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00:02 Hello! We are going to make something today.
00:05 Do you want to guess what it is?
00:11 It takes salt, and some vitamins.
00:15 Do you know what it is yet?
00:18 I will give you another clue.
00:21 Phosphorus, it takes phosphorus.
00:23 Do you know yet?
00:24 I will give you some more clues.
00:26 Some sugar and some flour.
00:31 Have you guessed yet?
00:32 Well if I show you this last thing you'll know for sure.
00:36 Okay I will show you.
00:40 I'm going to try to make a banana and so meet me
00:43 in the wonder room and we will work on that, okay?
00:52 It's so good to see you again.
00:56 Come up for a visit my friend.
01:01 There's so much to do,
01:02 I have so many things planned for you.
01:10 We'll laugh and we'll play, We'll sing and we'll pray.
01:14 I'll tell you a story or two. And we'll be friends, you and I
01:22 Yes, you and I and Jesus.
01:31 I'm happy you're here once again.
01:35 It's so nice to have you as my friend.
01:44 Let's talk about our mystery word first.
01:46 Remember the key words come on this side and the
01:49 important letter jumps right over into the right spot
01:53 of the mystery word and I want you to see how quickly
01:56 you can guess what this word is, okay?
01:59 If we are going to make our banana I figure the wisest
02:02 thing to do is get out a nice nutrition book and I
02:06 looked up banana and I am just going to try and
02:09 guesstimate how much of each ingredient to put in.
02:11 The carbohydrates seems to be the largest part of the banana,
02:15 so I am using flour and sugar for that.
02:18 I have already got the flour and got most of the sugar
02:20 in and I think we need to put in one more spoonful.
02:22 Then there, is there's a little pinch of phosphorus,
02:28 and I went to a garden supply store and I'm just going
02:31 to put in a little pinch of that.
02:33 Let's get it all stirred around and, oh yes,
02:38 I got the iron.
02:40 Some iron tablets from the drugstore and some multiple
02:44 vitamins tablets that have the vitamin A.
02:48 and thiamine and the riboflavin and the niacin
02:50 and the calcium in them.
02:52 And there that is a quite nice fine powder, isn't it?
02:56 I will just pour that in
02:58 Then the only one I am missing
03:02 I think is the potassium.
03:04 There is a lot of potassium
03:05 in bananas and my husband told me salt was the
03:08 same chemical composition so I will put in a
03:11 good portion of that.
03:13 I will get all stirred around, what do you think?
03:16 I think that I must need some water, it's dry.
03:23 It doesn't really say water but I guess I will put
03:26 some in because I wanted to look like a banana.
03:30 Well, um, maybe it will smell like a banana
03:33 once I get it into the skin.
03:35 Hi Janice, here he sure funnel that you asked
03:37 me to bring for you.
03:38 Great! Dr. Neblett are you able to stay and
03:39 help for a minute?
03:40 Sure no problem, what are you making?
03:42 Well why don't you guess.
03:44 I don't know, it looks like a yellow something.
03:47 Yeah okay well put the funnel over top and maybe
03:49 you will guess as we go.
03:51 I'm trying to make something.
03:53 You're making something? Yeah!
03:55 I am making a banana.
03:58 Do we have enough in here yet?
03:59 I don't know what you are doing so that's fine.
04:02 Okay Dr. Neblett, let's scrape the bottom off.
04:06 We might want to make more than one banana.
04:09 Do you want to taste it?
04:10 Not really! I'll here this spoon is clean.
04:14 I was just stirring with it.
04:20 Okay! Alright! That's terrible!
04:27 I'm going to try it too.
04:28 It was fun making this.
04:30 It doesn't taste like a banana does it?
04:34 Oh yuck, it just makes me shudder.
04:38 I agree!
04:39 You know before I started I felt that I couldn't make a
04:43 banana because, but I wanted to try anyway.
04:46 But I really think I have learned something today.
04:49 Only God can make a banana.
04:54 Well Darlene and Katlin, I would like you
04:57 to meet my friends.
04:58 Hi! - and Darlene I know you love gardening because
05:02 I see your beautiful garden out here.
05:04 What can you tell us about what you are doing,
05:07 and how you're flowers grow?
05:09 Well right now I'm cultivating the ground so that we
05:12 can plant these pansies.
05:13 Right here are some zinnias,
05:15 this is a Flock,
05:16 and a Gerber and we are
05:18 going to plant these in here.
05:19 If you dig up the soil it aerates it and that helps
05:22 the plants to grow better.
05:23 Aerating the soil is loosing it?
05:26 Right, look here is a worm and he does the same thing.
05:31 That's God's aerator, do you see the worm Katlin?
05:34 He goes through the soil and loosens it for us.
05:37 And makes little tunnels and it. - Ah Huh!
05:39 And helps the rain and the water that we give the
05:42 plants to go down to the roots.
05:44 And the nutrients probably in the water too?
05:47 Right, plus we add fertilizer.
05:49 So that helps too.
05:51 So God has His own little ways to make His plants
05:54 and flowers grow.
05:56 - Yes, He does, isn't that wonderful?
05:57 And flowers are probably the only true gift of joy
06:01 that God gave us, most everything else He created are
06:05 trees we use to build our houses with and make paper.
06:08 Our animals, each one is needed to offset
06:12 the other one.
06:13 The flowers really are there just for our pleasure.
06:18 God is sure wonderful to make flowers.
06:20 After you plant these then you will be
06:22 watering them right?
06:23 Because they need the sunshine and the
06:25 soil and the water.
06:26 They do, although there are some plants that can
06:28 get by without too much sun.
06:30 Oh so you have to be careful to
06:32 plant them in the right places?
06:34 Yes you do, some need more
06:36 shade than others.
06:37 Some need all shade, if you were to plant some of
06:40 the ferns in full sun they would die.
06:42 So it sounds like God has made each flower to be
06:47 a little bit different.
06:48 They have different needs and they look different and
06:51 we can enjoy them - right!
06:52 Yes, and in different places.
06:54 That reminds me of people - that's true!
06:57 Because people are all different and yet
07:00 we are each special.
07:03 Look at how the flowers grow
07:07 they are beautiful and lovely.
07:11 Bringing smiles to faithful everywhere.
07:20 And just like all these flowers,
07:24 God made you Oh, so special.
07:29 Beautiful and loved within His care.
07:38 I never have to worry, He is always loving me.
07:46 Just like the flowers never worry,
07:50 that is how caring God can be.
07:58 Look at how the flowers grow
08:02 they are beautiful and lovely.
08:07 Bringing smiles to people everywhere.
08:16 And just like all those flowers,
08:20 God made you oh, so special.
08:25 Beautiful and loved within His care.
08:33 Your beautiful and loved within His care.
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09:46 Hi, I'm glad you're back.
09:48 Jana and I have just been talking about different seeds.
09:50 These are radish seeds and they are real tiny.
09:52 And these are pea seeds, and these are bean seeds.
09:55 You can get seeds at even a grocery stores.
09:58 They are real easy to find.
10:00 Jana I wanted to ask you
10:02 about these little bean seeds.
10:03 If I plant this, which way
10:05 will the root always grow?
10:07 Down! - which way will the leaves always grow?
10:10 Up! - up, is that always?
10:13 Yes! - it is always.
10:16 Why don't you start doing the little experiment?
10:18 Now for this experiment it is a fun one that you
10:21 can do at home.
10:22 You need a clear cup and you put a regular piece of
10:25 paper towel around on the inside.
10:28 And then stuff it with regular cotton balls.
10:30 Jenna will keep going and while she is going I am going
10:33 to show you one that we have already made.
10:35 When you put in the bean seeds, put them sideways,
10:40 put them upside down, put them right side up.
10:43 You will notice that for bean seed, if you put it this
10:47 way it is the easiest way for the root to grow down.
10:51 Right from this little white part right here.
10:55 That is the easiest way for the root to grow down.
10:57 But even if you put it this way, which you can see.
11:00 Here's one right here that was planted more like this.
11:04 The root just went around and headed down anyway.
11:07 You can do it with other seeds too.
11:09 Pea seeds, these are pea seeds.
11:11 When you do it always make sure that you moistened
11:16 the paper towel and a cotton balls.
11:19 You have to use quite a bit of water because cotton
11:23 balls are really thirsty and really soak up the water.
11:27 So you want to pour it in and wait a little bit and then pour
11:33 some more in to get all moist.
11:36 The seeds won't sprout unless they are wet.
11:39 Then you must put them in a dark place and leave them
11:45 there for a few days.
11:46 Check on them everyday to make sure that they are wet.
11:48 And so you can see what is happening, it is really fun
11:52 to see how it starts to happen.
11:54 Now this is a plant that you can see the roots are down
11:57 and the leaves are up.
11:58 And this is one that I did a little experiment with.
12:02 I covered it with plastic wrap and laid it on
12:06 its side like this.
12:07 And the window was over here.
12:09 If you look carefully you will see that the leaves
12:13 all turned around to face the window.
12:16 See how they are not all facing this way?
12:19 They are just facing this way because they wanted
12:21 to get to the light.
12:22 Whereas this plant it was just in regular light,
12:28 so the leaves are facing all different directions
12:31 because the light was able to come to
12:32 all the different leaves.
12:33 It is so fascinating how God has made the plants to
12:38 know what to do to always get to the light.
12:45 Well my friend Dennis is here.
12:47 Hi Janice, is good to be here again.
12:48 Oh I am so glad you're here, it looks like you
12:49 are ready to sing.
12:50 The song is called "It's A Miracle".
12:52 Can I join you?
12:56 What drives the stars without making a sound?
12:59 Why don't they crash when they're spinning around?
13:03 What holds me up when the world is upside down?
13:06 I know it is a miracle.
13:10 It's a miracle just to know God is with me
13:16 where-ever I go.
13:18 It's a miracle as big as can be
13:21 that He can make a miracle of me.
13:25 When it stream makes a brook and brook makes a stream
13:28 the stream makes the River water as fresh as can be,
13:32 but who puts the salt in when it gets to sea?
13:36 I know, I know, I know
13:42 it must be a miracle.
13:48 Dr. Neblett we have just been talking about plants
13:57 and how amazing they are, it's been fascinating.
14:00 It certainly is and something even more amazing
14:02 is our brain.
14:03 I brought one with me.
14:05 It is upside down so I am going to hold it carefully.
14:08 You see how it is?
14:09 Our brains are important to do a lot of things
14:12 in our body.
14:13 It goes like this - right like that okay.
14:15 It controls both the voluntary and involuntary actions
14:20 of our body, I will explain that.
14:22 It also controls our senses, our sight, smell, hearing,
14:27 tasting, and feeling.
14:29 All those things are controlled
14:31 by the brain.
14:32 Well let me give you an example
14:33 of what I mean by
14:34 voluntary and involuntary.
14:35 - that would be interesting.
14:37 Pickup that jug for me.
14:38 Just pick it up? Okay!
14:39 Now what you just did was voluntarily move your muscles
14:43 over there and picked it up.
14:45 If your brain was not working you couldn't do that.
14:47 It tells your muscles exactly how far to go and exactly
14:50 how to pick it up.
14:51 I chose to do it! - that's right!
14:52 Several times, when I have been talking to you now,
14:55 your eyes have been blinking.
14:56 Oh! - that is an example of involuntary that your brain
15:02 is also in control of.
15:03 If we don't think about it we will keep breathing on a regular
15:07 basis and our brain controls that too.
15:09 You could breathe faster if you wanted to, but even when
15:12 you are asleep you will go ahead and breathe.
15:15 You do it without thinking, so that is involuntary?
15:17 The things that you don't think about?
15:18 That is a simple way of explaining it, but there are
15:21 more complicated things that brains can do as well.
15:24 I would like to try an experiment with you,
15:26 if it would be alright if you?
15:28 Oh, okay! What do I need to do?
15:29 What I would like you to do for me is just stand a
15:32 little bit away from the table and turn around and
15:36 close your eyes.
15:37 Now I'm going to do my experiment right now.
15:43 Are you are you ready?
15:44 What are you going to do?
15:48 You popped a balloon!
15:53 I certainly did and you jumped.
15:55 I know, I always jump when balloons pop.
15:58 You see our body, our brain helps us to protect ourselves.
16:02 When scary things happen we jump and get ready
16:05 to fly away, if we have to, from danger.
16:08 I didn't even think about jumping, I just jumped.
16:10 That's right, now there are some things that our brain
16:12 helps us to do automatically.
16:14 When you are a baby and you begin to learn how to walk.
16:17 You don't know how to do it just right.
16:19 But as time goes on you get to walk and you don't think about
16:22 it you just walk one foot in front of the other.
16:25 Well there are some other things that you can do automatically
16:28 and your brain takes over.
16:30 I would like to try that one with you as well.
16:32 Well we just did one!
16:34 I won't scare you this time.
16:35 Stand over here again for me and face me.
16:38 I want you to close your eyes and I will tell
16:41 you when to open them.
16:47 Alright, are you ready?
16:48 Yeah! - open your eyes.
16:50 Oh! - now you see you just automatically went up and
16:55 caught that orange I threw to you.
16:57 I didn't think about it.
16:58 You didn't think about it, your brain however thought
17:02 about it just as quickly and moved your muscles
17:04 right in there and you caught that.
17:06 You know I think that our brain and whole
17:10 body is incredibly made.
17:13 Just to think that God did this for us.
17:17 My body is great God made it that way.
17:20 A self-contained machine.
17:23 My body runs well if I treat it right.
17:26 The most amazing thing you've seen.
17:29 My nose can smell, my eyes can see.
17:32 That's more than a computer.
17:34 My ears can hear and my legs can walk
17:38 and my smile makes me cuter.
17:42 My body is great God made it that way.
17:45 A self-contained machine. My body runs well
17:49 if I treat it right.
17:51 The most amazing thing you've seen.
17:54 The most amazing thing you've seen!
18:00 Did you know that one of the best ways to become
18:02 a good friend of Jesus is by spending personal
18:04 time with Him every day.
18:06 Well adults do that by praying and by
18:08 reading their Bibles.
18:10 But if you can't read it's kind of hard isn't it?
18:12 Or maybe you just like listening to tapes.
18:15 We'll here is a fun way to have your very own
18:18 devotions every morning when you get up.
18:20 Janice has made morning time devotions for her kids,
18:24 and for you, complete with songs, prayers and stories.
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19:00 Hi Darlene! - Hi Janice!
19:02 I see you're at it again.
19:03 What kind of flowers are these?
19:05 These are sweet peas, can you smell them?
19:07 Aren't they fragrant?
19:09 I love sweet peas, - I do too!
19:11 They don't have peas on them to eat, do they?
19:14 No! these are just the flowers.
19:15 Just to enjoy, isn't God good.
19:17 Isn't that wonderful.
19:18 How do sweet peas bloom and the other
19:20 flowers and plants too?
19:22 Well you know how we
19:23 planted them back over
19:24 there and they grow
19:25 and in time they provide
19:26 little blossoms like this.
19:28 Then does begin to open and the
19:30 bees come and pollinate them.
19:32 They go from flower to flower,
19:33 some flowers need it, some don't.
19:36 Fruit especially needs pollination.
19:39 This is an orange, do you see the open bud there?
19:42 They're making honey for us anyway, so they will
19:45 fly from this flower, to this flower and in the process
19:48 they are carrying pollen from one flower to the other.
19:51 That is what makes little oranges to begin to grow.
19:55 In fact you can see one right there starting.
19:59 So if all the buds on the tree got pollinated,
20:03 then there would be oranges?
20:04 There would be oranges all over it, in fact
20:06 the lemon tree right there is much too profuse.
20:09 The bees did a good job.
20:13 Well it just amazes me how God has made all the parts
20:16 of nature to work together.
20:18 Bees with the flowers and the trees.
20:20 That's amazing.
20:22 Do you think that any of the blossoms in your garden
20:25 worry if the bees will come pollinate them?
20:27 I'm certain they don't, I'm sure
20:29 I worry more than they do.
20:30 I think maybe we shouldn't worry.
20:33 I think you are right.
20:34 If the flowers don't worry we don't need to worry either.
20:42 I never have to worry He's always loving me.
20:51 Just like the flowers never worry,
20:55 that's how caring God can be.
21:03 Look at how the flowers grow,
21:07 they are beautiful and lovely.
21:12 Bringing smiles to people everywhere.
21:21 And just like all those flowers,
21:24 God made you all so special.
21:30 Beautiful and loved within His care,
21:38 your beautiful and loved within His care.
22:03 Are you ready for a story?
22:04 Yes!
22:06 Now remember in Longview village there were many
22:08 mysterious things happening and Roy had finally made
22:12 his way into the cave and he is around the table in
22:15 that secret chamber visiting with Oscar and Bruce.
22:19 He is just asked them if they know anything about all
22:23 the things that have been happening in the village.
22:26 And they laughed and said well you know Roy, we figured
22:31 you were going to catch us someday because you were
22:33 so intent on catching the person.
22:36 Roy said that tell me about it.
22:38 What about the horse, what about the boat, what about
22:41 the penknife, can't you just tell me about it?
22:43 Finally they said okay.
22:45 You know what father and mother away, we just wanted
22:49 to do something fun and exciting, but you know we knew
22:54 that whatever we did we had to be honest about it.
22:57 Do you remember that time Roy, that you asked us
23:00 how we slept?
23:01 He said, yeah.
23:02 They said well, remember our answer?
23:05 And Roy said, Hmmm, yeah you said you sleep like tops.
23:10 That's right we were careful not to tell a lie
23:13 no matter what we did through all this we made sure
23:16 we told the truth.
23:18 Well let me tell you about and so they started telling.
23:21 The boat had been washed away in a storm they guessed.
23:25 They found it one time when they were out fishing and
23:28 it had a hole in it.
23:29 So they patched it and brought it back.
23:30 That was easy.
23:32 A horse, that was a little bit harder because it whinnied
23:35 so much taken it back to the stable that they were sure
23:39 the people would wake up and hear them putting him back in.
23:42 But somehow we managed.
23:43 And then the life jacket come all that wasn't too hard
23:47 at all because they were just out fishing again and
23:49 they found it.
23:50 So they were able to bring it back and hang it up.
23:53 Then, they said, do you know how much fun we had pushing that
23:58 oar through the window for old Sandy?
24:01 But we had no idea it would hit him on the chest,
24:04 they did not know it was right by his bed.
24:05 Then as far as Miss McKay's peat,
24:08 they had so much fun doing that but they had no idea
24:11 that she wouldn't find it. They just thought she would see
24:14 it right away.
24:15 They didn't know she wouldn't find it and that
24:17 made them feel bad, but they were glad when she found it.
24:19 As far as tarring the boat, that was easy.
24:23 They had seen old Corky and Roy
24:25 trying to do it and they felt
24:27 so bad as to how badly Corky
24:29 was feeling, so it was no
24:31 problem to go and do that.
24:32 That was a fun one.
24:33 Now the clock, that was a little bit harder because they
24:36 had not fixed many clocks in their lives, but somehow
24:39 they managed to get it fixed.
24:41 And Roy said, hmmm look what I have here?
24:45 He pulls out the rusty clocks spring from his pocket.
24:48 They said how did you get that?
24:50 He said well I found it on the hillside.
24:53 So that story went by and then he said about Oscar and
24:57 the window pane, remember the window pane?
25:00 Well Oscar had passed by soon after the storm and he
25:04 noticed it, and he noticed the size of the hole and remembered
25:08 that in there workshop at home they had
25:10 a little piece of glass just that size.
25:12 So that was easy.
25:13 And then the bell tower, they said we had so much fun climbing
25:19 up there like monkeys and fixing that bell.
25:22 They said, they just went home and roared with
25:25 laughter imagining how the whole village must have
25:28 been surprised over that.
25:30 They went on telling about different things and then
25:33 about the cow, that was easy doing the cow and a table.
25:36 The reason they hadn't fixed the table the whole way the
25:40 first night, was because they had run out of screws.
25:42 Then Roy came to the question, he said tell me,
25:47 why did you do all this though?
25:50 They said, well with mom and dad gone we wanted
25:54 to have some fun.
25:55 We wanted to do something special with our secret cave
25:58 that we had found, it seemed like such a special room
26:02 and we wanted to do some fun with it.
26:03 We remember the verse in the Bible where God talks
26:08 about helping others and we thought to ourselves,
26:10 that would be fun to help people.
26:12 But then we thought, if people know that it is us
26:15 helping them they will always be saying, oh thank you
26:18 for doing that for me.
26:20 Oh, you are a nice boy, thank you for doing that for me.
26:22 We didn't want people to always be thanking us,
26:25 because you feel funny when people tell you thank you.
26:28 So we decided to do it in secret.
26:30 The boys went on talking late into the night of all the
26:34 fun that they had had doing good for others.
26:37 Do you guys think you would like to do things like that
26:40 for others? - yeah!
26:42 It would be fun and I think you would too.
26:45 By the way, did you remember our mystery word?
26:48 You're right, it's flowers.
26:51 Flowers are beautiful and they
26:53 do make us happy.
26:54 And they do remind us of God's
26:57 power, if God can make a flower and if God can take care
27:01 of a flower, then God can take care of you.
27:05 And He will, I will see you next time!


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