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00:01 The harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few.
00:03 Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest
00:06 that He will... He will send forth laborers into His harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord say:
00:13 "Who shall I send? And who will go for us? "
00:17 Then said I: "Here am I... send me, send me. "
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you to be an effective harvester
00:26 for the Lord. We now invite you into our classroom
00:30 to Come Experience Life.
00:43 We'd like to welcome those of you that are at home.
00:46 We'd like to invite you
00:47 into our classroom now.
00:49 We're going to be going over
00:51 our 17th Bible study.
00:53 Our 17th Bible study that
00:55 you're going to be marking in your Bibles
00:57 is on the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
01:01 And before we even get into this topic
01:05 I'm going to tell you exactly what the mark of the beast is.
01:07 Are you ready?
01:09 The mark of the beast is the mark
01:12 of the beast.
01:16 It's quite simple, isn't it?
01:19 The mark of the beast is the mark of the beast.
01:24 Now we've studied in our classroom here
01:28 multiple times about who the antichrist power
01:32 or who the beast power is.
01:36 And Pastor Sizemore made that very clear.
01:38 There's some of you that are watching who did not...
01:41 have not been able to see that program,
01:43 and you need to make sure that you watch that program.
01:46 It's called The Antichrist Part 1
01:49 and The Antichrist Part 2.
01:52 Once we know who the beast is
01:55 all we have to do is look at the beast to know what his mark is.
02:00 But my friend, I'm not into looking at the beast
02:03 to see what his mark is.
02:05 I want to go to the Bible
02:08 and I want to find out what God's mark is.
02:11 And when we find God's mark we'll know exactly
02:17 what the beast's mark is because the beast
02:19 always has a counterfeit of the real thing.
02:24 The beast always has a counterfeit of the real thing.
02:28 And that's what we are going to bring out in this study.
02:31 You'll notice on your screen the title of the study is
02:34 Mark of the Beast and our code is going to be MB.
02:56 You understand that? The antichrist power
03:00 wants worship so desperately
03:02 that he will even force you so that he can get that worship.
03:08 But God desires worship from the heart
03:13 not worship from coercion.
03:29 We show Jesus our love and we show Him that He is our Lord
03:35 by obeying Him.
03:39 You'll notice also on your screen...
03:41 We've been marking these Bible studies in our Bible.
03:45 Life on the Edge: a course that is designed to make the edges
03:49 of your sword - i. e. the Bible - extremely sharp.
03:54 And you know, somebody once said to me...
03:56 they once said to me: "how did you get your Bible to be
03:58 so floppy? " Have you ever wondered how people
04:01 have... some people's Bibles are so floppy?
04:04 Well you can get this special type of oil that will
04:07 make that happen. Do you want to know what it is?
04:09 Called palm oil.
04:11 The longer you hold this in the palm of your hand
04:14 the more supple the cover will become
04:16 and the more floppy your Bible will be.
04:19 You'll be just like one of those evangelists that preach
04:23 in front of your churches and the Bible just seems to
04:26 flop open like a little dove and just wave
04:30 because it's got a lot of palm oil on it. Isn't that neat?
04:33 You can see there we're going to... we have 17 texts
04:36 in our Mark of the Beast study.
04:39 I want you to notice on this slide as well
04:42 you will notice that the 3rd text is marked 3MB1.
04:47 That's the 3rd text in the mark of the beast
04:49 the first time we're there.
04:51 We are going to go to that text, Revelation 13:15 and 16,
04:56 we are going to go there 3 times during this Bible study.
05:00 So as you mark it, you need to make sure
05:03 that you include the 1 the first time we go there
05:07 because then that will give you the next reference
05:08 we're going to go to. Then you need to include the
05:11 2 when we get to the ninth text.
05:13 9MB has a 2... that's the 2nd time we're at that reference.
05:18 And then the third time we're at that reference
05:21 it should be 17MB3 rather than what you see there
05:24 on the screen. Should be 17MB3.
05:27 So let's go ahead and start our study.
05:30 Now before we begin any Bible study
05:33 we have made it our habit - our persistent habit -
05:37 to what? Pray. To pray. So that's what we're going to do
05:40 right now. So let us pray.
05:43 Father in Heaven, You have made it so clear in Your Word
05:46 that it is Your desire that we be saved.
05:50 It is Your desire that we avoid Your wrath
05:54 and that we avoid the mark of the beast.
05:58 And Jesus, as we focus on You today, we are asking
06:02 that Your Spirit will give us wisdom to understand
06:07 beyond anything we are capable of without You.
06:11 Thank you for being with us during this study, Jesus.
06:15 In Your name we pray, Amen.
06:18 I'd like to invite those of you at home to get your Bible.
06:21 Get yourself some paper... a pen or pencil.
06:24 Make sure you've got some water because you're not going to
06:26 want to stop once you get started.
06:29 So we're going to go to our first reference,
06:32 and we're going to ask Bill if he will read our 1st reference.
06:35 Now Bill, what is our first reference? Help me get there.
06:38 Our first reference is what? Go to the New Testament.
06:41 The New Testament... that's the back half of my Bible, right?
06:44 The last half of the Bible, OK? Yeah, yeah.
06:47 I'm in Luke... what do I do now?
06:48 You're about three books away. Yeah. Keep moving to the right.
06:52 To the right. OK, I'm moving to the right. Acts...
06:55 Romans. OK, Romans. And where are we going in Romans?
06:58 Chapter 6. And what verse are we going to?
07:01 16. All right, I'm there. All right. Maybe everybody else
07:04 is there as well. Can you read that for us?
07:06 "Do you not know to whom you present yourselves slaves
07:09 to obey, you are slaves to the one whom you obey
07:13 whether of sin leading to death
07:15 or of obedience leading to righteousness? "
07:18 So in this passage right here...
07:20 the reason that we are in this passage when we're giving
07:22 this study is to show this principle:
07:25 that the one that you obey
07:29 is the one that you serve.
07:32 Does that make sense in that passage, Dosung?
07:35 It says there in Romans 6:16
07:37 let's just read it one more time
07:39 "Know ye not that to whom ye yield yourselves
07:42 servants to obey... " Then it says:
07:45 "his servants ye are to whom ye obey. "
07:49 And there's two ways that we can obey.
07:51 We can obey unto sin that leads to what? Death.
07:55 What kind of death is that talking about?
07:58 Eternal death, that's right. That's where sin leads us,
08:01 isn't it? And apart from the Savior
08:03 we die death that is eternal.
08:05 We can obey sin unto death or we can obey unto what?
08:10 righteousness.
08:13 So who is it that we need to obey in order to
08:17 obtain that righteousness spoken of here in Romans 6:16?
08:20 Jesus or God, right?
08:23 We need to obey Jesus and God.
08:25 So the reason that we are in Romans chapter 6 verse 16
08:29 is to show the principle of the person that you obey
08:34 is the person that you what? Serve. That's absolutely right!
08:40 Very nice. Let's all get it this time.
08:42 The reason that we're in this verse is to show that
08:44 the person that we obey is the person that we serve.
08:48 Now we are going to go to the next reference
08:52 in this Bible study. And we are going to see...
08:54 you'll see on the screen there, we're going to Matthew chapter 4
08:57 verses 9 and 10. And we are going to see
09:01 in this passage - we've been here already once -
09:05 we went here when we went through the Great Controversy
09:07 study. That was back... This is the 17th study in our series.
09:11 That was 14 studies ago, believe it or not.
09:14 It's hard to believe it's been that long, isn't it?
09:16 And time has just flown by.
09:18 We're going to see a principle here in Matthew chapter 4
09:22 verses 9 and 10 where Jesus links
09:26 service to worship.
09:30 Obedience leads to serving. The one that you obey
09:34 is the one that you serve. Now we're going to see that
09:36 Jesus says that serving is the same as worshiping.
09:40 So we are going over here to Jessica
09:44 and we're going to be in Matthew chapter 4
09:48 and verses 9 and 10.
09:51 Can you read that for us, Jessica?
09:55 "I will give it all to You, he said, if You will only
09:58 kneel down and worship me. "
10:00 OK, Jessica... who's talking here?
10:02 Satan. And who's he talking to?
10:05 Jesus. That's right... go ahead now.
10:06 "Get out of here, Satan, Jesus told him.
10:10 For the scriptures say you must worship the Lord your God;
10:14 serve only Him. "
10:16 "You must worship the Lord your God;
10:19 serve only Him. " So Jesus links
10:23 service or serving to what? Worship.
10:27 So over there in Romans 6:16 we saw that obedience
10:31 was linked with what? Serving.
10:35 Serving or service.
10:37 And Jesus links here service to what? Worship.
10:42 So if obedience = service = worship,
10:47 then obedience = what? Worship.
10:52 So when you're giving this Bible study to someone
10:55 make sure that you point that out.
10:57 The reason you go to Romans 6:16 is what? Dosung, tell me.
11:01 What's the reason you went to Romans 6:16?
11:03 Can you use the microphone for us?
11:05 What's the reason we go to Romans 6:16?
11:08 Who you obey is your master.
11:10 That's right. So obedience leads to serving...
11:15 or the one that you obey is the one that you serve.
11:17 Now Anita, tell me: why did we go to Matthew 4 verses 9 and 10?
11:22 Why did we go to Matthew 4:9-10?
11:25 To show that Satan wants worship.
11:29 He wants us to serve him.
11:30 He wants worship, and what did Jesus link to worship?
11:36 What did Jesus link with worship?
11:38 Service, right?
11:40 Service. He says: "You shall obey the Lord your God
11:45 and Him on shalt thou serve. "
11:47 So Jesus links obedience with service.
11:51 So those are the reasons that we go there.
11:54 Now, the antichrist power...
11:57 the beast power in Daniel 7
12:00 and in Revelation 13...
12:02 that beast power wants worship
12:06 so desperately we see here
12:07 in Matthew 4:9-10 that he even asks his own Creator
12:11 to worship him.
12:12 Pompous and arrogant... no doubt.
12:16 But he wants worship so desperately and so bad
12:20 that he will actually coerce worship.
12:24 Let's go to Revelation the 13th chapter
12:27 the 15th and 16th verses. This is our third text
12:31 in the Mark of the Beast study.
12:33 We're in Revelation 13:15-16.
12:39 And we'll ask Anita to read that. But Anita, I'm in Matthew.
12:43 How do I get to Revelation?
12:44 Go to the last book of the Bible.
12:47 The last book of the Bible. And that's Revelation.
12:50 That's Reve... That's easy enough, isn't it?
12:52 And we're going to Revelation what?
12:55 13 verses 15 and 16.
12:59 OK, can you read that for us?
13:02 "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast
13:06 that the image of the beast should both speak
13:09 and cause that as many as would not worship the image to
13:12 the beast should be killed. And he causeth all
13:16 both small and great, rich and poor,
13:19 free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand
13:23 or in their forehead. "
13:25 So what is it in verse 15, Anita,
13:27 that this beast power wants?
13:31 Worship. He wants worship.
13:33 Right there in verse 15 it says: "And he had power to give life
13:35 unto the image of the beast that the image of the beast
13:37 should both speak and cause that as many as would not"
13:40 what? "worship him" - the image of the beast -
13:44 "should be killed. " So he wants worship so desperately
13:47 that he is willing to even kill you if you will not
13:50 give him worship. Does that sound like the person that
13:53 you want to serve?
13:55 Does that sound like the person you want to obey?
13:58 No! So here we see a clarion call
14:03 by the beast power saying: "If you do not worship me,
14:07 you will be" what? "killed. "
14:13 Are you ready to stand up for the Lord Jesus?
14:16 Because that's what's going to happen at the end of this study.
14:19 God is going to ask you to make a stand for Him.
14:25 God is going to ask you to make a stand for Him.
14:31 And that's where we're leading in this study.
14:33 Let's go now to the call for worship
14:37 that comes from Jesus Christ... not the antichrist
14:42 but from Jesus Christ. Let's go to Revelation,
14:45 our next reference, where we're going to spend a little bit
14:47 of time here in Revelation 14 verses 7 through 12.
14:51 This is our fourth text in the Mark of the Beast study.
14:55 Revelation chapter 14 verses 7-12.
14:59 And we're going to go ahead and ask Tim if Tim will read
15:01 that for us. Revelation 14. We're very close to it.
15:04 Read verse 7. And Tim, I am going to interrupt you
15:07 all throughout this, so just be prepared for that, OK?
15:11 "Saying with a loud voice: 'fear God and give glory to Him
15:15 for the hour of His judgment has come.
15:18 And worship Him that made heaven and earth and the seas
15:21 and the fountains of waters. ' " OK.
15:23 Now the Bible says for us to fear God
15:26 and do what? Give glory to Him. Give glory to Him.
15:30 Then it says and do what? You had it right.
15:33 And worship who? The One who made us.
15:37 The Creator, the One that made everything.
15:40 The One that made... what did He make there?
15:42 Tell me. He made... heaven,
15:44 the earth, the sea, and the fountains of water.
15:49 You and I can either worship... and when you're giving this
15:52 Bible study you... I mean, this is exciting, isn't it?
15:56 And I have a hard time containing excitement myself.
15:59 So when you're giving this Bible study it's all right
16:02 to be excited. We can either worship the beast
16:06 or be forced to worship the beast
16:08 or we can make a conscious decision to worship the Creator
16:13 or the maker of heaven and earth.
16:17 This call to worship the Creator
16:21 keeps us from receiving the mark of the beast.
16:27 Get that lodged.
16:29 This call to worship the Creator
16:33 keeps you from receiving the mark of the beast.
16:39 Go ahead and read verses 8-11 now.
16:44 OK. Verses 8 through 11.
16:46 "And there followed another angel saying: 'Babylon is fallen
16:50 is fallen. That great city because she made all nations
16:53 drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. '
16:57 And the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice:
17:01 'If any man worship the beast and his image
17:03 and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand... "
17:07 OK, stop right there.
17:09 If any man does what? Receive the mark.
17:12 Worships. Is that right? Is that what it says there? Yes.
17:15 If any man worships the beast and receives what?
17:20 His mark. His mark. Then what happens to that person?
17:24 Notice that this worshiping of the beast is associated
17:28 with the mark of the beast.
17:30 The issue here is not whether you're going to have
17:32 one mark or another mark. The issue in the mark of
17:35 the beast study is: who will you worship.
17:38 OK. Keep reading.
17:40 "The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God
17:43 which is poured out without mixture into the cup
17:45 of His indignation. " OK, stop right there.
17:48 Who is it that drinks of the wine of the wrath of God
17:51 that is poured out without mixture into the cup of
17:55 His indignation? Those who worship the beast.
17:57 The ones that choose to serve the beast and what did you say,
17:59 Robert? Those that receive his mark.
18:03 That's absolutely right.
18:04 So let must just ask this question right off:
18:07 do you want to receive the mark of the beast?
18:12 No. So all we have to do to avoid the mark of the beast
18:16 is to what? Worship God.
18:18 Worship God as the what?
18:20 Creator. As the Creator. Now keep reading.
18:24 OK. "And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
18:28 in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of
18:30 the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment
18:33 ascendeth up forever and ever and they have no rest
18:36 day or night who worship the beast and his image
18:40 and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. "
18:42 They have no what day or night?
18:44 Rest. They have no rest day or night.
18:48 My friends, it is imperative that we understand
18:51 that the mark of the beast is associated with rest
18:58 or lack of rest.
19:00 Let's read now verse 12 'cause you're not finished,
19:03 right? Verse 12.
19:05 What does it say there?
19:06 It says: "Here is the patience of the saints.
19:09 Here are they who keep the commandments of God
19:11 and have the faith of Jesus. "
19:12 So the definition of a saint is what according to that verse,
19:16 Tim? They keep the commandments of God
19:18 and have the faith of Jesus. They keep the commandments
19:20 of God and they have the faith of Jesus.
19:22 Revelation chapter 14 verse 7
19:26 and Revelation chapter 14 verse 12
19:30 are two bookends that keep us
19:36 from getting the mark of the beast.
19:40 The first thing that we learned in Revelation 14:7
19:42 is that to avoid the mark of the beast we worship who?
19:45 The Creator. The Creator God.
19:47 And then we come down here to Revelation chapter 14 verse 12
19:51 and we see that those that do not receive the mark
19:54 of the beast are keeping the what?
19:58 The commandments. And whose faith do they have?
20:00 They have the faith of Jesus.
20:02 So this is what we've learned so far:
20:04 Obedience = service = worship.
20:09 You remember that. Romans 6:16;
20:11 Matthew chapter 4 verses 9 and 10.
20:14 And then we came over here to Revelation 13:15-16.
20:18 And then now we're here in Revelation 14:7-12.
20:22 Obedience = service... obedience = service = worship.
20:27 Then the Bible says that if we are obeying God -
20:32 i.e. keeping His commandments -
20:34 then we are what? Serving Him
20:37 which means that we are worshiping Him.
20:41 And how is it that we worship God
20:45 in order to avoid the mark of the beast?
20:49 As the what? We worship Him as the Creator,
20:52 that's absolutely right.
20:53 It's imperative in here that we notice
20:55 that we need to worship God as the Creator
20:58 in order to avoid the mark of the beast.
21:05 Now God's people are going to be sealed.
21:10 God's people will be what? Sealed. They will be sealed.
21:13 And we're going to see this in our next reference.
21:15 Let's go to Revelation chapter 7 verses 1 through 3.
21:21 Revelation, and we're going to ask Mrs. Gloria to read this.
21:24 Revelation chapter 7 verses 1, 2, and 3.
21:28 What we have already seen is that God's saints
21:31 are consumed with obeying God.
21:36 They are consumed with worshiping God
21:39 as the Creator. And we're going to see right now that
21:41 God's saints are sealed.
21:43 Mrs. Gloria, read Revelation 7:1-3.
21:47 "After these things I saw four angels
21:50 standing at the four corners of the earth
21:52 holding the four winds of the earth
21:56 that the wind should not blow on the earth,
21:58 on the sea, or on any tree.
22:01 Then I saw another angel ascending from the east
22:05 having the seal of the living God.
22:07 And he cried with a loud voice
22:11 to the four angels to whom it was granted
22:15 to harm the earth and the sea
22:17 saying: 'Do not harm the earth,
22:21 the sea, or the trees till we have sealed
22:24 the servants of our God on their forehead. ' "
22:27 So God's saints are sealed.
22:32 Do you see that in Revelation 7:1-3?
22:36 God's saints are sealed.
22:39 Now, what are they sealed from?
22:42 They're sealed from the wrath of God.
22:45 They are sealed for salvation.
22:48 Nothing can get to them because they are sealed
22:51 by the seal of God.
22:54 Now you and I have learned that we do not want to get
22:57 the mark of the beast 'cause we will suffer the wrath of God.
23:01 We've just learned that God
23:04 tells the destroying angels
23:06 "hold back the destroying power
23:09 until My servants are sealed. "
23:12 What was it in Revelation chapter 14 verse 12 that
23:17 kept God's people from getting the mark of the beast?
23:21 Worshiping God as the Creator and keeping His...
23:24 commandments.
23:26 So these people that are sealed must be worshiping God
23:29 as the Creator and they must be those that are keeping
23:33 the commandments.
23:35 Now we need to stop right here and just say
23:38 can you and I keep the commandments so good
23:41 that God must save us?
23:44 No, no, no. We are saved by grace through faith
23:47 but we are certainly judged by our works.
23:52 The Bible made it very clear in our millennium study,
23:54 didn't it. So here we see that God's people are sealed.
23:59 Now there is a fantastic Old Testament example
24:05 of how God's people are sealed
24:08 and thereby avoid God's wrath.
24:12 Let's go to Ezekiel the 9th chapter.
24:17 Ezekiel chapter 9. Now this is a very long passage
24:21 so I'm going to read this one.
24:22 We're going to be in Ezekiel chapter 9.
24:26 Ezekiel chapter 9. We will begin in verse 1
24:30 and it says there to read through to verse 11.
24:32 We could have just put Ezekiel 9, but then I was afraid
24:35 someone might ask: "Well where do I put my mark in this? "
24:38 You're going to put it there by verse 11
24:40 'cause you're going to read through the whole thing.
24:41 Now the Bible says here... this is an Old Testament example
24:46 of God's people being sealed with a mark in their forehead.
24:52 Now what is it that we do in our forehead?
24:55 What's right there behind your forehead?
24:57 Your brain. OK, what part of your brain?
25:00 The frontal lobe. What is the frontal lobe used for?
25:04 Reasoning... decision making.
25:07 So God's people in that symbolic book of Revelation
25:11 are sealed in their foreheads. They have made a decided stand
25:16 to obey God and thereby to worship God
25:20 and serve Him as the Creator.
25:22 We're all on the same page?
25:24 What we've gone over so far...
25:26 could you communicate that to someone if you were giving them
25:29 a Bible study? Do we need to go over it again?
25:32 All right. Dosung says "No!
25:34 I'm excited. " What happens here in Ezekiel?
25:36 The Bible says... Ezekiel chapter 9 verse 1:
25:39 "He cried also in mine ears with a loud voice
25:42 saying: "cause them that have charge over the city
25:46 to draw near. Even every man with his destroying weapon
25:52 in his hand. And behold, six men came from the way
25:57 of the higher gate which lieth toward the north
26:01 and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand.
26:05 And one man among them was clothed with linen. "
26:09 Incidentally, the priests wore linen.
26:12 "with a writer's ink horn by his side.
26:15 And they went in and stood beside the brazen altar. "
26:19 So where are they at, Bible students?
26:22 They go in and stand by the brazen altar.
26:26 They're in the temple area, aren't they?
26:28 Then verse 3 says: "And the glory of the God of Israel
26:34 was gone up from the" what? "cherub. " What's a cherub?
26:38 Angel.
26:41 You know, isn't it Ezekiel back near the first of it
26:44 where it says that God's throne is on these cherubim
26:49 that have all of these wings and all of these heads
26:52 that move in different directions?
26:54 Well the heads don't move but they move in different
26:56 directions without having to turn their heads.
26:58 It says that "the glory of the God of Israel was gone up
27:01 from the cherub whereupon He was
27:04 to the threshold of the house.
27:07 And He called to the man clothed with linen
27:11 which had the writer's ink horn by his side.
27:15 And the Lord said unto him: 'Go through the midst
27:19 of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem
27:23 and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men
27:27 that sigh and cry for the abominations that be done
27:32 in the midst thereof. ' "
27:35 My friends, who is it that sighs and cries
27:39 for the sin or the abomination of this world?
27:42 Who is it?
27:44 The righteous... the saints.
27:46 So the Bible says here: "The Lord said to him:
27:50 go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem,
27:53 and set a mark upon the foreheads of the righteous. "
27:56 Is it logical for us to say that?
28:00 Because it's the righteous that sigh and cry for the
28:02 abominations that are done in Israel or in Jerusalem.
28:06 So the righteous here get a mark on their foreheads.
28:10 What was that mark called in Revelation 7:1-3?
28:15 A seal.
28:17 A seal. We'll get to a sign later. You're absolutely right.
28:20 But this mark talked about in Ezekiel 9
28:23 is the seal that is talked about in Revelation chapter 7.
28:27 We'll just keep reading.
28:29 "And to the others He said in mine hearing:
28:31 'go ye after him through the city and smite.
28:35 Let not your eyes spare...
28:39 neither have pity.
28:41 Slay utterly old and young
28:44 both maids and little children and women
28:48 but come not near any man upon whom is the mark. ' "
28:52 What does it look like the Lord is pouring out right here?
28:57 Wrath. Absolutely right.
28:59 Who gets to avoid the wrath of God in this passage?
29:05 The ones that have the mark...
29:07 the ones that are sealed with God's seal.
29:11 Continuing on here:
29:13 Then He began... then it says: "Come not near any man
29:17 upon whom is the mark" verse 6...
29:18 "And begin at My sanctuary.
29:20 Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.
29:24 And He said to them:
29:27 'Defile the house and fill the courts with the slain.
29:30 Go ye forth. ' And they went forth
29:33 and slew in the city.
29:36 And it came to pass while they were slaying them
29:40 I was left, then I fell upon my face and cried aloud:
29:45 'Ah, Lord God, wilt Thou destroy the residue of Israel
29:50 in Thy pouring out of Thy fury upon Jerusalem? ' "
29:54 Truly this is God pouring out His wrath
29:59 on the wicked. Do you see that?
30:03 Yes you do see it or no you don't see it?
30:05 You do see it. Who is it that is spared
30:10 in this chapter? The righteous
30:14 are spared because they have the mark
30:20 that God puts on their foreheads.
30:23 They have the seal of God in their foreheads.
30:29 Now how many of you want the seal?
30:32 How many of you want God's mark?
30:35 I want God's mark as well.
30:36 And I know that you want God's mark.
30:39 The only way to get God's mark is to worship God
30:41 as the Creator, to serve Him through obedience.
30:47 And then the Bible says in
30:50 that we need to obey God or keep His commandments.
30:56 Is that something that you are willing to do?
30:59 That's all it takes and you get the seal of God.
31:03 You avoid the mark of the beast; you avoid the wrath of God.
31:08 It's that easy.
31:10 So you and I don't even have to discuss any further
31:13 the mark of the beast, do we?
31:16 Because we know how to avoid it. We know how to avoid it.
31:19 So the Bible study's over.
31:21 We know how to avoid it.
31:23 Who cares what it is if you know how to avoid it?
31:27 But you really want to know what it is, don't you?
31:30 So we'll keep going.
31:31 We'll keep going... won't keep you hanging there.
31:34 Where is it that we find God's seal?
31:40 We know that that seal is put in the forehead.
31:41 The forehead is symbolic of choices that we make.
31:45 Where is it that we can find God's seal?
31:49 Isaiah chapter 8 verse 16.
31:53 Our next reference is going to tell us where we can find
31:56 God's seal. Isaiah chapter 8.
31:59 We are in Ezekiel. You're going to turn to the left.
32:03 You'll go past Jeremiah then you're in Isaiah.
32:07 Isaiah chapter 8. We're going to ask Ryan to read this for us.
32:11 Isaiah chapter 8. A very, very simple verse here.
32:16 What does it say for us, Ryan? Isaiah 8 verse 16.
32:19 "Bind up the testimony; seal the law among My disciples. "
32:24 "Bind up the testimony;
32:27 seal the... " what? "law among My disciples. "
32:33 In order for a document to be legal
32:37 it must have a seal on it.
32:42 When I am going to send something... a very important
32:45 letter that says "Yes, this is Scott's signature, "
32:48 I go to the bank and I get a notary public
32:50 to sign and seal that document
32:54 saying that "Yes, I saw Scott Moore
32:57 sign this piece of paper. "
33:00 A document contains... a seal contains
33:04 three things. We're going to go to our screen here.
33:11 Now again, we are finding out what God's...
33:14 what the mark of the beast is by contrasting that with God's
33:19 seal. Because the beast always has a counterfeit
33:24 of God's right way.
33:28 So a seal contains 3 elements.
33:30 It contains a name.
33:32 It contains a title.
33:34 And it contains a territory.
33:37 Now you and I are all familiar
33:38 with the United States of America because that's where
33:41 we live. So if... if a document comes out
33:45 of the White House, it has to have three things on it
33:49 in order to really come from the White House.
33:51 Right now it has to have President Obama's name on it.
33:55 It must have Obama's title which is what? President.
34:00 And it must tell the territory which is the what?
34:02 United States of America, that's absolutely right.
34:05 A seal always contains those three elements.
34:10 A seal always contains those three elements.
34:13 Now before we go and we see what God's seal is
34:18 we are going to notice - and this is a little bit of a
34:20 transition, so you're going to want to remember this
34:22 when you're giving this Bible study.
34:24 Before we go and see what God's seal is
34:27 we are going to notice what the beast tries to do.
34:32 Before we go see what God's seal is
34:35 we're going to notice what the beast tries to do.
34:39 So let's go... let's go now
34:42 to Daniel chapter 7 and verse 25.
34:45 Daniel chapter 7 verse 25.
34:47 And we're going to ask Mike to read this.
34:50 So Mike, I'm in Isaiah. Where do I need to go?
34:52 You go to the right. Go to the right.
34:55 And I'm in Ezekiel... Daniel.
34:58 And where am I going in Daniel? Daniel chapter 7
35:01 Daniel chapter 7 verse 25. Daniel chapter 7 verse 25.
35:07 And now that we're all there can you read that for us?
35:10 "And he shall speak great words against the Most High"
35:13 OK, stop! Who is the he that's going to speak great words
35:16 against the Most High? The antichrist.
35:17 The antichrist power. Now in our previous studies
35:20 we found out that the antichrist power is what?
35:22 The papacy. That's right. Now keep reading.
35:25 "and shall wear out the saints of the Most High
35:29 and think to change times and laws.
35:31 And they shall be given into his hands
35:34 until a time, and times, and a dividing of time. "
35:37 So Mike, the antichrist power
35:40 is going to think to change what?
35:43 Times and laws. Times and laws.
35:46 What part of God's law
35:52 has the antichrist tried to change?
35:55 There's two parts, aren't there?
35:57 So I've got a question up here on our graphic.
35:59 Well, I just have a statement:
36:16 Now notice this... notice this:
36:18 that the antichrist power wants to attack God's law.
36:21 He wants to change it.
36:23 We found out from Isaiah 8:16 that God's seal is in His law.
36:29 Which commandment is it that contains God's title,
36:34 God's name, and God's territory?
36:37 The fourth commandment. That's absolutely right.
36:40 So let's go now to the fourth commandment.
36:43 The antichrist power wants to change God's law
36:45 and God's time. Which of these commandments attacked by the
36:48 antichrist contains the seal of God?
36:50 Now we know that the antichrist power took the 2nd commandment
36:56 out, didn't he?
36:58 He took the second commandment out. The second commandment
37:00 is the commandment that says: "thou shalt not bow down
37:03 to anything that is made in the heaven, in the earth
37:07 or made in the likeness of anything under the earth
37:09 or in the water. " You shouldn't bow down and worship something.
37:12 So that's one of the command- ments that the antichrist
37:18 changed or has tried to change.
37:20 Now can we change God's law?
37:21 Jessica, we can't change it.
37:23 Oh, we can think all day to change it, can't we?
37:25 But you remember in II Thessalonians chapter 1...
37:28 chapter 2 verses 1 through 4
37:30 that the antichrist power - the son of perdition...
37:32 We'll get to this verse later
37:34 but I want to throw it in here right now.
37:36 That the antichrist power puts himself in the place of God,
37:41 sits on his own throne, and thinks just like he's God.
37:46 But he certainly can't be.
37:47 He wants to change God's law,
37:50 and he did that by taking out the second commandment.
37:52 And he has also thought to change God's time.
37:58 The fourth commandment is the only one of the commandments
38:02 that contains a time element.
38:06 So we're going to read the fourth commandment.
38:08 And in this commandment we are going to see God's name,
38:13 God's title, and God's territory.
38:17 We will verify this in the commandments to be God's seal.
38:21 Incidentally, if we took the fourth commandment out
38:26 you would have no idea who authored the commandments
38:30 or who authored the other nine.
38:32 If you took the fourth commandment out,
38:34 you could apply that law to anyone.
38:37 That's why this fourth commandment is God's seal.
38:40 And we're going to go here to... to Danielle.
38:44 And Danielle is going to read for us Exodus chapter 20
38:48 verses 8 through 11. And we're looking for 3 things.
38:50 Danielle, what are those things?
38:52 Looking for God's name, God's title,
38:56 and His territory. Territory, that's right.
39:00 I knew if I whispered you'd get it.
39:02 OK. Go ahead, read that for us.
39:03 8 through 11 of Exodus 20.
39:05 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
39:08 Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work
39:11 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.
39:14 In it thou shalt not do any work.
39:17 Thou nor thy son nor thy daughter
39:20 nor thy manservant nor thy maidservant
39:23 nor thy cattle nor thy stranger that is within thy gates.
39:27 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
39:30 the sea and all that in them is,
39:32 and rested the seventh day.
39:34 Wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day
39:36 and hallowed it. "
39:38 OK. So what is His name?
39:41 What is His name? The Lord God. Isn't that right?
39:45 It said: "The Lord made heaven and earth. "
39:47 Or verse 10 says: "But the seventh day is the Sabbath
39:49 of the Lord thy God. " His name is Lord.
39:51 What is His title?
39:54 Maker, right. "He made... " So He is the Maker
39:59 or He is the Creator. That's absolutely right.
40:01 Creator, but I wanted to show us how we got to Creator.
40:04 And what is His territory?
40:10 Heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is.
40:13 Now I want you to take a flashback in your memory
40:16 to Revelation chapter 14 verse 7.
40:20 Revelation 14 verse 7 called us to worship the One who
40:24 made heaven and earth, the seas, and the fountains of waters.
40:31 That clarion call by God for worship began with worshiping
40:37 the Creator. Now if we worship the Creator,
40:40 we obey the Creator.
40:42 If we obey the Creator, then we are serving the Creator.
40:47 So those that have made the choice in their mind,
40:52 those that have made the choice in the front of their brain,
40:56 their frontal lobe... the reasoning area,
41:00 will avoid the mark of the beast.
41:02 Even if somebody tried to force it on you,
41:07 you will obey God because you made that life-changing,
41:12 long-standing, eternal-lasting decision
41:15 to worship, serve, and obey God.
41:20 Isn't it amazing that the very commandment that keeps us
41:26 from receiving the beast's mark
41:30 is the one that God had to say: "Remember, My children.
41:35 Remember. Don't forget.
41:37 Please remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. "
41:43 The antichrist power - the papacy - seeks to change
41:47 God's law. He did that by removing the 2nd commandment.
41:51 By splitting the tenth commandment into two
41:53 so that there would still be ten.
41:54 And he has sought to change God's time.
42:00 And God's time according to Mark chapter 2
42:05 I think it's 27 and 28 Jesus said that He is the Lord
42:09 of the Sabbath day.
42:11 Now is it possible that God could be so explicit
42:15 in this part of the commandments for a specific reason?
42:18 He says in verse 7 or 8
42:24 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
42:26 Six day shalt thou labor and do all thy work
42:29 but the - definite article - seventh day
42:33 is the - definite article - Sabbath of the Lord thy God. "
42:39 The seventh-day Sabbath, the fourth commandment,
42:43 is the commandment that contains the seal of God.
42:50 Now those that have made the decision in their mind
42:56 to worship God as the Creator,
42:59 to keep His seventh-day Sabbath holy,
43:01 to obey all ten - not just nine - of His commandments,
43:07 are the ones that avoid the mark of the beast.
43:14 Now if... since not if... but Since the Sabbath commandment
43:19 is God's seal,
43:24 what has the papacy sought to put in place of God's seal?
43:29 God's seal is the seventh-day Sabbath
43:33 and worshiping on the seventh-day Sabbath.
43:37 So what has the papacy sought to put in the place
43:41 of the seventh-day Sabbath?
43:43 Sunday worship; Sunday worship.
43:46 Worship on the first day rather than the seventh day.
43:53 So you and I now know that the mark of the beast
43:59 is the opposite of the seal of God, isn't it?
44:03 You get the seal of God you don't get the wrath.
44:05 You get the mark of the beast you get the wrath.
44:08 You worship God as the Creator you don't get the wrath.
44:12 You don't worship God as the Creator, you get the wrath.
44:15 You worship God by keeping the commandments and obeying Him
44:19 you don't get the wrath.
44:21 You obey the beast and his commands
44:24 you get the wrath.
44:25 The decision to me seems very simple.
44:29 It's very logical.
44:32 God wants His people to be saved
44:34 and He says: "Let me make it easy for you:
44:36 worship Me as the Creator and keep My commandments.
44:39 No wrath for you. "
44:42 Why then is it so difficult
44:46 for us to worship God as the Creator?
44:52 If you and I took this huge step back
44:56 and we're able to look at all of Christendom,
45:02 all of Christendom... we look at it and we say:
45:05 "Where are the people that are worshiping God
45:10 as the Creator?
45:12 Where are those people
45:14 because those are the people
45:15 that I want to be with
45:17 because I want to be right there
45:21 where God puts His seal in my forehead.
45:24 Isn't that where you want to be?
45:26 Now we're going to go back to Revelation 13.
45:31 Revelation 13. We're going back to verses 15 and 16.
45:35 So you notice on our graphic
45:37 that we are in the tenth Mark of the Beast text:
45:41 Revelation 13:15-16.
45:45 So we're going right back to where we were.
45:47 And this is the second time that we are here.
45:50 Revelation 13 verses 15-16.
45:54 And Dosung, you get to read this, this time.
45:56 If you'll read that for us... Revelation 13:15-16.
46:01 "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast
46:05 that the image of the beast should both speak and cause
46:10 that as many as would not worship the image of the beast
46:13 should be killed.
46:15 And he causeth all, both small and great,
46:18 rich and poor, free and bond,
46:21 to receive the mark in their right hand
46:24 or in their foreheads. "
46:26 So what does this mean?
46:29 We know what it means to receive a mark in our foreheads,
46:32 don't we? That's where we make a conscious decision.
46:35 What is it that you and I do with our hands?
46:38 We work, don't we? We do things with our hands.
46:42 So we will receive the mark either by making a choice
46:46 in our mind or by going ahead and saying to the beast power:
46:51 "I don't want to die. I will work; I will do whatever you ask
46:55 me to do. You just tell me what you want me to do. "
46:57 And my friends, the mark of the beast
47:00 at the end of time the issue, the culmination of this cosmic
47:06 battle Jesus Christ and the antichrist is over worship.
47:10 And worship is shown by service
47:14 and service is shown by obedience.
47:18 Very easy to avoid the mark of the beast.
47:21 Now some people are saying: "Are you telling me
47:23 that because my grandma and my grandpa went to church on
47:26 Sunday that they received the mark of the beast?
47:29 Not at all!
47:31 Because it's not enforced yet.
47:36 But the decisions and the habits that we create today
47:42 will determine our choices in the future, won't they?
47:46 Won't they? They certainly will.
47:50 We're going to look very quickly here
47:52 at some other clues of this mark of the beast.
47:58 So let's go to II Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 1-4.
48:04 II Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 1-4.
48:09 II Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 1-4.
48:17 II Thessalonians chapter 2, and we are going to let Darlene
48:21 read this. II Thessalonians chapter 2
48:24 verses 1 through 4.
48:28 Why don't you read verses 3 and 4?
48:30 That will do for this study, just 3 and 4.
48:33 "Let no one deceive you by any means
48:37 for that day will not come unless the falling away
48:40 come first and the man of sin is revealed -
48:45 the son of perdition - who opposes and exalts himself
48:49 above all that is called God or that is worshiped
48:53 so that he sits as God in the temple of God
48:57 showing himself that he is God. "
49:01 So we'll take notice there in verse 3
49:04 it says that they day - speaking of the day of Christ -
49:07 will not come unless there comes a falling away first
49:11 and that man of sin is revealed the son of perdition.
49:15 That word falling away is apostasia.
49:18 It means to divorce or to fall away from.
49:21 So the antichrist power falls away from truth
49:27 and thereby now teaches non-truth.
49:30 He falls away from that which is right and now teaches
49:33 things that are not right. The only other time in scripture
49:38 that the name son of perdition is used
49:40 is in John chapter 17... our 12th text.
49:44 John chapter 17 verse 12.
49:47 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
49:50 chapter 17 and verse 12.
49:55 John chapter 17 and verse 12.
49:57 I'll go ahead and read that. The Bible says in John 17:12:
50:01 "While I was with them in the world
50:04 I kept them in Thy name.
50:10 Those Thou gavest Me I have kept
50:13 and none of them is lost but the son of perdition
50:17 that the scripture might be fulfilled. "
50:22 Who is the son of perdition:
50:24 the one of the 12 that did not choose to stay on the side
50:29 of Christ? Judas.
50:31 Now was Judas a violent opposer of Christianity?
50:35 No. No he wasn't.
50:37 He was not a violent opposer of Christianity.
50:41 So the beast itself - the mark of the beast -
50:45 is going to be a very subtle, a very subtle way
50:51 to get worship
50:53 and it's going to look Christian.
50:57 The son of perdition exalts himself above God,
51:01 above all that is called God,
51:02 and sits as God... showing himself that he is God.
51:06 The only other time that phrase is used is in John 17:12.
51:11 So we see here from these two passages
51:14 that the mark of the beast is going to be something
51:18 that is apparently Christian.
51:20 It's going to be very subtle.
51:22 We'll go to our next reference now
51:24 which is Deuteronomy chapter 6 verses 5-8.
51:28 Deuteronomy the 6th chapter verses 5-8.
51:32 We're going to notice something very amazing here.
51:34 Deuteronomy chapter 6 verses 5-8.
51:38 And let's go ahead and let Robert read this.
51:40 Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
51:44 chapter 6 verses 5-8.
51:51 Six. Deuteronomy 6:5-8.
51:55 That's where we want to go.
51:56 All right, go ahead and read that.
51:58 "And these words which I command you
52:01 today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them
52:05 gently to your children and shall talk to them
52:11 when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way,
52:16 when you lay down and when you rise up.
52:20 You shall bind them
52:24 as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontlets
52:30 between your eyes. "
52:33 So the Bible says here speaking of God's law...
52:35 God says first of all there in verse 6:
52:38 "And all these words which I command thee this day
52:41 shall be in your... " what? "heart. "
52:44 Then He says you will "bind them on your forehead
52:46 and on your hand. " Notice that to be in your heart
52:50 and to be in your forehead or in your hand is the same thing.
52:55 To be doing what God asks you to do
52:57 because you're making a decision to do that
52:59 is to be bound on your forehead.
53:02 To do what God is asking you to do and to honor His Sabbath
53:04 by not working on it means that your hand
53:08 is doing exactly what your hearts wants to do.
53:11 Because these things are written in your heart.
53:17 Now some people will tell you that the mark of the beast
53:21 is a tattoo or a bar code
53:23 or something that is put on you.
53:25 The next reference that we're going to, Revelation 12:9,
53:28 we've been to this so many times you could probably quote it.
53:31 The Bible says that that old serpent called the devil
53:35 and Satan was cast out. He was cast to the earth
53:39 and he wants to deceive us.
53:43 Do you remember that?
53:45 Revelation 12:9... he wants to deceive us.
53:48 Is an external mark any type of deception?
53:54 No, no, no.
53:55 Did God really want His people to bind His law
53:59 on their forehead and to put it on their hand?
54:01 No, He prefaced that entire passage by saying
54:04 "let all of these words be in your... " what?
54:06 "In your heart. "
54:08 So you will receive the mark of the beast if you do not
54:12 love God enough to obey His law.
54:17 And the mark of the beast stands in contradistinction
54:21 to the seal of God.
54:25 We're going to go to our 15th reference.
54:28 We've got, I think, just a couple of references left
54:31 in this study.
54:32 We're going to Romans chapter 4 verse 11.
54:34 We will let Vanessa read this.
54:36 Romans chapter 4 and verse 11.
54:41 Romans chapter 4 verse 11. And Vanessa, if you could
54:44 go ahead and read that for us.
54:46 "And he received the sign of circumcision
54:50 a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had yet
54:54 being uncircumcised. " OK.
54:57 That's all we need read of that verse.
54:58 The reason we are in Romans 4:11
55:01 is to show that a sign is the same thing as a seal.
55:07 "And he received the sign of circumcision,
55:10 a seal of the righteousness... "
55:13 So you see there in scripture that a sign
55:17 is equal to a what? Seal.
55:20 That's the principle we're bringing out of Romans chapter 4
55:24 and verse 11.
55:26 Now let's go to Exodus 31:13
55:30 and see what God describes His Sabbath as.
55:35 Romans... or Exodus, rather, 31 verse 13.
55:39 We have another graphic up there for this.
55:41 Exodus 31 and verse 13.
55:47 The Bible says here in Exodus 31:13...
55:51 we're getting very close to the end of this study
55:53 so I'll read this.
55:55 Exodus 31 and verse 13.
55:59 And God says this... God says:
56:02 "Speak now also unto the children of Israel
56:06 saying: 'verily My Sabbaths
56:08 ye shall keep for it is a... ' what?
56:11 'sign between me and you
56:14 throughout your generations
56:15 that you know...
56:17 that you may know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you. ' "
56:21 So the Sabbath is the sign,
56:24 the seal, whereby we know God sanctifies us.
56:33 Isn't that amazing?
56:35 Then we go back to the reference that we've been to
56:38 so many times during this study.
56:40 You will remember exactly what that reference said.
56:44 That reference said that the beast power
56:48 wants worship so desperately
56:51 that he will force you to worship him
56:55 or you will be killed.
56:59 Only those that are sealed with God's seal...
57:03 What did we find out God's seal to be?
57:06 The Sabbath. Only those that are sealed with God's seal
57:10 avoid the mark of the beast.
57:14 Only those that obey God and serve Him
57:18 and worship Him will avoid that mark.
57:22 Is it your desire to worship God as the Creator
57:27 today? To make that decision right now?
57:34 God is giving you that opportunity
57:38 and you need to take it.


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