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00:01 The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.
00:03 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that he will, he will send forth laborers into his harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:18 Then said I, "Here am I, send me, send me."
00:22 Life on the Edge will enable you
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00:27 We now invite you into our classroom
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00:43 Welcome again to the Lay Institute for Evangelism
00:46 here in Groveland, Florida.
00:48 We are getting ready to begin right now
00:50 the second half of our judgment study.
00:52 Judgment Part 2 and I guess
00:53 you could say to Judgment part 2, part 1.
00:57 Because it's gonna be a two part series
00:58 to get judgment part 2 done.
01:00 And so it sounds a little confusing,
01:01 but I know it's not that bad.
01:03 And so, I wanna welcome you at home as well.
01:05 I'm glad you're joining us again,
01:06 this is gonna be a, I've read a long study.
01:08 Well, actually it gonna be a little hard press to get two,
01:11 this one study in on, on two one hour sessions.
01:14 But if you'll listen fast and have your hands
01:16 ready to go and turn your Bible.
01:17 Well, I think we'll get it done within,
01:18 within a two hour span. And with all of us here,
01:22 stand a little late today just to finish up
01:24 on this one here Judgment Part 2.
01:26 And we're gonna begin by; as we always do,
01:30 on the screen over here, the name of the study is
01:32 the 2300 Days or the Judgment Part 2.
01:36 And that's the title of the study the 2300 Days
01:39 or you can call it the Judgment Part 2.
01:41 And the abbreviation for Judgment Part 2 is J2
01:45 and you'll see it on the next slide I think when we get there.
01:47 I might just look at all Judgment 2,
01:49 but the abbreviation is J2,
01:51 when we get the marking you'll see that J2.
01:54 And the purpose of the study look on the screen,
01:55 now see the purpose of the study and the purpose is:
01:58 That the end-time that the pre-advent judgment
02:01 commenced in 1844AD when Jesus Christ entered
02:05 into the Most Holy Place of the Heavenly Sanctuary.
02:07 That's what the purpose of the study is to show that
02:09 in the end of time here that, or there was sometime
02:12 toward the end there was a judgment
02:14 that begin what we call pre-advent judgment.
02:16 Now, that sounds like kind of strange terminology
02:19 doesn't it? The pre-advent judgment.
02:20 And it simply means that the judgment takes place
02:22 before the advent of Christ or the second advent of Christ,
02:25 that's what we're gonna show here.
02:26 And if you think about it, it only make sense,
02:28 that you have a judgment that were take place
02:30 before Jesus comes back with his reward
02:32 to give to every one, right?
02:33 And so that's what we're gonna be.
02:34 That the purpose of the study is to show that,
02:36 you know that begin in the year 1844,
02:38 that might be new to some folks,
02:40 but that's okay by the end of the study Lord willing.
02:43 And if you pay attention
02:44 you understand why that it is in 1844.
02:47 Now, the center, we're gonna center the study here,
02:50 the 2300 day study is: Jesus is fair,
02:53 therefore He judges us before He gives us our reward.
02:57 Now, that doesn't make sense, wouldn't be unfair for Jesus
02:59 to say okay your judged whether you're saved or lost
03:02 without first judging right, to pronounce,
03:05 I'm sorry may I put it another way to do that,
03:07 to do the last phase of the judgment
03:08 actually pronounce sentence on you.
03:10 Without first judging, of whether or not
03:11 you should be in heaven or be lost, right.
03:14 So, He's gonna do that before,
03:16 before He actually comes and gives us our reward
03:19 and you know the Bible is complete,
03:21 has a lot of examples
03:22 in the Bible of that very thing happening.
03:24 You remember when Adam and Eve sinned?
03:27 Right, you remember the story Adam and Eve sinned,
03:28 what did God do? Did He just come down in the garden
03:30 and say, okay, you've sinned, get out of here.
03:32 Is that how He did it? Did God know that they had sinned?
03:35 Absolutely He did, but that He perform
03:37 an act of judgment before He kicked them out.
03:39 He sure did, He comes down and He says,
03:41 hey what are you guys doing?
03:44 Who told you, you were naked Adam?
03:45 Adam have you eaten from the tree?
03:46 Why is he asking those questions,
03:47 did He know the answer?
03:48 But God comes down and He asks questions.
03:50 Adam, have you eaten from the tree?
03:51 Adam, who told you, you were naked?
03:54 And then Adam answers and blames the woman right,
03:56 then he asks the woman questions,
03:57 woman you know what is that, you have done?
03:59 And she confesses out of her own mouth what she's done right.
04:02 And after he does the judgment,
04:03 after he judges them what does he then do?
04:06 He pronounces sentence. But now it's funny because
04:08 people wonder why is it that God has to spend time judging.
04:11 After all doesn't he already know everything,
04:14 but isn't it interesting that he does the judgment
04:16 and not in order so that
04:17 he can know everything because he does.
04:19 But so that you and I can't say that's unfair,
04:22 he actually spends time looking over things
04:23 and to make sure that Adam and Eve
04:24 actually end up confessing themselves,
04:26 Oh! We've done wrong.
04:27 Even though God knew before He came.
04:29 So they couldn't say, it was unfair,
04:30 he kicked us out unjustly.
04:31 And then you go just a little bit further
04:33 into the Bible right there to
04:34 Genesis chapter 4, when Cain and Abel.
04:37 You know, remember the story of the Cain and Abel?
04:39 Cain slew his brother Abel.
04:41 And then God comes down and He says to Cain,
04:43 What have you done? Where is your brother?
04:45 And Cain says, am I brother's keeper?
04:48 And the Lord says to him,
04:50 that his blood is crying out to me,
04:51 I know you've killed him right.
04:52 And then Cain confesses it for himself,
04:54 he's like well yeah I killed him, whatever.
04:56 And then Cain, after God makes Cain realize his sin,
05:00 what happens to Cain? He has to leave,
05:02 he has to go away as well.
05:04 And so you find that time and again in the Bible that
05:06 before God ever pronounces sentence on something.
05:08 He actually comes down and does an investigation.
05:11 I can go to another story.
05:12 We got the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.
05:15 Do you remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?
05:16 God sends the angels down to into Sodom and Gomorrah.
05:19 And he says I'm gonna go see if this thing is really,
05:20 how, what's going on here, any the angels went in.
05:22 They found out the city was just that bad
05:24 and then after the investigation,
05:26 the angels got everybody out there was
05:28 "saved" at that time, right?
05:29 And then the city was destroyed, The Tower of Babel,
05:33 the men are building the Tower of Babel.
05:34 And God says, let us go down and see what's going on.
05:36 In Genesis chapter 11 there, if you wanna read Genesis 11
05:39 and after they go down and look what's going on,
05:41 then what happens? He pronounces sentence
05:43 and they had a confuse languages.
05:45 So, time and again in the Bible, you find God
05:47 doing an investigation and then pronouncing sentence
05:49 after the investigation, so is that makes any sense?
05:51 So, it only makes sense if he's gonna do
05:53 the greatest investigation ever, whether or not,
05:55 you and I actually gonna be in the kingdom or not.
05:57 That before he'd pronounce sentence on us,
06:00 he will investigate.
06:01 And so we call that investigation
06:03 that the pre-advent judgment or the pre-advent investigation.
06:07 And so let us go on and look at slide number
06:09 or slide you're gonna have, there you go The 2300 Days J2,
06:12 and there are gonna be 14 slides in this study.
06:15 14 texts I should say in this study.
06:17 And we're gonna start in Romans 2:16
06:19 and we're gonna end in the last book
06:20 of the Old Testament, Malachi 3:1 through 6.
06:23 So, as we get into the study today,
06:25 before we open up the Bible and get into the studying part
06:27 and opening up God's word. Let's once again bow our heads
06:29 and ask God to be with us as we study.
06:32 Father in heaven, I wanna thank you that
06:34 you have so abundantly blessed us with another day,
06:37 here at LIFE and of life. And I pray Lord that
06:40 as we study the judgment seeing here that you will give us
06:43 clear minds and you'll help us to understand
06:44 what it is that you want us to know here.
06:47 That the Judgment 2 is also good news.
06:49 Father, for many people, they dread the idea of a Judgment,
06:52 but when we know the judge, when we know our attorney,
06:55 and it being the same person Lord,
06:57 we know that we have a good... a good chance.
07:00 As matter of fact we had, we can't lose.
07:02 So, Lord, I pray that through this we'll see your goodness
07:04 and your mercy and your love in Jesus name, amen.
07:08 All right, before we get to the first text part.
07:13 Well, now let's just go in and get into this,
07:14 what we're gonna show right now?
07:15 Sometimes people will say that, you know judgment,
07:18 it be like took place at the cross,
07:19 have you heard that? And they have right,
07:21 a pretty good reason for saying that,
07:22 there is a text in John chapter 12
07:25 and verse 30 through 31, 32 around in there.
07:27 When Jesus says: Now is the judgment of this world:
07:30 now is the Prince of this world be cast out.
07:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth,
07:33 will draw all men unto me Jesus says.
07:35 I see there it says: Now is the judgment of this world.
07:38 But, were there judgments all throughout the Old Testament?
07:42 Yeah, there were judgments that took place
07:43 all through the Old Testament. The children of Israel mess up
07:45 and God will pass judgment on them,
07:46 and also when you look at just Adam and Eve and others,
07:49 those were judgments that were passed.
07:51 But they were not the judgment
07:52 of what we called the investigated judgment,
07:54 where Christ pronounces saved and lost.
07:57 And what we find the judgment of this world,
07:59 the Prince of this world being cast out.
08:00 What happened when Jesus died on the cross?
08:02 Was there a, was there a sort of a,
08:05 a sort of judgment that took place right there?
08:07 Surely there was. At that point,
08:08 it showed God's love and His goodness
08:10 and it show the devil for the scoundrel he was.
08:13 And at that time, there was no longer
08:14 any questions in anybody's minds, as far as,
08:16 the other worlds and the angels in other places,
08:18 how bad the devil was, right? Prior to that,
08:21 they might have said, well maybe,
08:22 Lucifer could be right here or maybe he's,
08:23 he's wrong, we can't really be sure.
08:24 But when he really showed himself for who He was?
08:26 And had Christ crucified on the cross, he was,
08:29 he was instigating the people to do those things.
08:31 At that time, you could probably imagine that,
08:34 the only people who haven't really made up their mind
08:36 as who they want to follow yet is you and me.
08:38 And we know that it was not the investigative judgment
08:41 that took place right there, how do we know that?
08:43 Look at our first text, Romans 2:16, Romans chapter 2,
08:47 in your Bibles it's after the Book of Acts,
08:49 it's in the New Testament.
08:50 Romans Chapter 2, we're gonna go through
08:52 a few texts here that all basically say the same thing.
08:55 Romans chapter 2 and we're gonna look at verse 16.
09:00 I think I'll read this one myself, Romans 2:16.
09:03 It says, "In the day when God shall judge the secrets
09:06 of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel."
09:10 So, so he's looking here, writing here,
09:12 Paul's writing the Book of Romans
09:13 there is a slide on the screen, Romans 2:16.
09:16 Paul is writing here to the Romans
09:17 and you look what he says here. He says,
09:19 "In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men
09:23 by Jesus Christ according to my gospel."
09:24 According to Paul at this time,
09:26 had the judgment taken place yet?
09:28 No, because, how do you know that?
09:29 Because the word shall put it into the,
09:32 to the future, right? And so, a future tense judgment
09:34 from the time Paul's talking about right here.
09:36 He says, he says, and he,
09:37 that God shall judge the secrets of men.
09:40 So, right now we're finding it's yet future.
09:43 Now, we also, we're having
09:45 the Acts chapter 17 and verse 31 the same thing,
09:47 we'll look on the screen here,
09:48 if someone wants to get that one
09:49 ready to read, Acts 17 and verse 31.
09:53 We go right here to Mike Mudd,
09:55 you can read that when we get to it,
09:57 I'm gonna get there myself. Acts chapter 17.
10:02 I know they call everybody by their first name,
10:03 but Mike Mudd always calls me Phillip Sizemore,
10:05 so I'm gonna have the calling by his first and last name.
10:07 And so, he's getting ready to read
10:09 Acts chapter 17 and verse 31.
10:11 I really, I really appreciate Acts chapter 17:31,
10:13 where it says, "In the times of ignorance God blinked at,
10:15 but now he commands all men everywhere to repent."
10:18 But then the next verse there,
10:19 the one we're coming in on here is also another text
10:21 that's showing us that God is yet putting
10:23 the judgment at a future place, a future time.
10:26 And this is Paul preaching once again
10:27 and he's preaching to a bunch of,
10:30 of heathens, right, and they are Athens.
10:32 And he gives them a, he gives them a
10:34 a pretty pointed message here.
10:36 Mike, you wanna read that for me? Acts 17 and verse 31.
10:39 "Because he hath appointed a day,
10:41 in which he will judge the world in righteousness,
10:44 by that man whom he hath ordained;
10:46 whereof he hath given assurance unto all men,
10:49 in that he hath raised him from the dead."
10:51 So, you found in verse 31 there once again
10:53 Paul preaching, preaching to these heathen people
10:55 and he says, because he has appointed a day,
10:57 in which he will judge. In other words,
11:00 has it happened yet? No.
11:02 No, so it kind of does away with the whole idea
11:04 that the judgment took place at the cross, doesn't it?
11:06 Because had it taken place at the cross,
11:08 then it wouldn't make any sense for Paul
11:10 here in two different places to say,
11:11 hey the judgment is yet down,
11:13 down the road in the future, it's going to take place
11:14 a little further down the road, are you following what we're,
11:16 are you following what we're talking about so far?
11:18 Now, not only do we find that there
11:19 we also find in the Book of Revelation.
11:21 Revelation chapter 22, Revelation 22nd chapter,
11:24 we're gonna find out this judgment
11:25 one day will actually end. Revelation 22 verse 11 and 12.
11:34 Jesus speaking here, actually some Bibles
11:37 actually have it in red there and who has it,
11:40 and it has it ready? Shelida, do you have it ready?
11:42 Yes. Would you like to read it?
11:45 Revelation chapter 22 and verse 11 and 12.
11:50 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
11:53 and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still:
11:57 and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
12:00 and he that is holy, let him be holy still.
12:04 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me,
12:07 to give every man according as his work shall be."
12:10 Isn't that interesting? So, there's a statement made
12:12 here in Revelation chapter 22 where Jesus actually stands up
12:15 at one point and says, okay
12:16 the filthy is gonna remain filthy,
12:18 the righteous is gonna be remain righteous,
12:20 the holy is gonna be remain holy.
12:21 And then what's he do next, what's the next thing he does?
12:23 He comes and what's he do? He brings the reward.
12:26 Now, doesn't it only make sense that
12:27 Jesus would finish the judgment, He would finish His judgment
12:30 seen as you find clearly here in Revelation chapter 22
12:33 he makes the, he makes the statement
12:34 or the announcement that everything is gonna stay
12:36 as it is, if you're holy, you're holy,
12:37 if you're, if you're righteous you're righteous,
12:38 if you're filthy you're filthy, no changing it this point.
12:41 Probation you can say is closed, right?
12:42 There is a close of probation. And then the very next thing
12:44 you read about, he comes to give the rewards.
12:47 Now, it wouldn't make sense for him to come and give rewards,
12:49 and then once he gets here and say, oh, oh
12:50 I'm sorry Tim, you know,
12:52 I thought you was ready and, but you're not.
12:54 And so, you have to sorry, I'm sorry you have to go back
12:56 and, and get that second death thing on you,
12:57 I really hate that for your brother.
12:59 Wouldn't make sense, would it?
13:01 But if he does all the judging
13:02 and everything prior to him coming,
13:04 then when he comes to give reward,
13:05 he doesn't make any mistakes. Amen.
13:07 So, and everyone is gonna say, hey you know, what?
13:09 He is right, he done everything just right.
13:10 And so, that's what we're looking at here in
13:12 and 12, that's where the
13:14 in that judgment seems takes place.
13:16 Now, prior to going to Acts chapter 24,
13:19 Acts 24:24 and 25 is just another,
13:21 another one of those statements that shows
13:24 that the judgment is yet future from Paul's day.
13:27 But I wanna go there and you know,
13:29 one of the reasons I wanna go here is
13:30 we're gonna make a stop of in
13:31 Revelation chapter 14 on the way over there.
13:34 Revelation 14, I often hear this when I'm,
13:36 when I'm preaching about the judgment,
13:38 or when I'm preaching about certain truths
13:40 from God's word or how people say this?
13:42 You know, you Seventh-day Adventists
13:45 and this is what I've heard you know.
13:46 You Seventh-day Adventists, all you talk about is
13:48 like the Judgment and the Law
13:50 and the Sabbath and your, your doctrine.
13:53 That's all you talked about, but what,
13:54 why don't you just like Paul,
13:55 Paul what was the Paul preached according,
13:57 according what we find in the Bible,
13:58 Paul just preached Christ and him crucified, right?
14:00 And you don't do that; you don't preach Christ
14:02 and him crucified. Why don't you preach the gospel?
14:04 Have you heard that before?
14:06 Have you ever struggled with like given
14:07 a good answer back to somebody there,
14:08 because they almost like pin you down
14:10 like you're not really preaching the gospel.
14:11 Let me show you something here about Paul,
14:13 the way he preached the gospel, you know,
14:14 sometimes we fall into things like this
14:17 and we don't understand what's, what, how to answer?
14:19 But if you spent a little time studying,
14:20 you may find some, some new interesting things.
14:22 What is the everlasting gospel? What is the gospel?
14:24 That's a good question, isn't that?
14:25 When someone accuses you of not preaching the gospel
14:28 and that you goes like you're preaching a sermon here
14:30 about the judgment and that doesn't sound like the gospel
14:32 to a lot of people, you know that right?
14:34 The judgment doesn't sound like a gospel, but is it?
14:37 Look at this, Revelation chapter 14
14:39 starting in verse 6. "I saw another angel fly
14:42 in the midst of heaven, having what?
14:45 Everlasting gospel. They had the everlasting gospel.
14:46 So, this angel has the everlasting gospel.
14:49 "To preach to them that dwell upon the earth,
14:51 to every nation, kindred, and tongue and people."
14:53 So, where is the everlasting gospel gonna go to?
14:55 The whole world. The whole world, isn't it?
14:57 It's going to the whole world, but now look,
14:59 saying in other words, this angel is preaching
15:01 the everlasting gospel saying. So, here is what he is saying,
15:04 what's he is saying? The everlasting gospel, yeah,
15:07 you're understand what I'm going with this, right?
15:08 He's going to getting the everlasting gospel,
15:10 and now look what it is? Saying with a loud voice,
15:12 Fear God, and give glory to him;
15:16 for the hour of his judgment has come:
15:20 and worship him that made heaven, and the earth,
15:23 and the sea, and the fountain of waters."
15:25 So, according to the Bible,
15:27 when it says the everlasting gospel,
15:28 preaching the everlasting gospel,
15:29 what's part of the everlasting gospel message?
15:31 The judgment has come. Now, you know,
15:33 Paul didn't preach about the judgment, did he?
15:37 Go with me go Acts chapter 24 our next text,
15:39 Acts chapter 24, now I usually go to Acts 24
15:42 first and come back here, it doesn't matter
15:43 you can do it either way. Acts chapter 24 and verse 24,
15:47 you can remember that one 24:24, right.
15:49 Acts 24:24 and you preach the everlasting gospel
15:52 24 hours a day, right? Twenty-four, twenty-four.
15:55 So, Acts chapter 24 starting in verse 24.
15:58 "And after certain days when Felix came
16:00 with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewish,"
16:03 so this, this Roman governor Felix
16:05 he had a wife who was a Jew.
16:06 And he sent for Paul and heard him,
16:09 what did he hear him about? Concerning the faith of Christ.
16:13 So, so Paul was coming to preach to,
16:15 to Felix here about the faith of Christ.
16:17 Look, what Paul preaches? And he being Paul, "
16:20 As he reasoned of righteousness, temperance,
16:24 and the judgment to come, Felix trembled,
16:28 and answered and he say, Go way for this time,
16:29 when I have a convenient season I'll call for you."
16:31 What was it? Now, think about it,
16:33 Paul has an opportunity here to preach to this Roman governor,
16:35 this gentile, this heathen basically
16:39 and preach the gospel to him, what does he preach to him?
16:42 Righteousness, temperance and a judgment to come.
16:46 Now, I can picture like this, Felix,
16:49 because of your unrighteousness, your wickedness,
16:52 you're gonna, you're doomed to be lost.
16:54 Felix, because of what you've done
16:56 you hung Christ on the Cross.
16:57 Felix, it was your intemperance,
16:58 it was the things you're doing in the body,
17:00 that's causing you to be lost because you're not serving God,
17:02 you're serving yourself. And Felix, guess what?
17:05 That same Christ who your sins have put on the tree
17:08 is gonna be the one that judge you as well.
17:09 He, he's gonna be judge you in the future,
17:11 so he reasons with him with him about righteousness,
17:13 temperance and a judgment to come.
17:15 Paul won't preach that today.
17:18 Paul would not preach that today,
17:19 you want to know why?
17:21 Because Paul would preach about righteousness
17:23 and temperance and the judgment has come.
17:27 You notice in Revelation chapter 14
17:28 when we look at that a while ago,
17:29 it was putting a judgment hour message,
17:31 sometime after the cross,
17:33 but prior to the second coming of Christ.
17:35 There's gonna be a judgment hour message preached, right?
17:37 After the cross, but prior to the second coming of Christ.
17:39 Paul's preaching about a future judgment,
17:40 he's preaching the Felix and said the judgments
17:42 in the future. So, apparently sometimes,
17:44 sometime after the time of Paul
17:46 and before the second coming of Christ,
17:48 there's gonna be a message go out,
17:49 that's a judgment hour message,
17:51 in other words, the judgment has begun.
17:53 And what we're gonna do through this study
17:54 is find out when that time was?
17:56 How can we know, when the judgment was gonna begin?
17:59 Does it, is this making sense? Everybody following? Yes.
18:02 Okay, because I know that this I can kind of get a
18:04 little fast sometimes and I'm gonna try to stay
18:07 slow enough that everybody can keep up.
18:09 Now, I wanna show you something from the Book of Daniel.
18:11 We're gonna go to Book of Daniel chapter 7
18:13 and we're going to start setting down a time frame
18:15 as to when the judgment begins.
18:17 Now, just for the sake of, of people that might not be
18:19 listening clearly when you start talking about a time frame,
18:22 they may think that you're actually
18:23 setting the time for the Christ coming.
18:24 We're not setting the time for Christ coming,
18:26 we're setting a time for the judgment, judgment,
18:29 when it's going to begin? And we know that
18:31 sometime after the judgment begins,
18:33 what do we learn in Revelation 22 verses 11 and 12
18:36 there, what do we learn? Sometime after the judgment
18:38 and verse 11 what's going to happen?
18:39 He's going to make the pronouncement
18:40 and then Christ is going to come.
18:42 So, we can kind have an idea Jesus says,
18:44 you should know the, the seasons you know,
18:46 you don't know the day or the hour,
18:47 but you're a hypocrite, if you don't,
18:49 if you can't discern the signs of the times
18:50 and those kind of things. So you put
18:52 all these things together, we're gonna come to
18:53 the conclusion that the judgment is coming in soon.
18:56 If the judgment has begun right now,
18:58 if it has begin if we sure that,
19:00 but it and not begin in Paul's day.
19:04 Then we're gonna understand that
19:05 there's gonna be a certain time now,
19:07 if the judgment has begun that we're in the last part,
19:09 last days, where the judgment will soon end?
19:11 So, you get the idea of how you're gonna
19:12 present this to people. And I love this next part,
19:15 as we go to the Book of Daniel, it will be on the screen here.
19:17 Daniel chapter 7 and we're gonna review
19:20 just a little bit of what we've seen in the past,
19:22 but you'll understand why as we get to it. Daniel chapter 7,
19:28 you remember what happened in Daniel 7, right?
19:29 What do we discover in Daniel 7,
19:31 does anybody remember? Antichrist.
19:32 The antichrist, right? And we started off
19:34 and we found out that Daniel chapter 7
19:37 starts off with this beast, and the first beast,
19:39 does anybody remember what the first beast was even?
19:41 It was a lion with eagles' wings, right?
19:44 And that represented who? Babylon. Babylon,
19:46 and then you had underneath that bear raised up
19:48 at one side, the Medo-Persia, right?
19:50 And then you had the leopard with the four heads
19:52 and the four wings whereas Greece
19:55 and then you had the non-descriptive beast was who?
19:57 Rome. Rome, okay now go to Daniel Chapter 7 with me,
20:01 and you remember after Rome rose up
20:02 it became divided right into the ten horns
20:05 and that after the division what happened,
20:06 a little horn came up and who was that little horn?
20:08 Antichrist, now and we done that study
20:10 we're kind of stop right there,
20:12 I mean we just, we just find out who the antichrist was?
20:14 But you know, the Bible continues on into the scripture
20:16 after that and it gives us a time frame from
20:18 when the judgment will begin?
20:20 And let us look at how we know that?
20:22 Daniel chapter 7, now when did the little horn come to power?
20:25 Five-thirty-eight, do you remember that?
20:28 And then receives a deadly wound when in 1798,
20:32 1,260 years later remember we studied that study.
20:35 And for those you at home, if you're just picking it up
20:36 right now, you have to go back and get the prior studies
20:39 to this and you want to get the one on antichrist,
20:41 part one, antichrist part two and you understand where
20:43 we're coming from with this and where we get those dates?
20:45 We don't have time to study those out in detail right now
20:47 and you can find out on
20:51 So, is where you can find
20:55 the Bible studies on the previous one.
20:57 So, if you hear me alluding to the some of the previous ones
21:00 that's where you can find that at our website.
21:03 Anyway, so now let's look at it again,
21:04 I'm gonna pick it up in verse, verse 8,
21:06 it says verse 9 up there and you can do it from verse 9,
21:08 but remember in verse 8 it said, I consider the horns
21:10 and there come up a little horn among them
21:12 and that was the antichrist, remember we found that.
21:15 When did the antichrist come to power?
21:17 Five-thirty-eight and so, now notice what happens next?
21:19 Because we know from what we know,
21:21 from what we know, what we discussed so far,
21:22 what we've studied so far is the fact that the,
21:24 the judgment is gonna be begin sometime after the cross,
21:28 remember that 'cause it didn't happened at the cross,
21:30 we know that because Paul writing in the New Testament
21:32 and the other gospel writers writing said,
21:35 that the judgment is yet, future tense for them.
21:37 But then we read Revelation chapter 14 just now and it says,
21:40 at some point this angel. The first angel comes down,
21:43 preaching at the everlasting gospel and that gospel message
21:46 has a, has a part of the message that says,
21:47 the judgment has come. Right, it's part of that.
21:51 So, sometime after the cross, and sometime before
21:54 the second coming of Christ the judgment is gonna begin.
21:56 What we find here in Daniel chapter 7,
21:58 we actually get that time frame laid out,
22:01 the time frame laid out as to when
22:02 the judgment is gonna begin.
22:04 And let us look at how we know that?
22:05 So, you find in verse 8 the little horn coming to power,
22:08 but now look at verse 9
22:09 something very interesting happens.
22:10 Does anybody have another translation
22:12 besides the King James in here?
22:14 If you don't that's perfectly fine.
22:16 And New King James, anybody?
22:18 Oh! Yeah, the New King James Tom. Okay,
22:20 I want you to read this when you get to here,
22:22 we're gonna, you're wanna read Daniel chapter 7 and verse 9,
22:25 just read verse 9 because it says something very,
22:28 little different in the New King James
22:29 and the King James, which is translated actually better,
22:32 explain it as we go long.
22:33 So, Daniel 7:9 just read that part.
22:35 "I watched until thrones were put in place."
22:37 Ah! That's it. Hold on right there for second.
22:41 He watched until thrones were put in place.
22:44 Now, in the King James says, it's a little different,
22:45 because it says, "I beheld till the thrones were cast down."
22:47 And it almost sounds like there was kingdoms throw down
22:49 or something like that, doesn't it?
22:50 But this is talking about a judgment
22:51 seen that's taking place in heaven and so, he looks
22:53 and he beholds, he looks and thrones were put in place.
22:57 Or as the King James says, cast down.
22:59 Now, how do I know that he's looking into heaven?
23:01 Read the rest of it.
23:03 "And the Ancient of Days was seated."
23:05 Who is that? God the Father, keep going.
23:08 "His garment was white as snow.
23:11 And the hair of his head was like pure wool.
23:14 His throne was like the fiery flame,
23:16 his wheels a burning fire.
23:19 A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him:
23:24 a thousand thousands ministered unto him,
23:27 ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him:
23:30 the court were seated, and the books were opened."
23:33 Okay, stop right there just for a second.
23:34 What we found just now? You have Babylon,
23:36 Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
23:38 Rome is divided; the little horn, antichrist power comes up.
23:41 The next thing you see is a judgment scene taking place,
23:44 right? The Ancient of Days comes,
23:45 he takes a seat, he sets down right on the throne
23:48 and it says that there are 10,000 times,
23:50 10,000 stood before him and the judgment was set.
23:53 And the books were open. So, you know,
23:55 you just set up at least somewhat of a timeline.
23:57 According to the timeline
23:58 we looked at right here in Daniel 7 so far,
24:00 you know that the judgment has to begin sometime after 538.
24:04 You understand that, right? If it's given a,
24:06 if it's given a order of events here it says,
24:08 Babylon Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
24:10 Rome divided and little horns comes to power,
24:11 then the judgment begins,
24:13 but now as we, in case you're notlike following that
24:16 you say, well how do you know that's the case?
24:18 We're gonna go through this actually God,
24:19 God says it three times in the Book of Daniel chapter 7,
24:22 and in the Book of Daniel and Chapter 7 three times,
24:24 he gives that same order of events,
24:26 he gives the little horn and then the judgment
24:29 and then the second coming of Christ.
24:31 The little horn, judgment, second coming of Christ,
24:33 three times and all in the same Chapter.
24:35 Sometimes people will say, you know, like if I ask you.
24:38 What do you get the most information
24:40 about finding the investigative judgment
24:42 sometimes you know, in closer to our time familiar
24:44 in this earth's history, they will go to Daniel chapter 8
24:47 and that we're gonna go to Daniel chapter 8,
24:48 Daniel 8:14 where you find the, the famous quote that,
24:51 Unto two thousand and three hundred days;
24:52 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed and we go there
24:54 and we show the beginning of the 2300 years
24:56 and when it ends we'll do that in the study. Okay,
24:58 that would be part two of this study,
25:01 but what's interesting is right now?
25:03 We've just have shown as the judgment from Daniel 7
25:05 is going to begin sometime after 538.
25:08 Say, are you sure about that?
25:09 Let me read the rest of this text on out for you there.
25:11 "I beheld then because of the voice
25:13 of the great words which the horn spake:
25:15 And I beheld even till the beast was slain,
25:16 and his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame.
25:19 And concerning the rest of the beasts,
25:20 they had their dominion taken away:
25:22 yet their lives prolonged for a season and time.
25:24 I saw in the night visions, and, behold,
25:25 one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven,
25:28 and came to the Ancient of Days,
25:29 and they brought near before him."
25:31 So, so that part there is speaking
25:32 about this judgment scenes begin.
25:33 And Jesus the Son of man, Jesus comes to the ancient of days
25:38 and something takes place there, right?
25:39 The judgment was taking place. Verse 14, "
25:42 And then there was given him dominion, and glory,
25:45 and a kingdom, that all people, and nations, and languages,
25:47 should serve him: His dominion is an everlasting dominion,
25:50 which shall not pass away, and his kingdom is that
25:52 which shall not be destroyed.
25:54 So, you know what just took place here, right?
25:56 You have the judgment scene then what happened
25:57 immediately after the judgment scene ends?
26:00 Jesus receives His kingdom. Have you seen that in the text?
26:04 Is everybody okay with that? Any questions?
26:06 All right, now look I'm glad you understood it.
26:09 Because, because Daniel really didn't get it.
26:12 Daniel and Daniel read and followed he says,
26:14 I got to know more about this and we find out
26:15 in Daniel chapter 7 and verse 19,
26:17 the slide is on the screen Daniel 7
26:19 and verse 19 through 22 Daniel 7:19 through 22.
26:23 And Dosung, do you have that, would you like to read that?
26:28 Daniel 7:19 through verse 22. "Then I would know
26:32 the truth of the fourth beast,
26:34 which was diverse from all the others,
26:37 exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron."
26:40 Okay, real quick, who was the fourth beast?
26:43 Rome. And he says, look I wanted to know
26:45 the truth of the fourth beast.
26:46 I want to know something about him, carry on.
26:49 "And teeth of iron and his nails of brass; which devoured,
26:52 brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;
26:56 And of the ten horns that were in his head,
26:59 and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell."
27:02 Who is the other that came up?
27:05 It was the antichrist, the little horn right?
27:07 And so, and what he is saying here,
27:08 Daniel is like I want to know more about these things
27:10 because I'm not really understanding it all the way.
27:11 Are you following? That's what it said in the text,
27:13 why don't you first start reading in verse 19 it says,
27:16 I want to know the truth of these things
27:18 'cause I'm not really understanding, right carry on.
27:21 Even of that horn. Even of that horn.
27:23 that had eyes and a mouth that spake very great things,
27:27 whose look was more stout than his fellows."
27:30 Okay, now after he this little horn,
27:31 and what he see verse 21. "I beheld,
27:33 and the same horn made war with the saints,
27:37 and prevailed against them. Until. The Ancient of Days came,
27:42 and judgment was given to the saints of the Most High;
27:45 and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom."
27:48 So, did you follow what just took place there?
27:50 Okay, first he says, I want to know more about this.
27:52 So God says, okay what is you want to know more about?
27:55 And he says, well that fourth beast and then that little horn
27:56 that come up until the way three and he said, I beheld,
27:59 I think once no more about that, he says I beheld that same horn,
28:02 the same horn made war with the saints.
28:04 Now, who's the saint?
28:06 The saints are the people of God.
28:07 And we're look at the antichrist,
28:08 what happened from the year 538 to 1798,
28:11 we called that the Dark Ages, because,
28:13 because if just owning a Bible you'll be persecuting
28:15 like God's people are persecuted
28:16 just for owning and studying the Bible, right? And so,
28:18 he persecutes the saints, he persecutes the saints
28:21 and then what happens; he says he's done that,
28:23 he persecuted the saints and preveled against them until.
28:28 "Until the Ancient of days came,
28:30 and the judgment was given to the saints the Most High;
28:33 and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom."
28:35 So, you follow what's going on here.
28:36 He sees and vision here he sees the, he sees the fourth beast
28:40 then he sees the antichrist came up, and he sees him
28:43 persecuting the saints and then
28:45 he see the judgment take place, right?
28:47 And then what happens after the judgment the next verse
28:49 you read in verse 20, still in verse 22.
28:51 The judgment was given to the saints the Most High;
28:53 and then the time came that the saints
28:54 possessed the kingdom. Isn't that good?
28:57 I mean its two time so far in the same chapter,
28:59 he gives that explanation that order of events.
29:01 You know, it does it the third time.
29:03 Just in case you haven't got it yet, because you know,
29:05 some of us from different parts of the country,
29:07 a little slower then others, I'm from Kentucky
29:09 it took me while to get this.
29:10 And I don't think anything do with my raising,
29:13 other than I was raised a heathen
29:14 And it just took me a while to understand so,
29:15 so God's says, I'll tell what I've do,
29:16 I'll give it to you third time.
29:19 You recommend he can get that for third time,
29:21 let's look and find out.
29:22 We're gonna down to from chapter 7 and verse 22
29:26 where it's going to the next verse, here verse 23 to 27
29:28 and I'm gonna, I'm gonna read this one
29:30 because here it is again. Twenty-three to twenty-seven
29:32 look what it says. "Thus he said,
29:34 The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth.
29:36 " Who was that fourth beast? Rome. Rome.
29:38 "Which shall be different from the other kingdoms,
29:40 and it shall devour the whole earth, and tread it down,
29:42 and break into pieces. And the ten horns,
29:44 that's the divisions of Rome, right?
29:46 Out of this kingdom about ten Kings,
29:47 when where the horns divided the Rome, when it was divided?
29:51 Four-seventy-six AD you remember?
29:53 That when we find divided up and that shall rise
29:56 and another shall rise after them that little one
29:58 that rises after them that is, that will be different from
30:01 the first and he will subdue three kings.
30:03 Who is that? The antichrist so we called
30:05 the papacy right. So, he will subdue
30:07 the three kings and then look what it says in verse 25.
30:09 And He shall speak great words against the Most High.
30:12 And Revelation 13 tells us that, that's blasphemy,
30:14 he speaks blasphemy against God.
30:16 And we're out the saints of the Most High.
30:18 He's gonna prosecute the saints.
30:19 He will think to change times and laws and they shall be given
30:22 into his hand for a time and times and dividing
30:26 a time of one thousand two hundred and sixty years.
30:28 Remember, we looked that already in a previous study.
30:30 So, for one thousand two hundred and sixty years,
30:32 he's gonna be prosecuting the saints.
30:33 And look what it says next, after this:
30:36 "But the judgment shall sit and they shall take away
30:39 his dominion to consume it and destroy it under the end."
30:43 And the kingdom and the dominion,
30:45 and the greatness of the kingdoms
30:46 under the whole heaven, shall be given
30:49 to the people of the saints of the Most High.
30:52 Whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom
30:53 and all dominion shall serve and obey him.
30:56 Three times in a row in Daniel Chapter 7,
30:58 three times you find the same order of events
31:01 and you know what's the good news about this is?
31:03 Where we are at in this scenario?
31:04 Are we backup in Babylon? Some times I wonder right?
31:08 No, we're not up at that timeframe though are we?
31:10 And then you go to Medo-Persian, Greece, Rome.
31:12 Rome is divided right and then little horn power
31:15 comes up 538 and it says here. They'll we given into his hands
31:18 until time and time dividing up times.
31:20 We know that ended in the year 1798,
31:22 then the judgment begins. Do you see that?
31:26 So, according to the text in Daniel 7
31:27 without going anywhere else in the Bible,
31:29 just looking at Daniel 7, the judgment must begin
31:31 sometime after 1798. Are you following that?
31:36 So, look I haven't went to Daniel Chapter 8 yet,
31:39 we haven't gone to Daniel Chapter 8
31:40 and note down the exact timeframe.
31:42 But just using Daniel 7 you show from Daniel 7
31:45 that God gives a time line, the timeframe
31:47 of the Judgment to begin and it sometime after 1798.
31:51 Is there any questions regarding this?
31:53 Is it making sense? Shake your head,
31:55 yes if it's making sense. All right,
31:56 okay, no problem all right we're gonna continue on then.
31:59 Now we're gonna go to Daniel Chapter 8
32:01 and we're gonna look into the timeline probably
32:04 we found in Daniel Chapter 8. which is actually just
32:06 a parallel of Daniel 7. It's gonna enlarge just
32:08 a little bit more; I want to get this
32:10 from Daniel 8. Now, I mean Daniel,
32:13 Daniel 7 enlarged on Daniel 2 and Daniel 8 enlarging
32:17 on Daniel 7 and its just kind of gives more detail each time.
32:19 Are you following that?
32:21 All right Daniel Chapter 8 verse 1 through 14,
32:24 I think since, that's a long read and honestly
32:27 when I give a Bible study and if its more than
32:29 just like two or three verses I read it myself.
32:32 People will tend to be nervous reading out loud;
32:34 you know you're not because you're doing a lot right,
32:36 you're not nervous anymore.
32:38 The people do tend to get little nervous
32:39 when they got to read out loud in front
32:41 of somebody even if it's just in their home.
32:43 And so there is a long read like this for a bunch of verses
32:45 and I am gonna comment to be stopping them.
32:48 It's okay just to take it for yourself here.
32:49 And some of your studies will do that,
32:51 but you prefer to give them the shorter text
32:53 if you have a choice right.
32:54 So Daniel Chapter 8 in verse 1, now let's pick it up
32:58 right here Daniel has a vision and it says this,
33:00 Daniel Chapter 8 verse 1 through 14.
33:05 In the third year of the reign of King Belshazzar
33:07 a vision appeared unto me, even unto me Daniel,
33:10 after that which appeared unto me at the first.
33:14 And I saw a vision; and it came to pass,
33:16 when I saw, that I was in Shushan
33:18 in the place, in the palace rather
33:21 which is a province of Elam; and I saw in a vision,
33:25 and that I was by the river of Ulai.
33:28 Now, it's very interesting here this word vision,
33:29 that you find. There's two words
33:32 in Daniel Chapter 8 that's translated vision.
33:36 Two different words. This word we find here
33:39 and I am gonna have it on the screen,
33:40 we will have to up here. The word vision when you look
33:42 at it there on the screen it, let me hit this button there.
33:45 You find Hazon you see how it got written up there.
33:48 Basically means the word Hazon means vision
33:52 you know it just what it means so translate it correctly
33:54 no problems with the translation.
33:55 But later on when Daniel starts talking about
33:58 a certain part of the vision, he uses a different word.
34:02 Like he is focusing in on that term,
34:04 on what that part of the vision is
34:06 and we're gonna look at that in just a minute.
34:07 So, is it important that we understand this
34:09 and the word Hazon is used in
34:11 Daniel 8 verse 1,2,13 and 15, 16 and 17
34:15 So, when you see the word vision in those verses
34:19 that's the Hebrew word that is coming from.
34:23 Okay, is everybody okay with that?
34:25 So, what was the Hebrew word that we find there?
34:27 What's the word we have?
34:28 Hazon, and that means just a vision.
34:29 Now, you notice here when you look,
34:31 read Daniel Chapter 8 verse 1 and 2,
34:32 he is talking about the whole vision.
34:35 Right, he is talking about everything,
34:36 the third year of the reign of Belshazzar,
34:37 King, the vision appeared unto me,
34:38 even unto me Daniel, and he goes on and says,
34:41 and I saw a vision; and it came to pass
34:42 when I saw, that, that I was who he was in the palace,
34:47 in the province and he says, still in verse 2 now.
34:48 And I saw the vision of the Hazon
34:50 and I was at a river of Ulai. Now I got to stop
34:53 for just a second. I am probably saying that wrong,
34:55 and if I am saying it wrong and this is aired
34:57 and I am gonna get a lot of these scholars
34:58 that's gonna write me letters. Well, you don't say Hazon,
35:00 its Haazon or who cares. Right, that you guys understand
35:05 what we're saying right? We know that there's
35:06 a word there and that word is you know we just write
35:08 it out in the English Hazon.
35:10 So, you said however you want to and write me a letter
35:12 if you want to straight me up I am okay with that.
35:13 You better make good,
35:15 you making good grammatical memory recorded.
35:18 And if you send it to me later,
35:19 I won't be able to understand what you're saying.
35:20 So, you may able to like speak into a microphone
35:21 and then send it to me if you want to straight me up.
35:24 So, anyway we know that in Daniel 8
35:26 and then it also Daniel 9:21 it still uses
35:28 the same term you know it's the same word translated vision.
35:32 So, let's continue on as we read through here,
35:33 he says. "Then I lifted up my eyes,
35:36 and I saw, and, behold, there stood before
35:37 the river a ram, which had two horns:
35:40 and the horns were high; but one was higher
35:42 than the other, and the higher came up last.
35:45 Now, we know who this is and then simply
35:48 which told us in the later part in Daniel Chapter 8.
35:50 Its Medo-Persian empire and we don't have to get
35:53 into the details of that right now.
35:54 But I want to ask you something,
35:56 where do the other reasons begin,
35:59 they begin with who? I wonder why this one doesn't
36:01 become a Babylon. Well, know actually it says
36:04 right here that, in the third year of the reign
36:06 of Belshazzar that was still Babylon ruling
36:08 when he is there and it's a better answer than that.
36:10 I think, I think it's we find this pretty interesting.
36:12 When we look at the, at a 2300 Day of Prophecy,
36:14 we're gonna look at here just a minute
36:16 we get to that actually get into that more tomorrow.
36:18 But something is interesting that Prophecy begins
36:21 in the year 457 BC. By the year 457BC,
36:25 guess who was ruling the Medo-Persians.
36:29 Isn't that a good reason to begin the Prophecy
36:31 with the Medo-Persian Empire? Because when the prophecy
36:34 Because when the prophecy timeline part of it begins
36:35 the Medo-Persians are the ones ruling.
36:37 So, it makes sense to begin with
36:39 who was gonna be ruling when ever that one start.
36:40 And another answer that people give often times
36:43 is Babylon was on their way out
36:44 there was you know Belshazzar was a last ruler,
36:46 it's on a way out that kind of thing.
36:47 But I think the better answer if you think about
36:49 it is the timeline part of this prophecy
36:51 begins with the Medo-Persian Empire in 457 BC.
36:55 So, are you following that? Okay, it's pretty neat huh?
36:58 So I lifted up my eyes and I saw
37:00 and behold there stood before the river a ram
37:02 which had two horns and the horns were high
37:03 but one was higher than the other
37:05 and we know that one was higher
37:06 and one was stronger than the other.
37:07 Which one was the stronger one?
37:09 All right and how do you know that?
37:10 The Persian gulf, all right,
37:12 now lets carry on verse 4.
37:13 I saw the ram pushing westward, northward,
37:16 and southward and the bear in Daniel chapter 7
37:18 had three ribs so it's perfectly
37:20 this guy is conquering in three directions as well.
37:22 West, the Babylon and then you go the
37:25 North to Lydia and South to Egypt.
37:28 And so that no beasts might stand before him,
37:29 neither was there any that could be delivered out of his hand;
37:32 but he did according to his will,
37:34 and look what it says he became how?
37:36 He became great, now just if you want to make
37:38 a note or highlight your Bible right there underline
37:40 the word great. That he became great because
37:42 as it moves along through here the next kingdom will become
37:45 like little greater, the next kingdom
37:47 a little greater. And it is important
37:48 to understanding that especially with the,
37:50 with what's going on in the world today
37:51 in Christianity and misunderstanding
37:53 and misapplication of this prophecy.
37:55 It's very important to understand that each one
37:56 become more powerful than the other.
37:58 And you'll get that as we go along,
38:00 so let's continue on. And I consider verse 5,
38:03 I consider, and behold, that he-goat came from the West
38:07 on the face of the whole earth, and did not touched the ground.
38:10 Now, if you think about it, something moving so fast
38:12 as not touching the ground you think its something
38:14 moving pretty quick right and so you know who the King,
38:17 what kingdom ruled after Medo-Persia, Greece.
38:20 And actually we're gonna look at that right here as we get
38:22 into the second half of this, but since Greece ruled after
38:24 Medo-Persia who was the first King of Greece?
38:27 Alexander the Great that he conquered pretty quickly.
38:29 Yeah, just like the four wing leopard.
38:30 That you find in Daniel 7 it went quick.
38:32 And so this one is going so fascinating touched the ground
38:34 and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes.
38:37 And we will find out that was the first King in
38:39 Daniel chapter 8 verse 21, we look at that later
38:42 as well And he came to the ram that had two horns,
38:46 which I had seen standing before the river,
38:48 and ran unto him in the fury of his power.
38:51 And I saw him come close unto the ram,
38:53 and he was moved with choler. In other words indignation
38:55 or anger he was just furious with him against him,
38:58 and he smote the ram, and brake his two horns:
39:00 and there was no power in the ram to stand before him,
39:03 but he cast him down to the ground,
39:04 and stamped upon him: and there was none that could
39:07 deliver the ram out of his hand.
39:08 Verse 8: Therefore the he-goat became,
39:15 when he was strong, the great horn was broken
39:17 that he goat was waxed very great:
39:19 and when he was strong, the great horn was broken;
39:22 and for it came up four notable horns toward
39:24 the four winds of heaven. And now in verse 9,
39:29 still in the same chapter here and verse 9,
39:31 I am gonna turn my notes over here so I don't lose
39:32 my place verse 9. And out of one of them the winds
39:37 came forth a little horn, which was exceeding great,
39:40 so notice how things went here first of all you had
39:43 Medo-Persia who was great, then you had the next kingdom
39:46 which was Greece and it said in verse 8 they were very great.
39:50 And then you got this little horn,
39:52 this little horn who became how exceeding great.
39:54 So, we're looking for something in history
39:55 here this little horn is what we call Rome
39:58 and you'll notice that Rome here starts off conquering
40:02 vertically or horizontally rather on a horizontal plain,
40:04 he like conquers on the earth.
40:06 And then he turns his attention toward God.
40:08 When he turns, when that little horn turns into the papacy,
40:11 In Rome actually turn, converted over into and become
40:14 what we call today the Roman Catholic Church right.
40:16 And so first of all, look what happens in verse 9 it says
40:19 Out of one of them came forth a little horn,
40:20 which waxed exceeding great, toward which direction?
40:23 South, East and the Pleasant land.
40:26 All on a horizontal plain field you understand that,
40:28 but look what happens to him.
40:30 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven
40:32 do you see the change there?
40:33 Do you see how away from conquering
40:34 all on a horizontal plain to starting to conquer
40:36 a try to conquer a vertical plain right?
40:38 Try to conquer heaven.
40:41 And it cast down some of the hosts
40:44 and the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.
40:47 So, now he's going up and he is no longer just
40:49 attacking on a horizontal plane. Now, you think about
40:52 Pagan Rome or the Roman Empire in Daniel 2,
40:55 it was a legs of iron remember and then iron went all the way
40:58 down into the feet remember that.
40:59 So, it's still existed but it was mixed with clay.
41:04 And it was like a, you think about clay being
41:06 you think of a mankind.
41:07 Man was made out of clay, made out of dirt right?
41:09 So, you have a mixture of basically religion and state
41:13 and then you find here that we went next to Daniel 7
41:17 and the non-descript beast being Rome
41:20 had horns coming up out of it and then a little horn
41:21 come up out of that non-descript beast right up here three.
41:24 So, think about it the little horn was still part
41:26 of the Roman Empire. He came up out of the same head.
41:31 Now we're looking here once again
41:32 and we find this little horn rises up
41:34 and when it first rises to power
41:36 it starts conquering horizontally on the earth.
41:39 But then it goes through a change as well and that change
41:41 it goes through and starts conquer how vertically
41:44 The host of Heaven he starts attacking God in his throne.
41:47 Do you see the parallels?
41:49 Alright, let's continue to carry on here verse 11.
41:52 Yea, he magnified himself even to the Prince of the host,
41:57 and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away,
41:59 and the place of the sanctuary was cast down.
42:03 Now, we might want to part there just for a minute
42:06 and let them kind of think this through a little bit.
42:07 How is it that he can magnify himself
42:09 to the prince of the host, who is the price of the host?
42:11 Who do you think that would be? Jesus right,
42:14 he magnifies himself to be in the place of Jesus.
42:16 Now, remember when we studied about the antichrist,
42:18 what would will do? He sits in the temple of God,
42:20 showing himself that he is God.
42:22 Second Thessalonians chapter 2 and verse 4
42:25 there I believe that's where you find that.
42:27 If he magnifies himself he puts himself in the place of God.
42:30 And so it says he magnified himself
42:31 to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice
42:34 was taken away, now what was the daily sacrifice,
42:37 you have already studied the sanctuary service at this point.
42:40 You've studied that in the daily sacrifice
42:41 what took place on daily you guys; your sins forgiven
42:44 everyday right daily you've had your sins forgiven.
42:46 How is that he can attack now after Christ
42:48 was on the cross what takes place when you pray
42:50 and ask forgiven for your sins.
42:52 They go to the sanctuary right and who does the forgiving up
42:55 there? Jesus, but now how can he takeaway his place
42:58 as the high priest in the sanctuary.
42:59 How can he do that?
43:01 You got to come to immediate forgiveness you are right,
43:03 you got to come to immediate forgiveness of sins.
43:05 So, you can kind of see what's going on here
43:06 Daniel is seeing in vision exactly what we're taking place
43:10 prior to the second coming of Christ.
43:12 This is order that how things are going,
43:13 so he is attacking the sanctuary and verse 12 says.
43:16 And a host was given him against the daily sacrifice
43:18 by reason of transgression, cast the truth to the ground;
43:21 and practiced and prospered.
43:23 Now without getting too much into detail and going back
43:26 and rehashing old, old heart feelings
43:28 you guess might say with some folk.
43:29 How was it that the papacy done just those very things?
43:33 Just think about it, does he practice
43:35 truth or error, is truth cast to the ground?
43:40 Sure, and then it goes on and he says
43:41 he practiced and prospered. How they practiced and prospered
43:44 it's like the largest Christian religion
43:46 in the whole world with over a billion people.
43:49 So, you understand how this is like all parallel,
43:51 how it is all fitting what he's seeing there?
43:53 It's not an attack on anybody.
43:54 Just say oh wow! Look what's going on
43:56 and he just sees into the future like
43:58 this, this antichrist power having his way.
44:02 And he is frustrated, when you be frustrated
44:03 like if you're one of God's people
44:04 you're living back in the Daniel's day.
44:06 And you see this antichrist power attacking God's
44:08 people and attacking the sanctuary
44:09 and attacking all these things.
44:11 What will be question you're gonna ask?
44:13 How long O Lord you gonna let this go on
44:16 and look what happens verse12.
44:19 You know, I need to change my slides here maybe.
44:22 They were still in the right place don't put them up yet.
44:24 Verse 12: And a host was given him
44:26 against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression,
44:30 and it cast the truth to the ground;
44:31 and it practiced some prospered.
44:32 And Daniel says, I heard one saint speaking,
44:35 and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake,
44:38 How long shall be the vision, the Hazon, this vision
44:41 I am looking at, how long will it be,
44:42 how long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice,
44:45 the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary
44:48 and the host to be trodden under foot?
44:49 It's like he sees all his persecution going on.
44:51 He sees him attacking God,
44:52 he sees all these things going on.
44:53 It's like how long is this going to last
44:56 and look at the answer. And he said unto me,
45:00 until 2300 Days; then shall the sanctuary
45:03 be cleansed. Does anybody have
45:05 another translation. Tom, what's your say
45:06 on Daniel 8:14. It says same thing.
45:08 Days, okay because a literal translation had,
45:12 a better literal translation that is unto 2300 mornings
45:15 and evenings. You have any reference?
45:17 Everybody has that? They have
45:18 a center-column reference you'll see it's says
45:20 that actually and 2300 mornings and evenings.
45:22 Those of you at home, if you got your Bible
45:24 and you can open it up there to Daniel 8:14.
45:26 If you've any other translation you may have it correctly.
45:28 But it should say, if it's say unto 2300 days
45:32 you can look in the center-column reference
45:33 or another place and you can find it actually referencing
45:36 and saying unto 2300 morning and evenings.
45:39 All right and it's very important,
45:41 we understand that now let's get verse 15
45:43 that's where we're go to next.
45:44 So, we've got this question and we've got a sort of an answer.
45:48 The question was? How long are you gonna
45:49 let this go on? And the answer comes,
45:53 until 2300 days then the sanctuary
45:56 will be cleansed. Now, do you remember
45:57 what happened on the cleansing of the sanctuary,
45:58 when you done your sanctuary study.
45:59 Do you remember what takes place?
46:02 The day of Atonement, it's the day of Atonement.
46:03 That word neatly divides up into act one that right.
46:06 But at that time all the sins of the people were cleansed.
46:11 Everything is cleansed, everything is made right.
46:13 And everybody got a fresh start right.
46:15 And so as he is looking at this year.
46:17 Daniel is looking at this and sees all this stuff happening
46:19 and he says unto 2300 days then the sanctuary will be cleansed.
46:22 You know in Daniel's mind what automatically drawn to,
46:24 which sanctuary do you think his mind to be drawn to?
46:26 The one in heaven or one on earth.
46:28 The one on earth actually right that's obviously
46:31 you can read that in the Old Testament,
46:33 Mosses is making one of the copy,
46:35 the one in heaven. Does the one on earth
46:37 and Daniel's mind probably this time be cleansed?
46:39 Not his mind right so, he's gonna thank it must
46:41 be the one on earth. And so he gets a little confused
46:43 and when we'll look at that as we go on a little bit
46:45 as we get to Daniel chapter 9.
46:46 So, we're gonna pick it up in verse 15
46:49 and what we're gonna find starting in verse 15.
46:52 We're gonna find that God gives a detail explanation
46:55 of the entire vision, except the 2300 mornings and evenings.
47:01 So, he gets the detailed explanation of everything
47:02 except the 2300 mornings and evenings and Daniel is confused.
47:05 Let's look at it, it came to pass
47:08 when I, even I Daniel, had seen the Hazon,
47:11 the vision, and sought for the meaning.
47:14 Then behold, there stood before me as the appearance of a man.
47:18 And I heard the man's voice between the banks of Ulai,
47:21 which called and said, Gabriel
47:23 make this man to understand the vision.
47:25 Gabriel helped Daniel to understand what he's seen here.
47:28 So, he came near where I stood:
47:29 and when he came, I was afraid,
47:31 and fell on my face, I imagine you would
47:32 be too if an angel come near to you,
47:33 may be in all of his glory, I would fall on my face.
47:37 Makes perfect sense to me, so Daniel fell on his face
47:38 and he was afraid. But he said unto me,
47:41 Understand, O son of man: for the time of the end
47:44 shall be the vision. So, according to what we have
47:46 looked at so far. This vision that Daniel
47:47 just had in Daniel chapter 8, what is it specifically
47:51 referring to? The time of the end.
47:53 Are you okay with that?
47:54 So, it could have fit all the way back in Daniel's days.
47:58 Is that when his vision is applying to?
47:59 No, it's applying to the time of the end.
48:00 The time you and I are living in,
48:02 so this vision is for the time of the end.
48:04 Now, he was speaking with me,
48:06 and I was in a deep sleep on my face toward the ground;
48:09 but he touched me and he set me upright.
48:11 Gave him strength and he said,
48:13 Behold, I will make you know what shall
48:16 be in the last end of the indignation.
48:19 I am gonna let you know what's at the very end
48:21 of this whole mess, isn't that good?
48:23 I am gonna let you know how is all gonna wrap up.
48:26 For the time appointed,
48:28 at the time appointed the end shall be.
48:30 So, is there appointed time for the end.
48:32 Sure, as a time appointed, the way they end.
48:34 Now, look at verse 20, how would I know while I go
48:36 that the ram, that the ram I was looking at
48:38 how did I know that, that represented Medo-Persian.
48:40 Because I looked ahead in the book,
48:41 because it says, the ram which you saw having
48:43 two horns are the Kings of Media and Persia.
48:46 So, do we have that, does Daniel probably not
48:48 understands that part of the vision?
48:50 Of course he understands it right,
48:51 he understands that the ram represent Medo-Persia,
48:53 right, no problem with that, right?
48:55 Now, let's go to the next verse
48:56 and the rough goat is the king of Greece,
48:59 I wonder what the rough goat is.
49:01 The King of Greece right and the great horn
49:03 between his eyes is the first King.
49:05 And who was the first King?
49:06 Alexander the Great now did Daniel understand this part
49:09 of the vision so far is suppose.
49:11 Absolutely, I mean without a doubt
49:13 if I come up to you and said this is what it represents
49:14 and this is from God. Daniel probably says okay
49:16 God I understand perfectly.
49:18 Now, the next part of it, now that being broken,
49:20 whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall arise out
49:24 of that nation, but not in his own power,
49:27 four kingdoms shall arise out of that nation,
49:28 but not in his own power.
49:29 Do you think that Daniel understand that the four kings
49:32 will arise out of that nation? Sure, he did, simple.
49:37 And in the latter time, much latter of their kingdom,
49:40 when the transgressors are come to the full,
49:43 a King of fierce countenance, and understanding
49:45 dark sentences, shall stand up.
49:47 So somebody understanding like mysteries
49:49 and things like that right. And his power shall be mighty,
49:53 but not by his own power: isn't that fascinating,
49:56 but not by his own power whose power will be by.
50:01 Revelation Chapter 13 and verse 2 when it says:
50:02 The dragon gave his power to the beast right.
50:06 And so parallels were looking at here,
50:08 when it says that he will have power but it won't be his own,
50:11 he will get it from the devil.
50:13 So, you're gonna have this power rise from the devil.
50:16 He shall destroy wonderfully,
50:17 and I took a little liberty there to find out
50:20 what wonderfully was there, what's he talking about?
50:22 He will destroy good things,
50:24 he will be destroying good things.
50:27 And shall prosper, and practice,
50:29 and destroy the mighty and holy people.
50:31 Now, who are the mighty and holy people?
50:33 God's people, he is gonna war against the saints,
50:35 you understand that right.
50:36 Parallels Daniel 7, Parallels Daniel 2
50:39 And through his policy also he shall cause craft
50:43 to prosper in his hand; and he will magnify himself.
50:47 Now, again it kind of goes long before
50:51 we already looked at in the, when the prophecy was given
50:53 in Daniel chapter 8 back a little earlier,
50:54 when it says that in verse 11. He magnified himself,
50:57 remember that and then we read over here
50:59 and it says in explanation of that,
51:01 it says: He shall destroy the mighty people and the holy
51:03 and through his policy, he shall cause craft to prosper
51:06 in his hand and he shall magnify himself.
51:08 What was the devils problem? What was he wanting him to do?
51:11 Magnify himself right and because he couldn't do it
51:14 and he couldn't come to earth and magnify himself here,
51:16 because we know we're not going to openly worship
51:18 the devil when its openly him right.
51:19 He puts the front man up in his place remember that.
51:21 Devil puts the front man in his place
51:23 and he gets that guy to magnify himself,
51:25 because the devil knows if we're worshiping
51:26 anything other than God, we're worshiping the devil,
51:29 right? Anything other than him you're not worshiping,
51:32 you're not worshiping God, you're worshiping the devil.
51:33 And so he puts this guy up and he magnifies himself.
51:36 And everybody says oh! Look, holy people follow them
51:39 and God says no don't follow them,
51:41 he says follow me. And so, this guy is gonna be successful.
51:46 He's gonna calls his stuff to prosper,
51:47 he's gonna magnify himself in his heart.
51:49 I am still in verse 25. And by peace shall destroy many,
51:53 interesting statement isn't it? By peace shall destroy many,
51:57 you understand that what that's saying.
52:00 Well, now think about it in a minute,
52:01 when we think of the papacy
52:02 and I know this is gonna be sound little harsh,
52:04 when we think of the papacy most people
52:05 in the world think of what peace.
52:08 Through that peace he gains power
52:09 and what happens when he gains power?
52:11 He destroys, isn't it interesting
52:14 how this plays out here?
52:15 Now you see, I mean, the Dark Ages
52:16 that's basically what happen wasn't it?
52:18 I mean, if you think of the church
52:19 even in the Dark Ages and you think of the church
52:21 of Christ in the Dark Ages. What do you thinking of
52:23 and if you're living then? Well, he's the peaceful guy;
52:25 he is like the leader of the church.
52:27 The one representing Christ,
52:28 but by means of him using that
52:31 as a platform to destroy God's people.
52:34 Daniel was seeing this in his vision can you imagine
52:36 how tore up he probably was.
52:38 But he think he understood kind of what he was saying here.
52:40 I mean, the descriptions are pretty clear aren't they?
52:41 This guy is going to be conquering,
52:42 he's going to be slamming people,
52:44 he's gonna be doing lot of harm isn't he?
52:45 So, through his policy, he shall cause craft to prosper,
52:48 he'll magnify himself in his heart;
52:50 he shall by peace shall destroy many
52:53 he will also stand up against the Prince of Princes
52:56 stand up against who? Jesus himself,
52:59 and we know how it took place
53:01 But he shall be broken without hand.
53:04 Showing a supernatural intervention right?
53:06 Supernatural intervention broken without hand,
53:08 just like when a stone comes back
53:09 and destroys the image in Daniel chapter 2,
53:11 if that stone was cut of mouth without hand.
53:14 Right, now look at the next part of the verse.
53:17 And the Mareh, the Mareh, he's actually using a
53:22 different term for vision here. Look at upon the screen,
53:26 the term for vision used here.
53:28 We saw the vision was Hazon there
53:30 but now he's using a different term for vision
53:32 in Daniel chapter 8 verse 26 and 27
53:34 and the term he is using here is Mareh
53:36 and look how's it's worded. In the Mareh or the vision
53:39 of the evening and the morning which was told is true.
53:42 The vision of what? Evening and the morning
53:45 what's that referring to? Yeah, to Daniel 8:14
53:48 because it was to the 2300 evenings and mornings.
53:51 Now, notice here, he says the vision of the Mareh.
53:53 He sets it apart different.
53:57 He is not talking about now the whole Hazon,
53:59 the whole entire vision. He is focusing in on 2300 days
54:03 the vision of Mareh, the 2300 days
54:06 the evening and the morning which was told is true:
54:08 Wherefore shut up the Mareh for it shall be for many days.
54:13 Actually, I believe there, let me make sure that
54:15 I got that one correct. With a vision there,
54:19 let me look in the Bible. Yeah still Mareh
54:21 and I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days;
54:24 afterward I rose up, and did the King's business;
54:27 and I was astonished at the Mareh,
54:30 but none understood it.
54:32 What is it that nobody understood?
54:33 The 2300 days, he actually makes it plain right there
54:37 when he says I was astonished, if he would have said Hazon,
54:40 he'd been talking about the whole vision.
54:42 I really don't, astonish I don't understand it.
54:43 But when you look at it there the actual word used there
54:46 is a different word then when he was talking about
54:48 the whole vision. When he narrowed it down
54:50 to just the 2300 days, he used a different term,
54:53 Mareh and he said but nobody understood it.
54:55 Nobody understood the Mareh?
54:58 And so Daniel here is confused isn't he?
55:00 He's like Oh! Man, I wonder what's going on,
55:04 I don't understand the 2300 day part of it,
55:05 I don't understand that part. And then you know what happens?
55:10 He got sick and he fainted. And because he done that
55:15 we have to wait to get part 2 of the study
55:18 and find out what happens at the end of the 2300 days
55:22 or the Mareh that Daniel didn't understand.
55:25 So, he had tough time to understanding that part
55:27 and because he did we had to go into the whole new chapter.
55:30 Daniel chapter 9 and he is gonna get the explanation
55:32 in Daniel chapter 9 of what happened
55:34 at the end of 2300 days. So is there any question
55:37 so far regarding what we looked at?
55:40 Is it making sense? As we went through that,
55:42 you understand that the Mareh, the 2300 day part of it.
55:44 The evening and morning that part of the vision,
55:46 even though it's right in the center of the Hazon
55:49 the entire vision Daniel specifies that out
55:51 and he calls it out separately right there.
55:53 And so what we'll do tomorrow is actually find out
55:56 what that is, what it is that happens
55:58 at the end of 2300 days, how it begins,
56:00 when it begins and what God has to say
56:03 about all that. All right and so for
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56:21 Better to be there by the time you get there
56:23 and it will be the second half of this presentation
56:24 you will find out the rest of 2300 days
56:26 we'll do a quick review.
56:27 And then we'll find out exactly when this ends,
56:30 when this time prophecy ends
56:31 and that is,
56:35, and we'll be back here
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