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Great Controversy Pt. 1

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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said I, "Here am I. Send me, Send me!"
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you to be
00:25 infected harvest before the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our
00:29 classroom to come, experience life.
00:43 We'd like to welcome you to the
00:44 Lay Institute for Evangelism we're here
00:47 in our classroom at Pine Lakes Retreat
00:49 in Groveland, Florida. We want to thank
00:52 those of you that are at home watching
00:53 for being here with us. The Bible study that
00:56 we're going to go over today.
00:57 You'll notice on your screen.
00:58 The Bible study's name is the Great Controversy.
01:02 We are going to use GC is our code for marking.
01:06 You'll recall in our first Bible study and the
01:09 introduction to this Life on the Edge class.
01:12 You'll recall that we went over how we
01:14 were going to mark our Bibles.
01:16 And so as we get into this Bible study
01:19 we're going to reiterate a lot of that,
01:21 so that you can remember how to
01:23 mark your Bible, because the important
01:25 thing of this class is that when you finish
01:28 this class you're gonna be able to take
01:29 what you've learned and you're gonna
01:31 be able to teach others exactly what
01:33 you've learned in this course.
01:35 And so we would like to direct your
01:36 attention again to the screen.
01:38 Each one of our Bible studies has a purpose
01:42 and the purpose of this Bible study is to
01:44 show that there is a cosmic conflict between
01:49 God and Satan. There is a cosmic conflict
01:54 between Jesus Christ and Satan.
01:57 And you and I want to be on the winning
01:59 side of that battle, don't we Tom?
02:01 Absolutely, you know everyone of us can
02:04 relate to this cosmic battle or this cosmic
02:06 conflict, because our parents or maybe our
02:10 spouse or maybe our Pastor will ask us to
02:13 do something and we know that it's the
02:14 right thing to do. But then we hear this
02:17 little whisper over here on our shoulder
02:19 that says, don't do it. You don't need
02:21 to pay any attention to that.
02:22 Nobody is gonna notice the details
02:24 and then over here on this side you
02:26 hear that, that famous little whisper of
02:28 you know you need to do that.
02:30 You know you need to take care of that.
02:32 That's what God would want you to do
02:34 and so we've all experienced that,
02:35 we've been in places where we have
02:38 recognized that there is a battle going
02:40 on over our life. And again the purpose
02:43 of this study is to simply show that
02:45 there is a cosmic battle between God and Satan.
02:50 Now again each one of our Bible studies
02:52 will also be centered on Jesus Christ.
02:55 And you know this is the center it on
02:57 our graphic here. God is a God of justice
03:01 who desires the service of genuine love
03:04 and genuine loyalty. We can win the battle
03:08 with evil through His Son Jesus Christ.
03:12 You and I can win the battle with the evil
03:16 as long as we have Jesus Christ on our side.
03:20 Do you agree with that? How is it that
03:22 we're gonna win this battle?
03:23 Through Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ
03:25 that's absolutely right Laura.
03:27 So God is a God of justice.
03:29 Do you believe that God is just?
03:31 And he, who desires the service of genuine love
03:35 and genuine loyalty. Can you imagine
03:38 someone coming up to you Mrs. Gloria
03:40 and saying love me? And they point at gun at you,
03:44 would you be able to love that person?
03:45 No. No, no she's still for a moment,
03:48 she thought about it. Well that all
03:50 depends on whether its somebody
03:51 I loved that's pointing a gun at me.
03:52 I don't know what was going on there,
03:55 but certainly you cannot force love can you?
03:58 So God is a God that desires genuine,
04:02 the service of genuine love and genuine loyalty.
04:06 And you and I can overcome in this battle
04:10 with Satan as long as we've Jesus on our side.
04:14 Now in our Bible studies if you go
04:16 back to the graphic. You will remember
04:18 that each one of our Bible studies
04:20 we've listed all of the texts that are
04:23 going to be in the study.
04:24 Now these are the texts, the references
04:26 that you mark out of the front of your Bible
04:29 or the back of your Bible.
04:31 So you will simply open up the,
04:33 I have here on the back of my Bible
04:35 is where I've started marking mine.
04:36 Let me just get to that section here.
04:39 And if you buy one of these Bibles
04:41 that has lined paper in it.
04:42 It makes it so much easier to mark the
04:44 back of your Bible and I see Mrs. Gloria
04:45 shaking her head, yeah that's right.
04:47 She wish she had line paper too,
04:49 but you there that my Bible study is
04:51 it's written in here, Great Controversy, GC.
04:54 I've got my purpose there and I've got
04:56 my Center it, there as well.
04:58 And so these texts that you see on
04:59 your screen are the texts that
05:02 you're gonna write either in front of
05:03 your Bible or the back of your Bible.
05:05 Now some of you here have already
05:07 started marking your Bibles haven't you?
05:08 You've already started marking your Bibles.
05:10 Have you found that do you have to write small
05:12 when you put this on the front of your Bible
05:14 or back of your Bible. Okay go ahead and
05:16 pick up that microphone Shalita
05:17 and tell me why you have to write small?
05:19 Why it is important for us to write small
05:21 when we're putting all these references
05:23 in the front or back of our Bible?
05:27 Well because there is a lot of more studies
05:30 to marking in there. There's a lot more
05:32 studies to mark in there that's absolutely right.
05:34 We've 24 Bibles studies in this series
05:38 called Life on Edge, so those of you at home
05:41 if you're, if you're regardless of the
05:43 method that your using to, to tune in
05:45 to us today, there's 24 of these lessons.
05:48 So you're gonna wanna mark all of
05:49 these references that you see here
05:50 on your screen. You mark those very small
05:54 in the front and back of your Bible.
05:56 So that you can fit all 24 of those in
05:58 and of course you can go to our website
06:00 www.come
06:05 and you can download our handouts
06:06 that go with this and that will make it a lot
06:08 easier than just staring at a screen
06:10 that you put on pause for a little bit,
06:12 so just go to the website and download those,
06:14 those handouts. On our graphic as well
06:19 here you see that this study is divided into
06:21 three different sections.
06:23 The first section in this study over the
06:26 Great Controversy is the Source of Evil.
06:30 The second section is the Thrust of Evil
06:34 or what gives evil it's motivation and the
06:37 third section is the Cosmic Battle over you.
06:42 There is a cosmic battle that is raging behind
06:46 the scenes over your life. And you are the
06:49 one that determines who wins that battle
06:52 in your life. And this study is going to show
06:55 that we can have victory through Jesus Christ.
06:59 No matter what our temptation is,
07:01 no matter what our struggle is,
07:03 no matter what we're going through
07:05 in our lives we can have victory through Jesus.
07:09 We'll win this battle. Do you wanna be a winner?
07:11 I wanna be a winner as well.
07:13 So we're gonna go now to focusing on
07:16 the Source of Evil. And again when
07:19 we go to the next graphic up here,
07:21 you will see that our first great controversy
07:24 text is Genesis chapter 1 and then
07:26 you see all these verses 4, 10, 12, 18,
07:29 21, 25, 31 and we're going to reference
07:32 the good in these texts.
07:35 As you're marking this in your Bible
07:37 when you're in Genesis which is the text
07:39 we're in. You'll notice on the screen
07:41 you have there in a yellow circle 1GC,
07:45 now the GC stood for what? Great Controversy.
07:47 Great Controversy, that's right Mike.
07:49 So this is the first text in the Great Controversy
07:51 study and we're in Genesis chapter 1
07:54 verses 4, 10 we've already done that.
07:56 And our next reference the reference that
07:58 we're gonna go to is Matthew 13:24
08:01 through 37 and so forth.
08:03 So we're gonna go ahead and start
08:04 reading Genesis chapter 1 and we're gonna
08:07 ask Shalita to read that for us.
08:09 I'm gonna come over here before she
08:10 does that. I'm gonna come over here
08:11 and I'm gonna get my Bible,
08:12 so that I can read it with you.
08:14 So again we're going to Genesis chapter 1
08:17 and we will begin in verse 4, so can you
08:20 read that for us. I want you to read verses
08:22 1 through 4, so we get the context here.
08:25 Okay. In the beginning God created heaven
08:28 and the earth. And the earth was without form
08:31 and void and darkness was upon the face
08:33 of the deep. And the spirit of God moved
08:37 upon the face of the waters.
08:39 And God said let there be light,
08:41 and there was light. And God saw that,
08:44 God saw the light that it was good,
08:47 and God divided the light from the darkness.
08:49 Okay, so God saw the light and it was what?
08:52 Good. Now Shalita tell you me what is the
08:54 context in this verse. What, what is the
08:56 context here? Creation. Creation
09:00 that's absolutely right.
09:01 So in creation God creates or separates
09:06 the light from the darkness there and
09:08 God calls or He creates light and He calls
09:10 light what? Good. Good, we're gonna see
09:14 this theme all throughout Genesis
09:17 chapter 1 and it may seem a little redundant
09:20 as we go through it. But you have,
09:23 while I'm teaching this to you remember
09:25 the reason that your learning is that
09:26 you can go out and share it with somebody else.
09:28 So we're literally gonna go to everyone
09:30 of those references and we're gonna
09:32 reference the word good. Now when I
09:35 marked this in my Bible what I did is
09:37 at the very top of Genesis chapter 1
09:39 is where I wrote where I was gonna 1GC
09:42 in my line and where I was gonna go next,
09:44 but then I wrote above that line I wrote
09:47 talk about the good texts and then I went
09:49 through Genesis chapter 1 and circled the word
09:51 good over and over and over again,
09:53 because of the points that we're bringing out
09:55 in this reference the reason we're going
09:57 to Genesis chapter 1 is to show that when
10:00 God creates something He creates it good.
10:04 How does God create it? Good. Good, then we're
10:08 gonna go to some references further on
10:10 in this study and we're gonna see that God
10:12 takes absolutely no responsibility for
10:15 the evil that is in this world.
10:17 Because our God creates something
10:19 and according to day one He created how?
10:21 Good. Good. Well let's go to our next reference.
10:24 Our next reference is verse 10.
10:27 So in Genesis chapter 1 and verse 10 and
10:30 Laura, if you can read that for us.
10:32 Genesis chapter 1 verse 10.
10:34 Now Laura remember when you're reading
10:37 you want to make eye contact with the
10:38 people at home, because they're judging whether
10:40 or not you're able to keep their attention
10:42 when you read. And that's one of the thing
10:44 that's very important for those who at home.
10:46 When you're giving a Bible study it's very
10:48 important for you to maintain eye contact
10:52 with the people that you're giving the
10:53 study to. So let's go ahead Laura,
10:55 if you'll read for us verse 10.
10:57 And God called the dry Earth and the
11:01 gathering together of the waters called
11:03 He seas. And God saw that it was good.
11:07 Very nice, did you notice that eye contact
11:09 there at the end that was good.
11:10 I had to whisper to her eye contact.
11:12 Then she got it and you know the more,
11:15 the more you give these studies.
11:16 The more you do this, the easier it will be
11:19 to make that eye contact.
11:20 You know we have one student here in the room
11:22 that expressed to me earlier when we were
11:24 going over things last week on the cycle
11:26 of Evangelism that it was very difficult in
11:28 their culture to make eye contact with the people.
11:31 But when you're giving Bible studies you have
11:33 to remember that you are standing as
11:36 the representative of Christ to that individual
11:39 that you're giving the study to.
11:41 You're actually opening the word of God
11:43 and Jesus is the word made flesh
11:45 and you're revealing Jesus to that person
11:47 in the teaching that you are going over
11:50 in that study. So here, Laura, in
11:53 Genesis chapter 1 verse 10, it says,
11:57 And God saw that it was what?
11:58 Good. Good, so the second time God
12:01 created something here in, in Genesis.
12:05 God sees it the time and He calls it what?
12:07 Good. Good, God sees at the second time
12:10 and God calls it? Good. Good, let's go to the
12:13 next reference here. Genesis chapter 1
12:16 and verse 12. Genesis chapter 1 and Bill
12:20 is gonna read that for us. Genesis chapter 1
12:23 and verse 12. And the earth brought forth grass,
12:27 the herb that yield seed according to its kind,
12:31 and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed
12:33 is in itself according to its kind, and God saw
12:36 that it was good. So Bill God creates something
12:40 on the third day He looks at it and He sees
12:43 that it's what? Good. He sees that it's good.
12:46 So three times now God creates something
12:49 and when He looks at it, does God see anything
12:51 bad in it? Nope. God sees what? Good.
12:55 That's absolutely right. So let's go to the next
12:58 reference again. We're just going over this and
13:00 the purpose for us being in Genesis chapter 1.
13:02 Kate, I want you to pick up the microphone
13:04 and why don't you tell me the reason
13:06 that we are in Genesis chapter 1.
13:09 What's the reason that we are using
13:11 the references in Genesis chapter 1?
13:13 To show that everything God made was good.
13:17 That's absolutely right to show that everything
13:19 that God made was good, so here we are verse 18,
13:22 Caitlin why don't you go and keep that microphone
13:24 and you read for us the next good verse,
13:27 or the words that contains the word good
13:28 and that is verse 18. To rule over the day
13:32 and over the night, and to divide the light
13:34 from the darkness, and God saw that it
13:36 was good. And God that it was what?
13:40 Good. Good do you see a recovering theme here.
13:43 When God creates something, God creates it
13:46 and says that it is? Good. Good.
13:50 Let's go to our next reference which would
13:52 be verse 21. Our next reference,
13:55 so those of you at home you've got
13:56 your Bible in your lap, you're looking
13:58 these things up, you're taking notes
14:00 and we're in Genesis chapter 1
14:01 verse 21 and Mike is going to read that for us.
14:05 And God created great whales,
14:08 and every living creature that moveth,
14:10 which the waters brought forth abundantly,
14:12 after their kind, and every winged fowl
14:14 after his kind, and God saw that it was good.
14:17 And God saw that it was good.
14:21 The same theme when God creates something,
14:26 God creates that something. Good. Good.
14:30 That's right. Let's go to verse 25.
14:33 Verse 25 and we'll let Tom read this one.
14:37 Genesis chapter 1 verse 25 and again
14:39 we're just pulling up the good, good, good.
14:42 Now I'll show you exactly why when
14:43 we get to our next reference.
14:45 And God made the beast of the earth according
14:48 to its kind, cattle according to its kind,
14:51 and every thing that creeps upon the earth
14:53 according to its kind, and God saw that
14:56 it was good. So God again creates and
15:00 God says that it's what? Good. It's good.
15:02 Let's go to our next text or the last text here
15:05 in Genesis chapter 1 which is verse 31.
15:09 Genesis chapter 1 and verse 31
15:13 and we will go ahead and let Vanessa
15:15 read that for us. Genesis chapter 1 verse 31.
15:19 And God saw every thing that He had made,
15:23 and behold, it was very good.
15:25 And the evening and the morning
15:27 were the sixth day. So Vanessa,
15:30 God takes a look back at everything that
15:33 He has created and He says it's what?
15:35 What. What does He saw there? Very good.
15:37 Very good that's right. So remember you notice
15:40 how she just said good and then I say,
15:41 it says what. When you're given those
15:44 Bible studies to people. You need to make sure
15:46 that you ask questions that can be answered
15:48 right out of the text that you just read
15:51 or a previous text. You don't wanna leave
15:53 them in an uncomfortable situation where they
15:55 have no clue what the answer is.
15:56 See you always ask questions that can be
15:58 answered directly out of the reference
16:00 you're in or a reference that you've been to.
16:02 And you'll remember that what you want to do
16:05 when you're given a Bible study is you
16:06 want to take handwritten notes.
16:08 Do you remember what the reason is
16:10 you want to take a handwritten note.
16:11 We went over this last in the cycle
16:13 of Evangelism. Because people are more likely
16:18 to keep that, that's exactly right Mike
16:20 and another reason that you would take
16:22 handwritten notes is so that you could refer
16:24 back to a text that's you've already been to.
16:27 And if you've written it out and then you
16:29 place it on the table then that person can
16:30 just read the references that you've been to
16:33 before. So you want to make sure that
16:36 the answers, the questions that you
16:37 ask can be answered directly from the text
16:40 that you're in or from the previous reference
16:42 that you've already been in. Does that
16:44 make sense, alright, so we finish now with our
16:46 first reference I'm gonna come right over here
16:48 and I'm going to get my, my clicker and my
16:51 advancer that I left. You can see on the
16:54 screen there, 1GC tells us
16:56 that we're going to Matthew chapter 13
16:58 verses 24 to 30 and so on, so we'll just put
17:01 that reference up there on the screen.
17:03 So, that our second reference in the
17:07 Great Controversy Bible study on our graphic
17:10 is Matthew 13, 24 through 30 then
17:13 verses 37 through 39, but we are especially
17:17 going to focus on verses 28 and verse 39.
17:21 So you see there on the screen the text
17:25 we just came from is Genesis chapter 1
17:27 or the good text. The reference that we'll
17:30 be going to after our second text in the
17:35 Great Controversy study is Luke 13
17:37 verses 10 through 16. So here we are,
17:40 we're in Matthew 13 let me go ahead and
17:42 get there and then we will ask Danielle
17:45 to read that for us. Matthew chapter 13
17:47 and we will began in verse 24.
17:51 So if you can read verse 24 through
17:55 verse 30 for us Danielle then
17:57 we will all be there together.
18:01 Another parable put he forth unto them saying.
18:03 Okay stop right there Danielle, another what?
18:06 Parable. Parable, what is a parable?
18:10 What's a parable? It's a story with a deeper
18:14 meaning or a parable is an illustration that
18:17 has an underlying reason for giving that parable,
18:22 that story to that illustration,
18:24 does that make sense? So Jesus here is going
18:26 to give us an illustration or a story that has a
18:29 deeper meaning then just the story itself.
18:32 So keep reading there Matthew 13 verse,
18:34 you're doing great thank you for letting
18:36 me interrupt you. The kingdom of heaven
18:39 is likened unto a man which sowed
18:40 good seed in his field. Okay so what kind of
18:43 seed did he sow? Good seed.
18:45 Okay a man sowed good seed in his field.
18:47 So when we're giving this Bible study
18:48 you're just asking these questions
18:50 as you read these texts to keep those
18:52 to bring up the points that you want to
18:53 bring out to study. Go ahead Danielle.
18:55 But while men slept, his enemy came and
18:58 sowed tares among the wheat, and went
19:00 his way. But when the blade was sprung up,
19:04 and brought forth fruit, then appeared the
19:06 tares also. So the servants of the
19:08 householder came and said unto him,
19:10 Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field?
19:14 From whence then hath it tares? He said
19:17 unto them, An enemy hath done this.
19:19 Okay stop right there, so who was it that
19:21 sowed the tares in the field? An enemy.
19:25 Did the good seed sower have anything
19:29 to do with the seed, the tares that were sowed.
19:32 No. No, okay you can finish reading the
19:35 reference now. The servants said unto him,
19:38 Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?
19:40 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up
19:43 the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.
19:46 Let both grow together until the harvest:
19:49 and in the time of harvest I will say to
19:51 the reapers, Gather ye together first
19:53 the tares, and bind them in bundles
19:55 to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.
19:58 Okay, so remember as we read through
20:01 this reference here, the verse that
20:04 we are focusing on is especially verse 28
20:07 in this passage. When you read verses 24
20:10 through 30 we're gonna especially
20:12 focus on verse 28. And verse 28 is where the,
20:17 the land owner servant say didn't you sow
20:20 good seed and then he says there in verse 28,
20:23 he said to them, an enemy has done this.
20:27 Well the disciples later on wanted to know what
20:32 in the world that parable meant.
20:34 It maybe some of us are wondering the
20:36 same thing. If the man who owned the field
20:39 didn't sow the tares, but an enemy sow the
20:42 tares then how can tell is the enemy?
20:46 Who is the enemy? And we gonna go to
20:48 Mrs. Gloria and Mrs. Gloria if you'll
20:51 read for us verses 37 to 39.
20:55 Matthew 13 verses 37 through to 39.
21:01 He answered and said them,
21:05 He who sows the good seed is the Son of man.
21:10 Okay stop right there Mrs. Gloria,
21:11 who is it that sowed the good seed?
21:14 Son of man. The son of man.
21:15 Who do we know the son of man today.
21:18 Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ that's right.
21:20 So again Jesus told them a parable.
21:23 The parable has a deeper meaning,
21:25 the one that sowed the good seed is
21:27 Jesus that's right, now keep reading verse 38.
21:31 The field is the world; the good seeds are
21:34 the sons of the kingdom, but the tares are the
21:38 sons of the wicked one. The enemy who sowed
21:42 them is the devil; the harvest is the end
21:46 of the age; and the reapers are the angels.
21:50 So who Mrs. Gloria don't put it down yet,
21:54 who Mrs. Gloria is the enemy in this parable
21:59 that Jesus told? The devil. The devil.
22:02 Did Jesus in this parable take any responsibility
22:08 for the tares that were in the field.
22:11 No, no, no Jesus in this parable blames
22:15 the existence of the tares on who?
22:18 The enemy or the devil that's absolutely right.
22:22 So when it comes to the evil that is in this
22:25 world did God create it? No, because you
22:30 remember the reason we were in Genesis
22:32 chapter 1 is to show that God creates God
22:35 creates it how Bill? How does He create it?
22:37 Good, and then when God looks back at
22:39 everything He created, He says it is what?
22:42 Very good. Very good, so God created good,
22:46 but an enemy came along and sowed the tares
22:52 and that enemy is who? The devil. The devil.
22:57 Did Jesus take responsibility
23:00 and I'm just asking you this question
23:02 again because when you give this Bible study
23:04 this is the reason that you're in Matthew
23:06 chapter 13. Did Jesus take responsibility
23:12 for the tares that were sown.
23:14 No because Jesus sowed what kind of seed?
23:17 Good seed. Good seed, when God creates
23:18 something it is good, but an enemy came and
23:23 sowed the tares. So what we're gonna do now,
23:26 we've been to Genesis 1, everything God creates
23:29 is good. And enemy is the one that sowed
23:33 the wickedness or the evil or the tares that
23:36 are in this world. We're gonna see
23:37 another reference here in the New Testament.
23:41 We're gonna go to our third Great Controversy
23:44 text and you'll see on the graphic that the
23:47 3GC is Luke 13:10-16. You'll also notice that
23:52 3GC is in the yellow circle then we have
23:55 our line that line represents the text
23:57 that we're in, which is Luke 13.
23:59 The reference that we just came from
24:01 was Matthew 13. The reference we'll
24:04 go to after this is Luke chapter 10 verse 18.
24:08 So we're going to let, we're gonna let Laura
24:11 read for us again. We're gonna go to
24:13 Luke chapter 13, so I'm gonna turn that with you.
24:16 We're in Matthew and so when you go from
24:19 Matthew another tip here on giving Bible
24:21 studies is, it's your job as the Bible instructor,
24:25 as the person teaching someone else,
24:28 it's your job to teach that person
24:30 how to use their Bible. So we're in Matthew,
24:33 so I'm just going to teach you how to get
24:34 somebody from Matthew to Luke.
24:36 You're gonna turn to the right in your Bible.
24:38 Matthew, Mark, Luke, it's the third of the
24:42 gospels in the New Testament,
24:43 so Matthew I'm just flipping over.
24:45 But now then the John. What I do
24:47 when I get the John. I turn back to the
24:49 left that's right just one book and we're going
24:52 to Luke the 13th chapter verses 10 through
24:57 to 16. I will interrupt you probably.
25:00 Now since this is a longer passage Laura,
25:03 you're gonna wanna make sure that
25:04 you make that eye contact.
25:05 And one of the best ways to make sure
25:07 that you don't loose the eye contact
25:09 with the person when you're reading
25:10 is just to put your finger on the page.
25:13 And then when you look up then you
25:14 just look right now and I know that,
25:16 that you're a mom and you read
25:17 to your children and so, you know
25:19 what it's like to read to your children
25:21 and to look at them while you're reading.
25:23 So just do that for us today okay.
25:25 And he was teaching in one of the synagogues
25:28 on the Sabbath. And, behold, there was a
25:30 woman which had a spirit of infirmity
25:32 eighteen years, and was bowed together,
25:35 and could in no wise lift up herself.
25:38 And when Jesus saw her, He called her
25:41 to Him, and He said unto her, Woman,
25:43 thou art loosed from thine infirmity.
25:45 Okay, stop right there Laura how long had
25:48 this lady been sick? Eighteen years.
25:50 Eighteen years, what was her,
25:52 what was her condition here?
25:54 She was bent over. She was bent over
25:57 and she couldn't do what? She couldn't
25:58 straighten up. She couldn't straighten up.
25:59 Can you imagine what it would be like Laura.
26:01 If, if you were just a person that was bent
26:05 over and you couldn't even look anybody
26:06 in the eyes. Can you imagine that,
26:08 that might be pretty a hard life to live
26:10 wouldn't it. So here's this lady that probably
26:12 has very low self esteem.
26:14 She can't look people in the eyes,
26:16 because she is bent over and she's been
26:18 that way for 18 years. You think she wanted
26:22 to be free from that. I mean Jesus said,
26:24 woman you are loosed from your infirmity.
26:27 Then what happens, what happens Laura?
26:29 And he laid his hands on her and immediately
26:31 she was made straight, and glorified God.
26:34 And the ruler of the synagogue answered
26:36 with indignation, because that Jesus
26:38 had healed on the Sabbath Day,
26:40 and He said to the people, There are six
26:43 days in which men art to work:
26:45 in them therefore come and be healed,
26:47 and not on the Sabbath Day.
26:49 The Lord then answered him, and said, Thou
26:52 hypocrite, doth not each one of you on
26:55 the Sabbath loose his ox or his ass
26:57 from the stall, and lead him away to watering?
27:00 And ought not this woman,
27:02 being a daughter of Abraham,
27:04 whom Satan hath bound, lo these
27:06 eighteen years, be loosed from this
27:08 bound on the Sabbath Day?
27:10 Okay Laura according to Jesus in verse 16
27:15 who is it that was responsible for this
27:19 woman's sickness? Satan. Satan,
27:21 you remember when God creates something,
27:24 God creates it how? Good. Good and when
27:27 He looks at all Bill He said it is? Very good.
27:29 Very good, and here this lady has been sick
27:33 for 18 years. And Jesus heals her and then
27:39 He is rebuking the leaders of the day
27:41 He says, Satan bound this lady.
27:45 So was God responsible for this lady being sick?
27:49 No. Who was responsible for the evil that this
27:52 lady was going through? Satan. Satan,
27:54 now would you agree with me that God created
27:57 everything? Would you agree with that?
28:00 You know there was a professor, a biology
28:03 professor every year he would ask his class
28:06 this question. Do you, he says, he says
28:10 I know that there are some Christians here
28:11 in this room, do you believe that God created
28:14 everything and if you do stand up.
28:16 And so several students each semester
28:20 would stand up you know with fear and trepidation.
28:22 They're in a biology class at a secular university
28:25 and what do they teach there?
28:26 Evolution, they don't, they don't really care
28:28 about God too much do they.
28:30 And so these people stand up and every
28:32 year the professor would say, so then
28:35 you believe that God created evil?
28:37 Do you, what you believe that God
28:41 created everything don't you.
28:42 So then He created evil, but none of those
28:46 students could, could refute that biology
28:50 professor. But one year a very astute young
28:54 man was one of those Christians that stood
28:56 up and the professor said, now you believe
28:59 God created don't you? Yes sir, that's true.
29:02 Whether you believe God created evil
29:05 and instead of cowardly down and sitting
29:08 in the seat like all the other students have
29:11 done in the past. This young man says sir
29:13 may I ask you a few questions.
29:15 Well the biology professor this haven't happened
29:17 before, so the biology professor said, sure,
29:19 you can ask me a question.
29:21 And he says have you ever experienced
29:24 something that is cold. And of course what
29:27 do you think the professor said?
29:29 Of course I've experience somthing cold.
29:31 And he says no sir. Cold is simply a
29:34 term used to describe the absence of,
29:38 and professor finished it for him, heat.
29:40 So cold is a term used to describe the
29:43 absence of heat. He says sir have you
29:46 have ever been in the dark. Have you
29:49 ever experience the dark.
29:51 And the professor says, what do you mean
29:53 the Sun goes down every night.
29:54 He says no sir, you've not experience the dark.
29:57 Dark is a simple term used to show the absence,
30:02 and the professor finished it, of light.
30:05 Then the student look at the professor
30:08 in the eyes. And he said, have your ever
30:11 seen anything evil? The professor says
30:16 of course I've seen something evil,
30:17 don't you turn on the news at 6 O'clock
30:19 and watch the news, don't you go to
30:20 of course I've seen evil.
30:23 And the young man says no sir.
30:25 Evil is simply a term that is used to
30:28 describe the absence of God.
30:31 So, did God create evil absolutely not.
30:35 Evil is a term that was created by an enemy
30:40 of God. But God created everything didn't he.
30:44 How then did this enemy get here.
30:49 How did this enemy get here.
30:52 So you see what we've done during the first.
30:55 This is just our third reference in this study.
30:57 What we've done in this, in these three
30:59 references is we've shown that God creates
31:02 something and it's good, good, good,
31:04 good very good. And then we go to
31:09 Matthew chapter 13 and we see that
31:11 Jesus takes no responsibility for
31:13 the evil then we go to Luke chapter 13
31:16 and we see another illustration where
31:18 Jesus says that it is Satan that is responsible
31:22 for the evil that is in this world.
31:24 Does everybody see that, because this is
31:27 what you want to communicate
31:28 when you're given this Bible study.
31:29 This is what you want people to understand.
31:32 So we'll go to our screen here.
31:35 We're gonna go to our next reference.
31:37 In our next references Luke the 10th chapter
31:40 and verse 18, you can see there in our
31:42 marking scene, at the bottom of your screen.
31:44 Screen there how it is to look once you get there
31:47 and we want to mark that in your Bibles.
31:49 So we're in Luke chapter 10 and verse 18
31:53 and we're gonna go back here to my left,
31:56 Luke chapter 10, so in order to find
31:59 Luke chapter 10. You just turn to the left
32:02 and we're gonna go to Kristin. Kristin,
32:04 if you could read that for us.
32:05 Luke chapter 10 and verse 18.
32:08 And he said to them, I saw Satan
32:10 fall like lightning from heaven.
32:12 Okay so now lets try that one more time,
32:15 if you don't mind and when you read
32:16 that make sure you give the,
32:17 the audience a little bit of eye contact,
32:20 so that they know that you're engaged
32:21 with them alright. So just read that
32:22 one more time. And he said to them,
32:24 I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.
32:28 Very nice and those of who at home
32:29 you'll see there that when she was reading
32:31 that she almost lost her place,
32:34 but she just went right back down to where
32:36 her finger was and then she kept on reading.
32:38 So you don't have to be afraid that
32:39 you're gonna lose your place, especially
32:41 if you've got a point of finger that's
32:42 in the right spot right. So the reason that
32:45 we're in this text is because we want
32:48 to know where did this enemy come from.
32:52 Where did this enemy come from.
32:55 And Kristen, where did the Bible tell us
32:58 that this enemy came from.
33:00 Where did this enemy come from?
33:01 He came from heaven. He came from the heaven.
33:04 Now the disciples here are rejoicing that
33:07 even the devils are subject to them,
33:09 but I can imagine just the pathos and
33:12 the love that Jesus has in His eyes when
33:14 He says, thou rejoice that you have power
33:19 over the devil, because I saw Satan fall like
33:22 lightening from heaven. You know we're gonna
33:26 learn that Satan was one of the angels
33:30 that stood in the very presence of God
33:33 the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
33:37 And so when Satan fell from heaven
33:40 we're gonna find out he had another name as well.
33:43 When he fell from the heaven it was not
33:46 a joyous occasion. It was very sad and
33:51 the Bible says that Jesus says,
33:52 I saw Satan fall like lightening from
33:56 the heaven. So where was Satan the devil,
33:59 the enemy before he fell.
34:03 Where was he? Heaven. He's in heaven.
34:06 How did Satan get into heaven?
34:10 How did Satan get into heaven?
34:13 Well let's go to our screen here.
34:15 Our next reference the fifth text in this
34:18 great controversy study is Ezekiel 28
34:21 verses 11 through 18. Ezekiel 28 verses
34:24 11 through 18. So we're in Luke,
34:28 for those of you that are at home,
34:29 that are just learning, just like us here
34:31 in the classroom. Luke is to the right
34:34 of where we're going.
34:35 We're going to Ezekiel, so you need to turn
34:37 to the left. So we'll turn to the left.
34:39 We're gonna go past Matthew and
34:41 we're gonna go oh that is right there Ezekiel.
34:43 We're going to Ezekiel 28 if you get to Jeremiah
34:47 or Isaiah you've gone too far then you need
34:49 a backup a little bit to your right.
34:51 Ezekiel is right before the Old Testament
34:54 book of Daniel. So if you've done any
34:56 study in the Old Testament prophetic
35:00 book then you know exactly where Daniel is
35:02 and then you just turn to the left.
35:04 So we're in Ezekiel chapter 28 verse,
35:08 verses 11 through to 18. And I'm going to
35:13 interrupt you quite a bit when we go
35:15 through this Roberto. Is that alright?
35:16 I'll interrupt you quite a bit, so let's go
35:18 ahead and starting reading there
35:20 Ezekiel 28 verse 11. Moreover the word
35:25 of the LORD come to me saying,
35:28 Son of man, take up a lamentation
35:32 for the King of Tyre, and say to him,
35:37 Thus saith the Lord God;
35:39 You were the seal of perfection,
35:43 full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.
35:46 You were in Eden, the garden of God.
35:51 Okay Roberto stop right there.
35:53 Was the King of Tyre himself literally in Eden,
35:59 the garden of God? No. He wasn't himself
36:02 literally there, so here the King of Tyre,
36:05 the King of Tyrus is a representation of a
36:09 created being that was in the seal of
36:11 perfection there in verse 10 that was
36:13 full of wisdom and perfect in beauty
36:17 and which was in the Eden,
36:19 the garden of God. Keep going there.
36:21 Every precious stone was your covering,
36:26 the sardius, topaz, and diamond.
36:30 Beryl, onyx, and jasper. Sapphire, turquoise,
36:37 that's right, and emerald with gold.
36:40 The workmanship of your timbrels
36:43 and pipes was prepared for you
36:46 on the day you were created.
36:51 Okay stop right there Roberto.
36:52 In speaking of this being that fell from heaven.
36:59 It says you were in Eden, the garden of God,
37:02 every precious stone was your covering,
37:03 you were the seal of perfection.
37:06 You're perfect in beauty and it says
37:09 there in verse 13. Was prepared for you on
37:14 the day you were what? Created. Created.
37:18 This being that falls from heaven was created.
37:22 How was that being created.
37:25 Perfect isn't that what it says there in verse 13.
37:28 It says you were, in the Eden of God lets
37:31 see verse 12 says. You were the seal
37:34 of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect
37:37 in beauty. So here we see that when God
37:40 created this angel. God creates this angel how?
37:45 What was, what word would you use in
37:49 Genesis chapter 1? Good. Good when God creates
37:53 His angels, He creates it good, oh very good.
37:56 That's right Shalita. So now let's go
37:57 to verse 14. We're gonna find out what
37:59 this angel's job was in heaven prior to
38:03 this angel falling. Roberto just keep
38:07 going that verse 14. You were the anointed
38:10 cherub who covers; I established you.
38:14 You were on the holy mountain of God;
38:17 you walked back and forth in the midst
38:20 of the fiery stones. Okay so right there
38:24 Roberto we see sanctuary language.
38:26 The Bible says in the very beginning of verse 14.
38:29 It says you were the anointed cherub
38:33 who covers. Does anybody know what
38:35 a cherub is. It's an angel, its not a short
38:37 fat little angel that looks like a child with
38:39 itty bitty wings. This here says that this,
38:43 this angel that falls from heaven was the
38:47 anointed cherub who covers, in the
38:49 Old Testament sanctuary and we'll see this
38:53 further on in our studies.
38:55 In the Old Testament Sanctuary there
38:57 was a box in the most Holy place called
38:59 the Ark of the Covenant.
39:01 There was a lid on top of that box and that
39:05 lid was made of gold and it was called
39:08 the mercy seat. On the either side of
39:12 that lid there was an angel.
39:15 And the angels wings went up
39:17 and touched at the top.
39:19 These where the two angels that
39:22 were representative of the two angels
39:25 in the heavenly sanctuary, that stood
39:29 right there beside God the Father,
39:32 God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and
39:34 covered them. The Bible tells us that
39:37 this angel that falls from the heaven
39:40 was from the throne room of God itself.
39:46 He was created perfect.
39:49 And then the Bible says something
39:51 very interesting in verse 15 can
39:54 you read that for us Roberto?
39:56 You were perfect in your ways from
39:58 the day you were created, till iniquity
40:02 was found in you. You were perfect
40:06 in your ways from the day you were what?
40:09 Created, and so using the language of
40:12 Genesis chapter 1. This angel would have
40:14 been created good. Good, you were
40:16 perfect in your ways from the day
40:18 that you were created until iniquity was
40:23 found in you. Now if you and I could find
40:29 an explanation or a reason as to why an
40:36 angel who stood in the presence of God,
40:38 became full of iniquity and we could excuse sin.
40:43 But there is absolutely no good reason,
40:47 no good reason at all, why a perfect angel
40:51 who stood in the presence of God
40:54 became full of iniquity. You were perfect
40:57 in your ways from the day that
40:58 you were created until iniquity was
41:02 found in you. So this angel was created
41:05 just like Genesis chapter 1 says,
41:06 God creates everything. He creates it good.
41:10 But then there is something found
41:11 in this evil angel, this angel that become evil,
41:15 this anointed cherub that was in
41:16 the throne room of God and that
41:18 was iniquity. Iniquity was found in you.
41:21 Verse 16 Roberto. Let's go to verse 16.
41:24 Ezekiel 28 verse 16. By the abundance
41:28 of your trading you become filled with
41:31 the violence within and you sinned.
41:34 Therefore I cast thee as profane out
41:42 of the mountain of God:
41:44 and I destroy you, O covering cherub,
41:48 from the midst of the fiery stones.
41:51 Your heart was lifted up because of
41:55 your beauty, you corrupted your
42:00 wisdom for the sake of your splendor;
42:03 I cast you to the ground,
42:05 I laid you before Kings, that they
42:09 might gaze at you. Okay let's focus
42:12 there in verse 17 for just a moment.
42:14 Another one of verses that you wanna
42:15 focus on when you're given these Bible
42:16 studies is verse 17. Because verse 17
42:19 there says, your heart, speaking of this
42:22 angel that iniquity is found in.
42:25 Your heart was lifted up because of your what?
42:28 Beauty. Who was it that made this angel
42:33 beautiful? God did. But did God create an angel
42:38 that was proudful or pride or full of pride.
42:41 No, He created an angel that was humble
42:43 and was loving God and serving God.
42:47 He says verse 17, your heart was lifted up,
42:50 because of your beauty. God had given this
42:53 angel the gift of being very beautiful
42:56 and this angel had taken that gift and
43:00 perverted it into something evil.
43:04 Is it possible that you and I have a gift
43:09 that God has given us.
43:11 And we're taking that gift and we're using
43:14 it for our own self seeking and our own service
43:18 and for our own glory is that possible?
43:21 Its possible isn't it. See this study just,
43:26 isn't just an informational study.
43:28 This study is a study that is designed
43:31 to go deeper than just our intellect
43:33 and to enter into our heart.
43:34 Because we need a heart change.
43:37 We don't want our heart to be like that Satan.
43:40 And verse 17 again says, you corrupted
43:43 your wisdom for the sake of your splendor.
43:47 You corrupted your wisdom for the sake
43:51 of your splendor. Does God take any
43:53 responsibility in that passage right there,
43:55 for the corruption? No. No, no, no God created
43:59 this angel perfect. He was the seal
44:03 of perfection. Perfect and beauty.
44:06 He was perfect in His ways from the day
44:08 He was created verse 15 says.
44:10 Then God says in verse 17, I cast
44:12 you the ground, I laid you before Kings
44:15 that they might gaze at you.
44:16 And Roberto, can you go to us,
44:18 for verse 18. The last verse in this
44:21 section here. Ezekiel chapter 28 and verse 18.
44:26 You defiled your sanctuaries by the
44:30 multitude of your iniquities,
44:32 by the iniquity of your trading;
44:35 therefore I brought fire from your midst.
44:39 He devour you, and I turn you to ashes
44:44 upon the earth in the sight of all
44:47 who saw you. Notice verse 18,
44:51 it says you defiled your sanctuaries
44:55 by the multitude of your iniquities.
44:58 By the iniquity of your trading.
45:02 God again in this passage takes
45:04 absolutely no responsibility for evil.
45:08 How much responsibility does God take.
45:10 None. None, because when God created
45:13 this angel how did God him? Good.
45:15 Good, perfect, that's absolutely right.
45:19 So remember you're in Ezekiel 28
45:22 the reason that you are there is to show
45:24 that this angel that falls from heaven
45:27 was created. He was created perfect
45:30 until iniquity was found in him.
45:33 So when God created this angel, now,
45:35 now why did God an angel that had the
45:40 option of becoming evil.
45:42 Why did God create that angel?
45:43 What was that. Because He loved him.
45:47 You remember earlier when I pointed that
45:50 finger gun at Mrs. Glory and said love me,
45:52 it's impossible, so God who is love wanted
45:56 love in return and the only way that you
45:59 can get true service or genuine service
46:02 and genuine loyalty when you create something
46:05 is to create that individual or that being
46:09 with the power of choice, and so God created
46:14 this angel with the power of choice, because
46:17 God didn't want the worship of a robot.
46:19 God wanted the worship of a being that could
46:23 chose to love Him. God wanted the
46:27 service of a being that could chose to love Him.
46:31 And that's the service that God wants from you.
46:34 God wants service you, because you're a
46:37 being that can chose to serve God.
46:41 So you'll notice here even in the middle
46:43 of this Bible study and we haven't gone
46:45 to the middle yet. But in this Bible study,
46:48 I'm already appealing to the heart.
46:50 You remember last week in our cycle of
46:54 evangelism we discussed that you want to gain
46:56 decisions, little decisions all throughout your
46:59 Bible study. A little decision near the
47:01 beginning, a little decision further into
47:03 the study, so on and so forth, now
47:05 when you get to the end of our your study
47:07 and you have the big appeal that person
47:09 has made little decisions all the way along
47:11 and so it's easier for that person to make
47:13 the right decision when the big decision
47:15 needs to be made at the end of the
47:17 Bible study, does that make sense.
47:19 Yeah, you remember that, don't you?
47:20 Praise the Lord. So we're here in Ezekiel 28
47:24 to show that this being was created perfect,
47:26 that God again takes no responsibility for it,
47:29 because God creating him perfect,
47:30 but then this, this anointed cherub,
47:34 this angel that stood in the presence
47:35 of God makes a decision to become evil.
47:41 How does that happen, I can't explain it.
47:44 The Bible says that this, this being took
47:48 a gift that God had given him and corrupt it.
47:54 It's my prayer that none of us will do that.
47:58 So we were gonna go now to our next
48:00 reference, so you notice on our screen.
48:02 You notice on our screen Isaiah 14
48:05 verses 12 through 14, that's the next
48:08 reference Isaiah 14 verses 12 through 14
48:12 and we were in Ezekiel, so you're turning to
48:14 the left in your Bible and you go
48:17 past Jeremiah and then you'll go into Isaiah,
48:22 that's right. Last mentioning the
48:23 thought there. Isaiah chapter 14
48:26 and Mike, if you could read this for us.
48:27 Verses 12 through 14 and we're gonna
48:31 find out what the name of Satan
48:33 or the devil was prior to his fall.
48:36 Go ahead Mike. How art thou fallen from
48:39 heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!
48:41 Stop right there Mike. Does that language
48:43 sound familiar? What does he sound like.
48:47 I be hell Satan fall like lightening from heaven.
48:51 Here it says how you're fallen from
48:53 the heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning.
48:57 So Satan's name prior to his fall was what.
49:01 Lucifer. Lucifer. Okay keep reading Mike.
49:03 How art thou cut down to the ground,
49:06 which did weaken the nations!
49:08 For thou has said in thine heart,
49:10 I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt
49:12 my throne above the stars of God:
49:15 I will sit also upon the mount of the
49:18 congregation, in the sides of the north.
49:20 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
49:23 I will be like the most High.
49:25 Notice there the first part of verse 13 says
49:28 for you have said in your heart.
49:32 Now there are several references in the
49:33 Old Testament that tell us, well the
49:35 New Testament says that as a man thinks
49:40 in his heart, so is he. As a man thinks in
49:44 his heart so is he. Whether that was
49:46 Old Testament or a New Testament look
49:47 it up you'll find exactly what Testament
49:49 that was in. As a man thinks in his heart,
49:52 so is he and then it also says,
49:55 out of the abundance of the heart the mouth
49:59 what? Speaks. Speaks. Have you ever been
50:01 in a conversation with somebody and
50:03 you're telling yourself I can't say that.
50:05 I can't say that, don't say that,
50:07 but you're thinking it, your thinking it,
50:08 your thinking it, don't say that,
50:10 I can't say that and it just comes out.
50:13 Have you ever been in a conversation
50:15 with somebody when that happens.
50:16 Oh yeah, you'd step in a lot of trouble don't you.
50:18 Because you're thinking it. It just comes out,
50:21 as a man thinks in his heart so is he out
50:23 of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
50:27 And so Lucifer. Lucifer had a loose lip problem
50:32 didn't he? He just had a loose lip problem.
50:35 He was thinking all of this stuff in his heart
50:39 and what was he thinking there, in verse 13
50:42 it says, For you have said in your heart,
50:45 I will ascend into heaven, was the anointed
50:49 cherub in heaven already? Yes.
50:53 Absolutely. Was he content with where he was?
50:56 You know the Bible says, First Timothy 6:6 that
50:59 contentment with Godliness is great gain.
51:02 Contentment with Godliness is great gain.
51:05 So here He says, I will ascend into heaven,
51:08 but he was already there.
51:09 Then He says, I will exalt my throne
51:12 above the stars of God. Do you know that
51:17 in the book of the Revelation.
51:19 I believe it's the last chapter, Jesus is called
51:23 the bright and morning star, Lucifer wanted
51:28 to be higher than Jesus himself.
51:32 He says I, there in verse 13 says,
51:36 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.
51:40 Wasn't He already one of the two highest
51:42 angels in heaven. He was, but He wasn't
51:46 happy with that. I will also sit on the mount
51:51 of the congregation, on the farther sides
51:53 of the north. In the earthly sanctuary
51:56 and we'll get to a study on that in the future.
51:58 In the earthy sanctuary we're going to learn
52:01 that God's throne was on the North side
52:05 of the sanctuary. It was represented there
52:09 on the Northern side of the sanctuary
52:11 by the, the table of show bread.
52:13 Two stacks of bread representing the bread
52:16 of life, God the Father, God the Son.
52:18 And so we'll get to that in a future study.
52:21 I will also sit on the mount of the
52:23 congregation on the further sides of the North,
52:26 wasn't He already on the further sides
52:29 of the North. Wasn't He already there
52:31 where God's throne is set.
52:33 The only way he could get higher
52:36 was to be higher than God himself
52:38 and is that a possibility? It's not, it's not.
52:42 Verse 14, I will ascend above the heights
52:46 of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
52:54 Lucifer wanted to be like God in position,
53:01 in authority, but not in disposition.
53:07 Lucifer wanted to have the power,
53:12 the prestige, and the worship that God
53:15 deserved. But it wasn't going to happen.
53:19 So the Bible tells us that was a war in heaven
53:23 and then Satan and his angels are cast
53:26 out of heaven. Jesus himself said,
53:29 I beheld Satan fall like lightening from heaven.
53:32 So Satan lost the battle, he lost the battle
53:36 in heaven and right now he wants to win
53:39 the battle for your life, everyone of us
53:44 struggle with certain issues or certain
53:48 sins in our life. Jesus says you can overcome
53:53 that, you can do that and we'll go
53:55 for some references later on that teach us
53:58 that we can overcome, but Satan says I'll
54:00 just give into it, it's too hard, your flesh
54:03 is too weak, go ahead and do it.
54:05 Satan hates you, he hates you.
54:09 Yet many of us show Satan that we love
54:14 and worship him by giving him what he wants,
54:17 by obeying him. So you notice there
54:21 on your screen, you notice there that
54:23 what we have done is, you know what,
54:25 somebody at each one of those tables
54:27 go ahead and pick up a microphone
54:28 because I want you to be ready to answer
54:29 these questions, right as we go to them.
54:32 So our first great controversy text was
54:34 Genesis chapter 1 and Tom, if you could
54:37 go ahead and tell me, Tom tell me what
54:39 was the reason that we went to Genesis
54:41 chapter 1, what did we learn there?
54:43 We wanted to show that when God creates
54:46 something he always make it good.
54:48 That's right. That's the concept of going
54:50 to Genesis chapter 1. Alright let's go over
54:52 here to Shelita, Shelita in Matthews
54:55 chapter 13 verses 24 through 30
54:57 Jesus gives us a parable, you remember
54:59 the parable I'm trying to give you a lot
55:01 of clues here to remember what we
55:02 learned. In verses 37 through 39 Jesus
55:04 explains that parable; first of all tell me what
55:06 is a parable? A parable is a story
55:09 with a deeper meaning, that's right, a story
55:11 or an illustration that has a deeper meaning.
55:13 And so Jesus tells us story in verses 24
55:16 through 30 about a man sowing seed
55:19 but all of a sudden there's some tares
55:21 coming up where that seed was sown
55:22 and those tares were sowing by whom?
55:25 The enemy, the devil. That's right.
55:28 Then when we get to the explanation
55:30 of the parable, you jumped ahead of me,
55:31 that's alright. When we get to the explanation
55:33 of the parable there Jesus tells us that
55:36 the enemy that sowed the tares is who?
55:40 The devil. The devil. So who was responsible
55:43 for the tares? Okay. Now tell me let's see,
55:47 let's go over to Caitlin, Caitlin,
55:50 in Luke 13:10-16 there was an illustration
55:54 of a lady that was sick for 18 years.
55:56 Who did Jesus say bound that lady
55:59 for 18 years? Devil. The devil.
56:02 So did Jesus claim any responsibility for that?
56:04 No. Absolutely not. So again God creates
56:07 something that is that's good, good in
56:09 Genesis chapter 1. Then we go to Matthews 13
56:12 and we see that there is evil that comes
56:14 because of an enemy, then we go to Luke 13
56:18 and show that Jesus says he was not
56:20 responsible for sickness but the devil
56:22 had bound that lady. Then we will look into
56:24 Luke 10:18 and Mike tell us what happened
56:27 in Luke 10:18? Jesus said that he beheld
56:29 Satan as lightening falling from heaven.
56:31 That's right. So Jesus sees Satan fall like
56:34 lightening from where? From heaven,
56:37 and then we go over to Bill,
56:39 Bill in Ezekiel 28:11-18 we see that this
56:44 Satan falls from heaven, how did
56:46 he get into heaven. He was created.
56:48 He was created. How was he created?
56:50 By God. He was created by God.
56:52 Perfect. Perfect. That's right.
56:53 Genesis would say he was created oh!
56:57 Good, good that's right, then we went
56:59 to Isaiah 14:12-14 and we see that
57:02 Satan had an I problem.
57:04 Satan had an 'I' problem, you know
57:07 it's quite interesting the middle letter
57:09 in sin is what, 'I', the middle letter in
57:12 pride is what? 'I'. So maybe there are some
57:16 of us that have the same issue that Satan had.
57:22 Maybe we have an 'I' problem.
57:25 But Jesus said, and take heart my friend,
57:28 Jesus said that you will overcome the world
57:32 because of him and in the second
57:34 half of this study we're gonna over that.
57:36 Bring your friends next time and join us
57:39 here at the Lay Institute for Evangelism.


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