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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said I, "Here am I. Send me, Send me!"
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you to be
00:25 infected harvest before the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our
00:29 classroom to come, experience life.
00:43 We're so glad that you could be back here in
00:45 the classroom with us at the
00:46 Lay Institute For Evangelism.
00:48 You have turned on your television today
00:51 to watch the 10th study of our Life on
00:55 the Edge series. The title for the study
00:59 is the Millennium. Does anybody know what
01:01 Millennium stands for? Thousand years!
01:03 Thousand years! That's absolutely right.
01:06 The millennium is a thousand year period and
01:09 it's a literal time period, it's not a
01:12 prophetic time period other than the fact
01:14 that it's in the future and we know that it's
01:16 going to happen. If you take a look at your
01:18 screen there, you will see at the top the title
01:20 of the study is Millennium. The code for marking
01:23 it in your Bibles is the letter M that stands
01:26 for millennium. The purpose of this
01:28 study is to show that the millennium begins
01:32 at the Second Coming of Jesus.
01:35 It is a period of judicial review that culminates
01:40 in the eternal destruction of the wicked.
01:44 So the purpose of this study today is to show
01:47 that the thousand year period begins at the
01:51 Second Coming of Jesus. And it ends a thousand
01:55 years later where the wicked are destroyed
01:59 for eternity. Now this Bible study is centered
02:02 on Christ just like all of our other studies
02:04 have been. This way it says,
02:07 Christ allows His followers, the opportunity
02:11 to review the decisions that He and the Father
02:14 have made. He allows us to see that He is fair
02:18 and just in all of His ways. You and I serve a God
02:25 that is willing to allow us to look at
02:28 everything He, all of the decisions that
02:31 He has ever made concerning man,
02:33 or anything other thing for that matter.
02:35 God's life is so open. God want you an eye
02:40 to have all doubt removed as to the
02:43 decisions that He has made.
02:45 Because you remember when we started in our
02:47 3rd Bible study that, Bible study on The
02:49 Great Controversy that Satan was insinuating
02:53 that God was not fair, God was not just.
02:56 And God is going to allow his character to be
02:59 vindicated in that thousand year period.
03:02 What you see there on the slide now are the
03:05 references in this Bible study called
03:08 the Millennium. There are 17 references there
03:12 and this Bible study should take, should take
03:14 approximately an hour to give so that's about
03:16 how long we're gonna be here today.
03:18 So we won't take up all of your day, or all
03:20 of your night if you're watching this at home,
03:22 just a little bit of time. So we're glad you
03:24 here with us, we will go ahead and go now to our,
03:26 the next slice tells us that there are two classes
03:31 or two groups of people that will be resurrected.
03:35 And thank you Tom. Tom has just reminded
03:37 me and Shalita. I see two, two people doing
03:40 like this. That's an indication that we need
03:42 to pray before we study the Bible, so let's pray.
03:47 Father what a privilege it is to be here at Life,
03:51 to be studying your word. We know that
03:55 when your word is studied that your spirit
03:57 is poured out. And we thank you Father for
04:00 giving us this opportunity here in the classroom
04:03 and those of us at home the opportunity to study
04:06 your word right now. We ask that you will
04:10 open our minds so that we can understand it,
04:13 so that we can take it into our hearts and love it.
04:17 We pray this in your name Jesus, amen.
04:21 So there are two classes of people or two groups
04:24 of people that are resurrected and so
04:28 we're just gonna look at that right now.
04:29 We're not gonna say when they're resurrected
04:31 we'll look at that in just a moment.
04:33 But we're gonna go to John chapter 5 verses
04:35 28 and 29. John chapter 5 verses 28 and 29,
04:40 we'll let Mike read this for us.
04:42 Now Mike let suppose that I'm new to the Bible,
04:46 this is the first time that I've turned on
04:48 the television and they're, they're watching
04:50 this program. How do I get to The New Testament
04:52 book of John? Help me get that? Well Matthew
04:54 is the first book of The New Testament,
04:56 that's about three quarters of the way
04:59 through the Bible. Alright, well I got
05:01 Matthew here now where do I go? Go to the right,
05:04 it goes Matthew, Mark, Luke and then John.
05:07 Okay. And we're going where in John?
05:09 John chapter 5 and verse 28 and 29. That's good.
05:14 Now you see how Mike walked us right to
05:17 John chapter 5 verses 28 and 29.
05:19 You have to do that when you give Bible
05:21 studies because you'll study with people that
05:22 don't know anything about the Bible.
05:25 But you're the one that God has chosen to share
05:27 this with them, and maybe God has chosen
05:29 Mike to share this passage with us today.
05:33 Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming,
05:36 in the which all that are in the graves shall
05:38 hear his voice. And shall come forth; they that
05:41 have done good, unto the resurrection of life;
05:44 and they that have done evil, unto the
05:46 resurrection of damnation. And so how many,
05:49 Mike go on keep that, how many resurrections
05:51 or how many classes of people do we resurrected?
05:54 Two! What are the two groups? The righteous
05:57 and the wicked! The righteous and the wicked!
05:59 So does everybody see that? We have two groups
06:01 of people that are resurrected, one group
06:03 is called the righteous and one group is called
06:05 the wicked. Let's look at this another reference.
06:07 The Bible tells us in the mouth of two or three
06:10 witnesses, the truth has established.
06:12 So Roberto, we're gonna go to Acts chapter 24.
06:16 So for those view at home, those of you here
06:18 you just gonna turn one book to the right from
06:20 John and you will be in Acts chapter 24 and
06:26 verse 15. Acts 24 and verse 15, Roberto; 24
06:33 and 15. Yeah Acts 24 verse 15. I have hope,
06:39 I have hope in God, which they themselves
06:43 also accept, that there will be a resurrection
06:48 of the dead, both of the just and the unjust.
06:52 Okay. So Roberto, how many groups of people
06:55 do you see resurrected in that verse? Two. Two.
06:58 A group called the just and a group called
07:01 the what? Unjust. The unjust.
07:03 So there are two classes or two groups of people
07:07 that are resurrected, is that clear? My question
07:11 now Tom is, when are these groups of
07:15 people resurrected? When are they resurrected?
07:18 And we'll go to our next reference for that.
07:20 And there is, well you have a slide it says when
07:22 do these resurrections take place?
07:24 And then our next slide takes us to
07:26 First Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 15,
07:29 16 and 17. Now should sound very familiar to us
07:33 because in our last program we studied the
07:35 Second Coming and we read these references
07:38 right here. So the T section of
07:40 The New Testament, First Thessalonians chapter 4
07:44 starting in verse 15 and go on through 17.
07:47 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord,
07:51 that we who are alive and remain unto the coming
07:54 of the Lord will by no means precede those
07:57 who are asleep. For the Lord himself will
08:00 descend from heaven with a shout, with the
08:03 voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet
08:05 of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first:
08:09 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught
08:12 up together with them in the clouds, to meet the
08:15 Lord in the air and thus we shall always be forever
08:19 with the Lord. So go back into verse 16,
08:22 it said there and the dead in, well I should start
08:25 at the beginning. For the Lord himself shall
08:28 descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice
08:31 of the archangel, with the trumpet of God:
08:34 and the dead in Christ shall raise what? First.
08:38 First. Now in the context if we just said first right
08:41 there considering the question I just ask you
08:44 would say whether dead in Christ must raise
08:45 first before anybody else does.
08:47 But in the context that first word is simply
08:51 talking about the righteous that were dead
08:54 or resurrected and meet the Lord in the air
08:56 before the righteous living meet the Lord
08:59 in the air. It's also important that we meet
09:01 the Lord where? In the air. You remember in
09:04 our Second Coming study we learn that
09:05 Jesus will never put his feet on the foul
09:08 earth again. Not since He has gone back to heaven
09:11 and been completely glorified.
09:13 So the Bible tells us right here in verse 16
09:16 that the dead in Christ will raise.
09:19 What is the event that the dead in Christ raise?
09:23 Say louder. Second Coming of Jesus.
09:26 That's absolutely right. So our question was,
09:29 when do these resurrections take
09:31 place with the resurrection of the righteous,
09:34 with the resurrection of those that died in
09:36 Christ takes place at the Second Coming of Jesus.
09:42 Is that make sense Bill? Alright.
09:44 So you'll see here on the screen I simply
09:46 have a graphic. Just have a little line there
09:48 with an arrow pointing at it. It says this at the
09:51 Second Coming the righteous are raised.
09:54 So if you and I should away before Jesus
09:57 returns when will you and I want to be
09:59 resurrected? At the Second Coming,
10:02 when Jesus returns. So let's go to our
10:05 next question. What happens to the wicked
10:09 at the Second Coming of Jesus? What happens
10:13 to the wicked at the Second Coming of Jesus?
10:15 And Jessica, we're going to ask you to read for us.
10:18 Second Thessalonians chapter 1 verses 7
10:22 through 9 so we don't have to turn very for
10:25 it all, do we? Second Thessalonians chapter 1
10:28 verses 7 through 9. And to you who are troubled
10:33 rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be
10:37 revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,
10:40 In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that
10:43 know not God, and that obey not the gospel
10:47 of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who shall be punished
10:50 with everlasting destruction from the
10:53 presence of the Lord, and from the glory of
10:55 his power? Okay now who is it according to
10:58 verse 9, it says, no verse 8 rather says
11:03 in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that
11:05 know not God, and that obey not the gospel
11:11 of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who is it that doesn't
11:13 obey God and doesn't obey the gospel of our
11:17 Lord Jesus Christ, who is that? It's the unrighteous
11:21 or the wicked. Now notice in verse 9, it says who
11:25 shall be punished, who is this talking about?
11:27 The wicked. The wicked will be punished with
11:30 everlasting destruction from the what?
11:32 From the presence of the Lord. Now when is it that
11:38 the Lord's presence is revealed? It's at the
11:42 Second Coming. So the very event where the
11:46 righteous are raised and the righteous living
11:50 go to heaven, the very event that very same
11:53 time is when the wicked are what? Destroyed,
11:57 that's when the wicked are slain.
11:59 Now Jeremiah an Old Testament prophet tells
12:02 us this in a much more vivid way.
12:04 So let's go to our next reference.
12:07 We're going to Jeremiah chapter 25,
12:11 reading verses 30 through 33. Jeremiah 25,
12:15 we'll ask Shalita to read this for us.
12:18 Jeremiah 25 verses 30 through to 33. Okay.
12:28 Therefore prophesy thou against them
12:30 all these words, and say unto them,
12:34 The Lord shall roar from on high, and utter
12:37 his voice from his holy habitation; he shall
12:41 mightily roar upon his habitation;
12:44 he shall give a shout. He shall give a what?
12:46 A shout. He shall give a what? A shout.
12:49 Now the Bible told us in First Thessalonians 4
12:52 verse 16 that the Lord himself shall descend
12:56 from heaven with a what? Shout.
13:00 So the event that is talked about here when
13:02 the Lord is shouting is the Second Coming of Jesus.
13:07 That's how we know this is the Second Coming
13:09 of Jesus because the Lord is shouting.
13:11 When is that the Lord shouted in
13:13 First Thessalonians 4? At this Second Coming.
13:16 So here, let's keep reading now, we know from the
13:18 context that this talking about the Second Coming
13:21 of Jesus. So let's keep reading.
13:24 He shall give a shout as they that tread the grapes,
13:28 against all the inhabitants of the earth.
13:31 A noise shall come even to the ends of the earth;
13:35 for the Lord hath a controversy with
13:37 the nations, he will plead with all flesh;
13:40 he will give them that are wicked to the sword,
13:42 saith the Lord. Okay stop right there again.
13:45 He shall give those that are wicked to the what?
13:48 To the sword. You remember in our last
13:50 Bible study. Our Bible study about the
13:52 Second Coming the very last reference that
13:55 we read was Revelation 19, is anybody remembered
13:58 the verse? It was verse 21. I'll read it for you
14:02 real quick here Revelation 19 verse 21, it says,
14:07 And the remnant were slain with the sword of
14:11 him that sat upon the horse, which sword
14:14 proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls
14:16 were filled with their flesh. Now who was
14:18 it that the birds ate? The wicked people.
14:23 So the sword kills what people the wicked people.
14:28 So over here in Jeremiah 25 the Lord is shouting
14:31 the wicked people being slain and what is it say
14:35 in verse 32 and 33? Thus saith the LORD of hosts,
14:40 Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation,
14:44 and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from
14:48 the coasts of the earth. And the slain of the Lord
14:51 shall be at that day from one end of the
14:54 earth even unto the other end of the earth.
14:57 Okay stop right there. Who is the slain of the
15:00 Lord on that day? Who are they? The wicked.
15:05 That's right. Now keep reading.
15:08 They shall not be lamented, neither
15:11 gathered, nor buried; they shall be dung upon
15:15 the ground. Okay so the wicked will not be
15:17 lamented what is that mean, to be lamented?
15:20 Cried over or mourn. They shall not be lamented
15:23 neither gathered nor buried they shall be dung
15:28 upon the ground. Why is it that the
15:31 wicked on this, at the Second Coming are not
15:35 lamented gathered or buried. There is nobody
15:41 here just notice on your screen there.
15:42 At the Second Coming of Jesus the righteous
15:46 are raised the wicked are slain.
15:49 There is nobody on the face of the earth to cry
15:53 for them there is no body to gather them together
15:57 and there is nobody to burry them.
16:00 So it's at the same event the same event the
16:05 righteous are resurrected and the wicked are what,
16:07 the wicked are slain now when you give
16:09 this Bible study, do exactly what you see
16:12 here on the screen. What we've started
16:14 is a chart, and this chart simply it's gonna
16:16 extend from one end of the screen to the other
16:18 end of the screen. Now we're just gonna add
16:20 things as we go through. But we've got to do
16:24 now is we're gonna to the book of Revelation
16:26 I believe that's our next reference is that right?
16:28 Now we're going to Revelation,
16:29 well let's ask this question.
16:30 What happens to Satan at the Second Coming
16:34 of Jesus? What happens to Satan at the Second
16:37 Coming of Jesus? Let's go to Revelation chapter 20.
16:41 Revelation chapter 20 verses 1, 2 and 3 and Bill
16:46 if you can read this for us, now some of you
16:48 may see Bill stand up during class, he's got
16:51 a hip that sort to gets tired on him.
16:53 So you may see him standing in the back
16:55 at some point that's alright he is still here
16:57 with us. Verses 1, 2, and 3 Bill.
16:59 And I saw an angel coming down from heaven,
17:02 having the key to the bottomless pit and a great
17:04 chain in his hand. He laid hold of the dragon,
17:08 that serpent of old who is the Devil, and Satan,
17:11 and bound him for a thousand years.
17:13 Okay stop right there Bill let me ask you
17:15 a question. What is the job of the devil right now?
17:18 To tempt us. To tempt us to deceive us,
17:22 that's right. To get us to sin right?
17:24 So here the devil that old serpent Satan is going
17:28 to be bound for how long according to verse 2.
17:30 Thousand years. For thousand years.
17:32 So Satan is bound, his job right now is to
17:35 tempt people, read verse 3. And He cast him into
17:38 the bottomless pit, and shut him up,
17:40 and set a seal on him so that he should deceive
17:43 the nations no more, till the thousand years
17:46 were finished. But after these things he must
17:48 be released for a little while. There's so much
17:50 in that verse 3, isn't that? That verse 3 says.
17:53 And cast him into the bottomless pit,
17:55 and shut him up, and set a seal on him that
17:57 he should deceive the nations no more.
18:00 So there comes a point in time where Satan is
18:04 no longer able to deceive people.
18:08 What point in time is that? When who is not alive?
18:13 When the people that will listen to Satan are no
18:16 longer alive, and when the people that chosen
18:19 not to listen to Satan are now off of this planet
18:22 they met the Lord in the air and now they're
18:24 in heaven. It is at that moment that Satan
18:29 is bound; notice this by his change of circumstance
18:35 when there is nobody to tempt. Notice that in
18:38 verse 3 it says that he should deceive the nations
18:44 no more. The point in the future when Satan cannot
18:50 deceive the nations anymore is when Satan
18:53 is bound. But also at the end of verse 3 notice
18:57 what it says. It says he should deceive the
19:00 nations no more till thousand years should
19:04 be fulfilled. And after that he must be loosed
19:08 a little season. So that thousand years begins
19:11 when there was no one to tempt.
19:12 So it begins at the second coming of Jesus.
19:14 It goes for a thousand years and at the end
19:17 of that thousand years Satan is going to be loosed
19:19 out of his prison, what does that mean?
19:23 There will be people there to tempt.
19:25 That's absolutely right. But the wicked were
19:28 slain at the second coming of Jesus.
19:30 We're gonna find out later on in this study that
19:32 the wicked are going to be resurrected and
19:34 that's how Satan gets out of the predicament that
19:37 he is in. So there it said simply that this angel
19:43 casts Him into a bottomless pit.
19:44 Now this has a connotation.
19:47 Some people will read this and they say wow
19:48 that must be a deep hole. But the word that
19:53 is used here by John the revelator.
19:55 When he writes in Revelation chapter 20
19:58 bottomless pit and Revelation chapter,
20:00 that was verse 1 and then in verse 3
20:02 bottomless pit. He is using the language from the
20:06 Septuagint out of Genesis chapter 1
20:10 and notice here on your screen you see
20:11 this graphic. The bottomless pit in Greek
20:14 is abussos. If you and I were to look in
20:17 Genesis chapter 1 verse 2 in the Septuagint
20:20 or the Greek translation of the Old Testament
20:23 we would notice in verse 2 that darkness was upon
20:26 the face of the deep. That word for deep in
20:30 the Septuagint or the Greek translation of the
20:32 Old Testament is abussos. The very same word that
20:36 is used in Revelation chapter 20 verse 1 and
20:39 Revelation chapter 20 verse 3. This is a
20:43 description of the earth after Jesus'
20:48 Second Coming. Now notice this on your screen.
20:51 Satan is bound by his change of circumstance
20:55 here on this desolate earth.
20:59 Now we're gonna show this in our next reference.
21:02 Let's go to our next reference this is
21:03 Jeremiah chapter 4, Jeremiah chapter 4
21:08 beginning in verse 23. Jeremiah chapter 4
21:12 and verse, Isaiah Jeremiah chapter 4
21:16 and verse 23 through 27 and Mrs. Gloria
21:24 if you could read this for us, I'm going to
21:25 interrupt you a little bit during this alright.
21:29 I beheld the earth, and indeed it was
21:33 without form, and void; and the heavens,
21:37 they had no light. Okay Mrs. Gloria, what does it
21:40 sound like? Something like very besotted.
21:45 It sounds like it wasn't prior to creation,
21:47 doesn't it? Yeah. So right here when we
21:50 start reading this we think through ourselves
21:52 oh this is just talking about creation but
21:54 keep reading. Remember the context is as important
21:58 as the verse you want to full information out of.
22:01 So keep reading give us the context Mrs. Gloria.
22:04 I beheld the mountains, and, indeed they trembled,
22:08 and all the hills moved back in forth.
22:11 I beheld, and indeed there was no man,
22:14 and all the birds of the heavens were fled.
22:17 Okay stop right there. So evidently there were
22:19 men and there were what? Birds but now even
22:23 the birds are gone. Keep reading.
22:26 I beheld, and indeed the fruitful man
22:30 was a wilderness, and all the cities were broken
22:34 down and at the presence of the Lord,
22:36 by his fierce anger. Okay stop right there.
22:40 All the cities were broken down by the what?
22:42 Presence of the Lord and when does the Lord
22:47 appear in all of his glory? At the Second Coming.
22:50 So even the here is the Second Coming.
22:52 The birds are gonna be gone there is no man left;
22:56 it's describing the condition of the earth
22:59 after the second coming of Jesus.
23:02 Then it said there in verse 26 the cities
23:07 there were broken down at the presence of the
23:08 Lord and by his fierce anger.
23:10 What's another word for anger? Wrath.
23:14 When is God's wrath poured out before the
23:16 Second Coming or after the Second Coming?
23:19 It's before the Second Coming and he comes
23:22 at the end of the wrath of God or the anger of
23:25 God being poured out. So we know that the context
23:28 of this passage is the second coming of Jesus.
23:32 Now keep reading that last text there for us,
23:35 the last reference verse 27. For thus hath the
23:38 Lord, the whole land shall be desolate;
23:42 yet will I not make a full end. Okay now I want
23:46 you to take that phrase yet will I not make a
23:48 full length. Mrs. Gloria I want you to just put it
23:50 on the desk right there in front of you, okay.
23:52 Just put that phrase down and we're gonna pick
23:54 that phrase up and we're gonna look at it
23:56 just a little bit. It's at the Second Coming
23:59 of Jesus that this earth becomes like an abussos.
24:05 Like without form and void just like
24:07 it was prior to creation, the cities are
24:09 broken down. It is a desolate place and
24:14 Satan is here suffering by thinking about
24:19 what's going to be his final end.
24:21 Notice what the, our graphic appear.
24:23 The next line. The Second Coming the righteous
24:26 are raised, at the Second Coming the
24:28 wicked are slain. At the Second Coming,
24:31 the Second Coming starts the thousand years are
24:34 the millennial period and Satan is bound to earth.
24:39 Is everybody clear so far? Is this clear to us?
24:43 Tom you got it. Okay. When you draw a chart
24:47 it helps people to see the events when they
24:50 are happening. Now when I'm giving this Bible
24:52 study in somebody's home I'll actually take
24:54 the references and I put the references
24:56 about this. I turn my paper not, may
24:58 I borrow this? I turn my paper not like this
25:01 when I'm taking the notes or while I'm giving
25:03 a study I turn it like this because I know
25:05 I'm gonna draw my chart across the center
25:07 part right here and then I'm gonna have second
25:10 coming appear with the text that show that
25:12 and then wicked being slain down here with
25:13 the text that show that. Then I've got my
25:15 thousand year line and then a line going down
25:17 that shows Satan being bound to this earth for
25:19 thousand years and I've got my text down there.
25:22 Because when you do that, that's gonna stick
25:24 in somebody's mind in a much more forceful way
25:28 then if they can't see it. So that's why you see
25:31 that graphic up there so you're taking notes
25:33 and then of course you have those graphics
25:35 on your server here and you can just get those
25:37 off of that. So it is at the Second of Coming
25:41 of Jesus that the earth is returned to the
25:45 condition that it was in without form and void
25:48 prior to creation. So Satan just down here in the
25:52 desolate world, it sounds like pretty miserable
25:54 place to be, right Bill? I'll tell you what that
25:56 when the Lord comes you don't hit worry anymore.
25:58 Praise God! Praise God, that's right.
26:00 Let's go to our next slide what are the righteous
26:03 doing during the Millennium? What are the
26:07 wicked doing? You tell me what are the wicked doing?
26:10 They're dead. The wicked are dead during the
26:12 Millennium or the thousand years what are the
26:14 righteous doing. How do we know that? Ha, ha,
26:19 well let's go to our next slide. You're absolutely
26:21 right Roberto. Let's go to Revelation 20 verses 6
26:26 and then verse 4. Notice the order that it's in,
26:28 we're gonna read verse 6 then we're going to
26:30 read verse 4 and you'll want to do that when
26:32 you give the studies as well. Revelation chapter
26:38 20 verse 6 and then verse 4 and Danielle
26:43 can you read this for us? Blessed and holy is he
26:48 that hath part in the first resurrection.
26:50 Okay hang on. Who is it that gets raised
26:53 in the first resurrection? The righteous.
26:55 Blessed in holy are the righteous.
26:57 Those that take part in the first resurrection,
26:59 keeping going. On such the second death hath
27:03 no power, but they shall be priests of God
27:06 and of Christ, and shall reign with him a
27:08 thousand years. Oh! How long would they reign
27:10 with them? Thousand years! A thousand years.
27:12 How long a Satan bound? Thousand years.
27:15 The very same time period that the righteous
27:18 live in reign with Christ Satan is bound.
27:22 That's very significant, isn't it? The very same
27:25 time period Satan is bound the righteous
27:28 live in reign with Christ in heaven.
27:30 Alright now go to verse 4. And I saw thrones,
27:36 and they sat upon them, and judgment was given
27:39 unto them. And I saw the souls of them that were
27:41 beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the
27:45 word of God, and which had not worshipped
27:47 the beast, neither his image, neither had
27:49 received his mark upon their foreheads,
27:51 or in their hands; and they lived and reigned
27:54 with Christ a thousand years. So the righteous
27:57 those that live in reign with Christ
28:00 for a thousand years are sitting on thrones.
28:03 Notice the first part of verse 4 said Revelation
28:07 20 verse 4 And I saw thrones, and they sat
28:10 upon them, and judgment was given unto them.
28:15 So what are the righteous doing on those thrones
28:19 for that thousand year period. They're judging.
28:22 My question is who are they judging?
28:26 Who are they judging? The wicked.
28:29 Let's go to First Corinthians chapter 6.
28:33 First Corinthians that's to the left from the
28:37 Book of Revelation, First Corinthians chapter 6
28:43 verse 2 and Tom can you read this for us.
28:46 First Corinthians 6 verse 2. Do ye not know that
28:51 the saints will judge the world?
28:53 And if the world will be judged by you,
28:55 are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
28:58 Go ahead and read verse 3 as well Tom.
29:00 Do ye not know that we shall judge angels?
29:02 How much more things that pertain to this life?
29:06 Okay so we're gonna be judging the world and
29:09 we're gonna be judging what? Angels.
29:12 Are we're gonna be judging the wicked angels
29:14 or the good angels? The wicked angels.
29:17 We're gonna be judging the world, the righteous
29:19 world or the wicked world? The wicked world.
29:22 You and I are going to spend a thousand years
29:25 sitting on a throne with Christ having every
29:30 question answered as to why our mom isn't here,
29:35 or our grandma, or our papa, our grandpa.
29:40 Every question we have is going to be answered
29:45 because God is going to give us the opportunity
29:49 to look over all of those record books that have
29:52 been kept through out all of history past.
29:56 And God is going to let us look at those and then
30:00 we're going to be able to come to God
30:01 and we're going to be able to reason with him.
30:04 Isn't that what he said in Isaiah 1:18 come now
30:06 let us reason together, saith the Lord.
30:10 So God is going to allow us that one thousand
30:13 year period of reviewing the books.
30:18 Now what's gonna be in the books?
30:20 What's gonna be in those books.
30:22 Go to First Corinthians chapter 4 and verse 5.
30:28 First Corinthians chapter 4 and verse 5.
30:32 So we don't have to turn very far Mike,
30:35 if you wanna read this for us First Corinthians
30:37 chapter 4 and verse 5. Now I will interrupt you
30:40 several times here. Therefore judge nothing
30:43 before the time, until the Lord come.
30:46 Okay I'm interrupting you right there.
30:48 Therefore judge nothing before the what?
30:51 Before the time and then it describes the time
30:54 and that time is what? Until the Lord comes.
30:56 Until the Lord comes. So you and I are not to be
30:59 judging the world right now.
31:02 We're not to be judging the angels right now.
31:05 It says therefore judge nothing before the time
31:08 until the Lord comes. So what's the event when
31:13 the Lord comes that's almost redundant to ask
31:15 it that way but the Second Coming of Jesus
31:18 that's right. Now keep reading the rest of that
31:20 verse if you don't mind. Who both will bring to
31:23 light the hidden things of darkness, and will make
31:26 manifest the counsels of the hearts, and then
31:28 shall every man have praise of God.
31:30 Now we can't just skip over with that verse said.
31:34 That verse just said that every, it said it
31:40 will bring it will make manifest the counsels
31:44 of the heart, it will both, it will, who both
31:48 will bring to light the hidden things of darkness
31:51 and will make manifest the counsels of the heart.
31:54 It is during that thousand year period where the
31:59 saints sit with Christ an every evil thought,
32:05 every evil deed, every malicious thought that
32:12 screened through our mind toward somebody else.
32:15 If we have not ask forgiving us fault,
32:18 if we are not in the host of the redeemed
32:21 all of that will be written down for the
32:24 saints to see. I don't know about you but I'm
32:29 so grateful that God has promised me that
32:34 he would take my sins and throw them into the
32:36 depths of the sea. Jesus has promised that
32:39 he would take his blood and blood out
32:42 all of my sins. I want to be a saint of the
32:45 living God, because I don't want any of
32:48 you to know what I've done. Amen.
32:52 My friend you and I, you and I can make
32:56 our decision for Christ today.
32:58 Now notice even in this study we're not even
33:02 anywhere near the end of the study but
33:03 I'm already starting to make that appeal.
33:06 So when you give this study you want to make sure
33:08 that you begin to appeal early in the study so
33:11 if people will take small decisions all along the
33:14 way when it gets to end of your study and
33:16 they make, they will make, it will make the big
33:19 decision a lot easier. So Jesus is telling us
33:23 right here in this word that at his Second Coming
33:27 all of the wicked deeds of all of the wicked
33:30 people will be laid out for the righteous to say.
33:36 I'm not trying to scare anybody or terrify anyone.
33:39 But it is a dreadful thought to know that
33:43 if we're not in the Kingdom that we're going
33:47 to everything evil that we have ever done
33:49 it's going to be sin. Who knows? By our mother,
33:53 our grandma, our family, our friends.
33:59 But Jesus why isn't my husband here?
34:03 And Jesus just opens the books.
34:04 I can imagine that even at that point Jesus
34:08 will have tears in his eyes. And that's just
34:11 me imagining. He says well this, this is why,
34:16 let me show you. And you'll just want to turn
34:19 away from that and say I don't want to read it
34:21 and Jesus says but let me tell you.
34:23 You have to be clear on this because we're gonna
34:26 get to live together for eternity.
34:28 I don't want there to be any question in your mind
34:31 because I'm gonna wipe this out.
34:33 This record is going to begun and will never
34:36 remember it anymore. And so you and I will
34:40 sit with Jesus and he will answer our questions.
34:43 Let's go to our next reference.
34:45 The next reference we have is in Psalms 149.
34:48 And I'm excited about this reference because this
34:51 reference right here tells me that the Bible is
34:55 going to be the standard of the judgment of God.
34:59 The Bible is going to be the standard even during
35:02 that thousand year or that millennial time period.
35:06 So we're going to Psalm 149 and we'll ask
35:09 Mrs. Gloria to read this for us.
35:11 Psalm 149 and then verse, we begin in verse 4.
35:19 Psalm 149 verse 4. For the Lord taketh pleasure
35:27 in his people: he will beautify the humble
35:32 with salvation. Beautify. I'm sorry beautify.
35:35 Yeah. Let the saints be joyful in glory.
35:39 Okay stop right there. Mrs. Gloria where are
35:42 the saints. In glory. They're in glory.
35:45 Notice there in verse 4 it said the Lord taketh
35:49 pleasure in his people he will beautify the meek
35:51 or the humble with salvation.
35:53 When is it that we are changed in a moment
35:55 in the twinkling of an eye? When is that?
35:58 Second Coming of Jesus. So this is, this is after
36:03 the Second Coming of Jesus because now the Saints
36:05 are in glory. Keep reading there verse 5.
36:09 Let the saints be joyful in glory, then continue.
36:11 Let them sing aloud on their beds.
36:15 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,
36:19 and a two-edged sword in their hand.
36:23 Mrs. Gloria what do they have in their hand?
36:25 Two edged sword. They have a two edged sword.
36:27 On the graphic you will notice on the screen,
36:29 on the graphic. Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12
36:31 and Ephesians chapter 6 and verse 17.
36:35 Hebrews 4:12 we won't take the time to read
36:37 it now. Hebrews 4:12 says that the Lord of God
36:40 is quick or alive and powerful. Sharper than
36:44 any two edged sword. Then if we read Ephesians
36:49 chapter 6 verse 17 we would see the Bible tell us
36:52 it would say the sword of the spirit which is the
36:56 word of God. So the saints are joyful in glory,
37:03 they've been beautified with salvation in
37:05 Psalm 149. They're in glory, they've been
37:08 beautified with salvation and they have a two
37:12 edged sword in their hand. Shalita what is
37:15 that they have in their hand? The Word of God.
37:20 The Word of God will be the standard
37:24 for the judgment. You and I will either be in
37:29 heaven holding the word of God looking
37:33 at the evil wicked deeds of men and comparing
37:36 what they did, what the Bible said they could have
37:38 or should have done? Will be up there doing
37:42 that or. We'll be judged by this book.
37:45 We'll be judged by this book.
37:48 We have a choice right now Shalita that
37:52 we can make our decision to be on the Lord
37:56 side today. So that we can make sure that
38:00 we're in heaven with the saints joyful in glory
38:05 in our beautiful glorified bodies.
38:08 We can make that choice today or we'll be
38:12 judged by this book during that thousand
38:15 year period. It's powerful isn't it? Can you keep
38:18 reading for us Mrs. Gloria. To execute vengeance
38:22 on the nations and punishments on the people;
38:26 to bind their Kings with chains, and their nobles
38:30 with fetters of iron; To execute them with the
38:34 written judgment. This honor have all his saints.
38:39 Praise ye the Lord. Amen. What is the
38:42 purpose of the saints having the two edged
38:47 sword or the word of God in their hand.
38:50 To execute the written judgment and where is
38:53 that written Tom? It's written in the word of God.
38:56 My friends we can either live by the book now
39:01 or be judged by the book later.
39:06 What decision do you want to make today?
39:10 Oh, you wanna live by the book,
39:12 because you wanna be in the city.
39:14 And I'll tell you why he wanna be in the city
39:16 in just a minute. We're gonna get there.
39:18 Let's turn now to Revelation chapter 20.
39:22 Revelation chapter 20 after our review.
39:27 I have a review slide up here so let's go ahead
39:28 and take a look at that. At the Second Coming
39:31 of Jesus what happens to the righteous?
39:33 They are raised at the Second Coming of Jesus
39:37 what happens to the wicked, they're slain.
39:39 And then that begins what time period.
39:42 The millennium now some people will say well
39:44 how do we know since the 70 weeks was a
39:47 prophetic time period. The 2300 days was a
39:50 prophetic time period how do we know that this
39:52 is not a prophetic time period. That's a good
39:55 question isn't it? Isn't that a good question?
39:58 You remember way back when we did our word
40:01 of God's study we went over John 14:29,
40:05 Jesus says I tell you things before they come
40:08 to pass so that when they do come to pass
40:12 you may what? Believe. So the person of a time
40:16 prophecy that contains prophetic time is so that
40:21 people can believe when it comes to pass right.
40:26 After the second coming of Jesus is there any
40:29 need for a prophetic time period.
40:32 There is no need for prophetic time period.
40:35 So the only, we know that this is a literal
40:38 thousand years, because everybody that has
40:41 believed is up in heaven. And they're there for
40:45 that thousand year period.
40:47 And something really interesting happens
40:51 at the end of that thousand year period.
40:52 Now we'll go to our next reference.
40:55 We're gonna go to our 12th reference,
40:59 Revelation 20 verse 4b that means the last half
41:04 of verse 4 to 5a or the first half of Revelation
41:10 chapter 20 verse 5. So we're going to Revelation
41:14 20 verse 4b and Mike can you read this for us
41:18 I'm almost there maybe somebody else is just
41:21 not turns there while I was talking like I did.
41:23 Okay. Revelation 20 verse 4b and 5a.
41:26 So just the very last part of verse 4.
41:29 I don't know where to start, alright and they
41:33 lived start out there. Okay. And they lived,
41:36 wait a minute, just a very last sentence.
41:39 Revelation 20. Yeah 4b. Just the last part of
41:46 verse 4. Now you had a different translation
41:50 than I do. Which had not worshipped the beast,
41:53 neither his image, neither had received his mark
41:55 upon their foreheads, or in their hands;
41:57 and they lived and reigned with Christ a
41:59 thousand years. See we have the same version.
42:01 I have King James Version. What do you have?
42:03 Yeah, King James. Alright praise the Lord.
42:06 And they lived and reigned with Christ a
42:08 thousand years. Who is this talking about?
42:10 Righteous. It's talking about the righteous.
42:12 Okay now read the first part of verse 5.
42:14 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the
42:17 thousand years were finished. So the rest of
42:22 the dead, so the righteous lived and reigned
42:24 with Christ for a thousand years then
42:26 it says the rest of the dead lived not again until
42:31 the thousand years are finished.
42:33 What does that mean? Pick up the microphone
42:38 and tell me in a loud Shalita. Somebody tell
42:40 me in a loud voice through the microphone,
42:42 what is that mean? The wicked that were dead
42:44 before his Second Coming won't be alive until
42:46 the end of Millennium. That's right what about
42:48 those that died at his second coming?
42:50 Them too right. So all of the wicked are dead
42:55 at the second coming of Jesus they die and
42:58 or were dead or are dead and then for a thousand
43:02 year period they're in the grave.
43:05 The Bible says in Revelation 20 verse 5
43:07 but the rest of the dead that would be the wicked
43:10 the rest of the dead lived not again until the
43:15 thousand years were finished.
43:19 So at the end of the thousand years what
43:22 will happen to the wicked that were dead?
43:25 They'll raise again. That's absolutely right.
43:28 We'll continue I want to go back to our chart here
43:31 so if you just look back at the chart the second,
43:34 it's at the Second Coming that the righteous
43:37 are raised, it's at the Second Coming that the
43:39 wicked are slain the thousand year millennial
43:43 period begins at the Second Coming of Jesus.
43:46 During that time period Satan is bound by his
43:51 change of circumstance. Remind me why is that
43:53 Satan was bound? There is nobody for him to tempt,
43:59 that's absolutely right. So Satan is bound
44:01 beginning with the second coming for a
44:03 thousand years now. Jessica pick up that
44:05 microphone and tell me what the righteous
44:07 are going to do for that thousand year period.
44:09 They're gonna be with Jesus in heaven judging.
44:13 Alright and what will they have in their hands?
44:15 The Bible. And what will they be judging?
44:18 The wicked. That's right. Very, very nice.
44:23 You knew that, you don't have to ask it like
44:24 a question. So the righteous lived and
44:27 reigned with Christ in heaven for the same time
44:29 period that Satan is bound. Then you go
44:31 to the very last part of this graphic it says
44:34 Satan is released by the rest of the dead
44:37 or the wicked being raised. Now when Satan
44:43 when the rest of the dead are raised what does
44:47 that give Satan the opportunity to do? Deceive.
44:50 Deceive. You remember back in Revelation 20
44:53 verse 1, 2 and 3 we read that Satan was bound
44:58 from deceiving and he could deceive the nations
45:01 no more. Until the thousand years were
45:06 finished that's right. Now Mrs. Gloria do you
45:08 remember what phrase you had sit on your
45:09 table there, what phrase did you have
45:12 sit in there? No madam. Anybody remember
45:15 what phrase she had on her table?
45:19 It was in the Jeremiah chapter 4 verse 27.
45:22 I will not, that's right, I will not yet make
45:24 a full in. So we still haven't come back
45:26 to that yet. I just want to make sure that
45:28 you ready to give it back to me when we're ready
45:29 to reference it okay. So you get ready.
45:31 We're gonna get back over there in just a minute.
45:33 So Satan is released by the rest of the dead
45:36 or the wicked being raised.
45:39 Our next reference there you see well it's a
45:42 question actually on the screen.
45:44 When does the resurrection of the wicked
45:47 take place? Answer that for me, at the end
45:51 of the millennium or after the thousand years
45:54 and what is there in. What is the end
45:59 of the wicked? And we have lots of references
46:03 here that we're going to read in Revelation
46:05 chapter 20 and just you know, if you guys
46:08 don't mind I'll read that because you know
46:09 it jumps around like crazy there.
46:11 But you pay close attention to it we're in
46:14 Revelation 20 verses 7, 8, and then 9a.
46:19 Revelation 20 verse 7, 8 and then the first part
46:24 of verse 9. Revelation 20 verse 7 says,
46:27 "and when the thousand years are expire",
46:30 what does that word expire mean?
46:32 Over, the end! Over, the end! When the
46:35 thousand years are expired, Satan shall be
46:38 loosed out of his prison. Now what was it that
46:43 bound Satan in his prison? There was no one to
46:46 tempt, his change of circumstance.
46:48 All of a sudden, his circumstances are
46:50 now changed and the change fall off.
46:56 Verse 8 and shall go out to what?
47:00 Deceive! Deceive! Jump back to verse 3.
47:03 "And cast him into the bottomless pit,
47:05 and shut him up, and set a seal on him,
47:06 that he should, deceive, deceive the nations
47:09 no more". Then over in verse 8 it says that
47:12 he will go out to do what? To deceive!
47:14 To deceive! So we see that indeed the very thing
47:18 that bound Satan at the beginning of the thousand
47:20 years that being that there is nobody to tempt,
47:23 at the end of the thousands years
47:25 or at the end of the millennium there are
47:27 people to tempt. The wicked dead have been
47:29 raised and so Satan is no longer bound.
47:33 Continue reading here. "And shall go out to
47:36 deceive the nations which are in the four
47:39 quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog,
47:43 to gather them together to battle, the number
47:46 of whom is as the sand of the sea".
47:50 And for every Christian that is hearing this read
47:54 this should bring an emotion to our hearts,
47:57 because these people that are wicked are
48:01 numbered like the sand of the sea.
48:03 Have you been to the beach lately?
48:05 Have you seen how much sand is out there?
48:08 We complain about the amount of sand that ends
48:11 up in our floorboard of the car, when we are
48:14 going home. But we knew half of people that
48:18 whose number is as the sand of the sea
48:20 that are lost. This should give you and
48:23 I even greater push or motive to make sure that
48:30 everyone has the chance to hear about Jesus.
48:33 It says there in verse 8, "And shall go out to
48:37 deceive the nations which are in the four
48:39 quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog,
48:41 to gather them together to battle: the number of
48:45 whom is as the sand of the sea".
48:48 Verse 9, "And they went up on the breadth
48:52 of the earth". Whose that they? The wicked!
48:54 The wicked! And they are on the surface of what?
48:58 The earth! The earth! So where would Satan bound?
49:01 The earth! On the earth! That's right.
49:03 "And compassed the camp of the saints about"!
49:08 So we are through to 9a. Now we're gonna go
49:11 to verse 11. "And I saw a great white throne,
49:17 and him that sat on it from whose face the earth
49:20 and the heaven fled away; and there was found
49:22 no place for them. And I saw the dead, small
49:27 and great, stand before the God,
49:29 and books were opened. And another book was
49:32 opened, which is the book of life and the dead
49:36 were judged out of those things which were
49:38 written in the books, according to their works.
49:41 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it;
49:44 and death and hell delivered up the dead
49:47 which were in them; and they were judged,
49:49 every man according to their; what? Works!
49:52 Works! My friend don't ever let anybody tell
49:56 you that the works that you do as a Christian
49:59 are not important. You and I are certainly
50:02 saved by grace through faith.
50:05 It's not of ourselves, it is a gift of God
50:08 but we are judged by our works, judged
50:12 by our works. Don't let anyone ever tell you
50:15 friend that it doesn't matter what you as a
50:17 Christian act like or talk like or do or
50:20 the places you go because we are judged
50:22 by our works saved by grace through faith
50:25 but judged by our works. They are
50:29 continuing on, we were in verse, where
50:31 were we at? We were in verse 13 and there
50:34 every man was judged according to their works.
50:38 Now go back up to verse 9b or the second half.
50:43 "And fire came down from God out of heaven
50:47 and devoured them". Who do the fire devoured?
50:50 It devoured the wicked. And you know I have,
50:54 I have teenage boys and teenage boys are
50:57 notoriously good at eating.
50:59 You wait when your boy hits teenager whatever
51:02 he is eating now is gonna be quadrupled.
51:04 It's gonna be exponential.
51:07 And when my boy sits down to eat dinner,
51:09 he devours it. I don't even think he choose,
51:12 he is like a hound dog sometimes.
51:14 He doesn't even chew it. He just, ogles in there.
51:17 And when its gone, the plate is clean.
51:22 Nothing has left, and the Bible says that at
51:26 the end of the millennium when those righteous
51:30 people stand before God, but not the righteous
51:35 the wicked people stand before God,
51:36 the righteous stand with God, the wicked people
51:39 are standing before God they are trying
51:42 to take the city, sin convinces them they
51:44 can take it but they can't, and fire comes
51:47 down out of heaven from God and devours them.
51:52 Verse 13, "And the sea gave up the dead
51:56 which were in it, and death and hell delivered
51:58 up the dead which were in them; and they
52:00 were judged, every man according to their works
52:02 and death and hell were cast into the
52:04 lake of fire". This is the second death.
52:08 You see my friends everybody dies now.
52:10 The righteous person dies, the wicked
52:13 person dies, but only the wicked person dies
52:16 the second death. And you and I can avoid
52:19 that death by making a simple choice today,
52:22 by making the choice to love the truth of God.
52:27 Is that your desire? Yes! Oh praise Jesus!
52:31 I have here on the, let's read verse 15.
52:34 "And whosoever was not found written in the
52:36 book of life was cast into the lake of fire".
52:41 On your screen there you will see in our next
52:43 reference this graphic. At the second coming
52:48 the righteous raised, at the second coming
52:50 the wicked are slain, the thousand years
52:52 begins at the second coming of Jesus,
52:54 Satan is bound to the earth because there is
52:56 no one tempt, the righteous live and reign
52:58 with Christ in Heaven for thousand years,
53:00 at the end of the millennium Satan is
53:02 released by the rest of the dead with the
53:04 wicked being raised, the great white throne
53:07 judgment the wicked stand before God,
53:09 they are judged according to their works
53:12 and then fire comes down from God out of Heaven
53:15 and devours the wicked. But you remember what
53:19 Jesus said, there in back in Jeremiah
53:23 chapter 4 verse 27. He says, "yet will
53:25 I not make a full end". Now my friends God
53:28 is going to make a full end. He is going to make
53:33 a full end. The Bible tells us that righteous
53:36 will inherit the earth. Let's go to our next
53:40 reference there, Matthew chapter 5 verse 5,
53:43 and now since we are in the appeal I will be
53:45 the one that reads this. You know we've talked
53:47 about that in the past that when you are giving
53:50 the appeal you want to make sure that you are
53:52 the one that has the pathos in your voice
53:56 that you have all the mannerisms that
53:57 you want to go with those verses because
53:59 remember you are appealing to people on
54:02 behalf of God. So the Bible says here,
54:06 Matthew chapter 5 verse 5, blessed are
54:09 the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
54:15 What earth? Are they going to, are the meek
54:18 those that are blessed, those that are beautified
54:21 with salvation, are they going to inherit this
54:23 old earth that's been broken down? No, no, no.
54:27 They are going to inherit a new heaven
54:30 and a new earth, and we see this in our next
54:34 reference up there. Let's go to Revelation 21.
54:40 I think I may have a mistake right there.
54:42 Let me just back up a little bit.
54:44 Let's go to second Peter chapter 3 verses 12
54:47 and 13; I just shot right pass that didn't I?
54:50 So we are going to second Peter before
54:52 we go to Revelation 21. So let's go to
54:55 second Peter. It's past Corinthians,
54:59 past Hebrews. Second Peter chapter 3 verses
55:03 12 and 13. "The meek will not inherit this
55:06 old dirty world. They are going to inherits
55:08 something much more grand than that".
55:10 Second Peter chapter 3 verse 12 and 13,
55:14 "Looking for and hasting unto the coming of
55:17 the day of God, wherein the heavens being
55:20 on fire shall be dissolved, and the
55:23 elements shall melt with fervent heat?
55:26 Nevertheless, we according to His
55:30 promise look for new heavens and a new earth,
55:34 wherein dwelleth righteousness".
55:37 My friend God has promised the meek,
55:41 the humble that they would inherit the earth
55:42 but He is not going to give them a sour gift.
55:45 He is going to give them a new heaven and
55:48 a new earth. Our next reference here is
55:53 Revelation 21 verses 1 through 5.
55:56 Revelation 21 verses 1 through 5, he says,
56:01 John says, And I saw a new heaven
56:02 and a new earth. For the first heaven
56:05 and the first earth were passed away;
56:07 and there was no more sea.
56:09 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem,
56:12 coming down from heaven from God,
56:14 out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned
56:16 for her husband. And I heard a great voice
56:19 out of heaven, saying, "Behold, the tabernacle
56:21 of God is with men, and they shall be His people,
56:24 and God Himself shall be with them,
56:26 and be their God. And God shall wipe away
56:30 all tears from their eyes; and there shall
56:32 be no more death; neither sorrow nor
56:35 crying; neither shall there be any more
56:37 pain for former things have passed away.
56:40 And He that sat upon the throne said,
56:42 "Behold, I make all things what's the word?
56:45 New! Right for these words are true
56:50 and faithful. God is going to make all things, new.
56:56 Turn with me back to the Old Testament
56:58 book our last reference. Nahum chapter 1 verse 9.
57:02 God is going to make a full in.
57:06 So Nahum is to the right of Daniel, Amos,
57:09 Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Chapter 1 verse 9,
57:14 it says "What do you imagine against the LORD?
57:19 He will make an utter end: affliction shall not
57:22 rise up the second time". God would not allow sin
57:28 to ever reign again. You and I have a decision
57:32 today to choose to live by the book
57:35 or be judged by the book.
57:38 What decision will you make?


Revised 2014-12-17