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00:01 The harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few.
00:03 Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest
00:06 that He will... He will send forth laborers into His harvest.
00:10 Also, I heard the voice of the Lord saying:
00:13 "Who shall I send? " "And who will go for us? "
00:17 Then said I: "Here am I... send me, send me. "
00:23 Life on the Edge will enable you to be
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00:43 Hello. Welcome again to Life on the Edge:
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00:57 And we're going through marking up our Bibles
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01:03 or actually we have 24 studies that we're doing here.
01:05 And by the end of this, you will actually have 24 studies
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01:10 Ready to share the Word of God
01:12 with someone else. And as we
01:13 we're just... seems like we are just on a rollercoaster
01:15 ride through this. To me...
01:17 to us here at Pine Lake Retreat
01:19 here in sunny Florida
01:21 it seems like we never see the sun shine.
01:22 And we've been here in class every day all day long.
01:25 Um, some of us here are losing our tans
01:29 and wondering what we came to Florida for, aren't we?
01:32 But we're here to study the Word of God.
01:34 That's the main reason for coming to Pine Lake Retreat,
01:36 for coming here to the Lay Institute for Evangelism:
01:38 to learn how to study the Word of God and share it with others.
01:41 And we are on study number... 20? Nineteen?
01:46 That's right... number 19 today.
01:47 Study number 19... so we have like five more to go
01:50 and we'll be done with the entire series.
01:53 Now I think everybody here... I don't know about you at home,
01:55 but I believe everybody here has their Bibles marked
01:58 all the way up pretty much to number 19.
02:01 They have like all the way up to number 19 marked up.
02:03 And they're ready to go start sharing their faith
02:06 with others. They're ready to start sharing the Word of God
02:08 and I hope you at home are doing the same thing.
02:10 If this is the first time you're joining us,
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02:33 everybody with their Macs. But you'll be able to download that,
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02:39 with us. And I want to encourage you to mark your Bibles up.
02:41 Not only is it good for you to be able to share it with
02:43 others but when you do this what's you'll discover -
02:46 what you'll find out - is that it inspires you
02:49 and it changes your life. It draws you closer to the
02:51 Lord Jesus... which is the ultimate purpose
02:53 of this whole thing anyway is to help us to have a better
02:55 walk with Him... that's Jesus.
02:57 And now as we're getting ready to get into today's study
03:00 on the remnant church. Some people are a little
03:03 bothered at just that statement "remnant church. "
03:06 Are you aware of that? Sometimes when you say
03:08 the remnant church, you know what comes to mind
03:10 for some people? Oh, you think that there's a church out there
03:13 that's different than all the rest of them
03:14 that's God's chosen people.
03:16 And my answer to that is: "Of course I do
03:18 or I would be going somewhere else
03:20 looking for another church. " Isn't that right?
03:23 You know, it's like you say that there is a remnant church
03:25 and it's God's chosen people and you're probably going to say
03:26 it's your church. No, no, I wouldn't say that.
03:29 It's somebody else's... but I'm in this one.
03:31 No, God does have a... Prophetically in the Bible
03:34 there is... there is an outline, there is a layout in the Bible
03:38 that tells us what the description of God's remnant
03:41 church will be. And then when you think of the term remnant,
03:43 what do you think of?
03:45 The remainder. You women know this, right?
03:47 Like guys maybe should too but it's the women...
03:51 Like I tear my shirt or my pants which I from time to time do
03:54 and my wife may want to fix it,
03:55 she'll go and try to find the material to fix it with.
03:58 And she'll go maybe to the store where they sell the
04:00 cloth or whatever. And she's going to buy a whole bolt
04:03 of cloth like 15 feet long, right?
04:05 No, she doesn't want the whole cloth.
04:07 What she wants is if they just have a little piece of it
04:09 left somewhere of what they originally made...
04:12 the material they used, she just needs a remnant of it.
04:14 Now you know that the remnant is just like the original.
04:17 Right? The remnant is just like the original.
04:20 So basically what we're going to be saying in this study
04:22 and showing in this study from the Bible
04:24 is that God in the last days is going to have a remnant people
04:28 that's going to look just like the original.
04:31 Just like the original.
04:32 And the original would be the original church that you see
04:34 apostles had and things like that.
04:36 So that's the basis of this study. That's what we're
04:38 going to be looking for as we go through here.
04:40 Now we're going to go to the screen now
04:42 and look at the purpose of this study.
04:43 And we kind of already described it a little bit.
04:45 I got a little ahead of myself, but that's OK.
04:47 We can repeat ourselves.
04:53 The Word of God is leading all of His sheep into one fold.
04:56 God wants us all to be together as one, doesn't He?
04:58 You know, we have a problem right now.
04:59 You know what that problem is?
05:01 We're scattered everywhere. There's not just one faith,
05:04 one Lord, one baptism like the Bible teaches.
05:06 There's just... everywhere.
05:08 So we're going to be discussing that as well today.
05:17 So just like He had a true church in the days of the
05:20 apostles He's going to have one all the way till He comes again.
05:22 In the last days He's going to have that.
05:23 And what our goal is... what we're going to be seeking to do
05:26 is find out who that true church is.
05:29 Who is it? What's the identifying characteristics?
05:32 Just like we use the Bible to identify the antichrist
05:34 and had identifying character- istics to identify that
05:37 and we use the Bible to identify many things
05:39 by simply going: "OK, this is what God says will be happening.
05:42 Where do you find that? "
05:43 You know, whatever your topic is, you just say:
05:45 "This is what God's Word says.
05:47 How can we find where that's being taught?
05:48 Where that's taking place at? " Right?
05:51 Well in the remnant church it's no different.
05:53 God actually through the book of Revelation and other places
05:55 has identifying characteristics of the remnant church.
05:58 And so we're going to go through six of these identifying
06:01 characteristics, and I'll probably throw in a few more
06:03 just for good measure. But we're going to be looking
06:04 at these identifying characteristics to see...
06:06 How can we define where we need to be?
06:09 I mean, I don't want to be in a church that's not really
06:12 following what God's teaching. Do you?
06:14 I want to be in what God would call in the Bible
06:15 in the term remnant church that's like meaning that
06:19 the remainder or just like the original.
06:21 And so I want to be in the church that's just like
06:23 the original. How do we find that?
06:25 Now the texts we're going to be studying as we go through
06:27 this study is... There's actually 13 of them
06:30 starting in I Corinthians chapter 14 verse 33.
06:32 We have it on the screen there. For those of you at home
06:35 you can look at it. You're not going to have time
06:36 to write it down before that slides goes away.
06:38 It's getting ready to come back to me probably about right now.
06:40 And you just missed it on the screen if you didn't see
06:43 all that. But there's actually 13 of these texts.
06:46 And if you want to get a copy of those, again you
06:50 can go to our website to see the whole list
06:52 and you can download it from there
06:54 as well as these presentations.
06:55 The presentations will also be on the website.
06:57 So if you're watching this for the first time
07:00 whether it's on DVD or on one of the networks
07:02 or something like that and you're watching it
07:03 for the first time and you want now to see all the rest of them,
07:07 you can get them all on the website.
07:09 Now before we get into the main part of the study -
07:11 actually opening the Bible and reading it...
07:14 Um, if you open the Bible and try to read it with your own
07:16 understanding, you sometimes run into a problem.
07:18 Many people will do that and they come up with all kinds
07:20 of crazy ideas. The same Spirit that inspired the Bible
07:25 can inspire us to understand the Bible.
07:27 So what we're going to do now is ask God
07:28 through His Spirit to give us understanding
07:30 as we study this important topic of the remnant church.
07:33 Let us pray. Father in Heaven,
07:37 thank you so much that You have given us time we can come apart
07:42 and spend studying Your Word.
07:44 I pray, Father, that as we study this topic
07:46 of the remnant church, that You will give us understanding.
07:49 And we ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
07:54 OK. Our first text that we're going to be looking at here
07:57 in the remnant church on the slide here
07:59 is... Oh, it's missing. Nothing shows up.
08:03 There it is. Hah! I Corinthians 14:33.
08:06 I Corinthians... Whew! You know, one time I was preaching
08:11 in a place. While you're turning there, I'll tell you
08:12 a quick story. One time I was preaching at a place
08:13 and it happened only one time that I can remember.
08:15 And you know you write your sermon. You kind of have
08:17 sermon notes you know laid out there, you know?
08:19 And the text I had them turning to was the wrong text.
08:22 And I didn't know what the right text was, you know.
08:24 And I just... I could feel the sweat. I mean, I could
08:27 like... I could just feel myself breaking out in a cold, clammy
08:30 sweat. You know, all over my body... my forehead.
08:32 I was scared to death. There were a lot of people out there
08:34 and I was looking like such a fool.
08:36 And God so humbled me.
08:37 I felt so humble after that.
08:39 I apologized to them and I said: "I don't know where we're going
08:41 but we're going to be going to someplace else. "
08:43 And they still loved me and let me come back and preach again
08:45 later on. Boy, I made sure I had all my t's crossed
08:48 and my i's dotted after that one.
08:49 Anyway, we've almost done that again.
08:52 When you look up at the screen and you're getting ready
08:53 to turn to your text and it's not there...
08:55 sometimes that would make you panic.
08:57 I Corinthians 14 verse 33.
09:00 And what we're going to be figuring out here...
09:02 It's like confusing in the world, isn't it?
09:05 I mean, have you ever like? How many people here
09:08 are like raised in a church? You were raised in a church?
09:10 Anybody? I wasn't. I wasn't raised in a church.
09:13 But when you're getting ready... So you kind of just stay...
09:15 Most people were raised in a church. They stay in a church.
09:17 They never really think about going through the confusing
09:19 process of like: "If I'm going to be a Christian
09:21 and I want to follow God, where do I go? "
09:23 Right? I mean, if you pick up the phone book today
09:26 you can start looking through the phone book
09:27 and you start looking in churches and you think
09:29 church, church, church. And it's page after page
09:31 of these churches. It's like "Which one do I go to? "
09:33 "How can I be sure? " And it's really confusing out there,
09:35 isn't it? Now the reason I open up saying like this
09:38 as we're getting ready to go to I Corinthians 14 is
09:40 why is it so confusing? Was it God's design
09:45 for it to be like this?
09:47 Did God mean for us to be here in the last days of earth's
09:50 history - as I believe like Jesus is going to come soon -
09:52 In the Bible we've already covered those topics
09:54 and those subjects to realize that we are living
09:56 in the last days. But yet when you try to go find
09:59 who is teaching what God actually wants them to teach
10:01 and who is following God with all their heart
10:03 and what churches are... where the true church is,
10:05 you can't go to the phone book and look, can you?
10:07 I mean, you start in alphabetical order.
10:08 Wouldn't be a bad thing to do if you wanted to start
10:09 in alphabetical order. You could start with Adventist
10:11 and then go to... No...
10:13 I'm just kidding there.
10:14 Right? But there is... There's just all kinds of churches
10:17 that are listed all over... in the phone book
10:20 or wherever you want to go... and it's hard to know
10:22 where to go... where to be.
10:24 And there's a lot of confusion out there.
10:25 We go out here at LIFE -
10:28 Lay Institute for Evangelism - our students, we go out
10:30 and we knock on doors to ask people to start Bible studies.
10:33 Part of what our curriculum is. We do that 3 times a week
10:36 in the evening. And it's funny because if you go to the doors
10:40 and you go to this door and they'll say: "No, no, I'm not
10:42 interested. I'm a... whatever. "
10:44 Well you know, that's perfectly fine. "I don't need to study
10:47 the Bible because I have my own church. "
10:48 Have you heard people say that? "I don't need to study
10:50 the Bible. I have my own church. "
10:51 Well that doesn't make sense. You mean your church
10:53 doesn't like to study the Bible?
10:55 Well what they're actually saying is... is...
10:57 "I'm perfectly satisfied where I'm at
10:58 and it doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong
11:00 just as long as I follow my church. " You know?
11:02 And just time and again, you go to door after door
11:04 and you'll hear these things.
11:05 And it sounds awful confusing.
11:07 You'd think at least they would all live in the same
11:08 neighborhood. We would all like... OK, we're all going to
11:10 agree on our religion and live in the same neighborhood
11:12 or something. But it's not like that, is it?
11:13 It's just confusing. Everywhere you go it's confusing
11:16 chaos. You have... You have this guy parked here
11:18 and this guy parked here. And one church is up the street
11:21 here and one church is up the street here.
11:22 This guy will pull out of his driveway and go this way
11:24 and this guy will pull out and go this way.
11:25 You know, and there's churches all over the place.
11:27 Myself, coming out a heathen world and looking at this,
11:30 I've got to admit it was a little confusing.
11:32 Like how can you be sure?
11:33 And then I have somebody come along and say:
11:35 "Our church is the true church. "
11:36 "Really? " "Yeah. " "Why? "
11:38 Because of the name... The name of our church makes us
11:42 "the true church. " You know?
11:43 And I'll tell you a story maybe as we get along into this
11:46 of an experience I had with that.
11:47 And it's awful confusing.
11:49 Isn't it confusing?
11:50 I mean, how can we be sure we're in the right place?
11:52 So when I give this study I don't usually take that much
11:56 time. I'm just trying to give you an overall thing
11:58 where you'll kind of have an idea
12:00 whenever you want to give a study on the remnant.
12:01 You want the people to start thinking along the lines
12:03 "Is it God's intention to have such confusion? "
12:08 Well, let's find out.
12:09 I Corinthians chapter 14 and verse 33.
12:12 Tom, would you like to read that one there?
12:14 I Corinthians 14 and verse 33.
12:18 "For God is not the author of confusion
12:22 but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. "
12:27 So according to the Bible, what we just read so far,
12:29 "God is not the author of confusion. "
12:32 So do you think it's God's desire
12:34 for it to be so confusing right now?
12:36 Do you think that He intended?
12:38 And I think it's interesting here because sometimes
12:40 we might read this and it says He is not the author of
12:42 confusion as in all the churches of the saints. "
12:45 In other words it sounds like
12:46 churches is plural and so
12:48 therefore there must be many churches.
12:49 But it's not talking about
12:50 different belief systems
12:52 in churches. Right? It's talking
12:54 about, you know, there was a church in Corinth,
12:55 there was a church in Ephesus.
12:57 There was a church in Laodicea.
12:58 You know, you've got all these churches around
13:00 and they're all believing the same thing.
13:02 Right? And God doesn't want confusion in the churches.
13:04 He wants us all to believe the same thing.
13:06 And.. But yet, even though that's God's desire,
13:09 it hasn't turned out to be that way.
13:11 All right? It's turned out to be like Baskin and Robbins.
13:14 You know, you've got all these different flavors.
13:16 You can find a church to believe whatever you want.
13:18 I've seen personally some pretty interesting things
13:23 happen as far as churches starting up
13:27 just based on strange beliefs. Let me just put it that way.
13:32 You know, they'll just branch off here, and this church will
13:34 branch off here, and then that church will branch off.
13:36 And it continues to go just like that.
13:39 So let us go on here and ask the question here:
13:42 Who is the designer of all this confusion?
13:44 If God is not the author of confusion as we've learned here,
13:46 who is the designer of all this confusion?
13:48 Jason: you got a Bible text?
13:53 Say John 10. All right. John 10:10-12.
13:56 Let's look at John chapter 10 and verses 10 through 12.
14:01 John the 10th chapter
14:03 verses 10 through 12.
14:05 And I'm going to ask Mike if he would like to read that.
14:09 John 10 verses 10 through 12.
14:13 "The thief cometh not but to kill and steal and to destroy.
14:18 I am come that they might have life
14:20 and that they might have it more abundantly.
14:22 I am the Good Shepherd.
14:24 The Good Shepherd giveth His life for the sheep.
14:26 But he that is the hireling and not the shepherd
14:29 whose own the sheep are not seeth the wolf coming
14:32 and leaveth the sheep and fleeth.
14:34 And the wolf catches them and scatters the sheep. "
14:37 So Jesus says: "I am the Good Shepherd
14:40 and the Good Shepherd will give His life for the sheep. "
14:43 And the sheep being - in this context in the parable here -
14:45 who are the sheep? Who would be the sheep?
14:47 It would be the church. It would be God's people, right?
14:48 And it's like He is willing to give His life for the people.
14:50 But the wolf... now who would be represented by the wolf here?
14:54 It would be Satan. He comes and does what?
14:56 Scatters the sheep, right?
14:58 So the devil's whole idea is to have God's sheep
15:01 scattered all over the place.
15:02 God's idea is to have God's sheep in one fold.
15:04 And the devil's idea is to scatter them.
15:07 And I think it's interesting there because it talks about
15:09 the hireling as well. Who would the hireling represent?
15:12 Maybe the leaders, the pastors, and things like that, right?
15:17 And what is it that they're doing?
15:18 They're just running.
15:20 You know, like "get away, get away, " right?
15:22 And so Jesus said: "It's My desire,
15:26 it is My goal, to have them as one fold.
15:30 In the flock... together. But the devil
15:33 the wolf, is coming to scatter them. "
15:35 So if the churches of God's people and God's church
15:38 are all scattered around in different flocks
15:40 and different denominations and scattered out like that,
15:41 whose will is being done?
15:43 Satan's will. Yeah.
15:46 But now, we're getting into some very sticky territory here,
15:49 Bill. Because right now what you're saying is
15:51 that God expects us to be together as one
15:54 but which one are we going to choose?
15:56 Right? Which one is the right one?
16:00 If the devil has us scattered and that's not God's will,
16:02 one of these scattering places has to be the right one.
16:07 Right? There has to be the true sheep there
16:09 that we're all going to come back together with.
16:11 Who's got... who has it right?
16:13 That's what we're going to be studying through this study
16:15 is like what's the Bible description of who has it right?
16:18 We know that God... that Jesus does care
16:21 and that God does care about what's going on with the
16:24 churches. He loves His church, right?
16:26 And He wants to bring it together... He wants to bring
16:27 it back into one fold.
16:29 So... and we're going to look at that next
16:31 in John chapter and verse 16. That's exactly the statement
16:33 we're going to be seeing here that Jesus said.
16:35 John 10:16. This is the Remnant Church study.
16:37 This is the third part of this study.
16:39 For those of you joining this for the first time,
16:41 I'm just going to touch on this one more time.
16:42 I think it doesn't hurt for us to do this.
16:44 About every time we do one of these presentations for...
16:48 for the video here because somebody might just be seeing
16:51 for the first time and don't really understand what
16:52 we're doing. We're going through marking our Bibles.
16:55 And what we're doing is like at the text...
16:57 You'll be at John 10:16 is the text you're going to be at next
17:00 or we're going to that text to read it.
17:02 And somewhere in and around that text you're going to
17:04 want to write 3RC because you're on the 3rd Remnant Church study
17:07 and the third part of the Remnant Church study.
17:09 And the text we just came from, the reference we came from is
17:11 John chapter 10 verses 11-12.
17:14 And then we're going to II Timothy chapter 3
17:16 and verse 16 in our next text. You'll put that in there.
17:18 But I want to make a statement. I heard a couple of our students
17:20 here at LIFE just yesterday as a matter of fact
17:23 saying: "You know, when I try to write in between the lines
17:26 and I put that circle and that long line out from it
17:28 and try to write above it and below it I run out of room. "
17:30 And they said: "I discovered something. "
17:31 I thought: "Well, you know, I guess I should have explained
17:33 this earlier. " If you make a little circle and write 3RC,
17:36 and you put the... and you kind of write the text
17:38 at a little bit of an angle there
17:39 and then put the other line - instead of putting it straight
17:40 across this way you put it at an angle like this
17:42 then you have more room to write.
17:44 You have more room that way because you're writing
17:45 this way and then the line goes this way
17:47 and you're writing this way again
17:48 so you can write without having to take up so much space.
17:50 Are you following? Is that making sense?
17:52 Shelleta says "no. "
17:53 Well, Shelleta, I'll tell you what. If you'll look in your
17:55 Bible right here like this
17:56 in between right here - you see how narrow that is right there
18:00 in between? - I'm going to go and get in front of the camera
18:01 here. Can you get this on camera?
18:04 Right here. See how that white line is there... the opening
18:07 in between there. There's really not room to write
18:09 above and below a line if you make a straight line in there.
18:11 So what you do is if you put a line in there at an angle
18:14 you can write a text here and then a text on the other side
18:16 of it. Just put it in there as a slash more than straight across.
18:19 Like... like you see on the screen there.
18:21 And so you can actually get more in there doing it that way.
18:25 So... Just so you know that's what we're doing.
18:27 We're marking our Bibles up here and we're in the Remnant Church
18:29 study right now. Kind of got off the subject there a little bit
18:31 but I felt impressed to do that.
18:32 Somebody is at home right now saying: "I'm glad he did that! "
18:35 The rest of them are like: "I've heard this before. "
18:38 All right. So we can't please everybody all the time
18:41 but we can please some of the people some of the time, right?
18:42 All right. John 10... John the 10th chapter and verse 16.
18:46 Um, I think we'll have Dosung read that one
18:50 if you don't mind. John chapter 10 and verse 16.
18:55 "And other sheep I have which are not of this fold.
18:59 Them also I must bring, and they shall hear My voice.
19:03 And there shall be one fold and one Shepherd. "
19:07 So what is God's plan according to Jesus' own words?
19:12 One fold and one Shepherd.
19:14 He's not the author of confusion.
19:17 Do you see how this study is leading so far?
19:19 It's not God's desire for it to be so confusing out there.
19:22 It's not His desire for us to be struggling saying:
19:26 "Oh, I wish I knew where to go. "
19:27 Do you suppose if you spend time praying and seeking God's
19:31 Word and following Him that... and ask Him to show you
19:34 who His remnant people are in the last days
19:36 that He will lead you there?
19:38 Or do you think it's God's will that you continue in confusion
19:40 not knowing where to go? You know, absolutely the
19:44 truth there is He wants to show you where to do, doesn't He?
19:46 You know, there's something that just keeps coming in my mind.
19:48 I can't quite think of it. It's like right on the edge
19:50 of my head. Is that I remember an illustration about
19:53 how to find... make sure you're in the right church,
19:56 in the remnant church. You know, that kind of thing?
19:58 And it's an illustration, and I'm just praying in my mind
20:01 as I'm talking right now that He'll bring that back to me
20:02 because it seems so important.
20:04 You ever do that? Well, I'm doing it right now.
20:07 All right. So now we're going to go to the next part of this.
20:10 Um, how can we know God's voice?
20:12 In other words, if you want to be led into God's church
20:17 you want to be following God's people... not God's people but
20:20 God... to be with His people,
20:21 how is it that you can know whether or not you're in...
20:24 in the right place, in the right church?
20:25 By praying and seeking God.
20:27 But you know, there's one way you can know you're hearing
20:29 His voice. Let us go to our next text and look at that
20:32 in II Timothy chapter 3. It's in the T's in the New Testament.
20:35 Can anybody tell me how to get there from where we're at?
20:37 We're in John... John chapter 17.
20:39 We're going to turn to the right, we're told.
20:41 Going to turn to the right. So we're turning toward the back
20:43 of the Bible toward the book of Revelation.
20:44 And you'll go and you'll probably see Corinthians.
20:46 And you'll probably see it right away and you'll get into the T's
20:49 and you'll see Timothy or one of those
20:51 and that's what we're looking for. Over to the right
20:53 into Timothy. If you see Thessalonians, keep going.
20:56 Remember, the T's in the New Testament are in alphabetical
20:59 order. So you have Thessalonians Timothy and then Titus.
21:02 And so we're actually going to II Timothy chapter 3
21:04 and verse 16. II Timothy 3:16.
21:09 And Darlene, would you like to read that for us?
21:13 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God
21:17 and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
21:20 and for instruction in righteousness. "
21:22 What's the Word of God profitable for?
21:25 For doctrine, for reproof, and for
21:28 instruction in righteousness.
21:29 And it says here that all scripture is given by
21:31 inspiration of God. You know what that literally means?
21:33 God breathed.
21:36 So God breathed, you know, the... Like the inspir...
21:39 The people that wrote the Bible... they're inspired by
21:41 the breath of God. It's He who inspired them
21:44 to write the Bible. And that same breath - that same
21:46 inspiration that led people to write the Bible -
21:48 also helps us to understand what the Bible is saying
21:51 and who His people are... what His church is like.
21:54 It's through the Bible that you understand where you need to be.
21:56 You understand this, right? So it's the inspiration of God,
21:59 the Spirit of God, that comes in and it teaches us.
22:02 Look what it teaches us here. It's profitable for reproof
22:04 and what's that next word? Doctrine?
22:08 Have you ever heard somebody in a church say something
22:10 like this? I've visited many churches. I used to visit
22:12 quite a few more than I do now. But you visit around in churches
22:15 and I've heard people say: "You guys have your doctrine
22:18 but we have Jesus. "
22:19 Almost like they put themselves aloof. Like: "Oh, yeah,
22:23 we're holy and you're just all about religion and things
22:25 like that. But we have Jesus and that's all that matters. "
22:27 You know that's a doctrine?
22:28 You know what a doctrine is?
22:30 If you say your church doesn't have doctrines,
22:32 you know what it's actually saying?
22:33 We don't believe anything.
22:34 Because a doctrine is a teaching or something that we believe.
22:38 You know, and so sometimes...
22:41 sometimes I get a little frustrated myself
22:44 when I talk, trying to witness to somebody and
22:46 they say: "Well, I'm in a non-denominational church. "
22:49 I said: "Oh, really? What's a non-denominational church? "
22:52 It's like: "Well, we don't have a denomination. "
22:55 "But do not denominations have beliefs? "
22:58 "Yeah. " "So are you saying you don't have beliefs? "
23:01 "Well, no, we have beliefs. We just believe in Jesus. "
23:05 "Well I am too. I'm in my church and we're a denomination...
23:08 you know, we believe in Jesus. "
23:09 "Yeah, but you have doctrines and we don't have doctrines. "
23:12 "Oh, so you really don't have a belief? "
23:15 So then doctrine is a teaching.
23:17 It's kind of like search your lines. I feel like I'm with
23:19 Abbott and Costello... "Who's on first? "
23:20 "No, no. Who's on second. "
23:22 You know? You know, that kind of thing.
23:23 I kind of feel like that sometimes when I'm talking.
23:25 But the Bible clearly has a set of teachings
23:29 and truths that are laid out in the Bible.
23:31 And whenever people come together, they'll all
23:33 believe that same truth. Like in the early church...
23:35 You know what the main issue for most of the Jews and stuff was
23:38 in the early church? Believing in Jesus.
23:41 And so the apostles were going around teaching the people
23:43 about Jesus. They already believed things like we've
23:44 learned here: the truth about the Sabbath.
23:46 You think the Jews needed to learn about that?
23:48 No. Most of them understood that, didn't they?
23:50 Even as you read through the book of Acts -
23:51 we covered this a little bit when we covered the Sabbath...
23:53 You go to Acts chapter 13
23:57 where Paul was preaching in the synagogue to both Jews and
24:00 Gentiles. And then Acts chapter 18 verse 4 says that
24:05 specifically. He was working on the Sabbath...
24:09 He was preaching to both Jews and Greeks it says,
24:11 or Jews and Gentiles.
24:12 So these people... do you think they needed to understand
24:14 the truth about the Sabbath in their day?
24:15 No, the devil hadn't had an opportunity to really
24:18 mess that one all up yet, had he?
24:19 But you know what the main issue was?
24:21 Accepting Christ as the Messiah.
24:23 Accepting Jesus as Savior.
24:25 Basically, the basic principles that we've learned here
24:27 about what happens when you die and, you know,
24:30 the truth about God not being a tyrant and torturing people
24:33 forever and the truth about the Sabbath.
24:35 Some of the things that people don't understand today
24:37 which has caused so many fractions to break off...
24:39 Some of those things they didn't have to teach people
24:42 in their day. You know, people would come. They would learn
24:44 about Christ and they would come together.
24:45 Now listen... They would be the same denomination.
24:48 Oh, they didn't have denominations back then.
24:50 A denomination is simply a group of people
24:53 coming together with the same beliefs.
24:55 You would call that a denomination. Just a word.
24:58 You know, it doesn't really mean like the connotation
25:01 sometimes it has today. "Oh, a denomination. That means
25:04 that you're in with... you've got a church name.
25:07 You know, we don't have church names. "
25:09 But there are many churches out there, aren't there?
25:12 Even the non-denominational churches are denominations.
25:15 They have a set of beliefs that they kind of hold by.
25:18 Certain ones. Sometimes they just say "Just kind of believe
25:21 whatever you want as long as you put in the money. "
25:22 That's a doctrine, though.
25:24 OK. Are you following what we're going with here, huh?
25:27 So, Jesus' idea of His church
25:33 is being together in one fold and one flock.
25:37 And how do you tell which that fold and flock is?
25:39 How do you tell that? Because it's the scriptures...
25:42 it's the Bible that tells us. And look what it says
25:44 here again... what it says.
25:45 Now, we went over this a little more that we talked about
25:48 this text again. It says: "All scripture is given
25:50 by inspiration of God. " So it's the breath of God.
25:52 It's the Spirit of God that comes in and gives the
25:54 inspiration for the Bible. And it's "profitable for doctrine. "
25:57 So is doctrine an OK thing according to the Bible? Right.
26:00 "For reproof. " Reproof is like you're messing up
26:03 and the Bible straightens you out.
26:05 "For correction. " We need correction, right?
26:09 "And for instruction on how to be righteous
26:12 or instruction in righteousness. "
26:14 Is that lacking in your church?
26:16 Maybe you're not part of God's remnant church.
26:20 Does that make sense?
26:22 If you go to a church that says "we don't have doctrine, "
26:24 "we're not about to preach anything about correcting you
26:27 from your sins" and "we're not also going to say anything about
26:30 you being unrighteous. "
26:31 Does that fit with what the Bible description here in
26:33 II Timothy 3:16?
26:35 No. That's so... that's so politically incorrect to say
26:38 that, isn't it?
26:41 But remember. We've looked all along as we've gone through
26:44 these studies that the devil... the devil's plan
26:47 is to bring deception and to bring people...
26:50 scatter the flock and bring deception so that we have no way
26:53 of understanding what truth is.
26:54 That's what his plan is.
26:56 He's been doing that all along because he wants you to be lost.
26:59 The devil wants you to be lost.
27:00 All right, let's continue on here.
27:03 Now we're going to get into the fun part of it.
27:05 There's actually... we're going to look at the 6 identifying
27:08 characteristics of God's remnant church.
27:09 We're going to go through these in detail.
27:11 What are the six identifying characteristics
27:13 of God's remnant people?
27:14 And if your church that you're in right now
27:17 doesn't fit one of these six,
27:19 you know I have a suggestion for you:
27:21 find one that does.
27:23 All six of these, right?
27:25 It has to fit all six of them.
27:26 If it doesn't, then it can't be God's remnant.
27:29 Does that make sense?
27:31 Now again, I know that somebody's going to say:
27:33 "Oh, you're going to tell us it's your church. "
27:34 Of course I am!
27:35 If I didn't believe that the church I was in was God's
27:37 remnant church, you know what I would be doing?
27:40 I'd be finding another church.
27:41 I would be looking for a group of people that
27:42 would worship the way the Bible says
27:44 and have... and have these six characteristics...
27:46 what the Bible says here.
27:48 And these six characteristics are pretty clear
27:50 and pretty... they're just straight on.
27:52 You know, there's no really missing it
27:53 as we go through this. So let's look at the first one.
27:56 It's in I Timothy. We're in II Timothy.
27:57 Does anybody have any idea where we'd go to
27:59 to find I Timothy? To the left. That's exactly right.
28:02 I Timothy and we're going to be looking at...
28:05 I'll put it on the screen here for those at home
28:07 and for us here: I Timothy 3:15.
28:10 I Timothy 3 and verse 15.
28:13 Now, this text we're getting ready to read here...
28:16 I could park here and preach on it all morning.
28:18 You don't want me to do that though, do you?
28:21 Scott's like "No! " He's back there in a truck somewhere
28:24 listening saying: "No! Don't do that. "
28:25 I tend to do that.
28:27 You know, here at the Lay Institute for Evangelism
28:29 as we're going through this interactive learning of the
28:34 Bible studies the guys kind of get onto me a little bit
28:36 because I go from teaching mode to preaching mode.
28:39 It's just in me. It's the evangelist in me.
28:42 So... But I'm going to try to resist.
28:44 I'm going to do my best. And Shelleta, I'm going to hold
28:46 you responsible. You're going to read the next text for us
28:49 but I'm also going to hold you responsible. If I go into
28:50 preaching mode, you stop me. OK?
28:52 All right. Thank you so much.
28:54 All right, I Timothy 3:15.
28:55 You say: "Pastor, now you're preaching. "
28:57 All right. Are you ready for that?
28:59 Give her a microphone here.
29:01 Pay attention.
29:02 I Timothy 3:15.
29:08 "But if I tarry long
29:10 that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave
29:14 thyself in the house of God
29:16 which is the church of the living God
29:18 the pillar and ground of truth. "
29:20 So Shelleta, according to the text you just read,
29:23 what you just read there, what is the description
29:26 we find here? I'm going to put the pressure on you bad.
29:28 What is the description we're looking for here
29:30 that makes something... the church of the living God,
29:33 God's remnant church, what would be the description here we find?
29:36 The pillar... "pillar of truth. "
29:39 "Pillar and ground of truth. " In other words,
29:41 the church - God's remnant according to Paul here
29:43 as he's writing to the young preacher Timothy -
29:45 is that is has to have the pillar and the ground of truth.
29:49 And how do you define truth?
29:53 By the Bible. Exactly right.
29:55 The Word of God. We've already covered that, haven't we?
29:56 So it's going to have to be the pillar and ground of truth.
29:58 Now I really appreciate this here
29:59 and I'm almost hesitant to say what I'm going to say...
30:01 but I'm going to say it anyway.
30:04 If they have to cut it out then they can just do so.
30:06 But I had an experience in my own personal life
30:09 as I'm going around to churches and things like that
30:11 in visiting. You know I said as you go around looking
30:14 for a church to be in or just fellowshipping with others,
30:17 you want to see how they believe -
30:18 one of the things I discovered was:
30:19 I was in a church one time. This is one of the main texts
30:22 they use. It says here: "behave yourself in the house
30:26 of God which is the church of the living God. "
30:28 And they said: "Therefore, what the Bible says there
30:31 is when a church has the name The Church of the Living God
30:34 or the Church of God, it must be God's remnant church.
30:37 That's what they were teaching one time where I was at.
30:39 And I was feeling a little uncomfortable because
30:41 they were getting really harsh and they were actually making
30:44 fun of other churches with what he called "Mickey Mouse" names.
30:47 You know. And there's nothing wrong with Mickey Mouse.
30:50 We have him down here in Florida, don't we?
30:51 All right. But he was making fun of people with "Mickey Mouse"
30:55 names... their churches. And, uh, said:
30:57 "We know that we're God's remnant church. "
30:59 That's what he was saying, the pastor was saying,
31:00 at this time in a prayer meeting setting.
31:02 "We know that we're God's remnant church because we
31:04 have that name: Church of the Living God. "
31:07 And I thought: "Well, that's awful strange. "
31:10 And so he goes on and he spends a whole like 25-30 minutes
31:12 just going on and on making fun of other people
31:14 that don't have... In other words, how can these people
31:16 think they're going to be saved when they have another name
31:18 over their church door? He actually said words like that.
31:19 And I'm really about just to blow up in my seat.
31:23 You can imagine me having to sit there.
31:25 And when he got to the end of his little description
31:28 and there was about 15 minutes left to go in their
31:30 prayer meeting time, he says: "Does anybody have any
31:32 questions? " There were about 55 people there.
31:33 And my hand went up immediately.
31:35 And I said: "Yes, sir, I have a question. "
31:37 And he says: "OK. " He knows who I am and things.
31:39 He said: "Well, what is it? "
31:41 I said: Well, you know, I have fellowship with some friends
31:44 of mine that were Church of Christ.
31:46 Lovely people; nice people.
31:49 Some of them were really nice people. "
31:50 Many people are nice people in all denominations.
31:52 You realize that not all denominations have
31:54 all nice people and not all denominations have
31:55 all bad people. You understand what I'm saying, right?
31:57 And I said: "But you know they told me
31:59 that they're God's true church, they're God's church,
32:01 because they have the name Church of Christ. "
32:03 That's why... like the friends I had... they're God's true
32:07 church because they have the name Church of Christ.
32:08 After all, you read in the New Testament, you read
32:11 the title Church of Christ some places in the book of Acts
32:13 where it actually uses that term Church of Christ.
32:14 Therefore, you've got the correct name.
32:16 And then I know other people that they're Catholic
32:20 and they say "we're God's true church because the name
32:22 Catholic means universal. "
32:24 This is true. This is how I talked to this guy here.
32:28 Everybody, as you can imagine, I'm drawing in their attention
32:30 about like I'm drawing in yours right now, right?
32:31 I said: "So they said they're God's true church because
32:34 they have the name Catholic that means universal. "
32:35 Then I have some Baptist friends
32:37 and my Baptist friend says: "You know, we're God's true
32:39 church because it was the Baptists - specifically
32:42 John the Baptist - that first preached about Christ.
32:46 So we've got the name Baptist and we were the ones
32:48 preaching about Christ first so we're God's true church. "
32:50 "And now I'm here tonight and you guys are telling me
32:53 that you're God's true church because you have the name
32:55 Church of the Living God over your door. "
32:57 And then I said this:
32:59 "It seems to me like
33:01 what would make someone in God's remnant church
33:04 or His true church is not the name over the door
33:07 but it's what's taught behind the doors. "
33:10 And boy, they... a couple of people or several people really
33:13 just got all mad and they just got really angry
33:17 and started yelling, you know, back and forth, fussing
33:19 and saying: "We know we're God's true church because
33:21 the name... " And one lady actually said:
33:23 "This is what I've learned my whole life
33:24 so I know it's true. "
33:26 Because you've learned it your whole life, you know it's true.
33:27 Well my parents taught me there was a Santa Claus
33:29 my whole life... so it must be true.
33:33 Until I found out otherwise, right?
33:36 But I'll tell you what happened at the end of that was...
33:38 After the end of that the pastor had calmed everybody down
33:41 he asked me to have closing prayer.
33:42 So I had the closing prayer.
33:44 I prayed that God would lead us into His truth
33:46 and what was right.
33:47 And after that the... some of the elders and other members
33:50 of the church came up to me and they said: "You know,
33:52 we don't really believe that. "
33:54 "We don't really believe that the name over the door
33:56 makes us the true church.
33:57 You know, please don't be
33:58 offended and not come back
34:00 to our church because that was said and done like that
34:02 because that was wrong. We know it's what's in
34:04 God's Word and what's in your heart that makes you
34:06 whether or not you are in God's true church. "
34:08 So even in their very own churches there's confusion
34:12 as to whether or not they're teaching right
34:16 or teaching wrong... you know, things like that.
34:18 Even in churches, even in the same denomination,
34:20 there's factions and stuff in there.
34:23 As a matter of fact, after I left that church
34:25 I didn't go back any more even if they wanted me to come
34:28 back. And I didn't want to cause any more trouble really.
34:29 I had caused enough, I guess.
34:31 Some of the members actually left the church after that.
34:35 Now listen to this: they were in the Church of the Living God
34:37 there, right? They left the church and became Baptists.
34:41 You know, no big deal. They just went: "Next Sunday
34:43 we'll start going to a different church. "
34:45 Is that God's plan
34:47 for it to be so confusing and it doesn't matter?
34:49 We can just go wherever and whatever.
34:50 Or does He have a people out there that's teaching
34:53 what truth is that we can all go to and find
34:55 and all be in agreement. Is it possible for God's people
34:57 to all be in agreement?
34:59 According to Jesus, He wants that to be the case.
35:01 He wants it to be the case.
35:03 And so even among churches in different denominations
35:07 you're going to have certain people that are going to be
35:08 there. Remember that Jesus says in the parable of Matthew
35:11 chapter 13 that there's going to be the wheat and the tares
35:14 and they're going to grow together until the harvest?
35:15 They're all going to grow together until the harvest.
35:17 You remember that?
35:19 Well, we know that's going to be the case.
35:21 Even in God's remnant church you're going to have tares
35:23 in there. But in general, from the leadership down,
35:27 if you're looking for the remnant church
35:29 you should be able to go anywhere in the world
35:31 with that church and they all teach the same thing.
35:35 Does that make any sense?
35:36 You shouldn't have to go... Like, if you go to one
35:39 Methodist church here and they teach one thing
35:41 and a Methodist church here teaches something else
35:42 and a Methodist church here teaches something else.
35:43 They all kind of teach the same thing.
35:45 Isn't that how most of them work?
35:47 You see why this is a very difficult subject?
35:49 'Cause you're naming denominations.
35:51 But that's OK. I'm not slamming anybody's denomination.
35:55 We're just using as examples.
35:57 And if I've named yours, you can feel honored
36:00 that your church denomination had advertisement
36:02 all over the world.
36:04 All right. So I Timothy 3:15. It says that God's true church
36:08 will be the "pillar and the ground of truth. "
36:12 And where are we learning we find truth at?
36:15 From the Bible... from God's Word.
36:16 All right, so that's identifying characteristic number 1.
36:18 It's going to be teaching the truth from God's Word.
36:20 Let's look at identifying characteristic number 2.
36:23 As we go on to the next text here, and it's found in
36:26 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 1.
36:28 Revelation 12:1.
36:29 Let us go there.
36:33 This is not actually a literal sign here
36:36 as far as identifying mark. We're going to have to hear
36:38 a couple texts here to show this identifying mark.
36:40 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 1.
36:44 And I think Vanessa would like to read that one, wouldn't you?
36:49 Revelation 12:1. She looked like she was volunteering there
36:51 right just now.
36:58 Pick your microphone up there.
37:01 Revelation 12:1... go ahead and read it.
37:05 "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven:
37:08 a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet
37:12 and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. "
37:15 Yeah. You know, it's interesting here.
37:17 You read it out of the King James. It says there appeared
37:19 a great what?
37:20 Wonder. You know what that word better translated is?
37:24 A sign. There was a great sign in heaven.
37:27 So we're talking symbolism here, right?
37:29 Sign or symbolism.
37:30 "And a woman clothed with the sun
37:32 and the moon under her feet
37:34 and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. "
37:37 This woman that we're looking at here...
37:39 This is what... I'm just going to be straight up with you.
37:42 In Bible prophecy a woman represents a church.
37:45 We know that a woman represents a church in Bible prophecy.
37:47 We're going to go show that next as we go to the next text
37:49 but I just want to make an explanation first.
37:51 So this woman here we're looking at - this church - is
37:53 going to be God's true church.
37:55 You'll notice some things about her.
37:56 And how am I going to know that she's God's true church?
37:59 Because as we read through here
38:01 you're going to find that the devil - the dragon - hates her.
38:03 If the dragon hates a woman,
38:05 that's the church you want to be in, right?
38:08 You know that it's God's true church because the devil
38:11 hates her and wants to try to kill her.
38:12 He wouldn't try to kill a church that he loved, would he?
38:15 You know the devil does love?
38:18 He loves evil, right? He loves evil.
38:20 He loves himself. And he's not going to try to destroy
38:23 his church, right?
38:26 And so he's trying to destroy this woman.
38:28 We're going to see that as we go along.
38:29 But how do we know a woman represented here when looking in
38:31 Bible prophecy, how do we know it's the church or
38:33 God's church particularly?
38:34 Well, we're just going to go through a few texts
38:36 and look at that. And the text we're going to go to next
38:38 is in II Corinthians chapter 11.
38:41 II Corinthians chapter 11 and verse 2.
38:44 Now which way are we going to go to get to II Corinthians?
38:46 To the left. How far?
38:48 Still in the New Testament. It's still in the New Testament.
38:51 You know, it may be easier for some people if you just go
38:53 to the New Testament and go Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,
38:56 Acts, Romans, Corinthians.
38:58 So that's the easiest way to do it for some people
39:00 is just start at the book of Matthew.
39:02 Go to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans,
39:04 and then the Corinthians.
39:05 And we're going to II Corinthians so you have to
39:07 go through the whole first book of Corinthians
39:08 and get into the second book of Corinthians.
39:10 II Corinthians chapter 11
39:15 and verse 2.
39:18 This is... this is Paul speaking here:
39:20 Um, Tim, go ahead brother.
39:24 Have I already picked on you yet today? No.
39:26 OK, I didn't think I had so you read
39:28 II Corinthians chapter 11 and verse 2 for us.
39:30 OK. "For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy.
39:34 For I have espoused you to one husband
39:38 that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. "
39:41 So Paul here... speaking to the Corinthians...
39:44 he's really jealous over them, right?
39:47 He wants them to be pure, be ready,
39:49 and to be prepared for Christ when He comes.
39:52 He wants them to be true to Christ.
39:54 And he says: "I am jealous over you as like a chaste virgin. "
39:57 In other words, you're going to be the spouse of Jesus Christ
40:00 and I want you to be pure. I want you to have the truth of
40:02 God's Word and I want you to be pure.
40:04 So I have espoused you to the husband
40:07 and I want to present you to Christ.
40:09 So he's representing the church here as a woman
40:11 who is pure and ready for Christ.
40:14 And just this morning in our morning worship here
40:16 you remember we looked at the parable in Matthew chapter 25
40:19 of the 10 virgins.
40:21 Right? And they were pure and they all had the truth
40:24 there with God's Word, in other words, in the parable.
40:25 They had God's truth because they were pure with no...
40:28 Undefiled. They didn't have any defilement in their doctrine
40:30 because they were the virgins.
40:32 And they took the lamps with them which is the Bible.
40:34 They had the oil - the Holy Spirit.
40:36 Right? And they went out to meet the bridegroom.
40:38 And so he's comparing God's people or those following God
40:41 even there to women going out to meet the bridegroom.
40:44 And you find that illustration time and again.
40:47 Another text you can go to if you want to just make
40:49 a little note here is in Ephesians chapter 5.
40:51 I'll go ahead and read that one.
40:52 From Corinthians how do we find Ephesians?
40:54 Two more books over, isn't it?
40:56 Corinthians and then Galatians and then Ephesians.
41:00 Galtians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians
41:02 after that. So we're going to now to Ephesians
41:06 and we're going to look at chapter 5
41:08 verses 31 through 33. And we're going to
41:11 look this through just a little bit more now.
41:13 This is just an alternate text you can use in the study.
41:16 It's not one that's like in the study or anything like that.
41:19 It's just something extra to show a little more about
41:22 a woman and what the relationship of God is
41:25 to the church or the woman.
41:26 Does that make any sense?
41:27 So let's look at this relation- ship and how it plays out.
41:30 Ephesians chapter 5 and verses 31 through 33.
41:37 He says: "For this cause... " I'll go ahead and read it...
41:40 "For this cause shall a man leave his father and his mother
41:42 and shall be joined to his wife. "
41:45 He'll leave his father and mother and be joined
41:46 to his wife. "And they two shall be one flesh.
41:51 This is a great mystery... "
41:53 But look what he says: "but I speak concerning
41:55 Christ and the church. "
41:57 So he compares the marriage of a man and a woman
41:59 to the marriage of Christ with His church.
42:01 Look at the next verse:
42:03 "Nevertheless let every one of you in particular
42:08 so love his wife even as himself
42:10 and the wife see she reverence her husband. "
42:12 So he says this is a comparison to Christ and His church.
42:15 And he says: "Let the wife reverence her husband. "
42:18 Right? Isn't that interesting?
42:20 And then let the church reverence her husband who is...
42:23 You see the comparison there?
42:25 The woman as compared to the church once again
42:29 reverencing her husband... Christ.
42:31 Just like the woman, you know, in the home should be that way.
42:33 And I know that's another subject all together again,
42:36 you know. But you know what? God's true church -
42:39 God's remnant - will also be teaching these very same truths
42:43 that seem so politically incorrect today.
42:46 Stepping on some dangerous ground, aren't I?
42:49 I'll just keep my foot out of my mouth and we'll move on.
42:51 All right. So according to what we looked at here in
42:54 II Corinthians 11 and verse 2
42:56 Christ compares His church to a chaste virgin.
43:00 Totally pure. You know, you think of the purity...
43:02 When you think of a wedding, the...
43:07 the woman, what's her name? the bride.
43:09 The bride, yeah. The bride... she wears white
43:11 in the wedding, doesn't she? Right?
43:12 Unless it's her second marriage and then it's not appropriate
43:15 to wear white, is it?
43:16 And you notice that, right?
43:18 Like in our culture here that when a woman gets married
43:21 a second time she's not supposed to wear the white.
43:23 You know, somebody's out there going: "Well I did when I
43:25 got married again. " Well maybe you didn't know
43:26 or maybe you just were going against tradition.
43:27 But traditionally you don't because...
43:29 the white represents the purity of the woman as she's
43:33 coming into the marriage relationship with her husband,
43:35 you know, with the first husband. It was the first time.
43:37 That's why they wear the white.
43:39 And so Jesus here... Paul here reflecting on the church
43:42 says: "This church needs to be like that pure virgin,
43:45 that pure bride that's going to get married to Christ. "
43:49 There's no defilement.
43:50 There's no defilement of doctrines or anything like that.
43:53 Are you following?
43:55 OK. Well, let's continue on.
43:57 Now that we've looked here in Revelation
44:00 over in the book of Revelation chapter 12 and verse 1
44:05 we read and studied there that God compared His church
44:09 to a woman - this woman - that, that...
44:11 And by the way, you look at this woman and she has on nothing
44:13 other than the things, the beauty that God has given her.
44:15 God created the moon; she is standing on the moon.
44:18 God created the stars; she has this crown of stars, right?
44:21 And God created the sun; the sun's shining.
44:23 All this stuff is natural beauty from God's nature...
44:27 what God has given her, right?
44:28 So she's reflecting the light of God's truth and God's purity.
44:32 That's this woman.
44:34 So if we're looking at the remnant church,
44:36 what are we going to be looking for here?
44:37 We're going to be looking for those that are reflecting
44:40 the character of God.
44:41 We're going to be looking for a church that's teaching
44:44 the purity of the gospel, the purity of God's Word.
44:47 And so let us carry on to our next text.
44:50 And our next one is in Revelation chapter 12
44:52 and we're just continuing on with what we read
44:53 starting in verse 2.
44:54 Revelation chapter 12. Now from...
44:57 That's just the last book of the Bible;
44:58 we should all be able to find that one by now, shouldn't we?
45:00 Revelation chapter 12, and we're going to read verses 2 through 6
45:04 and then verse 13.
45:06 Now speaking of this woman... Now remember, this is symbolism
45:08 here. We know it's symbolism because what is said in verse 1
45:11 that there "appeared a great wonder or a sign in heaven. "
45:15 Sign means that it was a great... It's a vision
45:18 or it's a symbol of all these things.
45:19 We know this woman is a symbol...
45:21 not literally a real woman. How do we know that?
45:23 Because she's standing on the moon.
45:27 Because she has stars around her head.
45:29 You know, a literal woman... I mean, I guess
45:31 we could send a woman to the moon and she could stand there
45:33 and we could claim fulfillment of that.
45:34 But obviously this is symbolism as we'll find out.
45:38 As we read the rest of it, you can see the rest of the symbols.
45:40 Let us start, pick it up now in verse 2.
45:43 Um, I'm going to pick somebody to read that hasn't read yet.
45:47 Mike, have you read today? OK. Darlene, have you read today?
45:50 How about Bill? OK, Bill.
45:53 Revelation chapter 12.
45:54 Bill, I want you to read verses 2 through 6
45:56 and I may, it's possible,
45:58 get inspired and stop you
46:00 at some point. yeah. So don't be angry with me.
46:03 All right, go ahead.
46:05 "Then being with child she cried out in labor
46:08 and in pain to give birth.
46:09 And another sign appeared in heaven... "
46:12 Another what? Sign. There was another sign in heaven.
46:14 OK. A Sign or a symbol, right? Carry on.
46:16 "Behold, a great fiery red dragon having seven heads,
46:20 ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads... "
46:24 All right, Bill. I want to ask you a question.
46:25 Can I ask you a question. Yes.
46:27 Do you think that this great red dragon
46:30 with the seven heads and the ten horns
46:31 is literal or symbolic?
46:33 Symbolic. So it's likely since we're listing all these things,
46:36 as we're reading through these symbolic... that the woman
46:39 would be symbolic also. Right.
46:40 OK. The reason I'm dragging this out right here
46:43 at point because some people do have an issue with this.
46:45 They say: "No, this is literally Mary.
46:46 and Mary was standing on the moon. " That kind of thing.
46:49 But we're seeing the symbolism all through.
46:50 You can't have part of a vision being symbolic
46:52 and part of it being literal.
46:54 You know, it's either symbolic or literal
46:55 as it goes through here. Carry on.
46:57 "And another sign appeared in heaven.
47:00 Behold... " I already read that.
47:02 "His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven
47:05 and threw them to the earth.
47:06 And the dragon stood before the woman
47:08 who was ready to give birth to devour the child
47:10 as soon as it was born.
47:13 She bore a male child who was to rule all nations
47:16 with a rod of iron, and her child was caught up to God
47:19 and His throne. " I want to stop you there again.
47:23 Did he succeed in ruling all nations with a rod of iron?
47:26 The man child? No.
47:28 Not yet He hasn't, has He?
47:30 'Cause that's speaking of who? That child being born...
47:33 who is it speaking of? Has been speaking of Jesus, right?
47:36 And so Jesus just comes... He comes out to deliver
47:40 and He delivers the captives, right? But He's not ruling
47:41 with a rod of iron. When does Jesus rule?
47:45 At the second coming.
47:47 Right. At the second coming He destroys the wicked
47:49 and the righteous reign with Him. We read that in the Bible.
47:52 They'll be reigning with Him then, but right now
47:54 we're still in this battle. The war is going on.
47:56 So the fight is going on. That's what we're going to find
47:58 as you go through this symbolism here as you read through this:
48:00 that this battle is still raging between the serpent...
48:03 And after the man child... As you will read here,
48:04 the man child is taken up to heaven.
48:06 Then the serpent attacks who?
48:08 The woman. He attacks the woman...
48:11 and that would be God's people. Because he can no longer reach
48:13 the man, now he's going to be attacking the woman.
48:16 Keep reading. All right.
48:17 "Then the woman fled into the wilderness
48:19 where she had a place prepared by God
48:22 that she should feed her 1,260 days. "
48:26 OK. Now, how long would she have a place prepared
48:29 and be fed for? 1,260 days.
48:32 Do you remember how our study that we had back in
48:33 Daniel about the 1,260 days?
48:35 That's the time... what we call the Dark Ages.
48:37 From what time frame? 538 AD to 1798 AD.
48:41 During that time frame, the church would be into hiding.
48:44 You notice that the church is in the wilderness.
48:46 The wilderness would indicate that that would be a...
48:49 hiding place. Like if I go out and I
48:50 run out here in one of these orange groves here
48:53 and I'm out there hiding in the wilderness area out there
48:55 and it is like a wilderness. If you've seen... I've seen
48:57 wild boars out there and alligators and things.
48:59 I wouldn't want to be out there tonight especially alone, right?
49:02 But if I'm hiding in the wilder- ness, likely you can't find me.
49:04 And if actually I went and did it you'd probably never
49:06 find me again.
49:07 I'd probably disappear and be eaten by something.
49:09 But this church... God's church here...
49:11 it's going to be hiding in the wilderness for 1,260 years.
49:14 Here's the question I want to pose to you,
49:15 I want you to think about: God's remnant church -
49:17 His people - are they going to be visibly on the scene
49:20 during the Dark Ages? No, they're going to be,
49:23 according to the text we looked at, for 1,260 years
49:25 they're going to be in hiding.
49:27 OK. Now some people may be saying: "How do you
49:30 get out of the one thousand two hundred and three score days
49:34 how can you say that that's 1,260 years?
49:36 And we went over this before and we'll go over it again
49:38 in the study. When you look at the Bible, in Bible prophecy
49:41 you have a day is equal to a year in Bible prophecy
49:43 when you look at the... when Bible prophecy is symbolic
49:47 and you have the symbolism going on there.
49:48 You can take a day - an actual day in prophecy
49:51 is a literal year in reality.
49:53 And we'll show you the examples of that again.
49:55 We'll go to that in just a minute.
49:56 But I want you to be thinking about this.
49:58 Think about what's taking place here.
50:00 The church is in hiding for 1,260 years.
50:05 It's not on the scene.
50:07 It's not going to be where everybody knows it's there
50:09 and sees it. So God's remnant church is going to have to
50:12 come up sometimes after... onto the scene...
50:16 some time after 1798 AD.
50:17 Are you following that? That's going to be one of the
50:19 identifying characteristics. Now let us go to right now
50:21 and look. Where do we get the day for a year in Bible prophecy
50:24 at? I want to go over this again for a couple of reasons.
50:27 One is we've only done it once in this whole series
50:30 and if somebody's missed that part of the DVD
50:32 or that part of the series they may wonder
50:34 what in the world we're talking about.
50:35 And another is I just like doing it.
50:36 And so Ezekiel 4:6
50:40 is one of those or are one of those places...
50:43 is one of those places. Am I saying that correctly?
50:44 It doesn't matter in Kentucky.
50:46 Ezekiel 4:6.
50:51 That's one of those.
50:53 And that's the only one I have on the screen.
50:55 I'm going to ask the class here to give me the other two.
50:57 That's why that's left off.
50:58 Yeah, I'm going to ask the class to give me the other two
51:00 that we have. One's in the New Testament;
51:02 another one in the Old Testament. Let us read
51:03 Ezekiel 4:6 first to show that when you're talking
51:06 prophetically that one day is equal to a literal year.
51:10 And Robert, would you like to read that one?
51:13 OK.
51:22 "And when you have completed them, lie again on your right
51:25 side. Then you shall bear the iniquity of the house of Judah
51:30 40 days, and I have laid on you a day for each year. "
51:36 So He says because of what's going on here,
51:39 because of what you've done,
51:41 I'm going to give you for each day that I've talked to you
51:45 about here you're going to also have to spend a year.
51:47 Each day for a year. Now if you want another one
51:48 that I like really well in the Old Testament -
51:50 one that is a story in a story that I like preaching about -
51:54 is when the children of Israel were getting ready to go
51:55 into the Promised Land and Moses sent out the spies.
51:58 And he sent them out. How long did the spies go out
52:00 into the land? Forty days.
52:02 And they come back and they're getting ready to go into the
52:04 Promised Land; getting ready to take the Promised Land.
52:06 Obviously they're going to be ready to go, right?
52:09 Well there were a couple of them that were ready.
52:10 You had Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Caleb.
52:12 And the rest of the congregation said: "No, we don't want to go
52:14 into the Promised Land... it's too hard. "
52:16 And they rebelled.
52:17 And God said: "Because of your rebellion... "
52:19 Numbers chapter 14... "Because of your rebellion
52:21 you spent 40 days spying out the land...
52:24 now you can go into the wilderness for 40 years...
52:26 each day for a year. "
52:28 So He's giving symbolism there, right?
52:30 For every day you actually spent there, now you're going to
52:32 spend a year in the wilderness
52:34 waiting before you can go into the Promised Land.
52:36 How disheartening that would have been.
52:38 And that was found in Numbers 14:34.
52:40 If you want to read it, from Ezekiel
52:41 which direction would we go?
52:43 To the left. How far?
52:45 Actually, to find the book of Numbers it's easier to start
52:48 at the beginning of your Bible, isn't it?
52:49 Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers.
52:53 OK, you got it. Numbers chapter 14
53:00 and verse 34.
53:02 Numbers chapter 14 verse 34.
53:05 And Danielle, would you like to read that one for us?
53:10 You haven't read yet, have you?
53:13 I didn't think so. Numbers 14:34 please.
53:16 "After the number of the days in which ye searched the land,
53:19 even 40 days - each day for a year -
53:21 shall ye bear your iniquities... even 40 years.
53:24 And ye shall know My breach of promise. "
53:27 Very good. So each day for a year.
53:29 Now somebody... some of you guys are going to be saying:
53:31 "Why are we going over this again? "
53:32 You know what repetition does?
53:33 It deepens impression.
53:35 Like, you'll remember this. You'll start remembering
53:37 where these texts are and everything.
53:38 And the more you go over it the better you'll be
53:40 at remembering it. And it's very key because
53:42 this is one of the foundational understandings of how to
53:44 understand Bible prophecy is the fact that you're able to
53:46 find the texts and understand why we believe what we believe.
53:51 Why do you believe each day for a year in Bible prophecy?
53:53 It's because we have the Bible principle.
53:55 What's the other Bible principle? Where's it at?
53:57 Does anybody remember? It's in the New Testament.
53:58 Luke chapter 13 and verse 31.
54:03 Jesus Himself uses a day for a year in Bible prophecy.
54:05 And I think we're going to have time to get through this one
54:07 before we have to take a break.
54:08 And then we'll pick up in the 2nd half of the Remnant Church
54:11 and look at the rest of the identifying characteristics.
54:12 Luke chapter 13. I love this one very much.
54:16 Starting in verse 31.
54:18 I'm going to read this one because I like putting the
54:20 emphasis in.
54:22 Sometimes when you read the stories in the Bible
54:24 you kind of imagine what's going on.
54:26 It adds something to... to it for yourself.
54:30 You know? You really put yourself there,
54:31 and I can picture this happening almost, you know.
54:33 John the Baptist had lost his head
54:35 and so everybody was kind of afraid that Jesus was going to
54:37 happen... the same thing was going to happen to Him.
54:39 That Herod was going to have His head taken off, too.
54:41 And so it says in verse 31:
54:43 "The same day there came certain Pharisees
54:45 saying unto Him: " Jesus...
54:47 "Get out and depart because Herod's going to kill you. "
54:49 "And Jesus said to them:
54:52 you go tell that fox... "
54:54 Is this literal or symbolic?
54:56 How do you know? Because Herod is not really a fox.
54:59 So Jesus here is speaking like in prophetic terms.
55:02 Isn't He? So... "You go tell that fox
55:04 'Behold, I cast out devils
55:06 and I do cures today and tomorrow and the third day
55:10 I shall be perfected.
55:11 Nevertheless, I must walk today,
55:13 and tomorrow, and the day following
55:15 for it cannot be that a prophet perish outside of Jerusalem. ' "
55:18 Specifically, what was it that Jesus was talking about
55:21 happening to Him here when He said that it cannot be
55:23 that a prophet perish outside of Jerusalem?
55:25 He's talking about His death.
55:26 Now from this point, did Jesus' ministry last only
55:29 3-1/2 more... the rest of that day,
55:32 the next day, and then He perished the next day?
55:34 Is that how long His ministry lasted from this point?
55:36 No. And if you do a little research here...
55:39 you know, you find in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and
55:41 Luke, they're not really in order.
55:44 You know what I'm saying? They're not really in order
55:45 of... as the way the events happened... but John's is.
55:48 When you get to the gospel of John it's kind of in order.
55:49 It shows like this year, this year, this year, this year.
55:51 But these first three gospels here aren't really like that.
55:54 So it's interesting. The estimate here, I mean,
55:57 you just kind of figure by the stories that are taking place
55:58 what happens after this and before this
56:00 that He was about toward the end of His fir...
56:04 Let's see, would it be like the rest of that year...
56:06 the end of the second year of His ministry
56:09 or toward the end of it.
56:10 So it would have been the rest of that year - His 2nd year.
56:12 It would have been all of His 3rd year;
56:14 and then as you go into the 4th year, what happened to Jesus?
56:18 He was crucified, right?
56:19 So it was the rest of this year, today.
56:22 Next year... tomorrow.
56:24 And then the third day He says "I'll be perfected. "
56:27 And He's talking about His crucifixion.
56:29 Obviously His ministry didn't last just a couple more days
56:31 from this point but it lasted a couple more years.
56:34 So it's interesting that He uses that statement, isn't it?
56:36 Jesus Himself uses a day for a year when talking
56:38 about Bible prophecy. And so
56:40 my saying is with this:
56:42 "If it's good enough for Jesus
56:43 it's good enough for me. "
56:45 And so we have those examples
56:46 when we're talking prophetically
56:48 or we're talking symbolically
56:49 of using a day for a year in Bible prophecy.
56:51 Now we're going to cut it right here
56:53 and we're going to come back. After our break here
56:55 we're going to come back and do part 2 of the Remnant Church
56:57 when we get into the rest of the identifying characteristics.
56:59 And we're going to find out that God does have a remnant
57:01 church in these last days.
57:03 Now if you would like to get more information
57:05 and you would like to catch up with this study
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57:30 of 2009. But we'll also have the spring session coming
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57:35 So I just want to thank you all for being with us here today
57:37 and we hope to see you again next time here
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