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00:07 Hello! You caught me right in the midst of
00:10 practicing my flute.
00:11 I haven't played it for years.
00:14 I found it in a cupboard in a case and it was all
00:16 dusty, so I dust it off and got it out.
00:19 Do you know what I found out?
00:21 I'm out of practice.
00:22 I used to be in a band when I was in high school and
00:25 when I was in grade school.
00:26 Then we practiced every day so I can play quite well.
00:30 I haven't played it since then, so I am really
00:32 out of practice.
00:34 Good thing for you to remember if you want to be able
00:36 to keep doing something well, keep practicing.
00:39 Do you want me to play the song that I was playing?
00:41 I'm not very good at it, but see if you can guess
00:44 what song it is okay?
01:01 Do you know what it is?
01:03 God is so good, He is good and I am glad you
01:07 are here today because we have lots of people to see,
01:10 and lots of things to do
01:19 So good to see you again
01:23 Come up for a visit my friend
01:27 There's so much to do
01:29 I have so many things planned for you.
01:36 We'll laugh and we'll play
01:38 We'll sing and we'll pray
01:41 I'll tell you a story or two.
01:45 and we'll be friends, you and I
01:49 Yes, you and I and Jesus
01:57 I'm happy you're here once again.
02:01 It's so nice to have you as my friend.
02:12 Make sure you pay real close attention because,
02:14 as usual, there will be another mystery word today.
02:17 Certain words that I say will be key words.
02:19 The key words will come up on this side.
02:22 One of the letters in the key word will be a bright
02:26 color and bigger and it will come over into one of
02:30 the spaces in the mystery word.
02:33 It looks like today's
02:34 mystery word has 7 spaces.
02:35 So pay attention.
02:36 Oops there's my bell!
02:40 Oh! Hi Dennis! Yeah come on up, that will be great.
02:43 My friend Dennis is here, he's a schoolteacher.
02:46 He has his guitar with him so maybe
02:48 he will play us a song.
02:49 Speaking of his guitar, I better
02:51 hide my flute because I
02:52 don't want, don't want...
02:53 Hi Janice, I heard
02:55 your music out there, it was wonderful.
02:57 Well I'm glad you're here.
02:59 Well I am glad to be here.
03:00 Have a seat, come and sit down.
03:02 Thank you!
03:03 Will you play as a song?
03:05 Well I really came to play with you, but I will
03:07 play you a song.
03:08 That would be wonderful.
03:20 Music: "Jesus Loves Me"
03:32 Oh! That is beautiful.
03:34 That's one of my favorite songs Janice.
03:35 Jesus loves me, that is a wonderful song.
03:38 How long have you been playing?
03:39 I started when I was 10 years old, my father taught
03:42 me my first chord C.
03:45 And you just kept practicing after that?
03:47 Um hum and it's been a lot of fun.
03:48 You must really like music if you kept doing it?
03:52 I sure do how about we play together?
03:53 Well... The song you were singing or playing
03:57 when I came up here?
03:58 God is so good, let's try that.
04:00 It's a good song but I haven't played for 6 years,
04:02 I just don't think... oh come on it'll be beautiful.
04:05 Well if you do the introduction, and I was doing it in
04:07 the key of C, because I just picked it up by ear,
04:10 and that was the easy one.
04:11 You do the introduction then.
04:16 Music: "God Is So Good"
04:43 God is so good, He's so good to me.
04:48 God is so good, - He's so good to me.
04:54 God is so good, - He's so good to me.
05:02 Wasn't that fun?
05:03 That was, actually I'm glad you convinced me too.
05:06 It sounded much better when we did it together.
05:09 You know what? I heard you have got a jungle?
05:11 Would you show it to me sometime?
05:13 Should we show it to him?
05:15 Okay, we will but on the condition
05:19 you will play us another song.
05:20 Oh I have just the song for the jungle.
05:22 Okay, I'll tell you what, go over that way and
05:25 I will meet you in just a moment.
05:27 Thank you it'll be fun.
05:28 This was wonderful.
05:31 Music is a fun way to share and
05:33 I thoroughly enjoyed that.
05:34 You know God talks a lot about music,
05:37 how important it is.
05:38 One verse that just came to my mind is found in
05:43 Psalms 100:2, it talks about how we should come
05:48 before the Lord with gladness and with joyful songs.
05:52 I know that singing that song and playing that song
05:56 with him just filled me with joy.
05:57 Why don't you go to the jungle forest and hear
06:00 the other song he has for you?
06:04 Who's the King of the jungle, hoot, hoot.
06:06 Who is the King of the sea, bubble, bubble, bubble.
06:08 Who is the King of the Universe,
06:10 and He's the King of me?
06:12 J- E-S-U-S, Yes, He is the King of me.
06:17 He is the King of the Universe, the jungle, and the sea.
06:21 I'm just an ordinary person
06:24 I walked to school each day
06:26 I tried to tell my classmates
06:28 that Jesus is the way.
06:31 Because He's the King of the Jungle, hoot, hoot
06:33 He's the King of the sea, bubble, bubble, bubble.
06:36 He's the King of the Universe
06:38 and He's the King of me.
06:40 I want to go to heaven
06:42 and live eternally.
06:44 So put your trust in Jesus
06:46 and come along with me.
06:49 Because He's the King of the jungle, Hoot, hoot
06:52 He's the King of the sea,
06:54 He's the King of the Universe
06:56 He's the King of, He's the king of, He's the king of me.
07:02 Wow! Thank you.
07:03 That was fun!
07:04 Well we enjoyed too, thank you for sharing it with me.
07:06 I never heard before.
07:08 And thank you for sharing your beautiful jungle forest.
07:10 Well will do it anytime won't we?
07:12 If you'll come and sing for us again.
07:14 I'll look forward to it.
07:16 Okay lets go see how a library shares, okay?
07:23 Well hello Mrs. Mitchell.
07:24 Hi Janice.
07:25 I'd like you to meet my friends.
07:26 Hi, welcome to the library.
07:28 That's were here for,
07:29 we want to find out
07:31 what you could tell
07:32 us about libraries.
07:33 Well I'm glad that you are here.
07:35 I have a couple books I was going to put back on the shelf,
07:37 because somebody brought them back.
07:39 And let me tell you a little bit about what happens here.
07:43 Okay! The books all have little numbers on the back and those
07:47 numbers all mean different things.
07:49 Different subjects, now this book happens to be about
07:52 the sea, and this one is about the mountains.
07:54 So if you want a book about the sea, you go to the card
07:57 catalog, or the computer and looked under S for sea.
08:00 Or M for mountains and they will give you a little
08:04 number and you'll go to that spot.
08:06 Okay, so this says, 551.4, so we would have to look
08:12 in the 500 section?
08:14 You would want to go down to the 500's which is right here.
08:17 Here is the 500 section, and we will put these
08:19 books away right here.
08:20 In the 500 section are a lot of nature books, about birds,
08:25 animals, the sea, the mountains, trees, flowers.
08:29 What about astronomy, I love astronomy.
08:32 Astronomy too!
08:33 So if that for every library in the 500 section?
08:38 That is for every library.
08:39 Every library you go into has the same, it is called
08:42 the Dewey Decimal System.
08:44 The Dewey Decimal System.
08:46 It comes from the Library of Congress.
08:49 Oh, so it is very organized all over.
08:52 Very organized all over.
08:53 That's great, do you think kids can like books?
08:57 Oh, they should love books,
08:59 books can be your best friends.
09:01 And you can learn so many things, and spend so
09:04 many fun hours learning things.
09:05 So you must like books too - I love books.
09:08 What about, I have been noticing these
09:10 kids are all so quiet?
09:12 Do you have rules here?
09:13 One of the rules at the library is that
09:15 you must be quiet.
09:16 You don't jump over the tables, and talk.
09:17 You can whisper softly, it's to come and enjoy books,
09:21 but other people here can also enjoy their books.
09:24 That's nice, I think they need you and
09:27 I don't want to interrupt.
09:28 I think I have to help him.
09:29 Okay Teddy, this book will be due back in 2 weeks.
09:32 I have the date stamped there for you.
09:34 You enjoy it and have a lot of fun with it.
09:36 I used to read Sam Campbell when I was a kid.
09:38 What's the name of the book Teddy?
09:40 The Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake.
09:42 That sounds interesting, do you like nature books?
09:44 Yeah, they are one of my favorite books.
09:47 Oh great, see you!
09:49 Okay goodbye!
09:50 So can you explain to me what the system is?
09:53 Sure, we'll take this book right here.
09:56 Every book in the library has a date due,
09:58 and a book card.
10:00 What we do is have them sign their name on here,
10:03 and then stamped the date it is due,
10:04 on the card in here.
10:06 Then I keep the card and they take the book.
10:09 Then we know who has the book and
10:11 when it is due back.
10:13 If they forget when it is due, then they can look
10:15 in the front of the book? - exactly!
10:16 Well we have really appreciated you taking the time
10:20 to tell us about this.
10:21 Oh I have enjoyed having you here.
10:22 Well we will see you and you don't go away because
10:24 when we get back we are having a guessing game
10:26 in the jungle forest, see you!
10:34 Hey kids if you love all the fun things you get to
10:37 do with Janice and her friends you will flip over this.
10:40 It's Janice is activity book loaded with fun this book
10:44 teaches scripture through mazes, puzzles, dot to dot games
10:47 coloring and more.
10:49 And the best part is, it's free!
10:52 Let's take a look inside.
10:54 The scripture on this page says:
11:00 Now let's circle the pictures that are the same.
11:03 That is right you have the idea.
11:05 There are many more fun filled activities in
11:08 this book just waiting for you.
11:10 By the way, did I mention, it's FREE!
11:13 To get your very own copy.
11:15 Have your mom or dad write to:
11:30 Don't wait, order yours today.
11:34 Animals share with us too.
11:36 Don't you just love listening to the different
11:38 sounds that they make?
11:39 Let's play a guessing game.
11:43 Do you know what animal that is?
11:44 It's a lion, good for you.
11:46 Let's do it another one.
11:49 That's a cricket, a tiny little cricket.
11:51 Good for you.
11:54 A kitty cat, good.
11:55 Here's a harder one.
11:59 It's a slimy green frog.
12:01 This one is really hard to listen carefully.
12:03 A Loom, very good!
12:10 The lion roars across the arid plains
12:14 The monkey howls,
12:15 and the wolf does the same.
12:17 The birds sing their songs,
12:18 and the donkeys make a fuss.
12:20 The animals share what they do with us.
12:26 The elephants trumpet as loud as they can.
12:29 The camels bray as they cross
12:32 the deserts sand.
12:33 The raccoons chatter,
12:34 and the snakes in the dust.
12:36 The animals share what they do with us.
12:49 Jan and I have been talking about plants here.
12:52 I have been telling her how all plants
12:54 need water to survive.
12:56 But Jana, you know when it rains.
12:57 Does the plant take in the water through the leaves,
13:01 when it lands on the leaves?
13:02 No! - Well how does it get it then?
13:04 Through the roots.
13:06 Oh, up through the roots.
13:08 Okay how about if we do an experiment show that, okay?
13:12 We will take some celery and cut it on a diagonal.
13:16 Like that, then if you could put one drop of red
13:19 food coloring in to the bottom of that cup.
13:22 Did you see how we cut it on an angle?
13:24 That's right, you can put one more in probably.
13:28 Then we will put in some water.
13:31 Don't put the lid on just yet in case
13:34 we need a bit more.
13:35 How about a little tad more?
13:37 One more drop, we want to make it a pretty red.
13:39 There we go, and we will go like this.
13:43 Do you want to put that in the water, please?
13:52 We will put that over here and believe it or not
13:57 this piece of celery, you won't believe
13:59 it almost has something like little straws
14:02 inside of it, did you know that?
14:04 These little straws are going to suck up
14:07 that red food coloring.
14:09 Would you like to see what it looks like?
14:11 Yes! - this is what it is going to
14:13 look like afterwards.
14:14 Now do you see right now how it is still bright
14:17 green, but after it sits in this red water,
14:21 for awhile, it's leaves will be red like this.
14:24 Let me show you what it looks like
14:26 on the inside, okay?
14:28 Let's get it over here and do you want to
14:30 cut that off Jana?
14:37 Do you see those little tubes?
14:39 Yeah! - sure enough see all those
14:41 little red dots are the ends of the little straws
14:45 that are inside the celery,
14:47 that are sucking up the water.
14:48 Isn't that interesting?
14:50 Now it doesn't stop there though.
14:52 The plant also shares the water.
14:55 What we did earlier, was we took a plastic
14:59 bag, just a regular plastic bag and put it
15:02 around this leaf and tied it real tight
15:06 with a twist tie.
15:07 Then the plant sat in the sun.
15:10 Now Jana what do you see all inside there?
15:13 Condensation? - condensation because the
15:15 leaf gives off the water and it is collecting
15:19 on that bag, but you know on big trees on a
15:22 hot summer day, a big tree can give off nearly
15:25 25 gallons of water.
15:28 We don't see it going into the air, but it does.
15:31 This is a fun experiment that you can try at home.
15:34 So you can see that your plants, or your trees,
15:36 are giving off water.
15:39 Did you know that the leaves of the tree are like
15:41 miniature food factories? They are!
15:44 They produce all the food that
15:46 gives the tree the
15:47 energy to grow.
15:48 Here's how!
15:49 They use 3 ingredients.
15:51 Water, sunshine, and carbon dioxide.
15:55 You know how the water gets up to the leaves?
15:58 Then the sun shines on the leaves, and the leaves
16:01 absorbs the Suns rays.
16:02 But where does the carbon dioxide come from?
16:06 You are right, from the air.
16:08 The leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the air
16:11 and then they mix those 3 ingredients together.
16:15 The water, the sunshine, and the carbon dioxide,
16:18 is mixed together and it makes sugar.
16:21 That sugar is what gives the tree the energy to grow
16:26 into a big, strong tree like this one.
16:29 At the same time that it is making that sugar,
16:32 the leaf is also sharing something.
16:36 It is giving off oxygen for you and for me to breath.
16:41 If there wasn't oxygen in the air, the animals
16:44 would die and we would die too.
16:47 I think the leaf doesn't important work, don't you?
16:52 Since we have been talking about sharing,
16:54 Kimberly and I decided that it would be fun
16:56 to make a healthy treat you can share.
16:58 Do we want to put a lot of sugar in our bodies Kimberly?
17:01 No! - no we sure don't.
17:03 This is a treat made with all natural fruit.
17:06 First we put in the frozen
17:08 blueberries, and now Kimberly
17:09 will you put in some dried peaches?
17:12 Sure! - Okay great, how about one more?
17:16 Great, Kimberly why don't you put in
17:18 a spoon full of raisins because they
17:21 lots of iron in them.
17:23 Can you get them out?
17:25 Good, that was good.
17:32 How about an apricot too?
17:35 Apricots are so good for you.
17:37 Great, okay so we have a little bit of everything.
17:41 Now plug your ears!
17:43 Because we are going to turn the blender on.
17:53 Now Kimberly if you would like to move
17:56 those containers off to that side, thank you.
18:01 Then we'll move the blender off.
18:05 Oh this looks yummy doesn't it?
18:09 Yes! - doesn't that look good?
18:15 You know dry fruit and fresh fruit are fun to work
18:18 with because it is so pretty.
18:20 Now, and it is also good for you.
18:23 Now we can spread these on to the crackers,
18:25 can't we?
18:27 We can both start spreading.
18:29 There is a knife for you.
18:33 Now go ahead, oh this looks good.
18:37 This will be fun to share with somebody won't it?
18:40 And what we can do to make it pretty, you spread
18:43 them and I will put a blueberry on the top of each one.
18:48 How will that be?
18:57 Kimberly, I have an idea.
18:58 What about if we shared one of these
19:00 with Bradley the cameraman?
19:02 Sure! Okay, let's call him on, Bradley!
19:05 Bradley come on we want to give you one of these.
19:06 You get ready to give to him, okay?
19:08 Come on Bradley, we are waiting for you.
19:11 He's shy, oh there he comes.
19:19 I wonder who is going
19:20 to run his camera without him there?
19:21 Okay, you can give it to him.
19:24 Thank you - you're welcome!
19:26 It's fun to share things isn't it?
19:29 Yes! - And now you have a new friend.
19:31 That's fun!
19:37 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
19:39 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal
19:41 time with Him every day.
19:43 Well adults do that by praying and by
19:46 reading their Bibles.
19:47 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
19:50 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
19:53 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
19:55 devotions every morning when you get up.
19:57 Janice has made morning time devotions for her kids,
20:01 and for you, complete with songs, prayers and stories.
20:05 For more information have your parents write to:
20:36 Have you heard the story about the little boy
20:39 who shared his lunch with Jesus?
20:41 He had 5 little loaves and 2 fishes.
20:44 And He shared them, and guess how many people
20:46 Jesus fed? 5 thousand.
20:49 Jesus stretched his lunch and do you know what
20:51 He has promised?
20:52 He's promised that He will still stretched things
20:54 every day, when ever you share, He will double your joy.
20:58 Do it today, double your joy
21:03 and learn to share, learn to share.
21:06 Every girl, every boy
21:09 learn to share, learn to share.
21:12 Doing the dishes, washing the car,
21:16 meeting someone new, sending a letter,
21:20 giving a smile, there are lots of things to do.
21:25 Do it today, double your joy
21:28 learn to share, learn to share
21:31 every girl, every boy
21:34 learn to share, learn to share.
21:38 How about let's go share a story, okay?
21:59 Are you ready for another story?
22:01 Yeah! - do you remember what has been happening
22:05 in the Longview village?
22:06 All these mysterious things, they are nice things
22:09 that are happening and nobody knows who's done them.
22:13 The latest thing is, where we left off, was that the
22:17 mystic workers actually came To Roy's Uncle's store.
22:25 Now a pen knife is like a pocket knife, you open up
22:29 all these different blades and stuff, you fold them out.
22:33 This one was very special to him
22:35 because it had been given to him by
22:37 a friend and he really liked it.
22:39 He had it for years and years.
22:41 It was a trusty thing he liked having.
22:45 Well he lost it and felt sick about losing it.
22:49 He really liked having it and he had looked
22:53 everywhere and he couldn't find it.
22:55 So he was very disappointed.
22:57 Well that next morning, would you believe when
23:00 he woke up and went to his bedroom window and
23:04 lifted the blind, hanging from a string,
23:10 in his bedroom window, was his knife.
23:16 Can you believe it?
23:17 Of course he did not know who did it.
23:20 He was so curious he just didn't know
23:22 how it could have happened.
23:24 Well they were just barely getting over that
23:27 when all of a sudden Roy heard the news that
23:29 they had come to Ms. McIntyre's house.
23:32 Mrs. McIntyre was a very old lady and was a widow.
23:37 She couldn't quite keep our house as nice as
23:40 she used to keep it.
23:41 She had this table that was really rickety.
23:44 Much more rickety even that this.
23:47 She had been using it even though it was
23:49 ready to fall apart, but legs were really wobbly.
23:54 It sagged in the middle.
23:55 While she had to been out doing something,
23:59 and when she came back, she went to put
24:02 something on her table and noticed that it didn't
24:06 wiggle and wobble like it used to wiggle.
24:08 She got down and looked under her table.
24:11 There it was mended, there was a board underneath
24:15 it and it was screwed into place.
24:17 Well of coarse she was so excited,
24:18 she went running to the village telling people
24:21 a bout it and of course Roy heard about it.
24:23 As soon as he heard about it,
24:25 he ran up there to look at it.
24:26 She had just looked under but he got right under
24:30 and looked very carefully and that was when he
24:34 noticed that they had screwed it in.
24:36 They had screwed the board, not nailed it.
24:39 Because the nails would make banging noises,
24:41 wouldn't it? That would alert somebody
24:43 to what they were doing.
24:44 But the thing he really noticed was that there were
24:48 3 holes that were left that did not have a screw in them.
24:52 So he said to Mrs. McIntyre, did you notice that?
24:57 He said I think that either they ran out of screws,
25:00 or somebody came along and it scared them so they
25:03 couldn't finish their job.
25:05 She said, that doesn't make sense
25:08 Angels don't leave jobs half undone.
25:10 She was one of the ones who thought it was Angels
25:13 doing all these good deeds.
25:15 Roy said, well Mrs. McIntyre, I think it was people
25:19 who did it.
25:20 In fact, I would like your permission to come to
25:23 your house tonight and watch.
25:25 She said okay.
25:27 So he waited till about 10 o'clock that evening
25:29 when it was nice and dark and then he went up there.
25:32 She said you know why don't you sit out here
25:35 in this little shed and you will see them
25:38 if they come or if they go.
25:39 So he thought that was fine and he had a flashlight
25:42 with him, and propped himself up between some old boards
25:46 and buckets and stuff.
25:47 He made himself as comfortable as possible and
25:50 then he waited.
25:51 Well he waited and he waited and he waited and he waited.
25:57 He started to get tired, it was getting darker and darker.
26:03 It was the later and later, and pretty soon it got
26:12 creepy and eerie, and it was the creepy and scary.
26:22 Pretty soon, he would fall asleep.
26:25 Then he heard a noise and he was looking everywhere
26:27 for his flashlight and he found it and flashed it on.
26:31 It was Mrs. McIntyre, here he thought he had caught them
26:36 and all it was, was Mrs. McIntyre.
26:38 She said, did you see them? and he said, see what?
26:41 She said, I know they were here because I heard noises
26:45 and came running out, but they were gone.
26:46 He said, well when did they come?
26:49 She said, he couldn't have been that long ago,
26:52 maybe 5 or 10 minutes, but when I heard them I had
26:54 to put some clothes on before I could come out.
26:57 He said, well do you know which way they went?
27:00 She said, I don't know.
27:01 He said, I'm going to follow them and so he went
27:04 running out of the yard as fast as he could.
27:06 He got down to the end of her driveway, her gate.
27:10 He didn't know which way to go.
27:14 Do you want to know which way he went?
27:17 Next time I will tell you, okay?
27:20 Do you remember, did you catch the mystery word today?
27:24 Did you remember to watch carefully for it?
27:26 I think it is a nice word,
27:28 its friends.
27:30 And that is why I like
27:31 being with you.
27:33 Sharing is fun, and
27:34 I have enjoyed sharing
27:36 with you today.
27:37 I just hope that we can become better friends.
27:40 See you next time!


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