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00:01 The harvest truly is plenteous,
00:03 but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will, he will send forth laborers
00:09 into his harvest. Also, I heard the voice
00:12 of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send?
00:14 And who will go for us?
00:17 Then said I, Here am I, send me, send me."
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you
00:25 to be an effective harvester for the Lord.
00:27 We now invite you into our classroom
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00:43 We'd like to welcome you all back here
00:45 to the classroom at the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:49 This term we are located on the campus
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01:45 Our goal here at the Lay Institute For Evangelism
01:49 is to teach you, how to teach what we do?
01:52 I wanna be out of a job and when I'm out of a job,
01:55 when there is no one else to train,
01:56 guess what that means? Jesus has comeback.
01:58 Jesus has comeback, that's absolutely right Mike.
02:00 So, we just want to thank you for joining us.
02:02 On our graphic here you'll note that today's study
02:05 is Judgment One, we've been over that.
02:07 And the purpose of today's study is to show
02:11 that the earthly sanctuary is a revelation of Christ
02:17 and His work in the Heavenly Sanctuary.
02:20 So, we're gonna focus on the earthly sanctuary
02:23 and we're gonna see that the earthly sanctuary
02:25 is a revelation or it reveals Jesus Christ to us.
02:30 And then we're going to talk about the work
02:32 that went on in the earthly sanctuary
02:35 and that will tell us what now Christ is doing
02:38 in the heavenly sanctuary. And after this study,
02:41 Pastor Sizemore is going to be presenting
02:43 a study for us called Judgment part 2.
02:47 And he'll be going over the work of Christ
02:49 in the Heavenly Sanctuary.
02:52 Our Center It today is simply this:
02:55 Jesus is the earthly Sanctuary in verity.
03:00 Jesus is the earthly Sanctuary in verity.
03:04 And that word verity is a true principle of belief.
03:07 So, Jesus is the earthly sanctuary in its truest sense.
03:12 So, we're gonna hop right out into our study today,
03:15 those of you that have been watching,
03:16 those of you here in the classroom.
03:18 You'll remember that all of the studies
03:19 that I have presented this point have been presented
03:22 in two hours or two different programs.
03:24 But today we are gonna present this in one program.
03:29 So, you're gonna have to buckle on your seat belt,
03:30 you're gonna have to make sure that you have
03:32 some of that sticky stuff that they use at the post office,
03:34 so you can flip pages real nice.
03:36 But we're gonna go right into it on your screen there.
03:39 You see all of the texts that we are going to use
03:42 in this study, and you note that we have
03:43 19 of those references that we're going to be reading.
03:46 But it's going to go very rapidly,
03:48 because we're just simply looking
03:50 at the earthly sanctuary.
03:51 And then Christ as the fulfillment
03:54 of each one of the pieces of furniture and then Christ,
03:57 the fulfillment of the work in the earthly sanctuary.
04:01 So, we were going now to our first reference,
04:04 our first Judgment One study.
04:06 When you're marking it in your Bibles,
04:08 you'll note on the graphic there that it's 1J1,
04:10 so it's the first text in the Judgment One study.
04:13 And that is Exodus 25 verses 8 and 9.
04:17 Now, those of you at home watching on that graphic,
04:20 you noted there was an yellow circle around 1J1
04:24 and then a line and underneath
04:25 that the reference that we're gonna go to next.
04:27 This is a code for marking your Bibles,
04:30 so if you haven't been with us in any of our other programs.
04:35 You wanna make sure that you go back,
04:37 if you bought the DVD set go back to number 1, 2, 3,
04:40 we covered that heavily doing those.
04:42 Because we knew that once we covered it
04:44 heavily then you'd be able to keep up,
04:46 but maybe this is the first time you're with us,
04:48 so just go back
04:49 and get the first couple of programs.
04:50 So, let's go now to Exodus 25 and verse 8,
04:56 Exodus 25, Exodus 25 of course that's the second book
05:02 of the Old Testament. And we'll go ahead
05:05 and ask Anita to read that if she will.
05:08 So, Anita if you will read for us
05:09 Exodus 25 verses 8 and 9.
05:15 And let them make me a sanctuary;
05:18 that I may dwell among them.
05:20 According to all that I show thee,
05:22 after the pattern of the tabernacle,
05:24 and the pattern of all the instruments thereof,
05:27 even so shall ye make it. Okay, so Anita
05:30 what was the reason that God wanted to make a sanctuary?
05:36 That he may dwell among them. That's right,
05:39 so that God could dwell among his people.
05:43 God wanted Moses to make a sanctuary,
05:46 so that God could dwell with his people.
05:50 And so Moses makes that sanctuary,
05:53 there in verse 9 God says:
05:54 According to all that I show thee,
05:57 after the pattern of the tabernacle,
06:01 and the pattern of all the instruments thereof,
06:04 even so shall you make it. So, God there tells Moses
06:10 to make a sanctuary after a pattern,
06:14 so that God could dwell among his people.
06:18 Does that make sense? So, there was a pattern
06:21 that God showed Moses. He says make me
06:24 a sanctuary according to this pattern,
06:26 for the purpose of what, Dosang?
06:27 For what purpose? To dwell among them.
06:29 To dwell among them, that's right.
06:32 So, God shows Moses a pattern of how to build
06:34 this earthly sanctuary. In order to show that
06:37 Jesus is a fulfillment of that sanctuary,
06:40 we're gonna go to Matthew Chapter 1 verse 23.
06:44 Matthew Chapter 1, our next graphic there,
06:46 Matthew Chapter 1 and verse 23.
06:50 I skipped the graphic for the judgment there,
06:52 but we'll get right back to that one.
06:54 Because, it's actually gonna be on our future slide.
06:56 So, we're going to Matthew Chapter 1 and verse 23
07:00 and we'll go ahead and ask Jessica
07:02 to read that for us. So, Jessica, can you help me,
07:05 a brand new Bible student,
07:07 get from Exodus to the book of Matthew.
07:13 Can you help me get there from Exodus?
07:14 Go past half of the Bible. Half of the...
07:17 I'm in Matthew, oh! That's sweet.
07:21 Does it always work like that? No. No, well, all right
07:25 Matthew Chapter, what are we in Jessica?
07:28 Chapter 1, verse 23. All right, Chapter 1, verse 23
07:31 and don't forget to hold that underneath your chin,
07:33 so the popping noise doesn't happen.
07:37 "Look! The virgin will conceive a child.
07:40 She will give birth to a son, and he will be
07:43 called Immanuel (meaning, God is with us)."
07:47 So, Jesus comes, he is born, he is given the name Immanuel,
07:52 which being interpreted is what?
07:55 God with us. So the sanctuary was built
07:58 so that God could dwell with his people,
08:00 do you remember that? Exodus 25.
08:03 Then we get to Matthew 1:23 and it says that His name
08:06 will be called Immanuel, which being interpreted
08:10 is God with us. Jesus is the fulfillment
08:16 of the entire earthly sanctuary.
08:20 Now what we're going to see on our next graphic
08:23 is the earthly sanctuary in just a diagram format.
08:28 So, you see there on the far right
08:30 of your screen you see "The Door,"
08:32 then there is "The Altar of Burnt Offering."
08:34 Then the "Laver," then you sees "The Candlesticks"
08:37 on the left as you go into the sanctuary.
08:40 Then you see "The Table of Showbread"
08:42 on the right or the side of the North of the sanctuary.
08:45 Then you see "The Altar of Incense"
08:47 and then we go past that line in that inner square
08:51 and that takes us from the Holy Place
08:52 into the Most Holy Place, where we find
08:55 "The Ark of the Covenant." So, what we're going to do is,
08:58 we are going to walk through this sanctuary,
09:00 and we are going to see, Vanessa,
09:02 that Jesus is the fulfillment of every bit of this sanctuary.
09:07 So, let's look now, you see there the door is in yellow.
09:11 So, each thing we're gonna focus on well be
09:13 in yellow as we continue going.
09:15 We're gonna focus on the door of the sanctuary.
09:19 Now, some of you are taking notes and don't you worry,
09:21 we have this on a graphic, a piece of paper
09:24 or a handout that we can give to you.
09:25 You can make multiple copies of that and then use it
09:28 in your studies. So, you'll be able to get that.
09:30 Let's go to our 3rd Judgment One text
09:35 in John Chapter 14 and verse 6,
09:38 John Chapter 14 and verse 6.
09:42 We're turning to the right from Matthew,
09:44 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Chapter 14 and verse 6,
09:50 and it looks like our cameraman is pointed
09:52 at someone here in this area.
09:54 So, who would like to read that for us?
09:56 Thank you Vanessa very much, so John Chapter 14 and verse 6,
10:01 you know Vanessa never just volunteers herself to read.
10:04 So, we have to volunteer her for us.
10:06 All right, John Chapter 14 verse 6,
10:08 what does Jesus saying? Jesus saith unto him,
10:12 I am the way, the truth, and the life:
10:16 no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
10:19 So, Jesus says that He is the way,
10:23 the truth and the life. Now, we're gonna go
10:25 forward to our graphic again, it will focus on something else.
10:29 But I want to explain to you how Jesus is the
10:31 only way to the Father. So, here we are,
10:34 we're back to our graphic. Once we go through the door,
10:38 if you went all the way through
10:40 the Most Holy Place or the Holy Place
10:43 into the Most Holy Place,
10:44 you would be where the Shekinah glory is.
10:48 And that's where the Father is.
10:50 So, the only way to get into the earthly
10:54 sanctuary was the door. You had to go through the door.
10:58 As a matter of fact go with me,
11:00 I believe it's John Chapter 10.
11:02 John Chapter 10, John Chapter 10 and verse,
11:09 let me just look at this, John Chapter 10 verse 7,
11:14 thank you very much there Tom.
11:16 John Chapter 10 verse 7, you may just add this
11:19 in the margin on your study. Then said Jesus unto them again,
11:25 verily, verily, I say unto you,
11:28 I am the what? Door of the sheep
11:32 and of course He's talking about
11:33 the sheepfold and the sheep that want
11:34 to get into his fold, he can't jump over the fence.
11:37 They have to come through the door;
11:38 the only way to the Father is through whom?
11:43 Is through Jesus and there is lots of
11:45 references in the New Testament,
11:46 maybe you as a Bible student will want to
11:48 find many more of those references.
11:51 Those of you at home, just go ahead and get out
11:52 your concordance and look up way or door,
11:55 or use one of your Bible study tools
11:57 or methods to find out how Jesus is the fulfillment
12:01 of the entrance into the earthly sanctuary.
12:05 Jesus is the what? Door. He is the door,
12:10 now the next thing we're focusing on
12:12 in this Bible study is the Altar of Burnt Offering.
12:17 The Altar of Burnt Offering, on The Altar of Burnt Offering
12:22 this is where the animals were burned.
12:24 The sacrificial animals were burned.
12:27 The fat was burned on that altar,
12:29 and fat is a representation of sin.
12:31 The kidneys were burned on that altar
12:34 and of course our kidneys filter our blood,
12:37 so it's something that, that filters out sin
12:39 in your life, if you could just spiritualize that whole,
12:42 that whole concept there. So, the sacrificial animal
12:45 is burned here, the fat is burned there,
12:48 the kidneys and then caul, or the part above the liver.
12:53 You find that, this isn't in our study,
12:56 but you find that so write this down,
12:58 you're taking notes at home.
12:59 You find that in Leviticus Chapter 4 verses 8 and 9,
13:04 Leviticus Chapter 4 verses 8 and 9.
13:07 That's where you find what was burned
13:09 on that Altar of Burnt Offering.
13:12 Now, when you walk into that sanctuary,
13:15 you went into the courtyard, you went through the door.
13:18 The door represents who? Jesus.
13:21 Once you went in there, you went through
13:23 the right of the Altar of Burnt Offering.
13:26 And you have brought a lamb or another
13:29 one of the approved sacrificial animals,
13:33 to ask forgiveness for your sins.
13:35 You would confess your sins on the head of that lamb.
13:37 And not just, oh! Nice little lamb,
13:39 I'm sorry this is gonna happen, I have to confess my sins.
13:42 And what you would actually do
13:43 and you wanna get ready for this,
13:44 because I'm fixing to get on the floor.
13:46 You would actually confess your sins
13:49 on top of the head of that lamb and you would
13:51 lean down on that lamb and you would push
13:53 that lamb all the way to the ground.
13:56 Symbolic of the crushing weight of sin,
14:03 the crushing weight of sin. So, you would come
14:07 in through the door to the right of
14:09 the Altar of Burnt Offering, where the sin is consumed,
14:13 the fat, the kidneys,
14:15 the fat above the liver, the caul.
14:17 All of that is burned right there on that altar.
14:20 But you would have to sacrifice that lamb,
14:23 because it was your sins that cause that lamb to die.
14:27 Now, this is amazing, let's go to John,
14:29 our next reference. John Chapter 1 verse 29,
14:34 John Chapter 1 verse 29 and the Bible says there,
14:39 who's going to read that for us, maybe Dosang,
14:41 you could read that for us? John Chapter 1 and verse 29,
14:46 notice what John the Baptist says about Jesus
14:51 when Jesus is there near the Jordan.
14:53 What does he say Dosang? John Chapter 1 verse 29.
14:56 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him,
14:59 and saith, Behold the Lamb of God,
15:02 which taketh away the sin of the world.
15:05 So, John the Baptist sees Jesus and he says:
15:09 Behold the Lamb of God, that does what Dosang?
15:13 Taketh away the sin. Takes away the sin of the world.
15:18 So, in our earthly sanctuary model,
15:21 we go in through Jesus, we go to the right of the
15:26 Altar of Burnt Offering, we sacrifice that lamb
15:31 after confessing our sins on it.
15:33 And then the representation of sin
15:35 in that animal is burned on that altar.
15:38 Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away our sin.
15:47 Isn't that powerful? And we're just walking
15:50 in to the earthly sanctuary here.
15:53 So, we'll go to our next, the next and we go
15:55 in through the door, we go to the Altar of Burnt Offering,
16:00 our sins have been confessed. And then the priest,
16:04 the priest would actually. He couldn't,
16:06 he wasn't to bathe himself, the priest was to be bathed.
16:10 They actually built a little room here,
16:13 a little and I think it just had linen cloth
16:15 in the outside of it, I'm not sure about
16:17 the material that it was build with.
16:18 But the priest would go in there and then another priest would
16:24 wash him, when Aaron and his sons
16:26 were going to go into the temple,
16:28 it was Moses that washed them.
16:31 And you'll remember, you'll remember
16:33 very vividly when, when Philip gets into his study,
16:37 you will; you will remember what I'm telling you right now.
16:40 That we cannot wash away our own sins,
16:45 but Jesus is the one that has to cleanse us from our sins.
16:52 And so when we get to the New Testament,
16:54 we see Jesus actually telling us that he is the water,
16:59 he is the one that gives us eternal life.
17:03 He makes us clean every bit of us clean.
17:08 So, let's go to that New Testament reference now.
17:11 Let's go to John Chapter 4, you see that graphic
17:14 on your screen, John Chapter 4
17:17 beginning with verse 10. So, we're already in John,
17:21 John Chapter 4 verse 10. Now, Jesus here is talking
17:25 about this water, Jesus is talking about this water
17:30 and I'll just go ahead and read that one here,
17:32 John Chapter 4 verse 10, the Bible says:
17:35 Jesus answered and said unto her,
17:37 he is talking to the lady at the well.
17:40 If thou knewest the gift of God,
17:43 and who it is that saith to thee,
17:46 Give me to drink; you would have asked of him,
17:49 and he would have given thee living water.
17:54 So, Jesus is going to give to us what type of water?
17:58 Living water, now if the priest had gone
18:01 into the Holy Place and he had not been clean,
18:05 guess what would have happen to that priest?
18:07 He would have died. He would have died.
18:10 Because the priest was also a symbol of Jesus.
18:15 And the priest symbolically carried
18:18 either in the blood of that animal or by eating
18:21 the flesh of that animal, he symbolically carried
18:24 the sin into the earthly sanctuary and he left it there
18:30 until the cleansing of the sanctuary.
18:32 And this is gonna get very vivid
18:34 when Pastor Sizemore takes us through judgment,
18:37 Judgment part 2, where sin is cleansed from the sanctuary.
18:42 But, we have to ask ourselves this question,
18:43 is it the earthly sanctuary or is it the heavenly sanctuary?
18:47 And he's gonna get to that in that next study.
18:50 So, Jesus is we're go to our graphic again,
18:54 Jesus is the living water.
18:56 Now, lets skip the verse didn't I?
18:58 Let's go to verse 14, then I say we have two verses
19:01 to read there, verse 14 says this.
19:04 Verse 14 says: But whosoever drinketh
19:07 of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst;
19:12 but the water that I shall give him shall be
19:14 in him a well of water springing up
19:18 into everlasting life. So, just as the priest
19:24 had to be clean, Jesus is offering us
19:27 the water that will cleanse us,
19:29 that will give us everlasting life.
19:31 And you will remember that Jesus was baptized too wasn't He?
19:36 Jesus is a fulfillment of every part of the earthly sanctuary.
19:42 So, now lets go to we go in through another door here,
19:46 who's the door? Jesus.
19:48 Jesus and what reference is there we use for that?
19:52 John 14:6 and 7 and then Tom gave us
19:55 another one there, he helped us find
19:56 in John 15 verse 7, that's right.
20:00 So once we go through that door,
20:03 if we turn to the left in the Holy Place,
20:06 which is the first compartment there,
20:08 we see the candlesticks, and I think that this is
20:11 really going to amaze you. Don't you love Bible studies
20:14 that just reveal Christ in a new way?
20:17 Don't you love that? So, we're going to go now
20:19 to an Old Testament reference,
20:21 and talk about these candlesticks.
20:23 So, our sixth Judgment One reference is going to be
20:27 Exodus 25 verses 31 and 37, Genesis, Exodus 31.
20:36 I'm sorry Exodus 25 verses 31 and 37.
20:44 So, Exodus 25, and who do we have
20:46 that's going to read this for us.
20:48 Let's go ahead and have Tim, can you read that for us.
20:51 Tim, we're in Exodus 25 verses 31 and 37.
21:00 "And now shalt make a candlestick of pure gold:
21:02 of beaten work shall the candlestick be made:
21:06 his shaft, and his branches, his bowls,
21:09 his knops, and his flowers shall be of the same.
21:13 37, it says. Yeah, in 37, that's right.
21:16 And now shalt make the seven lamps thereof:
21:19 and they shall light the lamps thereof,
21:21 that they may give light over against it.
21:25 So, notice in verse 31 there Tim, it says
21:27 and thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold,
21:30 of what type of work? Beaten work! Of beaten work.
21:34 Then you get down to verse 37, it says:
21:37 And you may shalt make the seven lamps thereof:
21:40 that they shall light the lamps thereof,
21:42 that they may give light over against it.
21:45 So, here we've a candlestick that is made
21:49 from beating something that is pure.
21:53 And some of you in this room are smiling,
21:55 and you are like, oh, I think I know where he is going to go.
21:58 I think I know where he is going to go.
21:59 This candlestick was made of a beaten,
22:02 beaten material. It was beaten
22:05 into the shape that they wanted it in,
22:07 and it was made of pure gold, pure gold.
22:13 Now let's go see Jesus as the fulfillment of this.
22:16 Now what was the purpose of the candlestick,
22:18 it was to give what? It was to give light.
22:21 So, on our next slide, you will see there,
22:23 we're going to Isaiah 53 verse 5.
22:26 And you will note it's the study immediately
22:30 after this one that we go over Daniel Chapter 9.
22:34 And we're going to talk more about Isaiah 53.
22:36 Isaiah 53 is one of the most potent
22:39 prophecies of the Messiah. So, we're going to Isaiah 53,
22:44 and we will go ahead and let, let's see here.
22:48 Who wants to read this? Isaiah is in the middle
22:50 of the Old Testament. I don't see anybody
22:52 raising their hand, so I'm going to surprise some.
22:54 Ah, thank you Tom, I appreciate that.
22:57 Isaiah 53, that's right, and we're going to read verse 5.
23:03 And I'm almost there, I'll race you, beat you, got you.
23:07 All right, Isaiah 53 and verse 5.
23:13 But He was wounded for our transgressions,
23:18 He was bruised for our iniquities;
23:20 The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
23:24 And by His stripes we are healed.
23:27 So, was Jesus beaten? He was, wasn't He.
23:31 Was Jesus pure? He is, isn't He.
23:36 And He was beaten for our transgression,
23:39 and for our inequities. And this would be covered
23:42 very vividly in our next study, the one right after this.
23:47 Where we talk about Jesus being the fulfillment
23:50 of the Messianic prophecy in Daniel Chapter 9.
23:55 But what was the purpose of the candlestick
23:59 in the earthly sanctuary? To give light.
24:03 Now, you see there we've an optional reference
24:05 or an additional reference right beside on your graphic.
24:07 Isaiah 53:5, and its John Chapter 8 verse 12.
24:10 So, let's go ahead and just look there,
24:12 John Chapter 8 and verse 12.
24:17 And I'll read this, John Chapter 8 verse12.
24:20 Everybody is there, or getting there.
24:24 John Chapter 8 verse 12, the Bible says:
24:27 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying,
24:30 I am the light of the world: he that followeth me
24:35 shall not walk in darkness,
24:37 but shall have the light of life.
24:42 So, Jesus was beaten, a pure, sinless man beaten,
24:50 so that you and I could have eternal life.
24:54 And Jesus said that He is the light of the world.
25:00 Is this study exciting so far? It's very exciting, isn't it?
25:03 So, let's go back to our graphic that gives us the overview
25:07 of the sanctuary, so we go in through the door.
25:10 We confess our sin, the sin is consumed.
25:14 The Bible says
25:16 that our God is an all consuming fire.
25:18 And God doesn't consume that which is pure.
25:21 God consumes that which is what? Sinful, or not righteous,
25:26 so that sin is consumed. We wash ourselves
25:30 just like Jesus was baptized, just like Jesus said to us,
25:34 that He was the water of life. We're washed,
25:37 we go in through the door of the Holy Place.
25:40 We turn to the left, and we encounter
25:43 the source of light, the source of light, isn't it interesting?
25:48 Also that the word of God in Psalm 119 verse 105 says:
25:51 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
25:57 And I saw Jessica smile real big.
25:59 Lights are coming on here, aren't they?
26:01 Every pun intended. So, then we turn to the right,
26:05 or we just make an about face and walk directly north
26:08 in the earthly sanctuary, and we encounter
26:11 the Table of Showbread. Now the Table of Showbread,
26:15 this bread was baked, every baked,
26:19 and replaced every seventh day.
26:22 So, every Sabbath this bread was baked,
26:25 and replaced. So, there were hot cakes
26:28 put on the Table of Showbread,
26:30 not pancakes, hotcakes, you know,
26:32 not like which you get at the store,
26:33 but there were two stacks of bread.
26:38 There were six individual breads
26:43 in each stack, so it was a flat bread.
26:47 So, it just lay there was flat, it wasn't like the nice round
26:50 loaves that you get out of the wonder bag or something.
26:52 So, here we have this two stacks of six
26:56 on the Table of Showbread. And Jesus says something
27:00 very interesting in John Chapter 6.
27:03 Our next reference is John Chapter 6 verse 35,
27:08 and John Chapter 6 and verse 35.
27:12 John has a lot to say about this.
27:14 John Chapter 6 verse 35. And we will ask Danielle,
27:21 to read this for us. So, John Chapter and verse 35.
27:28 So, Danielle, if you could read that for us,
27:29 we're in John the 6th Chapter, the 35th verse,
27:33 and what does Jesus say there? And Jesus said unto them,
27:37 I am the bread of life: he that cometh
27:39 to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me
27:42 shall never thirst. Jesus said, I'm the bread of life.
27:49 Jesus said, I'm the bread of life.
27:52 Now some of you are asking how do you know that those
27:54 loaves were made every Sabbath.
27:56 Well all you have to do write this down,
27:57 we're not going to turn there.
27:59 Then if you download this from the Internet,
28:01 you will see that this is there on your notes
28:03 on number 6 or number, reference number 7,
28:08 it says Leviticus 24:5 through 8 is where we find
28:12 that the 12 loaves of fresh bread every Sabbath
28:16 and put there. This bread was also known
28:20 as the bread of His presence, the bread of His presence.
28:27 It's interesting there. Let's just go to our,
28:30 I believe we've a graphic here, and we sure we do.
28:33 It's interesting to note that there are two stacks of bread.
28:37 They are both equal on that table, aren't they?
28:43 Who is it that sits down on the right hand
28:47 of the throne of God? That's Jesus.
28:51 You know the Bible tells us
28:53 that Jesus did not think it robbery.
28:55 He didn't think that He lost something
28:57 when He left heaven to come down here,
29:00 and to be made in the likeness of a man,
29:02 because He wanted to redeem us.
29:05 So, here we have these two stacks of bread.
29:07 We've one place for the Father, and one place for the Son.
29:12 And Jesus says that He is the bread of life.
29:16 Now in the Jewish tradition would call this
29:20 the bread of His presence, because the recognize that,
29:23 that symbolized the Messiah that was to come, and the Father.
29:29 Now when Pastor Sizemore gives us
29:31 the study on judgment too. We're going to find out
29:35 that right here this, this table here
29:38 is a representation of the throne of God.
29:42 And when he gets to Daniel Chapter 7,
29:44 we're gonna to find out that during the judgment scene
29:47 that this throne of God which is what this is a symbol of,
29:51 actually moves. It has wheels on it,
29:54 and we're gonna find that out in that study.
29:56 It's going to be very exciting.
29:58 So, once we go through the door,
30:00 we go to The Altar of Burnt Offering,
30:02 confess our sins, we're washed by Christ
30:06 with that living water. We go through another door,
30:09 the candlesticks that give light are on the left.
30:12 On the north side we've the throne of God,
30:15 and isn't interesting that from, when we were studying
30:19 the Great Controversy. Lucifer wanted to ascend
30:23 above the heights of the clouds. He wanted to sit on the sides
30:28 of the north, right where God's throne was.
30:35 Oh! What a blasphemous individual that guy Satan is?
30:39 And then we turn to the left as we're facing north,
30:42 we just turn to the left and we see something
30:47 called the Altar of Incense. And we're going to spend
30:49 a little bit more time on the Altar of Incense.
30:52 And its quite intriguing what we're going to find now.
30:55 So, let's go to Exodus 30 verses 1, 7 and 8,
31:01 Exodus Chapter 30 verses 1, 7, and 8,
31:08 Exodus Chapter 30 verses 1, 7, and 8.
31:13 And why don't we go head and we'll just...
31:17 Well, I'll read this one here, Exodus Chapter 30 verse 1.
31:22 The Bible says: And thou shalt make
31:26 an altar to burn incense upon:
31:29 of Shittim wood shalt thou make it.
31:31 So, what is the purpose of this altar?
31:35 To burn incense on. Verse 7:
31:38 And Aaron shall burn thereon sweet incense
31:42 every morning: when he dresseth the lamps,
31:45 he shall burn incense upon it.
31:48 Verse 8: And when Aaron lighteth the lamps at even,
31:52 he shall burn incense upon it,
31:54 a perpetual incense before the Lord
31:58 throughout your generations.
32:01 So, this Altar of Incense in the morning
32:04 and in the evening, they would put more incense
32:08 on that altar for a perpetual incense
32:11 before the Lord, for a perpetual
32:14 rising of the smoke. And it's interesting,
32:16 we go to our, well our graphic.
32:18 Can I back up to a graphic, is on the right,
32:21 we just back up to the graphic.
32:23 That smoke from the Altar of Incense
32:26 would ascend over the top of the veil that separated
32:30 the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place.
32:34 That smoke would ascend above that veil,
32:37 and go into the very presence of the Shekinah Glory.
32:43 So, now we're just going to go forward two slides there.
32:46 We're going go to Psalm 141 verse 2,
32:50 that will be our tenth reference here.
32:53 So, we have 10J1 which is our tenth Judgment One reference,
32:59 and we're going to Psalm 141 verse 2, Psalm 141 verse 2.
33:10 Now the more we get into the study,
33:11 the more I realize that we may not have it done
33:14 in just this one hour period.
33:16 So, we're going to do is we just going to
33:17 continue recording it, it won't be two hours,
33:20 but we'll post the rest of what we're studying here today,
33:23 we'll post that on our website,
33:25 and you can pick up the tail end of that, all right.
33:27 So, here we are, Psalm 141 verse 2.
33:32 Who's got that for me? And Tim, why don't you do
33:35 that again because maybe one of these cameras
33:37 in the back here can just shoot over to you.
33:39 Psalm 141 verse 2. Let my prayer be
33:44 set forth before thee as incense;
33:47 and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.
33:51 Now you remember, at the same time
33:53 that the evening sacrifice is offered,
33:56 they are also offering that incense before the Lord.
34:00 And David here, David says let my prayer be
34:04 set forth before thee as what? Incense.
34:10 Now, we're going to go to Revelation Chapter 8 verse 4.
34:12 We're going to see that there is an angel holding a censer.
34:15 And that censer has this incense in it,
34:20 and it mingles with the prayers of the saints,
34:23 and it goes into the very presence of God.
34:28 All right, so let's go to that next reference then.
34:30 Let's go to Revelation 8:4. I told this would be
34:32 in rapid succession, because some of these points,
34:35 they don't require much commentary
34:37 because you're just going from reference to reference.
34:39 So, we're going to Revelation, the last book of the Bible,
34:44 Revelation Chapter 8 verse 4.
34:47 And Ryan, would you like to read this for us?
34:49 Revelation Chapter 8 and verse 4,
34:53 Revelation the 8th Chapter, the fourth verse.
34:58 And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers
35:02 of the saints, ascended up before God
35:05 out of the angel's hand. And the smoke of the what?
35:09 Incense, which came from the what?
35:12 Prayers of the saints upon the golden altar
35:16 which was before the throne.
35:18 So, here we have this incense that is mingled
35:22 with the prayers of the saints, and it's going before
35:26 the Shekinah Glory, or the very presence of God.
35:30 But, my friends who is it that makes
35:35 intersession for us? Who takes our prayers,
35:39 and presents our supplications before God?
35:43 It's Jesus, you are absolutely right,
35:45 and we see that in the Hebrews Chapter 7 verse 25.
35:49 So, we're just walking through the earthly sanctuary,
35:52 and we're seeing that Jesus is even the fulfillment
35:56 of the one that takes our prayers
35:58 and makes them sweet smelling savor
36:03 in the presence of God. So, we're going to
36:05 Hebrews which is to the left from Revelation.
36:10 Hebrews Chapter 7 and verse 25,
36:14 and who do we have to read this one,
36:16 Hebrews Chapter 7 and verse 25?
36:19 Ah, Darlene said she will read that for us,
36:21 Hebrews Chapter 7 and verse 25.
36:26 Therefore he is also able to save to the uttermost
36:30 those who come to God through him.
36:33 Since He is always, since He always lives
36:37 to make intercession for them.
36:39 So, who is this He that is talked about in this verse?
36:43 Its Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
36:46 is the one that takes our prayers.
36:49 He mingles it with the sweet smelling savor,
36:53 and He presents our prayers before God.
36:56 So, Jesus is the fulfillment here,
37:00 even at the Altar of Incense.
37:03 But, we've got one more reference here,
37:05 and so we're going to go to our left
37:07 to Ephesians Chapter 5 and verse 2,
37:11 Ephesians Chapter 5 and verse 2.
37:22 And I'll read this if you don't mind,
37:23 Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 2 says:
37:26 And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us,
37:31 and hath given himself for us
37:35 an offering and a sacrifice to God for a what?
37:39 Sweet smelling savor. Jesus is the incense
37:48 that ascends before God. Jesus takes our prayers
37:52 and He presents those before the Father,
37:55 and now you and I are in the very presence of God.
38:02 Now in the morning, it maybe well,
38:04 you take out that little diagram that you get,
38:08 and pray your way through the sanctuary.
38:12 Go through Jesus, confess your sins,
38:16 ask Him to cleanse you, and give you that water of life.
38:19 Walk through the door and see the light of God in that room.
38:24 Go over to the Table of Showbread,
38:26 and get out your Bible, and eat from the word of life.
38:30 And then present your supplications before God,
38:34 and Jesus will take what you are asking
38:36 right into the presence of the Father Himself.
38:43 You notice there we've gone through the door, the altar,
38:45 we confessed our sins, we've been cleansed,
38:47 we've the water of life from Jesus,
38:49 we go through another door into. And these weren't literal doors,
38:53 these were curtains. And I wish we had
38:55 the time to go into what those curtains were made of?
38:57 There's three different colors in those curtains.
39:00 You have red, you have blue, and you have purple.
39:06 Of course purple is a combination of red and blue.
39:09 But to dig out all these references for you,
39:11 it's just going to take way too much time,
39:12 but you want to study this out.
39:14 The blue represents the law of God.
39:17 The red represents the blood of Christ,
39:20 and when the law of God, and the blood of Christ are in you,
39:23 you are royalty, you are wearing the purple,
39:26 isn't that powerful? So, we go through
39:29 these curtains here, these doors.
39:31 Jesus is the door, we see the light,
39:33 we eat from His word, we pray,
39:36 and He takes us into the presence
39:39 of God the Father Himself, very powerful.
39:44 Our next reference is the 14th reference in the study.
39:51 14J1, so the 14th text in the Judgment One
39:54 its Hebrews Chapter 9 and verse 4.
39:57 We're going to ask ourselves if I may,
39:59 I'll just back up a graphic again,
40:01 just back up there, we're going to
40:02 ask ourselves about the Ark of the Covenant?
40:05 What is in the Ark of the Covenant?
40:09 There are several things that are listed there.
40:11 Yes, I hear people mumbling the Ten Commandments,
40:14 and that's there, and that's what we're going to focus on.
40:16 Go to Hebrews Chapter 9, you are in Ephesians,
40:20 you will turn to the right past the T section,
40:23 and we're going to Hebrews Chapter 9 and verse 4.
40:30 And let's go ahead and let Mike read that.
40:32 Would you mind reading that for us Mike,
40:33 Hebrews Chapter 9 and verse 4, we'll start in verse 3.
40:39 Alright. And after the second veil of the tabernacle,
40:43 which is called the Holiest of all;
40:45 Which had the golden censer,
40:46 and the Ark of the Covenant overlaid with gold.
40:52 Round about with gold, wherein was the golden pot
40:54 that had manna, and Aaron's rod that budded,
40:57 and the tables of the covenant.
40:59 Now you remember when we studied the Law of God,
41:02 Moses wrote a law that was put where?
41:05 In the side of the Ark. God writes the law
41:07 with his finger that is put inside the Ark,
41:11 that's absolutely right. Jesus says something
41:16 very interesting in John Chapter 14 verse 15.
41:21 You will remember it from the Law of God study.
41:24 So, I'll just put the reference up there in the screen,
41:26 but you will be able to quote it.
41:27 Jesus said if you love Me, then do what?
41:30 Keep whose Commandments? My Commandments.
41:35 Jesus claims those Commandments
41:37 that are in the Ark of the Covenant as His own.
41:44 Jesus claims those Commandments as His.
41:47 So, when we go into the Most Holy Place,
41:51 we see that on top of this Ark of the Covenant
41:56 is something called a mercy seat.
41:59 Above the mercy seat is where the Shekinah Glory
42:02 or the presence of God was.
42:04 The foundation of God's throne is His law.
42:10 And Jesus claims that law as His own.
42:15 Isn't that amazing that the mercy seat sits
42:18 on top of the foundation of God's throne,
42:21 which is His law. The Bible said
42:24 in the Commandment itself, showing mercy unto thousands
42:28 of them that love Me, and do what?
42:32 Keep My Commandments. Jesus is just reiterating
42:36 exactly what He said on Mount Sinai,
42:39 showing mercy unto thousands of them that love Me,
42:43 and keep My Commandments.
42:46 So, we see there in the Most Holy Place,
42:51 Jesus represented by His law.
42:55 Now turn with me to Hebrews Chapter 8 verses 1 and 2.
42:59 You remember, or maybe we haven't even
43:01 gone over this yet, but who alone was allowed
43:04 to go into the Most Holy Place?
43:08 The high priest, the only earthly individual
43:12 that could go into the Most Holy Place
43:15 was the high priest. Now look what the Bible says
43:18 in Hebrews Chapter 8 verse 1. I love this so much,
43:23 you mind if I read it, okay. Hebrews Chapter 8 verse 1 says:
43:27 Now of the things which we have spoken this is the sum.
43:31 He says I've spoken to you from chapters 1 through 7.
43:34 Of course He just wrote a long letter,
43:36 and so He gets to this part in this letter,
43:38 and He say now the things which I've spoken to you,
43:40 this is the sum. I'm going to sum everything
43:43 I just said up in this. We have such an high priest,
43:49 who is set on the right hand of the throne
43:52 of the Majesty in heavens. A minister of the sanctuary,
43:58 and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched,
44:02 and not who? Man, man. So, you remember
44:05 back in Exodus 25, Moses was shown a pattern
44:11 by which to make the earthly sanctuary,
44:15 so that God could dwell among His people.
44:18 The pattern that Moses was shown
44:21 was the pattern of a sanctuary that no man had pitched,
44:26 but who pitched it? God did, God did,
44:29 and where is that sanctuary located?
44:32 In heaven, that is going to become
44:35 very significant to everyone of us.
44:38 When Pastor Sizemore goes over judgment two,
44:41 and we go into the Most Holy Place
44:43 with Jesus in a sanctuary, but what sanctuary is it?
44:47 Is it a sanctuary here on earth?
44:49 Is it a sanctuary in heaven?
44:51 You are going to be thrilled when you study
44:54 Judgment Two with Pastor Sizemore.
44:57 The Bible says here that we've a high priest,
45:02 that functions in a sanctuary that the Lord made.
45:10 And that's the heavenly sanctuary.
45:12 Jesus is our high priest. Now its well for us
45:17 to go to our next reference right now.
45:19 What we've done, very quickly we went through
45:22 the earthly sanctuary. And we saw that Jesus
45:25 is the fulfillment of the door, the altar,
45:28 even the fire that consume sin,
45:30 the laver, the water, the baptism.
45:32 You go through another door,
45:34 you see the candlestick, the light of the world,
45:35 beaten into the shape that it needed to be.
45:38 You go and you eat from the bread of life.
45:40 You turn and you pray at the Altar of Incense,
45:42 that carries your prayers into the presence of God,
45:45 where Jesus throne sits on top of the mercy seat.
45:49 When the foundation of that throne is His law.
45:52 And He says if you love Me, keep My Commandments.
45:56 But, there were two different functions
45:58 that went on in the earthly sanctuary.
46:01 There was a daily function, something that happened
46:05 on a daily basis, and then there was a yearly function,
46:09 something that happened on a yearly basis.
46:12 Now on your screen there you see Leviticus Chapter 4
46:16 verses 1 through 7. I'll simply tell you
46:18 what that says. Leviticus Chapter 4, 1 through 7
46:20 is describing the daily ministration
46:25 in the earthly sanctuary, or the things
46:28 that occurred on a daily basis.
46:31 You bring the lamp, you confess the sin,
46:34 you lay down on the lamp,
46:35 symbolizing the crushing weight of sin.
46:38 The lamb is slain, and the blood is taken into the sanctuary.
46:44 That blood is taken into the earthly sanctuary,
46:47 and it is sprinkled in the sanctuary
46:51 symbolically taking your sin
46:53 from you to the head of that animal,
46:55 to the blood of that animal
46:57 which contains the life of the animal.
46:59 And then it is transferred symbolically
47:02 into the earthly sanctuary, and that's where your sins were?
47:07 With those sins, you know there wasn't just,
47:09 there wasn't a stack of paper that had everybody sins
47:11 listed on them there. There were in the, in symbolism.
47:17 And one day a year, the high priest would go
47:24 into the Most Holy Place,
47:27 to cleanse the earthly sanctuary.
47:31 They called this the Day of Atonement
47:35 or Yom Kippur, or Jewish tradition tells us
47:40 that they also called it the Day of Judgment.
47:45 And again, this Bible study is intricately associated
47:49 with the Bible study that Pastor Sizemore is going to do.
47:51 So, Leviticus 4, 1 through 7 is just
47:54 to show us what happened on a daily bases
47:57 in that earthly sanctuary. The sins are brought
48:00 to the sanctuary, symbolically transferred
48:03 to the animal, then the animal is slain,
48:05 the blood is caught, symbolically taken
48:07 into the temple with the blood of that animal,
48:10 and some of that blood is left there,
48:11 so the sin has been left there.
48:15 Then once a year, you notice the next reference
48:18 up there on your screen is Leviticus 16.
48:20 And again, I'll just describe that to you.
48:23 Leviticus 16, each on the Day of Atonement
48:27 the high priest would go offer for himself a sacrifice.
48:32 He would offer a sacrifice for himself,
48:36 to make sure that his sins had been cleansed,
48:38 and he was ready to go into the Holy Place,
48:41 and then the Most Holy Place
48:43 to stand before the presence of God himself.
48:47 He would offer, if I'm not mistaken
48:49 it's a bullock, he would offer a bullock for himself.
48:51 Then he would go into the sanctuary,
48:53 and he would symbolically transfer
48:55 his own sins into that sanctuary.
48:58 Then he would come out and on that day
49:01 there were two goats, two goats.
49:04 One goat was called the Lord's goat.
49:06 No sin was confessed on the head of the Lord's goat.
49:10 The other goat was called Azazel,
49:14 or the scapegoat. So, what would happen
49:18 is that the high priest after he had offered
49:20 sacrifice for himself, and he was cleansed,
49:23 he would come back out of that sanctuary,
49:26 and he would take the Lord's goat
49:28 without confessing any sin on the head of the Lord's goat,
49:31 and he would kill it. And then he would
49:33 take that blood, symbolic of the life that animal had given.
49:39 Now did that blood have any sin in it?
49:41 It didn't, because nothing was confessed
49:43 over the head of the Lord's goat.
49:44 And the high priest would take that blood
49:46 into the sanctuary, and he would sprinkle
49:51 some of that blood over the mercy seat,
49:55 symbolically cleansing the earthly sanctuary.
50:00 Then he would come out of that temple,
50:03 and when he leaves that temple, is that temple clean now,
50:06 or is it still full of sin? It's clean.
50:11 And then he goes to the scapegoat,
50:14 and he confesses the sin of all the people
50:19 that have been stored up for all of that year
50:22 onto the head of the scapegoat.
50:25 And then the Bible says that a strong man,
50:28 a fit man would lead that goat out
50:32 into the wilderness and leave him there to die.
50:39 Isn't it amazing in our Great Controversy study.
50:43 Not our Great Controversy study,
50:44 but in our study on the Millennium,
50:47 that Satan is bound in a desolate wilderness
50:52 for a period of a thousand years.
50:57 That goat represented Satan.
51:00 Jesus died for the sins of believers.
51:05 Jesus died for the sins of everyone,
51:07 but there are some people that will not confess
51:09 the name of the Lord Jesus and be saved.
51:14 So, there were two different ministrations
51:18 in the earthly sanctuary.
51:20 There was the daily ministration,
51:23 and when we get to Daniel Chapter 8,
51:24 we're going to be talking about the daily and how that is,
51:28 was thrown down, or cast to the ground.
51:31 There is that daily ministration,
51:33 and in heaven, Jesus serves as our high priest.
51:41 Everyday you and I confess our sin,
51:45 and those sins are taken to the heavenly sanctuary.
51:51 When we study Daniel Chapter 8, we'll find out
51:53 when the judgment began.
51:58 And we'll see Jesus in that heavenly sanctuary.
52:03 We will see Jesus striving with His people,
52:09 working with His people, convicting His people.
52:15 Because you see everyday we confess our sin,
52:18 it goes to the heavenly sanctuary everyday.
52:24 And Jesus could cleanse it in a moment.
52:28 It's in the twinkling of an eye.
52:32 But Jesus wants to come back and get people that are pure.
52:38 And, so, He is working in that sanctuary
52:40 to cleanse the source of sin, that sin that continually
52:46 comes to the heavenly sanctuary,
52:47 and where does that sin come from?
52:50 It comes from us. And so Jesus is working,
52:54 He puts us through the furnace of affliction,
53:00 so that He can purify us just as silver and gold are purified.
53:07 You and I can come to the Father.
53:09 We can come to the throne of the all mighty Himself,
53:15 because Jesus is the door, He is our lamp,
53:21 He is our sacrifice. He takes away our sin,
53:25 He washes us and makes us whole.
53:27 He lights our life with the word of His truth.
53:32 He feeds us from His word. He is the bread,
53:36 He takes our prayers, and our supplications,
53:39 and He presents them before the Father.
53:45 And Jesus is sitting right there by the Father on the throne,
53:49 on the mercy seat. And the foundation
53:52 of His throne is His law.
53:59 But, my friends Jesus wants to purify us, why?
54:03 Why does He want to do that, because one day,
54:05 our last reference here, one day Jesus will declare
54:10 some to be righteous, and some to be unfit
54:14 for the Kingdom of Heaven. Go with me
54:17 to Revelation Chapter 22, Revelation Chapter 22 verse 11.
54:28 Notice the declaration that Jesus makes here,
54:30 and again this is the appeal text,
54:31 so I'm going to read this, I know I've read lot of them,
54:34 but when I get excited, I just can't stop myself.
54:37 The Bible says Revelation 22 verse 11.
54:40 Jesus makes this declaration,
54:43 in my mind's eye I don't think
54:46 He makes it joyfully when He starts out,
54:49 because this is what He declares.
54:51 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still.
54:58 Was that person already unjust
55:00 before he declared them to be unjust, yes.
55:02 He says let him be unjust still,
55:06 and he which is filthy, let him be what?
55:09 Filthy still. I can imagine He has tears,
55:13 that sadness in His eye when He makes that declaration,
55:16 but He makes that declaration because there are people
55:19 on earth that are righteous. There are people on earth
55:22 that have responded to the cleansing of God's temple.
55:27 And then He says in verse 11:
55:29 And He that is righteous, let him be righteousness still.
55:34 And He that is holy, oh Father let him be what?
55:38 Holy still. And then He is so excited,
55:41 He said behold I come quickly, and My reward is with me
55:45 to give every man according as his work shall be.
55:50 Friends, you are I are not saved by our works,
55:53 but we're rewarded by our works.
55:57 We're not saved by our works,
56:01 but they carry a heavy weight in the judgment, don't they?
56:05 You and I are saved by grace through faith.
56:09 It's a gift of God. But that faith must
56:14 exemplify itself in a work that glorifies Jesus,
56:19 our high priest in the heavenly sanctuary.
56:24 What we've done is we've walked
56:27 into the very presence of God, but Jesus has been with us
56:32 step by step. We went through the door.
56:36 We went through the curtain.
56:38 We went through the Altar of Burnt Offering.
56:40 We confessed our sins, we were cleansed
56:43 by the water of life. We went in and we basked
56:46 in the presence of the light of Jesus.
56:48 We ate from the table of Showbread.
56:51 We presented our supplication before God,
56:54 and now we're in a very presence of God.
56:58 And when you are in the presence of God,
57:00 you are holy. Jesus never left us,
57:08 He fulfilled His promise, and lo, I'm with you always
57:12 even unto the end of the world.
57:16 This study about the daily and the yearly would
57:19 become very vivid as we study our Judgment Chapter 2 message.
57:28 We're very glad that Jesus has been here with us.
57:32 We're very glad that you could join us here
57:34 at the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
57:37 It's our prayer that Jesus will fill you
57:40 with His Spirit, as He has done for us.


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