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Destruction Of The Wicked Pt. 2

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00:27 We now invite you into our classroom
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00:43 Welcome again to the Lay Institute for
00:45 Evangelism. Today, we're going to be talking
00:47 about part 2 of the Destruction of the Wicked,
00:49 it's a two part Bible study.
00:50 Now, when you actually give the Bible study
00:53 for those of you at home or for those of us
00:55 here when you give the Bible study,
00:57 you want to make sure that you don't do it all,
00:59 you take 2 hours to do the study,
01:01 you follow that? You want to give a Bible
01:02 study in about an hour's time, as Scott has
01:04 covered that pretty good, and I wanna to
01:06 touch on it again here. If you go in somebody's
01:08 home and there were to say yes please have
01:10 Bible studies with me. And your Bible study lasts
01:12 like 2 hours, next week when you say let's
01:15 have a Bible study. They're gonna say oh!
01:17 You know I kind of got some things I got to do,
01:19 I'm little busy, because they're thinking themselves
01:21 I like to have the study, but I really don't
01:22 have 2 or 3 hours to spend with this person.
01:25 But since we are actually learning here,
01:26 we are actually teaching how to give the Bible
01:28 studies, and like it takes a little extra time,
01:31 because you know I don't always when I'm
01:33 giving a Bible study give all the stories like I've
01:36 given to you guys. You know it's like every
01:37 story but some of them I'll use,
01:39 and same with you, there will be certain things
01:41 that happened in your life and when you do that,
01:43 when you do the Bible study with someone else.
01:46 You want to make sure that, that you share
01:47 things what it means to you personally in a
01:49 personal experience, I mean you wanna share
01:51 the Bible truth? You want to actually share what
01:53 the Bible has to say, but then the personal
01:55 experience like how it's changed you,
01:57 how it's made your life different is very important
01:59 as well. So, but you don't want the whole Bible
02:03 study to be personal testimony time,
02:05 you know. So, again when you give these studies
02:07 it's okay to give a personal story here and
02:09 there, and let them know like see how actually
02:11 applies to you in real life. Are you following
02:14 what I'm saying there, okay, and so we done
02:17 the first half of the study on the Destruction
02:20 of the Wicked. And the reason I called Destruction
02:22 of the Wicked instead of just simply hell,
02:24 is because it kind a, hell kind has a connotation
02:27 of everlasting, ever-turn, ever-burning,
02:30 eternal fire where the wicked are just there
02:32 and they can't die no matter how much they
02:33 want to die? That's kind of the mind set on
02:36 when you think about hell, most people when
02:37 you think about it. But when you say a term
02:39 Destruction of the Wicked, it kind of gives the
02:41 different meaning you know what I'm saying?
02:43 It doesn't sound like they are living forever
02:44 does it, it sounds like destruction of the wicked.
02:47 And so we're gonna actually review a little bit
02:49 of the first part of DVD, because or the video
02:52 we're taking here this session.
02:54 The reason we're gonna review is because
02:56 somebody might just pick up in the middle of this
02:57 and be watching the second, second part of
03:00 this or second half that we're doing now,
03:02 and say what are they talking about?
03:04 And so we'll review quickly of what we
03:06 covered so far and as we do that review,
03:09 we're gonna look at when we first started out
03:11 the study today on the Destruction of the Wicked.
03:13 We looked at the purpose of this study and
03:15 what was the purpose of the study?
03:17 To show that the purpose of hell is to destroy
03:20 sin forever, so the purpose of hell is not to
03:24 prolong a sinner in immortal,
03:27 in immortal torture, you know, but it's to
03:29 destroy sin forever. God doesn't want to show
03:32 us as sinners, remembex we learned that in
03:34 the last study that in Matthew Chapter,
03:36 when we looked in the gospel of Matthew.
03:37 Let me get to text here Matthew Chapter 25
03:40 we found out in verse 41 that hell was
03:43 prepared for who? For the devil,
03:46 for Satan and his angels, right, but and
03:48 the reason he is gonna put them there,
03:49 is because they have sinned, they have fallen
03:51 from heaven, they are here on earth;
03:52 they are causing all of us, all of our problems,
03:55 all of our tortures, and all the bad things
03:57 that are happening to you is because of the devil,
03:59 is because of that sin that he has caused to
04:00 happen in this earth. And so eventually God says
04:03 I'm gonna have this place, and I'm gonna
04:04 destroy the devil in. But now if you happen
04:07 to be connected with him, I've got to destroy you
04:09 too. And so when we think of,
04:12 the reason we make it the destruction of the
04:13 wicked instead of just simply saying hell is
04:15 because that's what's gonna happen to them
04:16 according to the Bible. They're gonna be
04:18 destroyed in the fires of hell, and that's what
04:21 the purpose of it is, and remember how we
04:22 looked at it? Does God love sin?
04:24 No, does God love sinners?
04:26 Yes, and so since God love sinners,
04:28 and He hates sin, and He says I'm gonna
04:31 immortalize sin, is it what He says in the Bible?
04:34 He is gonna do what? Destroy sin,
04:36 but now He has a problem, the problem is
04:38 those who He loves you and I who He loves
04:40 deeply are here on this planet and there is sin
04:44 all around us. And some of us, unfortunately
04:47 some of us tend to have an idea that we really
04:49 love sin. And so now God has a problem that
04:53 who He loves you and myself,
04:54 He loves us is involved in sin,
04:57 we have it involved in our life we're like filled
04:59 with it, right? Sometimes we can get that way.
05:02 And God hates the sin, but He loves you.
05:05 Now, what's His problem? You know what
05:06 His problem is? In order to get rid of the sin,
05:10 He has to also destroy the one that has involved
05:13 with it, the one is connected to it.
05:15 So, even though He doesn't want to,
05:17 God doesn't want to destroy us. And we'll learn
05:19 that as we get to end of the study today.
05:21 We will learn He doesn't want to get rid of us.
05:22 He wants us to live forever. But in order for
05:24 us to help us to live forever,
05:26 He has to get us to turn from our sin.
05:29 And so the purpose of the study is to show
05:32 and like its quoted here if you notice real close
05:33 on the purpose here. It says the purpose is to
05:35 destroy not the sinner, but sin forever.
05:39 God really doesn't want to destroy the sinner
05:40 forever, it just happen, you happen to be
05:42 connected with it. You know, its like your,
05:44 what do they call them collateral damage when you
05:46 when you drop a bomb and you want to
05:47 destroy the enemy over there in the some of the
05:49 wars we're having now they drop a bomb there
05:51 was collateral damage. You know it happened
05:52 to be that some of the, some of the people
05:55 that were, that we didn't want to destroy,
05:56 got destroyed too, because it was connected
05:58 with the people that we had to destroy or
06:01 needed to destroy they say, okay.
06:03 And so whether they needed to or had
06:04 to or not that's it, somebody else opinion,
06:06 I'm out of that.
06:08 But the Bible says as we go to the Center
06:10 It part here, we're gonna look at the Center It:
06:12 Jesus loves sinners forever, did you know that?
06:16 Jesus loves sinners forever. Now, we took from
06:20 this point as we went through the study and
06:22 we realize that God is a God of love,
06:26 and He loves even sinners forever and if you
06:28 love someone, do you want him to torture
06:30 forever like? Even if you hate someone would
06:33 you want to see them be tortured forever?
06:34 I mean even a scantily as we are you know as
06:36 human beings and is rotten as we are inside,
06:39 we don't want to see anybody suffer forever.
06:42 I mean I don't, my kids, and how about your?
06:45 I don't want to punish them forever,
06:47 you know I would like to say I had tough time
06:49 even like with my kids, they are really good kids,
06:51 you really don't need to put to whole harder
06:53 ever actually as far as it goes
06:54 the best kids in the world.
06:56 But anyway when I had to do them,
06:58 when they do like somebody calls one of the
07:00 others, somebody else's kids, because my kid's
07:02 messed up you know how they go sometimes,
07:03 right? And they have done something wrong,
07:06 and I got to punish them. Do you think
07:08 I want to send them, send them to the room
07:10 forever? No. You know it actually hurts me
07:13 to send them to the room or punished them
07:15 just a little bit, because I have to do it, right?
07:19 I'm more just in God, if I'm more holy in God,
07:20 and so God create us and loves us and He's
07:23 gonna make us suffer forever, and ever,
07:27 and ever, and ever, and ever for the sins of
07:28 one lifetime. See it, it doesn't make sense to
07:30 have say that's the God of love, and that's
07:33 kind of the review of what we looked at,
07:34 we looked at text that go along with it.
07:36 We figured out that, that God had created
07:38 heaven for us, right? Matthew 25:34,
07:41 Either He created heaven for us to be in and
07:43 He created hell, He's gonna create hell,
07:45 hell is gonna be here existing for the devil
07:47 and his angels, that's they were created for.
07:49 But you will get on there if you're connected
07:51 with them, but He wants us to live forever,
07:54 He is a God of love, He wants His creation to
07:55 live forever. And then we found out something
07:57 else that may have been new,
07:58 it maybe new to lot of people at home actually
08:01 as well does you probably heard it before,
08:03 but that hell, hell is not in the center of the
08:06 earth, but we learn that the Bible says in
08:07 Revelation Chapter 20 that hell is where?
08:10 On the earth, it's actually on the earth and it's
08:12 gonna happen and so it's not taking place right
08:14 now because you don't see anything,
08:15 any fire and brimstone burning people up right now
08:18 do we? But it says the wicked are destroyed the
08:20 second death, and they're going to be destroyed
08:22 on this earth. The fire is gonna rain down from
08:24 God and devour them here on this earth.
08:26 So, they're gonna be devoured and you remember,
08:28 you remember what we figured out about the
08:29 word devour, right? Like one,
08:31 when the Bible says that God devours the
08:32 wicked right with the fire, devouring what
08:35 that is, it means they never be anymore.
08:37 Yeah, we went to Taco Bell and we ate burritos
08:39 and they were just gone, they were devoured
08:41 no more. And than we went from that on to Job
08:46 and we figured out that the Job says that
08:48 the wicked are reserved, Job 21.
08:50 The wicked are reserved until the Day of Judgment.
08:53 In other words He put in either holding,
08:55 they have been held and where they held at,
08:57 in the grave they are waiting, because He says
08:59 He's gonna bring them forth at that day and
09:01 then they're gonna be destroyed in the fires
09:03 of hell. And then we found out that, that
09:04 the Bible also says in 2nd Peter Chapter 3
09:06 and verse 7 it says the same thing again.
09:08 The wicked are reserved to the fire and God's
09:11 gonna destroy them in fire. And then my
09:13 favorite text in the Bible as far as dealing
09:15 with this, if you are ever just like in a place
09:19 and someone has confront you and they says
09:21 hey I believe that hell last for ever and ever
09:24 and sinners are in hell forever and sinner live
09:26 forever in hell, like you dealt with that right.
09:29 What's the simplest text in all the Bible that
09:32 repeats that. John 3:16 is powerful text isn't it?
09:35 Jesus himself is speaking and Jesus says hey
09:38 you got two options, those who believe in me
09:41 will not perish, but have everlasting life.
09:46 So, the two options that Jesus gives to,
09:48 to us, to any of us human beings and Him
09:50 speaking Himself, that's His words is the wicked
09:53 will perish to be no more, to be nonexistent
09:56 that's what perishing is, or the righteous has
09:59 eternal life. You don't find anywhere in the
10:01 Bible, like there is not a text anywhere that
10:03 says the wicked have eternal life.
10:05 You don't have anything that says oh! Yeah,
10:06 the wicked are gonna live forever.
10:09 What you do have and we're gonna back to that,
10:12 we're gonna touch on it again here as we get
10:13 in this next part of the study.
10:14 In Revelation Chapter 14 where it says that
10:17 there is smoke of their torment ascendeth up
10:18 for ever and ever. And let us just hit that
10:20 text real quick here, because we did look at
10:22 that then we decided we will go through the
10:24 Bible and find out what the term for ever
10:27 and ever meant, you remember that?
10:29 And for those of you at home if you're thinking
10:32 well he's going awful fast, and I don't really
10:33 believe what he saying is true you got to get
10:35 the first CD or DVD or the watch the first half
10:39 of this study and then you will understand
10:41 why we're just, why we're saying,
10:42 what we're saying? In another words we
10:45 already covered the text that prove what we're
10:47 saying, you just have to go back and watch the
10:50 first video to see what all this, what all this is
10:52 about everything like that. So, if you're really
10:54 frustrated with me right now and you're screaming
10:55 at me through your TV and you're saying how
10:57 can he say that the wicked don't live forever
10:59 in hell. You need to see the first part of the
11:01 study, so don't get mad and walk away,
11:02 go and watch the first part of the study.
11:04 We'll look at Revelation Chapter 14 and verse 11
11:06 speaking of the wicked it says: The smoke of
11:10 their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever.
11:12 Now does it say that the people are living for
11:14 ever and ever? No. Now, that is interesting it
11:17 just says the smoke of their torment,
11:19 ascendeth up for ever and ever.
11:20 And I heard a guy one time and it's very
11:21 interesting because the way it's written you
11:23 really don't know how we are referencing here.
11:25 Is it referencing acts of the people who are
11:27 living for ever and ever and having the smoke
11:28 of their torment ascendeth up all that time,
11:30 or have you ever been like out somewhere.
11:33 And you see way off in a distance you see
11:35 smoke is ascending up way up high and what
11:37 do you know when you see that way off in a
11:38 distance somewhere that is a fire out there right.
11:40 And the smoke you see it ascend up goes out
11:42 of sight. You've ever seen a fire or something
11:44 like that we just see the smoke going up
11:46 and it seems like it goes out of sight you know
11:47 it disappears into the clouds or whatever,
11:49 a real big flame. What you can say the smoke
11:52 was ascending up for ever and ever?
11:53 In other words the direction not the length
11:55 of how long it's going, but just like how high
11:57 it's going, you know it can mean that as well.
12:00 And remember we discovered that it's
12:02 very, very dangerous to take one text and
12:05 say no, no this says that they live for ever
12:07 and ever in hell, but it doesn't say that in text,
12:10 especially in comparison with other texts like
12:12 what Jesus Himself says that they'll be
12:14 perished, they'll be destroyed and we looked
12:16 at many text that say these very things.
12:19 And we actually went in from this point here
12:21 after we look at this text it says that:
12:24 The smoke of their torment ascends up for ever
12:26 and ever: and they have no rest day or night,
12:30 who worship the beast in his image,
12:32 and whoever receives the mark of his name.
12:34 So the people that receive the mark of beast,
12:38 they are tortured, they are tormented in
12:39 the flames, right? And the smoke of their
12:41 torment ascends up for ever and ever.
12:43 Well, you know the Bible's give us examples
12:46 of people that suffered the eternal fire
12:49 for ever and ever. And one of them we
12:51 went to, we went to couple of text in the
12:52 Old Testament, you can find them in the study
12:56 notes you can download them online study
12:57 notes for the study guide as well.
12:59 I just reference them right now because we're
13:01 just reviewing. But there were some text in the
13:03 Old Testament talking about things that
13:05 happened to people forever like Samuel went
13:06 and served in the house to Lord forever,
13:08 1 Samuel 1:22 says that, he went to serve in
13:10 the house Lord forever, but he's not serving
13:12 there today. And we discover that that when
13:14 you look at the original meaning of these words
13:16 and stuff it can mean for indefinite period
13:18 of time. We actually do the same thing today.
13:25 I went to play golf the other day,
13:27 and like on the third hole it took me forever to
13:30 finish that hole, did I finish it? Yeah, but was
13:35 it forever literally? No, and so we do the same
13:38 thing we use our terminology today even our
13:40 like English language. We can use the term
13:42 forever doesn't necessarily mean to the
13:44 ceaseless ages of eternity, right?
13:47 It can also mean an indefinite period of time
13:49 like it took a long time but it finally,
13:51 it finally ran out, it was finally done.
13:53 And so we do the same thing today,
13:55 and they have done that than when they wrote
13:56 that. Of course, it doesn't mean that Samuel
13:58 was gonna be in the house of Lord serving
14:01 forever, I meant until he died.
14:03 And it's the same way today and it's interesting
14:05 too when you look at the, like the Greek word
14:08 there that we have, and I'm not all into
14:10 studying Greek and all that kind of stuff to be
14:11 able to understand the Bible. Sometimes you
14:13 have to go look get your concordance you know,
14:15 get the concordance, and look at the original
14:16 meaning of the word or something like that,
14:18 but its interesting because the word for ever
14:20 and ever it's like, it's the same term we
14:22 would use if we said eon and eons.
14:24 You know you've heard the terms eon before,
14:26 right? That's just like indefinite period of time.
14:29 I was there for eons, alright. And so the term
14:32 use that simple can mean, it can mean it
14:35 through the ceaseless ages, in another words
14:37 never ending. But it can also mean the same
14:39 word it can mean even in their language until
14:42 the end of an age and that's actually one of
14:43 the definitions there until the end of an age.
14:46 And so the wicked will suffer until they burn up,
14:51 alright and how do I know that, well I am
14:53 marking spouting out a whole bunch of things
14:54 but how do I know that for sure because we look
14:57 at the Bible. Now I'm going to go back to the
14:58 screen here, back to our text because we're
15:00 gonna pick up. We left off in Jude Chapter 1
15:02 and verse 7. I'm gonna read it again because
15:04 if you're in the book of Revelation,
15:05 all you have do is back up one book and go
15:07 to the book of Jude, get back one book in
15:08 your Bible, the book of Jude.
15:11 If you get to the little John's 1st,
15:13 2nd and 3rd you went to far because Jude is
15:14 just one Chapter long and God gave us an
15:16 example. Now remember in Revelation we just
15:19 read that the wicked are gonna, they're gonna
15:21 suffer, right? The fire and the smoke of the
15:24 torment goes up for how long? Forever or for
15:26 eternity or eternally, right? Can you say that?
15:30 Now, look here what happen in the book of Jude
15:32 verse 7. Jude is only one Chapter just go to
15:34 verse 7. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah,
15:37 now most people know about Sodom and Gomorrah,
15:39 if they studied in and out of Bible they know
15:41 Sodom and Gomorrah what happened there
15:43 with the story, right? Fire came down and rain
15:44 upon them, what just sticks on your mind about
15:46 Sodom and Gomorrah more than anything.
15:48 Lots wife she turned to pillar of salt, right.
15:51 And the cities around them in like manner,
15:53 giving themselves over to fornication,
15:54 going after strange flesh, are set forth as
15:57 an example. They are an example,
16:01 suffering the vengeance of eternal fire,
16:06 fascinating point isn't it? What kind of fire did
16:08 they suffer? Eternal, so that means that they're
16:10 burning today. Now, we cover this in the last one,
16:13 but I'm gonna touch on it again, right?
16:14 They are burning today aren't they?
16:15 No, where are they are according what we found
16:17 out the last study? Yeah you are right,
16:21 what we call the Dead Sea today,
16:22 do you know something interesting?
16:23 I want to bring this out and I forgot to do,
16:25 that's what one of the reason I was back to
16:26 us as well. The saltiest, most mineral filled body
16:30 of water that you find in world today is the
16:33 Dead Sea, isn't it fascinating that Lot's wife
16:34 is turn to pillar of salt there. I just think that,
16:38 it's like neat little thing there to look at,
16:40 and what else do they find there?
16:41 You don't find anywhere else in the world,
16:43 there are little sulfur balls, right, because the
16:44 Bible says fire and brimstone rained out from
16:46 God out of heaven. And today that place all
16:48 around the Dead Sea there are different places
16:50 around it, you can find embedded in the rock,
16:52 embedded in the bank, and things like that
16:53 those little sulfur balls. You can't find anywhere
16:55 else in the world, it kind of gives the lot of
16:57 validity to the scriptures, doesn't it.
16:59 And so, are they burning today.
17:01 But now wait a minute, the Bible says
17:04 eternal fire they got to be burning still today
17:06 because that's what eternal mean isn't it
17:08 forever. Yeah, it means forever,
17:12 completely whatever, but they're not burning
17:14 today. So either we have a big problem, right?
17:19 God's word is not true or we're misunderstanding
17:21 what He is actually saying, you follow that?
17:25 And I think the problem, just a guess I'm not
17:27 sure but if you take in general I would guess the
17:30 problem probably lies with us, right?
17:32 About 10 out of 10 times if there seems to be
17:34 contradiction in the scripture,
17:36 the contradiction is probably the result of us
17:37 not understanding, no actually,
17:39 definitely would be the case.
17:41 And so we find in Revelation, the smoke of
17:44 their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever.
17:46 Many people understand that the wicked burned,
17:48 literally burned for ever and ever.
17:50 That's what we understand that happens to
17:51 the wicked they actually burned from the
17:52 ceaseless ages of eternity. But now we find in
17:55 the Bible that the Sodom and Gomorrah was
17:56 burned with eternal fire, and this eternal fire
18:00 is not burning today. So, how do
18:02 we bring this all together then?
18:05 Well let's go to our next text, our next text
18:06 here is found in 2nd Peter Chapter 2 and verse 6
18:12 Remember we looked in Jude 7,
18:14 we looked in the Bible says in Jude 7 that they
18:18 suffered as an example the vengeance of
18:20 eternal fire. Who is this example for?
18:24 Okay, Jude 7 well actually let's find out what
18:25 the Bible says. Well, some of the people here
18:27 in class said us, but this example who is it for?
18:32 You got it right there I think 2nd Peter 2:6
18:34 who has it ready to read right now?
18:36 I want to get somebody right on this front
18:37 row here, 2nd Peter Chapter 2,
18:39 I'm gonna find it myself, give me a second to
18:41 find it. Tom you want to go ahead and read
18:42 it again. Let me get there 2nd Peter Chapter 2.
18:46 If I can't get there fast enough then I'm sure
18:48 the people at home might get there either,
18:50 someone would be saying I beat you.
18:52 Yeah 2nd Peter 2:6, yeah that the folks at
18:54 home can try to like, get there before we do.
18:58 Go ahead and read it. Now, we just look at
19:00 Jude verse 7 and it talked about as
19:03 Sodom and Gomorrah are examples,
19:05 who are they example for and that's
19:06 what we're answering now.
19:09 "And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
19:12 into ashes, condemned them to destruction,
19:16 making them an example to those who
19:18 afterward would live ungodly".
19:21 So Sodom and Gomorrah is an example for who?
19:24 Those who afterward would live ungodly.
19:27 Now what happened to those that afterward
19:29 lived ungodly? What's gonna happen to them
19:31 according what we've been studying?
19:32 They're gonna go to the fires, right?
19:34 So if the people if the Sodom and Gomorrah
19:37 as the example, if they are the example of
19:40 what's gonna happen to those who were living
19:41 ungodly now. What happened to
19:43 Sodom and Gomorrah? They were destroyed,
19:45 do you see how that fits together.
19:47 I mean this is the real good part of the study
19:48 that you wanna emphasize when you get to this,
19:50 when you're giving a study.
19:51 The very fact that the Bible teaches us that
19:53 Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed and that
19:56 is an example, an example what's gonna happen
19:58 to the wicked? Alright, so if I say
20:02 something as an example of something else
20:04 what's that telling you when you watch
20:06 whenever I explain something to you?
20:07 This is what will be like right.
20:09 And so God says this is what is gonna be like.
20:11 The wicked are gonna suffer the same thing that
20:12 Sodom and Gomorrah had suffered,
20:13 and what did they suffered from, eternal fire,
20:17 are they still burning?
20:18 No, you know I just realize something.
20:22 I'm holding all you guys responsible right here
20:23 this class right now. I never really want to
20:26 open up the Bible and study the Bible without
20:28 praying first, and I've told you guys
20:30 if I forgot to do that then you would go like
20:31 this to remind me to pray. And so it's all your fault
20:34 I'm gonna blame you right, I'll play the devil,
20:36 the devil, not the devil's advocate just the devil
20:38 here, just blame somebody else
20:39 for my problem Adam and Eve right,
20:42 shame on me shall I just ask.
20:43 So I will tell what we're gonna do?
20:44 Right now we're gonna pray that God will help
20:46 us through this study and you know I feel like
20:49 I've been rushed and maybe other reason I do
20:50 is because I've haven't asked
20:52 God to be with us right now.
20:54 So let us bow our heads just for minute.
20:56 Lord Jesus, sorry about getting ahead of
20:58 everything here and not taking sometime
21:00 seeking your guidance and your help.
21:03 I pray right now, you'll give us understanding
21:04 of your word. If people at home
21:06 who are watching this or listening to this,
21:08 wherever they are? Your sweet spirit in
21:11 their minds, in their hearts, may you fill
21:12 them and give us all understanding you want
21:14 us to have I pray in Jesus name, amen.
21:17 Alright, I feel better now after
21:19 talking with the Lord. You know the Bible says
21:21 spiritual things are? Yeah, and so if you
21:23 don't seek the spirit of God you won't
21:25 understand it through His understanding.
21:28 Your own or actually maybe the devil will
21:30 come in there, right, so devil will help you
21:32 understand the Bible in his own way.
21:34 So we want God to help us understand, not the devil.
21:36 Alright, so we found out here 2nd Peter 2:6
21:39 tells us that the wicked are gonna just be
21:42 overthrown, they gonna have the same result
21:45 as what happen to those of have been ungodly in
21:47 Sodom and Gomorrah. And then it says in the
21:48 cities around about them. There is something else
21:51 interesting about this as we go, as we go onto
21:54 the next text here Revelation Chapter 20
21:56 and verse 14, we'll get to those cities I'm sorry
21:58 wait a minute, Revelation 20 verse 14.
22:05 Revelation 20:14, Sodom and Gomorrah
22:08 was an example and I want you to notice
22:11 what Revelation 20 and verse 14 says about
22:14 the wicked and hell? It's a pretty powerful
22:17 text and I think because of our cameraman
22:20 where he standing at right now, is going to
22:21 be pointing in this direction, so we need to
22:23 get somebody over here to read next and
22:25 somebody hasn't read yet, is there anybody
22:27 here that hasn't read like even at there are first
22:29 study on the structure of the wicked.
22:31 No, Danielle I knew you would be ready
22:34 sister; you got your Bible text ready?
22:37 Alright, pick the microphone up,
22:38 give us a nice pretty smile, talk nice and
22:39 loud, look at the camera and look at me
22:41 something like that as you read.
22:44 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.
22:48 This is the second death.
22:49 Now, what does it mean to die?
22:55 It's a session of life, right.
22:56 Can you die and still be alive?
22:59 No. No, so it says here that the wicked
23:02 are gonna be cast in the hell or actually let us
23:04 read in the context death and hell were cast
23:06 into the lake of fire and this being the second
23:09 death, the second death. So, can you die the
23:12 second death and continue living.
23:15 If there is a second death what there must
23:16 first have to be? The first death,
23:19 so you know we all die at first death, don't we?
23:22 Not all as in all because the Bible says that some
23:24 people be alive when Jesus comes,
23:26 they'll be alive, they will be caught up to be
23:27 with him in the air. And then right you
23:29 read in Thessalonians there right, the book of
23:31 Thessalonians. But now this says here,
23:34 that death and hell are cast into the lake of fire
23:37 which is the second eternal life.
23:41 Death, right so there is a second death.
23:44 Now, you're gonna find out as we go through as
23:46 we keep going that there is no coming back
23:47 from the second death. You know, some people
23:50 get to come back from the first death right,
23:52 actually everybody does. The Bible says there are
23:54 two resurrections and the next study I believe
23:58 Aleeda is the one giving a next study you'll
23:59 discover that they, that they are all about two
24:02 resurrections in the Bible we will be talking
24:03 about that, but you have the death coming to life again.
24:08 We know that and so some of those dead,
24:11 some of those will die again.
24:14 And that will come little bit later on in the
24:17 next study later we will be covering that.
24:18 But we will notice here again that there is a
24:20 second death, not a second eternal life,
24:27 but a second death. Let us carry on now,
24:30 we're gonna find out from the words of Jesus
24:32 Himself, He talks about both of these deaths.
24:35 Now, I messed up my slides again,
24:36 the guy in a trailer is going crazy.
24:38 Matthew Chapter 10 verse 28, the 13th text
24:42 in the study and so you'll get to Matthew
24:44 Chapter 10 and verse 28. Now, I wanna make a
24:48 point here, maybe some of you don't know about
24:50 or haven't done this yet, it has to do with the
24:53 Bible marking. If you don't have room
24:56 to mark like so you get to Matthew Chapter 10
24:58 and verse 28 and there is no place to really
25:00 mark the study you know, you can't find a
25:04 room in you Bible to mark it.
25:06 One of the things I do in my Bible and you
25:07 can do it in yours as well it's really helpful
25:10 and I have actually done that with this one
25:11 here, I want you get a close up on it
25:13 but I don't think you can.
25:14 But right at the end of verse 28,
25:15 I didn't have room to write in like the text
25:17 that I was gonna have, having to write it in.
25:19 So, I just put a little circle with the dot there
25:22 and then I went somewhere else in the
25:24 Bible like down here to bottom.
25:27 And let me see here where is that,
25:29 sorry about that Scott, I turn where you can't get
25:31 a video of it. So, here, its in the
25:34 middle over here, I got little circle with
25:36 the dot in it where I'd room to write it
25:39 and then I wrote the text in there.
25:40 So, you go to Matthew 10:28 it's down here
25:42 I don't have room to write it, I just put a little
25:44 circle with the dot, usually have to put a
25:45 circle with the dot. Then you got
25:46 somewhere else on that page, and you make
25:48 another little circle with the dot or something
25:50 like that and you write in there the text so you
25:52 know where to go to, see you have room to write,
25:54 does that make sense? So as you marking up
25:55 your Bibles and you need to be marking up
25:57 your Bibles there at home, as you marking
25:59 up your Bibles, so get the Bible study.
26:01 Then, what you need to make sure, you do as if
26:03 you don't have room, you can just put a little
26:04 star there or little circle or something like that
26:06 put it again somewhere else on the page and
26:08 write a text in there, does that make sense.
26:11 If he got about half marked up with your
26:12 Bibles and things like that you're saying
26:13 oh! Now, he tells me. But that's a good way of
26:17 doing that and I think Scott kind of showed
26:18 that in the first day there little bit,
26:19 he talked about that some but just as a
26:21 reminder it makes a little easier.
26:23 So, the next text we're looking at is Matthew
26:25 10:28, these is the words of Jesus again
26:27 and look at the two options the words of Jesus.
26:30 Have you ever heard somebody say this?
26:33 Where your souls are immortal you know.
26:36 Look what Jesus says 10:28, who's gonna read that one?
26:43 Okay, Aneeda, Matthew Chapter 10 and verse 28.
26:50 And fear not them which kill the body,
26:53 but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear
26:56 him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
27:02 Oh! Think about that, what does it say will
27:04 happen to the people that are destroyed or
27:07 actually go to hell, what's gonna happen to them?
27:09 Destroy, notice what Jesus here once again
27:11 just like in Matthew Chapter, or John 3:16
27:14 when Jesus says: Perish or everlasting
27:15 life that was the perfect opportunity for Him to
27:17 say everlasting life in hell, everlasting life in
27:19 heaven, perfect opportunity,
27:21 but He doesn't, He says perish or everlasting life.
27:24 Here once again he says hey don't be afraid that
27:26 the people they can come up and they can
27:27 stick a knife to your gurd, they can crucify
27:28 you or they can hang you, they can flay your
27:30 skin off, whatever it is they do to torture
27:32 Christians and kill them right, they have done it
27:33 in the dark ages. Don't be afraid of those
27:34 things, because that's all they can do, once they
27:37 killed you can do nothing else,
27:38 but you need to fear, but you need to fear is Him.
27:41 You need to have love, and respect, and fear,
27:43 and honor Him, who after He destroy the
27:45 body can completely alienate you or destroy
27:49 you completely where? In hell, notice it doesn't
27:53 say, you get to live forever in hell,
27:54 but what happens in hell? Destroy, where in the
27:58 world do people get the idea that God is gonna
28:03 torture people in the fires of hell through the
28:05 ceaseless ages of eternity when you have
28:06 text after text it says contrary to that.
28:09 Now, again somebody is jumping up and down
28:10 shouting on the television.
28:12 What about it says eternal hell?
28:13 We've cover that, the result is eternal.
28:18 God is a God of love; He's not the tyrant that's
28:23 gonna put you for one, the sins of one lifetime.
28:26 And then, then I've heard people say this,
28:27 this is another argument and so I'm gonna go
28:28 and bring up that for teaching class,
28:30 I want to bring this up. That people will say,
28:32 well you're making it seem like that if all you
28:35 are gonna do is burn up they might as well just
28:37 go ahead and live it up and been live for the
28:39 devil everything because if you don't,
28:40 if you don't, we have to be suffering forever
28:42 then it doesn't really matter, really.
28:44 You know there is something; there is
28:45 something about us as humans.
28:47 If you just think about this for minute,
28:50 what really scares you more?
28:54 Becoming nonexistent, extinct, or living
28:58 forever, no matter what kind of state you're in,
29:01 living forever or becoming extinct,
29:02 what would scare you more? Just think about it,
29:03 just for a minute, just let your mind ponder
29:05 that for second. Would you be more
29:09 afraid of just becoming extinct or living forever
29:12 in some place, and I want to make another
29:14 confession here I can remember this.
29:17 I remember like you know how our little
29:20 minds work as we grew up and you develop and
29:22 you have your, just the way you start believing
29:25 things based on your environment, right?
29:27 And I remember thinking; if God's really
29:29 God of love like everybody says maybe
29:31 like I have been in hell for say it a thousand years.
29:34 You got to say okay, that's enough let him out.
29:37 If I am living forever wouldn't God
29:38 eventually say okay, okay alright this is
29:40 enough, this is enough, come on, He has paid
29:42 for his sins, right? And you know the wicked,
29:48 the wicked that don't accept Christ pay for
29:52 their own sins you know that, right?
29:54 But what about the righteous,
29:56 who paid for our sins? Did he?
30:00 Listen if the result of sin is everlasting torture,
30:05 He did not pay for your sins, because He's not
30:09 suffering today, that He died on the cross,
30:13 He suffered, He suffered the second death,
30:15 He like died for our sins you follow that.
30:17 If the penalty for sin is everlasting torture
30:19 and torment then Christ did not pay for your
30:22 sins, because He's not being tormented and
30:24 tortured today, does that makes sense?
30:28 So again it takes away when you think about
30:30 this teaching, it takes, it's the Antichrist power
30:33 that mindset taking the place of Jesus Christ,
30:35 it's making Him out something that's not
30:37 true about Him, but He paid for it..
30:41 So, we have, we have so much evidence in the
30:43 scriptures that teach us contrary to what people
30:47 commonly think today. And of course you
30:48 remember the Bible says, it is the broad road
30:51 that everybody is gonna be on, oh yeah,
30:53 there's everybody believes it, so it must be true.
30:55 Have you've ever been tempted to think that?
30:57 Since everybody believes it, it must be true.
30:59 How can these brilliant theologians not
31:01 understand this and these guys have been
31:02 through seminar and everything they say the
31:04 same thing they must be right.
31:06 Now, listen to me in the time of Jesus,
31:09 the brilliant theologians was trying to kill Him,
31:13 where they right? No, do you know what
31:15 the people were saying. Well, how can they all
31:17 be wrong, they are the ones who is living,
31:19 how can Jesus be right and all of them be wrong?
31:21 People were wondering the same thing and you
31:22 know what brilliant theologians
31:23 were saying in his day. Why is it you believing
31:26 on Him, none of us believe on Him?
31:30 So you can't go about what the majority are
31:32 saying in teaching, you have to go Thus saith the Lord.
31:34 Jesus come along, He was giving in the Bible
31:36 and truth and the common people
31:38 accepted Him gladly, but did the brilliant people?
31:41 No, and it's the same thing going on today,
31:44 just because the multitude believes
31:46 things to be a certain way. If the Bible say
31:47 something different and I know it's very hard to do,
31:49 because we have that mob mentality.
31:52 You know I wanna be with everybody is right,
31:53 don't you only popular and everybody accept
31:55 me and love Messiah, don't we just tend to
31:57 want those things. And so if you stand out
31:59 and you say no, no, the Bible doesn't teach this
32:01 and I'm gonna follow the Bible.
32:02 You know, what does gonna happen?
32:03 People gonna scarf at you, they're gonna give
32:05 you hard time, they're gonna say you think
32:07 you are right, everybody else is wrong.
32:10 You might say well you know I think I'm in the
32:12 majority, because I believe what the angels
32:16 believe, I believe what God word says, right,
32:20 that is the majority. It's not the majority
32:23 as far as what we see, but it still on the list.
32:26 And so here we go carrying on,
32:30 Revelation Chapter 20 and verse 14 is where
32:32 we just came from, that's the text we just add.
32:34 Our next text we're going to is Hosea
32:36 Chapter 11 and verse 8. Does everybody know
32:38 where the book of Hosea is at?
32:41 It's in the Old Testament
32:42 right after the book of Daniel.
32:45 Daniel and the next book is Hosea.
32:46 So everybody knows how to find the book of Daniel,
32:48 we spend so much time there in the book of
32:49 Daniel, haven't we? So go to Daniel,
32:51 go one more book over and we go to Hosea
32:55 Chapter 11 and starting verse 8 what we're
32:57 looking at here. I promise while ago
32:59 remember the Bible says that the example of
33:02 Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around
33:04 about them in like manner will destroy.
33:06 Well, look what it says in Hosea Chapter 11
33:09 and verse 8, starting in verse 8
33:11 actually I believe 11:8. Oh! I gonna say I am
33:17 almost panicked there because I was reading
33:20 the wrong text and I thought have I put the
33:22 wrong text in there. The guys in the truck
33:24 are going to kill me, I got the right one.
33:26 Hosea 11:8: How shall I give thee up, Ephraim?
33:30 How shall I deliver thee, Israel?
33:33 How shall I make you as Admah?
33:36 How shall I set thee as Zeboiim?
33:38 Mine heart is turned within me,
33:40 my repentings are kindled together.
33:42 Do you know who Admah and Zeboiim are?
33:45 They were the cities that were around
33:46 Sodom and Gomorrah. And He says, and I will
33:50 show you that in just a minute, but now think
33:51 about what he is saying. How can I give you a
33:54 half of Israel and my people, how can I give
33:56 you up to be like them? He doesn't want to do
33:58 that, does he? He wants us to be saved
34:01 and He says, He says I don't want to destroy
34:03 you like I destroyed them. And how do we know,
34:05 that's who that's talking about go with me to
34:08 Deuteronomy 29 you can just make little note
34:10 there, Deuteronomy 29 and verse 23,
34:11 I will tell you that. Genesis, Exodus,
34:13 Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
34:16 Chapter 29 and verse 23.
34:27 The whole land thereof is brimstone, and salt,
34:32 and burning, that it is not sown, nor beareth,
34:37 nor any grass groweth therein, like the
34:39 overthrow of Sodom, Gomorrah, and Admah,
34:42 and Zeboiim. Remember those two
34:43 terms, that's what they were again,
34:45 those two other places, which the Lord
34:46 overthrew in his anger, and in his wrath.
34:50 So, He's speaking here of the land there during
34:52 that time is, He says it's just like who?
34:54 Sodom and Gomorrah and Admah and Zeboiim.
34:57 Most people thought that there were only two cities
34:58 destroyed were Sodom and Gomorrah right,
35:00 just found something new.
35:01 The God says to Israel, how can I give you up
35:05 and what happened to them happened to you,
35:07 and what happen to them?
35:09 They were destroyed with what kind of fire
35:11 according to Bible? Eternal.
35:13 Yeah Jude 7 says the same.
35:15 Jude Chapter 1 and verse 7 tells
35:16 they were destroyed with eternal fire.
35:19 They're not around today
35:21 it's the results that are eternal, okay.
35:26 Now, I want somebody and I will make a challenge
35:28 to anybody here and anybody at home
35:29 for the text in the Bible that says
35:32 that the wicked gonna live forever.
35:33 You know, it's got a saying you know that
35:36 anyway you want to me say
35:37 they have a soul that lives forever,
35:39 you can see they have a spirit that lives forever.
35:42 But somehow has to say they live forever or eternal
35:45 you know give me the text.
35:47 I'm telling you, you get in your concordance out now
35:50 you are calling your pastor,
35:51 you're calling your church members
35:52 and you're saying hey.
35:53 He says there is not a text that says
35:54 they live forever, where's that text at.
35:57 And they gonna say hold on I know it's in there,
35:59 then they are gonna take their Bibles
36:00 and they will go like this
36:01 and they will go like this,
36:02 I know what's in there, I know it's in there.
36:07 And then we'll turn to, turn to Ezekiel
36:09 you know and there is a text in Ezekiel
36:12 I think that's verse says they live forever.
36:13 Let me see if I can find it real quick,
36:14 hold on there Ezekiel and I'm starting
36:18 Ezekiel Chapter 18, yeah that verse
36:20 is at Ezekiel Chapter 18 and verse 4,
36:23 that's where it says they live forever.
36:24 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father,
36:28 also is the soul of the son is mine:
36:29 the soul that sinneth, it shall live forever.
36:32 What's it saying? You know we got to watch
36:35 as sometimes as preachers will misquote the text.
36:37 Yeah, in Hosea, I'm sorry in
36:40 Ezekiel Chapter 18 and verse 4 it says:
36:42 The soul that sinneth, it shall die.
36:44 The second death I might add, than we read about
36:47 Revelation, are you understanding?
36:50 There is nothing in the Bible that says
36:52 the wicked get to live forever.
36:55 It's only the righteous that are promised eternal life.
37:00 So, in order for the wicked to live forever in hell,
37:02 they will have to promise eternal life in the hell
37:04 and you don't find it in the Bible.
37:07 And you are wondering,
37:08 its like I mean this sound like,
37:10 it's got sound like a broken records
37:11 going over and over and over again.
37:13 I'm so much want to tell a story right now,
37:15 but it doesn't fit with this one exactly right.
37:17 So I'm gonna reframe, but I know the story,
37:19 actually I put this way
37:21 Somebody that had learned all this
37:23 like you've been learning here, and they believed it.
37:26 And they were getting ready to baptized
37:29 and when they got up they started,
37:31 they start up getting and they actually
37:33 begin to speak, if we wanna speak any words you know
37:35 that the congregation or anything like that.
37:39 The guy gets up and starts sprouting out
37:40 some things that he had from his past.
37:43 You know, that doesn't sound biblical
37:45 you know he started saying things
37:46 that weren't biblical and not right.
37:47 And then afterward he talked to them about it,
37:49 he said well you know I didn't realize
37:51 what I was doing?
37:52 You go through your whole life,
37:53 learning things a certain way,
37:56 and you've been taught these things in certain way,
37:58 like I went my whole childhood
37:59 I went to like 18 years old
38:01 when I started like studying the Bible,
38:02 and becoming a Christian like 19 years old.
38:04 Actually I was 22 I turned, I mean time went by fast.
38:06 I was 21 when I started studying the Bible
38:08 became a Christian at 22.
38:10 And you think wow he has been studying the Bible
38:11 for year or two, right?
38:14 Anyway I have a mindset of the way things work,
38:17 you know like the way I believe things were
38:19 and so whenever I started learning things differently,
38:21 we think what happened?
38:22 I will learn to say for instance like, like hell
38:24 doesn't burn through the ceaseless ages of eternity.
38:26 But they're gonna burn up the wicked,
38:28 but I was still like from time to time
38:30 I will make a statement that will be totally
38:31 off the wall talking about whether are we either
38:34 finding out now truth, right?
38:36 No, they are not, they are dead.
38:37 But I'm thinking, I'm put him in the hell
38:39 you know I would say things like that
38:40 because in our minds we get things in certain way.
38:44 That's like he get this groove cutting your mind
38:46 you know and it just in there
38:47 and it's hard to get it out.
38:49 And so, I'm keep repeating and reiterating things
38:52 and you wanna do this when you are giving it,
38:54 whether it's an evangelistic sermon type thing
38:56 or if you're doing a Bible study.
38:57 Did it even starting to the bother you a little bit,
38:58 because it seems repetitive, the person you're hearing.
39:00 And it's funny and I wil try to explain to you
39:03 from my point of view.
39:04 When I was first learning these things,
39:06 every time I would hear that hell burns up the wicked
39:08 it was like a new Revelation to me for a while.
39:10 You know like in the same study,
39:12 Oh! Yeah it says here that the wicked burned up
39:15 and I was like oh! Wow, it says here
39:17 that that the soul will die.
39:18 Oh! Well yeah I guess it makes sense
39:21 if you're gonna burn up, you're gonna die right.
39:22 It says here you destroyed you know like a fire
39:24 and that's a second death.
39:26 Wow, and it's almost like everything was little bit
39:28 as just saying the same thing over and over again.
39:30 But it was always new Revelation
39:31 because in my mind that's not the truth.
39:35 Yeah, I had another idea what truth was
39:36 and it wasn't based on the Bible,
39:38 it's based on my Tom and Jerry experience, right?
39:40 It's based on my cartoon and the things
39:41 I watch when I was growing up.
39:42 My theology training you might say,
39:44 never had the Bible.
39:46 So I do keep repeating things,
39:48 but when you give the study,
39:49 you wanna try to give within an hour.
39:50 But you wanna make sure you hit these points strongly.
39:54 You can give a study and show from the Bible,
39:56 that they are destruct, the wicked are destroyed,
39:59 they are destroyed, they are destroyed.
40:00 And the people go out there,
40:01 and the next time you come back and give the study
40:02 they would be like, aah I met those people
40:04 burning in hells, haven't time right now, you know,
40:07 it's not that they don't believe it
40:08 but they groove is cut, you know and they just learn
40:12 that way their whole life.
40:13 And some of you are sitting here,
40:14 you are raised in a church and thinking
40:15 how come people be so hard headed.
40:17 Well, I was preaching at a place one time.
40:20 And a lady asked me that. I was
40:22 in a... I was in a, this was a church of God place
40:26 and they didn't have a pastor that time,
40:28 they had asked me to come in and preach for them.
40:30 And so I was there preaching, you know, every Sunday,
40:33 I would go preach for them.
40:34 And I was leading them,
40:35 basically I'm leading into here.
40:36 And just a short time into it, this lady says,
40:39 you know, I just don't understand how people,
40:42 can hear you can just give him a text
40:44 right from the Bible, just give him a text.
40:46 And they just get so mad, they get so angry,
40:48 they just don't want to hear it.
40:50 And I said look, I can give you one text
40:52 from the Bible and you be mad at me and run me off.
40:55 Oh! No, we wouldn't, they just loved
40:57 and I loved them to, they were pretty sweet people.
40:58 We wouldn't do that, we love you,
41:00 you know going on about, I say okay.
41:01 You're sure you still love me,
41:03 you wouldn't run me off,
41:04 oh no, I said, I'll just give your Bible text.
41:06 Okay, what is it? John 3:16 and I quoted it,
41:12 For God so loved the world,
41:13 that He gave His only begotten Son,
41:14 that whosoever believes in him shall not.
41:15 And they said it perish, and I said but have,
41:18 and they said everlasting life.
41:20 And I said you know you just confessed
41:21 out of your own mouth that the wicked are going
41:24 to perish and not be existing anymore.
41:25 Well, you thought, let us think
41:27 I am off in your church,
41:28 you know they just get all mad, you can't say that.
41:30 Just me I guess. Okay, so anyway they're all mad.
41:34 And you know what they did, the next week
41:35 they called my wife and sit at home
41:37 while I was at work and said no,
41:38 They were telling, they don't want to come back
41:39 anymore, you know we really like
41:40 and everything anything like that.
41:41 But I told them one text, so it is a matter of even
41:46 in our own hearts, if we have a mindset
41:48 that we want to believe things in certain way.
41:50 And some one tells us something differently.
41:52 We must be willing to accept what the Bible has to say.
41:56 Right, if we're not willing to, we'll go down a path
41:59 that opposite what God would have us go.
42:01 I mean when the texts clearly says that they'll
42:03 perish that's what God means.
42:05 Now God doesn't want us to perish.
42:10 And so as I am finishing the text here,
42:11 okay, in the study, I got off a bit now
42:14 but we do this more a learning here
42:16 but in the study when I am giving
42:17 the Bible study itself, and I get to the Hosea 11:8.
42:19 And God has said to His people you know,
42:22 "How can I give you up? How can I give you up?
42:24 To do like what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah.
42:27 God doesn't want to give you up.
42:28 We're getting close the appeal time here.
42:30 Okay, you understand this is an appeal
42:31 that we're leading into.
42:32 So the leading is like,
42:33 God doesn't want to give you up.
42:36 You're His people and He doesn't want
42:37 to give up to the destruction of hell.
42:40 He doesn't want to destroy you when He destroys sin.
42:42 But if you cling to sin you have to.
42:44 And so look at God's plea, you could almost hear,
42:46 when we turn to Ezekiel Chapter 33,
42:48 our next text we're gonna go to, it's on a slide here.
42:50 When we go to the Ezekiel Chapter 33 and verse 11.
42:53 You can almost here the plea in the heart of the God,
42:59 you know as He's pleading to His people.
43:00 Look I don't want to give you up.
43:02 And look what He says here
43:04 in Ezekiel Chapter 33 and verse 11.
43:09 Who'd like to read that?
43:11 Actually I think I'll read it.
43:12 So, is this the appeal text in,
43:15 and when I give a Bible study,
43:17 I never give the appeal text
43:19 to the person who is reading it, myself,
43:21 because I want to read it, and you know
43:23 give the appeal, like give them an opportunity.
43:27 God's speaking, says unto them
43:30 as I live says the Lord,
43:32 I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked.
43:37 But that the wicked would will turn
43:38 from his wicked way, and live.
43:41 Again right there in the text, what's the options?
43:44 The death of the wicked or to turn off
43:46 from your wicked way and live.
43:48 God doesn't want to kill you,
43:49 He doesn't want to destroy you.
43:50 He wants you to live.
43:51 But He can't let you live while you are living in sin.
43:54 You understand what its saying?
43:55 Then He says this, Turn ye, turn ye from your
43:59 evil ways, for why will you die, O house of Israel.
44:02 Can you like hear the plea?
44:05 That God is speaking through Ezekiel here.
44:08 He doesn't want you to die.
44:10 You think God wants to destroy
44:12 people in the lake of fire?
44:13 No. He's prepared eternity for us.
44:17 But unfortunately many people
44:18 are saying you know what?
44:20 I like this world better now.
44:24 And for the people that love this world
44:27 better than they love God right now.
44:28 They're gonna receive the reward of the wicked.
44:34 Jesus says, if you love mother and your father
44:36 anything more than me you are not worthy of me.
44:39 We must love Him, we must surrender
44:42 what His will says, what His word says.
44:44 And my thought is, as I close sometimes with this
44:47 and I'm closing this right now as far as this part,
44:49 we're gonna go after this into a difficult text.
44:52 We're gonna cover this one difficult text
44:53 before we close up.
44:54 But my thought and the appeal is
44:56 God doesn't want to destroy you.
45:01 He doesn't want to, but if we continue
45:04 to go down a road that is in wrong direction,
45:08 you might say that we're clinging to sin
45:09 that He's gonna destroy the sin.
45:11 He has to destroy you with it.
45:13 He's appealing to us, to turn from
45:17 wicked way and live.
45:20 So that's kind of a powerful thought
45:22 to lead us with, isn't it?
45:23 You know also, even if you think about it,v
45:26 the idea the hell is ever burning, is an attack
45:30 on the character of God as well with this.
45:32 You know we've talked about through the study.
45:34 So not only are we been appealing to the people,
45:37 to forsake their sins. We're appealing them to
45:40 forsake the mindset that God is a tyrant.
45:43 It really, I mean, do you want to live
45:46 forever with the tyrant?
45:47 You really don't want to go to heaven
45:48 that if you think that God is a tyrant.
45:49 I wouldn't, if I really thought He was as bad
45:51 as people make Him out to be.
45:53 By the way, did you know that hell burns a lot
45:57 harder than most people think?
45:58 Now see most people think that hell doesn't burn
46:02 hard enough to burn things up.
46:03 But the hell in the Bible burns so hard
46:06 that it burns everything up.
46:07 So actually when I do my Evangelistic meetings
46:09 sometimes, I taught over the sermons, I do the hell.
46:11 I try to let out, come discover
46:13 what's harder than hell?
46:17 Right, come discover what's harder than hell?
46:19 And what is hell or destruction of the wicked?
46:23 And most people's hell doesn't burn very hard,
46:27 because it doesn't burn things up.
46:29 But this would be hard enough to melt steel.
46:33 So, okay so let us close here,
46:36 and I want to have a word of prayer.
46:38 And then we gonna ask God to guide us again
46:40 and thank Him for the study,
46:41 and help us as we present the study to others
46:44 to really have His Spirit speaking through us.
46:48 You know, as you take this now and if you've
46:50 heard it like you watch the video,
46:51 or those of you who are here that you've heard it now.
46:54 When you give the study later,
46:55 here's what you'd be surprised about.
46:57 The things you think you will never remember,
46:59 like there's no way I can give the study
47:00 and do all that.
47:01 Right, you ever feel like that?
47:03 Here's what you find, it's a faith thing.
47:05 It really takes faith because you don't know
47:07 that you can do it until you've done it, right?
47:08 So that takes faith steeping out and doing it.
47:10 But if you go and give the Bible study,
47:11 you will find out as you get to the certain point.
47:13 Like Gods gonna speak to you,
47:15 you gonna hear my voice speaking to you.
47:17 You know, what I am talking about like,
47:19 God will bring back to your memory, the things you need.
47:22 And you say oh yeah, listen, how about this,
47:24 and you start sharing things with people.
47:26 And you didn't know it's there?
47:28 But right now you don't know it's there
47:29 because you haven't shared it.
47:31 But if you watch the video
47:32 or you've been in class and you take this now,
47:35 and try to share the Bible study,
47:36 I promise you, I promise you if you go in
47:40 attitude of prayer that God will help you.
47:42 The things you need to remember,
47:43 will be remembered, and you will be able to share
47:45 with people, it will be there.
47:48 You think, ah never knew that story,
47:49 and how to apply that and do that, yes you will.
47:51 I learnt that myself, you know,
47:53 when I first start learning this.
47:54 You know, come from my hedonism
47:55 I started learning things.
47:56 And I went and I said, ah like the first time
48:00 I went to Daniel 2 the word of God's study.
48:01 I said, I'll never remember what to say?
48:03 I kind of know of them, I never remember what to say?
48:05 And the words just started coming out
48:07 like where they are coming from, you know
48:08 and just like God was speaking.
48:09 But you got to go and put yourself in a situation.
48:11 So you'll remember what to say with these studies
48:14 if you'll seek God and ask for help.
48:16 And He will give you everything
48:17 you need to remember.
48:18 So you want to give these studies.
48:20 Okay, let's pray.
48:21 Lord Jesus thank you for the study for the time
48:24 we got to spend here in your word.
48:25 And now as we go on to the difficult text
48:27 or as we discuss those for a few minutes.
48:30 I pray that it will be clear that you will help us
48:34 to have understanding that your
48:36 sweet Spirit is speaking to us.
48:37 And Lord as we share this study with others,
48:39 speak through us. I pray in Jesus name, amen.
48:42 Okay, the difficult text,
48:44 now I want to go to the first I'm going to.
48:45 I think it's on the screen.
48:46 Let's see that comes up. Yeah, 1 Peter 3, 18-20.
48:50 Did you know, did you know there is whole bunch
48:51 of people out there, and I have dealt
48:53 with some of them before that teach that,
48:55 when Jesus died, He went to hell,
48:56 have you heard this before?
48:58 Anybody, look like show hands, anybody who heard this.
49:00 Some of you had, you heard that before?
49:02 He went to hell.
49:03 And now I love this when you think about this.
49:05 Let's go to this 1 Peter Chapter 3,
49:07 and it makes no sense whatsoever.
49:09 I mean they just missed
49:11 and taken things out of context.
49:12 But 1 Peter Chapter 3,
49:16 here's what they get that Jesus went to hell.
49:20 Is every one ready? Verse 18-20
49:24 "For Christ that being Jesus,
49:26 also has once suffered for sins,
49:28 the just for the unjust,
49:29 that he might bring us to God,
49:32 being put to death in the flesh,
49:34 but being quickened by the Spirit:
49:37 By which also He went and preached
49:40 to the spirits in prison."
49:42 Now I'm gonna stop right there just for a moment
49:43 because they say ye, right there, where it says,
49:45 He preached the spirits in prison.
49:46 What He's actually saying is He went where?
49:48 Hell, where the people are imprisoned in hell, right,
49:52 suffering in fire, okay,
49:53 so Jesus went and preached to them.
49:54 Okay, now here we go, here's my illustration?
49:57 Alright, I am in hell right now, okay. Ah...
50:03 And then Jesus comes and He says,
50:04 oh, I am here.
50:05 Do you believe the Gospel now and I say, no...
50:09 Now think about it, think about it.
50:10 Can you imagine, I mean,
50:11 this illogically taken to the logical
50:13 conclusion when people say this.
50:14 You mean there's people in hell suffering,
50:17 yeah it was very pretty bad, wasn't it?
50:20 But that's what, that's the idea isn't it?
50:21 That's what having people in hell
50:22 So they are in hell they are suffering,
50:24 they are like ah...
50:25 It's awful, it's awful.
50:26 And Jesus comes and says,
50:27 do you believe now?
50:29 They say, no. They keep around going.
50:31 No, if Jesus went and preached the people
50:33 in hell, you know what happened?
50:34 Hell got cleaned out.
50:37 Right, they all went to heaven, didn't they?
50:38 Like if you are in hell burning and Jesus
50:39 comes and said, you believe the Gospel now Shalida,
50:41 what are you going to say?
50:42 Yes, so there's nobody in hell as of death of Jesus.
50:46 They got cleaned out, so God starts all
50:47 over again, He starts put us back in there.
50:49 Does that make sense to anybody?
50:51 And secondly if He actually did,
50:52 He wouldn't preach the spirits in hell.
50:54 What's the purpose of preaching?
50:55 According to the Bible the purpose of preaching,
50:57 salvation. 1 Corinthians 121,
51:00 the purpose of preaching is salvation.
51:01 So He went and preached the spirits in prison.
51:04 And now they all said it right because obviously
51:06 they all believe now. So they all went to heaven,
51:07 cleaned it out. So God started putting back
51:09 in there, put them back there again now
51:10 according to the most people's theologies,
51:12 isn't that correct? I mean we've just taken
51:13 to logical conclusion here.
51:15 So they are putting in back in prison,
51:17 putting the people back in the flames of hell.
51:19 And now, is He gonna give these people a
51:21 second chance too. Is God a God of justice
51:25 and fairness? Shalida says, He has to.
51:29 He has to give us another chance.
51:30 So don't worry, if you are dying go to hell
51:32 which most people teach you do or heaven.
51:34 You know when you die, you are right there.
51:36 He'll give another chance, don't worry.
51:37 You'd have to suffer for a while.
51:39 It's almost like a process,
51:40 process form of purgatory or something,
51:42 isn't it? Then I'm going to read the next
51:44 verse here too as this goes along with verse 20.
51:47 "Which sometimes the spirits were disobedient,
51:50 when once the longsuffering of God waited
51:52 in the days of Noah, while the ark was a
51:54 preparing, wherein few, that is,
51:55 eight souls were saved by water."
51:57 You know what it saying there simply?
51:59 The same spirit of God, that was working on
52:01 the people's heart back in the days of Noah.
52:04 And how'd they chain in prison back then?
52:06 By there sins, they were bound by sin.
52:08 I'll show you the text that shows that end
52:09 in a minute. So they are bound by the sins,
52:11 and the Spirit of God was working on them
52:12 in the days of Noah. The same Spirit is
52:13 working on people today even in Christ they
52:15 were doing that. Are you understanding?
52:17 So now let's think about that in the context,
52:19 "For Christ also once suffered the sins of just
52:21 for the unjust that He might bring us to God,
52:24 being put to death in a flesh but made alive by
52:26 the Spirit, by which also He went and preached."
52:30 What went and preached? The Spirit,
52:33 that same Sprit preached the spirits that were
52:35 imprisoned in the days of Noah.
52:37 Now does it make a little more sense?
52:39 So He spoke the same Spirit of the God,
52:41 spoke to the hearts of the people's in the days
52:42 of Noah. So they also could be saved.
52:46 But were they saved? No. Now, I am a
52:50 little hesitant right here because I have
52:51 another difficult text. And I think I'm just go
52:53 let Aleeda cover it in her study on the
52:55 State of the Dead. But who touch on?
52:57 I can give a quick answer.
52:58 I've got just a few minutes here.
52:59 Let us go to the next one here in
53:01 Luke Chapter 16. I'm turning the Bible to
53:02 Luke Chapter 16, actually I won't do that yet,
53:05 lay back up, sorry about that out in the trailer.
53:09 The guys that are running the cameras and
53:10 stuff there just haven't fed on me right now,
53:12 because I'll just go ahead and let,
53:14 we'll do Luke 16. Sorry guys,
53:18 you know when you got to obey that clock.
53:22 I'm looking forward to heaven
53:23 when there is no more clocks.
53:24 You are right, there's not going
53:25 to be clocks in heaven?
53:26 Yeah, we can just preach all day
53:28 and no one complained.
53:29 Luke 16, I'm looking forward to have Jesus speak.
53:31 I bet if He goes past 12 nobody will complain
53:33 when He preaches that first sermon, right?
53:36 Alright, Luke 16, 19-21.
53:38 This is the fifth of five parables.
53:41 Alright, this is the fifth of five parables.
53:42 You have the lost coin, the lost sheep,
53:44 the lost son, the unjust steward,
53:45 the rich man in Lazarus. That's what we are right
53:47 now, the rich man in Lazarus.
53:49 And I have got about 3 minutes to finish,
53:50 the rich man in Lazarus and we can do it.
53:52 Luke 16, 19 There was a certain rich man,
53:56 which was clothed in purple and fine linen,
53:58 and fared sumptuously every day.
53:59 Right away, is Jesus here speaking
54:01 literally or in parable? How do you know?
54:06 Matthew 13:34 says, Jesus spoke to them in
54:10 parables, and without a parable
54:11 spoke to Him nothing. He shared with the
54:13 people in parables. And you know all the
54:15 prior stories prior to this are parables.
54:17 So this is a parable, He's speaking symbolically.
54:20 A parable is something symbolic, right?
54:21 "So you have that certain rich man,
54:23 clothed in purple and fine linen
54:24 and fared sumptuously. And there was a certain
54:26 beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at the
54:28 gate, full of sores. And desiring to be fed
54:30 with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's
54:31 table moreover the dogs came and licked
54:33 up his sores. And it came to pass,
54:35 that the beggar died, and was carried by the
54:37 angels to Abraham's bosom. You know it's a parable
54:39 because the righteous don't go to
54:40 Abraham's bosom, right? If he does,
54:43 he got a big bosom. And the rich man also
54:46 died and was buried. What happened?
54:48 The rich man, where did he go?
54:49 He's buried, and then he says, in hell he lifted up
54:52 his eyes, hell being the grave here
54:54 because that's where he was,
54:55 and he's buried in the grave, right?
54:56 Being in torments and seeing Abraham
54:57 a far off and Lazarus in his bosom.
54:59 He cried and said, Father Abraham,
55:01 have mercy on me, and send Lazarus,
55:03 that he may dip the tip of his finger in water,
55:04 and cool my tongue; I am tormented in this flame.
55:07 But Abraham said, don't you remember you had
55:08 the good things in your life, likewise Lazarus
55:11 has evil things, now he is comforted,
55:12 and you are tormented. And beside all this is a
55:14 great gulf fixed: between us that they
55:17 which would pass it shall not and neither
55:19 can you come to us, that you should come from fence.
55:23 Then he said, I pray thee therefore,
55:25 Father, let you go to my father's house.
55:27 For I have five brothers, and he may testify to
55:30 them unless they also come to this place of torment.
55:33 Abraham said to Moses they have Moses,
55:36 Abraham said unto him. They have Moses and
55:38 the prophets; let them hear them.
55:39 He said, no, they won't hear him but if some
55:42 one were raised from the dead.
55:43 Then they will repent. You followed that,
55:46 and then what happens at the end?
55:48 Jesus says in the parable here,
55:51 if they won't hear Moses, neither will they
55:53 be persuaded, the one we raised from the dead.
55:55 Did you know Jesus actually did raise a man
55:56 by the name of Lazarus from the dead later on.
55:59 Did the people believed?
56:01 They still didn't believe, did they?
56:02 So what He was saying was absolutely true.
56:03 Now, we know this a symbolic,
56:04 He's speaking symbolism. And now who the rich man
56:07 represent here in the symbolism.
56:08 Who He represent? The Jews, right they
56:10 had everything, they fared sumptuously.
56:12 They had the word of God, they had everything.
56:13 And the beggar who'd He represent?
56:15 The poor Jim, with none, none of the bread
56:18 of life, the bread from God.
56:19 And he actually got a little
56:20 crumb, here and there.
56:21 And He was just taking his crumbs, right?
56:23 He was getting whatever he could from the word of God.
56:24 The parable, the parable here,
56:25 He's speaking in a parable.
56:27 And so Lazarus here, he receives of the poor things,
56:30 the very few things, the word of God
56:32 when he was there. But he trusting God what he had.
56:34 And he actually gets to be saved, and where does he go?
56:36 To Abraham's bosom or symbolically
56:39 where he was going to end up being?
56:40 In the kingdom of God, right?
56:42 He is gonna, had to end up in the kingdom of God.
56:44 But what about Lazarus, the guy had everything
56:46 when he was on earth. He ended up with nothing,
56:49 what's the parable teaching?
56:50 If you are not sharing the word of God you have,
56:52 you're not comforting those other
56:53 people you're gonna be lost too.
56:56 And those people that are taking whatever
56:57 they can get are going to be saved.
56:59 Its not teaching on a State of the Dead,
57:01 its contrary to the rest of the word of God.
57:04 Now later we cover this little more when we do
57:05 the State of the Dead study.
57:06 And as we are closing up right here,
57:07 I just want to remind everybody at home.
57:09 If you'd like to get the rest of the study
57:10 you can go the
57:14 And you can download and watch the full course here.
57:18 And you can start this very beginning through
57:19 all the lessons studies watching on video.
57:21 Or you can just get the printout studies
57:23 and have them for yourself.
57:24 I want encourage you continue marking your
57:26 Bibles, get your Bibles all marked up as you go
57:28 through these studies. And it will be a blessing
57:30 when you start sharing your faith with other people.
57:33 So we're closing up right now.
57:35 And the next study, Aleeda is actually will
57:37 be giving next study is going to be
57:38 on the State of the Dead. We're looking
57:39 forward to see you then here at
57:41 The Lay Institute For Evangelism.


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