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00:01 The harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that He will send forth laborers into His
00:09 harvest. Also I heard the voice of the
00:12 Lord saying whom shall I send?
00:15 And who will go for us? Then said I,
00:19 Here am I, send me, send me.
00:23 Life On The Edge will enable you to be an
00:25 effective harvest of the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our
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00:43 Welcome back to Life On The Edge,
00:45 it's a interactive Bible study course right
00:46 here that we are having in beautiful Groveland,
00:49 Florida. Now everyday here in Groveland,
00:51 Florida, we have, everybody thinks of
00:53 Florida, what do you think of when you think
00:54 of Florida? Sunshine, but down here what
00:56 do we have everyday? Liquid sunshine that's
00:59 right rains, it rains almost every afternoon,
01:01 but it's okay because we're here with the
01:02 spirit of God being rain down on our hearts
01:04 as we are learning how to study the Bible
01:06 together or learning how to give Bible studies
01:08 to other people and learning how to win souls
01:10 for the kingdom of God, amen.
01:11 The Bible says it's through the foolishness of
01:13 preaching, in other words its through the
01:14 simplicity of just giving the word of God to
01:16 people that, that the people become safe,
01:18 the people that comes to know Lord Jesus and
01:20 become safe. And so we are learning here
01:22 through our Bible study course here is how to
01:24 share the word of God with other people,
01:26 so they too can be ready for the coming of
01:28 Jesus and be saved. Now you all remember as we,
01:31 as we've been going through study after study
01:33 here at Life and the name of the study of course
01:36 here is Life on the Edge. As we will be going
01:37 through course after course learning we learned
01:40 yesterday about the Antichrist part one.
01:43 It was the first part of the Antichrist study,
01:46 and as we study that we are going through
01:48 that we learned that as opposed to what
01:50 popular Christianity often times teach us
01:52 today, most people when they think of the
01:54 Antichrist they think of this violent oppose to
01:56 Jesus Christ and everybody going to be
01:57 obviously saying, Oh yeah, that's definitely
02:00 not Jesus, that's the Antichrist don't follow him
02:02 everybody kind of has a mindset that it's not
02:04 a deception. But Jesus Himself said remember
02:07 Mathew 24 Jesus speaking in Matthew 24 in
02:09 verse 24, He says Himself, If it was possible
02:13 in the last days even the very elect will be
02:15 deceived, and you think the very elect that's
02:17 the people looks like studying their Bibles
02:19 standing up giving Bible lectures and that
02:20 kind of think right. He says even those people
02:23 will almost be deceived, it's gonna be very
02:25 deceptive and you think about the most,
02:27 most of today what's put out there today
02:30 about the Antichrist and the last days and things
02:32 like that, nothing is really very deceptive,
02:34 in it. Remember we learned that yesterday,
02:36 then we found out as we went through,
02:38 as we study through this, this Antichrist part one
02:41 yesterday we ask the question we had the
02:44 question come up, what is it? What is it that
02:47 we need to learn about this Antichrist?
02:50 You know everybody thinks its obviously openly
02:52 rebelling against Christ, when actually what is
02:54 it? It's something different, it's something
02:56 else we are looking for and what is that we
02:57 learned yesterday as we studied Antichrist in part
02:59 one, yes Tim. We have learned that for every
03:03 thing that God has created the devil has been
03:05 a counterfeit, and so we have to be really
03:07 careful that they were being really vigilant and
03:10 not following after something that is false.
03:12 That's exactly right, we have to pay close
03:14 attention and make sure that we understand
03:17 the truth of God's word because the,
03:19 because the counterfeit is going to be so close
03:21 to the original that there's going to be even,
03:23 if it possible very elect to be deceived and this
03:25 Antichrist power is not going to be the violent
03:26 opposer, but its going to be a certain imposter.
03:29 It's going to be very close to the original to
03:31 the real thing and some people will say,
03:34 Tim or everybody here I guess, some people
03:35 say thinks like I had this happen so many times,
03:38 when I get ready to preach a sermon or to
03:40 give a study on the Antichrist I've heard
03:41 people say you know what I love Jesus,
03:44 and it really doesn't matter if I understand who
03:46 the Antichrist is or any of these things because
03:48 I love Jesus, right, you've heard those kind
03:50 of thoughts maybe you had them yourselves,
03:52 but I got a couple of things, a couple of issues
03:54 with that you might say, why does God reveal
03:56 to us in the word of God, the Antichrist if he
03:57 doesn't want us to know it. And there are some
03:59 examples in the Bible what God has done and
04:02 to show us that He does wants to know
04:04 these things for instance, you think of His
04:07 disciples, the Apostles the twelve you know
04:08 that His twelve disciples are following Him
04:10 around that they love Him? They absolutely
04:13 love Jesus, without a doubt they loved Him.
04:15 So why is it Jesus in Mark chapter 8,
04:17 Mark chapter 9, Mark chapter10 and then Mark
04:19 chapter14, why does He go through all those
04:21 places and tell them exactly what was going
04:22 to happen to Him? He said you know what,
04:24 I'm gonna be betrayed to the gentiles or the
04:27 actually the chief priest describes, and they
04:29 are gonna hand me over to the gentiles,
04:31 and the gentiles are going to take me,
04:32 they gonna beat me up, they gonna spit on me,
04:34 they gonna crucify me, but the third day I'll
04:35 arise again. Why does He tell them those things
04:37 about all these bad things that are gonna happen
04:39 to Him if they loved Him? They didn't really
04:41 need to know that, didn't they? I mean couldn't
04:43 they be saved without knowing those things,
04:46 that's the argument that the lot people have it
04:47 doesn't matter, all can be saved without knowing
04:49 these things, but the reason Jesus was revealing
04:51 to them, what was gonna happen to Him and
04:54 because He did not wanted to become
04:55 discouraged. Can you imagine the difference,
04:57 how different the Bible would be written,
04:59 the history or the scriptures be written,
05:01 if it said something like this. The disciples after
05:03 they heard Jesus tell Him exactly what was
05:05 gonna happen to Him, right. Then they listen
05:07 what He said and whenever they took Him
05:10 and He is betrayed and he was beaten up and
05:12 He spit on, He is crucified, instead of
05:14 Peter denying Him as Lord said praise the Lord it's
05:16 exactly what He said was going to happen,
05:18 can you imagine if that would have been the
05:19 story in the Bible and after He been in the
05:22 grave for three days, the disciples were all
05:24 gathered around the tomb and there was the
05:25 Mary the first one come to the tomb,
05:26 it was the disciples because they believed
05:28 exactly what Jesus had told them, they would
05:30 not have become discouraged and
05:32 disheartened, are you following that?
05:34 So Jesus tells them these things because He
05:36 doesn't want them to become discouraged and
05:37 disheartened, and the reason He gives us
05:39 that the identity of the Antichrist and He gives
05:41 these things even now is because He doesn't
05:43 want you and me to become discouraged or
05:46 disheartened. When you see these things
05:48 taken place then you know, oh this is exactly
05:52 what God said would happen, praise the Lord
05:53 we are close to His coming, amen.
05:55 And so He identifies the Antichrist from the
05:57 scriptures the reason that God gives us this
05:59 is so that you and I will not become
06:01 discouraged or disheartened, so can you
06:03 imagine the love of God, God could have said
06:06 you know what He could have took about a
06:07 bunch of stuff here and just take this Bible
06:09 and just throw this part of inside, you know
06:10 what they don't really need to be saved,
06:13 but He putted in there, so that you and I
06:14 can be encouraged, this things in the Bible is
06:17 put there just so you and I can, can hang
06:19 on and say you know what, this is what God
06:20 said, I can trust him, I can believe Him.
06:23 And it's the same with the identity of the
06:25 Antichrist and these things even though its
06:27 when we show this identity that some of the
06:29 scriptures, it's kind of difficult for some
06:31 people and they say you know it sounds
06:33 hard and these kind of things, but God
06:35 reveals it, so your and I can be ready,
06:38 so that's the purpose and now we are
06:39 getting into the purpose of the study,
06:40 we will have that up on the slide here,
06:42 what is the purpose of the study the Antichrist
06:44 part two, and you see down the screen here
06:46 is to identify the Antichrist. The simple
06:48 reason is to, so we can identify who this
06:50 scoundrel is, scoundrel word everywhere,
06:54 yeah I guess it is, scoundrel, right that
06:56 maybe it just like tacky thing, but then we're gonna
06:59 identify who this guy is and the reason God
07:02 gives it from the scriptures, the reason we
07:03 have this identity of the Antichrist,
07:06 is that so you and I will know, that's the
07:08 purpose, the purpose of the study.
07:10 And then we have another slide here we put
07:11 up the center it, like we do it with every study,
07:12 what's the center of it? Simply God wants us
07:14 to know. God wants us to know that's the
07:17 center of the study, God wants you and I
07:20 not to become discouraged, not to
07:22 become deceived, and not to become,
07:24 oh man, you have something happened,
07:27 it was a total surprise in your life and it's
07:29 like took the, took the like rug up on your feet,
07:31 you fell on your face, did that happen in your
07:32 life, it just wasn't, totally was not expecting
07:34 it, how harsh that was you know and it
07:37 doesn't help soften the blow if you kind of
07:38 have it like ahead of time you're expecting it,
07:40 I'll give you a good example of this,
07:42 this may help lead into the study a little more
07:43 here too. Many people when they start
07:46 getting a lot older, they start expecting and
07:49 they start making arrangements for their
07:51 parents to be dying off, don't they?
07:53 You know they start preparing themselves,
07:55 you know mom and dad getting up there in
07:56 age, they are in eighties and nineties and
07:58 they start mentally, they start preparing for
07:59 their death, mentally you know people do
08:02 that way right, it's hard when any body dies,
08:04 amen. I mean it's hard to loose any body,
08:06 isn't it? But when they lived to a rippled age
08:09 and right with the Lord and this kind of things,
08:10 and then came along some day and some one
08:12 says hey you know get the phone call saying
08:14 your mom died, last night oh man that's so
08:17 bad, but he was expecting it, because she
08:20 was getting up in years and their health was
08:21 felling in and it was almost easier to see that
08:24 they were being laid to sleep and they have
08:25 to linger on right, so let me tell you something,
08:29 when I was only twenty, twenty about
08:35 twenty four I guess, it was in 2000 or it was
08:38 in the year 1999 whatever old I was then
08:42 its hard to keep up with time when you get
08:43 old like me, I got a phone call one day when
08:46 I got home, I was at home by seven I get a
08:47 phone call it's my mom, Philip, your dad died
08:50 today 51-years-old, man my ears start
08:55 ringing, the rugs jagged up on my feet
08:57 and you know why? The main reason was,
09:00 I did not expect it, it was farthest thing from
09:03 my mind, you know, I was like, I been,
09:05 I been like, this just weekend before,
09:06 I have seen my dad and we have being doing
09:08 things and we go flying together, we go fishing
09:10 together, these kind of things going on.
09:12 When you get a phone call that you don't
09:13 expect this, oh, it was just heart attack
09:15 wasn't it, and so in the same way,
09:17 in the similar way when we look at the study
09:19 on Antichrist, when all of a sudden if you
09:22 don't understand what the Bible is teaching
09:23 on any subject, and then you are not here
09:26 with the face of the truth, but if you are hit
09:27 with it in reality, life is like been played out
09:30 and your soul taken back in surprise,
09:31 it's harder to expect, isn't it?
09:33 The love of God is revealed here in revealing
09:35 the Antichrist, not only does one has to be
09:38 deceived, but he doesn't want you to be hurt
09:42 and perplexed and maybe give up in despair,
09:46 because things are happening you didn't
09:47 expect, are you following that?
09:50 Was that analogy okay? You know the story
09:52 parallel pretty good, does it make sense in
09:54 your mind? Alright, well let us go on as
09:56 we are going to open up the study here,
09:57 but before we do, we're gonna have a word
09:59 of pray, you know, the Bible says spiritual
10:01 things are spiritually discerned,
10:03 and so for us to understand,
10:05 what God is telling us here to the study it's
10:08 very important, that our minds are clear,
10:10 our hearts are right with God, so let us
10:11 spend some time now, and pray and
10:13 asking God to guide us to the study.
10:16 Father in heaven, you have given us another
10:19 day of life, here at Life, and I want to thank
10:22 you for it. I want to thank you for this time,
10:25 we get to spend each day in studying your word.
10:28 And Lord today as we study the first part of
10:30 this Antichrist studying part two,
10:35 the first part of part two Lord as we study
10:36 this, I pray that you will give us understanding,
10:39 you'll give each one of us clear minds,
10:40 you help us to be awake and alert,
10:43 and I pray for those who are listening,
10:45 watching or listening either on internet,
10:47 on television, on DVD, that even right now
10:50 you'll be touching their hearts Lord.
10:52 You come especially close to them with your
10:53 spirit and then our minds will be opened to
10:55 what the spirit is teaching us,
10:57 we ask this in Jesus name, amen.
11:00 Okay the Antichrist part two, part one,
11:04 we are gonna split part two up in two parts,
11:06 you understand that right? And we're gonna
11:08 get right into it, first of all we're gonna look at
11:10 all the texts that are listed in the study,
11:12 We are going to put them on the screen,
11:14 so you can write them down, there's
11:15 thirteen of them, actually there is a few
11:17 more than that, if you notice here that you
11:18 see I got written out them in parenthesis
11:20 here Mark chapter 2, seven John 10 and
11:22 there's a couple of other places, where we
11:23 will have a couple of extra texts put in there,
11:27 and actually for those here and maybe for
11:29 people at home, some of the text I gave out
11:32 might not be in the notes that you can
11:34 download on the internet or you actually have
11:36 right now, so you may have to get that
11:37 pencil out, I know it's very difficult with me,
11:39 I will do it with my left hand and you may have
11:41 to take if you want to get all the text.
11:42 You may have to take actually write them
11:43 down yourself. Now for the people at home
11:46 I don't know by the time this actually gets
11:48 out there and we put the studies on the
11:49 Internet and we may have those extra text
11:51 on it, but in case we don't have your pencil
11:53 ready, We've got all these people with here
11:54 with pens and pencils in their hands,
11:55 and computers in front of them and nobody
11:58 has to take notes, because we've given
11:59 everything or spoon fed aren't we?
12:02 So you may have to take some notes today,
12:03 but any way Antichrist part two, part one and
12:06 the text we are going to is going to be
12:08 diveded up actually in different parts,
12:09 if you look on the screen, it's divided up,
12:11 the first four texts that we look at are going
12:14 to be the names of the Antichrist.
12:15 It's very interesting people you hear like
12:17 movies are being made about the Antichrist
12:19 and all these people talking about the
12:20 Antichrist and the name that actually term
12:22 Antichrist is barely almost never used
12:24 in the Bible, it's only in there like, it's in there
12:26 four times in all the Bible, four times in the
12:29 singular form one time in the plural form,
12:31 so you have five times the term Antichrist or
12:34 Antichrists are in the Bible, and they are all
12:36 found in the little books of 1st and 2nd John,
12:39 you don't find it any where else in the Bible
12:40 that's actually termed Antichrist but He has
12:42 different names, different names that he
12:44 is called by in the Bible referring to the same
12:47 character, we're gonna be looking at those
12:48 as well. And then after getting looking at that,
12:51 we're gonna particularly focus in on
12:55 events in this earth's history leading up to
12:57 the Antichrist getting here, like you know
12:59 He doesn't, He has not always been on this
13:01 earth, you know, you are following what I'm
13:02 saying that, that the power of the Antichrist,
13:03 power of the, I can't use all the names,
13:06 or there is little horn in Daniel 8,
13:08 Daniels 7 we are going to be looking at that
13:10 as we go through the study today,
13:11 but these terms that we use all the events
13:14 through this earth's history leading up to the
13:16 Antichrist coming on the scene, are you
13:18 following what we are talking about?
13:19 So the second part here starting in Daniel
13:21 chapter 7, 1 to 3 and all the way down to
13:23 the Daniel 7:7 is the list through history of
13:26 the Antichrist, the things that have happened
13:29 prior to the Antichrist coming to power,
13:31 and we will be looking at that, and we kind
13:32 of finish off there, well we won't finfish off
13:35 there today, because what we're gonna get
13:36 into after that is the identity of the Antichrist.
13:39 We are not actually going to identify Him.
13:43 I say what, you know, what we are going to
13:44 do is give the characteristics that what
13:46 the God has to identify the Antichrist with that's
13:49 gonna be in the last part of the identity of the
13:51 Antichrist. Then we're gonna, we're gonna,
13:53 actually go through there and give all that
13:54 ten identifying characteristics you find
13:56 in Daniel chapter 7 that identifies this, this
13:59 character right. And then we're gonna say,
14:02 who in the world, what power, what force on
14:05 this earth, this planet, the Antichrist has to
14:06 be on this planet right? What power through
14:10 history identifies with this if it's all ten of
14:14 the characteristics, so that's how we go to
14:15 the study, does it make sense? It has like
14:17 three parts you know the names of the
14:19 Antichrist, prior to Antichrist, and then
14:21 identifying the Antichrist, so after we
14:23 give this list of all the ten characteristics,
14:26 tomorrow or on the next study we do we're
14:29 gonna actually plug these ten characteristics
14:31 in and see if it fits the Antichrist who revealed
14:37 this, so the suspense is killing you isn't it?
14:40 Yeah, me too. Alright now let's go on now
14:43 to start the study off, we are gonna go to
14:45 1 John chapter 2, 1 John chapter 2,
14:48 verse 18-22 and we're gonna look at first
14:50 name of the Antichrist and you know what
14:51 name is? Antichrist, Anita has that one,
14:57 so go out of head, 1 John chapter 2 and
15:00 you gonna read verse 18-22 and give just
15:02 a moment everybody to get there,
15:03 even me, 1 John chapter 2, it's the book if
15:09 you go to Revelation, you know, you back
15:10 up and you got, you got Jude and 3 John,
15:12 2 John and 1 John, so if you are at home and
15:14 can't find a way around in the Bible too,
15:16 well you can start Revelation and just back
15:17 up from there, everybody can find
15:19 Revelation, it's the last book of the Bible,
15:21 and so we are going to John,
15:22 1 John rather, 1 John chapter 1:18-22 and
15:25 Anita is going to read that for us.
15:28 Little children, it's the last time and as if
15:31 you have heard that any Christ shall come
15:33 even now are there many any Christs
15:36 whereby we know that it is the last time,
15:40 they went out from us but they were not
15:43 of us, for if they had been of us, they have no
15:45 doubt have continued with us, but they went
15:48 out, that they might be made manifest that
15:51 they were not all of us, but He have an
15:54 unction from the holy one and He know all
15:57 things, I have not written unto you because
16:00 He know not the truth, but because He know
16:03 it and that no lie is of the truth.
16:06 Who is the liar that He did deny it that Jesus
16:10 is the Christ. He is an Antichrist that
16:13 deny it the Father and the son.
16:15 Very good Anita as you, as you are reading
16:17 through, did you notice, did you notice how
16:18 she was looking up, actually she was looking
16:20 around to the people at home as well letting
16:21 them know that they were the part of the
16:23 study that we are having here right?
16:25 But they are looking up and keeping eye
16:26 contact with the people, it keeps people engaged
16:28 right? Like everybody here in the class,
16:31 if they decided they want to go to sleep,
16:32 I'll be looking at you and you know that I'm
16:34 going to be looking at you, you know,
16:35 you can't get away from this class,
16:36 right you sleep, I'm going to, I'm going to make
16:37 an eye contact with you, and I might even,
16:39 I might even call you up and put on TV,
16:42 so you want to be careful not to sleep in
16:43 class right? Anita as she was reading that
16:45 though the Antichrist, it says, this where you
16:47 find in the scriptures this is the first like
16:49 three times you find the term Antichrist right?
16:51 And it says little children for the last time
16:53 as you have heard that Antichrist shall come.
16:55 In other word, what he is doing right now,
16:57 John writing here, it says, as you heard the
16:59 Antichrist shall come, in other word he is
17:01 still putting off in a future day, but he says
17:03 you know what it says, even now like the
17:05 spirit of the Antichrist is working, look what
17:08 he says even now there are many Antichrists
17:10 where by we know it's the last time,
17:12 so it says, even though the Antichrist is
17:14 going to come, you have heard,
17:15 he shall come, even now that Spirit is working
17:19 and it's very interesting, because when he
17:20 talks about these Antichrist. Remember
17:22 most people when they think of Antichrist,
17:24 they think of some exterior thing violently
17:29 opposing God's church and violently opposing
17:32 Jesus Christ and putting themselves and
17:34 saying, you know, I'm Jesus worship me
17:35 that's what we think of isn't it? But look out
17:38 this description is, he says even now there
17:39 are many Antichrists whereby we know its
17:41 last time, and then in verse 19 he says
17:42 something I think its very fascinating.
17:45 They went out from us, who went out from
17:47 them? The Antichrist, so according to the
17:50 John when he is writing in his days speaking
17:52 of the spirit of Antichrist, you know in
17:54 generally he said this Antichrist out there
17:56 right now, but there is only one Antichrist,
17:57 do you understand the difference there
17:59 right? But what are these Antichrists,
18:01 these opposers to Christ, where do they
18:02 come from? Church. They came from the
18:04 church, he says they came from us,
18:05 but you know what he says, they weren't
18:07 really with us, because have they have been,
18:09 they would have stayed, that's what he
18:11 says, for if they had been of us, they have
18:12 no doubt have continued with us,
18:14 but they went out, that maybe, maybe
18:17 manifest but they were not really or not all
18:19 of us, so you follow what's going on here
18:21 with this, Paul, John here is making a
18:23 description of the Antichrist and he says,
18:25 it's very similar, you know, you have heard
18:27 the Antichrist will come, now how do they
18:28 hear the Antichrist would come?
18:29 How do they hear that? Obliviously, John
18:31 speaking about something, he has preached
18:32 to them, right? How could they have heard
18:35 about him, when somebody had preached
18:36 to that to them right? He says he is gonna
18:37 come, but you know what he said, it's a
18:39 kind of going on now, because these people,
18:42 these people had when they were there in the
18:43 church have now left the church,
18:46 they left us, they weren't really of us.
18:49 Have you ever noticed, most of the time when
18:53 someone apostasies, when someone,
18:55 someone like leaves the church, they don't
18:57 go alone, you know, it's like people aren't
19:01 satisfied to be lost all by themselves,
19:02 they got to take all that came with them,
19:04 right? And I have noticed that, and it's across
19:06 the board, you know, you know it may talk
19:09 about the nominations and it's across the
19:10 board, any denominations like people
19:12 aren't just satisfy to walk out and just be lost
19:15 by themselves, they try to take you with
19:17 them and John is warning the people in his
19:18 days and said you know what? This is the
19:20 way the Antichrist works. He does, he is
19:23 not going to come as a violent opposer and
19:25 everybody is going to say, oh yes stay away
19:27 from that guy, he is a terror, you know
19:29 terrorism in Mathew 13 right, stay away from
19:31 him, he's obviously a deceiver. No, these
19:33 guys came in the church they were part
19:35 of them, but they use that and then they
19:37 left and took obviously people with them.
19:39 Now John, basically speaking here this
19:42 Antichrist power, the Antichrist were in his
19:43 day they came within the church, when Paul,
19:47 and our next text we are gonna be turning to,
19:48 when Paul talks about the Antichrist in the
19:50 very last days he, he refers to the Antichrist
19:52 under different term, We're gonna looking at
19:54 that on our next slide here, he refers to him
19:56 under different term and you look here it's
19:58 in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and verse 3,
20:00 and he refers to him as the man of sin or the
20:02 son of perdition, and so someone, who's
20:05 gonna read, Darlene, Darlene you have 2
20:08 Thessalonians chapter 2 and verse 3,
20:10 and go ahead and read that one and, and as
20:13 you read it as you read 2 Thessalonians 2-3,
20:15 emphasis those words, it says men of sin and
20:17 son of perdition, okay do that. Let no one
20:21 deceive you by any means, for that day will
20:24 not come unless the falling away come first,
20:29 and the man of sin is revealed, the son of
20:32 perdition. So Paul writing here now,
20:35 we looked first that John talks about the
20:37 Antichrist in his day, they came within the
20:38 church, Paul says here, and look what he says,
20:40 now you have covered this already,
20:41 I think in the, in the part of this in the Great
20:43 Controversy study or the, what was the other
20:47 study that the pastor Scott did that,
20:49 where you covered this whole thing about
20:50 the man of sin, the son of perdition, does
20:52 anybody remember what study that was?
20:55 The Great Controversy study okay, I was right
20:56 with that then alright, you notice here and
20:58 we are going to cover that again alright now,
20:59 but I might put a little different twist on it
21:00 but it says don't be deceived by any means
21:03 about what, what's he talking about hereby
21:04 being deceived by? The second coming of
21:06 Christ, if you look at the context just above
21:08 that he says, the second coming of Christ as
21:10 he says don't be deceived about that for
21:12 that day the second coming of Christ will not
21:14 come except, there comes a falling away
21:16 first. Now in order for something to fall away,
21:19 it must first be connected, right? You
21:21 can't fall away from some one unless you are
21:22 connected, and actual word there used in
21:25 the Greeks like Apostasia. Now someone
21:27 is going to write me a letter over that,
21:28 so that's how you say that, that's I say that
21:30 word, but that's okay just write me the letter,
21:32 and you get the idea, it means, it means like
21:34 to be divorced from or it means, it means
21:37 to be just taken away, you know, you are
21:39 once connected, and then you are divorced
21:40 or your are once the member of the church,
21:42 you are no longer the member of the church
21:43 and in Paul speaking not just of a general like
21:45 one person leaving the church. He said it's
21:47 going to be big falling away. In other words
21:49 it's going to be a big apostasy is gonna take
21:52 place, so before Jesus comes, before the day
21:55 Lord comes this big apostasy is going to
21:57 take place and look what he says,
21:58 the son of man, or that the man of the sin
22:01 rather be revealed the son of perdition.
22:02 He says there is going to be an apostasy and
22:05 as a result of that, the son of perdition is
22:08 going to be revealed, this man of sin who
22:11 we call the Antichrist right? So it's
22:13 another name for Antichrist, we are looking
22:15 at here, another name of Antichrist,
22:16 first of all it's a man of sin, son of perdition
22:19 or Antichrist, it's all referring to the same
22:20 character, and where does this guy come
22:22 from? Within the church, now it's very
22:24 interesting, one of the terms he uses here,
22:27 is the son of perdition. Now there is one other
22:29 place in all the Bible, that you'll find the term
22:31 son of perdition and you know who he is
22:32 referring to? Judas Iscariot, you got that
22:35 exactly right, Judas Iscariot is found in John
22:37 chapter 17 and verse 12, when Jesus says,
22:39 you know, I have kept all you gave me Lord,
22:41 speaking to his father, he is praying in John 17,
22:43 I have kept all that you have given to me
22:44 except one, the son of perdition, you know,
22:49 and he is referring to Judas Iscariot there,
22:50 you read all through the chapters obviously
22:51 he is referring to Judas Iscariot,
22:52 so it's fascinating. Let me ask you,
22:55 was Judas a violent opposer to Christ from
22:57 outside his realm outside his church?
23:00 No he was actually a sort of very much an
23:02 imposter; even the disciples themselves did
23:05 not realize that Judas would be betraying
23:07 Christ. It was much later that they figured
23:09 out like after everything took place,
23:11 then they looked back and said oh,
23:12 he was the one who betrayed him,
23:14 that's what exactly what Jesus said what
23:15 happened to him, he said he betrayed just
23:16 like that he said, but they didn't get it at
23:18 that time, and so he was so good in his
23:20 deception, this Antichrist, this form of Antichrist
23:24 Judas Iscariot was so good in deception,
23:27 that the disciples the closest people of Jesus
23:29 in the church didn't get it, you understand why
23:33 Jesus so much warns, that this last day
23:34 deceptions will be very strong. Do you
23:36 understand a little bit more now,
23:37 I mean we think about that when we do the
23:38 study on Antichrist part one that we did.
23:40 Can you understand why we spend so much
23:42 time emphasizing that for every truth God has,
23:44 the devil has the counterfeit, because all
23:46 through it's been that way. And Jesus does
23:49 not want His disciples to be deceived about
23:50 that, He actually told them, I'm going to be
23:52 betrayed, they didn't have to be deceived
23:55 about that you know, even when Judas come,
23:56 Judas did he betray me with the kiss?
23:59 You know but they were not getting it because
24:02 it didn't fit what they wanted to happen.
24:04 And so as we find here Paul again says,
24:06 this man of sin, the Antichrist power son of
24:08 perdition is going to come from within the church
24:10 and it's going to look just like the real thing.
24:13 It's going to be very deceptive, are you
24:16 following this? Is it making any sense, good?
24:18 Alright, now let's go on now to the next
24:19 text and Shalita is going to be reading our
24:21 next text, and start in Revelation 13,
24:23 this is actually the third name of the Antichrist,
24:27 and it's going to be, here we go the beast,
24:31 so the third the name of the Antichrist that
24:33 we were looking at here or the fourth name
24:34 because we have the Antichrist, the man
24:36 of sin, son of perdition and now we are
24:37 looking at Revelation chapter 13 verses
24:39 1-3 the beast and Shalita you gonna read
24:43 that for us. And I stood up on the sand of
24:47 the sea and saw a beast arise up out of
24:49 the sea. Okay, the sea beasts exactly,
24:51 go ahead, I'm sorry. Having seven heads
24:53 and ten horns and up on his horns ten crowns
24:57 and up on his heads the name of Blasphemy.
25:00 And the beast which I saw was liken to a
25:03 leopard and his feet were as the feet
25:05 of a bear. And his mouth as a mouth of a
25:09 lion and the dragon gave him his power
25:12 and his seat and great authority, and I saw
25:15 one of his heads as if it were wounded unto
25:17 death and his deadly wound was healed
25:21 and all the world wondered after the beast.
25:23 So we have this another term we have for
25:25 the Antichrist and we gonna have a study
25:27 later on that reveals, I mean it talks about
25:29 the Revelation 13 there in more detail
25:31 obviously we will cover that later,
25:32 but this is another description of the
25:34 Antichrist and we are going to be referring
25:35 some time in the study today, we have
25:37 already referred back to Revelation 13 at
25:38 some point there from Daniel chapter 7,
25:40 but it's interesting there that this Antichrist
25:42 power that we are talking about here its
25:44 given in symbolism here and it's called the
25:47 sea beast. Right, so you find, you find that
25:50 the Antichrist is both Antichrist,
25:52 the man of sin, the son of perdition and also
25:54 the sea beast, but you know he has another
25:56 name, there is another name for this Antichrist
25:58 power and this is the one we're going to be
25:59 studying particularly it is found in Daniel
26:01 chapter 7. If you open your Bibles in Daniel
26:04 chapter 7, I put the slide up the screen now
26:05 for his last name of the Antichrist,
26:07 Daniel chapter 7 in verse 8 he's called,
26:10 somebody read and then we will reveal the
26:11 name that's probably already on the screen
26:13 anyway for those people at home but it's the
26:14 Little Horn, The Little Horn power in Daniel
26:17 chapter 7, and by the way if you can't find
26:19 Daniel chapter 7 get like right in the middle
26:22 of your Bible, if you get to Ezekiel, the next
26:24 book if you find the little prophet like Hosea,
26:27 Amos, Obadiah, those books there back up
26:30 just a little bit to the left in you Bible and
26:32 you will find, you get to the Psalms,
26:34 Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song Of Solomon,
26:36 Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel,
26:38 then you get to book of Daniel, so if you are
26:39 some where in the Bible and you found one
26:40 of those books and you are looking for the
26:42 book of Daniel, I'm just trying to give you time
26:43 to find it. We are going to Daniel chapter 7
26:46 and we're going to be part there pretty
26:47 much the rest of the study, very well that
26:51 we will be outside the book Daniel here as we
26:53 reveal this Antichrist power, and so we're
26:56 gonna have Daniel chapter 7 and verse 8
26:58 read by Bill right now, Bill is going to read
27:00 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 8
27:01 back there, go ahead Bill.
27:03 I was considering the horns, and there was
27:05 another horn, a little one, coming up among
27:08 them, before whom three of the first horns
27:11 were plucked out by the roots. And there,
27:15 in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a
27:17 man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.
27:20 As he has read that right now just now Bill
27:22 thank you so much, you read that Daniel
27:23 Chapter 7 verse 8, he said that he considered
27:25 the horns and then his horns came up and
27:27 his little horn came up later. Now what we're
27:29 gonna show from Bible as the Bible
27:31 describes for us we're gonna show in this study,
27:33 in this Bible study, that this little horn is what
27:36 the Bible refers to is Antichrist, the man
27:38 of sin, the son of perdition and the beast,
27:40 the first beast of Revelation chapter 13.
27:42 Then we're gonna show that from the
27:43 Bible through the study that's the idea
27:45 through what we're gonna be doing from here on
27:46 now. Now before the Antichrist come
27:49 remember we have this divided up at the
27:51 beginning of the study, we show that it was
27:52 divided up and the first thing was going
27:54 to cover was what? The names of the
27:55 Antichrist remember that and we covered
27:57 that has that been pretty clear the names.
27:59 Now we're gonna cover the next part is
28:00 what's happening prior to the Antichrist
28:02 coming upon the scene. In other words it's
28:05 going to give us time in history little bit to
28:06 whom we would be looking for this Antichrist
28:08 power to rise up. Now I think this is powerful
28:10 we get to study this more when we get to
28:12 that study on the judgment part two of the
28:15 judgment and I looked at the scheduled and
28:16 I have the privilege of doing that study so
28:18 I don't want to steal my thunder too much
28:19 right now, but it's very interesting in Daniel
28:21 chapter 7, I'm gonna go and hit this a little
28:23 bit, because people have short term memory loss,
28:25 you know don't forget about it by the time
28:26 we go over again, but its interesting because in
28:28 Daniel chapter 7 it gives, it gives these
28:30 world power, it goes just like Daniel 2,
28:32 there is Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome and
28:35 then has the, Romans are divided, then this
28:37 little horn power comes to power and the
28:39 next thing it talks about in Daniel 7 is
28:40 judgment scene and then the second coming
28:43 of Christ. So, it kind of give you an outline a
28:46 time outline of Jesus kind of coming after
28:49 the Antichrist through the study. So, once
28:51 again it proves that what we'll be able to
28:53 prove through the study is what the same
28:55 thing that we find in the New Testament that
28:56 in the New Testament and the Old Testament
28:58 agree. The New Testament and the Old
29:01 Testament agree that what the order events
29:04 has the Antichrist coming before Jesus
29:06 Christ comes. Now I remember we talked about
29:09 that there is a deception in the last days right?
29:10 The Bible talks about every truth that God
29:12 has, the devil has the counterfeit,
29:14 well you know what the counterfeit is today.
29:16 The counterfeit today is believed by much of
29:18 Christianity that first Jesus comes and then
29:21 the Antichrist power comes in, comes in to
29:24 play, but you have this timeline to look at
29:26 Daniel 7, again Daniel 8 and Daniel 9 and then
29:30 you find that in the New Testament and Paul
29:32 there in 2nd Thessalonians, they
29:34 all said, no, no, no, first the Antichrist is gonna
29:37 be revealed and then Jesus will come,
29:39 not the other way around, but just because
29:42 of the multitude of the Christians, multitude
29:43 of people believe it to be the other way is
29:45 that make it true? If I read my Bible correctly
29:47 Jesus said that there is broad road that many
29:49 people are going to be following is going to
29:51 lead to destruction and at a very narrow
29:52 road that if you are going to be on it's going
29:54 to eternal life, so are we safe to follow the
29:56 multitudes, no Moses says, Moses says back
30:00 in I think its in Deuteronomy where he
30:01 says don't follow multitude and do evil and
30:04 evil is any time is out side the word of God,
30:06 you know, then we know that the sin is
30:08 defined by the transgression law, but has
30:09 the another definition too, you know what it
30:10 is? To know to do good and do not do to
30:13 that a sin and that's found in James chapter
30:15 4 verse 17. Okay, now we're gonna start looking
30:18 now at the characteristic, the things
30:21 that are going to be taking place on this
30:22 earth prior to the Antichrist coming on the
30:24 scene. In the next text we're gonna be reading,
30:27 it's found in Daniel chapter 7 and we're gonna
30:28 read verse 1-3, Daniel 7:1-3. Now I wanna
30:31 pause here for a second and look at the
30:33 slide, for those people who are marking their
30:35 Bibles here and at home, I know that some
30:37 people just kind of tune in certain times and
30:39 they haven't seen prior to this, but when
30:41 you're at Daniel chapter 7 verse 1-3,
30:44 from there you are right 5AC to because we
30:46 are on the fifth text on that Antichrist part
30:49 2 study and then you see this line here your
30:52 right that have 5AC to have a circle then
30:54 a line coming out from it, on the top of the
30:56 line Daniel chapter 7 and verse 8 that's the
30:59 text that what? You came from it, it just
31:01 right there above it doesn't it? Right, and in
31:03 Daniel chapter seven verse 4 is the text going
31:04 to next, but now this study is gonna be
31:06 marked it's a little different in your Bible,
31:08 okay then the rest of them and this is why,
31:11 because we go from Daniel 7:1-3,
31:13 to Daniel 7:4, then Daniel 7:5, Daniel 7:6,
31:16 Daniel 7:7, Daniel 7:8. Now you don't have to
31:19 go each one of those right ok this is Daniel
31:21 7:5 6 7 8, the easy way of doing this since
31:23 you know you just gonna be going through,
31:25 is like straight through, you can mark
31:27 like that it if you want no problem,
31:29 but you are gonna run out of space maybe
31:30 unless your Bible is big enough and you write
31:31 small enough, but what I do is I take color
31:33 pencils, and what we are learning here is
31:36 just learning how to give a study and give
31:38 an intelligence study of the truth of God's
31:39 word, take color pencils and I like take that
31:42 and on verse 4 I'll color with one pencil and
31:44 then verse 5 I'll color with a different pencil,
31:46 and it just tells me I'm going through there,
31:48 okay I'm just reading this one verse,
31:50 then this one verse and eventually after just
31:52 a few times you have given a study,
31:53 you know, you don't do that anyway.
31:54 Are you following that? Is there any problem
31:56 with this? Since you are going from text to
31:58 another and then straight in a row there is
31:59 no sense in marking your five, six, seven,
32:01 eight, but if you want to by all means do it,
32:05 it just takes a little more space and so since
32:07 we are going straight through this study and
32:08 it's identity, we're just gonna read the text,
32:10 pause, give a description and read the next
32:12 text, alright. Everybody okay with doing at that
32:17 way? Yeah so some of the studies are
32:18 marked just a little bit different, and this is
32:19 one of them, so let's go to it now.
32:21 Daniel chapter 7 verse 1-3,
32:23 Jessica, go ahead sister.
32:25 Earlier during the first year of king
32:28 Belshazzar's Reign in Babylon,
32:30 Daniel had a dream and saw visions as
32:33 he lay in his bed. He wrote the dream down
32:36 and this is what he saw and made vision
32:39 that night I Daniel saw great storm turning
32:43 the surface of a great sea with strong winds
32:47 blowing with every direction then for a
32:51 huge beast came up out of the water
32:53 each different from the others.
32:56 Alright so what we are finding here is Daniel
32:58 is having what, it's some kind of a dream,
33:00 right? You read that and he says he is having
33:03 a dream. Now when you have a dream,
33:05 even today Jessica when some one has a
33:07 dream, you ever had somebody come to you
33:09 and said you know I have this dream,
33:11 but I was like falling out of an airplane and
33:13 this helicopter came underneath me and
33:14 caught me and then I fell off the helicopter
33:17 I fell on this way and some thing like that,
33:18 you right, are you following what I'm saying
33:20 right before I hit the ground I woke up,
33:21 what do you think that means? Have anybody
33:23 do that to you? Like what do you think that
33:24 dream means? Well I think you ate too much
33:26 pizza, you know, you shouldn't eat so like
33:29 before you go to bed so that's what I think
33:30 the dream means, but you know it wasn't
33:32 always, it hasn't always the case of many
33:33 people even today dreams mean something
33:36 and so but now in Daniel case here his dream
33:38 actually did mean something because it was
33:40 from God. God was giving him this dream with his
33:42 vision and it did mean something now
33:45 whenever you ask what do you think dream
33:46 means you know, what you actually saying,
33:48 what do you think these symbols are in this
33:50 dream? Most people with that, you don't even
33:52 have much Bible scholarly work and studying
33:54 to realize when it's a dream in the Bible or a
33:56 vision, then it's symbolically, it speaking
33:58 of symbols, okay. And so we know that this
34:01 is going to be symbols then we find out that
34:03 it is actually just as we go through the study
34:04 because when he starts describing the
34:06 things happening in the dreams, he tells what
34:08 the symbols mean, but now the first part
34:10 the first three verses, he doesn't actually give
34:12 the description of what those symbols mean?
34:14 So we're gonna have to like get our fingers just
34:16 a little bit dirty and find out from Bible what
34:19 these symbols mean, this first few symbols and
34:21 then the rest of them like the beasts,
34:22 the horns and those kind of things we found
34:24 out what those symbols mean right from the
34:25 Bible, so if the beast is the symbol, and the
34:28 horns are the symbol and Daniel tells us
34:30 what they mean, but the wind, what about
34:33 the wind and the waters and those kind of
34:35 things, how do we know what those things
34:37 represents if Daniel doesn't tell us.
34:38 You know what you can do? You can
34:40 look other places in the Bible when the similar
34:42 things are taking place to understand it.
34:44 Now here's one of those times you may wanna
34:45 get your pencil out and be ready because as
34:48 we go to our next slide here on the screen,
34:50 I wanna just give you the definition of wind,
34:51 according to Bible prophecy, wind, when
34:55 you think of wind and symbolically speaking,
34:57 it represents strife or war, and you find it,
35:00 the text reference there showing there in
35:01 Jeremiah chapter 49 verses 36 and 37,
35:04 and we will go there in just a moment,
35:05 but I wanna give you a few more verses to
35:07 help do that as well and it's not going to be
35:09 on screen, you should write it down if you want
35:10 them and I tell you what I do, in this study
35:13 when I'm giving this, most of the time as
35:16 you are writing there. I'll just tell you this,
35:17 most of the time when I'm giving the study
35:18 to someone in a Bible study setting and I
35:20 said hey you know what according to Jeremiah,
35:22 chapter 49 verse 36 and 37, wind represents
35:26 strife and commotion when you speaking
35:28 symbolically, they say oh, really okay,
35:30 if they are like that, I don't have to go and
35:32 prove that, but in case they want to turn
35:34 there we can go and prove that it, okay.
35:35 You don't have to prove every single thing
35:38 as long as you can prove every single thing.
35:40 Are you following that? And so, and so what
35:43 I do here in my Bible instead of saying okay,
35:45 after I read Daniel 7:1-3, about the wind
35:48 then my next text is Jeremiah 49:36-37.
35:51 I don't do that way, what I do is, is in the
35:53 very top part of my margin of my Bible,
35:55 very top up here, you see written little small
35:57 there, I just wrote a little winds equals,
35:59 and then I didn't write wind equals strife
36:01 commotion war, I just wrote winds equals
36:03 Jeremiah 49:36-37, Jeremiah, and I then
36:07 I didn't write Jeremiah again, I just wrote
36:12 that again chapter 25 verse 31 to 33,
36:13 so Jeremiah chapter 25 verse 31-33,
36:15 you find the same thing that the war
36:17 represents strife commotion and winds
36:19 rather winds represents war strife and
36:21 commotion, and then here chapter 4 verse 11-33
36:26 still on the same book of Jeremiah, so Jeremiah
36:29 chapter 49, 36 and 37, Jeremiah chapter 25,
36:33 31-33 and Jeremiah chapter 4, 11-13,
36:39 everybody get those. Okay, and for those of you
36:42 are at home, we will probably have those
36:44 also it will be on the study guides by the time
36:46 we upload on the internet, so you will be
36:47 able to get there and just download should
36:49 it ought be there, but if it's not there well
36:50 you got it now just go and get your pens
36:52 and write it down, so Jeremiah 49, 36-37
36:56 Jeremiah 25: 31-33 and then 4:11-13 and there is
36:59 one more, it's found in the book of Zechariah,
37:01 there's no book Zechariah, yeah,
37:03 it's in the Bible. Zechariah, Zechariah
37:05 actually Zechariah chapter 7 verse14,
37:11 Zechariah chapter 7 verse 14, any of those
37:13 texts you can kind of use as, as an idea to
37:15 get the idea that when you see winds and strife,
37:17 winds in the Bible is talking about strife
37:19 commotion and war, okay so we're gonna start
37:21 plugging in these Bible symbols as we go,
37:23 and so Daniel chapter 7, verse 1-3,
37:26 we read that Daniel sees these winds blowing
37:29 up on the great sea, but what these winds
37:31 represent? well, let's look in the Jeremiah,
37:34 really quick, Jeremiah chapter 49,
37:35 it's to the left in your Bible, you are in Daniel,
37:37 keep your place mark there in Daniel,
37:39 that way you're gonna be there whenever you
37:40 get back, right? And you are going go back
37:42 to Jeremiah and we gonna look at the 49
37:44 chapter. Isaiah, Jeremiah, chapter 49 and
37:50 we're gonna give example something going
37:52 on there and the prophet is speaking,
37:53 the prophet Jeremiah and he starts talking about
37:55 winds representing you know like strife,
37:58 commotion war conquering actually what it is.
38:01 Got to get there myself, Jeremiah, the 49
38:06 chapter starting in verse 36, he is speaking,
38:08 the prophet here Jeremiah is speaking,
38:10 he says up on Ileum will I bring the four
38:12 winds of the four quarters of heaven,
38:14 so up on Ileum I'm going to bring the four
38:16 winds and the four quarters of the heaven,
38:18 so these winds are going to be coming from
38:19 all directions, are you following this?
38:22 And will scatter them towards all those winds,
38:24 in other words in heaven that will be scattered
38:26 towards all those winds. There shall be no
38:28 nation whether the out cast of Ileum,
38:31 shall not come, so the winds are gonna cause
38:34 the everything the whole nation is going to
38:35 be scattered are you following the mindset
38:36 there, now you think that would actually do
38:38 with tornado, no let us find out, he tells us
38:41 exactly what he's going to do with,
38:43 for our cause Ileum to be dismay before their
38:45 enemies, and before them shall, and before
38:48 them that seek their life and I'll bring evil
38:51 upon them. Even my fierce anger said Lord,
38:55 I will sin the sword or a war or a battling,
38:57 I'll sin the sword after them till I have consumed
39:00 them, so are you following which is one
39:02 example there Jeremiah says I'm going to bring
39:04 these winds upon the people, they are going
39:06 to be scattered everywhere, but he is not
39:08 talking about the hurricanes, it's going, it's
39:09 turning in the Atlantic right now as a matter
39:11 of fact its way toward ford have you seen
39:12 that, yeah, we may have to call classes short
39:14 for a minute, but they, they say yeah there
39:16 is a hurricane out there and is turning up
39:17 this way, it started last night. He is not talking
39:20 about hurricane coming and scattered them,
39:21 right? He is talking about an actual war,
39:24 he is gonna use, he use a symbolism of the
39:26 winds coming and scattering them, are you
39:28 following this? So wind, strife, commotion,
39:30 war that's one example, now you get them
39:32 more, you can get them other texts and keep
39:33 studying them deeper but that's just one
39:35 example. And so from there also after we look
39:38 at the wind, we look at the next slide that
39:39 will be on our screen, you also have the waters,
39:42 he says, and the water represents populated
39:44 area because when you read in Daniel chapter
39:46 7, where she just read for us, Daniel chapter 7
39:48 verse 3 says, great beast coming up out of
39:50 the sea, now what's the sea? It's a water,
39:54 representing what does water represent?
39:56 Very interesting, if you go to the Book of
39:59 Revelation chapter 17 and verse 15,
40:01 Revelation chapter 17 verse 15, we can actually
40:04 find, water is that waters represent speaking
40:09 biblically in a Bible prophecy and symbolism,
40:11 you know Revelation 17 is speaking symbolically,
40:14 you know for sure right? Revelation chapter 17
40:17 and verse 15, it says this, and he said on to me
40:20 the waters which you saw were the horse sits
40:23 are the people's and multitudes and nations
40:26 and tongues, so what are the water
40:28 representing in Revelation 17? People,
40:31 multitudes, nations and tongues, right,
40:33 so what he suppose the water represents
40:34 when Daniel sees these winds blowing upon
40:36 the waters, highly populated area, multitudes
40:39 of people, nations and tongues, now, now that
40:41 you kind a picture of what the vision is
40:43 representing right, you are getting an
40:44 understanding of this? So what Daniel sees
40:46 he sees this water out there and he sees,
40:48 he sees the wind blowing and frolicking around,
40:51 and the water being turned up and you know
40:52 what pops up out of that water?
40:54 Strange can you imagine having a dream like this?
40:56 I'll, I'll not be able to go back to sleep for
40:57 a week. The next slide we look at here on the
40:59 screen it says the beast are equal to kings or
41:02 kingdoms and you find that Daniel actually
41:05 himself gives you the answer to those Bible
41:07 symbols himself, and you find that in Daniel
41:09 chapter 7 verse 17, 23, how do we know
41:11 that the winds are symbolic? How do we know
41:14 that the water is symbolic? Because the rest
41:16 of it is symbolic look at the Daniel chapter 7
41:17 and verse 17, these great beasts, oh, who is
41:21 reading that one by the way, am I still reading
41:22 that one, yeah that's me, these great beasts
41:25 which are four are four kings which shall rise
41:28 out of here, so who are the great beasts?
41:30 Kings which rise out of earth, or, or if you go
41:33 on to the next verse, verse twenty three,
41:34 the next one we have here, it says, thus he
41:36 said, the fourth beast shall be the fourth
41:39 kingdom, which shall be come up on the earth,
41:42 so now when he ask you, if the fourth beast
41:44 is the fourth kingdom, what you suppose the
41:46 third beast is? Oh, very good how about the
41:49 second beast? The second kingdom exactly
41:51 right, so if we can like by this like simple
41:54 reasoning realize Daniel said that the fourth
41:56 beast is the fourth kingdom, the second beast
41:58 must be the second kingdom, the third beast
42:00 must be the third, the first must be the
42:01 first kingdom, right? Isn't it interesting because
42:04 we have studied Daniel chapter 2 haven't we?
42:06 Everybody been through Daniel chapter two
42:07 right? And in Daniel chapter 2 how many
42:09 kingdoms rose up in Daniel 2 started with what
42:11 kingdom, Babylon and then it went to Medo
42:15 and then to Greece and the legs of iron were
42:18 Rome and then what happened to Rome?
42:21 Divided, it was divided, actually we realize there
42:23 in that image, the Rome goes all the way down
42:25 in the feet, because the iron is still in the
42:26 feet, isn't? And it's actually so it's Rome is
42:28 divided up underneath the feet, but then what
42:30 happens? The storm comes representing Jesus
42:34 and destroys that image, so we had how
42:36 many kingdoms in Daniel chapter,
42:38 Daniel chapter 2, four Babylon, Medo Persia,
42:40 Greece, Rome, its very interesting here,
42:42 how many beasts rise up here? Four Babylon,
42:45 Medo Persia, Greece and Rome, what God
42:46 does though, because he doesn't want you
42:48 being deceived, he expounds on this again,
42:50 he gives the same thing once again but he
42:52 enlarges on so we can be sure that you
42:55 get it, you know people learn all different
42:57 ways don't they? Me, if I can, if I can watch
42:59 it on television, because this is the way I
43:01 raise I guess, I can remember it, but if I
43:03 read it, oh, I got to read it again and again
43:04 and again, I just had a harder time
43:06 understanding it that way, so what God
43:08 does, and He knows how everybody learns
43:09 all different ways, and so what he wants to
43:11 do with us, as he takes us to the same time
43:14 line of events again, but He adds more detail,
43:16 so we can make sure that you are not
43:18 deceived by this Antichrist. And so we are
43:21 going down to and look at those kingdoms now,
43:22 those kingdoms though, the four great
43:24 kingdoms that arise up, we know who they
43:25 are but let's look at the description that God
43:27 gives us, and we're gonna find the first part
43:29 of the description, Mike, Mike back there is
43:30 going to read that for us, and he is going
43:31 to read Daniel chapter 7 and verse 4,
43:33 it going to be on screen there, Daniel 7
43:35 verse 4. Now Mike is going to read it for us,
43:37 are you there and ready to go?
43:38 Yeah. Alright, Daniel 7:4.
43:41 The first was like a lion and had eagle's wings,
43:44 I beheld till the wings there were plucked and
43:46 it was lifted up from the earth, and made
43:49 stand up on the feet as a man,
43:51 and a man's heart was given to it.
43:53 Alright so this symbolism here of this
43:57 first kingdom, now I already kind of given you,
43:59 given the punch line there you know, the first
44:01 kingdom we already stated represents Babylon.
44:03 Now if you remember back in Daniel chapter 2,
44:05 God doesn't tell us in Daniel chapter 2,
44:08 who the chest and arms of silver represent,
44:10 He doesn't tells us in Daniel chapter two what
44:11 the, what the belly and thigh brass represents,
44:13 he doesn't even tell us what the legs represent?
44:15 But he does tells what the head of the gold
44:17 represents, in Daniel 2 what he say it
44:19 represents, he says hey, go king you are
44:21 the head of the gold Babylon, Babylon
44:23 the head of the gold right? Here he doesn't
44:25 actually tell us, what this wing in line
44:28 represents, but we know that it's Babylon,
44:31 because again it's parallel in the first
44:32 kingdom, but also the description that he gives
44:35 and the description he gives over the next
44:36 kingdoms tells us who that first one is?
44:39 In other words he gives the real clear
44:40 description actually of the second who is the
44:42 bear and then the third one there that's the
44:44 leopard and tells us almost exactly who that
44:46 is, and so w can look at that and so who ruled
44:49 before the bear before Medo Persia, Babylon did,
44:51 are you following that, so God doesn't want us
44:53 to us to be, to be mistaken and start
44:54 thinking, oh, bear must be Russia, right it's
44:58 the Russian bear, and then, then it's next no,
45:01 God, God has a order, He's gonna keep things
45:03 in order right? And so he gives us
45:05 the description, so don't be deceived.
45:06 Now here's what fascinating, it says that
45:08 first one is like a lion and had eagles wings,
45:13 now I don't have with me right now all my
45:15 slides but you gonna find this in National
45:16 Geographic, got a thing not too long ago,
45:18 it's been some time back and I got the magazine,
45:20 and I scanned in the picture and it shows a
45:24 picture of the Ishtar Gate, you know where
45:26 Babylon is, does anyone know where Babylon is?
45:29 It's in Iraq; it's in that area, right? And he was
45:30 dong excavating step over there and have that
45:33 big Ishtar Gate put up there and the picture
45:35 of that Ishtar Gate is like a blue big rock,
45:38 stone gate and only the outside of the picture
45:41 symbolizing the kingdom of Babylon right there
45:43 in the day was a lion with eagle's wings,
45:45 and so I got a picture of that they had
45:46 National Geographic, and I use them on my
45:48 slides and think sometime like that when I'm
45:49 preaching Evangelistic meetings. You know I've
45:51 realized that most of you when you are given
45:52 a Bible study you don't have the slides that
45:54 be able to give them, all the slides right?
45:57 So you have to build the few things of your
45:58 heads, so you can tell hey you know it's
45:59 a National Geographic, I can show to you some
46:01 time that kind of a thing, so we know that
46:05 represents Babylon this lion with eagle's wings,
46:07 it also interesting that it says that the wings
46:09 were plucked off, it was lifted up from the earth
46:11 that made to stand up on the feet like a man
46:13 and a man's heart was given to him,
46:16 and you know many scholars and I believe this
46:18 too, and this fits perfectly the first king of
46:19 Babylon was, Nebuchadnezzar's that's
46:22 exactly right, and Nebuchadnezzar's got real
46:25 proud and arrogant, and he was like a beast,
46:27 I mean there he was conquering everywhere,
46:28 but all the sudden you know what happened
46:29 to him, he actually turned into a beast,
46:32 Daniel chapter 4, he went out and ate the
46:33 grass in the field and everything like that for
46:35 how long? Seven years at the end of seven
46:37 years he's converted, or you may say man's
46:40 heart was given to him, he went through
46:42 conversion so does this one fit Babylon pretty
46:43 good? Absolutely, but now look at the next one
46:46 we're gonna go to the next one here in
46:47 chapter 7 and verse 5, Daniel 7:5
46:50 Medo Persia, we're gonna look at the Medo Persian
46:52 empire in Daniel chapter 7 and verse 5,
46:55 I want to tell you who that represents but
46:56 let's us read it first and that gonna be read by Tom.
47:00 And suddenly another beast a second like
47:03 a bear, he was raised up on one side and
47:07 had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth
47:11 and they said thus to it, rise devour much flesh.
47:16 Interesting the second beast that comes up
47:18 according to, according to timeline we had
47:20 in Daniel 2 was a Medo Persian empire.
47:23 Now this bear was raised up on one side,
47:26 it shows imbalance of power and you know
47:28 when you get the Daniel chapter 8,
47:30 Daniel chapter 8, let's just look at it real
47:32 quick we can, we can jump over there,
47:33 can't do that, do we have time? Yeah,
47:35 I think we have time, let's then just jump
47:36 to Daniel chapter 8 just here let me show
47:37 you some thing, Daniel 8 and verse 3 it says
47:40 I lifted up my eyes and saw behold there
47:42 stood before the river a ram which had
47:44 two horns and one was higher than the other,
47:46 you know that the bear was raised up on
47:47 one side, so this ram one horn was higher
47:49 than the other, he's actually given this
47:51 symbolism again and look what it says,
47:54 this ram that raised, that has one horn
47:56 higher than other, it says one was higher
47:59 than other and the other came up last and
48:00 then the ram pushed west ward, north ward
48:02 and south ward three directions,
48:03 it conquers in three directions, okay,
48:06 this bear you just read about, it's raised up
48:08 on one side and it has three ribs in his mouth,
48:10 now if, if a rib is in some things mouth,
48:13 what's automatically told you has happened?
48:16 Somebody has died right so you have this
48:17 ram and then in Daniel 8 he conquers in
48:19 three directions and has one horn higher
48:20 than other who is this ram? Daniel 8:20,
48:24 the ram which you saw having the two horns
48:26 are the kings of the Medes and the Persians,
48:28 so it doesn't lead you a question like I wonder
48:30 who this is? It tells you exactly who it is,
48:32 you get it from the Bible, you find the answer
48:34 from the scriptures, is that clear?
48:35 And so think about this bear, raise upon on one
48:37 side, showing imbalance of power, which
48:39 was stronger the Medes or the Persians,
48:42 the Persians, I mean tell you how you never
48:43 forget that, if any body ever ask you any
48:45 time in history you know what these two
48:46 people said at to the loudest because they
48:48 go down to my church down little one they
48:49 know the memory I give for them, right?
48:52 And it is similar like this, the Persians they
48:55 were the stronger and how you know that
48:56 we have a Persian golf today don't we?
48:58 We have a Mede in anything? No and so you
49:01 can remember, actually remember that don't
49:02 remember that you never forget from now on
49:03 you never forget, and I said who was the
49:05 strongest, you say Persia, right?
49:07 Because you have a Persian golf that's how
49:08 you remember, and so they were stronger,
49:10 they come up they were stronger but then
49:11 it says it had three ribs in its mouth,
49:14 it is interesting then when they conquered
49:16 to become that they had three major campaigns
49:18 then became the war ruling power the Nero
49:19 Persians did, you know what the these three
49:20 major campaigns were? Well, they went out
49:23 to the west and conquered Babylon and
49:25 then they went out to the north and
49:26 conquered Libya and they went to south and
49:29 they conquered Egypt, they conquered in three
49:31 directions, they conquered Babylon, Libya
49:32 and Egypt, those three major campaigns and
49:34 had three ribs in his mouth, you see what God's
49:36 doing here? God doesn't want you and I to
49:38 be deceived, I wonder what this presents,
49:40 He makes it very clear, He tells us exactly
49:43 what it represents and now let's go the next
49:45 one here, we just finished up with that with
49:46 Medo Persia now we will be looking at the
49:48 next kingdom and that's in verse 6,
49:50 the next kingdom that we're gonna be looking
49:51 at is Greece, I'm way behind my slides here
49:57 with you guys but the guys in the truck is
49:59 putting the slides on the screen, they are
50:00 getting it right for me, alright here we go,
50:03 we are in Greece Daniel chapter 7 and verse 6
50:06 we are gonna be looking at the next kingdom,
50:08 just like in Daniel 2, and now we are looking in
50:10 Daniel 7, the same order of events,
50:12 Tim I believe you have that one,
50:14 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 6.
50:17 After this I beheld and lo, another,
50:19 like a leopard, which had a upon a back,
50:22 on the back four wings of a fowl, the beast
50:25 had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.
50:28 Very interesting now so we know that through
50:31 history that the king that conquered Medo-Persia
50:33 was Greece, but now look what's going on here,
50:36 I beheld and lo another one like a leopard now
50:38 when you think of a leopard, what do you think
50:39 of? Speed, super fast right? What do you think
50:42 of a leopard that has wings? Like I'm not
50:45 going outside, our little pet alligator we have
50:47 right here we have at the Life building is
50:48 the one thing, you know little four feet
50:49 alligator we have out there but I'm not afraid
50:51 to go outside with him but if he had wings
50:53 and it was eight feet long, I would be
50:55 hesitant wouldn't you? Like so when you
50:57 think of this thing not only does it have two
50:58 wings but has four wings representing
51:01 extremely fast a leopard with four wings,
51:04 right, that's very fast and very scary to
51:06 out side, doesn't it? And so the next kingdom
51:09 that we know took over historically was Greece.
51:12 Now who was the first king of Greece there,
51:14 the one that took over, Alexander the Great,
51:17 now it fascinating, I like reading about him
51:19 a little bit, he had a really good daddy,
51:21 I know his daddy was really good because
51:22 his name was Phillip and I know that any
51:24 by name Phillip must be pretty good guy and
51:27 so and he trained his son up in war and
51:28 battle, had a very good professor teaching how
51:31 to go fight wars and things like that and at
51:32 sixteen years old not a like myself,
51:34 Alexander the Great says, you know I want
51:35 to conquer the world, I felt, I felt but he
51:38 didn't, by the time he was like thirty three
51:40 years old he was weeping because there
51:42 was no body left to kill, his generals said
51:44 that we don't want to go any further,
51:45 but he said had enough, you know we have
51:47 killed enough and so he goes back and
51:49 historically we don't know all the facts are
51:52 always they get the farther we get to this
51:54 side of history the more the distorted facts
51:55 become right? But the tradition or the
51:59 historical thing they put about him was after
52:01 he was just tore up because there is nobody
52:03 left to kill no body left to conquer at thirty
52:04 three years old, now I'm thirty seven now
52:07 and I haven't still conquered the world but
52:09 I'm trying, trying but I don't think that this
52:11 is going to happen in this life time but he did
52:13 it at thirty three and so he's there and one of
52:16 things is that he drank himself to death,
52:19 you know he just started drinking, he had a
52:21 fever or alcoholic poison or something he
52:23 died at thirty three, now that is the very quick
52:26 time to be conquering the world, just start
52:28 at sixteen and done by thirty three that's very
52:30 fast so you understand what the leopard
52:32 with the four wings is a representation of
52:35 the kingdom of Greece going quickly, but here
52:38 some thing is interesting, this things had
52:40 four heads, four heads, you know when
52:42 Alexander the Great was dying historically
52:44 they said he was laying down in his death bed
52:45 dying in his, and he had a little boy that wasn't
52:47 old enough to start ruling yet and his wife is
52:50 there and says who do you want to rule in
52:51 your place, and they say you know his dying
52:53 words were they think his dying words were
52:55 the strongest and so can be four generals,
52:58 he said okay, I'm going to rule, no I'm going
53:00 to rule, I'm going, I'm stronger than you and
53:01 they started fighting and the kingdom actually
53:03 gets divided into, the four king, among the four
53:05 generals, just like the prophecy says,
53:07 you understand what God's doing it,
53:09 He's giving us detail so we won't mistake
53:11 on who He's talking about, are you following
53:14 that is every body on the same page with that?
53:16 Alright so now from there, we are gonna on
53:18 to the next one because after this one,
53:20 He doesn't have the zoology name in order
53:23 to give this to next beast, this way he doesn't
53:25 have the scriptures, he just say like this thing
53:27 or that thing, he just says, I can't describe it.
53:29 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 7, Vanessa is
53:32 going to read for us, and go ahead Vanessa.
53:35 After this I saw the night visions and behold
53:38 the fourth beast dreadful and terrible and
53:42 strong exceedingly strong; and it had great
53:44 iron teeth; it devoured and break in pieces,
53:48 and stamped the residue with its feet of it.
53:51 And it was different from all the beasts
53:53 that were before it; and it had ten horns.
53:56 Oh I love the description there, I mean he
53:58 leaves us no room to doubt, okay who was
54:00 the next kingdom that rose up after Greece?
54:03 Rome. Rome and you know that Rome in Daniel
54:05 chapter 2 was eventually then what?
54:07 Divided, now if you had two feet on your,
54:09 normal person with two feet right?
54:11 I know my kids were first born Kayla I messed
54:13 with my wife and I said Oh honey looks she
54:15 only has four toes on one foot, it's like oh no,
54:17 no, no let me see and I'm not just kidding, right
54:19 she has five on each foot but no people with
54:21 normal feet are they have five toes on each and
54:23 that would mean they would have like the
54:25 symbols of ten divisions right? Well look here
54:27 what he says right here on next beast is the
54:28 non descript beast is one with iron teeth,
54:31 is like the other beast that Daniel to had the
54:33 legs were made out of iron this right this beast
54:35 has iron teeth and it also has ten horns.
54:38 In other word it's divided up in to ten horns,
54:42 and after these ten horns are divided,
54:44 we find here that exactly what happened to Rome.
54:47 Now I know some people out here today even
54:48 right now on the internet and all kind of things
54:50 out there by the way, I have noticed on the
54:52 internet that when I look at like history,
54:55 looking through like reading about this in
54:56 history and things like that I will find
54:59 descriptions like in dates and things like that
55:01 in old history books match perfectly with what
55:03 we are going here but if you go on to internet
55:05 and you are typing trying to find this thing and
55:07 it's like nothing matches they have all kinds of
55:09 different dates and things like ah we refer to
55:11 this we refer to that and I think I'm discovering
55:13 something, the devil knows that through
55:16 these prophecy, it reveals his and what he's
55:18 doing and who the Antichrist is and he's
55:21 trying to deceive people, you know a lot of
55:23 time when you study the study right here,
55:24 you can go to the internet and find the
55:26 stuff they have out there because any body
55:27 can put anything on the internet, are you
55:28 aware of that? Did you know that not everything
55:30 on the internet was true? Is that new revelation
55:32 anybody? That anybody can put something and
55:34 you Google and find it and so what you are
55:37 doing when you try to research that stuff
55:38 then you say oh, you know Babylon ruled
55:40 from 605 to 539 and then Medo-Persia ruled
55:43 from 539 to 331 and then Greece was 331 to 168,
55:48 Rome lasted from 168 and it was finally divided
55:50 up in 476, okay, those were the days we go
55:54 through them again on the next study
55:55 because we're gonna have this a little more time
55:57 here on this time and we then we pick it up
55:58 the next time and so we say those dating and
56:01 we say that then some body say oh really
56:03 and then go out and goggle it and you'll find
56:04 all those dates and they just be year two off
56:06 here and year two off there and you know what
56:09 it does that right? Because it is really a year
56:11 or two off the exact time what prophecy says
56:13 God gives in the Bible will not be true will not
56:15 fit, so you have like basically what a person
56:18 who has nine characteristics which fits
56:19 Antichrist exactly but this day doesn't fit
56:21 because I read on the internet but if you go
56:24 the old books, history books and things like
56:26 that you will find that people that was living
56:27 closer to the time agrees with what we are
56:29 talking about, so its very dangerous thing
56:32 just to try to get your self off the hook and say
56:33 well I don't wanna believe this so I'm going
56:36 go and find something else on the internet
56:37 that makes my conscious still clear, you can't
56:40 be doing that and so when we look here at
56:41 Rome being this last kingdom here and it's
56:43 divided up into ten, the original ten,
56:45 and its not in ten any more, some people
56:47 looking at that say no, no, Rome weren't in
56:49 ten kingdoms and specifically speaking of
56:51 the word western part of the Roman empire
56:52 and that kind of a thing that's where the
56:53 Antichrist come from that part of the Roman
56:55 empire and so we finish up here with the last
56:58 part, with this fourth kingdom Rome being
57:00 divided up in to the ten. When we come back
57:03 on the next study we gonna be looking what
57:06 these ten divisions and what these ten divisions
57:07 are and then we're gonna find out that this
57:09 little horn comes up among those ten divisions
57:11 then we're gonna identify who that little horn is.
57:14 We're gonna get the ten identifying
57:15 characteristics of the little horn and then we're
57:17 gonna open up after that and go back and see
57:20 and we're gonna plug in who the Antichrist is,
57:22 I'm just going to reveal, I'm just come right
57:23 out and say it, and then we're gonna see if that
57:27 power fits all the description of the
57:29 Antichrist, does that make sense to every
57:31 body, pretty clear, okay, so the next time we
57:34 come back here just a little bit on the next
57:36 study we're gonna be looking at the Antichrist
57:38 part two and we're gonna find out who that's
57:41 character is, so everybody be more than
57:44 welcome to come back for that.


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