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00:01 Harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.
00:04 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,
00:06 that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.
00:10 Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
00:13 "Whom shall I send?
00:15 And who will go for us?" And said I,
00:19 "Here am I. Send me, send me!"
00:23 Life on the edge will enable you to be infected
00:26 harvest before Lord.
00:28 We now invite you into our classrooms to come,
00:31 experience life.
00:43 Welcome again to the Lay Institute for Evangelism.
00:46 Our life on the edge Bible study course,
00:48 I am glad you decided to join us again
00:50 to come back here as we're going through
00:51 the second half of our study on the Spirit of Prophecy.
00:54 I do want to encourage you that,
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02:09 And so all of our students here
02:10 are getting through that, may not do that themselves.
02:12 So, here what we're doing now
02:14 is we're going into the second half
02:15 of the "Spirit of Prophecy Study"
02:17 it's abbreviated "SP"
02:19 you've seen up there abbreviated "SP"
02:20 and we're going in the second half of it.
02:23 We have already covered up to a certain point,
02:24 we're gonna do just a little bit
02:25 of review at the beginning here,
02:27 it's kind of refresh ourselves and then we're gonna get
02:29 into the final part of this, of this study.
02:31 So, let us continue on if you notice here
02:33 we already give the purpose,
02:34 the purpose was to show that God--
02:36 that the gift of prophecy has been given to God's
02:39 people through all ages.
02:40 And He continues to do that even today.
02:43 And the Center It part of the study is we're gonna--
02:46 the prophecy is a gift from God,
02:47 because He loves us.
02:49 If you remember in our previous study
02:50 we talked about some of the prophets,
02:52 prophets that were in-- they had contemporaries.
02:55 In other words the people that lived in the same
02:56 time frame as the prophets,
02:58 they usually the prophets weren't appreciated.
03:02 They weren't appreciated by their contemporaries
03:04 by the people who lived in the same time frame.
03:06 We're gonna find it that's been consistent
03:07 not only through history,
03:08 but it's also is the same thing in our very day
03:11 that prophets aren't appreciated by the people
03:13 who lived in the same time frame.
03:14 Remember, you remember when Jesus one time
03:16 He was talking to the religious leaders of his day
03:18 and He says, you all--
03:19 I think its Matthew Chapter 23
03:21 if you want to get the idea what's in the Bible,
03:23 I believe that's what it said in that area.
03:25 What He says you guys,
03:26 you decorate the tombs of the prophets
03:27 and you do all these things,
03:28 He said can you say things like
03:30 if we were there in a days of our fathers,
03:31 we would not have persecuted the prophets.
03:33 And he says, but basically
03:35 you're doing the same thing they did today,
03:37 because you're still persecuting the prophets
03:38 and then as today often times
03:40 we look back with this pious holiness,
03:41 we'll say oh, if I lived back in that time
03:44 I wouldn't have persecuted John the Baptist,
03:45 or Jeremiah, or Isaiah and those prophets,
03:48 I would have listened to them, right.
03:49 We kind of like to say that, but yet today
03:51 we're guilty of doing the same thing often times,
03:53 we like to stone the prophets.
03:55 And so we're gonna--as we continue through the study,
03:56 we're gonna find out that things
03:58 haven't change like Solomon said,
04:00 "There's nothing new under the sun", right?
04:02 It's all the same thing just recycled over again,
04:05 has to do with our falling human nature I guess?
04:07 All right here's the text that,
04:09 we 're gonna have reviews in our study.
04:11 We're actually up to Daniel 8:14
04:13 our ninth Spirit of Prophecy study
04:15 we're up to number nine right now,
04:17 we're picking up in the second half.
04:18 You can get an idea of how many texts
04:19 we have left to use
04:21 and we get through those in about an hour's time.
04:23 So we have about an hour to go to finish up the study.
04:25 And hopefully, prayerfully by the time
04:28 we get through the study,
04:29 you get it marked in your Bible.
04:30 You can go give an intelligent,
04:31 a good Bible study on this subject on the,
04:33 of the Spirit of Prophecy, or the subject of prophets.
04:36 So, let us get back in I want to do a quick review now.
04:40 You remember what we've discovered,
04:41 we started in back in the Book of Genesis.
04:42 Does anybody remember what Chapter in Genesis?
04:45 Genesis Chapter, Chapter 5
04:47 that's exactly right
04:48 and we found that we start looking
04:49 at the ages of certain people and we found out that,
04:52 that when Noah was born that Methuselah was how old?
04:57 369, He was 369 when Moses was born,
05:01 when Noah was born, when Noah was born,
05:03 yeah, when Noah was born.
05:04 So at 369 years old and then Noah got to be 600 years old
05:08 and the flood came and then how old was Methuselah then? 969.
05:12 So and so Methuselah dies and the flood comes
05:15 and so God gives a timeline prophecy
05:17 and He raises up a prophet at the end by the name of Noah.
05:19 Say, hey it's coming to an end
05:20 and He'd done the same thing with Abraham.
05:22 Abraham gets the timeline prophecy,
05:23 how long was that timeline prophecy for?
05:25 400 years at the end of 430 years,
05:29 after the 400 years it says after 400 years
05:31 it will be delivered and they were,
05:33 because God rose up another prophet by the name of Moses
05:36 and Moses comes and he announces hey,
05:38 God sent me here to deliver
05:39 you out of bondage and he did just that.
05:40 God used Moses to deliver them out of bondage.
05:43 And then, and then we've found
05:44 another prophet Jeremiah and I told you this
05:46 is one of my most favorite prophets in the Bible,
05:48 it's because you learn to really appreciate
05:50 the fact that no one listened to anything he had to say,
05:52 but yet he faithfully continue to give the message.
05:54 Well, that's something for us to learn, isn't it?
05:56 So Jeremiah, he has given the faithful message,
05:58 he says, hey, don't listen
05:59 to your prophets and your dreamers
06:01 and the people around in you day
06:02 saying that nothing is gonna happen to us,
06:04 because something is going to happen to you.
06:05 You gonna go into bondage for how long?
06:07 Seventy years. Seventy years, now one person answering
06:09 all the questions, thanks, Mike.
06:10 Seventy years they're gonna go into bondage
06:13 and at the end of the 70 years nothing happened.
06:16 No, God pulled the attention of who?
06:20 Daniel, Daniel said look
06:21 I was studying the books of Jeremiah,
06:22 the prophet, who by the way my,
06:24 my relatives even myself
06:26 wasn't really listening to when I was a kid.
06:27 We didn't really pay attention to him,
06:29 because he was a contemporary and, you know,
06:30 we don't like prophets in our time frame,
06:32 we like to look at the old prophets
06:33 and when God raises them one up in our timeframe
06:35 we really tend not to listen to him too much.
06:39 Anyway that's what happened,
06:40 Daniel repents and he says,
06:41 oh, I've been reading the book of Jeremiah,
06:43 Daniel 9:2 I've been reading the book of Jeremiah
06:45 and Jeremiah said,
06:46 we'll be 70 years here in bondage.
06:48 Seventy years is about up,
06:49 exciting things are getting ready to happen.
06:50 So he goes into this prayer forgive us
06:52 for not listening to your prophets
06:53 and then Daniel himself at the end of that prayer,
06:55 God comes to him
06:57 and gives him another time line prophecy.
06:59 How long is this time line prophecy for?
07:00 Seventy weeks. Seventy weeks,
07:02 actually that is 69, it's a 70 week prophecy,
07:05 but he says in 69 weeks what's gonna happen?
07:08 The Messiah is going to come.
07:09 And so God keeps His pattern going right?
07:12 He keeps the same pattern going
07:13 and so at the end of the 69 weeks here,
07:16 God says, okay to the people
07:17 something is getting ready to happen,
07:18 but you have to figure it out on your own.
07:21 No, he raises up another guy
07:22 that no one wanted to listen to
07:24 and who was that guy?
07:26 John the Baptist, so, John the Baptist,
07:27 comes to the town
07:28 and he starts preaching the message and he says,
07:30 hey the Messiah is coming, the time is fulfilled,
07:32 you better get ready the Messiah is here
07:33 and no one listened to him.
07:35 Oh, a few people did,
07:36 peoples were getting baptized by him
07:38 but the majority of people kind of rejected his message.
07:40 And then Jesus comes along and said,
07:42 John the Baptist was right the time is fulfilled.
07:44 The timeline prophecy comes to an end,
07:45 so God gives this pattern of prophets
07:47 all the way down through time
07:49 and then Daniel himself gives another timeline prophecy.
07:52 Daniel gives another timeline prophecy,
07:53 we've already covered it as we studied the judgment part II,
07:56 we've already just studied the judgment part II.
07:58 And we've figured out that this timeline prophecy
08:00 has an ending and we're gonna go into it now.
08:02 Daniel Chapter 8 in verse 14.
08:05 Is that a pretty good review? Everybody up to SP,
08:07 even if you didn't watch the first DVD,
08:09 may be that reviewed enough at least,
08:10 you know, what we're doing here.
08:11 So Daniel Chapter 8 in verse 14,
08:14 I believe Jessica, can read that for us.
08:17 No, let me, let me, let's have Mike read,
08:19 let's just start with Mike there, I am sorry.
08:20 Daniel 8:14, no,
08:22 no Mike don't open your Bible to it,
08:23 just quote it brother?
08:26 And He said unto me, right?
08:28 He said unto me after 2300 days
08:31 and then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
08:33 That's exactly right and he said unto me after 2300 days
08:36 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. I know you knew,
08:37 you just had to get into your mind there right?
08:40 We know that text pretty well don't we?
08:41 And when did that timeline run out?
08:45 Does anybody remember? We studied it,
08:46 we picked it up, when did it began?
08:48 Let me put this way first, when did it began?
08:50 457 BC when the decree goes out to restore
08:53 and built Jerusalem, right? And we studied that,
08:55 when we studied the 2300 day timeline prophecy.
08:58 Now here's what fascinating.
09:00 God now gives another timeline prophecy,
09:03 2300 days then shall sanctuary be cleansed.
09:05 If He is gonna be consistent, let us look at it real quick,
09:08 I'm just gonna put it up on the screen.
09:09 If God is gonna be consistent
09:10 as He has done all through the Bible Enoch to Noah,
09:12 Abraham to Moses, Jeremiah to Daniel,
09:14 Daniel to John,
09:16 Daniel gives a 2300 day timeline prophecy
09:18 that expires in what year? 1844.
09:22 What is, what is God gonna do in
09:24 and around the year 1844
09:26 if He is gonna be consistent
09:27 with what He has done all through the Bible.
09:29 Yeah, and who else might recognize this? The devil.
09:33 I mean if you were the devil,
09:34 who do you suppose knows
09:37 the Bible better me or the devil?
09:40 How about all of us combined with the devil.
09:42 The devil right? And do you suppose
09:44 it may be the devil recognizes this, this,
09:45 this pattern it's going on in the Bible.
09:47 So if you're the devil,
09:48 I'm gonna let you play devil's
09:49 advocate here just for a minute.
09:51 If you're the devil
09:53 what would you do in and around,
09:55 somewhere around the year 1844 what would you do?
09:56 Getting distractions. Distractions,
09:59 I would muddy the waters, wouldn't you,
10:00 I would do everything, I could and yet people would say
10:02 oh just reject all prophets, you know, just don't
10:06 accept any prophets, just reject them all,
10:08 because they're all bunch of phonies, right?
10:10 And it's funny because all through
10:12 the Bible as you go through, if we looked at,
10:14 we spend more time studying in the detail about
10:16 Enoch and Noah, Abraham and Moses,
10:17 Jeremiah and Daniel, especially when you get to
10:19 Jeremiah and Daniel and Daniel and John,
10:21 that's exactly what was going on in their time frames,
10:23 like when there was cut comes time
10:24 for God raise up another prophet,
10:26 there will be all kinds of false prophets rising up,
10:27 like the devil knew something was going to be happening,
10:29 he tried to muddy the water,
10:31 so they would all be rejected.
10:32 See, he doesn't care how he gets us.
10:34 The devil doesn't care how he gets this,
10:36 this as long as he does.
10:38 And so as we look here, we gonna ask the question,
10:41 who is it that's gonna come up if you look at back
10:43 at the screen here is prophetic pattern.
10:44 Who is it that's gonna come up at the end
10:46 somewhere around the end of 1844
10:48 at the end of Daniel's timeline prophecy
10:50 that's gonna be announcing.
10:52 What is this person gonna be talking about mainly?
10:55 The 2300 day prophecy.
10:57 If you have a prophet come up
10:58 and claiming to be a prophet in around that time
11:00 and they don't mention the 2300 days,
11:02 they don't mention Daniel 8:14,
11:04 can they fit this timeline prophecy?
11:05 Can they be the prophet that God is raising up?
11:07 No, no because you will notice
11:09 Noah, Moses, Daniel, and John all though,
11:11 even though they had other things they talked about,
11:13 the main trust of their ministry
11:14 was what God called them to do.
11:16 They talked about other things,
11:17 but they also their main trust
11:19 was what God called them specifically to do
11:21 and God used them to prophecy
11:22 other things and do other things.
11:23 So let us look at this,
11:24 I want to show you some things.
11:25 "Prophetic Movements" in and around 1844,
11:28 some Prophetic Movements,
11:29 some things that happened in and around 1844.
11:32 Now, for the sake of time
11:33 we're gonna keep it kind of brief,
11:34 it's gonna be a short list I'm gonna give you.
11:36 There's a really a good book out
11:38 written by Ron du Preez.
11:39 And it's I think the book
11:40 if I remember the title exactly right it's
11:42 "1844 The Day that Changed the World".
11:44 And you understand
11:45 "1844 The Day that Changed the World"
11:47 it's like a, it's like a play on words there you know,
11:49 because a day is a year in Bible Prophecy.
11:51 So he says, you know,
11:52 the year 1844 is a day that changed the world.
11:54 And he actually does a real interesting study
11:55 where he goes through
11:57 and this shows all the things that come up
11:59 and happen in and around that time frame
12:00 of 1844 is fascinating. It's fascinating
12:03 and I'm gonna through just some of them right now
12:05 and some of the movements that rose up
12:06 and some of things that happened
12:08 and it's just unbelievable to me in my view
12:10 anyway that what all the devil
12:12 did around that time frame to try to get a distraction,
12:15 to try to have a distraction,
12:16 he knew that God was gonna do something.
12:18 So the first one that comes up
12:19 is and it's real popular today,
12:22 Darwin's Origin of the Species
12:23 first published in what year? 1844.
12:25 Isn't that fascinating? Now, some people say,
12:27 well that's not a prophet or religion, no, no.
12:30 Listen it takes more faith to believe
12:32 that you evolve from rain pouring upon rocks
12:35 and lightning striking,
12:36 it takes more faith to believe that than really that
12:38 a "Creator Created Us" it is a religion,
12:40 when you have to have faith in something, its religion.
12:42 That people like to say that ho,
12:44 that ho evolution and everything,
12:46 it's like scientific, but they have nothing--
12:48 they kind like go into laboratory and demonstrate
12:51 scientifically. So in that case
12:52 it's not science as much as we--
12:55 we try to shy away from saying anything about that,
12:57 because we don't want people thinking
12:58 we're foolish for saying
12:59 we don't believe in evolution, but you know,
13:00 I don't believe that the earth is flat.
13:02 I don't believe that the sun rotates around the earth
13:05 and I don't believe in global warming.
13:11 And I don't believe that we evolve from rocks
13:14 and monkeys and apes and things like that.
13:16 Now, some people say that may sound foolish,
13:18 but you know, people used to believe
13:20 that the sun rotated around the earth
13:22 and if he didn't believe you thought I was a fool.
13:25 And people used to believe that the earth is flat,
13:27 if he didn't believe that you're kind of a foolish
13:28 because of course science and everybody told us today
13:30 that the earth is flat, right?
13:32 And the same foolish people believe in evolution
13:35 and other things, its foolishness.
13:38 And so when this comes up as a--it is a religion
13:42 because people it takes faith to believe
13:44 that you evolved as much more so than
13:46 it does you're created, so it is religion.
13:49 And knew Darwin is their prophet, you can say that.
13:52 They worship the guy, right? So, I think it's fascinating
13:54 that it comes up around this time frame.
13:55 The devil is trying to, now if you remember
13:57 we've already studied about
13:58 the "Three Angles Messages" right and we don't get into
14:00 the remnant church on another study,
14:02 but I think something is fascinating
14:03 because when you read
14:04 the "Three Angles Messages" in Revelation Chapter 14.
14:07 The cry is they call back God--
14:10 call people back to worshiping God as the Creator.
14:13 But Darwinism says don't worship any God as creator,
14:16 because you evolved, you see, you see
14:18 the conflict in the religions there?
14:20 Christianity and Darwinism
14:21 can't match in anyways
14:22 as much as Christians try to do it today
14:23 because they want to look smart.
14:24 If you want to look smart in front of man
14:26 the Bible says that's foolishness to God
14:28 and I can go and preach about that I just love doing that.
14:30 And I usually do this when I'm giving my Bible study
14:31 on this particular thing or I'm preaching about it,
14:33 I spend a lot of time on this here too,
14:35 because many people they want to think themselves
14:38 looking smart in the world's eye.
14:39 And if you want to do that,
14:41 you will never look smart in God's eyes.
14:43 So, you have to just simply take what God has said
14:45 and so spend a little time on that,
14:46 when you give the study and just make the points
14:48 and if you want another really good point to make
14:50 when you bring this up is
14:52 if you believe in evolution
14:53 any at all other than what we call micro English,
14:56 and you are like a fish may if it's born in a cave
14:58 after certain generations or two they will born blind,
15:00 because it doesn't need it's eyes,
15:02 you know, because it's in dark.
15:04 I've learned something just recently listen to this.
15:07 There's never been--they have nothing to prove of evolution
15:10 where there's actually any genes added to anything,
15:13 things are just taken away.
15:15 In other words though evolved we evolved negatively,
15:18 if I'm sailing like a fish doesn't get or bird
15:21 whatever it doesn't have like better eyes,
15:22 because it needs them or anything like that,
15:24 everything always degenerating,
15:26 is that make sense?
15:27 So, to believe in evolution to say
15:29 that you believe that one thing evolved
15:31 from one to another through a death and death process,
15:33 if you had that,
15:35 if you had death before sin then God is a tyrant.
15:40 If you had death before sin then God is a tyrant.
15:42 So, for Christian to say and I'll explain myself,
15:44 for Christian to say
15:45 that they believe in Darwinism in anyway,
15:47 they believe in evolution in anyway,
15:49 what you're actually saying is you believe
15:50 that there was death before sin.
15:51 The Bible says in Genesis
15:53 that death is the result of sin
15:57 and so if God allowed things to die
15:59 before they were sin that saying that,
16:01 that he will punish things with death
16:04 before there was any reason to punish them, right?
16:06 That's the punishment for sin is death
16:09 and so you got to reject that flatly as a Christian.
16:11 And again when I get in the Bible study
16:14 or even teaching this in anyway,
16:15 I spend a little bit of time there,
16:16 because it is such a heavy thing in our earth today
16:18 and it's fascinating that it was in,
16:21 doing a "Three Angles Messages"
16:22 that they call will be going out.
16:24 They call people back to worshiping God as their
16:25 Creator, it's like God knew what will be going on.
16:28 Well, of course He did.
16:30 And so-- that you have to be
16:31 one of those people that's standing firm
16:32 even if it's against in a face
16:34 of what is called modern reason and modern science
16:37 which is not science at all,
16:38 so called science you could say.
16:39 It's going in the face of all that,
16:41 we have to be preaching that message
16:42 that God wants us to preach
16:43 and that is to call back
16:44 to worshiping God as the creator,
16:47 and He created us. Darwinism said He didn't.
16:49 Let's go to the next snap,
16:50 spend enough time on that I guess.
16:51 Siyyid Ali-Mohammad, the Baha'i' Faith
16:54 and it's like a shoot off from Islam and Baha'i
16:59 that means Gate there. May 23rd 1844,
17:02 he has his first vision so called
17:06 and he announces who he is and what he is doing
17:08 and that he was the herald of the new messenger of God,
17:10 fascinating that he rises up in this time frame,
17:12 I think this is counterfeit
17:14 that the devil brought in the Muslim world here,
17:16 they have over two million followers today,
17:18 two million plus of these followers of the Baha'i
17:20 and they thought he was the, he was the one coming,
17:23 he was the prophet who was being raised up
17:25 and it's in 1844 he has his first vision,
17:27 it's interesting point. Joseph Smith
17:30 "is martyred or shot to death,
17:32 what year? 1844 And even though
17:35 he was raised up a little bit prior to 1844
17:38 so to speak he has raised up,
17:39 he became like when he was "martyred"
17:42 then like the followers
17:44 really doubled or tripled because oh,
17:46 look here this was the prophet
17:47 that's been martyred. Let's carry on.
17:51 Andrew Jackson Davis
17:52 the "American Spiritualist Movement"
17:53 he lived the time frame there is 1826-1910 and just,
17:58 another false prophet,
17:59 let us put it that way, another false prophet.
18:01 Here's another one Mary Baker Eddy
18:03 and definite counterfeit here,
18:05 the Christian scientist, 1821 to 1910,
18:08 wrote a lot about health and things like that
18:10 and health with "TH" not help
18:13 but health with the "TH"
18:15 I saw Roberto writing in his notes there
18:17 and I want to make sure he understood
18:18 that I put the TH on the end of that.
18:20 So, she wrote a lot about health and things like that,
18:22 and then it's Ellen White
18:25 Seventh-day Adventist 1827-1915.
18:28 Now, this is a short list we there,
18:30 there is a longer list
18:31 but I got to the point I wanted to make right now
18:33 that the devil is muddying the water isn't he?
18:35 Is God gonna raise up a true prophet around that time.
18:38 So, our question that we're looking for,
18:39 we're not looking for--
18:41 we're not trying to answer that question
18:42 and saying okay is there gonna be a prophet
18:45 or is there not gonna be a prophet, right?
18:46 The Bible is pretty clear through the prophetic pattern
18:49 we've looked at that there is gonna be a prophet,
18:51 isn't that pretty clear?
18:52 We've looked at a pattern here.
18:53 So, the question we have that we need to answer is not
18:56 if there is gonna be a prophet in this time frame,
18:58 but who it's gonna be, right.
19:02 You know with this list right here
19:03 just this list I can narrow
19:05 it down to one by just fitting one,
19:08 one part of the, of the description
19:10 we're gonna be looking for it.
19:11 Now, remember in order for the timeline prophecy
19:15 in order for to fit this. What one thing
19:16 that they definitely gonna have to write about?
19:19 Daniel 8:14 the 2300 days they definitely
19:22 gonna have to write about that, aren't they,
19:23 because that's the pointing
19:24 to the end of the timeline prophecy, isn't it?
19:26 And what was gonna happened
19:27 at the end of that timeline prophecy?
19:28 The judgment will begin,
19:29 remember so they gonna be writing about the judgment
19:31 beginning and all-- that's gonna be a main trust
19:34 of their message right?
19:35 They if, it's gonna keep the same pattern
19:37 as they look through the Bible,
19:38 fascinatingly enough it's like,
19:40 it's like God held over the eyes of the devil
19:43 and his false prophets during the time.
19:45 So, they would not recognize it,
19:46 it would not know to write about that,
19:48 because of this list here
19:50 and the list can be a lot longer,
19:52 you can put a lot more in there.
19:53 Only one speaks even writes about anything about
19:56 the judgment hour message in 1844 and Daniel 8:14
19:59 only one and that one being obviously
20:02 Ellen White of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
20:05 Ellen White, now some people is like
20:07 oh, I can't believe this
20:09 now they're gonna go jump on the internet
20:10 and they gonna type Ellen White
20:11 and they gonna find page after page of a bunch of garbage
20:13 about how she was a false prophet
20:15 and how this and before they ever listened
20:17 to anything else, but I want to ask you at home,
20:19 I want you to think about something
20:20 as we went through the Bible we have already recognize it
20:23 if the internet, if Google was around
20:25 back in the time of Noah, in the back of time of Moses
20:28 and the time of Jeremiah and Daniel and John the Baptist
20:31 what would they be saying about these guys?
20:33 Right, Google have been slamming them wouldn't it,
20:35 especially, especially when you got
20:36 to the more modern prophet of John the Baptist,
20:38 you know, he is wearing strange cloths,
20:39 preaching the strange message, eating strange food,
20:42 not what the rest of the world is doing.
20:44 And so if you gonna be looking for a prophet
20:46 what we're gonna be looking for,
20:48 I mean, one of the things going pretty
20:49 consistent guys and girls here.
20:51 What's gonna be something that
20:52 if we are looking for consistency,
20:53 what we're gonna be looking for
20:54 about them on the internet.
20:56 Everybody gonna love him, right.
20:58 Every time God raise up a prophet,
21:00 everybody loved him, haven't, didn't they?
21:01 They just had so many nice things
21:02 to say about them, right?
21:04 No, you're gonna find lot of objections, aren't you?
21:07 But here is the thing,
21:09 can the objections be answered? Yes they can.
21:13 Now for those of you that have come to Life,
21:16 we're gonna have a whole class
21:17 covering the Sprit of Prophecy here in about four weeks.
21:20 And so those folks at home if they wanna come to Life
21:22 and hear the whole class on the Spirit of Prophecy,
21:24 the whole week long class.
21:25 Then you have to come during the next semester
21:27 that we have you go on our website,
21:28 find out when that's gonna be.
21:29 But for those who are here, we are gonna cover
21:31 all those so called objections
21:32 you find on the internet and things like that.
21:34 And they are, really are simply answered.
21:37 I can remember when I first was studying the Bible,
21:38 and I learned all these truths
21:40 as I am sharing in a Bible study
21:42 and I get to this point, I share my experience, right.
21:46 And I just tell them simply, as I learned these truths
21:48 that you have learned here as we went to this Bible study,
21:49 we went through study after study, Mike,
21:51 you know, we've come to this point now
21:53 and for I remember the first time I heard
21:55 somebody mentioned that the Spirit of Prophecy
21:57 or Ellen White I thought oh, you know,
21:59 it's just like why had to be this you know,
22:01 everything is so good, it's so right,
22:03 everything fit the Bible so perfectly
22:05 but, you know, I found out that the Bible
22:07 actually does teach that God will still guide His church
22:10 through prophecy even in the last days.
22:12 If the Bible teaches that it will be wrong for me
22:14 just to flatly reject it.
22:15 And so I said okay, I'll investigate
22:17 and you know what I did,
22:19 shortly after I learned about this
22:21 I went on the internet I find all the bad things
22:23 that the internet had to say about Ellen White.
22:25 But, you know, what I did it with those things.
22:27 I investigated to see if they were true,
22:29 and I found out what ever one of those so called objections
22:32 there is a really simple clear answer,
22:36 you have an answer to it, biblical answer or,
22:37 you know, or just commonsense answer,
22:39 you know, it's like, you know,
22:41 I've seen all kinds of strange things out there
22:43 I don't want to get into those right now but.
22:44 Ellen White, she is the only one out of all these prophets
22:48 that wrote specifically detailed about the prophecy
22:50 of the investigative judgment, the 1844,
22:53 we have already studied this whole study,
22:54 we've done a judgment to study.
22:56 I want to give you a small example now of her writing
22:58 and it's found here in the book "Great Controversy"
23:00 I will give you that, the reference as we get
23:01 to the second half of this.
23:03 The question, what is the sanctuary?
23:06 Is clearly answered in the Scriptures she says.
23:08 The term "sanctuary" as used in the Bible, refers,
23:11 first to the tabernacle built by Moses,
23:13 as a pattern of heavenly things.
23:15 Now she is quoting there from the book of Hebrews,
23:17 the pattern of the heavenly things,
23:19 and secondly, to the "true tabernacle" in heaven,
23:23 to which the earthly sanctuary has pointed.
23:25 At the death of Christ the typical service ended.
23:28 The "true tabernacle" in heaven
23:30 is the sanctuary of the new covenant.
23:32 Going on to the next slide.
23:35 And as the prophecy of Daniel 8:14
23:37 is fulfilled in this dispensation,
23:39 the sanctuary to which it refers
23:41 must be the sanctuary of the new covenant.
23:43 At the termination of the 2300 days, in 1844,
23:48 there had been no sanctuary on earth for many centuries.
23:50 Thus the prophecy, "Unto two thousand
23:52 and three hundred days,
23:53 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed,"
23:55 unquestionably points to the sanctuary in heaven.
23:58 That's Great Controversy page 417 of book Ellen White wrote.
24:01 She is writing in detail right now
24:03 about the whole investigative judgment
24:05 the sanctuary in 1844, and the 2300 day prophecy.
24:09 None of these others so called prophets even touched it.
24:13 They don't even begin to elaborate on it
24:15 or talk about it, because they don't understand it.
24:18 But God has come in and He has given us understanding here.
24:20 Now, when we done the 2300 day prophecy,
24:23 when we studied that judgment too,
24:25 Tom did we use Ellen White?
24:28 No, if you go back and watch the DVD yourself at home,
24:29 if you go watch the DVD we never used Ellen White
24:31 to come up with 2300 days ending in 1844,
24:34 we use the Bible and that's what
24:36 and that's how we determined that.
24:37 And remember what we found,
24:38 if you remember what we found in the,
24:40 in that study was just assure as Jesus came on time,
24:43 because the beginning of the timeline prophecy was 457 BC,
24:47 which brought us up to the time of Jesus.
24:49 That was cut off from the rest of the 2300 days
24:51 and so just assure as Jesus came on time,
24:54 the judgment began on time, in 1844.
24:56 so as just assure as Jesus came, so did the judgment.
25:02 They're linked together you understand that right?
25:04 And so it's a powerful idea to kind of get in your head
25:07 that if you believe in Jesus came
25:09 when He is supposed to come,
25:10 you also have to believe that the judgment began
25:12 when it's supposed to begin.
25:13 And so the judgment is being going on now
25:15 since the year 1844,
25:17 where Jesus moved from the holy place
25:19 to the most holy place in heaven
25:20 and He is cleansing the sanctuary,
25:22 remember what sanctuary He is actually cleansing?
25:24 Us. He is cleansing us, getting us ready,
25:27 preparing us for heaven.
25:28 So, there you go from the Great Controversy.
25:29 Now, the Bible does warn us,
25:32 we're gonna go and now that I've kind of reveal
25:34 this a little bit, we're gonna see
25:35 some of the ways that she actually
25:37 fits the determination in the Bible for being a prophet.
25:40 But as we're linking, excuse me,
25:42 as we're linking into that Matthew Chapter 24,
25:45 I want you to open your Bible to Matthew Chapter 24
25:47 and Daniel is gonna read verse 4 for us,
25:49 Matthew Chapter 24 and verse 4.
25:53 Notice that Jesus gives us a warning
25:55 right when the disciples ask Him about the end of time
25:57 and things like that, Jesus says something
25:59 very interesting, Daniel what is it?
26:01 "And Jesus answered and said unto them,
26:03 Take heed that no man deceive you."
26:06 So, what's the first warning that Jesus gives
26:07 when they ask Him about the end of time?
26:09 Beware of deception and what's specific Daniel
26:11 don't put that down yet.
26:12 What specific deception all we would be looking for verse 11.
26:17 "And many false prophets shall rise,
26:19 and shall deceive many." Verse 24.
26:22 "For there shall arise false Christs,
26:24 and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders,
26:28 insomuch that, if it were possible,
26:29 they shall deceive the very elect."
26:31 So, Jesus warns his followers don't be deceived
26:34 about these false prophets, right,
26:36 He warns us don't be deceived about false prophets.
26:38 Now, if He says don't be deceived about false prophets
26:40 what would that automatically indicate?
26:44 And there will also be true prophets,
26:46 otherwise Jesus would say something like this,
26:49 beware of all prophets just reject them all,
26:51 don't listen to any of them
26:52 because I'm like the last one here, right?
26:55 After the disciples then don't,
26:57 don't hear anybody else because this is it.
27:00 But He is speaking specifically here
27:01 of the last days, He says it's gonna rise up
27:03 false prophets and then you could
27:04 also just add in there if you wanted to.
27:05 Now somebody is gonna write me a letter and say
27:07 you're adding to the Bible, false prophets,
27:09 He says beware of but then, you can just add in there
27:11 and say but you don't have to be beware of true prophets.
27:15 Now, that's not really adding to it,
27:16 it's just, it's just automatically there
27:17 because He says beware of false ones,
27:19 then it must gonna be some true ones, right?
27:22 And so He warns that right here, so we have to beware.
27:23 Now, if He's beware, if He is telling us
27:26 to beware of false prophets
27:28 and we know there is gonna be true ones,
27:29 how do we identify a false prophets?
27:33 And if we identify a false prophet
27:35 and Ellen White, who were looking at here right now,
27:38 we're gonna really go in the detail in her little bit,
27:39 if she falls into any of the category
27:41 of false prophets any of them,
27:43 then we got to reject her.
27:44 But let me, let me throw this out here right now.
27:47 If we come to the conclusion
27:49 that Ellen White is a false prophet,
27:50 I've got a challenge for you and I got a question for you,
27:53 if not her then who?
27:57 Because remember we're not looking,
27:58 we're trying to determine about whether or not
28:00 there's gonna be prophet in the last days,
28:01 especially around 1844,
28:03 that timeframe leading God's church,
28:04 we're not trying to determine whether or not
28:05 there is gonna be one, because there is,
28:06 we have it established in the Bible a pattern, right,
28:09 the biblical pattern, and God is consistent, right.
28:11 God doesn't change He says,
28:12 and so, if we say, okay,
28:14 reject her she is not a prophet,
28:16 forget it, she is not a prophet.
28:18 I'm gonna do that, I really am,
28:20 I'm willing to say no, she is not,
28:21 if I found a reason that I would believe and say,
28:23 oh, she wrote this totally against the Bible forget it,
28:26 she is not a prophet.
28:27 I'm willing to do that, no problem,
28:28 but if it's not her then who is it?
28:32 If is it not her then who?
28:33 So that's interesting question to be thinking about,
28:36 we're not, we're no longer looking here
28:37 as to whether or not we're going to have one,
28:39 but who is going to be.
28:40 And so right now we've already covered that,
28:42 the fact that so called prophecy,
28:44 we're in and around her day
28:46 that I believe we were raised up by the enemy.
28:48 Those so called prophets,
28:50 none of them wrote about Daniel 8:14, none of them.
28:54 And so what we're gonna be looking at now
28:56 is some of the identifying
28:57 characteristics of a true prophet.
28:58 In the next text we're gonna go to is one,
29:00 everyone you should be able to quote from memory,
29:02 so there's gonna be pressure on you,
29:03 we call one of you quote from memory,
29:04 now I'm just kidding I won't do that.
29:06 Isaiah 8:20, Spirit of Prophecy here,
29:08 number 11 in our study, Isaiah 8:20,
29:10 does anybody know what it says right off?
29:12 To the word, to the law, to the testimony, yeah.
29:18 There is no light in them,
29:20 to the law unto the testimony,
29:21 they're speaking, now I'm quoting this word
29:23 is because there is no light in them.
29:25 So in order for a prophet to be a prophet,
29:26 they have to speak according to what
29:29 the law and the testimony.
29:30 What is the law and the testimony?
29:31 Or you could say the law and the prophets,
29:33 what is that? Yeah, when Isaiah is writing it,
29:36 was he talking about specifically though,
29:38 you have to agree with the Old Testament
29:41 as well as the New, we know its the New Testament as well,
29:43 but when Isaiah is writing this,
29:44 he says, hey, if we don't speak
29:46 according to the law into the testimonies.
29:48 So if someone comes along as a prophet
29:50 and they disagree with the Bible,
29:52 can he be a prophet?
29:53 No, so they have to agree with the Bible,
29:55 they have to be pointing people to the Bible
29:57 and I want to bring up one of the,
29:58 and one of the Ellen White's quotes here
29:59 that I think is one of my favorite ones
30:01 that especially in our day and age.
30:03 And I have to try to control myself at this point
30:04 because I get very excited when I read this
30:07 due to the things that are going on both in the church
30:10 and in many churches around the world.
30:13 You've heard that the term called
30:14 "Higher Criticism?" Well, people says,
30:17 well, you know, the Bible says this
30:19 but you can't really believe that,
30:21 you know, one of the popular ones is the whole Quail story,
30:23 you know, you read there
30:24 and when the children of Israel in the Quail
30:26 or flying above the earth like three feet above the earth,
30:29 and the critics say, well, if you have that many quail
30:31 that means every person of that--
30:35 each one of the children of Israel in order to eat
30:37 the quail not have a big major hazard
30:40 there with unclean things and diseases
30:42 and things like that with all these birds.
30:43 They would have to eat like 700 quail a day per person
30:46 and something like that is outrageous.
30:47 So it's impossible and critics will say,
30:49 well, the Bible writers were exaggerating that story,
30:52 you know, it's higher criticism,
30:53 they are criticizing the Bible.
30:55 And then they lead from there,
30:56 by the way that does have a good answer to that.
30:58 You had to come to Life to our homiletics class
31:00 to find out what the answer to that is.
31:02 And so you guys are over here but they will take things
31:05 like that the stories and they will put doubt
31:06 in people's mind about the Bible, right.
31:09 People do that today.
31:10 They start putting doubts in people's mind
31:11 like one gospel says there were two angels at the tomb.
31:13 Another gospel say there was one angle at the tomb.
31:15 Have you heard that argument?
31:16 So therefore you get throughout the whole Bible.
31:18 You've heard things like this, right?
31:19 So Ellen White commenting on this thing.
31:22 She says it better than I could
31:23 and I would like to say with a little passion.
31:25 She says, "Cling to your Bible
31:26 as it reads and stop your criticism
31:29 in regard to its validity and obey the word,
31:31 and then it says, and not one of you will be lost."
31:34 That is the work of a prophet
31:36 In that one sense, that's the great
31:37 heeds work of the prophet.
31:38 I wish our pastors would have the same work.
31:41 I wish our preachers, and our leaders,
31:42 and our elders, and our churches would do
31:43 the same thing that she is saying right here
31:45 and help people to quit criticizing the Bible,
31:48 and just obey the word and not one of us will be lost.
31:52 So remember Isaiah 8:20
31:55 "To the law and to the testimony
31:56 If they speak not according to this word,
31:58 there is no light in them.
31:59 Does she speak according to the word,
32:00 according to her own confession?
32:02 Yeah, listen to the Bible.
32:04 Do what the Bible says and not one of you will be lost,
32:06 quit criticizing, quit thinking
32:07 you are smarter than God.
32:09 Do you know any time you study the Bible
32:12 as we are doing in our studies here.
32:15 If you find something that seems not to be agree,
32:19 you've seen something it seems contradict?
32:20 You know, the Bible doesn't have a problem, you do.
32:24 Just because I don't understand,
32:25 it doesn't make the Bible wrong,
32:26 you know, how we are humans, right.
32:28 If it is something I can't understand,
32:29 or I cannot explain then therefore it must be wrong.
32:33 Yeah, because, of course,
32:34 we are the smartest creatures on earth, aren't we?
32:37 I love it that God says in First Corinthians Chapter 1
32:41 that the wisdom of men is foolishness to God.
32:44 it's foolishness and so let us just accept the Bible
32:47 it is the prophet tells us and if we will do that,
32:49 we won't be lost. You want to be saved?
32:52 Simply accept the Bible.
32:53 So, you know, what she is saying there right
32:56 throughout evolution, because the Bible doesn't teach it.
33:00 Now our next one, Jeremiah 28 verse 9,
33:02 Jeremiah Chapter 28 and verse 9.
33:08 The next part of identifying a prophet
33:11 is the thing they prophesy must come to pass,
33:15 Isaiah, Jeremiah, and we are looking at
33:18 Chapter 28 verse 9,
33:21 and Mike or-- Jessica,
33:28 Jessica you read it for me, I am sorry.
33:30 Forgot your name there for a second, Jessica.
33:33 Jeremiah 28 and verse 9, go ahead.
33:36 "So a prophet who predicts peace
33:38 must carry the burden of proof.
33:41 Only when his predictions come true can it be known
33:44 that he is really from the LORD."
33:47 That's a good translation, I don't know what that one is
33:49 but that said pretty well.
33:50 In King James, it says
33:52 "When the word of prophet comes to pass
33:54 then you know, then shall the prophet be known,
33:57 that the Lord has truly sent him."
34:00 So in order for to be a true prophet
34:01 according to the Bible they had to predict things
34:03 and those things they predict must come to pass, right.
34:07 So if someone want to give a timeline prophecy
34:10 or someone give a prophecy
34:11 and the prophecy doesn't come to pass,
34:13 are they saint of God?
34:15 No, the answer is obviously no, they can't be.
34:17 So the things they have, they prophesy,
34:18 the things they predict must come to pass,
34:21 it must take place.
34:22 So does Ellen White fit inside this category
34:26 that mean-- Can you look at the writings
34:27 that she has written, and say
34:29 oh, yeah, yeah. She predicted these things
34:31 and these things came be pass that she have things
34:32 that she predicted that are true,
34:34 they come to pass, and that's what
34:36 we're going to looking at now.
34:37 I'm gonna show you one of them right now.
34:38 It's a good one.
34:40 In 1902, Ellen White warned that San Francisco
34:42 and Oakland would be visited by the Lord
34:44 because they were becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah.
34:47 So she says in her days,
34:48 she looks at Sodom and Gomorrah
34:50 and that she looks at actually San Francisco and Oakland
34:53 and she says, oh, things are getting bad.
34:55 Can you imagine what she must say today
34:57 But she says God has shown me
34:58 that He has getting ready to visit them
34:59 because of this, and she has some visions
35:02 about what was going to happen.
35:03 Four years later, four years after this in 1906,
35:07 the terrifying rumble of an earthquake shattered
35:08 the early morning silence of April 18 at 5:15 AM.
35:12 The quake lasted only a minute
35:14 but cause the worst natural disaster
35:15 in the nation's history.
35:17 Modern analysis estimates it registered 8.25
35:20 on the Richter scale that they had on right.
35:22 By comparison, the quake that hit San Francisco
35:24 on October 17 in 1989 that destroyed the city pretty bad,
35:27 right, was only 6.7.
35:30 And here's what I think is interesting about this,
35:32 I was reading a book one time,
35:33 it's about on the life of Ellen White a little bit
35:36 and it gives a description of her.
35:38 Whenever this took place,
35:39 she got her carriage in a buggy
35:41 and went there to San Francisco
35:44 I believe, she went to San Francisco
35:45 and as they took her around that she saw the destruction,
35:47 she kept same things like this is exactly what I saw,
35:49 this is what God showed me, this is exact--
35:51 And she had been describing it
35:52 for right four years prior to this.
35:53 She was explaining to the people to the world
35:56 basically saying hey, they need to repent,
35:57 they need to turn back because if they don't,
35:59 they were going to be visited.
36:00 And she was seeing these things
36:01 what happened and it happened.
36:03 So that's just one example
36:05 We can go through, I can give you
36:06 one after another after another of the things
36:07 that she said what happened that took place.
36:09 Some other things she wrote about health and more,
36:11 I think some of them may on the slide,
36:12 if they are not, in case, then I go ahead
36:14 and give you a couple of descriptions.
36:16 It was in her day that she said that
36:19 cigarette smoking was a very terrible,
36:22 terrible malignant-- people who smokes cigarettes
36:27 they didn't see the affects right away,
36:29 but it was because of the way it worked
36:32 it was a slow malignant thing,
36:34 in another words, it will kill you slowly,
36:36 and I'm impair for just a little bit
36:37 because I don't remember exactly how she has written.
36:39 It's a poison, it's right,
36:40 it's a poison and it kills people, right.
36:43 Now you and I are saying that's not a Revelation.
36:46 Really, is that a Revelation?
36:47 I mean, it's like in the 60s,
36:48 they started to call, I believe coffin nail,
36:50 because you smokes cigarettes
36:51 you're gonna kill yourself, right.
36:53 That was going on but in her day,
36:56 doctors were prescribing cigarette smoking
36:59 for people with asthma, it's good for you.
37:02 Smoke a cigarette and you feel better,
37:03 it will help your asthma.
37:04 The smoke gets in and cleanse everything out, right.
37:05 It was killing people becoming
37:06 addicted to cigarettes and killing people.
37:08 And so she was saying even though
37:09 science was saying in her day,
37:11 oh, no, no, no, no, smoke cigarette is good for you.
37:14 She was saying no, it's not good for you,
37:15 it's killing you. And then it was like in,
37:17 it was in the year 1956, I believe was the year,
37:21 when the American Heart Lung Association
37:23 decided that cigarette smoking was a causative
37:24 factor for cancer. Science catches up
37:27 with the prophet with the third grade education.
37:30 Okay, let us go on here,
37:32 Deuteronomy Chapter 13 verse 1, 2, 3
37:34 is another identifying mark of a prophet.
37:36 Deuteronomy Chapter 13 verse 1, 2, 3.
37:41 Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers,
37:43 Deuteronomy 13:1, 2, 3.
37:48 Who is going to read that one for me?
37:50 All right, Miss Gloria.
37:51 I am glad you volunteered, all right?
37:54 Get that microphone there and get them ready.
37:56 Verse 1, 2, 3, go ahead.
37:59 "If there arises among you a prophet
38:02 or a dreamer of dreams,
38:05 and he gives you a sign or a wonder,
38:09 and the sign or the wonder comes to pass,
38:13 of which he spoke to you, saying,
38:18 Let us go after other gods
38:21 which you have not known and let us serve them,
38:26 you shall not listen to the words of that prophet
38:30 or that dreamer of dreams,
38:33 for the LORD your God is testing you
38:36 to know whether you love the LORD your God
38:42 with all your heart and with all your soul."
38:46 Fascinating, in other words, it says,
38:47 okay, this is how you are going to determine
38:49 a prophet whether or not God has sent them.
38:51 If someone comes along and they make a prophecy,
38:53 a prediction and it comes to pass.
38:55 Does that make him a prophet of God.
38:57 The Bible says not necessarily, right.
38:59 So what we're reading here, it says,
39:01 okay, what they said comes to pass.
39:02 It actually does take place but now,
39:04 now after takes place, they are telling you
39:06 to go after other Gods and do things,
39:07 break the commandments of God,
39:09 then God hasn't sent them.
39:10 You know, of all the lists you could put up there
39:13 of the so-called prophet around that time frame
39:15 that rose up in 1844,
39:17 not one of them promoted keeping all Ten Commandments.
39:23 So, yes, they did, no they didn't.
39:25 Because not any of those except for Ellen White
39:28 promoted keeping the Seventh-day Sabbath
39:30 which is the fourth commandment
39:32 and so according to the Bible here,
39:33 we've already covered these things,
39:34 that's why I'm able to say this so freely.
39:36 Now I don't have to go back and prove
39:37 the Seventh-day Sabbath and prove we ought
39:38 to keep the Ten Commandments because
39:39 the Bible proves that in our earlier study.
39:41 So if you are watching this study right now,
39:42 it's first time you are watching us,
39:43 you need to back and do the previous lessons,
39:46 so you will understand why I am saying,
39:48 what I am saying at this point?
39:49 And even the Bible says, that if they speak
39:53 and they have a prophecy and the prophecy comes to pass,
39:57 if they try to tell you to follow other Gods,
40:00 which it breaks which commandment?
40:03 Well, the very first one,
40:04 "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
40:06 All right and they tell you to go-- and the second one
40:08 we had grave and images and you're bowing down
40:10 and doing that kind of thing, right.
40:11 Don't listen to them.
40:13 If they try to get you to break the commandments
40:14 even if what they says is true.
40:16 I am seeing that happens even in my personal life.
40:18 You know, this person is on TV and they prophesied
40:20 this would happen and it happened just like they said.
40:23 He must be a prophet of God, let's go follow them, right.
40:25 And so people say, oh, this must be a prophet,
40:27 that's not how you determine a prophet.
40:31 That's one way to determine a prophet.
40:33 The second thing here also is they must also point us
40:36 back to the word of God, you know, many--
40:38 you think of the people that, it's funny to me when I,
40:41 when I think of prophets in our day,
40:43 and you think people talking about the Nostradamus guy right.
40:46 And they take his writings
40:47 and they take all his convoluted things,
40:48 they pulled out and say, oh we prophesied this
40:49 and prophesied that.
40:50 People are so happy to accept
40:52 someone as a prophet who is not,
40:54 because a true prophet of God will not only be pointing us,
40:58 to things that's going to take place,
41:00 it's going to happen, but they also point you
41:02 back to the scriptures, to the word of God.
41:04 And people aren't comfortable with that part of it, right.
41:07 All through history people have been comfortable
41:08 with prophets except when they say hey,
41:10 you know, what? You are living a life of sin.
41:12 A case in point was one prophet
41:13 we looked at being John the Baptist.
41:15 You know, the John the Baptist had--
41:16 he was a prophet and then he told Herod,
41:18 he said, what you are living in sin
41:20 so what happened to the John.
41:21 He had his head removed that's right Mike,
41:23 and so true prophets of God
41:25 will not only be making prophecies
41:26 that's come in to pass,
41:27 but they also call people back to the Bible
41:30 and so you have that two fold thing
41:31 found here in Deuteronomy 13
41:32 if they tell you to turn away from God in any way.
41:34 In the word of God, I haven't sent them He says.
41:37 Now let's look at another identifying mark here
41:39 in First John Chapter 4 and verses 1 and 2.
41:42 First John 4:1 and 2, and this is going to be here
41:46 about they had to uphold Christ,
41:49 uplift Jesus as the Messiah.
41:51 So, First John Chapter 4 verse 1 and 2.
41:54 Tom, would you like to read that for us,
41:56 First John 4 verses 1 and 2?
42:01 "Beloved, do not believe every spirit,
42:04 but test the spirits whether they are of God,
42:08 because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
42:12 By this you know the Spirit of God,
42:15 every spirit that confesses
42:17 that Jesus Christ has come into the flesh is of God."
42:22 So, is that mean that everybody that claims
42:24 that Jesus is the Christ come into the flesh
42:26 that makes him a prophet.
42:27 It almost sounds like that, otherwise word, isn't it?
42:29 Because it says, it says,
42:32 every spirit that confesses that Jesus is the Christ
42:35 in the flesh is of God.
42:36 So if the Spirit of Prophecies Jesus Christ
42:38 is in the flesh He is of God.
42:40 John, he was addressing something was going on his day.
42:43 You know, there were people claiming that,
42:44 that they were following God or prophets or whatever,
42:46 but they were claiming
42:48 that Jesus hadn't actually come in the flesh,
42:50 they were claiming that he wasn't actually God,
42:51 different things like that, right.
42:52 And he was dressing that.
42:54 They don't claim that he is actually God,
42:55 they just rejected Him outright.
42:56 This is just one of the identifying marks.
42:58 You know, they also have to,
42:59 also be by the word to the testimony,
43:00 they had to speak according to this, right.
43:02 Their prophecies have to come to pass.
43:04 They if-- even if the prophecies come to the pass,
43:06 they point you away from obeying God's commandments
43:08 so they can't be sent from God
43:09 and John you simply gives a another one, Tom.
43:11 And this other one that he gives us is the very fact
43:13 is that they have to claim that Jesus is the Christ.
43:15 He is the messiah. He has come in the flesh.
43:17 He didn't, I'm so spiritual
43:18 first coming or anytime like that.
43:20 He was actually here, he actually died for our sin,
43:22 they had to uplift Christ.
43:24 And Ellen White also fits that description,
43:26 one of the best books you can read on the life on Christ.
43:28 According to the Library of Congress,
43:29 the librarian works around understand Library of Congress
43:32 that they say that the most popular book,
43:33 most checked out book,
43:34 the most popular book on the life of Christ
43:36 actually is one called the "Desire of Ages"
43:38 written by Ellen White, and it's a powerful book.
43:41 It uplifts the life of Christ,
43:42 it's the commentary on the Bible
43:45 and it's a very powerful insights on that,
43:47 you know, and so you can get that book
43:49 called the "Desire of Ages" written by Ellen White
43:51 and test that part of it.
43:53 Does she oppose the scripture,
43:54 does she oppose the Christ.
43:56 You know, I've had many times talking to the many people
43:58 and right away as soon as they start hearing this study
44:01 they just, without even reading they start rejecting.
44:04 You know, they started rejecting
44:05 because it's kind of feels funny doesn't it
44:07 when you talk about a prophet?
44:08 It feels little funny.
44:10 Anything well, this is the most strange thing
44:12 but as we given as we continue through this
44:14 and especially as we get into the whole teaching
44:16 on the remnant church, you know,
44:19 it's interesting point there
44:21 made in the remnant church that it says
44:24 in Revelation Chapter 12 and verse 17, right.
44:29 Here they keep the commandments of God
44:30 and have the, Testimony of Jesus Christ,
44:33 since he is talking about the remnant church
44:34 having testimony of Jesus
44:36 and they keep the ten commandments
44:37 obviously and then you say
44:39 what is this testimony of Jesus
44:40 and do you know where you go to from there
44:42 Revelation 19:10 and it says the testimony of Jesus
44:45 is the Spirit of Prophecy or the gift of prophecy.
44:48 So, when you, when you
44:50 as you're thinking about these things
44:51 and we're showing, we shown already
44:52 that God's going to have definitely have a prophet
44:54 in the last days, right,
44:55 at the end of the 2300 time frame, 2300 day time,
44:59 year of time prophecy in 1844,
45:01 we've shown that already and then
45:02 when you see this other half of this
45:04 and you realize that God also says that His people,
45:06 you know, last days are going to have a prophet,
45:08 there's a two fold connection there.
45:10 God's true people is gonnna have a true prophet
45:12 and also that the prediction of the prophecy,
45:14 the prophet is going to come up
45:15 at the end of the 2300 days,
45:16 and she fits both of those, hand in gloves.
45:19 So you're following where we're going,
45:20 she lifts up Christ.
45:21 the book "Desire of Ages" there is another one
45:22 called "Steps to Christ", powerful little book,
45:25 not a big read at all.
45:26 If you want to get these books by the way,
45:28 and I am going to talk to the folks at home
45:29 just for a second, If you like to have these books,
45:31 you can if you go on our website and send us an email
45:34 or get contact us whatever,
45:36 and you don't have one of those books you like one,
45:37 I will see what we can do to get one send out to you
45:40 especially of the "Step to Christ"
45:41 or even the "Desire of Ages."
45:43 We can-- I am sure you get it arrange
45:44 you can have one of those books
45:45 if you can't find it.
45:46 You can probably find them,
45:47 you can go to a book store and get any of those books,
45:50 any Christian no, maybe not any Christian book store,
45:53 you go to ABC, the Adventist book store,
45:54 on the Internet, the website
45:55 you can find that on there, but its powerful book,
45:57 just you go read and find out more about him.
46:01 You can actually read those books online.
46:03 If you Google "Desired of Ages" or Google "Steps to Christ"
46:05 you can find those online and read there.
46:07 So I've done myself.
46:08 Now let's look at the next identifying mark here
46:10 of the true characteristic of a prophet.
46:12 Numbers Chapter 12 and verse 6.
46:14 Numbers is in the Old Testament, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,
46:19 Numbers Chapter 12 and verse 6.
46:25 Roberto, would you like to read that for us?
46:29 "Then I said, Hear now my words,
46:34 is there a prophet among you,
46:37 I the Lord make myself known to him in a vision,
46:42 I speak unto him in a dream."
46:46 So, so God says if there is a prophet
46:47 going to rise among you.
46:48 I'm going to have prophet rise up.
46:50 I am going to speak to them in visions and dreams,
46:53 and in the context, this is pretty interesting
46:54 because it's a time
46:55 when Mariam and Aaron was complaining to Moses,
46:58 you know, and there was a kind a coveting his position
47:00 or whatever and they were complaining about him
47:03 and God says, hey, a prophet,
47:05 I know there is a prophet up,
47:06 I am going to speak to them in visions and dreams.
47:08 But not so with my servant, Moses, he says
47:10 in the next verse because of my servant, Moses,
47:12 who is faithful on my house I am going to speak to him
47:14 mouth to mouth, so there is an exception there
47:17 where God actually spoke to Moses mouth to mouth,
47:18 but he says for the rest of the people,
47:20 for the rest of the things what we saw,
47:21 that the prophecy we're talking about here,
47:23 for the rest of them.
47:25 I am going to speak to them in visions and dreams.
47:28 And as you study more on the life of Ellen White,
47:31 you will find out this, you study little bit about her,
47:33 you will find out that's exactly
47:34 how God spoke to her in visions and dreams.
47:37 So there was a lot of skeptics around her day.
47:39 I am just going to tell you some stories.
47:40 And you have to go and look about
47:41 if you want to find out.
47:43 But in her day there were lots of skeptics around
47:45 and so some of these guys were skeptic,
47:46 kept saying, oh, this is all fake, its all phony,
47:48 and they had these doctors and nurses
47:50 who choose to this place at one time
47:51 she went into vision.
47:52 And so the skeptic was invited,
47:54 this doctor was invited to come forward
47:56 and investigate it right, and so she is in this vision,
47:59 she is, her eyes are like open and he test,
48:02 looks at her, she is not breathing,
48:04 and this is for a long amount of time, you know,
48:05 he like they hold candles up to her nose and you know,
48:08 put a glass up there to see if it fogs it up,
48:10 nothing she is not even breathing,
48:11 she is moving her arms and doing things
48:12 and supernatural strength
48:14 like they tried to hold her arms still,
48:15 she still move past and things like that,
48:16 watches in vision and what's interesting
48:18 when you look at the historical record of this.
48:20 This was done not with people
48:22 that were church members and saying oh,
48:23 she is a prophet.
48:24 These were done with people
48:25 that were skeptical, not believing.
48:27 And then the one guy I remember the story,
48:29 I remember the details of this.
48:31 We will get to details of this
48:32 when we do this class on the Spirit of Prophecy.
48:34 So if you want to hear the details of this
48:35 and find out all this, the names and everything,
48:38 you have to come to Life at our next semester
48:40 and go through the Spirit of Prophecy class
48:43 like these guys are all doing.
48:44 But what was interesting about it was this guy
48:46 after just a few minutes of looking out her
48:48 and one of the vision she had, he ran out,
48:50 far as he goes, he said, you know,
48:51 he didn't want anything to do with it,
48:52 because it scared him that much.
48:54 She was so skeptical and he thought it was just a put on,
48:56 but then he realized that they were real.
48:58 And so many times she had over-- had thousands of visions,
49:01 you know, literally like a couple of thousand visions
49:03 if the numbers are correct in my head
49:05 and all these visions
49:06 that she had differ to different times.
49:08 She would have revelations
49:09 and then she would write things that would just be
49:11 deep scholarly works.
49:13 You know, some of the things if you read
49:14 some of the writings that Ellen White had just
49:16 deep scholarly works and so you find here
49:18 in Numbers 12 verse 6
49:21 that God speaks to His true prophets
49:23 through visions and dreams.
49:24 So they had to have visions and dreams,
49:26 that kind of thing and she fits those as well.
49:30 Now as we are coming down to the end of this,
49:32 the Spirit of Prophecy study here.
49:34 I want you to think about a few things
49:35 that we've learned through here.
49:37 One of them is the very fact that God is definitely
49:40 going to raise up a prophet
49:42 in and around the time frame of 1844.
49:44 We know its going to happen.
49:46 The Bible has said, it was going to happen,
49:47 you know, the consistent,
49:48 the prophetic pattern all throughout, right.
49:50 And the question that I like to ask
49:53 when you are given the study, I will ask you here,
49:55 ask you at home or whatever, when you are giving the study,
49:57 if it's not her then who?
50:01 And then I asked them, do you believe
50:02 that God's gonna be consistent?
50:05 Do you believe, He is gonna keep the same pattern up?
50:08 Of course, you believe that right?
50:09 And I want to get the person
50:10 I am studying with Roberto.
50:11 I want to get them to either say no.
50:13 I don't believe that pattern is valid or say, yeah,
50:16 I can see how that's gonna work,
50:17 you want to get an answer from them at that point.
50:19 You know, you say, oh, yeah,
50:20 I can see that's valid, and say, okay.
50:22 If you come to the conclusion that you don't believe,
50:24 I am just asking you to investigate
50:26 to prove the prophets and I will tell you
50:27 why I am asking you to do that just a minute,
50:29 but I want you just check it out for yourself
50:31 and what we shown, what I've shown
50:34 and I believe to be true is, then we have to accept it
50:37 as part of God's word.
50:39 If God's word says, there is going to be
50:40 prophets in the last days,
50:42 then is it gift for us to reject prophets, no.
50:45 How do we know that?
50:47 We will go to our next text.
50:48 First Thessalonians Chapter 5,
50:49 this is the last text in this study part here.
50:51 First Thessalonians Chapter 5 verse 20 and 21.
50:54 It's in the New Testament the "T" is in the New Testament,
50:57 remember that we went through that several times.
50:59 So we get to-- Timothy,
51:01 which way I need to go from, Timothy?
51:03 Move to the left, right, First Thessalonians 5:20 and 21.
51:09 Look at the counsel
51:10 that Paul gives to us as his church, as his people would,
51:13 that he has given to the Thessalonians
51:14 in First Thessalonians 5:20 and 21.
51:17 Now, Bill, I'm gonna let you read this.
51:18 Now, whenever I am reading this in a Bible study,
51:21 I am doing this, when I am preaching it,
51:22 I'll make sure, I'll make sure,
51:24 I make the point, I mean,
51:25 I want to make an appeal with this.
51:27 That's the point I want to make, I want to make an appeal,
51:29 and so you are going to ask them
51:30 to make a decision based on this text.
51:32 So as you read it, I will put you on a spot
51:35 just a little bit if you want to.
51:36 You can try to make an appeal to me just like
51:37 read it through and then you're gonna ask me
51:39 a question at the end of it, right.
51:40 If you can't think of it, I will give to you, go ahead.
51:43 "Do not despise prophecies.
51:45 Test all things, hold fast what is good."
51:48 And so then I would,
51:49 I try to read that or I'll have a person read that,
51:52 you know, I usually read the last text,
51:53 the closing one here.
51:54 But what's the Bible tell us to do, Bill?
51:57 Test the prophets. Test the prophets.
51:59 Yeah, test them and that's all I am asking you
52:01 do right now in the close.
52:02 It's all I am asking you to do.
52:04 You know, as you are given the study or whatever.
52:06 I am asking you to test to see if it fits.
52:08 Now when you go to test the prophet,
52:10 do you go and find out all the things
52:13 that people wrote against the prophet
52:14 and that's how you test the prophet,
52:16 or do you go to what the prophet wrote
52:17 and find out for yourself.
52:20 I will give a little illustration
52:21 that I can use with people.
52:23 Gloria, let supposed, you're going to go buy
52:25 brand new Ford pickup truck, right.
52:28 You want a new Ford pickup,
52:31 so as you get ready to go buy it,
52:32 where you're gonna go, who you're gonna go
52:34 talk to find out about that Ford pickup truck?
52:37 Who you're gonna talk to?
52:40 I will talk to the Ford dealers.
52:41 You mean, you don't go to the Chevy dealership.
52:44 No. Why?
52:45 Because they specialize in Chevy's.
52:47 So if you go the Chevy dealership
52:49 and you ask them about the Ford,
52:50 what do you think they are gonna tell you?
52:51 All good stuff.
52:52 You go to the Chevy dealership
52:54 and ask them about the Ford, what are they gonna tell you?
52:55 All bad stuff. That's exactly right.
52:57 They're gonna tell you all bad stuff,
52:58 because they don't want you to buy a Ford,
53:00 they want to you to buy? Chevrolet.
53:01 That's exactly right. They want you buy Chevy, right.
53:03 And so the reason I bring this out in this point,
53:05 because many people at this point when you ask them,
53:07 they will and you get this appeal
53:08 and he will say, you know,
53:09 I am just asking you to test the prophet.
53:11 They will go on Internet, they go to Google,
53:13 and they'll go to find the anti-Seventh-day Adventist
53:15 or anti-Ellen White website, and he will say okay,
53:18 what I am gonna study about Ellen White,
53:21 oh, oh, she had-- this anti-Ellen White website,
53:25 you know what it says.
53:26 It says that she didn't really have visions,
53:27 but she had seizures.
53:29 So apparently you got a whole movement
53:31 going all over the world,
53:32 because this woman
53:34 with third-grade education had seizures.
53:35 Well, I reject that I feel comfortable myself now.
53:38 That's what many people do, they will actually do
53:39 something just like that.
53:40 They wanted that-- we tend to be the kind of people
53:43 who want to reject anything like that because it's sounds,
53:46 sounds strange to us in our corrupt minds,
53:48 our nature, right.
53:49 And so just to find the reason to reject it,
53:51 they will go to the Chevy dealerships,
53:52 so they don't have to buy the Ford,
53:54 or they go to an anti-Ellen White website
53:57 to find out that they don't have to follow
53:59 what the prophet is saying.
54:00 Here is my challenge to you and my challenge to them.
54:04 Before we go find the anti against
54:08 the Spirit of Prophecy, against Ellen White websites
54:10 and read that stuff and I encourage you to do
54:11 that by the way, go right ahead.
54:13 But before you do that read
54:14 what she actually wrote herself
54:17 and said herself before you go and find out
54:19 what people say against her,
54:21 it makes perfect sense, you know,
54:22 I have no problem if I am going buy a Ford pickup truck
54:24 and I kind of sold on the Ford.
54:26 After I go to the Ford dealership
54:27 there is nothing wrong with them.
54:28 We're going to the Chevy dealership
54:29 and comparing, is it?
54:31 There is nothing always doing that
54:32 because you want to find out, oh, maybe this one is better.
54:35 And I want to encourage you o do the same thing.
54:36 The Bible teaches us that we should go
54:39 and prove the prophets.
54:40 What it says there again in First Thessalonians?
54:42 "Do not despise prophecies."
54:47 That's what the people did in the days of Daniel,
54:49 that's what the people did in the days of Jeremiah
54:51 and Moses and all through history,
54:54 the contemporaries of prophets,
54:56 flatly rejected them.
54:59 And it will be the people much later in the future
55:00 that would say, oh, they were true prophets
55:02 and if I would been there, I wouldn't rejected them,
55:04 but they will flatly reject one
55:06 that's given in their day because,
55:07 because they don't want to,
55:09 they don't want to be different.
55:11 You know, they don't want to be caught
55:12 following an error or anything like that but God says
55:17 to prove the prophets, to test the prophets,
55:21 and through God, he says prove all things
55:24 and hold fast that which is good.
55:27 And so that's my challenge, that's the challenge
55:28 I give to the people in the Spirit of Prophecy study,
55:30 you know, I am giving you the same challenge right now.
55:32 Right now, few books that she has written
55:34 that are good books to kind of yet to read,
55:38 Great Controversy is the powerful book.
55:40 If you get the book called Great Controversy,
55:42 it takes you through a history of basically
55:44 from starts off from the time of Jesus there,
55:47 you know, it takes you through the history,
55:48 the reformers and things like that
55:50 and how they were persecuted,
55:51 lot of interesting things through history persecutions,
55:53 but it takes you all the way up
55:55 to the second coming of Christ and things
55:56 that will going on His earth then,
55:58 powerful book to read.
56:00 I know many people that their whole lives has been changed,
56:03 that they found this book and they were basically atheist,
56:06 I remember a guy myself.
56:07 He basically just didn't believe in God
56:09 or anything hardly at all and he read this book
56:12 and right after he read this book,
56:13 you know, what he did? You know, what he did?
56:15 He didn't join the church,
56:17 he went out and brought a Bible that he didn't have.
56:20 That book calls him to go buy a Bible.
56:22 He says I got to find this out for myself
56:23 and he goes and reads the Bible
56:25 and then he becomes a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
56:27 He is baptized, part of God's people
56:29 and he does this not because, not because
56:32 it was some kind of a crazy thing
56:33 that led him of wrong way,
56:34 but actually that book led him to study the Bible.
56:38 And there's people out there,
56:39 they will pick up, pick up a book
56:40 written by Ellen White like a Great Controversy
56:42 or Desire of Ages or Steps to Christ
56:44 or Acts of the Apostles, many of these books
56:47 like commentaries on the Bible.
56:48 They will read that book and then they will go,
56:50 they have to go and check it out with the Bible,
56:51 they will get a Bible.
56:53 And like good brains, if it goes with the word of God
56:56 they accept it and that's why I encourage all you to do too.
56:59 And again in the close, "If not her then who?"
57:05 Who it would be?
57:07 Any little short questions about the study right off?
57:10 Nothing, all right.
57:12 We'll cover more in the detail we go,
57:14 we do our class on the Spirit of Prophecy here at Life,
57:16 here in a few weeks, we'll cover all the details
57:18 of some of the things we just filled in there.
57:20 I want to encourage you people at home
57:21 to come to Life,,
57:24 actually you can go to our website,
57:25 you can fill out an application
57:27 and prepared to be coming through Life
57:28 at our next semester that we have.
57:31 You can learn both this class in person,
57:33 there is nothing like being here in person
57:34 and then you can also be here
57:35 when we do our Spirit of Prophecy study,
57:37 the full study.
57:38 So, thanks for joining us today
57:40 and we hope to see you again back here on our next study.


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