
15:13 Then take a pencil, this piece won't be quiet as nice as
15:17 the real puzzle piece, but at least it will be a piece
15:21 and will fill up the gapping hole.
15:22 Just trace around and hold it carefully so that you
15:26 don't make the lines wrong.
15:28 Before I cut it out I'm going to color one right here.
15:31 Let me just choose colors that seem to fit.
15:36 There, Okay, now what do you think?
15:42 I can cut it out, I'm glad I had my crayons handy.
15:47 Now this is the tricky part, it's cutting it.
15:50 Really carefully.
15:53 You know this reminds me, I think we need to get that
15:58 bell fixed after this too, since we are over here
16:01 getting things fixed.
16:03 Well, do you think it will fit?
16:06 Okay, let's try it.
16:11 Did it work out?
16:14 I think it did.
16:15 It looks pretty good, doesn't it?
16:17 Now about that bell, let's see.
16:19 What do you think the problem is?
16:22 Now do you know?
16:24 It's missing the clapper.
16:26 That is the part that bangs up against the metal
16:30 and makes it loud.
16:33 I don't know where I am going to find that, but since we are
16:37 talking about being adaptable, I think what we can do.
16:44 Even when things are broken down, fix it up, fix it up.
16:50 When things are square that should be round,
16:54 Fix it up. Fix it up.
16:56 When something isn't working right
17:00 We can fix it too.
17:03 When something isn't fitting tight
17:07 We can fix it too!
17:09 Even when life can get you down, fix it up, fix it up.
17:16 So much to do just look around,
17:20 fix it up, fix it up.
17:22 No need to wait to lend a hand,
17:26 We can fix it now.
17:29 Doesn't hesitate let's make a plan
17:33 We can fix it now.
17:35 Even when life can get you down,
17:39 fix it up, fix it up.
17:42 So much to do just look around,
17:46 fix it up, fix it up.
17:54 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
17:55 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal
17:58 time with Him every day.
17:59 Well adults do that by praying and by
18:02 reading their Bibles.
18:03 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
18:06 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
18:09 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
18:12 devotions every morning when you get up.
18:14 Janice has made morning time devotions for her kids,
18:17 and for you, complete with songs, prayers and stories.
18:21 For more information have your parents write to:
18:51 Do you know what one of my favorite flowers is?
18:55 It is the Dandelion.
18:57 Because Dandelions are always so bright and so cheerful and
19:01 they just look so bright yellow against the green of the grass.
19:04 Have you ever wondered how Dandelions got their name?
19:07 It is an unusual name isn't it?
19:09 Well you see the French people they noticed the leaves of the
19:13 Dandelions and they thought how they had these really
19:16 jagged, long teeth like things.
19:20 Jagged edges, and so they called it dent, for teeth,
19:23 Dent-de-lion and we changed it to Dandelions.
19:28 Isn't that interesting?
19:29 Dandelions are found on almost every continent
19:32 and every island of the world.
19:34 I think the reason for that is
19:36 they are so adaptable.
19:39 God has given Dandelion's an
19:40 incredible ability to change
19:42 and adjust to the different
19:44 situations that they are in.
19:45 So that they keep growing and blossoming.
19:48 For example, if you look at some Dandelions,
19:51 They have really, really long stems.
19:54 Those are usually the ones that are in some tall grass
19:56 or weeds.
19:58 So they grow long stems so that their little flower can
20:01 get out there were everybody can see it and where
20:03 it can soak in the rays of the sun.
20:04 Other Dandelions that are on grassy lawns, they grow
20:08 really, really short.
20:10 The reason for that is because every time that lawn mower
20:13 comes over, the Dandelion doesn't grow back to the same
20:16 height where it got cut off.
20:18 It grows back shorter than the last time it got cut off.
20:21 In fact some Dandelions can
20:24 even grow to just a height of a marble.
20:26 That would mean their little blossom would be right
20:29 there on the ground.
20:30 Isn't it neat how God has made Dandelions adaptable
20:34 so they can keep growing and keep making us happy?
20:41 Take a lesson from Dandelions
20:44 They do what they can do.
20:47 To help them grow they spread their seed
20:51 and grow as tall as they will need.
20:55 In the grass or near the trees.
20:58 They grow and grow.
21:03 Take a lesson from Dandelions.
21:07 That God has made them strong.
21:10 To weather rain and wind and snow
21:13 grow straight and tall yes they just know.
21:17 What to do to help them live and grow and grow.
21:24 And grow.
21:31 Whoops, that's better.
21:42 Are you ready for another story? Yeah!
21:43 Remember in Longview Village they had been having many
21:48 mysterious things happening.
21:49 Everybody was wondering who was behind all the good deeds.
21:53 One of the latest things was
21:55 Miss McKay's peat had been
21:57 stolen and then it had arrived
21:59 neatly stacked in front of
22:01 Well, it was a rainy day and
22:05 they were all in the store
22:07 talking about it and everybody was discussing who could be
22:10 doing it and the wind blew the door open and who should
22:15 come in but Dr. Samuel McGregor
22:17 He was the minister for the village and everybody
22:22 liked him, he was such a good, kind man.
22:25 They really honored and respected him.
22:28 So when he came in everybody hushed because they wanted
22:32 to hear why he would be there.
22:33 He came over and he said, Mr. Wallace, I need your help.
22:38 This storm has blown down a tree and has blown by the
22:42 manse, the manse is the house the minister lives in.
22:45 A branch has broken out one of the panes of my window.
22:50 They were panes like those panes in my Attic window.
22:53 Small square ones.
22:55 He said, can you come and fix it?
22:58 Or give me a piece of glass or something to fix it?
23:01 Mr. Wallace said, Oh dear Dr. McGregor, I couldn't
23:05 possibly come now, why it is too late in the day
23:08 and I can't get anybody to come, but I will give you this
23:11 little piece of board.
23:12 He gave him a little piece, like the size of a shingle.
23:14 He said, why don't you just take that home and tap it
23:18 up over the hole so no more wind and rain can come in.
23:20 Then what I will do is send someone first thing in the
23:25 morning to help you.
23:26 So Dr. McGregor said, thank you very much
23:28 and started to leave.
23:29 When he was just about to leave, when Roy just wanted
23:34 to talk to him so bad, he got up the courage and went
23:36 over to him and said, Dr. McGregor, do you have any
23:39 idea who is behind all these strange happenings in
23:42 the village?
23:43 Dr. McGregor said, Roy, I sure don't know but if you
23:48 figure anything out you let us all know because
23:49 we are all curious.
23:51 Then Dr. McGregor kept walking out the door, when all of a
23:56 sudden he was just about the door and an old lady
23:59 with a shawl rapped around her head, comes over and she
24:02 says, Dr. McGregor, I'm just wondering, do you think
24:06 it could be angels?
24:08 Dr. McGregor laughed and said, I don't know but it is nice
24:12 things like angels would do, but I surely don't know.
24:14 Then he was heading out the door again and just about out
24:18 the door again when old weather beaten fisherman
24:21 said to him, Ole Dr. McGregor I'm wondering when are you
24:25 going to get the bell fixed?
24:27 We've been wanting to hear bell, we like going to meetings
24:31 to the sound of the bell ringing and we haven't heard
24:33 that bell for several months.
24:34 Dr. McGregor said, you know I have been trying to get it
24:39 fixed, in fact I have 2 or 3 people come in to fix it,
24:41 but nobody can figure out what the problem is.
24:44 So then, he said, but I will try to figure it out.
24:48 Now folks I really need to be going and he was finally able
24:52 to get out the door.
24:53 Well, finally that night it was
24:57 late before Mr. Wallace could
24:58 get everybody out of the store.
25:00 Because the storm just made
25:01 everybody stay all cozied up to
25:04 the wood stove in the store.
25:05 Finally they all got on their way and they went home
25:08 and Mr. Wallace was able to lock the store door
25:11 and everybody went to bed.
25:13 Even Roy.
25:14 He fell asleep thinking about the mysterious happenings.
25:19 He was sound asleep, when Ding! Ding! Ding!
25:24 Roy flew out of bed in a flash and went running out into
25:29 the hallway and there was his Uncle.
25:30 What is happening? His Uncle said, its the bell,
25:34 it's the bell, and they both just threw on their clothes and
25:37 they went running out into the street and running up the hill
25:41 towards the old church.
25:42 You wouldn't believe it, but in the middle of the night it
25:46 seemed the whole village was running up the hill
25:48 towards the church altogether.
25:49 Everybody was yelling at each other, Do you know what is
25:52 happening? Do you know what is happening?
25:54 Nobody knew what was happening.
25:56 They were just running and just about there when they met
26:01 Dr. McGregor coming out of his front door because the
26:06 house for the church, the manse, which is the house
26:08 for the church, was right next door to the church.
26:11 He comes out and says, What's happening?
26:14 Everybody said that was what they were trying to figure out.
26:17 Well by now the bell wasn't ringing any more.
26:19 But they all knew they had heard it, that many people
26:23 couldn't be hearing things, could they?
26:24 They all went into the church and it was silent as a graveyard
26:30 it was so quiet, it was dark, and eerie in the shadows.
26:36 They all stood there wondering what was happening.
26:39 Up at the front of the church someone saw it, there
26:45 was the rope from the bell swinging back and forth.
26:48 Just a little bit still.
26:50 Well they couldn't tell who did it.
26:54 So they all turned around and went out the door
26:57 and talking amongst themselves, who could of done this?
27:02 Who could of done this?
27:03 They were all wondering and they decided that just must be
27:09 the end of the strange happenings.
27:11 Suddenly Dr. McGregor said, Look! Look There!
27:15 Next time I will tell you what happened, Okay?
27:20 Do you remember what the mystery word was?
27:22 Can you tell me?
27:24 It was 3 words, not one word.
27:27 I'll be glad.
27:30 Are you glad?
27:31 I am, I am especially glad
27:33 you were with me today.
27:34 I hope you will be with me
27:36 next time and remember this week no matter what happens
27:40 No matter where you are.
27:41 What happens, remember to be glad.


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