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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous,
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00:05 the Lord of the harvest, that he will,
00:07 he will send forth laborers into his harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"
00:17 Then said I, "Here am I, send me, send me".
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00:43 Welcome back to Pine Lake Retreat
00:44 in sunny Groveland, Florida.
00:47 I'm glad everybody is able to get up
00:48 this morning and be here on time.
00:51 And I want to welcome you at home for being
00:52 here with us that, that you are with us today.
00:54 We're glad that you was able to make it.
00:57 Today, we gonna be going over
00:58 the second part of the Judgment, Judgment 2,
01:02 actually the Judgment 2, part 2.
01:04 Yesterday, went over the Judgment 2, part 1
01:06 and you can find that on our website,
01:08 if you are tuning in right now for the first time.
01:10 And we're going to pick up in the middle of a study
01:12 and it seems confusing to you.
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01:24 And you can also download the study guide
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01:30 And so what we are going to be doing right now
01:32 is going into the second half of that study.
01:35 Yesterday, we covered all the details about how
01:38 we get up to the point of an investigative judgment
01:41 is going to begin sometime after what year according
01:44 what we just... if we, let's stop,
01:46 let's go this way, let's just stop at Daniel chapter 7.
01:48 We were at Daniel chapter 7, you remember that?
01:50 And we actually set a date,
01:51 that the judgment has to begin sometime
01:53 after what year, does anybody remember?
01:54 1798, yes, when he receives the deadly wounded there,
01:57 the antichrist receives a deadly wound.
01:59 After that according to Daniel 7 the judgment will begin,
02:02 we went through three times in Daniel 7.
02:05 It shows three times in there the order of events,
02:07 Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome.
02:10 Rome is divided, then the little horn power rises
02:12 and then the little horn makes war with the saints
02:14 and wars against the saints.
02:15 And then after he wars with the saints,
02:17 the Bible says, it ought to go for a certain time,
02:20 and then the judgment begins.
02:21 And then what happens after the judgment?
02:24 The coming of the Christ, right, we got to go back,
02:26 we get to go to heaven,
02:27 it's all over this world just ends, right.
02:28 And so, he laid that out three times in a row in Daniel 7,
02:32 and then we went to the Daniel chapter 8,
02:34 and we showed that Daniel chapter 8 started,
02:36 instead with Babylon like Daniel 2, and Daniel 7 did.
02:39 What did Daniel chapter 8 start with, what kingdom?
02:42 Medo Persia, and then I made the statement there yesterday.
02:45 And this where we're gonna get to the proving
02:46 point out of this today.
02:47 But the Medo-Persian Empire,
02:49 whenever, the reason the Bible starts right there
02:52 is because it was during their reign,
02:54 the Medo Persia was reigning,
02:55 whenever the time line part of prophecy of Daniel 8.
02:58 Whenever that timeline prophecy starts,
03:00 the Medo Persians would be ruling.
03:02 So the reason I didn't start with Babylon,
03:03 even though Babylon was still ruling
03:04 when Daniel was having this vision.
03:05 It begins with the Medo-Persian Empire
03:07 and the reason is so is because the whole beginning
03:10 of the timeline prophecy began at 457 BC.
03:14 In the 457 BC during that timeframe
03:17 when the Medo-Persian Empire was ruling.
03:18 So that's kind gives us a little bit of overview
03:20 of what we were at yesterday,
03:22 and we'll touch on that again today,
03:23 we're going in more detail with it today.
03:26 Right now, we'll go the screen here,
03:27 you see we're at the 2300 day, the Judgment 2 study.
03:30 And...and when you label that in your Bible,
03:33 as you're marking your Bible, you would be labeled with J2,
03:35 you won't write Judgment 2, that will take a lot of space.
03:37 So, you just write J2, you know,
03:40 when you're marking through your Bible.
03:41 And we looked yesterday, the purpose of this study,
03:43 the purpose is, the end time, pre-advent judgment commenced
03:47 in 1844 AD when Jesus Christ entered
03:50 into the Most Holy Place of the Heavenly Sanctuary.
03:52 So the purpose of the study is to show that,
03:55 to show that from the Bible.
03:56 And some people are saying how in the world
03:58 can you get that out of the Bible?
03:59 Stick around and you'll see. You'll find out.
04:02 And then let's go on to the next slide here.
04:05 Center it, we're centering it on the very fact,
04:07 the center of the study, what it's showing,
04:09 what we are trying to show, it says,
04:10 Jesus is fair, Jesus is fair,
04:12 therefore He judges us before He gives us our reward.
04:15 And you remember yesterday, we went through all the times,
04:18 not all the times obviously but quite a few times in the Bible.
04:20 Where...where before Jesus before God would ever pass
04:24 judgment on somebody, what would He first do?
04:27 He would investigate, right? He would give them opportunity.
04:30 When Adam and Eve sinned, He came down
04:31 and He questioned them.
04:32 He didn't just come down and pass judgment
04:33 because that would give somebody an opportunity
04:36 possibly to say, I'm not sure He was fair with that.
04:38 But when He comes down and He investigates,
04:40 they actually confess out of their own mouth,
04:42 yeah, you're right. And you know,
04:44 what the Bible teaches, at the end of the Judgment,
04:46 at the end when Christ comes,
04:47 what's the Bible says is going to happen,
04:48 every knee will bow, everyone's gonna say,
04:50 hey, He was fair and just. But how can they say
04:53 that unless He's first and they know,
04:55 they understand that what He has done has been fair and just.
04:57 He actually spends time to investigate,
04:59 and He, and its proved, it just proved positive
05:01 that God is a God of love,
05:03 a God of fairness and a God of Justice.
05:05 So, you know, there... there's a lot of forces out
05:07 there right now in the world that...that try to teach
05:09 that God is none of those things.
05:11 They try to teach that God is not fair, not just,
05:14 and as we went through these studies,
05:15 we've seen some of those points brought about like,
05:17 like the devil what have you believe
05:18 that whenever a sinner that's lost,
05:22 whenever they get their reward,
05:23 that their reward is actually eternity in the flames of hell.
05:26 And as it paints God like as a tyrant,
05:28 remember we studied that,
05:29 makes Him look like a scoundrel, doesn't it?
05:31 because we would never do that to our kids.
05:33 But yet God would do that to His creative beings whom He loves.
05:36 It didn't make sense, we went through the Bible,
05:38 and we showed, we done the... or the hell study there.
05:40 The very fact that God is God of love,
05:42 and He's not going to burn sinners forever.
05:44 So you have the force in the world teaching
05:46 that God is a tyrant and then God comes along,
05:48 he wants us to show that as His people,
05:50 He wants us to present from His word
05:52 and in our lives that God is not a tyrant like that.
05:54 And He goes through each of the studies,
05:56 you'll find out God has a day of rest for us.
05:58 And the devil is trying to take that away.
06:00 He wants us working 24 hours a day,
06:01 seven days a week, and never spend that time with Him.
06:04 And so as we're going through this study,
06:06 now we are finding out in the 2300 day,
06:08 the judgment scene. Some people want
06:10 to reject that altogether, that is not a judgment,
06:12 but you think about it. If it was not a judgment,
06:14 if God doesn't take time to do the judging
06:17 and make sure that He's fair and just in all that He does.
06:20 Then that would say, someone could say,
06:21 you know, what?
06:22 I was lost but God was unfair with me.
06:25 But if God took time to look at your case.
06:27 If God took the time to make sure that...
06:29 that the people who are going to be in heaven
06:31 are going to be safe out there
06:32 for at least the ages of eternity?
06:34 And...and the people that were lost,
06:35 deserved to be lost, and He took the time to do that,
06:37 then you can say that God is fair, and God is just.
06:40 We'd all be able to confess that wouldn't we.
06:41 You know, in the book of Nahum chapter 1 and verse 9,
06:44 it says that, "Affliction and sin,
06:45 it will not rise its ugly head up a second time."
06:48 And so after Jesus comes, how could He be sure
06:50 that this stuff is not going to happen again?
06:52 He's first done a Judgment and He has looked at the hearts,
06:55 He has looked at the case of each one of us,
06:56 and He said, you know what? I can trust Darlene, right,
06:59 I can trust Shalida here, I can trust Thausen,
07:01 He's making a point that I know I can trust Him
07:04 for eternity because I have looked at their case.
07:06 And so heaven is going to be a safe place.
07:08 You know, I have heard people say,
07:09 you're not going to lock your doors in heaven,
07:10 my house ain't gonna have a door.
07:12 You know, why?
07:15 Here we go now, we left off that yesterday
07:16 in Daniel chapter 2, Daniel chapter 8 rather,
07:18 Daniel chapter 8, we went through
07:20 all the way down through verse 27.
07:22 Now I'm just gonna pick up right now,
07:23 with a little short review here,
07:25 just so we can kind of fill in the blank here.
07:27 Remember we looked at two words for vision in Daniel chapter 8.
07:34 Yeah, Daniel chapter 8, we looked at the two words
07:36 for the vision like the word was translated vision.
07:37 Two different ways, two different words
07:40 that are translated vision in Daniel chapter 8,
07:42 one is we look in the verses 1, 2, 3, 15 to 17
07:46 all those verses and Daniel 9:21,
07:48 Hazon, speaking of the entire vision.
07:50 And then, but then when it gets down
07:52 to the very end of Daniel chapter 8
07:53 verse, we would look at the verse 26 and 27,
07:56 He uses a different word, and the word used there is Mareh
07:59 And we started showing that it is going to be a link.
08:01 Now, we're refreshing here because excuse me,
08:04 this is going to tie right in to where we're going to
08:06 when we go to Daniel chapter 9.
08:07 But look what he says here
08:08 in Daniel chapter 8 verse 26 and 27 once again,
08:11 "And the Mareh, of the evenings and the mornings
08:13 which was told is true,
08:14 that word vision there is translated
08:16 from the word Mareh. Therefore, wherefore,
08:19 shut up the vision or the Mareh,
08:21 for it shall be there for many days."
08:23 So the vision is still here for many days,
08:25 "And I Daniel fainted in was sick certain days;
08:27 afterward I rose up, and did the king's business;
08:29 and I was astonished at the Mareh,
08:31 but none understood it."
08:33 None understood what part of the vision,
08:36 you know again, it's very interesting
08:37 that when he talks about the Mareh
08:39 the vision the 2300 days, he says,
08:41 that's the part that was not understood.
08:43 And you know that... that's the part
08:44 that was not understood because all the first parts,
08:46 he explained it pretty clearly.
08:47 I mean we might not understand all little details
08:49 and everything, a little horn as you are going
08:50 through reading that, but you do understand
08:52 that Daniel likely understood it was another kingdom
08:54 that was persecuting God's people.
08:55 There was an understanding there,
08:56 there was, it wasn't like, I wonder what in the world
08:58 this is even talking about?
09:00 And so...and so God actually explains in verse 20,
09:02 that that ram was the Medo-Persians,
09:03 and in verse 21 that the rough goat was Greece.
09:06 And then after that he explains that about his other kingdoms,
09:09 this little horn, after these four divide up.
09:11 This little horn rises up,
09:12 and he's persecuting God's people.
09:13 Just like Daniel 7, so it's likely that Daniel
09:16 understood that, right?
09:18 It's likely he understood all that.
09:19 But then he gets down to the last part once again
09:21 in verse 26 and 27. And he uses a different word
09:24 for vision there than he did on the rest of it.
09:26 And when he uses that word for vision,
09:28 he says, I didn't understand this,
09:29 and neither did anybody else.
09:31 So that's the last time as we leave off
09:33 in Daniel chapter 8 at the end of it,
09:35 it's the last point you find Daniel
09:36 not understanding something.
09:37 Because if you go to Daniel chapter 9 now,
09:39 we're going to go to Daniel chapter 9
09:41 and I am going to do something a little bit different here.
09:42 You look up, you look on the slide,
09:44 and when you give the study
09:45 in Daniel chapter 9 verse 20 to 24
09:47 where you go to and study,
09:48 just generally you just jump right into it.
09:50 But since we're teaching a class here,
09:52 and we're spending a little more time on some of the details,
09:55 I want to help you to understand what happened
09:58 in the prayer. Because it's very interesting,
10:00 Daniel begins, Daniel 9, and he says this, verse 1,
10:05 "In the first year of Darius, the son of Ahasuerus,
10:07 the seed of the Medes, which was made King
10:10 over the realm of the Chaldeans;
10:11 In the first year of his reign I Daniel did not understand,
10:14 is that what it says?
10:15 Verse 2 what it says? I Daniel understood,
10:19 so he says, so he's not asking for an understanding here,
10:21 is he? He says, I understood
10:23 by books the number of the years whereof the word
10:26 of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet,
10:27 that he would accomplish 70 years
10:29 in desolation of Jerusalem."
10:31 Now, as I've read about this,
10:32 I've thought a few things that you can just kind
10:35 of follow along here a little bit.
10:37 Daniel sees this vision, in Daniel chapter 8,
10:39 he sees this vision and he understands that,
10:41 that it says in 2300 more, unless he says,
10:44 it literal days, that's like six and half years
10:46 or something like that.
10:47 Then the sanctuary will be cleansed,
10:49 but he's reading Jeremiah, the prophet.
10:50 And Jeremiah says that at the end of 70 years ago
10:53 and he delivered. Well, Daniel looks and it's like,
10:56 the 70 years is almost up.
10:58 What's this 2300 more year thing gonna be?
11:01 What this all about? You mean, I got to wait
11:02 that much longer before the sanctuary is restored
11:04 and cleansed here, right? Because Daniel is looking
11:07 to the earthly sanctuary. He is like, I got to wait
11:09 all this time before everything works out.
11:12 And you can imagine, he's stressful right?
11:14 So, he begins this prayer, under stress he begins
11:16 a prayer he says, Lord, he turns
11:18 to the only thing he has for help,
11:19 and he starts confessing his sins.
11:21 He says, "I set my face to the Lord to look
11:23 and seek in prayer and supplications
11:25 and fasting in sackcloth, and ashes."
11:27 That's a good way to pray.
11:29 Right, fasting, and you know with sackcloth,
11:32 and ashes, that what they put dead people in,
11:34 dead people wrapped in sackcloth,
11:35 and the ashes that's what you turn back
11:37 to ashes right when you're dead.
11:38 Basically, he's thinking himself
11:39 as the dead person before God.
11:40 He is so humbles so... so humiliating himself,
11:43 you know, what he say, I'm nothing, Lord.
11:44 But I want to answer to prayer here,
11:46 fasting dead people don't eat, right?
11:48 So it's just simply just like admitting
11:50 that he's a nobody, he's nothing and that he...
11:53 that he cannot depend on himself for anything
11:56 that he's gonna do, he's going to be depending on...
11:57 depending upon God, that's his confession here, right?
11:59 And then he goes through these little confession thing,
12:01 and again I normally don't do this in this study
12:04 when I give the study.
12:05 But for the sake of us right here,
12:07 I want you to understand where Daniel is coming from?
12:08 As we go into the explanation, you know, he was struggling
12:12 with something here, he didn't understand
12:13 how could be 2300 more years or 2300 days
12:15 before the sanctuary is cleansed,
12:17 when it should be time to cleanse it now.
12:19 So there's a struggle going on.
12:22 "And I prayed unto the LORD my God,
12:24 and made my confession, and said, O Lord,
12:26 the great and dreadful God, keeping the covenant
12:29 and mercy to them that love him,
12:31 and to them that keep his commandments."
12:32 Now, I'm going to go just out of Bible study
12:34 and then I'm going to do little preaching, okay.
12:36 It says, that God keeps the covenant with who?
12:41 Those who love Him and do what? Keep His commandments,
12:44 isn't that interesting? Daniel himself says,
12:46 hey, you know God keeps his covenant
12:48 with those who love Him and keep His commandments.
12:49 So therefore, if those don't love,
12:51 the people don't love Him, and don't keep His commandments,
12:53 does God keeps His covenant with them?
12:55 No, no, it's the point, so God's covenant is made with who?
12:58 Those who love Him and keep His commandments,
12:59 He keeps it with them. We have sinned,
13:01 he says, you know, I have heard it said many times
13:04 you know that, you never see anything recorded for Daniel,
13:07 ever done anything wrong?
13:08 There are just a few people in the Bible,
13:09 you find that about and Daniel being
13:10 is one of those like he never, not that he ever sinned,
13:13 we know that all sinned and fallen
13:14 short of the glory of God, except Jesus Christ, right?
13:17 But you never find anything recorded
13:18 that Daniel done anything wrong.
13:19 Right here, Daniel is confessing his sins.
13:22 And look what he says, he says,
13:24 "We have sinned, we committed iniquity,
13:25 he's putting himself right with him,
13:27 we've done wickedly, we've rebelled,
13:29 in departing from your precepts and your judgments."
13:31 Look what he says in verse 6,
13:32 "Neither have we listened unto your servants the prophets,
13:37 which spoke in thy name to our kings, our princes,
13:40 our fathers, and to all the people of the land."
13:42 Now I wanna ask you something here.
13:45 What prophet was a contemporary of Daniel
13:47 while Daniel was in Jerusalem doing his preaching,
13:49 or when Daniel in Jerusalem right
13:51 before they got taken captive and moved away to Babylon,
13:55 right before that happened, there was a prophet,
13:56 he's in the Bible, and he was saying,
13:58 that all the stuff was going to happen,
13:59 but nobody was believing him, who was that?
14:02 He was Jeremiah, exactly right,
14:03 and you know what something interesting about Jeremiah
14:05 when you read Jeremiah chapter 1.
14:06 Jeremiah was just a young kid, he was young guy,
14:09 and he's like Lord I can't go and speak to these people,
14:11 they are not going to listen to me.
14:12 And Daniel would have been one of the young people
14:14 in Babylon in that time that likely wasn't listening
14:17 to the thing that Jeremiah had to say.
14:18 And you can't slam Daniel for that,
14:20 because it would've been just about like any of us here
14:23 that you have some guy come along.
14:25 And he's preaching a message that's contrary
14:27 what all the leaders in the church and the pastors
14:29 in church and things like that are saying,
14:30 although he is sent from God,
14:31 Jeremiah was sent from God, right?
14:33 But they were all rejecting him and probably
14:34 all the young people in town said, you know,
14:37 Jeremiah can't be right, let me look at him,
14:39 he hasn't been through, he hasn't been through seminary,
14:41 he hasn't done anything, he's just a young guy.
14:42 And then all the professors of theology over here,
14:45 they are saying he's wrong that God's gonna protect us
14:47 and we're gonna be kept safe.
14:48 You understand what maybe went on Daniel's heart,
14:50 and the other people around? But who ended up being right?
14:53 Jeremiah, and so Daniel then he thinks,
14:54 can you imagine, he's like the old man now
14:56 he's thinking back? You know Jeremiah,
14:58 was saying that this would happen,
14:59 but seems like in his book he wrote something about
15:01 the time we would be in bondage.
15:03 So, he's studying the book of Jeremiah
15:05 the prophet he says, and lo and behold,
15:07 he realizes that Jeremiah was right.
15:11 All the things that he said was right.
15:12 And also God is getting ready to deliver us
15:14 because we are at the end of 70 years.
15:16 And so he starts praying, God, forgive me,
15:19 I never listened to the prophets before,
15:21 can you imagine?'s hard to be humble
15:24 yourself and admit that maybe the prophets were right
15:27 and I was wrong, isn't it? If you reject it,
15:30 it's hard to turn back around and say,
15:31 you know I was actually the one who was wrong,
15:33 man of God there, right? And so Daniel begins to
15:35 and keeps going through his prayer.
15:36 Now we're going to get into the,
15:37 back to the study portion of this.
15:39 That was just a little extra,
15:40 and we don't charge extra for that.
15:42 You know, and we're going to get into the study portion now,
15:45 we're going to Daniel Chapter 9 and verse 20.
15:47 Daniel 9 and verse 20,
15:49 this is like the end of the thought,
15:50 the end of the prayer.
15:52 You can read through this prayer,
15:53 it takes about, I mean, if you read at the normal pace,
15:56 and you don't go really fast, probably just couple of minutes
15:57 to read through this prayer.
15:58 And just keep that in mind as we go through this
16:00 as I think it's very interesting.
16:01 "While I was yes, speaking, and praying,
16:03 and confessing my sins, and the sin of the people,
16:07 Israel, and presenting my supplication before the LORD
16:12 my God for the holy mountain of my God;
16:15 While I was yet speaking in prayer,
16:16 even the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision.
16:21 just... just what word you suppose
16:23 he's used there when he uses it?
16:25 Hazon, yeah, right because he's talking
16:26 about the whole entire vision, I saw him in the entire vision,
16:29 all the way back to the beginning,
16:30 the man that I saw when I saw that big vision hazon, right.
16:33 The man I saw on the vision at the beginning,
16:36 being caused to fly swiftly, touched me about the time
16:39 of the evening oblation." The evening offering,
16:41 that's what the oblation, the evening offering,
16:43 you know they have.... they would spend Jews
16:46 especially those who worship and he should be doing now,
16:49 you know morning, and in afternoon
16:51 and the evening they would be worshiping God,
16:52 special times they would spend there.
16:54 And so this is the time of the evening.
16:56 "And he informed me, and talked with me,
16:58 and said, O Daniel, I've not come forth
17:01 to give you skill and understanding."
17:04 Let me ask you, when is the last time
17:06 that Daniel needed any skill of understanding?
17:10 When was it? Back in Daniel chapter...chapter 8,
17:14 the last two verses 26 and 27, 26 and 27, the last two verses.
17:18 And when you get to verse 27 he says,
17:20 "No one understood the Mareh,
17:23 the vision, and no one understood it,
17:25 and so therefore he fainted, he was sick
17:27 and that was the end of it, right?
17:28 He didn't understanding any of that.
17:30 But then you get to Daniel chapter 9,
17:31 just one chapter later, Daniel can still hear you,
17:35 I've no place for his asking for any understanding
17:37 in Daniel chapter 9. He never comes to Daniel Chapter 9,
17:39 and says, Lord please give me understanding of this
17:41 or give me understanding of that.
17:42 He as a matter of fact says, hey, I understood
17:45 that Jeremiah said we be here 70 years,
17:47 it wasn't a need for understanding,
17:49 it was that he did understand what the Bible is saying.
17:51 The last time we find him not understanding something
17:54 is at the end of the vision of Daniel chapter 8.
17:57 And so Gabriel comes here and he says,
17:59 it's the same Gabriel, the same man
18:01 that I saw on the Hazon, the entire vision.
18:04 Now when was the last time that he had a vision?
18:06 In Daniel chapter 8, and the word uses Hazon there,
18:09 so basically the last I had a vision
18:11 that man Gabriel was there, and now,
18:13 he's the same one back now,
18:14 and he's gonna give me understanding.
18:16 And look what he gives an understanding off.
18:17 Verse 23, at the beginning of your supplications,
18:21 did you pick that up?
18:22 I am sorry, at the beginning of your prayer Daniel
18:26 and at the beginning of your supplication
18:28 at that time the commandment came forth,
18:30 and I am come to show you; for you are greatly beloved:
18:33 therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision.
18:35 So Daniel soon as he started praying,
18:36 God says, okay, Gabriel, go give him understanding.
18:39, Gabriel standing there before Jesus Christ,
18:41 he's standing there in heaven, right?
18:43 And God says, okay, go give Daniel understanding,
18:45 and Daniel travels from... from where God's presence is,
18:49 to where Daniel is.
18:51 In a matter of just a few minutes,
18:52 how long that prayer was,
18:54 interrupting in the middle of his prayer,
18:55 that's moving fast, isn't it?
18:57 That's like the speed of thought,
18:59 and so I don't know how God does that,
19:01 I can't wait to find out, you know, I can't wait
19:03 to maybe be able to do that myself,
19:04 be able to travel that fast maybe,
19:05 maybe the angels have some kind of advantage
19:07 when we get to heaven and where we got to hang over
19:09 on their coat on something in order to go that fast.
19:11 I don't know how it's going to workout?
19:12 But I just think that's beautiful and interesting
19:14 the fact that he went from where God was to Daniel
19:16 was in like two minutes.
19:17 And he maybe there before that listen
19:19 to the rest of his prayer, we don't know.
19:21 You know, maybe traveling at the speed of thought,
19:23 beautiful, isn't it?
19:24 So he goes on, he says, "Daniel, you are greatly beloved
19:28 therefore understand the matter and consider the vision."
19:34 What word do you suppose is being used there for vision?
19:37 The Mareh, and it makes a perfect sense, doesn't it?
19:39 Because it was the Mareh,
19:40 that Daniel didn't understand, it was Mareh,
19:42 that word there that Daniel did not understand,
19:45 that was the part he was having trouble with.
19:47 And so he says, "Therefore, I want you now
19:49 to understand the Mareh, the vision,
19:52 the part of the 2300 days.
19:54 Do you see... so you see the tie,
19:56 they were ties two together.
19:57 Because the reason I am bringing...
19:59 bringing that point out because many people reject that.
20:02 He says, oh, no, no, no, he's not talking about
20:03 the 2300 days, he's not leading back to that.
20:05 Brothers and sisters, it's obvious
20:07 he is leading back to that.
20:08 He's using the word, the word used there is completely
20:10 different word than what he was using all the rest
20:12 of time when he was using the word term Hazon,
20:14 it was like He purposely, God purposely had Daniel tied
20:17 those together so that you and I standing here,
20:20 in the time we are standing in...
20:21 in the year 2000... I think I shouldn't date us
20:24 for the video uh.. I'll do it anyway this is done in 2009,
20:28 Now I'll say 2010, and then we'll think
20:29 we done it ahead of time.
20:30 Now how did they done, done yesterday?
20:32 Anyway, but the God knew that we would be sitting here,
20:36 at this time and there will be all kinds
20:38 of deceptions out there in the world,
20:39 you know that. And things and people
20:41 trying to say, hey, this doesn't fit,
20:42 this isn't right, to destroying the faith
20:44 of the people who are trusting in the Lord,
20:46 and realizing that hey, what God has said is true.
20:49 And so he ties it directly here with the wording,
20:51 he ties it to the 2300 days,
20:53 he says, I want to consider the vision
20:55 and understand the matter,
20:57 and consider the vision or the Mareh,
20:59 give you understanding of that.
21:00 Then look at verse 24, "70 weeks are determined
21:04 upon thy people and upon thy holy city,
21:07 to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins,
21:09 to make reconciliation for iniquity,
21:10 and to bring in everlasting righteousness,
21:12 and to seal up the vision and prophecy,
21:14 and to anoint the most Holy."
21:16 So all these things are going to happen within this 70...
21:20 70 week time frame. But now, I want you to notice
21:23 something here again in verse 24.
21:25 Because there is word here,
21:26 that it is not really well in the King James
21:30 as far as translate go, and that's the word determined,
21:32 where it says, 70 weeks are determined up on thy people.
21:35 Now the word that you find there in the Hebrew,
21:38 is one, that word is Chatak,
21:40 I don't know if I am saying right
21:41 or not but I just put up there,
21:42 and somebody can let you know about it,
21:44 striking up, Chatak, who said that?
21:46 somebody said that? All right, Scot back there straight me
21:48 on that and so you don't have to write me a letter,
21:51 if I said it right, write Scott a letter
21:53 and if Scott said right, you can write me one.
21:55 Okay, Chatak whatever it is there but in mean
21:57 now here's what's interesting, nowhere else in the Bible,
22:00 do we have that word. So we can't go to another place
22:03 in the Bible and say, let's compare
22:04 and see, what does this word means, right?
22:06 You can't do it that way, but there is something,
22:09 something about that word that you do find
22:10 in other places in Jewish, in Jewish writings.
22:13 The missioner or which is like the,
22:15 it was written in a second, third century AD,
22:17 it was a Bible commentary,
22:20 written on the Jewish Bible commentary,
22:22 uses that same word Chatak several times.
22:25 Right, it uses several times in there.
22:27 And when it uses it, in tenth, it's like 18 times,
22:30 in ten of the 18 times, it's referring to cutting off the,
22:33 the in part of a animal, in an animal sacrifice.
22:37 You know, it talk about the cutting off
22:38 the leg or cutting off, you know, cutting off
22:40 some part of the animal sacrifice.
22:41 So when the word is used in context in other places,
22:44 it's actually talking about cutting something off.
22:47 And when you look at the...
22:48 if you look at maybe in some of the concordances like the...
22:53 oh, strongs or one of those like that,
22:55 it does also define that as one way of saying
22:58 that word, it means to be cut off.
23:00 Are you following? So when he says,
23:03 70 weeks are cut off upon thy people,
23:07 maybe one of your Bibles has that written in translation,
23:09 does anybody have a Bible instead of saying,
23:11 determined it says something like cut off
23:13 in that same version here because everybody
23:14 has a King James version just about in here, right?
23:18 Hey, you are? Decreed, okay.
23:20 70 weeks are decreed upon thy people.
23:22 So there are different translations there,
23:24 and however it is. But the word
23:26 that fits best there, the word that makes
23:28 most sense is 70 weeks are cut off,
23:30 upon thy people and upon the Holy city.
23:31 In other words, there's a 70 week span or 70,
23:35 or 70 weeks and you take a day from your Bible prophecy,
23:38 how long is that? Yes, 70 times 7 is 49 ,
23:42 or 490 rather, and so you have got 490 years,
23:44 this decreed, or cut off, or determined upon your people.
23:48 Right, 70 weeks are determined upon the people,
23:51 and that's the starting point for the 70 week prophecy,
23:53 and that's what you find for a starting point.
23:55 So here, let's look at this 70 weeks cut off from what?
23:58 And they are cut off from the Mareh of the 2300 days.
24:03 Are you following that?
24:04 Now listen, the 2300 prophecy the Mareh,
24:07 when you look at that, you have 23, 2300 days
24:11 that the Bible is talking about.
24:12 And then here it says, that...
24:14 that what kind of prophecy is that by the way?
24:16 It's a time, what we call time prophecy, right?
24:18 So the last thing Daniel did not understand
24:20 was the time prophecy and he used
24:21 the term Mareh about right?
24:23 And then you come here in Daniel chapter 9,
24:25 and it says, 70 weeks are determined upon your people
24:28 and speaking just after verse 23
24:29 consider the vision or the Mareh.
24:31 He says, I want you to consider the vision,
24:34 70 weeks are determined upon your people.
24:36 What is a 70 week prophecy?
24:37 What would you call that?
24:39 A time prophecy, so the last time he didn't have
24:41 the understanding speaking of...
24:42 of a vision was a 2300 day prophecy, a time prophecy.
24:45 And then he comes and gives him an explanation
24:47 and he gives him an explanation using a time prophecy.
24:51 And he says, this time prophecy is cut off,
24:53 cut off from what?
24:55 It has to be cut off from 2300 days,
24:57 what else what it would it be cut off from?
24:58 You can't cut 2300 days off from the little horn.
25:02 Or 70 weeks rather you can't cut 70 weeks off the little horn
25:05 You can't cut 70 weeks off the Medo-Persian Empire can you?
25:07 It makes no sense, does it?
25:08 But can you cut 70 weeks off from 2300 days,
25:13 yeah, absolutely you can
25:14 and it could be cut off from that.
25:15 And so he says, this cut off for your people,
25:18 and for the Holy city. And now let's just keep around
25:20 and going to the slides here, and look at this.
25:21 So, you find a 70 weeks, it goes 490 years.
25:24 In 2300 year total and you're cutting off 490.
25:28 So apparently at the end of 490
25:30 how much time do you have left?
25:31 1810 days or years, so you can do
25:35 in two different ways or you can take 1810 years from 34 AD.
25:38 When you do that... that's the end of the 70 weeks.
25:41 Or you can take 2300 years from 457 BC
25:45 and you come with the year 1844.
25:47 Now you've already studied with Scott
25:48 that the 70 weeks begins when?
25:51 457 BC, you studied that one when Scott done...
25:53 done the whole thing there on Daniel 9, right.
25:56 He already studied Daniel 9 with you,
25:58 and so, it showed when you done Daniel 9,
26:02 you found the 457 BC, what happened
26:04 at the end of these 70 weeks?
26:07 Or actually at the end of the 69 weeks in that time frame,
26:09 what was it that happened?
26:10 The Christ was here right on time,
26:12 there was here, He came on time,
26:13 He's crucified on time, and then the Gospel went to Gentiles
26:16 in 34 AD, you remember all that happening?
26:18 Now, here just assure as the 457 BC point to Christ,
26:23 right, that time frame has to the beginning time frame
26:25 because it comes and points to Christ.
26:27 This assure that is you have to also apply it
26:29 to the coming or the judgment scene
26:31 at the end of that time frame
26:32 or the cleansing of sanctuary at the end of 2300 days.
26:35 In other words, if the beginning time prophecy doesn't fit,
26:39 do we have the 2300 day time prophecy?
26:41 It also doesn't fit for the Messiah.
26:45 Are you understanding? Let's go on, it maybe,
26:47 it will clear up a little bit.
26:50 Here we go bring that out, bring that up, okay.
26:54 In 457 BC, the decree went out to restore
26:57 and build Jerusalem just like the Bible say what happened
26:59 at the beginning of the 70 weeks,
27:00 you remember that? And then after 483 years
27:03 or the 69 weeks what happened?
27:06 Jesus was baptized, this is just a review,
27:08 when we looked... Scott already looked over this,
27:09 didn't he? You might remember this, right?
27:12 Everybody, okay, and then there in 31 AD
27:14 Jesus was crucified in the midst of the week the Messiah
27:16 was cut off but not for Himself, you know,
27:18 who is He cut off for? For us, right.
27:21 And then in 34 AD you find the stoning of Steven
27:24 and the Gospel goes to the Gentiles,
27:25 and that's the end of the 490 years.
27:27 So you got the 70 weeks prophecy ends there.
27:30 But if it's cut off from the rest of 2300 days
27:33 then that means you take 2300, right?
27:36 You minus the other part of the time there you minus
27:40 the 490 years there leads you 1810 years.
27:46 Its cut off from the 2300 days,
27:48 if you take 490 from 2300 becomes 1810.
27:52 Now, what happened at the end of 1000,
27:54 at the year 1844 actually 1810 years later what happened?
28:01 Some very interesting things happened.
28:03 We're going to look at that when we do
28:04 the spirit of prophecy study but...
28:05 but I want to... but notice up there
28:06 that something happened in 1844
28:08 and the Bible tells us what that would be,
28:09 what was it? The cleansing of the sanctuary.
28:12 Now here's a question, the cleansing of what sanctuary?
28:17 How do we know it was a heavenly sanctuary?
28:21 Because there was no sanctuary on earth in that time, right.
28:23 In the year 1844 there was no sanctuary on earth,
28:25 but now even in the day of Daniel,
28:27 you think what Daniel was doing?
28:28 When Daniel sees that 2300 years
28:31 and the sanctuary will be cleansed in his mind,
28:33 he's thinking of what sanctuary?
28:35 The one on earth, which one he was referring to?
28:37 The one in heaven, can you understand
28:38 why he was distressed. even himself had made
28:42 a mistake right there that he was thinking
28:43 of earthly sanctuary not the one in heaven being cleansed
28:46 And so what actually takes place,
28:48 what is this all about cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary
28:51 and all this kind of stuff?
28:52 And you remember as you studied with Scott on Judgment Part 1,
28:56 when he does Judgment Part 1,
28:59 you remember that he showed how a sanctuary worked, right.
29:03 And you had the outside there in the courtyard
29:06 they will make the sacrifice, they'll take the blood
29:08 and remember they would go where into with it,
29:09 the holy place, right, and sprinkle the blood there.
29:11 And all through the year the sins of the people will be
29:14 piling up there in that holy place, right?
29:16 And then one time a year, on the day of atonement,
29:20 the high priest that this time would go
29:22 into the most holy place,
29:23 and then the sanctuary would be cleansed.
29:25 I just won't get into details
29:26 that the sanctuary would be cleansed,
29:28 and everybody be right, everything be okay
29:29 at that point, right?
29:31 And so, what's being going on in heaven
29:34 since Christ ascended to heaven, let's go and find out.
29:38 I think that's our next slide here,
29:39 in Mark chapter 16 and verse 19,
29:41 and who'd like to read Mark 16 verse 19.
29:43 Do we have any volunteers?
29:44 As we are turning there,
29:45 give everybody time to get there. Mark 16.
29:53 You know these studies here are a little
29:54 more laborious than others, you know,
29:57 as far as this kind of plowing through it.
29:58 But once you get a understanding of this,
30:00 it helps solidify the fact that you know what your high priest
30:03 is doing for you. You have confidence in him.
30:05 It's not so much of the details here,
30:07 it's not so much worrying about the dates, you know,
30:09 all though they are important. As it is to what's going on?
30:12 And to understand also that we have entered
30:15 into the last days, and how that off hits.
30:18 You remember Daniel prophecy said this is going to apply
30:19 to the last days. Tom, do you want to read
30:23 that for us, Mark chapter 16 and verse 19?
30:27 I am sorry 16:19 yeah. So then after the Lord
30:32 had spoken to them, he was received up into heaven,
30:36 and sat down at the right hand of God.
30:38 Jesus here so that we find here,
30:40 Jesus went out and sat, where did He go to sit
30:42 when He ascended to heaven? The right hand of God.
30:45 Now remember when you studied the sanctuary,
30:46 where was God's throne symbolized in the sanctuary
30:50 do you remember? In the holy place,
30:52 you had the table of show bread, you had the two stags
30:54 right there right, and you had one that's representing
30:58 God's throne there and when you studied the sanctuary
31:00 you saw that. That you have God's throne
31:03 represented in the holy place, out in the holy place.
31:06 But know God's throne is portable, it's movable?
31:10 That actually when it does different scenes
31:11 in the Judgment scene that He would go to different places,
31:14 so it was a symbol out there in the holy place of Christ
31:17 and going sitting down by his father,
31:19 the two loaves of bread, there sitting
31:21 in the holy place out there...on the table of show bread,
31:24 are you following me there? Let's us go on and look as we
31:28 continue down the Revelation chapter 1.
31:30 Revelation chapter 1, now, as you go to the book
31:32 of Revelation, you'll notice some things.
31:34 As you go to Revelation, it progresses through
31:37 the sanctuary. All the book of Revelation does,
31:40 it progresses as Christ going through the sanctuary.
31:43 Now according to what we just read, where did Christ go
31:45 when He ascended? To sit at right hand
31:47 of the Father, where is He in Revelation Chapter 1,
31:49 is He in the most holy place? Or the holy place?
31:52 Revelation chapter 1 verse 12 and 13, Shalida,
31:55 do you want to read that for us? Revelation Chapter 1
31:58 verse 12 and 13, we gonna find out, is Christ,
32:01 when He ascended that He go to the most holy place
32:03 or the holy place according to the book of Revelation.
32:05 Go ahead and read that for us.
32:07 "And I turned to see the voice that spake with me.
32:09 And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;
32:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto
32:17 the Son of man, clothe with a garment down to the foot,
32:21 and girt about the paps with a golden girdle."
32:26 Okay where's he showing Jesus being?
32:28 Where the candlestick and the all the stuff are?
32:30 It's in the holy place, right, so Revelation opens
32:32 up with Jesus still in the holy place, and He's doing
32:35 His work there in the holy place.
32:36 Now what does the high priest do each day
32:38 in a holy place? What would he be doing?
32:42 The blood would be brought in, and here the people sins
32:45 would be transferred to the sanctuary
32:46 from the people to the sacrificed animals
32:48 the blood going into the holy place, right, daily.
32:50 This would be going on everyday and that's what
32:52 the high priest would be doing. And we see Jesus here in
32:54 Revelation chapter 1, doing just that.
32:57 He's in the holy place, he's doing the job
32:59 of the priest. But now we're gonna see
33:01 as we go the book of Daniel, we're gonna back
33:03 to the book of Daniel chapter 7 when we look at
33:05 a little earlier, chapter 7 verse 9 to 14,
33:07 and we're gonna see in progress from the holy place
33:11 to the most holy place. We're gonna see the progress
33:15 from the holy place unto the most holy place.
33:17 And that's found in Daniel chapter 7,
33:19 starting in verse 9 to 14, let me get there myself.
33:25 Ezekiel, Daniel, please be patient with me,
33:31 Daniel chapter 7 verse 9 to 14.
33:34 And we'll probably get Darlene to read that,
33:38 will that be all right Darlene? All right,
33:40 Daniel chapter 7 and verse 9 to 14.
33:44 "I watched till thrones were put in place,
33:47 and the Ancient of days was seated,
33:50 his garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head
33:53 was like pure wool: his throne was a fiery flame,
33:58 its wheels are burning fire. A fiery stream issued
34:02 and came forth from before him: a thousand thousands
34:05 ministered to Him, and ten thousand times
34:09 ten thousand stood before him: the court was seated,
34:11 and the books were opened. I watched then because
34:15 of the sound of the pompous words
34:17 which the horn was speaking: I watched till the beast
34:20 was slain, and its body destroyed,
34:22 and given to the burning flame. As for the rest of the beasts,
34:28 they had their dominion taken away:
34:31 yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time.
34:35 I was watching in the night visions, and, behold,
34:39 one like the Son of man coming with the clouds of heaven,
34:44 and He came to the Ancient of days, and they brought Him
34:46 near before him. Then to him was given dominion,
34:50 and glory, and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations,
34:54 and languages, should serve him.
34:56 His dominion is an everlasting dominion,
34:59 which shall not pass away, and his kingdom
35:02 the one which shall not be destroyed."
35:05 Okay, can you see there in the texts when he starts off
35:07 in Daniel chapter 9, and it says, that I'll be held with
35:10 thrones were set in place, they were set up,
35:12 and the ancient of days took his seat,
35:13 it's the beginning and then he goes on talking about
35:15 this beginning of the Judgment scene taking place,
35:17 you understand that right? Now, where....where
35:19 would this whenever this judgment would take place?
35:22 It would be in heaven but specifically now,
35:24 we're going into the most holy place.
35:27 The whole thing has moved because on the day of atonement
35:30 as you learned the Bible teaches, you know,
35:32 the thy Lord is found in this sanctuary, right,
35:34 in the book of Psalms, right? And you learned that
35:36 they day of atonement, or the day of judgment,
35:38 the word atonement is the same thing,
35:40 you know like the day of the judgment would take place,
35:42 where at? In the most holy place,
35:44 so you find God here in the sanctuary in heaven
35:46 and you notice here that it says, it says,
35:49 let me get down to it. Oh, yeah, verse 9,
35:52 and where it talks about toward the later part of that,
35:54 it says, his hair was like pure wool, His throne
35:56 was like a fiery flame and wheels as burning fire.
36:00 God's throne has what? Wheels. So, if you have wheels,
36:03 what that make you? Portable, movable,
36:05 right it moves, so it moves, it moves now,
36:07 the whole thing, the whole proceeding here moves
36:09 now from the holy place to where?
36:10 The most holy place because what begins the judgment.
36:13 And according what we look that out in Daniel 7
36:15 when does this judgment begin and just looking at Daniel 7
36:18 sometime after 1798. And so he's looking here
36:22 and he sees this whole thing, this whole process of things
36:24 taking place. Now I want to understand
36:26 something. Because, it's pretty common
36:29 knowledge that in the year 1844 that many people thought
36:33 that Jesus was going to come back,
36:34 and the whole cleansing of the sanctuary with God cleansing
36:37 the earth with fire, you know that's the common
36:39 teaching out there. William Miller, he would read
36:41 this and others him being the Baptist minister,
36:43 and the other who is reading this,
36:45 they would read these stories in the Bible
36:46 or actually these prophecies in the Bible.
36:48 And he takes a look at this and he says,
36:49 huh, so you have the little mouth,
36:52 the little horn speaking great things and the throne,
36:55 the judgment, and Jesus comes, and that's the whole
36:58 thing about....about what's going on there because you,
36:59 that's why I let you read down verse 13 and 14,
37:02 he says, hey Jesus is coming. When He comes,
37:04 Jesus is going to come, whenever, all that takes place.
37:06 But what he did not understand, what he didn't understand
37:09 was the sanctuary that he was talking about,
37:11 wasn't the earth. You don't find anything
37:13 in the Bible referring to the earth as the sanctuary, right?
37:15 You find, where God's people refer to the sanctuary.
37:18 What you not know that you are the temple of God?
37:20 The Bible teaches that. So he thought that this
37:23 was the whole process of Jesus coming and cleansing
37:25 the earth with fire. And many others did too,
37:27 and they portrayed Jesus is gonna come in 1844.
37:30 They had the time frame right as we've already seen.
37:32 1844 fits perfectly with everything else doesn't it?
37:35 But they had the event wrong. Jesus begins the judgment scene
37:40 in 1844. Now here's the question,
37:44 how long should it take God to cleanse the sanctuary?
37:50 I mean how quickly can He do it?
37:51 He calls worlds into existence, right?
37:54 So He begins the Judgment scene with the dead
37:56 and He moves on into the living,
37:57 this whole judgment scene takes place,
37:58 but couldn't God just do the judgment like that
38:00 and be done? So what's taking Him so long?
38:08 He should be able finish, shouldn't He, Robert?
38:11 He should be able to say, okay, guilty, innocent,
38:14 guilty, innocent, innocent, innocent,
38:15 innocent, innocent, innocent,
38:17 we're all innocent in here right?
38:18 And we all gonna be in heaven, right nobody's guilty;
38:20 we are all going to be in heaven, is it?
38:21 Shouldn't He able to do that...that quick?
38:23 But now remember, as we go through our lives,
38:26 is everybody here sinless? So what you doing
38:28 when you...each day, each moment you know,
38:30 you are confessing, right. What happens to that sin
38:32 when you confess it? Where does it go,
38:35 does it go away and nothing, you know when sin takes place,
38:39 it's like something, something tangible happens.
38:41 You know, there is something there,
38:43 it has to be got rid of, that's why you have
38:45 to have the shedding of blood to get rid of something
38:46 that's intangible. You know, sin is not really
38:48 something, you can't see like look,
38:49 I got this jar sin here. Now we have to,
38:52 we have to blood sacrifice to get rid of it.
38:54 Doesn't work like that, does it?
38:55 But it is like something tangible takes place
38:57 so when you confess your sins, it has to go somewhere,
39:00 so where are they going? To the holy place right,
39:04 they are going to the holy place.
39:05 Right now, Jesus says, our high priest is doing
39:07 his work. Now...but then after 1844
39:10 where does He move to? In the most holy place.
39:12 And so the sin is still piling up, during this time
39:15 while He is in there. You know during
39:17 the Day of Atonement what were the people
39:18 had to be doing on the Day of Atonement?
39:21 They are afflicting themselves, you know they would humbling
39:23 themselves, praying and afflicting themselves.
39:24 And by the way, if they weren't doing that,
39:25 in the Old Testament, Day of Atonement.
39:27 When the high priest would drop that sensor,
39:30 and he would come out of the most holy place.
39:32 And no one knew when he was going to do that?
39:34 No one knew and the high priest is going to come out
39:36 of the most holy place on the Day of Atonement.
39:38 He'd be there sometimes like last year He was in it
39:39 for like three hours year before that,
39:41 I don't know how it worked exactly.
39:42 You know, as far as how long he had been there,
39:43 but he wasn't always in there for same amount of time.
39:46 And the people never knew when He was going
39:48 to come out at the most holy place.
39:49 So they'd be outside afflicting their souls
39:51 praying asking God for forgiveness,
39:52 making sure they're right with him.
39:54 Because if they didn't and the high priest come out
39:57 of the most holy place, you know what happened?
39:58 They were cut off, they were lost,
40:00 they couldn't be saved, you know,
40:02 they were cut off from the people.
40:04 And so when you apply that to the actual real thing
40:06 taking place with Jesus now in the most holy place
40:09 in heaven and what should we would be doing?
40:11 afflicting our souls, The Day of Atonement
40:13 is taking place, The Day of Atonement,
40:15 the typical part of it right, the actual fulfillment of this.
40:18 Jesus is now in the most holy place
40:19 and as we confess our sins, they are still piling up there,
40:22 He is still forgiving them. But if we're not afflicting
40:26 our self, we're not confessing our sins,
40:27 they are not going there. And you know what's gonna
40:29 happen very soon. He's gonna come out,
40:33 he's gonna come out of the most holy place.
40:34 So it would take Jesus no time to actually cleanse
40:38 the sanctuary right? He can do it real quick,
40:41 what's taking him so long? You and me,
40:44 you know your sanctuary... you know,
40:46 your body is a temple of God. All, all of us collectively,
40:49 God is waiting for to cleanse us;
40:51 He's pouring His spirit out upon His people,
40:53 He's doing the cleansing process,
40:55 if we'll let him, if we'll let him.
40:59 He's getting a people ready for translation.
41:02 He's getting a people ready to go to heaven.
41:04 He's waiting on us, He can cleanse the sanctuary
41:06 there in no time. I like it in John chapter 14
41:10 when it says: In my Father's house are many mansions:
41:12 if it were not so, I would have told you.
41:14 I go to prepare a place for you. Many people will say oh!
41:16 Yeah, he's up there right now like with his contractors
41:18 up there working and they are building,
41:20 buildings and building mansions, so we can all have
41:22 some place to live. People actually believe that.
41:25 We're talking about the God who spoke the words
41:27 into existence. How long would it take Jesus
41:29 to prepare a place for us? You know what place
41:31 He's trying to prepare? He's trying to prepare
41:34 our hearts. He's preparing us to be able
41:37 to go there. You and I right now,
41:39 if an angel would have pop in here right now
41:40 with all of his glory, you know, what will happen to us?
41:42 We all fall down on our face and we've just be
41:44 like past out like dead, I mean like what happened
41:45 to the Roman soldiers at Christ's tomb?
41:47 Do you know what would happen if God would appear here
41:49 right here right now? Everyone one of us would be
41:52 immediately evaporated, be gone.
41:54 He's preparing a people to stand in his presence,
41:57 that's the cleansing, the cleansing is taking place
42:00 right now, He is cleansing us.
42:02 How is he doing it? Malachi chapter 3,
42:04 that's our next text, I put it on the screen here
42:06 for a moment. Malachi chapter 3 and I would
42:08 like to get Tim to read that one, if you would.
42:10 It's the last book of the Old Testament.
42:11 Malachi chapter 3, the book before Matthew.
42:18 You notice most people in their Bibles,
42:21 you have a blank page here before Matthew,
42:23 right, you see that blank page, just as a little note
42:25 that's a good place to make notes.
42:27 You can get a lot of notes here and right here
42:29 in that blank page. But Malachi chapter 3,
42:32 Tim I want you to read verses 1 through 6
42:35 when you get there, Malachi 3, 1 through 6.
42:38 It says: "Behold, I will send my messenger,
42:40 and he shall prepare the way before me:
42:44 and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come
42:47 to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant,
42:50 whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come,
42:53 saith the Lord of hosts. But who may abide
42:56 the day of his coming? And who shall stand
42:59 when he appeareth? For he is like a refiner's fire,
43:03 and like fullers' soap: And he shall sit
43:07 as a refiner and purifier of silver:
43:10 and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them
43:13 as gold and silver, that they may offer unto
43:16 the Lord an offering in righteousness.
43:19 Then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem
43:21 be pleasant unto the Lord, as in the days of old,
43:24 and as in former years. And I will come near
43:28 to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness
43:33 against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers,
43:36 and against false swearers, and against those
43:39 that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow,
43:43 and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger
43:47 from his right, and fear not me, saith the Lord of hosts.
43:51 For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons
43:54 of Jacob are not consumed. I am the Lord,
43:57 I change not therefore you are not consumed
43:59 at the end of that, think about that what
44:01 they are saying. Is it God of love and mercy?
44:04 that's why you are not consumed,
44:05 I don't changed, I'm still merciful and,
44:07 and how do we know? Why is he, or how do we know
44:09 he saying that? Because just above that
44:10 He says: all the people doing sorcery
44:12 and all these kind of things right.
44:13 If he just like done quick justice,
44:15 we would all immediately be wiped out.
44:17 But notice what he says, what's he doing right now?
44:19 He's purifying his people. Let me, let me just pick it up
44:23 on it again, it says: "Behold, I will send my messenger,
44:26 and he shall prepare the way before the Lord.
44:27 Verse 2: But who may abide the day of his coming?
44:31 Or who shall stand when he appeareth?
44:33 For he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap.
44:36 He's doing a refining, in another words
44:39 the only people that can stand in His coming,
44:40 are those people that allow Him to refine them
44:43 and make them pure and white with the fuller' soap,
44:46 you know, he's working on us right now.
44:48 He's working on our hearts, he's purifying us.
44:50 I remember, I got this friend Sergio
44:52 and he makes teeth for a living.
44:54 And one of the things he makes, people something
44:58 want gold teeth another things like that
44:59 and he got his crucibles in their place where do the teeth
45:03 and they heat up the metal. And you know,
45:05 and they got to keep getting the drossy stuff off,
45:06 because you want to just the best metal they can get
45:08 when they make these different silver teeth or gold
45:10 or copper teeth. And he brought some
45:12 pictures in of these crucibles and things like
45:13 that and showed us what they were like
45:14 and how it work like, one time at church,
45:16 when we've studying this very thing.
45:17 In another words, what Jesus is doing? What a crucible is?
45:20 Its where you put the precious metal in there
45:23 and to be heated it up and it melts and gets hot under
45:25 that heat, under that fire right, that would being us
45:28 getting hot under the persecution
45:29 and things like that, the trials of this world.
45:32 And he looks at it, and it's all drossy on top.
45:35 You can't see anything but drossy stuff,
45:36 because all that nastiness rises to the top
45:38 and the impurities do rise at the top under the heat.
45:41 So, you know what, you know what the refiner does?
45:42 He scrapes off the top of that. And then he keeps
45:46 heating up and it gets more of the drossy stuff
45:48 on top like that, the impurities just keep coming
45:51 to the top and he's scraping off the top until
45:52 you know eventually does happen? He looks into it
45:56 and the person refining it, we'll see his reflection in it.
45:59 And when see his reflection in it, you know
46:01 what he has to do it immediately at that time,
46:03 take it off the heat, because if he leaves
46:05 it in the heat, you know what will happen?
46:06 It will ruin the metal. What's God doing right now?
46:10 What symbolism is given here that God is doing
46:12 with the crucible and with the refiner' fire,
46:15 what's he doing? He's waiting till He sees
46:18 His reflection in us, and when that time comes.
46:20 Now, think about it during the judgment
46:22 and while He's cleansing us. When that time comes,
46:25 when He sees His reflection in you, Vanessa.
46:29 When He sees the reflection in me and His people,
46:31 when he sees his reflection, he can't wait any longer.
46:35 He can't let it go any longer, then He comes.
46:36 The good news of this whole judgment scene
46:40 that we've looked here, the good news about it,
46:41 is God is doing the judging right now,
46:43 He's looking in His people, He's finding His people.
46:45 You know, the Bible says that God,
46:46 the God eyes run to and fro in the earth,
46:49 looking for those people that whose heart is right with them.
46:52 And to show himself mighty in their behalf,
46:55 I think it's in 2nd Chronicle 16.
46:57 I'm not a 100 percent sure, hold on I can tell you.
47:00 It's interesting statement to have isn't it?
47:02 Let's see it's in, 2nd Chronicle 69, 2nd Chronicle 69
47:09 where you find that, where His eye's run
47:10 to and fro in the earth. God even now,
47:13 He's wanting to prepare a people through
47:15 this judgment process who will be ready when He comes.
47:19 And when His people are ready,
47:21 when that temple is cleansed, when everything is done,
47:23 Jesus is gonna come and He's gonna take us home
47:27 to be with Him. Amen. I'm looking forward
47:30 to that time. Amen. When this judgment scene is.
47:32 Now, we have just a few more minutes
47:34 and what I want to do here in just
47:35 a few more minutes, just because the time part
47:37 of this thing is a little sketchy in some people's minds
47:40 you know, I remember when I first learned this,
47:42 I went through the study, the first time
47:44 as I was looking at this. I was really in pretty trouble
47:47 because it's like man I'm not getting this.
47:49 This is so hard to understand and if you're going through
47:52 about four or five, six times, it didn't make sense,
47:54 but I still couldn't explain to somebody else,
47:56 you know. And even now, I feel like
47:59 I can't explain to somebody else, so I have
48:00 people come to me and said that make no sense at all.
48:02 I'm like well, it didn't to me either the first time
48:04 you know, but after I went over and over
48:05 and over and over and the guy that
48:06 I was hearing it from, I believe if I'm mistaking
48:08 the first time I heard this was from Doug Batchelor.
48:11 And so did you think he can make it clear?
48:13 You know, I love that guy, he makes it awful clear,
48:15 makes things very clear, but I still didn't get it.
48:16 It seems like he was just talking in tongues,
48:19 you know he was speaking in another language.
48:21 But after I heard it several times then I started
48:24 tying things together and understanding it.
48:25 And I said, Oh! I get it and I understood
48:28 why it was important? Because this assures
48:31 that judgment begins in 1844 to let to us
48:33 we're in the last days as sure as that time is,
48:35 is as sure as Jesus coming on time.
48:38 And so when you start tying these things together,
48:39 you know, that just assure as Christ came,
48:41 the judgment happen too. So, what I want to do,
48:43 I just want to backup just a little bit
48:45 and do a little bit of review with you,
48:46 all we have a few minutes. So, let's go back to
48:48 Daniel chapter 8 rather, Daniel chapter 8.
48:53 And we look in Daniel chapter 8, we find out
48:56 and once again that the word, two words of vision
48:59 were Mareh and Hazon, right. And in Daniel chapter 8
49:03 verse 26 it says: The Mareh,
49:05 the vision of the evening and the morning
49:06 which was told is true: therefore shut up the vision;
49:09 for it shall be for many days. So, he tells them
49:12 to shut the vision up, it is true, shut up were to be
49:14 for when? Many days, so it's gonna be
49:17 applying to, still yet into the future.
49:20 And then Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days;
49:22 and after that he rose up, and did the king's business;
49:24 and he says, he was astonished at the vision,
49:25 but nobody understood it. Now I had trouble
49:27 with this sometimes, Daniel didn't understand it,
49:31 but Daniel writes himself even he is very uncertain,
49:34 he write something that may give you some encouragement
49:36 right now. Did Daniel understand
49:37 the vision at this time? No, but did God eventually
49:39 get him understanding. Okay, look at Daniel chapter 12,
49:44 Daniel chapter 12, we're gonna tie these two statements
49:48 together to give us encouragement,
49:49 because some people might not understand it,
49:50 and become discouraged. But notice that Daniel
49:53 didn't understand at the beginning either,
49:54 but he understood later, all right.
49:56 Look at Daniel chapter 12, it says:
49:59 "And many of them that sleep in the dust,
50:00 verse 2, I'm in verse 2: "And many of them
50:01 that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,
50:03 some to everlasting life, and some to shame
50:04 and everlasting contempt. And they that be wise,
50:07 verse 3: They that be what? Wise shall shine
50:11 as the brightness of the firmament;
50:13 and they shall turn many to righteousness
50:15 and shall be as stars forever and ever.
50:18 So, the wise, what's wise gonna do?
50:20 They gonna turn many people to righteousness.
50:21 So, the wise people are people that are
50:23 preaching God's message aren't they?
50:25 Look now in verse 9: Daniel 12 verse 9:
50:29 He said, Go your way, Daniel; for the words are closed up
50:31 and sealed to when, the time of the end.
50:33 So, there are people gonna understand it
50:35 before the time of the end comes along?
50:36 No...not before the time of the end comes along.
50:38 I'm sorry, I'll pick you out on that,
50:40 no one heard you on the recording anyway there,
50:43 Anita. But no one, what he says?
50:48 it say it would be for time being.
50:49 In another words, it won't be understood till you reach
50:50 the time of the end. And so many people wonder
50:52 what all these stuff meant, until like the time of the end
50:54 begin run about 1844 timeframe right?
50:56 But look what it says in verse 10:
50:58 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried,
51:00 many shall be purified, made and made white and tried,
51:04 what do we learn at the end of Daniel?
51:05 At the end of our study. The crucible right,
51:07 the purification process, many people gonna go through
51:10 these purification process, are you following this?
51:13 But the wicked shall do wickedly.
51:15 So during the purification process
51:17 what's gonna happen the wicked, what are the wicked
51:19 are gonna be doing? They're gonna be doing
51:20 wickedly and none of the wicked will understand.
51:24 None of the wicked will understand.
51:26 Now, you're thinking oh! Look I'm not getting this,
51:28 does that mean you're wicked? Carry on.
51:31 But the wise shall understand, the wise shall understand.
51:35 Now did Daniel understand when he first heard it?
51:38 No, but did he eventually after, after sometime did he get,
51:41 get what was going on taking place? Yeah,
51:42 because Gabriel came back and explained it to him,
51:44 the spirit of God was working with him
51:45 and explain it to him what was going on.
51:47 So, and I love how is here, because how do you know
51:50 who's the wise is? Do you know who's the wise
51:52 is based on their understanding. No, back in verse 3,
51:56 it tells us how you know who the wise is?
51:57 Who are the wise? Those who turn people
52:00 to righteousness. So if you gonna to have
52:02 an understanding of what God, what's spirit
52:04 to God is teaching to like any of these prophesies
52:06 and things like that, you are struggling with it.
52:08 One of the things you may need to be doing
52:10 is sharing what you know. You're turning people
52:12 to righteousness. You're teaching people
52:14 about Jesus. You're teaching them
52:15 that he wants them to ready for His coming.
52:16 And even though you might not understand
52:18 all the details as you share your faith,
52:20 you know God's gonna do for you.
52:21 What's He gonna do for you? He's gonna give you
52:23 understanding, you're gonna be wise,
52:26 because it's the wise that turn people to righteousness.
52:28 So it says many of purified made white,
52:30 the wicked will do wickedly, but the wise will understand.
52:33 You want a understanding of this?
52:35 Come to Life, we'll teach you how to share
52:38 your faith with others and you will be wise, right?
52:42 You will be turning people to righteousness,
52:44 that's what that's about. Now back to this again okay.
52:47 So, Daniel then, he didn't not understand the vision,
52:50 the Mareh and then we go to Daniel chapter 9
52:53 and there was a link between 2300 Day Prophecy,
52:58 there was a link between 2300 days in Daniel chapter 8
53:01 and a link between that the 70 week prophecy
53:03 in Daniel chapter 9? You remember what that link was?
53:05 How we link them together? The word, the word,
53:07 what was the word? Mareh, Mareh or vision, right?
53:10 the two words use for vision there,
53:12 that's only time you find it using in those two chapters,
53:14 is the link in the 2300 days with the 70 weeks.
53:18 And it says, the 70 weeks are cut off,
53:19 remember what did that cut off, cut off from what?
53:22 From that 2300 day timeframe has to be cut off from that.
53:27 Are you following, every body okay?
53:29 Now, some people say, now why can the 2300 days
53:31 be cut off from the end of it? Why is that be cut off
53:33 from the beginning? That's a good question isn't it?
53:35 How do you know the 2300 day and the 70 weeks is cut off
53:38 from the beginning and not the end?
53:40 How do you now that? Because of Christ, right?
53:45 if you cut it off from the end of the 2300 days
53:47 and so you pick something out at the end 457 BC
53:50 and you go to the end and then you back up in 457 BC
53:53 and go to the other way right, is that taking
53:55 to the time of the end? No, if you go 457 BC backwards
54:00 you know, you know you can't, that takes nowhere
54:03 near the time of the end. And then the whole Christ
54:05 prophecy wouldn't fit either, so God's give us a dual
54:07 prophecy here; He gives us a 70 weeks and 2300 days.
54:10 So it can both show you that Christ came on time
54:12 and that the 2300 Days Prophecy ended on time in 1844.
54:17 And remember, this prophecy according to Daniel
54:19 and this in Daniel chapter 8, verse 19 this prophecy
54:23 is for the appointed time at the end.
54:26 This is gonna, so the time of the end according
54:29 to the Bible what end sometime toward the later part
54:33 of this earth's history, the time we're living in now,
54:35 around the year 1844. So, it's taking us down
54:38 to the end of time. Now, if the end time
54:42 or the time of the end begins around that time
54:44 the 1844 timeframe, what's that saying about
54:47 our time right now? Do you understand
54:51 the importance of this prophecy?
54:52 Time is gonna about to be no more, it's about to run out.
54:56 Aren't you looking forward to the time you don't have stop,
54:58 you don't have a clock. Amen. Like right now
55:00 they're holding our hands up and things like
55:01 that on the camera and say he's got like a minute
55:02 or two minutes how you know, want to wrap this up
55:04 or whatever. One day we can be in heaven
55:06 and we can all talk for like 10 years nobody will get
55:09 tired of it. No stop watches
55:12 anything like that, because you don't get tired, right?
55:14 You may say okay look, I'll come back and listen
55:16 to you another in next year but I'm gonna go
55:17 and take a year off here is sabbatical.
55:19 Anyway, time one day will run out,
55:23 now let us finish here, we're gonna just finish up here.
55:27 I'll just add another text in it, this is a little extra.
55:30 Now, when I give this study in somebody's home,
55:32 this is another one, I usually spend extra time with.
55:34 Like, I try to get done with it. A lot of time I will go back
55:38 and study just a part I just start with you again over.
55:41 I'll get my little chart back out,
55:43 now I don't have the chart on the slides,
55:44 so I can't go to my side and show it to you again.
55:46 But I'll get my chart back out this is just some good advice
55:47 I think and I just go over one more with them.
55:50 Now, Pastor Scott goes, goes crazy with me
55:52 if I do things like that, because I end up being
55:53 in the home like an hour and half and he says
55:54 they won't invite you back, look I'm persistent.
55:57 You know, I though invite you back,
56:01 but it puts you in your home a lot longer,
56:03 but I'll try my best to make sure... because normally,
56:06 unless somebody is a really intelligent person,
56:07 really up there, they don't get it the first time
56:10 or even the second time through, but it's an important study.
56:14 Do you know, you know that the 1844 investigative judgment
56:17 study is what makes you particular
56:18 Seventh-day Adventist Christian?
56:20 It's the only truth that's taught out there,
56:22 that this church holds that no one else holds.
56:26 And those one of the things that makes
56:27 this part of God's remnant church.
56:28 And we're gonna study, a study on the remnant later on
56:31 and who's God remnant is? But, this is one
56:33 of those things. And so, when this is eventually
56:36 finally said and done, whether people
56:38 believe it or not, Jesus one day is gonna make
56:40 the pronouncement at the end of these judgment scene
56:43 in Revelation chapter 22 verse11: He that is unjust,
56:46 let him be unjust still, we look at this at the beginning,
56:48 and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still:
56:51 and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
56:54 and he that is holy, let him be holy still.
56:57 Now, what does that say, what kind of language does
56:59 that sound like? Its sound like finalization
57:02 of the Judgment scene doesn't it? It's over that's it.
57:05 you are gonna remain holy or you gonna remain filthy.
57:07 And then what's the next line that takes place?
57:09 And behold I come quickly. The judgment ends,
57:13 I'll be come quickly, you know that ties in perfectly with,
57:15 Daniel 7 we look at that three times there as well.
57:17 The Bible is replete with this, with this whole theme,
57:19 judgment then the Second Coming. And so I would like
57:23 to invite the people or you guys here of course
57:25 but the people at home, that I want to invite you,
57:27 to go to our website
57:31 and download both this video or you can actually get
57:34 the one prior to this to give you an understanding
57:36 of full context of what we've been studying today.
57:39 And we're looking forward to seeing you again
57:40 at our next study here at LIFE.


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