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00:01 Hello! I'm packaging some books to send overseas
00:04 to some people who do not have as many things as I do.
00:06 And I just put a note inside of this book because
00:09 this is one of my favorite books.
00:11 I had extras of it and so I am sending my extra one
00:14 and thought whoever gets it, this note will make it seem
00:17 more personal and I like to be their friend.
00:19 So I put my address on the note too.
00:21 Do you have any extra books, or toys, or clothes
00:25 that you don't need?
00:26 You could share them with
00:27 people overseas you know.
00:29 Books are fun to share because
00:31 books you can learn things
00:32 from so I am hoping those
00:33 people will learn things.
00:34 Have you ever closed up a box without tape?
00:37 I will show you how.
00:38 You put down one short side, and then one tall side,
00:43 and then a short side, keeping it on top this time,
00:47 and then a tall side.
00:49 Then end by pulling up the short side.
00:54 Dah, Dah! Now when I take it to the packing place.
00:57 The shipping place and have them put tape on it.
01:00 I just need to carry them down to the car, Ummm!
01:03 Yikes! These books are heavy once you
01:07 put them all together.
01:08 I don't think I'm going to carry all these boxes down to
01:11 the car and my husband won't be home for quite some time.
01:14 I think I will get some one to help me.
01:16 I have to go all the way downstairs and I don't think
01:18 I would manage this, I'll get someone.
01:28 It's so good to see you again.
01:32 Come up for a visit my friend
01:36 There's so much to do,
01:37 I have so many things planned for you.
01:45 We'll laugh and we'll play
01:47 We'll sing and we'll pray
01:49 I'll tell you a story or two
01:53 and we'll be friends, and you and I
01:58 Yes, you and I and Jesus
02:07 I'm happy your here once again,
02:10 It's so nice to have you as my friend.
02:19 Well Tammy thanks so much for coming up to help me.
02:21 I would like you to meet my friends.
02:22 Hello! - like was telling you on the phone,
02:25 I packed all these books individually and it
02:28 didn't seem heavy.
02:29 Now I am worried that if I pick up all these boxes
02:32 by myself and carried them downstairs that I might hurt
02:34 my back, do you have any good ideas?
02:35 Well we can carry them together!
02:37 Okay great! And we are
02:38 going to carry them all the
02:39 way down the stairs together?
02:40 That seems like it might still
02:42 wear us out?
02:43 Well I brought something
02:44 I think will help us.
02:45 Really! Okay. So what do we do?
02:46 Oh I've seen one of those before - it's a dolly!
02:49 A dolly? Where did you get one of those?
02:52 Well my husband had so many tools in the garage so
02:54 I thought I would just bring this over.
02:56 Well that's great mine does too but I forgot about
02:58 those kind of things.
02:59 Okay, what shall we do?
03:00 Well okay, good idea.
03:04 Well working together makes it better doesn't it?
03:06 Oh, that is way easier when we both do it together.
03:12 Okay are you ready for this one?
03:15 Got it, ohhh, this one is even heavier almost
03:19 and it's littler.
03:20 It must be more dense books or something.
03:23 Okay I'll push this one over, this one is heavy too.
03:30 Oh, that is a lot better.
03:31 Now what? - Well I think when you use your head,
03:37 and the tools that are provided for you,
03:39 it will make the job so much easier.
03:42 Oh, like you make your strength work better for you?
03:45 Um hum, - Tammy tell me what you want me to do to help?
03:47 Maybe if you pick up on the bottom of the box,
03:50 and I will use my foot here and we will tilt it,
03:52 and that will help.
03:53 I have to help support them, okay.
03:55 Oh, yeah, this is good.
03:57 Okay are we ready?
03:59 I will just steady them here.
04:04 You know when you use your head and think about
04:07 getting good tools, like what
04:08 Tammy did, then that really
04:10 makes things easier, doesn't it?
04:12 I think, when I think about
04:13 that, it reminds me of a
04:15 lot of things; for instance, whoever built this table
04:19 probably did some research to find out just how thick to
04:25 make the legs and that support piece underneath.
04:28 Even things like putting an engine back together,
04:31 you half to learn things and know what you are doing
04:35 to make it so that what you are doing works out
04:38 well and strong.
04:39 The Bible even talks about that in Proverbs 24:5.
04:48 It says that, "a wise man has great power and a man of
04:53 knowledge increases strength. "
04:56 You know if God says it, it must be true that using
04:59 your head makes you stronger.
05:01 You can be strong in muscles lifting weights,
05:05 strong in endurance to win the race,
05:09 but a wise man knows the way it goes
05:12 is smart is strong.
05:15 You could be strong in your lungs,
05:16 strong in your feet, strong in your arms,
05:20 and strong in your teeth,
05:22 but a wise man knows the way it goes
05:25 is smart is strong.
05:57 Well Bob what is this big machine
05:59 you have me up on anyways?
06:00 Janice this these is a D-9
06:02 bulldozer made by Caterpillar.
06:04 Wow! It is big.
06:06 It is a nice piece of machinery.
06:09 I think you must like it.
06:11 Yes I enjoy my work, it is very good.
06:13 Well I can tell you do.
06:14 What do you do with these big machines?
06:16 We do a lot of subdivisions, homes,
06:20 and grading roads.
06:21 Anything that has to move the earth,
06:23 balance it and make it to grade.
06:26 Making the earth to the right smoothness, then they
06:29 can lay the blacktop, cement or whatever.
06:32 Build your home, or whatever you are building.
06:34 That is pretty important work I'd say.
06:36 I enjoy it, it is very interesting.
06:39 That's great, now I notice that it does not
06:42 have tires, like a car, and it doesn't have a steering wheel,
06:45 how do you do it?
06:46 These have steering clutches that we move the track.
06:49 This makes it go left, this would here it goes right.
06:54 So moving these things makes it go right or left?
06:58 It makes it right or left.
07:00 This here is our rippers that we had to make
07:04 it go up or down.
07:05 And where are the rippers?
07:06 The rippers are located in the back of the tractor.
07:08 That is what helps the track for the pulling power
07:12 ripping material because some material is very hard.
07:14 You rip it up, pick it up, the scrapers and then move it.
07:17 What does that do?
07:19 This runs the dozer, it is called a dozer blade.
07:25 It makes it go up and down, and it tilts.
07:27 This one has a little red trigger, and you push
07:31 the trigger and it makes a slow board go up and down.
07:35 What exactly do the rippers do a again?
07:38 The rippers rip the ground when it is really hard to
07:42 penetrate the ground, you are working with different material,
07:45 rock and different things like that.
07:48 Getting it all chopped up so that
07:50 right to break it up so that the scrapers can
07:52 come in and pick it up.
07:53 and haul it away, or what ever.
07:56 And these big tracks, instead of wheels.
08:00 How do they work?
08:01 What are they for?
08:02 The tracks are basically, for traction
08:04 - so you can go up a steep
08:06 you can go up a steep hill, it's good for climbing.
08:09 Do you ever get scared working on the steep hill?
08:13 Sometimes it gets pretty scary,
08:17 but you try and take in safety.
08:19 To me this bulldozer looks so strong,
08:24 but do you have to do anything to keep it strong,
08:28 like check it or anything?
08:30 We have mechanics that are around and checked these
08:33 every morning before we go to work they check them.
08:35 They shut them off and check for oil leaks.
08:37 So basically every day they get
08:41 checked over real thoroughly?
08:43 Every day it gets checked over because it is an
08:45 expensive piece of machinery.
08:47 In order to keep it strong and working well.
08:49 To keep it operating.
08:50 Well that is great and it seems
08:52 like you enjoy your work.
08:53 I enjoy my work and have been doing it for 29 years.
08:56 That is a long time.
08:59 I have a feeling there are a lot of children who would
09:02 really like to drive machinery like this one
09:05 when they get bigger.
09:06 I think there must be something they can be doing right
09:08 now to get ready for that.
09:10 What are some of those things?
09:11 Basically is watch people working around you
09:15 because it is big machinery and safety is the thing
09:18 you want to really stress.
09:20 Basically that is it, just enjoying your work.
09:23 So if they practice being happy and enjoying what
09:27 they do now, then that will help them later?
09:30 Yes, definitely!
09:31 and practicing safety in all the things they do.
09:33 Yes!
09:34 well thank you for taking me on your bulldozer,
09:37 I have enjoyed this.
09:38 I have enjoyed it too.
09:39 well that is great and you meet me in the attic
09:41 because we have a great experiment to do.
09:47 This is an experiment that you can try at home,
09:50 if you get someone to help you.
09:51 You need a regular beach ball, and a board, and something
09:55 heavy, and some tubing like what you buy a hardware store.
09:58 What we are going to do is you are going to see
10:01 how strong water can be.
10:03 This block weighs at least 40 pounds.
10:06 To make it even more impressive, let's put Amy on top.
10:09 Amy weighs at least another 20 pounds,
10:12 maybe even 25 pounds.
10:14 Hang on tight Amy.
10:15 Okay now Byron is going to climb up now and
10:18 start to pour in the water.
10:19 This is called a hydraulic experiment.
10:22 Hydraulic means movement with water.
10:25 What is going to happen, you watch real carefully,
10:30 you will see the water is going to start coming through
10:32 a funnel, down the tube, it's a plastic tube.
10:36 It is coming down and around and into the beach ball.
10:41 It is filling up the beach ball and pushing on all parts
10:44 of that board and that is what is lifting.
10:47 At least probably 65 to 70 pounds.
10:52 See how it is going up so far?
10:53 And the higher you put your tube, then more pressure
10:59 you have to lift up heavy things.
11:01 With not that much water you can lift up some heavy things.
11:05 That is how big machinery runs, on hydraulics.
11:07 They have tubes going all through the machines.
11:10 Then they go to cylinders that have pistons in them.
11:13 The fluid goes through those tubes and that is how
11:17 they work, so now you know what hydraulics is.
11:20 It is the big word, but it makes sense when
11:22 you know about it, doesn't it?
11:23 You know the rules that God made to make our world work,
11:27 is really neat.
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12:31 Did you know that an elephant's trunk has over
12:33 40,000 muscles in it?
12:35 Isn't that incredible?
12:37 Yet with his trunk, he can lift up a single blade of grass,
12:42 he can use his trunk to scratch himself,
12:44 to take a shower with,
12:46 to pull over trees, to lift up logs,
12:49 elephants are strong.
12:51 And another animal that is very strong,
12:53 is much smaller than an elephant.
12:55 Yet the animal can lift up to 27 times its body weight.
12:59 Have you guessed?
13:00 I'll tell you a story.
13:02 One day a naturalist was out
13:04 walking and as he walked along
13:06 all of a sudden he saw on the
13:08 ground at his feet, a patch of
13:10 wild rice that was 3 feet by 5 feet.
13:13 Now naturalists are very good at observing things.
13:16 So being a good naturalist that he was,
13:18 he right away hopped down on his knees and spread
13:22 right out on the ground and started looking.
13:24 You will never believe what he saw.
13:27 He saw little ants just scurrying around.
13:31 Some were plowing in the field.
13:33 Some were pulling up weeds, and others
13:37 were carrying the weeds away.
13:39 Well all summer long he kept coming back to that little
13:42 field to watch these rice farmers.
13:45 The ants were farming the rice.
13:47 He came every day to watch because it was so fascinating.
13:51 By the end of the summer, that patch, the rice had grown
13:56 to be 24 inches tall.
13:58 He watched the ants harvest it.
14:00 They went scurrying up the stalks of rice.
14:03 Each ant would grab one kernel of rice, which is almost
14:07 as big as an ant, and they carried back down the stalk
14:10 and into the underground tunnels of the anthill,
14:13 to store the rice.
14:14 Isn't that amazing how God has made it so the ants
14:18 are not only strong, but they know to use their heads
14:21 and work together.
14:23 They use their brain to add it to their
14:25 strength to work together.
14:27 I see a tiny little ant, I small black ant.
14:32 Lifting 20 times its body weight.
14:35 But they all work together to help each other.
14:39 Brains and brawn are great.
14:42 I see big elephant, a gray elephant.
14:46 Hauling logs and moving weights
14:50 and they all work together taking care of each other.
14:54 Brains and brawn are great.
14:58 Ants and elephants, ants and elephants,
15:01 small and tall, stronger than all.
15:05 Ants and elephants, ants and elephants
15:09 stronger than them all.
15:19 Hi Dr. Neblett!
15:20 Hi Janice.
15:22 We just came from the jungle forest and it was
15:23 fascinating because we were learning about how
15:25 strong God has made ants and elephants.
15:27 While we were talking it
15:29 occurred to me there are
15:30 probably some kids watching
15:31 who would like to know some
15:32 simple tips of ways they can become strong.
15:35 Okay, that sounds like a great idea.
15:37 As a matter of fact, the first thing they ought to do
15:39 is it good nutrition.
15:41 Is that good food?
15:42 That's right, vegetables, and our fruits.
15:45 We want to make sure we get a variety of them,
15:48 because they have minerals and vitamins which our
15:51 body needs in order to be strong.
15:54 I take it you want natural food?
15:56 That's exactly correct.
15:57 The second thing that they need to get its exercise.
16:02 Exercise with good shoes, these shoes help us to get
16:05 the kind of exercise that our body needs for our heart
16:08 to be strong, for our muscles to grow and even our
16:11 bones to grow correctly.
16:12 So just any kind of exercise?
16:14 Exercise is fun.
16:16 As long as you are having fun,
16:17 that is the most important thing.
16:18 The next thing that you want to get is
16:20 enough sunshine, or sunlight.
16:22 That's easy I love being in the sun.
16:24 You see the sunlight goes
16:25 to our skin and our skin
16:27 makes vitamin D which
16:29 then goes to our bones and
16:30 helps them to be nice and strong.
16:32 Oh so it is important besides fun?
16:34 That is exactly right, but do not want to get too
16:37 much sun, because if you get to much sun,
16:39 that can hurt your skin.
16:41 I take it sunscreen, I take it?
16:42 Sunscreen is very important and a pair of shades.
16:45 I have an idea, how about a hat?
16:48 Would a hat help too?
16:49 It certainly would.
16:50 Do you like it?
16:51 The next thing that will need is rest.
16:54 Rest with some nice pillows, these pillows will help us
16:58 to, would you believe it, grow?
17:01 You grow why you're sleeping?
17:03 You grow why you're sleeping, that is very, very important.
17:06 But you don't want to get too much rest.
17:11 That is where temperance comes in.
17:13 It is a balance - a balance - a balance between the two.
17:18 We call that temperance.
17:19 Is that just in rest and exercise or anything?
17:22 Anything, even a good thing, too much is not good for you.
17:26 Temperance is balance?
17:27 That is exactly correct.
17:29 In everything we do.
17:30 The next important thing for them to get its air.
17:33 Air which fills our lungs with good air and oxygen that
17:38 our bodies need in order to live.
17:40 It even helps us to think real well.
17:43 Your important that you have good air.
17:46 The next thing that is important is water.
17:49 Very good water, clean water.
17:52 Oh, I love drinking water.
17:55 Water that you drink is good for the inside
17:58 of the body, and you also need water for the
18:02 outside of your body as well.
18:04 So both of those are important.
18:06 The next thing however, which I think the most
18:10 important thing, is found in the good book, the Bible.
18:16 It is founded Proverbs 3:5, 6.
18:20 This is what it says, "trust in the Lord with all
18:24 your heart and lean not unto your own understanding,
18:28 in all your ways acknowledge him,
18:30 and he will direct your paths. "
18:33 Trusting in the Lord, I think, is the most important
18:38 thing for us to do.
18:45 Nutrition, nutrition
18:48 exercise, exercise
18:52 water, water, sunshine, sunshine
18:57 temperance, temperance, air and rest, air and rest.
19:03 Trust in God.
19:08 Nutrition, nutrition
19:12 exercise, exercise
19:15 water, water, sunshine, sunshine
19:21 temperance, temperance, air and rest, air and rest.
19:26 Trust in God.
19:32 Trust in God!
19:45 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
19:47 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal
19:49 time with Him every day.
19:50 Well adults do that by praying and by
19:53 reading their Bibles.
19:54 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
19:57 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
20:00 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
20:03 devotions every morning when you get up.
20:05 Janice has made morning time devotions for her kids,
20:08 and for you, complete with songs, prayers and stories.
20:12 For more information have your parents write to:
20:44 You know the Bible says that people who follow God's
20:47 rules will be strong like a tree.
20:50 Let's think about what makes
20:52 a tree strong.
20:54 Well the roots half to go down
20:56 deep and then they spread way out
20:58 and they gather water and minerals and take
21:01 them up to the leaves and the leaves mix the water
21:04 with the sunshine it has absorbed
21:06 and carbon dioxide and make sugar to give the
21:09 tree energy to grow.
21:11 What do you think would happen if the roots said, ah, we
21:15 don't feel like sending water up to the leaves today.
21:19 And if that leaves said, Ah, we're too tired to make
21:23 sugar for this tree to grow with.
21:25 Would the tree be able to grow?
21:27 Of course not!
21:29 The only way the tree can grow is by following the
21:32 little plan that God has made for it to grow.
21:35 That is how it is with you and with me.
21:38 By following God's plans, God's rules,
21:41 we'll be strong like this tree.
21:43 Why don't you meet me in the story corner,
21:46 and we will have a story.
21:55 Are you ready for a story?
21:56 Yeah! Okay.
21:58 Remember in Longview village there had been some very
22:01 mysterious but wonderful things happening.
22:04 And nobody can figure out who is behind all these good deeds.
22:08 Remember where we stopped, Roy was at Mrs. Mclntyre's house
22:13 trying to find who had fixed her table for her.
22:17 Did he find out?
22:19 No! He fell asleep.
22:20 Now he is down at the end of the driveway and he is trying
22:24 to decide which way to go.
22:25 There were four paths that he could take.
22:28 He could go down the road
22:30 towards the village, or he
22:31 could go up a rough
22:32 little rocky path up the
22:34 mountains, or he could
22:35 go across on a side road
22:37 toward the peat fields, or he could go across the fields
22:41 in the direction of the cave.
22:44 He made up his mind he was going to head towards the caves.
22:49 Ow, it was one o'clock in the morning by now.
22:52 He must have been at least 30 minutes to get to the
22:56 nearest police station, but he decided he wasn't going
23:00 to miss out on this.
23:01 So off he went.
23:03 He had his flashlight and he started running,
23:06 and was jumping over boulders.
23:08 In Scotland there's lots of low stone walls here and there
23:12 I guess for the people's property lines.
23:14 He would jump over those and ran and ran, and sometimes he
23:18 would get tired but just keep running.
23:20 Then all of a sudden, in the distance, one of the times
23:24 when he flashed on his flashlight, he caught sight of a
23:27 hazy figure way up ahead.
23:30 So he flipped off his flashlight and kept on running
23:32 just as fast as he could.
23:34 He kept going and going and he would turn his flashlight
23:38 on again and it looked like that person was even closer.
23:41 It look like he had caught up even more.
23:43 So he kept going and going and was running and running,
23:46 and when he was just getting near, or was around the
23:49 place where he remembered getting the clock spring.
23:52 Remember where he found a rusty clock spring?
23:54 It was right around there, something caught his foot
23:58 and he tripped and went sprawling out on the ground.
24:01 Well as he was trying to gather himself together and get
24:05 up again, he felt down by his foot and what he tripped on
24:08 was this piece of iron sticking up out of the ground.
24:12 He thought, in the middle out here,
24:15 what is that doing here?
24:16 By the time he got himself up and turned his flashlight
24:20 on again he couldn't see anything or anybody.
24:24 He went a little bit further, but he decided it was useless.
24:28 He decided he wasn't going be able to see them.
24:30 So he turned around and he trudged home.
24:33 You know he never got home until 3:30 in the morning.
24:37 He was exhausted.
24:39 Well he went to bed and you can imagine that he did not
24:42 get up bright and early the next morning, did he?
24:45 In fact he was almost lunch time before he got up.
24:47 When he got up he went down for lunch, and it was around
24:55 lunch time that he heard the next news.
24:58 Do you know the widow who had been given
25:00 the crackers and stuff by her bedside?
25:03 Well the mystic workers came to her bedside again.
25:08 This time they brought her, bread again, and crackers,
25:13 and Herring fish, but this time they added a quarter
25:17 pound of cocoa.
25:19 So Roy decided this time he was going to be
25:22 a smart detective.
25:23 So he went straight over there and said to her,
25:26 I would like to see what came.
25:28 She said, I have already eaten the fish and
25:31 I started to eat the bread.
25:32 He said, I'm most interested in seeing the package that the
25:36 crackers came in, and the package that the cocoa came in.
25:40 So he got a good look at both of those and then he went
25:44 back to his Uncle's store.
25:45 He said, Uncle, do you sell crackers like such and such?
25:49 And do you sell cocoa like this kind?
25:51 His Uncle said, well yeah.
25:53 Roy said have you sold any of that to anybody lately?
25:57 His Uncle said, well as a matter of fact I have, but
26:00 I sell that kind to so many people.
26:04 How could I remember which person I sold it to?
26:06 Well that made Roy make up his mind that he didn't feel
26:11 like he was getting anywhere and so he decided that he was
26:14 going to get up the courage, even though his friends
26:18 didn't think it was a good idea.
26:19 He decided to get up his courage to go and
26:23 check the cave himself.
26:25 So he spent all the rest of that day and part of the
26:29 next day going around to different villagers and asking
26:33 them everything they knew about the cave.
26:36 He wanted them to tell him just what looked like inside and
26:40 he listened, and draw little diagrams from what they said.
26:45 He was getting all of these together when all of a sudden,
26:49 later that evening, that old Corky came along,
26:53 and do you know what old Corky said?
26:58 I saw somebody in front of the cave.
27:02 Can you imagine that?
27:04 Then it was the same evening that
27:07 Peter McDonnell came home.
27:09 He said, I heard banging in the cave again.
27:13 Roy knew he needed to go see and next time
27:18 I will tell you how he did it.
27:20 Did you catch what the mystery word was yet?
27:24 The mystery word is an important one,
27:26 because it makes you strong.
27:28 Eight doctors.
27:30 Now you see if you can remember
27:33 what all those eight
27:34 doctors are this week, and
27:36 see if you can use all of them.
27:37 Okay? See you next time!


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