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Destruction Of The Wicked Pt. 1

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00:01 The harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray you therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will, he will send forth
00:08 laborers into his harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:12 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said I, "Here am I, send me, send me".
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you to be
00:25 an effective harvester for the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our
00:29 classroom to come, experience Life.
00:43 Hello welcome again to the Lay Institute
00:45 for Evangelism, the Life on the Edge
00:46 interactive Bible study course.
00:48 You are here in beautiful Groveland, Florida.
00:52 I had to thought, I had to think about
00:54 where it was that for a minute.
00:55 I know I'm in Norman, Groveland
00:56 close to Orlando, Florida.
00:57 We are at, it sun shines
00:59 a lot but it rains everyday.
01:00 And you are here along with
01:02 the other students here at Life.
01:03 You people at home, I want to welcome you
01:05 that you know that as we go through these studies
01:08 that if you have any questions or anything
01:09 is coming up during the studies
01:11 you can go to our website
01:15 or you can actually download
01:17 the lesson studies that we are doing here.
01:18 You will be able to watch the videos of these studies
01:20 as well, or you can get them on DVD.
01:23 We welcome any of you that are home,
01:24 I pray that you have your Bibles ready,
01:26 have them ready to go as we go into the study today.
01:29 Our study today that we will be going through
01:31 is the Destruction of the Wicked.
01:33 We are going to have a study about hell,
01:35 what is it all about hell, and so that's where
01:38 we are going to now in our study.
01:40 We are about almost half way through I guess the,
01:44 the bible studies right now aren't we
01:46 little past half way at number 11,
01:47 I think there is 24 total,
01:49 and I have to get through all these studies.
01:50 You will be able to just take your Bibles
01:52 into the home and share with other people
01:56 the word of God, even if you don't have
01:58 a printed out study all ready to go,
01:59 you can share with your Bible
02:00 when you like to be able to do that.
02:01 Yeah, a lot of us would.
02:03 And so this is where we are at right now as far
02:06 as the studies go a little almost a halfway through.
02:09 And today we are going to be looking
02:10 at the Destruction of the Wicked.
02:12 You can see it on the screen over there
02:13 the Destruction of the Wicked or DW
02:15 as how you will abbreviate in the Bible.
02:17 So whenever you go marking through your Bible
02:19 your abbreviation will be DW,
02:21 it represents Destruction of the Wicked.
02:23 Or if you have your own way of doing things
02:25 you can put H for hell,
02:26 but I use Destruction of the Wicked on mine.
02:28 And so the purpose of the study today,
02:30 here's what we have for the purpose is to show that,
02:33 the purpose of it to show the purpose of hell
02:35 is to destroy sin forever.
02:38 Many people have many misconceptions
02:40 of what hell is all about and the purpose of it
02:42 is simply to destroy sin forever.
02:44 God doesn't like sin and that's the whole reason
02:46 we are in the problem we are in today is the whole
02:48 the sin problem has this all messed up in the world.
02:52 And so whenever God finally takes care
02:54 of all the wicked, and takes care of everything
02:56 through the lesson we're gonna learn that the Bible
02:57 teaches that He destroyed sin forever.
03:00 Now the center part of the study
03:01 what we are centering upon
03:03 the Destruction of the Wicked
03:04 is that Jesus loves sinners forever too.
03:08 Jesus' love is for sinners
03:10 and He loves them forever too.
03:11 And some of you counter with the first
03:13 two statements are throwing up walls
03:15 sometimes people do that, it's like is he saying
03:17 that hell doesn't last till Jesus ages of eternity,
03:19 and burns people up.
03:21 We will find out what the Bible
03:22 has to say how is that?
03:23 We will find out what the Bible has to say with that.
03:25 Now before we get into the main part
03:27 of the study I want to invite,
03:29 invite everybody here and you at home too.
03:31 We are going to bow our heads for a word of prayer,
03:33 and ask God to guide us because the Bible says
03:36 that spiritual things are spiritually discerned.
03:38 And sometimes we have ideas and plans and things
03:41 that we think that the Bible says
03:42 and we put up a barrier, and we just have an idea
03:47 and we got to make the Bible fit
03:48 what we already believe.
03:49 And we are going to ask God to do is help us
03:51 to allow us, allow Him to teach us what His word
03:54 says through the study today.
03:55 So let us all bow our heads
03:57 as we have a word of prayer.
03:58 Father in heaven, as we open up your word,
04:01 we get into this study on the
04:03 Destruction of the Wicked what we call hell.
04:05 I pray Lord that you will soften
04:07 our minds and our hearts
04:08 to what your word is saying.
04:09 And that if we have any preconceived ideas,
04:11 if there is anything in our lives that is keeping us
04:14 from understanding what your will and your word says.
04:16 I pray that will be removed right now.
04:17 Give us open minds and hearts,
04:19 I pray in Jesus name, amen, amen.
04:22 Alright let's go into the first text,
04:23 we are going to go right into the first text
04:25 and before we get into the text
04:26 it will be on the screen here and.
04:28 Oh no, we are not going to get in the first text.
04:30 I am almost always forget this part you know.
04:32 We have a list of all the text
04:33 that we are going to have in the study,
04:35 and that's what we have now Destruction of the Wicked
04:36 a list of all the text. It starts in Matthew 25
04:39 we end in Ezekiel 33 verse 11.
04:41 And we actually have 15 texts in this study,
04:44 so you don't have to take time to mark all of them
04:47 down right now if you still looking at them
04:49 on the screen or if you guys are here because
04:51 we go through them one at a time
04:52 as we go through the study.
04:54 And also if you want a copy of the study guides
04:57 will be able to print them out.
04:58 Those that they are here in the classroom
05:00 you can get them off my computer of the,
05:02 of the server and those of you at home you can
05:06 download them from
05:09 You can find that the link
05:10 will be right on the front page.
05:11 So let us get into it now,
05:13 let's go the first text of the study,
05:15 it's Matthew chapter 25 in verse 41.
05:17 And let us go through just one time
05:19 a quick review here, the first one is
05:21 the Destruction of the Wicked, so you put a 1DW
05:24 and you would put it somewhere you will write
05:26 in your Bible somewhere around
05:27 the Matthew chapter 25 and verse 41,
05:30 somewhere in that section in your Bible
05:32 you would write in there 1DW,
05:35 Destruction of the Wicked.
05:37 And then in the next text you are going to,
05:39 you remember you don't have anything
05:40 on the top line for this study
05:41 right here at the first one because
05:42 this is the first text we are going to see.
05:46 The top line would have the text you came from
05:48 and since you came from nowhere,
05:50 you just put where you are going to next,
05:51 and that's Matthew 25:34.
05:53 So the first text is like that when you start
05:55 marking it in your Bible.
05:56 Now has everybody been here just curious
05:59 in the class, everybody pretty much caught up
06:00 with their Bible markings, getting them
06:01 marked up and everything like that.
06:03 How many people have four studies or more mark,
06:05 four studies or more mark?
06:06 Almost everybody alright, how about home,
06:09 you got four studies or more mark, right.
06:10 You should have you get them marked
06:13 and it's something satisfying about it to know that
06:16 you can actually go into a home or even with
06:17 a friend and study the Bible with just your Bible.
06:21 And like today's study is a very interesting one
06:24 this one, and like what happens
06:26 when you die and some of the others.
06:27 You have ever been some place
06:28 and someone says something about hell,
06:33 and say oh you know hell is this or that.
06:36 They are gonna give, they will give,
06:37 throw something out, they believe it's this way,
06:38 you say oh no but there is a text in the Bible
06:40 that says and you give them a text.
06:41 You know it's interesting when you do the markings
06:44 this way, we mark a text we are coming from,
06:45 and the text we are going to.
06:46 If you turn to just one, if you can just rememberv
06:49 one text in your Bible study, the hell study
06:51 just one text, and you turn to that text,
06:53 it will give you another text to go to.
06:54 You can go either backwards
06:56 or forward from that point.
06:57 You follow what I am saying.
06:58 And so if you can just remember one text
06:59 you are able to do the whole study with somebody
07:01 right on the fly like that and it's pretty fun
07:03 to be able to do that and have an answer from the
07:05 word of God, so is that making sense, right.
07:08 So, the first text here at Matthew 25:41,
07:11 I start to study off something like this there,
07:13 here we talk about hell.
07:15 You know most people will think when they
07:16 think of hell, they think of this really hot
07:18 spot in the earth, down in center of the earth,
07:20 that's the general terms and thoughts is
07:22 going on in the world today in Christianity
07:23 and other places, and the devil is down there
07:25 with a pitchfork and he has got the back
07:27 the little horns sticking up and the tail,
07:29 and he is prodding the sinner and making sure
07:31 he could prod properly and everything like that.
07:33 You know you have read all that
07:34 and heard about all that, right.
07:35 Well the question I want to ask you though
07:38 who was hell prepared for. I mean who is hell for,
07:41 is it for us, is that one God actually intended hell
07:44 for us is to take you and me and put us in the
07:46 center of the earth and turn us over make sure
07:48 we are cooking evenly and things like that,
07:49 is that what he has prepared hell for?
07:51 Right or who is it prepared for.
07:53 Matthew chapter 25 and verse 41, Matthew 25:41
07:57 has the answer to that.
07:58 Does anybody like to read that one here,
08:00 Matthew 25 and verse 41? I am going to pick on
08:03 right here in the center at Shalida here,
08:04 I am going to have her read it for me,
08:06 Matthew chapter 25 and verse 41.
08:10 And Tim I saw you raise your hand so the next text
08:13 we are going to is Matthew chapter 25:34
08:15 and when she gets done and after we get
08:18 discussing that text you can have that one.
08:20 So you can have Matthew chapter 25 and verse 34 next.
08:22 So Shalida tell me who is hell prepared for.
08:26 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand,
08:29 Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire,
08:33 prepared for the devil and his angels.
08:36 Alright so who is hell prepared for,
08:39 assuming like what is God who they have
08:41 prepared for the devil and his angels.
08:43 He has no intensions really like when he
08:45 created Adam and Eve there in the Garden of Eden.
08:46 He didn't say you know what I am going to
08:48 create mankind, so I have somebody
08:49 to throw in the hell. Right, who it was created for?
08:53 The devil and his angels, so the devil and his angels
08:55 they fall, they have been cast out of the earth.
08:57 We've learned through those studies that
08:58 they are here to earth now and God says
09:00 hell is going to be for them.
09:01 That's he have it for, he doesn't have really
09:03 an intention on putting us there but he has a dilemma,
09:06 a problem and we will find out
09:07 what that is as we move along.
09:09 So hell is created for the devil and his angels.
09:11 Now I got to also park here just for a minute
09:13 because in this study right from the beginning
09:14 the first text we read says,
09:16 it says you curse unto everlasting fire.
09:21 But I want you to notice something here.
09:22 It doesn't say they have everlasting life,
09:25 it says that the fire is everlasting, okay.
09:28 And we will get into the whole idea of
09:30 everlasting fire and that kind of things
09:32 we move along in the study,
09:33 but just, just wanted to bring that up
09:34 at the very beginning that it says everlasting fire
09:36 is what the devil and his angels are cast to.
09:38 That's what the plan is for them,
09:39 so if we are not if God didn't plan on like
09:41 creating us just so that he can send us to hell.
09:43 Tim tell me what did he create for us,
09:46 what plans did the devil or the God
09:49 actually originally have for us
09:50 whenever he first created us?
09:54 This is Matthew chapter 25 and verse 41.
09:56 Let me get the slide on the screen of 34
09:58 rather Matthew 25:34 and you can see it
10:00 on the screen there that's the next text.
10:02 And you did Destruction of the Wicked
10:03 the verse here and Matt's going to,
10:06 Tim is going to be reading it for us Matthew 25:41.
10:09 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand,
10:15 Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom
10:18 prepared for you from the foundation of the world.
10:20 So Matthew 25:34 says that the kingdom
10:23 was prepared for who?
10:25 For us, right he is going to say that those
10:28 on his right hand those people that oftenly saved
10:29 and the kingdom of God is prepared for us
10:33 since when, since when it was prepared for us,
10:35 the foundation of the world.
10:37 So God originally had a plan for all of us,
10:39 and that plan was that we be
10:41 in his kingdom and live forever.
10:42 You know he promises the righteous eternal life,
10:44 and but that's not so for the wicked.
10:47 He has something else planned for them now
10:49 and the devil, his fallen angels and the wicked
10:52 are all going to go to that same place.
10:54 Now I want to ask you a question because
10:57 this is like the key thing, one of the key things
11:00 to this study right here and it's,
11:02 when I was a heathen, and I was raised completely
11:05 out of church and things like that.
11:06 I mean I went to church a few times growing up.
11:08 Well my grandmother would drag me and you know
11:11 I went twice on Sunday you know Christmas and Easter,
11:12 that's when we would go and we would do the,
11:14 I would do the church thing or any other time
11:17 she would kind a get me up make me go.
11:19 But my ideas of hell and what happens
11:22 when you die and all these things,
11:23 it didn't come, it didn't come from the Bible.
11:26 You know I got my ideas from something other
11:28 than the Bible. I thought that hell like we already
11:31 discussed was in the center of the earth,
11:32 and the devil was down there and you ever wonder
11:34 where we get those ideas and theology from.
11:37 Yeah from the TV, I am making a
11:39 confession to you, before I became a Christian
11:40 I started studying the Bible.
11:42 I got my theology from Tom and Jerry.
11:44 You all know what Tom and Jerry is right,
11:46 it's the cat, mouse cartoon you see on TV.
11:48 As I grew up watching all the TV I could,
11:50 I mean just filled my mind with that stuff
11:51 all growing up. It's a wonder that God has
11:53 done anything with me in my life you know because
11:55 I have filled my mind with so much garbage.
11:56 But I would watch Tom and Jerry
11:59 all growing up now, no I am not saying
12:00 that's total garbage but you know some like
12:02 Christian things and it has some bad theology to it,
12:04 because when I would watch that show
12:06 and other cartoons as well, you know the cat
12:08 he would have the mouse there and he be,
12:10 he may pounce on him over something
12:11 and a anvil would fall on the cat's head
12:13 dropping down to the floor something
12:14 and he would die. And then what happen
12:16 when this cat would die, what would happen to him.
12:17 Do you remember? Yeah he will start floating
12:19 down into the center of the earth,
12:20 right he would go down, and down and shoving up
12:23 the course of the earth and it will start
12:24 getting harder and harder right and then when
12:26 he would get there, there would be this big
12:28 cauldron of boiling lava, and there would be
12:31 a bulldog and the bulldog would have the horns,
12:34 and he would have the pitchfork and a tail
12:35 and he would go, and he would take the cat
12:37 and stick it down that cauldron bowl,
12:39 that bowl in cauldron and holding down in
12:41 and the cat just be squealing try to get out.
12:42 That was on a cartoon right and then the cat
12:44 would wake up and he would be having a dream
12:46 and he will be laying in front of fireplace
12:47 and fire be coming out of the fireplace hitting him
12:50 on the back and that's what his dream was about right.
12:53 But here I think is interesting about that,
12:54 that along with what my Christian friends
12:57 would tell me is where my theology came from.
13:00 The devil is in the center of the earth and he is
13:03 making sure all the sinners cook appropriately.
13:05 They are all down in the center of the earth
13:06 cooking appropriately, and what's funny about that is
13:09 you don't find that anywhere in the Bible.
13:11 You don't find that teaching anywhere in the Bible,
13:13 but Christians teach it. Christians teach it
13:16 and you know and then, those of us who were heathens
13:20 and have come into the church we believed it
13:22 coming in because that's what we had
13:23 always been taught. Now I usually when I
13:25 give this Bible study I do park on this point
13:27 for little while because this is the common
13:29 thing out there. This is like, this is a
13:31 common theology among the heathen
13:33 and even Christians often times.
13:35 So I like to ask this question
13:37 after I go through that little scenario.
13:38 Where on earth is hell anyway,
13:40 where on earth is hell?
13:42 The answer is yes, where on earth is hell,
13:46 the answer is absolutely yes.
13:48 I said what you are talking about?
13:50 Go with me to the next text
13:51 Revelation chapter 20 verses 5 through 9.
13:53 We are going to go on our left side of here to
13:55 Do Soung and ask him to read
13:56 Revelation chapter 20 verses 5 through 9.
13:58 And as he is looking it up and getting there
14:00 I just want to keep, have everybody keep in mind
14:03 if you want to find these texts at before we
14:06 get to them, before we turn to them you can
14:07 go to the website and download the study,
14:09 and it's all in the study guide before we,
14:11 that we can kind a keep ahead if you
14:13 want to keep up with what we are doing.
14:15 So Do Soung, Revelation chapter 20 verses 5-9.
14:17 We are going to be answering the question,
14:18 where on earth is hell? Go ahead.
14:22 But the rest of the dead lived not again until
14:25 the thousand years were finished.
14:26 This is the first resurrection.
14:29 Blessed and holy is he that has part in the first
14:32 resurrection: on such the second death has no power,
14:36 but they shall be priests of God and of Christ,
14:40 and shall reign with him a thousand years.
14:42 And when the thousand years are expired,
14:44 Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
14:47 and shall go out to deceive the nations
14:49 which are in the four quarters of the earth,
14:53 Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle:
14:56 the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.
14:59 And they went up on the breadth of the earth,
15:02 and compassed the camp of the saints about,
15:05 and the beloved city: and fire came down from
15:09 God out of heaven, and devoured them.
15:11 Oh it's a very interesting statement isn't?
15:13 So what you find here is this great battle,
15:15 you have, you have the whole context of all that text
15:18 I could actually park on this and preach a sermon
15:20 from this from verses 5 through 9,
15:21 but I will refrain myself,
15:23 I will try to resist best I can but you will
15:25 notice here says this is a first resurrection blessed
15:27 and holy if he has part in the first resurrection.
15:30 So if you are in a first resurrection you are to
15:32 be happy why because it says on him
15:34 the second death has no power, right.
15:35 But then there is a second resurrection
15:37 and what happens to those who come up
15:38 in a second resurrection according to
15:39 what we look at in this text.
15:41 What happens in a second resurrection,
15:43 does anybody want to take a stab at it.
15:44 They are cast into the lake of fire, right.
15:47 And look what happens to them in the lake of fire,
15:49 verse 9 what happens to them, they are devoured.
15:52 Now you understand what the word
15:54 devoured means, right. You will notice that
15:57 all through the Bible you have nothing in the Bible
15:59 anywhere that promises the wicked eternal life.
16:02 As matter of fact, what you find out it
16:04 happens to the wicked and the Bible says
16:05 they are devour or they are destroyed.
16:08 Now if you don't know devour is, I can give you,
16:10 I can give you a little clue and a kind of give
16:12 you little help it help you understand.
16:14 After we get done in class today, if you wanna
16:16 take me out to Taco Bell for lunch,
16:17 I can show you what devoured is.
16:20 Right, when I eat that food, it will be gone in
16:23 no time, I will do it pretty quickly, right?
16:25 And you will never see it again,
16:26 and it's gone it's devoured,
16:27 and so to have an idea that the wicked keep
16:31 right on living, and living and living
16:32 you know in the fires of hell, when the Bible
16:35 says in Revelation 12:9 here and other places
16:38 that we are gonna look at,
16:39 that he actually devour them,
16:41 okay so they are devoured, that's what happens
16:45 to the wicked and where does it happen at?
16:47 Where did it say it happens?
16:48 On the earth, so the answer to the question is
16:52 the wicked are devoured, where is hell at?
16:55 On the earth, interesting statement isn't it?
16:59 Had you ever heard that before?
17:00 I know mostly you have probably heard that,
17:02 but there are other people sitting,
17:03 probably some people sitting at home right now
17:05 and say what? Hell is on the earth,
17:08 right that's the question many people ask,
17:09 but according to Bible what we looked at
17:12 so far that's exactly what takes place.
17:14 Now as we go on to the next text I probably
17:16 got way behind myself, because I should
17:17 already had Revelation 25 verse 9 on there.
17:19 So, I'll just throw up on the screen just
17:21 for a minute, so they can see what it looks like.
17:22 The Destruction of the Wicked, the third verse
17:25 there Revelation 20 verse 5 throgh 9.
17:27 And now as we are finishing up
17:30 with Revelation 20:5 through 9
17:32 as we go to the next text.
17:33 The question we are gonna ask now,
17:35 where on earth is hell?
17:36 We know where on earth hell is,
17:39 its on earth, but when it's gonna take place,
17:41 because obviously if hell is gonna be on earth,
17:45 it's not here now although some people
17:48 might disagree with that. Getting my life right,
17:51 but the actual literal meaning of hell with the
17:54 burning of the fire and things like that,
17:55 the Bible teaches that it's gonna be here but
17:58 when its gonna place and that's what
18:00 we are gonna be answering now.
18:01 As we go to Job chapter 21 and verse 30.
18:05 Job 21:30 that's the and then you will see
18:09 often the side of that when you look at the screen
18:12 here that they also have, 2 Peter 3:4-7,
18:14 both text basically say the same thing.
18:16 And so usually when I give the study
18:19 I will go to both text, I'll actually use
18:22 both of them, but not always.
18:23 So, if you wanna just do with this way with the
18:24 bracket you don't have to go the other one,
18:26 but you can if you need to.
18:27 So, Job chapter 21 in verse 30 as we are going to now
18:31 in Old Testament book of Job.
18:35 You know for those of you that may heard at home
18:40 that somebody cell phone going off.
18:42 It's perfectly alright because they are used to
18:44 hit doing that, you know people hear that
18:45 they think well there must be everyday people
18:47 they actually live in the real world,
18:49 because that's what happens, Job 21 verse 30.
18:52 You know I was preaching in church one time
18:53 and my head elder was sitting up front,
18:54 those of the Mike Mutt when we get, we will in turn
18:58 to be ready for it but I was preaching in my church
19:00 one time sitting up front, my head elder was sitting
19:01 back here, and I was just making a good point
19:03 in the sermon, and a cell phone starts ringing.
19:06 And instead of ignoring it, I just kind of made
19:09 an example out of poor guy you know I stopped,
19:11 I turned around, and he is like this.
19:14 You know he is patting himself down all
19:15 over and he is frantic you know.
19:16 And he finally gets his cell phone out he,
19:18 he start hitting the button I said no, no, no, no
19:19 just tell him you are busy right now you know.
19:21 Anybody his friend will be calling he will be
19:23 in church on Sabbath morning, right.
19:26 So, anyway we understand no hard feelings
19:31 here make sure you turn them all though.
19:33 Those of you at home turn your cell phones off,
19:35 so you don't get interrupt because
19:36 devil is gonna call you right now,
19:37 keep you from going through the study.
19:39 Right, he will pinch somebody to call you.
19:41 Alright Revelation chapter, I'm sorry
19:43 Job chapter 21 verse 30.
19:44 And the question is where on earth is hell?
19:46 When this all gonna take place,
19:48 and Mike is he gonna take place now,
19:49 or just some time in the future,
19:51 I want you to let us know.
19:52 Alright, that the wicked is reserved
19:54 to the day of destruction?
19:55 They shall be brought forth to the day of wrath.
19:59 Oh, so it's interesting, that Job says
20:01 that the wicked are reserved,
20:03 in other words are kept in a holding place until when?
20:05 The day of destruction, so there is gonna be a day,
20:09 the God is gonna do what to the wicked?
20:11 Destroy them isn't that interesting,
20:13 the context of the text there, Job is writing here,
20:16 Job is like the oldest book in the Bible
20:18 we understand, and you know his whole infliction
20:20 everything he went through, and God's comforting him
20:22 saying Job you may think that the wicked
20:25 are getting over something right now,
20:26 but don't worry they are too gonna pass on
20:28 and they are gonna be held, they are gonna
20:30 be waiting until the day of destruction,
20:32 and God is gonna bring them forth for that purpose,
20:34 for destruction, right? Now we can also find
20:40 in the New Testament text refer to the same thing
20:41 and we will go ahead and hit that for doing
20:43 the study right now and see what says in
20:44 2 Peter chapter 3, I will go ahead and read that,
20:46 when I will get to 2 Peter the 3rd chapter.
20:49 Still the same slide up on the screen
20:51 and we are gonna look at verse 4.
20:56 Peter prophesying down into the last days
20:59 of this earth history, and he says something
21:00 is gonna be taking place at that time.
21:03 There is gonna be people saying I will
21:05 give you just a minute to get there.
21:07 2 Peter chapter 3 verse 4 says, they will be saying,
21:11 Where is the promise of his coming?
21:13 For since the fathers fell asleep,
21:15 all things continue as they have from the beginning
21:21 of the creation the Bible says.
21:22 For this they are willingly ignorant of,
21:25 that by the word of God the heavens of old,
21:30 and then the earth standing out of the water
21:32 and in the water. Whereby the world that then was
21:35 being overflowed with water perished.
21:38 So, he first of all he says you know back
21:39 in the days of the flood, the earth the people
21:42 that was living back then, ended up being
21:44 destroyed by water they perished,
21:45 what happened to them?
21:47 They perished, and look what it says in the next verse.
21:49 But the heavens and the earth, which are now,
21:51 by the same word kept in store, reserved,
21:54 just like Job said the reserved right,
21:55 unto fire against the day of judgment
21:58 and the perdition of ungodly men.
22:01 You know what the term perdition of
22:02 ungodly men means right?
22:04 And he is the destruction, got to do away with them.
22:05 So, we are according to Peter here
22:08 what about the wicked?
22:09 What he say about the wicked is gonna happen
22:11 to them, are they being destroyed right now
22:12 according to Peter? What's he say about them?
22:14 They are reserved until the day of perdition
22:17 of the day of judgment when they are destroyed.
22:19 So, just like the people on days of Noah
22:22 they perished in the water right
22:24 that's what the Bible says?
22:25 Also when you look on into the days of our day
22:29 and the day of judgment they are gonna be
22:31 destroyed with what? With fire exactly right,
22:34 so they are gonna be destroyed in the fire of hell.
22:36 So, we had find here twice now the term destruction
22:39 or being destroyed the reserved
22:40 and to be destroyed. And again we are gonna go ahead
22:44 and make the point, that no where in the Bible,
22:47 I will just challenge you to find the one text for me
22:50 where God promises the wicked eternal life?
22:53 The wicked's promise to them is destruction,
22:56 as a matter of fact the simplest text
22:57 and the most basic text, and almost like everybody
23:00 in the whole Bible knows,
23:01 everybody in the Bible knows a certain text.
23:02 I mean anybody has ever heard of the Bible
23:04 know certain text. If you have ever watch a
23:06 football game or baseball game on television.
23:08 One text do you often see in the background,
23:11 somebody hold the sign and hang it off the banners,
23:14 what do you see? John 3:16 right?
23:17 That text right there is one of the most powerful text
23:19 approved that the wicked do not have eternal life.
23:21 Now some people say, well I know
23:23 the wicked don't have eternal life.
23:24 But I want you to think for this conclusion you have.
23:27 If you insist the wicked burn for ever in hell,
23:30 then what you are also insisting that the wicked
23:32 have eternal life, and the Bible doesn't promise that,
23:35 look when now we go to slide here now.
23:37 John 3:16, so we're on the fifth text
23:40 under the structure of the wicked John 3:16
23:44 and we gonna find out now
23:45 that the wicked don't have eternal life.
23:48 Now I see by turning in the Bible surely
23:51 don't have to turn your Bible to quote this one.
23:52 Alright who would like to have the privilege
23:55 of quoting the text John 3:16?
23:57 Alright you are gonna do for us,
23:59 you are gonna quote for us John 3:16?
24:00 Okay, before you do that, well go ahead do right now
24:05 Vanessa you are ready to read John 3:16?
24:07 Yeah, okay you cannot use your Bible, okay,
24:11 I know, you cannot use your Bible, alright
24:12 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
24:15 begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him
24:18 shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
24:20 Okay, who believe in him shall not be what?
24:23 Perish. But, have what? Everlasting life.
24:25 Okay, according to Jesus himself Vanessa
24:27 according to Jesus what's the two options you have?
24:30 Come on now, what's the two options
24:33 you just said them, you just said them
24:34 the two options the wicked will?
24:35 Perish, the righteous will? Have everlasting life.
24:38 Two options and who is speaking here
24:39 tell me who is speaking,
24:40 it's red in your Bible who is speaking?
24:41 Jesus, Jesus is speaking.
24:42 So, Jesus himself as He speaks to His disciples
24:45 as He speaks to the whole world basically right,
24:47 you find the text written there,
24:49 Jesus says the two options are this,
24:50 perishing or everlasting life.
24:53 You know this would have been a great time
24:55 for Jesus to say something like this.
24:57 The option here is for those, let me read quote
25:01 John 3:16 in context of much of Christianity,
25:04 and much of teaching today,
25:05 what I used to believe.
25:06 For God so loved the world,
25:07 that he gave his only begotten Son,
25:08 that whoever believes in him
25:09 shall not have everlasting life in hell,
25:11 but have everlasting life in heaven.
25:12 Would it had been appropriate time
25:14 for him to say that,
25:16 would have been good for him to say right there,
25:17 I mean if that's what the truth was,
25:18 but what he say? Perish or everlasting life.
25:23 That text in itself is like to me
25:26 when I first became a Christian,
25:28 and I really realize what that was
25:30 saying that was Jesus was saying
25:31 perishing is not living for ever.
25:33 But, now wait a minute, wait a minute
25:35 I do realize that there are some
25:38 text in the Bible, that seem kind of
25:40 contradictory to that.
25:41 But, here is what you gonna understand,
25:42 we are gonna go to this text next.
25:43 We are gonna address this whole for ever
25:45 and everything, but here is
25:46 what you got to remember.
25:47 Nowhere do the wicked get promised eternal life.
25:54 You don't have it,
25:56 so if you don't have the wicked being
25:58 promised eternal life,
25:59 you do have the wicked
26:00 being promised to be destroyed,
26:02 destruction, perishing, never lasting anymore,
26:05 being gone, right you have these promises
26:08 in the Bible of the wicked.
26:09 And but you have a couple of texts
26:10 that seem to say something else,
26:11 one or two things have to happen?
26:13 We have to throw out all the text
26:16 and say they perished,
26:17 they are destroyed, they no longer exist,
26:19 those texts have to go,
26:20 or we have to understand those texts,
26:22 and the meaning of them in context of the text
26:26 that says forever and ever.
26:27 What does forever and ever mean,
26:29 and what's it talking about it,
26:30 you understand what I'm saying?
26:31 Because if you don't,
26:32 if we don't understand this,
26:33 we're gonna look at this,
26:35 and we go ahead and go to the slide here,
26:36 so you can get your Bibles at home ready
26:37 and everybody else,
26:38 Revelation chapter 20 verses 5 through 9
26:39 is we are going to next.
26:40 Oh I mess up there?
26:41 Oh okay, alright the slide is wrong,
26:46 so you have to fix that,
26:47 the next text we are going to after John 3:16,
26:49 was I alright John 3:16.
26:51 Yeah Revelation 14 now,
26:52 I'm sorry my mistake we were at John 3:16
26:55 and the next we are going to is
26:57 Revelation chapter 14.
26:58 I got to keep up with my little clicker thing,
27:00 I can show up with the slides
27:02 on the screen don't I? I get confused myself,
27:04 Revelation 14 9 through 11,
27:07 and we are gonna address now the whole idea.
27:09 Doesn't the Bible say that it's forever
27:11 and ever and ever and if it does,
27:13 we do have a text that teaches that the
27:16 wicked live forever, and ever, and ever,
27:17 and ever in hell.
27:18 What do you do with the text like
27:20 we just read in John 3:16 were Jesus says
27:21 they perish, right?
27:23 If there is a contradiction in the Bible,
27:25 then I'm ready to just pitch it because
27:29 how do we know who is right,
27:30 who is wrong,
27:31 you know how can I trust it.
27:32 So, the contradictions have to come together,
27:34 and we have to find out if when we see
27:36 a seeming contradiction is with the Bible
27:38 or with us and like 10 times out of 10
27:41 the issue is not the Bible,
27:42 the issue is us, right?
27:45 So, let's read this text now,
27:46 in Revelation chapter 14 verse 9 through 11
27:49 and Darlene do you have that ready right here?
27:51 Alright Revelation 14 9 through 11 Darlene,
27:55 go ahead.
27:56 Then a third angel followed them,
27:57 saying with a loud voice,
27:58 "If any man worship the beast and his image,
28:02 and receive his mark on his forehead
28:05 or on his hand, he himself shall also
28:08 drink of the wine of the wrath of God,
28:11 which is poured out in full strength
28:14 into the cup of His indignation.
28:16 He shall be tormented with fire
28:19 and brimstone in the presence of the
28:21 holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.
28:24 And the smoke of their torment
28:26 shall ascend forever
28:27 and ever;
28:28 and they shall have no rest day or night,
28:31 who worship the beast and his image,
28:33 and whoever receives the mark of his name.
28:37 So, according to the Bible here
28:39 what we just read in the Bible especially
28:41 we get on verse 11 is talking about
28:42 the wrath of God being poured out on people,
28:44 you know we went to that part of the text
28:45 and is gonna be poured out up on the wicked
28:46 and then it says and a smoke of their torment
28:48 ascends up, for how long?
28:49 Forever and ever;
28:51 and they have no rest day or night,
28:53 who worship the beast and his image,
28:54 and whoever receives the mark of his name.
28:57 So, most people or many people will turn to that,
29:00 now I can remember,
29:01 I don't know if I'm allowed to do this or not,
29:03 because it's gonna be aired all over the place,
29:05 but I'm just gonna be myself and they can edit it
29:06 out if they have to.
29:07 So, I remember when I was growing up,
29:09 and I had this friend I was about 10 years old
29:11 I had this friend, he went to this Baptist church,
29:12 its just up the way from me.
29:13 And he wanted me to go to church with him,
29:16 and I like said I was about 10 and my mom
29:20 made friends with his mom.
29:21 So, my parents were friends with his parents
29:22 and that kind of thing. And I remember my mom
29:25 actually at one time we went for about
29:27 three four weeks in a row.
29:28 She started going to church,
29:29 they invited her to church,
29:30 so we started to go to this church up
29:32 there with them. And I remember
29:33 one night this is what,
29:34 this is one of things that may be just
29:35 almost not ever want to become a
29:36 Christian or anything.
29:37 This was the, this night this one time
29:39 in history it's kind of funny
29:40 when you think about how your life turns
29:42 and things isn't it?
29:43 But, we went up to this Baptist church
29:45 and it was a Sunday night service
29:48 and me and my friend and bunch of others,
29:51 young ones about 10 years old,
29:52 11 years old 12 of that age
29:53 was all sitting in one row.
29:55 And a preacher was preaching a sermon
29:56 about the love of God.
29:57 I can remember that because
29:58 he kept on that love, love, love,
30:00 love all through you know just love, love, love.
30:02 At the end of the sermon he tries to get
30:04 everybody in my view.
30:05 Now you got to understand
30:06 where I'm coming from for those of you
30:07 that are you know like been in the church
30:09 a whole life and things like that you may never
30:10 understand what people from outside
30:12 were coming from right.
30:13 But, in my view whenever they at the end of
30:15 every service whenever they try to get somebody
30:17 to come up and be baptized they are wanting me
30:19 to come up and join their club,
30:20 I thought it was a club,
30:21 you know like my friends and I have clubs
30:22 we have been in stuff right?
30:23 And so I'm gonna go up
30:24 and they want me to join their club,
30:25 and by the way if you don't join our club,
30:27 this is what I was hearing right.
30:29 Let me tell you what's gonna happen to you,
30:31 so after the sermon on the love of God,
30:33 if you don't join our club something
30:35 could happen you tonight.
30:37 If you go out of here and you don't
30:38 come up here now,
30:39 something gonna happen tonight on the way home,
30:40 you could die in car wreck,
30:41 and if you die in a car wreck,
30:43 and you haven't come up here
30:44 and then baptize that's what they are saying.
30:45 In my mind I hear like join the club right.
30:47 If you don't come and do that,
30:49 remember I'm just a kid you are gonna burn
30:52 through the ceaseless ages of eternity in hell,
30:54 and they reference this text here right,
30:56 they reference this text.
30:57 And then it tells me this,
30:58 they tell the kids he says okay
30:59 I wanna talk to the kids right now.
31:00 I want you to understand what decision
31:02 you need to make here, right.
31:03 He says it's about like this,
31:04 this is true because it stuck in my mind
31:07 like you have some memories
31:08 when you are kid they just stick out forever
31:10 do you have any,
31:11 for ever not in real forever
31:12 but you know for ever as long you live.
31:13 And if you don't let me tell you
31:17 what hells is gonna be like,
31:18 and then he begins to explain,
31:21 he says it's about like your mom
31:22 when you get home taking you
31:24 and putting you into the oven
31:25 and shutting the door and latching it,
31:27 and it's dark in there.
31:28 And she turns it on high
31:30 and all the pain that you had its as painful
31:34 it could be and it's like oh it just the heat
31:35 is so much, but as much as you want to go ahead
31:37 and just die you won't be able to.
31:38 You have to stay alive and forever and ever
31:42 and ever this when you are sins and you think
31:44 there could be sins no more,
31:45 you still be burning,
31:46 and you can never stop it
31:48 and you will do that through that ceaseless
31:49 ages of eternity and then it's like who was
31:51 gonna get baptize.
31:52 And the kids were running you now
31:53 all the different ones,
31:54 and I was scared held in the seat,
31:55 I was so afraid and then we got home that night,
31:57 I can remember being so protective about it.
31:59 And I was like I never wanna go back
32:00 there never and my brother was in
32:02 same way and we never went back,
32:03 we never went back after that scared me to death.
32:06 And that's what I thought hell was,
32:08 and I got to thinking about it.
32:09 Even at like 10 years old I got thinking about it.
32:11 I have been that bad
32:13 and I'm gonna if something happens to me
32:15 I got to burn for ever for just like 10 years
32:19 of Ben who I am,
32:20 I mean it just shocked me clearly,
32:22 it was just to much,
32:24 and so I was just turned off going to churches
32:26 and things like that.
32:27 That's one of the reasons that the study mean
32:31 so much to me,
32:32 because I think it's mischaracterizes God.
32:35 The common belief and hell burning for ever,
32:38 mischaracterizes God,
32:39 it's not a God of love.
32:40 If he is gonna put,
32:42 if he is gonna create me.
32:45 Did anybody here have the choice to be created,
32:47 anybody? Now let's just think about his logic,
32:49 you didn't have choice, did you?
32:50 So, God makes you come into existence, right.
32:53 He gives you only a limited space and time
32:55 on this planet of this earth right.
32:57 And you make wrong decisions
32:58 and you don't ever learn to love his son
33:01 and appreciate the sacrifices been made,
33:03 you never learned any of these things.
33:04 And then on top of that because of you
33:07 never learning to appreciate
33:08 that you are gonna die,
33:10 and then you are gonna spend the ceaseless
33:11 ages of eternity burning in hell.
33:13 I'm like you know I won't to do that to my kids,
33:17 I mean look like Loren and I came together
33:20 they didn't have choice but come in this earth,
33:21 he procreated right we have our kids there.
33:23 And because my kids had been really,
33:24 really bad I'm gonna spank them for how long,
33:26 forever? No it never makes sense to me.
33:30 Christianity this one of the things,
33:32 it was a hang up for me,
33:33 because they never really make sense.
33:35 Now there are some people out there
33:36 right now probably at home like
33:38 jumping up down yelling at the TV
33:39 but it says forever,
33:40 but it says forever you know
33:42 I felt like this some times
33:43 when I watch somebody on TV
33:44 or hear him on the radio you know.
33:46 But let's find out what it means.
33:48 Remember Jesus says they are gonna perish,
33:50 the smoke of their torment ascend up
33:53 forever and ever.
33:54 You will notice here,
33:55 it doesn't say the people live for ever and ever
33:56 for we go any further.
33:57 The smoke of their torment ascend
33:58 with that forever and ever.
33:59 No rest they have day or night.
34:00 So, how does, how can we explain this,
34:03 let us look in other places in the Bible
34:04 where the term forever is used,
34:06 and see if there is certain times
34:09 in the Bible that use the term forever,
34:10 but it just means for indefinite period of time.
34:13 You have been to Wal-Mart,
34:15 and everybody has been to Wal-Mart of course,
34:17 you have been to Wal-Mart and you say
34:18 man I think like that place is so packed out
34:21 I had to wait in line for ever.
34:22 Did you wait in line for ever?
34:24 No, you waited in line what seem like for ever,
34:26 but eventually you got to the line
34:27 didn't you because you here now, right.
34:29 So, let us look now at the text Isaiah chapter 34
34:32 verses 8 through 10,
34:34 Isaiah chapter 34 verses 8 through 10,
34:36 and I think we will have Jessica
34:38 here read that. Can you read that
34:40 for us Jessica in the middle and the back here,
34:42 Isaiah 34 verses 8 through 10,
34:45 let me get there myself hold on,
34:47 I wanna get there myself,
34:48 I found that on myself while ago
34:50 I was reading and I still don't know yet.
34:51 Isaiah 34 where' that in your Bible,
34:54 somewhere right in the middle isn't it?
34:56 If you kind of get in the middle some where
34:57 it's after the book of Psalms,
34:58 Proverbs, Ecclesiastes
34:59 and back before the book of Daniel,
35:01 got Ezekiel, and Daniel,
35:02 going back to the left so Isaiah
35:05 and we are gonna look at the 34 chapter
35:06 and verses what? 8 through 10 okay,
35:11 hold the microphone up to when you read,
35:12 okay go ahead. For it is the day
35:17 of the Lord's vengeance,
35:18 the year when Edom will be paid back
35:22 for all it did to Israel.
35:24 The streams of Edom will be filled with
35:27 burning pitch, and the ground
35:30 will be covered with fire.
35:31 This judgment on Edom will never end;
35:35 the smoke of its burning will rise forever.
35:38 The land will lie deserted from generation
35:42 to generation. No one will live there anymore.
35:46 Isn't it interesting so speaking of Edom,
35:49 Edom actually I guess I follow you there,
35:51 follow your lead speaking of Edom
35:53 it says that, it says that
35:54 they will burn for how long?
35:56 I wanna touch this again real quick
35:57 there how long will it burn?
35:59 Forever right, now today is Edom burning?
36:02 No, they were actually destroyed in this burn,
36:04 they can go there and walk to they
36:05 and is nothing there right it's burned up.
36:08 But it says it it's gonna burn forever
36:09 so when the Bible says here speaking of Edom
36:12 and it said there was gonna burn forever
36:13 and ever, how long was that forever?
36:15 Until it was done,
36:18 you know in other words now listen
36:20 to this in other words the result is forever
36:23 are you following that?
36:24 Is not the burning that's forever
36:27 it's the result that's forever.
36:29 And that's what we gonna find
36:32 with the destruction of the wicked
36:33 because again the wicked nowhere
36:34 are promised eternal life.
36:36 Now we have another example in Bible
36:37 another text we can turn to,
36:39 it's in 1 Samuel chapter 1
36:42 and you remember the story in Samuel,
36:44 Hannah she wanted have a baby but she couldn't
36:47 have one, right.
36:48 So, she went up to the temple
36:49 to pray and she was weeping and praying,
36:51 and she was what was she was wanting?
36:52 She wanna to make her husband happy
36:54 and have a son right,
36:55 but she couldn't have a son,
36:56 and so the priest sees her out there
36:58 weeping and thinks she is drunk,
36:59 and he goes out tries to get on her
37:00 and she says no, no, no
37:02 I'm not drunk you know I wanna have a son,
37:04 and so she gets promise the son.
37:06 And she says if I get a son,
37:07 I'm gonna take and give him to the Lord,
37:09 and how long you gonna serve with the house
37:11 of the Lord? Forever, let us read it,
37:13 1 Samuel 1 I will put the slide up here
37:16 1 Samuel chapter 1 in verse 22
37:18 is we're wanna go to 1 Samuel 1:22.
37:20 How long will he serve,
37:21 and I think we probably have the Tim or Bill
37:23 either one, who want to do it?
37:25 Bill you wanna do that one?
37:26 Okay 1 Samuel chapter 1 in verse 22.
37:29 But Hannah did not go up,
37:33 for she said to her husband,
37:34 not until the child is weaned,
37:36 that I will take him,
37:38 that he may appear before the Lord
37:40 and remain there forever.
37:41 How long Samuel gonna appear there before
37:43 the Lord of the temple, how long? Forever,
37:45 so Samuel is he still serving that today?
37:46 No, how do you know?
37:48 Because he is dead isn't he right?
37:52 Samuel is still not living,
37:53 the Bible records him dying,
37:54 so Samuel is dead,
37:55 so he didn't get to serve forever
37:56 but how long was forever for him?
37:57 Until he die, so when you look at,
38:01 now you can go actually into the original meaning
38:04 of the word and things like that,
38:05 it's very interesting because
38:06 even in the definition of these words like
38:08 it's like eon and eon forever and ever
38:11 and it was the term means like eon and eon
38:13 which mean like an indefinite period of time.
38:14 It doesn't actually mean through the ceaseless
38:16 ages of eternity every time.
38:17 Now it can mean that,
38:19 when the Bible says that God
38:20 who is forever and ever or you know
38:23 the righteous will live forever and ever
38:25 well eternal life living forever and ever
38:27 and it having eternal life is different
38:30 than eternal death.
38:31 You follow what I'm saying?
38:33 You know both are still eternal right,
38:35 but well it's not different then is it,
38:38 but what I'm getting at here,
38:39 I kind of stumbling over myself a little bit,
38:41 let me back up just little bit.
38:42 When God promises you live forever,
38:44 that's eternal life,
38:46 you do live forever because it will be
38:49 until that times run out,
38:50 when the time is gonna run out is not because
38:53 you are living forever right?
38:54 But if He promises eternal death
38:55 will that time run out.
38:56 Yeah you will die and that would be it,
38:59 you will be eternally dead,
39:00 and so it's the same thing so if
39:02 He promises that the fires will burn forever
39:04 how long is that forever?
39:06 Until that fires are burned up,
39:08 until that's consumed,
39:10 right everlasting fire,
39:12 and we're gonna get into that little bit too,
39:14 the everlasting fire idea
39:15 and all that kind of stuff.
39:16 Now we are still here in 1 Samuel 1:22,
39:19 let us go to Malachi now,
39:20 Malachi chapter 4 is on the screen there,
39:22 Malachi chapter 4 verse 1 through 3.
39:24 Does everybody know where Malachi is?
39:25 Common yeah last book of the Old Testament,
39:29 so go to the book of Matthew
39:30 everybody knows how to find book of Matthew
39:31 don't they. Go to the book of Matthew
39:33 and backup one book,
39:34 you will be in the book of Malachi.
39:35 Malachi the 4th chapter and it's interesting
39:39 here once again he is talking about
39:40 the destruction of the wicked,
39:41 and how long they are gonna burn up?
39:43 Malachi chapter 4 verse 1 through 3,
39:47 and Tom would you like to read that one Malachi 4
39:49 verse 1 through 3?
39:50 Get him the microphone there.
39:51 For behold, the day is coming,
39:57 oh this is 1 through 3, okay.
40:00 You got it you're right on.
40:01 For behold, the day is coming,
40:02 Burning like an oven, And all the proud,
40:05 yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.
40:07 And the day which is coming shall burn them up,
40:10 Says the Lord of hosts,
40:12 That will leave them neither root
40:14 nor branch. But to you who fear My name,
40:18 The Sun of Righteousness shall arise
40:21 with healing in His wings;
40:23 And you shall go out and grow fat like
40:26 stall-fed calves.
40:27 You shall trample the wicked,
40:30 For they shall be ashes under the soles
40:33 of your feet On the day that I do this,
40:35 says the Lord of hosts.
40:36 Okay you have verse 1 and verse 3
40:39 both says something is gonna happened
40:40 to the wicked. You know what's happens
40:42 to the righteous here,
40:43 you see what happen to the righteous,
40:44 they all gonna be fat,
40:45 it's not a bad thing at that time isn't,
40:48 so it's okay,
40:49 you are gonna be overweight I guess,
40:50 it doesn't hurt you right.
40:51 That's at His second coming
40:53 but look at verse 1 there
40:55 what it says happens for behold the day
40:57 come that shall burns another.
40:59 Okay what's he is referring to here, right.
41:02 Look what's gonna happen all that are proud,
41:05 all the do wickedly shall be what?
41:06 Stubble, they are gonna be stubble,
41:09 right they are gonna be burn up.
41:11 And the day that come shall burn them
41:13 forever and ever.
41:14 Did I misquote that,
41:16 now what does it actually say?
41:18 Burn them up so according to Bible
41:21 here once again we find that the wicked
41:22 that will be burned up,
41:24 and the result will be forever.
41:27 And look at verse 3,
41:28 and they shall tread the righteous
41:30 they go out on the earth because remember
41:31 what Jesus says the meek shall inherit
41:35 the earth. So, what we find here
41:37 in the context here is after the wicked
41:39 are burned up to ashes,
41:40 what do the righteous do they go out
41:42 and they tread them on the soles of their feet,
41:44 for they shall be ashes under the soles
41:45 of their feet in the day that I shall do this,
41:48 say the Lord of host.
41:49 So it's interesting hell according to Bible
41:51 we read already hell is gonna be where?
41:52 On the earth, when it's gonna be?
41:54 Yeah we know after 1000 years,
41:59 after the millennium Scott's covered that,
42:00 but we know that the wicked are reserved
42:02 until the day of judgment.
42:04 So, it's gonna be day of judgment
42:05 when this all takes place,
42:06 this all gonna fall in God is gonna say okay
42:07 this is what's gonna happen,
42:08 I'm gonna make things right,
42:10 he destroys the wicked in the fires of hell
42:12 where at? On the earth
42:15 and then the righteous
42:16 inherit the earth.
42:17 Have you seen that here in context so far,
42:18 so it just kind of reiterate to we've already
42:20 learned a little bit there,
42:21 that the wicked are gonna be burned up,
42:23 they are gonna be destroyed,
42:25 they are gonna be no more.
42:26 Is there any questions so far?
42:27 Yeah we get into the difficult text,
42:30 so called difficult text later one in the study
42:32 we will cover that in the part two of the study
42:34 when we get to part two,
42:35 because there is ones that somebody likes
42:37 to bring out and will say what about
42:38 the rich man Lazarus,
42:39 how you wanted that?
42:40 What about the rich man Lazarus
42:42 and here is what funny to me,
42:43 you will find yourself trying to defend a text.
42:47 You know what I like to say when someone
42:48 says what about the rich man Lazarus?
42:49 What about John 3:16?
42:51 Right now the rich man Lazarus is a parable.
42:55 John 3:16 is Jesus actually making
42:58 a statement actually what's gonna happen,
43:00 right. God so loved the world,
43:02 that he gave his only begotten Son,
43:03 who believes in him shall not perish,
43:05 but have everlasting life.
43:06 Right the two options is perishing,
43:08 everlasting life, they have to go together.
43:10 You can't have one,
43:12 and sets off to the side somewhat different.
43:13 He says okay yeah this is what it means,
43:15 and this is what I'm gonna believe if you do,
43:16 can you see what it can lead you
43:18 that's why the Bible tells us in Isaiah,
43:20 we have to study line up on line,
43:22 preset upon preset here a little,
43:24 there a little.
43:25 You have to take all the text
43:26 in the context to understand
43:27 on any particular teaching.
43:29 Now I like this part very well.
43:32 We finished up here,
43:33 we're seeing that the wicked
43:34 that are gonna be destroyed in the fires,
43:35 they are gonna be like ashes,
43:37 they are gonna be under the feet as ashes.
43:39 Now we have understand
43:41 that also the Bible says that are gonna be
43:42 eternal fire, right.
43:43 Did you know those examples
43:45 in the Bible of those suffering
43:46 from eternal fire?
43:47 They have been suffering from
43:49 everlasting flame,
43:50 the first one here we are gonna look at
43:52 is in Jude chapter 1 verse 7,
43:53 Jude chapter 1 and verse 7.
43:55 It's on the slide,
43:56 its one the screen there, Jude 1:7.
43:57 Everybody get there where's the book of Jude?
43:59 Yeah exactly right,
44:02 you go to the book Revelation
44:03 and backup one book.
44:04 Now everybody knows where
44:05 the book of Matthew is,
44:06 and everybody knows what the book of Jude is,
44:07 or Revelation is almost everybody,
44:09 very few people don't, right?
44:11 So, if you go to the book of Revelation
44:13 you back up one book you will get to Jude.
44:14 On the slide so almost done this on the slide
44:17 and I do this some time,
44:18 and I note I will just put Jude 7,
44:20 right because there is no chapters in Jude,
44:23 it's just 1 chapter so Jude verse 7.
44:25 But for, so people don't get confused
44:27 I put chapter 1 which is only 1 chapter verse 7.
44:29 Sometimes I sign my emails Jude 2.
44:31 You have ever seen that,
44:33 or anybody got email from Aerosoft signed Jude 2.
44:35 Look what it says in Jude 2,
44:37 Mercy unto you, and peace, and love,
44:39 and be multiplied.
44:40 So, I just sign my emails Jude 2
44:41 Phillip right. Now you can add
44:43 to that when you send me emails too.
44:44 Alright so Jude chapter 1 in verse 7
44:47 we are gonna look at an example
44:49 of this eternal fire,
44:51 and just we are gonna have Roberto
44:54 over here give us in Jude chapter 1
44:56 and verse 7 for us go ahead Roberto.
44:58 As Sodom and Gomorrah,
45:00 and the cities around them in a similar manner
45:03 of these, having given themselves over,
45:07 over the sexual immorality
45:10 and gone after strange flesh,
45:12 are set forth as an example,
45:16 suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
45:21 Alright, I'm gonna keep right on you,
45:23 okay, Robert, what happened to Sodom
45:25 and Gomorrah, what did they suffer from?
45:26 The last part of the verse,
45:29 the vengeance of.
45:34 Suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
45:36 Eternal fire, that's exactly right.
45:38 So, so according to the Bible Sodom
45:40 and Gomorrah suffered from eternal fire.
45:41 Now, I got a question,
45:42 I wanna ask everybody,
45:43 eternal fire obviously last forever,
45:45 doesn't it Michael?
45:46 Eternal fire last forever.
45:48 So, today right now we should be able
45:50 to go somewhere on this earth
45:51 and go to, and go to Sodom and Gomorrah
45:53 and see them still burning,
45:54 shouldn't be able to do that?
45:55 Yeah, you can't, I'm sorry, it's late,
45:57 you won't be able to because
45:58 Sodom and Gomorrah historically
45:59 are where you find today?
46:01 The Dead Sea and they're like buried
46:04 under water.
46:05 Yeah, just kind of put the fire out I guess,
46:07 maybe they would have kept burning
46:08 if they hadn't put water,
46:09 if they hadn't got water
46:10 over top of them there,
46:11 but I'll tell you some very interesting.
46:12 At my Church there in Louisville,
46:14 I had this guy come one time
46:15 that he was a like one of those guys
46:17 that what do they called archeologists,
46:18 they go around digging up things
46:19 and things like that, right?
46:20 And he was digging and he goes over
46:23 the Holy Land,
46:24 in that place there is a lot of research
46:26 and things like that.
46:27 And he had this bag,
46:28 a plastic bag that he brought back
46:29 from over there,
46:30 he have been digging in around
46:32 the Dead Sea where historically Sodom,
46:34 Sodom and Gomorrah are,
46:36 and it's the only place on this planet
46:38 that you find this little things
46:40 they're like softer balls,
46:41 they will be like I think about this big
46:43 softer balls.
46:44 It's the only place on a planet
46:45 you will find them embedded into the ground
46:46 and the rock and stuff there,
46:47 and he picks some of them out,
46:48 and he put him in his bag
46:49 and he brought back to us,
46:50 can't find anywhere else on the planet,
46:51 and that's what interesting
46:52 about these softer balls.
46:53 He showed a video he didn't do
46:55 with all them because you don't
46:56 wanna waste them all.
46:57 You remember this Darlene you were there,
46:58 I think it was on a prayer meeting night,
46:59 but anyway he put a,
47:00 he has one of the softer balls
47:01 in the end of the spoon,
47:02 a silver metal spoon right,
47:03 and he takes it and enlighten
47:05 with the lighter and it melts
47:06 in the spoon off just,
47:07 melts it off like that.
47:09 And the only place on the earth
47:10 you can find those things over
47:11 and around the Dead Sea there where
47:13 historically Sodom and Gomorrah was.
47:14 Now, you remember that
47:15 the Bible says that that fire of brimstone
47:17 raining down from God out of heaven on
47:18 Sodom and Gomorrah and they burn forever,
47:21 forever, right? Forever,
47:23 they're not burning today, are they?
47:25 You wonder why?
47:26 Because after the fire done it's work,
47:29 there was no reason to keep burning.
47:31 So, it says there,
47:32 now I want you to know something else
47:34 in the verse 2, still in verse 7.
47:35 Even as Sodom and Gomorrah,
47:37 and the cities around and about them in like manner.
47:39 So, also there were cities around
47:41 about them in like manner,
47:42 that was still just as bad,
47:43 they also suffered from the same thing
47:45 and it says, they suffer
47:46 the vengeance of eternal fire.
47:49 Now, listen was the fire eternal?
47:53 Yes, yes, yes it was because
47:56 the result was eternal,
47:57 they are destroyed,
47:59 they are not gonna be there anymore.
48:00 You know, I like to do this,
48:01 I learn this from Doug Batchelor
48:03 and I tried it a couple of times
48:04 in evangelistic meetings and,
48:05 and it's, really difficult to do,
48:06 you got to, you got to kind this make
48:08 yourself in your mind I'm gonna,
48:09 I'm gonna hold on to this match.
48:10 Well, you take one of wooden matches,
48:11 right and you, and you light it,
48:14 and as you're talking you're holding like this
48:16 letting the flame burn up,
48:17 right and say now this is an eternal flame,
48:18 I'm not gonna put it out,
48:19 it's burning, it's burning,
48:21 then you lick your fingers and you go,
48:22 grab the other end of the match, right?
48:25 And you hold up like this and that can finishes
48:28 burning the match up and,
48:29 and so there it is,
48:30 it's all burned up the flame,
48:31 it's eternal I'm not putting it out
48:33 you know the match just goes out finally, right?
48:34 Then you take the match
48:35 and you drop in your hand
48:36 then you go like this,
48:37 and all we have is a little black smooth
48:39 sooty looking thing on your hand,
48:40 what happened to the match?
48:43 It's gone, will it ever be a match again?
48:46 No, it will never be a match again,
48:47 so I can say the result of that match,
48:49 we see the result of,
48:50 of eternal fire.
48:51 Does that make sense?
48:53 So, the results are eternal,
48:54 but you don't have eternal life promised
48:57 to the wicked.
48:58 That's why God can be called God of love.
49:01 You know,
49:03 I think the stories like
49:04 and by the way whenever
49:07 I do this Bible study in a home,
49:09 I usually spend this is like a
49:12 when I have spend the longest time,
49:13 one I have spend the longest time,
49:14 because I do share more,
49:15 more stories it's really hang up
49:16 for lot of couple.
49:17 Most people when you talk about
49:18 the state of the death they,
49:20 they really don't usually have a problem with,
49:21 with this putting,
49:22 with you putting the love ones
49:23 in the grave sleeping,
49:25 but something about
49:26 taking the enemies out of hell
49:27 and destroying them
49:28 it really bothers people.
49:30 You know, no my enemies
49:32 are gonna be there forever
49:33 burning and burning and burning
49:34 it's almost like they have a,
49:35 it's just like they don't want to accept that,
49:37 right? And so, I usually spend a little,
49:39 little more time with this
49:40 and I appeal to them,
49:41 I appeal to them,
49:42 to think about the love of God and,
49:44 and do you have,
49:45 do you have is your love anywhere
49:46 close to the love of God.
49:47 Do you think you have a love
49:48 anywhere close to the love of God.
49:49 Let me to think that God loves my kids
49:51 more than I do, right?
49:52 But yet, if my kids got to be a,
49:56 wanted to grew up
49:57 and like axe murder my wife
50:01 in front of me.
50:03 Right, and go out and do all kinds of
50:04 horrible things.
50:06 And so then finally comes a day at court.
50:08 There's my boy, he is in court there, right?
50:10 He's been axe-murdering,
50:11 I have seen him do it,
50:12 this kind of stuff, right?
50:13 And the judge is,
50:14 you know, going to pronounce sentence on him.
50:15 And you know he's going to get it, right?
50:16 And me as the dad, I am going to say,
50:18 "Well, you know what?
50:19 I don't want you to just put him in
50:21 the electric chair.
50:22 I want you to take an axe and axe him up." Right?
50:26 And I want to watch.
50:27 Do you know any parents
50:28 who'd do anything like that?
50:30 No, what would a parent want?
50:31 As bad as he was,
50:33 what do they want?
50:34 Please, if you want to do it,
50:35 do it quickly, right?
50:36 But yet we think that we have more love than God.
50:39 Job asked a question at one point.
50:40 I'm just going to throw the text out,
50:41 you know. Is woman or man...
50:42 Is woman or man more just than God?
50:45 The question isn't Job but is woman
50:47 or man more just than God?
50:48 The obvious answer is no!
50:51 We wouldn't want anybody, like,
50:53 even if they kill our family,
50:54 we wouldn't want to have to watch them
50:55 suffer for even like an hour, would you?
50:57 Just get rid of them, right?
51:00 But yet we think that God being all knowing,
51:03 all seeing, all powerful,
51:05 is gonna take His love,
51:07 His beloved, which He says He loves...
51:08 He says He loves us all, right?
51:10 He's gonna take those creatures
51:11 He created that He loves,
51:12 and He's gonna place them in a place called hell
51:13 in the center of the earth,
51:14 this is normal theology.
51:16 And He's gonna let them torture
51:17 and suffer there for the ceaseless ages of eternity?
51:20 Well, we've sort of two different gods, you know.
51:24 And that whole idea came in...
51:26 It didn't come in through the Bible.
51:27 You don't find that teaching in the Bible,
51:28 it's come in through Greek mythology.
51:29 I'll just be like little straight
51:31 but you all know that, you know.
51:33 You look at the history of it,
51:34 it isn't come from the Bible.
51:35 It just doesn't.
51:36 And you're actually accusing God
51:39 of something that He is not.
51:40 You're saying He's unjust, unfair, unloving.
51:42 And I just have issues with that myself.
51:45 And again, some guys jumping up
51:47 and down here at the TV at this point saying,
51:49 "Oh, but you don't understand sin!
51:51 That's your problem,
51:52 you don't understand sin!
51:53 God understands sin."
51:56 Does God hate sin? Yes.
51:57 Does He love the sinner? Yes.
51:59 You understand the point?
52:01 The problem is... When it comes to hell,
52:05 the problem is God has a big issue.
52:06 You know what the issue is?
52:07 He hates sin but He loves you,
52:11 and you are connected to sin.
52:12 So how can you get rid of the sin,
52:14 destroy it, right?
52:16 Does God want sin that last's forever?
52:18 What's He wanna do with sin? Destroy it, right?
52:20 But yet He wants the sinner to suffer forever?
52:23 Does that make sense?
52:25 The problem is you are connected
52:26 to the thing He has to destroy.
52:27 And so that's why He has to destroy the wicked...
52:31 End the fires of hell.
52:33 They have to be destroyed
52:34 because He has to destroy sin.
52:35 He has to purge the earth of that problem
52:36 that we have.
52:37 Doesn't that make sense?
52:38 It never made sense to me to think
52:42 that God loves me so much
52:43 that He wants me to burn forever.
52:47 I have trouble with that.
52:48 You know. And I don't think
52:49 it paints a God of love,
52:50 it paints a God of evil.
52:51 And so, I know this is going long
52:54 on this point but bottom line,
52:56 if you just took out all the text from the Bible
52:58 on the study of hell.
52:59 And you just looked at done a study on God's love,
53:02 then the study on hell,
53:05 the normal study that you hear from people
53:07 that you burn to the ceaseless ages of eternity,
53:10 it doesn't make sense.
53:11 You know, it's like this puzzle
53:14 that all fits together.
53:15 And I am like in confession here
53:16 because we're running short on time,
53:17 we are going to part two
53:18 and to finish this up here in a few minutes.
53:19 But I want to make a little confession here
53:21 and you may appreciate this too.
53:23 All the things we've learned so far,
53:26 you know, we've been going through study
53:28 after study and it's like,
53:29 just think about the truth in God's word
53:31 as compared to what the Anti Christ
53:33 has done to make a deception in His place.
53:36 For instance, God is love
53:38 but according to the teaching on hell day,
53:42 God is not love. He's a tyrant.
53:44 God created Sabbath
53:46 so that we can have a day of rest,
53:47 a day with God. You know?
53:49 Particularly set aside so that we can just
53:52 spend a blessed day with Him,
53:53 a day that He blessed,
53:54 set aside and sanctified, right?
53:56 He created Himself.
53:57 But the devil through the Anti Christ power
54:00 comes in and gives another day.
54:01 And it says even on that day,
54:02 you don't have to rest and set it aside,
54:04 you can just have a great time
54:05 and do your own thing on that day
54:06 and you are still keeping it, right?
54:08 So it's a deception along those lines, right?
54:09 It is showing that God doesn't really care
54:11 if He spends time with you or not.
54:13 So, God of love?
54:15 No, no, it's not a God of love, it's a tyrant.
54:17 And God wants to spend time with you?
54:18 Not really, just an hour a week or whatever,
54:20 then you go do your own thing, right?
54:22 And you just go down the list,
54:24 and we'll get to the others as we go along,
54:25 God is law, the law of love.
54:27 It shows us how to love one and another.
54:28 You know you got the first four commandments
54:30 that show us how to love God.
54:31 The last six commandments teach us
54:33 how to love our neighbor.
54:34 And what has the devil come along and done?
54:36 Oh, those have been nailed to the cross,
54:37 you don't have to worry about keeping them.
54:39 Just get rid of them
54:40 and you can go do your own thing.
54:42 And so you have the parallels of a God
54:45 of love that wants us to love one another
54:46 and love Him, he tells us how.
54:48 And the devil comes along and says,
54:49 "No, get rid of those,"
54:50 so you don't know how to love me
54:51 and love God and love your neighbor.
54:53 And then this one to me is one of most heart
54:57 wrenching ones because it takes the
55:00 character of God and it turns it upside down.
55:03 You know, such a relief, you know.
55:06 I'm gonna go ahead with this one too.
55:10 I guess probably I should.
55:11 I got the news one time my dad passed away.
55:15 My parents, my dad never professed Christ
55:18 at all and I know he's in the hands
55:19 of a just God, right?
55:21 God knows his heart,
55:22 everything like that,
55:23 He's gonna deal with him.
55:24 But in my mind? Very questionable, right?
55:25 Very questionable.
55:26 But he was a really great guy.
55:28 I mean, when I became a Christian,
55:30 I understood a lot about
55:31 the love of God because of the love
55:32 my dad had toward me growing up.
55:33 I mean, that helped me to understand that,
55:35 right? But yet when he died
55:38 never professing Christ,
55:40 according to most Christians
55:41 where is he at right now?
55:42 He is in a serial of burning,
55:45 torturing and all kinds of pain.
55:47 Can you understand why people
55:48 go crazy when they lose loved ones sometimes,
55:49 if you really believe that nonsense?
55:52 You know? But it was such a relief to me
55:53 to find out that the loving God
55:55 that I serve, even if he did wrong,
55:57 even if he's not going to be in heaven,
55:58 will eventually destroy him.
56:00 It's gonna be a reward according
56:02 to as his work was.
56:04 So the Bible teaches
56:06 that hell destroys sinners
56:08 along with the sin that he was connected with.
56:10 Isn't that peaceful?
56:12 And so we'll go ahead and go through
56:15 and finish on part one right now,
56:18 we're gonna stop here on part one.
56:19 The Destruction of the Wicked part one
56:20 and just here we'll turn around
56:23 and do part two of
56:24 The Destruction of the Wicked.
56:25 And the reason we are doing it this way
56:26 is because we're gonna go through the difficult
56:27 text as well and explain those.
56:28 But I just want you to understand
56:31 from the point and perspective of people
56:33 that are living in the heathen environment
56:35 like I was, coming into Christianity,
56:37 how God just doesn't seem right with the teaching
56:40 of hell that you find around today.
56:41 And so we're gonna pick up when we come back.
56:45 We just finished with Jude 1:7 and it says,
56:48 "These people are an example of eternal fire.
56:51 And they are an example to somebody."
56:54 And when we pick it back up at the next study
56:56 we're gonna be picking it up by answering
56:57 the question, who is Sodom and Gomorrah
56:59 an example for? Who are they
57:01 an example of? Or an example to?
57:03 Because the Bible tells us that they're an example
57:05 to someone else,
57:06 that's going to be taking place
57:07 at the end of this earth's history basically.
57:09 And so if you want to download
57:11 the study guides at home,
57:12 you can download the study guides from
57:13 And you can go there
57:17 and there will be a little radio link there.
57:19 You can click on it, download the study guides
57:21 for the Life on the Edge Bible study course,
57:23 or you can also be able to watch them
57:25 on line if you're only getting this one here
57:27 and you want to see the previous ones.
57:28 And you are wondering what I'm talking about
57:30 at other times. You can go to that
57:31 website and see the studies on the Sabbath
57:34 and the other things like that.
57:35 And be more than welcome
57:38 to join us back here.
57:39 And at the next study we're gonna do
57:40 the Destruction of the Wicked part two.


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