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00:01 The harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore, the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will, he will send forth
00:08 laborers unto this harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said I, "Here am I. Send me. Send me!"
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you to be an effective
00:26 harvester for the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our classroom
00:30 to come, experience Life.
00:43 Hello, and welcome you back again
00:45 to the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:47 And today we're going to be studying the Sabbath.
00:49 I wanna welcome you people at home
00:50 also back to our classroom here
00:52 in the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:55 Today's study, as we go through will be about resting.
00:57 And we can all use some rest right now,
00:59 how about that?
01:00 Yeah, you feel my pain, huh.
01:01 And so you go to the slide here and see the title
01:03 of the subject for today the Sabbath,
01:05 abbreviation being (SB) stands just that's
01:08 what we're gonna use for the abbreviation
01:09 for the Sabbath as we go through the study.
01:11 And as we move along the purpose of the study
01:13 is to show that God gave us the Sabbath,
01:16 one, one reason that he gave the Sabbath,
01:18 so we can have a rest.
01:19 But this purpose here is he, he gave the Sabbath to,
01:22 and we're gonna us to find out
01:24 that the antichrist has a counterfeit for the rest.
01:26 So the rest, the Sabbath that God has given us,
01:29 we're gonna, we're gonna find out that
01:30 antichrist has a counterfeit to that.
01:32 Now, you remember we've already studied
01:34 and looked at in the Bible that every truth that
01:37 God has basically the devil has,
01:39 has developed a counter, counter truth
01:41 and he's counteracted it, you know,
01:42 everything that God has its truth,
01:43 the devil has a counterfeit for it,
01:45 counterfeit, that's what I'm looking for.
01:46 And, well, the last study, over the last two we did,
01:49 we looked at the antichrist part I and part II
01:51 and that's where we wrote out in full.
01:53 And usually when you hear it like Bible studies,
01:55 when you go through a Bible studies setting
01:56 such as what we were doing.
01:58 It's very rare that you do a study on like
01:59 the antichrist so early under the study.
02:02 But it's gonna make sense as why we did that
02:03 as we go through this study.
02:05 In other words, the decisions that we're going to be
02:07 making here and through each study is not based on...
02:11 Okay, you, we know as we're giving
02:13 a Bible study on the Sabbath.
02:14 It's gonna be, it's gonna be a versus kind of study,
02:16 like Sabbath versus Sunday.
02:19 And often times in our study if we make that the issue,
02:21 we want people to make a decision,
02:22 you know, on Saturday or Sunday.
02:23 Here you gotta make this decision,
02:25 but what's gonna be the key part to this decision
02:27 is not Saturday and Sunday.
02:28 But we're gonna be choosing between
02:30 Jesus Christ and the antichrist.
02:33 And that's how we're gonna bring this Sabbath study
02:34 about by, by making a comparison between the two.
02:36 And so we're gonna show that the antichrist
02:38 obviously has a counterfeit to the true Sabbath.
02:40 And the sinner part of the study
02:41 as we find our rest in Jesus Christ,
02:43 who created the Sabbath for us to spend time with Him.
02:47 So the purpose of the Sabbath is that we can just take
02:49 that time and spend it with Lord Jesus.
02:51 You know, what the devil would have us do.
02:53 He would have us never find that time to spend with Jesus.
02:57 And so he tries to do one of two things,
02:59 either get rid of the Sabbath all together or make it,
03:02 so, so insignificant that nobody actually keeps it.
03:04 Either way if you're not, if not obeying God,
03:06 keeping his commandments and, and keeping that rest
03:08 that he has for us.
03:09 You're still following the antichrist
03:11 instead of Jesus Christ,
03:12 that's how we're going to proceed with this study.
03:14 And here is the number of texts we're gonna have
03:16 is just 12 of them in this study.
03:17 All though I can be long winded,
03:19 I can make 12 go for a lot longer than an hour.
03:21 So I have to talk kind of fast probably one point
03:23 when I realize I'm falling behind to get
03:24 this done in an hour.
03:25 So, put your hearing aids on fast forward,
03:28 do whatever you have to do to keep up, okay?
03:29 So there they are
03:31 is where we'll begin, we'll end in Isaac 66:22, 23.
03:34 And it's real interesting I think how this study
03:36 will be broken down?
03:37 And basically I will give you the overview right now.
03:40 First of all, we show that the antichrist
03:41 is trying to, to counterfeit it.
03:43 Then we show who created the Sabbath.
03:45 And we're going to find out that was Jesus.
03:46 Then we're going to find out that Jesus kept the Sabbath,
03:49 then we're gonna find out that Jesus disciples kept
03:51 the Sabbath and we're gonna find out
03:52 that we'll be keeping the Sabbath in heaven.
03:57 And it's strange, it's strange the idea that sometime
03:59 in between Jesus and the disciples keeping
04:01 the seventh day Sabbath and then all the way down
04:04 to the second coming of Jesus,
04:05 when we begin to keep it again,
04:07 that there is time in between, that God says,
04:08 okay, don't worry about it at that time.
04:10 And that's how the study will proceed
04:11 to the understanding that God is consistent,
04:14 he's not the author of confusion,
04:15 as the Bible tells us.
04:16 But of understanding of peace, these kind of things.
04:19 So he's not going to be confusing
04:20 in what he wants us to do at one point
04:22 and not wanting us to do at some place else.
04:23 That's how the study will proceed.
04:24 So, let us go on right away to the first text
04:26 and it's found in Daniel Chapter 7 and verse 25,
04:29 Daniel 7:25, I'm already there in my Bible
04:34 who would like to read that?
04:35 Jessica, can you read Daniel 7:25 for us?
04:38 When you get there it's speaking of the antichrist,
04:41 remember we've already covered the antichrist
04:43 a little earlier on in our study,
04:46 and that was actually I believe the study before last.
04:48 The last one was the law of God,
04:50 this one being of Sabbath.
04:51 So, go ahead, Jessica, Daniel 7:25.
04:54 "And he shall speak great words against
04:56 the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of
04:59 the Most High, and think to change times and laws.
05:03 And they shall be given into his hand until a time
05:07 and times and a dividing of time."
05:09 There's a whole lot in that statement right there,
05:11 this is why we covered this antichrist,
05:12 Jessica, before, before we actually got
05:15 to the Sabbath study.
05:17 One of the things that we brought out the last time
05:19 is he'll do what concerning God's law.
05:21 He'll think to change times and laws.
05:23 Now, do you remember how we decide,
05:25 determined and when you give the study
05:26 you may have to remind the person of this.
05:28 You remember how we determined,
05:29 how we know that this is God's law
05:30 they must be talking about here
05:31 because somebody could read the text
05:33 and they can say, well, you know,
05:34 this is as, it says, right here in the text that
05:36 he will think to change times and laws.
05:37 Well, that could be any...
05:38 How do you know it's God's law?
05:40 It could be any law, right.
05:41 So, how can we, how do we determine,
05:42 how can we make sure that he's definitely speaking
05:44 about God's law.
05:45 And we ask a question like this,
05:46 can the United States change the laws of United States?
05:50 Sure, they can, right?
05:51 They can change their laws.
05:52 But they can change the laws of say,
05:54 another country say, such as Germany.
05:56 And the answer that we actually come to is,
05:58 yes, they could, if they conquered them.
06:01 Right, normally they can't change the laws of that
06:02 country but they could, theoretically,
06:04 if they went to, they wanted to change the laws in Germany,
06:07 they'll have to go to Germany and conquer them
06:08 then they can change the laws, couldn't they?
06:10 But now could the United States change the law of God?
06:13 Can they conquer him? No.
06:15 So we can't conquer God,
06:16 so one country can't change God's laws,
06:18 that, remember, that's how we come to the understanding.
06:20 So, we know this must be talking about God's law.
06:23 Can any country, the Unites States
06:25 or any country think to change God's law.
06:28 Sure, they can think they can, they can go up say,
06:30 hey, you know what that,
06:31 that whole commandment there about,
06:32 about idols or stuff like that let's just,
06:33 let's get rid of that
06:34 because we like bowing down to our idols.
06:35 We actually have a program,
06:37 a TV program called American Idol.
06:39 So we like our idols and we don't want to get rid of them,
06:41 so let's rid of that commandment,
06:42 how about that?
06:43 Can they change it? No, but can they think to?
06:46 Sure, but notice here in the text again in Chapter,
06:49 in Chapter 7 verse 25, it says,
06:51 he thinks to change both times and laws.
06:53 Now, when we cover the antichrist,
06:54 we're kind of spun around the times thing just a little bit,
06:56 we didn't spend a whole lot of time on it.
06:58 But are you aware that there are wanted,
06:59 there is one of God's laws.
07:01 That deal specifically with time.
07:03 Yes, there is and we'll look at that in just a minute.
07:04 First of all, we're going to put a graphic on the screen
07:06 of the Ten Commandment that you find in the Bible
07:08 and in the Ten Commandments you will find
07:11 in the Catholic Catechism, or you know,
07:13 we discovered that being the antichrist
07:14 as we went through the study.
07:15 And you remember we looked at this once
07:17 before even in that study,
07:18 and when we get to the third commandment
07:20 when it says, in Ten Commandments
07:21 on the left side there.
07:22 Thou shall not take God's name in vain.
07:24 Then on the right side, you will see what it says
07:25 remember the Lord's day to keep it Holy.
07:28 Why is the one about not taking
07:29 God's name in vain there?
07:30 Oh, it is there, it's actually the second commandment
07:32 on the right side.
07:34 So you can get, you can get a catechism,
07:35 and open it up, which they, you know,
07:36 the antichrist power claims
07:37 the tradition is about the Bible.
07:39 And Protestants, which most of us
07:41 consider ourselves right, we're Protestants.
07:43 We consider the Bible above any tradition, right?
07:46 Traditions are fine as long as
07:47 they don't contradict the scriptures.
07:49 And so, what we find here is they've taken out
07:52 the second commandment about making graven images
07:54 and you know, why that is, right?
07:55 If you're gonna, if you're gonna come down
07:57 and kiss a statue on the foot or pray to a statue,
08:00 or you know, saying we're not really praying
08:01 to the statue or praying to what it represents,
08:03 or whatever it is.
08:04 But that's directly in contrast to what
08:05 the commandment is saying, so we had to get rid of that.
08:07 You notice that, that was the change.
08:09 But now look here when we get to the fourth commandment,
08:11 and what it says in the Catechism it will say,
08:13 you remember the, Lord's day to keep it holy
08:17 That's what it says in the Catechism,
08:18 Mike said, Sabbath you look on the left side
08:20 in the fourth commandment, there out in the Bible.
08:22 And it says, remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy.
08:25 And so there's been, there's like a,
08:27 as a change there in that commandment.
08:28 And as a matter of fact you're gonna find out
08:30 that they did try to change that commandment.
08:33 Now, contrast now we're thinking about,
08:36 first of all, this being the antichrist.
08:38 That's who we're referring to,
08:39 is the antichrist here, right.
08:40 So, contrasting to the antichrist we could say
08:42 anytime anybody wants to do away with God's law
08:45 or change God's law.
08:46 We can apply that to whose work?
08:49 The antichrist, the Bible said,
08:50 that's exactly what he would try to do,
08:51 he would try to change times and laws.
08:52 But now, as opposed to that look what the Bible says
08:55 about the followers of Jesus Christ.
08:57 And we will find that in our next slide,
08:59 Revelation Chapter 14 verse 12.
09:01 Revelation 14 verse 12.
09:03 And, Christa, I wanna ask you to read that for us,
09:06 Revelation Chapter 14, and 12th verse,
09:12 are you ready there?
09:13 Go right ahead.
09:15 Oh, pick up your microphone, there you go.
09:19 Revelation 14 verse 12.
09:22 "Here is the patience of the saints.
09:25 Here are those who keep the commandments of God,
09:27 and the faith of Jesus."
09:28 So, Christa, while you have
09:30 the microphone, tell me something.
09:31 People that are, save the saints,
09:34 what is that they, that the first thing
09:36 that God points out that has
09:37 a special characteristic that they have?
09:40 The patience. And they do what?
09:42 They keep it the Commandments of God.
09:45 Which commandments, do you suppose
09:46 he is talking about, Christa?
09:47 The Ten Commandments.
09:48 The Ten Commandments obviously,
09:49 I mean like let say, oh well,
09:51 the Ten Commandments were done away with,
09:52 as how many people say,
09:53 they're nailed to the cross or done away with.
09:55 So what commandments would this be talking about then?
09:57 Tough question isn't it, because we don't know.
09:59 And it narrows it down a whole lot,
10:01 if you can do away with the Ten Commandments
10:02 and it says the saints of God are keeping
10:03 the Ten Commandment or the commandments of God
10:05 and you say, well the Ten Commandments
10:06 we're done away with, what commandments
10:07 would this be talking about?
10:09 It only make sense, doesn't it?
10:10 He must be talking about the Ten Commandments.
10:12 So now, what we discovered the antichrist power
10:14 will think to change God's law
10:17 times and laws and he will try to get rid
10:18 of that, that think.
10:19 Then we'll find that Jesus Christ, his followers,
10:21 the saints of God will be keeping
10:23 the commandments of God.
10:24 And also you have another reference,
10:25 you know, where it's at in the Bible by chance.
10:27 It says almost exactly the same things
10:29 in Revelation 12:17, right?
10:31 Revelation Chapter 12 verse 17,
10:33 just back a little bit and it says, the same thing,
10:35 says,
10:37 the dragon was angry at the woman.
10:39 Now you know who the dragon represents
10:40 in the Bible prophecy.
10:41 The devil,
10:43 and the women represents the church,
10:45 Jeremiah 6:2, it's in one place,
10:46 you can reference that.
10:47 And he said, he makes war with her
10:49 and went to make war with the reminder of her seed
10:51 which keep the commandments of God
10:53 and have the testimony of Jesus.
10:54 So, there you go again, the devil hates her
10:56 because she is keeping the commandments.
10:57 Well, we know that the devil inspires
10:59 the antichrist power to do away with God's law.
11:01 So, you have it time and again,
11:02 in the Bible that God's people are actually obeying
11:04 the commandments of God.
11:06 All nine of them, right? No, all ten.
11:09 There's ten of them, right.
11:11 So, we referenced so far that the antichrist power
11:14 will be trying to change God's law,
11:16 doing away with, specifically
11:17 the one that deals with God's time, times and laws.
11:20 And then people of God will be keeping
11:22 all the Ten Commandments.
11:23 So, which commandment is it?
11:25 This is like elementary school here,
11:26 so we all have to be able to get this, right?
11:28 Which commandment is it that has
11:30 cto deal with time directly?
11:33 The Sabbath commandment.
11:34 And we're going to read that right now.
11:35 Exodus Chapter 20 verse 8 through 11.
11:37 Exodus Chapter 20 verse 8 through 11.
11:40 We'll turn there Genesis, Exodus,
11:44 let me get there myself,
11:46 20 verse 8 and who would like to read that one?
11:52 Mike, you want to take that one?
11:53 Exodus Chapter 20 verses 8 through 11.
12:00 Reads, "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
12:03 Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work,
12:05 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord.
12:08 In it thou shall do, shall not do any work,
12:11 thou nor thy son, nor thy daughter,
12:14 nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant,
12:16 nor thy cattle, nor the strangers
12:18 that is within thy gates.
12:20 For in six days, the Lord made the heaven
12:22 and the earth, the sea, and all that in them is,
12:25 and rested the seventh day.
12:26 Wherefore the Lord blessed
12:28 the Sabbath day and hallowed it."
12:29 Very good, now there's something I like to point out
12:32 in this text when we bring this up.
12:33 This is the only one in the Ten Commandments
12:35 that deals with God's time.
12:37 Times bring the Sabbath.
12:39 And the law being the forth commandment,
12:41 isn't it also interesting that it is the longest
12:43 of the Ten Commandments.
12:45 If you go through and read the Ten Commandments,
12:46 it has the most words in it.
12:47 It's kind of been the sinner there right,
12:48 the fourth commandment,
12:49 you go to the fifth you passed,
12:51 there is no sinner of ten, other than you know,
12:53 between 5 and 6,
12:55 it will be sinner, but we don't have
12:56 a commandment between 5 and 6.
12:58 Or 4 and 5 well I guess, this is way I'm doing it.
13:00 There is no sinner of 10, right?
13:02 I'm trying to figure my math out there,
13:03 I can't figure that out.
13:04 It's in the middle of the heart of God's law.
13:05 It's the only that starts with the word, remember.
13:08 But I want to point out something here.
13:11 We've understood that the antichrist power will be trying
13:13 to change that law or God's law.
13:17 And in this the only one that deals with time and he said,
13:19 you will think to change times and laws.
13:21 Now, some people at this point, they'll say,
13:23 you know, you know, I can kind of see that
13:26 like may be, may be that I used to keep the,
13:28 the seventh day Sabbath being on Saturday.
13:30 But, you know, in the New Testament
13:31 we keep Sunday as the Sabbath.
13:33 And we're gonna address that in more detail
13:34 in a minute, but a point that
13:36 you want to bring out here is,
13:38 can you just pick any day?
13:40 I mean, doesn't the commandment
13:41 in the spirit of the Law, the spirit of
13:43 the commandment there is something like this.
13:45 As long as you pick one day in seven to rest,
13:46 isn't that what it is?
13:48 So, I like the point out something in the commandment,
13:50 that some people may overlook just a little bit.
13:52 And I can tell you a story
13:54 if I had time of a particular case.
13:57 I was involved in a, in this very thing,
13:59 where someone was telling me, yeah,
14:00 it just doesn't matter and I said, sure it matters.
14:03 And they're like no, no, no.
14:04 It just says, remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.
14:07 I said, well you know, that's the sign,
14:08 it's out in your front door, that where it says that,
14:10 remember the Sabbath, keep it holy.
14:12 But the commandment says,
14:13 and look what the commandment says.
14:15 As Mike has read, but it says verse 10 that part of it.
14:19 But the seventh day, which day?
14:23 You know, what word he used before seventh?
14:25 The. It's a definite article.
14:28 The Seventh day, is The Sabbath of the Lord thy God.
14:34 So if the commandment says,
14:36 The Seventh day and you can say,
14:39 doesn't really matter, it can be any day.
14:41 It also says, the Lord thy God.
14:44 So, it can also be any God and you think about
14:47 what's going on in our churches today like
14:49 the ecumenical idea, yes, it is basically.
14:51 Yeah, you can worship any God on any day
14:52 and everybody could be just fine.
14:53 But is that what the Bible teaches?
14:55 No, because the children of Israel was doing just that.
14:57 And when they was being like curses put on him from God,
15:00 when they be worshiping the false Gods
15:01 and things like that.
15:02 So, it's God who says, I'm a jealous God.
15:05 And I want your worship for myself,
15:06 that's what the first four commandments are all about.
15:08 Not only does it say, The Seventh day,
15:10 the Sabbath, The Seventh day
15:11 and The Lord thy God and it also says just down
15:14 underneath that what it says the Lord thy God
15:17 and the seventh day,
15:18 it says, let me go down to it here.
15:20 For in six days the Lord made the heaven
15:22 and the earth, the sea and all that is in them is.
15:24 In other words, the whole idea
15:26 the commandment shows God as the creator,
15:29 I made everything, I rested the Seventh day
15:32 and I commanded you to rest the seventh day,
15:34 and in honor of worshiping me, he says,
15:38 as God you will keep the Seventh day Sabbath.
15:40 That's in the commandment there, right?
15:42 So as we look at that we find out
15:43 that God's people are gonna be keeping
15:44 the Ten Commandments.
15:45 And the Lord here says,
15:46 I am the Lord thy God and you worship me
15:48 on The Seventh day.
15:50 Now, how many days a week, shall we worship God?
15:52 Every day, but how many days we keep holy to God.
15:56 Why? Because he commanded it, exactly right.
16:00 So, this is the importance of the commandment.
16:01 So, do you understand right now from this point
16:04 if you were the devil, if you were the antichrist power
16:08 and you want people be worshiping you.
16:09 Remember that's what we learned from the antichrist,
16:11 he wanted people to worship him.
16:12 That's what devil wanted all way back there
16:14 when you read about it in Isaiah,
16:15 he says, I, Isaiah Chapter 14,
16:17 I will the Most High, I will be like God,
16:19 I want his position, I want his throne,
16:20 remember all that stuff, right?
16:21 If you want to be worshiped as God,
16:23 what one commandment which you definitely
16:25 want want to away with.
16:27 The one where you honor him is the creator, right?
16:29 You want tells you which God you're worshiping.
16:31 You know, the other nine commandments,
16:32 you can, you can basically keep those commandments
16:35 in your mind and worship any other Gods
16:38 keeping those commandments.
16:39 You can have that the God of the moon
16:41 and still you want, you want him first,
16:42 you know, you want all the,
16:44 you don't worshiping every God,
16:45 you don't bow down to other images,
16:46 you know, those kind of things
16:47 and you keep that God first.
16:49 You don't take his name in vain, right?
16:50 But when you get to the Sabbath commandment,
16:52 it tells you which God you're worshiping.
16:54 The creator God.
16:55 It tells you out of all the other things
16:56 which God you're worshiping.
16:57 So, can you understand why the devil
16:58 would want to go away with this one?
17:00 Can you also understand what the Bible says,
17:02 this that since his job is to deceive the whole world.
17:05 And if it's possible, he'll deceive even the very elect.
17:08 Why he would just want not to say,
17:09 do away with the commandment, but change it.
17:13 See, this is the work of the antichrist,
17:14 to change things, make it deceptive,
17:15 and that's what's going on.
17:16 Now, let us go now, what we're gonna find out
17:18 as we move along, as we progress along in the study,
17:21 we're gonna take look at
17:22 who is it that created the Sabbath.
17:25 Who created the Sabbath?
17:26 Where did it come from exactly?
17:27 John Chapter 1, it's on the slide there,
17:29 oh I'm sorry, you go to John Chapter 1,
17:32 John Chapter 1... And, I made a mistake on my slides there,
17:37 but I think they can fix that.
17:38 John Chapter 1, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
17:47 and we're gonna read verse 1 to 3
17:49 and then verse 14, Jessica, will you do that for me?
17:53 John 1, through 3.
17:55 "In the beginning was the Word,
17:56 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
18:00 The same was in the beginning with God.
18:02 All things were made by him, and without him was
18:05 not anything made that was made."
18:07 Go into verse 14.
18:09 "And the Word was made flesh, and dwell among us,
18:13 and we beheld his glory,
18:15 the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,
18:18 full of grace and truth."
18:20 Okay, according to the text we've read, Jessica,
18:21 who is the word? God, and then that would be Jesus,
18:26 dwelt among us with the flesh right,
18:28 that's what verse 14 says, he dwelt among us,
18:30 he dwelt in the flesh among us.
18:31 So, speaking now to everyone of God creating everything,
18:36 who specifically was it, of the God head
18:37 that done the creating according to text.
18:39 Jesus the word. So Jesus created everything.
18:43 Did he also create the Sabbath?
18:46 He created everything else.
18:47 Let's find out if he also created the Sabbath.
18:48 Genesis Chapter 1, verse 31,
18:52 Genesis Chapter 1, verse 31,
18:53 we found out in the book of John that
18:55 Jesus come in the flesh.
18:56 He created everything, he is the one responsible
18:59 for creating everything and what we're gonna find out
19:00 now is, Kaitlin is going to read for us,
19:02 Genesis Chapter 1 verse 31,
19:04 is that he also created the Sabbath.
19:07 All right, Kaitlin, when you read verse 31,
19:08 read it all the way down through verse 3 of Chapter 2,
19:11 read it straight on through, okay.
19:13 "And God saw every thing that he had made,
19:16 and behold, it was very good.
19:18 And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
19:21 Thus the heavens and the earth were finished,
19:23 and all the host of them.
19:25 And on the seventh day God ended his work
19:27 which he had made, and he rested on the seventh day
19:31 from all his work, which he had made.
19:33 And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it.
19:37 Because that in it he had rested from all his work
19:40 which God had created and made."
19:42 Very good, now according to what we read in John,
19:44 that the Jessica read for us,
19:45 who is one that done this creating here?
19:48 Jesus himself, specifically Jesus himself right,
19:50 the word made flesh and dwelt among us and said,
19:52 he was the one that done the creating.
19:54 Okay, Jesus done the creating and it says here
19:56 that on the seventh day.
19:58 Now on the other six days of the week,
20:01 God would create a day
20:03 and then he would fill it with something.
20:05 Right, every time he would create something,
20:06 he would create something physical,
20:08 you know, on those days and each day he,
20:10 there will be something physically
20:11 that would take place.
20:12 What physically took place on the seventh day?
20:15 What did he make?
20:16 What did he make on the seventh day, Christa,
20:17 I want to pick on you again?
20:18 What did God make on a seventh day?
20:19 Pick up your microphone there.
20:21 Tell me what he made on the seventh day?
20:22 He didn't make anything.
20:23 He didn't make anything, that's exactly right.
20:25 And so what you find here is he didn't make anything,
20:27 all he did was rest.
20:30 Now, there is something that
20:31 that I find was very fascinating in our world,
20:34 is whenever we think of the way the world works right now,
20:37 in our world right now.
20:39 We're in a world, why do we have a 365 roughly,
20:43 365 day year, why do we have that?
20:45 365 and a quarter because we have the leap year, right.
20:48 But why do have a 365 day a year?
20:51 It's exactly how long it takes back,
20:53 you got the earth setting here, the sun setting here
20:55 and the earth goes around it and it takes 365 days
20:57 to a full season around the earth,
20:59 round the sun, you knew that, right?
21:00 Okay, so that's why we have a calendar set up that way.
21:02 Why do have say it like a 30 day a month.
21:05 Thirty day, 28 some, 31 others right,
21:07 but we have a 30 day month, why is that?
21:09 That's how long it takes the moon to rotate
21:10 around the earth, right?
21:12 Why do have a 24 hour day?
21:15 That's how long it takes the earth to spin
21:16 one time of its axis, it spins one time around
21:18 own its axis in 24 hours, moving pretty fast, right?
21:21 But where in the sun, moon or stars do we get
21:25 a seven day week?
21:28 It's nowhere, you don't find anything in the solar system,
21:30 anything, any moments of the bodies of the solar system
21:33 anything moving that gives a seven day a week.
21:35 The only place you find it is in the Hebrew Bible,
21:39 the Christian Bible that says that God created
21:42 everything in six days and rested the seventh day.
21:44 And it's funny because even in like communist China,
21:46 even in other countries that don't claim there is,
21:48 there it is no God, you know, or they don't,
21:50 they don't hold up the same God you and I do.
21:52 Guess how many days they have in their week?
21:54 Seven, isn't that fascinating?
21:56 It only comes from one place, in the beginning God.
21:59 And so God here says, now I created the seven day week
22:02 and for the skeptic it say,
22:03 well I don't really believe he did in seven days.
22:05 Then why do you keep a seven day week?
22:07 Because the rest of the world does, why?
22:10 It's very good to think about, isn't it?
22:11 I mean, even, even devout evolutionists,
22:13 the denying of God altogether say,
22:16 they keep a seven day week.
22:17 I mean, like okay, what are you going to do this weekend?
22:19 You'll say to them.
22:20 Well, I'm going to do this, this week end,
22:22 you know, like how do they know what the weekend is?
22:27 Because we have a seven day week.
22:28 And they know when, when we're all,
22:29 when we're all referring to the weekend,
22:31 we're all referring to the same couple of days
22:33 cat the end of the first day of the next week.
22:34 You know, because we know that from the Bible
22:36 that Saturday is the seventh day
22:37 and Sunday is the first day,
22:38 and we'll prove that from Bible as we go along.
22:39 But it's fascinating that the whole world
22:41 recognizes that, isn't that?
22:43 But look what God did on that seventh day,
22:45 on sixth day he created everything,
22:46 he finished creating, he create,
22:47 what was his crowning act of creation.
22:50 You, me, us, that was his crowing act of was us.
22:55 But what did he create on the seventh day,
22:57 he gave us a day to rest.
23:01 And we're going to find out
23:02 that Sabbath was made for a man.
23:05 Sabbath was made for us, a day of rest
23:07 because he knew we need it.
23:09 Do we ever sometimes, right.
23:10 All right, and so as we go along through here,
23:12 look what he says about the seventh day,
23:13 and verse two says on the seventh day God
23:15 ended his work, which he made and he rested
23:17 because he was tired?
23:19 Like God says, whoa, man,
23:20 I've been crazed up all week,
23:22 I'm so weary, I gotta quit.
23:24 You think that's what happened?
23:25 I mean it says he rested, it wasn't
23:27 because he was tired, it was because he was giving
23:29 his followers an example.
23:31 And then the Bible says this about it,
23:33 God blessed the seventh day.
23:35 When did God bless the seventh day?
23:37 At Mount Sinai, right?
23:38 When he gave the Ten Commandments,
23:39 that's when he blessed it.
23:40 No, according to the Bible he blessed it all
23:42 the way back in creation.
23:43 Now, I heard some people with their higher criticism,
23:45 the critics you know, we've been studying
23:47 hermeneutics here at LIFE and though
23:49 I've been interpreting the Bible they'll say,
23:50 who wrote the book of Genesis?
23:53 Moses, well, Moses was a Hebrew
23:55 and he was just saying, well this is the reason
23:56 why God gave us the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.
23:59 Well, if he start picking the Bible apart like that,
24:01 you might as well throw it away
24:02 and quit calling yourself a Christian.
24:03 The Bible says that God blessed
24:05 the seventh day back in Genesis.
24:08 What the Bible says, God blessed the seventh day
24:11 and he sanctified it.
24:12 What's the word sanctified mean?
24:15 Not only make it holy, but to set apart for a Holy use.
24:19 So, he set a day apart for our holy use himself.
24:22 Now I preached this sermon called holy flesh
24:25 and it's taken out of the book Haggai
24:27 in the Old Testament there, in Chapter 2.
24:29 And starting in verse 11 through 13 and a priest,
24:31 God talking to Haggai says, ask the priest concerning law.
24:34 If he is carrying some holy flesh in his garment.
24:37 And he touches something.
24:38 Because if you touch holy flesh,
24:40 that means like the sacrifice is holy,
24:42 you know, and if you touch that holy flesh yourself
24:44 you become holy.
24:45 But if the priest after becoming holy after touching
24:47 that flesh touches, like say this table,
24:49 this podium thing here, does that podium become holy?
24:51 And he says, no.
24:53 Because mankind has no power to make anything holy.
24:56 Only, only that flesh we're talking about there
24:59 is a representation of Jesus Christ.
25:01 Only he can make something Holy,
25:02 he creates everything, right?
25:03 So, it's him that makes something holy,
25:05 he blesses the seventh day here
25:07 in Genesis Chapter 2 in verse 3, he blessed it.
25:10 Now, I've spend a lot of time on this.
25:12 I do this when I give a Bible study or anything else too,
25:13 because the person has to understand that
25:16 as many people will say, hey,
25:17 the Sabbath that was just for the Jews, right?
25:21 How many Jews were around in Genesis?
25:26 They were none, right, who was the first Jew?
25:29 It wasn't until the time of Abraham, right?
25:32 Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, you know,
25:34 whose name become Israel right.
25:35 He went from deceiver to Israel.
25:37 Those were the first what we would we call Jews.
25:39 There were no Jews when God first created
25:41 the seventh day and blessed it.
25:43 So, what we find out we're just using
25:45 the book of Genesis is that God specifically set aside
25:48 the seventh day and rested on it
25:49 and commanded us to do the same.
25:51 He set it aside for a holy use.
25:53 Now, many people will say oh, yeah,
25:55 but that was, that was only for the Jews.
25:58 Let's find out what Jesus has to say about that himself.
26:00 Mark Chapter 2 verse 27 and 28.
26:03 Mark Chapter 2 verse 27 and 28.
26:10 And Gloria, Miss Gloria, you wanna read that one for us?
26:16 Everybody there needs to be there, I am, go ahead...
26:23 "And he said to them, The Sabbath was made for man,
26:27 and not man for the Sabbath.
26:30 Therefore the Son of man is also the Lord of the Sabbath."
26:34 Miss Gloria, I hate to correct you.
26:36 No, no, you gave the right text,
26:38 but I thank you read it from a bad translation
26:39 or something, because I think it should say
26:41 the Sabbath was made for the Jews
26:42 and not Jews for the Sabbath.
26:43 Doesn't yours say that?
26:45 Yours doesn't say that, oh so your says man,
26:47 that's what mine says too actually, it says man.
26:50 Yeah, and the reason you want to pin point this out.
26:52 That Jesus is here speaking, and he is creator,
26:54 the one who created everything.
26:56 And they was giving him a hard time saying,
26:57 you know, you messed up on the Sabbath,
26:58 they're trying to accuse him of breaking the Sabbath.
27:00 And he's simply pointing them to the whole idea,
27:02 you know, what?
27:03 Sabbath wasn't made, or he says Sabbath was made for man.
27:07 In other words, it was made for mankind,
27:08 it was made for you, not you for the Sabbath.
27:12 In other words, the Sabbath is there
27:13 for a blessing to mankind.
27:16 Now, to some people I admit that Sabbath is not
27:18 a blessing to them, because they've got a lot
27:20 of worldly things they need to be doing on the Sabbath.
27:21 You know, they got,
27:22 they got to do their grocery shopping
27:24 and they got to go to their ball games.
27:25 And they got to, maybe, you know,
27:26 go run here and run there and they got to do on,
27:28 a lot of things they need to be doing on the Sabbath.
27:30 So the Sabbath to them would be not
27:31 a blessing but a burden.
27:33 That Jesus himself was trying to set us straight,
27:35 if you're a follower of him, who did he say,
27:37 the Sabbath will made for?
27:39 For you. If you're following him.
27:41 That Sabbath is made for you.
27:43 And so we found out, Jesus was the creator of everything
27:46 and we're gonna, and we found out
27:47 that he even created the Sabbath.
27:49 And now we're going to find out,
27:50 not only did he create the Sabbath,
27:51 but Jesus himself kept the Sabbath.
27:55 Jesus kept the Sabbath, here we find out he says
27:57 it was made for man, him being a man himself would have,
28:00 would have, when he come in the flesh,
28:01 he would have kept it too if he wanted us to keep it right?
28:04 Did he keep it? Let us look at it.
28:06 Let us go to the next text, it's on the slide here.
28:08 Luke Chapter 4 and verse 16, Luke Chapter 4,
28:11 Matthew, Mark and Luke, still the New Testament,
28:15 Chapter 4 and verse 16, Miss Danielle,
28:20 not really Miss Danielle, that's her first name,
28:22 but you wanna read that for us, Luke 4:16.
28:24 Sure, "And He came to Nazareth,
28:27 where He had been brought up, and as His custom was,
28:29 He went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day,
28:31 and stood up for to read."
28:33 Why did Jesus go to the synagogue?
28:36 To stand up to read, what do you suppose he was reading?
28:38 Why did he go, I say why did he go,
28:39 I'm sorry, you're missing the table.
28:40 It was his custom...
28:41 Yeah, and you know, what he was reading?
28:42 When, according to what we follow along to there.
28:43 He read from the book of Isaiah.
28:46 So, he was reading the Bible in the synagogue.
28:49 Why was Jesus in the synagogue on the Sabbath?
28:51 Come on, give me the answer, somebody?
28:56 Because he was keeping it holy,
28:57 cbecause it was his custom, right.
28:59 He was there to reach the Jews,
29:01 he wasn't there to worship or anything,
29:02 he was there just to reach the Jews, right.
29:04 No, that's wrong.
29:06 I mean, that's like an argument that comes up,
29:08 but I want you to think about it.
29:09 Did Jesus really care about the traditions of the Jews?
29:11 No, as a matter of fact you can read quite
29:13 a few places in the Bible where Jesus pretty much
29:15 slammed the Jews for their traditions.
29:16 For when you worship me in vain, right,
29:19 he's talking about you worship God in vain by keeping,
29:21 for teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.
29:24 I paraphrase it just a little bit,
29:26 but you know what the text is,
29:27 you can reference it, right.
29:28 You worship me in vain, because you're keeping
29:31 the commandments of men.
29:32 So does he care about the traditions of the Jews,
29:35 no, no, if Jesus didn't think the Sabbath was important,
29:38 it was just a Jewish tradition, you know, what?
29:40 He would have said,
29:41 you guys you shouldn't be keeping the Sabbath, stop it.
29:44 He called them out all the other places,
29:46 why would he changed there.
29:47 But he created the Sabbath, he made it for us,
29:50 he made it for them and he...
29:51 as it says in the Bible, his custom.
29:54 Now you know what a custom is,
29:56 csomething you do regularly.
29:58 You know, something you regularly do.
30:00 And if it's something you regularly do
30:01 then Jesus apparently had been doing it
30:02 long before this time as well.
30:04 So, the custom of the Jesus was to keep
30:07 seventh day Sabbath, he went into the synagogue
30:09 and worshiped on the seventh day.
30:11 Now, we're gonna continue on now we found out
30:13 that Jesus himself kept the seventh day Sabbath.
30:16 We know that he, we know that Jesus taught
30:18 and believed that the Sabbath was on Saturday
30:21 and we'll find that out as we go along,
30:22 being a Jew himself.
30:23 But what about... oh,
30:27 we got to continue on morale, I'm sorry.
30:29 It's okay, Luke Chapter 23,
30:32 which day is the Sabbath that's the question
30:34 we got to find out.
30:36 Jesus kept the Sabbath that what we find out here,
30:38 Jesus created the Sabbath, we realize that.
30:40 But many people will say, now wait a minute,
30:41 wait a minute, how do we know
30:43 that Sabbath is on Saturday?
30:45 And you can say, well look at a calendar,
30:47 well let me tell you something,
30:48 calenders have been changing.
30:49 I'm studying right now Spanish,
30:51 I study regularly and I got
30:53 that program called Rosetta Stone.
30:54 Can I give them a commercial right here?
30:56 It's a bad commercial, because when studying Rosetta Stone,
30:59 it was come up in a, I'm studying the days
31:01 of the week right now,
31:02 I'm studying the days of the week and so el sábado
31:06 is the first day of the week in Rosetta Stone.
31:09 And it got me confused at first,
31:10 because it would pop up first day
31:11 of the week and say, okay, what day is this?
31:12 And I would say, domingo,
31:15 Sunday right and it would say err,
31:17 it would give a little thing like wrong.
31:18 You know, I say, come on, come on first day of
31:20 the week is domingo and it would say sabado.
31:22 Because in this, in this program it actually has it
31:25 as Saturday being the first day of the week
31:27 and Sunday being the seventh day of the week.
31:30 So, if sometimes some of the references are
31:31 like all mixed up, but old calendars,
31:33 no more calendars, even calendars today
31:35 for the most part still have Saturday
31:36 as the seventh day of the week.
31:37 But that we can't just go about
31:38 the things of the world, right?
31:40 We had to also be looking at what like,
31:43 how do we know, how do we know that Saturday
31:44 is the seventh day.
31:45 Let me just put it that way.
31:46 We can't, definitely can't go to Rosetta Stone and ask them.
31:48 But, look at Luke Chapter 23,
31:52 now I like to ask you people this way
31:53 first as we're turning there...
31:54 when I'm giving a Bible study
31:55 or when you're preaching it or whatever.
31:57 Most of the time the people don't realize
31:58 where you're going to with this next text
32:00 and they're not, they're not catching on.
32:01 So, I would like to ask it this way,
32:02 before I read the text I ask this question,
32:05 here is the question.
32:06 What day did Jesus die on?
32:09 Nine out of ten people, not everybody will say,
32:11 we call it Good Friday, right.
32:14 I don't know what's so good about Jesus dying,
32:15 but that's what it is called Good Friday, right.
32:18 And then we will say what day did Jesus rise on Easter,
32:22 they will say, Easter Sunday,
32:23 won't they say that, Easter Sunday.
32:24 That's what they will say
32:26 and then they go around hiding eggs
32:28 or that kind of nonsense like that,
32:30 which had nothing to do with Jesus
32:31 death, burial, and resurrection.
32:32 But that we have an agreement with the majority
32:34 of the people you'll study with,
32:36 they'll agree that Jesus died on Friday
32:38 and rose on Sunday.
32:40 No problems there right.
32:41 Now, I'll take them to the Bible,
32:43 we'll take them to the Bible, Luke Chapter 23 verse 58,
32:46 53 rather through Luke 24:3,
32:48 and here something to keep in mind too is that
32:51 when the Bible was written,
32:52 it didn't have Chapter and verse divisions.
32:54 So, it would be just straight through.
32:55 And Aletta, would you read that for us.
33:00 "And he took it down, and wrapped it in linen,
33:02 and laid it in a sepulchre, that was hewn in stone,
33:08 wherein never man before was laid.
33:11 In that day was the preparation,
33:13 and the Sabbath drew on."
33:15 Let me stop you there just for a second.
33:16 Okay, that day that Jesus, they took his body down,
33:20 they took his body down and put it in the sepulchre,
33:22 that day was called the, what?
33:24 Preparation day. Yeah, it's funnier... Aletta.
33:27 It's funny Aletta, there's only two days
33:29 named in the Bible, do you know,
33:30 what two days they are, actually have a name?
33:33 Yes. Yeah.
33:34 The preparation day and the Sabbath day.
33:36 The rest them is called one, two three, four,
33:37 five preparation Sabbath.
33:39 So, right here this is the preparation day
33:41 and the Sabbath drew on.
33:42 So, was it Sabbath yet, when the Jesus died?
33:45 It was the preparation, continue on in next verse 55
33:48 "And the women also, which came with him from Galilee,
33:52 followed after, and beheld the sepulchre,
33:54 and how his body was laid.
33:57 And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments,
34:01 and rested the sabbath day according to the commandment."
34:04 Okay, stop right there a second.
34:06 I think this is a very good point to point out here too
34:07 when you're giving a study.
34:09 It says that they returned and prepared spices
34:11 and they rested on the Sabbath day
34:13 according to the commandment.
34:14 Who wrote the Gospel of Luke,
34:16 Luke, was he a Jew or Gentile historically,
34:19 what was he?
34:20 He was a gentile, a doctor right,
34:22 he was a physician, Luke the physician.
34:24 So, Luke here writing the, writing the gospel of Luke,
34:26 did he write before the Jesus die?
34:28 Was it prophetic or did he write it
34:30 some 20, 30, 40 years after?
34:33 It was afterwards, isn't it interesting
34:34 that Luke looking back under this inspiration
34:37 of the holy spirit, writes that the women rested
34:39 according to the Sabbath after the cross.
34:44 Because, you know, I want just to address
34:45 a little something here, you know,
34:46 many people say that that the, that the cross was nailing
34:49 the Ten Commandments to the cross,
34:51 and that's how they get away with,
34:52 get rid of the Sabbath because the Ten Commandments
34:54 were nailed to the cross.
34:55 Wouldn't it be a perfect time
34:56 for Luke here to reference that?
34:58 Like he still calls it the commandment
35:00 and he's looking back and if anybody would have known
35:02 the commandments were done away with.
35:03 They would have been a gentile Christian looking back
35:05 after the cross said they, they didn't go to
35:07 the anointing of his body on Sabbath and they rested.
35:11 But they didn't need to because the Sabbath
35:12 have been done away with.
35:13 I mean, something there, I mean,
35:15 I don't have any word of it, but he didn't,
35:16 he just said, they still kept the Sabbath.
35:19 And apparently the disciples of Jesus recognized
35:22 after following him around
35:24 for three and a half years of his ministry,
35:25 recognized that they would disappoint him even
35:28 if they anointed his body on the Sabbath,
35:29 so they refrained from working.
35:31 They still kept the commandment,
35:32 they didn't want to, even in the act of love,
35:33 they didn't want to disappoint Jesus.
35:35 So, the Bible says they, now what we looked at so far,
35:37 we're looking at what day the Sabbath is on,
35:39 it says that they rested, that the day
35:42 before they prepared the spices,
35:43 they took his body down and put it in tomb
35:44 the day before rather on the preparation day.
35:46 Then it says they rested on the Sabbath day,
35:48 now Aletta, what it says the next couple of verses there.
35:52 "Now upon the first day of the week,
35:55 very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre,
35:59 bringing the spices which they had prepared,
36:02 and send others with them.
36:05 And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre.
36:08 And they entered in,
36:10 and found not the body of the Lord Jesus."
36:13 Okay, so what we see here just from the text,
36:15 we're looking right out of the Bible,
36:17 we're just pulling right out of the Bible,
36:18 it says that the preparation day,
36:20 they put him in the tomb.
36:21 The Sabbath day everyone rested,
36:23 the first day of the week they came
36:25 and guess what had happened?
36:28 He resurrected, according to the Bible what day
36:32 did he lay in the tomb on?
36:35 The Sabbath day.
36:36 Okay, according to what we looked at in the Bible,
36:37 what day did he rise on?
36:40 The first day of the week, yes, take a look at the text,
36:42 the first day of the week, right.
36:43 So, he rises on the first day of the week
36:45 and we call that day, Easter Sunday.
36:47 You call the resurrection, Easter Sunday right,
36:49 so you can't have it both ways.
36:51 Now, and here is another thing that
36:52 I like just drive me insane,
36:54 when I first was coming from a Non-Christian
36:56 background to become a Christian.
36:59 And this whole thing of the Sabbath Sunday thing,
37:01 you know, and whether or not you know,
37:03 the seventh day is there or not.
37:05 One of the arguments that people would say is we,
37:06 we can't really tell which day is the seventh day
37:08 of the week, we can never be sure
37:09 and you'd read this text and they say, well,
37:10 I'm still not sure.
37:11 But you're still not sure what day
37:12 the first day is either then.
37:13 If you don't know which day Saturday is
37:14 or the seventh day is, then you also don't know,
37:16 which day you rose on.
37:17 So, why you keeping that day holy?
37:19 See it's not a issue, no one has a question about
37:21 which day of the week each day is,
37:22 until it comes the issue of what God says.
37:24 Now, imagine this, okay, imagine this,
37:27 God commands us to keep the forth command, doesn't he?
37:30 I mean it's the forth commandment,
37:31 "remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy,
37:32 six days shall thou labor and do all thy work,
37:34 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God,
37:36 in it you shall not do any work," right.
37:38 He commands it, wouldn't it be strange
37:41 to have the God of order,
37:43 the God of creation that created all the order
37:45 and every vase you see, everything you see.
37:46 Commandments, Ten Commandments
37:49 of which nine it's possible to keep
37:50 and one is impossible to keep,
37:52 having one out of the ten it's impossible to keep
37:53 because we don't know.
37:54 Does that sounds like a God, a reasonable God.
37:57 No, it doesn't.
37:58 And so it's only unreasonable if you don't want to obey
38:01 what God has to say.
38:03 I remember the devil is going to be subtle,
38:04 he is not going to come in wide open,
38:06 plot down with his pitchfork and his tail
38:09 and his red leotards and his horns.
38:11 Of course, we don't have that in the Bible either,
38:12 but that's the way most Christians think of the devil,
38:14 right, many Christians think of the devil.
38:15 Plot down and say, okay, worship me, do this.
38:18 Are you going to do it?
38:19 I mean, he plot down and says, okay Friday is the day,
38:21 worship on Friday, would you do it?
38:23 No. We won't, absolutely right.
38:25 But if he can come and suddenly change to where
38:28 the majority of the people are doing it
38:29 and so it must be okay.
38:30 Does that sound more like that scoundrel, to me too.
38:35 We have the Bible, it tells us which day he died on.
38:38 Laid in the tomb on, rested from his work
38:41 of saving mankind on the Sabbath.
38:43 And then we have the Bible telling us
38:44 he rose on first day of the week.
38:46 We have the Bible telling us that he kept the Sabbath
38:48 while he was alive, on the seventh day of the week.
38:52 We know today, just by asking a real blood Jew
38:57 what day the seventh day of the week is,
38:58 he'll be glad to tell you, it's on Saturday.
39:00 If you go ask your preacher,
39:03 even if they're not a Sabbath keeping pastor,
39:06 as a matter of fact there's Mike here sitting
39:07 in our classroom?
39:08 He was reading his Bible and he come across,
39:13 and he was Non-Christian all together,
39:14 a non believer, Mike was a non believer
39:16 and he was starting to find the Lord
39:17 and he wanted to become a Christian,
39:18 want to serve God.
39:19 And he's reading his Bible and he comes across a passage
39:21 that says, we need to keep the Sabbath holy.
39:23 So, he goes to a Baptist minister and he says,
39:25 I need to talk with you, and the guy says,
39:26 what do you're talking about.
39:28 And he says, well, I've been my Bible
39:29 and I've got a problem here, because the company
39:31 I work for is making me work on Sunday.
39:33 And the Bible says, we should, we should,
39:35 we should rest on that day, isn't that how it went?
39:37 And so he says and the Sunday pastor say no, no, no
39:39 that we're under, grace we don't worry
39:41 about that anymore.
39:42 Mike's like how is that, and he argues with the pastor
39:44 about we should be keeping Sunday,
39:45 not working on Sunday and finally the pastor
39:47 got frustrated with him and said, no, no, no
39:48 you're all mixed up anyway.
39:49 Because the Sunday is not the Sabbath any how, Saturday is.
39:55 So, Mike learned about the Saturday Sabbath being
39:57 the seventh day not from a
39:58 Seventh day Adventist or anybody else.
40:00 But he learned it from a Baptist minister,
40:02 he got frustrated with him about keeping Sunday holy.
40:05 Isn't that fascinating?
40:06 So, you can ask your ministers,
40:08 you know you can go and talk to him and say,
40:09 hey which day is the Sabbath and if they're honest,
40:12 if they're intellectually honest,
40:14 they'll tell you on Saturday.
40:15 And they'll say, why do we keep Sunday?
40:17 They'll come up with an excuse,
40:18 but it won't be biblical.
40:19 Oh, we keep Sunday in honor of the resurrection,
40:22 oh that's fair enough, show me in the Bible
40:24 where it says to do that?
40:25 It doesn't, it's our tradition.
40:28 And what the problem with traditions above the Bible.
40:30 You got major issues, all right.
40:32 So, now we find out that Jesus,
40:33 Jesus himself created all things,
40:35 Jesus kept the Sabbath, Jesus commanded the Sabbath,
40:37 did the disciples keep the Sabbath?
40:40 Let's go down to Matthew Chapter oh,
40:42 this is Jesus here and talking about
40:44 the disciples in the future, talking about us should,
40:46 should they be keeping the Sabbath,
40:47 whether or not they should be keeping it.
40:48 And you find it here in Matthew Chapter 24,
40:50 did he expect in Matthew 24 to Jesus expect his disciples,
40:54 his followers after his death, burial,
40:56 and resurrection to be keeping the Sabbath.
40:58 Here he is going to be talking
40:59 about the destruction of Jerusalem,
41:01 much into the future from the time that,
41:04 that he was walking there and talking about the disciples.
41:07 What does he say in Matthew Chapter 24,
41:09 predicting the future, Mike?
41:11 But pray ye that your flight not be in the winter,
41:13 neither on the Sabbath day.
41:14 Pray that your flight, in other words,
41:16 you're fleeing from Jerusalem on 70 AD
41:19 when the temple was destroyed.
41:20 He was prophesying that the future for the disciples
41:23 and he says, pray when you have to leave
41:25 that your flight not be when.
41:27 So, did he, did Jesus expect the winter to continue on?
41:32 Did he expect winter to continue?
41:34 Sure, he did because he says
41:35 pray that your flight not be on winter.
41:36 So he wasn't expecting the winter to be
41:37 done away with was he?
41:38 I mean he kind a figure that he wasn't be summer
41:40 from then on, he knew that the winter would still exist.
41:42 Did he also expect the Sabbath to continue?
41:45 How, how do you know that?
41:47 Just like the winter, pray that your flight...
41:49 Now why would he be concerned about the Sabbath?
41:52 Now, here's a trick question?
41:53 Because many people, the scoffers about
41:55 cthis point will say huh, he was worried about
41:57 the Sabbath, because the Jews wouldn't be
41:58 able to get out of the city on the Sabbath
41:59 because they got the gates closed.
42:01 Right, that's the argument and that's not true.
42:05 The gates were not opened to merchants
42:06 on the Sabbath, but you can leave the city.
42:09 You just had trouble getting in with your stuff.
42:11 Right, because they didn't want to be
42:12 selling things on the Sabbath.
42:13 But I guarantee you, if you wanted to leave
42:15 your house on the Sabbath,
42:17 it will no problem because if you remember
42:18 when Jesus said when you flee,
42:20 don't take your stuff with you.
42:23 So, if he is gonna tell his disciples not to take
42:24 your stuff with you when you flee the city,
42:26 when you have to flee, don't take your stuff,
42:27 just get down and go.
42:28 Why would he, can be concerned about whether not
42:30 the gates of city would be open or close anyway.
42:32 cYou still have the ways out of the city,
42:33 you know not the big open gates.
42:35 You still have the, the eyes on the side of the city
42:37 what ever that you can slip out of,
42:38 the smaller openings.
42:40 The concerned wasn't whether or not they will be able
42:42 to carry their stuff out.
42:44 He didn't want them to have to be doing that on Sabbath.
42:48 So, even if someone wants to say, hey,
42:51 he wasn't worried about them keeping the Sabbath,
42:54 he was just worried about not being able to get out of city.
42:55 So pray that you're able to get out of city,
42:57 you can't if it's on Sabbath.
42:58 Even if that was the case, he still recognizing
43:00 that the Sabbath would be in existence.
43:04 He still recognizes people will be keeping
43:05 and obeying the Sabbath after
43:07 his death, burial, and resurrection.
43:09 But, whether that's the case or not,
43:11 did his disciples keep the Sabbath.
43:15 Did his disciples and his followers keep the Sabbath?
43:17 Now, this is one of my most favorite texts to go to here.
43:20 This is powerful, Acts Chapter 13,
43:23 Acts Chapter 13 and what we're gonna do
43:26 is we read through this, at one point here later on
43:28 in Acts Chapter 13, I'm gonna ask you all to do
43:31 a little exercise with me.
43:32 Are you gonna be ready for that?
43:34 You don't have to get out of your seats
43:35 for anything like that but at one point I say,
43:37 okay, close your Bibles, close them.
43:39 But when you close them and, and by the way
43:40 you at home, whenever you're giving a Bible study
43:42 or something at this point when we do that closing
43:45 our Bible thing, you want to,
43:46 you want to kind of play along with the person
43:47 you're studying with too and let them do the same thing.
43:49 But tell them not to lose their spot,
43:51 so what you'll do is, when you get to Acts Chapter 13
43:53 you take a little thing here and you got this little string
43:56 in your Bible first you do and if you don't
43:58 get a piece of paper and mark Acts Chapter 13,
44:01 as we read along here, okay.
44:03 So, that you don't lose your spot when we close our Bible.
44:05 It's important we do this, we want to make sure that
44:07 everybody is following along with our little exercise here.
44:10 So, Acts Chapter 13, did the disciples keep the Sabbath,
44:15 were they going to synagogue on Sabbath,
44:16 were they preaching on Sabbath what were they doing?
44:19 Starting in verse 14, Aletta?
44:20 Can you read verse 14 for me
44:22 and 15 and 16 that first three. Okay.
44:25 "But when they departed from Perga,
44:28 they came to Antioch in Pisidia
44:31 and went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and sat down.
44:35 And after the reading of the law and the prophets
44:38 the rulers of the synagogue sent unto them,
44:41 saying, Ye men and brethren,
44:43 if ye have any word of exhortation
44:45 for the people, say on.
44:47 Then Paul stood up, and beckoning with his hand said,
44:51 Men of Israel, and ye that fear God, give audience."
44:55 So, what happens here is Paul,
44:57 they go to a synagogue on the Sabbath
45:00 and he just sat down.
45:02 And people knowing that I was the head,
45:04 they must have been fidgeting or something like I do,
45:06 when I sit down in some churches or sometime,
45:07 they'll say, you got something you want to say?
45:10 Yes, I do.
45:11 And he says, beckons with the answers, listen to me.
45:12 Now, did the Paul believe in keeping
45:16 the seventh day Sabbath?
45:17 Some people was gonna say,
45:18 he was just there to reach the Jews.
45:22 Good, I want that to be argument
45:24 because if that your argument, you know,
45:26 if that's your, that's your take on this you're gonna
45:29 find out that was he their just to reach the Jews?
45:31 No, the Bible is gonna tell us so.
45:34 So, we're gonna find out who, who is the best interpreter?
45:36 Right now someone could say, someone could say,
45:39 that's why he was there for to reach the Jews,
45:41 no problem say that.
45:43 But if Bible say something contradictory to that
45:46 what we're gonna believe,
45:48 yeah we've to believe the Bible, don't we?
45:50 So, what happens in verse 17 all the way down
45:53 to verse 36, let me tell you what happens through there.
45:55 Paul preaches a powerful sermon about Jesus Christ.
45:58 He preaches the message about.
45:59 About you hung him on a cross, it's your fault he died,
46:02 you messed up or you rejected him
46:06 but it's not too late, you can repent.
46:07 I'm just paraphrasing his sermon there, right.
46:09 He is calling people to worship Jesus,
46:11 the son of David and, and, and he's done all
46:14 of these wonderful things,
46:15 you rejected him but it's not too late
46:16 to take him back, right.
46:17 He'll accept you if you'll surrender, surrender to him.
46:19 It's a righteousness by faith sermon you might say
46:22 and in verse 37, I'm going to read
46:23 verse 37 and 38, 39 here because I'm going
46:26 to do my little part here to make sure I close my Bible.
46:28 So when you're given a Bible study as well
46:29 and when you're given the study,
46:30 you make sure that whenever you get to the,
46:32 this part of it that you our recalls
46:34 when you tell me close it,
46:35 you want to able to emphasize certain things
46:36 and shut the Bible and be ready for them okay?
46:38 So, this is the fun part of the study,
46:40 I like this better than anything.
46:41 So, starting in verse 37, it say's.
46:44 "But he, whom God raised again, saw no corruption."
46:48 This is, this is Paul speaking about Jesus he saw no
46:51 corruption and his body didn't rot in the grave.
46:53 "Be it known unto you therefore,
46:55 men and brethren, that through this man is preached
46:58 unto you the forgiveness of sins."
47:00 Halleluiah, that's my addition, that's not in the Bible.
47:03 "And by him all that believe are justified from all things,
47:08 from which ye could not be justified
47:10 by the Law of Moses."
47:11 The reason I bring that all the way down to that text
47:13 specifically, it says you can't be justified
47:15 by whose law?
47:17 The law of Moses.
47:18 So, is Paul here also doing away with
47:20 the Ten Commandments and the Sabbath?
47:22 If he is, you got trouble as we continue along.
47:25 Right, of course he is not and we know that obviously
47:27 that he's doing away with Sabbath right here.
47:29 But isn't it funny here that he says that you're
47:31 not justified by the law of Moses, in other words
47:34 by keeping the law of Moses,
47:36 by doing everything that Moses said,
47:37 is that saving anybody?
47:38 No, you can't be saved by keeping
47:40 even the Ten Commandments, you keep them
47:42 that doesn't save you.
47:43 It's Christ that saves you, that's what he is trying
47:45 to explain to these hard headed Jews, right?
47:47 They're trying to think,
47:48 if they do everything just right,
47:49 if they keep the law of Moses and they obey just right.
47:51 And if they do everything, they need to do,
47:53 then they will be saved and what's he is say?
47:56 Sorry, you're out of luck
47:57 because you can't be justified,
47:58 you can't be made right in God's eye's
48:00 by keeping his laws.
48:02 Look what happens next? Verse 42.
48:05 After Paul preached, the Jews were gone out of
48:08 the synagogue, when verse 42 be ready
48:09 to close your Bible, the Jews were gone out
48:11 of the synagogue.
48:13 The Gentiles besought that these words might be
48:15 preached to them the next Sabbath day,
48:17 close your Bible, close them,
48:18 what does that text say, again, does he remember?
48:20 The gentiles, the Non-Jews said,
48:23 we want these words to be preached to us
48:25 when the next Sabbath.
48:27 Now, now, I don't have the Bible back up
48:29 because I can tell you what it's going to say,
48:30 let me tell you what he is going to say?
48:31 Paul says, in the next couple of verses,
48:33 he says, gentiles, no, no, no, no don't worry
48:36 about coming back next Sabbath
48:38 because we meet with the gentiles on Sunday, tomorrow.
48:42 So, you just comeback tomorrow,
48:43 we'll meet together and I'll preach to you tomorrow,
48:45 isn't that what he is going to say?
48:46 He has to, he has to, because the Bible,
48:49 we know from the Bible everybody knows
48:51 the Bible teaches that Paul was
48:53 the apostle to the gentiles.
48:55 So, therefore he is going to tell the gentiles,
48:57 hey, come back on Sunday
48:59 because that's the new Sabbath anyway
49:00 we keep the honor resurrection of Jesus.
49:02 He was just talking about the resurrection of Jesus,
49:04 he was just taking about the forgiveness of sins
49:06 from Jesus, right?
49:07 All this stuff is about Jesus, he is preaching
49:10 a sermon about Jesus.
49:11 Do you think at this point now we're gonna just open
49:13 the Bible back up and Paul, you're going to write,
49:15 read where Paul says don't, no peeking,
49:16 Gloria, no peeking, and you going to read
49:20 where Paul says, come back tomorrow,
49:22 now we should, shouldn't we?
49:24 This is some at least, at least four years past the cross,
49:27 at least four years past the cross it's happening.
49:30 And so obviously, Paul is going to tell them,
49:33 hey, we keep Sunday now, now you can peek Gloria,
49:36 you wanna peek now.
49:37 Look what it is, let's see, is that what he says
49:38 to them, he has to, doesn't he?
49:41 All right, we're gonna read, verse 43.
49:44 "Now when the congregation was broken up,
49:46 many of the Jews and religious proselytes
49:48 followed Paul and Barnabas.
49:50 Who's speaking to them, persuaded them
49:52 to continue in the grace of God."
49:54 And the next Sunday came almost oh,
49:57 I messed that up, didn't I?
49:59 That's not what it says, is it?
50:00 what did it say,
50:02 the next Sabbath day came almost
50:03 the whole city together to hear the word of God.
50:08 Now, I've got a question, I've to ask,
50:09 it begs to be asked here.
50:11 I'm preaching now I know but I preach
50:12 by Bible studies sometimes too, people like it.
50:14 They told everybody back,
50:15 they told everybody back, right.
50:17 So, it says here that the next Sabbath day
50:20 came the whole city together, the whole city means
50:22 the Jews and the gentiles,
50:24 specifically the gentiles came back,
50:25 why did they come on Sunday?
50:29 It's a good question though isn't it?
50:30 I mean, like right now, I'm in a position I'm now,
50:33 I used to work a secular job.
50:35 The Lord has blessed me to able to be
50:36 like a minister now, I'm working here at LIFE.
50:38 And I've love it, love it, love it, you know.
50:39 I recommend it.
50:41 But if someone come to me if I was preaching
50:43 somewhere on a Sabbath right now
50:45 and I had a gentile say, a Sunday goer,
50:49 I'm not gonna really call them gentile
50:51 they're are spiritual Jews too,
50:52 they just don't understand that many times, right?
50:54 But if come to me and said,
50:55 hey will you preach at my church tomorrow?
50:58 Do you think I'm gonna tell him no
50:59 you got to come back on, you got to come back next week.
51:02 I used to, when I was like a fourth class mechanic
51:06 and I would have to work on Sunday.
51:07 If someone want me to preach on a their church
51:08 at a church Sunday, you know what I had to tell him?
51:11 I got a work, I can't go preach I got a work.
51:14 I can't go give a Bible study,
51:15 I got to work tomorrow, right.
51:17 But now would I ever tell somebody that on Sabbath?
51:20 Like about the Sabbath?
51:21 No, because I wasn't working on Sabbath.
51:24 No matter what, I mean, I will like lose my job
51:25 before I disappoint God. That's my idea, right.
51:27 I want to keep the Ten Commandments
51:28 because I love Jesus.
51:29 Are you following that idea?
51:30 So, Paul here, he didn't go and worship with them
51:33 and teach them on Sunday and I want to know why?
51:36 Don't you? Let me give you a good illustration
51:39 as to why we think that maybe the case.
51:41 Acts 18, 1-4. What was Paul doing that he could not go
51:45 on Sunday and preach to these brothers.
51:48 What was, what was he doing?
51:49 Kaitlin, I want you to get your microphone out there
51:52 and read verses 1, we're starting with verse 1, and 2,
51:54 and 3, and 4, and I'll stop you at some point.
51:57 "After these things Paul departed
51:59 from Athens, and came to Corinth;
52:02 And found a certain Jew named Aquila,
52:06 born in Pontus, lately come from Italy,
52:11 with his wife Priscilla; because that Claudius
52:15 had commanded all Jews to depart
52:17 from Rome and come unto him.
52:20 And because he was one of the same craft,
52:23 he abode with them."
52:24 Okay, stop right there just for a second.
52:26 Paul was of the same craft.
52:27 In other words, he done the same thing
52:29 they did for living, he was doing, right.
52:30 What was that job he did he bow with them and he rot,
52:33 what was that he did, Kaitlin, go ahead and read.
52:37 "For by their occupation they were tentmakers."
52:40 All right, so Paul went, he is visiting these
52:42 two brothers right, the other Jews
52:44 they had to leave Rome, and he's working with them,
52:46 what's he doing? Making tents, all right.
52:49 Look what it says in the next verse,
52:50 and read it with, with enthusiasm, Kaitlin.
52:53 "And he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath."
52:56 When? Every Sabbath.
52:58 Every Sabbath, all right go on.
53:00 "And persuaded the Jews and the Greeks."
53:02 Oh, oh, so Paul here, what was he doing
53:04 the other six days of the week?
53:06 Making tents, but what did he do on the Sabbath?
53:09 He persuaded, he went to the synagogue and preached.
53:11 And who do you persuade?
53:12 The Jews, and the gentiles, and the Greeks.
53:16 So where was the gentiles meeting on,
53:17 meeting at in early Christian church,
53:19 where were the gentiles meeting?
53:20 In the synagogue, on Sabbath,
53:22 and who was preaching to them?
53:25 The preacher to the gentiles, Paul himself.
53:27 Hey, look he had to work on Sunday.
53:30 He wasn't keeping as a Holy day,
53:31 he was working on Sunday, how do we know that?
53:33 The Bible doesn't record him preaching on Sunday,
53:36 particularly in the synagogue.
53:37 It says, he was working, he is making tents.
53:40 It's six days, these other day he was working
53:43 and then on his Sabbath day, it says, he reasoned
53:45 in the synagogue every Sabbath.
53:46 Now, if he was also meeting with Jews on Sunday
53:48 the text would have to read something like this.
53:50 And the he reasoned in the synagogue
53:52 every Sabbath and every Sunday,
53:54 he visited with the gentiles.
53:56 Would it have to say something like that?
53:58 But it doesn't.
54:00 It just says that he reasoned
54:01 in a synagogue every Sabbath day,
54:05 fascinating isn't it?
54:06 That's what I did when I was working for a living.
54:07 When I had, when I wasn't being able to support myself,
54:09 wasn't supported by just the ministry money.
54:11 You know, like being able to be a minister full time,
54:14 when I wasn't able to do that.
54:15 And I was working, if I had to work on Sunday,
54:17 I couldn't go preach. I had to make a living.
54:21 Paul did too, he was preaching all the time
54:23 you know when I was working as a forklift mechanic,
54:25 I would go round these different
54:26 factories and stuff like.
54:27 I got to travel around all over Kentucky
54:28 I love that job prior to moving
54:32 into different areas, right.
54:33 But I love that, that was one of my favorite jobs
54:34 I ever had next to being a minister.
54:36 Because I would get to travel,
54:37 they would, they would give me a company van
54:38 and all this equipment and everything.
54:39 And I would travel from company to company,
54:41 repairing their forklifts.
54:43 And I would take literature with me and where ever I go,
54:45 I would witness, you know, I had Bible studies
54:46 with people everywhere.
54:47 So I know where seeds are planted,
54:48 all over these factories, all over Kentucky there,
54:49 who know what may come from them.
54:51 Paul, I can picture Paul, he would make his tents
54:53 and he probably wrap up his scroll
54:54 of some scriptures in there, or something like that
54:55 and sew his tents, who knows what he was doing.
54:57 But he was preaching all the time, wasn't he.
54:59 It wasn't just Sabbath he was preaching,
55:01 but that was the day he was not working,
55:03 he would spend it in the synagogue and not working.
55:05 So, now to recap, Jesus created the Sabbath,
55:10 Jesus kept the Sabbath, Jesus expected
55:12 his disciples to keep the Sabbath,
55:13 Matthew Chapter 24, right.
55:17 One of the disciples to the gentiles,
55:18 main one to the gentiles kept the Sabbath, Paul.
55:22 Now, some people say we don't have
55:23 the Sabbath anymore, but let me show you
55:24 something next, the next text we're going to,
55:26 our last text is Isaiah 66 Chapter,
55:29 it didn't change, let me try it again.
55:31 Isaiah 66:22-23, the Old Testament book of Isaiah,
55:35 you know how to get there, go come to the middle
55:38 of your Bible and you find the book
55:39 of Proverbs or Song of Solomon,
55:41 or any of those right there, you need to go to the right,
55:43 Ecclesiastes to the right, Jeremiah,
55:46 go back one book to the left.
55:47 So, you be in Isaiah Chapter 66,
55:51 what we're going to find right now is that
55:53 we will be keeping the Sabbath in heaven.
55:57 So, Jesus kept the Sabbath,
55:59 the disciples kept the Sabbath,
56:00 Jesus commanded to keep the Sabbath.
56:01 All of his followers all through time
56:03 have kept the Sabbath.
56:04 And now we're going to find out
56:06 that we will keep it in heaven, go ahead,
56:08 Daniel, verse 22, Jeremiah Chapter 66 verse 22 and 23,
56:13 I'm sorry Isaiah Chapter 66.
56:18 "For as the new heavens and the new earth,
56:20 which I will make, shall remain before me,
56:22 said the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain.
56:26 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon
56:28 to another, and from one Sabbath to another,
56:31 shall all flesh come to worship
56:32 before me, said the Lord."
56:34 So, we read those 22 to see
56:35 there is new heavens and a new earth.
56:37 It's the context of the New Jerusalem;
56:39 it's a context of heaven.
56:41 And what is gonna happen in heaven
56:42 from one new moon to another and from
56:44 one Sabbath to another, we're going come
56:46 to worship before the Lord.
56:48 That's powerful isn't?
56:49 To me, you know, if anybody that studied
56:52 the Bible or you're studying the Bible
56:53 or somebody that's may be doesn't have
56:55 the real solid pre conceded idea that doesn't matter
56:57 you can just disobey God and still go to heaven,
56:59 people have that pre conceded idea,
57:01 goes through this study.
57:03 The only conclusion you can come to,
57:04 is that Jesus himself expects us to keep
57:08 the Sabbath even now.
57:10 And you know, it's not a burden,
57:13 it is a great joy to keep the Sabbath,
57:15 it's that day of rest that God has given to us.
57:17 Now, you remember how we started this study?
57:19 Who is it, that's trying to keep us
57:20 from having that rest?
57:22 The antichrist, the antichrist.
57:24 Your decision right now is not,
57:27 am I going to keep Saturday
57:28 or keep Sunday as holy day.
57:30 But the decision that you have to come to
57:32 am I going to follow Jesus Christ in his day
57:35 or the antichrist in his day.
57:38 It's not a decision of, of a day
57:41 but it's a decision of a person.


Revised 2014-12-17