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The Second Coming Pt. 1

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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.
00:03 Pray Ye therefore, the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that He will, He will send forth laborers
00:09 into His harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:18 Then said, I... "Here am I, send me, send me".
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you
00:25 to be an effective harvester for the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our classroom
00:30 to come, experience, Life.
00:44 We just want to welcome every one of you
00:46 back here to the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:49 We're glad that those of you at home
00:51 have decided to join us here in our classroom.
00:54 We are going over our ninth Bible study
00:57 in our series called, "Life on the Edge."
01:01 This series again is designed to able you
01:05 not only to learn the Bible study,
01:07 but also to learn how to give the Bible study.
01:11 We'll go now to our,
01:12 we'll get right into our Bible study.
01:14 On the graphic there you'll see
01:16 the title for our Bible study is the "Second Coming,"
01:21 the Second Coming.
01:22 You can see that on the screen there.
01:23 You can see the code to mark this Bible study is SC.
01:28 The code is to mark it is as SC.
01:32 Just like all of the other Bible studies
01:34 that we've gone over this far,
01:36 this Bible study too has a purpose.
01:39 And the purpose of this Bible study
01:41 is to show that the Second Coming of Jesus
01:45 is literal, visible, audible and imminent.
01:50 The Second Coming of Jesus is literal.
01:53 It's going to happen.
01:54 It's audible.
01:55 You can be able to hear it.
01:56 It's visible.
01:57 You're gonna be able to see it.
01:58 It's imminent.
01:59 It is going to happen
02:02 and it is going to happen soon.
02:05 You'll also see up there
02:06 as all of our other Bible studies
02:09 this too is centered on Jesus Christ.
02:12 The center it for this,
02:14 "Jesus longs to come and take us home
02:16 to live with Him forever."
02:20 Jesus longs to come and take us home
02:22 to live with Him forever.
02:25 Before we jump into this Bible study,
02:28 what are we going to do? Pray.
02:29 We're going to pray.
02:30 That's our habit to pray.
02:32 So let's go ahead and bow our heads.
02:35 Father in Heaven, we do thank you
02:37 for the privilege of us being here,
02:42 of us being able to watch this program
02:44 and learn Lord not from me, but from your word.
02:48 We pray that as we go through this Bible study
02:50 that you'll open our hearts and our minds
02:54 so that we can love Your truth
02:57 and thereby be saved.
02:59 We pray this in the precious name of Jesus, amen.
03:05 Now this Bible study is put together
03:08 so that you can do it in two parts, if you want to.
03:12 So the first 12 references in this study
03:15 will be the first part of the Second Coming study
03:19 and then the last set of references
03:22 will be the second part.
03:24 So our goal during this hour
03:27 is to go through the first part of this Bible study.
03:30 At the end of this first part you can,
03:33 if there's no questions
03:35 and people have no objections
03:36 you can then go to your next Bible study,
03:39 which will be Bible study number 10.
03:42 The Bible study that comes right
03:43 after the Second Coming,
03:44 which if I'm not mistaken is the millennium.
03:47 So the first half of this,
03:49 if there is no questions people aren't confused
03:52 whatsoever you can say, praise the Lord
03:54 and then just go to the next,
03:56 and to go to study number 10.
03:58 If there are questions
04:00 that's what the second half of the study
04:02 is designed to answer.
04:04 So the first half we're gonna be talking
04:06 about the manner of Christ's return.
04:10 Then in the second half,
04:12 we're going to be talking about
04:14 some of the confusing aspects
04:17 of the some of the Second Coming texts.
04:21 There are some very wild theories out there
04:24 that are not Biblical,
04:25 that people claim are Biblical,
04:28 but we're gonna show the truth from God's word.
04:30 It is always better to start with the truth
04:33 and then to deal with the objections later
04:36 because you want to lay that foundation
04:38 that people can say,
04:39 hey, well, this is what the Bible said.
04:41 Now let me interpret what I thought
04:43 through what the Bible has already taught me.
04:46 And so that's what we're gonna do
04:48 in this series of studies.
04:50 You see here the first 12 references on the screen
04:54 are the first 12 references
04:55 in the first half of the study.
04:58 Then you'll see on the next screen,
05:00 you'll see that there is another 12 references
05:03 for that part of the Second Coming.
05:06 The first part deals with
05:07 the manner of Christ's return.
05:09 What happens when Jesus returns?
05:11 The second half in what we'll cover in our next program
05:16 will tell us
05:17 about "A thief in the night" concept.
05:20 It will tell us about the left behind,
05:23 one is taken the other one is left.
05:25 So we'll be talking very in depth about that
05:28 because we want to make sure that everyone is very clear
05:32 about what scripture does say
05:34 concerning the Second Coming of Jesus.
05:37 So we'll go now to our first text in this study.
05:41 We're gonna go to John Chapter 14,
05:44 John the 14th Chapter, so Matthew,
05:47 Mark, Luke, John, Chapter 14.
05:50 And we're gonna let Shalita start this off for us.
05:53 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, the 14th Chapter,
05:57 the first three verses.
06:00 So if you could read that for us Shalita.
06:02 And I'm going to interrupt you,
06:03 you know, that's quite common when I'm teaching.
06:05 So I'll just interrupt you as you read.
06:11 "Let not your heart be troubled
06:13 you believe in God, believe also in Me.
06:16 In My Father's house are many mansions
06:18 if it were not so, I would have told you.
06:21 I go to prepare a place for you."
06:23 Okay, stop right there.
06:24 Jesus says, I go to prepare a place for you.
06:30 Now Shalita if Jesus is going to prepare a place for me,
06:34 if Jesus is going to prepare a place for you,
06:37 what do you suppose Jesus is going to do
06:38 at some point in the future?
06:41 He is gonna do what? Come back.
06:43 For what purpose? To take us,
06:44 where He is preparing?
06:46 To take us, where He is preparing a place for us?
06:48 If He is preparing a place for us,
06:49 it makes logical sense for us to even think
06:52 before we read verse 3
06:53 that Jesus is going to take us to that place.
06:56 Go ahead and keep reading.
06:58 "And if I go and prepare a place for you,
07:00 I will come again and receive you unto Myself
07:04 that where I am, there you may be also."
07:07 So Jesus gives us a promise
07:11 that He is going to prepare a place for us
07:14 and then He says in verse 3,
07:16 "And if I go and prepare a place for you,
07:21 I will come again and receive you unto Myself
07:26 that where I am, there you may be also."
07:30 So the promise here is that Jesus is going to comeback
07:36 and He is going to take us to heaven with Him.
07:41 Now for the early church,
07:44 we're gonna look at a reference that shows
07:45 that it was the hope
07:46 of the Second Coming of Jesus that changed
07:50 and transformed the hearts
07:52 and purified the hearts
07:55 of the early followers of Christ.
07:58 So Jesus gives us a promise here
08:00 in John Chapter 14, verses 1, 2, and 3.
08:02 He says, "Don't let your heart be troubled."
08:05 Then He says, "You believe in God believe also in Me."
08:07 And then He makes us a very solemn promise
08:10 that He will return and that He will take us
08:14 where He is preparing a place for us.
08:17 My question is Bill, are you ready to go where
08:21 Jesus is preparing a place for you?
08:23 Yeah. Praise the Lord.
08:25 Let's see what this hope
08:26 the hope of the Second Coming did for the early church.
08:31 Let's go to our second reference.
08:35 We're going to First John.
08:36 We were in John,
08:38 now we're going all way back
08:39 near to the Book of Revelation.
08:42 So we're in First John,
08:44 if you find the Revelation
08:45 you'll back up just a little bit there.
08:48 So here I'm in Revelation
08:49 and now I'm backing up past Jude,
08:52 Third John, Second John,
08:54 here I'm First John Chapter 3,
08:57 verses 2 and 3.
08:59 We're gonna let Danielle read that for us.
09:01 First John, Chapter 3 verses 2 and 3.
09:05 "Beloved, now we are the Sons of God
09:08 and it does not yet appear what we shall be,
09:12 but we know that when He shall appear,
09:14 we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is."
09:17 Okay, stop right there.
09:19 So John says here that when Jesus shall appear,
09:25 now the event where Jesus appears,
09:28 He appeared once that was His first coming.
09:31 The next time that Jesus is going to appear,
09:33 the event is called the Second Coming of Jesus.
09:38 That's the title for this study, Second Coming.
09:41 John says, we know that when He shall appear
09:44 we shall be like Him.
09:47 And when we get further into the study
09:49 we're gonna find out that we are going to be changed
09:52 into the likeness of Jesus Christ
09:54 at the Second Coming.
09:55 So this, the concept here or the time period
09:59 that we're talking about is the Second Coming of Jesus.
10:02 So you wanna keep reading that for us, Danielle.
10:05 "And every man that had this hope in Him
10:08 purified himself, even as He is pure."
10:11 Okay, So verse two said,
10:12 "We know that when He shall appear
10:15 we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is.
10:19 And every man that has this hope."
10:21 What hope is that? Second Coming.
10:24 The hope of the Second Coming,
10:25 the hope of being just like Jesus
10:28 this every man that have this hope in Him
10:31 purifies himself, even as He is pure.
10:37 So every man that has the hope
10:39 of the Second Coming in his heart,
10:42 He is purifying Himself, for what purpose?
10:45 To be ready when Jesus returns.
10:51 To be ready when Jesus returns.
10:54 So the first text that we went to, John 14:1-3
10:58 is where Jesus makes us a very solemn promise
11:01 that He will comeback.
11:03 Now when Jesus said,
11:05 I mean, you're given this Bible study you can,
11:06 you can bring out other aspects
11:08 and other points as well.
11:09 When Jesus said, let there be light,
11:11 what happened?
11:12 There was light. There was light.
11:14 When Jesus said let there be a firmament what happened?
11:17 There was a firmament.
11:18 When Jesus speaks things happen.
11:22 So Jesus made the promise that He would comeback.
11:26 Do you know what that means?
11:27 That He has to comeback,
11:29 because if He doesn't comeback then what is Jesus?
11:32 He is a liar, and Jesus can't lie, can He?
11:34 So Jesus makes the promise that He is going to comeback.
11:37 Then we went to John,
11:38 First John, Chapter 3 verses 2 and 3
11:41 to show that the hope of being like Jesus,
11:45 the hope that comes from Jesus actually going to,
11:49 the hope that we have that Jesus is going to comeback
11:52 is what purifies us.
11:54 Think about it for a moment.
11:56 If you knew for certain
11:58 that Jesus was coming back this afternoon,
12:02 would you live your life just a little bit different?
12:07 Many of us would, wouldn't we? Why?
12:12 Because we aren't ready,
12:14 that's why we would live a little bit differently
12:16 'cause we want to be ready because we're not ready.
12:19 So the hope of the Second Coming
12:21 actually gives us a motivation
12:24 for being ready for the Second Coming.
12:26 Does that make sense?
12:28 So that's why we went from John 14,
12:30 or to First John Chapter three.
12:33 Now we're gonna go to Hebrews Chapter 9,
12:35 and we're going to see that when Jesus comes,
12:38 He comes without any reference to sin
12:41 but for the sole purpose of Salvation.
12:44 It is not at the Second Coming
12:46 that Jesus deals with sin.
12:49 That's gonna come later.
12:50 And you're gonna find that out in our next program,
12:52 the program on the topic of the millennium.
12:56 So we're going now to Hebrews Chapter 9 and verse 28.
13:02 You see that on your graphic,
13:03 Hebrews Chapter 9 and verse 28,
13:07 and we're going to ask Mike,
13:09 might if he'll read this for us.
13:11 Hebrews, of course, is just a little bit
13:13 to the left from where we were.
13:16 Hebrews Chapter 9 and verse 28.
13:22 "So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many
13:26 and unto them that look for Him
13:28 shall He appear the Second Time
13:30 without sin unto salvation."
13:33 So the first part of that verse tells us
13:36 that Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many.
13:39 So Christ came the first time
13:41 for the purpose of doing, what?
13:43 Saving us from what? Sin.
13:46 He came the first time
13:47 for the purpose of bearing our sin.
13:52 Now we've got a class here that called the Sanctuary.
13:55 We're gonna be going over the sanctuary,
13:57 and we're gonna see,
13:58 how it is that Christ fulfilled
14:00 that aspect of bearing our sins
14:04 and then shedding His blood for us.
14:07 So the first time Christ came,
14:09 He came to bear the sin of many.
14:12 Then it says
14:13 "Unto them that look for Him shall He appear."
14:18 What that's word? Appear.
14:22 So Jesus, it's not gonna be anything
14:23 that we can't, what?
14:25 See, that's right.
14:27 "Unto them that look for Him
14:28 shall He appear the Second Time?"
14:32 What time?
14:34 The Second Time without sin unto, what?
14:39 Salvation, so when Jesus comes back the Second Time,
14:42 He is coming back not to deal with sin
14:45 but to take those people
14:47 off of this earth that have been saved by the sacrifice
14:52 He gave the first time He was here.
14:55 Do you see that?
14:57 Is that clear from scripture? All right.
14:59 So now we go, what we're going to do
15:01 is we're gonna shift gears just a little bit,
15:04 not, not too much, but just a little bit.
15:06 We are going to go to look at verses in scripture
15:09 that show that when Christ appears
15:12 we will actually be able to see Him.
15:15 We're gonna look at verses in scripture
15:16 that show that when Christ appears,
15:18 we will actually be able to see Him.
15:20 Now this may come as a shock to some of you at home
15:23 or maybe even some of you here in the classroom
15:25 that when Jesus comes back the Second Time
15:28 we will be able to see Him.
15:32 So we're gonna go to Acts Chapter 1.
15:35 Acts Chapter 1,
15:36 that's to the left from the Book of Hebrews.
15:38 So up there on the screen you see our next graphic,
15:41 Acts Chapter 1 verses 9-11.
15:46 Acts Chapter 1 verses 9-11.
15:48 Now while we are in Acts Chapter 1 verses 9-11,
15:51 you will want to take note that five times
15:55 words are used for the sense of sight,
16:00 five times word are used for the sense of sights.
16:04 So I'm just gonna get over there
16:05 to Acts Chapter 1 verses 9-11.
16:08 And we're gonna ask Bill to read this for us.
16:10 So Bill if you could read Acts Chapter 1 verses 9-11,
16:14 and I'm gonna interrupt you.
16:17 "Now when he had spoken these things,
16:19 while they watched."
16:20 While they did, what? While they watched.
16:21 That's number one, okay.
16:23 "He was taken up and a cloud received him
16:25 out of their sight."
16:26 Out of their, what? Sight.
16:28 Sight, so that's two.
16:29 Two words already we've seen
16:31 that to describe the sense of sight
16:34 are being able to see, keep going there.
16:36 "And while they looked."
16:37 Stop, while they did what?
16:38 Looked. They looked.
16:39 You anticipated that one very well, didn't you?
16:41 And while they looked,
16:43 so people are looking that's a third time
16:45 a word is used for the sense of sight, keep going.
16:48 "Steadfastly toward heaven as he went up,
16:50 behold, two men stood by them in white apparel.
16:53 Who said "Men of Galilee," "why do you stand gazing?"
16:57 Why do you stand, what? Gazing.
16:58 You're very good at this one.
16:59 You're just anticipating the whole thing, gazing.
17:01 So that's the fourth word that is used
17:04 for the sense of sight, keep going.
17:07 "Up into heaven the same Jesus,
17:09 who was taken up from you into heaven,
17:11 will also come in like manner as you saw."
17:14 "As you did, what?
17:15 Saw. Saw.
17:17 Him go into heaven."
17:19 Okay, so notice here.
17:21 Let there be absolutely no confusion in your mind,
17:25 five words in three verses
17:28 are used to describe the sense of sight
17:31 or been able to see something.
17:34 Let's just go ahead and review them very quickly.
17:37 And when he had spoken these things while they beheld."
17:41 That's one.
17:42 "He was taken up in cloud received him
17:44 out of their sight."
17:46 That's two.
17:48 "And while they looked." That's three.
17:51 "Steadfastly toward heaven as he went up,
17:53 behold, two men stood by them in white apparel
17:57 Which also said, Ye men of Galilee,
17:59 why stand ye."
18:01 "Gazing up into heaven?"
18:03 That's four.
18:04 This same Jesus, so it's not any other Jesus.
18:07 "This very same Jesus
18:09 which was taken up from you into heaven,
18:13 shall so come in like manner as you have seen,"
18:17 that's number five, seen him go into heaven.
18:20 So make no mistake about it.
18:22 When Jesus comes back the Second Time,
18:25 the Bible tells us that we, that He is going to appear,
18:29 Hebrews 9:28, and that we will be able to, what?
18:33 What is this? See Him.
18:34 See him, that's right.
18:35 We will be able to see Him when He comes back.
18:39 You see the very same thing in the New Testament
18:44 Apocalyptic Book
18:45 or the New Testament Book of the Revelation.
18:49 Let's go to our fifth reference here,
18:52 Revelation Chapter 1 and verse 7,
18:55 we'll let Mrs. Gloria read this.
18:57 Revelation Chapter 1,
18:59 go ahead and grab that microphone,
19:00 Revelation Chapter 1 and verse 7.
19:04 And let me just go ahead and get there with you.
19:07 The First Chapter of Revelation,
19:09 the 7th verse and what does that saying.
19:12 "Behold, he is coming with the clouds,
19:15 and every eye will see him."
19:17 How many eyes? Every eye.
19:18 And he comes with what? Clouds.
19:21 The clouds, okay, keep reading.
19:23 "Even they who pierced him
19:25 and all tribes of the earth will mourn
19:29 because of him even so, Amen."
19:34 Now over there in the Book of Acts,
19:36 Acts Chapter 1 verses 9 through 11.
19:39 The Bible says
19:40 that what receive Jesus up out of their sight?
19:43 A cloud receive Jesus out of their sight.
19:46 Here in Revelation Chapter 1 verse 7, it says,
19:49 "Behold, He cometh with, what?" Clouds.
19:51 Clouds, and how many eye shall see Him. Every eye.
19:55 Every eye shall see him.
19:57 So every person that is alive
20:00 at the Second Coming of Jesus
20:02 will be able to, what? See Him.
20:04 See Him make no mistake, my friend.
20:06 When Jesus returns we will be able to see it.
20:10 He didn't return at some point in the past
20:14 because we didn't, what?
20:16 See it. See it.
20:18 So there is no secret coming of Jesus.
20:20 When Jesus comes back
20:22 He's coming back to take us home with Him
20:25 and we'll be able to see Him coming.
20:28 Now it's interesting,
20:30 that the Bible says that Jesus left with clouds
20:34 and He comes back with clouds.
20:37 I don't know, how many of you at home are using
20:39 a New King James Version Bible,
20:41 but if you are, right now you'll want to grab
20:44 just the King James Version Bible
20:47 because we're gonna show you
20:48 from the King James Version Bible what the clouds are.
20:53 Do you want to know what the clouds are?
20:54 Do you want to know what the clouds are, Tom?
20:56 This is exciting. This is exciting.
20:58 And let's go to be old, you see there on your screen.
21:01 We're gonna go to Psalm 104 verse 3,
21:04 then we're gonna go to Psalm 68:17.
21:07 These are just additional references
21:09 that I have put in my Bible
21:11 right there above the word cloud
21:13 in Revelation Chapter 1 verse 7,
21:15 that way I know that these verses
21:17 are going to describe to me
21:18 what those clouds are that Jesus is going to return in.
21:22 "Behold, he cometh with clouds
21:25 and every eye shall see him."
21:26 So Psalm 104 verse 3.
21:30 Who in here has the King James Version Bible?
21:33 Whose has the King James Version Bible? All right.
21:35 Shalita will be able to read that for us.
21:38 We're gonna go to Psalm 104 and verse 3.
21:43 Psalm 104 verse 3,
21:45 and I'd like to get there with you.
21:47 So I'll just keep talking a little bit here.
21:50 Psalm 104, that's in the Old Testament
21:53 to the left of Isaiah.
21:55 Here we are, I'm there, Psalm 104 verse 3.
22:00 You want to read that for us, Shalita?
22:02 "Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters
22:05 who maketh the clouds his chariot
22:08 who walketh upon the wings of the wind?"
22:11 Okay, so notice there in Psalm 104 verse 3
22:14 in the King James Version Bible, it says,
22:16 "Who makes the clouds His chariot.''
22:20 So just put this mental picture in your mind.
22:23 Clouds equal what?
22:26 Chariots! Chariots.
22:28 So, what is it? What is it?
22:29 Now you're a math teacher, Mrs. Gloria?
22:31 Clouds, what?
22:33 Equal. Equal.
22:35 Chariots. Chariots.
22:37 Now let's go to Psalms 68 verse 17,
22:42 Psalms 68 verse 17,
22:44 and Mike you have King James Version, right?
22:46 And if you could read that for us,
22:47 I'd like to be there with you.
22:49 Psalm 68 and verse 17.
22:55 Psalm 68 verse 17.
22:59 "The chariots of God are twenty thousand,
23:01 even thousands of angels the Lord is among them,
23:04 as in Sinai, in the holy place."
23:07 So the Bible says here
23:09 that the chariots of God are what? Angels.
23:13 Angels, so let's just go back
23:15 to our equation math teacher.
23:17 We had clouds equaling what?
23:22 Chariots, and now chariots equal angels.
23:27 So clouds equal angels.
23:32 When Jesus left in Acts Chapter 1,
23:36 Jesus left in a cloud made up of angels.
23:41 That is how we can confidently say,
23:43 that those two men that stood by them in white apparel
23:47 that asked those questions, " Ye men of Galilee,
23:49 why stand ye Gazing up into heaven?"
23:51 This same Jesus which was taken up from you into heaven
23:55 shall so come in like manner as you have see Him go.
23:58 We can say without any hesitancy
24:01 that those two men that were in white apparel
24:04 had come out of that cloud that was made up of angels.
24:07 Those two men were actually angels,
24:11 delivering a message for Jesus.
24:16 Jesus was leaving His disciples here on this earth.
24:19 And He evidently left them here for a long time
24:22 because they're all dead,
24:25 and their children are dead, and their children are dead,
24:27 so and so forth until you and I are right here.
24:30 If Jesus coming was soon then even more so now,
24:36 you remember that study that Pastor Sizemore did for us
24:39 on the science of the times,
24:42 or how to know
24:43 that the Second Coming of Jesus is near?
24:46 Powerful study.
24:47 Those of you at home if you haven't seen that
24:49 you need to go to,
24:54 and just look for the links there on the media page
24:56 and then you too will be able to order the DVD,
24:59 the complete DVD set
25:01 and maybe that's what you already have.
25:02 You want go back to presentation number three
25:05 where we talked about signs of the times.
25:08 But Jesus here is taken up in a cloud,
25:13 Revelation 1:7 says that Jesus comes back in a cloud
25:19 and that cloud is made of angels.
25:21 My question is
25:23 how many angels are going to come with Jesus
25:27 when He comes back the Second Time?
25:30 Okay, now let's just imagine this.
25:32 You remember what happened in the Garden of Eden.
25:37 Not the Garden of Eden, sorry.
25:38 You remember what happened where Jesus tomb.
25:42 At Jesus tomb, one Gospel says one angel,
25:46 and another Gospel says two angels.
25:47 So at the most we're talking about
25:49 two angels that come down.
25:53 And what happens to all of those Roman soldiers there
25:56 at the tomb of Jesus.
25:59 They fell down like dead men.
26:01 What happened to the earth?
26:04 There was an earthquake.
26:06 Two angels come down from heaven
26:09 and who knows how fast angels can travel?
26:11 I have no clue.
26:12 All I know is that angels can travel very fast,
26:15 evidently fast enough to break a sound barrier
26:18 and cause an earthquake.
26:20 And so here we have these at most two angels coming down
26:24 and this whole Roman guard just falls over like dead men
26:30 and there is an earthquake and graves are open.
26:35 What, how many angels is Jesus going to come with
26:38 and what is that going to be like?
26:39 Let's go to our next reference,
26:42 Matthew Chapter 25 and verse 31.
26:47 Matthew, so we're turning to the right
26:49 from where we are in Psalms.
26:51 We're going to Matthew Chapter 25 and verse 31.
26:58 Matthew 25 and verse 31, what is it say there?
27:04 Tom, you want to read that for us,
27:05 Matthew 25 verse 31?
27:09 "When the Son of Man comes in His glory,
27:12 and all the holy angels with Him,
27:14 then He will sit on the throne of His glory."
27:17 Okay, so how many angels are coming with Jesus
27:20 when He comes?
27:21 All. All of the angels.
27:24 You want me to give you a little caveat here?
27:26 You want another verse?
27:27 It's not in the study that's pretty exciting.
27:29 You want one? Why not?
27:31 Where you're gonna go? Revelation.
27:33 We're gonna go to Revelation 8:1,
27:34 that's absolutely right.
27:35 So keep your finger there in Matthew.
27:37 But we're gonna go to Revelation 8:1,
27:38 this isn't part of your study here
27:40 but go to Revelation Chapter 8 verse 1.
27:43 Now, you know, the Bible tells us,
27:45 well let me just, let me just find that
27:47 for you in Revelation.
27:48 So this is just a caveat.
27:50 So this is just information it's not in your study.
27:53 In Revelation Chapter, I mean, just find this,
27:58 Revelation Chapter 8 verse 1.
28:03 It's where we're going to go.
28:05 But, all right.
28:07 We will just go there, Revelation Chapter 8 verse 1.
28:09 The Bible says, "And when he had opened the seventh seal,
28:16 there was silence in heaven
28:18 about the space of half an hour."
28:23 Now the Bible also tells us, is there are angels in heaven
28:27 that are continually saying Holy, Holy, Holy
28:31 is the Lord God Almighty,
28:33 which was and is and is to come.
28:37 Holy, Holy, Holy and it's not just this monotonous phrase
28:40 that they continue to say.
28:42 They actually mean what they're proclaiming.
28:46 And this goes on in heaven 24-hours a day
28:50 seven days a week, all of the time,
28:53 I say 24-hours a day very literally
28:55 'cause there is no night there.
28:57 You know that, right?
28:58 Twenty-four hours a day, this goes on Holy, Holy, Holy
29:03 is the Lord God Almighty,
29:04 which is and was and is to come.
29:08 But all of a sudden there is silence in heaven.
29:11 Why is there silence in heaven?
29:14 Nobody is there! Nobody is there.
29:16 There were... they are coming here
29:18 because Jesus comes with His glory
29:21 and He comes with all of the angels
29:24 and notice what it says in our next reference
29:28 which is Matthew Chapter 16 verse 27.
29:32 So you noted in the last reference
29:34 we were there
29:37 that Jesus came with all the Holy Angels with Him,
29:42 and He came with His own glory.
29:44 But now notice what it says in Matthew 16,
29:48 Matthew 16 verse 27.
29:52 Matthew 16 verse 27, we're gonna let,
29:55 now Jessica read this for us.
29:57 Matthew 16 verse 27.
30:02 "For I the Son of Man
30:04 will come in the glory of My Father with His angels,
30:08 and will judge all people according to their deeds."
30:12 So Jesus comes with His glory.
30:14 He comes with all of the angels,
30:17 and He comes with the Father's glory.
30:20 There is no one in heaven
30:23 at the Second Coming of Jesus.
30:25 All of heaven, even now is interested
30:31 in the salvation of men.
30:35 And when that glorious event takes place
30:39 where Jesus is going to come back and take us home,
30:43 all of heaven is empty.
30:47 Because every being is coming here to take us home.
30:54 Every being says,
30:55 Jesus I want get on this cloud with you,
30:58 never mind Jesus, I want to be part of the cloud.
31:02 And I want to carry you back to earth
31:05 so that you can get all of these people
31:08 that you have saved.
31:09 Oh, let me go with you.
31:11 And Jesus says...
31:14 we'd get to the trumpet part in a minute.
31:17 He says, all right guys, mount up.
31:20 You want to get my people go and get them
31:23 and Jesus comes back down here in a cloud
31:26 and oh it's going to be so vivid.
31:28 Do you realize that Jesus never touches this earth
31:31 at the Second Coming? He never does.
31:35 So if you ever, if you ever
31:37 before Jesus literally comes,
31:39 I mean, there maybe this glorious being
31:41 that comes out of heaven
31:42 and then starts walking on this earth.
31:44 But you know it's not Jesus.
31:45 We're gonna get there
31:46 because Jesus never touches this earth
31:48 at the Second Coming.
31:50 He never does.
31:51 So we've seen that Jesus comes with His glory.
31:54 He comes with all of the angels.
31:56 He comes with His Father's glory.
31:57 And if two angels cause an earthquake,
32:00 what do you think is going to happen to this world
32:03 when all of the angels traveling faster
32:06 than the speed of life...
32:11 it's gonna be amazing, isn't it?
32:14 Can you just imagine that? We can't.
32:16 We can't even fathom.
32:19 What it' going to be like for those
32:22 that are ready for the Second Coming of Jesus?
32:25 It's gonna be incredible and magnificent.
32:28 But for those who are not ready
32:30 it's gonna be a terrifying event.
32:33 It's gonna be event that we can see.
32:36 It's gonna be event, an event where all the angels come.
32:39 It's gonna be an event where God the Father comes.
32:42 It's gonna be an event where God, the Son comes.
32:44 It's gonna be an event where God the Holy Spirit comes.
32:47 All of heaven is coming to get us.
32:53 And you know, the Bible has told us
32:56 before that Enoch is in Heaven,
32:58 Moses is in Heaven, and who else was there?
33:03 Elijah! Elijah is there.
33:05 The Bible doesn't tell us
33:07 that they're back up in heaven and waiting.
33:09 My guess is that there are on the cloud too.
33:13 Don't let me fall.
33:15 Oh, isn't that gonna be exciting?
33:17 Jesus is going to come
33:20 and Jesus is going to take you home.
33:24 Are you ready to go home?
33:27 Are you ready to see Jesus coming in the cloud?
33:33 Let's go to our next reference.
33:34 Let's go now to Matthew Chapter 24 verses 26 and 27.
33:41 Matthew Chapter 24 verses 26 and 27.
33:46 And we're gonna let Roberto read this.
33:49 Matthew 24 verses 26 and 27.
33:56 "Therefore, if this say to you,
34:00 'Look, He is in the desert!' do not go out,
34:04 or 'Look, He is in the inner rooms!'
34:07 do not believe it.
34:10 For just as the lightning comes from the east
34:13 and flashes to the west,
34:15 so also will the coming of the Son of Man be."
34:19 So notice what the Bible just told us.
34:22 By the way Robert, you need to make sure that,
34:23 that when you're given that Bible study in your reading,
34:25 you've got a get eye contact.
34:27 I know you're focusing on the pronunciation
34:29 and we Praise the Lord for that.
34:30 But remember when you're giving the Bible study
34:32 you have to maintain eye contact with the people
34:34 that you're reading to,
34:36 so that you know that they're following along.
34:38 If they're not following along
34:40 then you ask the presenter if you've been looking up,
34:43 you can say for as what shines from east to the west.
34:46 They'd be like... lightening.
34:50 So then they're right back there with you.
34:52 This is just a way to keep your audience
34:54 there with you while you're giving the study.
34:56 So notice what he said in verse 26,
34:59 "Wherefore if they shall say unto you,
35:01 Behold, he is in the desert."
35:03 What is the command of Jesus?
35:05 Do not go. Don't go my friends.
35:12 When Jesus comes back the Second Time
35:15 nobody is going to have to tell you
35:18 He is in the desert.
35:20 Because when He comes back how many eyes will see Him?
35:23 Every eye. Every eye.
35:25 So do not make a decision right now,
35:29 do not make a decision.
35:30 Forget the do not part,
35:31 make a decision right now
35:34 not to follow somebody when they say,
35:38 Jesus is out in this particular place,
35:40 Jesus is over here, Jesus is over there,
35:43 no, no, no,
35:44 Jesus, when He comes back will be seen by every eye.
35:48 So if somebody says,
35:49 He's in a secret chamber or somewhere.
35:50 You don't need to go that secret chamber.
35:52 You need to go to the word of God.
35:56 You don't need to go,
35:57 what's the next thing it says,
35:58 He is in the secret chamber believe it not,
36:00 He is in the desert, "go not forth," don't go.
36:07 You want to know why He shouldn't go?
36:10 Because if you do go, who are you disobeying?
36:15 Jesus, if we disobey Jesus, are we on safe ground?
36:21 We are not.
36:23 So if we disobey Jesus and we go,
36:26 we will be deceived.
36:28 We will literally believe that
36:30 that being in the desert,
36:32 or that being or person in a secret chamber is Jesus.
36:36 We will believe it
36:37 because we've rejected the word of the Lord
36:40 and we have gone to satisfy our curiosity.
36:44 You know, there is a saying curiosity did what?
36:47 Killed the cat. Killed the cat.
36:48 Don't be a cat.
36:51 Be a human being that trusts in the divine word of God.
36:56 He said, don't go, you don't go.
36:59 He said, don't believe it, you don't believe it.
37:02 And then He follows that up in verse 26,
37:06 "For as the lightening cometh out of the east,
37:10 and shineth even on to the west
37:13 so shall also the coming of the Son of men be."
37:15 Have you ever been in a lightening storm?
37:18 You ever been in one?
37:19 I mean growing up in Montgomery, Alabama,
37:22 you know, it's right there
37:23 where all the tornadoes come through.
37:25 I remember standing in the front portion,
37:26 my dad and I and my brother watching the tornado
37:28 about three blocks away.
37:30 And then finally dad said,
37:31 alright we got to go in the house.
37:32 But there is this lightening, flashing,
37:35 the rains falling,
37:37 and we would go in the house into the bathroom
37:40 that was in the middle of the house.
37:42 We would shut the door.
37:44 Mom had taken all her candelabras off the walls.
37:46 So if something happen,
37:47 we wouldn't get hit on the head with candelabra.
37:50 But even in that room, the door closed.
37:54 When the lightening would flash
37:57 we could see the lightening
37:58 coming in underneath the door.
38:00 I could close my eyes in those thunderstorms
38:03 and still see the lightening.
38:06 When Jesus says that every one of us will see Him come,
38:11 He literally means we will see Him come.
38:18 Are you ready to see the coming of Jesus?
38:20 Ah, man I'm so ready to see the coming of Jesus.
38:23 There will be some people that are not very happy
38:27 that Jesus has returned.
38:30 You know, there will be two types of prayer meeting
38:33 going on at the Second Coming of Jesus.
38:36 Some people will be looking up and saying,
38:38 Lord, this is our God we have waited for Him.
38:41 And some people will look at the rocks
38:43 and say, hey, follow me.
38:46 This is miserable for me.
38:48 I pray that you and I are in that
38:50 first group of people
38:52 Let's go to Revelation, go to Revelation Chapter 6,
38:55 and we'll see the Bible describe this.
38:59 Our next reference, the ninth reference,
39:01 Revelation Chapter 6,
39:05 we are going to read verses 14-17.
39:10 Revelation Chapter 6 verses 14-17,
39:14 and we'll go ahead and let Mike read this.
39:16 Revelation 6 14-17.
39:23 "And the heaven departed as a scroll
39:25 when it is rolled together
39:27 and every mountain and island
39:28 were moved out of their places.
39:30 And the kings of the earth,
39:32 and the great men, and the rich men,
39:34 and the chief captains, and the mighty men,
39:36 and every bondman, and every free man,
39:39 hid themselves in the dens
39:41 and in the rocks of the mountains.
39:43 And said to the mountains nd rocks fall on us
39:46 and hide us from the face him that sit is on the throne,
39:49 and from the wrath of the lamb."
39:52 You ever seen an angry lamb?
39:53 The very lamb of God
40:00 that was slain from the foundation of the world,
40:02 Jesus Christ is going to comeback,
40:06 and for those of us that are not ready,
40:10 that glorious Second Coming
40:13 is gonna be terrifying for us.
40:16 Notice what it said there in verse 14,
40:18 "And the heaven departed as a scroll
40:22 when it is rolled together."
40:26 When you imagine, it's not a scroll unrolling.
40:30 It's as if the two ends of heaven are just rolling up.
40:36 And then we're exposed to all of the elementss
40:38 in that vacuum called Outer Space.
40:42 It says there in every mountain and island
40:46 were moved out of their places.
40:51 When Jesus comes on the cloud of angels,
40:55 that earthquake is not just going to open graves.
41:01 It's gonna disintegrate islands.
41:04 It's going to flatten mountains.
41:08 It's gonna be an event so magnificent
41:10 that we can't help but to see it.
41:14 For some people that see it
41:16 they're gonna be praying to the rocks there,
41:18 isn't that what it says?
41:19 Verse 16, "And said to the mountains and rocks,
41:23 Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him
41:27 that sitteth on the throne,
41:29 and from the wrath of the lamb."
41:35 It's heavy, isn't?
41:38 There will be people
41:40 that are not ready for the Second Coming of Jesus.
41:43 But you and I can choose to be ready, can't we?
41:47 Is that the choice you want to make?
41:49 Is that the choice that you want to make?
41:51 Would you like to be ready
41:52 for the Second Coming of Jesus?
41:56 Let's keep reading here.
41:58 So when Jesus comes back in Revelation 6:14-17.
42:03 Do you think it's going to be a quite thing
42:05 when the mountains are leveled?
42:08 You think it's gonna be a quite thing
42:10 when an island disappears.
42:13 You think it's gonna be a quite thing
42:14 when people are praying for the rocks to fall on them.
42:18 Absolutely not.
42:19 We're gonna go to Daniel,
42:20 and Daniel is gonna read for us our 10th reference
42:23 which is Psalm 50 verse 3.
42:28 Psalm 50, so we are going to the Old Testament.
42:31 The Old Testament, Psalm 50 and verse 3.
42:39 So we're just going all the way
42:40 back to the Old Testament, Book of Psalms,
42:42 we're going to the 50th Psalm and verse 3,
42:45 notice what it says there she reads.
42:49 "Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence
42:52 A fire shall devour before Him,
42:54 And it shall be very tempestuous
42:56 around about Him."
42:58 So when our God comes
42:59 it's going to be a very quiet event, isn't it?
43:03 No, why not? Why it isn't going to be quiet?
43:09 'Cause the Bible said it's not gonna be quiet.
43:11 You remember this? We just read.
43:14 He says for whenever God shall come,
43:16 or our God shall come and shall not keep silence.
43:23 So not only is it rocks gonna be falling
43:26 all of their place, island disappearing,
43:28 but God's not even going to be silent when He comes.
43:32 You know, I'm sure it won't be there
43:34 all the while the rest will hoop
43:36 when they were out there ran, woo, woo, running out,
43:39 but God's gonna be saying something
43:41 when He comes, isn't He? He sure is.
43:44 He's gonna be blowing on a trumpet.
43:47 And that trumpet is gonna be so loud
43:48 when that earthquake happens people are gonna pop up
43:50 out of the graves like,
43:52 like daisies in your front lone or something,
43:55 I mean, it's just gonna be incredible.
43:58 When God comes it's not gonna be quiet.
44:02 It's not gonna be something we can't see.
44:04 When God comes we will be able to see it,
44:07 we will be able to hear it.
44:10 We will even be able to feel it. Go with me.
44:14 Now to 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4.
44:17 First Thessalonians Chapter 4 verse 16, 17, and 18.
44:24 First Thessalonians Chapter 4 verse 16, 17 and 18.
44:29 We're gonna ask Bill to read this for us.
44:32 First Thessalonians,
44:33 now 1st Thessalonians is in the T section of your Bibles.
44:36 So make sure you go to the T section,
44:38 which is in the New Testament.
44:40 The T section is in alphabetical order,
44:43 so as long as you find one of the Ts in the New Testament,
44:45 you can do some deductive reason and figure out
44:47 whether you need to go to left or the right.
44:49 So in 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 verse 16.
44:55 "For the Lord Himself
44:56 will descend from heaven with a shout."
44:57 With the what? With the shout.
44:59 With the what? With the shout.
45:01 With the what, Bill, come on.
45:04 With the shout, shout.
45:06 Bill, for heaven sakes, will with what? Shout.
45:11 Oh, very nice, I thought maybe
45:13 I think give that microphone to Tom for a minute.
45:16 For the Lord Himself shall descent from heaven
45:17 with a... Shout! Is that sound quiet?
45:21 No... Absolutely not, keep reading.
45:25 Okay, "With the voice of an archangel,
45:27 and with the trumpet of God."
45:28 With the what of God? The trumpet.
45:31 The trumpet of God!
45:33 Have you ever heard a quiet trumpet?
45:35 No. No.
45:37 Have you ever heard,
45:39 well don't mind just keeping going.
45:41 "And the dead in Christ will rise first."
45:43 That sound I know.
45:45 I'm interrupting you a lot.
45:46 You forgiven me?
45:47 Of course. Thank you.
45:49 The sound of that trumpet, the shout of God,
45:54 because listen there it says, for the Lord Himself
45:56 shall descent from heaven with a shout.
45:59 So who is gonna shout?
46:01 The Lord is.
46:02 "With the voice of the archangel,
46:04 and with the, what?" Trumpet of God.
46:08 So when God descents from heaven,
46:10 He is coming and He is not going to keep, what? Silence.
46:14 Silence, it's like I'm preaching now
46:15 but I've gotten to a point in this Bible study
46:17 where I feel like I need to preach.
46:18 Preach. Preach, He said.
46:22 The Lord is going to descend from heaven,
46:23 so what's the event? Second Coming.
46:26 Second Coming, that's absolutely right.
46:28 "He descends with a shout the voice of archangel
46:31 with a trump of God,
46:32 and the voice of the archangel,
46:33 the shout and the trumpet are so loud
46:39 that dead people wake up.
46:41 What dead people wake up at the Second Coming?
46:44 Dead in Christ.
46:45 The dead in Christ, that means,
46:46 what did you say, Shalita, that means the...
46:49 The righteous, that's absolutely right.
46:51 So at the Second Coming of Jesus
46:53 righteous people begin to...pop up.
46:57 Can you just imagine? Oh, my grandma.
47:01 Her name was Ruby.
47:02 She has this, she had this beautiful ruby red hair
47:07 and she is buried in Alabama.
47:08 Now in Alabama all they have it there is red clay.
47:11 So I can imagine when my grandmother comes up
47:13 out of that grave at the Second Coming of Jesus
47:15 she is gonna do this.
47:19 You know, just that waving hair thing flowing.
47:21 All this red dirt is going to be flying out.
47:24 She is gonna look up and she is gonna see Jesus. Amen.
47:27 And maybe you've lost some money that's special to you.
47:31 And you're just waiting, longing to see them again.
47:34 Maybe you've never even thought
47:35 you would be able to see them again.
47:38 But through this Life On The Edge series
47:40 you've realized that Jesus is a God that can be trusted.
47:46 He is a God that is going to fulfill His promise
47:48 to come back to this earth,
47:51 and He take us to heaven with Him,
47:53 where you and I will see those of our loved ones
47:55 who have died in Christ.
47:58 And where is it, where is it Bill,
48:00 that we are going to meet Jesus when this happens?
48:03 In the air. Prove it to me.
48:05 Okay, I'll keep reading then...
48:06 What verse you're gonna read? Verse 17.
48:09 All right, read verse 17.
48:10 All right, it says, "Then we who are alive and remain
48:13 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
48:17 to meet the Lord in the air,
48:18 and thus we shall always be with the Lord."
48:20 Okay, now remember very seriously.
48:23 Jesus told us in Matthew that if somebody tells you
48:27 that He is in a secret chamber, don't believe it.
48:29 If somebody tells you He is in the desert,
48:31 don't go there.
48:33 This is the verse I told you where we're gonna get to,
48:35 1st Thessalonians 4 verse 17.
48:38 It says, "Then we which are alive and remain
48:42 shall be caught up together with them in the," what?
48:46 Clouds. Clouds.
48:47 And the clouds are made up of?
48:49 Angels. Angels.
48:50 How many angels. All...
48:51 All, you can't count them.
48:53 I mean there is a lot and that's for sure.
48:55 "Then we which are alive and remain
48:57 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds,
49:00 so we will meet Jesus in the cloud
49:03 that is made up of... Angel, so prepare yourself.
49:07 You know, earlier we were talking and we said,
49:09 you know, what's gonna happened to those people
49:11 that are afraid of heights at the Second Coming
49:13 because all of a sudden they're just gonna
49:16 go up to the cloud.
49:17 Because Jesus isn't gonna be on this earth, is He?
49:19 Not at the Second Coming.
49:22 You know, what's gonna happen to those people
49:24 that are scared of heights?
49:26 They will look down,
49:27 and they shall keep their eyes right on Jesus.
49:29 But you're right.
49:31 They won't be scare of heights anymore
49:32 because they will be with Jesus.
49:34 "Perfect Love Cast Out All Fear."
49:38 Doesn't it? So he says there,
49:40 "Then we which our alive and remain
49:42 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
49:44 to meet the Lord in the air
49:47 and so shall we ever be with the Lord."
49:54 Jesus Christ promised us that He would comeback,
50:01 that He was gonna go to heaven,
50:03 He was going to prepare a place for us.
50:07 And then He would comeback
50:08 and He would say, Shalita, give me shout
50:11 and come on let's go home.
50:17 Jesus promised that He will comeback and take us home.
50:20 Jesus promised that He will comeback and take you home.
50:25 The only thing that would keep us from being there
50:29 is making a choice to reject our Savior, to reject Jesus,
50:36 to not allow Him to fulfill His promise in our life.
50:43 Today! Won't you say to Jesus today,
50:48 I want to be ready?
50:51 Jesus, I want to be able to look up and lo this is my God.
50:56 Is that what you want to do?
50:58 I see, Shalita just shaking her head.
51:00 It's about the fall off. She is so excited.
51:04 Jesus is going to come from heaven with a shout not quiet.
51:08 So what we've seen already?
51:10 Jesus promised us to comeback.
51:12 When He comes back every eye will what?
51:15 See him. See Him. Every ear will...
51:16 Hear him. Hear him.
51:18 The wicked are gonna be praying to the rocks to do what?
51:22 Fall. Fall on them, the wrath of the lamb.
51:24 They can't stand the pure love of Jesus.
51:27 While the righteous are looking at Tom,
51:29 we're gonna meet Him.
51:30 And the Lord is gonna have a guitar for us
51:32 in heaven or something.
51:34 And then we're gonna be able to hit every notes.
51:36 I mean it's just gonna be incredible, maybe to be a harp.
51:40 Probably a harp, but we won't be disappointed.
51:44 Let's go now to our next reference.
51:46 So we've had a lot of fun here in Thessalonians, haven't we?
51:49 Because we're excited without Jesus is coming back
51:51 and you're excited about Jesus coming back.
51:53 And when you give this Bible study to people,
51:55 when you feel that excitement,
51:57 let us show because Jesus is coming back.
52:00 And you don't need a hoop and holler and jump around,
52:01 but it's exciting to know that
52:03 Jesus is going to take us home, isn't it?
52:05 Are you ready for Him to take you home? If not, why not?
52:11 Our next reference 1st Corinthians 15:51-53.
52:17 And we will go ahead and let's,
52:18 we'll let Jessica read this for us.
52:20 First Corinthians 15, so we're in Thessalonians.
52:24 So we're just gonna turn to the left in our Bibles
52:28 and we're gonna go to 1st Corinthians 15,
52:32 we will begin reading in verse 51.
52:37 "But let me tell you a wonderful secret God has revealed to us.
52:42 Not all of us will die, but we will all be transformed.
52:46 It will happen in a moment, in the blinking of an eye,
52:49 when the last trumpet is blown.
52:52 For when the trumpet sounds,
52:54 the Christians who have died will be raised with transport,
52:57 transformed bodies.
52:59 And then we who are living will be transformed
53:03 so that we will never die.
53:06 For our perishable earthly bodies must be transformed
53:09 into heavenly bodies that will never die."
53:13 Isn't that powerful? God says there,
53:16 "Behold, I'll show you a mystery.
53:20 We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be what?"
53:23 Changed. Changed.
53:25 Now this Bible studies on the Second Coming.
53:27 The next Bible study is on the millennium.
53:30 The Bible study after that is on the state,
53:33 the destruction of the wicked and then the Bible study after
53:35 that is on what happens when you die.
53:39 The Bible says here in verse 51,
53:41 "I show you a mystery, We shall not all sleep or die,
53:45 but we shall all be what's the word?"
53:47 Changed. Changed.
53:48 There you go Shalita.
53:49 If you are scared of heights,
53:50 are you scared of heights, are you?
53:52 Since we're scared of heights, we're gonna be changed.
53:56 And we're not gonna be scared of heights anymore.
53:59 It says that we shall all be changed in a moment
54:03 in the twinkling of an eye.
54:08 Then it says, "At the last trump."
54:13 At the last, what? Trump.
54:15 Trump! This is what links this verse with Thessalonians
54:21 who's trying to get to there
54:22 where you'd turn in your Bibles to Thessalonians 4.
54:25 "For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven
54:27 with a shout with the voice of the archangel
54:29 and with the trump of God."
54:32 So in a moment in the twinkling of an eye
54:36 at the last trump for the trumpet will sound
54:42 and the dead shall be raised," what?
54:45 Incorruptible. Incorruptible!
54:49 You know, my wife and I went walking the other day
54:51 and my knee has been bothering me a little bit since then.
54:54 And, you know, what's gonna happen in Second Coming?
54:57 My knee is not going to bother me.
54:59 My grandpa went to the doctor one day
55:00 and the doctor said because his knee was hurt,
55:03 And the doctor said, well Tom, you're just getting old.
55:05 And my grandpa says, well let me tell you something,
55:08 my other knee is just as old as this one and it don't hurt.
55:11 When we get to heaven everything is going to work.
55:13 We will be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye.
55:16 At the last trumpet for the trumpet will sound
55:19 and the dead shall be raised incorruptible
55:21 and we speaking of those in your life shall be changed.
55:25 "For this corruptible must put on incorruption
55:29 and this mortal must put on immortality."
55:34 This verse right here tells us in the plainest of language
55:38 that not one man right now has immortality.
55:43 When is it Bill that you and I get immortality?
55:47 Second Coming. At the Second Coming!
55:50 When the Lord shouts,
55:52 when the voice of the archangel goes out,
55:54 when the trumpet is blown,
55:55 when the dead in Christ are raised incorruptible
55:58 then you and I get immortality.
56:02 Are you ready for that?
56:04 Are you really prepared to live forever in a place
56:08 where there is no sin?
56:10 In a place where there is no suffering?
56:12 You know, I've often thought,
56:13 when you fall down in heaven,
56:16 do your knees get skinned up?
56:18 No. And you'll fall.
56:20 It's just unimaginable, isn't it?
56:23 But Jesus is going to come, and He has promised us that
56:27 He is going to come back to this earth.
56:29 He's going to take us off of this earth.
56:32 He is going to take us up to heaven,
56:34 and we get to be with the Lord forever.
56:38 You just remember my friend,
56:40 remember that Jesus will never touch
56:43 the ground at the Second Coming.
56:45 Do not be deceived. God has warned us.
56:48 Jesus is not going to come in a secret manner
56:51 as the Bible has shown us today.
56:53 Jesus is going to come in a manner that can be seen,
56:58 in a manner that can be heard,
57:01 in manner that can even be felt.
57:04 The question is, are you ready for Jesus to come?
57:11 Are you read for Jesus to come?
57:13 Are you ready to be changed?
57:15 Are you ready to see your loved ones that have dead in Christ?
57:21 I can't wait to wrap my arms around my nanny,
57:24 my grandma, my papa, my two cousins, my three cousins.
57:31 My friend Jesus is coming back,
57:34 and He is going to take you home,
57:36 and it's your choice to be ready for Him.


Revised 2014-12-17