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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said I, "Here am I. Send me, Send me!"
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you to be
00:25 infected harvest before the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our
00:29 classroom to come, experience life.
00:43 We just want to welcome you back to
00:45 the second program in the Life On The Edge
00:49 Bible study series. You are here in our
00:52 classroom at the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:56 In our first program we went over how to
00:59 mark our Bibles and we also began the
01:02 word of God Bible study and so what
01:04 we're gonna do right now is we're gonna do
01:06 just a little bit of review of what we
01:09 went over last time and then we'll go
01:10 straight into today's Bible study.
01:12 We have lots of information to cover.
01:15 And you want to pay close attention not
01:17 only to the information that is covered from
01:19 scripture but also close attention to the
01:22 instruction given on how you are
01:24 to give a Bible study. You're gonna find out
01:26 throughout this course of Life On The Edge,
01:29 that you are going to be learning the Bible
01:31 study itself but you are also going to be
01:33 learning how to deliver that Bible
01:35 study or how to give that Bible study.
01:38 You're gonna learn tidbits of information like this.
01:41 How do you get someone to turn the
01:42 television off when you are in a home?
01:45 Well, the best way to get somebody to turn
01:47 the television off when you go give
01:48 them a Bible study is to ask them to
01:51 turn the volume down. And then if the
01:54 volume isn't turn down enough you
01:56 start the study and then you ask them
01:58 again you know would you mind if we
01:59 turn that down some more. Usually the second
02:02 time you ask them they'll turn that
02:04 Bible study, they'll turn that television
02:05 completely off, they'll keep the
02:07 Bible study on; they will turn the
02:09 television off. So we are now go
02:10 to our screen now. Every one of our
02:13 studies in this "Life On The Edge" series
02:16 has a purpose, and the purpose of the word
02:19 of God study is "to show that God's word,
02:23 the Bible, is true and reliable."
02:27 To show that God's word, the Bible,
02:30 is true and reliable, there's lots of
02:33 questions today about whether is the Bible
02:36 valid or not. And in our first study
02:41 you remember we went over several
02:44 references where God distinguishes Himself
02:47 above any other so-called God because
02:51 He can tell us the end from the very beginning.
02:55 He can tell us things that have not taken
02:57 place yet, before they take place so that
03:01 when they do happen we will believe.
03:03 We use references like John 14:29,
03:06 Jesus says, Behold I tell you things before
03:08 they come to pass so that when they do
03:10 come to pass, you may believe.
03:12 Isaiah 46: 9-10, God says, I am god and
03:16 there is none like me, there is no God like
03:18 me because I can tell the end from the
03:21 beginning, things that have not happened
03:25 before they happened. God can tell us that
03:27 and God tells us that my friends with 100
03:30 percent accuracy. So as we look at
03:33 scripture today, not only are we going
03:37 to be looking at God's word but God's word
03:40 for those of us that are skeptics maybe
03:42 we are not believers, maybe we are people
03:45 that could careless about the word of
03:47 God but today's study is going to show this,
03:51 that God can indeed predict the future with
03:55 100 percent accuracy, and if God can do that
04:00 in a book called the Bible then what about
04:02 the rest of the Bible. It too can be trusted
04:07 and that's our goal here in this Bible study.
04:10 In this entire series we are teaching people
04:13 how to have that relationship with God.
04:16 We go to our next slide, each one of our
04:18 Bible studies are also centered on Jesus Christ.
04:22 Each study is centered on Jesus.
04:24 You remember Jesus said in John 12:32,
04:26 "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men to me."
04:33 So when we give the Bible study we want
04:35 to make sure that we are lifting up, who?
04:38 That we are lifting up Jesus Christ,
04:39 you are absolutely right. This Center it:
04:42 Jesus wants to show you that His word is reliable.
04:47 He gives us enough evidence
04:49 to base our faith on. God is going to
04:54 continue to give us in this study on the word
04:57 of God evidence that we can base our faith on.
05:01 If you ever heard the expression blind faith,
05:04 do you know that blind faith does not exist?
05:08 Faith is, believing in something that you
05:12 can't see, that you can't hear, that you
05:15 can't taste, so blind faith is a same thing
05:20 as faith, and God is going to give us
05:23 evidence to base our faith on today.
05:28 In this study, as in every other study in
05:31 the Life On The Edge series, you will notice
05:35 that at the beginning of each study we have
05:37 a list of texts that we are going to mark
05:41 either in the front of our Bibles or in the
05:43 back of our Bibles. Now you see here
05:46 when we get down to the 6th reference,
05:48 the 7th reference there is followed by 9 but
05:51 not really you just have to look to the
05:52 right of your screen, and the 8th text is
05:56 Daniel chapter 1:1. You'll notice there
05:59 that each one of these references 8, 10, 12,
06:01 all of these references have a W beside them.
06:04 Because W is our code for marking the
06:08 word of God study. That's why you see
06:11 there at the top of your screen, word of God W.
06:14 The 1st text, the 2nd Timothy we did that
06:17 in our last program. Also 2nd Peter, also
06:20 John 14, Isaiah 46, and Daniel chapter 2
06:24 verses 26 through 30. We found out in
06:27 Daniel chapter 26 through 30 that there
06:29 were two reasons that God gave Nebuchadnezzar
06:33 the king of Babylon this dream.
06:36 It was to show Nebuchadnezzar what
06:38 would happened at the end of time or in
06:40 the later days and it was also given to show
06:43 Nebuchadnezzar what would happen between
06:45 Nebuchadnezzar's life and the end of time or
06:49 the later days. You remember in our
06:52 last program we discussed that the
06:55 Bible consists of 66 different books,
07:00 66 different books. There are 39 books in
07:03 the Old Testament and there are 27
07:06 books in the New Testament,
07:09 66 different books written on 3
07:12 different continents; Asia, Africa and
07:15 Europe with approximately 40 different authors
07:19 over a period of 1500 years.
07:23 My friend that in and of itself is evidence
07:28 because this book does not contradict
07:31 itself in one theological issue at all.
07:36 It does not contradict itself at all in any
07:41 theological issue. And so you have 40
07:44 different authors that write over period of
07:47 1500 years and the Bible is put together like this.
07:53 So that you and I can see that God is real,
07:56 His word is reliable, and Jesus Christ is the
08:00 center of this book. So what we will do
08:03 now is we'll jump right in to our Daniel
08:07 2 or our word of God Bible study and you
08:09 can see, we left off in Daniel chapter 2
08:12 verses 26 through 30. So today we pick it up
08:16 in Daniel chapter 2 verses 31 through 35,
08:21 now Nebuchadnezzar just little background
08:23 for those who that haven't been here with
08:24 us, Nebuchadnezzar has had a dream.
08:26 Nebuchadnezzar can not remember that dream.
08:29 So Nebuchadnezzar calls his wise men and
08:32 he says, I want to know my dream and
08:34 I want the interpretation. And they of course
08:36 say just like you and I would say.
08:37 Tell me the dream and I will make up an
08:40 interpretation, and I will give you the
08:42 interpretation. King Nebuchadnezzar says,
08:44 no, you tell me what I dreamed and what it
08:48 means and then I will know that you can
08:50 communicate with the Gods, because in
08:52 Babylon they believed in a multiplicity of Gods.
08:55 Well, they couldn't do it. So he was going to
08:58 cut them into pieces and turn their houses
08:59 into a place where donkeys go to the bathroom.
09:01 That's what the Bible says there in Daniel
09:03 chapter 2, a dunghill. And they couldn't do
09:06 it, so the captain of the guard Arioch
09:08 comes to Daniel who is one of the wise men
09:11 that evidently have not been at that
09:12 meeting and says, Daniel I have come to
09:15 take you and to cut you in pieces and turn
09:17 your house in to a place where
09:18 donkeys go to bathroom. And Daniel says,
09:21 what are you talking about? And so Arioch the
09:24 captain of the king's guard explains that to
09:26 Daniel and Daniel says, give me sometime,
09:29 let me talk to God and so God reveals to
09:32 Daniel the dream and the interpretation and
09:35 so that's what we will begin to read here.
09:37 We're going to Daniel Chapter 2 and verse 31.
09:41 You are probably already there,
09:43 for those who are at home that are
09:44 following along, if you open your Bible
09:46 to the middle you will probably be in
09:48 Psalms, the book of Psalms or you will
09:50 probably be in Isaiah, and you'll want to the
09:53 turn to the right from there.
09:55 Just turn to the right in your Bible's and
09:57 you will come to Jeremiah, Ezekiel,
10:01 then Daniel, the Old Testament book there.
10:04 And we're gonna to Daniel chapter 2 and
10:07 we will begin reading in verse 31 and so
10:10 we're gonna hear the dream itself and we'll
10:12 ask Solita to read this for us.
10:15 Daniel chapter 2 and verse 31.
10:19 "Thou, O King, sawest, and behold a
10:21 great image: this great image whose
10:25 brightness was excellent, stood before thee,
10:29 and the form thereof was terrible.
10:32 This image's head was of fine gold, his brass
10:35 and his arms of silver, his belly and his
10:38 thighs of brass, his legs of iron, his feet
10:42 part of iron and part of clay.
10:45 Thou sawest till a stone was cut out
10:48 without hands, which smote the image upon
10:51 his feet that were of iron and clay,
10:54 and break them to pieces. Then was the iron, the
10:57 clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold,
11:01 broken to pieces together, and became
11:03 like the chaff of the summer
11:06 threshingfloors; and the wind carried them
11:09 away, that no place was found for them:
11:12 and the stone that smote the image
11:14 became a great mountain, and filled
11:16 the whole earth". Alright now I was
11:19 convicted of something, what is that we forgot
11:21 to do before begin studying the Bible?
11:23 Pray! We forgot to pray.
11:24 So let's do that right now.
11:27 Father in heaven we just ask that you will
11:29 help us to understand your word, that your
11:32 spirit will fill us with wisdom, and that we
11:36 will be able to know that you are real from
11:39 this study today, that we will be able to
11:43 begin a process of faith building so that
11:48 we can grow closure to you.
11:51 Jesus you have made bold claims in your
11:53 word, and we are studying that today
11:57 and we ask that you will open our hearts
12:00 and our minds so that we can understand it
12:04 in your name we ask this Jesus, Amen.
12:08 For those of you at home the Bible says
12:10 in first Corinthians chapter 2, that
12:13 spiritual things are spiritually discerned,
12:16 so without the aid of the Holy Spirit none
12:19 of us here in the classroom or you at
12:21 home will be able to understand what God
12:23 has written in His word. So that's the reason
12:26 that we pray before we study the Bible so
12:28 thank you for allowing me to learn
12:30 here with you. So what we just read,
12:33 the Bible says, if you notice on the graphic,
12:35 the Bible says that there was an image,
12:37 there was an image whose head was made of what?
12:40 Gold! His chest and arms were made of
12:43 silver, his belly and thighs were made of
12:46 bronze, his legs were made of Iron, his feet
12:50 were made of Iron and clay and then a
12:54 stone was cut out without hands and
12:57 smote the image on it's feet.
13:01 What does all of this mean? And you can imagine
13:03 Nebuchadnezzar's probably sitting
13:05 there on the edge of his throne.
13:09 This kid, this exile from over there in
13:13 Jerusalem, knows what I dreamed last night.
13:18 And if you back up there in the Bible
13:21 and remember, the reason you are giving
13:23 this Bible study is so people can understand
13:25 that what God says is real.
13:28 God exist and this word can be trusted.
13:32 So you just back up there in verse 28,
13:36 it says, but there is a God in heaven,
13:38 Daniel is speaking, that reveals secrets,
13:41 and makes known to the king Nebuchadnezzar
13:44 what shall be in the latter days.
13:48 So Nebuchadnezzar, you can imagine his
13:50 mind is probably going crazy right now
13:54 what is this mean? A head of gold,
13:55 chest and arms of silver, belly and
13:57 thighs of bronze, legs of iron, feet of iron
14:00 and clay, and the stone that is cut out
14:03 without hands becomes a huge
14:04 mountain and fills the whole earth.
14:07 What does this mean? Well, because God is
14:13 a God that cares about His people, not only
14:16 that He give Daniel the dream but He also
14:20 gave Daniel the, what? Interpretation.
14:23 The Interpretation, that's right.
14:25 He also gave Daniel the interpretation,
14:28 so we'll just go back to our graphic here,
14:31 and we are just gonna read the next section.
14:33 As we read through the section, what
14:35 we're gonna to do is we're going to read
14:37 through parts of it. We're gonna get the
14:40 interpretation of the dream in parts,
14:44 the interpretation of the dream in parts.
14:46 So we're gonna to Daniel chapter 2
14:49 verses 36 through 38, and we will let Robert
14:52 read this for us. Daniel chapter 2,
14:56 Robert, verses 36 through 38, and this is
15:00 the seventh text in our word of God's study,
15:02 so before you read that Robert,
15:03 I just wanna go over here to the screen and
15:05 point some things out. You see here 7W
15:07 indicates that we are in the 7th reference
15:10 for this Bible study. As you mark this in
15:13 your studies beside these verses are
15:17 probably the end of verse 38, you're
15:19 gonna write 7W, you're gonna put a
15:21 circle around it and draw the line.
15:23 That's 7W represents the reference that you are in.
15:27 The reference above the line is the
15:30 reference that you came from,
15:32 the reference beneath the line is the
15:35 reference you're gonna go to next.
15:38 So here we are Daniel chapter 2 verse 36
15:41 through 38, and if you could read that for us.
15:44 This is the dream; now we will tell the
15:49 interpretation thereof before the king.
15:52 Okay, so Robert what is he fixing to tell us
15:55 right now. The interpretation!
15:57 The interpretation of the dream, that's right.
15:59 Thou, O king, art a king of kings:
16:04 for the God of heaven has given you a
16:07 kingdom, power, strength, and glory.
16:13 Thirty eight? Yeah. And whatever the
16:16 children of men dwell, or the beasts of
16:19 the field and the fowls of the heaven he has
16:27 given them into your hand, and hath made
16:30 thee ruler over them all.
16:32 Thou art this head of gold.
16:35 Okay, so Daniel when he is giving
16:37 Nebuchadnezzar the dream, he looks at
16:40 Nebuchadnezzar and he says, you are this
16:43 head of Gold. Who is Daniel talking to?
16:48 King Nebuchadnezzar. King Nebuchadnezzar.
16:51 So when you are giving this Bible
16:52 study because the purpose of this entire
16:55 series of Life On The Edge of Bible studies,
16:58 the entire reason that you have this in your
17:00 home is so that you can't only learn the
17:02 study but so that you can give the study.
17:07 So when you are giving this study you
17:09 have to make sure that the person you are
17:11 giving the study to understands
17:13 what you are doing. So we just read the
17:15 first part of the interpretation and
17:17 Daniel says to this king Nebuchadnezzar
17:20 you are this head of gold. Now here's where
17:26 I always use an illustration
17:28 in this Bible study. If the Queen of
17:31 England came to the United States what
17:36 country would she represent? England.
17:38 England. That's absolutely right.
17:41 So Nebuchadnezzar is a king what kingdom
17:47 does he represent? Babylon.
17:50 I want a Bible verse and a Bible text.
17:54 The chapter and the verse, because when
17:57 we give Bible studies, everyone must see the
18:01 truth that we are teaching them from scripture.
18:04 If it does not come from scripture then
18:06 you don't say it. It must come from scripture.
18:10 You must have a, Thus saith the Lord to
18:13 back up everything that you are doing.
18:15 So those of you that are at home make sure
18:18 you have a Thus saith the Lord for
18:20 everything that you share. I always like to prepare
18:23 my studies before I go out to give them even
18:25 though I have these that are pre-prepared
18:28 for me, pre- prepared for me.
18:30 Is there even a work, can you
18:32 pre-prepare something. I don't know.
18:35 I don't know either. But I always like to
18:37 make sure that what I am going to say has it
18:39 Thussaith the Lord. So you say that
18:41 Nebuchadnezzar is the king of Babylon.
18:43 Let's go to our next reference, you will
18:45 notice on the graphic there that our next
18:47 reference is Daniel chapter 1 verse 1,
18:50 the reason we are going to Daniel
18:51 chapter 1 verse 1, is to show biblically that
18:55 Nebuchadnezzar is the king of Babylon.
19:00 So Daniel chapter 1 verse 1, and Mike
19:03 Mud is going to read that for us.
19:05 Daniel chapter 1 and verse 1, brother.
19:09 In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim,
19:11 the king of Judah came Nebuchadnezzar king
19:13 of Babylon unto Jerusalem, and besieged it.
19:17 Okay, so very clearly there, it says, the king
19:20 Nebuchadnezzar was the king of, what?
19:23 Babylon. Babylon. So when Daniel looks at
19:26 Nebuchadnezzar and says, you are this
19:29 head of Gold. What kingdom is
19:32 represented there? Babylon. Babylon,
19:35 because a king always represents his kingdom.
19:39 Now somebody may say it to you right
19:40 here, they may say well, how do you
19:43 know this is talking about a kingdom?
19:45 How do you know that? Well, let's go to our
19:48 next graphic then we'll answer that question.
19:50 Our next graphic you see there on the screen.
19:52 It says the head of Gold is Babylon.
19:57 Babylon began to rule the then known world
20:00 in 605 B.C. and it ruled from 605 B.C.
20:05 to 539 B.C. So how do we know that, that
20:13 graphic there is just to show you that
20:14 Babylon was the head of Gold and in the
20:16 time period that it reigned?
20:17 How do we know that when he says,
20:20 you are this head of Gold that he is
20:21 literally talking about a kingdom?
20:25 We simply go to the next reference and
20:26 this will clear it up. The next reference
20:28 let's go back to well we're still in Daniel.
20:31 Let's go to Daniel chapter 2 verse 39 and
20:34 just the first part and we're gonna to let
20:38 Jessica read this for us, Daniel chapter 2,
20:41 the first part of verse 39.
20:46 "But after your kingdom comes to an
20:48 end, another great kingdom, inferior to
20:51 yours, will rise to take your place.
20:55 After you're, what comes to an end?
20:57 After your kingdom comes to an end,
20:59 another, what? Kingdom, inferior to
21:02 yours, will come to rise or come to power.
21:05 So we see very clearly that these medals in
21:09 Daniel chapter 2 are talking about what?
21:14 Kingdoms. Kingdoms. And you notice and
21:16 I pause here on occasion to let you
21:18 guys answer the questions, that's one
21:20 very good way for you to keep your
21:23 audience engaged with you while you
21:25 are giving a Bible study. You ask questions,
21:28 let them answer. You pause while you
21:30 are reading and that makes them,
21:33 go back to what you were reading so that
21:34 they can answer the question correctly.
21:36 So very clearly then these medals talked
21:42 about in Daniel chapter 2 are representing kingdoms.
21:46 Well, it would not be a miracle for Daniel
21:50 to say oh, yes, Nebuchadnezzar that
21:53 head of Gold represents you.
21:56 That wouldn't have been a
21:57 miracle at all, would it? Daniel might have
21:59 just been trying to safe his own skin.
22:03 But then Daniel tells Nebuchadnezzar,
22:07 Nebuchadnezzar after your kingdom,
22:10 another kingdom will arise. Inferior to yours,
22:15 but there is going to be a kingdom that
22:16 comes after you that even though it's
22:18 inferior, it takes you out. That puts Daniel's life
22:24 at risk, doesn't it? It most certainly does.
22:27 So Daniel doesn't just flatter the king by
22:30 saying you are this head of Gold.
22:33 He follows that after the very sobering
22:35 thought for Nebuchadnezzar.
22:37 That Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom
22:39 would not last forever. What is a typical
22:41 phrase that you always see in maybe a
22:44 movie or a play when there is a king it says,
22:47 oh, king, what? Live forever.
22:49 Live forever, but Daniel right here tells
22:51 Nebuchadnezzar that Nebuchadnezzar is
22:53 not going to last forever, and neither
22:55 will his kingdom. So then this begs the question.
22:59 What kingdom is it that came after the
23:03 kingdom of Babylon that was inferior to
23:06 Babylon, yet, conquered Babylon?
23:13 Now you are throwing things out but do we
23:15 have a Bible reference to back that up.
23:17 Some people said, Medo-Persia and you
23:19 are right. Let's go to Daniel chapter 5,
23:24 we are going to see that in God's word,
23:26 God defines these kingdoms.
23:29 Daniel chapter 5 beginning with verse 1,
23:36 Daniel chapter 5 verse 1, and Danielle is
23:39 going to read this for us,
23:40 and if you could read verses 1 through 5.
23:45 Belshazzar the king made a great feast to a
23:48 thousand of his lords, and drank wine before
23:50 the thousand. Belshazzar, while he
23:53 tasted the wine, commanded to bring
23:55 their golden and silver vessels which his father
23:58 Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the
23:59 temple which was in Jerusalem; that the
24:02 king, and his princes, his wives, and his
24:04 concubines, might drink therein.
24:06 Okay, stop right there. Who else's name has
24:08 mentioned in verse 2? Belshazzar and,
24:14 Nebuchadnezzar, and it says, his father
24:17 Nebuchadnezzar. Then I have got a
24:18 little one beside that word father.
24:20 This is actually Nebuchadnezzar's grandson.
24:24 This is Nebuchadnezzar's grandson and you know,
24:26 just like a monarchy is when the king dies
24:30 then somebody else takes over but that's
24:32 somebody isn't just another individual,
24:34 it's in the lineage of the king.
24:36 So what kingdom are we still talking about here?
24:40 We are still talking about Babylon that's
24:42 absolutely right, Bill and Solita.
24:43 Okay, continue to read there Danielle.
24:46 Then they brought the golden vessels that
24:48 were taken out of the temple of the house of
24:50 God which was at Jerusalem; and the
24:52 king, and his princess, his wives, and his
24:54 concubines, drinking in them.
24:56 They drank wine, and praised the Gods of
24:58 gold, and of silver, of brass, of iron,
25:02 of wood, and of stone. In the same hour
25:05 came forth fingers of a man's hand,
25:08 and wrote over against the candlestick upon the
25:10 plaster of the wall of the king's palace:
25:12 and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote.
25:16 Have you ever heard the expression?
25:18 It's the handwriting on the wall.
25:21 My friends even professed atheists will
25:24 use that expression but do you know
25:26 where that expression comes from?
25:29 Right here in scripture. Do you know that the
25:33 first submarine is also talked about in the Bible?
25:37 Did you know that Bill? Will, there was a man
25:40 named Jonah swallowed by a whale, by a big fish.
25:43 He goes down. Did you know that
25:44 first anesthesia is recorded in the Bible?
25:48 In Genesis chapter 2, God calls Adam to go
25:51 into a deep sleep and then He took a rib out
25:53 of him, the first surgery, the first anesthesia,
25:56 the first submarine; and the Bible says
25:59 here this is the first time that somebody
26:02 used the expression, the handwriting on the wall.
26:05 So Belshazzar, the grandson of
26:07 Nebuchadnezzar throwing a party
26:09 and he defiles the sacred vessels that
26:12 were taken from Jerusalem when
26:16 Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem.
26:19 They defiled God's sacred vessels and
26:21 then this hand comes out of nowhere and
26:23 writes on the wall. Now this is a pretty
26:26 interesting situation here, there is three
26:28 times that God writes with his
26:31 own fingers in the Bible. The first time was
26:37 when He wrote on tables of stone,
26:40 the second time was when He writes on the
26:43 plaster in the wall of Belshazzar's palace,
26:48 and the third time is when Jesus kneels
26:51 down and Jesus begins to write in the sand.
26:57 We think it was the sins of those rulers.
27:00 They had accused the lady of adultery
27:03 because all of a sudden those men
27:04 began to leave. They turned around
27:06 and they walked away because they see their
27:09 sin written there in the sand.
27:12 So it's interesting the sand of course the
27:14 wind can blow away the sand and cover it
27:15 up, can't it? The time can reduce the effect
27:20 of what has written in plaster but God's law
27:25 stands forever that's powerful, isn't it?
27:29 So we see here that Belshazzar,
27:32 the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar
27:36 profanes the holy vessels in God's
27:39 temple, and a hand comes out and writes
27:41 on the wall. And this is what it wrote?
27:43 It wrote Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.
27:48 Now what is that mean? It's very clear because
27:50 the Bible tells us what it means?
27:52 Let's go now to verses 25 through 31,
27:56 and we will go ahead and let, Tom can you
27:59 read that for us. Daniel chapter
28:01 5 verse 25 through 31.
28:08 And this is the inscription that was written,
28:12 Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin. This is the
28:16 interpretation of each word, MENE;
28:19 God has numbered your kingdom, and
28:21 finished it. What kingdom is He talking about?
28:24 Babylon. He is talking about Babylon,
28:25 that's right. Verse 27, TEKEL; Thou have
28:29 been weighed in the balances,
28:31 and found wanting. Okay, now Tom,
28:34 when God says, you have been waiting the
28:35 balances and found wanting, is that a
28:37 good thing or bad thing? That's a bad thing.
28:39 That's a bad thing. So the sentence here
28:41 that is going to be carried out against the
28:43 kingdom of Babylon is not good,
28:45 and what does it say? PERES; your kingdom
28:48 has been divided, and given to the Medes
28:52 and the Persians. Okay, so then what
28:54 kingdom biblically comes after Babylon?
28:59 Medes and Persians. The Medes and the
29:00 Persians, now read verses 29 through 31 there.
29:04 Then Belshazzar gave the command and
29:06 they clothed Daniel with purple, and put a
29:09 chain of gold around his neck, and made a
29:12 proclamation concerning him, that he should be
29:15 the third ruler in the kingdom.
29:17 That very night Belshazzar, king of
29:21 the Chaldeans was slain. And Darius the Med
29:26 received the kingdom, being
29:27 about sixty two years old.
29:30 So just like Daniel said, what happened?
29:35 It happened? But Daniel was
29:37 alive during the Medo-Persian Empire.
29:42 So it would not has been much of a
29:44 miracle for Daniel to have said, oh, the
29:49 kingdom that comes after Babylon is
29:51 Medo-Persia because Daniel was alive
29:54 then wasn't he? It's when we get into
29:58 the next kingdom that Daniel was not alive
30:02 when what was prophesied about took place.
30:06 So it is this kingdom, the next kingdom
30:08 that's coming up, that God shows us that
30:13 He can tell us the end from the beginning.
30:18 He can tell us things that have not come to
30:20 pass before they come to pass so that you
30:22 and I can have faith in God and in this book
30:27 called the Bible. So we go now to our
30:31 next reference but first before we get to
30:33 our next reference you will see on this
30:35 screen there, chest and arms of silver
30:38 stood for the Medo-Persian Empire.
30:42 Now Medo-Persia of course over took
30:45 Babylon in 5:39 and then ruled to 331 B.C.
30:51 And this is quite amazing the Medo-Persian
30:54 Empire collected its taxes in silver.
31:00 The Medo-Persian Empire collected its
31:02 taxes in silver; of course, Daniel could
31:06 have known that because Daniel was
31:07 alive then. Now let's get to the part that is
31:10 so very miraculous. Daniel was not alive
31:14 when this next kingdom comes upon the sin.
31:17 We will go back to Daniel chapter 2 verse 39,
31:19 and we will get the last half of verse 39
31:22 and we will go ahead and let Bill read that,
31:24 Daniel chapter 2 and verse the last part of
31:29 verse 39. It says, then another third kingdom
31:33 of bronze, which shall rule over all the earth.
31:37 So there is going to be how many kingdoms
31:39 so far have we seen? We saw Babylon,
31:43 then we saw Medo-Persia and now we are going
31:46 to see a, what kingdom? A third kingdom.
31:51 Now Daniel was alive during Babylon,
31:53 Daniel was alive during Medo-Persia
31:56 but Daniel was not alive during this next
31:59 kingdom but my friend Daniel actually
32:02 tells us in his book who the kingdom is,
32:07 but he couldn't have known that unless the
32:09 God of heaven had told him.
32:13 So let's look at this. Let's go to another
32:15 chapter in Daniel. We are going to Daniel
32:17 chapter 8, you will see that on the graphic.
32:19 Daniel chapter 8 verses 20 and 21.
32:23 We are going to let Mrs. Gloria read that.
32:25 So those of you at home make sure you
32:27 are turning in your Bibles there.
32:28 We are going to Daniel chapter 8 verses 30,
32:34 I am sorry 20 and 21. And Mrs. Gloria if
32:39 you could read Daniel 8 verses 20 and 21.
32:45 The ram which you saw having the two
32:48 horns they are the kings of Media and Persia.
32:52 Does the kingdom of Media and Persia
32:54 sound familiar to you Mrs. Gloria?
32:57 Yeah, that was the second kingdom
32:58 during the Daniel, wasn't it? Yes.
33:00 Alright, keep going. And the Male goat is
33:04 the kingdom of Greece: the large horn that is
33:09 between his eyes is the first king.
33:12 Alright, now this will probably, you will
33:14 probably need to give a little bit of
33:16 background when you get to Daniel chapter 8.
33:20 In Daniel chapter 8, what you have and
33:22 I will just put the stuff here, what do you
33:24 have in Daniel chapter 8 is you have
33:27 a goat with one horn but you have a ram
33:33 with two horns so I am just doing this
33:35 little mental picture right up here in the sky.
33:37 You have this goat with one horn;
33:39 you have this ram with two horns.
33:41 We already heard that the ram with two horns
33:43 were the kingdom of Media and Persia.
33:47 Well, this goat goes over here to
33:50 Medo-Persia, and ram sacks it destroys it,
33:56 overtakes Medo-Persia. So the Bible tells us
34:00 that the kingdom that comes after
34:03 Medo-Persia is the kingdom of Greece,
34:09 the kingdom of Greece. So when I get this
34:11 Bible study Bill, I literally do the little
34:13 two fingered ram and the one fingered goat
34:17 and I killed the ram and then it's dead and
34:20 then the goat is standing there.
34:23 It is amazing that the king of Greece.
34:27 The first king of Greece, the Macedonian
34:29 Empire was Alexander, the great.
34:33 Alexander, the great, they estimate he was
34:35 between the ages of 31 to 33 when he had
34:39 completely finished conquering the world.
34:47 Alexander, the great we have a slide up here.
34:48 Let's just get to this next slide because
34:50 that has our kingdoms on it again.
34:52 Alexander, the great the first king of the
34:55 Macedonian Empire or the Grecian
34:57 Empire, the Grecians were out numbered
35:02 for every one Grecian soldier, there were
35:06 twenty Medo-Persian soldiers.
35:10 So if you are a betting person of course,
35:12 we are not, we are Christians.
35:15 If we were a betting person, we would say
35:19 that Greece would win or lose that battle.
35:22 They would lose it because they only got
35:23 one soldier to every twenty men.
35:25 Do you ever fought with more than one
35:26 person at a time? Oh, Mike has.
35:31 Is it, does it get exponentially more
35:33 difficult to win, the more people there are
35:37 to fight with you and you are just one man.
35:39 Yes, so you would think that Medo-Persian
35:41 would win but my friend nothing stands
35:44 up against the word of God and wins.
35:49 Medo-Persia had twenty men for every
35:52 one Grecian soldier. But the Greeks won.
35:57 It wasn't because Alexander, the great
35:59 was somatic, it was because the God of
36:03 heaven had said that Greece would be the
36:06 third kingdom, would be the kingdom
36:09 to rule after Medo-Persia.
36:13 What God says stands firm.
36:19 So when you give this Bible study you need
36:21 to make sure that the Person you are
36:23 studying with understands that strong, strong
36:28 evidence that even when one army is
36:32 outnumbered twenty to one, that God is
36:36 going to win, His word is going to stand firm.
36:41 Now Greece ruled from 331 to 168 B.C.,
36:48 331 to 168 B.C. Let's go to our
36:54 next graphic appear. We're gonna go back
36:57 to Daniel chapter 2 and verse 40.
37:01 Daniel chapter 2, I close my Bible,
37:03 maybe you do the same thing so it may
37:05 take me just a second to get there.
37:08 Daniel chapter 2 and verse 40, and we're
37:12 gonna let Mike read that, Daniel chapter 2
37:15 verse 40. And the fourth kingdom shall
37:18 be as strong as iron: as for as much as iron
37:21 breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things:
37:24 and as iron that breaketh all these,
37:26 shall it break in pieces and bruise.
37:29 So here we see that there is going to be,
37:32 a what number kingdom? A fourth.
37:34 A fourth kingdom, so you can, you just
37:37 picture yourself, your Daniel you have been
37:41 brought as a captive from Jerusalem over
37:45 to Babylon, they've educated you in the
37:48 schools of Babylon. You are now one of
37:51 the king's wisemen; Daniel was basically
37:55 putting a nail in his own Coffin, by telling
37:59 Nebuchadnezzar you are this head of Gold,
38:01 but after you, will arise another
38:03 kingdom, inferior to yours. It's not going to last
38:06 forever O king, live forever.
38:09 It's not going to last forever.
38:12 There will be another kingdom, inferior to
38:14 yours then a third kingdom of brass
38:16 shall be rule over all the earth, then he says
38:19 here that this, there will be a fourth
38:21 kingdom as strong as what? As strong as Iron.
38:26 Notice here in this succession of
38:29 kingdoms, you start out with Gold which
38:33 is today the most valuable metal that
38:36 we have right, and then you have a lesser
38:39 value of metal which is silver, then you
38:43 have a lesser value of metal which is brass
38:47 or bronze, then you have a lesser value of
38:49 metal which is Iron, as we go down the
38:53 kingdoms get stronger but the purity is reduced.
39:00 Do you see that? The closure we get
39:03 to the end of time because that's the
39:05 purpose of this Bible study.
39:09 The last pure people will become,
39:14 it's amazing all of the implications that are
39:16 in this Bible study and so you are pointing
39:18 these out to the person that you are giving the
39:20 study too because the Gold is to impress
39:23 them with the fact, we are not making any of this up.
39:27 History tells us, you go to any history book
39:30 and it will tell you that the Neo
39:32 Babylonian Empire was followed by the
39:34 kingdom of Media and Persia.
39:37 Now have you ever heard of the Median rug?
39:40 You have ever heard of the Persian rug,
39:42 you have heard the Median Gulf?
39:45 You have heard the Persian Gulf?
39:47 You do. So which of the two was strong,
39:49 the Medes or the Persians? The Persians.
39:51 The Persians were. And then in your
39:54 history books after Medo-Persia you will
39:57 see that the next kingdom to be rule
39:59 over all the earth, once Greece.
40:03 History does not confirmed the Bible my friends?
40:06 The Bible tells us what history book is
40:09 correct or not? Understand that
40:11 because God's word is just that powerful,
40:14 not even being out number 20 to 1 could
40:17 the Medo-Persians pulled it off because
40:19 God said that it wouldn't be like that,
40:21 that the Grecians would conquer the
40:23 Medo-Persian Empire. Now it says here that
40:26 there is a fourth kingdom. This fourth kingdom
40:29 is a strong as Iron, breaks in pieces the
40:33 Iron, and the clay, and all of those metals.
40:37 Go to your graphic here. This next kingdom
40:40 rules between 168 B.C. and 476 A.D.
40:45 That's the time spend that this fourth
40:47 kingdom rules. It's the longest of
40:50 the ruling kingdoms. We see that Jesus was
40:55 crucified in the spring of 31 A.D.
40:59 Now some people will say, well, how
41:01 could He be crucified in the spring of 31?
41:03 Wasn't He 33 when He died? And doesn't A.D. mean
41:05 the year of our Lord. We will get to that.
41:08 That will be answer. Jesus was crucified in
41:12 the spring of 31 A.D. So Jesus is crucified
41:17 during the rule of this fourth kingdom.
41:21 Everybody got that. Jesus was crucified
41:23 during the rule of this fourth kingdom.
41:26 What earthly kingdom was in control when
41:30 Jesus was crucified? I want a Bible book,
41:35 Bible chapter and Bible reference and
41:38 you can see that on the next graphic.
41:40 Let's go to Luke 23 verse 2, Luke 23 and
41:47 verse 2, we're gonna let Jessica read this.
41:50 Luke the 23 chapter and the 2nd verse.
41:59 This is talking about the trial of Jesus and
42:02 here we are, Luke 23 verse 2 They began at
42:06 once to state their case: "This man has been
42:09 leading our people to ruin by telling them
42:12 not to pay their taxes to the Roman
42:14 government and by claiming he is the
42:16 Messiah, a king." So they accused Jesus of
42:22 telling the people of the Jews nation that
42:25 they should not pay taxes to whom?
42:28 Caesar, and what did your version say there?
42:30 The Roman government, Rome was the kingdom
42:36 in control from 168 B.C. to 476 A.D.
42:43 Christ was crucified in 31 A.D. the fourth
42:46 kingdom is the kingdom of Rome.
42:51 Do you see that from the Bible, it's very
42:53 powerful? God's word is so powerful that no
42:58 matter what men tries to do men cannot thwarted.
43:03 So let's go to now back to our graphic,
43:06 you see there that the head of Gold was Babylon.
43:12 Babylon is followed by a Medo-Persia,
43:15 Medo-Persia is followed by Greece,
43:19 Greece is followed by Rome, and then we're
43:23 gonna go to our fifth kingdom here or fifth
43:28 division and we are going to see that the
43:31 Bible tells us that Rome itself would not
43:35 last forever. So let's go back to our screen
43:40 and let's go to our next reference or our
43:42 next graphic. Daniel chapter 2 verses 41 to
43:48 45. Daniel chapter 2 verses 41 to 45 and so
43:53 we are just turning back to the left there.
43:56 Daniel chapter 2 verses 41 to 45 and
44:01 we will ask Solita to read that for us,
44:04 and I may interrupt you just a little bit.
44:07 I probably will as we go through this
44:08 alright, okay, so Daniel chapter 2
44:11 beginning in verse 41. And whereas thou
44:15 sawest the feet and toes, part of potters'
44:18 clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be
44:21 divided; but there shall be in it of the
44:26 strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou
44:29 sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.
44:32 And as the toes and feet were part of iron,
44:34 and part of clay so shall the kingdom be
44:37 partly strong, and partly broken.
44:39 Okay, now this is where I am going to
44:41 interrupt you. Solita tell me how many
44:44 toes does the average person have on their feet?
44:49 Ten. Now you see here in the
44:52 interpretation Daniel adds toes.
44:58 When the dream was given, he just said the
45:01 feet part of, potters' clay and part of iron.
45:05 Here in the interpretation it
45:07 says the feet and, what? Toes, part of potters'
45:11 clay and part of Iron and then it says,
45:13 it will be partly strong and partly broken.
45:18 So the kingdom of Rome is not, let's see
45:21 here in verse 41, it says, the kingdom
45:25 shall be divided. Rome was not
45:29 conquered, Rome was divided.
45:34 Now was Babylon conquered by whom?
45:38 Medo-Persia. You pick up those
45:40 microphones so we can hear you.
45:41 Was Medo-Persia Conquered?
45:43 Yes. By who? Greece. Greece.
45:45 Was Greece conquered? Yes.
45:47 By whom? Rome. Was Rome Conquered?
45:51 No. Rome was divided and when we
45:55 get to our Bible study in Daniel chapter 7,
45:59 we will see that Rome was indeed divided
46:02 into 10 different nations. So the Bible says that
46:09 Babylon is going to be conquered by Medo-Persia.
46:11 Medo-Persia is going to be conquered by
46:13 Greece, Greece is going to be conquered
46:15 by Rome, but Rome is not going to be
46:19 conquered, Rome is going to be,
46:22 divided, that's right. So let's just keep
46:26 reading there, verse 43. Okay.
46:31 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed
46:33 with miry clay, they shall mingle
46:35 themselves with the seed of men: but they
46:38 shall not cleave one to another, even as iron
46:41 is not mixed with clay. Okay, Solita, how
46:43 long would you have to stir clay and iron
46:46 before you got clarion. It won't, it won't what?
46:52 It won't mix, it won't mix, it won't mix.
46:57 Notice there in verse 43 and whereas thou
46:59 sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they
47:02 shall mingle themselves with the seed of men.
47:06 What is the seed of men? What is that?
47:11 That's their children or their offspring.
47:13 So this division of Rome, When Rome is
47:17 divided they will try to unite Rome
47:21 by intermarriage. Do you realize that
47:26 lots of people try to re-unite divided Rome?
47:30 Charlemagne tried it, Henry the some
47:35 number, I forget his number, tried it,
47:37 the VIII, somewhere in there, XIV maybe,
47:43 Hitler tried it, many different rulers have
47:46 tried to unite divided Rome but they couldn't.
47:52 Do you know why they couldn't?
47:55 Because God said, it wasn't going to happen.
47:58 My friend God's word is true, it's reliable,
48:05 it can be trusted. God's word is going
48:10 to take you all the way to the kingdom
48:12 of heaven if you will believe in Him and
48:17 trust in Him. So let's go back to the study,
48:19 just keep reading there. Verse 44.
48:25 And in the days of these kings shall the
48:27 God of heaven set up a kingdom, which
48:30 shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall
48:32 not be left to other people, but it shall
48:35 break in pieces and consume all these
48:37 kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.
48:40 Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone
48:42 was cut out of the mountain without
48:44 hands, and that it brake in pieces the
48:47 iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and
48:50 the gold; the great God hath made
48:52 known to the king what shall come to
48:54 pass hereafter: and the dream is certain,
48:57 and the interpretation thereof sure.
49:00 Okay, so let's go back to our graphic now,
49:02 you see there, the head of Gold is
49:04 Babylon, then you have Medo-Persia,
49:06 then you have Greece, then you have Rome,
49:09 then you have divided Rome.
49:10 Now divided Rome, Rome was completely
49:12 divided into 10 divisions. In 476 A.D.
49:16 for those who of you that want more
49:17 information on that you're gonna need to
49:20 look on our website and we will have a
49:22 class there on the books of Daniel and
49:24 the books of Revelation. Robert Taylor is
49:26 going to do that for us or you can order the
49:28 DVD set and see it on those DVDs.
49:32 So Rome is completely divided into 10 divisions
49:37 in 476 A.D. My friend you and I still live
49:42 during the time of divided Rome.
49:46 So 476 A.D. to the present we go 605
49:51 years before the turn of the calendar from
49:54 B.C. into A.D. All the way down to the year
49:58 that you and I are living. And Jesus says that in
50:03 the time of these kings, the Bible tells
50:06 us in the time of these kings, in the time of
50:08 divided Rome, the God of heaven will
50:12 set up a kingdom. The God of heaven
50:16 set up a kingdom. Now the Bible said
50:21 there that there was a stone in the dream
50:23 itself, there was a stone that was cut out
50:25 without hands. What does that stone
50:28 represent? We will go to our next reference.
50:31 Let's go to Matthew 21 and verse 44
50:35 because we want to have a Thus saith the
50:37 Lord for everything we are doing.
50:38 Matthew 21 and verse 44, Matthew the 21st
50:47 chapter, the 44th verse, and Mrs. Gloria
50:52 if you could read that for us, why don't you
50:54 start in verse 43 rather than 44, start in verse 43.
50:59 Matthew chapter 21, verse 43.
51:08 Therefore say to you, The kingdom of God
51:11 will be taken from you, and given to a
51:14 nation bringing the fruits of it And
51:17 whosoever falls on this stone will be
51:20 broken: but on whomever it fall,
51:24 it will grind him to powder.
51:26 Okay, who is this stone there?
51:28 What is the stone? The stone there in
51:32 verse 43, it says, the kingdom of God shall
51:34 be taken from you, and given to a nation
51:36 bringing forth the fruits thereof and
51:38 whosoever fall on this stone, whosoever fall
51:41 on the kingdom of God. Look back up in 42,
51:44 the stone which the builders rejected,
51:46 the same is going to become the head of
51:48 the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and
51:50 marvelous in our eyes? It is marvelous in our eyes.
51:55 Then he says there that the kingdom of
51:56 God is going to be taken from God's
51:59 people and given to a nation
52:01 that brings forth fruit. It says, and whosoever
52:04 shall fall on this stone shall be broken but on
52:08 whomsoever it the stone shall fall it will
52:12 do, what? It will grind him to pieces or grind
52:16 him to power. Doesn't that sound like
52:17 language that we just read.
52:20 The kingdom of God is the stone that is cut
52:24 out without human hands that falls on this
52:31 image at his feet at the base of it,
52:36 up at this time, let' say, we don't have
52:38 another slide that has those things on yet,
52:40 but up to the present time it's, while you
52:43 and I are alive that, that stone is going to
52:45 become a great mountain and fill the
52:48 whole earth. My question is are
52:52 you ready for that stone to come?
52:56 Are you ready for that stone to come?
52:58 We're gonna now to our next reference
53:00 which is an Ezekiel 21, Ezekiel 21.
53:03 You're gonna be quite amazed even Ezekiel
53:05 prophesied about this. Let's go to Ezekiel so
53:08 you are just one book to the left of Daniel.
53:12 We are going to Ezekiel the 21st
53:16 chapter and verses 26 and 27.
53:20 Andre Bertho we're gonna to let you read this.
53:25 Ezekiel 21 verse 26 and 27.
53:32 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Remove the
53:35 diadem, and take off the crown: Not this
53:39 shall remind the same: exalt the
53:42 humble, and the humble exalts it.
53:46 Overturn, overturn, I would make it
53:49 overturn, it shall be no longer, until he
53:52 come whose right it is; and I will give it to him.
54:01 Here we see, that the word of the Lord
54:04 comes to Ezekiel and Ezekiel prophesied
54:09 about the diadem being removed from
54:12 the king that was ruling Jerusalem at
54:15 this time by the way the king that was
54:17 ruling Jerusalem at this time was none
54:18 other than Nebuchadnezzar, of course, he had an
54:21 under king over their in Babylon that had
54:23 rebelled and it says, remove the diadem
54:28 and take off the crown. Look at the next line here.
54:31 I will overturn Babylon to Medo-Persia, overturn
54:35 from Medo-Persia to Greece, overturn from
54:37 Greece to Rome and it shall be no more.
54:42 There will no longer be a one world ruler
54:45 or a one world government until he
54:49 come whose right it is and I will give it to him.
54:54 Who is that? Who alone has the right
54:56 to rule this world under one world
54:59 government that's Jesus Christ you are
55:00 absolutely right, you are absolutely right.
55:04 Jesus says, I will overturn it, Babylon
55:07 to Medo-Persia, overturn it Medo
55:09 Persia to Greece, overturn it Greece to
55:10 Rome and then it shall be no more until Jesus
55:15 comes, until that stone that has cut out of that
55:18 mountain without hands, strikes that
55:20 image on the feet of it and grinds it to
55:23 powder and then the wind comes and just
55:26 blows it away. Our next reference
55:29 is 2nd Peter chapter 1 verses 10 and 11.
55:33 Turn with me there 2nd Peter chapter 1
55:36 verses 10 and 11, 2nd Peter chapter 1
55:44 verses 10 and 11 and I will read this one.
55:48 Second Peter chapter 1 verses 10 and 11,
55:51 the word of God says, wherefore the rather,
55:55 brethren, give diligence to make
55:58 your calling and election sure:
56:02 for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:
56:07 For so an entrance shall be ministered
56:10 unto you abundantly into the everlasting
56:14 kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
56:21 My friends God today has given us evidence.
56:27 He knew that Babylon would be followed by
56:29 Medo-Persia, He knew that Medo
56:31 Persia would be followed by Greece,
56:34 He knew the Greece would be followed by
56:36 Rome and He knew that Rome would not
56:38 be conquered but Rome would be divided.
56:41 The diadem would have been taken off
56:42 that kingdom of Rome and saved for
56:46 the one whose right it is and that's Jesus Christ.
56:52 Jesus Christ has given us this book, the Bible
56:58 so that we can understand God's
56:59 basic instructions before leaving earth,
57:03 so that you and I would actually get to
57:05 leave this earth and spend eternity with Jesus.
57:09 Won't you give Jesus the opportunity to
57:14 continue to show you truth from this book
57:18 called the Bible so that you can see that
57:22 God is real? Jesus Christ is the center of
57:27 this book and we pray through out this series
57:31 that Jesus Christ will become the very
57:33 center of your life. Give Jesus the
57:37 opportunity and He will prove
57:39 Himself to be real to you.
57:44 With 20 DVDs in each package life in
57:47 the edge is great for sharing at prayer
57:49 meetings, small groups or even during
57:51 a personal Bible study, may he would
57:54 like to come join us in our classroom,
57:56 you can call us at 888-Mathew 28:19,
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