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00:01 I'm so excited because my package has come and it
00:04 even came earlier than I expected it would come.
00:07 Have you ever ordered something in the mail?
00:09 It is fun getting it and seeing if it is just
00:12 what you wanted, isn't it?
00:13 Oh, I think I made a good choice.
00:17 It is just the color I expected it would be.
00:19 Sometimes it is hard to tell from the picture, you know?
00:22 In the Magazine, but this looks just like what I
00:25 wanted it to be.
00:27 Oh this is wonderful, Oh it is so furry and warm.
00:31 It was on sale and everything.
00:34 Do you like it?
00:37 It is big on me isn't it?
00:39 I didn't want the sleeves to be this long.
00:42 Hmmm, I don't think my choice was so good after all.
00:54 It's so good to see you again
00:58 Come up for a visit my friend
01:03 There's so much to do
01:04 I have so many things planned for you.
01:11 We'll laugh and we'll play, We'll sing and we'll pray.
01:15 I'll tell you a story or two.
01:20 and we'll be friends, you and I
01:24 Yes, you and I and Jesus
01:33 I'm happy you're here once again.
01:36 It's so nice to have you as my friend.
01:46 What's going to come up on this side of the screen
01:48 when I'm talking?
01:49 You're right, the key word.
01:50 And the important letter in the key word comes
01:53 over to the right spot in the mystery word.
01:57 Do you have your pencil and paper, are you ready?
01:59 Looks like today's word
02:01 has 8 spaces.
02:02 Now I just want to look
02:04 and see what went wrong
02:06 because I know I ordered
02:08 the right size and it looks
02:09 like they sent me the right size.
02:11 Ohhh! I see!
02:16 Says here in small print, it says, these sizes are the metric
02:21 system, measures in centimeters, not inches.
02:24 So I'm to make sure I convert it.
02:26 I didn't do that.
02:28 Oh! there is my bell basket.
02:31 Hi! Doctor Neblett.
02:32 Sure we will meet your over there right away.
02:35 Let's go meet him in the wonder room.
02:44 Hi Doctor Neblett!
02:45 Hi Janice!
02:46 I have a question for you, do you think this fits me,
02:48 is it too big or the right size?
02:49 Well if you like the big and baggy look it is fine.
02:52 Well I really didn't want the baggy look, that is
02:54 the problem and you confirmed it.
02:56 I thought it was too big and I think you are right.
02:58 See what happened I ordered it by mail.
03:00 When I looked on the order form, I thought the
03:02 measurements where in inches but it was centimeters.
03:05 Oh so you made an uniformed decision.
03:07 You're right!
03:09 Well I brought some one here to talk about some of the
03:11 decisions and choices that we make.
03:12 This is Sally!
03:13 Well Hi Sally!
03:14 I use Sally to help teach my patients how to make
03:18 informed decisions, because one of the saddest and worst
03:23 informed decision a person can make is to make the
03:26 decision to smoke cigarettes.
03:30 Oww, poor decision.
03:33 Let me show you what happens, with Sally's help,
03:36 when you make the decision to smoke cigarettes.
03:39 And why I think it is a poor choice to make.
03:42 Okay I would like to see that.
03:43 Alright, here is what we are going to do.
03:45 Now we are going to put a tube into Sally right here,
03:49 just like our trachea, our breathing tube that
03:52 goes into our lungs.
03:53 Oh like this thing? - that's right!
03:54 I'm going to use this tube which is going to collect
03:57 the cigarette smoke.
03:58 I what your friends at home to see how clean that is.
04:01 - It is very shiny - that's correct!
04:03 Okay, now I'm going to put this in here,
04:06 we have to move quickly now.
04:07 We are going to put Sally right here on my stand.
04:10 She's really cute - she certainly is, I'm sorry to do
04:15 this to her, but.
04:16 We'll take a cigarette and put it in her mouth.
04:23 That is a real cigarette?
04:24 That is a real cigarette and these are real matches.
04:28 So she is going to smoke it just as if a person
04:31 was smoking it.
04:32 The smoke will go into the cigarette and
04:34 down into the tube.
04:35 Okay, I am going to help her breathe by squeezing
04:38 that blue bulb, right there.
04:40 That will be like her puffing?
04:41 That's right!
04:44 It lit just like real cigarette does?
04:48 Well it looks just like when people smoke puffing in an out.
04:51 That's right, and the smoke you can see is coming right down
04:53 into the tube.
04:54 Now Sally has just finished smoking some cigarettes here.
04:58 If I was Sally I would feel sick right now I think.
05:01 Well I am feeling kind of sick, but let me show you what we've
05:04 got out of Sally in 3 cigarettes.
05:08 Now that is the tube - that used to be clean like that.
05:13 Can you see that?
05:15 Now if a person were smoking cigarettes for years and years,
05:19 as many people do, you can imagine that tar, which is what
05:23 that black stuff is, builds up in their lungs.
05:25 It gets to even begin to look like this stuff.
05:30 Oh yuck! - that tar in their lungs irritates it and even
05:35 leads to cancer which can kill them.
05:37 That is why we don't want anyone to start smoking cigarettes,
05:41 and if you have started we want you to quit.
05:48 Let's make a choice, let's make a choice
05:51 let's make a good decision.
05:54 About how we think and eat and sleep
05:57 let's make a good choice today.
06:00 What you eat, how much you eat
06:04 it all adds up to something.
06:07 Exercise and happy thoughts,
06:11 your choice means everything.
06:16 Let's make a choice, let's make a choice
06:19 let's make a good decision.
06:22 About how we think and eat and sleep
06:26 let's make a good choice today.
06:28 Let's make a good choice today!
06:32 Let's make a good choice today.
06:41 I'll get this all folded up nicely, just the way
06:44 they sent it to me.
06:45 And I'll fill in my order
06:47 form properly this time.
06:49 And they will exchange it
06:52 and send me back a different one.
06:55 Well here let's see, my name and everything is right.
07:01 Okay this is the square I should have checked, right there
07:07 I will send it back and they will exchange it,
07:10 which will be really nice.
07:11 Then when my new sweater comes I will be happy with the choice
07:16 that I made this time.
07:20 There, now don't go away because when we come back we are
07:24 going for plane ride.
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08:39 Hi Doug, thanks for meeting us here.
08:41 Oh you are welcome, my pleasure.
08:42 I would like you to meet my friends.
08:44 Hello - can you tell them who you have with you?
08:47 This is my daughter Megan - Hi - Hi Megan!
08:50 I'm glad you came with your dad.
08:52 Tell me something, what made you decide to become a pilot?
08:55 I decided to be a pilot because I like learning new things.
08:59 New challenges, so I am always learning new things.
09:02 This is something that I always wanted to do and so I went out
09:05 and learned to fly.
09:06 Now what kind of choices do you have to make
09:08 each time you decide to fly?
09:09 Of course, the most important choice is where we want to go.
09:12 Oh that is a fun choice
09:13 - with a plane, you can go a lot of different places.
09:15 We choose how far we want to go, who we want to visit and what
09:18 interesting things we want to see.
09:19 That is the first thing you have to decide.
09:21 What kind of safety choices do you have to make?
09:24 We have checked the weather to make sure the clouds
09:27 are not too thick, no thunderstorms or lightning,
09:30 something like that.
09:31 We like nice sunny days.
09:32 I even got a weather report today.
09:34 Wow! So you have to read that?
09:36 Yes, this was off the computer - Wow! that is great.
09:39 Now what advice could you give kids because I'm sure that lots
09:43 of kids want to be pilots when they grow up,
09:45 what can they do right now?
09:47 What choices can they make?
09:48 Well, all the things they are learning even in grade school
09:51 are really important because mathematics to add up the weight
09:55 that you are going to
09:56 be carrying on the airplane.
09:57 How much gas you are going to
09:58 need to get there, and how long
09:59 it is going to take.
10:00 Reading, because I read all kinds of checklists and reading
10:02 charts and maps, all that is real important.
10:04 So basically learning things are really important.
10:06 I would also suggest that they go out to the airport and look
10:08 at planes and talk to pilots.
10:10 Most pilots are anxious to give kids rides in airplanes.
10:13 Whew, that wouldn't be a hard decision to make.
10:15 That's right!
10:16 Would you take us for a ride?
10:17 We would love to, let's go!
10:18 But first I had to check a few things on the airplane.
10:22 One of the first things we need to check is if we have plenty
10:24 of fuel, so we look in the gas tank.
10:26 We have got lots of fuel.
10:28 The other thing we need to check is that there is
10:31 no water in the gas.
10:36 I take a little sample, if there
10:41 were water in here it would
10:42 show up like little bee bees.
10:43 I also check the tire to make sure there is plenty of tread
10:46 and good air in the tire.
10:47 I make sure no birds have built a nest up in here.
10:51 These are the movable parts of the airplane that
10:53 I control from inside.
10:54 They changed the way the plane goes through the air.
10:57 It is important that they move correctly and that all the
11:00 little cables and nuts and bolts are attached properly.
11:03 Everything looks good, let's go fly!
11:06 Megan, before I get in, I'm wondering if you would tell the
11:09 kids what you like about flying?
11:11 Well I like it because it doesn't take you long to get
11:15 places. - Ohh! that's a good reason.
11:17 Shall we get it and put our seatbelts on?
11:32 Janice: Well we are up off the ground.
11:36 Doug: I'm putting my flaps down,
11:37 which is a little control in the wing.
11:38 We are going to come around and slow down and land.
11:41 Janice: you got permission from the tower before you land?
11:44 Doug: yeah!
11:48 Well thank you for taking us for a ride.
11:56 I had fun, did you?
11:57 You know I've been thinking about it on my way back and I am
12:01 not a pilot, I'm sure you are not either.
12:04 But in spite of that we both have a lot of important
12:07 decisions to make, don't we?
12:09 For example, it is important to decide what to drink,
12:12 good, clean, pure water, or whether to drink soda pop.
12:16 Soda pop is not good for you, is it?
12:18 It is much better to drink water.
12:23 Let's see, oh here's an important decision,
12:25 and this happens for everybody.
12:27 There's lots of times each day, the decision to decide whether
12:31 or not to share.
12:32 It sure looks like the people who decided to share are
12:35 happier, doesn't it?
12:37 I think to sharing is a better choice than not sharing.
12:40 Let's see, this is an important decision too.
12:45 Boy Oh boy, I like this guys car, don't you?
12:48 He looks proud of it, but look what happened to the
12:52 guy who drank alcohol.
12:53 Boy oh boy, better to stay away from those things
12:58 like drugs and alcohol, isn't it?
13:04 Let's make a choice, let's make a choice
13:07 let's make a good decision.
13:10 About how we think, and eat, and sleep.
13:13 Let me make a good choice today.
13:17 You can read a book, you can read the signs,
13:20 you can follow a map and study its lines.
13:23 Listen to your parents and the Bible too
13:27 there are a lot of things to help you choose.
13:32 Let's make a choice, let's make a choice
13:35 let's make a good decision.
13:39 About how we think, and eat, and sleep.
13:42 Let's make a good choice today.
13:45 Let's make a good choice today!
13:48 Let's make a good choice today...
13:53 Have you ever had to help the parents, or the adults
13:55 that you live with choose a place to live?
13:58 There are a lot of things
13:59 to think about, aren't there?
14:01 For instance, it might need
14:03 to be close to your school,
14:05 or maybe it needs to be
14:06 close to your dad's work.
14:08 Or maybe you want an apartment and you want to
14:12 make sure that you have a nice big balcony.
14:15 Or maybe you are buying an older house and you need to
14:18 ask the realtor to come in and check the house over to
14:21 make sure that it has really a strong support and
14:23 a strong frame, even though it is old.
14:25 Lots of choices have to be made, but you know people are not
14:29 the only creatures that have to make choices.
14:32 Animals and birds do to because they need to have safety
14:35 in where they live.
14:37 Let me show you a little tiny nest that is a birds nest.
14:41 I don't know if you can see real carefully, but I sure can.
14:46 I'm going to tell you that this nest is made up of skinny
14:49 little tiny twigs that are all woven together like a basket.
14:53 There are even hairs woven in there.
14:56 It is just a tiny delicate little nest.
14:59 I don't think a big crow would live in a little nest like
15:02 that, would he?
15:03 It wouldn't be a strong enough support.
15:05 Here is a bigger nest, this is for a little bit bigger bird.
15:09 It is a stronger nest, even got little bit of Moss and mud and
15:15 stuff woven into it.
15:16 But the largest of all birds nests has got to be
15:21 the Eagles nest.
15:24 An Eagles nest is a beautiful sight and not only is it a
15:29 beautiful sight the bird who lives in it is
15:31 very beautiful too.
15:32 You know when Eagles choose to
15:34 build their nest, they have to
15:36 think about some
15:37 important things.
15:38 They often choose to live near water,
15:40 because they like to go fishing.
15:42 They put their nest way up high, because they are high flying
15:45 birds, 60 to 80 feet in the air.
15:48 They use very large branches to start with, probably 3 or 4
15:54 feet long, and a good 2 inches in diameter, around.
15:58 That is what they make their main frame with and then they go
16:01 to the smaller twigs and smaller branches.
16:04 Year after year the same pair of eagles continue building on
16:09 their same house.
16:10 Let me tell you something, scientists once found an
16:14 Eagles nest that was 10 feet wide, that is taller than a man.
16:20 10 feet wide, 20 feet deep and it weighed
16:25 almost 6,000 pounds.
16:28 Now what you think would have happened if those Eagles
16:32 who built that nest, if they would have chosen a spindly
16:36 old tree, if they had used that spindly old tree,
16:40 it wouldn't have held would it?
16:41 Aren't you glad that God gave Eagles the instinct
16:43 to make wise choices?
16:47 Since we have been talking about choices, Charles and I have
16:50 decided to do an experiment making a steamboat.
16:53 It is something that you can do it home if you have the right
16:54 ingredients and if you have permission of the parent
16:57 or adult that you live with.
16:59 Now for this experiment it says to use baking soda, in a
17:03 little piece of toilet paper.
17:05 Take a straw and cut it in half and put it into a jar.
17:09 Not a jar, like a plastic pop bottle or juice bottle.
17:13 You cut a hole and slip it up inside and then use clay to put
17:18 around the straw to seal it so won't be loose and the liquid
17:22 cannot come out.
17:23 Then you pour vinegar into the top of your bottle.
17:27 Would you like to pour that in very slowly Charles?
17:29 Okay, that is enough, we do not want to go higher than the
17:36 straw, if you go higher than the straw it will leak out.
17:39 Okay, now the experiment says to take a little bit of baking
17:44 soda and put it in one square of toilet paper.
17:47 Let's try and see if it works with flour too okay?
17:50 So we will get the flour and put it on one square of toilet
17:56 paper, your toilet paper is like your thing that holds it
18:00 to get it in.
18:01 Then you have to put it in your hand like this.
18:03 You do not want to get down into the vinegar yet so we will
18:09 put it up here right at the top.
18:11 So Charles if you could just hold it at this
18:14 level right now, okay?
18:17 Now this is the baking soda any it is in one square of toilet
18:23 paper, just like the experiment says.
18:25 You fold it up and twist the little ends and
18:31 that keeps it together.
18:32 Then you slide it in like this.
18:36 It is tricky getting it in, you may want an adult to help you.
18:42 I even have a bit of trouble.
18:45 Now you slide it in and put the lid on, then you shake it like
18:53 this, and you put them in.
18:56 Oh look at that Charles, which one is doing the going?
19:01 Let's get him away from the edge.
19:04 The one with the right ingredients worked a lot better,
19:10 didn't it? - Yeah!
19:14 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
19:16 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal
19:18 time with Him every day.
19:20 Well adults do that by praying and by
19:23 reading their Bibles.
19:24 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
19:27 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
19:30 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
19:32 devotions every morning when you get up.
19:34 Janice has made morning time devotions for her kids,
19:38 and for you, complete with songs, prayers and stories.
19:42 For more information have your parents write to:
20:19 The more you choose to love someone
20:25 the more your love will grow.
20:30 By choosing Jesus every day
20:36 more of His love you'll know.
20:42 You can love Him with your actions,
20:48 your decisions let Him know
20:54 that you want to love Him more each day
21:00 and you need His help to grow.
21:09 The more you choose to love someone
21:14 the more your love will grow.
21:20 By choosing Jesus every day
21:26 more of His love, more of His love, you'll know.
21:46 Are you ready for another story?
21:48 Yeah! - me too.
21:50 Now remember all these good mysterious things that have
21:54 been happening in Longview village and somehow Roy thinks
21:58 they are connected with the cave.
22:00 That is where he is right now, in the cave.
22:03 He has come upon a smooth part of a wall that
22:07 has a string hanging down.
22:08 And with his heart just thumping he reaches forward and pulls
22:14 on the string.
22:15 Nothing happened, he pulls again, nothing happened so
22:20 he yanked it with both hands and the wall just came
22:26 open like a door.
22:27 He flipped on his flashlight and it was another passage.
22:32 It was a secret passage.
22:34 So he starts to go through the passage and he walked
22:40 and he walked.
22:42 Do you know he walked for at least a quarter of a mile down
22:47 this winding, secret passage.
22:49 Then it started to get narrower and narrower and he was having
22:53 to have to hunch over, but he kept going because he was so
22:57 curious and he went for at least another quarter of a mile.
23:02 All of a sudden, as he came closer and further down that
23:07 passage, he started hearing muffled
23:16 sounds and he didn't know
23:19 what those sounds could be.
23:20 His heart was thumping a
23:25 little harder and he was just
23:27 about to give up and return because those sounds
23:30 were scary, you know?
23:32 He was just about to give up when he saw a light.
23:36 As he came closer it turned out it was an old wooden door with
23:43 a crack in the door.
23:45 Through that crack he saw a bright shiny light.
23:50 His heart was pumping, beating like anything.
23:55 He went up to the light and he peered inside.
24:01 It was a room and in that room he could see a table,
24:09 and he could see benches, and a stack of rugs,
24:15 and a lamp on the table.
24:17 He could see food on the table, and sitting on the benches at
24:25 the table were Oscar and Bruce.
24:31 He said hello Oscar, hello Bruce.
24:33 Do you know his voice, because it was in the cave like that,
24:38 it literally petrified those boys.
24:42 And they flew off their benches and in a flash they were gone.
24:47 In the meantime Roy is trying to open this wooden door and
24:51 pull it open and burst into the room saying Oscar, Bruce
24:55 come back here.
24:56 It's only me, it's only Roy.
24:59 Then from around the corner they came back.
25:02 They were just shaking like leaves in the wind.
25:07 Even Roy was quite frightened
25:09 because everybody was just...
25:12 they could hardly even talk.
25:15 It was quite a while before they could talk sensibly to
25:18 each other because they were so overtaken by it all.
25:23 Finally they settled down and sat down.
25:26 Oscar and Bruce right away said, how did you find us?
25:31 So then Roy told his story.
25:33 Then Roy said, but what are you doing here?
25:37 Oscar and Bruce told their story.
25:40 Remember their mom was in the hospital?
25:44 This was long before their mom had gone to the hospital, they
25:48 had been out playing on the hillside one day and
25:51 when they were out playing they had tripped over an old rusty
25:56 piece of iron.
25:57 Do your remember the time that Roy tripped over
26:00 a rusty piece of iron?
26:01 Well they had tripped over this rusty piece of iron
26:04 and so they thought that was kind of weird so they
26:07 pulled on it and would you know it lifted up,
26:12 part of the ground lifted up.
26:14 It was a secret door.
26:16 So they got candles and they went down into a secret
26:21 passageway into that part of the cave.
26:24 They found out that it was this room and the doorway
26:29 and all this stuff.
26:30 They had gotten hammer and nails and boards
26:33 and fixed things up.
26:34 That was when old Peter McDonald had heard the noises, remember?
26:38 So they were telling Roy the story, and Roy was so interested
26:42 in it, but they said, you know Roy it is a
26:46 good thing you found us tonight because we just got news from
26:50 our mom and dad that they are coming back
26:53 and we won't be able to come to the cave anymore
26:55 once mom and dad come home.
26:57 Mom and dad will want us to stay home, they won't want
27:00 us to spend so much time at the cave.
27:01 So they talked long into the night,
27:05 but then Roy had a question for them.
27:07 He looked at them and he said, Oscar, Bruce, are you two
27:13 the ones who are behind all these good things that have
27:17 been happening in the village?
27:18 And I am not going to tell you what their answer was
27:22 until next time.
27:23 How about you, have you got our
27:26 mystery word yet?
27:28 Airplane, that is a fun
27:30 word, isn't it?
27:31 You know pilots do have to
27:33 make a lot of choices,
27:34 but you and I have to make a lot of choices too.
27:38 I hope that we will both try and make good choices this week.
27:42 I'm looking forward to seeing you next time, bye for now.


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