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00:02 Hello.
00:03 I'm busy sanding this, carpenter Don got me started on this
00:06 project.
00:07 Now when I first started sanding he told me to start with really
00:10 coarse sandpaper 'cause the wood is really rough and so, this
00:14 coarse sandpaper got off the big rough spots, and then I had to
00:18 move on to paper that was a bit more fine, and then finally
00:22 now I am working on the finest sandpaper.
00:25 And has it ever been a lot of work, and to think that this is
00:29 just one little piece out of the whole project, and I've spent
00:33 so much time on one piece.
00:35 Do you know what it is I'm making?
00:39 Does that help you?
00:42 I'm not going to tell you right now, whether you're right or not
00:45 you'll have to wait and see, OK?
00:55 It's so good to see you again
01:00 Come up for a visit, my friend
01:05 It's so much to do
01:06 I have so many things planned for you
01:14 We'll laugh and we'll play
01:15 We'll sing and we'll pray
01:18 I'll tell you a story or two
01:22 And we'll be friends
01:24 You and I
01:26 Yes, you and I
01:28 and Jesus
01:35 I'm happy you're here once again
01:39 It's so nice to have you as my friend.
01:48 Are you ready for another mystery word?
01:50 Remember, when I say a key word, it will come on this side,
01:54 the important letter will jump right out, over into the correct
01:58 space in the mystery word.
02:00 But it's three words today, isn't it?
02:02 I think you'll enjoy them so pay close attention, ok?
02:06 I've been thinking more about what I've been making.
02:08 Have you guessed what it is yet?
02:10 Hmm
02:11 I've been thinking about it and realizing that it's taking me
02:14 perseverance to get it done.
02:16 I was wondering if you know what perseverance is all about.
02:19 Did you ever try and learn to ride a bike?
02:23 It took you perseverance to learn it,
02:25 because you didn't learn right off, didn't you?!
02:27 You had to keep trying.
02:28 What about times tables?
02:30 Do you know times tables yet?
02:32 You have to keep practicing and trying to learn 'em don't you?!
02:36 How about growing a garden?
02:38 Have you ever had to grow a garden? And you have to keep
02:41 pulling all the weeds, it takes a lot of perseverance.
02:44 And that reminds me of one other thing and that is
02:48 that I think it's neat that God perseveres, too.
02:51 And He always loves as, He never gives up, and in Joshua
02:55 chapter 1, verse 5, it says this:
02:59 It says: "I will never leave you, nor forsake you"
03:05 That's a nice promise isn't it?
03:07 And I think we better get going
03:09 because I think carpenter Don is going to be waiting for us
03:16 Jeff, you need to be going with the grain, instead of against
03:19 the grain, up and down. Very good.
03:22 Very good.
03:23 Hi, carpenter Don. Hi, Janice.
03:24 Who do you have helping you today?
03:26 We have Jeff with us today. Well, Hi Jeff.
03:28 Hi.
03:29 I've been sanding too and I was wondering if you guys could
03:31 check it, and see if I did a good job.
03:33 Oh yes, you've done very well on your little piece here.
03:36 Very good.
03:37 Well, my friends are wondering what it is.
03:38 I haven't told what it is yet, and so we want to...
03:41 You want to put it together a little bit?
03:42 - Yeah, can we? - Sure.
03:44 Oh, OK, so can you, do you know what it is now?
03:47 A rocking horse, great. Oh, yes.
03:50 It's gonna look nice. What do we do next to make it secure and
03:53 everything?
03:54 Well we need to put, we need to glue the rocker on.
03:56 Oh, OK.
03:57 Jeff put a little bit of glue on there.
03:59 So kids can do gluing on projects?
04:01 Oh, yes. They can do a lot in the shop if they're properly
04:06 supervised.
04:07 - Um..
04:08 There you go.
04:09 Great, now screw that in there, Jeff.
04:11 Screwing.
04:12 Hold that on there and line things up there, Janice.
04:14 So he's just using a regular screw driver.
04:16 Yes, he can either use a regular screwdriver that everyone has at
04:20 home, or a power screwdriver, if your dad has a shop.
04:23 Um.
04:24 Oh this looks good, you're doing a good job, Jeff, and you just
04:26 kind of make sure anything's smooth an level, right?
04:29 Yes.
04:30 Very good.
04:32 Your projects take any longer than you think they're going
04:34 to take?
04:35 Yes, they do. Two to tree times longer.
04:37 Oh that's a long time.
04:38 Well if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.
04:42 ...so that in the carpenter shop you just have to keep working
04:45 'till you get it right?
04:46 Yes... and it takes perseverance sometimes to really put a fine
04:50 product together.
04:51 You know, we've been talking about perseverance, and it was
04:53 interesting that you used that word.
04:55 Oh, yes.
04:56 So what do we do next to finish our project?
04:57 Well, what we need to do is we need to put a finish on it
05:00 - Um. - Then we'll be all through.
05:01 Ok, well, let's go do that.
05:03 All right.
05:04 So, what are we going to do now?
05:06 Well now that we've put together the horse.
05:09 Aha
05:10 We've glued it, and we've also screwed the horse together,
05:13 now that we've let it dry, now we're ready to put the finish
05:17 on it.
05:18 Ok, right on the wood.
05:19 - Um..
05:20 Ok.
05:21 Actually it protects the wood, it also protects us from the
05:27 sand and the splinters.
05:28 Aha.
05:29 And then also the oils we have on our skin can get on
05:32 the wood, so it protects the wood from our own oils.
05:36 So we won't get fingerprints here.
05:38 Right.
05:39 Ok, well how do you put that on? I see that Jeff has a paintbrush
05:41 Yes, well he can use a paintbrush and brush the finish
05:45 on and you always go with the grain of course.
05:48 Oh, just like how when we were sanding, right in the direction
05:51 of the line.
05:52 Right.
05:53 Makes a better finish, or you can put it on with an airless
05:56 or a pot-sprayer.
05:57 - Um.
05:58 And makes a little better finish than the brush.
06:00 Right.
06:01 But, that's a little faster in the shop, so we use an airless.
06:04 Well, that's what you're going to do now?
06:06 Yes.
06:07 First we need to put our masks on.
06:08 Oh, ok, we'll do that. And I guess Jeff and I should
06:10 step back ok?
06:12 Yes, I think. Good.
06:13 Ok.
06:21 It's dry now.
06:22 Well, can I take it with me then?
06:24 sure, Janice just remember: just stick to it and get the job done
06:28 Well, that will be a good feeling.
06:30 Yes, it is.
06:31 Let's go.
06:35 Well, doesn't it look nice?
06:37 I'm so glad for friends like carpenter Don who will teach me
06:40 how to do things, and even help me.
06:42 And I'm really glad I've kept up my sanding even though it did
06:46 get kind of tedious.
06:47 You know, it's just a good feeling to get something done
06:52 isn't it?
06:55 Perseverance
06:59 Just another word for
07:03 Stick to with this
07:05 See it through with this
07:06 Get the job done
07:07 And put it in my room in this
07:09 Try to finish it
07:11 To the end of this
07:12 Tell your friends you did it by yourself in this
07:15 Perseverance
07:18 It's a good, good feeling to
07:19 get the job done
07:21 It's a good, good feeling to
07:22 get the job done
07:24 But you know what?
07:26 I have a problem.
07:28 Do you wanna know what it is?
07:29 I'll show you.
07:32 Ok, now, you stay right there.
07:35 Ok.
07:40 I don't have room for two horses in my attic, what should I do?
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08:51 Have you ever made apple sauce before?
08:53 Today we'll show you this way.
08:55 First we wash the apples real carefully, and of course we've
08:57 washed our hands and then we cut them, into four pieces or more,
09:02 and then we cook them in a big pot.
09:05 And then after we've cooked them Kimberly is pushing it trough
09:08 and then Shawn is cranking.
09:09 Is it fun guys?
09:10 Yes.
09:11 It is fun, it is, kind a work.
09:13 Is your arm getting tired Shawn?
09:14 No.
09:16 No? Well that's good, you're strong.
09:18 We started of with yellow apples and so that made it more
09:21 the apple sauce more yellow, and now we're using red apples
09:23 and you can see this jar is kind of a mixture of the red and
09:26 the yellow.
09:27 It's nice to use a mixture, 'cause then you get
09:29 a nice flavor.
09:30 Hi, Janice.
09:31 Oh, Hi doctor Neblett.
09:32 I brought you some more apples. - Great!
09:33 Just set them down over there, we're not quite ready for them
09:35 we still have quite a few.
09:37 Great, I've also brought something for you.
09:39 For me?
09:40 Yep.
09:41 Oh, what is it? Here it is.
09:42 Oh!
09:43 Oh, well thank you.
09:45 What, um, what is it?
09:46 That's my hot-dog plant, I made it myself.
09:50 A hot-dog plant?
09:51 Yeah, I thought when we've finished doing the apples
09:55 we can make some hot-dog sauce.
09:57 You, guys, have you heard of hot-dog plants?
10:00 No.
10:01 You're just trying to fool us or something, aren't you?
10:05 But I thought you'd like it.
10:06 It, it looks pretty good, I think.
10:08 Well... Well the flower is pretty.
10:11 Well, you're right.
10:12 I, I made it. I made it to make a point actually.
10:15 Oh, ok. What's the point you're trying to make?
10:17 Here, you can put that down right over there.
10:18 Ok.
10:19 And I'm gonna help you while I'll tell you about it.
10:21 Ok.
10:22 You know, this reminds me of a story.
10:24 - Um.
10:25 Reminds me of a story about some boys who had to choose
10:29 between eating those kinds of foods: hot dogs and man made
10:32 foods, versus the foods that God made.
10:34 - Um.
10:35 Excuse me, you children, you have to slow down for a minute
10:36 I got behind you so just wait for a minute ok?
10:39 Go ahead, sorry.
10:40 Well, let me tell you what happened: they ate, some boys
10:43 named Daniel and his friends, ate foods just like this
10:46 Which are fruits and vegetables and whole grains,
10:50 and the other boys ate food from the king's table that were
10:53 hot-dogs and really rich foods and pastries.
10:56 Ok.
10:57 And after a while, when the king tested them, he found out
11:00 that the boys that ate the fruits and vegetables, they
11:03 were smarter and stronger than the boys that ate the
11:06 king's food. - Um.
11:07 Now listen, I know that happened in the bible times 'cause lots
11:09 of us have heard that story, but can it happen for kids like
11:12 Kimberly and Shawn, today?
11:14 Actually, it can.
11:15 We did a study with twins about the same age as Kimberly and
11:19 Shawn.
11:20 And we fed one of them food like pop and hamburger, hot-dog
11:24 and those kinds of foods.
11:26 And we fed the other one foods that were vegetables and also
11:31 the good things.
11:32 And when we tested them we found out that, the one who ate
11:36 the hot dogs and all the rich pastry foods, they were not as
11:40 strong and they could not endure or last as long as the one who
11:44 ate all the fruits and vegetables and whole grains.
11:47 So, you're saying that the hot-dogs and the rich foods
11:51 didn't make them as healthy as the natural foods.
11:54 Exactly, right.
11:55 Ok, that's a good point, but, what is it in like apples and
11:59 fruits and vegetables that makes you stronger?
12:02 Well these apples and fruits and vegetables are having a starchy
12:06 food we call CARBOHIDRATES.
12:08 CARBO... let's say that together.
12:12 OK.
12:13 They're like a bunch of sugars all hooked together.
12:15 This is the way that God made the food that we should eat.
12:17 And it has minerals and vitamins and fiber.
12:20 Real good stuff for us to eat.
12:23 As a matter of fact, there's a good way for you to remember
12:25 how to choose between foods that are good for you and foods that
12:29 are not as good for you.
12:30 OK.
12:31 Now, when I brought in my plant, you didn't think that it was
12:35 real and it's true, it wasn't.
12:36 No, we didn't.
12:37 'Cause you've never seen a hot-dog growing on a tree.
12:39 No, we haven't, have we kids?
12:41 No.
12:42 Ever seen a hamburger growing on a tree?
12:43 No.
12:45 Well that's the way we can tell what foods are good for us.
12:48 If they grow on a tree or if they grow out of the ground.
12:51 Ok, so if they grow on a tree or out of the ground, but,
12:54 now, I know that I can make delicious home made bread
12:56 or I can even buy some good bread from the store and I know
12:59 it's good for me, but I don't see lots of bread growing
13:02 on trees.
13:03 That's true, but if you, are to read the label, you would see
13:06 that they are made out of things that grow out of the ground like
13:09 wheat, or grains or oat, barley, things like that.
13:12 Ok, so read the label.
13:13 Read the label, that's a good way that the kids can help
13:16 the adults that they live with or their parents, know which
13:19 foods are the right foods to pick.
13:21 Foods that are natural, that usually have shorter names are
13:25 better for us than foods who have lots of little names
13:28 in there and that are not made of things that are good for us.
13:32 So if we wanna be strong and be able to run longer and
13:36 work longer to eat the natural foods.
13:37 That's right.
13:38 Now let me help here because I can see they're working faster
13:41 than I am.
13:42 Yeah. Oh and I need to get another jar here.
13:43 Well thank you doctor Neblett.
13:45 You're very welcome.
13:54 Some people say
13:56 It's as easy as pie
13:58 Some people say
14:00 It's as easy as pie
14:02 But what if it's hard
14:04 And you don't know how to start
14:06 You've got to dig right in
14:08 With all your heart
14:10 Life isn't easy
14:12 No matter what they say
14:14 You've got to work hard
14:16 To find a better way
14:18 God gave you hands and feet and a brain
14:22 To make your own sunshine
14:24 Even in the rain
14:26 Some people say
14:28 It's as easy as pie
14:30 Some people say
14:31 It's as easy as pie
14:33 But what if it's hard
14:35 And you don't know how to start
14:37 You've got to dig right in
14:40 With all your heart
14:42 Dig right in
14:44 With all your heart.
14:55 Did you know that one of the best ways to become good friend
14:57 of Jesus is by spending personal time with Him every day?
15:01 Well adults do that by praying and by reading their Bibles.
15:05 But if you can't read is kind of hard isn't it?
15:08 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
15:11 Well here's a fun way to have your very own devotions
15:14 every morning when you get up.
15:15 Janice has made this morning time devotions for her kids
15:19 and for you.
15:20 Complete with songs, prayers and stories.
15:24 For more information have your parents write to
15:26 [information on the screen]
15:57 Ranger Connie, I'd like you to meet my friends.
15:59 Hi. How're you guys doing today?
16:01 Listen, I think they're doing better than we are,
16:03 they're probably warm.
16:04 Oh, definitely, it's a bit cold out here.
16:06 Ooh, and it's rainy and windy and then with the ocean
16:09 keeping on...
16:11 Yeah.
16:12 Rough seas today
16:13 ...almost ready to hit us some times.
16:14 I'm glad for this cave, aren't you?
16:15 Yeah, this is great.
16:17 Did this cave just happen real fast, or...?
16:20 Oh, no, this cave took many years to form.
16:22 How did they get formed?
16:24 Well, exactly what we're experiencing today
16:27 the wind, and the rain, and the rough seas, the ocean coming
16:31 in here, the waves coming in and sweeping it out and grinding
16:34 the sand against the rock.
16:36 So the ocean, the waves come right in where we're standing.
16:38 Oh, yeah, we will be under water.
16:41 Ooh, we'd better get out of here in time.
16:43 Yeah.
16:44 And so then it climbs and climbs
16:45 Yeah, it will take just a little bit off each time, probably
16:48 not even enough to measure.
16:49 But each time it comes it takes a little bit off, so it takes
16:52 a lot of years to create this.
16:54 So this cave is going to keep getting bigger and bigger.
16:56 Oh, yeah.
16:57 And more of this little holes and stuff.
16:59 Lots more holes, and this will get bigger, and deeper.
17:01 Ah, you know, we've been talking about perseverance today so...
17:05 Yeah, well perfect.
17:07 ...just a little bit at a time
17:08 Aha.
17:09 Are there any little animals that you think kind of have
17:11 to persevere and stick to what they're doing?
17:13 Oh a lot of creatures especially creatures that live in this type
17:15 of environment.
17:16 Other particles and stuff, but wet creatures especially
17:19 or the sea animals.
17:20 Ooh, what do they look like?
17:21 And, well, there's a couple of them over here, they are
17:24 kind of hard to see.
17:25 They're covered up with rocks right now.
17:27 Ooh, it looks like they're soft.
17:29 Yeah, they've got real soft bodies and when they're out of
17:33 the water like this they will cover themselves with little
17:36 bits of rocks and sand and shells, and that will help
17:40 protect them from like the sun, or the wind.
17:42 'Cause they dry out at the sunlight?
17:44 Yeah, they're pretty much all water, and if the sun was
17:47 beating down on them all day, they would just
17:49 dry up and die.
17:51 Aah, that's neat to see how God makes everything work out...
17:55 ...and...
17:56 ...and you know we'd really better go because...
17:58 I think the ocean's coming in.
17:59 I'm sure you've got work to do, so I'll meet you back at
18:02 the Wonder Room, ok?
18:03 Bye.
18:12 Did you have a good time out at the ocean?
18:14 I sure did, I was thankful for that cave to keep us protected
18:17 from the rain.
18:18 Now I want to tell you something That cave did not have
18:24 stalactites and stalagmites in it.
18:25 But some caves do.
18:27 And this is an experiment that you can make your own
18:32 stalactites and stalagmites.
18:34 First you put hot water in a cup,
18:36 which we've already done there and then you pour in
18:39 washing soda.
18:41 Now, you want to stir that for... Amy, will you stir it?
18:44 Washing soda you buy in the store where you buy your
18:49 laundry soap 'cause it's usually something people use
18:51 to wash their laundry with.
18:53 And, it comes in a big box, and for a cup about this size
18:58 which holds about... oh this is probably about eight ounces.
19:02 So, you want to put in about a third of a cup of washing soda,
19:06 but, you can put in different amounts and experiment at home
19:09 because, you know, it turns out differently every time.
19:13 And then you have to really stir it a lot, so keep stirring that.
19:18 And now, why don't you stir this one for a little while?
19:21 Ok, and then what's going to happen is, then you need to take
19:26 three strands of wool, now make sure that you buy real wool,
19:30 don't buy a synthetic or acrylic fiber, and wind this together
19:34 it's actually four strands and wind them all together so that
19:38 they make like one fat strand because it needs to be
19:42 a fat strand.
19:43 Keep stirring, you're doing a good job.
19:45 And then, we're going to put them in the cups in a minute
19:49 And then you'll see what we'll form.
19:51 Now let's switch and stir this one now.
19:53 And what's going to happen when we put them in the cups is:
19:57 the water is going to go up the yarn and it's going to drip down
20:02 in the middle, and eventually that's what it will form.
20:05 Let's try putting them in the cups now.
20:08 And you'll watch, and you'll see some drips start to come down
20:12 the middle. You watch carefully until you see the drips come.
20:15 And you want to have your cups a little, little... way so in,
20:18 make sure when you do this experiment that you get
20:22 permission to use an old tin pan, you don't want to use
20:26 a new pan that someone just bought for baking cookies, make
20:30 sure you use an old pan and make sure you have permission,
20:33 because it does make quite a mess.
20:36 Now, stalactites and stalagmites in caves are formed after years
20:41 and years of drip, drip, drip, drip.
20:46 Ok, now do you see it dripping?
20:48 The water is coming up the yarn and it's dripping and as
20:53 it drips it's bringing up the washing soda with it.
20:56 And then what's going to happen is the water will evaporate
21:00 away and the washing soda stays in this crystal columns like
21:05 what you see over on this side.
21:07 Now, doesn't happen in just a couple of hours and it doesn't
21:10 even happen in one day.
21:12 It takes a few days and maybe even several days.
21:15 And you can't wiggle it and bump it in the process, you have to
21:19 let it stay really, really still.
21:21 Because it's very important that it doesn't get wiggled.
21:24 And that's the same kind of thing that happens in caves with
21:27 stalactites and stalagmites.
21:29 Except for in caves it's with limestone minerals.
21:32 So you try this experiment at home ok?
21:34 And don't give up if it doesn't happen in the first time,
21:36 keep persevering with it.
21:43 One step at a time
21:46 Gets the job done
21:48 One step at a time
21:51 It might take a long time
21:53 Might take a short time
21:55 But everything takes a step at a time
21:59 One smile at a time
22:01 Helps you make a friend
22:03 One word at a time
22:04 Gets a book to the end
22:06 One swish at a time
22:08 To sweep the floor
22:10 One day at a time
22:12 To love God more
22:14 One step at a time
22:17 Gets the job done
22:19 One step at a time
22:22 It might take a long time
22:24 Might take a short time
22:26 But everything takes a step at a time
22:30 Everything takes a step at a time.
22:41 Are you ready for a story?
22:43 Yes.
22:44 Me too.
22:45 Remember, the people in Longview village have been having many
22:48 mysterious happenings.
22:49 Most of them have been good deeds and they just don't know
22:53 who is doing them.
22:54 And Roy has made up his mind that he's going to go and search
22:59 the cave.
23:00 Well he had his map pretty well all drawn from talking to all
23:04 the different people and he was just actually getting ready
23:08 to leave from his uncle's store.
23:09 And he was, you know, kind of in the store and getting ready
23:12 to leave, when all of
23:14 the sudden in bursts through the door an old, one of
23:17 the older ladies and she came over and she said:
23:19 "Mister Wallace, you just won't believe it, you just won't
23:23 believe it. Why, my cow has milked herself again
23:25 this morning.
23:27 I went out there and there were two milk cans just full to
23:30 the brim, right beside her.
23:31 And mister Wallace it happened yesterday morning too, I just...
23:35 ...I just can't believe it. "
23:36 And then everybody crowded around her and finally they
23:40 sort of drew more details about the story out of her, and it
23:44 finally came out that whoever had done it, had left a little
23:49 note beside the milk can.
23:51 And the little note said: "Don't worry about Nancy, she'll be
23:56 fine today. "
23:57 Nancy was the cow.
23:58 Well, the old lady said "I just can't believe it would be devils
24:02 the devils wouldn't do that kind of thing, I'm sure it's got to
24:04 be angels, and wasn't it nice of those angels to leave
24:07 a little note?"
24:08 So, Roy right away, you know, of course his ears were just
24:11 waving because he wanted to hear more about it and he went over
24:14 and he said "Did you save the note?"
24:16 And she said:
24:17 "Oh, like the foolish old women that I am, I didn't, I burnt it.
24:22 Isn't that silly of me?"
24:24 Well Roy thought about it a little bit and finally decided
24:27 That even though it was really interesting to see what she had
24:31 you know, to hear more from her story, he decided that he was
24:34 going to head off to the cave because the cave is going to be
24:37 the exciting thing to find out about.
24:40 So he started off in his journey with his map tucked carefully
24:44 in his pocket, and it was tree miles over to where the cave was
24:50 And finally he got right over to the cave and he was standing
24:55 right in front of the entrance to the cave.
24:58 And all of the sudden his heart just started pounding
25:01 in his chest, and
25:03 his knees just started shaking back and forth, he was just all
25:06 of the sudden overcome with nervousness.
25:09 And he just, he was breathing kind of hard and he was almost
25:13 thinking "maybe I don't want to go in there after all because
25:16 well there could be spies in there, there could be smugglers
25:20 in there I mean if these reports are true... " and he was just so
25:23 nervous.
25:24 Then he got a hold of himself and he said "OK, now, I've
25:27 come all this way, I've drawn my map, I've got to do it.
25:32 So he took a deep breath, and
25:34 he flipped on his flashlight, and in he went.
25:38 Well, as he went along he kept looking at his map, and then
25:42 he'd go, you know, and this cave had like it had tunnels that
25:45 would go all different ways, different passage ways
25:49 and stuff.
25:50 And so he'd follow on his map he'd go down this one and then
25:52 it wouldn't seem like he'd seen anything so he'd come back out
25:56 and some times some of those tunnels got so narrow he could
26:00 just barely squeeze through them.
26:03 Have you ever been in a cave?
26:04 I think, caves are a little bit scary, myself, but some people
26:08 really like caves.
26:09 Well this Roy wasn't real fond of caves, he was quite nervous
26:13 being in there.
26:14 He found as he went following the map and stuff, he found that
26:19 there were even more tunnels and more passageways that what
26:22 were written in the map.
26:23 And he was even nervous that he might get lost, well finally
26:26 he came to an area that the people had written down was
26:30 they had seen the landslide, remember when they first came
26:34 to the village, to the cave, at the very beginning of the story
26:38 and they have seen the rocks falling down.
26:40 Well this was that area that he came to.
26:43 And he was there, you know where the rocks have fallen down
26:46 and he decided to go on a little bit past and sure enough
26:50 it kind of opened up into a wider area.
26:53 And so for some reason he just started kind of looking closely
26:58 at it.
26:59 And he was kind of looking closely at the walls and stuff
27:02 and even kind of feeling them.
27:03 And all of the sudden as he started to feel this
27:07 one part of the wall,
27:09 It felt really smooth, it didn't well it felt like rock but not
27:16 really it was so smooth.
27:18 But it looked like rock, and then he noticed it.
27:24 There hanging right out of the rock was a piece of string.
27:31 And next time I'll tell you what happened with the string.
27:36 Have you been paying attention to the mystery word today?
27:40 I think it's a fun group of words isn't it?
27:42 Say them for me ok?
27:44 STICK TO IT.
27:46 Do you like sticking to things?
27:48 Some times it's a lot of work to keep with the job isn't it?
27:51 But it's worth it.
27:52 Because when you stick to it you'll feel so good about what
27:56 what you get done.
27:57 I'm looking forward to seeing you next time.
28:00 Thanks for being with us.
28:26 Captioning by Christian Media Services.


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