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KTPP000026 Video Transcript 0:28:28 Music A and J Nedley, Adrian Bond, Bailey and Wagner Family, Bond Family, Cadet Sisters, Kaitlyn Tillman, Lodencamp, Melody Shelton and Hayley, Michlen Lai Pang, Nataleigh Kenner, Nathan Estipona, Rachel, Sofia T., Yasmine s., Yoshua Lance
KTPP000027 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music A and J Nedley, Baily and Wagner, Bond Family, Breanna Roca, Cadet Sisters, Crystal-Ann Tan, Gj, Hayley Mundall, ID, John Ann, Joshua Lance, Lodencamp, Michlen Lai Pang, Salcedo Family, Sofia T., The Patchetts, WD K and S
KTPP000028 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Bailey and Wagners, A and J Nedley, Cadet Sisters, Hayley, Joshua Lance, Justin, Noah, Sofia T., Breanna Roca and Seth Creason, John Ann, Kally Fernandez, Nataleigh Kenner., Rachel and Jonathan Lodencamp, Chekes Family, Michlen Lai Pang, The Patchetts, Taylor Band
KTPP000029 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Bailey and Wagners, Bond Family, Breanna Dustin, Cadet Sisters, Hayley Mundall, Joel Nedley, Joshua Lance, Justin Mundall, Kaitlyn Tillman, Lodencamp, Michlen LaiPang, Sarah Kim and, Sofia T. Salcedo Family, The Guthries, The Patchetts, Yasmine S.
KTPP000030 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music A and J Nedley, Cadet Sisters, Chelsea Bond, Isabel and Went-Ing-Ong, Joshua Lance, Kayla Creason, Lodencamp, Melody Shelton and Hayley, Michlen Lai Pang, Natha Estipona, Sofia T., The Patchetts, Wagners and Baileys
KTPP000031 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Breanna Roca and Seth Crason, Cadet Sisters, Danny Shelton and Hayley Mundall, Hazel Taope, Joel Nedley, Joshua Lance, Kayla and Michael Harris, Lodencamp, Michlen Lai Pang, Riley Tompkins, Salcedo Family, Sofia T., Taylor Bond, The Patchetts, Wagner and Bailey
KTPP000032 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music A+J Nedley, Cadet Sisters, Kazia Hall, Lodencamp, The Guthries, Wagner Bailey, Yasmine S., Hayley, Jillianne Bailey, Kristen - Margia, Laura Green, Noah Mendall., Rachel Lodencanp, The Patchets, Justin, Kristen Smith + R.Ley Tompkins, Michlen Lai Pang, Sofia T. + Melissa P.
KTPP000033 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Joel Nedley, Michten Lai Parg, Nataleigh Kenner, Sofia T., Kaitlyn Tillman, Kally Fernandez, Lodencamp, Nathan Estipona, Cadet Sisters, Jessica - John Ahn., Wagner + Bailey
KTPP000034 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music A. and J. Nedley, Breanna and Dustin Wood, Cadet Sisters, Holly Huang, Hayley M., Jilliona Bailey, Joshua Lance, Lodencamp, Michlen Lai Pang, Sofia T. and Melissa P., The Guthries, The Patchets, The Wock, Wagner and Bailey, Yasmin S.
KTPP000035 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music 01. Adriana and Chelsea and Taylor Bond "One to Another"
02. Salcedo Family "Praise Him Praise Him"
03. Nathan Estipona "God Made Our Hands"
04. Lodencamp Family "Joyful Joyful"
05. Nataleigh Kenner "You Knit Me Together"
06. Hayley and Justin Mundall "Sandy Land"
07. Michlen LaiPang "Deep and Wide"
08. Brooklyn and Dustin Woods "Zacchaeus"
09. Wagner and Bailey Families "Jesus Name Above All Names"
10. Cadet Sisters "Jude 24 and 25"
11. Kaitlyn Tillman "When He Cometh"
12. Allen and Joel Nedley "My Jesus I Love Thee"
13. Seth and Kayla Creason "Unto Thee O Lord"
14. Danny Shelton and Hayley Mundall "Come and Go with Me"
KTPP000036 Video Transcript 0:28:28 Music Joshua Lance, Kazia Hall, Holly Huang, Lodencamp, Michten Lai Pang, Tyler Walker, Bond Family, Cadet Sisters, Crystal Anne Tan and Yasmine S., Danny Shelton and Justin, Isabel and Wen-Ting Ang, Joel Nedley, Nathan Estipona, Salcedo Family, The Patchets, Wagner and Bailey
KTPP000037 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Bailey, Brooklyn, Cadet Sisters, Crysta-Anne Tan, J Nedley, Jillionna Bailey, Kristen Smith, Michten Lai Pang, Nataleigh Kenner, Noah Mundall, Bond Family, Isabel, Katrina, Laura Green, Mark Bond, Wen-ting Ang, Yasmine, A Nedley, Dustin, Laura Green, Lodencamp, Ripley Tompkins, Salcedo Family, Wagner
KTPP000038 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music GJ, Kally Fernandez, Katrina, Lodencamp, Salcedo Family, Wagner, Hayley, Joshua Lance, Tyler Walker, WO, Allen Nedley, ID, Justin Mundall, Kayla Louis Harris, Michten Lai Pang, Cadet Sisters, Bailey, Chelsea, Josianna Bailey, Emily Bond
KTPP000039 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Bailey, Janine Martin, K T S, Karemina S, L C, M B, S K, W O, Wagner, Wen-ting Ong, Chelsea, Emily Bond, Nathan Estipona, The Guthries, A J Nedley, Kally Fernandez, Lodencamp, Michten Lai Pang, Sofia T, Yasmine S
KTPP000040 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Jilliona Bailey, Michten Lai Pang, Tyler Walker, I O, W O, K T S, Salcedo Family, Kally Fernandez, Joshua Lance, A Nedley, J Nedley, Chelsea Bond, Lodencamp, Kaitlyn Tillman, Christopher Patchet, Hayley Mundall, Seth Creason, Nataleigh Kenner, G J
KTPP000041 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Morrison Fam., O, Kayla Crason, Joshua Lance, Kazia Hall, Michlen Lai Pang, Loden Camp, Bailey's, Yasmine S., WO, MB, I, Nataleigh Kenner, KrS, Janira Martin., A& J Nedley, Sofia T.
KTPP000042 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Melissa P.Jillionna Bailey, Bond Family, Crystal-Anne Tan, Guthries (LG, H&J Nedley, Hayley & Jesse Mundall, Holly Huang, Joshua Lance, Kaithyn Tillman, Lodencamp, Michlen Lai Pang, Nataleigh Kenner, Sofia T., Sulcedo Family., Tg Wg, Nathan Estipona
KTPP000043 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music A&J Nedley, Bailey Family, Beanny & Dustin Wood, Breanna Roca, Crystal Anne Tan, Holly Huang, Janessa & Jessica Ann, Kazia Holl, Laura Green, Lodencamp, Michlen Lai Pang, Nataleigh Kenner, Sofia T., The Guthries, Tyler Walker, Yasmine S.
KTPP000045 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Asarah Kim & Wen Ting Ong, Diane Wagner & Jillionn Roileg, Grace jang, Hayley & Jesse Mundall, Isabel Wen, J & N Nedley, Janine Martin, Jessica Ahn, Joshua Lance, Joslanna Bailey, Keyla Lois Harris, Laura Green, Michlen Lai Pang, Morrison Family, Nataleigh Kenner, Preanna Roca & Seta Creason, Salcedo Family, Ting Karennina S., Hazel Taope, Tyler Walker
KTPP000046 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Cadet Sisters, Diane Wognes & Jilliona Loiley, Guthries, Hazel Taope, Holly Huang, Jelly & Josi Bailey, Joshua Lance, Kaitlyn Tillman, Kayla Luis Harris, Kristen Smith, Laura Green, Michlen Lai Pang, Salcedo Family, Sofia T.
KTPP000047 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Bailey Family, Bond Family, Breanna Roca, Crystal Anne Tan, David Wognes, Guthries, Hazel Taope, Holly Huang, Janime Martin, Joshua Lance, Kaitlyn Tillman, Kristen Smith, Michlen Lai Pang, Riley Tompkins
KTPP000048 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music 01. Appalachian Praise "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms"
02. Riley Tompkins "He Has Made Me Glad"
03. Rachael Lodencamp "Morning has Broken"
04. Kazia Hall "He is Lord"
05. Dustin & Breanna Woods "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
06. Laura Green "Marching to Zion"
07. Crystal-Anne Tan "King of My Heart"
08. Kristen Smith & Margie Salcedo Rice "My God Loves Me"
09. Hazel Taope "This Little Light of Mine"
10. Josianne & Judy Bailey "Seek Ye First"
11. Guthrie Family "Jesus Paid It All"
12. Hayley Mundall "Joyful Joyful"
13. Miclen LaiPang "Into My Heart"
14. Kaitlyn Tillman "I'm In-Right Out-Right"
15. Holly Huang "As the Deer"
16. Jilliona Bailey "There is a Balm in Gilead"
17. Yasmine Siagian "Now I Belong to Jesus"
18. Berrien Wind & Strings "Still Sweeter Every Day"
KTPP000049 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music 01. Joshua Lance "Cares Chorus"
02. Emily & Mark Bond "Rain or Shine"
03. Berrien Wind & Strings "My Anchor Holds"
04. Bailey family "Down in My Heart"
05. Hazel Taope "O How I Love Jesus"
06. Kayla & Seth Creason "Wonderful Words of Life"
07. Diane Wagner & Jilliona Bailey "On Wings of Song"
08. Benjamin & Chuach & Simbaku Family "Shout to the Lord"
09. Crystal-Anne Tan "I Know a Place"
10. Holly Huang "Alleluia"
11. Guthrie family "Draw Me Nearer"
12. Nathan Estipona "It is Good to Give Thanks"
13. Isabel & Wen-Ting Ong "The Geatest Thing"
14. Breanna Roca & Seth Creason "Love of Jesus Sweet & Marvelous"
15. Morrison Family "Jesus Lover of My Soul"
16. Miclen LaiPang "Jesus Makes Everything Good"
KTPP000050 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music 01. Joshua Lance "The Lord is Good"
02. Allen & Joel Nedley "I'd Rather Have Jesus"
03. Berrien Wind & Strings "What Did He Do?"
04. Crystal-Anne Tan "All Things Bright and Beautiful"
05. Todd & William Guthrie "Redeemed"
06. Bailey Family "Little David Play on Your Harp"
07. Riley Tompkins "God of Great and God of Small"
08. Breanna Roca "Down in My Heart"
09. Benjamin & Chuach & Simbaku Family "This is the Day"
10. Kaitlyn Tilman "Oh how I love Jesus"
11. Alison & Christopher Patchett "O How He Loves You and Me"
12. Jilliona Bailey "Lamb of God"
13. Kally Fernandez "Do Lord"
14. Sarah Kim & Wen Ting Ong "For the Love of God"
15. Seth Creason "Jesus Made Me a Special Way"
16. Jessica Ahn "Amazing Grace"
17. Miclen LaiPang "Rejoice in the Lord Always"
18. Kaitlyn Tilman "He's So Good to Me"
KTPP000051 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Praise 01. Emily Traversy "When I Wake Up in the Morning"
02. Allen & Joel Nedley "Praise to the Lord"
03. Zana Hunt "Praise Him
04. Appalachian Praise "I'll Fly Away"
05. Sofia & Lily Tsatalbasidis "He Keeps Me Singing"
06. Orangevale SDA School Girls Chorus "Here I Am to Worship"
07. Logan & Kevin Villareal & Eric Montenegro "Sing Alleluia"
08. Pierce Burgess "Love You So Much"
09. Yasmine Siagian "O Holy One"
10. Michael Patterson "Let There be Praise"
11. Aldergrove Junior Praise Team "Let Everything Praise the Lord"
12. Isabel & Wen-Ting Ong "All That Thrills My Soul"
13. Samantha & Jessica Jacobson "Hosanna"
Praise Him"
KTPP000054 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Guidance 01. Joshua Lance & Wen-Ting Ong "Thy Word"
02.Cadet Sisters "Savior Like a Shepherd"
03. Thompsonville Chimes "Savior Lead Us"
04. Sofia Tsatalbasidis "Let the Lord Lead Your Way"
05. Nyth Halvorsen "Give Me the Bible"
06. Emmons Sisters "Rock of Ages"
07. Emily Traversy "Who's in the Middle of the Dark?"
08. Winston & Rahiem Hurlock "Do Lord"
09. David Hollie "We are His Hands"
10. Dawn Alba & Nicole Delima "His is King of Kings"
11. Ellie Woodruff "Wait for Me Jesus"
12. Timothy Rantung & Amy Tan & Devon Hunt & Michael Patterson "For the Joy of Music"
13. Zana Hunt "Promises Medley"
14. Miriam Burtsche "Do You Know How many Stars are up There?"
KTPP000055 Video Transcript 0:28:29 God's Goodness And Mercy Tyler Walker, Zana Hunt (Basil Campbell), Logan and Kevin Villarreal, Emily Traversy, Woodruff Family, Kara and Kelly McMahon (Heidi McMahon), Walnut Street Youth Choir, Taylor Camarillo (Brenda Walsh), Taylor Camarillo (Brenda Walsh), Olivia Peacock (Brenda Walsh), Thompsonville Chimes, Josiah Partin, Frankie Bones, (Eric Montenegro), Christopher Patchett
KTPP000056 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Courage And Christian Warfare 01. Sophia & Lily Tsatalbasidis "What the World Needs is Jesus"
02. Dawn Alba & Nicole Delima "Is It True?"
03. Michael Patterson "Spiritual Medley"
04. Ashley Blake "We are His Hands"
05. Appalachian Praise "Will the Circle be Unbroken"
06. Aaliah Carlos & Brenda Walsh "God is So Good"
07. Sara Devaraj "Jacob's Ladder"
08. Orangevale SDA School Girls Chorus "We Will Stand"
09. Allen & Joel Nedley "Sound the Battle Cry"
10. Sandra Guerra "I Can Do All Things"
11. Emily Traversy " I See the Love of God in Every River"
12. Zana Hunt "Dare to be a Daniel"
13. Logan & Kavin Villareal "Onward Christian Soldiers"
KTPP000057 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Happiness 01. Zana Hunt "Let's Sing a Happy Song"
02. Wen-Ting & Isabel Ong "He Keeps Me Singing"
03. Orangevale SDA School Girls Chorus "Hope of the Nations"
04. Aaliah Frazer & Matthew Smith "I'm Trading My Sorrows"
05. Sophia Tsatalbasidis "Sing and Smile and Pray"
06. Mirian Burtsche "Happiness Great Happiness"
07. The Guerra Family "Happy Happy Home"
08. Eric Montenegro & Logan & Kevin Villareal "This is the Day"
09. The Richard Family "Open the Eyes"
10. Frankie Bones "I'm Gonna Sing Medley"
11. One Heat One Soul "Halleluiah God is By My Side"
12. Alicia Dent "Happiness Is"
13. Allison & Christopher Patchett "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength"
14. Ashley Blake "I Am So Glad"
15. The Cadet Sisters "I Feel Good"
KTPP000058 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Meditation And Prayer 01. Ashley Blake "Did You Ever Talk to God Above?"
02. Zana Hunt "Seek Ye First"
03. Samantha & Jessica Jacobson "Make Us One"
04. Allison & Christopher Patchett "Open Our Eyes"
05. Emily Traversy " I Want to Go to Heaven Someday"
06. Selena English "Family"
07. Angie Kanna "In the Garden"
08. Sofia Tsatalbasidis "Open Mine Eyes"
09. Joshua Lance & Wen-Ting Ong "Give Thanks"
10. Joletta & Jolicia Redd "Into My Heart"
11. One Heart One Soul "First of Them All Jesus Loves Me"
12. Jaymes Carson "Whisper a Prayer"
13. Kara McMahon "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"
KTPP000059 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Jesus And His Sacrifice 01. Cadet Sisters "Beautiful Lamb of God"
02. Eric Montenegro "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
03. Nicole Delima "Born to Die"
04. Chelsea Coston "God Will Make a Way"
05. Kanley String Quartet "He Lives"
06. Jendle Sarmiento "When I Remember"
07. Allen & Joel Nedley "the Story of Jesus"
08. Toni-Ann Singh "Deep and Wide"
09. Sofia & Lily Tsatalbasidis "Make Me a Blessing"
10. Yasmine Siagian "Emmanuel"
11. Devon Hunt & Timothy Rantung "Via Dolorosa"
KTPP000060 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Love 01. Matthew Smith "I Love You Lord"
02. Lili Italianne "Love Is"
03. Allison & Christopher Patchett "I Will Sing of the Mercies"
04. Adolfo Potts "His Banner Over Me is Love"
05. Sofia & Lily Tsatalbasidis "Deep Deep Deep as the Sea"
06. Alicia Dent "Love is a Flag Flying High"
07. Isabel & Wen-Ting Ong "How Great is God's Love"
08. Miriam Burtcshe "He Loves Me Too)
09. Toni-Ann Singh "Tis Love That Makes Us Happy"
10. Joshua Lance "Seek Ye First"
11. Kanley String Quartet "Simple Gifts"
12. Cadet Sisters "O How I Love Jesus"
13. Emily Traversy "I See the Love of God in Every River"
KTPP000061 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Christian Joy 01. Amanda Perez "Dios Su Nombre Ensalzare"
02. One Heart One Soul 'Let's Watch Over All the Doors"
03. Appalachian Praise "I Saw the Light"
04. Alecia Dent "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam"
05. Cadet Sisters "Trust in the Lord"
06. Jaymes Carson "Stop Go Watch"
07. Denon Hunt & Amy Tan "Little David Play on Your Harp"
08. Woodruff Family "In the Sweet By and By"
09. Joletta & Jolicia Redd "God Calls Us"
10. Allen & Joel Nedley "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah"
11. Dawn Alba & Nicold Delima "Sing Shout Clap"
12. Sohia & Lily Tsatalbasidis "Nothing But the Truth"
KTPP000062 Video Transcript 0:28:30 God's Grace And Favor 01. Miriam Burtsche "Come to Jesus"
02. Ashley Blake "It's About Grace"
03. David Hollie "How Great Thou Art"
04. Sofia & Lily Tsatalbasidis "Jesus Never Fails"
05. Ruth Murdoch Elementary School "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
06. Eric Montenegro & Logan & Kevin Villarreal "His Name is Wonderful"
07. Jillian English "I Have Decided"
08. Frankie Bones "I Must Tell Jesus"
09. Chelsea Coston "Give Thanks"
10. Joshua Lance & Wen-Ting Ong "Seek Ye First"
11. Olivia Peacock "Amazing Grace"
12. Amanda Perez "Lord I Lift Your Name on High"
13. Joletta & Jolicia Reed "There is Power in the Name of Jesus"
14. Isabel & Wen-Ting Ong "Yesterday Today Forever"
15. Aaliah Carlos "Jesus Loves Me"
KTPP000063 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Jesus My Friend Aaliah Frazer, Allen, Allen & Joel Nedley, Appalachian Praise, Dawn Alba (Peter Brown), Devon Hunt, Eric Montenegro (Kelvin Villareal), Hayley Mundall, Isabel & Wen- Ting Ong, Jaymes Carson (Brenda Walsh), Joel & Nathan Nedley, Matthew Smith (Hugh Phillips), Miriam Burtsche, Sofia Tsatalbasidis (Lily Tsatalbasidis), Taylor Camarillo (Brenda Walsh), The Cadet Sisters, Yasmine Siagian
KTPP000064 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Our Creator God And His Creation Zana Hunt (Basil Campbell), Selena & Tyler English (Kevin Villarreal), Allison & Christopher Patchett, David Hollie, Dawn Alba (Peter Brown), Sandra Guerra (Melissa Westmore), Jaymes Carson, Miriam Brutsche, Samantha Jacobson (Kathy Jacobson), Michael Patterson, Josiah Partin, Emily Traversy, The Cadet Sisters
KTPP000065 Video Transcript 0:28:30 God's Manifold Blessings Adolfo Potts, Allen & Joel Nedley, Allison & Christopher Patchett, Ashley Blake (Sheri Blake), David Hollie, Frankie Bones, Hayley Mundall, Jaessen Sarmiento (Ardel Sarmiento), Jaymes Carson, Michael Patterson, Miriam Burtsche, Sofia Tsatalbasidis (Lily Tsatalbasidis), Zana Hunt (Basil Campbell)
KTPP000066 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Joy Logan & (Kevin Villarreal), Sofia Tsatalbasidis (Lily Tstalbasidis), Alicia Dent, Isabel & Wen- Ting Ong, Eric Montenegro, Lili Italiane, Jessalyn Craven (Brenda Walsh), Juliana Rickard (Jim Rickard), Kara & Kelly McMahon (Basil Campbell), Toni- Ann Singh, Joshua Lance (Wen- Ting Ong), Timothy Rantung, Woodruff Family, Emily Traversy, Sandra Guerra (Melissa Westmore), Thompsonville Chimes, Taylor Camarillo (Brenda Walsh)
KTPP000067 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Holy Spirit Kevin Villarreal, (Eric Montenegro), Allen & Joel Nedley (George Guthrie), Kelsi Williams (Alexis Cruz), Devon Hunt, Joletta & Jolicia Redd, Chelsea Coston (Jeff Coston), Allison & Christopher Patchett, Jaymes Carson (Brenda Walsh), Lily Italiane, Matthew Smith (Hugh Phillips), One Heart, One Soul, Pierce Burgess, Sofia Tsatalbasidis (Lily Tsatalbasidis)
KTPP000068 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Christian Mission Brenda Walsh (Host), , Aaliah Carlos, Aldergrove Junior Praise Team, Ashley Blake, David Hollie, Devon Hunt, Emily Traversy, Eric Montenegro, Isabel & Josephine Ong, Kelsi Williams, Kevin & Logan Villareal, Matthew Smith, Miriam Burtsche, Samantha Jacobson &Jessica Jacobson, Sophia Tsatalbasidis, Taylor Camarillo, Tori-Ann Singh, Wen-Ting, Zana Hunt
KTPP000069 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Jesus Our Helper And Provider Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000070 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Prayer And Petitions Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000071 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Peace And Contentment Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000072 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Protection Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000073 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Adoration Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000074 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Prayerful Praise Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000075 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Salvation Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000076 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Scripture Songs Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000077 Video Transcript 0:28:30 God's Majesty And Power Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000078 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Trust And Surrender Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000079 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Second Coming Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000080 Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Christian Walk Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000081 Video Transcript 0:28:34 Our Hope: Jesus, The Second Coming, Our Heavenly Home Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000082 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Jesus Our Lord And Friend Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000084 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Worship Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000085 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Countless Praise Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000087 Video Transcript 0:28:30 God's Love Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000088 Video Transcript 0:28:30 True Joy Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000089 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Peace Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000090 Video Transcript 0:28:44 Patience Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000091 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Gentleness Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000092 Video Transcript 0:28:45 Goodness Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000093 Video Transcript 0:29:15 Faith Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000094 Video Transcript 0:28:45 Meekness Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000095 Video Transcript 0:29:15 Temperance Brenda Walsh (Host)
01. Mirielle Enriquez "I Would Be Like Jesus"
02. The Metropolitan Symphony Steel Orchestra "My Life is in His Hands"
03. Dawn Alba "Jesus Name Above All Names"
04. Gaga Won "Without Love"
05. Zana Hunt "Be Like Jesus"
06. Steffens Family "Whisper a Prayer"
07. Janna & Danielle Albano Que "The Price is Right"
08. Girls of Mercy "Sindidzabwererako (I Will Not Go Back"
09. Isabel Ong "There is a Gift"
10. Sofia Tsatalbasidis "All My Life"
KTPP000096 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Righteous Living Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000097 Video Transcript 0:28:45 Knowledge Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000098 Video Transcript 0:28:45 Hope Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000099 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Classical Praise Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000100 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Grace Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000101 Video Transcript 0:28:45 Discipleship Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000102 Video Transcript 0:28:15 His Praise Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000103 Video Transcript 0:28:45 Heaven Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000104 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Friendship Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000105 Video Transcript 0:28:31 Acceptance Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000106 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Blessings Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000107 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Comfort Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000108 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Contentment Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000109 Video Transcript 0:28:30 God's Guidance Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000110 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Mercy Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000111 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Prayer Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000112 Video Transcript 0:28:30 God's Protection Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000113 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Purity Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000114 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Repentance Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000115 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Our Salvation Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000116 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Service Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000117 Video Transcript 0:27:29 Thoughts Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000118 Video Transcript 0:28:59 Time Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000119 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Victory Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000120 Video Transcript 0:28:59 Wisdom Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000121 Video Transcript 0:28:59 Words Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000122 Video Transcript 0:28:59 Our Worship Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000123 Video Transcript 0:28:59 Work Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000124 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Praise Classics Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000125 Video Transcript 0:27:59 Praise And Worship Brenda Walsh (Host)
01. Mirielle Enriquez "He's Still Working On Me"
02. Isabel & Wen-Ting Ong "Via Dolorosa
03. Sofia Tsatalbasidis "I Believe in Miracles"
04. Geoffrey Gallante "All Creatures of Our God and King"
05. Girls of Mercy "Ona (Look)"
06. The Hartmans "Will the Circle be Unbroken?"
07. Pierce Burgess "Plenty Good Room"
08. Chung family "A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine"
09. Eliann Reinhardt "How Great Thou Art"
10. Lester St. Nino "God and God Alone"
11. Jehama South "Tis Love that Makes Us Happy"
KTPP000126 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Cheerfulness Brenda Walsh (Host)
01. Yumi Castor "Shine Jesus Shine"
02. Guthrie family "Father I Adore You"
03. Pierce Burgess "Make Me a Servant"
04. Jeharna South "Tis Love that Makes Us Happy"
05. Zoei Toh "I Have the Joy Joy Joy"
06. Orangevale Girl's Chorus "I Will Behold"
07. Bryan Joseph "Seek Ye First"
08. Sofia Tsatalbasidis "Over the Sunset Mountain"
09. Schafer Girls "Let Not Your Heart be Troubled"
10. Jordan Davis "Happiness is the Lord"
11. Chung Family "If You're Happy and You Know It
12. Jessica Hess "Smile Smile Smile"
KTPP000127 Video Transcript 0:28:29 God's Word Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000128 Video Transcript 0:27:44 Helpfulness Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000129 Video Transcript 0:29:30 The Holy Spirit Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000130 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Honesty Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000131 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Jesus Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000132 Video Transcript 0:25:45 Loyalty Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000133 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Obedience Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000134 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Power Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000135 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Bible Songs Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000136 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Trust Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000137 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Power Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000138A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Jesus Never Fails Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000139A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Walk by Faith Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000140A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Praise & Worship Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000141A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Fishers of Men Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000142A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Near the Cross Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000143A Video Transcript 0:27:30 God Provides Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000144A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Jesus Loves Me Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000145A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Stand Up for Jesus Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000146A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Praise Him, Praise Him Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000147A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Only a Prayer Away Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000148A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Walking with Jesus Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000149A Video Transcript 0:27:30 How Great Thou Art Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000150A Video Transcript 0:27:30 God’s Holy Word Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000151A Video Transcript 0:27:30 God's Perfect Plan Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000152A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Praise Ye the Lord Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000153A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Hymns from the Heart Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000154A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Our God is so Great Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000155A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Following Jesus Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000156A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Believe in God Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000157A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Old Rugged Cross Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000158A Video Transcript 0:27:30 I've Got the Joy Brenda Walsh
KTPP000159A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Heavenly Sunshine Brenda Walsh
KTPP000160A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Jesus is Coming Again Brenda Walsh
KTPP000161A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Whisper a Prayer Brenda Walsh
KTPP000162A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Rejoice in the Lord Brenda Walsh
KTPP000163A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Make Me a Servant Brenda Walsh
KTPP000164A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Blessed Assurance Brenda Walsh
KTPP000165A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Worthy of Praise Brenda Walsh
KTPP000166A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Teach Us to Pray Brenda Walsh
KTPP000167A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Give Thanks Brenda Walsh (Host)
KTPP000168A Video Transcript 0:27:30 God Knows Why Brenda Walsh
KTPP000169A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Joy in the Lord Brenda Walsh
KTPP000170A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Worship the King Brenda Walsh
KTPP000171A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Heaven is My Home Brenda Walsh
KTPP000172A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Talk With Jesus Brenda Walsh
KTPP000173A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Seek Ye First Brenda Walsh
KTPP000174A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Trust and Obey NA
KTPP000175A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Lead Me Lord NA


Updated 2019-01-18