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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.
00:03 Pray ye therefore, the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will, he will send forth laborers into his harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said I, "Here am I, send me, send me."
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you
00:25 to be an effective harvester for the Lord.
00:28 We now invite you into our classroom
00:30 to come, experience Life.
00:43 We would like to welcome you back
00:44 to the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:47 We're located here on the beautiful campus
00:49 of Pine Lake Retreat in Groveland, Florida.
00:53 We're glad those of you at home could be with us.
00:56 If you were here with us, you could go out
00:58 into the orange groves right now.
01:00 And you could see that on some of those trees,
01:02 there's these green balls that will eventually become orange,
01:05 that maybe many of you will be eating
01:07 in your own living room while you watch this later.
01:09 But we're certainly glad you can be here with us now.
01:11 The study that we are going
01:12 to go over today is Daniel chapter 9.
01:16 On your screen you will see that,
01:17 the title for this is Daniel 9. Daniel 9.
01:22 The code for Daniel chapter 9 is on our next slide.
01:26 And you will see there,
01:27 the study is Daniel 9 and the code is D9.
01:31 Would anybody care to guess why the code is D9?
01:34 Because we're in Daniel 9, that's absolutely right.
01:37 The purpose of this Bible study is to show
01:40 that Jesus of Nazareth is the promised Messiah.
01:46 The study that we're gonna go over today;
01:48 we're going to take two different
01:49 program periods to do that,
01:51 two different class periods to do that.
01:53 It's probably my most favorite study in all the scripture,
01:59 because it delineates not only when Christ was
02:03 going to be anointed with the Spirit of God.
02:05 But it also talks about
02:07 when Christ was going to be crucified.
02:09 And then Robert, the part I love the most about it is that
02:13 it talks about when the gospel is going to go
02:16 to the gentiles, and I'm a gentile.
02:18 And so, this is an exciting study for me.
02:21 I was giving the study to a lady
02:23 in Michigan, in Farmington, Michigan.
02:27 And when we went over this study, she said to me,
02:30 she said, when I told her that the Shekinah Glory
02:33 was Jesus, and he was hanging on the cross.
02:36 She said, oh, I just got shivers up and down my spine.
02:38 It's an exciting study.
02:40 And I pray that those of us here in this room,
02:43 and those of us that are at home,
02:44 that we are going to learn today
02:46 that Jesus is the promised Messiah.
02:50 We are gonna go back to our screen now.
02:52 Our center it: Jesus Christ is the Anointed One
02:58 prophesied about in Daniel chapter 9.
03:02 Now Our center it, what we have tried to do
03:05 in all of these studies to center those studies
03:08 on Christ, is to make sure that Christ
03:09 is presented in every doctrine,
03:12 or in every teaching that we are doing.
03:14 When we get finished with this study,
03:16 you will have to tell me whether or not this focused on Christ.
03:19 I think you're gonna be completely amazed that,
03:22 yes, this study does indeed focus on Jesus Christ.
03:26 Not only does it focus on Him,
03:27 but it's very much centered on Jesus.
03:32 Now just like we've had on all of other Bible studies,
03:35 you will notice on the screen here that
03:36 we have all of the texts listed
03:38 that we're going to use in this study.
03:40 All of the texts are listed there
03:42 from 1D9 all the way to 15D9.
03:45 So we have 15 texts in this study.
03:48 What you see there on that graphic
03:50 or what you just saw on that graphic was the texts,
03:52 were the texts that you are going to write
03:54 on either the front or the back of your Bible.
03:57 I'm wondering if there is a student in here
03:59 that has lots of those things marked
04:01 in the front or the back of their Bible.
04:04 Anita, do you have some marked there?
04:06 Maybe we can just get a camera over there,
04:07 or you could it hold it up, and just point it at this camera.
04:10 And you can see there how we are marking these
04:12 on the front of our Bibles or in the back of our Bibles.
04:16 Now, one of our students just asked me a moment ago,
04:18 can we get these presentations or these handouts
04:22 in a format that will work on a PC?
04:25 And you certainly can.
04:27 We'll make sure that too is available on our website
04:30 for those of you at home that do not have
04:31 the pages presentation or the keynotes presentation software.
04:35 You will be able to look at those on your PC as well.
04:39 So we're gonna right now into our study
04:42 and the first reference in our study
04:44 or 1D9 is Daniel chapter 9 verses 20 through 27.
04:50 Again, you'll note how we've marked it.
04:51 1D9 is in the circle,
04:53 the line represents the text that we're in,
04:56 and the text that we're in is what class?
04:58 What is the text that we are in?
04:59 Daniel 9:20-27.
05:02 And then the text we're gonna go to after that,
05:04 is still there in Daniel chapter 9.
05:06 What we're gonna do is we're going to read through
05:09 Daniel chapter 9 verses 20 through 27.
05:12 The reason that we're going to read through
05:15 that is so that we can get the overall picture
05:17 of what Daniel is trying to say here,
05:20 or rather what Gabriel, the angel
05:23 who came to help Daniel understand
05:24 a previous vision which was in Daniel 8.
05:29 We're gonna understand, we wanna get a big picture
05:31 of what Gabriel was explaining to Daniel.
05:35 So we're gonna start in Daniel chapter 9
05:37 and since it's such a long passage, if you don't mind,
05:39 I'd like to go ahead and read that one just to begin with.
05:42 So, those of you at home,
05:43 you're turning in your Bibles
05:45 to the Old Testament book of Daniel.
05:46 Daniel the 9th chapter
05:49 and we'll begin reading in verse 20.
05:52 Daniel chapter 9 and verse 20, are we all there?
05:55 The Bible says, Daniel was writing,
05:59 and while I was speaking, and praying,
06:01 and confessing my sin, and the sin of my people Israel,
06:06 and presenting my supplication before the Lord my God,
06:10 for the holy mountain of my God.
06:13 Verse 21, Yea, whiles I was speaking in prayer,
06:17 even the man Gabriel,
06:20 whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning,
06:23 being caused to fly swiftly,
06:27 touched me about the time of the evening oblation
06:30 or the evening sacrifice.
06:32 Now, it's very important for us to understand here.
06:34 When we're giving this Bible study on Daniel chapter 9,
06:37 we must understand and remember that
06:41 Daniel chapter 9, verses 20 through 27,
06:44 is Gabriel coming to explain something to Daniel
06:48 that Daniel had not understood?
06:50 Now this of course we're just giving a little bit
06:53 of the background, and this will be going over more
06:56 when Philip does the study two times from now.
06:59 But I want you to go back to Daniel chapter 8.
07:01 I want you to go back to Daniel chapter 8.
07:05 Daniel chapter 8 and verse 26 and 27,
07:09 Daniel chapter 8 verses 26 and 27.
07:14 And again what we're doing is,
07:15 we are just getting the background
07:17 before we get to Daniel 9.
07:20 So Daniel chapter 8 verse 26 says,
07:22 and the vision of the evening and the morning
07:25 which was told is true:
07:27 wherefore shut thou up the vision;
07:30 for it shall be for many days.
07:34 That's right. Verse 27, and I, Daniel fainted,
07:38 and was sick certain days; afterward I rose up,
07:41 and did the king's business;
07:43 and I was astonished at the vision, but none, what?
07:49 Understood it.
07:51 Daniel says that he is astonished
07:53 at the vision but none understood it.
07:57 The angel Gabriel had explained to Daniel
08:01 the first part of Daniel chapter 8.
08:03 But then Daniel fainted and he was sick for certain days,
08:07 and he did not understand the last part
08:09 or the time aspect of that prophecy.
08:14 So we go back now to Daniel chapter 9,
08:16 go back to Daniel chapter 9 and verse 21.
08:20 Now verse 21 will make much more sense to us.
08:22 Daniel chapter 9 verse 21,
08:25 yea, whiles I was speaking in prayer,
08:27 even the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision
08:32 at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly,
08:36 touched me about the time of the evening oblation.
08:40 Verse 22, and he informed me, and talked with me,
08:45 and said, O Daniel,
08:47 I am now come forth to give thee skill and what?
08:51 Understanding. The newer version says
08:53 I have now come forth to give you skill to understand.
08:58 What was it that Daniel did not understand?
09:05 The last part of the vision or the time aspect
09:08 of the vision in Daniel chapter 8.
09:10 Now if we read Daniel chapter 9
09:12 beginning in verse 1
09:13 and went all the way through to verse 19
09:15 there is absolutely no mention of the vision
09:18 that Daniel had. It's a prayer.
09:20 It's probably one of the most beautiful prayers
09:22 apart from Jesus praying,
09:24 and I believe it's in John chapter 17.
09:26 Here Daniel is praying from verses 1 to verse 19.
09:29 And then the angel Gabriel while Daniel was praying,
09:34 the angel Gabriel comes to help him understand the vision.
09:37 It has to be referring to the vision in Daniel chapter 8.
09:42 So this is what happens in 22 or verse 23.
09:45 At the beginning of thy supplications
09:47 the commandment came forth,
09:49 and I am come to shew thee; for thou art greatly beloved.
09:54 Thou art greatly, what was that?
09:55 Beloved. Wouldn't it be awesome if the angel Gabriel
09:59 appeared to you while you were praying,
10:01 and said, I have come to help you understand
10:04 something, because you are greatly beloved.
10:07 Who do you think he was greatly beloved by?
10:10 The one that sent him which of course
10:11 would be God, that's absolutely right.
10:14 It says therefore, the last part of 23.
10:16 Therefore understand the matter, and consider the, what?
10:21 The vision. What vision?
10:23 Did we have a vision in Daniel chapter 9.
10:25 No vision in Daniel chapter 9.
10:27 This is referring to the vision in Daniel chapter 8, verse 24.
10:33 And this is where we're going to study
10:36 the prophecy of the Messiah.
10:39 It says, Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people
10:43 and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression,
10:48 to make an end of sins,
10:52 and to make reconciliation for iniquity,
10:55 and to bring in everlasting righteousness,
10:58 and to seal up the vision and prophecy,
11:00 and to anoint the most Holy.
11:04 So seventy weeks are determined
11:06 upon Daniel and Daniel's people.
11:09 Do you wanna know that word determined means?
11:11 We'll get there.
11:12 But we're gonna finish the overview of Daniel 9 first.
11:15 Verse 25 says know therefore and understand
11:18 that from the going forth of the commandment,
11:21 to restore and build Jerusalem, unto Messiah the Prince,
11:25 shall be seven weeks and threescore in two weeks.
11:31 The streets shall be built again and the wall,
11:33 even in troublesome times, or troublous times.
11:37 Does anybody know what a score is? Twenty.
11:41 That's right. So threescore would be what? Sixty.
11:45 Threescore and two would be 62.
11:49 That's right. So now we'll just continue reading.
11:51 And after threescore and two year, two weeks,
11:55 that's 62 weeks shall Messiah be what? Cut-off.
12:00 But not for himself, and that's gonna be very important
12:05 when we go through this Bible study because
12:07 the Messiah is cut off, but he's not cut off for who?
12:10 He's not cut off for himself, that's right.
12:13 It says, "But not for himself: and the people of the prince
12:17 that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary;
12:21 and the end thereof shall be with a flood,
12:23 and unto the end of the war desolations are determined."
12:28 Verse 27, and I see a lot of people
12:30 crinkling their foreheads right now.
12:32 They are like what in the world is this talking about?
12:34 But we're gonna clear it up; it's gonna be crystal clear.
12:37 Verse 27 says, And he shall confirm the covenant
12:40 with many for, what? For one week.
12:42 Notice that we had seven weeks, then we had three score
12:46 and two weeks or how many weeks was that?
12:48 Sixty-two weeks, so seven weeks,
12:50 plus sixty-two weeks equals how many weeks?
12:53 Sixty-nine weeks and then in verse 27 it says,
12:56 and He, speaking to the Messiah,
12:58 shall confirm the covenant with many for how long?
13:00 For one week, so if we have sixty-nine weeks
13:03 plus one week, how many weeks do we have? Seventy.
13:05 Seventy, how many did we start off with in verse 24?
13:08 Seventy weeks.
13:10 I think it's very important for us to remember right here.
13:14 That, the Bible says there are seven weeks,
13:17 and then there, well let's see, the way you're gonna view
13:20 it's gonna be from this way, that way, right?
13:22 So, the Bible says there's gonna be seven weeks,
13:24 and then there will be what?
13:26 Sixty-two weeks and then there will be one week,
13:30 just like the sixty-two weeks follow the seven weeks,
13:34 the one week follows the sixty-two weeks.
13:37 And after the sixty-two weeks
13:40 Messiah will be cut off but not for Himself.
13:43 Verse 27, "And he shall confirm the covenant
13:46 with many for one week."
13:47 That's how much time we have left in this prophecy.
13:50 "And in the midst of the week he shall cause
13:52 the sacrifice and the oblation to cease.
13:55 And for the overspreading of abominations
13:57 he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation,
14:01 and that determined shall be poured out upon the desolate."
14:07 Now, when Daniel was writing this,
14:09 Daniel was using a parallelism, if I can use that word.
14:12 If it's a real word, praise the Lord,
14:14 if it's not, I just made it up
14:15 and now I'm gonna explain what it means.
14:16 On our next graphic, on our next graphic you need to remember,
14:21 and notice that in Daniel chapter 9 verse 25,
14:24 the first part of that verse talks about the Messiah.
14:27 The second part of that verse talks about the city.
14:31 In Daniel 9:26, the first part of that verse
14:33 talks about the Messiah.
14:34 The second part of that verse
14:36 talks about the, what? The city.
14:38 In Daniel 9:27,
14:40 the first part of that verse talks about the Messiah,
14:44 and the second part of that verse talks about the? City.
14:47 So, let's do this, let's go back to Daniel chapter 9 verse 25,
14:51 and let's just read the parts that pertain to the Messiah,
14:55 just the first parts that pertain to the Messiah.
14:58 Daniel chapter 9 verse 25 says,
15:01 "Know therefore and understand."
15:03 That from the going forth of the command to restore
15:06 and build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince
15:08 shall be seven weeks and three score and two weeks.
15:13 Then we cut it off right there.
15:15 Let's go to verse 26.
15:17 "And after threescore and two weeks
15:20 shall Messiah be cut off but not for himself."
15:24 Cut if off right there.
15:27 Then you go to 9:27, and He, speaking of Messiah.
15:30 "Shall confirm the covenant with many for one week
15:33 and in the midst of the week he shall cause
15:36 the sacrifice and the oblation to cease."
15:39 Cut it off right there.
15:41 So, as we go through this prophecy,
15:43 we are going to focus on the first part
15:46 of each one of these verses,
15:48 Daniel 9:25, Daniel 9:26 and Daniel 9:27.
15:52 We're gonna focus only on the parts
15:54 that pertain to the Messiah,
15:56 or to one that's coming, the anointed one, Jesus Christ.
16:01 We're gonna focus on those first parts during the study
16:05 After the study is over we're gonna go back
16:08 and we're going to look at what it's talking about
16:10 in the second half of each verse.
16:12 That will enable us to go through the study,
16:14 just a little bit more quick then we would have been
16:18 able to do it before or quicker,
16:20 that's probably the best word to use there.
16:22 That will unable us to go through this quicker.
16:24 So, let's go to our next slide, our next graphic,
16:29 and you'll notice there we're now in Daniel 9:24.
16:31 So, what we're going to do is
16:33 we're going to break down this prophecy.
16:36 Verses 20 through 23 tell us that Gabriel
16:40 is coming to help Daniel understand a vision.
16:43 There is no vision in
16:46 Daniel chapter 9 verses 1 through 20, or 19.
16:52 Then Gabriel shows up to help Daniel understand a vision.
16:56 We read Daniel chapter 8 and we understand that Daniel,
16:59 and we know now that Daniel didn't understand
17:01 the time aspect of the vision
17:05 that had been given to him in Daniel chapter 8.
17:08 And again when we get to Daniel chapter 8 and we study that,
17:10 we'll talking about how these two visions go hand in hand.
17:14 They fit just like a, a sock and a shoe.
17:17 So, we're now in Daniel 9:24
17:20 and we'll simply read that again.
17:22 Who would like to read that for me?
17:23 How about somebody over here in this section right here?
17:25 Who's going to read that for us?
17:26 Mike's got the mic, so, Mike can read, Daniel 9:24.
17:32 And I'm going to interrupt you,
17:34 so just be prepared for that, okay.
17:36 That happens a lot during this study.
17:37 Alright. "Seventy weeks are determined
17:40 upon thy people and upon thy holy city."
17:42 Alright, that's good right there.
17:44 Seventy weeks are what?
17:47 Determined. Determined. Seventy weeks are determined.
17:51 It's important now for us to go to the original language.
17:54 On your graphic you will see there
17:56 that the word determined is "Chathak."
17:58 That's how it's pronounced, "Chathak."
18:01 And Chathak means cut off, or amputate.
18:07 That means cut off, or amputate.
18:09 This word Chathak is only used once in scripture,
18:13 and since you're a thinking individual
18:16 you're saying to yourself what we just read it,
18:17 so I know exactly the one time it's mentioned.
18:20 And where is that?
18:22 Daniel 9:24, that's absolutely right.
18:24 The only time this is mentioned,
18:26 this word is used in scripture is here in Daniel 9,
18:31 excuse me and verse 24.
18:34 See, you and I have to go outside;
18:36 we have to go to extra-biblical literature
18:39 to understand what this word means.
18:42 And when we look at what this word means
18:44 in extra-biblical literature. In literature that was written
18:47 around the same time period as Daniel was.
18:50 The word Chathak means to cut off, or amputate,
18:55 to cut off or amputate.
18:58 So, it says, seventy weeks
19:01 that's what you read right, Mike?
19:03 Seventy weeks are determined; seventy weeks are cut off,
19:08 seventy weeks are amputated for you and your people, right?
19:15 Isn't that how it reads, why don't you finish reading
19:16 Daniel chapter 9 and verse 24 for us,
19:19 Daniel chapter 9 verse 24.
19:23 "To finish the transgression and to make an end of sins
19:26 and to make reconciliation for iniquity,
19:29 and to bring in everlasting righteousness,
19:32 and to seal up the vision and the prophecy,
19:34 and to anoint the most Holy."
19:36 So, seventy weeks.
19:39 In the original language it actually reads
19:41 seventy-sevens denoting a period of a week.
19:45 Seventy weeks are cut off for you and your people
19:50 to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins,
19:53 to make reconciliation for iniquity,
19:55 to bring in everlasting righteousness."
19:57 There was another one that I skipped there,
19:59 to seal up the vision and prophecy
20:01 and to anoint the most Holy."
20:03 So let's just look at this time period now of Seventy weeks.
20:07 Daniel 9:24 in the graphic there,
20:09 seventy weeks are cut off.
20:11 We are going to do some simple math.
20:14 How many of do you like math.
20:15 Do you like math? I just love math.
20:18 If there was any subject
20:19 that I would like to study a lot more of,
20:21 it would be math other than the Bible of course.
20:24 So, we are gonna take seventy weeks,
20:26 how many days are there in a week Tom? Seven days.
20:29 Seven days in a week.
20:30 So if we have seventy weeks
20:32 and we have seven days per week,
20:35 how many prophetic days do we end up with here
20:39 in Daniel chapter 9 verse 24?
20:42 490, that's absolutely right Tim.
20:44 So we have 490 prophetic days.
20:48 So, seventy prophetic weeks
20:51 is the same as 490 prophetic days.
20:55 Is everybody following with me here?
20:57 Do we know where I got the 490 from?
21:00 Where did I get the 490 from?
21:02 Who would like to explain where I got the 490 from?
21:04 Oh, she is looking like don't look at me.
21:06 And okay why don't you go ahead and do that for us?
21:10 Okay. Where did I get the Seventy from?
21:15 From the Bible.
21:18 That's right, we got that from Daniel chapter 9 verse 24.
21:21 You know there will be people
21:23 that you study the Bible with them,
21:24 when you studying the Bible with them they will say
21:26 where did you come up with the seventy?
21:27 Where did you get the seventy weeks?
21:29 And even though you've read the overview and you've just
21:32 explained where you got the 70 weeks from,
21:34 there will be people that you need to just re-explain it to.
21:37 So we get the 70 weeks from Daniel chapter 9 verse 24.
21:42 There are how many days per week? Seven.
21:46 Do you realize that there's absolutely,
21:47 and those of you that have been in the classroom
21:50 and those of you that have been at home
21:51 watching all of these programs you realize
21:53 that there is only one place in all of the world's history
21:58 that denotes the period of seven days equaling a week,
22:02 and what was that? Creation.
22:04 That's absolutely right
22:05 There was a creation in Genesis chapter 1.
22:07 In the first day, the second day,
22:10 the third day, so on and so forth
22:12 until we got to the seventh day or the Sabbath.
22:15 So seven days per week, seventy weeks,
22:18 that gives us 490 prophetic days.
22:23 So I've got a question up here on the graphic,
22:25 why do we call them prophetic days?
22:28 Well there's basically two reasons
22:30 and the first one is just gonna knock your socks off.
22:31 We're studying a prophetic book.
22:34 That's quite easy to understand.
22:36 They're prophetic days because we are in a prophetic book.
22:38 And a prophetic day is symbolic of a longer period of time.
22:46 A prophetic day is symbolic of a longer period of time.
22:53 Our next reference on your screen
22:56 there is the third text in our Daniel 9 study.
22:58 It's Numbers 14:34 and we are going to pull
23:01 a principle out as Numbers 14:34,
23:05 what do we are gonna pull out of there.
23:06 A principle that's right.
23:08 We're gonna pull a principle out of Numbers 14:34.
23:11 So we're just go to our graphic those of you at home,
23:14 you can see that the 3rd text in the Daniel ninth study,
23:17 is Daniel 9, I'm sorry it's Numbers 14:34
23:21 and I also have a parenthesis there, Ezekiel 4:6,
23:24 because they have the exact same principle in them.
23:30 They have the exact same what? Principle.
23:34 Now the reason I keep saying principle is because
23:37 when you are giving this Bible study, people will say,
23:39 well how did the world do you really know
23:41 that a day in Bible prophecy equals a year?
23:45 We're gonna read that principle here in Numbers 14:34
23:48 and then if we wanted we can go to Ezekiel chapter 4 verse 6.
23:51 And then some people will still say, I still don't believe
23:56 that a prophetic day is equal to a literal year.
24:00 And so this is what I will tell them.
24:02 I'll say you just hang with me in this study.
24:05 If the principle works of a day
24:09 in Bible prophecy equal in a year,
24:11 if that principle works and we plug it in.
24:14 If we plug it into this prophecy and it works
24:17 then we know that it's true.
24:18 If we plug it into this prophecy
24:20 and it doesn't work you can throw out the whole study.
24:23 But I'm convinced because I've studied it
24:25 time and time again,
24:26 that a day in Bible prophecy equals a year.
24:29 And you're gonna be excited
24:30 when we get to the end of this study as well
24:33 that a day in Bible prophecy equals a year.
24:35 So we are in Numbers 14:34 and who had that,
24:38 that would like to read it.
24:39 Numbers chapter 14, let's go to somebody here
24:41 in the center of the room,
24:42 so we have three ladies to choose from.
24:45 We're gonna to numbers chapter 14 and verse 34
24:49 and let's see who is there and wants to read it
24:52 right out of the center of this room.
24:53 That means you're gonna have to look at me
24:55 and tell me whose gonna do that.
24:58 Ah, she said I will. Numbers 14,
25:01 that meal you just had sitting hard now, isn't that?
25:04 It sure is, alright. Numbers chapter 14 verse 34.
25:09 And the number of the days in which ye searched the land,
25:12 even forty days, each day for a year,
25:15 shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years,
25:18 and ye shall know my breach of promise.
25:21 Okay. So in this text we are
25:24 pulling out the principle that in prophecy
25:29 a day is equal to a what, a year.
25:34 One prophetic day is equal to one literal year.
25:40 Fascine that in your mind because you will be
25:42 fascinated by what you have fascined there.
25:45 It said lot of Fs there, wasn't it?
25:48 So Numbers 14:34 is where we get the principle
25:50 that one day in Bible prophecy equals one literal year.
25:56 So let's go back to Daniel chapter 9 now.
26:00 Daniel chapter 9 now and we are going to read
26:04 verse 24 one more time, I'll read that,
26:07 Daniel chapter 9 verse 24. I want to make sure that
26:10 we understand where these numbers are coming from.
26:15 One thing that I like to do when we are finished
26:17 with some of these studies is to bring the students up here
26:21 and let them present it back to me.
26:25 So that I know that that student has understood it.
26:27 Because what's gonna happen, you are gonna get out of here
26:30 and you're gonna go to Bolivia and believe it or not
26:33 you're actually going to be studying the Bible
26:34 with people and they're going to say
26:35 where did you get that number from?
26:36 How do you know that a day in
26:37 Bible prophecy is equal to a year?
26:41 And you got it. So you have a deeper challenge
26:43 than we do, don't you? Now I mean it's one thing
26:46 to look at a word in Chathak and to tell people
26:49 what it means it's a completely different thing
26:50 to give a Bible study in Spanish.
26:52 But I bet Roberto could pull it off quite easily,
26:54 couldn't you brother? Roberto, maybe you just
26:56 need to go to Bolivia with them brother
26:58 and send it back to Atlanta. The Bible says,
27:00 seventy weeks are determined upon thy people,
27:04 Daniel 9:24, and upon thy Holy city.
27:07 How many weeks are determined or cut off?
27:10 70. And they are cut off of a longer time period
27:14 that has found in Daniel chapter 8.
27:16 And again Pastor Sizemore is gonna be over that for us.
27:20 Seventy weeks are cut off
27:23 or amputated from a longer time prophesy.
27:26 Now we are going to Daniel chapter 9 verse 25.
27:30 But before we read Daniel 9:25 I've got,
27:34 I've got something on the screen here.
27:36 You know I taught you the other day that if you have a
27:39 chart or if you write things out
27:42 then when you're giving the Bible study people
27:44 will be able to understand it easier,
27:46 do you remember that? I believe that Sebacic 2:2
27:49 write things in charts. So seventy weeks
27:53 is equal to 490 prophetic days. 490 prophetic days
27:59 is equal to 490 literal years. 490 literal years are
28:07 amputated or cut off from what? And this is what Pastor Sizemore
28:12 will be talking about, that longer time period
28:14 that 70 weeks came from two studies from now.
28:18 He'll be talking about that two studies for now so,
28:20 of course when we in the classroom we'll be here.
28:22 Those of you at home you'll want to make sure
28:23 that you're here as well so that you can join us for that study.
28:28 Our next graphic here, what I've done is I've simply
28:32 made a graph or a chart. 70 weeks is equal to
28:36 490 prophetic days. 490 days prophetic days
28:39 is equal to 490 literal years. So I've just drawn out that
28:43 long chart there showing a period of 490 literal years
28:49 or 490 prophetic days. When you are giving this
28:52 Bible study, you'll write down everything that you see
28:56 on the graph as this graph continues to grow.
28:59 By the end of this study this graph is going to be so full,
29:02 I actually had to hide some of the stuff
29:04 that was already there or make it almost not seeable
29:07 because this graph gets very, very full.
29:10 So we know from Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6,
29:14 the principle that a day in Bible prophecy equals a year.
29:19 A day in Bible prophecy, Ryan, equals a what?
29:21 A year. A year, that's absolutely right.
29:24 So now, our next reference is Daniel chapter 9 verse 25.
29:30 The Bible said, "70 weeks are determined
29:35 upon your people and your holy city."
29:37 70 weeks are cut off for a particular purpose,
29:41 my question is when does that 70 weeks begin?
29:46 Because this 70 week time period is the
29:51 beginning of the 70 week prophecy
29:53 and it's also the beginning of the longer time prophecy
29:59 that the 70 weeks was cut off of, you follow that?
30:02 So my question is, when does this 70 week period begin?
30:08 And so here we are, Daniel chapter 9 and verse 25.
30:11 And we go ahead and take somebody from this side of
30:13 the room, Daniel chapter 9 and verse 25 and Anita
30:16 raised her hand there. And those of you at home,
30:19 who have been following with us, you remember that
30:21 Anita is very good at eye contact.
30:24 And the reason she's good is because when she gives
30:26 that Bible study, she wants to make sure that the
30:28 people she is giving the Bible study to are engaged with
30:31 her in that study. So you be the judge,
30:33 she's gonna look at you now on this camera and you see
30:35 if she's making that eye contact?
30:38 "Know therefore and understand,
30:41 that from the going forth of the commandment to restore
30:44 and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be
30:48 seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks."
30:51 Okay, so that's where we'll stop, because remember
30:54 we're focusing in Daniel 9:25, Daniel 9:26 and Daniel 9:27
30:58 on the first parts. And the first parts of Daniel 9:25,
31:02 Daniel 9:26 and Daniel 9:27 focused on whom?
31:08 Say it louder. Messiah. Messiah, that's right.
31:11 When you know the answer, just blurt it out and
31:13 you can blurt it out loud enough for me to hear you.
31:15 Because you remember, I told you earlier that when
31:17 I was a young fellow I had these huge speakers in my
31:20 car and so I can't hear low tones very well.
31:23 You know, I was in store just yesterday and I was
31:26 picking up some sound equipment and I was trying to
31:29 get a better deal then what they were giving me.
31:31 And we did praise the Lord for that.
31:34 But the people that were working at the shop they
31:36 were behind me and they were whispering,
31:38 can you please this guys trying to get these
31:40 microphones for 87 dollars a piece?
31:44 And I could everything they were saying because my
31:46 whispering ear wasn't damaged when I had that big speaker
31:49 in my car. So I'm still searching on the Internet
31:52 their replace, and I say that's absolutely right,
31:54 I'm trying to get the best deal that I can because
31:56 you guys advertised that you would give me,
32:00 you would match an Internet price.
32:01 So, and then he was all apologetic because I've heard
32:03 what he said. So you don't have to whisper,
32:07 I can hear you but maybe some people had hearing
32:10 damage on the whispering end and,
32:11 they need you to talk louder.
32:13 So know therefore, verse 25 says,
32:15 know therefore and understand that from the going
32:18 forth of the commandment to restore and build
32:23 Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks
32:29 and threescore and two weeks. So I've another graphic,
32:34 look at this graphic, again I told you this is going
32:36 to get very full. Over here and I don't know if those
32:39 of you at home are looking at me,
32:40 if you're just looking at the graphic on the far left here,
32:42 it says, "command to restore and build Jerusalem.
32:45 And I've got it right there on that line.
32:48 Know therefore and understand that from the going
32:50 forth of the command and to restore and build
32:52 Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince shall be 7 weeks and
32:58 62 weeks. So from the command to restore and build
33:03 Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince are 69 prophetic weeks,
33:09 which is 483 prophetic days or 483 what?
33:17 Literal years, that's absolutely right.
33:21 So the beginning of this time prophecy is the commandment
33:26 to restore and build Jerusalem.
33:30 Now I'll just ask, let's see here whom am I going to
33:32 ask will bring the camera, that's going to get people
33:35 faces over to here, Tim, I'm gonna ask you.
33:37 Tim, what starts the 70 week time prophecy?
33:45 The commandment to restore and build Jerusalem.
33:47 What Bible verse do we find that in? We found it in,
33:52 Daniel chapter 9 verse 25. That's right.
33:55 So in Daniel 9:25, it says, know therefore,
33:58 because remember the angel Gabriel is just explaining
34:01 a vision to Daniel that Daniel had had previous to this.
34:04 And the angel Gabriel says to Daniel,
34:06 know therefore and understand Daniel.
34:09 That from the going forth of the command,
34:11 to restore and build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince
34:16 will be 7 weeks and 62 weeks.
34:20 So Daniel is thinking to himself, the command to
34:23 restore and build Jerusalem, the command to restore and
34:28 build Jerusalem. If I could only find out when the command
34:31 to restore and build Jerusalem is?
34:34 Were you and I are going to find out?
34:36 We're going to find that out today.
34:38 We'll go, just one more time, I want to review this graphic
34:41 because it is important that you lock all of this in
34:43 your mind. 70 weeks were cut off of the longer
34:47 time period. 70 prophetic weeks is the same as
34:50 490 prophetic days. 490 prophetic days is the
34:54 as 490 literal years. And you maybe asking yourself.
34:58 Why Scott, are you are going over this and over this
35:00 and over this and over this? And the reason I'm going
35:02 over and over and over this again,
35:04 is because I've taught this Bible study for the last
35:06 four and half years. And people always ask me when
35:09 I'm done, how did you get those figures?
35:13 How did we get those figures? You mean,
35:14 you really want me to give this Bible study to somebody else?
35:16 I'm not ready Pastor Scott, I'm not ready to give the
35:18 Bible study, what am I am I gonna do?
35:21 So I'm going over it and over it, and over and over that,
35:23 so that you don't come to me and say,
35:25 Pastor Scott, what am I going to do?
35:28 70 weeks is the same as 490 prophetic days.
35:31 490 prophetic days is as same as 490 literal years.
35:37 70 weeks are cut off the whole time period is
35:40 490 prophetic days are 490 literal years.
35:44 When does the 70 week time period begin?
35:47 This 70 week time period begins from the commandment
35:50 to restore and build Jerusalem. Not just to build it
35:56 but to restore it, and what does that mean to restore it?
36:01 That means, that Jerusalem, that the Israelite nation would
36:05 be given the right of full autonomy.
36:09 Do you know what the word autonomy means?
36:12 The word autonomy means to be able to govern yourself.
36:17 You're autonomous; you are able to govern yourself.
36:22 So know therefore and understand that from the
36:24 command to restore and build Jerusalem unto Messiah
36:27 the Prince, shall be seven weeks and threescore and
36:31 two weeks. Then it says and the streets shall be built
36:33 again and even the wall, even in troublous times,
36:35 but we're focusing on the last half,
36:37 after the study is over. So, we have 69 prophetic
36:41 weeks or 483 literal years from the beginning of the
36:45 70 week prophecy unto Messiah the Prince.
36:49 So, all we have to do is to figure out from scripture
36:53 when was the commandment given not only to rebuild
36:57 Jerusalem, but to restore it or to give the Israelite
37:01 nation the right to govern themselves.
37:04 And for this we go to our next reference,
37:08 our next reference which is Ezra chapter 7.
37:13 Ezra chapter 7. So we're simply... we're in Daniel,
37:18 so let's see Dosung, can you help me?
37:20 Let's just bring the camera around here;
37:21 can you help me get to Ezra from the book of Daniel,
37:25 which direction do I need to turn?
37:30 Those of you at home see just, those of you at home
37:32 see his lips moving that's probably because he's
37:34 singing the song, his mom taught him when he was a
37:36 baby, right? Ah, so, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job,
37:41 Psalms. How many of us know where Psalms is?
37:44 We know where Psalms is, so we're going to back up
37:46 to what direction from Daniel? To the left.
37:48 To the left, that's right. So we're backing up to the left,
37:52 I see Psalms and you said it's before psalms, right?
37:55 All right, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, so remember
37:59 when you're giving this study,
38:01 you'll have to help people find these books.
38:03 Some of these smaller books are,
38:06 I don't want to say difficult to find but they are fun
38:08 to find, how about that? And Dosung right now,
38:11 is having lots of fun, he just keeps going back and
38:12 forth in Bible, he's having lots of fun,
38:14 he is smiling. All right, Ezra chapter 7 and verse 7.
38:19 And Dosung, if wouldn't mind going ahead and reading
38:21 this for us. And this microphone is different from
38:24 the last one we had. So, if you just put that almost
38:26 under your chin, not right in front of your mouth
38:28 because it will pop from the breath coming out of
38:29 your mouth. So put it down just a hair,
38:33 a little here more, there you go,
38:34 right there, perfect. "And there went up some of
38:38 the children of Israel, and of the priests,
38:41 and the Levites, and the singers, and the porters,
38:45 and the Nethinims unto Jerusalem,
38:48 in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the King."
38:52 Artaxerxes, the King. You know it's interesting also
38:55 when you give this Bible study. Everybody messes up
38:59 the name Artaxerxes. So let's rehearse it.
39:02 Those of you that are watching at home you just go
39:03 and rehearse it with us. And we're gonna say,
39:05 Arta Xerxes, you ready we'll say down three.
39:07 Three or one, three, two, one. Arta Xerxes.
39:12 Okay, now let's see if you can say it? Put the microphone
39:14 and tell me, can you say it?
39:17 Artaxerxes. Artaxerxes, there you go,
39:19 there you have it. So, notice verse 7 Ezra chapter 7
39:22 verse 7. What we're trying to pull out of this text is,
39:26 what was the year that the command to restore
39:30 and build Jerusalem when into effect?
39:34 When did it happen? The Bible says here in verse 7,
39:37 that there went up some of the children of Israel,
39:40 and of the priests, and of the Levites,
39:42 and of the porters, and the Nethinims unto Jerusalem,
39:45 in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the King.
39:50 You remember, you know that when they were doing
39:52 time in the Bible they didn't say 3 B.C, or 486 B.C.
39:59 They reckoned the time period according to the reign
40:03 of Kings. And the Bible says here that it was in the
40:07 seventh year of the reign of Artaxerxes the King.
40:10 Now Artaxerxes is going to write a letter,
40:13 he's going to give that letter to Ezra.
40:17 And we're gonna pick up here in verse 11.
40:19 You notice on our graphic there,
40:21 we're going to verse 11 and then if you read verses 12
40:25 through 26, you can read the entire letter that Artaxerxes
40:30 wrote and gave to Ezra. So, again we're just reading
40:35 the parts that we mean to read for this particular
40:38 Bible study. So that we can help out the person who
40:40 were studying the Bible with understand that it was
40:46 the seventh year of the reign of Artaxerxes the King,
40:48 when the command was given to restore and build
40:51 Jerusalem. And it's written right here in scripture.
40:53 So, now let's go to verse 11. And who'd like to read
40:57 verse 11 for us? Let's go back over to this section.
41:00 Who is gonna read verse 11 for us?
41:02 Ah, and she's got a microphone already in her hands,
41:04 so Darlene, can you read verse 11?
41:08 "This is the copy of the letter the King Artaxerxes
41:11 gave to Ezra the priest, describe, expert in the words
41:16 of the commands of the Lord, and of his statutes
41:19 to Israel." Okay, so if again, if we would to read
41:22 verses 12 all the way through to verse 26,
41:25 we would read the letter that is recorded here
41:28 by Ezra. We are not going to take the time during
41:32 this class or during this study to read that entire letter.
41:35 But we're going to go to the part where King Artaxerxes
41:41 tells Ezra that the Israelite nation can govern,
41:46 excuse me, can govern themselves and write their
41:49 own laws, and enforce their own laws.
41:52 Now, when I'm giving this Bible study one of the
41:54 things that I point out right now during the study is,
41:58 who was it that hung Jesus on the Cross?
42:03 The Romans did, that's absolutely right.
42:05 Why didn't the Jews do it? Why couldn't they, Anita?
42:12 They were under Roman rule.
42:13 They were under Roman rule, that's absolutely right.
42:14 So we're gonna see here that Artaxerxes tells Ezra
42:18 you guys can go back, you can write your own laws,
42:21 you can enforce your own laws, you can banish people,
42:24 you can do whatever you want to, go back home and
42:27 do this. So we're gonna read verses 24 through 26,
42:33 verse 24 through to 26. And maybe Tom,
42:37 Tom can you read this for us? We're in Ezra chapter 7
42:40 verse 24 through to 26. And just hold that mic a
42:44 little bit down under your chin, there you are.
42:48 "Also we inform you that it shall not be lawful to
42:51 impose tax, tribute or custom on any of the priests,
42:57 Levites, singers, gate keepers, Nethinim, or servants
43:01 of this house of God. And you Ezra according to
43:06 your God given wisdom set magistrates and judges,
43:09 who may judge all the people who are in the region
43:13 beyond the river. All such as know the laws of your
43:16 God and teach them those who do not know them."
43:20 Okay, stop right there Tom, we're not finished with this
43:22 passage, 'cause you've got one more text to read
43:24 but what there in verse 25, does Artaxerxes tell Ezra,
43:30 what does he tell him? Set magistrates and judges
43:33 over the people. That's right, you can set magistrates
43:36 and judges over the people which may judge all the people,
43:40 all such as know the laws of thy God,
43:43 and teach ye them that know them not, right?
43:45 Now read the verse 26 for us.
43:48 "Whoever will not observe the law of your God and
43:50 the law of the King, let judgment be executed
43:54 speedily on him, whether it would be death,
43:57 or banishment, or confiscation of goods,
44:00 or imprisonment." So here we see that Ezra has
44:05 given a letter by King Artaxerxes. It's in the
44:08 seventh year of the reign of Artaxerxes, the King.
44:13 Artaxerxes, the King in the seventh year of his reign
44:16 tells Ezra that he can take people back to Jerusalem,
44:20 set up magistrates and judges.
44:23 And if people aren't willing to follow the laws of God
44:25 and the laws of the King, then those people,
44:29 the Jewish nation has the right to in verse 26 that let
44:33 judgment be executed speedily up on them,
44:35 whether it would be onto death, or unto banishment,
44:40 or to confiscation of goods, or to imprisonment.
44:44 So what we find here in Ezra chapter 7 verses 7:11,
44:48 24 through 26, is Artaxerxes telling Ezra you can go back
44:54 home and set all of this up so that the your nation
44:58 can govern itself. He gave them the full right of what
45:02 we call autonomy, and we have been already over that.
45:05 So, we're gonna go back to our graphic.
45:08 The graphic that I told you earlier is going to be filled
45:11 up so we are going back to our graphic that is going
45:15 to be filled up. So, the Bible says here 70 weeks are
45:20 determined. Now you tell me 70 weeks is the same as
45:24 what 490 prophetic days that's right Tom,
45:29 490 prophetic days is same as 490 literal years.
45:36 Then the Bible says "Know therefore and understand
45:39 that from the commandment to restore and build
45:42 Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks,
45:47 and three score and two weeks, which is how many weeks.
45:51 69 weeks. Now let just do the Math, does anybody
45:54 have a calculator you all, most of you have Apple
45:56 computers in here. All you got do is hit that control,
45:59 and not the control, but the thing, the command
46:02 button and your spacebar type calc and then it will
46:06 open calculator. Somebody do the math for me.
46:08 Do the math for me. 69 weeks prophetic weeks times
46:14 7 days per week. How many years does that give us?
46:19 483. 483 you are absolutely right. 483, so 7 weeks
46:26 plus 62 weeks is 69 weeks from the command to
46:30 restore and build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince,
46:33 or 483 prophetic days which is same as 483 literal years.
46:41 So, 483 literal years from the 7th year of the reign of
46:46 Artaxerxes the King. One of the must well established
46:50 dates in history is the 7th year of the reign of Artaxerxes
46:53 the King. And that was 457BC. Now this command
46:59 did not go into effect until the fall of 457 BC that will
47:05 become very important as we continue in this Bible
47:09 study to note that the command went into effect in the
47:13 fall of 457 BC. So let's just do some Math,
47:20 before we do, another review. Because you've got
47:23 to get this in your mind, this is probably one of the
47:26 most misunderstood Bible prophecies in scripture.
47:32 And when you get out there and you are giving
47:34 these Bible studies to people or maybe even you yourself
47:37 are thinking this means something other than what we're
47:39 going over here today. But I want you to note that
47:41 every time we do something in this study,
47:44 we have a Bible reference to back it up.
47:48 As long as you have a thus saith the Lord,
47:51 for what you're teaching, you can know that what you
47:53 are teaching is true. But we must be careful
47:58 because even Peter said about Paul's writings that
48:00 some of those could be rested to our own destruction.
48:04 So we have to not only understand what we are teaching,
48:08 but we have to rightly divide the word of truth as well.
48:11 I remember Bill was telling me that somebody kept telling
48:14 him he had... No, it was you Mike, that somebody had
48:16 kept telling you well that's not rightly divided in the word
48:19 the truth when their understanding didn't drive with
48:22 what scripture was saying. So, we're gonna do this back
48:26 on our graphic. You see they are in the middle we have
48:28 483 literal years, somebody tell me how I got that number,
48:32 how did I get 483 literal years pick the microphone up
48:36 and tell me? 483 literal years came from what?
48:40 Mike has a microphone. From taking the 7 weeks in the
48:43 62 weeks and coming up with 69 weeks and then just
48:46 multiplying that time 7 days in a week.
48:48 That's absolutely right, 43, absolutely right.
48:51 So we have 483 literal years and 457 BC you know
48:58 how could I explain that I will explain on the next couple of
49:00 graphics from now. But we are simply gonna take 483
49:03 literal years and we are going to subtract 457 BC.
49:08 That is going to give us the fall of 26 AD.
49:14 Does everybody understand how we did that?
49:16 We simply took the bigger number,
49:18 which was 483 and we subtracted the smaller number
49:24 which is 457 BC. Does everybody understand that?
49:30 Continue with me. I have a question real quick.
49:32 Okay, pick up the microphone and ask me that question.
49:35 And keep the microphone under your chin.
49:37 Okay, there you go. Alright. In case somebody asks,
49:40 can anybody look that up anytime to find out that the
49:44 7th year of the reign of King Artaxerxes was in fact
49:46 in the fall of 457 B.C? Absolutely brother. Okay.
49:50 How do you, what makes you think that I am so
49:52 confident to tell you that. Because I looked it up.
49:55 Its 457 BC. Good. 457 BC. Very good question, awesome.
50:00 Just in case somebody said that, yeah pick that
50:02 microphone up. I will just gonna say you can actually
50:06 punch in 457 BC in Google. Okay.
50:09 And it will bring up that happened in 457 BC.
50:13 Well there you go. Not that Google gets everything right,
50:16 but Praise the Lord for that, right.
50:18 So, we took the 483 literal years that we've got from
50:21 the 69 prophetic weeks and we simply subtracted
50:25 457 BC from that and that brings us to the fall of 26 AD.
50:30 But it really doesn't bring us to the fall of 26 AD,
50:33 and I will tell you why? And I will tell you why
50:35 right now. You will notice on the screen here that
50:37 there is no zero year on the calendar.
50:40 There is no zero year on the calendar.
50:42 The simple math that we did, thought that there was a
50:46 zero place holder when we got from negative one
50:50 negative two, zero, one, two, three you follow that.
50:56 Now our math our calculators thought that there was
50:59 a zero at that place holder. But since there is no zero year,
51:02 this doesn't take us through the fall of 26 AD it takes
51:05 us to the fall of 27 AD. And I've got another graphic
51:10 here that will illustrate that just a little bit better.
51:14 483 years from the Fall of 457 BC takes us to,
51:20 so we've got the Fall of 457 BC takes us to the
51:23 Fall of 26 no, no, no, it takes us to the Fall of 27 why?
51:26 Because there is no zero year on the calendar.
51:30 And this is the way you could illustrate this when
51:32 you're drawing out this graphic. Its amazing when
51:35 I give this Bible study always take three to five sheets
51:38 of paper with me. Because I know that I am gonna
51:41 have 70 weeks over here, 69 weeks over here I am
51:45 gonna have the math delineated for people to see.
51:47 And then I am actually gonna right this out,
51:49 there is no zero year. And a lot of times people are
51:53 like well I don't understand, I don't understand?
51:55 Why if simple math takes us to 26, are you now
51:58 saying its 27? I just don't understand.
52:01 So you actually have to write this out.
52:02 I usually start with 457 BC is followed by what year?
52:09 455 BC. 455 BC is followed by what year?
52:19 454 BC. 454 BC is followed by what? 453. 453.
52:25 And you can imagine how long that would take if we
52:27 went all the way down. But you got to start in 457
52:30 so the people you're giving the Bible study to,
52:32 can actually find the pattern and follow it.
52:34 And so then you just simple say, we're gonna fast
52:37 forward now to 3 BC. 3 BC is followed by what year?
52:43 2 BC. 2 BC. 2 BC is followed by what year?
52:47 1 BC. 1BC. 1 BC is followed by what year?
52:51 180. 180 that's right there is no zero AD or BC zero.
52:58 There was none of that. So, when we do our math,
53:01 it takes us short to the Fall of 26 AD,
53:04 but we have to take that place holder and this is key
53:07 to you Mrs. Gloria, because you're a Math teacher, right.
53:10 I mean you will understand the zero place holder stuff,
53:11 I was just told about it but you really understand on
53:14 this stuff. Zero AD we simply take that place holder
53:17 which should be one place, right.
53:19 That would be one place and we take this one place
53:22 and we add it to the Fall of 26 AD and it takes us to the
53:26 Fall of 27 AD. Takes us to the fall of what? 27. 27AD.
53:34 Now, I am just gonna review everything that we've
53:40 just reviewed. So that when you give this Bible study
53:45 you will be saying yourself I remember Pastor Scott
53:47 reviewing that so many times and it just got on my nerves,
53:51 but I am so glad he did it because I can explain it now.
53:55 70 weeks, where did we get the 70 weeks from?
53:59 From the Bible. Okay, where in the Bible?
54:00 Of course we got it from the Bible because we are studying
54:02 the Bible. Daniel 9:20, Daniel 9:20 what? 4. 4.
54:07 Daniel 9:24 says 70 weeks are determined what is
54:11 the word determined mean? Cut off. Cut off or amputate.
54:15 70 weeks are cut off or amputated from a larger time
54:20 prophecy. Where do we find that larger time prophecy?
54:24 In Daniel chapter 8, that's absolutely right Tom.
54:27 So, 70 weeks are cut off 70 weeks times 7 days
54:34 per week gives us 490 prophetic days.
54:41 490 prophetic days is the same as what Mrs. Gloria,
54:45 490 prophetic days is the same as? 490 literal years,
54:49 490 literal years. So, when did that 490 literal
54:55 years begin? Gabriel tells Daniel no therefore and
54:59 understand that from the going fourth of the command
55:03 to restore and build Jerusalem unto Messiah,
55:09 the Prince, know therefore and understand that from
55:12 the command to restore and build Jerusalem.
55:14 So that's where our time prophecy begins.
55:18 That's where our 70 weeks now prophetic time or
55:21 our 490 prophetic days or our 490 literal years begin.
55:26 Now therefore and understand from going forth of
55:28 the command to restore and build Jerusalem unto
55:31 Messiah the Prince shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks
55:36 for total of how many weeks. 69 weeks. 69 weeks.
55:39 Again we just do the simple math.
55:42 The simple math tells us it's 69 prophetic weeks is the
55:45 same as 483 literal years. So, we go 483 literal years
55:53 from the command to restore and build Jerusalem.
55:55 So when did the command to restore and build Jerusalem
55:57 go out. We found that in Ezra Chapter 7 verses 7,
56:01 11, 24 through 26 that Artaxerxes the King gives Ezra
56:06 a letter telling Ezra in his 7th, in Artaxerxes 7th year
56:10 of reign. Telling Ezra that he can take his people back
56:14 to Jerusalem, not only to live there,
56:16 but to restore it and to rebuild it,
56:19 and not just to restore, but so that they could govern
56:23 themselves. The 7th year of reign of the Artaxerxes
56:26 the King was in the fall of 457 BC.
56:30 So we just count forward 483 literal years from 457 BC,
56:37 simple math takes us to the fall of 26 AD.
56:39 But we say hey wait a minute there is no zero year.
56:43 So it doesn't take us to the 26,
56:45 it takes us to the what? To the 27th,
56:48 because there was no, what on the calendar?
56:50 Zero. There is no zero year on the calendar.
56:54 Now those of you that are here in the classroom
56:56 you have access to our server and you can just go
56:59 to the server you can download these graphics like
57:01 I said those of you that have PCs that will be available
57:04 on there as well. You just have to give me a moment
57:06 to make sure that happens and you are gonna be
57:09 able to look at these graphics,
57:11 we are gonna be able to understand them and then
57:13 you're gonna be able to explain them.
57:15 So, we wanna make sure that,
57:16 you here in the classroom download that from the server
57:19 we also wanna make sure that those of you that are
57:21 at home, that are watching this with us.
57:23 This is the conclusion of this program and we're gonna
57:26 pick up and we're gonna finish this Bible study in our
57:29 next program. So those of you that are tuning in maybe,
57:33 you are on one of the big networks we are just glad
57:34 you are here. We are looking forward to seeing you here
57:37 at Pine Lake Retreat with us again.
57:39 And we just wanna say God Bless you and we'll see you soon.


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