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00:01 Hello, I just found my kimono, in my trunk, and I couldn't
00:04 resist trying it on.
00:05 In fact I have everything on,
00:07 and it just about done.
00:08 I just have one more hook to do on the tabby.
00:11 Oh, there's so many hooks, do you know what
00:14 Tabbies are?
00:15 These special socks, see how they have a split
00:17 right between the toes?
00:18 That is so you can put on the sandals more comfortably.
00:21 Well I'm all done, do you want to see what it
00:24 looks like standing up?
00:25 I'll show you, isn't it beautiful?
00:27 They make just beautiful clothes.
00:30 This part in the middle is called the Obi.
00:32 It is a very long piece of material that they wrap
00:35 around and around and around, and then in the
00:38 back sometimes it's just looped like this one.
00:41 This is a simple one.
00:42 Other times they make a beautiful big bow.
00:45 How they tie it, it is so intricate.
00:47 Did you know that I lived in Japan for a year?
00:50 I did, I liked living there.
00:53 Different countries, and different cultures,
00:56 all have their own customs.
00:58 If we are willing, we can learn so much from them.
01:01 Guess what I learned from the people in Japan?
01:03 I learned about courtesy.
01:06 Oh you know what I have to hurry because we have
01:10 so many appointments today.
01:11 Listen! I need to run and get changed,
01:13 but meet me in the Wonder Room,
01:15 in just a minute okay?
01:22 So good to see you again
01:27 Come up for a visit my friend
01:31 There's so much to do I have
01:34 so many things planned for you.
01:40 We'll laugh and we'll play,
01:42 we'll sing and we'll pray.
01:45 I'll tell you a story or two,
01:49 and we'll be friends, you and I
01:53 Yes, you and I and Jesus.
02:02 I'm happy you're here once again
02:06 It's so nice to have you as my friend.
02:15 Our mystery words today have,
02:16 5 letters and 3 letters.
02:18 Now what side is the key word come up on?
02:20 Good for you, and the important letter
02:24 comes over here, good for you!
02:26 I think you will figure these ones out quick.
02:28 Now, since we were talking about being courteous
02:31 and my friends in Japan how they were courteous.
02:33 I thought we should look it up in the dictionary.
02:35 So, C. is near the beginning of the dictionary.
02:39 Let's see, courtesy, C O U R T E S Y
02:47 Here it is courtesy.
02:48 Let's see it says, courtesy is polite or
02:52 thoughtful behavior, and then it gives an
02:54 example sentence: it says she treated her guests
02:57 with courtesy.
02:59 Do you know what that reminds me of?
03:00 We have just been invited to the Changs for dinner.
03:03 So let's go, okay?
03:24 AMEN!
03:25 Chen, Chen, oh, what are you saying?
03:30 Please enjoy your food.
03:32 What a wonderful thing to say.
03:34 Is that a Chinese tradition
03:35 for courtesy? Yes!
03:37 Especially when we have guests.
03:39 Then we serve, usually, to the guest first,
03:43 and the eldest, and the children are served last.
03:47 Also if children are sitting down, if they want anything
03:54 in front of them, they only get something
03:56 in front of them.
03:57 They don't reach over and try to, that is another
03:59 way of courtesy that they learn at the table.
04:02 Those are nice traditions.
04:04 And Mrs. Changs, what else can you tell me about the way
04:07 Chinese children learned courtesy?
04:09 Since there are so many Chinese families, we have three
04:13 generations that live together, we always
04:16 try to teach our children to respect their elders,
04:21 and have very good table manners.
04:25 It must be so nice for the children to have their grandma
04:29 and grandpa living with them.
04:30 They can learn a lot from them, I'm sure.
04:32 I think so.
04:33 That is wonderful.
04:34 Well Juliet how do you say please in Chinese?
04:39 Chen, that is what you said at the beginning.
04:42 And how do you say thank you?
04:45 Shen, Shen okay I think that's almost easier
04:48 then saying thank you.
05:00 You know actually I think a lot of these things
05:02 you have been telling us would work in any culture,
05:05 wouldn't they? That's correct!
05:07 That is quite universal!
05:09 I think so, I think that that would make anybody
05:12 happy to have this things happen
05:14 And that is the courtesy is all about, isn't it?
05:16 Trying to think of somebody else first.
05:19 Yes that's right!
05:21 This is a delicious meal.
05:25 Thank you, enjoy!
05:27 I really appreciate the work that you put into it.
05:33 Wasn't that kind of the Changs to take time out of their
05:35 busy schedule and have us over?
05:37 I enjoyed it.
05:38 I said thank you to them,
05:40 because it is important
05:41 to say thank you.
05:42 But I thought I would write them a little note as well.
05:45 So I'm just about done, I just have to sign my name.
05:48 Now I've done that I thought it would be fun to
05:52 decorated it a bit.
05:53 I was thinking of maybe some fans,
05:56 because they are Oriental.
05:57 But this one is too big, so I think I will use this one.
06:01 That color looks nice with that, doesn't it?
06:04 You just make them by cutting them out of paper,
06:06 but the fan looks alone by itself on there, doesn't it?
06:11 I thought maybe some evergreen or something.
06:15 What I did, was I took one of these little flowers and
06:18 put it on there, and now I just need some glue underneath.
06:21 It will stick real well.
06:23 You know home made cards are so fun because you can make them
06:26 practically out of anything that you have around you.
06:29 Pictures from magazines, flowers that you have picked from
06:33 your garden or wherever.
06:35 You can use your imagination.
06:38 I will put this pretty little fan, on an angle,
06:42 by the evergreen branch.
06:45 There, doesn't that look nice?
06:48 Homemade cards are fun.
06:51 You know the Bible talks about being thankful.
06:54 In Colossians 3:15 it says, "let the peace of Christ
06:59 rule in your hearts," and this is the part I like,
07:02 "and be thankful. "
07:05 You know think you is such a little word, but it sure
07:08 says a lot, doesn't it?
07:12 No matter where you live.
07:13 No matter how you talk.
07:17 When you say thank you, you always say a lot.
07:22 You can live in Japan,
07:25 you can live in Greece,
07:28 in Afghanistan, or the southern seas.
07:35 To show somebody some courtesy.
07:42 You've got to say thank you, just thank you.
07:48 No matter where you live.
07:49 No matter how you talk.
07:54 When you say thank you, you always say a lot.
08:00 You can live in England,
08:02 and even speak Chinese,
08:05 in the USA, or anywhere you please.
08:11 To show somebody some courtesy.
08:17 You got to say thank you, just thank you.
08:23 No matter where you live.
08:25 No matter how you talk.
08:28 When you say thank you, you always say a lot.
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09:40 You know part of courtesy and politeness is doing things
09:43 in an attractive manner.
09:44 Take for instance how you set the table.
09:46 Wouldn't you much rather eat on
09:48 a table that everything was set out
09:50 neatly and orderly?
09:51 I sure would, wasn't it
09:53 interesting seeing how the
09:54 Changs did theirs?
09:55 I enjoyed that, each culture has their own special way.
09:58 Let's practice the American way, okay?
10:00 The knife goes on the right side,
10:02 the sharp side pointed in.
10:04 And put a spoon right beside it.
10:06 Then a napkin over on the left
10:09 with the fork on top of the napkin.
10:11 A drinking cup above the knife and the spoon.
10:14 And a bread and butter plates right above the fork.
10:17 You know there are lots of ways setting the table
10:19 fancier for banquets or fancy meals, but we're
10:22 doing the every day way for your average meal.
10:25 We will put a plate in the middle.
10:27 What side should have put the knife on?
10:29 The right side.
10:31 You were correct, and the spoon?
10:34 Also on the right side.
10:36 You're doing great.
10:37 How about the fork
10:38 and the napkin?
10:39 Good guess, on the left side.
10:42 And then we'll put the drinking cup above the knife.
10:44 And the bread and butter plate above the fork.
10:47 Well the table is starting to look nice, isn't it?
10:50 Why don't if I sit here and you come
10:52 and sit right in that chair?
10:53 Okay, that will be great!
10:55 Are you comfortable? I am!
10:59 I need the juice, but it is way over there by you.
11:03 What should I do about that?
11:04 That's right, I should say,
11:07 please pass me the juice.
11:08 Now what do I need to say?
11:11 That's right I need to say,
11:13 thank you!
11:15 Okay lets pretend that the meal time is almost over.
11:19 It's getting over, I'm done eating.
11:20 So remember I need to set my silver ware
11:24 neatly on the side.
11:25 Silverware is sure noisy isn't it?
11:27 Neatly on the side, now should I get
11:29 up and run away from the table?
11:30 No I shouldn't!
11:32 I need to say excuse me, and thank you for
11:35 this good meal.
11:36 And then either carry my dishes over,
11:38 or leave them here depending upon the custom
11:40 in your particular family.
11:41 You know saying please and thank you and excuse me,
11:45 sure make mealtime more pleasant don't they?
11:48 Actually that is what courtesy is all about isn't it?
11:51 Making others happy, and it makes us all happier.
11:55 I think that is what God's ways all about.
11:57 Making others happy.
12:02 Saying sorry, saying please,
12:05 that's courtesy.
12:07 To say excuse me when you sneeze,
12:11 that's courtesy.
12:13 So make somebody happy, so make somebody glad.
12:19 You'll make all sorts of friends,
12:21 that you thought you'd never have.
12:27 Saying may I, saying thank you, that's courtesy.
12:32 Saying hello, how do you do?
12:35 That's courtesy.
12:38 So make somebody happy, so make somebody glad.
12:44 You'll make all sorts of friends,
12:46 that you thought you'd never have.
13:04 Hi Ms. Reavis! - Hi!
13:06 Thanks for inviting me to your class room.
13:07 I'd like you to meet my friends.
13:09 Hi, welcome to the Main Street School.
13:11 I am sure glad you invited is here and the first
13:14 thing that we are all curious about is, can you
13:17 explain to us what it is like to be legally blind?
13:20 What does that mean?
13:22 I'm sure a lot of us don't know.
13:23 Well, a lot of people know that when you are blind,
13:26 you cannot see anything at all.
13:28 Well, I have a little bit of vision and it is not
13:32 a whole lot so that means I am legally blind.
13:34 It means that I can see some things in front of me,
13:39 but I can't see very many little things.
13:43 I can't see very well when things are far away.
13:46 In fact, sometimes I cannot see them at all.
13:48 Well you know today we have
13:51 been talking about courtesy.
13:52 Trying to learn to be more
13:54 courteous to the people
13:55 around us, I was wondering if you could tell us a
13:58 few little hints of ways that children, and adults,
14:02 can be more courteous to blind people.
14:04 And what do blind people need from the rest of the
14:06 people around them?
14:08 Well that is a good question.
14:09 There are some ways that people help me.
14:12 For example, when they asked me, do you need help?
14:17 I can say, Oh, yes I do.
14:19 Can you show me?
14:20 And when someone opens a door that is helpful,
14:25 but some things that make it difficult.
14:28 It is when a person comes up and pets my dog Diego,
14:34 because then he stops working and starts playing,
14:38 and then he can't help me very much.
14:41 When they talk to him, he loves to play,
14:45 but that is not his playtime.
14:48 Okay, so you have your dog with you now.
14:51 Can we meet him?
14:52 Sure, Diego sit buddy, good boy!
14:55 Diego is wearing his harness right now.
14:58 On his harness is a sign that says, do not pet
15:03 or feed me, I'm a working guide dog.
15:04 Well the reason that I have that sign, is so that
15:08 he will know when it is time to work.
15:11 When he has his harness on him, he knows that is
15:16 his work clothes.
15:17 Just like boys and girls go to school and come into
15:23 the class that it is their work time.
15:25 Well, when Diego has his harness, it's work time.
15:28 Just like all the girls and boys like to have recess,
15:32 well Diego's recess is when the harness comes off.
15:35 How many girls and boys in my class have gotten to
15:39 pet Diego during his recess time?
15:41 Oh Neato!
15:43 He does have his recess time without the harness.
15:46 Does he really romp around and play then?
15:48 He really likes to.
15:50 He gives his kisses.
15:51 He rolls on his back, and he has toys
15:54 that he likes to play with during
15:55 his recess time too.
15:56 Ms. Reavis, should we go outside and maybe you could
16:00 show me some of the ways that he leads you. Sure!
16:03 Come On!
16:06 Diego, halt, good boy.
16:09 Diego, sit, good boy.
16:13 That's a good boy.
16:15 Diego down.
16:17 He is very obedience, that's great.
16:21 Diego sit, good boy.
16:24 That's great how do you get him to go again.
16:26 I pick up his handle, and I say, Diego forward.
16:29 Oh, there are your students over there.
16:32 Can we go see them play?
16:34 Sure, Diego halt.
16:36 Diego, right, good boy.
16:39 He is very obedient, that is wonderful.
16:51 Well Juan how does that help you be more courteous to everybody?
16:54 She doesn't like when you talk, so when you don't talk,
16:57 the kids listen more.
17:00 That helps you to help everybody,
17:02 not just blind people.
17:03 That's great, Alicia, how about you what do you do
17:06 to help your teacher?
17:07 Well when Ms. Reavis is all alone, without Ms. Anderson,
17:13 which is the aide, I write bigger for her.
17:16 Oh so she can see it bit better?
17:18 Yes and when Ms. Anderson is there I write smaller.
17:22 I give it to Ms. Anderson instead of Ms. Reavis.
17:25 If Ms. Reavis calls me up, I say, I wrote too small,
17:31 so I would like Ms. Anderson to read it because
17:34 you might have trouble.
17:43 Well Ms. Reavis I guess you need to get back to your students,
17:46 but thank you for having us come.
17:48 You are welcome and thank you for joining us.
17:50 I just enjoyed it, Bye!
17:52 Bye! Bye!
17:54 Let's go to the attic okay?
17:58 You know what of the things I noticed, because I was
18:00 there longer than you were, was how courteous the children
18:03 were to each other and to their teacher.
18:05 I thought that was really nice.
18:06 By the way, have I have ever introduced you Raggedy Andy?
18:09 A friend gave... I want that Raggedy Ann doll.
18:12 Oh, okay, I guess I can't tell you...
18:14 May I please borrow your scotch tape?
18:17 Well, yeah, I have some right here.
18:19 Thank you I will bring it back.
18:20 Well I'm sorry, you okay - you should watch
18:24 where you are going.
18:25 Oh girls come over here.
18:27 Were you watching them?
18:29 Who was the most courteous?
18:31 Kimberly or Jana?
18:33 You're right, Jana was.
18:35 Kimberly you know what,
18:37 I'm going to tell them what we did.
18:38 Just before we started, I told Kimberly not to be courteous.
18:43 Was it hard Kimberly, to forget to say please
18:46 and thank you? - Yes!
18:47 You know since you are such a good sport, I would like
18:50 you to help me do something.
18:51 And Jana thank you for your help too.
18:53 Would you help me to pretend do a phone conversation?
18:56 Sure! - Okay!
18:58 Ring-aling-aling! Hello, this is Kimberly speaking.
19:01 Hello, may I speak to Janice please?
19:04 Yes, may I please tell her who is calling?
19:07 Sure, it is Mr. Brown.
19:09 Okay, it is Mr. Brown on the telephone.
19:12 Oh okay thank you.
19:13 Wasn't that nice? thank you Kimberly for your help!
19:16 You're welcome.
19:19 You know being courteous is important in everything,
19:21 isn't it?
19:22 Actually, from watching the girls, and seeing Kimberly
19:26 on the phone, I was thinking that it reminded me of a
19:29 Bible verse that says do to other people what you
19:32 would want them to do to you.
19:34 And that is really what courtesy is all about.
19:37 Now don't go away because we will be right back.
19:41 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
19:44 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal
19:47 time with Him every day.
19:48 Well adults do that by praying and by
19:51 reading their Bibles.
19:52 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
19:55 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
19:58 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
20:00 devotions every morning when you get up.
20:02 Janice has made morning time devotions for her kids,
20:06 and for you, complete with songs, prayers and stories.
20:10 For more information have your parents write to:
20:42 We all know that being courteous is more than just
20:44 saying certain words like, please and thank you.
20:47 Being courteous is something that comes from right
20:50 inside of us because we love the people around us,
20:52 and we want to make them happy.
20:54 You know if you keep your eyes open, every day there
20:58 are opportunities to do courteous things for people.
21:01 There are so many things every day that you can do to
21:05 make the people around us happier.
21:07 That is so important, isn't it?
21:13 Being helpful, being kind,
21:16 that's courtesy.
21:19 Being honest all the time,
21:22 that's courtesy.
21:24 You'll make somebody happy
21:27 you'll make somebody glad
21:30 you'll make all sorts of friends
21:33 that you thought you'd never have.
21:38 Being careful, being polite
21:41 that's courtesy.
21:43 Being friendly, doing right
21:47 that's courtesy.
21:49 You'll make somebody happy
21:52 you'll make somebody glad
21:55 you'll make all sorts of friends
21:58 that you thought you'd never have.
22:10 Are you ready for another story?
22:11 Yes! - Good I am too.
22:14 Do you remember what's been happening in
22:16 Longview village?
22:17 Many mysterious things and nobody knows
22:21 who's doing those things.
22:22 The latest thing is they came up to the church where
22:26 somebody fixed the bell.
22:28 Remember they were all leaving the church when
22:31 Dr. McGregor said, look, look over there.
22:35 Do you know what he was pointing at?
22:38 His window.
22:41 Remember the window that had been broken, the pane?
22:44 It was fixed, everybody just stared until one of the
22:51 little old ladies with the Shawl around her head said,
22:54 I really think it's been Angels Dr. McGregor.
22:58 He said, well I'm beginning to think so.
23:02 But then he said, no!
23:05 Angels don't leave footprints, there's footprints
23:08 right there in the mud.
23:09 Everybody looked and sure enough there were.
23:12 And the footprints were heading off in the general
23:15 direction towards the cave.
23:20 Well you can guess that Roy right away started to follow,
23:24 he just left the group behind and he started to follow
23:26 those footprints.
23:27 But very quickly, they disappeared.
23:30 There was a big puddle of water and they just disappeared,
23:34 so he was so disappointed.
23:35 So he went home to bed, but he almost didn't even have
23:40 time like the next day and the day after, to even think
23:44 too much about those experiences because probably the most
23:48 exciting event of all the events that had happened so far.
23:52 There was a little boy by the name of Jimmy.
23:56 He had been a cripple, ever since he was very tiny.
24:01 He couldn't even walk.
24:03 He had such a sad life because all the other children
24:06 could run a play and he couldn't.
24:08 But all the villagers, about a year before that,
24:12 all the villagers had pitched in together and they
24:16 had given money to buy him a very special chair.
24:19 It would be like nowadays the call a wheelchair.
24:22 But it wasn't quite as fancy as the ones we
24:24 have nowadays.
24:25 They had all pitched together and bought him this
24:28 special chair, like a wheel chair, but it had one problem.
24:32 He just loved his chair but it had one problem and
24:36 that was that it didn't have anywhere like table
24:39 or anything for him to put his books on.
24:41 He loves to read, and if you are a cripple and can't
24:45 really use your arms or anything, how can you read with
24:48 nothing to put them on?
24:49 So it did make him sad.
24:51 Well one day, when his mother went to the cupboard
24:55 to go and get his chair out, she pulled it out
25:01 of the cupboard.
25:02 Would you believe it on the chair there was a nice
25:07 little book rest that came up from the chair and
25:11 fasten it right between the two arms.
25:13 They were shocked, everybody was shocked.
25:17 Who could have done it?
25:18 It was done so nicely, it was perfectly done.
25:21 Nobody knew who did it!
25:23 So the next day after that, Oscar and Bruce and Roy were
25:28 talking when Roy said, do you think it could be
25:30 somebody that was from the cave or something?
25:33 Oscar and Bruce just roared with laughter.
25:36 They said, now Roy, how do you think someone
25:40 from a cave would know how to fix that?
25:43 Roy we have been to that cave, there is nobody
25:46 in that cave.
25:47 But Roy for some reason the cave kept ringing a bell
25:52 in his mind because he couldn't help but remember the
25:55 figure he had seen in front of the cave.
25:57 And remember when he found that clock's spring that
26:00 he had put in his pocket?
26:02 Near the cave up on the hillside, he couldn't help
26:05 but remember all those things.
26:07 But then he thought of one more thing, and he said to
26:10 Oscar and Bruce, by the way you know the fellow
26:14 called Pete Malcolm?
26:15 The kind of quiet fellow, is he any good at carpentry?
26:19 Oscar and Bruce said well, his father is the only
26:23 carpenter in the village.
26:25 So he might be if his dad is a carpenter.
26:28 And Roy said, that's interesting
26:32 Oscar and Bruce said, are you thinking that it
26:36 might be him?
26:37 Roy said well I'll tell you what guys, you leave it
26:41 to me, I think I am pretty good detective, I'll
26:44 try to follow up on that clue, okay?
26:46 So they parted ways and everything seemed to be going
26:50 normal the rest of that day.
26:51 But that night, during the night the mystic midnight workers
27:00 actually came right to Roy's Uncle's store.
27:07 Do you want to know what they did?
27:09 Yes! - I'm not going to tell you till next time.
27:14 Did you catch the mystery word yet?
27:17 I think it is an important word, isn't it?
27:21 Have you said it yet today?
27:22 Thank you!
27:25 And I want to say thank
27:26 you to you too, because
27:28 I really enjoyed being
27:29 with you today.
27:31 Let's not forget say that lots this week okay?
27:33 See you next time!


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