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01:12 This class here we're gonna be, talking
01:14 about today, we're gonna be going into
01:16 the Antichrist part 1. The first part of the
01:18 Antichrist you see that on the screen there.
01:20 Antichrist part 1 and as we go into it we just
01:24 jump right into the study, we'll look at the slides
01:26 here on your screen. And the purpose of the
01:28 study is to show that the devil seeks to deceive
01:31 us by counterfeiting the truth.
01:34 The studies that help us to find out,
01:36 that the devil he seeks to deceive us by
01:37 counterfeiting the truth. There's all kinds of
01:40 things that the devil has to try to pull us away
01:42 from what God's word actually has to say the
01:43 truth of God's word and what we're gonna find
01:45 out as we go through this study.
01:47 It maybe a surprise to some folk that the
01:48 devil's opposition to the word of God is not open,
01:52 open clear rebellious thing its more of a subtle
01:54 imposter type thing and that's what we're gonna
01:56 be finding out as we go through this study.
01:58 Let us go and here to find the center,
02:00 it's pretty simple. The center of this study
02:01 is Jesus. You know the Bible says unless
02:03 we know Him we have no life in us.
02:06 And so the whole idea of studying and finding
02:09 out who the Antichrist is will do us no good
02:11 if you don't know who Jesus Christ is.
02:13 So what we're gonna do comparison,
02:14 a comparison sort of study today.
02:17 We're gonna be looking at what the Antichrist
02:19 is doing and what Jesus Christ is doing and
02:23 comparing the two. Let us go first right
02:25 after our first well I guess before we go into
02:27 our text we look on the screen here at all
02:29 the texts in this study you will notice that the
02:31 antichrist study has a lot of texts.
02:35 Most of our texts, most of our studies that
02:36 we have about 13, 12 or 13 this is the first
02:39 page of the study you're seeing on this screen
02:41 here. It starts off in Revelation 12:9 and
02:43 we'll go through all those texts and then we
02:45 will finally end up John 17 verse 3 and that's
02:49 22nd text in the study, seems like a lot doesn't
02:52 it? 22 texts. Now we are gonna through
02:55 them pretty quickly as a matter of fact,
02:56 we will probably get all these done
02:57 in an hour's time span, no I am just kidding,
02:59 it will take two hours to get all this done
03:02 to get to the whole study and we're gonna
03:03 spend little bit time on each one and explaining
03:06 exactly why we were saying, what we were
03:08 saying and some of them have, need a little
03:09 more explanation than others.
03:11 So that's why we're gonna spend so much
03:12 time on that. So let's go and jump in to the
03:14 first part of the study and before we get open
03:16 up our Bibles, before we get to that part,
03:18 what does we must always do. Pray.
03:20 We must always pray. Spiritual things are
03:22 spiritually discerned, so we must first ask God
03:24 for guidance, as we open his words.
03:25 So let us bow our heads for prayer.
03:27 Father, I wanna thank you so much that you've
03:29 given us an opportunity again to study
03:31 your word. I pray Lord as we study it today
03:33 that you will give us clear minds.
03:35 Father, I pray that you'll speak to us out
03:37 of your word and as we do this first part
03:38 of this Antichrist study I ask you, you
03:40 will make it clear and that we will understand
03:43 what is, you wanted us see from it and
03:45 we pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
03:48 All right let's go to our first text here and
03:49 it's Revelation chapter 12 and verse 9
03:51 we're gonna let Solita to read that one for us,
03:53 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 9 and
03:56 the most of the study, I don't know if you notice
03:58 that when we had slides upon the screen,
04:00 but most of the study we're gonna spend
04:02 in the book of Revelation in this comparison study.
04:05 And so Solita, go right ahead Revelation 12 and
04:08 verse 9. And the great dragon was cast out,
04:11 that old serpent called the Devil and Satan,
04:14 which deceiveth the whole world:
04:16 he was cast out into the earth,
04:18 and his angels were cast out with him.
04:20 According to this text and this is how,
04:22 this is just like the easiest way to open up
04:24 the Bible study, is just simply to say this
04:26 according to this text what is the job
04:28 of the devil. Deceive .To deceive,
04:30 deceive who? The whole world. So his job,
04:33 what he wants to do is to deceive the whole world.
04:35 Now when you think of most people,
04:37 many of the people today, many of the other
04:39 things were taught much of Christianity
04:40 abort the Antichrist. Do you think of it is much
04:43 of the deception? You know one of the things
04:45 that it comes to mind right off to me when
04:46 I was started thinking about this, is that the
04:48 whole left behind series, you know that's out
04:51 there and they have this scenario of an Antichrist,
04:53 of this guy coming down basically saying
04:56 I am Jesus Christ worship me. Now how many
04:58 people do you supposed to be deceived by
04:59 that kind of satanic movement? Like some guy
05:04 comes into the room and says okay I'm Jesus,
05:06 start worshiping me. Do you think a whole
05:07 lot of people are gonna do that? Even under
05:09 penalty of death, are there a whole lot of
05:10 people gonna do that? No. But when you look,
05:12 when you started reading in the Bible you find
05:13 out that many times in the Bible it says that
05:16 speaking of the Antichrist or the devil and
05:18 what he is doing, he is being very deceptive.
05:21 Another text that you can look at and compare
05:23 it to when Jesus started talking in
05:24 Matthew chapter 24 He says three different
05:26 times its in verse, I believe its in verse 5 and
05:29 verse, I can think the other one in verse 24,
05:32 but its verse 24 which I wanna clue in on
05:33 Matthew 24 verse 24 there it says,
05:35 He says there are many false Christs and false
05:37 prophets if they were possible they would
05:38 deceive even the very elect.
05:41 So Jesus himself speaking of the last days and
05:43 what's gonna be going on talking about the
05:44 Antichrist power this false Christs and false
05:46 prophets, He says if it is possible these guys
05:48 will be, it will actually deceive the very elect.
05:51 But most of the ideas when we think of Antichrist,
05:54 is not very deceptive. On the contrary rather
05:58 than deceptive it's pretty obvious,
05:59 widely obvious some of the things they want.
06:01 They want to present out there I mean
06:03 the devil would have us, if the devil knows that
06:05 he is gonna be very deceptive in basically
06:07 deceiving people, if he didn't get other people
06:10 to make it look like its not deceptive in other
06:12 words make it so obvious that there's no
06:14 way that I can fall for that. Then he can come
06:16 in and suddenly bring in heresy or the deception,
06:20 and that's the purpose there.
06:21 And the Bible tells us he went out to deceive
06:23 the whole world that's his job is to deceive
06:26 the whole world. And our job is to find out what
06:28 the truth is so that we're not deceived by
06:31 his deceptions. You know the whole idea
06:33 about the counterfeit money.
06:34 You know why counterfeiter don't
06:36 counterfeit $13 bill, don't you? Right.
06:40 There is no original $13 bill, there is no original
06:42 so they don't counterfeit a $13 bill and then
06:44 I could ask you how many of you are handled
06:46 a counterfeit $20 bill? And likely every one
06:49 of you handled a counterfeit $20 bill.
06:52 You've held one before you just didn't know it.
06:55 And I saw a TV program one time on this guy,
06:58 he was a professional at picking out counterfeit
07:01 money, I mean that was what his job was and
07:03 basically all he does, all they do when people
07:06 that do that they just study actual real money,
07:08 the real thing they study it. And they give this
07:10 guy a stack of $20 bill, it was like that maybe
07:13 100 of them or something like that,
07:14 of $20 bills and there was three counterfeits
07:17 in there. Three counterfeits $20 bills in
07:18 that stack and he said see if you can find them.
07:20 And the guy went to the stack like this,
07:22 he is counting, counting and he pulled that
07:24 one out, count on, count on, pull that one out.
07:27 He pulled out the three counterfeit $20 bills,
07:29 now if you and I would took the three
07:30 counterfeits and compared to the original,
07:31 we would have a real, real tough time to
07:33 figure out which one, figure out the
07:34 difference, but the guy can do just like that.
07:36 And the reason that guy was able to do that
07:38 because he spend his life, he spend his time
07:40 studying real, and. So its important to
07:43 understand who the Antichrist is and what
07:45 his deceptions are, and we're gonna,
07:46 that's we are gonna be studying as we go
07:47 through this. But remember his job is to
07:50 deceive and so if he can make his original
07:53 or what he has looked so close to the original
07:56 that you are not can tell the difference,
07:58 then he's got us, you aware that the devil
07:59 doesn't care how he gets us to worship him?
08:02 He doesn't care. God is very particular,
08:04 you know God has his specific times and he
08:06 has specific ways and different things that
08:08 he wants us to worship but the devil,
08:09 his job is to deceive us to make us think,
08:11 every thing is okay when actually its not.
08:13 That's I guess a good definition of deception
08:15 isn't it? Do you think that every thing is okay,
08:17 when actually it's not okay? So the devil's job
08:20 is to deceive and now we're gonna go onto our
08:22 first part of this text, we are getting into the
08:24 comparison part now. We just wanted to lay
08:26 that out at the beginning kind of lay that
08:28 foundation there that the idea that the devil
08:31 wants us to think everything is okay when
08:32 its not. Now we're gonna find out how it is
08:34 that he counterfeits the truths that God has.
08:37 And the first counterfeit we're gonna be looking
08:38 at and this is gonna kind of lead into the,
08:40 to the whole rest of the study, it will everything
08:42 else who kind of funnel down through this first
08:44 couple of texts we to look at, and we're gonna
08:45 find out that God has a trinity and the devil
08:48 has a counterfeit trinity. Now let us first go
08:51 to the book of Matthew chapter 28 and verse 19.
08:53 Matthew 28 and verse 19 is our second study
08:58 our second text, I'll put it on the screen up
09:00 here Matthew 28:19, Here it is on your screen
09:02 and we're gonna have Jessica to read that
09:06 one for us. Matthew Chapter 28 and verse 19
09:13 let me get there myself. Okay! I Am there
09:16 Jessica go ahead sister. Therefore go and make
09:20 disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the
09:23 name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit.
09:27 All right, So Jesus here is speaking and he
09:29 names he says go Baptize, Go Baptize everybody
09:33 go preach the gospel everywhere and after
09:34 you preach them never fail to baptize them.
09:36 And with an baptize them, baptize them in the
09:38 name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit.
09:40 And with an indication of trinity there the father,
09:41 Son, the Holy Ghost. Now I know that there's
09:43 people that will look at and say oh wait a minute,
09:47 I don't believe in that trinity doctrine and then
09:48 they have a whole, you know arguments and
09:50 letting things, they would like to say about that.
09:53 Well I got, since I was thinking about this
09:55 before we've done this study and we really
09:56 don't have a study on the trinity that we do
09:58 through this 24 Bible studies that we do here
10:01 at Life On The Edge. So what I wanted to do
10:03 is just spend a few moments here and show
10:04 you a few texts from the Bible.
10:06 They would, they help to back this up a little
10:08 bit indicate, why we believe it, and there
10:10 is a trinity that God is that in fact a trinity,
10:13 one God three separate beings.
10:15 Let me just show you a couple of them
10:16 right now. You know one I like to turn to is
10:18 in the Old Testament, it's in the book of Genesis.
10:22 Right, the very first book of the Bible.
10:24 Very first chapter of the Bible.
10:26 You find in verse one it says, In the
10:29 beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
10:31 And the earth was without form, and void;
10:33 and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
10:35 And the Spirit of God moved upon the face
10:37 of the waters. So you have like the spirit,
10:40 the Holy Spirit of God doing something there,
10:41 He is moving upon the face of the waters,
10:43 you see that. Now from that place,
10:46 let's go to the same chapter Matthew,
10:47 in Genesis chapter 1 and verse 26, 27 and 28,
10:52 we're gonna read those, actually we may just
10:55 read verse 26 here, And God said let us
10:58 make man in our image after our likeness,
11:00 who is our? And this is God's speaking right,
11:04 He said let us make man in our image and there's
11:06 another indication of that, well now,
11:07 let's go to the stay in Genesis, we're just gonna
11:09 go through to a few texts real quick.
11:11 Go to verse in chapter 11, Genesis chapter 11,
11:13 this is a real interesting one too to kind
11:15 of show where God can refer to things that
11:18 are multiple in singular form and He refers
11:21 to things that are singular in multiple form.
11:23 Right. Let us look at this Genesis chapter 11
11:26 starting in verse 1. The whole earth was of
11:27 one language and of one speech.
11:30 And it came to pass as they journey from
11:32 the east that they found a plain in the land
11:33 of Shinar and they dwelt there.
11:35 And they said to one another let us make us
11:37 brick and burn them thoroughly.
11:40 And they had brick for stone and slime they
11:41 had for mortar. And they said go to let us
11:45 build us a city and a tower whose top may
11:48 reach unto the heaven, and let us make us
11:51 a name lest we be scattered abroad upon the
11:52 face of the earth. You hear there are all the
11:54 multiple things there us, as we, all that going on.
11:56 Look what it says, it goes on, And the Lord,
11:58 the Lord, now how many is that, its only talking
12:01 about one there right? The Lord came down
12:03 to see the City and the tower which the children
12:04 of men built. And the Lord said behold the
12:07 people are one, were they one?
12:10 No they were actually multiple people around
12:12 right, what this is one person but he is
12:13 talking about to come together in one.
12:15 They are one and they have one language and
12:17 this they begin to do and now nothing will be
12:19 restrained from them which they imagined to do.
12:21 Then verse 7 says something very
12:22 interesting, let us go down and confuse their
12:27 language so it says that the Lord comes down
12:30 and looks at the multiple people,
12:32 looks at a bunch of people and says they are one.
12:35 And then says let us go down and confuse
12:37 their language. Who's us? It says the Lord said us,
12:41 Right. So you see another indication of that
12:43 now another one that I would like to turn to,
12:45 and this is one of them it's pretty strong and
12:46 it's in the New Testament, Book of Matthew.
12:48 Go to Matthew just for a minute here with me,
12:50 that's the first book of The New Testament that
12:52 should be pretty easy to find. Matthew chapter
12:54 22 and verse 41 and we're gonna start
12:57 reading. The Pharisees was trying to catch
13:00 Jesus up just prior to this, they were trying to
13:02 catch him up and get him confused and try to
13:06 get him to fall into a trap of saying the wrong
13:09 things, so they could accuse him and have him
13:10 turned over to the Romans and be killed.
13:13 And so he comes along and they asking this
13:15 question about the commandments of God and
13:17 he answers them really well, they want to know
13:18 which one is the best commandment.
13:20 And he didn't answer them the way they wanted
13:21 to be answered, so he said let me ask you
13:22 a question, While the Pharisees were gathered
13:24 together, in verse 41, Jesus asked them saying,
13:26 What do you think ye of Christ, whose son is he?
13:30 And they said unto him, The son of David.
13:32 And he said unto them, How then is that
13:34 David in spirit calls him Lord, saying,
13:38 The Lord said unto my Lord. David says the
13:42 Lord said unto my Lord Sit thou on my right hand,
13:44 till I make thine enemies thy footstool.
13:47 If David then calls him Lord, how has he been
13:49 his Son? And no man was able to answer him
13:51 a word, neither durst any man from that day
13:53 forth ask him any more questions.
13:54 Do you understand what Jesus says here?
13:56 He's quoting from the Psalms,
13:57 Psalms 110 of verse 1, where David says
14:00 the Lord said unto my Lord, well now who's
14:03 speaking, The Lord. And who's he speaking to?
14:07 The Lord. So there's an indication there that
14:10 God is speaking to God. And David actually,
14:13 I mean Jesus here is actually quoting that text
14:16 and he is referring as that was happening,
14:18 he was actually referring to God speaking
14:20 to God. How is it that the God can say to God,
14:24 you are my son and I am going to make your
14:26 enemies your footstool? And Jesus questioned
14:28 why he was wording the question was simply this.
14:30 How's that the David can call the Lord his
14:31 son and be speaking to him whenever,
14:34 his son hasn't even been born yet. Right?
14:38 At the time that David was calling the Lord
14:40 you know calling him Lord and if he's gonna
14:42 be come and be his son, how does that work out?
14:44 Is that, did you understand the confusion
14:46 there? It almost sounds confusing even now
14:47 doesn't it? But because Christ was pre-existing
14:52 then he was able to call him Lord,
14:54 talk to him before he's actually come to the earth.
14:56 You follow that call him Lord. So there you go,
14:58 and then one more place there referring
15:00 that same thing is an Acts chapter 2 and that's
15:02 the last text we're gonna go to.
15:03 Now this is outside of the study that's why
15:04 I said the last text we're gonna go to.
15:07 On the section outside of what our Bible study is.
15:09 In other words you write these texts here
15:10 down and if you are giving a Bible study
15:12 someone says, I don't believe in the trinity
15:13 or anything like that. You're gonna at least
15:15 thorough of these things out a real quick and
15:16 say well this is why I do. And get just a few
15:18 examples of the Bible saying that God is not
15:23 just a singular entity, you know even as one God
15:27 you have the Lord speaking to the Lord.
15:29 You have the Lord saying Let us make man in
15:30 our image, you have the Lord saying let us go
15:32 down and confuse their languages and there's
15:33 many places you have also in the book of Genesis.
15:37 When whenever fire and brimstone rain down
15:39 out of God from heaven, I think its Genesis
15:41 chapter 18 it says, the Lord called fire down
15:44 from the Lord out of heaven. So you had the
15:46 Lord there talking to Abraham, you remember
15:47 of Jesus and the two angels come and talked
15:49 to Abraham and then it says that the Lord
15:51 called fire down from the Lord out of heaven.
15:53 There in Genesis 18 as well. So there's another
15:54 one of those indications you can put that down
15:56 as well. But here in Acts chapter 2,
15:59 just another little, again another indication
16:02 that they whenever Peter hears preaching
16:05 this powerful sermon on the day of Pentecost,
16:07 he kind of, he uses the same text in verse 34,
16:10 Acts 2 verse 34. For David is not yet ascended
16:13 into the heavens: but he saith himself,
16:16 The Lord said to my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand,
16:19 until I make thy enemies thy footstool.
16:21 So there you have it again. The Lord said
16:23 to my Lord, sit thou on my right hand till
16:25 I make thy enemies thy footstool.
16:27 So he was again quoting from the same
16:30 section there, the same part of the Bible
16:31 on Psalm 1:10. And it is, through out the Bible
16:33 in many different places, it's in Hebrews too where
16:35 it says something to the effect of what,
16:37 to which of the angels did he say?
16:39 To which of the angels did the Lord say,
16:42 Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thy
16:43 enemies thy footstool. Well He didn't say
16:44 that to any of angels, that's the point
16:46 He was saying that to the Lord.
16:48 You follow that, so we do have strong indications
16:49 in the Bible that God is a trinity or what
16:52 we call a Triune Godhead. Right! The Father,
16:54 the Son, the Holy Spirit. And so we find out
16:57 that God has that but what we're also gonna
16:58 see now is that the devil tries to replicate that
17:01 and we're gonna just put these things up
17:06 here right now, and then we're gonna go
17:07 through the rest of the study showing why
17:09 it is that the devil has a trinity?
17:10 How that works out. Let's look at Revelation
17:12 chapter 12 and we're gonna read verse chapter
17:14 12 verse 9 again, 13:1 and 13:11 all in this
17:17 section. So when you mark it up and you're
17:18 marking this one in your Bible the way I've done
17:20 mine, is I just basically since I know that
17:22 I'm gonna be going to these three texts,
17:24 I got Revelation 12:9 and then from there
17:26 I'll just put little things with Revelation,
17:29 just write a 13:1 beside it, and then beside
17:31 that when I go to 13:1, I put beside that 13:11
17:34 and then 13:11 where I put this next,
17:37 the next text we'll be turning to.
17:39 You follow that, well that's alright 3AC1.
17:42 Is that making any sense? So when you're marking
17:44 your Bible up for the Bible study,
17:45 here's Revelation 12:9 then Revelation 13:1
17:48 but then it 13:11 where you put this part
17:50 in the 3AC and the Matthew 28:19 and
17:53 Matthew 28:18. Is that making any sense?
17:56 You don't wanna go marking everyone of those
17:58 with the same thing. You just go from one
17:59 to the next, you know, you'll be going pretty
18:01 quickly. So Revelation 12:9, we're gonna find
18:03 out that God the Father has a counterfeit
18:08 that the devil tries to use as a counterfeit
18:10 and that counterfeit is gonna be the devil
18:12 himself or the dragon. Tom is gonna read that
18:14 for us Revelation chapter 12 and verse 9.
18:16 Tom, I want you read all three of those if you
18:17 don't mind there. Sure. So the great dragon
18:22 was cast out, that serpent of old called the
18:24 Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world;
18:28 he was cast to the earth, and his angels
18:31 were cast out with him. Okay. Then I stood
18:35 on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast
18:38 rising up out of the sea having seven heads
18:42 and ten horns. And on his horns ten crowns
18:45 and on his heads a blasphemous name.
18:50 And verse 11. Then I saw another beast
18:52 coming up out of the earth and he had two
18:54 horns like a lamb and spake like a dragon.
18:57 Okay! This is what we're gonna call the false
18:59 trinity bill, our Tom, oh I am sorry.
19:01 Hey Bill, sitting next to you, Right.
19:03 This is what we're gonna, I want to say this
19:04 is that false trinity trying to mimic Christ.
19:06 Now let me just give you some examples
19:07 we go through these with more detail as we
19:09 get into the study, but it is just interesting
19:10 that the first one the dragon,
19:11 when we look at that he's gonna try to mimic
19:14 God the Father. And you'll see how that works
19:16 out who do things like, he gives his power and
19:18 his seat, his great authority to the antichrist
19:21 this first beast power comes up,
19:22 that comes out of the water he gets his power
19:24 to him just like God the Father gives his power
19:26 to Jesus Christ, when he was on the earth,
19:28 those kind of things and we'll look at that in
19:29 more detail as we go along. Even like the very
19:31 last one, the beast that comes up out
19:33 of the earth, the third one there that comes
19:35 out of the earth, he, what he does is he calls us
19:37 everyone to worship that first beast and he
19:40 tries to force worship to the first beast.
19:41 Well, the job of the Holy Spirit is to get people
19:43 to worship Jesus Christ, by convicting them
19:45 of their sins and by that conviction we know
19:49 that something is wrong, that points us,
19:50 and he points us to Jesus Christ that we worship
19:53 and get forgiveness of our sins and get the
19:54 cleansing. So we'll find out that this
19:56 false trinity, this false trinity that we're looking
19:58 at here actually tries to copy the true Godhead.
20:02 And that will play itself out more as we go along,
20:05 we just had to lay the foundation there and then
20:06 we'll get right on into the rest of it,
20:08 to understand how this works. So let
20:10 us go on to our next text in the study here,
20:12 Matthew chapter 28 and verse 18 we're gonna
20:15 find out that Jesus receives his power from
20:17 the Father. Jesus actually receives his power
20:19 from the Father when he get to the earth.
20:21 Matthew chapter 28 and verse 18,
20:24 I got to get there myself and Bill is gonna
20:34 read that verse for us, go ahead Brother Bill.
20:39 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying,
20:40 all authority has been given to me in heaven
20:43 and on earth. So Jesus says that all authority
20:46 has been given to him. All power, all power,
20:51 all authority whatever has been given to him,
20:53 Now who was it given to him by?
20:54 Who can give Jesus power on this earth?
20:57 Yeah, remember when Jesus was, was
20:58 first into his ministry and he's out being
21:00 tempted that the devil came to him in
21:02 Matthew chapter 4 and He says I will give you
21:06 all the power. Remember He wanted to give
21:07 him the power, Right! If you bow down and
21:09 worship me then I'll give you these things on
21:11 this earth but Jesus refused to worship him,
21:14 Right. And so Jesus says all power was given
21:16 to him we know, he didn't worship the devil,
21:18 so who do you suppose gave him the power?
21:20 It came from God the Father right?
21:22 So God the Father gives Jesus his power.
21:24 Now we're gonna find out that the antichrist
21:26 power in order to counterfeit that does
21:28 exactly the same thing. He gives,
21:30 the dragon or the false God the Father, the one,
21:33 the devil trying to mimic God the Father,
21:36 he actually does the same thing as he gives
21:38 his power and his seat and his authority
21:39 to the sea-beast, the sea-beast.
21:43 Let's look at that now. That's the next one,
21:44 it will be on your screen right here,
21:45 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 2,
21:47 Revelation 13 and verse 2. We make camp here
21:56 just for a minute because it's something
21:57 interesting in this. Jessica I believe it's
22:00 your turn, alright. Who is gonna read this one?
22:03 Is okay, Mrs. Gloria, I'm sorry. Mrs. Gloria
22:05 is gonna read there, go ahead Gloria,
22:06 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 2,
22:08 are you ready for it? Go ahead.
22:11 Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard.
22:15 His feet were like the feet of a bear and his mouth
22:20 like the mouth of a lion. The dragon gave him
22:23 his power and his thrown and great authority.
22:27 So the Bible says that the dragon,
22:29 now who's the dragon? The devil.
22:31 We know that from Revelation chapter 12
22:32 and verse 9. The dragon is the devil;
22:34 he says that he gives this sea beast his power,
22:37 his seat and his great authority.
22:39 Now I think that's very ironic,
22:40 you remember the great controversy study
22:41 when we looked at the Book of Isaiah.
22:44 Isaiah the 14th chapter and let's go to
22:46 Isaiah chapter 14 just for a minute,
22:48 this is not in part of this study particularly
22:50 but we're gonna get a kind of little bit review
22:51 here of what we saw in the antichrist study
22:55 in the Book of Isaiah, Psalms, Proverbs,
22:57 Ecclesiastes, keep rather moving to the right
22:59 you go to Proverbs and you get to Isaiah
23:04 chapter 14 verse 12, 13 and 14.
23:11 Now look, check this out, it says,
23:13 verse 12 says, How art thou fallen from heaven,
23:14 O Lucifer, son of the morning!
23:17 How art thou cut down to the ground,
23:18 which didst weaken the nations! For you said
23:20 in your heart I will ascend into heaven,
23:23 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God:
23:25 I will sit also upon the mount of the
23:26 congregation, in the sides of the north:
23:28 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
23:30 I will be like the most High.
23:32 What was it that the devil wanted?
23:33 The dragon. He wanted God's power?
23:36 He wanted his thrown? He wanted God's
23:37 authority, didn't he? That's what he wanted
23:38 was all of God stuff. But when he finally
23:40 gets to this earth and he gets what does
23:42 he wants, his power, his seat and his
23:43 authority, that he wanted on this earth,
23:44 he gets people worshiping him.
23:45 He doesn't wanted any more,
23:47 he actually takes and gives it to the sea-beast.
23:49 Now what he supposed, he is doing that.
23:51 Because the devil knows that both you and
23:54 myself are not gonna worship the devil as
23:56 the devil, Right. If the devil comes here with
23:59 all his power and his authority and he comes
24:01 here and all the devils glory you and I are
24:02 gonna say wait a minute there's something
24:03 not right about this because we studied our
24:05 Bibles and we know that when Christ comes
24:08 you know he's gonna catch us up in the air
24:09 and so the devil knows we won't worship him
24:10 as the devil. He knows we won't worship him
24:12 as the devil but he has to get himself a front man.
24:15 So when he finally receives his power and
24:16 his seat and his great authority that he wanted,
24:18 and wanting all long, he gives it to according
24:20 Revelation 13:2 he gives it to the antichrist
24:23 power. Just like God the Father give his power
24:28 and authority he gives it over to Jesus Christ.
24:31 You find the dragon or the devil giving his
24:32 power over to the antichrist or that first
24:36 beast of Revelation 13 who is the antichrist
24:38 and that's another study as we continue along.
24:40 So as we go on from that point lets go on to
24:43 the next part of this, Now we find out that God
24:44 the Father, gets his power to Jesus Christ
24:47 and the dragon or the devil gives his power
24:50 to the antichrist we're gonna find out now
24:52 that both God has a Throne and that the
24:55 devil has a Throne. Now our next text here is,
24:57 we will be found in John 16, oh the spirit okay
25:01 I am sorry well not that for you,
25:02 I got a little bit ahead of my self John 16:13.
25:05 Gospel of John chapter 16, we're gonna find
25:11 out show the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit.
25:14 Like what the job of the spirit of God is
25:17 and what the job of the antichrist spirit you
25:20 might say this, alright. John chapter 16 and
25:23 verse 13 and 14 is what we're gonna turn to.
25:26 Who's up to read now, Solita you up to read,
25:28 Okay verse 13 and 14. Howbeit when he,
25:33 the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you
25:36 into all truth: for he shall not speak himself;
25:40 but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak:
25:44 and he will show you things to come. Keep going.
25:49 He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine,
25:52 and shall show it unto you. So what is the job
25:55 of the Holy Spirit according to this text,
25:57 there's a couple of things here, couple of fold,
25:58 howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come,
26:00 first he'll guide you in the all truth right and
26:02 then it says in verse 14, he glorifies Jesus.
26:06 The job of the spirit is to glorify Jesus now
26:08 how can he, how he can glorify Jesus.
26:10 By having people worship Jesus right,
26:12 by bringing putting the glory and the honor and
26:15 everything, giving it to Jesus. Now also just
26:17 as an extra text if you want an extra one,
26:19 we're in verse 26 of the preceding chapter.
26:21 Chapter 15 and verse 26 is an interesting
26:24 text there, it says about, But when he the
26:25 comforter being the Holy spirit is come,
26:27 I will send him unto you from the father even
26:30 the spirit of truth which proceeds from the
26:32 Father and he shall do what? Testify me,
26:35 so what's the job of the Holy Spirit?
26:37 To testify Jesus or point people to worship
26:39 the Lord Jesus Christ right. That's the job
26:42 of the Holy Spirit, now what we're gonna find
26:43 out is that the antichrist power.
26:46 His job is actually do the same thing or actually
26:50 the whole the false Holy Spirit that we find
26:52 that the third part of the trinity there,
26:54 his job what he tries to do according to
26:56 Revelation 13, is to force or enforce worship
26:59 of the first beast. Now you'll notice that
27:01 the Holy Spirit never forces worship of Jesus
27:04 Christ. The Bible says that God woos us,
27:08 that God works on our hearts, he plead with us,
27:10 he stands at the door and he knocks but
27:12 he never forces his way in, he never forces his
27:14 way in and calls us or forces to worship
27:17 Jesus Christ, it's our option. But what we're
27:19 gonna find out in Revelation 13 is this
27:21 false trinity, it's close to the original.
27:24 I mean it's close to the actual one that the
27:26 Holy Spirit tries to get us to worship Jesus and
27:28 then this false spirit forces us to worship the
27:31 antichrist, if you don't its all pains of death.
27:34 So that your option is you need to worship
27:35 or die is what we're gonna read here.
27:36 So let's go back to Revelation chapter 13,
27:38 put it on this large screen here.
27:40 Revelation chapter 13 and verse 12.
27:42 Revelation 13:12. Jessica, would you like to
27:44 read that for us? I'm out there yet myself,
27:49 so give me a minute. Revelation 13:12 okay,
27:58 go ahead, whenever you get there.
28:02 He exercise all the authority of first beast
28:06 and he required all the earth and those who
28:08 belonged to this world to worship the first beast
28:11 whose death wound has been healed.
28:14 So the Bible says that the second beast,
28:17 the second beast of Revelation chapter 13
28:19 it comes up out of the land, he calls us
28:21 or forces everyone to worship the first beast,
28:25 the sea-beast. And so let us look at this parallel
28:27 trinity just for a minute here.
28:28 You have the true trinity the Father, Son,
28:31 and the Holy Spirit. Right you have that
28:33 on one side here and you have the counterfeit
28:36 on the other side. You have God the Father
28:38 who rolls over all and gives his power to the
28:40 Jesus Christ, You have the antichrist dragon,
28:43 the devil actually himself the dragon who gives,
28:44 after he gets his power, he gives it to the
28:46 sea-beast or the antichrist. And then you
28:49 have the Holy Spirit this false Holy Spirit,
28:52 first have the true Holy Spirit that directs
28:53 worship to Jesus Christ. He directs us to worship
28:55 Jesus he brings conviction of our sins he glorifies
28:57 Jesus, he testifies Jesus and he calls us
29:00 to wanna worship Jesus. But then he finds this
29:02 false Holy Spirit here that the land beast
29:05 he calls us or forces those to worship the
29:08 first beast. So we're finding out there's
29:10 a parallel here. Remember the devil's job is to
29:14 deceive and he knows that he can't just openly
29:17 come at us with open and rebellious things and
29:20 get all of us to worship him, and to get all of us
29:22 to follow him. Now there are people out there
29:24 that do worship the devil openly you know
29:26 that's right, they just openly, clearly say yeah
29:27 I worship the devil. He knows he's got those
29:29 people but what's his job is to deceive just
29:31 those people in Revelation chapter 12 and
29:34 verse 9 what was his job is, get them to
29:36 worship the whole world. He wants to deceive
29:39 the whole world. Not just the people that he
29:41 already has. So we've seen now that just
29:44 a quick review that God has a trinity,
29:47 the devil has a trinity, that God gives his power,
29:49 God the Father gives his power to Jesus Christ
29:51 and the dragon gives his power to the sea-beast
29:54 or the antichrist. And then we find that the
29:56 spirit of God calls, he's not actually calls us
29:59 in the form of forcing but he helps us to
30:01 point our direction, our worship to Jesus Christ
30:04 and the antichrist power has the false holy
30:06 spirit that force us, actually force that makes
30:09 people to worship the first beast.
30:11 And you can read more about that Revelation
30:12 chapter 13 this follow on down through
30:14 a little bit it says he exercise all,
30:16 I mean verse 12, Revelation 13:12,
30:18 Exercise all the power of the first beast
30:20 before him, he caused the earth and them
30:22 which dwell therein to worship the first beast,
30:24 whose deadly wound was healed.
30:26 And he went, And he doeth great wonders,
30:28 so that he maketh fire come down from heaven
30:31 on the earth in the sight of men.
30:32 He deceived them that dwell on the earth
30:33 by his miracles, let's go right on down
30:36 to verse 16, 15, 15, he had power to give
30:40 life unto the image of the beast, that the
30:42 image of the beast should both speak,
30:43 and force or cause as many as would not
30:45 worship the image of the beast should do what?
30:47 Be killed. So this false fear what's he actually
30:50 doing? If you decide you won't wanna worship
30:52 the way he wanted, what's he gonna cause
30:53 for you to happen? He's gonna cause you to kills.
30:56 That's not the way God works that.
30:59 So he can't be an exact replica, he's not
31:01 gonna be an exact replica what God has,
31:03 but he's gonna be a counterfeit,
31:04 a sort of counterfeit. Let us go down to the
31:06 next one here and I would like this one really
31:07 well, it's about God's Throne, we looked
31:09 that the spirit of God now, And now
31:11 Revelation chapter 4 verse 9-11.
31:12 we're gonna read about God's Throne and
31:14 I think I'll go ahead and take this one verse 9-11
31:17 and will be ready for the next one,
31:19 Revelation chapter 4 let's go back to
31:21 Revelation chapter 4. We're gonna find out that
31:22 God has a Throne, God has a Throne and that
31:26 the antichrist or the devil he also has
31:27 a Throne. Revelation chapter 4, verse 9 and
31:33 when those beasts give glory and honor and
31:35 thanks to him that sat upon the Throne
31:39 who lives for ever and ever.
31:40 Now who is that the sets upon the Throne lives
31:41 for ever and ever? It will be God right?
31:44 The four and twenty elders fall down before
31:46 him that setup on the Throne and they
31:48 worship him that lives for ever and ever and
31:50 cast their crowns before the Throne, saying,
31:52 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory
31:55 and honor and power: for thou hast
31:56 created all things, and for thy pleasure
32:00 they are and were created.
32:02 So, we find here that God has a throne and he
32:04 is sitting on his throne, and we find that the,
32:07 now we are gonna look at from this point
32:09 I guess you could say that the devil the
32:10 antichrist, the devil right now also has a throne.
32:14 He has a throne himself, and we are gonna
32:15 look at that now in Revelation chapter 3
32:18 we just went from Revelation 4 we are gonna
32:20 Revelation chapter 3 back up one more,
32:22 3 and verse 21 Revelation chapter 3 and verse 21,
32:29 the Bible says, okay I'll read it,
32:34 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with
32:37 me in my throne, all this is still the God
32:39 the father having his throne,
32:40 even as I also overcame, and set down with
32:42 my Father in his throne. So we find now that
32:43 the Jesus has a throne. And if those who a
32:46 overcometh are gonna get sit on that throne
32:47 with him right. So, we know that God has
32:50 a throne, Jesus has a throne now we are
32:53 gonna find out that the devil has a throne
32:55 and we've already saw part of this in Revelation
32:56 chapter 13 because the devil has a throne and
32:58 what's he do with his throne, he gives it or
33:02 shares it with the anti-Christ.
33:04 The parallel here is with what God the Father
33:08 does with Jesus Christ right, and we are gonna
33:10 go to that now and find out Revelation chapter 2,
33:14 Revelation chapter 2 and verse 13.
33:22 Mrs Gloria, do you wanna read that for me?
33:27 I know your works, and where you dwell,
33:31 where Satan's throne is: and you hold
33:34 fast to my name, and did not deny my faith and
33:38 even in the days in which Antipas was my
33:42 faithful martyrs, who was killed among you,
33:48 where Satan dwells. So, he says John
33:51 writing here Jesus is speaking John is writing
33:54 and he says I know where Satan's throne is.
33:56 Satan does he have a throne? He sure does,
33:58 he has a throne and we know,
33:59 we know for sure he has a throne because
34:00 when we went back to Revelation chapter 13
34:03 that will be the next on this study 11 AC
34:06 1 here Revelation chapter 13 and verse 2
34:08 we already looked at this one a couple of
34:09 times but we'll just see it again,
34:11 does the devil have a throne we just read
34:13 that he did. God says, I know where his
34:15 throne is at even and then after he has
34:17 a throne of course just like God the Father
34:19 shares his throne with Jesus Christ we are
34:21 gonna find that the dragon or the false father
34:24 in this false trinity here shares his throne
34:27 with the dragon or the antichrist or the
34:29 false Jesus Christ. And so we read that
34:31 in verse 2 there and the same in
34:32 Revelation chapter 13, And the beast which
34:35 I saw was like unto a leopard,
34:37 his feet like the feet of a bear,
34:38 his mouth was a mouth of a lion:
34:40 and the dragon gave him his power,
34:41 his throne or seat and great authority.
34:46 So, the dragon gives the antichrist his throne
34:49 or his seat and the Bible says we just read
34:50 there in the previous verses, let me make sure
34:53 I got the right verses here.
34:54 Revelation chapter 4:9-11 and Revelation
34:57 chapter 3:21, we find, it was in 3:21
34:59 we found that the Jesus shares his throne
35:01 with the father and the dragon here is sharing
35:04 his throne with the sea beast or the antichrist.
35:07 The devil is never original you aware of that?
35:10 All kinds of things that I think is interesting,
35:11 I mean where did the devil originally come from?
35:13 Lucifer, where did he come from,
35:14 we've already discovered this,
35:15 he came from heaven, right. And you know we
35:16 are gonna find out as we go through this study
35:18 that in heaven God has a city, right.
35:21 In Revelation 21, John sees the city coming
35:23 down from God out of heaven, right, So,
35:25 God has a city. And as we read about the city
35:28 you'll find out that the city is like four square,
35:30 you know the wall it's all squared up and
35:32 it has a river running right through the center
35:33 of it. And when you read in the Old Testament
35:35 the city of Babylon that there the like the devils
35:37 see there, his city there in Babylon in the
35:40 Old Testament, it has a river running through
35:41 the middle of it and its four square as well.
35:44 And so he knows what heaven looks like and
35:46 he comes down, and he tries to counterfeit
35:47 everything here, he can't have what he had it,
35:49 what is in heaven, he can't have it there but
35:51 he gets as close as he can get to it here.
35:54 And so he is creating his, I guess you can say
35:55 he is creating his little heaven on earth
35:57 right here, but this isn't gonna last long.
35:59 His heaven isn't gonna last long so his so
36:01 these counterfeits are just that they are
36:02 just counterfeits and they don't last forever,
36:04 God is all gonna last forever,
36:05 so we found that God is a trinity,
36:09 God has power and he gives his,
36:11 gives his power, and authority to Jesus Christ
36:14 His son, God the Holy Spirit directs worship
36:18 to Jesus Christ and we also find out that God
36:20 has a throne and now we're gonna look
36:22 at just like the devil he has all these different
36:24 things at his counterfeit he is just copying
36:26 every truth that God has the devil has
36:28 a counterfeit. And you know this is what's good
36:30 about this study doing this right now in this
36:32 time of our Bible studies, because what,
36:34 we are just really early into the study still yet
36:35 around this number 5 in the studies number
36:38 4 or 5 I can't remember exactly.
36:40 We were still really early into the studies.
36:43 Now here's what interesting about
36:44 this when you think about it when we get
36:46 past this point and now we recognize that
36:49 the devil has a counterfeit for every
36:51 truth that God has, now we started looking at
36:53 other subjects, we are gonna find out the reason,
36:55 the reason that these things seem to be
36:58 so hard to understand its because the devil
37:00 has counterfeit it.. You know so many people
37:03 are deceived by so many deceptions that
37:04 the devil has and the reason they have
37:06 is because it's not a blatant miscoding
37:09 of the scripture, this is not a blatant just
37:11 outside out now oppose, opposition after seeing
37:16 to those scriptures but it's a subtle
37:17 counterfeit of the scriptures.
37:19 You remember the very first and we have
37:21 already looked at this in back in the study
37:23 of the great controversy I believe we saw this at,
37:25 but the very first problem that arose on
37:27 this earth was whenever the devil came and
37:30 quoted the scriptures. You remember that he
37:34 told Eve, he says, has God said you shall
37:37 not eat from every tree of the garden;
37:38 remember that's what he asked.
37:39 That's exactly what God said, he quoted
37:42 God word for word, let us look at that just
37:44 for a second because this will help us
37:46 understand I think clarify a little bit the
37:48 importance of understanding that the
37:50 devil is counterfeiting every truth.
37:52 So, its in Genesis chapter 2 and verse 16,
37:56 Genesis 2:16 it says the Lord God commanded
37:59 the man, saying of every tree of the
38:01 garden thou may freely eat.
38:03 Now did God say they could eat from every
38:04 tree of the garden? I just read it to you right,
38:07 did God say you can eat from every tree
38:08 of the garden. So whenever the Lucifer comes
38:11 along the devil here in chapter 3 and verse 2
38:15 actually chapter 3 and verse 1 the later part
38:16 of it chapter 3 later part verse 1,
38:18 he says Yea, hath God said,
38:20 Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
38:23 Did God say that? I just read it to you,
38:26 Solita, we say no. Look Solita,
38:27 I'll read it to you again sister, verse 16,
38:30 chapter 2 verse 16, the Lord God commanded
38:31 the man, saying of every tree of the garden
38:33 you may freely eat. So that's what the Bible
38:35 says right? Now lets go to chapter 3 and
38:38 verse 1 latter part of it and the serpent says Yea,
38:41 hath God not said, you shall eat of every tree
38:43 of the garden? Had God said they can eat
38:44 from every tree of the garden?
38:46 Yes, so was the devil quoting the scriptures?
38:49 He was, he was quoting these scriptures word
38:50 for word. He coded exactly word for word,
38:54 so what he is doing when he comes to eat
38:55 as he is coming with the out not open rebellion
38:59 of the scriptures and then saying oh the
39:00 scriptures aren't really true and just coming,
39:02 coming with something, they pull the odd
39:03 or different. No he was quoting the word of God,
39:06 quoting the word of God, but he was missed
39:09 he was underquoting the word of God,
39:10 because if you go back to chapter 2 and verse 17,
39:14 God finishes the statement by saying,
39:16 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
39:17 thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that
39:18 thou share surely thereof thou shalt surely die.
39:20 So you understand that the devil doesn't come
39:22 with wide open clear obvious counterfeit
39:26 to God it's not something that's just like oh
39:28 yeah! Everybody sees that he's quoting the
39:30 scriptures but he's just a little bit of abrupt
39:33 and of course you know how the story ends,
39:35 Eve comes along and she codes the scriptures
39:36 too but she overstates what God originally said.
39:40 She adds to the word of God and that's why
39:42 we're in this mess today. So, as we're going
39:45 through this whole, Solita always disagrees
39:47 with me there, she said no its Adam's fault
39:49 for not being next to his wife and not standing
39:53 up to her and she always gives excuses as
39:54 to why I'm not right there because she just
39:57 didn't like for women to be blamed on this whole
39:59 thing and I'm not blaming women Solita
40:01 I'm just blaming one of you, well that would
40:05 be Eve and so what we just read there is a fact
40:07 that the devil come and he quotes the
40:10 scriptures to Eve and she's deceived by him.
40:13 Now you're ready it for me that she was
40:14 deceived that's what she says that it wasn't Eve
40:16 that mess up she was just deceived.
40:18 Well you know deception is the devils job.
40:22 And that's why this study, this is a very
40:24 important study to realize that when get to the
40:25 book of Revelation he hasn't changed his tactics.
40:29 You know the devil doesn't change and say okay,
40:31 deception is not working anymore I need to come
40:32 up something different because deception
40:34 always works. I forgot to tell you this you know
40:38 at the beginning part of the study when I sit down
40:40 and study with somebody and I read that
40:41 first part of Revelation 12:9, his whole job
40:43 is to deceive the whole world right,
40:44 and I asked the person you know and you've
40:46 probably heard this before, I asked the person
40:48 are you deceived, and you know and they will go,
40:52 many times I say I don't think so or they say no,
40:57 I'm not deceived and its like well how do you know?
41:01 How do you know you are not deceived Solita?
41:03 You know that's a good question I asked
41:04 isn't it? Did Eve know that she was deceived?
41:07 No, had she known she was deceived guess
41:08 what she would have done.
41:11 She wouldn't have taken the fruit.
41:12 She wouldn't have taken from that fruit.
41:13 She would have say no I'm not gonna deceived
41:14 here right but she was deceived that's why
41:16 she took from it. And the devil's job even to
41:18 this day is to deceive us and so the elixir
41:22 or the cure for deception is the Bible and
41:26 it's understanding the Bible. And this study
41:28 I believe this is very important that we,
41:30 as we figure out here that the devil is not
41:32 gonna come at us open, openly and obviously
41:36 its gonna be a settle counterfeit just like
41:38 it was in the very beginning.
41:39 Because his job his whole desire is to get
41:41 you and I to be lost. He doesn't want us to be
41:44 saved, he wants us to share in his reward
41:48 and I don't want to share in that reward.
41:49 So, that's why this study is important to share
41:52 with the people that they get the idea that its
41:54 not an open and clear thing about how the devil
41:57 is gonna come and try to deceive them and
41:59 trick them its not gonna be easy thing.
42:00 If you are gonna help the people that you are
42:02 studying with understand that then when you
42:04 start studying the other subjects that will be
42:06 looking through. Now I guess I can go and talk
42:07 about this now, for instance if you are gonna
42:08 be studying the Sabbath with somebody or you
42:11 are gonna be studying the state of the dead
42:12 and these things, you can show them that these
42:14 things that the false teachings that are out
42:16 there you know like the whole Sabbath issue
42:18 from Saturday to Sunday that issue whether
42:20 Sabbath is Saturday or the Sabbath is on
42:22 Sunday which one is the right answer.
42:24 Well the question no longer becomes Saturday
42:27 versus Sunday a day versus a day,
42:29 it becomes the deception that the devil has
42:31 versus the truth that God has.
42:33 Do you see the difference there it makes, and it
42:35 carries more weight? You know most people
42:37 when we, often times a lot of times when
42:40 we present those subjects we present them
42:42 in such a way that we are asking them to choose
42:44 between two days. You know choose between
42:46 Saturday or choose between Sunday but
42:49 that's not the job. That has no effect really
42:52 but when they got to make a decision between
42:53 Jesus Christ and antichrist oh, its lot easier
42:56 making decision there isn't it. I want to follow
42:58 Jesus and his truth and so if they can
43:01 understand that there is a deception that
43:03 he brings then you have, you have the,
43:05 you have the two options there.
43:07 Now you say are you deceived and
43:08 I say well not I am not deceived well please
43:10 show me here, explain to me here, then why,
43:12 what, where did the Sunday comes from.
43:15 Right because it looks so much like the original
43:18 that is deceptive, pretty powerful isn't it?
43:23 When you look at it like that. So let us go on
43:25 I got a just a little bit plangent there but
43:26 I feel like I, they would help out a little bit
43:29 with us here and with the people at home
43:30 as they're trying to way out.
43:32 Wonder what is this study all about,
43:33 you know why are we going through the
43:35 antichrist versus Jesus Christ and all these
43:37 parallels, that's the reason because the devil
43:40 is going to try to not bring a wide open obvious
43:45 rebellion but a subtle deception.
43:48 So, let us go on where we just finished with
43:50 the throne and we are gonna go to the next
43:52 part of the study here that God has a city and
43:55 the devil has a city and we look at the
43:56 Revelation chapter 21 verse 1 and 2,
43:58 Revelation chapter 21 Jessica verses 1 and 2,
44:02 that's where we ask you to read.
44:04 If anybody will ask you from one of those
44:05 favorite texts and all the Bible is you've just
44:07 found it and actually its Revelation chapter 21
44:09 verses 1 through 5, I love this that whole
44:12 section of text right there, my most favorite.
44:17 Jessica, Revelation 21:1 and 2.
44:20 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
44:22 for the old heaven and the old earth had
44:25 disappeared. And the sea was also gone.
44:28 And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem,
44:31 coming down from God out of heaven like a
44:33 beautiful bride prepared for her husband.
44:36 So, John sees what? The holy city new Jerusalem
44:41 God city coming down from God alright out of
44:43 heaven prepares as a bride adoring for her
44:44 husband. So, he sees the holy city,
44:47 I think its fascinating right there in that text.
44:49 When you read all through the Gospel of John,
44:51 John never refers to himself by his name,
44:53 never once he always just says he whom Jesus
44:56 loved and he did a little research a little study
44:58 there and actually the context here is like
45:00 he is saying he whom Jesus loved anyway.
45:03 You know it's like he loved me
45:04 and inspired myself. He wasn't like being proud
45:06 and saying I'm the one that Jesus loved,
45:07 he was like I can't believe he still loves me
45:09 was the kind of the context what he was
45:10 always saying there. But he never referred
45:11 himself and put by his first name,
45:13 you read through the Gospel of John and the
45:14 Epistles of John he never referred himself
45:16 in first name basis, right, but he is like oh!
45:20 So overwhelmed, he is there on the Island
45:21 of Patmos all by himself, he is so overwhelmed
45:22 because he actually sees the city of God
45:24 coming down out of heaven. Can you imagine
45:26 what it must have been like for him?
45:28 I mean it was probably better than any blue
45:30 ray high definition television that we have
45:32 right now you know real life John says,
45:35 I John saw it, the holy city new Jerusalem
45:38 I saw it coming, I would have loved to have
45:40 seen that. We will one day if we are faithful,
45:42 amen, amen. So, John sees the holy city coming
45:45 down from God out of heaven, in other words
45:47 God has a city and now he describes that city
45:50 on through Revelation chapter 22 there but
45:52 we know that God has a city and we're gonna
45:54 find out that the city that God has is actually
45:56 compared to a woman. We just looked at it
45:58 here it says the city was a bride prepared
46:01 for her husband. So if the city,
46:04 God has a city it's compared to woman what
46:05 you think that devils gonna have?
46:07 A city and it's gonna compare to a woman,
46:10 it would all make the sense, wouldn't it?
46:11 And he actually does that. This is a little
46:14 side note just for a fun thing, in
46:17 Revelation chapter 21 verse 1 there,
46:19 when it says I saw a new heaven and a new earth;
46:21 for the first heaven and the first earth
46:22 passed away, and there was no more sea.
46:24 Right. In Old Testament Book of Micah chapter 7
46:28 and verse 19, God says he cast all of our sins
46:30 into the depths of the sea, right,
46:33 you know he cast all our sins in the depths of sea.
46:35 And then glory to God by the time he gets
46:36 Revelation he does away with the sea.
46:39 So no one there will be gonna able to dig
46:40 those sins up again the sea's gonna be gone with
46:42 sins in it. So, just a little food for thought
46:45 there to that something that kind of encourage
46:46 you on your way a little bit, one day right now
46:50 our sins under the blood of lamb,
46:51 didn't that right? I mean does away with our
46:52 sins right now but it somehow,
46:53 somehow like my friends here will sometimes
46:56 remember some of my old past sins and they
46:58 will make, bring it up and remind me of it right.
47:01 But when a new heaven new earth comes
47:03 that's you are all gonna be done away with,
47:04 you are all not gonna remember that anymore.
47:05 You are not gonna bring that up, amen.
47:08 Alright let us go on, we found that God
47:10 has a city, it's compared to a woman and now
47:12 in Revelation chapter 14 verse 8 we are gonna
47:16 find out that the devil, not to be out
47:18 done has the same thing. Revelation chapter 14
47:21 we'll actually go through two different texts
47:22 here Revelation 14 be the first one to show
47:25 this and verse 8 go ahead Tom.
47:30 And another angel followed, saying,
47:32 Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
47:36 because she has made all the nations drink
47:38 of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
47:41 So, Revelation 14:8, Tom says that followed
47:44 another angel and speaking of Babylon that
47:46 great city and it says that I'm sorry because
47:50 she made all nations drink of the wine
47:52 of the wrath of her fornication.
47:53 So, he is talking about the devil city
47:55 and refers to it as a woman. So the antichrist
47:58 was a devil he has a city and it's referred
48:00 to as a woman. We also see that again in
48:02 Revelation chapter 17 verse 18 I think that
48:03 one is actually even more clear than what
48:05 we just read Revelation 17:18, go ahead and
48:08 read it again, The woman whom you saw
48:10 is the great city, which reigneth over the kings
48:13 of the earth. So, and that speaking
48:15 Revelation 17 of the harlot,
48:18 the whore of Babylon, the harlot of Babylon
48:20 and her daughters, says this woman that
48:22 you see that great city she reigns over
48:24 the kings of the earth so we find that the
48:25 devil has his city, he's control of here on earth
48:28 and it's compared to a woman just like
48:31 God's city is also compared to a woman.
48:35 Now we've looked at a quick review again,
48:39 Trinity, false and true, we have the spirit
48:43 of God and the spirit of the antichrist,
48:45 doing the work, the work of the spirit of
48:47 God directs worship to Jesus, the work of the
48:49 antichrist spirit directs worship to the
48:52 sea-beast. Then we find God has a throne and
48:54 he shares it with God the son right,
48:57 father and son share the throne, right,
48:58 and then we find out that the antichrist or
49:00 rather the dragon has a throne and he shares
49:03 it with the sea-beast, see the parallel
49:05 there right. Let us go on the city and the woman,
49:10 God has a city compared to a woman and
49:13 then the antichrist has a city it's compared
49:14 to woman. Now we are gonna look at the mark
49:17 versus the seal. God has the mark so does
49:21 the devil and we are looking into first,
49:23 when we look at God's side first.
49:24 Once again Revelation chapter 7 verses 2
49:26 and 3, Revelation chapter 7 verses 2 and
49:29 3 that God has a seal or a mark and so does
49:32 the antichrist, Revelation 7:2 and 3.
49:39 Go ahead Bill, Then I saw another angel
49:43 ascending from the east having the seal
49:45 of the living God, and he cried with a loud voice
49:47 to the four angels to whom it was granted
49:52 to harm the earth and the sea, saying,
49:54 do not harm the earth, the sea or the trees,
49:57 till we have sealed the servants of our God
49:59 on their foreheads. So God's servants will
50:02 be sealed with the seal from God and where
50:03 will that seal be taking placed at? Forehead,
50:06 in their foreheads. So, God's servants are
50:07 gonna be sealed aren't they? Now Pastor
50:10 Scott is gonna do a study on the mark
50:12 of the beast and we are gonna find out
50:13 that the mark or that seal that God has and
50:15 the mark that the devil has is not a open clear
50:17 like this tattoo that is gonna come across
50:19 and stamp everybody on the hand or
50:20 forehead with the tattoo but its,
50:22 we will find out what that's all about later
50:23 on in another study but we do know that God's
50:26 people are sealed. Now we are gonna find
50:28 out so are the devil's people there are sealed
50:30 as well. Go on with me to Revelation chapter 7,
50:34 now we just done Revelation chapter 7,
50:35 we're going to Revelation chapter 13 verse
50:37 16 and 17. Revelation chapter 13 verse 16
50:42 and 17, Mrs. Gloria, do you want to read
50:46 that one for us? 16 sir, yes ma'am, he causes all,
50:55 he causes all both small and great,
50:59 rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a
51:04 mark on their right hand, or in their foreheads:
51:08 And that no one may buy or sell,
51:14 except one who has the mark of a name
51:18 of the beast or the number of his name.
51:23 So, you find out now that the dragon or the
51:25 antichrist also, he has a mark or a seal that
51:29 he forced that he put on who? His followers,
51:33 his followers have this mark or seal.
51:35 So, God has a mark or a seal that his followers
51:37 have and the antichrist has a mark or seal
51:39 that his followers have, very interesting isn't it?
51:41 I know many people who say just avoid all marks,
51:45 everybody is gonna get marked one way or
51:46 another right, they are gonna be sealed or
51:47 marked one way or another.
51:48 Now the last part of this of the study here
51:52 is to me like the most interesting when
51:55 you find out the ministry of Jesus Christ
51:57 and the impersonation that the devil does there,
51:59 first of all I'm gonna go through these right
52:00 here on myself in Luke chapter 3 and verse 21
52:02 we find out that the Jesus Christ rather,
52:05 Jesus Christ begins his ministry remember
52:07 how he began his ministry Jesus was baptized
52:10 and he began his ministry by coming up out
52:11 of the water. So Jesus starts his ministry by
52:13 coming up out of the water. And that's Luke
52:16 chapter 3 verse 21 and then when you get to,
52:20 the next part of Jesus' ministry,
52:22 Jesus ministry last three and half years.
52:25 Jesus ministry last three and half years,
52:27 we know that if you go to the Gospel of John
52:29 you can count the Passovers in the Gospel
52:30 of John and we know his ministry last
52:31 basically 27 the fall 27 AD to the spring of
52:34 31 AD three and one half years. So,
52:37 he begins his ministry by coming up out
52:39 of the water, his ministry lasts three
52:40 and half years and you know what happens
52:42 at the end of Jesus' three and half years
52:43 according to John chapter 12 and verse 32
52:45 and 33, Jesus says in John chapter 12 verse
52:48 32 and 33, And I, if I be lifted up will draw
52:53 all men unto myself. Now those slides
52:56 I guess I should have put those on the screen
52:57 there but there are in the study guides you
53:00 can get those at www.
53:02 you can download those. I'll put the first one up
53:03 there Luke chapter 3 and verse 21,
53:06 Luke 3:21 tells you that Jesus begins his
53:08 ministry by rising up out of the water.
53:10 That's Luke chapter 3 and verse 21,
53:12 it's on the screen now. And then after that
53:14 takes place, after he does that the next one
53:17 even it will be on the screen we don't go
53:19 through these texts. When I give this Bible
53:20 study I just reference it because its
53:22 John chapter 2, 5, 6 and 19, right,
53:25 and we don't go read these whole chapters
53:26 but basically what you find in these
53:27 chapters are you counting the Passovers
53:29 that Jesus went through in his ministry three
53:31 and half years. It's the only gospel that gives
53:33 all that detail there and that's the Gospel
53:36 of John. And then after the three and half years
53:38 of Jesus ministry at the end of that time
53:40 according to John chapter 12 verse 32 and
53:42 33 and I've had that one on the screen the guys
53:45 taking care of the slides little crazy when
53:47 I do this, I'm gonna, they are gonna have me,
53:49 have them hide after this right.
53:51 I jumped ahead of myself little bit but John
53:53 chapter 12 verses 32 and 33 tells us that
53:56 Jesus he says I if I be lifted up will draw
53:59 all men unto me, I if I be lifted up will draw
54:02 all men unto me, Jessica, why don't you go
54:03 and read that one, do you have that one
54:05 John chapter 12, do you have at handy.
54:07 Actually, actually who has at handy right now?
54:09 Tom you go ahead and do that,
54:12 John chapter 12 verse 32 and 33.
54:15 And I, if I'm lifted up from the earth,
54:16 would draw all peoples under myself.
54:19 This he said signifying by what death he would die.
54:24 So Jesus says that He is going to be lifted up
54:27 and draw all to Himself. How was He lifted up?
54:28 What happened? Yeah, He was signifying what
54:31 death He would die there, the Cross,
54:32 the death on the Cross. So Jesus,
54:34 now check this out, He begin to Minister
54:35 by rising up out of the water.
54:37 He's ministered last three and half years.
54:39 At the end of the three and half years,
54:40 he receives a deadly wound, He is crucified.
54:42 But you know what happens after
54:43 He receives that deadly wound, right.
54:45 Yeah, the deadly wound is healed because
54:46 He is resurrected and then all the world
54:48 follows after Jesus. Now you know the devil
54:49 is not going to be outdone by that, right.
54:52 And we figured out that the Antichrist,
54:53 who wanted to mimic Jesus Christ,
54:55 the Antichrist in Revelation Chapter 13
54:56 where we are going to next,
54:57 Revelation 13:1; Jessica, you want to read
55:03 that point in Revelation 13:1?
55:08 And now in my vision I saw beast rising up
55:10 out of the sea. It had seven heads and
55:14 ten horns, with ten crowns on its horns.
55:17 And written on each head were
55:19 names that blasphemed God.
55:23 Okay, so the Antichrist power begins his ministry
55:25 by doing what, rising up out of where, the sea.
55:27 Jesus begin his Ministry by coming up out
55:29 of the water. The Antichrist begins his
55:31 Ministry by coming up out of the water.
55:32 Both of them begin coming up of the water.
55:34 And then after the Antichrist according to
55:36 Revelation 13:1; comes up out of the water.
55:38 We are going to Revelation 13:5,
55:40 Revelation 13:5 and we are going to look
55:42 at in paragraph once again, of Jesus' Ministry
55:45 versus the Antichrist Ministry.
55:46 I would read this one in Verse 5, this time.
55:49 "And there was given unto him a mouth
55:50 speaking great things and blasphemies;
55:52 and power was given unto him to continue,
55:53 for how long, 42 months". Now how long
55:56 is 42 months when you divide that up by 12?
55:58 Three and half years! Isn't that fascinating?
56:00 So you find out that Jesus Christ begins by
56:02 coming up out of the water,
56:03 the Antichrist begins by coming up out of
56:04 the water. Jesus Christ goes on his Ministry
56:06 lasts three and half years, the Antichrist
56:07 Ministry lasts three and half years.
56:10 Then what happens in the Antichrist Ministry?
56:12 Well let's find out, as we go to
56:13 Revelation Chapter 13, we are still in
56:15 Revelation 13:3, and I will take that one.
56:19 "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded
56:20 to death; and his deadly wound was healed; and
56:23 all the world wondered after the beast."
56:26 Isn't that fascinating? Every truth
56:28 that Jesus has, the devil has his counterfeit.
56:32 And the Bible says that when Jesus after
56:34 He receives His deadly wound,
56:35 His deadly wound is healed and He said,
56:36 "I, if I am lifted up, will draw all men under me",
56:38 the Antichrist not to be outdone,
56:40 his ministry lasts three and half prophetic years
56:42 and we will learn more about that later on
56:43 today for hearing about prophecy and that
56:45 kind of thing, but his Ministry lasts
56:46 three and half prophetic years and at the end
56:48 of that timeframe the Antichrist receives
56:50 a deadly wound, the deadly wound is healed
56:52 and all the world would wander after him.
56:54 And that's exactly what is taking place.
56:57 The parallel that the Antichrist has versus
56:59 what Jesus Christ has. Now that probably
57:01 was the most powerful of the comparison
57:03 to look at. But once again it does us no good
57:07 to know about who the Antichrist is,
57:09 unless as the Bible says we know who
57:11 Jesus Christ is. So the last text in our study
57:13 will go to in John 17:3, John 17:3,
57:23 the Bible says this, John 17:3;
57:25 is everybody there. "And this is life eternal,
57:29 that they might know thee the only true God,
57:32 and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."
57:34 How is that we have eternal life?
57:36 By knowing Jesus Christ, and now that we have
57:39 set the stage here with the Antichrist part one,
57:42 we will be ready for Antichrist part two.


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